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Pizzagate discussion Anonymous 4868

I'm not even sure if I should make this thread considering how dark and disturbing the subject is. I wonder how deep the rabbithole goes. I already know some things but I still feel like I'm only at the tip of the iceberg. Do you believe in this conspiracy /x/ ? I do. If my thread gets deleted because of the deeply disturbing subject I can understand.

Anonymous 4871

Please check into a mental institute.

Anonymous 4872

Pizza is too good for pizzagate.

Anonymous 4876

What part? That global elites get basically unlimited access to extralegal sex with vulnerable woman, or the part where pizzas involved? Because I certainly believe the former, I don't see any connection to the later.

Anonymous 4879

The part about that pizza place seems like a meme to me but I think it goes without saying the elite are involved in a pedo operation. Probably just as customers though. It is a separate criminal ring that kidnaps the kids and produces the child porn. And then there is more money to be made on blackmailing the customers. This is why Epstein got caught, he was deemed a liability either by the other people in his crime ring or by one of the parties he was blackmailing, likely the Clintons or Trump.

Anonymous 4881

what i want to know is why the fuck its called pizzagate

Anonymous 4882


Because the idea that there is a group fo elites with access to extralegal sex with minors (which is true) got conflated and centered around one pizza place due to Clinton email leaks.

Anonymous 5026

What are your thoughts on Isaac Kappy? His dead man's switch? The circumstances in which he died? There's just too much. I'm convinced that it proves the reality of Pizzagate

Anonymous 5031

I think that Pizzagate was made to sound ridiculous on purpose from the start, so that the rich people actually diddling kids could continue to do so in peace.
And this. Pretty sure that someone really famous is scared of getting caught, so he made this thing public in an attempt to get access to the evidence and erase his part in it. Law enforcement cannot be trusted to not to be compliant to him, because he’s so influental, and that’s why so much data ”disappeared”.

Anonymous 5074


This is kind of where the pizza thing started. It’s a weird email for sure, and its proximity to the word MAP put people on edge. But I agree with another anon that the actual pizza bit of the conspiracy is just a meme cooked up to make the real part (the fact that elites love fucking children) seem ridiculous.

Anonymous 5197

I passed by this place many times before the pizzagate "conspiracy" (read:8chan bullshit) came out, there's nothing special about Comet besides selling overpriced artisanal pizza and being located in a gentrified neighborhood. There's no way someone from downtown D.C. (around the White House etc.) would drive twenty minutes to Comet just to conduct a trafficking ring or something. Not to mention that locals would obviously notice because even though it's a residential area, it's located on literally the most used roadway into D.C. (Connecticut Ave). The people who made up the pizzagate conspiracy were malevolent schizos on 8chan who didn't care how many lives they ruined as long as they got internet clout. Same guys who created QAnon. Now their site is gone and their reputation is ruined all for the sake of an internet larp. I saw the shitposting in real time, it really was just a bunch of retards making shit up

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