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General Chat Thread Anonymous 15251


Tell me, what's on your mind? What are you all up to? Lets talk.

Anonymous 15252

Are you still there, Anon?

Anonymous 15253

Whats on my mind: I'm very annoyed because my thighs are rubbing and that hurts. I need to lose weight.

Anonymous 15256

Yeah! I am. Finished eating dinner not too long ago.
Mine used to chafe too. I think using something like baby powder is supposed to help but I've never tried it. Have you started doing anything to lose yet?

Anonymous 15257

No but I will start tomorrow, maybe try keto, people said it works and that it gets really easy after the first week. I just don't know if I'll be able to handle it because I fucking love bread but I need to start somewhere

Anonymous 15305


What's on my mind? I sometimes get these overwhelming urges to pet some cute cats and play with them but the animal shelter is too far away and none of my friends have cats. (Well, they have dogs and rabbits.)

I really want to touch a cat's soft fur right now. Please help.

Anonymous 15312

Find some strays!

Anonymous 15313

Did you start on anything yet anon? Also, keto has some almond flour/coconut flour bread alternatives that you can give a try if you really miss it. It's not exactly like bread, atleast from the one i tried baking. I actually didn't like how it came out but it's possible I screwed up one of the steps.

Anonymous 15329

Fathead dough is the way to go (heh didn't mean to rhyme). I've made garlic knots, pizza, pigs in a blanket, and pasties with it. It has a great bread-like consistency. I've tried making bread loaves with coconut flour but they always come out way too eggy for my taste.

Anonymous 15338


You could start a business where people drop off their cats when they're on vacation. It could be like a hotel and spa for cats.

Anonymous 15346


Leave him immediately, he sounds like an emotionally unstable psycho bastard.

Anonymous 15349

I added my crush on fb, even though I had to REALLY look for him to find him. I don't know if he's going to guess it's me. Given that it's been a while since we saw each others and I don't think I'll find him again anyway, but I had to look him up online, how fucked am I?

Anonymous 15363

Do you think you might have a chance?
A bit crazy but not dangerous so you're fine

Anonymous 15373

it could go two ways
1. hes into you, and thinks its endearing that you worked so hard to find him!
2. Hes not into you, and doesnt think anything of it. maybe a bit weird.
either way, good luck anon!

Anonymous 15375

I'm going out with this older guy who I'm not really very attracted to. He's perfectly decent and reasonably attractive, but he's twice my age.

The reason I'm doing this at all is because he brings me out to nice restaurants, pays for spa treatments, drives me home in his car, and basically pampers me. We've slept together, twice: he was very gentle and kind but there was still something distasteful about the whole thing.

He texts me every day about how his day was, asking about mine, asking me how I'm feeling, stuff like that. I don't usually carry on the conversations very much because I want to signal to him that I'm not really interested. The conversations usually die out quite quickly, usually with us agreeing on when to meet next.

I'm not sure if I should keep doing this. The dinners and all are nice, but they create obligations on my part, and I don't like owing people anything. Plus I'm really not interested in a relationship right now, I don't have the time for that. But most importantly, I don't like how easily I was bought over; I don't like that I'm the sort of person who would do things like this; I feel cheapened somehow.

We're meeting next Saturday. He's asked me out again, I've got a week to decide.

Anonymous 15388


Just quit my job. Not really sad or happy. Pretty content. Ended on good terms, wish I could've stayed longer but sadly things got in the way.

Anonymous 15392

I wish I could say I've just done the same. I hate my job.

Anonymous 15408

>but they create obligations on my part,
This is the key point. If you keep accepting things from him, even just attention, he'll be expecting things back and might get angry when they're not returned.

Anonymous 15427

I’m in bed and can’t sleep

Anonymous 15428

I falling for anons on my Discord :(

Anonymous 15436

It better be me

Anonymous 15439

Hey how's everyone's day going? I hope good.
Why'd you quit? And if you don't mind me asking, what sort of job was it? Are you going to be living off savings or what?
Iktf. What helps me is getting out of bed, doing something else for 30 minutes, then trying again. Does the trick 70% of the time.

Anonymous 15446

I'm waiting for a call regarding the results of my recent job interview. And for my period to come. All in all I'm kind of stressed and jittery.

Anonymous 15447

I quit my job exactly 3 years ago (minus a couple of days) and have been a NEET ever since. Never felt so good as I did that day, and all I did for a week was sleep and sleep and sleep.

Anonymous 15449

I hate regular jobs, but I need a source of income. Life without that is shit.

Anonymous 15459

Hope you hear back from them soon anon. Try your best to preoccupy your mind with other things so you don't get too stressed in the mean time.

Anonymous 15460

Curious if there's any update. I think it's good you took the chance btw.

Anonymous 28050

seeing all my ops in the catalog is so weird..

Anonymous 28066

Same. I feel like there are only 10 people who ever start threads on this site.

Anonymous 28069

I tried to step my game up but I'm trying to lay low now because I misbehaved and am on thin ice with the mods.

Anonymous 28070

What was your crime, anon?
No shame, I've been banned for arguing with men before.

Anonymous 28071

Trolling and excessive shitposting

Anonymous 28073

hello, anyone online?

Anonymous 28074

Anonymous 28075

what is up, my fellow humans? what are you doing tonight or today?

Anonymous 28076


Anonymous 28077


yeah i'm here
looking forward to our big chat thing

Anonymous 28078

I just started a new medication and its making me feel weird and not really doing what its supposed to do a lot of the time. I'm trying to move out of my apartment and get a house, but in order to do that I have to sell the condo I moved out of (needs cleaning + repairs). I haven't had water in 3 days because of a pipe bursting so I feel disgusting and dirty. My life sucks.

Anonymous 28080

lolcow? Yeah I'm banned for 2 whole weeks for responding to a guy, even though nearly everyone does. Mods there are a bit over the top.

Anonymous 28081

Oh, no. Why, anon?
…both here and lolcow before. I've stopped now though.

Anonymous 28082


I'm consumed by ED related thoughts. I feel so fucking ugly and fat god damn it. I want my thigh gap back. I wont know peace before that happens. I have a compulsion for having it, it's pathetic but it's what it is.

I just want to be thin and cute again.

Anonymous 28084


everything is just so fucked. like how do i just unfuck myself from all the past trauma and bad experiences. the memories always come back to haunt me and remind me what a piece of annoying shit i was/am(?) god i've made so many poor decisions in my life and it's all weighing me down like i wish i wasn't so brain dead to have put myself through all that. w/e even though i'm mentally decaying, got shit physical health i still try so hard lol hopefully all this effort & work will pay off before i die of exhaustion cool.

Anonymous 28085


I got a new laptop! I haven't had one in a really long time, least 3-4 years or more.
Its quite different after using a desktop for a long time, but I wanted something that I could use to do real work on in any room in the house or outside.
It's pretty cute and has decent specs for the price I got it at. Installed Arch on it, gonna customize it more tomorrow. I even got little stickers for it so I can have the cringiest laptop in all of mankind.
Thats my pointless tedtalk for the evening ciao

Anonymous 28167


Lately I haven't really been feeling as emotionally stimulated as I should be. I don't have many friends IRL and it's hard to distinguish good from bad. Though I feel like i'm doing better with getting work done and focusing on things I feel it's just not enough in a way. I feel like there's more to life than work and getting to financial stability. There are things, happy and sad, that make life complete.

Anonymous 28168

this is turning into a random thoughts thread

Anonymous 28621


someome pls give me attention

Anonymous 28622


Anonymous 28624

I'm returning to the board (didn't enter for a year or so?) and I'm so glad this is still running. Love y'all <3

Anonymous 28625

Welcome back! What made you leave?

Anonymous 28626

Thank you! Nothing in particular, I just stopped browsing. Maybe it had to do with all the changes in my life (moving, college…)

Anonymous 28627

thank you/ what are you up to?

Anonymous 28629

I'm considering going to bed because I'm in a bad mood and hungry and too lazy to make anything to eat. What are you up to?

Anonymous 28630

it's too early to go to bed in my case. nothing, just browsing the chan ):
if you go to sleep i hope you have good dreams ~~

Anonymous 28632

1 am here, and I'm too worn out to stay up. But on the other hand I've been having weird nightmares about people I used to know 8 years ago and now all of a sudden they're in my dreams 4 nights in a row, it's kinda weird. So thanks for the good dream wishes, I hope they work. I hope you'll get plenty of (You)s and just in case there's nothing to do, here's a video I found that seems to be part of a whole series of videos people upload for pets to watch but really it's probably just for the ads. Anyway.

Anonymous 28634

It's snowing on c.c!!

Anonymous 28636

stay warm, anon

Anonymous 28646


I've got my coat and scarf! I'm like a little kid when it snows I'll. I love it. It makes ridiculously cold winters worth it.

(but honestly this comment warmed my heart.)

Anonymous 28647

how cold?

Anonymous 28648


Usually 2C-9C depending on the time/weather. January is when it gets really cold here. I'm a baby when it comes to heat/cold, though.

Anonymous 28650

Any amount of cold is ridiculously cold it's okay to be a baby about it.

Anonymous 28662


Good morning :)
I really like the snowflakes falling on my screen lol, it's so cute.
Does anyone know other online female orientated communities similar to CC? Even if it's a forum idc anymore tbh. I like CC but it's a bit too slow.

Anonymous 28663


Good morning! What are your plans for today? :) I sadly don't know any other community like this. The Discord server might be nice, but they aren't accepting new people atm.

Today I have a lolita comm meetup and tbh it's the only thing I looked forward this week. I'm a little stressed with exams and family stuff, it might help me to take a break and distract myself~

Anonymous 28664

Your images are very cute, anon. Please post more!

Anonymous 28665


Oh, I'm glad you liked it! In fact I just did a little search to post something fitting, ahahahaha.

Here, have a lil' Hiroto to brighten your day, because he's beautiful and perfect. ♥

Anonymous 28678


My plans for today is finishing a bunch of assignments before next week. I know, super boring hahah. So you're going to a lolita comm meetup?? That's so cool, I remember I always wanted to be part of a lolita community ;-; Please share how your day went :)
And it's unfortunate they're not accepting new people in the server atm. I'll just wait until they start acepting again!

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