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Share an unexplained/supernatural/weird experience you had Anonymous 5751

Hey nonas, I thought it might be cool to share a supernatural/otherworldly/unexplained experience you had. Even if someone is a skeptic on the paranormal I feel like everyone has a story or two.

I'll share one.

>be me, always like tarot cards but more in a scientific way of it being helpful to use them to look at a problem from a different perspective

>kind of get into paganism, fall down deep into mystery schools/esotericism but as a skeptic
>go off on a rant where I get frustrated and say that I think that following pagan gods/magic is just like worshiping the Lord of the Rings characters
>toss my tarot cards face down on the floor and shuffle them all over the carpet asking for a sign if there is a higher power like a literal child
>focus really hard and pull three cards from random spots that "feel right"
>lay them out and flip them one by one
>every flip is a blank fucking card, all 3 of them in the deck of like 60 cards all randomly splayed out over the carpet

whole thing freaked me out- what are the odds?

Anonymous 5752


>what are the odds?
summoning a maths anon to calculate the odds

Anonymous 5753

genuinely curious if someone can calculate the odds for me (i am math retarded), for more info it was a deck of 69 mixed cards (of course it has to be that number what a cosmic joke), 3 of which were blank. and they were all shuffled by being spread around on the floor and the cards were plucked randomly from the mess, not rounded up and picked in order.

Anonymous 5754


The probability that the first flipped card is blank is 3/69. The next one would be 2/68, and then the last one would be 1/67. Multiplying those together we get 0.000019, so a 0.0019% percent or 1 out of 524 chance of that happening. I think that's equivalent to calling 15 or 16 coin flips in a row. Spooky stuff nona.

I can't really think of any unexplained experiences I've had. It makes me feel boring because I've loved reading and listening to ghost stories since I was young. But it's probably for the best since I can get really affected by horror movies to the point where I'll be unable to sleep because of a noise I heard in the hall, or I'll start imagining seeing people in the corner of my eye while I live alone. I can't imagine how I'd cope with something truly unexplainable. I guess the most otherworldly thing I've experienced is sleep paralysis accompanied by visions of shadow people. It happened first when I was quite young, but also again recently. The shadow people just stand and watch me, which is freaky, but I've heard of people experiencing visions of them walking through walls or pushing down hard on their chest while they're in bed.

Anonymous 5756


bless your math skills nona
That is an even lower chance than I thought it would be, that just makes the whole thing weirder.

I'm the same with horror movies/scary stories- I'll listen to true crime for a day while working and feel eyes on the back of my head all night.

Sleep paralysis is a valid experience, I find it very strange that it tends to be similar for different people. I've had several sleep paralysis episodes, memorable few include one where I was being spooned by a scaly creature and another where my eyes were closed but someone was revving a chainsaw in my ear. The spooning one was nice though tbh. Also had the ol shadow person in the corner of the room one like you. I totally get how the people of olde used to think it was alien abduction.

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