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Reincarnation Anonymous 8454

If I kill myself, is it possible to be reborn in a new place? Ideally, Japan?

Anonymous 8455

only if you come back as an animal that can't tell us about it, or a flaky and/or crazy human who tells us way too much about it.

(only crazy/flaky people have crazy/flaky stories about being reincarnated, and they're 90% previously famous historical figures or celebrities, 9% animals in a past life, 1% average normal human prior life…but always crazy/flaky)

…of course, japan has just as many animals, flakes and nutjobs as anywhere, so…

Anonymous 8457

just move retard

Anonymous 8460

japan is a capitalistic hellscape. not to mention full of pervs. it's only good for cute things, shrines and nature everything else is gross

Anonymous 8461

That would be impossible. Japan is one of the hardest countries to immigrate to.

Besides. I want to be born there, I want to be Japanese. There's no point just moving, I won't have grown up there.

>japan is a capitalistic hellscape
what first world country isn't? At least their culture is fun.

Anonymous 8462

you'd have a better chance immigrating to korea, plus its foreigner friendly
>i want to be japanese
you can always wait till you finish this lifetime, maybe youre here to learn to love your race as it is, maybe there is no other life and you can no longer enjoy your weeb activities. there plenty of lifetimes coming. maybe you've already been and its time to move on
>at least their culture is fun
is it? its not all fun and games, theyre pretty much struggling with a loneliness and overwork pandemic

Anonymous 8463

See that's why you would come back as a slug. You haven't learned anything in this lifetime why would you get rewarded?Anon you should understand that most people never fully integrate into a 2nd country. You should get a job with a working visa and visit your home country or korea to renew it. Not as big a deal as people would have you think. Sure the ultra-right japanese "white piggu go hommu" will never accept you but friends you make will. I too dreamed of living in Japan and it didn't last once I got there. Just plan a trip so you can understand it's not all it's cracked up to be for reasons much worse but different than you mentioned. Sexism, sexual assault, public transport molesters, prostitution, alcoholism and pedophilia run rampant. Go enjoy your weeb years with a little two week vacation and you will have a good time. Don't go to Japan or wish you were from Japan as fantastical escapism it's not healthy. .

Anonymous 8469

Suicide leads to abortion rebirth. So a you'd be a Japanese fetus at best.

Anonymous 8470

Thats such bullshit lol

Anonymous 8473

>Ideally, Japan?

kek if OP is reborn as a salaryman at a ブラック企業.

Anonymous 8474

Just say sweatshop or black company

Anonymous 8487


Sweatshops are for manufacturing and "black company" is a Japanese term so no, I don't have to.

Anonymous 8488

infinitely better than my current state.

you say that but again, I will never actually be Japanese. Fair enough that what I picture here is mostly fantasy. In that case, I wish I could live in my fantasy. I want all the weeb shit to be real. I want ramen, and cafes, and biking home from school, and setting up a futon, and being visited by some supernatural creature or another…

Real life is so boring. Nothing redeemable here. I'm mostly venting. I don't think anybody, anywhere, has any idea how to reincarnate. If they did they probably would never tell me. Really lame.

Anonymous 8489

So you don't want to reincarnate into being Japanese, you want to reincarnate into a nice anime where you have "fun school days" and strange paranormal events. That's fine, but at least be honest with yourself.
I used to idolize Japan too but it seems really messed up, far worse than whatever life you could have in the west.

I'd love to have a comfy life straight out of a slice-of-life anime, just like you so I understand where you're coming from. I think that if you take your life out of grief, though, your soul will be too traumatized to get what you want or something. I dunno, it just sounds risky.
I wish I knew a way for us all to get what we want, but all this "magic" stuff seems way too esoteric to be useful in a practical sense. I know lots of people spend their lives reading books about how to meditate and subtly manifest things but that's not nearly enough when it comes to wanting to shift your reality to be something else but that level of magic seems almost impossible in this world.
Instead I just kind of try to cope in my daily life, regularly imagining myself in a better situation. It keeps me sane as I wait for the day I naturally kick the bucket.

Humans really live far too long huh?

Anonymous 8494

Writing it in Japanese looks a little try hard and disrupts the flow of convo is all I'm saying anon, nothing technically wrong, just my two cents.
If it's a slice of life lifestyle OP is after she should get a retail or food service job in JP, minimum wage in JP really isn't that bad. Being a foreigner kind of makes you the main character anyways so I don't see the issue. I think OP wants to reincarnate to leave her past behind her and I hope she can learn to be happy without trying to end it.
>all this "magic" stuff seems way too esoteric to be useful in a practical sense
Hard agree. Every friend of mine who got into esotericism ended up going insane. Especially if it works. I don't want a thing to do with paying the piper farther down the line. Not too many people should be having full access to all these secret ancient mysticisms, in the ways that there shouldn't be 3d gun printing designs easily available. Setting intentions, meditation and prayer imo are unlikely to ever backfire. Chaos Magik is especially hideous and even though it's supposed to be a closed practice people are so proudly telling everyone on social media- bad idea. If OP is a believer of reincarnation she should find a sect of buddhism to follow, worship MT Fuji and pilgrimage to it as the Shinto Buddhists do, leave an offering at a shrine and find a local deity to worship. Personally I think Shinto is demonic and prefer Qi-Gong but if anon wants to be born into japan in her next life I think shinto is the obvious path since it's so deeply tied to Japan.

Anonymous 8498

>If OP is a believer of reincarnation she should find a sect of buddhism to follow, worship MT Fuji and pilgrimage to it as the Shinto Buddhists do, leave an offering at a shrine and find a local deity to worship. Personally I think Shinto is demonic and prefer Qi-Gong but if anon wants to be born into japan in her next life I think shinto is the obvious path since it's so deeply tied to Japan.
Sounds like an adventure. I dont think it'll work, but a friend of mine is moving to japan so maybe if I visit her I could try…

>That's fine, but at least be honest with yourself.
You're right.

>Humans really live far too long huh?

Doubly right. I'm really tired.

Anonymous 8505

I’d like to ask what makes you think Shinto is demonic? I’d like to hear your thoughts as I only have surface level knowledge of Shinto but find it somewhat fascinating.

Anonymous 8513

Nobody actually enjoys living in Japan. It is an extremely high stress society that's idealized in the west. Actually living there is hell on earth.

Anonymous 8516

>Being a foreigner kind of makes you the main character anyways

It kind of makes it guaranteed you're excluded for everything because you are still so outside of japanese culture, language, jokes. It is extremely hard to make friends in Japan, that's why it is such a notoriusly lonely place. Even japanese people have a hard time making new friends. They're very insular.

Anonymous 8540


I've read advice to make friends with "weird" Japanese people, and/or ones that have more experience abroad. I'm worried about this too since I'm going to Japan soon but that sounds like it could work. It is what has made me friends where I currently am, although not Japan. Just have to make sure you still stay keep your wits about you of course, so no gaijin hunters, people only interested in using you to learn English, or people who exoticize you for some other reason.

Anonymous 8558

do you live there?

Anonymous 8581



>kills self

>ends up reincarnated in the country with the highest rate of extreme depression and suicide

Anonymous 8601

Shinto is almost only exclusively "demon" worship I'm surprised that even with a surface level understanding you don't know about the shrines and spirits of varying ethical and moral constitution.
> A polytheistic and animistic religion, Shinto revolves around supernatural entities called the kami. The kami are believed to inhabit all things, including forces of nature and prominent landscape locations.
>Kami are deemed capable of both benevolent and destructive deeds;[83] if warnings about good conduct are ignored, the kami can mete out punishment, often illness or sudden death, called shinbatsu.[84] Some kami, referred to as the magatsuhi-no-kami or araburu kami, are regarded as malevolent and destructive.[85] Offerings and prayers are given to the kami to gain their blessings and to dissuade them from destructive actions.
Spirit possessions by Kami and other lesser spirits are also common among "worshippers"
>Folklorist Lafcadio Hearn describes the condition in Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan:[34] "Strange is the madness of those into whom demon foxes enter. Sometimes they run naked shouting through the streets. Sometimes they lie down and froth at the mouth, and yelp as a fox yelps. And on some part of the body of the possessed a moving lump appears under the skin, which seems to have a life of its own. Prick it with a needle, and it glides instantly to another place. By no grasp can it be so tightly compressed by a strong hand that it will not slip from under the fingers. Possessed folk are also said to speak and write languages of which they were totally ignorant prior to possession. They eat only what foxes are believed to like – tofu, aburagé, azukimeshi, etc. – and they eat a great deal, alleging that not they, but the possessing foxes, are hungry."

It's my personal belief that Shinto is all demonic, from worshipping MT Fuji to local "deities". I had "bad vibes" in person visiting the "sacred sites" and I know people who's lives fall apart in chaos after taking on Shinto "kami" worship. Japan on the whole has a shit economy, rape centric culture and hates women, I just can't get over how demonic it all feels. In western religions you make deals and offerings only with demons not with "deities" which is why I believe Japan is deeply fucked. This is the country that raped and sieged China and Korea for centuries despite being very small and not having resources, same feeling as whatever version of christianity the United states practices and it's roots in Roman Catholicism and it's relation to the Vatican which convinced Christians that "Manifest destiny" was a divine gift not a demonic exchange of blood for power. I think demons are real and will grant you earthly power in exchange for your life or soul and exist across all cultures in different forms. Japan is especially keen on demons and it took me 30+ years to realise why the Christians were so against things like Pokemon in relation to Japanese culture and demon worship. Japanese are not happy people and Japan is going down the toilet is just more evidence to me that Shinto is not a good path. Sort of goes without saying that a culture that pushes child pornography, alcoholic binge drinking and working yourself to death certainly feels demonic.
Working class Japanese people are very easy going if you are a bright and useful person (ie you understand fair exchange of gifts and doing helpful tasks). I would recommend working in a minimum wage environment or having a regular "spot" to hang out at if you want to make friends with Japanese people. Old people are always friendly in my experience. I think Americans who struggle with the weird rules of insular social cohesion should visit Britain first and learn to get along with "pub regular" types. Something Americans find difficult is the lack of individualism. Going to a place where everybody already knows everyone can work to your advantage if you are polite, personable and fun. Young people in general all around the world are impersonal jerks from spending all day online and Japan is no exception. If you have a skill like playing guitar or drawing or even games you just have to hang out at the right places. Big cities are less friendly to foreigners than little towns, people from small towns will be very excited to see a foreigner because it's not expected and start shouting random english. It's all about being either useful or entertaining in my experience.

Anonymous 8603


>Gets reborn as an autist baby on fucking North Korea

Anonymous 8648

I want to kms too, but I heard that you'll just come back and have an even worse life than your last. Don't want to really risk it.

Anonymous 8649

I came to the conclusion with this in mind during my suicidal years. I was really gonna do it, bought a gas tank and everything. To me, whenever i get bad thoughts i just literally tell myself to wait this one out. I gave up on this life, i don’t pine for anything anymore and it ironically made me happier these past couple of months to just let go of things even though i’m still here. I’m still here but i’m dead, you know?
Hopefully reincarnation does exist, and the next life isn’t so bad and doesn’t do a number on my identity and happiness as much. I look forward to the next gig my soul takes.

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