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Anonymous 420

What's the worst thing you've ever done?

Anonymous 421

i shot jfk

Anonymous 422

That pic is triggering me.

Anonymous 448

I successfully bullied someone off social media. She's an internet-addicted NEET, so it's extra bad. It's been 8 years and she still doesn't have any remotely public social media presence, only a more or less anonymous Tumblr.

Anonymous 451

When I was an obnoxious teenager I saw a kid being carried around by his classmates at a water park. I shouted, "why are you being carried, can't you walk?" They looked at me in shock.

They then lowered him into his wheelchair.

Anonymous 479

I feel so much guilt because I don't like autistic people. I personally have known so many in my life and they share a lot of similar negative characteristics that I can't help but judge a person when I either know they are or if I suspect they are autistic. I hate it so much, I'm disgusting for being a prejudiced piece of shit. I hate how other people act like we have to baby them and have a different set of morals for them because they're so inept at realizing what reality is. Yuck, there I go again.

Anonymous 488

don't beat yourself up anon. i think you just need a little change in perspective about it. their whole thing is that they dont understand the social mores that keep people from being jerks to each other, so if they come off as jerks to you it's only reasonable. You can have compassion for them and realize they mostly can't help it and still find their behavior obnoxious. Kind of like you don't have to pretend an ugly person is attractive just to have basic compassion for them. It's not like you're aspiring to be a special ed teacher or something. I think the real jerks are the ones who not only find autistic people annoying but act like they have full control over it and are doing it on purpose.


both have it right. my dad is somewhere on the spectrum and…while he is intensely caring about his family, he doesn't understand our feelings most of the time until they are spelled out for him, he gets easily frustrated, and he also has these atypical 'conspiracy theories' that he ascribes to. if you challenge his beliefs, he thinks you're calling him insane–and he's incredibly intelligent, a computer engineer who's worked in his field for 30+ years, played the stock market, profited from it, had the opportunity to become a literal rocket scientist for NASA and turned it down because he decided to work for Texas Instruments instead.
It really makes me sad when I tell my friends about the type of person my dad is and they say, 'well he's a paranoid idiot' or something along those lines…
But then I've also met autists who were way worse than he is, and didn't even realize it. I think they need guidance from people who are more socially adept than they are. I want to believe these people can change and adapt. I know my mom is way more socially intelligent than my dad is, and that's part of the reason why he hasn't ended up totally isolated from society–or at least, society outside of his work-place– at this point in his life.

Anonymous 519

at the same time i have to admit that his ideas of morality are totally off the wall. sorry, should have mentioned that in the og post.
but i've never met anyone who has as much issue with white lies or the federal government as he does.

Anonymous 553

>Flashback to 8th grade
>Elementary school is right behind middle school, so the younger kids all rode the same bus as the older kids
>Used to play Pokemon HeartGold to pass the time during bus rides
>Would battle and trade with random kids every now and then
>One day, notice pudgy elementary school kid boasting about the Shiny Giratina he just got in Platinum
>Shit son I need that
>Talk him into thinking that shitty red Gyarados that you catch at the Lake of Rage is way stronger than his Giratina
>Agrees to trade with me
>Once the transaction is made he sort of starts to come to his senses
>"H-hey anon, could we trade back please?"
>Haha nope

Looking back, I do feel pretty bad about it tbh. I remember him being devastated. And to this day, that very same Giratina is in my PC gathering dust in Sun.

Anonymous 564

It's not exactly a creepy thing but sad…? When I was like 17 or so I created a fake profile (a guy) and made my best friend/classmate talk to "him" and she crushed really hard on "him". I was just trying to make her feel a bit more positive about herself and the opposite sex and make her feel beautiful lol. Idk how I thought it was a good idea but I did. Thank God it didn't end bad or anything but it's been 7 years or so and I've never told her she was in love with someone who doesn't exist. I disappeared by saying I had to study harder and couldn't be wasting much time online anymore. We're still friends so I feel bad lol.

Anonymous 569

I don't think I did anything really bad but I did find out a few years ago that I bullied a guy from school for years. I thought we were just joking but it turns out that it really badly effected him and he still feels shit over it. Even though I'm really salty that he got my dream job and rubs it in my face a lot, I'm also simultaneously glad because he probably deserves it and deserves to brag after the shitty childhood I caused him.

Anonymous 571

I made my mom cry on purpose a couple of times. She bullied me a lot growing up so I wanted her to feel my pain too.

Anonymous 574

I did something similar to this. It was with my best friend in sixth grade and I ended up trading my shitty original nintendo ds for her ds lite by talking up about how much better my ds was even though I knew it wasn't. My plan worked and she totally switched consoles with me and I still play on that ds lite to this day.


Fucking same. There's no way I can say the worst things I've done, not even on here.

Anonymous 575

I literally don't get this. If you didn't murder someone, produce/post cp of another child, or rape someone (mind you, currently, if you molested someone, there's nothing anyone can do about it), I doubt anyone would care.

Anonymous 576

You don't get it because those are the only 3 things you can list out of a billion different situations and actions people go through and commit.

Anonymous 583

>did cocaine on several occasions
>stole a loottt, mostly from stores, probably stole over 5k worth of stuff in total, starting from when I was 15
>hit and run
>friend borrowed a bunch of money from the mafia, negotiated them out of it so they don't go looking for her
>drove a group of people to someone they were feuding with's house so they can beat them up, although I didn't have any part in it I still felt guilty for driving them and giving them tools, but the whole reason they were feuding is because the sold one of our friends in sex trafficking, choked her if she didn't make money, then he sent other girls to go look for my friend, when I finally got her out of it, we found bricks, guns, pepper spray, bats, etc, they fucked up their house, no one was hurt badly though or killed
>threatened people with a gun before, but never actually hurt anyone physically
>vandalized before

I feel bad reading these tbh, the worst most people's ever done is bullying, I wish I was innocent again and didn't get involved with all this

Anonymous 585

I told my little sister she was adopted (it's true)

Anonymous 640

Not sure if this belongs here or in the catfishing thread but…

When I was about 13-15 I used to make fake AIM screen names and Myspace profiles pretending to be popular Disney Stars from when I was a kid (Miley Cyrus, Nick Jonas, etc.) and so many people believed me. I even became close friends with a girl my age who was convinced I was a Jonas brother that she had a huge crush on.

Thankfully, she found out eventually and I was hugely embarrassed but she forgave me and we're still Facebook friends now in our 20's. She ended up getting a job following around celebrities like Ellie Goulding and doing personal work for them, which made me extremely happy that she finally got to (sort of) befriend actual celebrities instead of some dumb insecure teenager who was lying to her.

I believe my reason for doing that is because I was a lonely, friendless, mentally ill loser looking for an excuse to be well-liked and popular with kids my age. And it worked out for me temporarily, but crushed some of the people I took advantage of. It still haunts me to this day.

Anonymous 939

I've done plenty of horrible, manipulative shit to others but the one thing that makes me feel bad about myself happened in real life. I was shopping and trying on some clothes, and I made a comment which I don't remember but it was snobbish and made me sound like a rich bitch. I made that comment around a lady that obviously looked poor, and I felt awful because I was poor, and still am poor, it's just that my mom and I are better at dressing than other poor people.

Anonymous 946

do you have any tips fellow poorfag

Anonymous 997

Babying them is demeaning, unless they are stuck spasming, drooling in a wheelchair don't let them get away with retard behaviour. Be straight forward and upfront with them. For the lower end of the spectrum one of the few things they do understand is pain. I should know, I have worked with an autistic person within my family for most of my life. My family is quite different we didn't believe the mainstream medical system when they said there is little we can do. Instead we went to as many different alternative therapies as we could find. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment, cranial sacral, tomatus, PEM, electromagnetic brain entrainment, speech therapies, detoxification therapies to mention just a few. When one wasn't producing any visible results we simply moved on to the next we could find. By far the most effective therapy was neurobiofeedback in combination with a specialized organic diet and juice fasts. Now after many years of therapy he's pretty much a completely normal person aside from a slight lack of social development. Compare this to before where he would run around and bite people.

Anonymous 1024


It's not that bad tbh. You see, society has a fail-safe for all of that so I would argue that, even if they are shitty, bulling someone is worst.
Also, what kind of friends do you have?

Anonymous 1107


I think I may have significantly contributed to someone's decision to commit suicide.

Anonymous 1173

Ow. I'm sorry to hear that, anon.
How's yoyr relationship with her nowadays? How are you holding up?

Anonymous 1174


Anonymous 1175

Would you mind giving some details?

Anonymous 1177

you bully him/her?

Anonymous 1182

I didn't bully, but I forced them to come out and apologize for scamming and manipulating extensively. Though they already attempted suicide a few times prior to that, so I think it would have happened anyway regardless of my actions.

Anonymous 1217

Is it worse to break a guy's femur in wood-shop by hitting him with a D-clamp, or to sabotage your friend's engagement because it's already falling apart at the seams and you just want them to stop pissing about and end it?

Anonymous 1225

The former.

Did you do both of those things? Was the first one an accident?

Anonymous 1633

Sometimes I go into my roommate's rooms when they're out of town. I don't take anything valuable or touch too much, but I've read left-open diaries and opened drawers just to look, without rifling through. Mostly I just like to stand and experience what it's like in someone else's space. There's something addicting about standing in someone else's room, in someone else's space. I never try to use any of the stuff I find out for like, evil purposes, nor do I take things from their rooms. I know I probably should stop but I won't. It also makes me a little paranoid, I leave my door locked all the time to avoid it happening to me.

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