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What are the darkest thoughts you have? Anonymous 5684

Tell CC what you can't tell anybody else.

Anonymous 5686

I want the planet and everything on it to perish.

Anonymous 5687

I don't disagree with the people who go postal. I'm not even horrified.

Anonymous 5690

Everyday i contemplate suicide, that’s one of the dark thoughts thats socially accepted to say that i wont regret posting

Anonymous 5691


Anonymous 5696

I’m sorry i have paranoia i can’t share the other ones

Anonymous 5697

I guarantee nobody cares enough to look into you. If you're actually a woman, you're useless to agents who honey pot psychos into mass shootings- women aren't all that dangerous on a large scale so.

I wouldn't worry.

If you're a man, you should probably shut up about any and every dark thought, true.

Anonymous 5698

Ehh i don’t want to shit up the thread but when you’re a paranoid mentally ill person man or woman, anything can seem dangerous to your life. I might share the fact that i like peanut butter sandwhiches and then ruminate about this conversation months later thinking you’ll find me through this information and hurt me. Lol. But lately my thoughts have been nothing innocent like that. It’s probably delusions though but they still count as thoughts no?

Anonymous 5699

There is also a delusion thread kek >>>/x/452

Anonymous 5700

人生 has been\^o^)/o…

Ok so I never considered myself mentally ill because I always just assume I'm a turbo normie but I sort of relate to this really hard. Whenever I post anything relating to me online I fear I will be found out. Whenever I intereact with people online I feel the same and this might be a bit ridiculous but each time I download a yaoi image to my computer I legitimately am afraid the feds are looking at me. I really like guro. I know it's ridiculous but I can't help focusing on these and even think about it for months and weeks too. So scared I'll be found out doing anything.

Anonymous 5706

>Ok so I never considered myself mentally ill
why are you here then?
Go home

Anonymous 5707

just generic sexually intrusive thoughts. Also a lot of ones anout murder and death but that's usually an anger or anxiety response.
ex. someone wrongs me and I think about chopping them up or cutting their throat
ex. I see someone carrying a baby in a store and I get scared and imagine them dropping it on its head
I've thought about hurting children though, not in a while really and I'm glad because all I felt was guilt when those thoughts plagued me.

Anonymous 5709

I mean I know I'm mentally ill, diagnosed and everything, but I feel the exact same way. I can't tell you how many posts I'll make then quickly delete and constantly worry that I posted or saw the wrong thing even though I don't ever do anything wrong.

Anonymous 5713

I dunno anon, I don't think I'm ill either- I mean other people would and do say that I am so I must accept multiple perceptions likely outweigh my own but I mostly think it's everyone else that's bat shit.

People are weird and if you point it out then you're the weird one.

Anonymous 5723

I’m the anon you replied to lol, you seem paranoid but in denial. I mean i wouldn’t call a niche imageboard surfing guro liking yaoi pictures saving person who thinks the fbi agent is judging their 2D porn a turbo normie. But i was in denial too so i get it. I latched on to normies for a good chunk of my life, none of them shared my fears and sentiments throughout these short lives situationships so i don’t think of someone who does as a normal person. Though fear of being found out when you goof around online and cancelled is pretty normal these days if that’s what you mean

Anonymous 5744

I feel like committing homicide or violently stabbing people often… I prefer satanic themes over heavenly ones…

Anonymous 5745

yeah you're definitely on a few lists now

Anonymous 5750

Be real, the only people lurking this site besides us are terminally online mentally ill incels. There is 0 chance the feds are gonna give a crap about some smalltime women's imageboard.

Anonymous 5778

There's this 10-12 year old boy that lives next to my bf. I hate that little shit, which is an achievement because I normally like kids.
I often think to myself how easy it'd be to kidnap him. Possibly torture him, but definitely kill him. Like, his parents are never looking after him so I could just snatch him and get rid of the pest. Everything I've learned about witchcraft says that blood sacrifices are wrong and unnecessary, but I've fantasized about offering his blood and flesh to pagan gods. Again, this is super weird because I like kids. Hell, I've considered becoming a kindergarten teacher.
Also, often when I see people carrying babies I have the worst anxiety inducing thoughts. For example, I imagine an active shooter killing the mother through the baby or a car plowing through them. I have to emphasize that I take no pleasure in these very intrusive thoughts and more than once they've made me cry. I think this comes from an old recurring nightmare I had when I was little where a madman cannibal escapes an asylum and as people flee his rampage a mom throws her baby at him to escape.

Anonymous 5779

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