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Spiritual, creepy, mysterious, bone-chilling and spooky.

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Anonymous 856

>no monster boys thread up
let's change that

Anonymous 872

for all my monster boy enthusiasts
totally thought there'd be more of us on this site. who doesn't want a ghoulish qt by their side

Anonymous 917


I like them if they are still somewhat humanoid and still have some class. (no wild animal)

Has some good storys

Anonymous 920

Pick one flavor of monster boy and I will draw it for you. go!

Anonymous 921

eldritch abomination monster boy that used to be human

Anonymous 922

Uh that on is good.

If it is not to much trouble can i have a big huge demon overlord?
Are aliens to much syfy?

Anonymous 923



awesome, I'll draw them a bit later I have been on the computer all day so right now it's time to do something useful. Aliens are cool too, I was thinking a cute alien you know like those uchuu-kei girls, but if you meant something else I can make it however you want. in the meantime here is an alien character I made, I know he has a weird nose, I'm not good at noses, but my excuse is aliens can have weird noses

Anonymous 924


Are you kidding he is handsome!!! His nose gives him a serious and older vibe i love it!
You are very gifted and super kind that you draw for us for free!
Thank you very much.

Anonymous 926

the devourer of wo…

ok here he is, I needed a way to show he was human so I made him play videogames. He would devour soda pops than worlds. It was my first time drawing something like this so I didn't know really how to render that dark material to look all lumpy and slimy.

Anonymous 927


Not the ano who asked for it but it is pretty cool!
I had to laugh because i thought about he is a very strong creature now with the power of an eldritch but he is still a moody teenager.

"Ethan we need you here!"
"Yeah just one sec."

"Oh my god Ethan we asked you to to this thing that is impossible for us!"
"I will do it okay? Let me just finish this level…"
"Our life depends on this!"
"your life, not mine…"

I love it!

Anonymous 928


ok here is a demon overlord. More like edgelord.
"You really think you can defeat me!? Gahahaha!! Come back in another 20 levels kid."

Anonymous 929


I am the ano who requested that and oh god he is crazy handsome!

So awesome!

Thank you so much!

I know I am low tier but I am grinning and giggle like a idiot. probably sound like a total creep, but I don't care, I love him!

Anonymous 930

Thanks now i have this scene in my head.

"You really think you can defeat me!? Gahahaha!! Come back in another 20 level kid."

"Nargffffgraaaallruurg" drooling all over the place and squriming like an idiot


Anonymous 931

Hahaha I am glad you like him! (Now I am grinning like crazy too)

Anonymous 932

Now we are both sitting in our room grinning. Damn are we adults or what?

I did not know what a uchuu-kei it so i had do look it up.
An alien like them would be super cute! With tentacles and stuff. That would be adorable.

Could i request another one?

Anonymous 933

you can ask for more but it might take a while before I finish it. Also you can write more details about how you imagined them (for example: sparkly fairy with green hair and shiny armor as opposed to just "fairy"), otherwise I will just draw them as I imagine them

Anonymous 936

Thank you! I will think of something.

Please take all the time you need and if you don't want to draw something you never need to do it.

Anonymous 937


Sorry it took so long, I started drawing a while ago but then I got a little busy. Also the light right now is pretty bad.
He is not only a tentacly alien but also a fluffy one. He's wearing loose socks so nobody notices his fluffy legs and discovers he's an alien. But I don't think he's fooling anyone with those tentacle hands and antennae.

Anonymous 938


No need to apologize, I was very buy too.
being an adult is terrible sometimes So sorry on my side for answering so late.

God he is adorable. I want to kuddle him! How was he supposed to know that we humans have these weird bone flesh structure for extremity?! The fluffy Legs, sure no problem, some species are more hairy than others, but that? What the hell is that even supposed to be? Even the name is strange.. Hands…

btw. Mr. space mittens is the cooles pet in the universe!

Uh.. uh I have another one if you want.
How about a dragon. Long and thin or better muscular? Black. with cool glowing eyes (gray? Red… blue? You decide!) Horns of course and a tail and wings. A little like the ones in the final fantasy mmorpg.

Is there something you always wanted to draw? Or to let drawn?

Anonymous 940


awesome, I love dragons, here is a drawing I found online of one of those dragons from final fantasy while I draw mine.
Of course it won't be as good as this drawing but I will still try so that one day I can be as good as this too.
also I didn't know if I should put the image under a spoiler so I did anyway

Anonymous 942

god bless drawfriends

Anonymous 943

Yes, drawfriend was a gift for us.

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