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Conspiracy theories Anonymous 386

Which ones do you believe in?

Anonymous 387

Did you get inspiration from my post? lol tysm for the thread, I hope it grows. I love reading people's thoughts on the topic.

God, i wish I would believe in reptillians and things like that, it'd make my life a lot more fun.
I don't exactly believe in "the Illuminati", but I don't doubt powerful families all around the world are linked and still controlling the world. Tbh when you stop to think and pay attention to the eye thing it really is everywhere. It's most likely just a coincidence, but still, it's something to observe.

Anonymous 390

I agree with you about powerful families, but not about reptilians so much.
There's clear evidence for the powerful families theory, but it's more like that it's companies that are powerful, and men get around the monopoly laws by owning one big company but sitting on the board of a bunch of others, or stacking the board with relatives: just sitting on the board isn't ownership, but it does allow them control. Like the reason you won't see Apple products for sale at Costco is because Bill Gates' dad is on the board of directors. That's control but not ownership, so monopoly laws aren't applicable, which sucks.

It's like that with other companies too. A lot of Putin's friends own or are on the board of directors for several large companies. Putin's bff even supposedly co-owns a sports team with Beyonce and her husband.

The only upside is that control is slowly sliding into the hands of Silicon Valley. Emotionally and personality-wise the computer literate hipster crowd is more likely to not get along and get into a slap-fight over a Trilby, meaning less uniform control of the populace as power-couples crumble.

Anonymous 395

Conspiracy theories are so interesting. I love hearing about them, especially if it's weird stuff.
However I dislike how the term conspiracy theory is used to discredit people sometimes. Something that used to be called a conspiracy theory is that companies and government organizations collect as much data as possible about everyone.

I also believe that powerful groups have a lot of control over things like the other anons mentioned.

>Tbh when you stop to think and pay attention to the eye thing it really is everywhere. It's most likely just a coincidence, but still, it's something to observe.
If I was a celebrity I would make some hidden references from time to time just to mess with people. I wonder if some of them do that.

Anonymous 400

The only one I really, truly believe in is Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 were fake.

Anonymous 401

Putting ice in drinks was invented by greedy corporates/da j00s as a way for businesses to be cheap and serve less beverage for the same amount of money. And yes I order all of my drinks with no ice I want to drink my raspberry coke not my raspberry coke diluted with slightly cooler water damn it.

Anonymous 403

Matrix glitch theory. I know its a movie, but sometimes I experience things and think it has to NOT be a coincidence.

Also, I don't know if lucid dreaming is still a "conspiracy" but I do think people can control realms in their sleep despite people disproving this as a legitimate skill.

Anonymous 406

>despite people disproving this as a legitimate skill.
Since when has lucid dreaming been refuted? I've seen that a lot of studies back it up as a real phenomenon. That being said, I've gotten sporadic lucid dreams every few months or so since childhood, and for the past year I've built on that skill a bit. There's nothing really mysterious about it, a lot of people will experience it at least once in their lifetime.

Anonymous 426

Freemasons did the french revolution

Anonymous 427

So true. I always ask for two cups, one for my beverage and one filled with ice so I can add it with I want to.

Anonymous 477

A guy I work with believes that the moon is an ancient watch tower left behind by aliens. He says that the Egyptian pyramids as well as the pyramids in South America were some sort of weapon that was used to damage said watch tower, giving the moon the appearance it has today. There are entire YouTube channels dedicated to this nonsense.

Anonymous 570

Throughout my entire childhood, my favourite was that Area 51 houses some secret alien technology after a UFO crash in Roswell. Even to this day, I still want to visit Roswell one day like some kind of pilgrimage and get the whole dorky, touristy experience by talking to bar owners about UFO sightings lol.

Anonymous 619

I believe pretty strongly that Kurt Cobain was killed by an assassin hired by Courtney Love and his death was framed as a suicide.


Anonymous 620

This conspiracy was pretty wide-spread at the time

I believe that there is a group of people that methodically and knowingly are pushing immigration of able-bodied, fighting-aged men from the Islamic fundamentalist middle-east into Europe and the mass terrorist attacks and mass rapes are merely a preview of what's to come and the media's push for acceptance and the governments' cognitive dissonance is conditioning.

Anonymous 621

During Hurricane Katrina, the Murphy Oil refinery in St. Bernard parish, just outside of New Orleans, had a container rupture and leak oil on a lot of the surrounding neighborhood, including my grandparents and aunt/uncle's houses. After the clean up the land was deemed uninhabitable and the oil company was able to purchase all the land for very, very cheap. Many people that were affected and in the area believe that the oil company did it on purpose, and I tend to believe them.

Disney's frozen is only titled like that so when you Google "Disney frozen" the movie comes up instead of conspiracy theories

Swiper and The Map are in cahoots! Think about it… Swiper always seems to know exactly where Dora is going to be. And who is always telling her exactly where to go? Wake up sheeple!

Anonymous 624

El Duce right? Did you see that video of him being interviewed and then you can hear a woman screaming "help me" in the background or something like that? Pretty chilling

Anonymous 625

>And yes I order all of my drinks with no ice I want to drink my raspberry coke not my raspberry coke diluted with slightly cooler water damn it


Although I curse internally when the dude filling the cup doesnt fill it to the top and leave a space of like 2 inches ("because you dont want ice lol"). Fuck u.

Anonymous 658

El Duce claims that Courtney offered him the gig, but that he turned it down and Allen Wrench (another shitty musician) did the deed. Duce died not long after, hit by a train in suspicious circumstances.

In Kurt and Courtney it is also suggested that Courtney had something to do with the overdose death of Kristen Pfaff, her old bassist who Kurt admired greatly. Perhaps too greatly.

I think Kurt killed himself, though. Long story.

Anonymous 659


I wouldn't say I believe in it but I can see the posibility being totally reasonable – in that the moon landing could be fake.
They had reason to (russian space race) and the means, and the weird stuff like the original, clear footage being deleted/tapes reused for other footage. Like what??? Possibly the greatest historical achievement of our people but they taped over the originals? Okay.

But I also think they could have gone and done it, for realsies, too.

Also here's some footage I hadn't seen before of the plane hitting the Pentagon. Spicy.

Anonymous 993

Just found this one, The New Order of the Barbarians



Anonymous 1004

I like reallygraceful's conspiracy channel on YouTube but I wish she would post sources for where she gets her info

Anonymous 1005

Anonymous 1019

Pizza Gate. There is something fishy going on in there, im not sure about children being stored in pizza shops, but those emails obviously have some sort of code in them. I mean, many of the people who were associated with it were called out for being pedophiles before it was confirmed, so there is some sort of legitimacy in the theory.

Anonymous 1020

A guide to the tru…


Anonymous 1031

I enjoy her channel too! I also like Kendall Rae and embarrassingly, Shane Dawson lol. Apparently he's going back to the conspiracy videos soon.

Anonymous 1043

YouTube monkey torture is so far down this list but that one isn't even a conspiracy, the worst vids get deleted but you can go watch playlists full of videos right now that look like reuploads from Chinese streaming services right now of people holding monkeys by the neck and filming their terrified reactions and animal on monkey violence filmed for human entertainment

Anonymous 1064


Don't you think it's kinda suspicious how there's so few conspiracy theories about the church of scientology? They have their fingers in every pie from Hollywood to Neopets and yet nobody bats an eye…

Anonymous 1065

Look up the Franklin Coverup and watch Conspiracy of Silence on youtube.

Anonymous 1066

It's because we don't need any conspiracy theories about it, we know it's fucked and they're not even subtle about their abuse.

Anonymous 1068

That's exactly why. NGL I really want to attend a meeting or take one of their tests.

Anonymous 1070

I used to work next to one of their branches (a highly-expensive building in a really exclusive area, just showed me how powerful they are) and they opened another huge branch close to where I live recently (in a building that belonged to another cult). Apparently it was a big deal and the founder's son attended. So many times I've been tempted to drop in when I pass them to see how crazy their test is or to see if I can get any funny leaflets but every time I chicken out. They're actually very intimidating. The buildings are high security and guards will ask you what your business is there. They turn people away who seem like they're just there out of curiosity and aren't genuinely serious about joining. I think they're afraid of being filmed.

In the lead up to them building the new branch they had people working for them for free and charging them for courses just to do translations. They were distributing leaflets in the area and going around to businesses and questioning things that didn't align with their beliefs (modern medicine, alcohol etc). They've set up all of these shady charities and companies so that they can target students, addicts, people with mental health problems and low-income families under the guise that they're helping. There's even allegations of them spying on people who aren't even members in public areas. I've seen what happened to Clearwater and I'm terrified that the same will happen here.

Anonymous 1076

Has anyone seen this tv interview of this 11yr old ""drag queen""? The whole video is like one long, bad gut feeling.
>audience act like total shills, applauding everything the kid says
>kid seems either mentally challenged or subdued in some way and is also emaciated
>kid's father looks fucking creepy
I don't know, something seems off.

Anonymous 1077


Because they're so out there? Maybe it's an area/interest thing but most people I know who give a rat's ass about scientology think they're creepy as Fuck. I have a few secondhand stories of my own from friends who weren't just having a lark but were genuinely interested in Scientology. Scary stuff. Major intimidation tactics.

Anonymous 1078

Tell your stories?

Anonymous 1079

Gerald Bill was assassinated by the CIA because he was on the verge of undercutting the space shuttle before the NRO could get all their satellites in orbit.

Anonymous 1080

Gerald Bull, darn it

Anonymous 1092

It’s super off. I’ve thought this for a while. Children shouldn’t be allowed to be this sexualised, the parents are complete enablers and it’s disgusting. He will be such a damaged adult, I’m calling it now. He’ll end up dead by drugs or an hero.

Anonymous 1113


Ntayrt but I feel the same way about young kids who look about 7-8 (boys and girls) who do mua YouTube videos with really adult, sexually looks. They have really nice looking production so the parents are obviously encouraging it. It just creeps me out because I feel like they're going to become damaged in the future. Maybe I'm just a creep.

Anonymous 1247

Spoiled because I'm going into ideas of child sexual abuse - While there is sexual abuse in Hollywood and it's heavily implied
that kids are involved, but as of recent there have been more underaged and sexual e-celberties as of late i.e danielle bregoli, malu trevejo and danielle cohn just to name a few, I believe since all these girls are sexual and still being signed to record deals and being on ads. I think their managers, producer's or some other system must be all working together or at least have a common cause to normalize sexual behavior in children and sexualize them til adults seeing kids as sex objects if not already, and if these young girls come out as being sexually abused in their youth, it would be dismissed in a i.e. she was asking for it through her clothes and makeup. I mean a year or two ago Musical.ly still had ads on YouTube there was one of Malu who is now 16 so back then she was younger twerking to a song about sex, I mean why would a app show that in an ad. It's disgusting and disturbing that that ad may be seen to thousands if not a million people when Musical.ly was popping off.

Sorry for the long rant.

Anonymous 1259

This is less of a "conspiracy" in my eyes and more of a fact that will get confirmed with time.

People hate on cohn and bregoli and such for being annoying/talentless/disrespectful but all I see are young girls who are trying to be famous or have a better life and getting manipulated by predators in the process. Worst part is no one will be sympathetic to them because of their behavior, and these "managers" know this

Anonymous 1260

The great replacement, 9/11 and notre dame / burning mosques falseflags. The fact that the USA for some reason cemented that one ship that caused ww1 makes me wonder. Also sweden buying nukes from Russia, Israel testing nukes in Africa. Plus the long ass lists of false flags america uses to justify wars

Anonymous 1332

i would add millie bobby brown too.
https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/search?q=millie i guess take it w a grain of salt since it's a celeb gossip site. a lot of stuff there has been proven to be true though

Anonymous 1343

A bunch:

1969 moon landing was staged, but not in a Hollywood basement or anything like that It was filmed on the moon. Astronauts were already there at least half a decade before the televised moon landing. Why? They wanted the check that there was nothing of interest (i.e. exploitable by the global elites) before showing the public.
The recent influx of the media pushing Area 51 memes and news about mass shooters in America is to cover up Epstein and Pedo island and his eventual "suicide" before his trial
Also, while I believe the Holocaust was real to some extent, it is at the very least over exaggerated to sell books and to be able to vilify Nazis while drawing attention away from other similar events. Hell, Israel is basically immune to international scrutiny because of it and this is coming from someone who doesn't even blame (((them))) for my problems

Anonymous 1344

The only real conspiracy I believe in is the JFK assassination. I don't know who did it, but there's no way it was just a lone gunman.

Anonymous 1345

I had a substitute teacher once in high school who ascribed Kennedy’s death to being accidentally shot by one of his secret service agents who tried to retaliate when Oswald shot and missed. He spent the entire day describing how it went down; it was the best day of history class of my life.

Anonymous 1346

>and his eventual "suicide" before his trial
>3 days ago

Oh god oh fuck

Anonymous 1347

thought of this as soon as I heard the news today. What a fucked world we live in.

Anonymous 1348

>America is to cover up Epstein and Pedo island and his eventual "suicide" before his trial

Is everyone going to just ignore the fact that this post was made 4 days ago, but Epstein was only found dead yesterday…

Anonymous 1349


no the two previous posts also commented on this…

Anonymous 1350

I think it was inevitable that someone with so many powerful connections who could have been affiliated with the scandal “killed himself.” Idk how it works for the rich but I’ve seen how suicide watches are done in jail on a county level and it’s pretty much impossible to blink without someone eyeing you. I think it’s sus that he got off of suicide watch so early.

Anonymous 1352


Epstein is still alive. The man photographed on the gurney was a body double. He’s probably in Paraguay right now.

Anonymous 1549

Magic is real

Anonymous 1551

lollll it’s actually a supremacy ploy by the water-haver super humans of the world.. we ONLY drink water, it’s healthier AND with ice it only becomes MORE water

Anonymous 1555

Your post does seem a bit like you're joking around, but if you're into theories concerning fluoridated water there's a good argument for why food establishments maximize the amount of water they can put into beverages before it's not considered that beverage anymore. If their water is supplied by a company that owns a lot of water and water supply (lets say Nestle, for example) the establishments could be paid to use more of the water, similar to how a sponsorship would work. If the establishment's water is just tap water from their city's water supply, then the more they use, the higher their water bill will be (if you live in a country where you do have to pay for fresh, running water, such as in the US.) After all, food is a product even in restaurants, and there's nothing preventing a corporate partnership between a company with a large water supply and a food establishment, in the same way that there are partnerships between different brands and food products on the shelf at the store.

I've ordered my drinks without ice for years, but that's just because of a personal preference since I normally get soda and watered-down soda is disgusting.

Anonymous 1647

When we will add Corona virus to this article? I'm tired of all of this already.

Anonymous 1661

My conspiracy high horse is that (!(((someone somewhere))) /the Illuminati or whoever the fuck is literally programming children to be sex addicts, or open to abuse or something…. You see disturbing things like this video https://youtu.be/Ma0J69UwTHc where there is a "secret button" on a child's toy where the genitals are supposed to be that makes seemingly sexual noises…. It's stuff like this, and a variety of other things that really make you think. What's the end goal of designing something like that?

We probably are being prepped for disclosure about aliens, too. But that's a topic for a different time :)

Anonymous 1956

I believe religion is the source of misogyny. Christianity is the worst offender.

Anonymous 1957

You haven't heard of Islam then…

Anonymous 1959

Im told Christianity came before Islam

Anonymous 1961

Yes it did and Judism before that which is also misogynistic.

Anonymous 1962

Hinduism came before all of them which is also sexist. Then there's the greco-roman religion too that has sexism. Which is why I said religion.

Anonymous 1970

I honestly agree with this too. Every major world religion teaches that women are somehow beneath men. I haven't come across a religion yet where women aren't expected to be subservient to men, where a woman's entire purpose isn't just to give birth, where women can achieve the same as men or where women have an equal opportunity to reach the afterlife. Even when I ask others, they just tell me to "read it anyway" in relation to sacred texts as if I'll somehow manage to get something out of a text that says I'm basically worthless.

I studied history for a few years and was shocked to find out that in my country, women had a lot of rights before we were forced to become Christians. A lot of women appear in folklore as being strong and independent. Women were allowed to own their own property and had many unique jobs (such as healers and midwives) that allowed them to earn their own money. Fast forward until after Christianity and suddenly women are being bought and sold like cattle, have no income/property, aren't allowed to hold jobs, are told they have no purpose other than giving birth and men have claimed the jobs that women once held (medicine, midwifery, education, spirituality, cooking/baking, fashion, certain farming roles etc) while claiming that the women who still continued the traditions were "quacks" or "witches" who deserved to be ostracised or killed instead of including them by giving them a formal education.

Anonymous 1993


Anonymous 1994


Anonymous 1995

damn anon you really went there huh

Anonymous 1996

sis went schizo mode!!

Anonymous 1997


Anonymous 1998

Anonymous 2000

Cloning Centers Ex…

i believe that cloning and time travel is possible

Anonymous 2021

I am fascinated by the Sasquatch, Bigfoot and the Yeti. I've always wondered if a few Neanderthals or another hominid species escaped mass extinction, and were able to manage staying under the radar enough to live separately from humans. I mean, we still discover new species of animals and uncontacted peoples in the year 2020. It's far-fetched, but maybe it's possible??

Anonymous 2039


This is the truth about black helicopters

Anonymous 2040


Anonymous 2041

Anonymous 2060


underground cave systems

Anonymous 2064

Anonymous 2065

Anonymous 2067

Anonymous 2068


I really liked OUT OF SHADOWS.. these things should come to light

Anonymous 2073


Anonymous 2098

This conspiracy is about how the Earth is a soul farm and how the light we see during death is a false light matrix designated to keep souls to incarnate on this Earth over and over again.
Reincarnation doesn't make any sense. All your memory gets wiped out. What's the point of being reborn into poverty a hundred times? You'll just repeat the same mistakes again and again, because you don't remember.

There was a time when humanity was peaceful, when we had telepathic abilities. Then cunning extraterrestrials took that ability away from us and gave us languages instead. But they gave us different languages in order to create confusion and division. We cannot go back to peaceful times while still using language. Because we are no longer telepaths, no other human can tell what you really mean. Because words can be used to lie.

Anonymous 2101


Anonymous 2104

Anonymous 2131

I'm sad that the LSA Conspiracy Alley turned private…

Anonymous 2132

I think that even though you lose memories when you reincarnate, you keep a sense of wisdom and the ability to stay calm and controlled in more scenarios. Just because your soul is used to the earth bullshit.
This is a terrifying conspiracy though.. as a longtime believer in reincarnation until enough wisdom has been attained, I feel the urge to dig deeper but also I'm not sure I wanna know

Anonymous 2265

religion was invented by men to help control women
every culture and religion up until like a century ago opressed women (except maybe the minoans)

Anonymous 2268

religion is about controlling the behavior of men and women
not just women
(not trying to say all religions are bad, or all religions are only about controlling behavior, or that the behavioral controls are all necessarily bad)

Anonymous 2269

Religions are about controlling all women and lower class men. Same as the patriarchy.

Anonymous 2270

I guess that's true
It's still a pretty broad subject though
Some religions like buddhism seem to be more about a personal journey, and less need for social aspect
Older religions like paganism and greek mythology were mostly about explaining the weather and having big parties and feasts, no?

Anonymous 3713

WTC 7 was brought down intentionally. The Department of Defense had an office there, this is known. They knew about the attacks beforehand and knew that after the attacks people would be investigating and snooping around and there was something they couldn't let be discovered. So they brought the building down with the terror attack as their cover. The bankers in the building could also have been involved.

Pedo operations and production of child porn are rampant and organized. Hollywood and politicians are not directly connected in the production of this material but they do protect and facilitate it because the real industry is blackmail. Epstein was someone in the business of getting proof of celebrities and politicians fucking kids on his island and exploiting them for profit/favors.

Anonymous 3920

I once heard a conspiracy theory that Jews were importing grass from Ireland and the UK to other countries to destroy the environment. They're basing this off the fact that grass is capable of doing extreme damage in areas where it shouldn't be because it dominates the area by killing off other pollinator plants (mostly to extinction) and wreaks havoc on native bee populations, and that Jews were taking advantage of this to covertly force us all into an agricultural crisis that will cause a food shortage.

This is some total nutjob shit but I just noticed this thread and maybe you'll enjoy it. Fun fact: Varg Vikerness the black metal musician who murdered his band member believes this theory

Anonymous 3922


There's a tree, the tree of heaven, that is actually a plague in a lot of countries but it comes from China.

Anonymous 3931

A lot of our surroundings are meant to lower our spiritual vibe and separate us from the Divine.

Music played on the radio and as it's sold is played at 'dead' frequencies, and the melodies are simple and uninspiring. Buildings are becoming uglier, making for less spiritually enriching surroundings, and creating less pride in the nation. Our food and water has become more unnatural, and our devices are made to hook us and detach us from reality, from spiritual saturation. The media is deliberately uninspiring and creates a sense of doom and dishonesty, and division, and humans are being encouraged into engaging in hedonism to avoid forming long term relationships, and distracting from the spirit with the flesh. Which leaves you empty.

Anyone saturated in the effects of the beast is easier to control and influence. It spiritually drains you and prevents you from connecting with the pure, original and divine. Without these impurities, you are less dependent on the beast to sustain you.

Love each other, remember that we're affected by what's around us. Jesus forgave us so we should forgive each other. Grow your own food and connect with the earth. Indulgence is fine but don't use it to fill a hole, and put your phone down. There are some powerful people who want you to be a slave without spirit, out of touch with something they could never know themselves. Don't give in.

Anonymous 4330

Caucasians descended from Atlantians

Anonymous 4346

Jodi Arias is an actress and never killed anyone, covid is a psyop, and we are ruled by jewish elite families that are all related and their bloodline goes all the way back to ancient phoenicia and maybe even further.

By the way pizzagate, Satanists rule the world, Jeffrey espstein shit(hes a jewish agent playing a role), pedophile cabal, flat earth , aliens, mk ultra mind controlled celebs, mandela effect, are all created by them as distractions. If any of those were real they wouldnt be talked about in the media as much as they are.

Anonymous 4372

The medieval warm period made the amazon region and west africa so hot it delayed the development of the people living on those areas(from excessive heat during pregnancy)

Anonymous 4393

Yes, jews do run the media and other things and use covert methods to increase their power and push their ideas. It isn't something that I want to believe but it is hard to ignore.

Anonymous 4397

Anonymous 4411

this is interesting anon. could you expand on your jodi arias theory? i have had a fascination with the case for years. i'd love to hear more of this

Anonymous 4413

I worked with the cousin of the guy Arias killed. They actually have the same names, both cousins do. The family claims none of them liked her and did not feel comfortable around her. I don't believe it was a conspiracy, though. She's based for killing that pedo.

Anonymous 4487

Just a structure fire sis :@)

Anonymous 4563

I’m not really a conspiracy theory type of gal but I genuinely believe feds killed Tupac, and his rape accusation was a COINTELPRO hit job

Anonymous 4601

Christianity was wildly femenist in the early church. When women were forced into marriage but men could 'divorce' (aka abandon for dead) their wives at any time, jesus said that men also had to stay committed to their wives. When Roman views said women were essentially defective men who's bodies didn't have enough heat to expel their genitals, Paul said that men should love their wives as their own bodies. Paul also cites more women than men in the last chapter of Romans, including only one deacon who is female. And Mary magdeline and her sister Martha are credited with converting all of France, and Mary Magdeline was the 1st to see risen jesus and was called an 'apostle among apostles'. It's just that men and patriarchy got ahold of it and twisted it so it's basically satanic now. That's not even really a conspiracy, the changes and the motivated translational decisions are well documented for how they slowly twisted it. It's fucked.

Anonymous 4602

Can you provide info on the translation changes?

Anonymous 4603

Just to add another example, Jesus said if a man looks at a woman with lustful intent he has already sinned ("committed adultery")
And that is far more feminist than what people are saying now about "it's a woman's fault if a man sexualises a woman wearing revealing clothing"

Anonymous 4606

'the making of biblical womanhood' goes into some of it, but also had blog-ish parts. https://www.patheos.com/blogs/anxiousbench/2016/07/the-tniv-revisited-medieval-style/ is by the same author and talks about the ESV and other translations. Many things played into this. For instance, when secular noblemen were trying to use the church for their own power, they didn't want women to get positions. Then, to allegedly combat that, the church said all priests had to be celibate in order to try to make it so only people who really wanted to serve enrolled. Priests just ended up using this to further demean women and took mistresses anyway. Fucked.

He says '28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. 29 If your right eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. 30 And if your right hand causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell.' aka not 'you're sinning' but directly telling the men it is their fault and if they try to say 'ohhh she just looked so great my hands moved on their own uwu' he's like 'well then cut off your hand you FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT' (but we all know their hands don't move on their own, they know their hands don't move on their own, and if they did truly think that then cutting it off would make perfect sense.)

Anonymous 4607

Based Jesus.

Anonymous 4609

look at how your bible is broken up into sections as well. In the original texts they had books, but not sections. In most translations 'Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.' is separated by a heading from the following verse 'Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord.' to justify the idea that a woman submitting to her husband is a seperate, more extensive submission than all members of the church should do to each other. In the actual text, these two verses are literally right next to each other. Then there is a long section explaining to those men (who were told that women were essentially foul, failed men by roman teachings) that they should love their wives like jesus/god loved them. This is a reoccurring theme (love/forgive your neighbor as god first loved/forgave you) and was deliberately twisted to mean something more condescending than what is repeatedly preached in every other part of the bible.

Anonymous 4610

A lot of modern feminist outrage is directed to school dress codes targetting girls. A lot of feminists talking about how they should be able to wear whatever they want. I agree with that, but I think we should look at WHY girls want to dress as they do. When I go into a target, all the girls' clothes reveal way more skin, are more formfitting, are more sexualizing than the boy's clothes. They boys at schools are wearing baggy gym shorts and t shirts and they are marketed as having cool slogans and being comfy. Why do girls feel the need to dress cute always? It seems obvious to me that the patriarchy is involved in this level as well. They convince you that YOU want to dress like that. Men look for women who have a hard time defining what they want vs. what the men around them want. This means their dress is inconsequential (if they are in a burqua vs. booty shorts vs. a gown) except as a signal to men in that area that they have been brought up in a system where they are participants in their own subjugation. Idk how to identify these flags. I think you just have to go through self-examination and rebuilding until you can separate your wants and desires from others'. Not that it's bad to dress to please a man you want to attract, but you should be aware you are doing it and not insist it's not the case.

Anonymous 4627

Recently started to lucid dream by accident. I don't intent to I just suddenly just have control of the dream. Actually a lot of the time I have no clue what to do in the moment, feels kinda like stage fright.

This is horrible to think about but also very plausible. To tack on my own conspiracy: I genuinely believe that most men are attracted to people far younger than they'd care to admit. If you look at many historical societies and the age girls could be become (likely sexual) wives then you soon come to the conclusion that a LOT of men today would be sexually perusing teenagers if it wasn't for age of consent laws.

>They convince you that YOU want to dress like that
I feel like. Took me way to long to realize that ultimately you enjoy life so much more if you focus on buying comfy clothes.
If you look at other societies with less gendered dress codes they tend to opt towards flowing comfortable garments (though I understand a lot of this is also ease of tailoring) even so; togas, robes, even many hippy clothes of the 60 all have more comfort and androgyny than is pushed on kids today.

Anonymous 4628

My whole child hood my father was convinced that "they" would come back for the Towers. So when 9/11 happened in my freshman year I wasn't surprised. Being fed a conspiracy theory your whole life having it come true and then realizing that no one else saw it coming really messes you up. And no, my dad wasn't on to something he believed in dozens of crazy conspiracies. I had conversations with him about bigfoots lol

Anonymous 4690

Anonymous 4796

It's still fucked up though - there is a reason why they have said that wives should submit to their husbands and love them as they would love lord and not just partners needing to submit to each other and love each other as they would love lord in the first place. And it wasn't in any way "feminist" for that time (like even before xtianity ancient egyptians had a verse about husbands needing to submit to their wives lol), except perhaps for some ancient earthkistan, like the romans, so there is no excuse for that sort of message. I think the fact that the bible had a lot more books that it does now (the most -potentially- misogynistic books were cherrypicked by the church) and also was retranslated a bazillion amount of times could support your notion about it being less misogynistic in the past than it is rn though.

Anonymous 5133

COVID is a psyop and pedophilia is being promoted via mainstream consumerism through the LGBT community. I'm not anti-gay but it's easy to see this abuse with stars like Desmond is Amazing and drag queen story hours. I'm particularly fond of the Deprogarmer on YouTube as she makes informative videos particularly on the sexualization of children. It's easy to see how all similar conspiracy theories relate that aren't absolutely insane when it comes to understanding propaganda and how it's use to control the masses. I'd suggest reading Edward Bernays and researching how his techniques fueled consumerism over the last 100 years. The pedophile ring hits home for me because of personal ties I have to it, nothing more then anyone else whose been victimized by it has though. Rich and powerful people are connected, that much is simple and when you're family becomes involved in ways were people end up dead and you never see or hear from people agajn, it's not that hard to believe that these sorts of things aren't incidents in isolation. Either way, I think it's foolish to say these are conspiracy theories but that's me, I can't convince people of anything, I would hope the curious would look it all of it a bit more though.

Anonymous 5253


Mossad did 9/11

Drag has kinda been coopted for str8 entertainment, I'm not sure how much I'd count it as part of the queer community anymore. All of the trans people I know certainly hate it. I agree with you about covid, though. My town just now ended its mask mandate and I'm so relieved
What do y'all make of the argument that hijab can be empowering in the right context? I definitely think it's worn due to social pressure in the Mideast but in the West it's pretty against the grain. I live in a college town too so standard attire for girls my age is short-shorts and cutoff tees
I mostly just cover everything because it's comfy but I have noticed that it gets me more attention from rednecks and black guys lol. I had a guy try to flirt with me once by talking about how dirty he gets working on cars

Anonymous 6050

Do you guys ever try explaining the conspiracies that you believe in, and even provide evidence to substantiate what you believe, yet no one is really receptive to it?

Anonymous 6184

Nona I also have experienced similar things to you. Not surprised people like us would hang out on imageboards.

What do you mean COVID is a psyop? That it was planned or that the virus doesn't exist? I agree that it was planned but it seems to me that it's clearly a real virus.

Anonymous 6217

in my opinion most drag shows heavily stress that they are not for young audiences. drag was usually a crude, adult thing. but now it's in the mainstream because of shows like rpdr so they are trying to market it as this "family friendly" thing even though it shouldn't be.

Anonymous 8371

That the United States & EU wanted to drag Russia into a war of attrition in Ukraine and as a result never let them formally join any western bloc despite forcing Ukraine to give up its nuclear arsenal.

They also never let Russia join any pro-western bloc either despite having Yeltsin in power giving western brands and industries free reign over the Russian economy while Russia starved.

This was the plan from the beginning as far back as the 1990s and 2000s.

Anonymous 8372


That gamergate and the news and controversy surrounding it was entirely made up to radicalize young gamer boys and happened because of funding from some unknown source (probably not that difficult to deduce who it was).

I simply refuse to believe that so many people got so organically worked up over video games at a time when ISIS terrorism, the rise of white nationalism, Ukraine War (1st war in Europe in 20 years at that point), Syrian war, global refugee crisis, signs of economic collapse in europe and pandemics were all over the news.

Anonymous 8373

>I simply refuse to believe that so many people got so organically worked up over video games at a time when ISIS terrorism, the rise of white nationalism, Ukraine War, global refugee crisis…
… my friend, we are on the cusp of WW3 in Europe at the end of a plague that shut down the world. Do you know that the most pressing issue of today is quite literally Hogwarts Legacy and the genocide it promotes? There is a small Russian squadron that was exposed on video for commiting war crimes so vile that the parents of Ukrainian children begged them to just kill the kids instead of inflicting their hell acts on them, but the talk of the day is (and has been for a month now) Hogwarts Legacy.

Gamergate was not radicalisation. The streamer Mister Metokur got his panties in a twist and told his audience to stop letting people inject politics into videogames and the uberleft decided on their own volition that this was a nazi dog whistle and that gamers were vouching for those trump death squads

Anonymous 8387

>Which ones do you believe in?
We live in a computer-generated simulation. We live in the future because humans and AI has advanced. We are the real life sims.

Anonymous 8392

Is it for the entertainment of those above us, or is it a testing grounds? Are they Gods? Or just bored teenagers

Anonymous 8393

It goes even further back than that though. Look at why nato was founded, it's simple "to stop the spread of socialism" after ww2. Imo the longer we resist any form of socialism the deeper we get into the unrealities of postmodernity and with it comes the insane neo liberalism and feral neo conservativeism, which are almost exactly the same one-issue monster a week democracy psyops.

Anonymous 8395

didn't all the gamergate "girls" turn out to be trannies?

Anonymous 8411


Anonymous 8466

Small and maybe comedic tinfoil for you all but I saw that two threads from /x/ were deleted, one about premonition dreams and another about imaginary friends (not tulpas). I posted in the premonition one, one day I wanted to check if anyone replied and saw the thread is gone, couldn’t find it.
My tinfoil is, was something revealed that someone didn’t want to see? What’s the deal?
Side thing, I might make these threads myself if they won’t return.

Anonymous 8770

i have legitamitely spoken with an alien b4 :) no one will ever knnow what its like but i do! :))) anyways i hope yall discover the truth in life cos i may be poor but im more worldy than all of yalss

Anonymous 8784

I've heard that Freemasonry is a weird pedo cult from many theorists online. I'm too sure how true that is but it's interesting to think about.

Anonymous 8785

Anecdotal but my grandpa was a freemason and it was really just some boomer men's club. He would get together with other 80 year olds and play squash. Granted he lived in an isolated town on an island so I can't speak for the big lodges but I think the conspiracies around freemasons are way overblown. Most freemasons are boomers looking for something to bother themselves with.

Anonymous 8787

i think there are weird occultist cults out there, but freemasons are not one of them. it's just too obvious. we had a masonic lodge in my little suburban hellhole and it was rarely used. i only ever saw a lady in a white robe smoking on their dry as fuck lawn one evening when my grandmother and i did a mcdonald's run, and another time i saw a few of them bringing in food for a potluck during the afternoon as there was a gas station literally 100 feet away. i am pretty sure that place was closed 99% of the time though, and if my memory serves me right, they shut it down completely right before i moved to europe and let the universalist church next door re-purpose the lodge as a dinner hall.

Anonymous 8798

I never had a strong opinion on it before, but after actually looking into it, I am totally certain Osama Bin Laden died of kidney failure way before the Navy Seals supposedly raided his compound. The retards have changed the story literally every time they are asked about it and there's no evidence any of them are telling the truth.
In general, I think the Navy SEALs are a particularly duplicitous part of the military.
They are marketed as super elite and rigorous but there's so many examples of them fucking up catastrophically (all of which are more verifiable than Osamas killing)
I'm surprised they aren't subject to more conspiracy theories.

Anonymous 8809

Can you give us some examples of their fuck ups?

Anonymous 9211


RFK Jr is a candidate for president. He is antivax and has been recently involved with Elon Musk. RFK Jr was banned on twitter but not anymore because of the candidate thing. What the hell is going on in America? Let's discuss this from a conspiracy theory angle.

Anonymous 9235

If your Freemason granddad lived on Jersey he was absolutely doing more than playing squash.

Anonymous 9566

Weird how they always dispose of the bodies. And never release any pictures. Or there's errors with the live footage. Everything about 9/11 is suspicious, somehow the hijackers were completely inexperienced as, or very poor pilots but managed to manoeuvre the plane in a way experts can't, there has been NO photo or video evidence of the hijackers really being the hijackers or boarding the flight, the passengers managed to call their loved ones with good signal despite being so high up in the air, something we can't achieve even now (and one even introduced himself with his full name when calling his mother), somehow the building collapse defied the laws of physics if we're going by the official story, the building was supposedly the first and to this day ONLY steel high rise building to fall down by a fire despite experts saying it was clearly controlled demolition, the temperatures of the fire are unexplainable by any engineer, the flight recorders went missing or if found, the serial numbers were not shown and were denied to be publicly released, the Voice recorders went missing or too damaged, and the one voice recorder that WAS in good condition was never released despite the victims families asking for it numerous times for no stated reason, the video footage from the CCTV cameras was confiscated, only 1 of which was released after decades… Not to mention how strange it is for the owner of the building to take out a insurance 6 days before the attack and end up making a huge profit while the victims suffered, and suspiciously not showing up at the office that day despite normally always being present…

Anonymous 9568

Do you have any good resources to research this further? It interests me greatly.

Anonymous 9582

> We probably are being prepped for disclosure about aliens, too.
> 3 years ago

Anonymous 9588

I recommend the documentary "September 11: The New Pearl Harbor" and the fact based website consensus911.org

Anonymous 9590

There's one about Obama being gay that's probably true.

Anonymous 9592

you mean the theory that michelle obama is actually a man? or that he just married her to look straight?

Anonymous 9593

The one about her being a dude.

Anonymous 9672

Augustin Baurell enjoyers go mad since 1791

Anonymous 10111

I know I’m responding to old stuff, I just like replying.
I think glitches are real too. I once saw one. I saw the same lady do the same task twice, like she was programmed to do it. I worked at one of those stupid kiosk stalls at the mall and I watched a woman walk out of one of our hallways, look both ways, and then walk off. There was nothing to do at that job besides people watch, and she had a really charming bob that moved when she turned her head, so I remembered her the first time. Then the same woman came out of the hallway and did the exact same thing, same hair movement, everything. Everyone I’ve told the story to just says I misremember it, but I didn’t! It really made my blood run cold the second time she did it. I know that’s so minor, but even a minor hiccup in the fabric of the universe is a little strange, isn’t it?

I’m from NM and I’ve been to Roswell many times. It’s a pretty interesting place, the McDonalds is shaped like a UFO. There’s so much weird stuff in NM. Up north from Roswell there’s Los Alamos Lab, where a lot of nuclear testing happened. Nearby to that is an alleged human / alien breeding project in Dulce NM. Then in Socorro, we had a policeman see a UFO shaped like a tictac.

I live in the middle of nowhere, and one night while I was sleeping, I sort of half woke up. I could see through my eyelids that there was light shining in the room. Do you know what I mean? When you close your eyes in a bright room, you still can see how bright it is, right? Then I thought, “Wow it would be really easy to abduct me, there’s no one around.” I sort of tossed that idea around in my head for a moment, and then woke up fully like, what? What am I thinking? Then I opened my eyes, and the room was dark. I still walked around the house with a hammer just to make sure I was really alone.

I don’t think covid was real. It was really awful. I was living on a women’s land at the time and you really couldn’t say anything hinting that you didn’t believe in it, didn’t want the shots. Idk, I just don’t think the medical community has demonstrated much ability to care about women, so I’m not gonna trust the shots. I worry so much about the women I know who did get the shot, even though they treated me like crap bc I stood firm against getting them. One of them was saying that she’d post about my dead on some subreddit? Herman Cain award? But I obviously didn’t die. I haven’t been sick in years, and I have never caught covid. I haven’t taken any precautions or done anything at all. I think they just made it to stir up trouble against people. I still remember how cruelly some people treated me, but I knew it was all just social manipulation and forgave them.

Anonymous 10253

they sell apple stuff at costco now

Anonymous 10276


Money flows to me.
I am a money magnet.
Money comes easy to me.
I like money.
I am wealthy.

Anonymous 10277


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