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MBTI General Anonymous 8113

whats your personality type?
whats your zodiac sign?
what type/sign do u like and dislike the most?

>INTJ Edgelord

>INFP crybaby
>ENTP will never shut the fuck up
>INTP forever alone
>ISTJ the ultimate NPC
>ESTP Chad
>ENTJ your future boss
>INFJ the ultimate form of horse shoe theory. He's either hitler or an SJW
>ENFJ sjw or normie

MBTI tests
>>Beginner level
>>Advanced level
>>Bonus test

MBTI discord:
theres a girls only channel + hobby channels

Anonymous 8114

sagittarius sun, pisces rising and pisces moon
i love aries and capricorn people
i dislike scorpios, leos and geminis

Anonymous 8115

infp, gemini sun/scorpio moon/cancer rising
my favorite people in my life tend to be aquarians and leos, but i get along with everyone except sagittarians.

Anonymous 8116

I'm an INFP. I have found my people

Anonymous 8117


This is INFP central apparently. I did a "legit" test in therapy once and I scored equally F and T, but the scoring system said in case of a tie you're an INFP if you're female. Hmm.

I love creepy and sad INTJs with no social capital because I feel motherly towards them.

Anonymous 8118

I typically tend to like libras a lot but cancers are cool too.
Also wow @ all the infp's

Anonymous 8119

INTJ, cancer
I can't belive how accurate that joke line is. Don't know what types are my friends exactly, but they all are more extroverted than me.

Anonymous 8120

My problem is that I often have a difficult time understanding the questions/phrases presented in these tests. They're way too wordy for me and I'm never quite sure how to answer them correctly.

Anonymous 8121

These tests always stress me out and confuse me.

>I am not easily bothered by things.

I DON'T KNOW?????? What do you count as easily bothered? There are things that easily bother me, and those things do easily bother me, but I don't care about a lot of things that other people say easily bother them. I guess it depends? How do I answer this? What am I supposed to say? YOU'RE TEARING ME APART, MBTI

Anonymous 8122


>always fucking INTP
I still want a boyfriend dammit, husbandos just won't cut it anymore

Anonymous 8123

I think I know the answer to that one.

Anonymous 8124

Why are you girls posting your star signs? What does that have to do with MBTI?

Virgo here.

Anonymous 8125

Over the years:
ISFP, INTP (?), INTJ (what), INFJ

Just now:

This is why I don't care for MBTI; the results are always inconsistent for many people

Anonymous 8126

I tend to be drawn to other Aquarius people, Pisces, and Virgos, as well as other intuitive and feeling types MBTI-wise. Overly logical types (like to the point of being socially stunted) irritate me.

Anonymous 8127

Pisces sun, Leo moon, Scorpio rising/ascendent.

I cannot get away from Scorpio males, my father, older brother, and 80% of my boyfriends have been Scorpios. They just walk into my life and start taking over. I get along best with INFJ Scorpios though, especially well with ones with Pisces moon or rising, because they're full of good ideas but have a lazy streak, and we just end up sitting around eating delicious food and talking about what Utopia should be like and doing nothing about it and hating ourselves for it.

Anonymous 8128

I consistently get INTP in the MBTI, got INTJ in the Keirsay Jung test.
Edgelord and forever alone, seems accurate enough.

I'm a Taurus, I don't really care for astrology. But based on my experiences I dislike Scorpios the most.

Anonymous 8129

That's funny. I'm Taurus as well and also have an aversion to Scorpios. I don't believe in astrology either but I've repeatedly noticed this. heh

Anonymous 8130

Funny that so many people dislike Scorpios.
Why is that, what about them does everyone dislike? Is it just Scorpio males or is it girls as well?

Anonymous 8131

Taurus sun,Taurus moon,Scorpio rising.

Anonymous 8132

male scorpios are actually pretty decent from personal experience but the women… i just can't.

Anonymous 8133


I've just found them to be really passive aggressive (or just straight up aggressive) people. Also prone to trying to start drama.

Anonymous 8134

The description of the INTJ (which I consistently test for) in the OP image is me spot on, even though I've always thought MBTI is not based in fact. I'm a taurus, though I don't care for astrology.

My favorite personality typology is the Enneagram, I'm a three wing four. You don't really "test" for it, you have to figure out what you are on your own for the most accurate reading, in my opinion. It's based upon your desires and fears and I've found it the most illuminating out of all the personality tests in terms of figuring out more about yourself.

Anonymous 8135

INTJ Aquarius sun. I think IN—‘s are more prone to imageboards

Anonymous 8136

Absolutely, we're all INs. I know for sure we have some ""normies"" here, but I think I the tendency of people who lurk places like these is to be introverts.

Anonymous 8137


I'm a Virgo, Gemini moon, Gemini rising. My Mars is Cancer.

Does that mean I'm a two faced OCD crybaby?

Anonymous 8138


libra sun/sagi moon/scorpio rising
i don't take it seriously but i like intps, geminis and virgos

reimu isn't an infp at all! she is calm and has very low empathy. i'd say she's more of an istp.

Anonymous 8139

>I am a Gemini.
I don't believe in astrology as definition of people, so i don't have a favorite sign and never found a sign i feel more comfortable with than other, so idk.

Anonymous 8140

I'm scorpio sun and moon with a sagittarius rising. I don't understand the hate scorpios get either. I've only met one bitchy scorpio but even then he's not so bad, a sassy gay. In regards to myself I'm pretty reserved, but not totally antisocial, I try my best to be friendly to everyone. I can have a dramatic emotional episode once in a while, but I only show that side to people who are super close to me.

The sign I dislike the most is leo, while they're usually friendly, their self obsessed attitude throws me off.

I get along with capricorn, cancer, and taurus the most. Libras are nice too but my libra friends never last, I was getting close with this really cool libra girl and then she ended up sort of abandoning me because she has a massive hoard of friends, we still hang out once in a while but there's no solidarity.

Anonymous 8141

Anyone here doesn't like Libras? All the Libras I know are cunts which is probably just a coincidence but still…

Anonymous 8142

No dislike of any signs.

Not forever alone

Anonymous 8143

Also, i can confirm i never shut the fuck up

Anonymous 8144

Most Virgos and Scorpios I know are cunts.
It's a numbers game and has nothing to do with the actual signs, just coincidence.

Anonymous 8145

are you sure that you're cancer? i thought i was but that's stupid Western Astrology, look up what your things are in vedic astrology since that's the original ancient discipline
I'm Entp too
ascendent: scorpio
sun: gemini
moon: taurus

Anonymous 8146

I don't like Vedic astrology; it's too fatalistic for me.
But to answer your question: I'm still a Cancer.

Anonymous 8147

i don't think it's fatalistic at all.. i think that's a western view of it or maybe a Hindu view but I'm speaking of the ancient vedic discipline, which is nothing close to fatalism imo

Anonymous 8148

infp virgo

Anonymous 8149

INFP Libra sun, Capricorn moon, Leo rising

I try not to hate anyone, but there's been quite a few people that have pissed me off that were Cancers.

Anonymous 8150

Gemini sun, capricorn moon, taurus rising. What does this say about me? I am unfamiliar with this.

Anonymous 8151


And I'm yet another INFP

I don't hate any sign. I've met good people of every sign.

I do love Leos and fire signs a lot. I'm drawn to their energy and positive emotions.

Anonymous 8152


Not many ISFPs out there…I wonder why

Anonymous 8153


infj, libra sun scorpio moon(+stellium) and gemini rising

LOVE all other air fellows +scorpios and leos most of my friends fall on those signs

im not the kind of person to dislike someone based on their sign but ugh virgos and cancers are just…
also taurus as bf´s are so irritating like i love them but they tend to be so controlling

Maybe i've just met stereotypical scorpios but most of the go off with the whole "death and 2deep" sign of the zodiac, personally i think they're cute and loyal but i can see how some ppl would found that annoying

Anonymous 8154

This tarot set is so amazing! I wouldn't have found out about it if you didn't post this pic, thanks anon!

Anonymous 8155

I really dislike when people use the "cancers r too sensitive XD" as a reason to dislike them. First of all, I'm 99 percent sure you're more sensitive and emotionally fragile than I am. It's just how it is.

Anonymous 8156

I'm ENTJ but the image in OP creased me because I did make a powerpoint presentation to prove someone wrong once and I sdjhkfgkjasdhfgkahjkfg

Anonymous 8157

My boyfriend and my great friend are both cancers. They're generally in good humor and tend to hide their emotional nature. They're kind, generous, and loyal, I really cherish them.

Anonymous 8158


Sun Aries
Moon Capricorn
Rising Lion

Anonymous 8159

Sun Leo
Moon Virgo
Rising Cancer
I've got them. I got all the feels

Anonymous 8160


>being that mad over a silly astrological stereotype
Spoken like a true cancer :^)

Anonymous 8161

I think all astrological stereotypes are corny.

Anonymous 8162


Hmmmmm… Is your ascendant Virgo?

Anonymous 8163


INTJ epic cynical edgelord
Sag sun
Virgo Moon
Leo rising
Aquarius venus (hmu ;))

I cba to list my millions of other planet signs and midheavens. Seriously what the fuck why does everyone have a million signs

Anonymous 8164

Aquarius conjunct Uranus fag

Anonymous 8165

your welcome anon! im always in the search for cute decks i know they tend to be hard to find

the cancers i have met tend to present them self as "cute bbys" but are really manipulative and use situations to come on top

Anonymous 8166

There's not a passive aggressive bone in my body but I'm Air Dominate.

Anonymous 8167


INFP crybaby
Sun: Taurus
Moon: Libra
Rising: Pisces

my fave signs are Sag and and Gemini, i generally dislike Aries and Aquarius I find them to be pretty immature and conceited

Anonymous 8168

Reminder that geminis are intolerable

Anonymous 8169

Why?! What did we do?
>It's my ascendant.

Anonymous 8170

Gemini sun, rising cancer, Aquarius moon.

Doesn't really mean anything to me but I have to admit it is quite fun to see what people think about my sign.

Anonymous 8171


Seems like people mostly just use MBTI (and astrology to a lesser extent) to put people into condescending categories to feel better about themselves, just look at what self-identifying INTJs say about ESFPs online to see the worst of it.

(…Pisces sun, scorpio moon, libra rising, phlegmatic.)

Anonymous 8172

I always get INTP but I am also the dumbest motherfucker I know so I want a refund.
Got the virgin part right though.

Anonymous 8173


I've had all the cards stacked in favor of making me a genius who can't settle for anyone. Fuckkk

Anonymous 8174

I know this is extremely ot but I'm entrances by this gif lol. Thanks anon.

Anonymous 8175


But being a stubborn asshole with a huge ego and little social grace is just part of being an INTJ.

I agree, though. It's either what you said or just for fun as a majority of people will never fit neatly into boxes forever. And function stacks are still fallible, different situations call for different actions. Even "lacking" Ni, I'm sure most people can easily see how events fall in to place. It's not special, INxJs.

And the world would be very boring without ESFPs. Personally liking them is irrelevant.

Anonymous 8176

Fits like a fucking glove. I feel like crying whenever someone criticizes me in a more aggressive manner, am very airheaded, empathetic and pacifist.

Anonymous 8177


I don't know what that fucking means…I seem to be at odds with myself.

Anonymous 8178

Pisces/Aquarius Cusp (happy bday to me pretty much)
Aries moon, Sag ascendant. Being a Pisces sun and an Aries moon is the most restless, bipolar feeling you can imagine

I really like Leos and Virgos. I really hate Cancer and Aquarius men, but these are just my experiences.

Anonymous 8179

Another one to INFP
also Sagittarius

Always seem to have Geminis around my life. Get along well, but one of the most dramatic signs.

Anonymous 8180

pound place.jpg

I got INTJ too. They thought i had astigmatism when i was 10 but I was never officially diagnosed

Anonymous 8181

ENTJ-A, aquarius
>other ENTJs have too big egos
>non ENTJs are too incompetent

Anonymous 8182

Reading this board it is hard to believe that there are this many INTs here.

Anonymous 8183



Anonymous 8184

Cancer sun, Virgo moon

Anonymous 8185

Aries sun, libra moon, capricorn ascendant

Anonymous 8186

>be INTP
>tried boyfriending
>went back to husbandos
would recommend not bothering

Anonymous 8187

Infp for the wiiiiin

Anonymous 8188

I mean, I'm still a timid shut-in, but my function order is Ne Fi Te Si. I'm sure I'm not introverted either.

Anonymous 8189

So I took the 16 personalities quiz and got this :

Personality type: “The Mediator” (INFP-A)
Individual traits: Introverted – 78%, Intuitive – 81%,
Feeling – 51%, Prospecting – 54%, Assertive – 51%
Role: Diplomat
Strategy: Confident Individualism

The bit that's puzzling me specifically is the
>Feeling – 51%, Prospecting – 54%, Assertive – 51%
Like, shit. I could be INTP, INFJ, etc.

Anonymous 8190

>am istp
>am aries
>infp is the absolute worst i fucking hate all of them die die die fuck you fuck you hahahhaaaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous 8191

images (8).jpeg



Anonymous 8192

Funny I get INFP as well…

also scorpio

Anonymous 8193


>Outwardly a cold bitch
>Warm and gooey centre, secretly cry when I think about the fact there are homeless cats in the world

Nobody must ever know. Also I'm Cancer but I don't really do zodiac signs.

Anonymous 8194

I'm incredibly introverted, although I'm a Leo.
But other than that I have no idea, so I did some tests. Apparently I'm…
>Sun: Leo
>Moon: Gemini
>AS: Scorpio
>MC: Virgo
What does that mean? And how do you girls know which signs you (don't) get along with?

For me it's the same, I also always try to play it tough. I'm tall and have a resting bitch face, so I feel like this is somewhat my image and what people expect me to be like and therefore I don't let any "weaknesses" (like finding certain things cute) show.

Anonymous 8195


i love/hate this shit because i always get the most snowflaky results

Aries(sun & moon)libra(rising)
female scorpios can fuck off, i don't fully subscribe to astrology but every girl scorp i've met has been full blown cluster B and fucked up my life. no thank
I am in love with a cancer, though they can be quite mopey

Anonymous 8196

>whats your personality type?
>what's your zodiac sign?
>what type/sign do u like and dislike the most?
ISFJ is probably the most annoying. Not sure about star signs.

Does anyone have examples of female INTP characters?

Anonymous 8197

angry entj.png

im entj too, and i made a powerpoint once to apolagize to someone with a full analysis of what went wrong and why we had a misunderstanding + suggestions to what we do next to make up

Anonymous 8198

I'm INFJ and have both an Aries Sun/Moon as well! My rising sign is Virgo. I also have not had the best experiences with female scorpios.

Anonymous 8199

>whats your personality type?
>whats your zodiac sign?
Aries Sun, Aries Moon, Virgo Ascendant
>what type/sign do u like and dislike the most?

I tend to gravitate toward Libra's and Cancers. While everyone's chart placement factors into personality, as far as sun signs go I find Virgo's to be very nit-picky and quick to judge at times.

Anonymous 8200

I like ISFPs for their artsy chill vibes. With zodiac it's a bit harder, but I mostly can't get along with capricorn people.

Anonymous 8201

>all these intuitives

ISFP checking in

Anonymous 8202

Alright so, I'm a cancer sun, taurus moon, sag ascendant and um. An INTP.

Anonymous 8203

>tfw INTJ in constant Ni-Fi loop because childhood trauma
>Fi so strong that function test thinks I have Ti
>live in head because Ni daydreams satisfy Fi enough to never have to use Te
>fuckin stoopit compared to other INTJs because of weak Te
>self analysis for days
>still a selfish asshole with shit social skills

I'm over most of it, though. It was worse in HS.

In regards to other types, I enjoy the company of other INxJs although INFJs worry about others/their opinions to a fault and some INTJs are (actual) assholes. ENTPs being an INTJ's best friend is such a meme to me, though they're great and intelligent entertainers who would hypothetically be nice in friend groups. One-on-one they're just too high energy.

Anonymous 8204



I really admire INFPs noticed I tend to be attracted to INTP/INTJ most. Also have mad respect for ENFJs

Anonymous 8205



i used to be super introverted and socially awkward as a youth. no friends etc. i've managed to develop social skills at around the age of 18/19 when i had to live alone, work and learn to adult. i'm still an insecure mess and after a long day of talking to people i do appreciate a nice evening by myself and my dank kush and my youtube trash. i even managed to get a boyfriend, we're going on two and a half years together now. i love him a lot but will probably fuck it up eventually idk

Anonymous 8206


Usually I get INTJ on these tests but from the test on the first link I got the artist (I forgot which letters that was but it was something completely different).
Also I know it's just a meme, but I can absolutely relate to this picture…!

Anonymous 8207


Anonymous 8208


mm and my zodiac is like Libra/Scorpio Cusp.

Anonymous 8209

- infp/j (in the middle/it changes)
- aquarius with leo rising
- Big Five: low Extroversion, low Conscientiousness, high Openness, high Agreeableness, high Neuroticism

Anonymous 8210

They are the definition of fake. And lazy on top of that.

Anonymous 8211


I don't dislike any sign, it depends on the person. I find that Geminis are nice to talk to.

I don't like ENTJs.

Anonymous 8212

Actually fits kind of perfectly.
Kind of because somewhere mid trough I abandoned giving a fuck so hard that I stopped caring for anything completly that isnt my favourite TV show, cheap booze or fish sticks with fries, especially including other people or their shitface emotions.
Still feeling hard though and sometimes when drunk the "make it better for everyone"-mommy makes her way trough. Regardless of what type of people I'm with btw. I still get along with everyone, everyone just don't gets a long with me anymore. Possibly due to all the shouting and me not being able to form a sentence without an insult in it.

My zodiac is fuck astrology.

Anonymous 8213

my sign is leo
i don't really dislike any of them

Anonymous 8214

am i the only person who finds it really fucking hard to answer honestly on mbti?

Anonymous 8215

Nah same, especially since I'm a cusp in two areas, S/N and J/P, I don't feel like any one type fits me most of the time.

Anonymous 8216


I think I don't have a particular type I hate or dislike, but if I could choose, it would be ESFP and overly-edgy INTJs.

Anonymous 8217




Anonymous 8218

MBTI is really just a narcissistic navel-gazing exercise disguised as a legitimate psychometric instrument: as a scientific model it's only slightly more rigorous than astrology, which is to say it's bullshit. That said, I have only ever gotten INTP or rarely INTJ in my report despite having taken many versions of the test. These days I tend to get INTP.

I'm a libra btw

Anonymous 8219

INTP/ISTP Sagittarius! I'm not at all interested in zodiac signs or whatnot because I find most of it is based on stereotypes of the signs or just utter nonsensical guessing. I also hate people who get way into it because its basically just a tool to explain away your personality and experiences because of when you were born. This can be equally shitty since some places try to tell you what kind of job you should/shouldnt have based on it.

I hate self proclaimed scorpios and libras. As well as self proclaimed INTJ's and ENTP's. All because I find them to be the most arrogant and excuse their bitchy behavior with those traits.

Anonymous 8220

How INTP of you.

Anonymous 8221


have found a bf who is also intp pisces, we're quiet techy nerd hermits together

Anonymous 8222


I'm an INFJ
Also a Capricorn

I'm pretty sure I'll end up as an old lady surrounded by cats but I'm pretty okay with that

Anonymous 8223

>libra sun/scorpio moon/capricorn rising
>don't really like/dislike any sign but keep dating scorpio men that turn out to be shitty.

Anonymous 8224

>I don't get along with INTJs at all. I use to fall in love with Taurus signs, it is weird.

Anonymous 8225

Can you change your MBTI?

Anonymous 8226

You can answer the questionnaire differently, you can change your perspectives or habits, so sure.

Anonymous 8227

Changing yourself is so hard! But yeah it is doable!

Anonymous 8228

I'm a INTJ/INTP, not really sure because it's always a 5-10% difference when I take the test. Both of those quotes in the OP apply to me in some way too, half and half.
And a Scorpio.
I'm dying alone.

Anonymous 8229

INTJ, leo rising/pisces sun/gemini moon.

Like rationals the most, and air/fire signs.

Anonymous 8230

I love people, despise them, and feel nothing for them all at once.

I used to type myself as an INTJ because strong Ni but I think about humans way too much. I love learning about people and figuring them out.

I like INFPs but oddly my best friend is an ENTJ. I prefer people with Fi because they like talking about themselves and their interests. Other Fe users are either too similar to me or too talkative.

Anonymous 8231

Im an INTP Gemini, lets hang out!

Anonymous 8232

Jung gave me INTP, keys2cognition gave me ENTP, 16 personalities gave me INFP multiple times over the course of my life. Is it more consistent for other people?

Anonymous 8233

Given what you have here I'd say you're at least not INTP because the doubt would be between that and INTJ instead. INTPs are big introverts, you'd never type as ENTP (although ENTPs are the most introverted extroverts).

Would recommend learning more about the functions and deciding your type based on that. If you care enough of course lol.
I consistently get INTJ in quizzes but would definitely type myself as an INFJ. They're not really reliable, but are a jumping off point.

Also keep in mind MBTI is pretty big bullshit btw, it's just fun.

Anonymous 8234

>I feel too much

Anonymous 8235

ISTP here too but I don't feel much

Anonymous 8236


These threads are always hilarious

Anonymous 8237

ISTP unite! I took 3 tests and I always got this result. I have no idea why it's considered adventurous or inventor though.

Anonymous 8238

All the ISTPs I know are a bit odd with strong but ill thought out opinions and are often impulsive. They come off as stubborn, straightforward, and serious, as well as a bit self-isolating. Would you say this is true or have I just known of weird ISTPs?

Anonymous 8239

I think you're generally right, there's always a bit of variety person-to-person though. Not really sure about the strong but ill-thought out opinions part, I have a couple of strong opinions I am very stubborn about that many do not agree with. I'm not serious at all 99% of the time, I have a few very close friends but isolate myself from everyone else.
/end blog

Anonymous 8240

ISTP is literaly 1 anti-autism pill away from chad/stacy status

Anonymous 8241


I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Anonymous 8242

how the hell do you people even determine other people's personality types? Do they tell you? Is this something people talk about? If not, how do you decide that they are a certain personality? How do you even remember it?
Why does it say INFJ/INTJ is the rarest type and yet every other poster here is one of those? Why do I even care about this

Anonymous 8243

I usually get INTP but it seems kinda bullshitty to me since I'm extroverted and high energy when I want to be

Anonymous 8244

I agree with u

Anonymous 8245


I've been wondering the same thing. Is there like… a MBTI dating scene going on? Can I register somewhere?

Anonymous 8246

Anonymous 8247

Because "I" for introvert. Do you think people are more likely to be extroverts and thus ENFJ or ENTJ on an imageboard?

Anonymous 8248

creepy how?

Anonymous 8249

wait but isnt mbti bullshit? are you guys larping? whats happening?

Anonymous 8250

It's for fun. Similar to "what character from [popular media] are you?" quizzes.

Anonymous 8251


INTJ edgelord
aquarius sun / leo moon / sagittarius rising
enneagram 4w5
big 5 highest in openness (83%) and neuroticism (80%), agreeableness pretty low (23%), the other two also around 20%
I don't even believe in zodiac stuff but it just so happens that all the people I click with the most are aries/sagittarius/gemini or aquarius like me. One leo I really like.
I fucking hate extroverts

Anonymous 8252


> Scorpio
I like INTJs and ISFPs

Anonymous 8253

INTP here.
>how the hell do you people even determine other people's personality types?
I assume such a type as INFJ can simply feel it, i think they use MBTI to mostly understand themselves since they are pretty good at reading people as they are. I do it by simply making use of my pattern recognition ability, i memorize countless indications until there is enough data to attribute it to a type, after that i'm able to use all i know about that type to know the person.
>Why does it say INFJ/INTJ is the rarest type and yet every other poster here is one of those?
Because different types flock to different things, for example it is rare to see an ISTP anywhere on the internet, because as we speak they are somewhere out in real life mastering some skill and interacting with normies, while INTJs and INTPs tend to avoid mainstream social media and flock to imageboards.

Anonymous 8254


>whats your personality type?
INFJ. I’ve taken the actual test multiple times in therapy along with the 16 personalities at the request of others. I always get these letters so I think it’s right. None of the MBTI nerds I’ve met think I’m an INFJ until I take the test for them so I doubt the letters have much impact on my outward personality.

>whats your zodiac sign?

Scorpio sun, Aquarius moon, Sagittarius rising, Libra Venus and idc about the rest. I got into astrology as a kid, quit when I found out I was a “bad sign”. Then I recently rediscovered it because it annoys men when you talk about your sign and I think it’s fucking hilarious.

what type/sign do u like and dislike the most?
I like ENTPs and have a soft spot for ENTJ women since my mom is one. I don’t like ESFJs (aka most of my co-workers), IXTJ men or anyone who self-identifies as INFJs in a pic related manner. For astrological signs, I highly dislike Libra men. Every time a guy is super annoying I will look up their birthday on social media and 9 times out of ten they’re a fucking Libra.

And for the record, I don’t truly ~believe~ in the stars or funny letters determining much but I think the coincidences in my life that support them are interesting.

Anonymous 8255


>pisces sun, sagittarius moon, gemini rising

i personally dont understand shit about zodiac signs, they just seem fun

Anonymous 8256

>whats your personality type?
>whats your zodiac sign?
>what type/sign do u like and dislike the most?
I get along best with other FPs, I dislike xNTPs and some ESFJs. Idk much about astrology.

Anonymous 8257

>whats your personality type?
>whats your zodiac sign?
leo sun aquarius rising cancer moon/venus
>what type/sign do u like and dislike the most?
i like taurus and aquarius people, dislike fire signs people (including myself)

Anonymous 8258

I’m a INTP, cancer. Just started having relationship issues with my bf of 5 years so probably will end up dying alone. At least I have my work tho lol

Anonymous 8259

ISTP sometimes INTP, aquarius sun, aries moon, gemini rising. I don't really get what all of it means though.

Anonymous 8260

>scorpio sun, leo moon, gemini ascendant
im insufferable

Anonymous 8261

Does anyone have another invite for the discord?
>ESTJ like the most
>ESFP like the least

Anonymous 8262


>infp crybaby like everyone else here
>aquarius sun
>taurus moon
>capricorn rising

i desperately wish i was more extroverted. i feel like life would be easier.

Anonymous 8263

be the change you want to see, talk to people a lot and if you're close enough, try to convey that you're trying to be more extroverted afterwards and harvest that feedback

Anonymous 8264

do any of you really believe that your astrological sign impact your personality? or is it just for shit in giggles like some "tag yourself" game? i'm really curious

Anonymous 8265

No, not at all. I think it's fun but I share absolutely 0 similarities with my astrological sign. It's complete bullshit but it's fun bullshit. Probably more fun when it happens to be accurate though

Anonymous 8266

INTJ-T, Leo Sun, Leo Moon, and Scorpio Rising.

Now that I think about it, a lot of my friends are Libras and Geminis and most of the people I dislike are Cancers. Hm…

Anonymous 8267

My Myer Briggs changes a lot lolz but Enneagram test seems much better.
Takes longer but idk seems way better MBTI is meme

Anonymous 8268

ISFJ, scorpio sun, scorpio moon

Anonymous 8269


"Remember: no normie"

Anonymous 8270

>tfw INTP
I just wanna be INTJ again.

Anonymous 8271

I just want an sensitive INFJ boy who isn't settling for me and doesn't want to kill himself. :(

Anonymous 8272

i have evolved from an intp to enfp in about 2-3 years according to the tests i took. i agree with it. i think these personality types are really really fluid though. which might make them really useless at times i think.

Anonymous 8273

every INTP wishes they could be INTJ. life would be so easy…

Anonymous 8274

Enfj here anyone else? What’s your life like?

Anonymous 8275

infj guys are so cute

Anonymous 8276

is anyone here into cognitive functions or socionics or is this just a "I took the 16personalities test" thread. Asking cause I'll be honest, I understand Introverted Feeling in that, it's easy to tell when someone has it within just a couple conversations but actually putting a label on it is something I've struggled with, so can anyone do that?
anyhow I got "INTP-T" on 16P, ENTP on keys2cognition and I've gotten 5w4 on every single enneagram test I've ever taken

Anonymous 8277


I believe socionics can be explained with genetics. But putting a label on someone I'm talking to, I kind of see the spectrum in my mind and put them on it, and this is a part of how I 'feel' about that person.

Anonymous 8278


That actually makes sense, thanks, anon

Anonymous 8279


Am I good enought ?

Anonymous 8280

I started watching It's Okay to Not Be Okay and I have to agree. If there's hope for men it's an INFJ male. The question is, where do I meet one and would he like an INTJ female…

Also yall gotta take the COGNITIVE FUNCTIONS test and not MBTI 4-letter tests. This -A/-T thing is bs. I second the anon who suggested enneagrams, I also suggest tritypes and instinctual variants.

Anonymous 8281


>whats your personality type?
>whats your zodiac sign?
libra but i dont really like it i cant relate to it at all ; _ ;
>what type/sign do u like and dislike the most?
for mbti
like: enfjs… they are nice and sweet ^_^ and istp women
dislike: probably entj ( especially males ) but maybe there are good ones out there i dont know of. anger issues scare me but i guess it's not their fault
i dont know enough about star signs to know sorry _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):

Anonymous 8282

>whats your personality type?
infp. for a while i was confused on whether i was an infj. how to tell the difference?
>whats your zodiac sign?
taurus sun, pisces moon, pisces rising
>what type/sign do u like and dislike the most?
favourite: intj, virgo rising (because of my bf lol). we get along so well! opposite rising signs complement each other and are each other's missing halves! water and earth signs are agreeable to me.
dislike: i think i can get along with anyone but i guess leos, geminis, aries scare me. i don't get along with ESxx types.

Anonymous 8283

I'm ENTJ but I can't really express how little I match the supposed profile for it. My life doesn't resemble the ENTJ description in any way.

I'm Aries.

I like INTP/INFP I think. I like people with strong internal feelings.

I don't buy horoscope bullshit but just going by the people I know I like Leo and Scorpio. I don't like Aquarius or Gemini.

Anonymous 8284


>whats your personality type?
i often get intp though. afaik the difference between intp and istp is theoretical knowledge vs practical knowledge
i'm bad at both so honestly idk. i tend to get both types interchangeably and when i took one to distinct intp vs istp it was almost 50/50 but istp prevailed by a small margin so istp it is i guess
>whats your zodiac sign?
literal cancer

Anonymous 8285


I love floppa and I love cancers (:

Anonymous 8286


Do not take any test.
Read the cognitive functions.

Anonymous 8287


Yes but 4 letters is better than 4 ranked pairs of letters

Anonymous 8288

Intp but lately I’ve been getting infp. I think I’m becoming more emotional/empathic with age.
Cancer sign

I like:
>INFJ. My best friend was INFJ and while she was too idealistic and crazy, she was the best friend I’ve ever had. She was so caring and creative

> my bf is an ISTP and while I think he could use more imagination he is really good at seeing things the way they are and calming me down

> ENFP are just so fun and they have this optimism that gives me hope in humanity

> ENTP are the best type, I wish I could be one

Anonymous 8289

Are you me? I’m also a cancer INTP who’s started being more emotionally-oriented.

Anonymous 8290

Same, i thought I was built different

Anonymous 8291

Cancer INTP but I'm rapidly becoming more detached and aggressive, what tf is wrong with me?

Anonymous 8292

>whats your personality type?
>whats your zodiac sign?
Leo not sure about my full chart but I’m def an Aries moon
>what type/sign do u like and dislike the most?
I love xnfps and xntps! I don’t dislike a type but I tend to have a polarize relationship with entjs. We either are incredibly compatible or fight a lot.

Anonymous 8293

>capricorn and leo

Anonymous 8294

aries moons are so fun

Anonymous 8295

I'm borderline and bipolar, so I tend to go through big personality shifts. That being said, I tend to score esfj/isfj. When I'm particularly bad off I usually score ESFP.
I'm a virgo sun/pisces moon/leo rising.

I don't really like ENFPs just because I was in a facebook group with them and their memes were fucking annoying.

Anonymous 8407

ENFJ-T, Aquarius. I love libras and hate cancers

Anonymous 8409


Anonymous 8422



intp, taurus

I like geminis and capricorn the most. I've tended to get attracted to them the most.
I hate scorpios. Mother is one and she's a serious bitch. Also, I've never gotten along with any Virgo I've ever known..for some reason.

Anonymous 8426

>infj (i just took the test again in 6 years, i was infp last time)
>gemini sun, cancer moon, pisces rising
>ISTJS, ISTPS, ESTJ, ESTP, ESFJ, arieses and libras and aquarius moons should all die

Anonymous 8427

I forgot to mention that i hate fellow geminis and gemini moons as well

Anonymous 8428

I took the test and got INTP, which the more I read what it meant it made more sense and sounded like me, which I was suprised the test came so accurately because usually I have a hard time on self evaluation tests like that.

Anonymous 8429


INFJ on pretty much every test I’ve taken. Aside from one I can’t even remember that gave me INTJ as a result so idk

Also a Virgo, never really cared for astrology stuff, don’t know much about it

Anonymous 8430

INTP, cancer sun
i read somewhere that scoring as INTP correlates positively with schizotypy and it seems to be true in my case

Anonymous 8435

What did they do kek

Anonymous 8438

Nothing we just don’t get along

Anonymous 8590


I always get ISTJ on MBTI tests. I guess it's a cool type, I dunno. I don't take MBTI that seriously but I found the readups I'd find on tumblr and those character charts really fun.

Anonymous 8591


this made me kek

Anonymous 8653

Youre an extrovert

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