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Darknet (and women.i2p) Anonymous 5590

I don't really know whether belongs in >>>/media/, but does anyone here use the Darknet? Tor, I2P, Yggrasil or what-have-you. Discuss:

>hidden service recommendations

>clearnet sites on the darknet
>general darknet stories

>inb4 complaints that crystal.cafe is banned on Tor

Also side-note but the otherday on a whim I registered the "women.i2p" eepsite thinking of populating it with TERF propaganda. Any suggestions or diagrams are welcome. (Does this count as TERFposting?

Anonymous 5591

I sometimes have to search on the darknet for work related stuff (e.g data breaches). The darknet is pretty boring tbh and there aren't nearly as many people on it as on the (regular) clearnet.

By the way, anyone who tells you that they "accidentally" accesses CP or other illegal material on the darknet is an absolute liar. Unless you have a specific address (which change regularly), you're not going to randomly come across that stuff, even on slightly dodgy forums and markets. I've never seen anything remotely like that on the darknet.

Anonymous 5594

I sometimes use Tor to browse through some imageboards or random hacker forums for laughs,but other than that I don't rlly use it. Don't have any interest in buying crack lol.

If you look for trouble hard enough, you're bound to find some. If you're just tryna shitpost from behind a Tor-mirror, you'll definitely be fine.

Like >>5591 said, you need really specific addresses to find fucked up shit.

Anonymous 5597

come hang out :)

>that they "accidentally" accesses CP or other illegal material on the darknet is an absolute liar
I have accidently seen it on certain boards but its really uncommon, I always raise eyebrows when I come across people who say they find it "around every corner!!1#1#"
idk if they're pedophiles or just want spooky darkweb stories, but its weird and an absolute lie. People spreading the lie that around every corner is CP and gore and hurtcore and drug/weapon advertisements just seems like an odd way to defame people using anonymity services. Its a sinister lie.

Anonymous 5599

I have seen it on 4chan on the clearnet but never on the darknet I meant. What boards do use on the darknet? Or you meant the clearnet too?

Anonymous 5600

Some darknet IBs, I don't remember or have them all saved. Just like CC gets spammed and targeted because its a small board with slow moderation, so do darknet ones and they're as deterred when posting through tor

Anonymous 5601

less* deterred not "as"

Anonymous 5614

Anonymous 5618

>idk if they're pedophiles or just want spooky darkweb stories
i think it's the latter, i was once one of those people when i was younger lol. god tor is so fucking slow. i wanna join you s

Anonymous 5622

I can't get the site to open but sometimes tor is annoying like that.

Anonymous 5623

try clicking on
>new to circuit for this site
see if that helps

Anonymous 5624

No, I get "The most likely cause is that the onionsite is offline. Contact the onionsite administrator." as an error.

Anonymous 5625

it goes down all the time, try again later

Anonymous 5636

I've been refreshing all day and still not working. Annoying as I really want to see what it's like.

Anonymous 5640

its just a retarded imageboard lel. pretty decent and not full of pedos like the rest of them are

Anonymous 5641

nvm i just checked the /b/ catalogue i take that back

Anonymous 5645

Yeah, I'm pretty disappointed now that I finally accessed it.

Anonymous 8592

These days I solely access KiwiFarms via Tor.

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