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Suicide Anonymous 480

How would you do it?
What's the most effective method with minimal pain? I'm a puss.

Anonymous 481

Well, the least painful way is to get help and address the underlying problem, dying from natural causes as a result.

Anonymous 482

Thanks mom.

Tbh I would eithey pay for someone to administer morphine until I die or Ill go to one of the countries were euthanasia is ok.

I have kids now so I would never do it tho

Anonymous 483


Anonymous 484

> 2edgy4reason
I changed my mind - I hear parachuting bleach is the bomb yo.

Anonymous 485

There's a more serious thread on suicide, just look it up in /feels/ if you wanna read people's thoughts on it. Seriously though, there's no such thing as "minimal" pain suicide. Anything that doesn't involve proper doctors and nurses can be very painful and hanging which is poor man's favorite suicide method often fails and the person dies after going through a lot of pain and shitting their own pants. In theory you could get horse anesthetic online and die from it but I've read stories of people doing that and surviving. So yeah. Good luck, op. Shit is tough and I know it.

Anonymous 486

Don't do it!! How am I going to have internet friends if you guys all die? Please stay alive even if it's just to shitpost memes. I like everyone here and I don't want any of you to die.

Anonymous 487


Anonymous 490

OP here
If you know anyone who can help me feel great about being paraplegic and being emotionally tormented by my family member slash 'caretaker' every single day, who molests me any time my parents are out of the house for more than half an hour, with no opportunity to get out because I live in a shithole third world country, then go ahead, if not then don't patronize me with your little quips, Mom.

Anonymous 496

Anon, if you want to talk about your situation please let's discuss it. I was molested by a "family" member for many years and no one believed me, but I managed to get away from that hell when I was 20 years old. I was a neet, and had no one. I was also born in a crazy, violent country. I think about suicide often but now I see I don't really deserve it. If you don't want to open up, it's ok. Wishing you the best, anon.

Anonymous 573


Painless way to kill yourself would be using helium. Grab a helium tank and a mask and slowly add it. This way, your brain doesn't realize that oxygen is getting replaced by helium. Or shotgun to the face.

The most painful way would be burning alive or harakiri. There were more information about this in wikipedia, believe it or not.

Do you know the most painful way to die besides previously mentioned methods?

Anonymous 577

not OP but this looks easy enough, I just have to save up for the helium ank and the mask. Thanks anon. Hopefully it works

Anonymous 578

Not trying to turn this board into /feels/, but why do you want to die, anon?

Anonymous 579


I'd rather not go into detail. I'm just really tired of everything.

Anonymous 580

When I was suicidal, I never did anything because I realized there's no 100%, painless way to die. Every single method has a chance of failure. You're more likely to end up in a hospital bed alive than dead. The website lostallhope helped me a lot during these times and you can research methods too.

Anonymous 584

If you want to kill yourself go ahead and do it. I've been "pro-choice" my entire life and the only reason people think suicide is bad is because they've been brainwashed to do so. The government can't cope with losing a taxpaying idiot so they made it up to be the worst thing in the world.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with killing yourself. You didn't ask to come into this world. If you want to leave it's all your choice.

Anonymous 629

>a taxpaying idiot
lol. There's a disproportionate amount of NEETs here.

Anonymous 1233

I've always known if I was going to do it I would jump off a building. Head first, like a diver. Leave a hideous mess. I'd get to "fly", for once, before I hit the ground.

Anonymous 1284

>The government can't cope with losing a taxpaying idiot
I imagine that the majority of suicidal people are a net drain on the budget. The truth is, if you have a society where people just off themselves. It makes everyone else sad. so they ask the government to stop it.

Anonymous 5491


I finally wrote out my suicide note and I'm really gonna go through with it tomorrow morning. I've been preparing for two scenarios: one where I actually die and one where I someone dont overdose successfully and get taken to get psychiatric help. I specifically planned for tomorrow, so that someone will be home to find my body, dead or alive.
I'm tired of being in pain daily. Thanks to anyone for reading.

Anonymous 5492

Bye anon. We’ll miss you.

Anonymous 5494

please don't, anon. live out of spite. live for people whose lives were taken from them and do some good. there's always a chance to get better and alternative treatments to seek…

Anonymous 5495

dont do it nona, i was there, and as cliche as it sounds, it gets better. i promise.

Anonymous 5496

Good luck, I hope you don't accidentally live and have liver damage or something. Overdosing on pills as a form of suicide seems risky so I hope it works out alright for you. See you in the next life.

Anonymous 5497

Overdose isn't a safe method. A cousin of mine tried it, failed and now she's literally retard.

Anonymous 5498


this is a bit awkward but i didnt die. im just lethargic and cramping like crazy. i dont think i took enough benadryl to kill me, unfortunately

Anonymous 5499

For what it’s worth, i’m glad you’re still with us.

Anonymous 5500

Overdosing is a classic mistake. It rarely works and, if it does, it sounds like it'd really hurt. Just remember there are fates worse than death out there.

So how are you doing? Did your attempt make you reconsider or are you going to give it another go?
Hell I'm pretty impressed you went through with it, that's more than I can do.

Anonymous 5501

Damn at least you didn't get hospitalized

Anonymous 5503

ODing itself is not a mistake. There are many reliable drugs. The problem here was using benadryl.

Anonymous 5505

not sure where to go from here really

is there a cocktail of drugs i need that'll either make me comatose? something to shutdown my organs? i can't lie i am afraid of the pain

Anonymous 5507

Yes, but it's against the law for me to give you advice on how to kill yourself. You could find the information on your own by researching.

Anonymous 5523

Is this legit?

Anonymous 5524

Anonymous 5525

It’s not painful in the way stabbing yourself would be, but you would still feel extreme discomfort as you suffocate.

Anonymous 5526

Doesn’t it knock you out?

Anonymous 5529

Not to be crass, but shooting yourself in the brain would not be painful at all. It is also very effective. It can be messy and unsightly thugh if that is a concern. I would not want to survive attempting to poison myself.

Anonymous 5530

>but shooting yourself in the brain would not be painful at all
You ever tried? Please… i’m tired of people pulling shit out of their ass.

Anonymous 5531

How moronic. Do think a pulverized brain would be thinking or feeling anything?

Anonymous 5532

She's right depending on where the bullet goes and the size of the lesion. There are no pain receptors in the brain itself, only in the surrounding surface tissues, but if the part of the brain which processes pain is destroyed, your cells would be unable to transmit the pain signals that cause the feeling of pain. If you fuck up and shoot the wrong part, you might feel pain from the scalp/periosteum.

Anonymous 5533

You might even survive it and end up braindead

Anonymous 5534

>you ever tried
… Have you?

Anonymous 5535

No. But i’m not the one claiming that it’s a perfectly painless method when that’s not necessarily true like >>5532 said. You have to know how and where to shoot be determined and calculative. I have no time for that when i’m a fidgety scared mess

Anonymous 5536


A round with sufficient velocity (generally from a rifle) will create a temporary bubble, for lack of a better way to describe it, in soft tissue. Some tissues like muscle can expand with relatively little damage, but others, like the brain, can not be stretched and distorted without being severely compromised. If you look at cranial gunshot wounds you will often see that the skull has essentially popped apart from the forces dissipated though the brain. This is not survivable. People who have survived gunshots to the brain are almost universal shot with lower velocity rounds, typically from a handgun. The picture is a still frame of a coyote being shot. You can see its chest has expanded from the forces driving its organs apart inside. Brains can't survive that king of trauma.

Anonymous 5537

Fuck hunters.

Anonymous 5538


Fair enough. Sorry if the picture was rude. I wanted a depiction of the tissue expansion without using a dead person and that was what I found.

Anonymous 5540

No no I'm not upset at you, anon. Just people who hurt animals as a hobby.

Anonymous 5542

Serious question. Animals are going to get brutalized in the wild either way. Why is hunting considered cruel? If anything, it’s a mercy killing. Dying by bullet isn’t half bad compared to getting torn limb from limb or freezing to death.

Anonymous 5543

Because it's just not necessary. Unless you're starving in the middle of nowhere.

Anonymous 5544

Don’t compare brutally shooting animals for fun as a hobby to what animals do to each other in the wild to survive anon. It’s not “mercy killing” if the animal is completely fine and well it’s just selfish and retarded pick a brush or something or hunt animals you can at least eat

Anonymous 5545

"Why is shooting a toddler considered cruel? Humans often have violent deaths. It's a mercy killing"

Anonymous 5546

Besides what other anons said, it disrupts natural selection. There's nothing animals can do to compete against a human with a gun, unlike they can with predators (a lot of prey animals can and do fight back against predators). Plus as far as I know at least some predators go straight for the vital parts like the neck to get a faster kill.

Anonymous 5548

It’s not necessary (to the continuation of life.) which isn’t a good thing.
Animals torture each other for amusement all the time. Why? Their biology tells them to. Humans are not exempt from this, and that an action is done to fulfill a survival instinct does not make it morally superior.
Humans do not usually have violent deaths, but as far as murder goes, killing someone relatively painlessly isn’t cruel compared to say burning them to death.
Humans can’t disrupt natural selection. It just describes a process by which certain traits are selected for in a species. It doesn’t say anything about those traits being good. Plenty of animal species have gone extinct because of humans. I fail to see why this is a bad thing.

Anonymous 5549

A bullet though the lungs, pericardium, etc. often results in a relatively quick death for animals. Sometimes, the chest trauma from a gun shot will cause enough instantaneous disruption to blood pressure and flow to cause an immediate loss of consciousness. If they pass out like this, they typically do not regain consciousness. When this happens they would have no or almost no perception of the event. This is not really a bad way for something to die from the standpoint of experiencing pain and suffering. Personally, I do not feel there is anything wrong with killing animals for food or as part of a scientifically directed population management program. I'm a bumpkin and have been around this sort of stuff since I was little, but I can see why people would view hunting as unsavory and cruel.

More importantly, I'm sorry for the tread derailment from my coyote picture. I did not intend to direct things down this path.

Anonymous 5550

Don’t apologize you’re not the one who derailed it

Anonymous 5565

I’m in this weird limbo where i want to stay alive and enjoy the aspects of life that i’ve enjoyed before it all went to shit. But also want to set myself on fire for the past situations and current situation i’ve been forced into. Yes— i was forced into them i won’t elaborate. But also i’m too suicidal and dysfunctional to actually do something and days pass by with just me ruminating. But then i decide on taking my life and my desire to fulfill certain wishes best me. Make up your fucking mind, brain. Being certain you want to live or die is something i have always longed for.

Anonymous 5566

Just a gun to my head, no fuss. Whenever I see people talking about how having a gun increases attempt/success in suicides I’m like “yah no shit”. I think once I graduate I’ll do it probably.

Anonymous 5670

So damn tired

Anonymous 5879

Would drinking antifreeze (straight or in tea or something) be a good/effective method of suicide? I heard that it's a good way to murder somebody else but obviously I don't want to murder anybody I just want to die.

Anonymous 5889

That sounds painful

Anonymous 5894

Is it? I wouldn't know. Since I heard it was used for murder I thought it wouldn't be undetectable but is the death painful? I guess it'd be like ingesting any other poison .-.

Anonymous 5898

Oh damn, ok rip won't be doing that then

Anonymous 5899

If you wanna die fast from a poison eat some water hemlock (killed Socrates) or deadly nightshade (there is multiple kinds so be sure its the DEADLY kind).
I believe the stem parts of these plants are the most poisonous. Make sure to research a lethal dose (both are lethal in small doses but you should ne sure) and of course, take triple that lethal dose to be safe and make sure you actually die.
There are other poisonous plants, such as foxglove. Research ones in your area.

Anonymous 5900

That's true, and it probably also works in tea, yeah?

Anonymous 5901

btw hemlock and nightshade kill incredibly fast, you get a heart attack and die in a matter of minutes.

I had a dream the other night I poisoned myself and I was running around the house while I got dizzy and hot, and I was hallucinating and slowly falling apart and dying while I tried to burn all of my diaries. It was a pretty great dream

Anonymous 5902

I assume bur extracting it into a tea will probably make it less potent. Why are you so set on dying by a tea you drink?

Anonymous 5903

I mean all parts of the hemlock plant are highly toxic and I think socrates actually drank a tea, but if I were you I would eat the plant to make sure I am getting the most poison possible.

Anonymous 5904

I just looked it up. Hemlock causes respiratory failure and nightshade causes heart failure

Anonymous 5912

Kek i dont know, I feel like a tea would be a nice last relaxing drink to have.
I could do both

Anonymous 5914

Can i overdose on lexapro? If it’s not lethal what can i mix it with for it to be lethal? Any idea?

Anonymous 5917

Google sodium NITRITE poisoning, its the next best legal thing next to the drugs they use to humanely euthanize people and animals according to self advocacy suicide programs. It can be expensive and hard to source since suppliers have been catching wind of people using it for suicide, and restricting its sales. If you live outside of anglosphere countries, it's much easier to source, or so I've heard. The recommended process of preparing to poison yourself with it (fasting, using anti vomiting drugs) is quite lengthy, so that's why personally I'm kind of wary using it.

I've been studying methods for a while and I can say the most accessible, easiest, and fastest is probably partial hanging IMO. If you're just cruising imageboards for ideas, please don't use drugs to OD with or cutting yourself, getting hospitalized and monitored is much much more painful than either of those lol

Old post but again in case of people cruising threads, don't use helium. Companies are cutting tanks with oxygen to save money and to prevent exactly this. Nitrogen is a better option.

Anonymous 5921

What do you mean by "partial" hanging

Anonymous 5922

NTA but it's a known term. It means hanging without completely hovering above the ground (and thus putting all your weight under the rope around your neck). It's pretty common in prisons, they sort of slouch with a rope around their neck from the top bunk.

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