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Conspiracy theories Anonymous 386

Which ones do you believe in?

Anonymous 387

Did you get inspiration from my post? lol tysm for the thread, I hope it grows. I love reading people's thoughts on the topic.

God, i wish I would believe in reptillians and things like that, it'd make my life a lot more fun.
I don't exactly believe in "the Illuminati", but I don't doubt powerful families all around the world are linked and still controlling the world. Tbh when you stop to think and pay attention to the eye thing it really is everywhere. It's most likely just a coincidence, but still, it's something to observe.

Anonymous 390

I agree with you about powerful families, but not about reptilians so much.
There's clear evidence for the powerful families theory, but it's more like that it's companies that are powerful, and men get around the monopoly laws by owning one big company but sitting on the board of a bunch of others, or stacking the board with relatives: just sitting on the board isn't ownership, but it does allow them control. Like the reason you won't see Apple products for sale at Costco is because Bill Gates' dad is on the board of directors. That's control but not ownership, so monopoly laws aren't applicable, which sucks.

It's like that with other companies too. A lot of Putin's friends own or are on the board of directors for several large companies. Putin's bff even supposedly co-owns a sports team with Beyonce and her husband.

The only upside is that control is slowly sliding into the hands of Silicon Valley. Emotionally and personality-wise the computer literate hipster crowd is more likely to not get along and get into a slap-fight over a Trilby, meaning less uniform control of the populace as power-couples crumble.

Anonymous 395

Conspiracy theories are so interesting. I love hearing about them, especially if it's weird stuff.
However I dislike how the term conspiracy theory is used to discredit people sometimes. Something that used to be called a conspiracy theory is that companies and government organizations collect as much data as possible about everyone.

I also believe that powerful groups have a lot of control over things like the other anons mentioned.

>Tbh when you stop to think and pay attention to the eye thing it really is everywhere. It's most likely just a coincidence, but still, it's something to observe.
If I was a celebrity I would make some hidden references from time to time just to mess with people. I wonder if some of them do that.

Anonymous 400

The only one I really, truly believe in is Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 were fake.

Anonymous 401

Putting ice in drinks was invented by greedy corporates/da j00s as a way for businesses to be cheap and serve less beverage for the same amount of money. And yes I order all of my drinks with no ice I want to drink my raspberry coke not my raspberry coke diluted with slightly cooler water damn it.

Anonymous 403

Matrix glitch theory. I know its a movie, but sometimes I experience things and think it has to NOT be a coincidence.

Also, I don't know if lucid dreaming is still a "conspiracy" but I do think people can control realms in their sleep despite people disproving this as a legitimate skill.

Anonymous 406

>despite people disproving this as a legitimate skill.
Since when has lucid dreaming been refuted? I've seen that a lot of studies back it up as a real phenomenon. That being said, I've gotten sporadic lucid dreams every few months or so since childhood, and for the past year I've built on that skill a bit. There's nothing really mysterious about it, a lot of people will experience it at least once in their lifetime.

Anonymous 426

Freemasons did the french revolution

Anonymous 427

So true. I always ask for two cups, one for my beverage and one filled with ice so I can add it with I want to.

Anonymous 477

A guy I work with believes that the moon is an ancient watch tower left behind by aliens. He says that the Egyptian pyramids as well as the pyramids in South America were some sort of weapon that was used to damage said watch tower, giving the moon the appearance it has today. There are entire YouTube channels dedicated to this nonsense.

Anonymous 570

Throughout my entire childhood, my favourite was that Area 51 houses some secret alien technology after a UFO crash in Roswell. Even to this day, I still want to visit Roswell one day like some kind of pilgrimage and get the whole dorky, touristy experience by talking to bar owners about UFO sightings lol.

Anonymous 619

I believe pretty strongly that Kurt Cobain was killed by an assassin hired by Courtney Love and his death was framed as a suicide.


Anonymous 620

This conspiracy was pretty wide-spread at the time

I believe that there is a group of people that methodically and knowingly are pushing immigration of able-bodied, fighting-aged men from the Islamic fundamentalist middle-east into Europe and the mass terrorist attacks and mass rapes are merely a preview of what's to come and the media's push for acceptance and the governments' cognitive dissonance is conditioning.

Anonymous 621

During Hurricane Katrina, the Murphy Oil refinery in St. Bernard parish, just outside of New Orleans, had a container rupture and leak oil on a lot of the surrounding neighborhood, including my grandparents and aunt/uncle's houses. After the clean up the land was deemed uninhabitable and the oil company was able to purchase all the land for very, very cheap. Many people that were affected and in the area believe that the oil company did it on purpose, and I tend to believe them.

Disney's frozen is only titled like that so when you Google "Disney frozen" the movie comes up instead of conspiracy theories

Swiper and The Map are in cahoots! Think about it… Swiper always seems to know exactly where Dora is going to be. And who is always telling her exactly where to go? Wake up sheeple!

Anonymous 624

El Duce right? Did you see that video of him being interviewed and then you can hear a woman screaming "help me" in the background or something like that? Pretty chilling

Anonymous 625

>And yes I order all of my drinks with no ice I want to drink my raspberry coke not my raspberry coke diluted with slightly cooler water damn it


Although I curse internally when the dude filling the cup doesnt fill it to the top and leave a space of like 2 inches ("because you dont want ice lol"). Fuck u.

Anonymous 658

El Duce claims that Courtney offered him the gig, but that he turned it down and Allen Wrench (another shitty musician) did the deed. Duce died not long after, hit by a train in suspicious circumstances.

In Kurt and Courtney it is also suggested that Courtney had something to do with the overdose death of Kristen Pfaff, her old bassist who Kurt admired greatly. Perhaps too greatly.

I think Kurt killed himself, though. Long story.

Anonymous 659


I wouldn't say I believe in it but I can see the posibility being totally reasonable – in that the moon landing could be fake.
They had reason to (russian space race) and the means, and the weird stuff like the original, clear footage being deleted/tapes reused for other footage. Like what??? Possibly the greatest historical achievement of our people but they taped over the originals? Okay.

But I also think they could have gone and done it, for realsies, too.

Also here's some footage I hadn't seen before of the plane hitting the Pentagon. Spicy.

Anonymous 993

Just found this one, The New Order of the Barbarians



Anonymous 1004

I like reallygraceful's conspiracy channel on YouTube but I wish she would post sources for where she gets her info

Anonymous 1005

Anonymous 1019

Pizza Gate. There is something fishy going on in there, im not sure about children being stored in pizza shops, but those emails obviously have some sort of code in them. I mean, many of the people who were associated with it were called out for being pedophiles before it was confirmed, so there is some sort of legitimacy in the theory.

Anonymous 1020

A guide to the tru…


Anonymous 1031

I enjoy her channel too! I also like Kendall Rae and embarrassingly, Shane Dawson lol. Apparently he's going back to the conspiracy videos soon.

Anonymous 1043

YouTube monkey torture is so far down this list but that one isn't even a conspiracy, the worst vids get deleted but you can go watch playlists full of videos right now that look like reuploads from Chinese streaming services right now of people holding monkeys by the neck and filming their terrified reactions and animal on monkey violence filmed for human entertainment

Anonymous 1064


Don't you think it's kinda suspicious how there's so few conspiracy theories about the church of scientology? They have their fingers in every pie from Hollywood to Neopets and yet nobody bats an eye…

Anonymous 1065

Look up the Franklin Coverup and watch Conspiracy of Silence on youtube.

Anonymous 1066

It's because we don't need any conspiracy theories about it, we know it's fucked and they're not even subtle about their abuse.

Anonymous 1068

That's exactly why. NGL I really want to attend a meeting or take one of their tests.

Anonymous 1070

I used to work next to one of their branches (a highly-expensive building in a really exclusive area, just showed me how powerful they are) and they opened another huge branch close to where I live recently (in a building that belonged to another cult). Apparently it was a big deal and the founder's son attended. So many times I've been tempted to drop in when I pass them to see how crazy their test is or to see if I can get any funny leaflets but every time I chicken out. They're actually very intimidating. The buildings are high security and guards will ask you what your business is there. They turn people away who seem like they're just there out of curiosity and aren't genuinely serious about joining. I think they're afraid of being filmed.

In the lead up to them building the new branch they had people working for them for free and charging them for courses just to do translations. They were distributing leaflets in the area and going around to businesses and questioning things that didn't align with their beliefs (modern medicine, alcohol etc). They've set up all of these shady charities and companies so that they can target students, addicts, people with mental health problems and low-income families under the guise that they're helping. There's even allegations of them spying on people who aren't even members in public areas. I've seen what happened to Clearwater and I'm terrified that the same will happen here.

Anonymous 1076

Has anyone seen this tv interview of this 11yr old ""drag queen""? The whole video is like one long, bad gut feeling.
>audience act like total shills, applauding everything the kid says
>kid seems either mentally challenged or subdued in some way and is also emaciated
>kid's father looks fucking creepy
I don't know, something seems off.

Anonymous 1077


Because they're so out there? Maybe it's an area/interest thing but most people I know who give a rat's ass about scientology think they're creepy as Fuck. I have a few secondhand stories of my own from friends who weren't just having a lark but were genuinely interested in Scientology. Scary stuff. Major intimidation tactics.

Anonymous 1078

Tell your stories?

Anonymous 1079

Gerald Bill was assassinated by the CIA because he was on the verge of undercutting the space shuttle before the NRO could get all their satellites in orbit.

Anonymous 1080

Gerald Bull, darn it

Anonymous 1092

It’s super off. I’ve thought this for a while. Children shouldn’t be allowed to be this sexualised, the parents are complete enablers and it’s disgusting. He will be such a damaged adult, I’m calling it now. He’ll end up dead by drugs or an hero.

Anonymous 1113


Ntayrt but I feel the same way about young kids who look about 7-8 (boys and girls) who do mua YouTube videos with really adult, sexually looks. They have really nice looking production so the parents are obviously encouraging it. It just creeps me out because I feel like they're going to become damaged in the future. Maybe I'm just a creep.

Anonymous 1130

Just found this video about gangstalking techniques being conducted on low level private security guards, I used to be a private security guard in a remote area on government-owned property and some of the things discussed in this video are eerily familiar to some things I experienced. A loud as hell and scary sounding metallic frequency blasted for hours (there was a military-owned radio tower on the property), cars that would follow me to and from the gate outside my workplace with freemason bumper stickers, military looking guys showing up and asking me things like "do you work here?" and when I said yes they'd say something cryptic like "good" and leave, groups of people sneaking up behind my workstation and leaving silently when I heard their footsteps and shined my flashlight on them, and I was also very isolated and working 80+ hour a week overnight shifts alone. The Navy Seals were also doing some kind of training there. Could all be coincidences of course and this is just an unsubstantiated conspiracy YouTube video with no conclusive proof of anything, and of course I have no way to prove what I'm saying is true either, but I did quit that job because it was making me go nuts lol.

Anonymous 1247

Spoiled because I'm going into ideas of child sexual abuse - While there is sexual abuse in Hollywood and it's heavily implied
that kids are involved, but as of recent there have been more underaged and sexual e-celberties as of late i.e danielle bregoli, malu trevejo and danielle cohn just to name a few, I believe since all these girls are sexual and still being signed to record deals and being on ads. I think their managers, producer's or some other system must be all working together or at least have a common cause to normalize sexual behavior in children and sexualize them til adults seeing kids as sex objects if not already, and if these young girls come out as being sexually abused in their youth, it would be dismissed in a i.e. she was asking for it through her clothes and makeup. I mean a year or two ago Musical.ly still had ads on YouTube there was one of Malu who is now 16 so back then she was younger twerking to a song about sex, I mean why would a app show that in an ad. It's disgusting and disturbing that that ad may be seen to thousands if not a million people when Musical.ly was popping off.

Sorry for the long rant.

Anonymous 1259

This is less of a "conspiracy" in my eyes and more of a fact that will get confirmed with time.

People hate on cohn and bregoli and such for being annoying/talentless/disrespectful but all I see are young girls who are trying to be famous or have a better life and getting manipulated by predators in the process. Worst part is no one will be sympathetic to them because of their behavior, and these "managers" know this

Anonymous 1260

The great replacement, 9/11 and notre dame / burning mosques falseflags. The fact that the USA for some reason cemented that one ship that caused ww1 makes me wonder. Also sweden buying nukes from Russia, Israel testing nukes in Africa. Plus the long ass lists of false flags america uses to justify wars

Anonymous 1332

i would add millie bobby brown too.
https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/search?q=millie i guess take it w a grain of salt since it's a celeb gossip site. a lot of stuff there has been proven to be true though

Anonymous 1343

A bunch:

1969 moon landing was staged, but not in a Hollywood basement or anything like that It was filmed on the moon. Astronauts were already there at least half a decade before the televised moon landing. Why? They wanted the check that there was nothing of interest (i.e. exploitable by the global elites) before showing the public.
The recent influx of the media pushing Area 51 memes and news about mass shooters in America is to cover up Epstein and Pedo island and his eventual "suicide" before his trial
Also, while I believe the Holocaust was real to some extent, it is at the very least over exaggerated to sell books and to be able to vilify Nazis while drawing attention away from other similar events. Hell, Israel is basically immune to international scrutiny because of it and this is coming from someone who doesn't even blame (((them))) for my problems

Anonymous 1344

The only real conspiracy I believe in is the JFK assassination. I don't know who did it, but there's no way it was just a lone gunman.

Anonymous 1345

I had a substitute teacher once in high school who ascribed Kennedy’s death to being accidentally shot by one of his secret service agents who tried to retaliate when Oswald shot and missed. He spent the entire day describing how it went down; it was the best day of history class of my life.

Anonymous 1346

>and his eventual "suicide" before his trial
>3 days ago

Oh god oh fuck

Anonymous 1347

thought of this as soon as I heard the news today. What a fucked world we live in.

Anonymous 1348

>America is to cover up Epstein and Pedo island and his eventual "suicide" before his trial

Is everyone going to just ignore the fact that this post was made 4 days ago, but Epstein was only found dead yesterday…

Anonymous 1349


no the two previous posts also commented on this…

Anonymous 1350

I think it was inevitable that someone with so many powerful connections who could have been affiliated with the scandal “killed himself.” Idk how it works for the rich but I’ve seen how suicide watches are done in jail on a county level and it’s pretty much impossible to blink without someone eyeing you. I think it’s sus that he got off of suicide watch so early.

Anonymous 1351

Interesting. YT's killed the video and channel. Archive.org archived it:
Yet when you load the page, it says they don't have it. Even though it starts to load and shows the video run time (1:17:57). They also won't load the name of the video or the name of the channel.
If they hadn't indexed the page, none of that would be there and they wouldn't show the page at all. Sometimes they'll index a page but only have the thumbnails, but not links to full images and videos. But that's not the case here. They're blanking out text on a page they clearly saved.

If the posting anon ever comes back, would you give us a run down of what was in the vid and if you remember the name of the channel.

Anonymous 1352


Epstein is still alive. The man photographed on the gurney was a body double. He’s probably in Paraguay right now.

Anonymous 1548

>I dislike how the term conspiracy theory is used to discredit people sometimes. Something that used to be called a conspiracy theory is that companies and government organizations collect as much data as possible about everyone
The term "conspiracy theory" was first coined in an FBI document and was used to refer to the portion of the population that doubted the proposed circumstances surrounding John F. Kennedy's assassination. Interesting, huh?

Many known facts were only theories before being proven correct, and something being a "conspiracy" doesn't make it exempt from that. Those who dismiss an idea under the guise of it being a "conspiracy theory" are simply admitting that they don't want to attempt critical analysis, regardless of whether they'd arrive at the right or wrong conclusion if they did.

I know this post is 2 years old, but why did you just copy and paste popular replies from an r/AskReddit thread?

I use archive.org quite often and that link leads to a "page not archived" error page. I sure do wonder how, given that archived pages can't be deleted once they're archived…

Anonymous 1549

Magic is real

Anonymous 1551

lollll it’s actually a supremacy ploy by the water-haver super humans of the world.. we ONLY drink water, it’s healthier AND with ice it only becomes MORE water

Anonymous 1555

Your post does seem a bit like you're joking around, but if you're into theories concerning fluoridated water there's a good argument for why food establishments maximize the amount of water they can put into beverages before it's not considered that beverage anymore. If their water is supplied by a company that owns a lot of water and water supply (lets say Nestle, for example) the establishments could be paid to use more of the water, similar to how a sponsorship would work. If the establishment's water is just tap water from their city's water supply, then the more they use, the higher their water bill will be (if you live in a country where you do have to pay for fresh, running water, such as in the US.) After all, food is a product even in restaurants, and there's nothing preventing a corporate partnership between a company with a large water supply and a food establishment, in the same way that there are partnerships between different brands and food products on the shelf at the store.

I've ordered my drinks without ice for years, but that's just because of a personal preference since I normally get soda and watered-down soda is disgusting.

Anonymous 1647

When we will add Corona virus to this article? I'm tired of all of this already.

Anonymous 1661

My conspiracy high horse is that (!(((someone somewhere))) /the Illuminati or whoever the fuck is literally programming children to be sex addicts, or open to abuse or something…. You see disturbing things like this video https://youtu.be/Ma0J69UwTHc where there is a "secret button" on a child's toy where the genitals are supposed to be that makes seemingly sexual noises…. It's stuff like this, and a variety of other things that really make you think. What's the end goal of designing something like that?

We probably are being prepped for disclosure about aliens, too. But that's a topic for a different time :)

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