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no subject - chatroom thread Anonymous 143286

consider this thread a place to come just to shoot the shit. no specific topic is applied, just talk about anything you like!

Anonymous 143305

i love my mom

Anonymous 143316

Does anyone else order their groceries online? I really didn't want to go outside today, so I used instacart. My god it's so convenient. Bought a ton so I won't have to go shopping for a long time. Still I feel like a dumb ass using instacart.. it's 15$ extra jeez!!

Anonymous 143328

About once a month I order a bunch of groceries from amazon, saves me some trips to the store. Also used uber eats regularly until the delivery fees got too ridiculous. I just don't care for going places more often than I really have to

Anonymous 143340


I occasionally order with Instacart. It usually comes out more expensive, because the grocery store I order from raises their prices online, but last time I ordered the total came out pretty much the same as when I go in-person. I guess it really depends on what exactly you buy and how much. But these kind of sites "free delivery with membership" is a meme marketing tactic. It will only make your total like 4-5$ cheaper.

Anonymous 143414

I can't afford the extra shipping. And I'd rather pick everything out myself anyway.

Anonymous 143426

i never pay for delivery buying stuff unless i have to, i grew up in a pretty frugal family, so it's against my nature
if i have to go shopping in town, i'll just wear headphones and use the self-serve checkout

Anonymous 143442

I do the same. Only 4 times after I get paid now tho. Jesus Doordash and Uber eats are a ripoff!! It made me feel extra stupid to buy my groceries online today though. I'm not gonna spend anymore for a long time. I refuse. They can't make me.

Anonymous 143547

i love it, i have not left my house in like 2 years for anything but mail since i work from home.

Anonymous 143552

What do you do working from home?

Anonymous 143568

My hands are so chipsy and greasyyy

Anonymous 143587

i’ve been obsessed with saying “really makes me go bald”. i’m not bald, but it’s funny.

Anonymous 143598

This post really makes me go bald

Anonymous 144124

Youtube just recommended me a video of mom and two kids singing some christian song
It has like 20 views
I am not even watching something like this usually
Why me, God! Is this a sign?? Should I go to church??

Anonymous 144127

Yes. Also remember masturbation is a sin.

Anonymous 144128

Onion chips?

Anonymous 144129

Cheese ?

Anonymous 144234

Dare I say onion cheese

Anonymous 145086

I had a dream that I got a ton of figures I've been wanting, fml.
Also thread pic is cool

Anonymous 145087

I like to mix it up between ordering online and going in person, really just depends on how I'm feeling

Anonymous 145092


How do I know if someone likes me? There's this guy at work who's really friendly and warm towards me but he's like that towards everyone

Anonymous 145093

Get out of here you rightwing schizo

Anonymous 145115

On the completely unrelated note

I have noticed something
Generation Z is often unable to detect a sarcastic/ironic joke
That’s why tone markings like this - /s, /j on twitter
Because they just don’t understand it. I don’t think it’s autistic, they cannot be all autistic
I have a friend who have similar difficulties and she is just really dumb. I don’t know if there is a correlation
That’s a metamodernist world for you! I despise it!

Anonymous 145157

It's all posturing. 0.1% of them have autism and even less would have this problem but social media ruins their brains and they either embelish their social ineptitude or pretend that it's for the benefit of someone else that everyone should use these markings. At the end of the day it's people wanting to do somethign to please no one in particular but their own egos.

Anonymous 146000

constant sarcasm from lonely, bitter people gets fucking tiring… its just like using a self depreciating joke except you think you're above another.

Anonymous 146501

perhaps you could ask him

Anonymous 146553

If a girl never texts first but responds when I do is that always a bad sign?

Anonymous 146554


Give honest thoughts on this text

Anonymous 146555


And here’s the response

Anonymous 146556

Youtube has been recommending me a lot of ultra-low view-count videos as well, I think they changed their algorithm recently to push small channels upwards

Anonymous 146557


I have a guy friend who frequents imageboards as well and as I was streaming my web browser to him on discord I opened cc and he said he shouldn't be seeing any of this. Just thought that was cute, sorry for not replying to anyone

Anonymous 146568

Nona, why are you asking people to rate texts from 2 months ago? They're not bad at all, but it just seems sort of unnecessary.

I do think it's good that you distanced yourself and are doing better than you once were, and I'm happy she responded.
I went through a similar situation myself, and if I could fix it, this is how I would handle it.

Anonymous 146569

But are my chances with her over?

Anonymous 146570


Honestly, I think it's a pressure thing. It's not that they don't understand it, its just they're pressured into doing so because they don't want to seem ableist. As an autistic person I find them pretty dumb. And yeah, ego is a part of it too.

Also autistic people tend to be chronically online (myself included) so it could also be fewer people than you realize.

Anonymous 146571

No, she seemed pretty comfortable around you.

But if she hasn't gotten back to you about a date/relationship within like 6 months I'd recommend just finding someone else.

Anonymous 146573

We’re away from each other this summer since school is out. We talked yesterday but she seemed pretty frustrated with me.

Anonymous 146582


I have a chunk of cheese that threats me to go bad any time possible. Need to consume it.
I want to go and buy some beer to compliment the cheese
And I will, I promise
I don’t feel like visiting outside today, but since I promised you, I have no choice.

Anonymous 146588


I love reading ESL posts. There's something endearing about them.
I hope you'll enjoy your chunk of cheese and beer, nona. What sort of cheese is it? I, too, have to "visit outside" for a date, but I don't really feel like it. I'm obligated to though because I agreed to it in the first place. Or maybe I'll just fake being sick. I just feel like staying inside and playing vidya. I don't really like her that much anyway.

Anonymous 146592

What were those texts like?

Anonymous 146596

I don't really know. I have some drama going on with some people at school and asked her if taking a semester off might be a good idea because I don't want to deal with them, and she said that it would be a dumb idea to halt my education for something like that when I could just avoid them. She said that I always do what I want to do though. I also had to be the one to inititate, does that mean anything?

Anonymous 147093

That would be too vulgar and direct considering my social ineptitude

Anonymous 147098

Brie! I always eat it as it is, next time I think I’ll bake it
So who have won that day: introvert in you or an extrovert?

Anonymous 147198

>that will be nigel with the brie!

Anonymous 147230

Based Bogey Lowenstein reference.

Anonymous 147325


Anonymous 147644


I've never had that before. It looks and sounds delicious. I didn't even know cheese could be baked, wow.
And he introvert in me won. I'm actually extroverted but I just didn't really like her. We make out but have nothing to talk about and it always gets a teeny bit awkward.

Also, has anyone who are taking bipolar medication manage to lose weight? I eat very little portions, don't drink soda or eat junk food, work out an hour on a stationary bike 4 days a week and I still maintain my weight. It's depressing. I just wanna be skinny cute.

Anonymous 148572

You have to calorie count, unfortunately. You can reduce portions, but unless you reduce your incoming calories below your outgoing calories you'll maintain weight. I personally lost 30lbs after going on a mixed sub-500 calorie diet, but I wouldn't recommend anything that extreme. Just a few hundred calories under maintaining your weight coupled with an hour a day of light cardio.

Anonymous 148588

My mother in law who has gained wait over the years because she eats a 6-pack of icecream bars a day and microwave food thinks going on a soup fast for a day will solve her problem.

I wish I could teach her how to use myfitnesspal and make less emotional-based eating choices but she is too lazy to learn new things and would make me track everything for her or just give up. So frustrating.

Anonymous 148851

tfw she didnt mean a variety of subway sandwiches

Anonymous 148944

Annoying guy on twitter unfollowed me and I'm so glad bc now I can unfollow him back with no guilt.

Anonymous 148946

it's almost 3 am and im drawing
also a bit hungry, i also ordered blue + yellow switch joycon's cause splatoon 3 is gonna release soon

Anonymous 148987

what are you drawing?

Anonymous 149033

You get criticised for being online all the time but you get criticised when you're not on social media everyday too.
Lately 2 people have pointed out when I haven't been on social media for a couple days but… isn't that normal?
Do people really use them everyday and keep track of when others don't?
I wouldn't notice if either of them weren't on for a couple days.
It's good to take a break or have an actual life that just keeps you too busy.
Because of that I've had people block me out of frustration, what the hell. So now I feel a small level of pressure to be on social media and post everyday even though some days I simply don't want to or I have nothing to say or I'm too busy actually spending time with family…

Anonymous 149138

Are all your friends social media influencers or what?

Anonymous 149160

ooh, I love when it happens, lol

Anonymous 149295


I’m on a 13 hour plane ride and I’m very fucking bored anyone want to be my friend and chat for the duration of the ride?

Anonymous 149339

hi are you still there nona? hows the flight?

Anonymous 149432

No, just normal everyday people

Anonymous 149472

hope u landed safe gurl

Anonymous 149563

cheese and onion chips are actually soo good

Anonymous 149565


Yeah they are.

Anonymous 150092

God bless piracy.

Anonymous 150167

I wonder if it's bad to shower while wearing ear plugs. Probably?
But my neighbours are being so noisy. I only feel comfortable showering when my roommates are out for personal reasons, but when my roommates go out, the neighbours get noisy and I can hear then the most in the bathroom.

Anonymous 150196

I lowkey feel brainwashed by this song because whenever I look at a display of chips this starts playing in my head and I always go for cheese & onion. I'm not complaining tho, they're TASTY

Anonymous 150207

>Cheese and onions
Thats what happens, when you let Ringo come up with the lyrics.

Anonymous 150283

hi anons im feeling fucking sad.

Anonymous 150294

i hate waging at walmart

Anonymous 150324

i understand the annoyance of other people's sound/presence. i hope you get to enjoy some privacy, nona
i'm going to the wage cage for a 12h shift in about 4 hours…

Anonymous 152627

I wish my pillows would always stay fluffy. I've tried memory foam pillows before but they're not fluffy and soft enough.

Anonymous 152920

try a columbia pillow. i got a cooling one as a present from my mom a couple years ago and it’s fucking amazing. some are like $50 but worth it.

Anonymous 152921

hope you feel better soon

Anonymous 153608


Tried to play Uma Musume in Japanese but I think I need to better up before starting it.
I just don't find it fun to play games when I can't read them, even if it's just a mobile gacha game about horse girls.

Lack of furigana is getting to me and game2text (good program for Japanese learners highly reccomend) doesn't read a lot of the kanji well because of it being a phone game the resolution is too bad I suppose, and the font is rather blocky. So I've been taking pictures of the kanji I don't know on my phone but that's too time consuming to be fun.

Shame because one of my best friends is now obsessed with this game. And when I say obsessed I mean it, it's all she talks about recently lol. She plays the Korean ver that came out recently. I like sharing interests with her because she usually has good taste but I guess this is one we can't share yet. She really like the girl in picrel, I don't know anything about her ofc. The 3D character models are very very nice though. I really like the art style.
Would have sperged about this on an active Japanese/language learning thread if there was one but I don't think there is so pls excuse my autism!

Anonymous 165282

with my magical powers i bump this

Anonymous 165314

What the point in saying this instead of adding a post of you actually talking about smth

Anonymous 165316


Or did she?

Anonymous 165318

hey guys. playing a tabletop with online friends rn. chillin

Anonymous 165321

i can't be alone with my thoughts. the voices keep telling me to do things that'll hurt me.

Anonymous 165326

Hrmmmm do you have music or a TV show? I dont use any discords really so I cant just be like hey I will VC and provide constant distraction for you. Maybe another anon can but I cannot do that.

Anonymous 165333

don't worry nona my bf usually provides me distraction but he is asleep now

Anonymous 165334

Oh whew you got someone with you, that's a big help tbh and honestly a big relief for me. I am a bit worried for you cause intrusive thoughts are not fun.

Anonymous 165708


wow it's already october, the months are going way too fast

Anonymous 165710

Well I saw your picture and now I think that's enough internet for one day. October's blessings on you as I process this anon.

Anonymous 165711

October blessings to you too and goodnight, lmaoo.

Anonymous 165712

I’m staying at a cousin’s right now. I don’t like visiting family it’s always so awkward. It always feels like I’m at their mercy. The food is good though.

Anonymous 165713

what are they serving you

Anonymous 165715

Plum chicken, salad, green beans, bread, beef, fresh fruit, and cake.

Anonymous 165733

What is plum chicken

Anonymous 165739

i wanna know too, sounds yummy

Anonymous 165745

It’s chicken that was cooked in plum sauce.

Anonymous 165746

Like the Chinese version or is it a western dish?

Anonymous 165747

We’re not Chinese. It’s just chicken.

Anonymous 165748

I googled it. There is a Chinese version and a western version, also I think a kosher Jewish version

Anonymous 165750

Yeah we are Jews.

Anonymous 165751

Lol I don't believe you, you're messing with me. the moids that come on this site are trash to jews

Anonymous 165753

That's why we ruthlessly crush their balls. Fucking moid plague.

Anonymous 165754

Does it really taste botanical and fresh like a plum? I love plums to death

Anonymous 165755

The moids that come here are trash period.

Anonymous 165756

It tastes sweet. I don’t think I’d call it fresh though. In that case you might like a plum salad better. It goes well with arugula and cucumber.

Anonymous 165759

There is a plum salad?? What is the recipe?

Anonymous 165762

I don’t use recipes, I just use whatever ingredients I find. Salads don’t require much instruction. If you like cheese, blue is a good choice for fruity salads, feta is too. Almost any nut would be good but I like pine nuts or walnuts in fruit salads. Or if you want to be fancy, you can roast your own nuts. In fall, pecans roasted with maple, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves are nice. You could also use cherry tomatoes if you like those.

Anonymous 165764

Blue cheese is great with fruit. Blue cheese and HONEY are unspeakably good. I wonder if there is a good honey dressing. I have no idea how blue cheese would pair with plums tho. I'm dying for a new way to make a salad. All the salads I ate became boring. I neeeeed recipes though. I always try recipes so I'm forced to try new ingredients. Otherwise god I eat the same freaking thing all the time.

Anonymous 165766

Honey mustard dressings are pretty popular. Fresh plums also go good with cheese soufflé.

Anonymous 165768

I use honey mustard a lot but I don't think it tastes anything like honey. blue cheese and pure honey have practically a psycho bold flavor, it doesnt take much. Ugh if only you could get that on a salad. Cheese souffle and plums sounds insane I have never heard of anything like that. That has to be a local cuisine. All of these things sound like the east coast am I wrong?

Anonymous 165771

I’m not an east coaster. Maybe they eat that there, I don’t know. I just tried it one day and twas good.

Anonymous 165781

watching licorice pizza, gonna make cinnamon rolls soon. what did you dream about last night?

Anonymous 166041

last night i dreamed that i meet a celebrity, was pretty cringe.

Anonymous 166102

I dreamed they renovated my childhood home and were selling it (it was sold years and years ago in real life). But when I walked through the house it contained all of my valuable belongings and I didn't have enough time to pack them all before the new owners took possession. What else did you gals dream about?

Anonymous 166126

I dreamed a ton WEIRRD shit. I remember waking up remembering it. Now I remember none.

Anonymous 166523


Ooh, I dreamt meeting Mike Patton at a hockey game
I was all like “owo senpai”
Is he even interested in hockey irl? I don’t know
Every time I start playing a japanese online gacha cashgrab and I start to like it a lot and being comfy about it, it just dies. Such a stress.

Anonymous 166589

Anonymous 167104

lc went down again i wanna kms

Anonymous 167722


Saw my crush with his girlfriend and kid (?!) in town. I didn't even know he had one since I thought he was quite young.

Can anyone relate or nah? Tell me your sad crush stories.

Anonymous 167723

are you sure its his GF and kid and not like some siblings? still though, that sucks anon

Anonymous 167730

The kid was a literal toddler and the woman looked like she was around his age. I don't think they were all siblings, sadly. And thanks. I think I need a new crush, except there are hardly any young guys at my workplace left to crush on.

Anonymous 172535

>it ended up being a seething tranny
Every single time.

Anonymous 172607

What’s up with licorice
Why they don’t make candy with some other weird medicinal plant

Anonymous 176277

I'm kind of paranoid my ex is posting about me on 4chan or in discord servers for some reason I see him doing that (and I've done the same smh)

Anonymous 176317

kill him

Anonymous 176326

Nah, he's alright but I know he's not over it kek

Anonymous 177645


Do you guyz have a funny screen caps thread (for cc only) on here?

Anonymous 177693

Oops, i sent it wrong

Anonymous 177995

I have been wanting to make threads on cc for a while but I’m super embarrassed. Like i’ll be admitting some sort of weakness idk if im making sense.
I was just thinking how great it would be if someone made a thread request for miners who don’t want to make a thread themselves and prefer commenting instead. I know stupid

Anonymous 177996

Is it because the threads don't 404 like in other boards? I kinda get it.

Anonymous 177997

How can you be embarrassed???? the board is purely anonymous this doesn't make much sense

Anonymous 178089

Anon, you're overthinking it kek. I'm sure someone here who's good at making threads will create it. You're being so hard on yourself, anon.

Anonymous 178094

Sometimes I do things for attention, but once I get it I don't want it anymore. It's weird, and I don't know what's wrong with me. Maybe attention isn't what I'm actually looking for.

Anonymous 178126

I missed this place, I forgot to come back because it was so slow, there's always interesting stuff here, mostly wholesome and only occasionally extremely degen. Yeah, when lolcow was down I had a reason to come back, I did miss u guys. This is like the sister site, yk. The quieter, neet sister.

Anonymous 179011


i love my chemical romance so much, theyve been my favorite band since literally fifth grade and they occupy so much of my brain. i saw them live in august and i can't believe it. i remember coming back from the show and immediately calling my boyfriend and fangirling. mychem will always be one of my favorite things (second to my bf, he'll always b first). even as a kid, i would go home and watch their music videos on the living room tv (my mom still thinks its weird). i know all of the lore involving the band and their entire discography (including rare demos,and unreleased tracks). it's so hard to explain how much this band means to me but they've saved my life so many times.

Anonymous 179013

how do you feel about the following?

Anonymous 179052

real and epic

Anonymous 179152

I've been following the Taylor Swift ticketmaster drama. I'm not even a fan, I just can't help but find it fascinating how people can get SO invested in a celebrity/music artist. Like I have bands that I love too but I could never imagine crying over them.

Anonymous 179154

tldr on the drama? also what bands do you love?

Anonymous 179157

tldr is there was a presale (that you had to be preselected for via lottery) for her new tour and ticketmaster was glitching out/too many people were trying to buy tickets and people weren't able to buy them. Thus the meltdown on twitter and tik tok.
>what bands do you love?
Oh gosh I feel like I have too many to list them all lol. Lately I've really been liking The Oh Hellos, their folk/celtic inspired songs are perfect for this time of year.

Anonymous 179158

People cried over what ? Not being able to get tickets ? Drake is being a little bitch about her 1st place in the top 10 it's ridiculous

Anonymous 179161

yes there are many videos on tiktok of fans literally sobbing about how they couldn't get tickets. I guess some of it must also be frustration though because some people apparently spent hours trying to buy tickets for the concert only to for the website to crash.

Anonymous 179178

how do you feel about deadmau5? i'm much the same with his music, knowing lots of info, rare releases, demos, unfinished works, etc

Anonymous 179406


Miners, hows your day going? Today is a great day where i live it's sunny right now.

Anonymous 179407

It just started but its realll nice so far because I got to sleep in a lil today. Later I'll get to go to a big party with lots of food!

Anonymous 179408

Is it a birthday or something?

Anonymous 179409

nah its a thanksgiving/christmas party. I'm a lil worried cause it takes place in a catholic church and those places always make me nervous cause of my upbringing but I'll probably be fine.

Anonymous 179410

Awful. I was sitting at a red light and a woman smashed into my car and totaled it and now because we have the same insurance company, they're not paying anything since "no fault found for either party" and I have to take them to court. But because my car was worth several thousand dollars, it's not small claims court, it's real lawyer court which costs several thousand dollars. Plus my employee embezzled 30,000 dollars and caused me to go bankrupt but she's so poor that when I sued her she declared bankruptcy and so I got nothing. I honestly want to kill myself but my brother already did several years ago and I think it would literally kill both of my parents, especially my dad who just had a heart attack two months ago.

Anonymous 179411


You must keep going nona we don't have enough based women in this world like you. That sounds like it really sucks though… Wish I could invite you to the party I'm going to so you could have fun instead

Anonymous 179416

raven teaparty.png

Your virtual hug actually means a lot, thank you.

Anonymous 179422

You're going through some really though stuff, stay strong.

Anonymous 179717


rip to one of my first crushes. sad.

Anonymous 179723

Believe it or not, but being a mcr fan myself, I heard this song for the first time just a few days ago - it randomly appeared on my spotify
And I was “what”. I was sceptical listening the first half, but’s it’s a catchy tune, so I end up liking it
Did you listen to their side projects? If so, who do you prefer? I think Frank’s project is my favourite. Ray’s is too radio friendly for my taste, and Gerard’s is too overproduced. Still, there are some songs from their projects I like

Anonymous 179774

I know I know it’s anonymous (or I guess unless you annoy the admin? Idk)
But I can’t help but think that making a thread is participating even more on an obscure imageboard and for some reason that makes me embarrassed? It took me a while to finally start commenting on CC
That’s part of it. If the threads died off I think those feelings of embarrassment won’t be as bad.

Anonymous 179963

For some reason I find it really funny when anons reply to years old posts especially if they're replying with a question

Anonymous 180029

I like that people here don’t get irrationally angry if you reply to an old thread

Anonymous 180052

Me too. Never understood why people got so triggered over necroposting.

Anonymous 180120


Is anyone else excited for the Avatar sequel?
I know the Internet considers it cool to hate Avatar, but when I watched it as a child I loved it. I got really into the worldbuilding, wrote a bad fanfiction and even tried to learn Na'vi…

Anonymous 180133

I thought it was going to be cringe but now I'm pretty sure it's going to be cool cringe.

Anonymous 180137

They are fast and furious

Anonymous 180168

i didn't want to resurrect a 4 year old thread so i will ask here. do any of you have interesting or unusual hobbies? i like to draw but that has sort of turned into a job so it isn't as relaxing as it once was. i am contemplating building dollhouses and filling them with handmade tiny furniture and decorations, but i have never really done that sort of craft and i dont know how expensive it is to get into. my dream is to one day have a big house and have a room with wall mounted shelves all around, but instead of books it will just be dozens of dollhouses with lights showing them off in little cubby holes and people can look at them and say wow cool!

Anonymous 180172

That sounds extremely lovely and cool anon, please do it

Anonymous 180173

Wonder how anons from years ago are doing. Wonder if they still browse.

Anonymous 180185

i love weaving on a standing loom! i dont have one, but im always on the look out for one since i first ever weaved. weaving and loom work is challenging and expensive and time consuming but so relaxing and the final product fills me with so much joy every time

Anonymous 180190

I've never tried it but that looks like fun!

Anonymous 181742


Forgot to order cookie dough so I made my own. It's the first time I've baked in awhile. Usually I hate it but my stuff has tended to come out surprisingly good. I wish I was good at it as my mom though. She is practically a professional.

Anonymous 182326

I don't really understand sites like these. They make me feel alone.

Sucks that there's nowhere else to go, though.

Hello, future anons. Hope life is going well for you.

Anonymous 182328


hello, i hope life is going well for you too.

what about these boards make you feel alone?

Anonymous 182351

My last incel roommate was scared so much by my presence alone that he had trouble sleeping

Anonymous 182360

What don't you understand?

Anonymous 182363

lol, any funny stories from your time together?

Anonymous 182429

He had a habit of eating food really fast without chewing so he often choked terribly and one time in a restaurant it got so bad he had to spit out the food onto his hand while the waitress looked at him.

Anonymous 182465

Why did you have an incel roommate? Additionally,
>my last incel roommate
Why have you had more than one?

Anonymous 182573

>Why did you have an incel roommate?
Because I'm a poorfag and had to settle for a situation that would make it easy economically for me. I only found out he was an incel after we lived together for a bit. He went along with everything so he posed no problems to my living conditions.

>Why have you had more than one?

Ah no. My bad for wording it that implied I did.

Anonymous 182577

you guys went to restaurants together? were you like friends? i don't understand.

Anonymous 182584

Yeah. Not really close friends, acquaintances at least. I don't know why you're so confused.

Anonymous 182585

you said he was scared of you, i guess i had a weirder image of him in my head, like not someone you would want to hang out with lol.

Anonymous 182587

Yeah, I didnt really have much problem with him, he was cowardly and meek in general.

Anonymous 182809

Anyone here trying to learn any languages? There's no thread for it (that I've seen) and idk if one would be active so yeah.

Anonymous 182810

i should try to get proficient in spanish, i have the basics down from school, and i can understand most of the stuff i try to read, but i havnt put any real effort into it. i would like to be able to read greek and russian because there are a lot of books that are not translated that i would like to read, but i would be starting from scratch with those. what language are you trying to learn?

Anonymous 183168


Genuine Question
Why keep 4+ years old posts. It clutters everything. I get that this site is inactive but 4 years is too much.

Anonymous 183170

Is the clutter that bad, though? Maybe the catalog is longer to load.
Reading old threads is fun.

Anonymous 183171


in my opinion it's really obnoxious.
i'd like to see more newer threads instead of older ones being replied to constantly
4+ years is way too much time, maybe an archive or something would be better if people want to go back and read

Anonymous 183173

It's annoying when raiders necrobump, yes, but that's not a good reason to get rid of old threads as much as to put measures against necros.

Anonymous 183206


Yes, I'm learning Japanese. Hoping to pass the JLPT N2 or N1 one day. I had started hardcore self-studying so it might have been possible to pass it this year or next, if I had actually kept up my studying habits. Although unfortunately I stopped seriously studying it for over a year now so I may have undone alot of my progress.

Anonymous 183251

Simply because I like it
That was made specially for me, yes

Anonymous 183253

actually, it's for me, but it's cute that you think that.

Anonymous 183267

I'm kind of embarrassed but I wanna try learning more Japanese and Spanish. I've only familiarized myself with hiragana, katakana, then barely any kanji and know basic phrases here and there but never studied seriously because I don't know any great resources for learning and give up easily. (there's a lot of Japanese media out there I want to be able to read and translate) Also Spanish since it isn't far off from the English language and because I've studied it a little as well. I thought if I ever became fluent it would be cool to branch off from there to learn more languages.

Anonymous 183272

no need to be embarrassed, i tried to learn japanese one time but i realized i have less use for it than other languages so i gave up.

Anonymous 183274

I'm sure the progress is still there in your brain, but why do you think you've undone it? At worst the knowledge is in the back of your mind which just takes some digging up again. I believe in ya to surpass JLPT N1/N2

Anonymous 183534

genuine question
did you miss the /meta/ board on your way in?

Anonymous 183780



I always recommend Kanshudo because it took me from no kanji knowledge to practically JLPT N3/Very Early N2-ish.


I took 4 years of Japanese in high school and our sensei tried to teach us a few kanji, but I felt very scared by them back then so I ended up only half-learning like 2 or 3 by the time I finished high school. But, after that, I started self studying them with that site and I literally shot up like two levels in one year. I think what it really helped with is making my studying fun because of the interactive games it offers. It's important you enjoy the journey, not the destination. That will help with your discipline too. That's not underestimate how much discipline you'll need, though. Lack of it is the most common reason people give up on learning one, after all. Take it from, as a person who's been completely apathetic and undisciplined about learning pretty much anything ever. I have been the kind of person to immeadietly give up learning something just because of frustration and embarrassment about being bad at it. But Japanese is the one thing I've had these kind of feelings for that I ended up pushing through for regardless. Just because of how badly I want the fluency.


I think it might be because I've spent the last several years having my unrelated coursework take up most of my time so I still ended up neglecting it alot. The longer I step away, the harder it is to come back. I'm already seeing myself forgetting a bunch of kanji I knew really well until like two years ago.

>I believe in ya to surpass JLPT N1/N2

Thanks, I hope I can. In regards to what >>183272 mentioned, it is actually a pretty useless language outside of Japan to be completely honest. I have actual aspirations to live and work there so that's alot of what motivates my learning of it. A JLPT certification as well, aside from aspirations to live and work there or benchmarking your own progess would also serve little to no purpose. Especially, if you're in the U.S. Spanish is literally the only foreign language here most employers care about.

Anonymous 184014


Recently I've been obsessing over these vintage/retro pinterest cakes. I literally haven't baked a cake in years but seeing these cakes makes me want to drop everything and start baking cakes daily. I feel like if I practiced enough I could totally make these.

Anonymous 184015

Try it! I learned to bake from those intricate YouTube cake tutorials. The first few times they will suck but you'll get the hang of it eventually.

Anonymous 184016

It's nice to have heard her voice. She's so cute.
I can't wait to find the opening to just talk to her. A future is questionable, but it would for sure be a pleasant thought.
I'm anons from years ago and I'm well, thanks. Better than when I first started posting for sure. I have friends now, have dated, accept myself, etc.

Anonymous 184110

Tysm. I'll be using this for sure!!!! I'll do my best to stick to the language grind too. Hopefully kanji won't be that bad, but learning won't be easy either. Also that's impressive like going up two lvls in just a year???? That's nice af

>I'm already seeing myself forgetting a bunch of kanji I knew really well

Idk if this is helpful, but maybe consuming some Japanese media like shounen jump manga or news letters could help?? I'm just guessing tbh if a part of the language is still in your life to that extent then it would be helpful with your progress and learning. (thx for sharing your experience too, appreciate everything)

Anonymous 184124

How do you feel about homosexual people? Are they more likely to be groomers and predators?

Anonymous 184125

They are people and so it is a mixed bag, as with any group. I believe men are more likely to be predators overall, but have male friends who I like. Balancing caution with openness to people is important to me.

Also, dating a lesbian would be nice if she accepted me. Another bi woman would also be great but you aren't asking about us.

Anonymous 184126

Screen Shot 2022-1…

hate gay scrotes and wish they'd all die.

Anonymous 184130

All gay males are pedophiles there's no discussion.

Anonymous 184131

no, most troons are straight scrotes

Anonymous 184725

Is it just my depression or did this year really suck for everyone? I hated 2022.

Anonymous 184728


No. This year has been pure pain and suffering for me. There's only a few things that happened but I won't be able to benefit from them happening until next year or years after.

Anonymous 184754

I'm okay with homosexual women. The only homosexual man I don't hate is a relative who's very polite and calm. Every other homosexual male I met in my life had attitude issues that women get called BPD for.

Anonymous 184806


I was almost ready to consider trying to kill myself again a few days ago but I got a phone call telling me I'll be getting psychiatric help soon(ish) and I even talked to a friend I had wanted to talk to for a while but just didn't have any strength to do so for a month :( Feeling less awful now and crying purified

Anonymous 185412


Bump to hide CP

Anonymous 185435

Trans asf image, if ur one dont care if you do it consider the exitbag method piss off.

Anonymous 185440

>Trans asf image
I'd say mentally ill asf image. Not every mentally ill person in women's clothes is a tranny but w/e I'm not gonna fight with you over whether some drawing has tranny vibes or not

Anonymous 186068

>>180120 (me)
Has anyone seen the movie yet? How was it? (No spoilers please)

Anonymous 186344

That's great. It is definitelly better to make your own dough than to buy one. I baked our local version of marble cake this week and put nuts in it as well and chocolate on the top. It is very tasty:)

Anonymous 186350


Killing yourself is pointless, unless you are, for example, enslaved and paralysed. You already lived all those feelings that have lead you to the thought of killing yourself. So you are already have them, you can’t null them. Yes, it would prevent more of such feelings, possibly, but does it matter if you are already have enough of those to have suicidal thoughts

Anonymous 192889


Sitting here in North America waiting for this "once in a generation" storm to start and see if it's really that bad or overhyped.

Anonymous 193155

Stay safe!

Anonymous 193447


When I was younger my mom forced everything pink on me even if I didn't want it. I hated it and it made me hate pink in an nlog way. Now 5 years after her death I've began to find some kind of odd peacefulness when I look at pink and get pink things. I guess it brings me back to when my life was overall happier.
I want to go back.

Anonymous 193603

when i was a kid i loved pink stuff. like a little kid. my favorite has always been blue, but pink was great too. somewhere along the line pink became "too girly" though, and now i'm getting back in touch with my pink-liking side. i've bought beads and made cutesy little bracelets and stuff.

Anonymous 193642

You were happier because you were younger. I went through phases with pink too. Reds always been my favorite color but I made the mistake of painting my room pink as a 6th grader. Quickly grew to hate it, as pink is a nice accent color, not a nice relaxing to look at wall color for me. Now I'm back to liking it, just in smaller doses.

Anonymous 193663

Me too, anon. I'm really freaked out by the huge temperature change that it's bringing. My area is going from 20°F > 55°F > 30°F. That is so fucked up. The world is fucked up.

Anonymous 193780

What winter storm…

Anonymous 193881


Anonymous 193984


hello fellow seconds appreciator!!! Hazel is my favorite character

Anonymous 193987

(referring to the thread pic)

Anonymous 194058

What is this?

Anonymous 194424

Me too. I grew up copying my sister who was a big tomboy. pink is pleasant and calming for me, especially pink glitter.

Anonymous 195157

i am not super into pink, but i love pink now when it comes to things like accessories, especially tech. i also love freshly manicured sheer pink nails, especially when they're that perfect shade of rosy/milky pink that looks good on nearly every skin tone. however i understand how you feel because people used to try to force pink on me when i was little and i was more into goth/dark colors and still am. i like being feminine but not girly. when i am too girly it makes me feel childish and weak. it just doesn't fit my personality.

Anonymous 196407

>when i am too girly it makes me feel childish and weak
Internalised misogyny?

Anonymous 196599

i swear to god this is not race bait or trolling or anything but sometimes i feel really bad for african americans that i honestly start to cry like thinking about the racism and slavery etc they have gone through but then i feel really retarded because i am not even american i have nothing to do with that stuff i am from really white country with very few black people like i was maybe 11 when i first time saw black person in real life and then i feel so dumb for it like i am random white girl crying about this stuff even if i will never be fully ablr to properly understand it since i never grew uå in america i have never visited i have no idea about the culture but hm yeah

Anonymous 196606

I'm black and reading this made me kek

Anonymous 196616

>i feel really bad for african americans that i honestly start to cry like thinking about the racism and slavery
wait until you discover that black african tribes themselves sold other black african tribes to europeans for slavery things. girl what are you talking about, go back to that sweden thread on lolcow and stay there

Anonymous 196631


but they didnt need to buy them though. like they could have been like "ew you selling your fellow human beings thats sick" and nnot take part of it

Anonymous 196634

True! But they didn't. Everyone is fucked up.

Anonymous 196639

will you jump off the cliff if your friends do huh huh huh lemming are you huh huh huh

Anonymous 196669

Cringe but then again I remember learning about the civil right movement back in highschool and it was very upsetting as a teenager so maybe you are very young?

Anonymous 196672

anyway i am drinking christmas wine and eating christmas chocolates and message to you all americans >>196669

Anonymous 196702


why does my cat drink in the craziest position ever? i cried laughing the first time i saw it but it's seriously insane. like she puts her arm under the other one and starts digging with it from the side/shaking it as she drinks. she only does this when she drinks never when she eats, i don't understand it. i tried to illustrate it in picrel. should i be concerned?

Anonymous 196707

kek sorry about the shite drawing i tried my best

Anonymous 196767

shes retarded, please stop being ableist

Anonymous 198921

My cat does that with the cat tablet apps where a mouse runs around on the screen. Always pawing at something but not where it actually is.

Anonymous 199579

Try a flater/wider bowl.

Anonymous 199587

dealing with a mentally ill moid is so exhausting,specially being mentally ill myself. i want out of this.

Anonymous 199588

She’s probably trying to see how deep the water is and us using the movement to check depth. Some cats also dip paws in bowls for that. Maybe switch her to shallow dish or fountain and see if she still does it? Cats are very cute though

Anonymous 199589

Why are you dealing with him?


he's my boyfriend

Anonymous 199593

Why are you dating a mentally ill dude who’s exhausting you? Genuine question.

Anonymous 199594




sadly i do like him. i don't know if i can stand him for much longer though. we'll see

Anonymous 199601

What is that? Kek

Anonymous 199602

I feel you. Hopefully you get some peace for the holidays at least.

Anonymous 199604

Scout + Obama = Scobama

Anonymous 199607

My sister's dog hates men, she's based.

Anonymous 199609

A lot of dogs especially shelter dogs hate men. Tbh I think dogs in general like women more. All of my piece of shit exes’ dogs when I was younger would end up turning on them to protect me in an argument. Kek

Anonymous 199616

i think this is a cute thing to say. its unfortunate that feeling human emotions like you do is chastized and made fun of. recently it seems like we're all on a race to be the edgiest. as someone who also gets sad easily over injustice this was heartwarming, i wish we could slowly find our way back to humanity but politics seem to be a major obstacle to that

Anonymous 199619

same but i'm asian not living in asia or anywhere near america as a kid i was super invested in african american social justice it took up most of my online time. somewhat related, just this year in the summer i spent an entire car ride crying about the girls in africa that get FGM'd and thrown in huts on their periods and i felt like shit for the rest of the week. in middle school i was deeply invested in the holocoast but not nazis just whats happened to jewish people in different parts of europe, and i used to carry anne frank's diary with me everywhere until my mom took it away from me because she said it "made me depressed" kek. i never got it back since

Anonymous 199810

>recently it seems like we're all on a race to be the edgiest
If anything I feel like it's the opposite, it's a race to publicly display the most phony 'compassion' as possible. Idk maybe it's autism or something but I don't get this bleeding heart mentality that a lot of other women seem to have, I just try to do waht I can to make life less hard for people in my sphere of impact/influence, it's not any more useful to torture yourself with social justice online stuff. Just live and have fun while trying to help the poor and the sick when you can, there's not much else you can do.

Anonymous 200009

it's all performative either way, either performative wholesomeness or performative meanness are the two sides of the same inauthentic try-hard coin.

Anonymous 200015


I hope Noniez have a merry krismis

Anonymous 200037

Samefag, I feel like this post sounds mean so I want to clarify that I only kek'd because I thought it was funny. It's sweet that anon is so compassionate

Anonymous 200051

Nta but it's cute how you cared enough to come back and clarify ily anons

Anonymous 201415

I've become really obsessed with language learning recently. I'm glad since I do think it's a productive hobby but I'm sad that it isn't something that makes good money because I could dedicate my entire life to this and still not get bored.

My favorite thing once I've gotten familiar with a language is to browse their side of the internet, especially Asian languages because it's just so different.

Anonymous 201450

Slavery wasn't even the worst thing European colonists did in the Americas.
Before Europeans arrived, both American continents were home to countless unique languages, cultures and religions, just like the continents of the Old World. As someone mildly interested in anthropology, I sometimes think about how much of our species' shared cultural legacy was lost as a result of colonialism and genocide, particularly in the Western Hemisphere. Entire cultures wiped from the face of this planet. Myths and stories forgotten forever because everyone who knew about them was killed or forcefully assimilated. Countless languages that are only a handful of elderly speakers away from never being spoken again. There is something profoundly sad about that imo.

Anonymous 201467

okay, let's not do oppression olympics here

Anonymous 201491

How is this oppression olympics?

Anonymous 201493

>Slavery wasn't even the worst thing European colonists did in the Americas.

Anonymous 201496

talking about history is bad n0nnie </3

Anonymous 201497

I repeat my question, that is oppression olympics how?

Anonymous 201498

stating facts is bad n0nnie </3

Anonymous 201500

because you replied to something talking about slavery with something completely unrelated claiming it was worse

Anonymous 237278

Why is it that when we study "indigenous cultures" it's called anthropology, but when we study "European cultures" it's called history? Makes you think…

Anonymous 237306

I'm european and in the arts and humanities branch and I think we make this distinction with ourselves too. Where are you, anon?

Anonymous 237307

Were you born retarded or did take years of mastery?

Anonymous 237336


who are they

Anonymous 237526

Sorry if there's a better room to put this, I'm pretty new

My son is about 20 now, and he has really long luscious hair, soft skin, and extremely thin/almost invisible facial hair. He's about six feet tall and while his jaw is probably somewhat masculine, he's got cheek fat that gives him a more feminine look. Despite the fact that he's not transsexual, he's mistaken for a woman all the time, by both men and women, in Britain, or Poland, or Germany, basically wherever we go on holiday. He's autistic so he doesn't like correcting people outright, but whenever he speaks (his voice is a bit deep, very unfitting how he looks) people realize their mistake.

I'm a little worried that someone (A white knighting male most likely) will mistake him for being a transsexual and assault him to 'protect me'. Given we're often together in public and some people have mistaken us for being siblings or romantically involved (I'm 40, but often mistaken for 30. I feel pretty old though), and the shock element (Some people are really taken aback when he speaks), I'm kind of worried, because he's not a fighter and could get seriously hurt by the average testosterone junkie who thinks random violence is the solution to his problems. But, I have always appreciated having a son who's generally non-conforming to gender norms when my own father was so rigid with them, so I don't want to simply make him cut his hair or act more 'manly'. Is there any solution to this problem?

Anonymous 237638

2girls1bottl3 on tiktok/instagram, mind the skeevy sounding name

Anonymous 237667

maybe it's just me, but I feel like things are sort of going back to how they used to be in the 2000s. it seems a lot of zoomers and millennials are getting sick of big social media and are moving back towards blogging and older sm formats (blogspot, dreamwidth), spacehey, neocities - plus I notice a lot are getting flip phones both for aesthetics and to help them take a break from constant internet usage. 2000s fashion is also somewhat popular too right now along with 2000s toys, 2000s anime/manga, touhou, etc. the 2000s were a better time for me and many others in general so maybe I'm being too hopeful and nostalgic.

Anonymous 239757

I am so stoked and have to share my excitement, I just put together this 3D wooden puzzle train and it was so fun. I have a new hobby now and I need to get moar of these.

Anonymous 241494

I don't know if my mind is just fucking with me and I imagined this but I remember there was a post on a thread in /x/ where nona tells she met bianca right before her death. I went through possible threads this could be posted in but couldn't find anything, did that thread get deleted? I feel like rereading that post again lawl

Anonymous 242228

i remember the post. said bianca knew that what she was doing was wrong but couldn't stop, iirc.

Anonymous 242359

imo it's all because of social media, nona, you can't tell if the person behind the screen is angry, being sarcastic or joking lightheartedly when you haven't got experience seeing people express this emotions irl in real dialogue

Anonymous 242454

made this thread nearly a year ago now
how time flies

Anonymous 242773

It was from the weirdest people you've met online thread.

Anonymous 243354

Oh, thanks! I scrolled through catalogue like three times, how could I miss that thread..

Anonymous 245413

What do you think of same sex only schools? It sounds good for girls to show them that there is no such thing as "boy/girl sport" or "math/science its only for men", but I also wonder if it can make them more naive towards the average male behavior.

Anonymous 245437

Women tend to perform better in same sex schools so I’m for it personally.

Anonymous 245443

Women from same sex schools end up in horrible relationships because they are even more naive about men than your average Jane. They also develop weird preconceived notions about male behavior. Not worth it.

Anonymous 245449

>Generation Z is often unable to detect a sarcastic/ironic joke
this is the most divorced from reality post itt.
Gen Z are irony poisoned losers who have no humor besides irony/"sarcasm" and 100% of the time when i post something deliberately idiotic and immediately get pinged with counter arguments to a shitposts, it's always 30 year olds doing it.

Anonymous 245850


>It's summer and cc is more dead than when it wasn't

Anonymous 245863

god this gif bahahah

Anonymous 245948

Got banned on lolcow for a whole year, I guess that's for good but I'm still pretty upset that I felt like saying some stupid shit on there

Anonymous 245957

Anyone awake in here right now? I just finished a cup of coffee.

Anonymous 245964


saw a post on LCF saying "I miss CC" and I came and it's still here!

Anonymous 245983

I like the media board here better

Anonymous 246044

yeah it’s weird how they’ve been pretending that cc has been down for months on there

Anonymous 246125


It has been one year and I'm still in love with him. It hurts so much. I wish I hadn't been a coward and had confessed my feelings. I can't forget his smile.

Anonymous 246133

I too have someone I used to talk with and was too open with, do you still talk to him?
Sometimes I just imagine what kind of comments he'd leave on social media and how his search history probably looks like and then my feelings start to fade a bit

Anonymous 246135

He probably wasn't all that great either if he didn't admit his feelings first.

Anonymous 246136

>if he didn't admit his feelings first.
Uhh where did she ever say he had any feelings for her?

Anonymous 248052

I don't get why men with good intentions come here to post. If men want to talk to women and share perspective they can easily do it in co-ed spaces and imageboards, they don't have to come to a female-exclusive site to do so. Like just go talk to women on 4chan instead.

Anonymous 248055

i was vague posting a male poster in another thread because posting directly in response to males is discouraged in the rules retarded faggot scrote, not going to directly reply to your post either.

>you guys are all psychopath

Classic male projection, let's bring up those crime and statistics data shall we? Which gender is the more violent gender prone to chimping out to murder and rape and kill everything in their way? Men use mythos and legends to justify misogyny, women just need to use literal facts and logic to justify misandry. Men will still try to fuck with women on female-only spaces anyway with cp and gore because they are the real psychopaths.

Anonymous 248273

none of the men who post here knowing it's supposed to be a womens only ib have good intentions

Anonymous 248280

Maybe they just want to see how does a female-exclusive space looks like? Basic curiosity. Think about it, most of what they see is either mixed or basically male-exclusive. I don't get why they would keep coming back though

Anonymous 248295

lurking is different from posting.

Anonymous 248304

going to see barbie again with my mom today. yeah the movie is a meme but it validates my frustrations with moids ok?

Anonymous 248320

dont justify yourself its a good movie. have fun

Anonymous 248322

I saw it twice too. are you dressing up for it? I don't own anything pink but everyone else in the theater went all out with their attire

Anonymous 248338

i cried again, i laughed again, and my mom liked it too. she called ken a bum LOL.

Anonymous 248397

They did but they also started the abolishment movement and eventually stopped slavery which had an impact on African economy itself even for the colonizers because they just adapted to the local customs and now they had to enforce their motherland's policies. Think about it like this. Let's say you've spent your whole life in jail and everything was provided for you and suddenly they let you out and you have to start a totally new life on your own. Some people adapt to their new life some perish.

Anonymous 248398

lol my mom made fun of ken too! I'm glad you had fun for the second viewing

Anonymous 248415

My fwb is spoiling me. Like it's cool and all but due to his situation it's unlikely for him to eventually commit and I probably wouldn't find a bf who seems as perfect for me as he does
Oh well, it's fun while it lasts

Anonymous 248468

Year 6 of my boss refusing to let me get a powered mixer for our kitchen

Anonymous 248541


I haven't been able to get the captchas working on 4chan, and I miss being able to talk in the most chill boards. Guess I'll spend some of my free time talking in here in the meanwhile.
If any of you nonas could help me with my captcha issue I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.

Anonymous 248545

Once you get 1 captcha you will know how it goes, keep trying

Anonymous 248556


I barely slept last night, my head feels heavy.

Anonymous 249765


I really wish I could meet some like-minded women. I haven't had friends in about 10 years, and even then it felt so transactional. The only times I have felt a genuine connection with somebody, they stab me in the back. I'm too loyal for my own good.

I have been a very happy hermit for a while. I've been reading a lot, self-improving, and experimenting, but I'm reaching a plateau –where I really wish I could creatively collaborate with somebody else. Now that I'm getting back into society I was hoping to meet some like-minded women to become friends with, but I'm in a male dominated field so I really only interact with men. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person alive.

Theres this younger guy I work with who I think has a bit of a crush on me. I'm not sure if I should go along with it or continue to guard myself. I'm not really into him, but it may be good for me to get out more.

This image is haunting

Anonymous 249863


It's concerning how I immediately become more attracted to a man after learning that he's gay or bi, genuinely my fujo tendencies have rotted my brain
The fact that 2/4 of my ex bfs were bi and 1/4 I strongly suspect to be a closet homosexual says a lot, tbh it might have something to do with how tomboyish I am

Anonymous 249877

And you're not grossed out by a shit dick?

Anonymous 249881

What are you working on ? Do you know any code anon?

Anonymous 249882

Nta but there are hygiene practices for these things. Still its shockingly better than most heterodick which says a lot about how god awful hetero men are.

Anonymous 249897

I'm working through a C textbook rn, but tbh Im really bad at coding. I prefer the networking side of things. I'm also preparing some small networks at my school to do labs on.
How about you? what langs do you like?

Anonymous 249898

nta, when you're not into coding then why pick C? Or do you fancy an elitist aura?

Anonymous 249915

Well I did a bit of javascript and python, so I wanted to try out a lower-level language and see how I liked it. I guess I'm thinking that maybe if I start closer to the metal I can get more skilled than if I start with a higher level lang.
> do you fancy an elitist aura?
I don't interact with anybody, so theres nobody to be elitist to lol. except myself I guess.

Anonymous 250023

Imageboards are an excellent place to be elitist, tbh. I don't want you to drop C, nona. You've already understood that C is pretty barebones and using it makes you aware of restrictions that are totally invisible in high level languages. Another way of looking at languages is what kind of problems do you want to solve and what resources do they offer. Now you can say that they are general progamming languages and they can solve any problem and that is correct but it depends on the effort you have to put in to get the same results because of the lack of libraries, tooling or documentation for specific problems.

Anyways, what hardware do you have in mind for your lab?

Anonymous 250024

>Another way of looking at languages is what kind of problems do you want to solve
Right. I just feel like I have no reason to code other than to get better at coding!

>what hardware do you have in mind for your lab?

I'm working with old hardware from the school, so it's a mishmash of different vendor's outdated routers/switches/firewalls etc. Mostly Cisco. Once we get funding we can start to consider new hardware.

Anonymous 250030

That's cool. Cisco has the best learning materials. So it's a good starting point to dive into networking using Cisco equipment that usually is quite expensive if you get their latest equipment

Anonymous 250170

are you going for your ccna cert? planning on trying to get a network engineering job?

Anonymous 250199

yes ccna and a few other certs. hopefully that + a degree will land me a nice career. I'm not sure where specifically I want to end up though.

Anonymous 250297

>mom had me when she was 32
>dad was 46
The more I self reflect the more convinced I think I could be autistic but I will probably never know for sure.

Anonymous 250302

kek cute, ill remember this post around krismis

Anonymous 250406


>mfw my mother had me at 40

Anonymous 250412

it's truly over for us….

Anonymous 250422

My mom had me at 42 and I am better than normies.

Anonymous 250426

It's actually the father's age that influences the tism. How old were your dads?

Anonymous 250428

Anonymous 250431

It was over before you were even born

Anonymous 250483

What is the point of going to 4chan in 2023 that place sucks ass.

Anonymous 250487

It's fun to go on /pol/ when there's a happening

Anonymous 250488


>mom had me in her 38's
>Father was in his 46's
>born 3 months early
>almost died twice
>developed at a slightly slower pace but functional enough to have a normal life
>Horrid social skills, too autistic to connect to other females, too shy to even speak to other guys that aren't just nerds

Anonymous 250490

My dad had me at 46. I just have suspicions of being on the spectrum and high functioning because of my childhood and I think I still have some symptoms but I can still live independently. I do have a few friends so I may not be an aspie but we rarely talk. They are also kinda nerdy and are imageboard users or gamers. I wouldn't call myself an aspie because I don't have a diagnosis and but I do entertain my suspicions.

Anonymous 250507

is your degree in computer science, or something more specific? I have a cs degree and am thinking of getting ccna plus some other certs to land a decent tech job that I don't have to be good at coding for

Anonymous 250523

>be me
>be rape baby
>have too much of my father's genes
>mom releases custody of me to him
>it happens
>i finally gain freedom 20 years later
>talk to her about it
>she victim blames me
talk about closure, hopefully I just become some rich ceo or something

Anonymous 251278

If anyone sees the shit in the letter thread know it is an incel moid trying to sockpuppet as multiple identifies. You can go ahead and report it as a male. My no-contact rule is rigid, I will never post on the internet nor ever engage with anyone. He can try any humiliations tactis and narc tactics under his arsenal but he knows what is coming for his ass. He will be chained to his incel butt buddies and waste his life fucking with underage women while I will be free in the real world. I'm just writing this as a heads up so people know it's a scrote schizo to report. Sorry about this shit he will leave eventually, he's like a fucking fly.

Anonymous 251281



Anonymous 251528

I'm really looking forward to starting uni, I really hope I make some friends bc my social life is nonexistent

Anonymous 252036


someone post the couple shirts edited to say
>he keeps me pregnant

Anonymous 253664

women are confusing to me after a lifetime of being friendless
i feel hostile towards them, anticipating competitiveness
i can only relate to men, and then only romantically. i dont know how to have or keep friends. it’s subhuman.

Anonymous 253670


Anonymous 253675

Anonymous 253677


I don't have anything helpful to say but I'm the same way. I like the idea of a female friend in theory, like thinking about my favorite characters in shows and games, but IRL I just cannot make female friends. The older I get the more self aware I am about it but I still can't seem to actively change my perspective.

Anonymous 258133

What’s up with cc why is it so fucking dead?

Anonymous 258146

Cc has always been dead ever since the snail era

Anonymous 258147


Every time I come here, I just see a metric ton of bad threads with 4chan lingo or obvious male posters trying too hard to fit in, so it doesn't appeal to me to post, and that is probably the case for a lot of other people here.

Anonymous 258148

Nothing much going on.
I mostly lurk, check old threads, vent or talk about movies unless there's actually something interesting.

Anonymous 258150

The obvious influx of trannies coming here has been annoying

Anonymous 258163

Then report their posts. I keep seeing nonas here accusing each other of being a tranny or a moid but they keep talking to each other, instead of reporting, even though that's your best bet of being proven right or wrong.

Anonymous 258231

/feels/ is the real board

Anonymous 258234

what were the screenshots?

Anonymous 258235


Damn, you just reminded me i posted nearing the end of last year on this same thread and now im back here again this year, i wonder how many anons that posted years ago still lurk here sometimes

Anonymous 258319

mostly pinkpilled things to trigger the moids, also a few from the "pros/cons of your bf" thread on /feels/. go check the archive, its quite an entertaining read tbh

Anonymous 258320

Anonymous 258401

Anonymous 258414

umm….can a more thick skinned nona give me a tldr? I cant get through the first few posts….

Anonymous 258416

It's pretty typical channer swill. It looks like exactly what you think it looks like. It's a little hornier than I'd expected though, for some reason. Was expecting it to be even more hateful than it is rather than horny, not that it isn't both.

Anonymous 258420


this is a really interesting thread.
i wonder why incels feel so sorry for themselves and call femcels evil psychopaths for "not understanding" them or having any empathy, yet also acknowledge that femcels & incels are literally just the same thing. they don't notice that they behave with the same lack of empathy or understanding towards us:??

Anonymous 258422


It's mostly because incels lack the self reflection aspect all together. Not once have i seen an incel even truly look themselves in the mirror and understand whatever the fuck is wrong with them.
Almost as if theyre a mindless horde of tards.

Don't get me wrong, i also think femcels are the same. But i at least can look at myself and say im a genuine piece of shit where-as all they do it complain and think theyre God's gift to earth.

Anonymous 258423

>femcels & incels are literally just the same thing
they are not

Anonymous 258424

been thinking of writing a big document on my experience withto looksmaxxing and catching up with the missed social growth from my teen years in the past two years but I'm not sure anyone would be interested in reading it.

Anonymous 258431

So you consider yourself a femcel, and think you're the same as incels?
Sad, get some self-esteem

Anonymous 258457

>moid posting screenshots and being an instigator
>moids seething and hating on women
>nona dropping pinkpills
>trailer trash crackhead being unhinged
>ss of boyfriend thread trigger moids to critical levels
>nona still btfoing moids hating on her
>moids fixate on one ss of a nona talking about how she loves her short ugly bf with erectile dysfunction
>nona and other anon btfo moids for the rest of the thread telling them to grow up
>fedora tipper tries to be subtle about his advances on nona
>thread archives

The end

Anonymous 258458

>they are not
Have to agree. Weird seeing people on this board who probably don't have full reproductive rights depending on where they're from say they're "the same" as incels who are known to go shoot people in the head over not getting pussy. Like even if you are a femcel piece of shit you're not Elliot Roger. There's no "femcel related violence" wikipedia page.

Anonymous 258462

That would be pretty interesting nona!

Anonymous 258617


This moid I have been talking to for more than a year now put a sexualized version of a Nintendo character who is 15 years old as his Steam profile picture. I now fucking hate him, and I haven't talked to him for about 10 days now. His obsession with young Touhou characters should have tipped me off, but I am way too naive.

Anonymous 258634

Shit like that sucks, . I've lost friends, and cut off friends who did shit that made me feel icky. It feels like you can never know someone truly.

Anonymous 258726

I have a rabbit living in my yard, I love him

Anonymous 258798


There's these dudes on discord who constantly admit some sort of love towards me when i have consistently stated i have zero interest in any of them. its getting annoying. Im about ready to block them all but i know full damn well theyed go on my medias and do shit, even if they dont know anything about me other than my damn discord name.
im also sure id feel bad if i go through with it cause i genuinely like talking to one of them but he's begun to use me solely as a mental health vent and now im just annoyed with him. I've practically ghosted him at this point but he constantly messages "i really need to know you're okay." Like chill dude, ive been offline for five hours.

Anonymous 258806

and it would eat and kill all your neighbors garden beds and vegetables. i'd off him in a heartbeat if i was your neighbor.

Anonymous 258828

>"i really need to know you're okay."
wow - I've dated dudes for 6 and 2 years respectively IRL who just upped and bounced and never checked up on me, even after finding out my mom had cancer. the spectrum of moid decency is wild

Anonymous 258919

Stop talking about moids REEEEE ENOUGH ABOUT THEM

Anonymous 258952


More so the fact they want to use my disabilities as a way of weaseling into getting my attention im sure.
It gets old alot of the time, them asking daily if my health has worsened, how they'd treat me if they were here, when in reality i dont want to be reminded of my disabilities each and every fucking day.

Anonymous 258967

i've considered trying to mimic the discord profile aesthetics that men use on their profiles so i'll stop getting harassed by and flirted with by men

Anonymous 265651

i went to an empty train station to kms the second time i got raped and i am 99.9% sure that it was God or some kind of divine intervention that stopped me bc tbh i rly don't know what stopped me. i was so miserable i was ready to just do it, i wasn't rly afraid. but i felt something that wasn't from me. call me crazy but istg there is something out there and wtv it is it saved me idk why but im here.

Anonymous 265693

this dude on a dating app I'm using constantly asking to hear my voice. like why, but he's actually pretty cute

Anonymous 265848

perpetual catfish victim lol

Anonymous 265850

Stay. Be gentle to your body, and try to love your body despite what happened. Fuck moids.

Anonymous 266079


How's your saturday night going my dear fellow miners?

Anonymous 266087

Nice plan, I wish I ordered takeout tonight too. Careful with that wedding fever, in my case my mother has been using lately the famous formula ''when you'll have children…'' and I had to correct her twice kek. Thanks, I'm just enjoying a bit of lurking before going to sleep

Anonymous 266142

I juuuuuuust started my shift and I can't wait for it to be over. FML.

Anonymous 266148

Would you nonas rather have a gay son or a thought daughter?

Anonymous 266151

coping with cat reels at 1am. I hate needing to sleep

Anonymous 266155

also I took my 20s for granted. ugh

Anonymous 266165

I surprised myself by being shallow (I think?). I met this guy on a dating app. Cute face, nice personality I guess, but when I hear his voice, it turns me off. I love men with hot voice, whatever that means, and he doesn't have that. Didn't think it would bother me kek

Anonymous 266190

There's nothing wrong with being "shallow" (not real btw.)

Anonymous 266195

What is a though daughter

Anonymous 266325

Is it more undesirable to raise a son who is a homosexual or to raise a daughter who is sexually promiscuous?

Anonymous 266328

Both sluts kek

Anonymous 266330

Make her slutty, shut-in, a fujo hikki, neurotic, bitchy, or even a serial killer. I'll always choose a daughter over a son.

Anonymous 266401


apparently, there are still old unsecured webcams you can access. I saw a meme that told me to type a specific thing in, and when I did, I found a lot of different unsecured webcams, all of very interesting or mundane but cute things. There was one at a pet store, another on someone's property so they could watch the birds, another just to watch their driveway and you could see the sunset. It was pretty cool. Picrel, turtle

Anonymous 269465


can't believe my thread has lasted this long LOL

Anonymous 269531

Did you Nonas ever get an actual decent bf off of 4chan? kek idk just randomly came up to my head

Anonymous 269532

btw is that a picture of some band or?

Anonymous 269539

i'm sure there's normal men on 4chan contrary to what most people say. however i wouldn't take the risk and i feel like it's weird anyway to meet your bf off there lol

Anonymous 269541

It's from the music video Lady by Modjo

Anonymous 269566


oxychan's whole thing doesn't serve as enough of a warming against this practice to you?

like this isn't 2005. 4chan hasn't been a cool underground site in a long time. you're likelier than ever to meet a legitimate predator looking for a victim like you exactly.

Anonymous 269905

it's blast my music to bother moids with loud cars day

Anonymous 269948

It worked for me. You just have to vet people out like you would on any other website.

Anonymous 269951

Why 4chan of all places though?

Anonymous 269980

ive used soc for years and met some cool ppl on there but few and far between theres so many emotionally damsged ppl with like selfesteem issues, i think dating sites are fucked so 4chan has the appeal of like grabbing the outer rim of society that has a potential for an unclaimed gem, have yet to find it though.

in a big counrty dreams stay with you…

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