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Using your own body as an experiment Anonymous 4161

Does anyone else see their own physical body as a something to experiment with? I like to test its limits and see what happens if I do certain things like not take medications, take expired medications to see if they still work, do random drugs to see how they affect me. I'm just curious about my limits as a healthy young adult. I guess I see it as a tool of discovery rather than something I should leave as untarnished and clean as possible.

Anonymous 4162


Usually people who want to push their body "to the limits" mean in an athletic way…

like picrel (courtney dauwalter) who ran 200 miles in 48 hours and was literally hallucinating by the time the race was over.

you should just get your shit together op, this isn't the quirky or interesting trait you think it is

Anonymous 4163

Plenty of people do, they tend to do so in less easy ways though. Seems you're little league in this arena sis.

Anonymous 4164

>damn this medication is expired? I'll take it anyway and see what happens
How extreme! This girl is unhinged!!! She's pushing herself to the motherfucking threshold!!!!

Anonymous 4165

All the cool body experimenters push themselves to the limits in exercise, consider finding a sport to do that with.

Anonymous 4166

You’re mad because she’s pure and you ain’t.

Anonymous 4167


Anonymous 4168

Sorry I thought there was some hostility in your posts since OP claims to test her limits but seems more subdued compared to what you two have in mind. My point was that there is nothing wrong with this.

Anonymous 4169

Don't think it's hostility, more like pointing out the absurdity of OP's thinking. She says this
>I like to test its limits and see what happens if I do
As if she's come close to any of the bodies limits of her body. Like seriously, "not taking medications" as a form of "extreme body testing"? Maybe if she just had a surgery and skipped the pain pills to see how painful pain can really get. It doesn't sound like she's megadosed any hallucinogens, or any other drug for that matter. She's mentioned nothing along the sporty lines like >>4162 so she's not disciplined either. I see no mention of ascetic practices. Sounds to me like she's just partially self-destructive under a guess of "exploring herself" as opposed to doing "experimenting" in any methodical or hard to do fashion.

Not really "mad" at her nativety as much as wanting to show this frog in the well how wide the world really is.

Anonymous 4170

taking expired medication etc is not a "subdued" way to test your body's limits. it's just retard behavior

Anonymous 4171

How does one "subduely" test ones limits? Is that like "subduely" assaulting someone?

Anonymous 4180

>use your own physical body as a something to experiment with
I taught myself how to squirt, or something like it, since the science is still not clear on this and people like to say its piss. Does that count?
Other than that, taking drugs is not an experiment unless you actually collect data of some sort

Anonymous 4186

There are things you can do that hurt a lot but aren't dangerous to your health, like the weirdos who voluntarily suspend themselves in the air by putting a bunch of hooks through their skin. I guess that would count as relatively subdued body limit experimentation.

Anonymous 4187

that hook suspension shit is fucking psycho and not subdued at all

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