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Anonymous 14153

this imageboard is so slow.
ITT: post anything you like

Anonymous 14155


so i can post anything here?

That's cool af

Anonymous 14156

yes, anyyyything

Anonymous 14157

Even my deepest darkest secrets?

Anonymous 14161

if you don't mind, whats your deepest darkest secrets uwu

Anonymous 14164


Anonymous 14168


gonna get sloshed tonight

Anonymous 14169


Anonymous 14170


Anonymous 14173


Anonymous 14175


Anonymous 14176


Anonymous 14179


Anonymous 14182


Anonymous 14184

images (1).png

Anonymous 14189

those blue eyes. It's hard to imagine that blue eyed people only make up something like 8% of the human population yet I see them around me every day.

Anonymous 14191



Anonymous 14193

I think following random people on social media because you like their looks/style is creepy and probably the reason why so many people on here have such awful body image issues.

Anonymous 14195

8% from 7 billions is kinda a lot you know

Anonymous 14196


i've got a pretty bad crush on winwin of nct
like i never thought i'd fall for a celeb but wow

Anonymous 14197

Hows that hard to imagine. Do you know how much 8% of 7 billion is?

Anonymous 14199

they all look gay

Anonymous 14200


Anonymous 14205

Purses look wrong on me so I usually just wear my backpack if I have to go somewhere where I’ll need my wallet. Is there ever a situation where wearing a backpack would be inappropriate? Do I look wrong wearing one without actually being on my way to school? I also bought a smaller backpack that I bring with me if I go to a bar or something.

Anonymous 14210


Two of my favourite jazz musicians

Anonymous 14212

Anonymous 14217


Anonymous 14222

Anonymous 14224

Anonymous 14237

>Is there ever a situation where wearing a backpack would be inappropriate?
formal situations.
>Do I look wrong wearing one without actually being on my way to school?
nah. but don't carry it everywhere like a retard

Anonymous 14238


Anonymous 14239


Drink your daily milk.

Anonymous 14254


Anonymous 14255


Anonymous 14257


Anonymous 14258


Anonymous 14259


Anonymous 14262


Anonymous 14264


nice observation

Anonymous 14265

images (2).jpeg

Sorry matey, I already have one

Anonymous 14267


Rubber Soul vs Revolver?

Anonymous 14269


Anonymous 14270


Anonymous 14273


Anonymous 14274


Anonymous 14293


This took me by suprise while I was modding New Vegas the other week and I've yet to find a reason to tell anyone about it.

Anonymous 14338


gimmie my gots

Anonymous 14363

I think that image was originally from an STD awareness campaign?

Anonymous 14364


Anonymous 14404



Anonymous 14405


Anonymous 15934

I didn't want to make a new thread for such a dumb post:

I just took what I think is the longest (by stool length not time spent pooping) shit in my life. Actually a bit impressed with myself even though I also feel silly sharing this.

Anonymous 15936


Anonymous 15953


Anonymous 15956


congratz, anon!

Anonymous 15957


Anonymous 15971

Lul thank you.

Anonymous 15982


Anonymous 15990


i got inspiration from these two and voilà!

Anonymous 16012


Anonymous 16051


This is absolutely adorable!!

Anyway, here's my contribution

Anonymous 16052


Anonymous 16053


Anonymous 16056


Anonymous 16057

ty for a nice phone bg, this post would be appreciated in >>>/img/490

Anonymous 16060


wy : )
guess ill go over and post some stuff then

Anonymous 16062


Anonymous 16063


Anonymous 16064


Anonymous 16065


Anonymous 16068


me irl

Anonymous 16070


Anonymous 16072


Anonymous 16073


Anonymous 16080


Anonymous 16085

I have a bag/purse that I rely on. It's not very flashy and it's a gray color. It's literally box shaped but I like it very much.

Anonymous 16086

depends on the kind of backpack. if it's one of those back to school Jansports with the 3 big pockets, you probably look really lame (if you care about stuff like that). There are tons of aesthetic/fashion/purse-like backpacks out there to look less like you're going to school.

You probably shouldn't wear one when going to a dressy formal event, though maybe you could if you had the right style/aesthetic for it.

Anonymous 16141


Anonymous 16142


Anonymous 16155


Anonymous 16156

Lmao that's a good one

Anonymous 16159

2905 7608.png

Anonymous 16164



Anonymous 16169


Anonymous 16179


Anonymous 16182


Anonymous 16200


Anonymous 16202


me passa uma gelada, anã-chan

Anonymous 16204


Anonymous 16232


Anonymous 16233

Anonymous 16234


か わ い い

Anonymous 16240


Anonymous 16267


Anonymous 16268


oh no

Anonymous 16269


Haha oh yis

Anonymous 16271

In this otome game i'm playing my love interest resembles a real guy I know
>same birthday (what are the odds)
>same initials
>very tall, short hair wears glasses
I'm not sure how to feel about this.
too bad thereal guy isn't handsome and a cool knight. sigh

Anonymous 16299


Anonymous 16307


Anonymous 16308


sorry i wasnt supposed to link anyone. here is a bonus.

Anonymous 16310

What is the wrist version of cankles?

Anonymous 16313


Anonymous 16314


Anonymous 16316


Anonymous 16318


Anonymous 16336


Anonymous 16337


Anonymous 16340


Anonymous 17095


she so sad

Anonymous 17096


Anonymous 17097


Anonymous 17099

I'm in the mood to have tea and biscuits with my friends!

>don't have friends

>fat, shouldn't be eating biscuits
>don't even like tea that much


Anonymous 17100

Don't have friends? That just means you have room for friends! Come on, anon! Get out there and meet people!

Anonymous 17102

how did y'all come across lolcow and CC?

Anonymous 17103

r9k raid led me here and i stuck around
/feels/ board isn't overrun with REEE NO GF type posts (tho i will admit there are a lot of chicks whining about their boyfriends + other normalfag shit) but it ain't that bad

as for lolcow i've been browsing /g/ and /ot/ since . . . last year i think?

Anonymous 17106

I was thinking the same but you know what
Go chat online, get yourself some coffee or whatever you like more than tea, a couple of cookies won't hurt you anon

Anonymous 17126


Anonymous 17128

Tell me it's just an edgy joke, please. please. Please. PLEASE, REEEEE

Anonymous 17157


Anonymous 17158

i'm not even disgusted at this point, i just lost hope for humanity and people overall, i just want to fuckin die

Anonymous 17159

i like your way of thinking anon

Anonymous 17162

Thank you!

Anonymous 17167


Taiyou no Ie! Such a nice manga.

Posting another manga pic to keep up with the thread (it's from Bokura no Hentai)

Anonymous 17202


Anonymous 17213

Screen Shot 2018-0…

Anonymous 17216


Anonymous 17217


I wonder if it's possible to post webms?

Anonymous 17222

found lolcow while looking up an internet personality I disliked, found cc through lolcow

was pretty happy to find lc and cc tbh, I've been browsing imageboards for 7-8 years, nice to have a Girl one

Anonymous 17223


Anonymous 17229



Anonymous 17230


Anonymous 17231

I'm not promiscuous myself and don't approve of underage people taking part in adult activities, but have to admit this is surprisingly organized.
Is this normal?

Anonymous 17232


Anonymous 17233

Really? This is very surprising to me anons, list-making seems like it would take a certain kind of odd person

Anonymous 17235

Look, some people just take puberty a little far. It's not something everyone does, but it's not unusual.

Anonymous 17237

I feel so boring, I never did anything so wild as a teen

Anonymous 17239

I'm not saying it's a good thing. On the contrary, it's very good that you didn't nymph out like a lot of people do during their younger years. That kind of lifestyle is something you come to regret, when you get older. You can see it all, just in that screencap.

Anonymous 17240

Goal within six mins, football is coming home my gals

Anonymous 17247


Anonymous 17248

Nah, England scored first but Croatia won :^)

Anonymous 17280


My father and I got requests to paint 2 paintings of a little girl, so I started working on my painting, and he worked on his, and the next day he just said "oh anon you finish my painting, you have more free time and you're better at painting!" The problem is the reference photo for his painting is so horrible and his sketch also isn't any good and I'm just going around in circles and I can't make my painting look any good whatsoever, and I can't just abandon it because our client is some ~family~ and we already got our payment (why do people pay upfront? I don't like it, I don't trust myself how can they trust me?)
Sorry I just had to get this off my chest. I'm starting a new fresh painting today to try and get it right.
I'm from Croatia and when I saw they were playing against England I remembered my old online friend from England. I wonder if she remembered me too. That would be cool

Anonymous 17300


Ah same. I realised it looked a bit dorky when I had the massive black cheap backpacks and would go to a bar, but now I have a normal red kanken bag and a miniature yellow one which are both really aesthetically pleasing. The miniature one I take if I know i'll need literally only my purse.
I just realised that post is 2 months old.

Hmm, what else.
I've had an obsession with this drag queen Trixie Mattel since early February. I got into drag race because of its unrelenting positivity during a low point and just got attached to this one. This has so far been my longest running single obsession and i'm wondering if at 27 years old it's unhealthy. Maybe once I change environment it'll go but I doubt it.

Anonymous 17328


Anonymous 20004


Anonymous 20414


So how many points ya got, girls?
88 here.
Getting so many points just for being a girl is fucking retarded, but it was most likely made by robots, so…anyways, lmao.

Anonymous 20415

I took this test last night kek. I got 75 or 79, my bf got 89. I can't remember now.

Anonymous 20417

82 hmm

Anonymous 20418

70 :/

Anonymous 20419

That is impossible

Anonymous 20420

Grand Wizards were foretold by the myths and legends of ye olden times.

(If anyone really were at that level, they probably wouldn't even know or understand the concept of a robot)

Anonymous 20421


Hmm.. 129

Anonymous 20428


Becoming NEET and staying forever alone has really done me in.

Anonymous 20429

normie get outta my board REEEEEeeeeeeeee!!!!1111

Anonymous 20431


Nice! I'm in the same range. I was starting to feel bad with all these high scorers.
I got 44 ;_;

Anonymous 20433

139, apparently I've transcended Chadness.
Not 6 months ago I would've probably been a cyborg, or at least slightly strange.

Anonymous 20436

Haha 32

And that's only cause I got better

Anonymous 20451


I just want my sex toy to arrive already. (i bought it today online but I wish I could use it)

Anonymous 20453

42. Adams'd be proud?

Anonymous 20454

what did you buy?

Anonymous 20457



Regular wand. I didn't buy a hitachi because it's out of my budget (at least were I live), but the reviews on the site were all positive, and it's smaller and more silent than I regular hitachi (that I've known of, at least), so that's a plus for me.

Anonymous 20458

I'm not sure what the advantages of the more expensive ones are. I too just have a regular one.

Anonymous 20459



I am guessing they're more powerful? I've heard that hitachis have only two speeds, so it's probably something strong.
Or maybe it's just marketing.

Maybe I'll ask about it at the toys thread at /nsfw later

Anonymous 20464

link? i'm interested in this

Anonymous 20465


i ignored the girl points lmao fuck em

Anonymous 20478


Local shop in my country (Terra Brasillis), sorry anon. You can probably write "wand sex toy" or the equivalent in your language on google and there will be plenty of shops selling them, though.

Anonymous 20483

… They sell magic wands here? How are they called?

Anonymous 20523


Anonymous 20558


i'm so confused by this. what is the context?

Anonymous 20559

On the left the girl is in Iran, on the right the girl is in the US.
She rebels against both regressive and progressive societies.
Kind of impressive if she ever went out in that outfit… I've reasons to believe she wouldn't make it too far.

Anonymous 20560


uh, duh anon, in the US, she'd be arrested by the fashion police!

Anonymous 20562

I recall who she reminds me of
she's an Iranian version of Mira

Anonymous 20563

This girl had a youtube channel, she went to youtube headquarters and opened fire.

I think she was shot down/shot herself?

Anonymous 20630

i thought she used fake tits

Anonymous 20637

Can't unsee now.

Anonymous 20665


Alguns lugares chamam de varinha mágica mesmo, outros chamam de wand, outros de "massageador" lol Depende de onde você pesquisar. Mas todas essas coisas seguidas de "sex toy" no google já acha lojas.

Anonymous 20825

the mv gives me major ghibli vibes…i love it so much

Anonymous 20827

How did I miss the point where blogs turned into "communities" you "become part of"?

Anonymous 20828

It makes about as much sense as a pineapple with pepperoni smashed through it being called a hot dog.
It's a fact of life and it's hard to disprove, but it feels really wrong and should've never happened.

Anonymous 20846

This video makes me nostalgic for some reason lol. She's pretty but her voice is nasally

Anonymous 21455

I bought some cute clothes second hand for really cheap today (literally less than a dollar each piece) and I want to make a thread on cgl for thrift shopping, what do you think? Would you like that? I don't wanna make a thread that would die right away

Anonymous 21460

I would love a thrift shopping thread! I feel like there might already be one though but I’m not sure.

Anonymous 21468

I fucking live thrift shopping! Nearly all my clothes, and 100% of the nice ones, are second hand <3

Anonymous 21505


Anonymous 21524

Great! I will make a thread then. I think more people should be encouraged to buy second-hand

Anonymous 21525

Download (4).jpeg

I always like those abstract colorful acrylic paintings. And I always think, "psshh, I could recreate that". But the thing is, I don't want to copy something 1:1. And as soon as I start to get creative from scratch, it turns out absolutely shitty. :(

Is this the point where I must look at thousands of Pinterest pics for ~inspiration~?

Anonymous 21533

Tou Tiao Dou Shi Ta

Anonymous 21536


Anonymous 21537


Anonymous 21539

test [/spoiler] >test [spoiler] test

Anonymous 21541

test [spoiler][/spoiler] >test

Anonymous 21542

test >test

Anonymous 21544

Anonymous 21546

RIP :'(

Anonymous 21588


It's sunday and I'm in bed listening to chillwave.

Anonymous 21590

I find these new music genres so weird. Do peopl just decide on another X-wave and start adding synthesizer sounds?

Anonymous 21595

I like jazz, indie rock, 90's-80's pop and rock… I listen to chillwave to relax in bed and daydream. But yeah it is a weird genre kek.

Anonymous 21626

I had the strangest thing happen at work Saturday.
This guy comes into the store (hardware) every 3-4 weeks. He’s huge - 6’3”, 250 lbs, but, well- burly is the only word. Carries two propane tanks in one hand level strong. Bright blue eyes, lumberjack beard, deep voice, broad shoulders- the entire Hemsworth package but manlier, somehow.
I know he’s a certified welder, certified diesel mechanic, and an apprentice union electrician, that he’s 21 years old, and that his name is John (of course it’s John). He has a concealed carry permit, owns at least 6 guns, and hunts and fishes (we sell all that stuff - welcome toGeorgia).
So lookup ‘working class Southern redneck’ and it’s his picture, right?
I bugged me forever how all the women acted around him.
Anyway, Saturday I am working and John comes in and heads to the gun counter for ammo, I’m checking out a mom buying a 40 lbs bag of charcoal.
I offer to help carry it (part of the gig) but John grabs the charcoal in his off hand and lugs it out for her - and leaves his receipt, so I follow after him.
He drops the charcoal in her trunk, she’s swooning like every other female around John, I’m trying to get to him without running (I will NOT run after a man).
He gets into his car, but rolls down the window. I give him his receipt and then I realize - that’s not country music! I blurted out,
“Is that the Cocteau Twins?!”
He smiled,
“You’ve heard of them! The Milk & Kisses
He had all their music on his phone, every track.
Now I want to have his children, too.

Anonymous 21629

Where's my John?

Anonymous 21630

I love Aizawa he's so hot and cool

Anonymous 21631

That was a nice story, I hope you have lots of babies I mean if that's what you want

Anonymous 21634

I was in the airport this weekend for some time and just read the /feels/ and /x/ catalog. Some interesting/entertaining stories. All of you are a lot more interesting than me. lol

Anonymous 21637

I'm too tall, too thin, too flat, with big feet, big hands, and a big mouth full of big teeth.
And I am 25 to his 21.
But I can dream.

Anonymous 21674

>too tall too thin

Blah blah fuck you >_>

Anonymous 21677

Anonymous 21689


Look at this cat that I saw in the morning

Anonymous 21690

nice cat

Anonymous 21723

I just made cup noodles, and after letting it sit, I went to eat it and realized it had no seasoning. How did this get past quality control?

Anonymous 21729


>tfw 51 max
not falling for the +6 meme btw

Anonymous 21738

Did you pet him? He needs pettings.

Anonymous 21740

Well I came closer and then he lifted his head and I heard the radio from the house behind him so I didn't dare get closer

Anonymous 21743


Anonymous 21746

Everytime my husband decides to spend the evening picking fights, the next day I suffer of complete demotivation and laziness (and probably later get chewed out again for laziness).

Anonymous 21749

Things I can draw:
- human head from various angles and with various lighting setups
- imaginary creatures
all this from my head
- I can even draw a hand
Things I cannot draw:
- a frickin flower from a reference photo

Anonymous 21776


nice post I found on r9k

Anonymous 21787


Don't sit by the phone for me
Wait at home for me, all alone for me
Your face was supposed to be
Hanging over me like a rosary
So morose for me
Seeing ghosts of me
Writing oaths to me
Is it so naive to wonder

If I saw you on the street
Would I have you in my dreams tonight, tonight?

Anonymous 21795

this instantly puts me in a better mood

Anonymous 21902


>spend the day inside all cozy
>get bug bites


Anonymous 21907

i apologize for me and my friends.

Anonymous 21926

>yfw there are people who went to ivy league colleges working at buzzfeed

Anonymous 21927


i really really like this image

Anonymous 22103


Anonymous 22104


Anonymous 22110

months ago i spent a really long time trying to find the full res of this (not the shoop) for archival purposes and never did. i still haven't recovered. im gonna eat ice cream now.

Anonymous 22113

qt. i was scrolling past this thread and saw him lol. i know it's not a try guys vid but that's the only buzzfeed content i used to ingest.

Anonymous 22114

post photo

Anonymous 22116


Taaaa daaaaaaaa

Anonymous 22117


Anonymous 22119


Does anyone know what kind ofboard game this is?

Anonymous 22120

That's a good song! Do you know any bands like Alvvays?

Anonymous 22122

Looks like Mill or Mylly a little bit.

Anonymous 22126


Anonymous 22129


Anonymous 22130

cute bladee

Anonymous 22131


you have been blessed by positive bladee. everyone in this thread will have a full year of good drains.

Anonymous 22132


these curls tho

Anonymous 22133


need a comb

Anonymous 22141

what did you think about smile/iee?
I really enjoy them both, especially the second half of smile

Anonymous 22144

same. I care about it ;_;
At first I had a clear preference for Smile but now I like them both equally and think they're both really great.

Anonymous 22183

I'm so sad about my country. But I'm aware that there is propaganda on every possible side.

Germany. Since end of WW2, extremely liberal. "Never again". Not being xenophobic is part of earliest education.
Refugee flood, over one million young "middle eastern" men without any kind of background check come in and start causing ruckus right off the bad.
A lot of people go "hey,bthat sorta sucks now, why do we have to do this?"
Other people, also a lot, go "This is despicable, the xenophobic Nazis are coming back up, we must fight them."
It was like that for a while, but now things escalated since a guy got stabbed to death while protecting his GF from middle eastern guys. A very "identitarian" state, that the rest of Germany considers to be redneck, suddenly sprouted violent(?… they say) protests everywhere.
The rest of Germany answers "This is unacceptable, there are Nazis everywhere in that state."
They however go "One if our men died protecting his GF from the attackers you guys forced in here, and all you care about is that we don't want this."

And now Reddit, the localized Reddit is all up in arms against the new rigjt wing party that is mysteriously on the rise, and also against that evil protesting Nazis.

Meanwhile a 10yo boy got raped by three of his Afghani classmates. Reddit literally does not care. Instead, it upvotes some Twitter ass saying we shouldn't euphemise Nazis by calling them "worried citizens".

10 year olds get raped by Afghanistan who were PREVIOUSLY VIOLENT because nothing can be done (and of course nothing is done, the attackers will change schools now, I bet the parents won't get to know that the new Afghani is a rapist), and Reddit/the media implies people who worry just do that to camouflage their Naziness.

I want them to stop. I used to be right-wing but RightNow I only want a peaceful life. I have taken every single precaution for my kids and won't be flat out stupid, but if the media guys keep subjugating the "worried" ones, it WILL blow up into a right wing terror reign worse than ever.

Anonymous 22185


gb2 reddit faget

Anonymous 22187


:—-DDD benis



I miss being able to play games.

Anonymous 22351

What's stopping you, Anon?


I don't have a machine powerful enough. And I can't afford a new one.

I have a first gen Wii that I intended to hack and I already managed to get the Homebrew channel running, but I don't bget the images to work and also the Nintendo ROMs are taken down now ;_;

Anonymous 22357



Few things trigger me more than the trope of the "silly big guy who hugs all others against their low-key discomfort". Maybe because I knew a stupid big guy who thought that was appropriate.



Forgot pic

There even was a meeting of some webcomic people and of course the big one had to draw himself like that

Anonymous 22361

Maybe because guys smell bad

Anonymous 22362

>meeting of webcomic people

I do not wish to imagine the odors present at such an event



Found the pic

Anonymous 22374


Anonymous 22375


Anonymous 22417

images (6).jpeg

>be parent
>frequent parenting groups to make friends for the kids
>New post: "Hey, wanna meet up regularly in [my part of town]?
>Be excited and join in
>Read comments
>I have two sons but the oldest one dresses like a girl
>Yeah my son loves dresses too!
>Yeah, that's why I find it useless to ask others for the gender of their kids ^_____^

Bullet dodged.

Anonymous 22419

Anonymous 22729


Anonymous 22733

a penis is best after 1 partner?

Anonymous 22734

If the 1 partner is you.

Anonymous 22736


>she doesn't eat unripe bananas
They're best when sour.

Anonymous 22740

Hot. I want a virgin guy.

Anonymous 22788

But do you really though.

Anonymous 22789


>Crystal Cafe users in a nutshell

Anonymous 22815

76 upvotes tho

Anonymous 22833

Stop attacking my friends in gemstone parlor

Anonymous 22839

Yeah. Just had one today, I'm keeping him forever.

Anonymous 22842

This board really is so slow. Does it grow at all? I refuse to believe that's the entirety of Imageboards browsing females.

Anonymous 22850

I have an acquaintance struggling with finding a bf, despite the fact that she really has her life together and is successful and beautiful. She is picky as fuck though (for instance, demands the guy to look good but being turned off if he's into "fitness"). She wants to have certain in everything. How the fuck can you help those people?

Anonymous 22851

What? So she's turned off by fit guys? That doesn't seem picky lmao.
Unless you mean she wants an aesthetic guy who doesn't work out. In which case that's ridiculous.

Regardless I can relate because I have a ridiculously specific type too. Not even unattainable, just really weird. There is no helping us, we've played ourselves.

Anonymous 22890


>Average Crystal Cafe user

Anonymous 23173

You happen to live in the places they live. It's a big, brown-eyed world out there.

Anonymous 23196

I really really like this image.

Anonymous 23295

I had to draw a crab so I googled "crab" and found this very good informative video

Anonymous 23299


I was looking at more crab pictures and I found this one, it's a pom pom crab or boxer crab. It holds anemones in its claws as protection. isn't it cute?

Anonymous 23300

decorator crabs are adorable as well

Anonymous 23305

they're so cool, at 2:30 it looks like he is putting a tiara on his head lol

Anonymous 23310

i'm surprised there's not a pokemon based on that yet

Anonymous 23342

Seems realistic_6f…

Anonymous 23357


Anonymous 23361

hungry sherman.jpg

Anonymous 23428


Anonymous 23467

holy shit this is a real movie?

Anonymous 23500


i came up with a new adjective for my cat while i was drunk just now

it's a combination between 'ferocious' and 'precious'.

Anonymous 23513

top kek
tag yourself I'm sister Gluttony
>"His fighting style is… unorthodox"
ooh that's a good one, you should copyright it

Anonymous 23634


Anonymous 23791

Screen Shot 2018-1…

Anonymous 23800


I saw this ad the other day, how ironic, using an image that an artist spent hours on.

Anonymous 23988


Anonymous 24716


>average crystal cafe user when she see's a male posting.

Anonymous 24731


Anonymous 24732


Anonymous 24733


Anonymous 24734


Anonymous 24735


tag yourself I'm lubicant

Anonymous 24736

Red Minotaur

Anonymous 24738


Waiter Skeleton

Anonymous 24740

Can I post here?

Anonymous 24741

original (14).gif

If you have a vagina, yes.
Otherwise, no.

Anonymous 24742

Uh, who's in charge for checking that?

Anonymous 24743


Anonymous 24744

Who's Terry?

Anonymous 24745

you're not supposed to ask that question

Anonymous 24747

We don't talk about Terry.

Anonymous 24748

I'm sure she's a cool femanon

Anonymous 24749


That is, indeed, Jesus.

Anonymous 24758

Anonymous 24805

Crystal Cafe waitress saves choking victim


Anonymous 24820


>average miner when she sees someone disagreeing with her so she calls them a male

Anonymous 24826

huehuehue I love you all.

Anonymous 24846


I need more duck related imagery

Anonymous 24860


Anonymous 24867

Make cece version u man

Anonymous 25306

skip to 26:20. delicious.
I'm not the only one who loves to hear men growl like animals right? I hope you all can appreciate it too.

Anonymous 25310


Anonymous 25427


Anonymous 25460


I love typing in the CC url


Feels so hacking

Anonymous 25461

i like typing it in because I just need to type "cry" and then hit enter and here I am

Anonymous 25691


Anonymous 25745


Anonymous 25773


Anonymous 25782


Anonymous 25804


Just yesterday I realized there will be twice as much stuff on my test, which is in 2 days, than I thought.

Anonymous 25806

Hope it's not maths!

Anonymous 25814

it's programming, but actually I don't have to pass the test now but if I did that would be very very useful.
Also I named my wifi hotspot JOTARO DIES IN PART 6 and now I see someone's wifi is named "ducking spoiler" I wonder if they are responding to me.
Should I rename it to "read the manga"?

Anonymous 26362


we've had all these pointless attention seeking threads on /feels/ and it's pissing me off
post in the vent thread
search for threads that your topic could in first before making a thread

Anonymous 26366

Crystal.cafe archive when? For now I’m just sticking to archiving each and every thread I see with web clipper and reading it all.

I gotta digest every single post from this site because they’re all gems

Anonymous 26367


I like to not remember that people like you exist. Can you please del?

Anonymous 26370

>vent or talk about relationships of all kinds

>reeeeee stop doing this out of the designated threads that mods don't enforce

>muh generals

Anonymous 26373


>because they're all gems

Anonymous 26375

literally every new thread made ( i'll admit i skimmed, but i'm pretty damn sure ) is about romantic relationships. specifically
>oh boohoo girls this boy is causing me emotional distress whatever will i do!!!11
they remind me of the oneits (?) threads on r9k. lame as hell

Anonymous 26377

Yeah I hate those too. I ignore them and wish people would write about other things, but ugg they still have a right to post it imo if that's what they want to discuss.

Anonymous 26379

Why do you hate me? What did I do to you?

Anonymous 26380

I drank wine and pissed the bed last night

Anonymous 26382

God I wish that were me

Anonymous 26429

I want to box that 6'2 girl here on CC. That is all.

Thank you for reading, please rate and subscribe.

Anonymous 26453


an icon

Anonymous 26454


Anonymous 26520



Anonymous 26521


since when did crystal start using captcha? shit's annoying af
Or was it always this way? I may be developing dementia…

Anonymous 26522


Anonymous 26523

Nah I think the site updated in the past few days.

Anonymous 26611


look at my dev cpp theme. isn't it so nice? (I spent 20 minutes picking out colors&fonts instead of writing the code)
Best love story 2k18

Anonymous 26612

dammit I forgot to write j<SIZE in the for but I guess it doesn't really mater

Anonymous 26635

I'm not sure which is better: mashed potatoes and gravy or shitty frozen pizzas

I love em all.

Anonymous 26778


I swear there was a stupid questions thread but I scrolled through the catalog and couldn’t find it. There should be a search function here.

what is kc
who are these people
why are they so angry

Anonymous 26782


Im on mobile

Anonymous 26783

Please use a bluetooth physical keyboard with your phone. Basic posting strats.

Anonymous 26816

then how are you hunny

Anonymous 27276

>check back of carrot juice bottle
>660% daily amount of vitamin A per serving
>drank 4 bottles today
>20 servings
>132x daily amount of vitamin A
Don't cry for me. I am already a bun.

Anonymous 27279


There you go, anon.

Anonymous 27283

holy shit, did you gain any superpowers?

Anonymous 27286

[assorted rabbit noises]

Anonymous 27322


Anonymous 27323


Anonymous 27326


Anonymous 27327


i didn't intend to quote, i am sorry anon i hope you can forgive me :(

Anonymous 27328

please can you tell me where this is from. It looks so familliar

Anonymous 27329

just ramdonly got it off 4chan, but it reminds me of my childhood, thats literally how we seen world back then

Anonymous 27330

It reminds me of Peter Pan, but I think I must have seen it while googling surrealist paintings so that's why it seemed familliar

Anonymous 27398

Men are fucking trash. Good fucking night.

Anonymous 27400


Anonymous 27411

You have to check this out https://www.plane9.com/ it's a program full of music visualizers/screensavers. There's so many and they all look really good. I put one that looks like a glass crystal structure as my screensaver, it reacts to music the best of all the ones I've tried

Anonymous 27424


Anonymous 27425

Anonymous 27426

I wish people were more nice and that this site was more active.

Anonymous 27431

You actually can't get hypervitaminosis A from carrot juice, as your body won't convert carotenoids to the active form of vitamin A if there's already enough of it. It can, however, lead to carotenosis which is a harmless condition. It does make your skin turn orange temporarily though.

Anonymous 27432

That was my favorite episode of The Magic School Bus.

Anonymous 27708


Anonymous 27709


Anonymous 27718


Anonymous 27746

cuddle master.jpg

Anonymous 27760


Anonymous 27764

enormous if valid

Anonymous 27765

Have you ever seen any filipino's?
I haven't.

Anonymous 27780


Anonymous 27808

just monika.jpg

Anonymous 27822


I can't wait for this thread to hit the post cap and fall down the catalogue. It didn't bother me at first but I am so sick of this girl and her dog staring at me. Yeah you can hide the thread but then it's the only hidden one and you just know that she's still staring. Also I enjoy the thread itself and don't want it hidden.

Anonymous 27828

you can just hide the picture too by clicking File (hide)

Anonymous 27849


Anonymous 27870

I have multiple personalities.

Nicest male hater you will ever meet


Twisted fucking I wish I had a bf so badly path

Anonymous 27978

I just wanted to share this artist I found randomly today mostly for myself so I can find it later http://www.kristiinakoskentola.com/
I don't like such art usually but I really like this. Especially the one with blindfolded goats.

Anonymous 28030


b u m p z

Anonymous 28083

>Two women are conjugated by the action of cupping, and by a tube between the two cups. The action is metaphorical, useless, referring to the conditions of systems in which competing influences or elements might be balanced.

what did she mean by this? Isn't equilibrium meant to bring harmony through balance? Or is it a allegory similar to the power socket powering itself?

Anonymous 28086

I don't understand it either, she didn't word it very well. I think it is the second one, like a false equilibrium.

Anonymous 28114


Don't. Mess. With. Us.

Anonymous 28116


>I will always let you control me
Jfc what is wrong with her?

Anonymous 28142

>and I promise I will always let you controller me

Anonymous 28156

I read it as 'play' lol.

Anonymous 28158

That doesn't make much sense either…

Anonymous 28159

Idk I thought it's some kind of slang

Anonymous 28187


i think in this sense she means physical equilibrium because the vacuum here is being maintained by the two women and their tube. i think that the concept of cupping for the chinese is to remove toxins from the body. because this cup just goes to another cup the toxins don't go anywhere but in between.
i don't really get the "competing influences" unless she just means the other cup because that's not all that descriptive of "conditions of systemS"

Anonymous 28196


> I don't listen to songs about sex drugs.

>listens to vocaloidvocalist

Filthy casual

Anonymous 28262

And so I went to the hospital,
they said it's bad for my health.
So I threw a snowball at the doctor,
and I threw a snowball at myself.

Who the hell paints fire hydrants yellow anyway?

Anonymous 28268


Anonymous 28329

>tfw no angry lanky Icelandic black-metal-frontman weirdo bf
feels really bad man

Anonymous 28339


finally found a good band from my country but in every album there is a song that is so freaking creepy and makes me feel as if I'm going to be violated by the singer and then when I listen to the other songs I just get creeped out by the singer so the other songs are ruined too…

Anonymous 28342

What did he say that's creepy?

Anonymous 28346

Me trying to browse my usual while my dad is walking back and forth behind me.

Big fuckin' anime tiddies, some anime girl squatting taking a piss, and now this ginger broad on cc /b/

I wonder what he thinks of me now.

Anonymous 28347

"I can hear your thighs rustle as you carefully caress them one into the other
I can sense your scent and it draws me to you
I want to taste every inch of you" and so on. It might not sound really creepy but he is not singing it normally, he is growling.

Anonymous 28360

Wtf musicians are supposed to be smoother than that. That's omegle tier.

Anonymous 28401


At times while opening my browser I call CC these names in my head


Thank you for reading.

Anonymous 28402

Why the fukkkk is diamond.diner so slow since Sunday?

Are the puzzles to blame?

Anonymous 28407

It may be fall semester exams.
I have mine even though I'm still here wasting time.

Anonymous 28411

Yes, but wouldn't a looming obligation like exams encourage procrastination and result in a increase in posting? Not to mention if I were to have a exam I would wish to spend my time talking with other intelligent people, and people on turquoise.tacostand are the most intelligent people on earth aside from being the cutest.

Anonymous 28423


Required IQ for mensa: 131

Minimum IQ of miners even though we don't place restrictions: 160

It's amazing so many geniuses naturally congregated here.

Anonymous 28427


Anonymous 28428


Anonymous 28429


Mines is about four so it really brings the average down, most miners have an IQ of fivety billion

Anonymous 28503


don't forget about our chat frens

Anonymous 28519

Hewo fwends; I just wanted to randomly post anything.

I should mention that I remember someone in another thread posted how they are tired of seeing OP’s pic in the catalog constantly. As such my anything post is addressed to them. I will make it my personal goal to learn sufficient high-IQ photoshop skills before eagerly anticipating the closing of this thread due to posting limit; the second that happens I will create a new replacement thread with this exact same premise of OP but with the heads of the girl and the dog switched!

Anonymous 28529

Thanks Beato, I almost forgot

Anonymous 28530

mime man.jpeg


Anonymous 28550


its all most midnight, and i cant sleep.
my mind keeps wandering to places that hurt….

Anonymous 28555


checc this out I was playing the sims 4 and suddenly all the sims appeared in this café and wanted to buy something at the same time

Anonymous 28570

Quick, everybody post what appears in your mind after I say "collection".
I am drawing a collector in a room full of collections but I've drawn babushkas, stamps, marbles, butterflies and now I can't think of anything else lol pls help

Anonymous 28576

>letters from and to other people

Anonymous 28577

thanks! I'm gonna put some letters around
I'll show you when I'm done if you want

Anonymous 28578

Dolls, plushies, posters, books, trophies?

Anonymous 28579


Anonymous 28580

Yeah please show! I'd love to see it

Anonymous 28582


Anonymous 28586


this is the best joke I've seen in a while
heh that's pretty good

Anonymous 28653


Do you think comments like this are real?

Anonymous 28654

There are too many along these lines for it to be one big joke.
In regards to that image, it's funny to read the premise of those beliefs in very broken English but still understand since you've read so many others just like it kek.

Anonymous 28684

what bladee r u.jp…

what bladee are you?
im a strong 2 today

Anonymous 28686

hmmm somewhere between 5 and 7

Anonymous 28689

idk this guy but im a 7

Anonymous 28690

I have cramps and I wanna punch people

Anonymous 28691

3. Definitely a 3.

Anonymous 28694

I'm tempted to say 2 because of his bathory shirt

Anonymous 28703

7 8 4 and 6 are entirely me

Anonymous 28712

he is bladee and i enjoy his music a lot

Anonymous 28722

Please dont punch people. Please punch your pillow instead

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