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Lolcow Bunker Thread #002- Planned downtime part 2 Anonymous 187196

Anonymous 187197

Pls no twitterfags

Anonymous 187198

retards be like
>Everyone who says anything I don't like is a newfag and I will waste precious time and ink writing this meaningless response because I am a retard
(i hope you see this idiot, I made a new thread real quick just to show you this)

Anonymous 187199

the thread pic is so ugly

Anonymous 187200

1. Didn't even quote my post properly
2. Don't even know why I called you a newfag (further cementing how new you are)
You made a thread just to get laughed at again? Clown-ass shit

Anonymous 187201

i think it's cute.

Anonymous 187202

I miss /m/.

Anonymous 187203


I love him and would die for him

Anonymous 187204

i miss you…

Anonymous 187205

A new thread already?

Anonymous 187206

I was in an earthquake three hours ago mother earth is terrifying

Anonymous 187207

your genshin impact shit killed the thread

Anonymous 187208

your mom is ugly

Anonymous 187209


Real ones remember

Anonymous 187211

the art style of the pic is ugly. kinda paint-like

Anonymous 187212

Isn't it pretty standard for image boards?

Anonymous 187213

NTA but I made it on MS Paint with a trackpad so you're not wrong kek

Anonymous 187214

yeah you are right. makes sense but still awful art style

Anonymous 187215

its called soul you fool, it evokes a child-like nostalgia feeling to the viewer. Its meant to represent the better times when we didnt care about anatomy or getting likes but having fun. Or maybe the artists tablet broke, i dont know.

Anonymous 187216

i cannot even be bothered with the level of legit cattiness in this fucking world. It's like everywhere I go I can

Anonymous 187217

I think it's cute

Anonymous 187218

Oh wow. I respect the effort at least

Anonymous 187219

1 hour til new free epic game, expectations?

Anonymous 187221

is that a new FPS? havent heard of it

Anonymous 187223


Can I talk about hating tradthots here

Anonymous 187224

His mask looks like (a white) me, I don't like that.

Anonymous 187225

keeping it real I'd be a tradthot if I wasn't black and I could depend on scrotes. The whole idea is retarded and isn't at all what they bring it up to be.
Like isn't it just staying at home, having kids, cleaning up etc? I'm cool with that, I love being inside, but SCROTES are the problem. Plus a lot of men don't deserve that kind of love. Like we have men like fucking Shoeonheads ex or josh wanting trad girlfriends.
What the fuck do you offer fat ass? A small dick and less bed space? no.

Anonymous 187226

i hate tradthos because i kinda relate with the feeling of wanting a cute house, a husband, dogs, kids, hobbies like cooking/knitting but i will never do that because i cant trust a moid to support me while i do these things. Id rather be alone for all my life than do what these tradthots do.

Anonymous 187228

Yeah it turned out badly for my mom for example

Anonymous 187229

literally this. Scrotes are why they can't have that life. Do you deserve it? No, 99% don't

Anonymous 187230


God dammit, I forgot about the maintenance shut down. I was dying to come home and catch up on the absolute gold that cropped up in the personal cows thread recently kek

Anonymous 187231

any update on shayna? Yes i'm one of those anons who do not go to her twitter or provide milk, but ask the brave souls to do so kek

Anonymous 187232

Fr i was lurking on that r/politicalcompass subreddit and one of the most liked post was a meme that said that guys from all the places of the political compass want a tradwife. I started to stalk the acc of moid who posted that meme and almost everything on his account except the political compass meme was nsfw. Like why do you think you deserve a tradwife if you keep entertaining and giving money to OF girls on reddit? they are so entitled its not even funny.

Anonymous 187234

is feeling the effects of shayna news absence

Anonymous 187236

it's always the fattest ugliest mother fucker who think he deserves a 10/10 wife and he's the gift of the world. I do not get it. Half of these idiots are tradtional MEN.
You think back in the day men were making money by screaming on a microphone and being someone's internet daddy? You don't even leave your bed room/computer room to make money, but expect a woman to sit around be pretty and do everything they'd do for a working big dicked handsome man.
ALSO, it's funny how a lot of the men who are the mosy judgemental of certain women (like fat/chubby women) or women's looks who are internet daddies, also have the most basic chubbish wife/girlfriend. But this internet sons will lust and pretend that if she wasn't connected to him they wouldnt harass her and call her fat/ugly.
These men deserve fucking nothing really, but think just having a dicklet and MAYBE not jacking it to porn anymore or less, makes them deserveing.
A woman birthing your child and taking care of your ass is a fucking pleasure, not a fucking promise. The issue is women have to have the same standards for men seeking a tradwife as the men do tradwives.

Anonymous 187237

*aren't traditional men

Anonymous 187238

What's the deal with Henry Cavill and his autistic "I'm a gamer boy, don't hit on me silly girls" antics?

Josh needs to go on a diet and work out.

Anonymous 187239

he's losing weight, still doesn't deserve a tradwife though.

Anonymous 187240

Is that step one in becoming the trad wife?

Anonymous 187243

He's literally just some dweeb stuck in the body of a 10/10. The same larpers who clung to Ryan Gosling are only catching on now and are clinging to Henry, Henry himself isn't really doing anything other than taking fat Ls all over Hollywood

Anonymous 187244

honestly most men don't deserve women

Anonymous 187245


I miss her too

Anonymous 187246

I've seen some fonts on LSA saying he looks good but like he's hiding something or that he seems dull when it comes to personality or charisma, you think he's constently trying hard not to sperg out about vidya in public all the time?

Anonymous 187247


how does maintenance take 10+ hours
what is she doing

Anonymous 187248

Somewhat of a nitpick but I don't think he looks that good. But I'd say the same about most men pushed as attractive by Hollywood, at least half of them are guys that peaked 15 years ago or more and Hollywood never bothered renewing their stash of good looking men.

Anonymous 187249

hopefully she's not gathering all my post to expose me I have dreams that I'd be annoying enough for Admin to expose me as a retarded autistic woman child obessed with Theories

Anonymous 187250

I'm convinced some mods are petty enough for that. Brace yourself.
What do fonts mean exactly? Not familiar with lsa.

Anonymous 187251


You can do it, you just need a backup plan if it goes wrong. I have my own savings that my husband doesn't know about, my dad would help me financially if I asked and I can always strip my husband of his assets in court if he ever does anything to warrant getting divorced.

Anonymous 187253


Someone draw elsie and the miner kissing

Anonymous 187254

Elsie wouldn't cheat on 2X.

Anonymous 187255

People forget that Henry is a former fat friendless sperg, something he spoke about in multiple interviews. His name was literally "Fat Cavill" while growing up. Pumping him full of roids hasn't changed him considering he sits in his billionaire mansion painting warhammer figurines all day

Anonymous 187257

Its not that simple. first I would have to find a man who besides being respectful and attractive is also rich (because otherwise divorce rape wouldn't work) and honestly I think finding a man like that nowadays is very difficult or impossible. And I don't think it's worth wasting time being a tradwife with the hope that your husband won't leave you for a younger woman one day. Id rather die with my cats in my apartment than put all my coins in a moid which statically is very likely to leave me if I have any illness.

Anonymous 187258

I find him attractive but he'd look way better if he didnt look like he abuses steroids.

Anonymous 187259


the bunker

Anonymous 187260

fucking beautiful

Anonymous 187261

i wish this pic was the thread pic

Anonymous 187263


he played rugby and was super hot by 17/18 (pic)
>“I was fat,” he says. “I was Fat Cavill.” Later in the story, Cavill reveals that it was not until he got a role in an adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo at age 17 that he lost 21 pounds and “wasn’t Fat Cavill anymore.”

I think the whole "he was a fat loser nerd until he got hollywood roids" doesn't track.
Even after first movie he was only doing bit parts in british murder shows.

Anonymous 187264

he looks like a not-anorexic timothee chalamet here

Anonymous 187266

Yeah, he looks great here.

Anonymous 187267

for real. from these 20 users cc has i wish the joshfag one would just die

Anonymous 187268

question how many users do you really think use Lolcow?
>snow-20 but only 15 make comments
>pt- 15
>/g/ 14

Anonymous 187269

Lmao, she's already living a fate worse than death.

Anonymous 187270

I'm 28 and started using lc in 2016 more or less. Fuck.

Anonymous 187271

shut up, And I hate that get the most anger (I'm "drake"/josh chan) and theres like one other josh -fag thats not me but everytime someone sucks him off anons think it's all me. When it's not.
Stop wishing death on me

Anonymous 187272

you cant convince me that ot has more users than snow

Anonymous 187273

/w/ has 10 or less, everytime I visit meta they are there infighting in the complaints thread about the same shit.

Anonymous 187274

same anon, ALSO im reformed I no longer feel that way

Anonymous 187275

idc the two/three of you can burn in hell

Anonymous 187277

Every time that one anon posts about being "preggers" my brain tumor grows larger

Anonymous 187278

so can you

Anonymous 187281

im about to turn 28, I think it's just a very cool age, it's in rn to be 28 or pretend to be 28 online

Anonymous 187282

That's where josh is going to when he dies of an obese related illness. And so will his enemies to be fair.

Anonymous 187284

who is joshfag? can i have the lore?

Anonymous 187285

kek your pic
>hey fellow girlies isn't it soo feminist to want 6 babies and a husband who controls your income

Anonymous 187286

Kiwifarms' fat owner.

Anonymous 187287

yeah so i can join the devil and torture the ones who are spamming this fat fag the-boss-baby look alike here.

Anonymous 187288

The weird tiktok/twitter gay scrotes and "coquette" failures who are obsessed with Lana Del Rey, the Hadids, Lily Rose Depp etc need to fuck off too. They're always so obvious and obnoxious.

Anonymous 187290

anyone who thrists after Josh.
I no longer do so. I mostly meme or make jokes if I do talk about him.
However, there's another anon, who does want to fuck josh and be in his bed, and she came after me. Now i get blamed for her crimes.

Anonymous 187292

Me too. i think infighting can be funny if not a larping moid or bait.

Anonymous 187295

>Shayna fags- 19-30
>Ot fags- 23-28
>/g girlies- 18-28
>Moo Lovers- 18-22
>Grime/Elon obessers- 18-28
>"Drake Truther"- 27 soon to be 28 (the most wise)
>Celebricow- 16-25- (mostly of the gay scrote variety)

Anonymous 187296

I feel called out by the OP image

Anonymous 187297

You forgot /m/

Anonymous 187298

nahh the /g/ is -18/25. Especially that relationship advice thread. You can see by the way the anons talk about dating and moids that they are naive and probably underage.

Anonymous 187299

M is very interesting to me, very incharted. I cannot read the vibes because it's simply the most intellegent readable board. +25

Anonymous 187301

Yeah, the same obnoxious fuckers from /w/.

Anonymous 187302

The color threads on /m/ were made by teens and are also used as slider threads when people post content they dislike. Source: my ass

Anonymous 187303


i posted the goku holding the chicken leg in meta

Anonymous 187305

>most intellegent readable board
>paul dano threads

Anonymous 187306

Your ass is completely right

Anonymous 187307

I’m 28 in 8 days! About to lose that ”I’m gonna die at 27” phase of life, rip.

I’m a newfag though, I only started using LC a year ago, CC like 1,5 years ago. I wish I knew img boards for women exist at all before that. I’ve browsed moid dominated ones since I was 12-13, it’s fucked me up for sure. I’ve grown out of the internalized misogyny a lot though, especially since I peaked on troons and got interested in radical feminism. Thanks troons ig kek

Anonymous 187308

this is so corny kek

Anonymous 187309

Drake transvestigator IS the joshfag

Anonymous 187310

Nighty night <3
t. cc anon

Anonymous 187311

There's way too many actual teenagers on Lolcow who fail at integrating, get mad when called out, and derail whole threads trying to "no u", especially in passive-aggressive or self-contradicting ways. They never "win", just clog the thread with cringe because they can't handle it.
I don't even know if it's because all teens are so dumb. It's possible that Twitter just fried their brains even more.

Anonymous 187312

Tbh the joshfag is the probably the one who posted that too. so cringe

Anonymous 187313


What do you mean by slider threads? My esl is acting up.
But yes, color threads and the genshin thread seem to have a younger audience. I mostly hang out in the anime/manga/book thread myself and find those to be the most enjoyable places on lc.

Anonymous 187314

Thank for the love,
"Drake Truther"/Josh fag reformed, people fucking with my name, but when I drop the document I have that has verifiable truth on "Drake" on new years eve they will really shut up and stop the bullying

Anonymous 187315


why did admin let her leak ip

Anonymous 187316

I'm A joshfag, a reformed one. All I did was make the Josh "King sized bed" thing…oh and the thing about Chantel. Thats it. I also wrote the Kanye X Nick Fuentes fan fiction and the Sonic Induced Autistic Males studies.
But I'll be quiet now.

Anonymous 187317

I love the manga thread so much!

Anonymous 187318

Stop bullying them. They were quite chill when I said the guy looks like donald trump, and sometimes they get nice posts like the poverty stricken paul dano lookalike. Go bully forbidden man fags these are no fun at all

Anonymous 187319

I bet my ass it is. She wants to become a LC ”celebrity” like pakichan or romanianon so bad

Anonymous 187320

>used as slider threads
I've done it when there was porn and CP posted and I like the colour green.

Anonymous 187321

>genshin thread
No wonder there have been more retards lately. Even the bunker threads have been suffering, and it's probably because of this and the celebricows threads.

Anonymous 187322

nayrt but kek I feel the same. Danofags are pretty chill even though their husbando looks like a tortilla

Anonymous 187323

this spooked the fuck out of me. Especially since we have scrotes who watch Lolcow. EVen the chance this could be an nonn1e and not a retarded scrote vpn-ing bothers me. I stopped using VPN's for extra protection because that retard constantly used them and got them banned

Anonymous 187324

Everyone, just bully ezrafags instead, please.

Anonymous 187325

I agree with you on Drake, I just can't defend the Joshfagging to be honest

Anonymous 187326

LC has been talked about in tiktok and twitter, and countless youtube videos. Search lolcow in any of those sites and suffer. So many ppl on twitter openly talk about the site

Anonymous 187328


I was the anon that originally posted KFC Goku in the retarded shitposting thread and I'm so happy other anons like this image as much as I do

Anonymous 187329

Same I donated to them a while ago but used an email that had my irl name because I didnt think it would show up but I would hope they wouldnt leak it for whatever reason like if my phone ip got banned because of someone else using the same tower

Anonymous 187330

s be honest, do you ever feel bad when you talk about cows? For me it's Shayna. I know she's gross and a pedo-panderer, but I can't help but be like, 'Damn imagine everyday, everything you post someone is picking at your very flaw"
Then I rememeber, "Well she could be in college and normal" but I do feel bad at times, I don't know.

Anonymous 187331

Exactly. That anon is visibly attention starved. But she will never be like pakichan because paki is actually funny or romanianon because romania is kinda interesting at least. That anon is just boring and unremarkable.

Anonymous 187333

ayrt Ilysm this picture makes me die laughing

Anonymous 187334

I never know why nonn1es feel bad for shayna there is literally nothing to feel bad about for her. this is coming from a shaynafag too

Anonymous 187335

I know..I know it's a shameful attraction. I guess it's because he's attainably attractive to me when I'm at my lowest, but at my high he's gross and I find it funny. He's really a asshole though, and it was the battle agaisnt the troons that started it.
Now it's fading away because i'm realizing he's a racists, fat childish piece of shit, there's nothing "there" besides a site and a nice podcast to listen to sometimes

Anonymous 187336

How are they not getting canceled for using a transphobic website?

Anonymous 187337

My VPN still works on lc

Anonymous 187338

I feel a little bad shitting on h3h3 but my sympathy for them has worn thin they are in full cow mode having shown themselves to be untruthful drama mongers I can't believe I ever used to like their content

Anonymous 187339

there's no such thing as a lolcow celebritity, I post what I want, sometime I'm serious, sometimes I joke. If you like it you like it, if you don't you don't. It's better then infighting. Most the anons that are "Popular" are ones that you guys bully and tell to shut the fuck up anyway. Paki-chan is constantly being cursed out and so is the other one. No one wants to be famous. I just want to shit post and if I get attention who cares?
Also, There's a difference between ME and the Joshfag. I post joke-y shit about josh mainly. The other one flat out thrists and defends him all the time.
Every post about him isn't fucking me

Anonymous 187340

Why would you feel bad about them? They are so unlikable.

Anonymous 187341

girl nobody cares

Anonymous 187342

No i mean, he gets all the free ones banned, like he gets banned on ip addresses. So if you use, say Proton then there's a chance on lolcow you will run into one of his ban messages if you try to post.

Anonymous 187343

girl nobody cares. stop namefagging

Anonymous 187344

When teen girls online talk about using lc they usually say it in this embarrassed, self deprecating fashion like "I'm such a freak femcel loser, I spend my nights browsing lolcow threads and reading about obscure internet lore #weirdcore #webcore"

Anonymous 187345

I feel bad for Hila, not H3h3 I strongly dislike him

Anonymous 187346

This was such a weird thing to do. What did she hope to accomplish? There's no good outcome.
Meanwhile, the dog hate thread has actual psychos who talk about wanting to stomp puppies to death and telling each other to poison dogs and shit, not a single ban or redtext for them? Before anyone starts, I love both cats and dogs.

Anonymous 187347

I don't even visit /w, but I always kinda hope to hear news that this time for real Venus has turned her life around and is doing well and things are looking up for her.

Anonymous 187348

Anonymous 187349

the stop responding damn. You guys suck the fun out of everything. Nobody can do anything

Anonymous 187350

Their israel arc was the only time I found them likeable and funny. At that point they just seemed like a married couple having fun

Anonymous 187351

the cat thread is weird, I just hid it

Anonymous 187352

no joke the dog hate thread is the worst thread on lc

Anonymous 187353

I'm not a josh stan but the king sized bed post was funny af and still makes me laugh every time I read it ty anon

Anonymous 187354

Late to the conversation but I read somewhere that there’s around 150 active lc users. I think that’s probably too high a number though unless it counts lurkers.

Anonymous 187355

Creepshow. Nobody cares about lolcow being transphobic except the few who actively lurk it. When Creepshow happened, lolcow was being talked about on youtube, very few mentioned the site being "transphobic". I think I saw stuff like "Female 4chan" and "Site that talks about internet personalities/celebrities" or "Gossip site".

Anonymous 187356

And weren't there like multiple red texts one after another? Why would you do that instead of just banning or deleting? The entire thing was confusing and much ado about nothing

Anonymous 187357

Who cares, samefags deserve it.

Kek I was wondering why you didn't sperg out the same way about the cat hate thread, since it has everything you usually mentioned for the dog hate thread within the first 20-so posts.

Anonymous 187358

Every user count is pulled out of someone's ass unless admin provides it

Anonymous 187359

I can't get over how fucking stupid this is. We have so many newfags that take lc banter too personally and turn every little disagreement into a huge infight, and now we have newfag jannies wanting to pwn the userbase by posting proof of some rando samefagging ONCE trying to be funny. Old mods used to take MONTHS before releasing the post history of actual cows who used the site, and I don't ever remember them posting anyone's ip, not even for creepshow art. Now they don't even care about the users' privacy. Creepy.

Anonymous 187360

Bait or newfag janny/10

Anonymous 187361

100% agreed but in the farmhands favour, they censored the last number of the ip. I do think this whole thing was embarrassing for the mod though.

Anonymous 187362

i seriously think it's between 100-200 no more no less
I thought she posted it because it was the tranny and it was a VPN IP or something. I was very confused about why it was posting. Though I do think it's all one janny.
>Emoji red text
>Cancer hater "it was a mistake tho!!"
It's not cool or right to do that kind of thing. Didn't admin say it wasn't the whole IP? I still don't think it matters. We should trust the mods know whose samefagging. This makes me feel like they don't

Anonymous 187363

download (15).jpg

Fuck jannies and fuck trannies

Anonymous 187364

What? If you samefag you absolutely deserve a redtext and ban. It's in the rules and also incredibly insufferable and pathetic behaviour in general.

Anonymous 187365

Absolutely I am so fed up with them. My cousin got cheated on, her scrote does nothing all day and lives on welfare but she keeps insisting that she is blessed because she has to raise her son which is the most spoiled brat while she judge others for not being a mother and not a Christian.

Anonymous 187366

same anon- Also Doja, even if she could have been talking about lolcow/lipstick alley, lolcow did come up.

Anonymous 187367

It makes me wonder how many times the farmhands have just involved themselves in retarded infights when they should just be moderating. They're nowhere near as neutral as they should be.

Anonymous 187368

do you think the admin posts like a regular user on lolcow?

Anonymous 187369

there were like 30+ anons in shayna's chat in her last cam session, so there are definitely more than that

Anonymous 187370

download (1).png


Anonymous 187371

I really don't understand why would anyone want to be a janny.

Anonymous 187372

If they kept it at that, yeah.

Anonymous 187373

>We should trust the mods know whose samefagging

I agree, I never doubted mods when they said an anon was samefagging because I knew they could see things we couldn't. Oddly some(or one) of the new farmhands are tryhards and very…unprofessional, kek. Which says a lot for an anonymous gossip forum.

Anonymous 187374

power or the false sense of it. I would'nt want to janny a forum I could'nt/didn't post on. Which most who janny, do do. Which I assume our farmhands do

Anonymous 187375

the only time they should "Prove" same-fagging in that way is when it's someone famous or something. Like a cow, not some regular retarded anon

Anonymous 187376

I think admin forgets that she owns the site tbh

Anonymous 187377

Same. I hid the cat hate thread first thing and expected that it would be full of deranged people like the dog hate, but the thing the mod wanted to go to war about is a cat piss/toxoplasmosis sperg? Bizarre.

Anonymous 187378

Ideally users should want to be jannies to improve the website and as a form of service to the "community", but in reality a lot of users probably want to shut up people the don't like or users that called them a poopoo head

Anonymous 187379

the cat hate thread has some of the most genuinely autistic shit ive read on the site. like things that if i heard someone say out loud i would assume theyre legitimately mentally retarded, not just terminally online edgelord retarded

Anonymous 187380

guys did you all think that there are moid jannies? i remember a anon last year said that right after she applied to be a janny a american weird guy add her on facebook.

Anonymous 187381

I would be surprised if there wasn't a moid/tranny janny tbh

Anonymous 187382

now i do actually think our jannies are women. Thats something I do believe. I believe we may have had some tranny jannies though. By that I mean ftm

Anonymous 187383

This. Power tripping jannies who may or may not even know how VPNs work makes it harder to trust the site as a whole.

Anonymous 187384

I'd love to be one on lc because I already spend enough time there as it is, but I'm not a super frequent poster to the point where I'd have a reason to power trip. Plus making one of the only female spaces online a better place wouldn't be such a bad thing

Anonymous 187385

I have no clue why anyone would think it's a good idea to have threads for autists who froth at the mouth over any animal. What kind of "community" even is that?

Anonymous 187386

>We should trust the mods know whose samefagging. This makes me feel like they don't
Nonnette the image literally shows it's the same ip. With imageboard software it's often the case that jannies can see IPs and mods&admin can see even more data like user agents, devices etc.

No, but the tranny has tried to spam that for months. If they would be that laidback with applications, we would have more farmhands by now.

Anonymous 187387

Do Jannies actually share their real names/info with each other? That must be why nobody wants to do it.

Anonymous 187388

that person really pisses me off because I could be having a conversation with an anon and they pop up it's kind of like someone peeling their face off and revealing a ugly gross moid face.
I hate it.
I mean by posting screenshots. I assume you KNOW who is same fagging because I trust the jannies know. You don't have to post it as a janny.

Anonymous 187389

It was a tranny? last year i only used to lurk lc so i dont know the whole lore but it was in a thread where the anons were making theories about shaymin right? how do you know that it was a tranny? i dont understand

Anonymous 187390

I don't get why they don't just lock and ban it, especially if it really attracts samefagging trannies. Nothing of value is contributed to the site with "cat hate" or "dog hate" threads.

Anonymous 187391

Iirc one of the admins (don't remember if it was shaymin or an admin before her) said the vetting process does include some kind of verification that confirms you're female, so it probably includes some kind of real life info being entrusted to the admin
There's just a certain tranny spammer known for purposefully trying to shitstir and spread misinfo around

Anonymous 187394

uhh i dont really think that is good to just use an "its just a tranny dont worry about it" for any critic about the vetting process… but anyway it really can be a troll or a other ftm janny that add the anon like >>187382 suggested

Anonymous 187395

>we would have more farmhands by now
Yeah, when would that even happen? When did applications for new farmhands last happen?

Anonymous 187396

If you really have to doxx yourself to be a mod, it's no wonder they're understaffed. I somehow don't think they'd do that, though. Aren't there any better ways to verify?

Anonymous 187398

>I believe we may have had some tranny jannies though. By that I mean ftm
I'm convinced this is why there used to be some weirdly salty jannies banning people without reason or logic in the MtF threads.

Anonymous 187399

I have the thread hidden, but before that, I could get the annoyance with cat litter and outdoor cats killing birds. But then I saw a supposed cat owner say they are disgusted by their own cat and some talk about poisoning and shooting cats and I noped the fuck out.

Oh yeah I agree that was unnecessary and petti. Farmhand was probably just really annoyed.

Recently there was a long screenshot of the cp spamming troon having whole conversations with himself, ironically spreading gossip about tranny jannies in his usual autist lingo, claiming to have received false bans etc (all while spamming the boards at the same time) and last but not least completely moided out before all his posts got deleted.

Anonymous 187400

His posts often get marked as tranny in the /meta/ threads and for the past year hes been doing his best to try and get anons riled up. I'm not saying all anons being critical are the tranny though but he likes to spout bullshit in order to create outrage

The fakeboi threads used to attract a lot of trutrans tifs and nowadays detransitioners so I wouldn't be surprised

Anonymous 187401

are there any free good mental health online services where you can basically email back and froth with a therpists?

Anonymous 187402

>"Uh, uh, actually, a troon CREATED LC"

Anonymous 187403

>But then I saw a supposed cat owner say they are disgusted by their own cat and some talk about poisoning and shooting cats and I noped the fuck out.
Why would this even be allowed? Like, why would the mods not ban actual psychotic posters like that? To be honest, I initially assumed it was some sort of bias on the mods' side and that the other thread must be worse, but it seems like they're the same fucking people.

Anonymous 187404

ok i understand now. i hadnt seen that specific troon before but now it makes sense why would he want to make the anons question the staff

Anonymous 187405

>But then I saw a supposed cat owner say they are disgusted by their own cat and some talk about poisoning and shooting cats and I noped the fuck out.
Why cant she take her anger on men?? leave the poor cats alone

Anonymous 187406

kinda wish lc also had an /x/ board

Anonymous 187408

Don't give them ideas nona kek

Anonymous 187409

There is the tinfoil thread on /ot/ but yeah I get what you say

Anonymous 187410

I feel really bad for both venus and luna, with shayna and jill it's the complete opposite considering the amount of support both of them have from their families.

Anonymous 187411

is this downtime actually planned

Anonymous 187412

can someone explain venus to me? IS that the girl who was abused by her mother finally escaped and continued to be self desturtive

Anonymous 187413

Are you me? I have nightmares of getting internet famous and being exposed for Lolcow posting Shannon style.

Anonymous 187414

Wait so
>infighting = ban
>a-logging = ban
>samefagging = ban
>abusing animals, talking about wanting to kill and torture them (dogs AND cats) = A OK, no ban, jannies sleep
There was at least one person defending the mod for the IP reveal, and even she admitted the cat hate thread had people like that while complaining that anons didn't say anything about it, so I hope she comes to explain this for us. Why is this okay for either animal? If anyone should have their IP revealed, be shamed or at least catch a ban, why wouldn't it be that type?

Anonymous 187415

I feel like that's way too low, considering how fast threads on LC can go.

Anonymous 187416

Shayna i feel bad but I remember her life could be 20 times better then mine if she wanted it. Most people couldn't dream of family trips and paid for college

Anonymous 187417


When LC is back, I'll make a goose hate thread.

Anonymous 187418

Anonymous 187419

Bildschirmfoto 202…

Anonymous 187420

so why is she a cow?? Of course a woman abused by her mother may turn out fucked up, do people genuinely dislike her in her thread?

Anonymous 187422

Anonymous 187423

i used to feel that way about tuna. i used to follow her on tumblr years ago but didnt pay much attention to her posts. when i found her threads on lolcow i felt bad for her but after actually keeping up with her antics i dont feel even a little bad anymore.

Anonymous 187424

Venus is an old cow from the living doll era. Back then ridiculous photoshop was considered much more milky than now, even then, the real cow was actually her mother and Venus herself is more of a watching a train wreck kind of thing.

Anonymous 187426

samefag but i do feel bad talking about lillee sometimes. laur is such a piece of shit failure of a mother i think lillee just never stood a chance

Anonymous 187427

>peaked in popularity in the mid to late 2000s before suddenly disappearing

No she didn't wtf, she is like 24 now. She was popular in the 2010s and I don't ever remember her disappearing. She ran away from her mom at an airport in 2016 iirc and went to japan where she married her boyfriend Manaki who used to be a fan of hers. She made kawaii content in Japan for a year or two, seemed to be a lot happier away from her mom, then she broke up with Manaki and went off the rails getting drunk and doing porn in Japan and I don't check her threads much anymore but it's pretty much been all downhill from there and now she's marrying some skeezy Japapanese pervert.

Anonymous 187428

with her mouth close Lillie can be quite cute to me

Anonymous 187430

Lilee Jean is such an enigma to me because of her old MUA videos where she looks and acts like a normal teenager. Like did anyone ever figure out wtf happened to her, did she a mental breakdown or something. Also I agree with >>187428 I think she has beautiful eyes when she isn't smiling like jeff the killer

Anonymous 187431

Joshfags get OUT

Anonymous 187432

Yeah, sorry. Just found the first possible summary on her and it was this article since i couldn't remember the rest. All i could recall was the marriage visa, her weight loss surgery thing and how people would try to figure out if her and mana were actually sleeping together or something.

Anonymous 187433

To be honest, most of them. I only really follow the MtF threads anymore.

Anonymous 187435


what's her endgame

Anonymous 187436

yes I did, but since some anons really don't like it and I agree, I should'nt name fag I won't discuss it anymore

Anonymous 187437

she definitely can be cute.
before laur pulled her out of school she actually looked like a normal, somewhat preppy teenage girl.
having no female influences or friends in her life other than her batshit crazy mom has really made her regress. she barely ever left the house for years and her online circle is just bots. shes living in her own little extremely lonely world

Anonymous 187438

I don't keep up with this cow but her ~perfect angel baby~ shit is so cringe

Anonymous 187440

I'm not particularly fond of dogs (I don't think I would never get one myself but they can be pretty cute), but the dog hate thread is fucking psychotic. Anyone who hates animals like that has deep mental issues. Many serial killers have started by hurting animals.

Anonymous 187441


There was an anon who hated goats for some reason and I can't get over it because goats are cute.

Anonymous 187442

People who purposely never smile in pictures are cringe

Anonymous 187444

Are you autistic

Anonymous 187446

Are you NOT autistic?

Anonymous 187447

What drives a person to be like this

Anonymous 187448

Yes, she’s a mystery to me too. Regressing like that in just a matter of years seems insane, like, on a clinical level. How can you go from portraying yourself as a normal teenage girl and hiding your teeth because you know they make you look kinda crazy…to embracing that flaw to an unhealthy level and acting like a deranged pre-teen? Like your mom couldn’t possibly have THAT much influence on a…non retarded daughter, right?

Anonymous 187449

Anon, they are evil.

Anonymous 187451

No, and anons acting like LC is some autist safe space uwu are retarded

Anonymous 187452

feel free to add rapist ducks as well while you're at it

Anonymous 187453


i love baby goats

Anonymous 187454

her mom. I do not blame Lillie Jean for her actions. She's not a Shayna, her mom is shitty and controlling. In a way it's kinda based how she shows her teeth not giving a shit.
I think Lillie needs consueling and to be seperated from her mom. This is very autistic but Lillie got some fake teeth and styled differently, she could probably go viral as a insta-baddie since she's short with a butt.

Anonymous 187455

Bitter old lady who constantly seethes over young women and teenagers, makes snarky comments about their weight and "waist to hip ratio"

Anonymous 187456

Goat cheese is also super good (well, if the goats are allowed to roam freely and not kept in a factory farm). I've visited petting zoos with them they are really friendly there, adorable

Anonymous 187457

i think she's cute but apperently she's a huge idiot, so I get why she gets so much shit now

Anonymous 187458

People act retarded on anonymous imageboards, I don't know what you're expecting.

Anonymous 187459

why do you hate fun?

Anonymous 187460


Anonymous 187461

it's getting annoying at this point. This is what i mean, it's not just "Imageboard" it's anons who I feel like try to purposely ruin someone's fun or make them feel a certain way. It just constantly pops into conversations. Like okay, let me shit post god

Anonymous 187462


i love lolcor baby goat..

Anonymous 187463

It's why lolcow sucks now

Anonymous 187464


imageboard is serious business

Anonymous 187466

seriously, I'll be called senstitive but don't blame me for how Lolcow has felt for some anons, a place where you can just shitpost, serious post and feel somewhat comfortable. Its nice but everything is so serious. Being told to kill yourself over the smallest of shit is weird and was never lolcow culture at least not when I've been around

Anonymous 187467

lolcow has gotten a lot nicer over the years imo

Anonymous 187469


our queen is glowing since lolcow is down

Anonymous 187470

Anonymous 187471

it's crazy how bad her skin is under her make up, I don't use make up, so it's shocking how much it hids even though she doesn't use much.

Anonymous 187472

For real, lolcow is this, lolcow isn't this, blah blah blah, just let the users do their thing or leave

Anonymous 187473



Anonymous 187474

idk how to explain this but she has a weird head

Anonymous 187475


love it.

Anonymous 187477


cashew head

Anonymous 187478

s what does it means when a porn bot sees your ig story, it's really a bot or someone else is snooping me, im paranoid

Anonymous 187479

why do keep bringing this thing here? nobody cares.

Anonymous 187480

What is with the nicocado spam cc keeps getting?

Anonymous 187481

I wish she wasn't so obviously insecure over her face shape, she has a nice jawline

Anonymous 187482


lolcor bebe my beloved

Anonymous 187483

ever since he showed his bootyhole it's been a way for scrotes to attack us with it

Anonymous 187484

she just needs to act her age

Anonymous 187485

I swear that this niko nsfw is not as bad as that josh unfunny spam

Anonymous 187486

let people post what they want, if nobody cares let it die. This is what I mean, if something is'nt for you move the fuck on lord

Anonymous 187487

how old is she? Or is she one of those women who shit on anyone over 30 or something?

Anonymous 187489

Shayna makes me feel so much better about myself, I may have gross hormonal acne but at least I take enough care to not have the skin texture of a corpse

Anonymous 187490

I almost exclusively follow personal cows, so not much. I just find their terminally online acts so entertaining, there's nothing more fun than sit back and watch them argue with their polycute peers about nonsense problems that only exist on the US internet culture.

Same, I feel we are over 200. Some of us (including me) don't post very often or only do so in selected threads, but some of them can go very fast.

Anonymous 187491

she is 31

Anonymous 187492

>Shayna makes me feel so much better about myself
Shaynafags in a nutshell kekk

Anonymous 187494

I just find it very goofy how she feels inclined to post everything she does. She thinks having a beer and leaving the house is a flex. To who?

Anonymous 187495

her face/head shape makes her look older

Anonymous 187496


last lolcor bebe for now.. once lolcow comes back online ill possibly make a thread dedicated to posting baby goat pics in /m/

Anonymous 187497


there is no reason for maintenance to cause 12hr downtime
did she brick the server

Anonymous 187498

Personal lolcows are best enjoyed free from the interference of the internet.
I'm not giving up my good friend the anti-sex ninja to the cowtipping hordes!

Anonymous 187499

Please , they're so cute. The cow and baby goat pics threads will heal me.

Anonymous 187500

fun fact: my friend is a veterinarian and one time she said that one of the ways to distinguish cow/goat bones from humans and other animals is because cow/goat bones are rougher and uglier

Anonymous 187502

am so sad i was literally looking for that artist who made an oc with a super buff spongebob … and then lolcow was down. hope u all s r okay

Anonymous 187503

it has been offically 12 hours huh?

Anonymous 187504

I thought we'd past the 12hr mark hours ago?

Anonymous 187505

Based on admins track record that sounds about right. Either that or she went to bed and forgot to put the site back online.

Anonymous 187507

what is she changing? Anyone know?

Anonymous 187509

sometimes i check on amberlynn reid just to see if she has died. i’ve been following her saga since like 2018. i hope she recovers.

Anonymous 187510

I'm so excited to see what they broke this time. Will it be another /m/ debacle? Will it be even worse loading times? Or will it just be 12+ hours of 'maintenance' and then nothing to show for it and another admin spergout that users want a usable site because they're just so damn entitled? Let's spin the wheel of fuckups and find out!

Anonymous 187511

sorry for samefagging but what a cute little thing omg im tearing up

Anonymous 187512

I sincerely apologize if I come off annoying or attention hungry. I've been going through a tough time and lolcow is the only time I'm not thinking about horrible depressing things. I come here to unwind (well not here, but it's nice here, I mean lolcow)

Anonymous 187513

>she went to bed and forgot to put the site back online
why do yall talk about admin as if she is a 64 year old woman

Anonymous 187514

how do we know she's not

Anonymous 187517

i doubt a 64 year old person would run a imageboard but idk maybe she is like this

Anonymous 187518


Anonymous 187519

guys i dont know much about tech or computers: is a 12+ hours of 'maintenance' really that long? lolcow is a big/popular imageboard so i guess it would take some time to get things right but idk

Anonymous 187520

samefagging but dont entertain moids. just ignore

Anonymous 187521

I think they were changing the whole site engine and stuff so they would have to bring stuff over. (Also I don’t know tech shit lol)

Anonymous 187522

Oh shit, we're doomed. Bye lolcor.

Anonymous 187523

her nappies

Anonymous 187524

i hope she mess up things and delete the celebrity cow thread

Anonymous 187525

will we get new banners (get rid of the Corndog blow job and the porkchop one?)

Anonymous 187526

Admin said new banners would be uploaded but didn’t say if she was going to get rid of any of the ugly ones

Anonymous 187527

Shoutout to the nonas at the waifu thread for showing me there are woman in Hades. I know nothing about that game and never looked into it because all people posted were its white bread men & made me think all its characters were male (or male-dominated) kek
The female characters yall posted are nice, I may look up the game now..

Anonymous 187528

i hope not. the last banners i saw on that thread were hideous

Anonymous 187530

Waifubait, great female representation there

Anonymous 187531

>is a 12+ hours of 'maintenance' really that long?
If maintenance is planned it should be like 5 minutes at most, if you screw something up than maybe an hour.

Anonymous 187533

I wonder if they'll change the pt panty shot?

Anonymous 187535

Maybe farmers should just start a project to colonize cc for good.

Anonymous 187536

I hope she keeps the corndog one. Stop browsing lolcow in public

Anonymous 187537

Just hid the Andrew Tate thread cause that moid is way too ugly.

Anonymous 187538

lady gaga did this food-clothes thing way before it was cool. as always men wanting to appropriate women's discoveries

Anonymous 187539

If any anons here would be interested…

Anonymous 187540

STILL WAITING on that angsty elsie x miner chan fanfic. Get to it virgins

Anonymous 187543

there are some homeless anons you know

Anonymous 187544

You really want to pick a fight with elsie/2x shippers, uh?

Anonymous 187545

Gross confession: I took a massive shit today, and my stomach feels really nice and flat. I don't want to eat anything and ruin it

Anonymous 187546

so CC's admin comes to chat but our admin is missing

Anonymous 187547

I think only the ones with the most "votes" get added, and what admin herself likes. There's loads of old ones that did not get added if you browse the thread.

Anonymous 187548

English isn't my native language and I was refering to them being stale, but being honest… Yeah they look like your pic lmao

Anonymous 187549


everyday, i always hope and pray that celebricows gets wiped out of existence.

Anonymous 187550

im jealous. ive been feeling bloated for days and i wish i could just shit it out

Anonymous 187551

2 hours no mtf thread. shaking and crying.

Anonymous 187552

It happened to /m/ before.

Anonymous 187553

there are so many attention seeking anons who post gross shit nowadays. did anyone else saw that anon who posted period blood next to a hairbrush or something like that?

Anonymous 187554

Why should a gossip site ban a gossip thread?

Anonymous 187555

Because anons don't know how to hide threads instead of praying they don't exist. We just need faster, fairer moderation

Anonymous 187556

Yeah lol. And komaeda-chan posting about her bodily fluid eating habits constantly. And shit like that dededefag posting about her husbando egg laying sex fantasies

Anonymous 187558

s I'm lonely. Have any of you manifested a nigel or a girlfriend with any luck. Yes I know I should talk to people but just entertain my delusions please. I just want to be held and loved. Give me pointers.

Anonymous 187559

I keep thinking about the anon that was so constipated she had to dig dried up shit out of her butthole with her fingers and put it in a bag. Count your blessings anons.

Anonymous 187560

If this "if you don't like something don't complain about it just stay away from it!" was really a thing, the /snow/ board would not exist kek

Anonymous 187562

One won't just come to you.

Anonymous 187563


Should female partners be called Nigellas

Anonymous 187565

A thousand years ago I watched one episode of her show and thought it was kinda boring. I like cooking shows.

Anonymous 187566

I honestly don't think banning celebricows would do anything to the infighting. Maybe even make it worse, since the containment zone is gone.

Anonymous 187567

idk if im insensible but i cant understand why someone would crave affection like this. no offense but like why be desesperate for something that is not really important like food/money/heath/friends

Anonymous 187568

bullying fat cavil…

I made fun of Henry Cavill's small hands on /tv/ just yesterday and apparently it's a whole meme? I didn't even know. And some anons were talking about how hand size has or doesn't have anything to do with dick size which I never heard about, I'm fucking clueless. What have I done?

Anonymous 187569

why is she called "shaymin"?

Anonymous 187571

Cause she's Shayna

Anonymous 187572

Me n nonn1e

Anonymous 187573

That's what it takes to get the ol' million responses on 4chan huh? Men are fucking retarded

Anonymous 187574

Apparently yes, I just went to sleep after posting this and saw that now.

Anonymous 187575

she's a shayna fan (Which makes me wonder if she's a ex sex worker kek)

Anonymous 187576

Yes, insulting men makes them fucking seethe

She took over the site bc she did not want the Shayna threads to end

Anonymous 187577

oh wait really? I feel like i'm present for things but my tiny brain doesn't compute them correctly kek

Anonymous 187578


That's not even an offensive insult, he legit has small hands compared to the rest of his body because of how muscular he is.

Anonymous 187579

according to an anon here, one of these 4chan replies is taylor swift

Anonymous 187581

it's cause the post was quints

Anonymous 187583

The fucking beeping is still going, and the headphones are pressing into my head. Annoying noise or uncomfortable sensation…
Don't bring this stupid argument into the new thread

Anonymous 187584


just made picrel white reading this thread

Anonymous 187585

Tunesday is starting in like 10 mins in the moovie room

Anonymous 187586

I think I don't like christmas anymore

Anonymous 187589

Kek the fucking threadpic

Anonymous 187590

girl me too. i heard somewhere that most of suicides occurs next to christmas day

Anonymous 187592

It looks like a flat croissant

Anonymous 187593

an omelette!

Anonymous 187594

How is it so fluffy?

Anonymous 187595

Think you're just retarded tbh

Anonymous 187596

my mom used to make omelettes for her when she was on a diet and it smelled so bad

Anonymous 187597

Hey hey another Califag!! Wasn’t that wild?

Anonymous 187598

you beat the egg whites until you get stiff peaks

Anonymous 187599

im retarded for not being desesperate for a nigel? its not like its something essential to live.

Anonymous 187601

Do you guys ever wonder about anons who try to rekindle old infights? Why even bother remembering? Just for the free (You)s and attention, or do they really feel like they're at war with some other ?

Anonymous 187602

At that point you can remove every cow board too, but then it's just a anonymous discord server. I'm always amazed when a completely normal woman gets posted as an example in a discussion and you get /pt/ and the anorexia thread posters crawl out and start going off about them being fat or not deserving anything good out of life. It's the magic of lolcow

Anonymous 187603

Bitch did you read my post. I said a nigel OR A GIRLFRIEND. Fuck out of here you autistic cunt.

Anonymous 187604

*some other anon?
Forgot we can't say n*nny on CC

Anonymous 187605

looool you want to eat me out so bad

Anonymous 187606

I thought PT was for very popular cows, but most of the threads are dead and boring. Lillie jeans sucks but is she that fucking interesting? Moo just gtes nitpicked. Is it where cows go to die?

Anonymous 187607

and i still have the same opinion. why would you be desesperate for a nigel or a girlfriend? if you better yourself on the other more importants things like health/fitness/beauty/mindset a good relationship will come to you naturally.

Anonymous 187608


i wish the those people would've stayed online. in my city, i could throw a rock in any direction and hit someone who will sooner ask me to join their polycule than they would ask why i threw a rock at them.

Anonymous 187609

Because I like people and want to be around them. Do you seriously need me to spell it out.

Anonymous 187611

I miss my genshinfags, I want to sperg about the Alhaitham nerf

Anonymous 187612

I've tried to get a rise out of specific anons just because I knew they were massive spergs that couldn't stop themselves from making themselves seem even more retarded, and then get into fights with different anons. It's just funny, and I'm surprised I never copped a ban from this.

Anonymous 187613

Nah, every woman is always better off without a boyfriend and as far away as she can from men. All they bring is harm

Anonymous 187614

Any examples?

Anonymous 187615

To be honest, I don't understand it either. It must be all in their heads. I personally don't feel any resentmentment towards anons I don't agree with because I don't think about them too hard.

Anonymous 187616

Because it attracts tiktokers and other outsiders
It kind of worked for the kpoop threads tho

Anonymous 187617

this is what we mean when we say people purposely shit up lolcow not with shitposts or fun, but trying to start shit

Anonymous 187618

I hate Shaymin.

Anonymous 187619

If you really liked people you would crave friends and actually talk to other people not being desesperate for a nigel on a imageboard. you sound like these r9k moids who think getting a gf will delete all the problems from their lifes.

Anonymous 187620

Why are you so autistic?

Anonymous 187621

Some of the NEET fights were started by me, I usually only go for 1-2 posts, and then I looked back and then took up whole threads

Anonymous 187622

Anon stfu it's normal to desire romance and if you don't get it that makes you the weird one not her

Anonymous 187623

Girl I want a nigel OR a girlfriend. I know why you keep focusing on the nigel part but sadly I am also attracted to pussy so I' not a Le Stupid Straight Femoid like you think I am. I have friends I hang out with IRL but they aren't dating material and I don't want to risk fucking up any friendships. Stop writing retarded fanfictions about me.

Anonymous 187624

kek you're very sneaky. I feel like this is what's happening in this thread right now

Anonymous 187625

I'll manifest a love triangle between a hot moid and a hot woman for you, n*onny

Anonymous 187626

you are being weird and desesperate lol no wonder you cant get a nigel or a gf, this behavior of yours is not attractive

Anonymous 187627

I miss my girlies. I wanted to tell you how he KISSED me and it makes me go INSANE

Anonymous 187628

Thank you nonnerton :)
You want to eat me out soooo bad. The sad part is that I would let you.

Anonymous 187629

I'll ask again: why are you so autistic?

Anonymous 187630

That's sure something to brag about. It's easy to sow chaos, why not contribute productively to discussion?

Anonymous 187632

I've started infights by accident.

Anonymous 187633

Why are you projecting stuff on her when she's just innocently venting?

Anonymous 187634

Actually, she just gor a gf. Me.
Going to take out on a date… maybe an aquarium date…

Anonymous 187635

Its normal. But i don't understand why its so important for some people? Like you can think about it sometimes but manifesting this shit instead of many other essential things is just mehh

Anonymous 187636


Can yall take this non-sense argument somewhere else?
Manifesting a gf for you though, but try being less abbrasive or else no one will endure living with you.
I can imagine why you don't have anyone yet if simply someone saying they don't get the absolute need for a partner is enough of a reason for you to calling them a retard.

Anonymous 187637

Your issue is that she's magically appearifying the wrong thing??

Anonymous 187638


If you applied to be a farmhand, and the admin/mods looked hrough your post history like a resume, do you think you'd get in?

Anonymous 187639

My dream date would be going to one of those strawberry farms where you can pick strawberries, or an apple farm.

Anonymous 187640

I can never get a conclusive answer on if that's a thing they can actually do. Is it?

Anonymous 187641

Someone wants to be loved… how weird.
Yeah friends exist but they can never give you the same amount of love a partner can.

Anonymous 187642

I would love to go on an aquarium date with you anonita.
Okay then just don't get it, it's not like you have to understand.
Yes because I sure do call people retards in real life like I do on anon imagboards. Come on.

Anonymous 187643

The one time I did, ironically it was when a confession of me finally happy about something that I had suffered over since I was a little girl and people had always told me that I should try finding the good in…then I was dogpiled, accused of being tone deaf and humble bragging and for some reason someone also went off on a trad-wife like rant at me. I'm still puzzled, kek.

Anonymous 187644

For real. Not only that anon sounds like these r9k moids but acts like one. good luck finding a gf or bf with that attitude

Anonymous 187645

You sure seem to know a lot about what r9k moids are like, curious.

Anonymous 187646

it's a weirdo trying to start a infight and just being an asshole for no reason. Same shit happens on lolcow, you vent, someone comes and says some dumb shit, they keep saying stuff like-
>Again why are you doing so or so
Or repeating themselves. An anon just admitted to starting fights with certain anons. This is why Lolcow sucks.

Anonymous 187648

question, do you sometimes just be obtuse on purpose so it makes someone reply to you and then act like that person is being ridiculous?

Anonymous 187649

>unhinged check
>easily pissed off check
>gets hurt by internet meanies check
>unapologetic autistic check
I think I’d be good

Anonymous 187650

Why aren't you jannying this very minute?

Anonymous 187651

I would apply to be a mod on either CC or LC but I'm terrified of having to look at CP spam.
I wouldn't use either of these websites if I just had more female friends irl.

Anonymous 187652


I'm just a normal farmer 95% of the time, it's only when I find an especially spergy anon that I get the itch to tease them. Half the infights would be solved if anons lived by picrel anyway

Anonymous 187653

Mama Elsie I don't want to stay at Auntie Cece's house anymore :(

Anonymous 187654

kek I started a huge infight in unpopular opinions the other day when I said I don't like the term female gaze, usually everyone ignores my posts so it was weird af

Anonymous 187655

Ok, you're just pretending to be retarded.

Anonymous 187656

what threads do you do this in? because if it's in personal threads of course s who come to vent about personal subjects won't take it as just 'Ha ha ha this is funny bullying, ha ha ha"
Thats where I see it the most and it's fucked up tbh

Anonymous 187657

No, because I don't give a shit about any of the cow boards and would just ban half the retards posting e-thot pictures without any remorse, even if it's on-topic

Anonymous 187658

I once was bored and roleplayed here as a 30yo woman who "groomed" 17-19yo guys into being her perfect submissive bofriends, so I don't think so I don't think so kek
It was so funny seeing people defending what I said though.

Anonymous 187659

>retarded, retarded, retarded
are u that "UwU no nigel" anon? you are insufferable

Anonymous 187660

hey I'm a 26 almost 27 year old /g/fag. but i don't use the relationship threads since I've never been in one
confession: I lowkey kind of miss the ezrafags because they made the irl husbando thread fun, and one of them was nice to me at least. Tbh everyone's husbando there is immoral to some degree even mine.

Anonymous 187661

This is the lolcor bunker we call people retards even if we like them.

Anonymous 187662

No, I'd never directly call anyone a retard either
The dumbass thread and that anti-work thread was the only ones I was in

Anonymous 187663

Honestly all of the husbando/fujo/celebrity crush threads and their corresponding anti-threads are all super fucking irritating

Anonymous 187664

Jannies can see your post history?? Even if you use different vpns??

Anonymous 187665

no i posted too many braindead retarded things and not in a /g/ way. like seriously stupid questions. also too many threads are mostly filled with only my posts kek it would be so embarrassing if they saw how i purposely change my typing style so as to not get caught and become a namechan

Anonymous 187666

>everyone who disagrees with me is the same person

Anonymous 187668


Anonymous 187669


I think some nannies stalk certain anons

Anonymous 187671

immoral enough to fuck a kid? the fuck

Anonymous 187672

kek is there a problem anon?

Anonymous 187678

I like them, but that's understandable. I think the problem is that anons are very autistic so we have containment threads for containment threads, like the nerd crush thread.

Anonymous 187679

not that immoral

Anonymous 187680

you was larping a german bootlicker CEO daddy daughter on the anti work thread right? i knew it!

Anonymous 187683

If you use incognito you should be fine, but I'm pretty sure admin can also see your device as well.

Anonymous 187684

I 100% believe that at least the one who was red texting in the cat hate thread does it.

Anonymous 187685

I always delete my cookies but I haven't used a vpn for a long time, I wonder what the jannies think of me (probably that I post way too much and I'm whiny)

Anonymous 187686

guys i cant believe that some janny can actually stalk what i posted on the confessions thread i should have read this thing before posting there

Anonymous 187688

Mods can see your device ik that because some ex mod in the lolcow server said
But idk if incognito would help

Anonymous 187689

No, that was some random sperg.

Anonymous 187690

It's been nearly a week but I'm still not over getting my phone stolen by some violent guy in a restaurant. Fuck this guy, I wanted to save all my pictures on my computer the very next day and couldn't. I hope he dies.

Anonymous 187693

nahhhh what? privacy really do not exist anymore wtf

Anonymous 187694

Incognito + vpn is what I meant sorry, but yes all incognito does is not store cookies after each session

Anonymous 187695

What's wrong with having a crush or liking fictional characters. It's pretty chill in those threads except for occasional fighting over taste or something

Anonymous 187696

What kind of update is it gonna be, if it will? Its been a year ever since the promise of a new website and proper admin work of newdmin..

Anonymous 187697


I still love interacting my OCs and my dead cat in tomodachi life

Anonymous 187699

Delete your cookies, use a fingerprint blocker, incognito mode, VPN.
Stop believing rogue posters on /meta/ who claim the jannies are tracking your devices, they are lying to get you scared. But if you're sure they are and worried about it, just use a virtual machine, or a VPN along with a different device you own.

Anonymous 187700

It's always been this way anon lol
That's how they reveal post histories of cows that have posted

Anonymous 187701

>Stop believing rogue posters on /meta/ who claim the jannies are tracking your devices
iirc only admin has access to that but I can't remember anymore

Anonymous 187702

I'm not on the lc discord, are any of the farmers here? Do you know what's up?

Anonymous 187704



Anonymous 187705

For Christmas I want a new Tomodachi Life on the switch

Anonymous 187706

I liked the hornyposting thread as a concept and in the beginning, but the last time I entered, it was the same 5-6 s posting the same guys, unironic Shadow the Hedgehogfaggotry and also became some discord community, and that's too autistic even for me to post my white-haired pretty boys to

Anonymous 187707

this is new for me anon. im not tech smart.
thank you but this is all too much. i think the most easy and simple thing i can do its not post anything on the confessions thread anymore

Anonymous 187708

There's around 120 online people in it, but it's kind of dead. Nothing special happens there

Anonymous 187709

Mods can see
>IP address
Gives away your rough location and ISP
>browser agent
Tells mods what browser you are using and what OS you have installed
Unless cleared cookies store information from the site such as theme and can be used to identify a user who is switching IPs without clearing cookies.

This isn't exclusive to LC, all websites that you visit can see this information.

Anonymous 187710

Shadowfag is cooler than you'll ever be

Anonymous 187711

me irl

Anonymous 187713

but its not like all this information is going anywhere right?

Anonymous 187714

Tbf Shadowfag is actually a legitimately cool person. She's been Shadowfagging on various imageboards for like 3 yrs (probably more but that's the earliest I saw her), her dedication is impressive

Anonymous 187715

Trying to be a personality on any anonymous board is the opposite of that

Anonymous 187717

There's no way to be a husbandofag without being recognisable it's kind of normal for threads like that

Anonymous 187718

How do you know it's the same person?

Anonymous 187720

So, what do we actually know? What are they doing, why is it taking so long and a day late, where is the admin?

Anonymous 187721


Anonymous 187722

Someone cowtipped and he got paranoid and privated/deleted everything
With really autistic cows like that, cowtippers ruin all the milk

Anonymous 187723

Anonymous 187724

aren't there multiple shadowfags tho? i don't think it's really personalityfagging as long as it's contained in just one thread

Anonymous 187726

I miss the pro-ana scumbags thread, they finally found a promising new cow.

Anonymous 187727

Because what's the likelihood of more than one Shadow husbandofag on multiple imageboards that have similar typing styles
I'm jealous… I hope I get that much snow here! It doesn't stick lately
Nothing. Whenever lolcow goes down I wish anons would stop asking questions like these because they never have an answer

Anonymous 187729

There's quite a difference between how spur-of-the-moment-horny husbandofagging and personality type of posts, but it's easier to just check out the thread once we're back

Anonymous 187730

are their any regulars here who don't use lolcow in this thread? Say hello tell us what you feel about us

Anonymous 187731

In one of the dumbass shit threads, I was trying to have fun but accidentally wrote something so terminally stupid that several nonas became enraged upon reading it and forgot what thread they were in. They responded so seriously before they caught themselves and dropped it. I was only trying to make somebody laugh, but instead I spiked like 3 nona's blood pressure. I am sorry!

Anonymous 187732

>Because what's the likelihood of more than one Shadow husbandofag on multiple imageboards that have similar typing styles

Anonymous 187733

yeah the one who keeps posting porn here

Anonymous 187734

I thought the site overlap was basically 1-1. Why not use lolcow? CC isn't actually any better.

Anonymous 187735


Anonymous 187736

Anonymous 187737

Depends. Hypothetically, if you post something embarrassing or very personal, there's always the risk of a janny following your posts, mocking you privately and maybe making cruel jabs at you in ban messages or redtexts. If you get into an argument, and it just so happens the other person's a janny, they could unfairly ban you and start targeting you personally in threads, if they're uninged enough. These are all hypothetical, though I've seen anons talk about suspecting almost all of these things.

Anonymous 187738

>Why not use lolcow?
Too much infighting and not interested in cows. CC also sucks but way less infighting so I prefer it.

Anonymous 187739

What's the pull of ana-scum threads? Is anyone that follows anacows for a drop of milk not just a massive anachan herself?

Anonymous 187740

I mean, yeah. That's pretty much it.

Anonymous 187742

He is a popular character tbf

Anonymous 187743

ahhh thats not very comforting kek but i dont think a janny would waste their time stalking some random anon like me

Anonymous 187744

shay update?

Anonymous 187745

What was it exactly or can you at least hint at it? I'm sure they will forgive you

Anonymous 187746

I don't know how much screening and interviewing goes into farmhand applications, but it's fucking lolcow. The chance of a farmhand being extremelly petty and especially aggressive towards women on the internet especially for a little kick of feeling superior is veeeeery high

Anonymous 187748

He is but is he a popular husbando? Are you telling me there are multiple women out there dedicating their lives to Shadow?

Anonymous 187749

does lolcow keep ip/cookie logs indefinitely or does it clear them after like a week

Anonymous 187750


there's been fighting over who gets to pump shadow's shotgun since 2005; there's probably hundreds of shadowfags. if you see one, there's more lurking, like cockroaches.

Anonymous 187751

There are. The thread had a poll recently and Shadow had some of the most entries.

Anonymous 187752

eh, I've been accused of being several different anons by now and I was none of them. hell, one time I went off on something making hateful comments about a group of women and she accused me of being someone who had been stalking her for years + being in the group of women I was defending (I was not; in fact, I disagree with them). other times I've posted a pic and was accused of being another avatarfag even though it was the first time I had posted a pic in weeks. people have a bad habit of pathologizing anons.

Anonymous 187753

same here!! i love it i just wish it would have waited a few more days so it would be a white Christmas

Anonymous 187754

you are not making me feel better kek there was a time i posted some controversial shit on that confessions thread (i didnt know the jannies could track my post history) and some anons got real mad at me. id rather think that jannies have more things to do than stalk random people online through

Anonymous 187755


The Sonic fandom is sinonymous with autism, and he's an edgy character. There were a lot of autistic girls in love with him, and now they're grown women

Anonymous 187757

I hate them all so much

Anonymous 187758

Anonymous 187759

I was bored without LC so I went to 4chan and I got banned for telling a tranny that he will never be a woman because he has Y chromosome. 4chan jannies will allow moids to call for rape and genocide but telling a troon the truth is over the line.

Anonymous 187760

What about them do you guys hate? I am not interested in lots of the cow/drama threads, but they don't annoy me and I don't hate them because they stay within themselves and I just don't enter them.

Anonymous 187761

I want to hornypost about a male celebrity really bad what thread can I post explicit shit in? Like I want to talk about how I'd dom the fuck out of him.

Anonymous 187762

I hate autists and avatarfagging

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