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Bigfoot/sasquatch Anonymous 5764

What are bigfoot/sasquatch/yetis/yowies/yeren?

A.) The missing link?
B.) An extant species of great ape?
C.) Interdimensional energy beings?
D.) None of the above?

Anonymous 5765

well judging from the OP pic it looks like a guy in a gorilla costume

Anonymous 5768

why does bigfoot always know exactly where the camera is to look straight at it and always makes that weird “walk like an egyptian” pose and never gets motion blur.

Anonymous 5769


I know you're joking, but The iconic image of a bigfoot caught mid-stride while looking at the camera comes from a frame captured by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin in 1967. The story behind the Patterson-Gimlin Film is pretty interesting – Patterson was obviously in on the hoax, while his friend, Gimlin, had no idea what they were going to encounter in the woods that day.

One thing I think is hilarious about the Patterson-Gimlin film is that I've seen dozens of analyses focusing on the actor's walk cycle, and how realistic their arm and leg movements are… and absolutely zero questioning why the creature's boobs (as this is supposed to be a female bigfoot) are bolted to its chest and hard as concrete. Like, if this was a real mammal with boobs of that size those things would be swinging. Nevermind that there are very few (if any? that I know of) female mammals that have thick hair completely covering their nipples.

Anonymous 5771

>bolted to its chest and hard as concrete
kek i can't unsee that now

Anonymous 5776


The weird thing about squatchers is how many of them seem to totally want to fuck the bigfoot.

Just listen to moids talk about female bigfeet and how they "go into heat" and have powerful "musk" on their podcasts. All Gas No Brakes has an episode where a guy buys gorilla menstrual fluids to try to attract a Bigfoot.

Moids can't enjoy anything without wanting to fuck it.

Anonymous 5782

>a guy buys gorilla menstrual fluids to try to attract a Bigfoot.
KEK, what a sentence

Anonymous 5813

I truly believe they are interdimensional beings. I've been getting into cryptids recently and there's much overlap between these crytpid stories and accounts of things happening on Skinwalker Ranch. I highly recommend looking into the "hitchhiker effect" that people(particularly government officials) who visited Skinwalker Ranch reported. Paranormal shit essentially latches onto people who visit the ranch and they bring it home with them. There are reports of neighbors of government officials, who had no idea the kind of work their neighbor had been up to, having poltergeist activity immediately upon the return of said government officials. Classmates of one of the officials' children also reported seeing cryptids(particularly wolf man and mythical birds). Shit is fucking nuts and I can't believe that I actually believe it is real.

Anonymous 5968

high strangeness is all connected. the deeper you dive the less random these occurrences seem. ufos will bee seen in the area preceding a bout of bigfoot sighting, or people who report seeing bigfoot will report that their sighting coincided with strange lights, strange mechanical noises, strange odors – like sulfur/brimstone, which is connected with other forms of paranormal activity, and so forth… interesting stuff. even if i don't believe in it.

Anonymous 6065

this is a good rundown of modern bigfoot lore

Anonymous 6367

Here is the paleontology PhD we were missing in this thread.

Anonymous 6381

The real conspiracy is these things aren’t real. They’re people hired by feds to dress up and scare people away from a certain area. Usually they’re either concealing gold, pedo rings or dead bodies and they use these people hired as Bigfoot or reptilians or whatever to scare people off.

Anonymous 6384

So like a Scooby Doo episode

Anonymous 6390

Yes. Exactly like that.

Anonymous 6401

I don't really have much to add except this story. my BIL's dad is a traditional old conservative man who hunts, fishes, eats red meat, etc. He was on a fishing trip and as his boat was going around a bend, he saw Bigfoot for a split second then it disappeared. Ik y'all don't know him, but it was super interesting for someone like him to say

Anonymous 6412

What if they're just bears born with deformities

Anonymous 6422

Y can they walk upright. is that the deformity?

Anonymous 6446



Anonymous 8511


one time on youtube i saw an audio about a guy on a radio show retelling about how he was raped by the sasquatch, and i told my friends about it but i couldn't find it so i just sounded like a total schizo, where can i find that video? it lives in my mind rent free

Anonymous 8514


Thats just another shitty rape joke. Same as mens obession with the ancient greek "butternut punishment" or fantasizing about men getting raped by other men in prison showers.

So back to the topic, I don't need to go to some wildlife park to see the missing link chimping around.

Anonymous 8520

it's just a typical dude who hasn't shaved in a bit.

Anonymous 8534

Probably Peter Caine. He's a troll who trains dogs for a living, and makes art, but he's also a creep who dates 18 year old girls. I don't know what you meant by "seeing audio" and I know this isn't being said on radio, but maybe this is what you meant anyway.

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