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Profiles of dead people online Anonymous 6652

Can anyone find me some interesting profiles owned by dead people or maybe also schizophrenic people?

Anonymous 6653

Anonymous 6686

thanks nona!

Anonymous 7090

Elisa Lam's tumblr. If you click "archive" you can still see her posts and "etc" is her profile page.

Anonymous 7682

howd she post in december 2013 when she died in feb 2013?

Anonymous 7683

tumblr’s queue function

Anonymous 7684

oh right. missed that

Anonymous 7726

Seeing a dead person's lolcow thread is so weird. That Bratgrrl's thread kinda messed with me. (Lolcow is down rn so I'll post caps immediately when it goes back up)
>prostitute since 13
>made gross ABDL content.
>went to nazi parties
>Disappeared from Tumblr for q while
>did she kill herself
>some random poster says she's in a mental hospital
>article surfaces of a woman who attempted suicide in bathtub and is now braindead confirmed to be her.
>now she's being cared for by her mom.
>still has her disgusting sex worker tumblr pictured on lolcow up.
What a harrowing existence

Anonymous 7731

Soren Hayes. Has a lolcow thread. (the site is down rn)

Anonymous 7795

Can you post the article?? Can't find it anywhere

Anonymous 7831

Personal website from Sol Pais, a girl who romanticized Eric Harris and would later commit suicide

Anonymous 7836

This one horrifies me. She’s back with her family now, who presumably had something to do with why she was so fucked up in the first place. I hope she's okay. Not to blogpost but I’m a suicidal anon who was molested and sex trafficked by my mother, and ending up brain damaged back in her care sounds like the worst thing I can ever imagine.

Anonymous 7837

Interesting, thanks for sharing, anon. I never heard of this girl, just looking her up now, I'm used with types like her because of being an edgy retard on Tumblr in 2013… What a retard

Anonymous 7856


Is LC still down? It is for me

Anonymous 7870

Same. Are u in Canada rn?

Anonymous 7873

try farmcow.lol

Anonymous 7962

Caps or the link Please? Cant seem to find it

Anonymous 7988

Search up on google "Marlon Vincent Sili"

Anonymous 7992

who is that

Anonymous 7997

Random schizo, just search it up and browse

Anonymous 7998

seems like a delusional narcissist, how did he die?

Anonymous 8018

He is likely still alive

Anonymous 8053

Yeah I saw that, but is there any obit or article about her death? I read the whole thread and I don't think she's dead

Anonymous 8358

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