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Anonymous 4949

Urban legends thread.
Post urban legends you know of.

Anonymous 4950

my local battlefield is haunted by a civil war ghost called green eyes
legend says a guy was looking out from a tower in the battlefield, saw green eyes, and was so shocked he fell off the tower and died

Anonymous 4951

Not spooky but a restaurant near me had to close because of an urban legend that they were serving seagulls instead of chicken:


It was really well known at the time and mentioned whenever the place was brought up.

I still ate there and the food was delicious

Anonymous 4952

I knew it had to be a Chinese place

Anonymous 4957


I know about the Mothman

Anonymous 5126

In 2004, user Hasumi made a thread on 2chan asking for help.
Hasumi had taken the night train to come home from work, but she noticed that it was taking too long.
She decided to step out of the train in one of its stops, ending up in Kisaragi's Station.
This place was empty and quiet, and it wasn't supposed to be one of the stops. In fact, it wasn't supposed to exist at all.
She kept in contact with the anons from the thread for a while, exploring the station and trying to find a way out.
But eventually, she stopped answering, only to never be heard of again.

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