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too pretty for pri…

What are your thoughts on the Cameron Herrin case? Anonymous 4252

Is it possible to be "too pretty for prison"? For those who don't know, here are two youtube vids to fill you in.



Anonymous 4273

he has schizo eyes
normies really would hit anything

Anonymous 4276

weird, sad, and stupid.

Anonymous 4283

cameron herrin.jpg

His baby blues are his most popular feature. You need to understand that his pictures in the headline are form his court hearing and his mug-shut. Of course he's emotionally upset and you can see it in his eyes. Normally his eyes are like pic related.

Anonymous 4285

hm, interesting that pretty privilege has raised over the years
if he looked like chris chan he'd be hated by everyone lol

Anonymous 4287



Anonymous 4305


Anonymous 4319

armpit skin too da…

This is you.

Anonymous 4321


>man crushes mother and toddler child to death with his car he got from his rich daddy while illegal street racing
>normies want to release him because he's "so cute"
Do normoids even possess self-awareness? Fucking hell, i hate these people so so much.

Anonymous 4323


It’s just so tiresome. Why can’t normies stop simping for murderers. We’ve seen it dozens of times already

Anonymous 4327

Screw that, I sure as hell do not know these people. What I am well acquainted with is moids who derangedly loved american history x, so as far as I'm aware, the way that people normally think of a guy being too pretty for prison is in the sense that he seriously fucked up by ending up there and should have been aware that crime-options are a privilege that he had ended up exempt from.

Anonymous 4334

Most women are disgusted by serial killers The fuck are you talking about lmao.

And everyone is so quick to point these weirdos out but not the abundance of men who fap to violent porn

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