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What's the worst thing you have ever done? Anonymous 4763

Anonymous 4764

>opened this thread
in all honesty, i'm not sure. probably blanked it out and subconsciously committed to never thinking about it ever again

Anonymous 4765

I committed several dozen swattings in the late aughts and early 2010s. I'm not sure exactly how many, but it was enough that I lost count. I still think about it and I'm aware it's something I should feel bad about, but I don't. I guess I just have some kind of stunted conscience or something like that. This isn't the only thing I've done where I feel that way, but it's one of the more notable ones.
I think a lot about how the internet lets us reach out and touch strangers' lives, and it really bugs me out. For those people I did that to, this was probably a pretty big deal. For me, I was sitting in a room, sometimes thousands of miles away, and now it's just a passing thought every now and then, something I did for an amusing afternoon years ago. The internet sure is a strange thing.

Anonymous 4766

to what end dude

Anonymous 4767

mostly it was just stupid internet beefs on incredibly lame forums like hackforums and the other similar sites that always orbit hackforums. it'd start out like a lot of internet interactions do, just a couple of teenagers talking shit, and then it'd escalate and we'd be trying to dox each other, and then I'd make the call when I found out who they were. it'd be nice to pretend like there was some kind of good reason for it, but there isn't.
one of the things I've observed about the internet (and to a lesser extent, the phone system) over the years is the way minor power can scale in a way that it doesn't in real life. for example: I could rob a store in person, but that's just one store. one piece of malware can rob thousands of stores. I could throw a rock at someone in person, or I could throw an entire SWAT team over the internet from thousands of miles away. in the end, I don't see it as fundamentally different from two teenagers beating the shit out of each other in an alley, like they've done for thousands of years. I think the available weapons have changed. kinda spooky, isn't it?

Anonymous 4771

Killed an animal

Anonymous 4772

Was it for meat?

Anonymous 4773

Anonymous 4774

I don't know if I should elaborate because I suspect I'll get banned for larping or something because it's pretty terrible

Anonymous 4775

Numerous sexual assaults

Anonymous 4780

Spit in a person's coffee multiple times.

Anonymous 4781

Stalked a girl, put her blog adress on 4chan so people would spam her (spoiler : did not work at all) and I created an account on okcupid with her name and instagram pic.
Felt pretty bad about that last one (because of the poor souls who messaged her and because it was a bad thing to do) so I deleted it a few hours/days later

Anonymous 4787

choked a relative

Anonymous 4789

Made a cow thread about someone because they were mean to me irl

Anonymous 4790

I did something inappropriate to my friend as a child that, at the time, I did not realize was wrong.

Anonymous 4794

ghosted a few guys after they had taken me out on first dates and bought me dinner and drinks
tbh I was just too avoidant and cowardly to say I didn’t want to go out with them again

Anonymous 4891

Anyway, I I was walking home from school when i was around 13 and suddenly got an urge to kill a bird. I caught a pigeon a few days later and killed it

Anonymous 4908

I used to hang out with this moid that pretended to be my friend just so that he could touch me inappropriately. When I came to this realisation I was so “depressed” that I didn’t do anything about it, also his friend group was my friend group, all males. I felt like I couldn’t do anything about it.

They used to do drugs together, smoke weed and drop mbome. I would smoke with them but never did mbome until a few years later and with a girl friend.
This pig, out group and I were out partying one night and he brought cocaine. I don’t know where the fuck he got it from. No one took any. Only him. He was terribly drunk when he snorted a little out of the corner of his phone. I knew mbome was also a stimulant and has amphetamines in it. I also knew he had a tab. When he took his second “dose” of coke I dared him to drop the mbome. He, not even utilising 1% of his brain capacity at that point, did it.
I knew this was lethal, I had googled it seconds before telling him to do so. I wanted him to die.

He didn’t. I left minutes after but he did have some reaction to it. Like an hour later he was completely unable to speak, shaking, with his eyes looking up into his skull. That I was told.

I never talked to him after that, I’d changed schools anyway. For what a dude from that friend group told me, he was never the same. After they got him to one of their houses, I don’t know whose, he slept, woke up and could barely talk sensibly. After a few days later, he was “normal”, but everything took him more effort. He never finished high school and is now slower than he used to be.

I don’t feel guilty. I hope he’s having a hard time with that barely functioning brain he has now.

Anonymous 4909


Anonymous 4910


Anonymous 4917

That's so based

Anyway mine is probably somewhere between sexually harassing friends when i knew i could get away with it/people would treat it like a joke because i was a teen girl, deliberately playing with the feelings of men and making them cry because i like to see it (feels even better than just hitting them imo), and literally taking things from my friend's houses and then pretending i did not when they asked me about it. I have a billion stolen shit in my room, i never let anyone outside of my family inside. Some of these people i stole from i'll never see again but a part of them lives with me now.

Anonymous 4921

When I was a waitress I stole fifty dollars from two kids at one table. They left their empty plates and there was the crumpled up money, I took it and then when they came back to ask for it I lied and said I didn't see any money.

Anonymous 4922

I watched loads of cp when I was a kid myself.. funny thing i am still not ashamed of that even though i should be

Anonymous 4923

How were you able to access cp as a child? That seems really weird. (Not looking for specific sites here, just a vague answer)

Anonymous 4924

nta but i have pretty much the same experience, i used tor a lot in the earlier days, though i wasn't a kid, i was a young teen

Anonymous 4926

I used to hear some of my classmates talking about it. Kind of weird because wouldn't you make sure no one knows you've done that? Also, makes me question how many people especially modis tried to access cp for any reason at all. I really wish there was a study conducted on this but moids obviously will bullshit about it.

Anonymous 4929

Idk actually, i think the web was much less moderated back in early 10s, so there was no problem accessing it. Legal vieos seemed boring and unrelatable for 10 y.o. me so…

Anonymous 4930

My dog was old and suffering from cancer or something. We couldn't afford to put her down at the vet (but we weren't poor) so I had to put her down myself (was like 14 then) since they wouldn't. I'm still shook about it like almost 20 years later. I mostly remember not wanting my dog to not suffer anymore but I feel like I made the wrong choice.

Anonymous 4931

that was really screwed up that you had to do it. you made the right choice though if she was suffering

Anonymous 4934

My friend said that one of the boys she used to hang out with when we were 13 begs her to show him her boobs or let him touch them. I said she should agree to meet up with him and tell him to cover his eyes and that she'll let him touch her chest. But instead she'll slice his arm with a razor blade that I gave her.

Next day, that's what she did. She said the cut was across his forearm and bled a lot. It's a shame he didn't get an infection from it.

Anonymous 4936

On my birthday when i was maybe 13 or 14, some family members called to wish me a happy birthday. I had a friend over I wanted to impress, so i cut the call short. She even told me, “you basically hung the phone up in their faces!” They were sweet, good people who wanted to be in touch with me, but that was the last time I heard from them. Although I didn’t know at the time, their father was abusive, and they ended up in a shelter . I probably did worse things, but that’s the one that I still feel so guilty about I haven’t been able to Talk about it out loud. This is probably the first time I even wrote it out in full.

Anonymous 4937

You were a kid who wanted to impress their friends. The rest is not your fault, nor did you know about it then. Why not get back in contact and make up for it?

Anonymous 4939

i will kill u back

Anonymous 4942

Okay but. Why and how was it supposed to impress someone, I don’t get it

Anonymous 4948

Thank you so much anon, I really needed to hear this.
Kids are retarded and I didn’t want to look “lame” or something like that by spending a long time on the phone.

Anonymous 4955

Why did you do it?

Anonymous 4959

Yeah, I did too but out of sick curiosity. >>4923
Whatsapp has been the default message app in my country since like 2009 and when I was like 12-14 I was in a group full of moids, we all played league of legends, that was the “point” on the group. There was one dude that they added sometimes specifically to share cp and he’d send like 5 videos from 5 different “ages”, we were almost all minors so they wanted to see the 15, and 17 year olds or so they said. I don’t know why I didn’t get out of there sooner but yeah I did watch seconds of the more fucked up ones, well all of them actually.
I did called the police on this dude but the police basically laughed at me on the phone.
I regret watching it but thankfully I don’t remember much of it.

Anonymous 5033

you just didnt like her or what?

Anonymous 5034

Anonymous 5084

kek i was >>4908. not samefag.

Anonymous 5179

in highschool i was insane. i cyberbullied people and almost stalked someone. i did it to middle school bullies, an annoying coworker and a girl that flirted with my boyfriend.

i found their numbers and put it on b, instructing people to send dick pics and solicit nudes. i also made a pornhub account and posted their numbers in comments and the profile, advertising that they're so horny. the posts disappeared quickly and the account got banned for spam so i think nothing happened. later on i tried figuring out where the flirty girl lived so i could poke her tires out or throw dog shit at their door. i only figured out the block but never the building or address though. so instead, i made fake accounts and sent porn and gore in their dms. i am not sure if they saw it. when she got a boyfriend, i kept adding him with fake hot girl profiles, some asking him if he was single, or confessing to him. sometimes i added the girl with those profiles in the hopes she would feel insecure.

for the girl that bullied me in middle school, i created 5 fake accounts, and reposted her selfies. i commented on it laughing and vomiting emoticons saying how ugly she was, detailing her receding hairline, bulbous nose and unkempt manbrows.

my annoying coworker was a bitch who tried getting famous for posting her coffee and workouts. she was mad and bullied me because i acted autistic. so i made a fake account with her username variation, pretending to have an onlyfans and sell nudes, and followed some of the guys commenting under her pics.

this last one took a bit of waiting. i tried finding porn that looked similar to the girl that flirted with my boyfriend. it did not even take that long, maybe 3 months when i finally found one. i took screenshots of the angles that looked the most similar to her. i messaged her boyfriend saying she cheated on him, and the guy replied that he knows. i laughed so hard even if that was fake, because i knew she had a "crazy ex" this would get blamed on. i decided not to send that porn cap because i was lazy to edit out a tattoo, and eventually i broke up with my then boyfriend.

Anonymous 5180

i've backed out of promises i've made, mostly promises to make free art for people. which i know isn't bad at all, but these are the things that keep me up at night. one time i participated in some bullying (basically making fun of a girl's ethnic name). it felt really bad, yet i also got a thrill of inclusion because that was the first time i was part of the in-group at my school. i can see why groups of bullies congregate – not to moralfag, but i'm glad i got out of it quickly and ended up befriending the girl later.

also, one time when i was young i have a vague, vague memory of maybe seeing a boy at my preschool harming a kitten and just watching him do it? if that memory is real i wish i had told someone. but it might not even be real so who knows. in any case.

Anonymous 5181

>i've backed out of promises i've made, mostly promises to make free art for people.

Don't feel bad about something like that. The other person would be pretty entitled to get upset in that situation.

Anonymous 5188

I once tried to push my mom down the stairs, when I was younger. We used to have an extremely turbulent relationship. At one point I remember getting so angry at her from something we were arguing about that I literally started seeing red. I had felt so angry that I lost all sense of reasoning.

Another time, I got so angry I tried to strangle her. (In a way I felt even more fucked up about the fact that she started trying to strangle me back, when I did though)

I've almost never gotten that angry, so it felt terrifying once I came back to my senses after those happened.

Anonymous 5189

I remember my sister and mom were in a fight and my sister threw a remote right at my mom's head and hit her

Anonymous 5190

that is incredibly fucked up

Anonymous 5192

We've also thrown things at eachother. A few times she's tried to cuddle up to me, I've also unintentionally pushed her back so violently that she fell on her ass. I feel like a part me died everytime an event like this happened.

Did your sister have anger management problems? My brother used to have really bad ones, to the point he had kicked and punched holes in the wall of our house severl times. My mom was also always yelling, sometimes until she was red in the face, so I think I subconsciously picked up that aggression up from them (Because I usually have an extremely calm temperament.)

Anonymous 5196

kino and based

Anonymous 5287

When I was 16, I was friends with this one moid, and I frequently went over to his house. I met his little sister (she was 13 at the time), and I quickly became friends with her as well. But, the moid eventually tried making sexual advances on me. I told him no many times but he kept doing it. It escalated even further, with him sometimes groping me without my permission. Eventually I had enough, and I wanted him out. I made up a plan to get rid of him.
One day, when my house was empty, I invited the moid over alone. I faked confessing my love for him, telling him that I'd loved him since the day we met. Instantly his monkey brain started up, and he couldn't think of anything else but sex.
I gave him a condom I prepared, and he used it while fucking me. I'll spare you the details of the ordeal. After he was finished, he was going to dispose of the condom in the toilet, but I stopped him, making up a lie about it being dangerous to flush condoms. Obviously a moid of his calibre fell for it. He instead threw it in the trash bin.
I performed the next step the very next day. I called his little sister to meet with me, at my house. Since I had befriended her, I believe she had started to see me as a sort of "big-sister" person. She trusted me and believed anything that I told her. So I made up a story about the moid raping me for months and that I was too scared to come out about it. She had trouble believing it at first, but I told her to check the trash bin for proof. It worked.
But the next part was the hardest part. I told her that I was too scared to go to the police about it, and that I was weak compared to her. It took a long time of acting, but eventually, she actually told me she would say the moid was raping HER. When I heard her say that I could barely hold back my smile. On the inside, I was laughing, full of joy. She proceeded to say she would rub the moid's semen on and in herself to fake it.
I never saw the moid again. Or his sister, for that matter. I avoided her at costs now that I was done with her. I later investigated what had happened to the moid, and I found out he was imprisoned on charges of sexual assault and rape of a minor. Looking back, I don't think I necessarily did the wrong thing. I wanted him out of my life, so I got him out the way he deserved. I don't regret it.

Anonymous 5288

That never happened in a million years.

A few years ago I missed my train, the buses had stopped hours ago and my phone was dead so I got into a cab as my only other option was walking home down country lanes in the pitch dark for ten miles, if I didn't get lost that is. I knew I couldn't take the cab to my house so I asked to go to a street quite far away that's narrow, has cars parked on both sides and has access to an unlit footpath onto a big housing estate. The second the car stopped there I bolted into the estate without paying. I technically had the money to pay, but at the time it was all I had so I justified it that way. It's not especially bad, certainly not attempted murder, but something about how premeditated it all was still bothers me. I really did not care at all, and possibly even enjoyed it, which I don't think is healthy. Still, as long as I don't miss my train ever again the world can sleep safely in their beds another night.

Anonymous 5293

I used to manipulate my younger sister into being dependent on me. I didn't even realize what I was doing for the longest time but she was 5 years younger than me which made it easy. I made sure we always did everything together. She eventually became a carbon-copy of me to the point that she had a bedroom but never used it. She'd always hang out with me and just watch what I did no matter how boring it was. It was amazing just how alike we were.

I loved this. I was actually rather lonely so it was nice just having someone on my beck and call who'd do everything I wanted to do. Of course, I hadn't quite perfected this strategy so I eventually made the critical mistake of letting her get into an interest that I didn't care about. It was all over at that point since she went searching for other friends that also cared about it and I didn't yet recognize the importance of feigning interest. There was no undoing this damage, she broke free.

Nowadays she's kinda realized I'm actually a really terrible person and I'll own up to it. I still manipulate all my friends and family (and have gotten much better at it) but I just can't stop regretting making that error.
I do somewhat wish I could have a healthy relationship with people that didn't involve these games but my sister kinda spoiled me. Normal relationships aren't good enough, I need people to dance to my tune exactly. It is a bit tiring though…

Anonymous 5298

My best friend for almost a decade told me he liked me and I immediately stopped talking to him and blocked his number.

Anonymous 5309

>I hate this moid so I had sex with him

Yeah. That’ll really teach him a lesson!

Anon, Why did you do that to yourself?

Anonymous 5328

was it … really necessary to have sex with a moid you hate just to ruin his life ? you're worth more than that

Anonymous 5329

The parts that jump out to me about this is how she betrayed her brother and why would a rapist use a condom to begin with haha

Anonymous 5359

Sent gore

Anonymous 5363

Nta, but sex is not something super sacred, if they want to use it - eh
I think she didn’t knew it was about her brother, implies there was later a dna test, I guess?
Some rapists use condoms because of ghat exact reason - not to be traced
But I still don’t believe she was ok to stay playing real victim role when this was revealed
Could be though!

Anonymous 5417

sometimes i steal money out of my grandfather's wallet or his secret money stash and put it in my savings account for a rainy day or to buy necessities like clothes, food, gas, etc. i don't use it for anything irresponsible like drugs or alcohol, not that it makes it any better. he can afford it as the last time i peeped his checking account now that he's letting my mother finally work on our houses and manage his business, he had over 40k available so it's not like we're poor and living off benefits. he treats me like dogshit so it's my way of sticking it back to him until he finally drops dead and we can sort out my grandparents estate which is in an absolute mess because of his stupidity.

Anonymous 5602

Catfished men when i was 16. I was really lonely and it was paranoia driven.

Anonymous 5603

How did you do it anon?

Anonymous 5605

Used foreign women’s instagrams as a source for my persona. Surprisingly most of them fell for it even though they were young men in their 20s. I feel really awful for it to this day, i wanted to use my own picture and talk to boys my age but mental illness ig.

Anonymous 5606

>Catfished men when i was 16
> I feel really awful for it to this day
Don't be, we all do stupid things when we're lonely.

Anonymous 5627

I did the same when i was younger, too. I wasn't very confident in my looks and couldn't be bothered to take a good picture of myself, besides i really wanted to know what it feels like when someone is attracted to you, even if it wasn't actually me.
And similar to you, I took authentic pics of not well known but really beautiful girls, mostly from my country (it's non-english speaking) and mostly chatted with guys from europe or us so I had no chance of meeting them

Anonymous 5629

Yeah it’s comforting to know another girl (hopefully kek) did the same as i did. After the deed i felt like a fucking creep which i was but you know. Not all of us had the luxury to be coddled and given attention i guess.
>i really wanted to know what it feels like when someone is attracted to you, even if it wasn't actually me.
That was a part of my motivation yes, but also i was struggling with ocd and religious indoctrination that lead me to ruminate over being a lesbian. (I got called that for being a tomboy and my ocd latched on to it) so i texted them to test it. Its a horrible mental illness and leads you to do the weirdest things and delusions. Like a bug in your brain…

Anonymous 6130

I perpetuated the cycle of abuse on someone younger than me when I was about twelve. I feel immensely guilty about it now and I really hope I did not cause too much harm to that person.

Anonymous 6169

I stole some money from my single dad to buy make up when I was a kind.

Anonymous 6178

i was unmedicated a few yrs ago and i had a crush on a coworker however i had a boyfriend. i quit that job because i got sick of it. i couldn't get over this crush so i made a fake tinder without a face profile pic and swiped until i found him on there. i matched with him and talked to him for a week or so until i felt so guilty that i deleted the tinder and ghosted him.

Anonymous 6532

This wasn't purposeful by any means. It weighs really heavy on my heart and I have told a couple people and I'm scared it will get out.

At my old apartment, there was a group of people training a dog to fight at the park on the corner. It's not too populated of a park. I'm kinda scared of dogs, and always thought it was just an untrained dog being annoying. But one day I heard whipping. I looked out the window, and a dog was being completely abused by a group of 5 or 6 people. One was wearing protective gear, and they were siccing the dog on him. They'd push the dog around, hold it on the ground, whip it, yell at it, push it, etc. The dog was whimpering and visibly scared. They had another dog in a small crate, and make them attack each other sometimes. I watched it over a period of a couple weeks, I feel bad about that too, that I couldn't stop it quickly and the dogs kept suffering.

I tried collecting videos to send to animal rescue orgs and stuff, and called some places near me. It seemed like they didn't care, though. One time I called, they say they don't work on my county. I called somewhere that does, and they were closed. I submitted videos to a pitbull fighting investigation group and didn't hear anything back. I ended up calling the cops one day, because it was brutal. The cops come, an hour later than I called, and talk to the people. They ended up telling the officer that they were training it to guard their house.. It was so obvious is wasn't for that reason.

The problem is, a homeless man lives in his car in the parking lot of the park. The parking lot is shared with the road, though, so it looks like it's parked at a house or complex. While the officer is "investigating" the dogfighting, I guess at some point he boots the homeless ban from the parking lot. His car doesn't work, by the way, he just lives in it for shelter. His car got towed that night. The feeling of helplessness and heartbreak killed me. Idk where he ended up.

I think they moved his car to the driveway of a house down the road. What I think was the case was that the house was shared between a few poor/homeless men, and the man with the car "lived" there, and was treating his car like a personal room at night. But idk. Even so, it makes me feel awful.

All my friends are super ACAB and i feel like they'd look at me way differently, holding it against me forever. I'm pretty ACAB, too, but this was so extreme that I couldn't just let it happen. Thanks for reading.

Anonymous 6534

Whats to feel bad about? You tried to reach for help

Anonymous 6535

Me too she wasnt younger but I treated her like trash despite desperately trying not to at 12

Anonymous 6536

Just the unplanned consequences. And they could have been worse, like I could have caused someone to be without shelter.

Anonymous 6537

you're doing amazing, sweatie. this is unironically one of the most feminist and empowering things I've ever read if true.

Anonymous 6588

One time I had 2 long distance relationships and an in person boyfriend all at the same time. I ghosted one, dumped the other, and stayed with the third because I started developing real feelings for him. It just clicked with me one day that he's worth the world

Anonymous 6625

Led on a guy to get with his girlfriend

Anonymous 6645

kicked a dog. cyberbullied my friend. bullied kids irl with my brother/friends at school. bullied my younger cousins–abandoned my 5 y/o cousin in a large hotel. threw objects at my parents when i was angry. when i was 12/13/14 i used to purposely talk to adults/creeps online bc it made me horny. constantly thought about murdering these girls in high school i hated for stealing my best friend. stole repeatedly from whole foods throughout college.

my peak "bad" years were definitely in middle school. by high school i was a nobody and had no power like i used to so i took it out most of all on my parents and myself. karma i guess. had loads of fun in college though

Anonymous 6863

I get that this thread is supposed to be a safe place to a certain degree but that's honestly really fucked up and reflects pretty deeply on you as a person, what you do when you think no one can stop you. It's the sort of thing that you should actually do something tangible to atone for.

Anonymous 6901

>something anon did at 14 reflects who they are as a person

Anonymous 6902

Yes, it absolutely does. Are you one of these people who thinks everyone is a child until their brain "finishes growing" at 25?

Anonymous 6903

People are not static lol

Anonymous 6905

What did you think you'd accomplish with your guilt tripping?

Anonymous 6906

People change in some ways, and they say the same in some ways. The way I see it, your fundamental moral values (how much you care about yourself versus others, how much you care about things like fairness or consistency, etc.) are largely set by the age of 14, and the difference comes in how you approach those values. I think most maturing doesn't amount to a whole lot more than just realizing that being an asshole isn't actually very profitable and/or losing energy for it.

I'm not saying she's a hopeless piece of shit or anything, it was just a retard moment, but it means this sort of thing is quite possible for her and she didn't even have to go through some sort of insane trauma to get there, literally just for teh lulz. I don't think I've ever done something like that even one time, I don't think most people have.
Guilt exists for a reason. You can certainly overdose on it but it's an important tool to keep society working, it's how people develop something resembling morals.

Anonymous 6908

Not engaging anymore after this but

When have you ever seen guilt tripping online work? If they're not already self flagellating than nobody wants to hear unsolicited tut-tuting

Anonymous 6914

The whole nature of imageboards is that we never see the results of these things one way or the other, we can only guess about the based on our perception of the person and our real life experience with people we deem to be similar. My experience with issues like this in real life is that people say things like this to get a feel for what the reaction will be, and that becomes a foundational part of how they view this sort of thing in the future, if they think it's a laughing matter or something to feel ashamed of.

Anonymous 6917

Gave a hairy fat incel friend who can't get laid a bottle of nair hair removal as a christmas gift.

Anonymous 6918

It really sounds like you just made that up as a 'whacky' situation

Anonymous 6919

There was miscommunication with traffic once.
I was out running errands on an e-scooter my roommate let me borrow, waited almost 30min to cross, was about to go before more traffic was about to rush by again. Then when I went a driver slammed the breaks and the car behind it didn't stop in time, rear ending the first car.
Legit haunted with guilt and shame. People drove like douche bags out there, but still.
I just left asap to cross somewhere else after that to get to a place to grab food and art supplies.

Anonymous 6923

lol i came onto this thread seeing only the replies and when i found OP's post i was expecting something much worse

Anonymous 6936

popping in way late to let you know 40K in savings for a retired person is basically nothing. That very well could be everything he has

Anonymous 6985

About 8-10 years ago I was standing in a shopping line at a small store and this kid was being annoying running around and around the aisle and bumping into me every time. I tripped the kid on purpose. Maybe not the worst thing anyone has ever done, but it was a shitty thing to do and I feel bad for it.

Anonymous 6986

I’m assuming 10 years ago you were 14? That would lessen the severity of the situation in my opinion. If not then you’re unhinged for that

Anonymous 7009

NTA but retirees have fixed incomes, young people don't. They really don't need that money or even have much use for it, once they're at the point where they can't go on vacations or anything. It doesn't even really do much for them as far as helping maintain their living situation, since it is a fixed amount and will run out.

At that age you either blow your money somehow or leave it to your heirs after you die.

Anonymous 7010

Also, it probably isn't everything he has. That's just his checking account, he likely has other investments. Old people rarely keep the bulk of their money in a checking account.

Anonymous 7021

Literally why would this ever make a difference?

Anonymous 7023

Killing something for pleasure of killing is different than killing something for eating. Yes if we discuss it further then its a bit hypocritical but at this point in our culture there’s a difference. And if not for this difference, then animal abuse would be normalized and thats not ok.

Anonymous 7069

I racefaked for 3 years on tumblr, got into a lot of internet drama as a teenager, baited 30 year old pedophiles to send me nudes and then doxxed and swatted them, befriended semi relevant youtubers and people who knew them just to get the inner scoop on their drama and leak it online for clout. I got adults to behave inappropriately around me and then I “told on” them and played the victim for it and somehow got away with it every time even though I instigated everything. I lied constantly about random irrelevant details bc I thought it made me more interesting. I would also just be mean and rude to people all the time and treated my friends like shit, made a lot of people feel bad, I owe people apologies, but I’m still too embarrassed to admit that I was in the wrong or that I lied about my personal information bc I’m too far in now. Technically my deception is still going because I still talk to some people I met back then and I have no idea how to tell them I just made some stuff up 3 years ago so everything they think they know about me is wrong. I stopped being a general menace online when I turned 16 and now I’m in college and have no internet presence. I wiped everything but I still feel like my past could be dug up at any moment. I know behaving like a retard online isn’t abnormal but I do think my behavior was worse than most teenagers. I’m really ashamed of it and I think I could’ve easily become a lolcow, the only thing saving me was my age and the fact I managed to stay relatively under the radar for some reason.

Anonymous 7091

I've seen a cat getting scalped by some chinese faggot and multiple videos where farm animals get insta-killed, probably feeling little to no pain at all. it's clear which one is way more upsetting

Anonymous 7104

girl what when where why how

Anonymous 7114

So many questions yet you'll probably answer none of them

Anonymous 7116

why'd it stop?

Anonymous 7144

I make up false online personas (usually on tumblr), befriend random people, secretly cause drama, and disappear once I get bored, occasionally by faking my death. Been doing it ever since I was 11, although not as frequently nowadays. I know it's terrible but don't feel all that bad about it.

Anonymous 7145

That's relatable. On forums and other social medias, I'm like a tick. The only permanent accounts I have is like for family stuff

Anonymous 7159


Worst thing I did?

Just gonna give out a piece of the iceberg tip. When my first boyfriend ended up being a huge piece of shit not long after he took my virginity, I decided to get revenge in my own stupid way. I signed up for Grindr and other dating sites, used one of his selfies, and made him seem like a raging hyperslut faggot. Got around 20 people trying to hook up, and led several of them on. I also used his real name, and sent them all more of his selfies. Even when he moved out of the city, I never bothered deleting any of these dating accounts. Eventually, I forgot about the accounts. Fast forward now. I tried looking him up a few months ago, but all of his Facebook material was wiped clean off. Not just his Facebook, but his Instagram too. It's like he never even existed. Now, sometimes I wonder if the fake dating accounts I made of him was ever discovered by him or by his family.

Anonymous 7676

>in case he feels like he was groomed
>he was cute and took to me as an older sister figure, grew up to be really hot
"In case", really.

Anonymous 7680


>being 20 and having sex with a 14 year old
Ummm, so far you have everyone beat in this thread LOL

Anonymous 7698

I'm jealous

Anonymous 7699

I was in a Tumblr RP group with someone who did this.

Anonymous 7700

You found out? Bitch you were the sexual abuser

Anonymous 7702

>defending pedos

Anonymous 7703

Met my ex online, so I knew what handle/fake name he used online. After we broke up, I used to create fake profiles, talked to him and made him send photos to my throwaway e-mail accounts then insulted his looks (tbh he was quite weird looking) or in some cases lead him on quite a while

Anonymous 7704

samefag reported the post and was deleted. kekk

Anonymous 7707

>implying that causing drama in tumblr groups requires effort

Anonymous 7711

..where did I imply this?

Anonymous 7713

you don't really need to make up fake personas to start drama with tumblr groups since they overreact to everything. by fake persona I assume you mean creating something controversial or someone whose identity went against the majority of the group

Anonymous 7723

Probably not the worst thing ive done but the most elaborate fucked up thing. when I was a teenager I had an e-bf (yeah I know). I was pretty isolated growing up due to a shit parent situation so most of my social interaction was online until college. we discord and tumblr-dated until one day he broke up with me, at that point I was kinda over e-dating as a whole as well but I was mad at him bc he treated me like shit for a while before he dumped me so I devised a plan to get back at him for it. I created an entire false persona on tumblr and flirted with them with my main and had the alt flirt back. and then started vagueposting about having a crush on someone. He came back saying about how jealous he was and he wanted me back, so I did pretending to miss him then dumped him a month later. apparently he was depressed about it for months. I don't have much sympathy tho bc he was (and still is) one of the worst people I had ever had the displeasure to know but hid most of it when we e-dated and also apparently would go a week without changing his underwear which he also kept hidden until I found out from his friend
Thankfully it's been like 5 years and I've grown out of that since then lol and have an actual normal irl life. but damn the old terminally online days were wild

Anonymous 7740

stealing, bandwagoning and guilt tripping friends to steal with me. also cutting friends off completely (although they deserved it, I still felt bad for not even trying to make up)

Anonymous 7745


This isn't disturbing but I used to bully my friends because I was jealous of them. Even though they where nothing but kind to me

Anonymous 7788

Well if I told you I'd be in prison. For a long, long time…

Anonymous 7801

my family are millionaires anon. we are fine. i should have said 40k in his checking. he has loads, LOADS more in his savings and other shit which is attached to us that we will inherit when he dies. my bad lol. i am in a way better place now than i was when i wrote this so i don’t need to steal from him anymore.

Anonymous 7958

>family of millionaires
I wish I was you

Anonymous 8006

Well, this thread sure is giving me ideas to torment the person that fucked over my life

Anonymous 8016

This is pretty tame but a few days ago I had a sleepover with a friend at their grandma's and I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't go back to sleep so I went into the bathroom, sat on the shower floor, and masturbated over my underwear until I orgasmed. That actually helped me go back to sleep so I mean I don't feel too guilty about it.

Anonymous 8296

This is probably quite tame compared to other things mentioned in this thread. When I was 12-13 I had this online friend on some website we would both post art but she started getting more attention than me so I bullied her off the platform. I remember creating 10 alt accounts just to bully her. I kinda feel bad from it

Anonymous 8298

I do this all the time it helps my insomnia

Anonymous 8343

God i used to be friends with people like you all the time, i genuinely didn’t enjoy my teenage years because of kids like you. I got back into art recently after so many years of bullying

Anonymous 8367

okay mine is pretty fucked up. a few years back i was maybe 15? 16? and i was… mentally ill to say the least. i lurked and kind of idolized those accounts on twitter that fetishized horrible stuff, ana, sh, violence, abuse, incest, necro, all of that stuff. i legit thought it was cool and edgy, i was obsessed with being different than others. anyways, i get obsessive in idolizing online personalities. i wanted to become friends and be included their circle/this part of twitter, so i made an account, pretended to be another violence-obsessed moid and starting posting the generic recycled copy of the content my 'idols' were posting, the stuff about wanting someone to abuse and how sh was hot and gore obsession (id go into detail but i feel too ashamed). i gained quite a following just from regurgitating basic content and posting sh, sometimes my own and sometimes reposted. i didn't expect to get so far as to get people replying to my tweets ab how they volunteered to be my victim or wanted to cut for me and stuff. i got the occasional sh picture in my dms which i learned to ignore. i never explicitly told them (my 'fans') to stop but i never encouraged it either. obviously i feel horrible about it because i led a lot of people to literally mutilate their body just because i wanted attention on the internet and i wanted to be edgy and different. it was always almost from mentally ill girls, the occasional male (which i dont feel guilty about) but the men would usually be tifs. basically; i enabled a lot of people with really harmful fetishes and also led people to hurt themselves. i realized how fucked up this was becoming when my account was growing more popular so i deactivated it in a panic one day. i did some really horrible stuff on there and i feel terribly sorry about it. i didn't have the best growing up and i guess it manifested into the internet as well. obviously im not like this anymore, i regret my decisions really really deeply and i'm really sorry to the people i hurt and i'm hoping they're doing fine now though i doubt it. this is a confession and an apology in one. i'm a terrible person and i know i will be going to hell, for this and many other things

Anonymous 8368

what were you getting bullied for? your skill or the content of your art?

Anonymous 8388

I must say this, fuck you and other people who bully others. Fuck them all. As a teenager I was bullied on a certain art site by a friend of my classmate (who was going to another school and beside that bit of info I never got to learn who she really was). Although I didn’t abandon art, I wished the most disturbing stuff to people who do this to others. Bullies belong in graves.

Anonymous 8405


If they were only 12-13 and feel bad, then I would say it's not that bad. Most kids are assholes due to under-developed empathy. I was bullied badly but at one point helped spread bad rumors about one girl from my class and stayed away from her, just so I could shift my bullies target away from me. At a different school I went to there was a girl that was retarded and who everyone else in my class made fun of, but that I didn't want to be friends with because of it possibly making me getting bullied worse. I also feel bad about it now and hope they turned out okay.

Anonymous 8406

Not really the kids i knew used to be so jealous when ever i showed off a skill or got a good grade. so I genuinely was deterred from art to appease them and be accepted. Till i grew up and found out they were toxic and thats not how the world works

Anonymous 8481

probably join really shitty internet communities that romanticized/glamorized mass murderers/serial killers. i was a depressed, lonely, isolated teen that wanted attention. i regret it big time and cringe when i look back at all the weird stuff i used to say.

Anonymous 8485

you stole this from the triflers lol

Anonymous 8502

Stabbing someone

Anonymous 8519


Anonymous 8578

If it was self defense, don't feel bad.

Anonymous 8660


When I was a teenager, I had a hobby of going online, and bullying the shit out of teenage boys and men. I would go on their post history, collect personal/sensitive details about their lives, take advantage of their mental illnesses, and just dismantle their ego. Some guys got so sick of me, they vowed to kill themselves because of how "ruined" or worthless they felt. I was sick of boys back in high school, so that was my revenge. Psychological "warfare". Lots of people talk and tweet about men's mental health, and how we should feel bad for their suicidal tendencies….lol nah. Teenage me just wanted them to suffer under my keyboard. These men and boys would be cry-typing and acting emotional in response to my words while I would be snacking on some applesauce and grape juice. It helped my serotonin go up.

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