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Anonymous 5276

What is the hat man?

Anonymous 5280

my friend :)

Anonymous 5281

A common hallucination in those who experience sleep paralysis

Anonymous 5284

Really? Why must he be wearing a hat?

Anonymous 5285

do your own fucking research retard how hard is it to type "hat man sleep paralysis" into a searchbar
must you be spoonfed?

Anonymous 5289

As if I can trust any search engine's algorithm, retard

Anonymous 5290


So… is it better to trust one or more random people on an imageboard?

Anonymous 5291

Chill anon..

Anonymous 5292

Assuming we are all like-minded conspiracy anons, as well as female, then yes.

Anonymous 5297


Black Ladies’ man

Anonymous 5301

He's the hat man, ski-ba-di-bo-da-ba-do.

Anonymous 5319


Why do you ask? Has anyone ITT really seen it?

Anonymous 5338


Anonymous 5343

if i understand correctly its essentially one representation of the saturn archetype. from what i have heard he only shows up as a hallucination when the person seeing him or someone close to the person seeing him dies or is about to die. he is described as being the cause of the death, but not in a murderous killing intent type way but more in the sense that he presides over death. so essentially like a modern grim reaper, which is just another representation of saturn. i can go into more detail about saturn correspondences if anyone is interested.

Anonymous 5346

>i can go into more detail about saturn correspondences if anyone is interested.
Please do. I've seen another person say he's Moloch too

Anonymous 5347

I've had sleep paralysis but have never seen a figure. In fact, I've never seen anything because my eyes were always closed and could not open during my sleep paralysis. I've also went through a phase quite some years ago where every night, sometimes more than once, I'd become paralyzed.
With this said, what is the difference between different types of sleep paralysis? Why do some people see a man in a hat versus other images or nothing at all?

Anonymous 5348

Please share your knowledge.
I've only had sleep paralysis once and I couldn't open my eyes or move. I was lying in a ''Z'' position (I used to sleep in a fetal position back in the day but that still felt weird and uncomfortable because of the 45º angle my legs were doing, parallel to the end of the bed). I felt a dark malevolent presence and managed to slightly open my eyes. I could only percieve a vampire-like tall completely black figure who whispered some shit to my ear and pressed/touched my neck. My head was turned to the wall. Before that I already knew about sleep paralysis but I believed everything was about the visual hallucinations. Maybe it just was my good ol' pedo cousin.

Anonymous 5349

Do people really feel a presence? Every time I've had sleep paralysis it's just the feeling of being unable to breath and the panic that ensues. I never hear anything or feel anything on my neck but people describe pretty much what you just described. I mostly get sleep paralysis if I am lying completely straight with my head facing straight on. Now I tilt my head to either side if I want to sleep straight.

Anonymous 5351

I really did feel a presence. It felt like something in between a dream and reality (sounds dumb but I don't know how to describe it). So you can condition yourself into having sleep paralysis depending on how you go to sleep? That's almost good luck.

Anonymous 5353

Yeah I guess I can force myself to have it if I sleep completely straight and rigid but I don't want to because I hate it, it feels like if I don't break out of it then I'll die. If I wanted to die in my sleep I don't want to feel it happening kek

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