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Unhinged thread Anonymous 9953

Any other seriously mentally ill and unhinged and disconnected nonas on the board? Like others with schizophrenia, DID, ASD or other serious mental issues? How's it going?

Anonymous 9955

none of the above but this thread is not a good idea

Anonymous 9957

None of these but I struggle with extreme paranoia. It sucks.

Anonymous 9959

DID is not real sorry

Anonymous 9960

who gives a shit?

Anonymous 9979

>Believing in bullshit diagnoses besides anxiety and depression
lol. lmao even.

Anonymous 9997

It is in the sense that they're convinced of it. But having talked at length with someone with it and knowing them for years and going to some group therapy thing with him, omg it's such a cope and I feel like an idiot for ever trusting their feelings of the identities being "different" cause it's literally just them in a different mood but slightly exaggerated sometimes when they make a show of the persona being out even though obviously someone is always "out" and you'd think there'd be a difference more than just when he think about it. He thinks that because he has some conflicting ideas and has different moods they must be different people. On pressing he honestly thinks normal people are all 1 dimensional with no different moods and sides to them so he's obviously a special soul with extra people inside even when bringing up that his "party" persona is no different than when any of our friends shake off their more serious side for fun, especially our more socially anxious and introverted friend who changes totally when at emo night at clubs. It's apparently fake news, they're all secret 24/7 partiers who lie and/or just have to live their life without parties but would be there constantly otherwise. Meanwhile 3 of us are in a book club kek, maybe they're lying when enjoying themselves at the club?
I feel like he's developed these "personalities" since childhood no different than a kid convincing themselves to change their personality at any point except they convinced themselves of like 4 of them. It makes sense that this disorder starts in childhood, it's imagination taken to a serious extreme. Protectors are just imaginary friends like many had, they just convince themselves the person they made is real and it's a way to act like they wish they could in a situation. As kids I'm sure we've all thought back on a situation and imagined ourselves meaner or sassier in that moment, did is just them convincing themselves to do it in the now while feeling disconnected obviously cause it's an act so they proclaim it wasn't them. Then they keep it up and it solidifies in the brain like any delusion does, except they positively reinforced it themselves.
I have a lot of issues and I developed a friendship with the guy partially out of thinking we had comradery but I don't think we do. There is just a huge difference between a delusional disorder that's created and weaponized by the user (don't forget, did is a cope and they DO know how to use it even if not intentional, did 101 is to just blame the other personas and act like it's not you and you disavow it but then claim that persona just can't change as it's who they are) and someone stricken by something. The person with DID who is functional thinks there's nothing wrong with them and will happily take advantage of their disorder. And at the end of the day the delusions quite often are rooted in some seriously immature and nonsense thoughts cause of when they were developed. They had to justify the disorder as a child when surrounded by idiot kids and developed some hard beliefs about what people are like that must stay into adulthood or it collapses the whole mess.
If we're talking did as in a formerly seriously abused person then my opinions change quite a bit as they usually are a tortured soul and actually struggle with their pasts and it makes sense that their brains went haywire as opposed to someone just willing their protector into being. Idk, I'm not a professional but there just is a clear difference between the kids who went through some shit and the kids who seemingly immaturely gave up on the world and wanted ways out. The dude I know was bullied a bit but from talking with his parents I discovered it wasn't nearly the stories he claimed, he just had a massive victim complex and didn't want to make things better (refused to change schools, was apparently the initial instigator of all his fights and future childhood "enemies"). I think it's cause the trauma driven did usually creates the persona as a specific person to be able to take and handle abuse they cannot escape from and the brain heals by shutting away those memories. Meanwhile dude literally remembers everything kek. I know he isn't faking the disorder too so there just is a world of difference here from knowing him and just one conversation with a girl who was obviously actually struggling with a split personality at the group therapy I escorted him to once.
I think it's important to chose the people you bond with in regards to mental health struggles very wisely. It's important to remember not everyone developed a disorder because bad things happened to them, sometimes people attract bad to them for good reason. They'll also love to validate themselves by latching themselves to someone with real struggles. Either to learn and imitate, to feed their own victim complexes by absorbing your struggles too, or to feel superior. They don't have the same struggles so they can sit there and act "functional" and give you advice but the fact is they never needed help for a lot of shit because they created a weapon from the start and have no moral qualms about any of it

Anonymous 10004

>yes i am a normie how did you know

Anonymous 10015

Kek you're not special for falling for the scam that is psychiatry

Anonymous 10016

I'm schizotypal, if that counts.
I've been trough one long full-blown psychotic episode and few shorter and less intense episodes. Voice in the head (I call her My Shadow), extreme paranoia, persecutory delusions (that my private info is leaked on the web although I barely communicate with anyone, that feds know all my actions and are ought to get me and that in general I'm being stalked on streets and people are ought to kill/rape me), delusions of mind-reading (that everyone can read my mind and sometimes I've "read" minds of others as well, mostly bad thoughts), depressive delusions (that I am worthless, everyone talks shit about me and they all want me to die and get lost), as well as hypochondria (I thought that every minor stomach pain is the beginning of volvulus). Also I had "prophetical" dreams and tulpa-like imaginary friend whose voice I sometimes heard and whose touch I felt. I also had no friends for a long amount of time and had (and still have) severe social anxiety.
I'm taking my meds now and they are genuinely helping me, but I just got lucky to find right ones quickly. I also managed to make a friend, who is also mentally ill (she has severe PTSD) and became more socially active in general. So life's going good for now. Although I want my imaginary friend back, I miss you, Zhenya

Anonymous 10017

Samefag, forgot to add that I often experience strong derealization, daydream a lot, have a lot of intrusive thoughts and just thoughts in general, I tend to get lost in them
Also, I had my original character take control over my actions in dreams and tell me her name (I didn't come up with it, she come up with it), huh

Anonymous 10018

If the schizos of the world aren’t special, what does that make your basic depressed ass?

Anonymous 10020

Stop it, i'm recoiling of cringe

Anonymous 10021

Like a typical normie, invading every thread that isn’t about them to show their disapproval of non-normie things. Just gtfo.

Anonymous 10022

Seriously what are you a 12 year old emo?

Anonymous 10023

Trusting psychiatry wholeheartedly is the most normie thing possible.

Anonymous 10024

Can you two stop this stupid infighting and leave this thread to actually mentally ill people?

Anonymous 10044

What do you mean? This thread was literally made for these two

Anonymous 10104

its going terribly

Anonymous 10167


I just wish the rest of the world realized what a psycho J*m was instead of awarding him. The most fractured part of me wants him to die, but it brings me no peace to continue to fester in it the way I used to. I don't hate him as much as I did before because I'm merely too tired to. Ruminating on what happened and my life is FUBAR'd hardcore. I lost my job and most of my friends, ofc part of me wishes I wasn't still shackled to this earth. Majority of my family has always hated me so it's no great loss, the only support people I have are a few friends and my father, if you don't include psychs. So in other words my life sucks and I've flipped my Wildly unhinged into a Mildly. Which I guess is an improvement, but I'm mad.

I'm having physical health issues on account of my mental fallout and new problem reactions to psych medication, even though my brains started to heal, I'm in a lot of pain. I am cycling through meds after I had a violent allergic reaction to the one that used to work for me. It set me back. Antipsychotics are causing me sensory hell and Lamictal almost killed me, my entire body feels fucking weak and frail. It's like I'm cursed. Do yall believe in curses? I really thought it stopped, the belief in the woo woo shit, but sometimes it's like I'm possessed. As if the entire situation made me sick. And now I feel physically sick with my entire body when I'm desperately wanting to get better. I've unintentionally dropped like 10 lbs. My bones hurt

What I wish nonas who were rude to me would realize is that when you put aside the assumption I'm a schizo, a woman suffers. Before. After. What I dealt with and experienced was traumatizing and painful and occurred outside LC. All for challenging the badly doctored PR image of a scrote pig who rapes women, assaults women, degrades women, abuses people so relentlessly, let alone one she used to like and be attracted to. Lemme just say had no idea he was so bad when it started. was harassed to the point where she'd regularly self harm, have violent, explosive panic reactions, and is wounded because of obsession.

Regardless of what you think of the stalker accusations, I just wanted people to believe what I was saying about him and his nature to save other women too, not just myself, and it came across wrong. I wasn't in my right mind. Now in my righter mind and still arguably not ever going to be over it- yes, I will always think everything I dealt with was sus, didn't need to happen, and I was unwell enough that I was unfit to stop responding to the hate until I was medicated again. I was basically addicted to spewing when my life died before my eyes. J*m does not have "stans" like the harassment I dealt with. As a former "stan" I would know how few of them there were. People called me batshit crazy, and maybe I was in a colloquial sense- but a crazy woman and an unhinged woman can still be right and still be harassed and targeted. Men like him pick damaged women as their victim because nobody believes them. Remember how he tried to frame his dead girlfriend as crazy? It's no surprise he'd do the same to other women if he can't even restrain from defaming his dead victim.

This guy is a grade-A manipulator and possible murderer and why does everyone in hollywood fucking overlook him? He's worse than most of hollywood? He's somehow worse. He's arguably even worse than Weinstein from what I've heard, but motherfucker cunt pukes keep putting on their nostalgia goggles and not giving a fuck because Ace of Base Ventura can't be evil in their eyes! Bitch, it's not 1994, go canadian fried poutine fuck yourself if you think this green germ string bean is still a good person when he has repeatedly proven himself to be a piece of shit in public and dropped hints he's a terminally online psychopath. Get out of here.

Point taken life will never be the same as a result of this ordeal. I am hurt. I just wish that there was something out there to expose him once and for all so nobody has to deal with this bastard. I just wish he'd die so his misery disease would stop scattering. I never wanted this. I'm not a whore or a bitch or a disappointed fangirl, I was already traumatized and didn't need to be worse traumatized over something this stupid. There are other women out there who went through far worse at his hands, but nobody will believe me wanting to make that point no matter how loud I scream, I made mistakes making part of it about myself, and I'm sorry. Part of me also wished I could revert back to 2020 and stop myself from liking him. I'd do anything to just be myself of four years ago, intrepid, confident, a little hesitant, but not the wavering and sniveling baby I've become who's gotten panic attacks so bad she's afraid she's having a heart attack. I really feel for every person he's hurt and I just wish people would stop worshiping the disgusting, hateful devil wearing human skin.

Fuck him. Fuck that disgusting freak whose name I can't even fully type, he deserves to rot in hell and everyday of his life suffering worse than all his victims til when he croaks. That's not hate, it's just the final sigh of pain and retribution. Doing onto others as he does onto them, he deserves suffering. So fucking exhausted.

Anonymous 10170


I'm sorry.

Anonymous 10171


I'm sorry.

Anonymous 10172


Anonymous 10173


and yes I was periodically on 4ch but it's a cesspool and I obvs refused to identify myself as a woman there. they weren't much help other than backtracking posts for milk and there's way too many low iq scrotes who "worship" him (in airquotes) and dismiss the abuse he heaps on women. I still think he lurks the internet and it scares me. it'll always scare me. nvm this scrote is basically my fathers age and I'm like a decade younger than his daughter or some shit, I hope his mansions burn to the ground w all his ugly fucking paintings

not all posts herein are my own. anything potentially litigious is alleged. being angry does not equal actual malice. no1curr move onto the next thing

Anonymous 10176

Yeah I don't get what does he have to do with Nona not being well.

Anonymous 10179


>the last person I'd suspect would be like this
Nona it's lesser known but he infected and abused a girlfriend who was half his age and goaded her to suicide, and he's also known for abusing crew members. He's a Grade A piece of shit.

Celebrity obsession can cause unwellness in the first place but Carreynona has implied that she's been stalked for insulting him and found out too much about hollywood if you read her LC posts

Anonymous 10182

my gf is bpd and we've broken up and gotten together like 4 times
i'm a little scared of her but i love her ^_^

Anonymous 10183

>But having talked at length with someone with it
your experience with one person doesnt mean every single person is like that

Anonymous 10187

You have parasocial delusions nonas.

Anonymous 10189

Schizotypal personality disorder but honestly I don't believe it.

Anonymous 10190

DID is real

Anonymous 10194


I've been on an AP for a month and was on a mood stabilizer for 2; talked with my therapist who I've known for YEARS before that happened at LENGTH about it, have several witnesses to what happened to me who are convinced I'm not delusional, but there's literally nothing that can be legally done about it because there is not enough feasible evidence for a court case. I was cyberstalked for months on TOP of dealing with my mental shit, it wasn't erotomania but if you want to believe I'm wrong fine cool, I can't sue him and I can't do anything because I'm afraid to non anonymize my identity and it puts me at immense risk. Still, I wish he'd really hurt and be exposed for the shit he's heaped unto others. I did come into sources and claims less than 6 degrees of separation away from him, that's not a delusion, and when I started spreading that he was abusive, I got harassed and cyberstalked across the internet to the point where it destroyed my physical life and I literally feared he was gonna send a fixer out to my house to kill me. Like it's not a joke. I knew people who were threatened, goaded and whose phones were hacked and the same may have happened to my devices, I switched and deleted multiple accounts. I likely have permanent nerve damage, brain damage and was already a survivor of abuse. So were several people I was friends with in this ordeal. Basically none of us can pursue legal action really. Don't trust the cops either. I am unhinged to some degree but I'd never makeup or fabricate claims like this to defame the guy, even though I hate him, i don't want to ruin his life, i want him to understand what he did was gross, wrong, and for his victims, of which there are many, to be vindicated because HIS VICTIMS DESERVE JUSTICE

Being unhinged doesn't mean someone's automatically wrong about everything she's said or has been saying. It's not "delusional" that he's a psychopath who abuses women, and informing people of that can get you harassed horribly… online harassment can hurt when it's done over and over and over cross platform, even though it may not apply to me directly in yalls opinion. Regardless there's PUBLIC EVIDENCE OF HIS ABUSE OUT THERE, and he's allegedly DONE WORSE in private, and he purposely picks mentally ill, troubled, and survivor type women as his targets.

I beg for you to read up on what happened to his ex girlfriend. Overlook what his lawyers say and read about what he did to her. At this point I don't doubt that he could've allegedly murdered her with the murky details of how long it took to find her body after her suicide, and if it's suicide nonetheless he drove her to death. I don't believe in the nonsense serial killer theory but he is a hazardous, trecerous man who doesn't deserve to live. I'm really tired of thinking about him, it's gotten better but it's so hard so so hard to fully let it go. Because you live with guilt and pain of being aware just how abusive someone is having heard things you feel like you're not supposed to know, the things you can't say, or rather the things you don't want to say, about what men in hollywoood and their lawyers and fixers do, and if you try and say a single thing, nobody listens. Or you're wrought with the responses of denial and claims of conspiracy, when it's not a conspiracy.

And you know the people who are denying the existence of the protection of abusers in hollywood? It's the celebs and their goddamn rotten handlers. It hurts to scream when nobody listens.

Anonymous 10195


he also has a tendency to sometimes go back to women he's encountered to harass them later, even after he's damaged them. he's seriously dangerous.

in one of his court declarations he also referred to his gf as the following
>beautiful but emotionally damaged
classic abuser language, gaslighting and double edged fetishization of his victim

moreover, this
>"Normally Cat was very sweet, but when she felt rejected or upset she was prone to making up horrible stories and acting out in vindictive ways, Carrey writes. "Despite the rocky ending of our first relationship, Cat and I decided to put our breakup behind us and start seeing each other again. What followed was a new relationship, with ten wonderful, loving months together of the most beautiful relationship ever."

He never took responsibility for a single thing he's done to a woman but he's also publicly indulged in delusion and denial of his actions and has alluded multiple times to being terminally online in recent years. He allegedly runs an army of bots himself and pretends to be his own fans, so no, nothing from this guy would surprise me and I don't think his incel boomer ass is above cyberstalking

Anonymous 10196


He got the family to drop the case. He is not innocent and he was not "cleared". And he is allegedly a serial abuser who's done this to other women, nobody will listen and now he's gonna be in Sonic 3. Hollywood will not listen nor do anything about him. there's people who blacklisted and don't like him but it's not enough to Weinstein him. The reason he went into hiding in the first place isn't totally known but it's likely that people were becoming more aware of his abuse after he humiliated himself with his slapgate take so he hid away. He never takes accountability. And if you people want another reason to hate him, well, he hates us. Women, disinfranchised women. He also hates autistic people. There's plenty of reason to despise him.

Would've at least figured his predator ass would stay "retired" for longer, of course not! Must be running out of money or summn!

Anonymous 10199


On a less offensively rant related and less long winded note I made a swarm of vent art, PowerPoints and edits. It just felt so good to take frustration out on something other than myself. I'd self harm brutally, over and over and over and over. I don't think most people realize how awful it is to engage in an addictive habit that's not only seldom recognized as addiction, but is meme'd, mocked and jeered at, and then for it to have a very specific trigger driving it. I've had men sneer at me in disgust and feel like nobody will ever want to touch me again, or fetishize my "damage", and those scars I forever associate with this portion of my life and J*m is part of it.

Though I was doing better, things kept knocking me down. Things that don't even have to do with him. My health has been very poor the last month. But sometimes it feels like someone cast a spell on me to fail every time I want to pick myself up, dust myself off. Now that's delululu. Things happen in life yes and who wants to be stricken with health issues because she has an unfounded and random reaction to medication?
I just wish I weren't so broken right now.

Anonymous 10200

I'm glad you've put your energy into doing that instead of self harming but why did he effect you so much that you started doing that? it's a parasocial relationship nona

Anonymous 10252

Glad to know that Carrey-chan is alive and well hiding in CC

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