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What's the worst thing you have ever done? Anonymous 4763

Anonymous 4764

>opened this thread
in all honesty, i'm not sure. probably blanked it out and subconsciously committed to never thinking about it ever again

Anonymous 4765

I committed several dozen swattings in the late aughts and early 2010s. I'm not sure exactly how many, but it was enough that I lost count. I still think about it and I'm aware it's something I should feel bad about, but I don't. I guess I just have some kind of stunted conscience or something like that. This isn't the only thing I've done where I feel that way, but it's one of the more notable ones.
I think a lot about how the internet lets us reach out and touch strangers' lives, and it really bugs me out. For those people I did that to, this was probably a pretty big deal. For me, I was sitting in a room, sometimes thousands of miles away, and now it's just a passing thought every now and then, something I did for an amusing afternoon years ago. The internet sure is a strange thing.

Anonymous 4766

to what end dude

Anonymous 4767

mostly it was just stupid internet beefs on incredibly lame forums like hackforums and the other similar sites that always orbit hackforums. it'd start out like a lot of internet interactions do, just a couple of teenagers talking shit, and then it'd escalate and we'd be trying to dox each other, and then I'd make the call when I found out who they were. it'd be nice to pretend like there was some kind of good reason for it, but there isn't.
one of the things I've observed about the internet (and to a lesser extent, the phone system) over the years is the way minor power can scale in a way that it doesn't in real life. for example: I could rob a store in person, but that's just one store. one piece of malware can rob thousands of stores. I could throw a rock at someone in person, or I could throw an entire SWAT team over the internet from thousands of miles away. in the end, I don't see it as fundamentally different from two teenagers beating the shit out of each other in an alley, like they've done for thousands of years. I think the available weapons have changed. kinda spooky, isn't it?

Anonymous 4771

Killed an animal

Anonymous 4772

Was it for meat?

Anonymous 4773

Anonymous 4774

I don't know if I should elaborate because I suspect I'll get banned for larping or something because it's pretty terrible

Anonymous 4775

Numerous sexual assaults

Anonymous 4780

Spit in a person's coffee multiple times.

Anonymous 4781

Stalked a girl, put her blog adress on 4chan so people would spam her (spoiler : did not work at all) and I created an account on okcupid with her name and instagram pic.
Felt pretty bad about that last one (because of the poor souls who messaged her and because it was a bad thing to do) so I deleted it a few hours/days later

Anonymous 4785

stabbed someone

Anonymous 4787

choked a relative

Anonymous 4788

Was kinda close with someone a few years younger than me who was underage. We weren't dating but shared the same bed (like a sleep over thing). We were watching a show and there was a masturbation joke and I asked if it that actually felt good (we often spoke about these things) and he did it and said yes and then I said "can I try?" and he said no. Nothing actually happened but I feel that asking to touch someone underage is probably career ruining stuff if anyone ever found out about it. I don't know why I did it and I feel really yuck even thinking about it.

Anonymous 4789

Made a cow thread about someone because they were mean to me irl

Anonymous 4790

I did something inappropriate to my friend as a child that, at the time, I did not realize was wrong.

Anonymous 4794

ghosted a few guys after they had taken me out on first dates and bought me dinner and drinks
tbh I was just too avoidant and cowardly to say I didn’t want to go out with them again

Anonymous 4891

Anyway, I I was walking home from school when i was around 13 and suddenly got an urge to kill a bird. I caught a pigeon a few days later and killed it

Anonymous 4908

I used to hang out with this moid that pretended to be my friend just so that he could touch me inappropriately. When I came to this realisation I was so “depressed” that I didn’t do anything about it, also his friend group was my friend group, all males. I felt like I couldn’t do anything about it.

They used to do drugs together, smoke weed and drop mbome. I would smoke with them but never did mbome until a few years later and with a girl friend.
This pig, out group and I were out partying one night and he brought cocaine. I don’t know where the fuck he got it from. No one took any. Only him. He was terribly drunk when he snorted a little out of the corner of his phone. I knew mbome was also a stimulant and has amphetamines in it. I also knew he had a tab. When he took his second “dose” of coke I dared him to drop the mbome. He, not even utilising 1% of his brain capacity at that point, did it.
I knew this was lethal, I had googled it seconds before telling him to do so. I wanted him to die.

He didn’t. I left minutes after but he did have some reaction to it. Like an hour later he was completely unable to speak, shaking, with his eyes looking up into his skull. That I was told.

I never talked to him after that, I’d changed schools anyway. For what a dude from that friend group told me, he was never the same. After they got him to one of their houses, I don’t know whose, he slept, woke up and could barely talk sensibly. After a few days later, he was “normal”, but everything took him more effort. He never finished high school and is now slower than he used to be.

I don’t feel guilty. I hope he’s having a hard time with that barely functioning brain he has now.

Anonymous 4909


Anonymous 4910


Anonymous 4917

That's so based

Anyway mine is probably somewhere between sexually harassing friends when i knew i could get away with it/people would treat it like a joke because i was a teen girl, deliberately playing with the feelings of men and making them cry because i like to see it (feels even better than just hitting them imo), and literally taking things from my friend's houses and then pretending i did not when they asked me about it. I have a billion stolen shit in my room, i never let anyone outside of my family inside. Some of these people i stole from i'll never see again but a part of them lives with me now.

Anonymous 4921

When I was a waitress I stole fifty dollars from two kids at one table. They left their empty plates and there was the crumpled up money, I took it and then when they came back to ask for it I lied and said I didn't see any money.

Anonymous 4922

I watched loads of cp when I was a kid myself.. funny thing i am still not ashamed of that even though i should be

Anonymous 4923

How were you able to access cp as a child? That seems really weird. (Not looking for specific sites here, just a vague answer)

Anonymous 4924

nta but i have pretty much the same experience, i used tor a lot in the earlier days, though i wasn't a kid, i was a young teen

Anonymous 4926

I used to hear some of my classmates talking about it. Kind of weird because wouldn't you make sure no one knows you've done that? Also, makes me question how many people especially modis tried to access cp for any reason at all. I really wish there was a study conducted on this but moids obviously will bullshit about it.

Anonymous 4929

Idk actually, i think the web was much less moderated back in early 10s, so there was no problem accessing it. Legal vieos seemed boring and unrelatable for 10 y.o. me so…

Anonymous 4930

My dog was old and suffering from cancer or something. We couldn't afford to put her down at the vet (but we weren't poor) so I had to put her down myself (was like 14 then) since they wouldn't. I'm still shook about it like almost 20 years later. I mostly remember not wanting my dog to not suffer anymore but I feel like I made the wrong choice.

Anonymous 4931

that was really screwed up that you had to do it. you made the right choice though if she was suffering

Anonymous 4934

My friend said that one of the boys she used to hang out with when we were 13 begs her to show him her boobs or let him touch them. I said she should agree to meet up with him and tell him to cover his eyes and that she'll let him touch her chest. But instead she'll slice his arm with a razor blade that I gave her.

Next day, that's what she did. She said the cut was across his forearm and bled a lot. It's a shame he didn't get an infection from it.

Anonymous 4936

On my birthday when i was maybe 13 or 14, some family members called to wish me a happy birthday. I had a friend over I wanted to impress, so i cut the call short. She even told me, “you basically hung the phone up in their faces!” They were sweet, good people who wanted to be in touch with me, but that was the last time I heard from them. Although I didn’t know at the time, their father was abusive, and they ended up in a shelter . I probably did worse things, but that’s the one that I still feel so guilty about I haven’t been able to Talk about it out loud. This is probably the first time I even wrote it out in full.

Anonymous 4937

You were a kid who wanted to impress their friends. The rest is not your fault, nor did you know about it then. Why not get back in contact and make up for it?

Anonymous 4939

i will kill u back

Anonymous 4941


I just backstabbed one of my online friends and told people his country that he was trying to keep hidden
I have done worse but I feel really bad right now so
Who do I ask for forgiveness?

Anonymous 4942

Okay but. Why and how was it supposed to impress someone, I don’t get it

Anonymous 4948

Thank you so much anon, I really needed to hear this.
Kids are retarded and I didn’t want to look “lame” or something like that by spending a long time on the phone.

Anonymous 4955

Why did you do it?

Anonymous 4959

Yeah, I did too but out of sick curiosity. >>4923
Whatsapp has been the default message app in my country since like 2009 and when I was like 12-14 I was in a group full of moids, we all played league of legends, that was the “point” on the group. There was one dude that they added sometimes specifically to share cp and he’d send like 5 videos from 5 different “ages”, we were almost all minors so they wanted to see the 15, and 17 year olds or so they said. I don’t know why I didn’t get out of there sooner but yeah I did watch seconds of the more fucked up ones, well all of them actually.
I did called the police on this dude but the police basically laughed at me on the phone.
I regret watching it but thankfully I don’t remember much of it.

Anonymous 5033

you just didnt like her or what?

Anonymous 5034

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