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weird world wide web Anonymous 538

post odd things you found online

Anonymous 539

Anonymous 540

Anonymous 586

David Firth makes amazingly weird stuff, most popular is the Salad Fingers series.

Anonymous 592

I really enjoy David Firth's videos. Even his more recent stuff, like his video Cream, are still interesting.

Possibly OT but would it be alright to discuss ARG related things in this thread, or should that get its own?

Anonymous 593

I liked that one, too!

>weird world wide web

>post odd things you found online

>would it be alright to discuss ARG related things in this thread, or should that get its own?

Sounds good to me. If a lengthy discussion ensues an extra thread can be made

Anonymous 612

This is a neat collaborative art project I found online some years ago:


Anonymous 748

Anonymous 971

he's working on a new episode of salad fingers. it's coming soon. i'm so excited

Anonymous 1195


Does anyone know what became of this woman? Her FB profile is gone.

Anonymous 1196


Anonymous 1206

there is no secret to this site past what's available, but it is still kinda creepy

Anonymous 1236


I randomly stumbled across this bizarre forum and cant work out what’s going on. Everyone is using terms and understanding it but it seems like some kind of schizophrenic word salad. I’ve tried googling things but I can’t find anything about it.

Anonymous 1237

>preserving altruists
>first posts in the humor thread are about beating women

Anonymous 1238

I got to say this is really interesting stuff.

Anonymous 1239

Do you know what any of it means?

Anonymous 1240

Like in this recent thread what are these words/descriptions they’re using and what are they meant to represent

Anonymous 1242

Sounds like schizophrenic rambles, conspiracy theories, mixed with white supremacy and esoterics. So basically, a mentally ill male circlejerk.

>I recommend only using the internet at internet cafes and coffee shops for posting on more sensitive places. Or if one lives in shared housing piggy backing off the free internet they have. However, the latter is still to insecure.

Anonymous 1243

Yeah I’ve tried looking up so many of the terms and it seems like they have never been used literally anywhere else. From what I’ve found they’ve moved board randomly quite a lot of times so there’s never that much information on any one board and it’s hard to find old ones, on threads that have asked for definitions of terms they always don’t explain anything, so I think maybe they’re being secretive on purpose because of some paranoia they have. There doesn’t seem to be any clear political aim or group I know of they may belong to… its some form of eugenics but it seems kind of different than the typical white supremacy thing or the incel type lookism thing… plus the whole thing about it being about altruism but altruism is seemingly like never mentioned in the threads.

Anonymous 1249

Which ones specifically? Most of them are antrophology/phenotype autism. The board looks like a stormfront or 8ch /pol/ offshoot to me, pretty disgusting.

Anonymous 1250

Like all the classification things like ‘thallish/alpine/crinklesock/neothenized’? I’ve never heard any of those kind of terms before in these types of forum, and they seemingly don’t have any ‘dictionary’ type thing so I’m not sure where the idea originated from. Even the name of the board ‘altrugenics’ is that a thing? I’ve never heard it before and that board seems to be the only thing about it

Anonymous 1251

Thallish and crinklesock are weird, I agree. It's probably part of their vocabulary and you'd have to lurk for a while to understand those. But the rest?

alpine = alpine phenotype or "alpine race"
neothenized = with neotenous features

The title is the strangest part, but it's what makes me believe that the forum is just an offshoot of a bigger one. It sounds like an inside joke of sorts. It's not a thing per se, but I think what they meant is that neanderthals (they have those pictures in the banner), and people with neanderthal dna now (europeans) are "altruistic", which, lmao; and they need to protect the "altruistic" or neanderthal genes. It's white supremacist autism.

Anonymous 1252

ah okay, that's really interesting thankyou! Do you know what the slogan thing in the banner means 'celebrating K in a world gone w(r)ong?'

Anonymous 1254


>the way they speak

Anonymous 1255

The majority of the posts are written like that as well, like a lot of the sentences read like the words were just automatically generated. I just find it really strange that there’s a community of people who are communicating in this bizarre way but seemingly completely understanding it, do you think there is some kind of mental illness involved or it’s just I guess the culture of the board to talk like that

Anonymous 1256

It's probably some form of cryptography meant to hide them from judgement.

Anonymous 1257

Anonymous 1258

The post in the image makes sense to me. Open up a random /pol/ thread now and you'll see plenty of similar shit. They also use "kek", "waifu" "-chan" in some threads…

Anonymous 1261

It’s not so much that it doesn’t make sense just that I don’t know if any normal person would phrase it that way

Anonymous 1266

it's hard to find weird online spaces these days, tbh

Anonymous 1273

I remember years ago I read this this long post called something like "finding the best girl". It was all about preparing, killing, cooking and eating girls, in that order. Can't find it by googling that though. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Anonymous 1274

Anonymous 1297

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