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BIO CHAN thread #2 Anonymous 135972

Previous thread: >>85849

Thread for posting your artworks, memes and general OC for Bio chan.
>Who is Bio chan?
She is a terf character often represented by wearing a science coat and with DNA-like hair that likes to remind trannies that they will never be their desired oposite sex. Bio chan as in "Biology chan": reminding troons of their inherent and inescapable biology. Her personnality changes based on the artist because she isn't fully established yet. If there are little tweaks and things you want to change/add feel free! There are currently 2 designs for Bio chan: one labelled GNC (with shorter hair as seen in in picrel) and one who isn't (with long pigtails and more traditionally femenine appearance). Feel free to draw either.

Thread rules:
>No extensive sperging, no derailing. Keep it related to Bio chan, please.
>If you feel the need to talk about a different topic simply move it to another thread (i.e. "pink pill" thread, /feels/ board, "terfposting" thread, etc.) or create a new thread entirely. There is no need to pollute a thread dedicated to OC with unrelated discussion. It does overshadow OC when people overly sperg about unrelated things.

New thread has been created because other anons couldn't stop sperging about unrelated topics in the previous thread so the Bio chan thread sadly became not a Bio chan thread. It does not seem that we can save the last thread so it is just better to make the next Bio chan thread now. These anons can feel free to talk about whatever they are talking about in the previous thread before it fills up and make another one for their topic. Hopefully leaving this current thread alone because off-topic sperging only overshadows the beautiful OC miners create.

Thank you for your understanding. Now onto posting and discussing Bio chan!

Anonymous 135973


Anonymous 135977


Anonymous 135979


Anonymous 135980

>now I will sing my love for women!
>death to T
the amounts of money i'd pay to attend her concert!! so much cute art! im so happy to see all these anons jump on board to create more drawings of her!!

Anonymous 135986


Anonymous 135987

I’m also so moved right now
Bio tan? So cute

Anonymous 135989

I like the goth/witch biochan!! it already makes me anticipate halloween themed art of biochan where she scares off troons by trick or treating (or something along those lines)

Anonymous 135992

Thanks, I'll do more of her.

Anonymous 136002

Anonymous 136028

Cutest biochans I've seen thanks for the gnc version I love her

Anonymous 136032


I also love this too

Anonymous 136040

she looks soooo cool here!

Anonymous 136048

Keep it up!!!! Bio-chan is so cool!

Anonymous 136107


Anonymous 136128

I hate how this made me laugh

Anonymous 137364


Fren drew biochan for me c:

Anonymous 137376


Asked for the textless version

Anonymous 137385

Please don't say "fren". It makes us all look bad. Nice pic.

Anonymous 137388


Good point, meant it in the silly dog meme way forgot it's also a rightoid thing

Anonymous 137389

I am loving it!!!!!

Anonymous 137415


Uh, so, here. I drew some Bio-chan. She's a little weirded out by the botched phalloplasty or, perhaps, a feces-smelling neovagina.

Anonymous 137416

I Love her!!!!!

Anonymous 137417

An addition to the thing. Don't quite know what I meant by 'biological kiss', oh well

Anonymous 137418

biological kith.pn…

forgot pic oops

Anonymous 137419

proper good art right here

Anonymous 137420

Why, fren?

Anonymous 137421

Can you do a full version of the little black dress one?

Anonymous 137422


Original is from Gekkan shojo Nozaki kun

Anonymous 137423


Anonymous 137428

we need more !

Anonymous 137431

reminds me of the "handsome girl and sheltered girl" manga where two girls start dating, but everyone keeps mistaking the "handsome girl" for a man.

Anonymous 137432

I have now something new to read

Anonymous 137434

I love the funny transphobic cartoon woman so much

Anonymous 137483

Her hair here is so good!

Anonymous 137678


GNC biochan meets bio trans girl kikomi-chan

Anonymous 137679


Anonymous 137680

love it

Anonymous 138029


i tried

Anonymous 138034

The knight version defeating the troon goop is great, she looks so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 138038

You're the one who made me unironically waifu biochan

Anonymous 138054

damn you actually got skills

Anonymous 138061

i fukin LOVE this

Anonymous 138719


I was playing around and here bio and bio gnc shopping together

Anonymous 138723


Anonymous 138724

WOOOW so cute i love it

Anonymous 138725

Omg you did a good job, I feel like all my hatred is gone after looking at this

Anonymous 138726

thank you!!!

Anonymous 138729


i’m obsessed

Anonymous 138730

WOOOW this is so good

Anonymous 138731

X-X eyes are so goooood

Anonymous 138740

thank you so much! i’m planning on drawing kikomi and regular bio chan soon too wahoo

Anonymous 138741

I cant wait

Anonymous 138767

bless this thread <3

Anonymous 138769



Anonymous 138771

It’s amazing !!! I and the fact that you didnt gorget the bio note it’s PERFECT !

Anonymous 138775


Anonymous 139039

I for one welcome canonization of the XX pupils

Anonymous 139048

I’ve become so irrationally obsessed with the existence of bio chan that I almost want to make a CC posted only Sunday newspaper comic about her. Idk if there’s any specific canon other than she’s sane and normal about biology though, if I missed something it would help.

Anonymous 139050

Maybe have her and gnc bio chan visit confused gnc girls who're sad and think that being uncomfortable being feminine makes them trans like the other people online. Or have a busting the troons from female only spaces episode.

Anonymous 139057

That’s a pretty good one. Maybe building off that they happen to meet a girl that feels disenfranchised by how men who call themselves women get more respect than the actual ones. And after they bio-pill her she seems to get the unintended idea of “you’re right! I’ll be an AFAB transwoman so nobody can invalidate me!” But still has the spirit so they let her tag along - thus, kikomi is born. I am such a fucking dweeb pfft

Anonymous 139060

Honestly go for it there's no actual canon for her.

Anonymous 139075

Dont forget the bio note

Anonymous 139079

I need a better mic so it wont have lag in her voice… but here we are! Bio chan as an utaloid

Anonymous 139080

Im sorry I should have make the subs better and easier to read
But keep in mind that it’s a test!

Anonymous 139081


Anonymous 139082


Oh my goodness Nona I owe you my life and my firstborn… it’s actually very good for a first-time utauloid even if it is a little laggy.. bravo. IMG made my sides go to the north and south hemisphere

Anonymous 139083

Omg omg im so happy !!! Thank you so much ! I will upload the gif/ png later too!

Anonymous 139088

Do ya have any other vocaloid songs in mind that might come as a second cover, cause It’d be funny seeing how miners could corrupt lyrics to other classics songs to be anti-troon

Anonymous 139089

um wtf

Anonymous 139094

Is there something wrong with it

Anonymous 139096

We need a terf Miku x Biochan collab

Anonymous 139097

Count me in I don’t have much in terms of musical skill but I could do mv art if nobody else wants to

Anonymous 139112

Dancing samurai!!

Anonymous 139113

omg what a banger… the kys scum part would fit so well lol

Anonymous 139114

omg THIS IS SO COOL is there gonna be more??

Anonymous 139141


Anonymous 139150

Glad You're a Lolicon because troons love it.

Anonymous 139151

When I will have more skills Im going to make an original song(tribute song) and put everyone’s drawing in there!

Anonymous 139152

I have design somewhere with a BIO miku abd Gumi

Anonymous 139153

Mmh?? Lolicon? Why?

Anonymous 139158

The song is about how Miku is happy the guy is a lolicon because she has a small chest and whatever. Troons usually like this song, and we could easily change it to be about how Bio-chan is happy the other person is an actual lesbian or an actual female.

Anonymous 139159

Oh oh now I get it was a song title!!! We could use this song but Biochan says she is glad because no remorse to beat the shit out of him and dig his grave

Ps Im so shocked it’s an actual song

Anonymous 139160


Thats it, we are doing a parody of this

Anonymous 139161

That sounds like it has a lot of potential!
Dear lord it's even worse than I remembered.

Anonymous 139164


Anonymous 139165


Anonymous 139166


Anonymous 139181


why is this song even a thing my day is ruined

Anonymous 139183

Really same

Anonymous 139222


I’m going to spam bio chan old drawing so we keep track

Anonymous 139223


Anonymous 139224


Anonymous 139225


Anonymous 139226


Anonymous 139227


Anonymous 139229


Anonymous 139230


Gif reaction

Anonymous 139231


Anonymous 139232


Anonymous 139233


Anonymous 139234


Anonymous 139235


Anonymous 139256

This one is incredible, whoever made it I’m placing my eyeballs on top of it.

Anonymous 139270


I made a small doodle but I don't have an eraser to erase the guidelines so it looks a bit messy

Anonymous 139271

Xx pupils canon

Anonymous 139281

So cute!

Anonymous 139317

it’s adorable omg??!? keep up the good work

Anonymous 139515

Just had a bad idea

Biochan vtuber…

Anonymous 139517

If it didn’t entail an instantaneous ban from yoochoob that’d be a genius idea

Anonymous 139527

YES fuck hololive

Anonymous 139978

Bio-chan femme ver…

Had to give my take on Bio-chan

Anonymous 139979

Bio-chan tomboy ve…

And the tomboy version (because I really don't like the term GNC)

Anonymous 139988

WOOWW she is BEAAAUUTIFUL <33 good job!!

Anonymous 139989

nice one!

Anonymous 139993


Anonymous 139995

We could call HER biotarou or Bio kun x2

Anonymous 139996

I think I prefer this design. Really like the XX pupils too!
Great art anon

Anonymous 140001

Nah not Bio-kun; "kun" is for boys. Besides, we already have a couple of Bio-kun designs here: >>139234 and here: >>139229

To me, the whole point of her having a more masculine or feminine look is showing that no matter how girly or boyish a woman is/looks, she's still a woman.

That being said, maybe the tomboy Bio-chan could be called Tombio-chan.

Anonymous 140003

Kun is not only for boys girls can use it in japan thats why I asked for bio kun
And biotarou would be an old boyish name

Anonymous 140097

Fair, but wouldn't it be better to avoid any confusion regarding her gender? When it comes to moe anthropomorphism/gijinkas like this, -kun is pretty much exclusively for male characters and -chan or -tan are used for female characters.

Anonymous 140142

Blade of TERF.webm

Made a slideshow parody of a scene from Gintama, thought it fitted pretty well
Another anon here redid the voice lines
the full size mp3 file is here, https://files.catbox.moe/qd2nqw.mp4

Anonymous 140144

Thats not always true, a lot of anime use kun for women and especially for this type of gnc characters ! But I wont force my idea because I feel like a lot of people would think your way so indeed it’s better to find something else!

You just made my day it’s just too good to be true!!! Look at those trannies lol

Anonymous 140146



Anonymous 140148



Anonymous 140149

OMG HAHAH i love the inclusion of all trannies in this beautiful video!!!!! hahhaa

Anonymous 140150

never realised I'd find such a high-effort post on Crystal Cafe!

Anonymous 140152

I love you anons holy shit

Anonymous 140153


re uploading because i fucked up subs first time around, pain and suffering

Anonymous 140156

holy shit these threads have the highest concentration of scrotes on the entire damn site

Anonymous 140200

I see
>it's ma'am
>liar thomas
>one of the troonjaks
>a furry
>another troonjak way in the back
>blahaj troon
I love this

Anonymous 140204

it's beautiful

Anonymous 140213

isnt the furry from this obnoxious pic that gets posted on 4chan /b/ all the time? LOL i dont have it on hand rn

Anonymous 140214

This is amazing genuinely 10/10 for everyone involved

Anonymous 140239

This thread is so cool! I check it everyday for new things

Anonymous 140240


made a drawing based on the biochan from the video!

Anonymous 140241

this is literally my favorite thread on all of crystal cafe

Anonymous 140242

OH !! I love it, it’s so pretty

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