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Weirdest people you've been friends with Anonymous 8072

Thought this could be like an accompaniment to the "Weirdest people you've met online" thread. I got to thinking about weird friends I've had and it made me realize alot of them have been pretty weird. Back in grade school I befriended:

>A furry who became my best friend. She would draw porn and gore in the middle of class. Obligatory weeb.

>Someone who gets sexually aroused by setting things on fire. Also is very into traps but not gay AFAIK. Obligatory weeb.
>Someone with a gigantess and vore fetish, and that would have a weird obsession with Germany and talking with a German accent. Obligatory weeb.
>Someone who got obsessed with getting their whole body pierced. Started with getting a lip piercing, then a nose piercing, then nipple piercings, and then a clit piercing. Also started fictionkinning as a little anime girl. (This was a girl btw, not moid FYI).
>Chainsmoker Chinese friend covered in tattoos and supposedly with BPD.
>Someone that would suddenly text me that she's taking a shit, while I was in the middle of class.
>Someone with aspergers that could sing the entire periodic table from memory. We ended up developing a whole depraved AU with him and the rest of my friend group. Huge Science nerd that knew alot about guns.
>Someone that developed over 50-60 different OCs and basically had an entire Tolkien lore of them.
>A girl that joked about raping me, because I'm "so kawaii". There was this one Japanese sims-like hentai game I got into at one point that you could make models of your favorite characters to have sex with them. She made a character based on me in it, apparently.
>A bunch of Hetalia-obsessed fujos that started only calling me by a country name rather than my real name. All started becoming lez for eachother to live out their yaoi ships.
>Someone who suddenly out of nowhere said he would walk into class and slit everyone except mutual friend sitting next to me's and my throat, because we "are nice".

Yeah, I've been friends with some pretty weird fucking people, bordering on possibly demented occasionally. Most of them have been pretty nice people though. Maybe I just attract them because there's something very wrong with me. I'm curious what weird friends you all might have had. Feel free to share.

Anonymous 8076

I was friends with,
>A narc who created a mental health server to bully and control sick people while reassuring them he was only trying to heal them.
>A guy who believed he did not exist, but that everyone else did and that he was a figment of our imaginations
>A communist who pissed on the steps to the town hall

Idk I can't think of anybody else.

Anonymous 8077

>A guy who believed he did not exist, but that everyone else did and that he was a figment of our imaginations
he must have enjoyed chaos;head and chaos;child

Anonymous 8079

i feel you about attracting weird people op. i think it's because we are too nice, and since they don't get rejected by us, they just let everything out.
also kek at the poop text girl

as for me:
>autistic man who thought he would totally get an oriental wife despite being a hikkineet for 10+ years and had hard vore/cannibalism fetish
>5+ "totally serious redpill" men with clown fetishes
>gay man who made a muppet of the man i was dating at the time and then came out as a pedophile shortly after
>man who collected dragon dildos "for tinder hookups with ftms" but i think everyone who knew him collectively agreed he'd use them on himself. it was enough to fill an entire book shelf.
>someone whos only activity in a group chat was to encourage people to buy guns illegally (probably a fed)
and more but i can't think of them right now

>A narc who created a mental health server to bully and control sick people while reassuring them he was only trying to heal them.
i swear that's like every single mental health discord chat. i know why they do it but can they at least be original about their methodology?

Anonymous 8080

I have a friend who is massively obsessed with me to the point where they monitor my Twitter so they can scold me for being active on there if I haven't replied to them first
>takes all my social media activity really seriously. I followed an ironic groyper meme account and they took that as a sign that I was actually le epic redpilled and criticised me about this for days
>I told them I was a lesbian specifically to deter them from ever trying to flirt with me. They still got jealous and possessive over me
>one time tweeted referencing a male cousin if mine and they had a jealousy fit
>will sperg at me then apologise profusely only to sperg out again shortly after
Just an all round weird guy tbh

Anonymous 8081

You must be pretty weird to attract those kind of people

Anonymous 8082


>A guy who believed he did not exist, but that everyone else did and that he was a figment of our imaginations


>A communist who pissed on the steps to the town hall

Was this an SJW? I've noticed alot of them just call themselves communist to be "eat the rich" edgelords. One of them that I had met called themselves an "anarchocommunist".


Not any weirder than average, I'd say. It's just that some of these friends I've had have made me feel like an outright normie in comparison. Tolkien-lore friend had actually told me I'm normal, after I had spent years thinking I was pretty weird. I was really taken aback.

Anonymous 8083


Anonymous 8084

Are you okay

Anonymous 8085

>furry, into a shit ton of weird fandoms, and a tif. according to an acquaintance, she watches porn during lectures. still roleplays and shit and still has this weird discord server for it that shes way too serious about. eugh. i try to avoid her.

>my ex-best friend believes she can switch realities with her mind unironically. typical tiktok airhead lefty. also a chronic attention seeker.

>her ex bf. we were friends a very long time ago. claimed proudly to be a psychopath but is probably just an edgy sperg. was overly attached to her. obsessed with anime and wanted to be a game designer (red flag). also sends decapitated babies to people on snapchat for fun.

Anonymous 8086

>gay man who made a muppet of the man i was dating at the time and then came out as a pedophile shortly after
What the fuck, more on this guy? the muppet making is decidedly more insane than his pedophilia

Was this an SJW? I've noticed alot of them just call themselves communist to be "eat the rich" edgelords. One of them that I had met called themselves an "anarchocommunist".
Yes. Actually she left because I said something transphobic and homophobic- I don't hate the latter group but I find some things about them kind of silly. She seemed very proud of herself for the things she'd done in the name of whoevers rights, but I feel like pissing outside to protest is for nutjobs, like those trannies that poured piss on themselves.


Anonymous 8087

Oh wait I have more

>polish guy who was very racist and said the n word every other sentence but claimed that it was “part of his culture”. he also ran a shitty groupchat called red lobster with shitty jokes. bunch of weird shitty girlfriends who beat him up or liked mlp and psych ward things like that. lost his virginity at like 13.

>guy who ran a similar groupchat called dennys who started it as a “war” against his friends in the wendys groupchat because they were talking shit about someone. had a thing for my feet. i was 12 and he was like… 15. pretty creepy towards women. also he looked like chris chan.

also red lobster is basically a spinoff of dennys. I have all the wendys/dennys/red lobster lore if anyone wants to hear it.

Anonymous 8088

>also red lobster is basically a spinoff of dennys. I have all the wendys/dennys/red lobster lore if anyone wants to hear it.
Go for it.

Anonymous 8089

Go on.

Anonymous 8090

>my ex-best friend believes she can switch realities with her mind unironically.
watch it be real but it's only the mildly boring realities like the ones where she picks orange juice instead of grapce juice for breakfast kek
the subliminals, they do nothing
it was just his thing lmao, he liked the muppet show and wanted to get into puppet performance. and just so happened to have had a crush on my boyfriend at the time. so i guess it was just two autistic interests colliding?
the worst part was the wig because he styled his hair just right, like it showed just how much he was paying attention to him, which would be almost impressive if not for the rest of the context

Anonymous 8096


None of the names in this are real. This all takes place on Amino.

Basically I was like 12 when this all happened. Through this guy named Fred (creep guy) I get invited to the Wendys groupchat. Now there were like 10-20 people in this chat but I remember like 4. Anyways 2 people were talking shit about this girl on like snapchat or something. There was a reason but I forgot it. I suggest the idea of a second groupchat to Fred after he tells me this and he rolls with it. He makes a new gc and we start inviting random people we know. We call it dennys as a spinoff of wendys. Then we autistically yell at the 2 people for like 3 hours until Fred and the others get a strike from the mods for not behaving. I start crying irl because I feel like a criminal for befriending someone who got a strike and I leave the chat out of fear. But Fred kept it around and soon more people were joining dennys and put shit abt it in their bios. Meanwhile, I stalk those 2 people and feel bad.

Eventually, a friend I knew from somewhere else named Tatiana joins. I apologize to Fred and he invites me back to dennys. I am immediately met with weird dirty humor about a kangaroo pussy my little 11 year old brain was not prepared for. I learned many things in that server. I also meet Ezekiel for the first time (the racist guy). The chat was a constant game of “guys delete the message where you said “balls” I dont want my parents seeing :(((“ like I was basically a baby to most of them. Also Tatiana kept repetitively venting in the chat even when people were joking around. She clearly had some major issues and drew a lot of edgy art, but the way she forced it onto other people was terrible. I had to talk her out of suicide a few times. Keep in mind, I was 11 and she was like, 15. Also Ezekiel had a crush on me and put a little puzzle in his bio about who his crush was that was super obviously about me. It was pretty cringe. He was only a year older than me, so it wasnt like he was a pedophile, but I hope he grew out of how he acted. I can honestly say my weird little 11 year old brain may have had a small crush on him, but I rejected him because I didn’t date online. He also had these two friends with eddsworld pfps who would say really gay shit to each other and joke about cocks a lot. Apparently one of them was from the same city as me so I’ve probably seen him in public and haven’t realized. Anyways, Ezekiel and his friends were also serious about the mods of the site and would talk about how they suck constantly. The mods had some somewhat unfair rules, but they weren’t really tyrants or anything looking back on it. Sure, people would draw a lot of art for them so it kind of made it look like they were getting people to suck up, but they can’t fucking control that! They banned community posts that were less than 4 sentences unless they were art, which is a pretty fair rule for an app like Amino where you have to keep the discussion going, especially when the community is 100,000+ and full of 10 year olds who spam “whats your favorite character” polls everywhere. They also banned people who stole/traced art. Again, fair. But apparently this was like, infringing on human rights to some people for some bullshit reason. Probably banned some edgy stuff they liked too. And look, I love edgy stuff sometimes (maybe not their brand of “edgy”, it was very redditorlike) but Amino is mostly elementary schoolers, 30% gacha lifey spergy middle schoolers, and 10% even spergier high schoolers. Idk. Anyways, Ezekiel eventually gets banned for putting some rude comment on a mod’s post. They knew he was encouraging people to harass mods through red lobster. It gets shut down too and the whole group chat is lost. He tries to rejoin the Amino 25 TIMES and each time he gets banned. No joke.

All of this shit at the time felt like WW3 to me, but if this happened today I’d shrug it all off. Still, it marks a significant loss of innocence.

Shortly after, Tatiana deletes her account. I get really sad because I was scared she killed herself. According to Ezekiel she turned out to be fine, but sometimes I wonder if shes still out there on some other side of the internet. It’d be fun to talk to her again.

Eventually, after like half a year, I apologize to him through Instagram and he invites me to this groupchat with his irl friends. Thats when hes racist all the time, and every other conversation is about sex. Apparently he had some gf who liked mlp or something. Some gf who beat him up. And his current gf he was going to have sex with on new years. He was 13. In Poland you can buy condoms at that age so it wasn’t like it was super unsafe but still that’s pretty wild imo. I had no idea if he actually did it since I didn’t stay that long. And yknow what, it’s none of my business.

As for the Fred guy. Uh. Apparently I sent a random photo of my feet into a gc somewhere and he saved it. And according to a much nicer way less creepy friend I still dm on discord to this day, he was having a convo with Fred and apparently he found them hot. I was 12. He was like, 15. He knew this. Gross. The groupchat that originated from is very interesting as well, but the story includes a bunch of weird lolcowy stuff on my part that I dont feel like sharing. Tbf this was 6 years ago, but still.

I think thats the extent of what I remember.

Anonymous 8098


Anonymous 8369

Where the hell did yall go to school?!???!

Anonymous 8375


OP here. I'm in the U.S. Probably not that surprising, especially when you consider how nowadays we have complete mental asylum patients completely loose in society, like at Walmart. People Of Walmart is real.

Anonymous 8377

I used to know a guy who started going by the name Loki, and his dad played along by legally changing his own name to Odin. This guy started dressing up as the Joker on a daily basis. One time he told me at a friends birthday party how in middle school he and his best friend had made a plan to shoot up the school and never got around to it. He wasn’t really a friend, I guess, but he was part of our circle for a while until he got too weird. I wish I could find his profile and see what he’s up to.

Anonymous 9302

when i was little i was friends with a girl who had a very hard time fitting in; she was black in a mostly white and hispanic area, jehovah's witness, significantly taller than all the other kids, a frequent liar who one upped everyone, usually late for school, cried a lot in class, and was told she wasnt allowed to perform the pledge of allegiance by her parents. despite this, she was very pleasant and i hope she turned out okay. i never thought it was weird she had no other friends because i hardly did either

Anonymous 9537

i was friends with
>this ginger cunt who has some mental illness ( autism or something) who openly said to the entire friend group that she likes a 9 year old ( she was 14) also apparently she meets the 9 year old every wednesday and she thinks he loves her too because he blowed her a kiss ( he probably was joking) im scared if she's done something to him.

>A , yet again , a ginger cunt. She was always confessing to my gay best friend , her entire personality was the fact that she was Irish (yet she couldn't even speak it that well) , she embarrassingly sang a shitty irish song infront of the whole school. She faked multiple mental illnesses and she got my other good friend into trouble because she asked the ginger cunt if she had BPD and she asked what are the symptoms so she said them and the ginger cunt started to cry when she said `wanting to kill yourself` as a symptom , the ginger cunt then snitched on my friend to the teachers.

tdlr; I fucking hate gingers

Anonymous 9543

>fujoshi girl who'd act like a cartoon character in school and boast how their mom is offering all this money to buy new clothes for her, later trooned out
>some british guy who would sent me softocre hentai, couldn't have conversation longer than 5 minutes because would either agree with me on everything or just send memes, then talk about how they want Finnish girlfriend who can barely speak English.
>depressed neckbeard who would constantly tell me how he's too shy to talk to women, told him I was lesbian, still kept talking about how he could have sex with a friend (basically just saw every woman as a vessel to lose his virginity), kept telling me how "you can tell me everything" and how deep he is and such.
>Canadian who was always claiming to have every disability, how they're 7% black so they can say the n-word, insisted they were born in Switzerland but later on claimed they were from The Netherlands (said they had looked it wrong on their adoption papers lol), constantly changing which name they were using, always using shit ton of micro labels but were obviously just a attention seeking and chronically online girl

Anonymous 9855

Not your average weirdos, these are legit degenerates ngl.

Anonymous 10008

Based. Wish I had a bunch of weirdo friends like this.

Anonymous 10011

The NSA was weird top left bottom up sideways.

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