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Pinkpill Thread #13 Anonymous 220726

A thread for posting and discussing the feminist truth against males and their nonsense, as these truths would often get dogpiled and silenced on social media if not spoken anonymously.

Previous >>147993

Anonymous 220738

Continuing discussion of mammalian mating patterns from the last thread.

Prairie voles versus mountain voles, the distinction in vasopressin regulation seems like a key factor in the social and sexual monogamy of prairie voles. A secondary factor has been identified in that males with severe, debilitating memory loss will also mate polygynously, so an undercurrent of dementia has been found positively adaptive in the vole population. We do not find a significant population of early onset male dementia in humans, which constitutes more evidence that humans are not naturally monogamous. It may be that memory loss is particularly maladaptive for humans specifically because of the tool and culture focused nature of our species' health and reproductive requirements. but the fact that there isn't even a single percentage point indicates that forgetting one's spouse is not even temporarily advantageous, which indicates that there is no monogamous generality that it enables a male to circumvent as in the prairie vole.

If human males were monogamous we could expect their brains to also change interconnections radically after loss of virginity. To my knowledge there have been no studies of the differences in human male brains before and after first intercourse, and particularly no twin studies. The scientific community would almost certainly laugh at any such study unless it discovered the sorts of profound neurological changes that are found in prairie voles, but there are lots of studies that the scientific community at large laughs at; it seems a little strange that human male virginity should be beneath study when we do study the neurological effects of virginity loss on other mammals in detail, particularly the aforementioned prairie voles. Since human monogamy is a subject of academic contention I would have thought that the biological argument would be easy to resolve, completely, with a few decent twin studies.

Since vole monogamy is so strongly tied to vasopressin I would expect any human male monogamy to rely on a similar neurochemical process. There are not an infinite number of ways to regulate brain function and most studies of psychiatric medication have been conducted on mice. I have read conflicting statements re: vasopressin in human sexuality, and in particular have found several extremely questionable websites which claim that vasopressin's action during masturbation are dissimilar to its actions during sex (these have been horrid red pill type sites which I will not link here, I have not found any trustworthy source). If, contrary to that ideology, vasopressin acts in masturbation just as it does in sex, and humans were monogamous, we would expect men who succumbed to porn addiction to imprint upon a specific image, a specific actress, a particular face, and to remain 'loyal' to that image, in a natural monogamous loop of reinforcing their porn bond with each use of that same article of pornography. On the contrary it is easily observed that males move from image to image, actress to actress, often multiple times within a single session of pornographic usage. Again, it is possible that masturbation really does have serious biochemical differences versus actual sex, possibly even specific to vasopressin-related monogamous bonding–obviously it would be extremely disadvantageous for a species capable of masturbation to bond to its thoughts or dreams, even long before the invention of film. But it seems unlikely.

Any reproductive arrangement needs to account for male psychosexuality since the sciences have not yet liberated our species from male involvement. So, social monogamy in humans would and will need to account for male behaviorisms and neurology. Can any monogamy-advocates show evidence that it is a natural relationship for males? The signs I would look for:
–neurological transformation occurring in the male after first intercourse, as is noted in prairie voles, affecting behavior (not just a temporary lift in mood, but I would accept a study identifying a difference in an underlying pattern of moodiness)
–an explanation of how such a biologically rooted sexual pattern could be maintained in a species with males capable of masturbation
–an explanation of the generality of polygynous arrangements in historical societies, most of which are actually quite recent and which were suppressed largely for religious reasons.

Anonymous 220886


what do, when it has become beyond crystal clear the XY is indeed trash but women are so hostile to their fellow women?
and no, I am not seeking to derail pinkpill anything.

Anonymous 220888

I think the only thing left to do is find solace in yourself and trust that the few people that belong to you will not pass you by, be it partners or friends.

Anonymous 220890

I can certainly do that, though I'm troubled at the incessant disdain women have for women and how little love they possess for one another. I see them prefer to laugh at a woman that was "stupid enough" to trust her husband rather than uplift her or attempt to draw her into their ranks or even simply not mock her during a very harsh time in her life.

do women want to create female sex class consciousness or not? at least in the global West the answer seems to be no. as long as the answer is largely no then how can women as a class rise up?
I mostly see a desire to purity spiral and trying to feel superior to other women rather than inviting women to a new way of thinking. for some women they really have never had true feminist ideas before but when the opportunity comes more are committed to ridiculing them than something productive.

Anonymous 220891

You‘re right that a large part of women still has insane amounts of internalized misogyny that plays out as competition and bringing each other down instead of uplifting the other. It‘s sad but i don‘t think there‘s much else to be done about it other than not partaking and uplifting even those that try to bring me down. I tend to just stay away unless i have the strength to not let it get to me in any way.
I know it can be very frustrating to watch other women let themselves be treated so badly by men but also other women. In the end, every woman has to walk her own path at her own pace and it‘s no use to feel like i would know what‘s best for her. All i can do is validate her feelings and have her back once she‘s ready to grow as well as be a positive example of how one can be a woman in this world.

Anonymous 220893

the world needs more of you, you sound clearheaded.

so long as a (specific) woman is not being hostile to me I refuse to contribute and pile onto the tendency to be anti-female. fuck this.
no more sister wars.

Anonymous 220951

I wouldn't call it anything akin to class consciousness because even the moids know we can't stick together. I like Marxist feminism, I believe when women have equal financial freedoms we can only stop being crabs in a bucket. Now hear me out because this is going to sound outrageous but I believe the state should pay housewives minimum wage, even unmarried or non-partnered single mothers and much like the Soviet Union the state needs to give us jobs where we have autonomy. The westoid cope is to say that "communism forced women into STEM" and that's how I got started thinking like that. Being forced to rely on men financially is what stops us from biting the hand that feeds. I envy Vietnamese girls like Luna Oi for their state sponsored lifestyle, she got a house and a vegetable allotment as well as an allowance. Probably why lesbianism is still huge in Vietnam and despite the free sex changes the rates of troons are much lower. Men don't want to be providers they want to be our slave masters and they themselves are slaves to capitalism so the misery gets passed down and amplified. By no means am I saying we have to copy, just food for thought about what has worked.

Anonymous 221008

Why look for a biological answer for a social contract? That's like trying to find biological reasons for why people should sit 8 hours at an office. You will never find the answer by analyzing and scrutinizing biology. The answer is apparent in the formation and acceptance of the social contract. If masturbation made men just as happy as sex, then they wouldn't have sex.

Anonymous 221011

If the entire basis of your argument is that sex and masturbation are the same biologically for men, and you support this idea by looking specifically at one neurotransmitter (vasopressin) then you're obviously wrong and only looking to frame your viewpoint in a specific way that can't really be disproved because it's impossible to do so by analyzing this singular biological marker. You should know that people that have Penis in Vagina (PIV) sex have lower blood pressure than those that masturbate or orgasm orally. There is a clear biological drive in men to have the stability provided by maintaining a single partner. Monogamous men showed significantly more activation in parts of their brain related to reward than non-monogamous men did. In non-human animal research, studies comparing socially monogamous and promiscuous species of voles (Microtus) have identified some key neural differences related to monogamy and non-monogamy. Specifically, densities of the vasopressin V1a receptor and dopamine D2 receptors in subcortical reward-related and limbic areas of the brain have been linked to monogamous behavior in prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster).

This is probably the simplest explanation you'll get. Men's reward systems are activated more when they're monogamous. The reason they're whores is because drugs and technology are ruining their brain's natural reward system, but there is biological evidence that men would generally be monogamous than not.

Anonymous 221018

I'm not sure of Marxism or communism but:
>the state should pay housewives minimum wage, even unmarried or non-partnered single mothers
this sounds great.

all I'm really getting from this is that scrotes cannot control themselves as well as women can and that moids are unfit for civilized society. wild animals can either fester in the wilderness or get put down.

Anonymous 221026

>I'm not sure of Marxism or communism
I'm the anon you're replying to and even with an extensive knowledge of Marxism I think it's lost without feminism. I would argue a dictatorship under any woman would be de-facto socialist, men are corrupted too easily. Marx's wife and her contributions to the theory is really fascinating >https://tribunemag.co.uk/2021/02/jenny-marxs-life-of-love-and-revolution
Also worth checking this out if you'd like some bedtime reading >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marxist_feminism
We absolutely cannot let the moids and troons fuck up an ideology that would work if men weren't solely in control. Women are much more literate, empathetic and logical. Moids in control under any ideology means suffering, but postmodernity under capitalism has us feeling like farm animals or circus animals at best. Sorry for the rant hope i'm not coming across as pushy, I couldn't say I know anything for sure just wanted to share my thoughts in case I can help.

Anonymous 221051

you don't sound pushy nonita but sometimes a woman being pushy is not a bad thing at all.
one of the primary things that is needed is females need to cultivate giving benefit of the doubt toward other females and give none to scrotes.

Anonymous 221061

>Monogamous men showed significantly more activation in parts of their brain related to reward than non-monogamous men did.
My gut reaction to this is that it might mean that monogamous men reaped greater rewards earlier in life and have been better reward-conditioned. As though the devoted himbo, monogamous-fuckboy ideal actually has some merit and some reality but we all missed our chance since the window for it probably closes at whatever age Macron was when he fell in love with his wife.

Anonymous 221080

how does this recr…

I'll go ahead and repost what I just typed up on /2X/ with a few minor edits.
first of all you'll have to excuse my cropping job on the screenshots.
pic related.

the problem is even if a lot of women reach peak male what comes after that when many women are still giving into their programming to sling mud at other women?

what I am repeatedly seeing in the very few online spaces left where women can recognize the reality of their shared female sex is the incessant disdain of other women, and a lot of it does revolve around women being partnered with males or having attraction to them.
with regard to pic related it was not every woman reacting in such a snide, unhelpful manner but it was overwhelmingly so and this is taking place after the Heard trial and among self-identified feminists.

ask yourself: does reacting this way recruit women? does this make women want to listen to actual feminism?
does receiving a woman in this fashion after something traumatic has happened to her do anything productive? does treating a woman or women like this RAISE female sex class consciousness or LOWER it?

many self-deemed feminists seem to think all women know all the facts about the XY and I am here to tell you that no, they do not. male violence is routinely softened and basically hidden in wider society (at least in the global West). the "ground game"/"air war" of feminism is garbage considering plenty of women are not even aware there are others forms of feminism other than liberal feminism that tells them showing their naked body is empowering.
it is very possible to get to adulthood and still have little idea just how fucked up and how untrustworthy males are.

if punching down on women or purity spiraling or, I don't know, laughing at the expense of a woman that "should have known better" after being societally groomed to look at males with favor her entire life is more important to "feminists" than recruiting more women to wake up then what is even going on?
from a purely logistically standpoint reacting this way doesn't even make sense - this would be THE moment to reach out to a sister and bolster our numbers. even if this specific woman never sees this conversation online women that have been mistreated by males are seeing how eager women are to tear down someone that's been abused by a male. I know I am.

do not read into my words things that are not present nor presume I am suggesting we excuse women that have abused women/girls or allowed their daughters to be abused by themselves or by a moid. the reality is reacting this way to women along with slinging demeaning things around like "come brain" is not going to make women join forces. acting that way is only adding to the global, historical trend of being cruel to women. it's not a departure from that just because it's a woman doing it instead of XY.

Anonymous 221086

I hate how often "femenist" usually victim blame the women and not the men, because they believe "all women should know that all men are evil." This is just a rebranding of "boys will be boys," and somehow it's better because it means that it's fact that men cannot be taught any better or understand the consequences or their actions? Therefore all women must stay away from men and it's her fault for wanting to be married to a man. It's no better then patriarchal society, where men dont pay for their crimes.

Even if she was a trad wife it wouldnt be her fault that a man took advantage of her.

Anonymous 221087

I feel stupid for mistyping that

Anonymous 221092

I honestly agree with this so much and feel this. Blogposting, but as someone who grew up with a piece of shit Dad, it's honestly so frustrating to see people blame the women in the situation. My dad baited my mom into marrying him by being nice to her at first and then trapping her. My mom wasn't stupid, she was literally one of the most educated women in her area. It can happen to anyone. He made it difficult to leave by threatening us. Some people will never get it. This is why I am always so suspicious when people are talking about women or a mom being responsible for the shit situation she was in.

Anonymous 221097

I once saw Korean man mishandle his chopsticks while eating and as far as I could tell he had grown up there and it was not as though he had a motor/muscle disability. all of this to say: a mistake sometimes just happens.
I honestly don't understand what version of reality these very online "feminists" exist in half of the time - most women in the West have precious little idea of how much men hate them. are the women stupid for that? no, how can that be someone's take on it when feminism's ground game has been bad for decades and the men have a vested interest in women never waking up?

I'm sorry about what happened to you and your mother. nobody should be focused on "dunking" on a woman or girl that has been mistreated by XY.

we need to give women the benefit of the doubt, in general, and to give none to XY.

Anonymous 221190


Its a little known fact, but about 65% of women over the age of 50 are single, dumped for younger women, or divorced.

The way i see it guilt tripping yourself that you shouldn't be attracted to young attractive men, and spend your energy living out the cliche with an older man is gross af. Honestly also extremely suspicious af. Especially after the lengths men go to perfect the role of the degenerate, pornsick and/or pedophile. Old men are easily the nastiest demographic.

I genuinely don't understand the goal to find "real" love that lasts into old age. What is that??? If that's what you were looking for shouldn't you have married your best female friend?? I've been thinking about for ages.. and I just don't get the traditional goal. It is not compatible with modern heterosexuality, and its limitless outlets for perversion. Especially since a lot of old married couples you know don't even enjoy each other's presence that much, they just stay together because they don't believe in divorce.

Why would you try to get sexless attractionless love from a guy of all people during 2023 though? We all know how men treat women they can't sexualize and aren't attracted to nowadays.

Like why would you willingly bring that into your life in your old age? When you're trying to find peace? It's such a high stakes gamble. You either win, or you hellishly lose and end up living with the ultimate dickbag who only becomes more resentful and selfish. Is it even a feasible expectation to have now?? I know there are some really nice amazing men who arent like that but the internet tells a completely different story about most of them. I cannot see men from our generation ever being mature enough to even consider "love in old age" after porn and ai generated porn and women. Yeah I could see men born in the 60s, 70s, might get it… I think it could have been possible in the old days when men weren't rolling in porn. People didnt have any alternatives back then. Now I dont know. How am I supposed to figure that makes any sense?

Picrel is an ai generated woman. "The future of the heterosexual gaze"

Anonymous 221208

Not to mention,being with one person sucks. It really sucks. Love is not a commute from one point in life to another. Expecting to have a relationship until death is really, REALLY depressing.

Anonymous 221253

I don't see why being with one is depressing if they're lovely…

pornography has utterly ruined XY. I have lost interest in that and am open to marrying my female best friend who's in love with me but don't worry about that part.

Anonymous 221394

Screen Shot 2023-0…

Complaining about feminism in Afghanistan. Scrotes and their victim mindset.

Anonymous 221423


White men will post stuff like this unironically.

Anonymous 221424

White scrotes always try to get you to believe that they're soooooo much "better" than any other men. They're not better. They're still fucking disgusting, rape apes. It's just that they're more sneaky with what they do. When they wanna act like bottom fucking barrel degenerates…they take that shit to other countries so that the rancid air doesn't tarnish their reputation back at home. And to think these same motherfuckers try to frame white women as "the REAL problem with society"…white moids are so damn pathetic.

Anonymous 221425

We need to start a campaign to raise awareness of white male degeneracy in asia.

Anonymous 221426

They also come to latin america to rape kids. All moids are a menace.

Anonymous 221429

Honestly, this is why I love guns. Guns are the ultimate equalizer for those faggots. Every woman should carry one tbh for self defense. I bet men would stop raping women if they feared the possibility of being shot. Arm up ladies.

Anonymous 221430


Picrel is the man who's responsible for "Destruction of Daisy".
I hate men. I hate men. I hate men. Seriously. I really do hate men. If hating men is morally wrong, then I don't wanna be right, because by now they have 110% earned our disdain. I really have to sit back and wonder how the fuck human females and human males are the same species because it's like women and girls are just generally superior to males, even in morals. I really have to wonder how human males are truly our species' counterparts, and not some giant uncanny valley parasites that some alien species had engineered. God bless those foolish pickmes that worship white men, because such a level of ignorance is dangerous.

Anonymous 221432

I hate pics like this because they always exclude ugly girls. Ugly girls know they are ugly so even if they CAN get sex (the GOTCHA dudes always give when you bring up ugly girls) it's not like the dude who would do it is going to treat her like a human.

Anonymous 221442

Right? Imagine getting bullied at 20 lmao

Anonymous 221443

>75 victims
What? I thought it was around 5. This story stuck with me for a long time after I heard about it, made me so mad. I read somewhere that the prision he's at in the Philippines gives him special treatment.

Anonymous 221455

wrong motel.png

Anonymous 221456


>special needs
I unapologetically hate mentally ill or retarded moids, and I hate that society always wants us to feel bad for them just because they're mentally ill or retarded. Moids are still moids, even when they're missing chromosomes.

Anonymous 221457

I legit think moids like that should just be killed, they are too retarded to be socialized out of their male nature and are a permament danger to society.

Anonymous 221459

what a waste.

Anonymous 221461

tall is cool but extremely tall is not.
Why would you want to be the same height as his torso?

Above 6'2 and it just gets weird unless you're tall too.

Anonymous 221467

It's like a war elephant. You wouldn't want to be the sole maintainer of such a beast, and you wouldn't have a personal relationship with the creature the way you would with a good stallion. But you'd totally want to ride one at least once just for the exotic experience.

Anonymous 221513

for myself I'd love a mountain of a moid, as tall as that or even taller, and not for a singular instance but I am no longer interested in XY.
it boils down to they are not nice. that's it, really.


but then people would realize how toxic empathy arises and that it is partially from female socialization - and we can't have that, now can we? they can't afford for more women to wake up.

Anonymous 221534


White guys who pursue Filipinas are always terrifying

Anonymous 221571

Isn't it fascinating how a lot of genetic defects are Y-chromosome related?

Anonymous 221573

>incels that post this think they're hating on women
>he is actually roasting his own sex and blaming men even more
Why else would he emphasize being bullied by other boys and being hurt that "she" is having sex with many other men that he reduces to stick figures?
Men are so awful they don't even like themselves, and instead of improving they just blame others and make themselves worse.

Anonymous 221713

I hate men who think theres a time limit for women. Especially the ones that think once she turns 30 that shes hit the wall and is no longer desirable. Like men dont age like shit and let their bodies go.
I also hate men with high body counts, that shit is gross.

Anonymous 221750

I agree. Now that the shit ones can't get mates through societal coercion, they think they can just fuck society up, go on mass shootings, etc. They'd be pretty surprised if they were just eliminated. Imagine not having to house millions of male criminals anymore or deal with the fallout of stupid hormonal pissing contests

Anonymous 221757

Lol have you seen a picture of him?

Anonymous 221824


>special needs
>values his 2D Nintendies over real people
You must have the worst taste imaginable if you find this in any way attractive. Apologize.

Anonymous 221825


>It's like a war elephant. You wouldn't want to be the sole maintainer of such a beast, and you wouldn't have a personal relationship with the creature the way you would with a good stallion. But you'd totally want to ride one at least once just for the exotic experience.
Pickmes are such an embarrassment holy shit.

Anonymous 221826

why is he wearing a skirt? also that poor women

Anonymous 221829

>you wouldn't have a personal relationship with the creature the way you would with a good stallion.
I don't think this is how people who actually own horses view their relationship with their horses

Anonymous 221830

It's his jacket around his hips I believe. Teacher only did her job. I'll never understand why special needs scrotes are allowed to slither out of the womb instead of being aborted/euthanized. There are too many orphaned healthy children that would make better family members.

Anonymous 221831

Retards are unironically a safety threat in schools and I have been saying this forever. At my highschool retards didn't graduate until 21 so you had these adult males, often times obese tall giants, who could easily overpower anyone in the school. The handlers were mostly all small women who just let the tards run around doing whatever the fuck they wanted. They have absolutely no control over them. What the fuck are they gaining from public school anyways? Its a waste of taxpayer money. If you are going to waste taxpayer money on an adult daycare, can't you at LEAST get them their own facility with strong body guards armed with tazers? It is SO dangerous having larger than average adult males with NO control over their emotions and impulses around a bunch of kids, being handled by people half their fucking size. I am tired of retard pandering and this is EXACTLY why they should not be in public school.

Anonymous 221837

I hate the "body count" on the women's side, you can tell that is ALL men care about, not being bullied or wanting to kill themselves, just that they didn't get laid at age 12. They also are retarded for thinking a girl has had that many partners by age 20. Though I've seen MRAs claim that most girls lose their virginity at age 12.
I hope that creature dies.

Anonymous 221932

Awww poor little boy. He defiantly doesn't belong in prison.

Anonymous 221934

This is how white women who like black men think though. Yes, it is very gross.

Anonymous 221936

This. I don't know why, but I attracted retards like a magnet when I was in school. They always disrupted class and I would have to help them with their assignments because they had some testosterone induced "liking" to me. My school wasn't allowed to "discriminate" against retards by separating them. No, they had to sit in a regular class "learning" content that their brain has no capacity to understand anyway.

Anonymous 221950

this is really inspiring. i get so frustrated when i see handmaidenry it makes me so mad and i have to step away.

Anonymous 222037


On 4chan they do like to meme the muslims on Rotherham. But they stay silent on sexpats that abuse kids in third world and even leave them pregnant like in angels city philllipines

Anonymous 222038


Shouldn’t steal people’s things


If anything this psa of white men coming to poor lands is a problem that needs addressing

Anonymous 222039

Millions of these western men go to third world every year this needs to be address

Anonymous 222040


This needs to be promoted
Male virginity being praised like girls would be better

Anonymous 222041


I’ve heard this
Any source

Anonymous 222042


Now that shamima begum won’t get her citizenship back for running off with isis. Watch moids argue for lower aoc

Anonymous 222044

Tbh I just don't believe this. They lied about the Pakistani gangs for so long (decades).

Anonymous 222045

ye fuck the 1200% rape rates in europe & 1488 raped kids caused by the arab springs

Anonymous 222060

They mean most as in there are more white men in the country, so that obviously equals more white offenders. It's a purposely deceiving article, the UK is like 82% white so no shit. You need to adjust the data for offense rate vs population size.

Anonymous 222064


Like I said, white guys are ultimately no different than other males. Check out the rapes they do on indigenous women on reservation areas in America. White guys are violent, rapey fucks. It's just that they work overtime to erase their own and each other's tracks so that no one realizes they're full of shit. A lot of white guys who should be in prison walk around like free men. Eyes peeled, ladies.

Anonymous 222097

Underrated post
Why isn’t this viral . Should be memed like arabs and terrorism or blacks with theft. Alt right says they want open debate but cry anti white when you put stats that put them in the hot seat

Anonymous 222100

Wasn’t ignored for t became a meme. But it’s minor compared to Catholic Church, sexpats in third world and native reserves and how many white men get away with it since they can get the best lawyers

Anonymous 222101

Yes the white social workers and cops should be blamed. In fact some of those cops took part in it but that part is quiet . That’s the bigger outrage

Anonymous 222103


I feel as though the crimes against foreign women during times of war should also be mentioned. I hate men so much.

Anonymous 222107


Can’t believe it’s a fucking taboo to call out soldiers what they did to women and children in the Middle East.
The racists that shout how oppressive islam is are the same guys that assault the muslim women but not the muslim men.
One even kicked a Somali woman in the stomach and she miscarried

Fuck white moids are the worst since they get away with so much. The black brown ones at least get thrown in jail

Anonymous 222108

It still amazes me how they'll point fingers at everyone else for being "messy degenerates" when they regularly travel to other countries specifically to rape and even kill prostitutes. White scrotes will shit all over women and children in different countries, and then lecture you about how they're the most "human" on God's green earth. What a joke.

Anonymous 222111

Does anyone else here struggle with the internal conflict of hating most men, and being hated for it? Just in pure disbelief and confused TO DEATH by other people unable To see the same violence and degeneracy?

DAE feel like they're losing their damn minds over it sometime? The world makes absolutely zero sense to me more and more everyday. I know I will never be able to get rid of the feeling and I have to live with it. But just…. How the fuck do you even make sense of it all?

Anonymous 222112

Yeah kind of actually

Anonymous 222113


Ya it’s awful they even memed Alan kurdis death when he washed ashore. They call them cowards for being bombed but nothing when Russians leave.
They seem to think that those African and Arab guys gonna steal all the women. But they knock up girls in thailand and Philippines and ditch the kid

It’s infuriating

Anonymous 222117

Just pull stats from male respective sources and just talk down to them like monkeys

Don’t get emotional , and have fun with it. But seriously someone needs to make a crime meme stats on white western males being goons overseas
No man hating just stating facts like le 13/50

Anonymous 222121


>"Despite being 1% percent of the Korean population, white males make up for over 30% of all sexual assaults. If you combine the rate at which they sexually assault white women, and indigenous women, they are most likely America's largest rapists".

Anonymous 222122


Don’t forget the war rapes in Middle East and other sexpat destinations in Latin America ,Africa and rest of Asia

I’ve read thailand gets 30million tourists a year. How many are creepy chomos from the west. And it’s going on for decades. Makes muh Rotherham and muh Sweden into a joke

Anonymous 222124


Based on those pictures of 4chan meetups, it's crazy to think that these Quasimodo-looking animals think that they're "peak human form". Like wow, these guys are really out here looking like a failed abortion while they really believe they're the most good looking, intelligent, and valuable just because they're white moids. It's always the loser white guys trash-talking white women to uplift their perspective on Asian women, but normally that's because white women rejected their worthless asses KEK. I can confirm this in real life. Back in high school, I knew a poltard and he was the stereotypical white dork with a bad posture. The funniest thing was, he wasn't even completely white, because his father was a brown Mexican.

Anonymous 222125

Brittany Venti looking good there tbh. I still watch her to this day she is based, she became a TERF.

Anonymous 222127


Her content is hella good I recommend it a lot for anyone here, she is on our side I don't doubt she lurks lolcow.

Anonymous 222129


Ya found this meme on pol
They only cope with Asian girls otherwise they’d be virgins since many won’t chase femcels.
You should see how pissed they were when they found out shoeonhead had a black bf, same story with Laura southern.
They even made a coalfax website to out white girls that were with black or brown men
Pretty hypocritical for white supremacist to racemix

Anonymous 222131


>scrotes are so scared of women having sex with anyone except for them that they create a website to dox women they believe are "whores"
Holy fucking shit. Males are so fucking barbaric and competitive with how they go about life, relationships, and sex, that they would straight up plot to kill a woman just because she had sex with a man of different skin color. The concept of that is hard to even laugh at, males are just awful.

Anonymous 222136


Based tbh I dont find it bad at all. It really showcases that Liberals are not racially diverse at all and that in fact everyone from any shade, race or whatever backgroudn is sick of cancel culture, together. It's not a white only thing, its never been. In fact the 3rd world is less liberal than the 1st world but retards are ignorant about this especially pandered rich Californian liberals and tranny freaks.

Anonymous 222138


Not in third world cities where they push the liberal agenda . Never seen an Indian sjw?
It’s a new mental gay colonialism
Just say bring up dick size, you mention Asian guys they laugh. Mention black or brown men being hung ,more trad or more masculine, they will fucking seethe. I dare you even pol will ban you
Just tell them that whitewashed Asian women only care about your wallet. Your mail order bride would leave you for lebron James given the chance.

Anonymous 222139


BM are not more trad, at least not in a healthy way. They really don’t care about their own children, but it’s based to larp like they do to white men because they accuse white women of racemixing and fucking dogs and other things that don’t hold up to statistics.

Anonymous 222140

Why do they all have the same glasses?

Anonymous 222141

modern era pedophile glasses?

Anonymous 222142


True but American blacks are literally white washed and have nothing in common with their full blood counterparts back in the motherland. At least half of marriages in Africa are arranged even with some christians

But goatse was a meme before the dog fucking meme. The king of Ireland apperntly fucked a horse. Moid brains.

Anonymous 222145

Somebody needs to round up a collection of all the animal-rape cases of scrotes and trannies. Shatter the myth of white women having sex with dogs, because we all know it's men and trannies who do that shit.

Anonymous 222147

I can see it now when pol copes at the data

>it’s da joooz

But they’ll all be uncut so they can’t despite it lol

Anonymous 222149

So goddamn tired of misogynists making trans accusations at me giving my honest opinions nowadays, acting like only men can post anonymously. The first couple times I got "ywnbaw" it made me laugh but now it's just a weak, fail "gottem" moment when they have nothing better to say. It still is pretty funny when they go on about "41%" when males in general are 80% of suicide statistics. I really hope misogynists continue to keep killing themselves at such high rates, the more violent and painful the death the better.

Anonymous 222155

And they will never be IN a woman ,as a response

Anonymous 222156


This is the most info I could find and it’s referenced from that pedophile sex doctor.


Anonymous 222182

Black men in Africa are like a million times worse just saying. In my experience, they act really hostile and violent twords women. I would say that the worst traits of african american men comes from africa, with the lack of monogamy and general hooliganism. You probably don't live somewhere that has africans.

Anonymous 222183

congrats Anon
friendship is a valuable thing

Anonymous 222184

Not the anon your replying to, but the rapes being done by none-natives does not necessarily mean that they're being done by white men. There's a lot of criminal gangs crossing over the US-Mexican boarder in those areas, my guess would be that the majority of the perpetrators are mestizo. Most white people live in the suburbs and avoid those areas like the plauge.

Anonymous 222185

I legit just saw a video of her defending The Quartering. She also simps for Lauren Southern and is trying to make amends with shoe.

Anonymous 222197

>simps for Lauren Southern
association with her is always a big red flag

Anonymous 222199


I think most of us have already seen this but just a reminder

Anonymous 222200


mainstream media are all about appealing to men

Anonymous 222201


most men have pedophilic tendencies

Anonymous 222205


>"tive men doesn't mean they're always white"
>57% of perpetrators who assault indigenous women are white males

Anonymous 222206


male public sector child care workers admitted in a questionare to being sexually interested in children

Anonymous 222216

this video is pretty good on how lesbians are affected by the patriarchy. especially since its from lesbians from the 80's

like some of this is accurate to current day issues
>(the channel in general is a pretty good resource on radical feminism)

Anonymous 222406

kek karma always comes to kick men in the ass
watch his little dickriders whine about "muh matrix'

Anonymous 222474

white moids are the same as every other race of moid. They're just better at avoiding accountability and suspicion when it comes to abusing women.

Anonymous 222475

Which is why it's ridiculous when they advertise themselves as the best kind of males around. They're still males, and males are shit-tier humans.

Anonymous 222491

lung cancer lol he did smoke a lot just to look "rich". What a retard, he reaps what he sows.

Anonymous 222507

Yep! He was always showing off his fancy cigars haha

Anonymous 222703

Why do white scrotes and their pickmes keep trying to convince everyone that white moids are sooooo "great" by literally denying facts of what they do? Approximately 60% of perpetrators to the sexual assault of indigenous women are white-fucking-males. The research RIGHT HERE, you delusional idiots.

Anonymous 222722

white males also make the most degenerate and violent TIMs. the poc TIMs are humbled by racism on top of being trannies and are more quiet. white TIMs are entitled and think their whiteness makes them inherently more feminine and worthy of entering womanhood than even non-white women

Anonymous 222723


>white TIMs are entitled and think their whiteness makes them inherently more feminine and worthy of entering womanhood than even non-white women
That is so fucking true.

Anonymous 222724

it's funny because the only TIMs who somewhat pass (and they don't even) are SEA

Anonymous 222737

I'm not sure this is a particularly damning stat. A quick google search reveals that Alaska is the state with the highest percentage of native Americans, and that Alaska is also 66% white. So in Alaska, if this 57% stat is true, white men are still slightly underrepresented as perpetrators of sexual assault against indigenous women, all other things being equal.

Anonymous 222739

Being about 60% of perpetrators against a group of women is a damning stat. That's almost the vast majority of indigenous women's rapists being white scrotes. Then you have to add that to the fact that white scrotes rape white women as well. White scrotes want us to believe they're so "awesome", "intelligent", and "better" than other moids, but they're fucking not because they're still raping and terrorizing women like brutish savages who need to be put down. White scrotes can take their mental gymnastics and shove it up their ugly asses. Indigenous and white women deserve better, and you know it.

Anonymous 222743

I fucking hate white supremacy. It's a tool used by white scrotes to make it seem like they're the "best men," they never do crimes its the colored ones. White men are the true saviors of humanity. It's always the ugliest, stupidest, meanest, cowardly motherfuckers .

Anonymous 222787

Wasn't there a study revealing that only a small percentage of the global male population managed to reproduce their genes for each generation? That means the majority of men on the planet are genetically irrelevant. If you ever feel worthless, be glad that you're at least not a man.

Anonymous 222788

True but incels will never realize it that mental illness is worse than being ugly. Having a completely annoying personality and social retardation makes you an anti-human basically these retards are just born incompatible with other human beings but they dont wanna face it. at least the ugly but mentally stable hard working moid can form a family with the ugly woman otherwise how else are ugly people being born lol. Incels have no excuses other than their extreme mental illness and mid looks, they are mid and nobody tolerates a mid person that is mentally ill.

Anonymous 222789


Natural selection just doing its mechanism. I never lamented it. But it's a doable edged sword some women also live life in loneliness but it aint that big because sperm banks exist, if you feel like your time is running out go to the sperm back pick the highest tier genes you can find and have a kid and you are never alone. There is physical advantages to having a vagina that moids will never get.

Anonymous 222810

extremely fuckin based
i remember reading that throughout all of human genetic history, 70% of women passed on their genes but only 35% of men. moids love to talk about science except when it proves their unimportance

Anonymous 222812


>"Destruction of Daisy"
morbid curiosity forces me to ask this question, what is that? Snuff video or something?

Anonymous 222816


>scrotes put too much value on looks
Yes, yes they do.

Anonymous 222817

well nona, this is NSFL information I'm about to dump onto you so please think before hovering the spoiler, there's a before and after with this knowledge.
It's a video where Peter Scully has abused and raped a baby girl named Daisy who was a few months old. That video was under the "hurtcore" genre which is gore pedophilia. Honestly idk how else to explain it. He has abused other girls in this video too and posted it to the internet. The video was so horrific that for a time being people on the internet thought it was just a legend like a creepypasta. But the scary thing is that it's very much real. I won't dump any more details now. The wikipedia page for Peter Scully would give you much more accurate information that what I'm writing anyway.

Anonymous 222834

>had multiple female accomplices that lured his victims in and helped rape and torture them alongside him
>Oh nonono womansisters, our narrative! How do we cope? I'm thinking "claim they were just helpless victims themselves forced to play along because we can never admit a woman would ever do anything wrong".

Moids are retarded. His female accomplices were groomed since they were kids into this. They lived in a constant environnement where this abuse was normalised. The reason why Peter Scully got found out by the police was because one of them eventually reported him to authorities after he made her dig her own grave and with another girl. They were all underage, I'm pretty sure below the ages of 13 but that I don't remember. Moids are so pressed to victim blame it's insane.

Anonymous 222836

THANK YOU. The moid apparently overlooked the fact that the pedophile literally raped, threatened, and groomed participants into letting him do these things to other girls. Moids will twist narratives because they just want us to feel like we're as horrible as horrible as they are. We're not. They also try to do this with that "lesbian domestic violence" meme. If any moids are reading this, just know that you're generally subhuman and deserve to die miserably and alone.

Anonymous 222837

I always refrain myself from replying to moids and general bait but this post I had to do it. So many times I've seen moids victim blame like that. They're so pressed to victim blame a child for looking too "sexy". So pressed to victim blame a female killing to survive. (Also let's remind ourselves the stats of who kills most, spoiler it's never the women). So pressed to blame the woman all the fucking time when in every single situation if the man didn't act the way he did none of that would'be happened. Sorry for the vent but I'm quite angry and sleep deprived atm.

Anonymous 222838

No, you did the right thing. More males need to be put in their place when they try to introduce some bullshit, victim-blaming stunt like that. You listed out the disturbing, but real fact that the pedophile groomed his participants into allowing his actions. Grooming is a real problem that needs to be addressed, and you properly criticized the situation. The moid that was here was probably a fucking groomer himself. Don't feel bad for teaching him a lesson.

Anonymous 222843

god i wish.

Anonymous 222874

I hate how many mothers treat their own daughters like shit. I dont understand it.
I know sometimes it's because theyre so brainwashed by the patriarchy.

I just saw a article about a mother trafficking out her own 6y.o. daughter. It makes me so sad. So many mothers are complacent in their own daughters rape.

Anonymous 222889

No I don't want your trauma dump.
I just think its a shame the mothers care so little about their child because its a daughter.

Anonymous 222895

But this is a thread for complaining about men. If you want to vent about anything else go to /feels/.

Anonymous 222898

This is a issue about women valuing patriarchy so much that they treat their daughters like shit and selling them to men.

Anonymous 222900

Your post doesn't present patriarchy as the main issue though. Lurk more because you sound like a newfag.

Anonymous 222901


Venti would be so based if she didn't have to be dependent on moids to stream for. I like her gorly and pink pilled content but then she surrounds herself with cringe youtube degens and is currently dating a former pokimane simp.

Anonymous 222906

Hey its not her fault like +80% of the internet is males.

Anonymous 223074

why would an informationally advantaged, technologically capable society create conditions under which a much higher percentage of women are willing to reproduce with a child-abandoner?

Anonymous 223076

Not sure where you're getting those numbers from. The table on page 9 says that by age 44, 85.0% of women and 80.4% of men had had at least one biological child.

Anonymous 223108

Sometimes I think that if more women knew that men are genuinely heterosexual, support for men would evaporate overnight. Think about it. A man is heterosexual. He is attracted to women. That's it. He is not demisexual. He is never along an aro/ace spectrum. He is not reciprosexual. He is heterosexual. He will be attracted to a woman who is not and cannot be attracted to him. He will be attracted to a woman who is taller and wealthier than him, whom he is clearly unworthy of, whose notice he is obviously beneath, regardless of the social impropriety. He will be attracted to a woman who is related to him by blood. Because he is heterosexual, without condition, without requirement, without social or legal compulsion.
"Lesbian" is an entirely different word and a separate behavioral and romantic category from "gay." We do not expect gay men to behave like lesbians. It is insane to try to identify male heterosexuality as a category of sexuality that is comprehensible to women, to draw any analogy between men's predatory lust for women to women's experiences of attraction to men.

Anonymous 223238


Men have a smaller limbic system in the brain, meaning they have less emotional intelligence than women. They will never have as deep of a connection that women experience for others, and so it's utterly pointless for women to expect this in return from men. Men will spin this to say this simply means they are more intelligent in "logical" areas, but women win again as demonstrated with the IQ bell curve.

Men aren't just emotionally-retarded, but they are also biological whores addicted to porn because they can't stop getting high off of cheap dopamine. Their brain is stimulated off of the illusion that its just mated with multiple women on the screen, and all intimacy is lost as women will always be compared or expected to perform gross acts he has conditioned himself to coom to.

Women will think their pure love immunes them from male nature and his socialization, and that she can somehow change this. But heterosexual relationships are a gigantic missed high five in terms of sexuality, romance, and mutual benefit as men will see women as an extension of his greatness meant to tend to him and his physical and household needs.

So I agree; It is silly to compare female and male sexualities to another.

Anonymous 223303

Assumedly the defects are about 50/50 on both sexes, males just tend to be more agressive if they reach puberty due to the lack of inhibition and impulse control. also the exess testosterone only exacerbates the issue.

Anonymous 223306

It's been a while but I had once read that there's a far greater incidence of allele methylation in female fetuses, particularly in loci that are mutation-prone in neurological and protoneurological cells. This ensures that most potentially harmful mutations that are active in any humans, are far more likely to be active in males with women as unexpressed carriers. This was theorized to be an evolutionary mechanism by which potentially advantageous mutations can be preserved beyond an awkward growth stage, a la "Punctuated Equilibria." Since the whole field of human biology and genetics is revolutionized every couple of years I expect this has all been contested or debunked by now.

Anonymous 223361

Women horny posting fantasies is so tame compared to the sexual degeneracy men will act on. Get a grip, not at all comparable.


A mutual loving relationship is the initial desire until they find themselves performing nearly all of the house work and child care while working a full time job. Until she finds him lusting over other women because her body hasn't immediately bounced back after delivering children or because she isn't sexually available while pregnant.

Anonymous 223589


Most young men are single while most young women are not. How can this be?

1. Women got fed up with men and are dating each other
2. Women are preferring older men as young men are addicted to porn and video games
3. The same men are dating multiple women

God, I hope it's the first one. I'm glad men are lonely and isolated. Looks like their woman hate is paying off lmao. Hopefully more of them bite the bullet and shoot themselves.

Anonymous 223592

"Political Lesbianism is unviable!" they said. "You're a legit psychopath!" they said. Who's laughing now, tradthots?

Anonymous 223605

Looks like more of a mixture of 1 and 2. Female sexually is more flexible and women are more likely to be bi. Looks like some of those bi girls are actually dating women instead of men for the first time in history

Anonymous 223607

Certainly not the lesbians who just wanted a relationship and found themselves entertaining a straight woman instead.

Anonymous 223625

Joking aside, most dating occurs via dating apps.
With that in mind, it's almost certainly 3.
Dating apps are not optimized to provide an avenue for sapphic relationships to be explored by women who may be interested but have a socialized orientation towards heteronormative affiliation.
Dating apps are not oriented towards enabling women to select for emotional maturity in a system blind to quantifiables such as date of birth.
Dating apps are oriented and optimized towards setting hard quantifiables such as filtering by age range and sex, and then create algorithmic assortative stacks such that the more people like your appearance the higher your position in other people's candidate lists, while simultaneously producing the perfect avenue for covert liasons as the hardest part of illicit affairs (communication and scheduling) are handled in a profile-locked system in a small factor single point of access device.

One of these days, maybe next year, I am going to design an application that is actually oriented towards heterosexual women. There will be a few rules and a handful of features which will borrow liberally from features OKCupid scrapped a decade or so ago because they were "trolling and griefing problems waiting to explode" and "threatening the entire ecological system of online dating" such as the ability to lock a male's account from messaging anyone else and the ability to see the exact number of dates with other women a given male profile has arranged through the app. I will market it to professional women over the age of 25, exclusively, in the expectation that men will appear on the app like rust on aluminum. I will make the code open source, I will eventually entrust the server operation to Female Dating Strategy or to a sufficiently organized femcel site or to a women's group or to a nonprofit specializing in abuse or to the WNBA or to anyone with both the personnel and the social will to turn over abusive and predatory moids to law enforcement for the protection of women, and I will watch it burn the entire online flesh market to the ground.

Anonymous 223651

Ti-Grace Atkinson was many things but she was definitely not a sociopath, nona. I think you need to read more theory.

Anonymous 223966


He's not wrong kek (no it's not about trans bs)

Anonymous 223967

That's… Weird? I think gay people and straight women (so not just straight men) have experienced attraction to people who they're "beneath" or didn't reciprocate or whatever.

Anonymous 223974

what a creepy fella ngl and he is wrong stop using tranny arguments retard, the only thing that makes you female is being born with a vagina thats it, it will never be any different. He might be more of a FAGGOT though that I can grant him, he looks like it.

Anonymous 224001

I agree. I understand the hatred for men, but more women need to learn the difference between being a lesbian, and just finding males repulsive.

Anonymous 224004

Consider hosting a TED talk. Not TEDx, the real deal.

Anonymous 224005

Although TEDx could work if your credentials are sound enough.
>About the speaker:
>Dr. Lisa Diamond is an author and professor of psychology and gender studies at the University of Utah. Lisa Diamond is Professor of Psychology and Gender Studies at the University of Utah. She studies the expression of sexual attractions and sexual identity over the lifetime, and the influences of early life experiences on later sexual development. Dr. Diamond is known for her research on sexual fluidity, which describes the capacity for individuals to experience shifts in their pattern of same-sex and other-sex attractions over time. Dr. Diamond is co-editor of the APA Handbook of Sexuality and Psychology and is a fellow of two divisions of the APA. Dr. Diamond has published over 100 articles and book chapters, and has been invited to present her research all over the world. She has received awards from the Developmental Psychology and LGBT Psychology Divisions of the APA, the American Association of University Women, the International Association for Relationship Research, the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, and the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues.

Anonymous 224007

>consider doing a Tedtalk
No. I don't need a five-minute presentation on why it's retarded to think your politics is equivalent to your sexuality.

Anonymous 224008

Well then enjoy losing. Radfem is a cultural artifact of poli lez intellectuals, like Atkinson and like the two TED presenters embedded above. Trans-exclusionary lesbian movements and movements to divorce from LGBT such as The Lesbian Project are usually run by poli lez architects like Julie Bindel. Libfems have lost their intellectual cachet as a result of insisting that trannyism is not a choice. If you really think it's important to build space for lesbians in a different position then someone has to actually put in the hours and the labor to lay the foundation.

Anonymous 224010

Males say that women's fixation with looking attractive is all in our heads, yet their go-to is that we're "ugly" whenever we piss them off. I think it's projection.

Anonymous 224140

Oh wow, so like, real lesbians don't do anything? It's actually all thanks to straight women?

Anonymous 224141

It's crazy how straight women always think that the world of feminism always revolves around them and their actions.

Anonymous 224176

I’m so sad that super attractive women are everywhere and yet super attractive men only ever exist as unattainable celebrities. Even regular attractive men are so rare that they get insane attention from women and become cocky assholes with disgusting body counts.
I’m pretty good looking and it sucks that i’ll never have a bf who I find physically attractive yet men won’t even consider a woman in their own league, much less an unattractive one.

Anonymous 224178

Those "unattainable celebrities" are rarely actually that far above the normal toads and swine even in terms of their physical characteristics. Sit down with a photo of just two men, one an average cash register worker and one an unattainable celebrity, and try to identify specific, visible, physical traits that elevate the one above the other. An air or general aura of sexual superiority is usually socially informed.
Try reading through this:

Anonymous 224180

Okay but i know a really hot cashier (the other male ones are ugly tho so you’re right)

Anonymous 224183

ime there are attractive men that get little to no attention from women but that's because there's something very wrong with them… you might be able to disregard it at first but eventually you'll be turned off by them too

Anonymous 224186

"Many, many, many women in my personal life are sexually attractive in my eyes but I have never been in the physical presence of an attractive man ever" is not a heterosexual thought, nona.
According to Dr. Meredith Chivers' numerous and repeated studies of physical sexual response, less than 6% of women are aroused by videos of "attractive" physically fit male bodies without female involvement despite claiming to be aroused to same, and more than 97% of women are generally aroused by videos of women's bodies without male involvement despite denial of same. This was and is called "fluidity" or "bisexuality" or "pansexuality" or "demisexuality" by terrified and harrowed sexologists and psychologists who would otherwise go mad from the revelation that their field of research indicts the "necessary" evils of human procreation. Since the personal is the political it is necessary for Feminists to coherently articulate the experience of this disparity between the attractions women have and the attractions that are allowed and legitimized in patriarchal society regardless of the threat that such articulation poses to said patriarchy. The master doc has some flaws but those are few and small compared with the loathing directed at it. There are perhaps as many as five bullet points which are genuinely incorrect, particularly the ones which attempt to extend legitimacy to transgenders. There are a dozen more which are arguable. But on the whole it exposes society as an engine for its own propagation which subjugates women's sexuality to the utility function of reproduction despite women's own natural and healthy needs and desires.

Anonymous 224202

I’m bisexual actually but there was a study about how women find 80% of men to be below average. I think it’s mostly men doing fuck all to look presentable, very very few are note-worthy lol

Anonymous 224203

IIRC that wasn't a "study" it was a massive data analysis of OKCupid ratings on profiles with photographs and therefore only existed in an environment in which each and every single man was doing everything he could think about to look as presentable as possible, in an environment in which women were directed to find men rather than a neutral environment. The day to day reality is probably much more stark.

Anonymous 224214

Thought about it a little more. In comparison to a real study the OKC analysis will also artificially eliminate the bottom xx% of males who'd refuse to put pictures up, and suffer from an artificial inflation of catfishing/chadposting profiles. Then there's the fact that a dating site cannot contain a representative sample because it is well known and well documented that single-and-seeking men are physiometrically superior to partnered men in multiple dimensions, particularly the extremely photographically relevant measure of BMI. Male obesity is largely a phenomenon of men in committed heterosexual relationships, and single men exercise for 30% more hours of the week than married men in the same age cohort (>8 hours versus ~6 hours, "Exercise time: Gender differences in the effects of marriage, parenthood, and employment," Kei M. Nomaguchi, Suzanne M. Bianchi) which would indicate a greater degree of healthy muscularity to display than in the general population. Single men are typically inferior in height, but that's not a measure that is easily ascertained from a profile photograph.

Single-and-not-seeking men, the defeated population, are not using online dating any more than they are bothering strangers in church groups or supermarket lines. There's also only a small amount of evidence that the defeated are biometrically inferior to partnered men.

OK Cupid, much like anime, presents a utopian and unrealizable vision of human reality, in which only 80% of men are genuinely ugly and it seems like wearing a nicer pair of shoes and a tie and a different haircut could de-uglify the male masses. The physical differences between anime boys may be largely matters of haircuts and clothes but in real life a new hair cut won't fix a male hair line. Balding men who just shave it are still bald, they've just surrendered to the bald like cowards. They're just actually dreadful. Even an above-average man wearing a woman's dress and makeup even if done by a professional looks like an ugly cretin, but a bishounen doing the same looks like a pretty anime boy in an uncomfortable situation, because the above-average man still looks like an ugly man and the anime pretty boy looks like an anime pretty boy. The attempt to emulate women shows how hideous ordinary men are, regardless of couture, skincare, and hair care, full stop. Anime boys can pull off a crossdress without looking like anime girls because the inherent ugliness of their boyhood is erased as pen touches paper.

The one sole metric by which OK Cupid might take points off versus real life is that OKC presents an environment in which men are stripped of social prestige. But real life also does this; I can guarantee that any woman who finds all the men she meets in real life unattractive but is attracted to "unattainable celebrities" like millennial era meme heartthrobs Benedict Cumberbatch and James Franco would see them as the weird lizardman and boorish droopy-eyed weasel they actually resemble if they were bagging your groceries.

Anonymous 224217

Why do men get angry when a woman doesn't want kids? Even if it's some woman they've never met like a celebrity.

Anonymous 224218

Of course its like if you wanted kids but the moid just wanted you to fuck forever and be in a harem or some shit like how Andrew Tate did to women he dated. He is just wasting your time if you are family oriented of course that is a deal beaker for people that want families.

Anonymous 224233

There was an error in this post and I apologize: it's actually divorced and previously committed single men who exercise for 6 hours a week. Married men exercise for only 4 hours. Gold star male singles still exercise for 8 hours, and that is 2x the time partnered men invest into it, not 30% more.

Anonymous 224243


>males commit the vast majority of violent crimes across the world
>"noooo you can't be okay with the abortion of male embryos! that's not fair to the men and boys!!!!"

Anonymous 224257

A small burrowing mammal for comparison just doesn't make sense to me. Human adaptability and intelligence is far too powerful a factor to discount with anything let alone the "not even a single percentage point" dismissal. Intelligence is not a magnifying factor mind you, the fact that men not helping to raise children and women not performing hard manual labor is expected for billions across the globe is proof enough that human adaptability can lead down nearly any road, self sustaining long-term or not.

Anonymous 224329

Same reason why moids prefer virgins. They believe every woman is waiting for him to come into her life and he wants to fuck her and be her only one. If she doesnt conform to his ideals then she is trash and unfit for him.

Anonymous 224331

If there weren’t so many fake jobs this wouldn’t be such an interesting statistic. (Bring back physical labor jobs for men, they need to sweat out their issues away from the house)

Anonymous 224440


>he lives near a high school

Anonymous 224442

Step fathers are also drastically more likely to sexually abuse children. Males need to just stay away from kids and teenagers.

Anonymous 224480


Anonymous 224482

I fucking hate men. They deserve to die alone with zero children in their lives.

Anonymous 224484

You cant trust any male relative or any male that has access to children, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, cousins.
I wish more families disowned predators.

Anonymous 224698

I fucking love trolling racist moids when they think they own women just because of their race. They're so fucking bitter and paranoid that all their "women" are being "stolen", and blame other males for their lack of dating success. Most people don't date outside their race, but even with that, these poltards still can't get laid lol

Anonymous 224777


Kicking down the door again to scream at the top of my lungs that scrotes always were and still are inferior to women. They may raid our imageboard, but that's because they're bitter and obsessed with the superior sex: women. Long live the XX chromosome. We deserve our longer life spans.

Anonymous 224778

does anyone have the link to the study saying men lose respect for women they're attracted to or vice versa?

Anonymous 224845


Women are the most hated by the weakest links.

Anonymous 224848

Moids keep spamming porn as if any woman in the videos would want their tiny shrimp dicks anyway lol

Anonymous 224869

>90% of people believe men can be raped by women.
And I'm part of the 10%.

Anonymous 224880


Anonymous 224884

What's wrong with having a high body count?

Anonymous 224885

Male sluts and whores are gross

Anonymous 224887


>casual sex for novelty


Anonymous 224892

Isn't that like the same thing men say when they slutshame or hate women for having sex?

Anonymous 224893

ridiculously fucking based thread and im glad finally someone put the white sexpat rapist moid industrial complex in the hot seat

Anonymous 224920

Which is exactly why it’s time for men to experience the same slut shaming we do. Women generously “combatting” double standards by giving grace to both sexes (i.e. letting men be whores or even encouraging it) only allows the status quo to prosper. Accepting and dating men with 15+ bodies as a woman with fewer won’t make them rethink slut shaming, it’ll just reinforce their belief that moids are meant to sleep with as many women as possible (especially because women are into it) while women only have value as virgins (since men aren’t into that).

Anonymous 224939

Screen Shot 2023-0…

>comparing a random home cook to a professional chef
Do men have any self-esteem or general individual sense of being when women aren't around?

Anonymous 224940

I think it's funny when men pretend to be masters at cooking, and they're the same dumbasses who normalized this idea that any chore activity inside the house is "women's work". I've seen men brag about only knowing how to cook grill-based foods like hot dogs and burgers and only those meals being all they know. Sure, most professional chefs are male, but those chefs are like 20% of the male population, because the vast majority of men are not even masters of wiping their own ass. For the most part across the globe? Women will whoop men's asses into the next week with how much better they are at preparing meals.

Anonymous 224943

Men are too far up their own asses to appreciate nicely home cooked meals. They have to make everything into a show of 'muh culture' and superiority

Anonymous 224948

That doesn't make much sense imo. If a man has slept with 15+ women but doesn't participate in slut shaming I see no harm at sleeping with him. Also do people actually ask "how many people have you slept with?". I'm not even sure I know how many women my ex has slept with, he used to mention just one ex sometimes, bur for all I know he could've hooked up with 50 women or had other exes he hasn't mentioned. Idk for me getting close enough to the point of being comfortable asking stuff like "hey how many women have you slept with?" already requires a decent level of intimacy

Anonymous 224951

I mean, for me just asking whether they've got tested for STDS is enough, it doesn't make much difference whether they've slept with a lot of people prior to getting tested and I've meant more like emotional intimacy. Maybe it's weird but I'm not comfortable asking my ex about his body count even after sleeping with him just because I don't feel like he feels enough emotional intimacy towards me for this kind of question not to be weird

Anonymous 225137

In what shoujo does a creepy older guy do anything to "help her grow"? Anime is so shit. Almost no media gives a damn about women that aren't young.

Anonymous 225306


Anonymous 225692


Males. are. subhuman.

Anonymous 226091


Anonymous 226106

>The Mad God
lol silly males thinking they're even comparable to a god.

Anonymous 226109

>hides behind le ebin roman statue pfp
>calls other people fat
why are moids like this?

Anonymous 226110

Roman statue profile pics are always a living joke, never once have I seen a decent opinion from one of them.

Anonymous 226111

I wonder if these dumb moids are even aware of the Romans' constant homo acts. I swear, the dipshits who always glorify Ancient Rome are the same ones who sperg out about gays, yet it's like they completely missed the part where the Roman men butt fucked each other without shame.

Anonymous 226113


Anonymous 226114


Anonymous 226115



Anonymous 226160


We need to use more dehumanizing terms referring to moids. "Whale" is a good one.

Anonymous 226213


Speaking of another Australian male committing atrocities, there was a disgusting and heinous video a zoophile made of himself sexually assaulting a dog and her nine puppies while torturing and butchering them to death. It is believed he has done this with other animals as well. The video was called "One B*tch, Nine Puppies". If you weren't disgusted with men because of this thread before, you should be disgusted now.

Anonymous 226335


lol males are mad and are trying to cope with the fact that we don't like them. now they're trying to piggyback off of the 1% of males that were actually sapient enough to invent shit. Oh, and for the record, WiFi was partially invented by a woman named Hedy Lamarr, so scrotes can die mad about it.

Anonymous 226364

>misogyists don't get along with misandrists
who could've seen this coming!?!??!?!

Anonymous 226438


The sad, but obvious solution is that we would be at our safest during pregnancy if we stayed away from men.

Anonymous 226440


Men I hear men armchair-diagnose their exes with BPD, this comes to mind. Either he's exaggerating because his brain cannot understand criticism, or he places himself with mentally distressed women to take advantage of them, due to the scrote basically being a predator.

Anonymous 226441


Men hate abortion because they know if all women had the ability to dip out of pregnancy at any time, 90% of worthless scrotes wouldn't exist, and 90% of worthless scrotes are 90% of the male population kek.

Anonymous 226452


Anonymous 226467

Yeah but in a way they also look at NOT being conceived as murder too. I've personally encountered men who have hinted at this belief. They can also hint at rage at the "murder" of babies never born. All those babies that would never know life. Uhh hello overpopulation much??

Meanwhile im like Holy fuck you know if I get pregnant I'm just going to another state to get an abortion right?? And if I ever got pregnant I would never tell a damn soul. Lmao.

Anonymous 226486

transactional .png

Why are men like this?

Anonymous 226492

Doesn't even read the posts here, there's a fuckton of miners who are the "decent women" he's talking about that were groomed into traditional style raisings and were severely let down by men choosing porn, anime, video games, homosexuality, transgenderism, drugs, and overall just being lazy and antisocial.

Anonymous 226493

>physical vulnerabilities - such as being short - don't make any difference.
This is strange. Sexual dimorphism is morphological, not psychological. The instincts involved should be expected to prioritize immediately obvious physical qualities, such as height. I'm aware that height distribution between couples in hunter-gatherer societies is functionally random and height selection seems to be a product of agriculture but this would be an argument that height preference is essentially nonexistent amongst males even in post-agricultural societies. That seems hard to support given easily observable casual social discussions.
Physical abuse is also both physical and psychological, and vulnerable psychologies can be created more easily and with less possibility of external interference in someone who is physically dependent or vulnerable already. So an abusively inclined individual should be more drawn to physical vulnerability than psychological vulnerability.
Also I think we've all been subject to a lot of the typical "tall girl dating complaints" over the years. I've started questioning the validity of these complaints, personally, and I know at least a few other short girls also feel the same way. Especially short girls who find out that all of their ex's, all of them, had disgusting pedophilic inclinations that probably motivated their relationship. But that's an emotional reaction to social circumstances. This looks like hard data, suggesting that tall women only face normal dating problems which would also apply to short women. If true, that carries a very, very dark suggestion. It would mean that tall women's dating struggles are made to sound more dramatic by virtue of voicing same being more socially acceptable, and shorter women are being actively socially suppressed before voicing their dating struggles. Which is suggestive of a broad and deep and far-reaching social suppression of women talking about how common it is for males to be physically abusive and/or pedophilic within the boundaries of normal relationships. That means that even in female spaces and female sexual discussions there is a grant of social permission for men to be controlling, abusive and pedophilic within "normal" relationships, which short women are not allowed to breach.

Anonymous 226512


I hate men so much it's unreal. I've always hated them and will always hate them whole-heartedly. every single one of them is a coomer and they'll never change even if theyre in love. never ever try to convince yourself otherwise, because if you do, you're just coping

Anonymous 226547


This. Males are the definition of human baggage and should be terminated before 90% of them can ever see the light of day. May they suffer from male pattern baldness, male pattern homicide at the hands of another male, male pattern suicide, and male pattern purgatory where they are routinely forced to drown in an endless sea of atrocious, bloody diarrhea.

Anonymous 226552

>Men who were “overweight” reported a higher mean and median number of sex partners than men with other body masses.

Anonymous 226565


To be fair:
the very highest partner count for women was for women with BMIs above 44. And it's even commented on in the study, the fatter you are, the worse you feel about yourself, the more sex you have to compensate.
So a correlate is that those overweight men (BMI above 25) are sleeping with women whose BMI is almost TWICE their own.
And the same probably goes for every man with a high partner count. So if a man has a lot of partners he's probably mostly been exploiting the self hatred of overweight women.

Anonymous 226654

Don't you just love the fresh scent of info dump?

Anonymous 226655


Anonymous 227023


Anonymous 227036

Tbh that headline screams professional erotica collection expected to increase in value built as an investment and placed in air-sealing storage in an attic rather than an enthusiastic addicted masturbation hoarder who would have kept his porn on the ground floor where he lived and could access it without difficulty. Context?

Anonymous 227054


Anonymous 227123


Did you know that, aside from hoarding, men make up the majority of people who abuse their animals? I understand not liking animals, but to abuse them is a different thing. Don't trust men around women. Don't trust men around children. Don't trust men around your property. You can't even trust them around a cat. They make this clear when they attempt to spam animal abuse videos on random imageboards anyway.

Anonymous 227208

Every study similar to this used to be extremely consistent, with men being around 90% of the population of paraphilics and hypersexuality disorders, with eccentric fetishim being almost exclusively male.
>Results: In the present survey, 50.6% of the men and 41.5% of the women reported at least 1 behavior considered paraphilic. A gender difference in the prevalence of the main paraphilic interests and behaviors was observed, with men reporting a higher prevalence of voyeurism, exhibitionism, sadism, and frotteurism, and a higher prevalence of fetishism and masochism in women.
What could have caused this? I do not really buy the internet porn argument, women do not seem to use internet porn any more today than they did in the mid-2000s and even if they did then that could only maybe explain the masochistic fantasy part but not the part about having atypical fetishism at even higher rates than their male peers, since those males will have been using more porn and that porn would have been actually tuned to infect them more reliably since it would be made for men. And there aren't enough trannies in top universities in Italy for them to have completely skewed the results.

Anonymous 227275

>Your personal observations?
Yes. I've also decided to dig into pornhub's "insights" section, which is not really reflective of reality because the shape of the internet itself has changed more dramatically in female-typical communities over the past two decades than it has at large and in general. The Tumblr implosion for instance mostly destroyed women's erotic content, and infamously even left massive male-centered erotic tags and content sets intact such as "#amazon" "#dominatrix" or "#giantess" or "#vore".
This was from 2014:
23% female users, pre-Tumblr implosion and before the Great Redditization of all small communities had taken full effect.
From 2022:
36% female viewers - that seems attributable more to the aforementioned Tumblr implosion and domain collapses of smaller niche interest sites than to actual increase in porn access or use.
>People don't wave their porn stash around.
Women were reading 50 Shades of Gray in public 10 years ago, and Ao3 Commentary is a thriving subject for youtube video essayists. The cosplayers who were going around conventions holding yaoi paddles in the 2000s weren't being entirely ironic either. Historically when people said "women don't wave their sexual interests around" in conversations concerning fetishism it was a magic handwave used by scrotes trying to explain away the near complete absence of fetishism in women's self reported sexuality, not to explain its presence - the implication used to be that women are just as animalistic and just as perverse as scrotes but more invested in hiding that from society. Now those same words are being used to say the opposite.

Anonymous 227338


American scrotes are so fucking pathetic lol. The fact that they have to ban abortion to help ensure the spread of their worthless genes just goes to show that they're like the McDonald's of men. They're not the worst men out there, but they still suck toilet ass.

Anonymous 227339


Males exaggerate how important they were during "caveman" times. Males use hunting/gathering living to prove that men are "hunters" and that women are "gatherers" as an argument that women are supposed to be more docile, and that it's men who are destined to take on the "heavy lifting" for the world. However, like even to this day, it's actually women who are the real stars because even in hunter/gatherer tribes that men like to shill, males were virtually fucking worthless

Anonymous 227340

McDonald's of men is a great comparison desu

Anonymous 227343

20% of their job was proving food. The other 80% was killing covetous moids from other tribes.

Anonymous 227471


A reminder to all the glorious nonas here to please ignore and don't respond to male posters. Don't give them attention, because that's what they come here for. Let them bleed in their own starving desperation for female attention.

Anonymous 227620

Screenshot .jpg

Made me lol

Anonymous 227637

Screen Shot 2023-0…

Anonymous 227638


Thank God, now we can finally let sperm die out as it should. Human males are God's most devastating mistake.

Anonymous 227645

Idk why people seem to think no Y chromosome = no males. That isn't necessarily the case at all and its likely we would just develop another determinate for sex.
That,and "rapidly" in this context is over the course of millions of years, and I doubt humans will be alive that long, surely not us. Possibly even all life on earth depending on how fast we destroy the earth before we could see it fully deteriorate.

Anonymous 227646

Oh, and I don't think Y chromosome degeneration really a good explanation for why moids do moid things. Males do male things because being violent apes in hunter gatherer times fared best for them. The Y chromosome degenerating would be morr about health issues and gene mutations, and because of this men do live shorter lives than women.

Anonymous 227658

They said it, not me. I'm just glad that science is trying to form ways for lesbians to reproduce their own children together.

Anonymous 227667

Why are male brains hardwired to act like how they did hundreds of thousands of years ago, why haven't they evolved past rape-ape mentality? Glad the Y chromosome is phasing out.

Anonymous 227669

If it's not the Y chromosome, it must be something else like their testosterone levels because even in relatively peaceful societies, it's still the men who are the common denominator.

Anonymous 227671


Are older men "bi-pedo." I mean, would an average 60 year old man prefer to have sex with an 40 year old woman or a 15 year old boy?

Anonymous 227672

Asian fetish.jpg

Anonymous 227673

Nobody really understands why or how androphilia works in either gender. Male androphilia seems like it has a lot to do with male initiation, an elder/junior relationship, as much of a social phenomenon as a sexual one. So I'll speculate that around 25% would prefer the boy because that fulfills the archetype for any androphilic impulse, whereas the 40 year old woman does not fulfill the archetypal cast for any form of male/female relationship - she is not daughter because they are having sex, she is not counselor or consoler because she is junior, she is not youth because middle age, she is not peer because one generation apart, she is not enchantress or otherworldly visitation because time has bound her to the earth, she is not otherworldly psychopomp because she is not mother/goddess, etc.

Anonymous 227738

Why can't she just be lover/friend

Anonymous 227740

Cross-generational friendships don't seem common between men, and I can't name a single example from fiction about a cross generation friendship between a man and a woman. I can name client and service relationships between older woman and younger man which take on an aspect of friendship, but that's very different from a friendship or friends to lovers scenario.

Anonymous 227742

I've seen cross-generational friendships between men, but maybe it is rare

Anonymous 227748

I've found a study which suggests that crossgeneration friendships are only about half as common in men as in women.

Anonymous 227750

That makes sense

Anonymous 227776

Men claim that women's friendships are fake, when men can't even make friends with someone from another generation.

Anonymous 227777

That is so wierd, why?

Anonymous 227783

Femininity is the equivalent of being domesticated like a dog. Meanwhile men are ugly as fucking sin. Rejection of ugly males is religion to me now. And I don't think it's cruel I think it's balancing and necessary.

Anonymous 227785

nice digits

Anonymous 227848

I am eager to see this happen. Best of luck in your development.

Anonymous 227855

Honestly same. And ugly men tend to be ugly on the inside too. It's really relieving to not have to interact with ugly males and surround yourself with the kind of negativity that comes from having to see the ugliness.

Anonymous 227875

>she cucked him and got pregnant from (presumably) her ex because she wanted to actually be a mother and splenda daddy just wanted her to be his ddlg googoo gaga babygirl fetish doll post-marriage
I'm still absolutely thrown how this drama went. She even gave up lolita fashion and dropped a lot of the "haha no undastando Engrishu" babytalk and matured. I guess that happens when you disappoint your family so greatly with moid pedoshit.

Anonymous 227896


gay men will say the most vile shit ever towards women (especially lesbians) and then play the victim saying they’re at no level to oppress women

like… you are a MALE. misogynistic gay men will call women ugly and shit all day, call them bitches, cunts, sluts, and overall contribute to the harsh beauty standards put on women—- which ultimately leads to ED’s, depression, body dysmorphia, self harm, mental illness, drug addiction, and even suicide and then act like their actions don’t cause harm because they’re gay and oh so oppressed by the evil waman!!!

gay moids will see a cis white christian homophobe who calls gay men faggots on his boomer twitter account all the time and probably crack a joke or reply with a funny hashtag own

however when a woman says “hey can you guys stop calling us bitches and cunts” they’ll call her a fat dykey cunt

and then they like to play the victim when (usually gay women) call them fags because they’re tired of being literally bullied by them

and let’s not forget their little stan twitter culture where they drag random female celebrities all the time, edit their pictures to make them look ugly, and call celebrities who are mothers fat or “pigs”

gay men need to stop gaslighting women into thinking their misogyny is okay, it’s not. it’s gross

moids gonna moid

Anonymous 227898


typical faggot

Anonymous 227899

It makes me laugh when the alphabet soup gang says "x group fought for lgbt rights." calm down faggot. even if they did do something for me, which they didn't, it's not like your ass personally did anything. you would have been dying of aids during the time. If I could give -1 dollars to their retarded cashapps I would.

Anonymous 227909


Anonymous 227913


Why are moids so perverted oh my god

Anonymous 227915

I hope faggots go extinct

Anonymous 227927

they are mentally ill, genuinely. that's not normal attraction, that is mental illness. serial killere have a pattern of obsessiveness with specific body parts that have to be in a certain way for example. just by looking at ted bundy's interviews, the similarities between what is deemed socially acceptable for moids and being very psychologically disturbed and a threat to yourself and others is incredibly blurred, and no one is talking about it.

Anonymous 227928

You're so right about it. Plus, the way that scrote casually degrades her by calling her a "bitch" for no reason other than just because…like it's a detail, yet it says a lot. Men are so used to dehumanizing women, they do it even when they don't have to. Even in everyday conversations where there is no threat, men STILL find even the tiniest space to casually shit on women. Men are very obsessed with women, and not in a good way.

Anonymous 227958

I know that a lot of scrotes are poisoned by society, just the way it is, but I think it's important to remember imageboard moids are societal rejects and not representative of normal males. People who are mentally healthy don't obsess about strangers years after they're gone for one.

Anonymous 227959

Also protip: they're already insecure about being rejects and constantly dump on themselves for that. it's a good idea to constantly remind them of their shortcomings.

Anonymous 227960

You're acting as if normies don't use imageboards at all. The one in here >>227913 just sounds like an average guy writing anonymousely what he actually thinks but would never say out loud.

Anonymous 227984


I love my girlfriend im trying to radicalize her the best i can though. shes a communist buttttt she doesnt know much about radical feminism and tolerates troons the only thing she knows about radical feminism are febfems which is what she calls herself. she knows im a radfem but she thinks im pro hon (she isnt friends with any tho just one non binary identifying female that im friends, i dont mind ftms or ftnbs that much esp when theyre under 21) any tips on radicalizing her?

>im worried about her trooning out though, its not like she wants to be different its just that people in tiktok comment sections try to convince her shes trans because shes had trouble with her sexuality

Anonymous 227993

oops i ment to post this on the terfposting thread whatever

Anonymous 227998


When how insane troons are is brought up point out how bourgeois identity politics don't exist in 3rd world countries where people are fighting to survive. It's a purely narcissistic endeavor that profits off of insecurity and mental illness.
There's also something about the importance and equality of women in there somewhere so point out how including males obfuscates the goal. Like how can you provide services and protections for women when you cannot define women. I'm not well versed in communist ideologies but
Also @ the tiktok comments remember to reinforce there's no wrong way to be a woman and that some people just have internalized misogyny/homophobia and that's why they transition to try to escape.
Emphasis on the internalized homophobia, out woke the woke.
Umm you think you're trans? actually you're suffering from internalized homophobia and we need to work through why you have an issue with being a female who's attracted to other females
And for more general radicalization the crime stats always do it. It's hard to ignore how the problem is blatantly male, and how the male crime rate somehow continues throughout male troons too.
Also just misogyny she's a woman I know she's experienced that so maybe when it's brought up how men suck let her vent if she's had personal experiences with them.

Anonymous 228006

What does 'problems with her sexuality' mean, How exactly do they try to convince her she's trans ? Seriously hust because she questions her sexual identity? Knife these mofos

Anonymous 228021

>What does "problems with her sexuality" mean
she cant really tell if shes a lesbian or bisexual, and i forgot to mention she has some internalized misogyny so she identified as non binary for a little bit in 2022 but we talked about it and she figured out it was internalized misogyny she doesnt label herself for that reason
>How exactly do they try to convince her she's trans ?
basically a bunch of tiktokfags replied to her comments where she was talking about how she felt about her sexuality like:
"i was like that too now im a gay trans man"
"the lesbian to trans man pipeline is real"
and the replies about her experiences with misogyny were like:
"have you ever considered transitioning…"
"i have something to tell you.."
"i think you have gender dysphoria!!!"
"i felt like that too now im trans :)"

they do this to other women on tiktok too its so irritating

luckily none of her close friends do this to her but its such an issue on tiktok. troons always make videos about how women with internalized misogyny are actually trannies

Anonymous 228027

why is she on tiktok
Thats a dealbreaker for me

Anonymous 228046


Radicalizing women that are close to you is a really long process that requires dedication.
Most(if not basically all) women have patriarchal ideas ingrained into their heads from the moment they are born. For my friends it's just a matter of opening conversations about little things in hoping they can (eventually) see the big picture, like just simple but deep discussions about why we have to wear makeup or what it means to be ""femenine"", it usually gets them thinking.

Now since you specifically were asking from the angle of troons this is what I recommend
>Deconstruct to her the idea that femenine=woman
>That means long hair, makeup, a submissive personality, motherly instincts, a special feeling, etc.
>Especially talk about how "feeling" like a woman is retarded.
>Break down the concept of "gendered brains" for what it is, a sexist idea that has been disproven
>If you got these two things down and she agrees with you (Unless she's an MRA or retarded she will) then making her realize how gender is nothing more than a social construct is easy.
>Of course don't be retarded and never mention trannies when discussing these things, you can make compelling points just by talking about women's oppression
>You got to here? Great, pick anything about a troon you saw online, could be a reddit faggot talking about "euphoria boners" or a popular troon like Dylan who often fetichizes girls, they are all degenerate faggots so it won't be hard.
>Mention how it makes you uncomfortable
>She will probably try to argue with you but it's preaty easy to disprove any regurgitated she can make with all the discussions you had earlier
>Repeat a couple of times (waiting some days or weeks in between) and she'll most likely get radicalized

Anonymous 228059


Anonymous 228100

I’m so sick of ugly men. I’m sick of so many of them approaching me and following me where I can’t avoid them and thinking they have a shot. I wouldn’t mind as much if they actually put effort into their appearances, but moids barely even bother to look in the mirror so why the fuck do they think they deserve a gf, much less one out of their league? Why do I have to spend my whole life hating myself for my looks and working endlessly to be “perfect” only for the nastiest looking moids who look like they crept on this earth to have the confidence of an adonis? I wish we could normalize shaming men for being ugly the way they do with women. I wish we stopped putting up with ugly men just because men’s awful fucking personalities force our standards to hell if we ever want to get married. Maybe then men would actually try.

Anonymous 228106

why are males so desensitized to violence?

men are so violent and its so pathetic
they mutilate us, rape us, kill us for no reason, beat us, and oppress us
we have to revolt one day arent we so tired of society regressing?
femicide is running rampant in so many countries

stay armed, take self defence classes, build muscle, find sports you find fun, anything to stay strong and safe.
why do you think they treat muscular women as ugly?
we were built to hunt too, dont let moids keep you weak.

moids being told their entire lives throughout history that theyre meant to provide somehow boosted their egos so much that now they think its okay to murder and rape everything infront of them

i wouldnt doubt it if women became physically weaker than men because of thousands of years of being forced to be submissive
Neolithic women were strong as fuck, stronger than todays top female athletes

even if you do not want to gain a large amount of muscle, make sure to stay atleast a little bit strong
they want us weak so they can hurt us

Anonymous 228120

>build muscle
not sure if that helps all that much. Men have much denser muscles and can easily physically overpower most women.
Cardio is a much better idea, people often underappreaciate how usefull it is to be able to outrun someone in a potential fight. Or to just beat them in terms of stamina.

What definitely is a good advice is to stay armed and practice using your weapon of choice.
If you can, you should get a gun, with high capacity and enough stopping power. And mount an optical sight on it if its within your budget. The beautiful thing about weapons is that they are force multipliers, and as such great equalizers. Firearms especially as your individual stremgth has pretty much nothing to do with how effectively you can use them.

If you can't get a gun where you live, I wish your government a very pleasant death in a terrorist attack. And I guess the best next thing would be pepper sprays and tazers, although I don't like the idea of tazers as all they do is just cause pain, so if someone is on drugs or can just ignore the pain, it won't do much. In most cases I think it would work though, since men have a lower pain tolerance.
I don't think carrying a knife is a good idea as it isn't something that can immediately incapacitate someone, and can be taken out of your hand easily to be used against you. Overall knifes/daggers just seem like something that is used to attack and not to defend. In terms of melee weapons for self defense I'd pick something like a cable whip.

Anonymous 228125

So much wrong with this, I don't know where to start.

Anonymous 228132

That just doesnt happen…

Anonymous 228134



Anonymous 228144

Grim. I'd rather let those dumb, talentless women NEET in peace with my tax money than subject them to a life of prostitution. If someone's doomed to sell their body because otherwise they have no value to the system and deserve to starve, that system is not worth preserving and these hypotheticals are worthless.

Anonymous 228150

>someone's doomed to sell their body because otherwise they have no value to the system and deserve to starve
this sounds so dystopian.

Anonymous 228152

I'm frankly terrified what the "too dumb" means, because nowadays we have people people with all sorts of issues working, so what exactly is a girl who is "too dumb" when people with legitimate cognitive problems have jobs? Supposing this "hypothetical" girl doesn't have a learning disability, how did she end up being too dumb for anything other than sw? And why would sw be the solution to the issue? And in case we are talking about people with cognitive problems or other medical conditions, then… like, I'd prefer euthanasia over prostitution.

Anonymous 228155

I remember I saw a thing about a woman in Germany who was denied financial aide for turning down a job at a brothel.

Anonymous 228156

>And why would sw be the solution to the issue?
I think that was written by a guy who's just looking for a way to force women into prostitution.

Anonymous 228157


>who was denied financial aide for turning down a job at a brothel.
please tell me this isn't real

Anonymous 228158

That was a work of fiction published by conservative moid journalists who want to paint Germany's living assistance programs as failures.

Anonymous 228159

Seeing how germany is, it got me worried for a second. Glad it's fake.

Anonymous 228160


Anonymous 228225

Whats the "CC"? They can't mean us

Anonymous 228227


It's really depressing to see how men have become centered in feminism today, and how they've decided what feminism is "good" and "bad" Yesterday on twitter I saw a grown man dismiss feminist analysis on SW by saying "It's not feminist to say women can't make decisions for themselves!!!" first of all you unusual looking dimwit. no one is saying that women can't make choices for themselves, but these choices aren't created in a vacuum, there are SOCIETAL and PATRICHAL reasons for women having to do SW, and of course, these liberal male "feminists" only chirp up when other women are being critical of the sex trade industry cause they hate the idea of their exploitation of women being seen as well, exploitation, I hate choice feminism

Anonymous 228234

We need a women posting Ws thread

Anonymous 228258

cock carousel (I looked it up on Urban Dictionary)

Anonymous 228265


Man blames adhd for being a creep

Anonymous 228356

im not defending pedophilic scrote but
women working for scully did the raping and kidnappings too

Anonymous 228367

we know, the female accomplice was also once a little girl that he abused and developed stockolm syndrome and psychopathy by the way

Anonymous 228392

Here you need a diploma to work as a waiter and despite you being unintelligent you're still pushed to pretend like you're able to do high IQ work. Being dumb hurts :(

Anonymous 228402

My wife (real)

Anonymous 228437

Are you really dumb or just lazy?

Anonymous 228521


Two students created the "perfect girl" using the Stable Diffusion tool. Of course, in addition to photorealistically generated images, it also helped a bit to "roleplay" them as fictional Claudia on adult subreddits. Nevertheless, several people were allegedly fooled and wanted to purchase nudes of the beautiful brunette.
However, this is not the only facet. As Rolling Stone magazine notes, there have previously been cases of Discord users selling fully openly deepfake erotic videos with the faces of unknown women pasted in.
I saw a comment, somewhat scathing, by a man who was as supportive as possible of such "progress" - he believes that in this way every man will be able to "bring to life" the woman of his dreams, instead of paying for onlyfans and other such services - he summed it up idiotically, that "the onlyfans chicks will finally take to honest work."
To me, this is much more bare than onyfans. Now moids will sink into parasocial relationships for good. And that means they will totally become alienated zombies unable to love real person.
What is the future of humankind?

Anonymous 228523

Now moids will get even more addicted to porn (if that's even possible) until their brains melt and run out of their noses lol

Anonymous 228524

The trash will take itself out (of the gene pool)

Anonymous 228526

Sometimes I think men and women should not interact with each other before the age of 20

Anonymous 229159


Anonymous 229217

this is a copypasta apparently

Anonymous 229596


Anonymous 229623

>if you could do ANYTHING without any consequences
>uhh i'd rape
>but i'm not a rapist!!!
>im actually a libfem male!!!
Typical 'male feminism'

Anonymous 229629

Anonymous 229646

Screen Shot 2023-0…

Another thing they constantly claim about women, admitted to be projection. Men aren't people

Anonymous 229648

Men are not actually capable of morality or moral reasoning. Immoral actions to them are "things I can get in trouble for", and the immorality of the action is removed in their mind if they can't get in trouble.
Stealing isn't wrong to them if the owner never finds out. Things that are moral are ones that benefit them. Morality is entirely defined by what the action means in relation to THEM. They arent capable of the bigger picture.

Anonymous 229649

what is tingles

Anonymous 230102


Mini-rant because it's gotta go somewhere. I don't care if they have hobbies and everyone's gotta have interests, even if that's being really into WWII and Rome for some reason. I just wish it didn't so often go hand-in-hand with hating women these days. Every time someone puts on some Roman content in a stream, some retard starts going on about how they wish women were chattel and ruined everything, as though exploited Roman slave girls were the ones that caused the empire to rot from the inside out. And I'm just sitting here peacefully trying to watch some gladiator actors beat the shit out of each other and maybe talk about cool swords.

I'm just so tired.

Anonymous 230135

men who support "sex work" be like:

Anonymous 230158

I understand you, nona. I come from a ranching family, was in 4H, etc. My lifestyle is dominated by trad larping suburban faggots who just use it as a guise to hate women and fuel their fantasies of treating women like property, nevermind the fact that the women in my lives (my mother and grandmother) are rough/tough ass people…

Anonymous 230447

idk why people LIE like this. growing up, I was horribly bullied and males were the worst offenders. They stole my money almost every week, yelled homophobic slurs at me (I wasn't even lesbian, I just dressed non "feminine"), mocked my interests constantly. It got worse when you became a teenager, because they would fake ask you out and then laugh at you or their friends would go "ew." Girls were always much nicer to me. Fuck those faggots.

Anonymous 230497

This particular data seems weird, I found this Korean article from 2016 which does not mention Western nationalities:
>For rape, rates for Pakistanis in Korea were 5.85 times higher than Korean citizens, followed by Bangladesh citizens at 3.2 times higher, Kyrgyz citizens at 2.83 times, Sri Lankans at 2.43 times and Mongolians at 1.86 times higher.

Anonymous 230505

Guys, I'm getting dangerously close to voting republican. Abortion is the only thing holding me back at this point.
Why is the left so scared to punish pedophiles? Why do they always put the rights of the criminal above those of the victim? I'm getting so fucking tired of hearing them preach about how some rapist murderer is actually a misunderstood victim because he happens to come from a disadvantaged background.

Anonymous 230510

>hearing them preach about how some rapist murderer is actually a misunderstood victim
i dont go on twitter so this is the first ive heard of it

Anonymous 230520

>the right
>pedo hate
Lmao the reds want to bring back child marriage by lowering the age of consent and supporting bible-thumpers.

Anonymous 230529

I've never heard them say anything about bringing back child marriage or lowering the age of consent, got a source on that? Meanwhile lefties in the senate refuse to pass a bill that gives harsher punishments for child predators

Anonymous 230560

Why even bother? In a few years, republicans will be calling democrats "the real transphobes".
Neither democrats nor republicans have anything to offer to the American citizen besides pain and suffering.
The entire political system in the US exists solely to enforce submission to the ruling class.
Two political parties rule this nation with an iron fist. We don't get to choose our candidates, rather the ruling class hand picks a suit from each party for us to choose instead. How is this system any different from the political system in Russia, Belarus, or China? At least their leaders are unabashed tyrants whilst ours trick the populace into having a false illusion of choice.
No matter whom you vote for, the end result will always be the exact same in the long term. It's all circus.

Anonymous 230772

What's going on here? Youtube says that the video is unavailable.

Anonymous 230799

It works on the site itself. Looks like the uploader probably just disabled embeds for the video.

Anonymous 230835


Anonymous 230846

"slave" should be "international woman whos willing to wear immodest clothing"
islam is a sham

Anonymous 230882

Pretty stupid depiction.

Reality is most practicing muslim couples these days are monogamous. Sure you can always find freaky examples with sisterwives but I lived half of my life in a country with a ton of muslims (Lebanon) and I never met more than one guy with multiple wives and he was very old (in his 80s) and his wives were in their 70s.

I bet most of your white western grandmas were in the same boat, except their husbands kept mistresses instead of making it official and they were expected to just pretend they don't know.

Love marriages aren't haram either.

My parents and most of my extended family are in love marriages.

Sure many marriages are arranged but it's arranged on the basis that there is love between them first and both parties consent.

Anonymous 230889


Its funny how people living in recession-hit cities in the west where they have to dodge alcoholic porn addicted moids, violent crime, and rapey college scrotes spend so much time shitting on Islam as if it's responsible for their problems.

Anonymous 231205

Why do moids literally only care about sex? They don't seem to have the capacity to care about anything other than draining their balls. I guess that's why so many of them live in squalor when sex is denied to them. rape apes.

Anonymous 231917

Men having multiple wives is somehow the very least of Islam's problems when it comes to its ideas about the treatment of women.

Anonymous 232376

how does someone just take out debt in your name in a marriage? don't they need your id and for you to sign shit and be present and stuff?

Anonymous 232915

>pro-hitler website that cites no sources on any of its "news" articles.

Entire point of this website is to make it seem like rape is something immigrants do and not white people.

Anonymous 232916

Anonymous 232917

these type of people are more common in britain and their home country of pakistan than they are in other muslim countries like lebanon. it's a british pakistani problem, not a problem of all muslims.

what ur doing is like looking at cartels and human trafficking in mexico and then assuming it afflicts all catholic/latino countries as far as argentina and portugal.

Anonymous 232920

>Its funny how people living in recession-hit cities in the west where they have to dodge alcoholic porn addicted moids, violent crime, and rapey college scrotes spend so much time shitting on Islam as if it's responsible for their problems.

Pretty common with miners. Half of the girlies on this site are agoraphobic westerners who barely step outside on a daily basis but spend much of their time scared shitless of muslims and other minorities that they never interact with in their little suburbs.

Anonymous 232922

to be fair, islam is something to be scared shitless about

Anonymous 232927

>Half of the girlies on this site are agoraphobic westerners
That being the case doesn't make the comic untrue. In any case, Westoids have nothing to do with it since the person who drew the comic is clearly a female criticizing her own culture. People defending Islamic moids like they're any different from men as a whole…blows my mind. Religious scrotes are THE WORST perpetrators of misogyny. The fact that you state girls in western countries can't step outside their homes is not funny… That's the whole issue actually.

Anonymous 232949

I don't like Islamic scrotes either, but let's not pretend Western moids are any better. The real problem is men in general.

Anonymous 232950

Okay, if western moids are no better, go live in a country with a Muslim government.
It's normal to be scared shitless of men that see you as no different than livestock.

Anonymous 232951

or maybe we just live in any big European city and have to go out to run errands, you know, without wearing a burqa.

Anonymous 232959

Screenshot .jpg

Be serious

Anonymous 232961

Don't care, it's still disgusting and misogynistic. Sorry about your stockholm syndrome

Anonymous 232963

>The real problem is men in general.
If you read the post you're replying too more carefully, you'll see that's what it says.
>like they're any different from men as a whole
>The fact that you state girls in western countries can't step outside their homes is not funny… That's the whole issue actually.

Anonymous 232978

>Guys will pump and dump more than women but they can also form much stronger connections over time.
Lol. Lmao even.

Anonymous 233053

you're reaching, sorry muslims get a bad rep but they absolutely deserve it, have you read the quran? all abrahamic religions are backwards

Anonymous 233083

Is this a joke?
Yes, but they never recieve more than like 2% of the vote.

Anonymous 233137



Anonymous 233140

Porn addiction has honestly destroyed most young men's brains. Turing them into either sex addicts, pedophiles or chronic masturbaters. Most modern men are unfit for marriage let alone a committed relationship. It doesn't help that porn advertises websites for anonymous promiscuous sex. Feels like we're living in a soulless hypersexualized culture. One that punishes anyone looking for a meaningful relationship.

Anonymous 233184

all good titles for a theoretical radfem metal/grind album

Anonymous 233188

I want this so bad, putting it on my Vision Board

Anonymous 233195

I seriously googled 3 of the lower iceberg terms only to realize it was a joke. If only it was real though.

Anonymous 233196

one day we’re gonna find it in the depths of bandcamp. or i hope
closest we have is feminazgul but they have a whole ass man (trannoid) and CIS (anonymous power electronics project with only one album)

Anonymous 233199

Have you listened to Castrator? I highly recommend it

Anonymous 233200

i’ve heard of them but never looked much into it, probably because i didn’t look much into metal at all kek. thanks for the rec, i’ll check it out!
on topic of more radfem adjacent extreme music, i really want to find this one PE album - https://www.discogs.com/release/15631204-TERF-Birthright - but i couldn’t find a cassette rip anywhere (or the tape being sold at all). one person on discogs says this is like CIS but through the perspective of a woman.

Anonymous 233324

So why do you whine about 'not having a party to vote for', 'Dems betraying women' when you still have another option as a choice? Herd mentality.

Anonymous 233605

>the findings that nearly one-third of sexual assaults on college campuses are perpetrated by athletes have been proven by respected researchers like Jeff Benedict and corroborated by others. That’s a rate almost six times higher than that of their peers, she said.
>Unfortunately, the tendency doesn’t stop at sexual assault. Finley said that those sports are also represented in similar proportions in domestic violence cases.

Anonymous 233650

I saw a moid posting here and wondered if cc was mentioned on 4chan lately, it was today. Annoying.

Anonymous 233669

it's because the femcels keep trolling and ragebaiting them over here

we wouldn't have this problem if we bought them all body pillows of their husbandos

Anonymous 233671

Start the gofundme I want a Sebastian from black butler daki

Anonymous 233779



>pregnant nurse pays for a bike

>group of five black guys take the bike from her and put it back, reseting her session
>he tried to use bike for himself (it was the last one)
>she stands up for herself and tries to take the bike back, causing a scene
>one of them physically restraints her
>leftist on twitter are calling her karen for standing up to bullies
>doxx her and try to get her fired
>she has recites to prove she paid for the bike

Leftist hate women, they are unironically the "real misogynists" and no one can convince me otherwise

Anonymous 233792

God I wondered what that video was about. It was very unsettling.

Anonymous 233826

>Leftist hate women
Lmao what? Leftists hate men, they just also hate white people even more, blacks of either sex are higher on the victimhood totem pole than whites of either sex to them.

If it was a group of black men harassing a white man, leftists would still side with the black men. If it was a group of black women harassing a white woman leftists would side with the black women.

Anonymous 233828

>Leftist hate women
not white, but I noticed how saying "white" women automatically makes it okay to be misogynistic… It's like socially acceptable misogyny and it's disgusting. White women are the targets of mockery from both sides of the political spectrum rn and I feel sorry for them tbh. It honestly makes me sick to see the "white women fuck dogs" joke over and over from incels. I wish more women would wake up and see we have more in common on the basis of sex rather than race or political spectrum. Imo saying "white" women is just a guise to hide misogyny toward all women…

Anonymous 233836

>If it was a group of black men harassing a white man, leftists would still side with the black men

No they wouldn't, they would see it as the bullying that it is. Men are allowed to get confrontational and defend themselves, not women.

Anonymous 233956

A black man will always be more protected than a white woman.

Offenders can only be above you on the victim totempole.

Anonymous 234080

In my experience, women in lefty spaces love to dunk on white women because it curries favor with men. It's pickme shit disguised as punching up.

Anonymous 234085

Leftists would call it racism, however other white men would run to the defense of the white man, where when a woman is called a "Karen" men will side with the leftists for the sake of shitting on women for shits and giggles.
So yes it would still be considered racist by some but no its much worse with women.

Anonymous 234113

This. It’s not about hatred of women, it’s just hatred of white people.
If 5 white men were harassing a pregnant black woman, leftist would rightfully shit on the white men.

Anonymous 234139

Nta but the more extreme ones (sjws) would. For example, they're the same people who defend trannies who send death threats to women, beat women etc. They would find a way to justify bad things.
(for context I'm left-leaning too, just not an extremist)

Anonymous 234149

Men are unfaithful by nature. There is no man alive who will want you and only you.

Some women think to themselves, "My boyfriend got no bitches before me! There is no way!" Well, I've got news for you–if he is not actively doing it, he is thinking about it. The only men who aren't fuckboys or serial cheaters are the ones who lack the physical attractiveness and charm that is required to pull multiple women. Your ever-so-loyal boyfriend has fantasized about fucking every single one of your friends. He is jacking off to porn of other women every night.

It is a firmly established axiom that men need variety in order to feel sexually satisfied. It does not matter who you are–you can be the most beautiful, intelligent, interesting woman in all of the world and a man will still get bored of you if you are the only woman that he has been fucking for an extended period of time.

I had to learn this the hard way, and the truth really fucking hurts. I remember seeing someone post on this IB that it's hard to not act crazy and BPD in relationships because of how unfaithful that men are by nature, and that couldn't be more true.

Anonymous 234204

Could a lobotomy fix the evil in men's minds and hearts?

Anonymous 234285

Realizing this about my nigel. I think he's a good person for moid standards, but he better not think his next girl won't care about his 'biological' fantasies of other women

Anonymous 234726

this dude is just stupid. he should be thankful his brain matured at all
i notice in low intelligence men they literally do not think about how the woman feels. they just have a single minded pursuit driven by horniness. its very callous in the same way retards dont feel anything when they murder - they literally cannot conceptualize the idea of other people being independent minds

Anonymous 234740

misogynistic men have permanently broken pair-bonding

Anonymous 234756

Well why shouldn't it be the same for us? Why should we want just one man when we know they are going to throw it in your face or hide it? Im perfectly capable of liking 2 guys rofl

There is absolutely nothing that naturally keeps me monogamous as a woman. Unless I know to expect the same and that the rule will hold up for everyone in society.

Anonymous 234761

shiva sati.jpg

Will they fantasize about every attractive woman they see? Only a liar would deny.
There are men with plenty of looks and charm that know poly and porn is a losing game for all involved, and are holding out for 'Mrs. Right', their Parvati, though they are rare and usually hesitant to open up from past relationship traumas.
Often, it takes a tragic, open situationship experience to set them straight into the desire for just one, genuine connection.
You must believe you've already found him, and he you, deer sister, and the flow of time will take care of the rest…

Anonymous 234765

This is so unbelievably lame. Because in the end you just end up becoming nanny and domestic slave OR waste 10 years of your life caring about any of it. Caring about any of it is the worst thing you can do because it's fucking pointless they're emotional and household parasites when you live with them and then they end up emotionally abusing you showing their real colors, their bigotry, bullshit. You shouldn't care at all because the only way to get someone you actually like is to never seek them out, or do the soulless pointless dating thing which grinds you down. You should have no expectations at all and enjoy life if you find love great but fuck wasting your mental emotional energy on dating or any of it. It's a towering joke out there.

Anonymous 234829

You type like a 12 year old. Your use of the term “liking a guy” to describe attraction makes you sound like a schoolchild in the playground. If you’re not 12, I’d suggest doing some more reading (real books and not YA novels) to expand your limited vocabulary and improve your atrocious grammar.

Anonymous 234832

I'd prefer monogamy over being a polyamorous freak of nature.

Anonymous 234978

What the hell are you even talking about? This post makes zero sense.

Anonymous 234979

I think this is what's known as a "schizo meltdown"

Anonymous 234980

Tbh it's kinda comforting to know that you specifically are not the problem; it's not that you aren't good enough to keep his attention, it's just the nature of moids.

Anonymous 234982

…literally no one is disagreeing with that lol you just sound incoherent

Anonymous 234987

your meds.png


Anonymous 235015

What are you even arguing for or against? Are you arguing for polyamory? Are you arguing against relationships with men? You're not pissing anyone off, it's just that nobody understands what the fuck you're trying to say because you're word salading.

Anonymous 235040

recently people tend to blame pornography for men being imbeciles driven by their animal lust, but I don't believe that, I think pornography is just the consequence of their degeneration, a reflection of how destructive male sexuality is. They don't rape women because they saw it in porn, they see this type of content precisely because they are rapists

Anonymous 235042


>men cry about being alone and off themselves for it
>they also post shit like this

Many incels are actually just volcels that refuse older women or will only accept older women if they're for casual sex only. Gotta get that "practice" in for the younger girls, older women don't have feelings or anything.

Anonymous 235043

Yeahh, make your sex look sane by posting zoosadism videos. B) You really owned women with that one.

Anonymous 235044

this accomplishes nothing and is incredibly cruel

Anonymous 235045

Basically these fucking fagots just confirm what we said here

Anonymous 235046

these fucking faggots are partly your doing though
just because he's mentally deranged doesn't mean these threads will help things

Anonymous 235050

That's a pretty good point. However, the death of chivalry can be directly attributed to pornography and dating apps.

Prior to the introduction of porn and dating apps to the general public, men had to actually put in effort to fulfill their sexual needs, hence chivalry, expensive gifts, dates, etc. Now, their sexual needs are fulfilled at the click of a button. They don't even appreciate us anymore because what they really want from us is so ubiquitous and easily attainable. There is no need for them to even put in the extra effort of being fucking kind to us anymore. When they can't get sex despite putting in minimal effort into both their appearance and personalities, they have public freak outs because the depictions of women that they've seen in media and porn have lead them to believe that we're just meant to be fleshlights readily available at their disposal. We are mere commodities to them now.

While I do agree with your statement that male sexuality is inherently destructive, pornography definitely elicits and exacerbates their degenerate proclivities.

Anonymous 235051

But I don't want to help anything hon. I just want to distill hate

Anonymous 235052

what does "distill hate" even mean?
also, not all of us hate you, some have pity for you, similarity to how I pity that anon who thinks posting animal gore will do jack shit to change people's opinions

Anonymous 235053

I find that this is untrue irl but it only happened to me once. I'm 24 and when I tried to go out with a 30-year-old, I was rejected for being "too young." Online, you're talking to people who rarely move their ass away from a computer monitor, don't actually go OUT on dates (scrolling tinder and edating doesn't count), and don't have their shit together. The appeal of younger girls is that we also don't have our lives together either and are still establishing ourselves, so it doesn't intimidate men who haven't made anything of themselves at age 30. But in real-life situations, well-adjusted men seek well-adjusted women with stable incomes. The people who would denigrate you for being older are typically losers, who will outright admit they don't want older women due to their inability to help support a family. You don't want that type of leech on you in the first place so they're doing you a favor.

Anonymous 235055

Oh yes, I agree with you on that. While I don't mourn the death of chivalry all that much, I think it's just a way for them to try to play nice so they can get sex anyway, I can't see the sincerity when men make these gestures.

Anonymous 235057

>men can only ever be nice if they want sex or have other ulterior motives
damn, a lot of grannyfuckers out there helping those old ladies cross the streets

Anonymous 235059

you won't really achieve anything doing this, although I appreciate your passion
sites like these largely serve as psyops into hating the opposite sex either way

Anonymous 235130

It's not about a woman being too old. Roastie is a term used to describe a woman who was a slut throughout most of her life, and now that she is getting older and her lifestyle of nonstop partying and collecting STDs like postage stamps is catching up to her, she wants to "settle down" and find a good man.
Which makes me wonder if there is a term for a guy that does the exact same thing. For example if a worthless man like andrew tate except without money suddenly realised that he's getting old and ugly and can't fuck around like he used to so now he wants to "settle down"

Anonymous 235142


This moid at the gym looks like Richard Allen the Delphi killer. I was on a machine and he came over to the one next to mine and was kind of throwing equipment around in the unnecessarily aggressive way scrotes do when attention seeking. He walked past me to get equipment and he was a head shorter than me, looking ridiculous with his malding head and gross goatee. I hate the stereotype of lonely cat lady since middle aged and older me are the saddest most pathetic things in existence.

Pic is some trailer I was following on my way to work kek.

Anonymous 235146

I just turned 20, went onto the soc threads on 4chan and immediately saw how many degens are on there. Even social media has so many fucking freaks on there, how the fuck do you move on life knowing males are so fucking deranged?

Anonymous 235147

Porn turns men into degenerates

Anonymous 235157

stop worrying about moids and do something more useful with your life

Anonymous 235158

the most american trailer I've seen so far

Anonymous 235170

This image legit put me in a bad mood. Why do moids think that this dichotomy is gender-specific? If a moid were a neurotypical, physically attractive football star, then his life would look a lot like column 1. Conversely, if a woman were a neurodivergent and/or physically unattractive nerd, then her life would look a lot like column 2. However, moids don't even take these types of women into account because women that they aren't attracted to simply do not exist to them.

Anonymous 235207

Mostly it is but I did manage to find some nice people although sooner or later they stopped responding to me. That's why I kinda gave up. Maybe I'll try again someday if I still have some hopium left.
>However, moids don't even take these types of women into account because women that they aren't attracted to simply do not exist to them.
I'd say its mostly that they are being fed cherry picked examples of women whoose lives look like colummn 1. In the echo chamber that they are they loose touch with reality and genuinely start to think that all women are this exact way.

Anonymous 235209

wrong reply, was meant to this one >>235156

Anonymous 235225

all this discussion about men's race, i live in Brazil and here we have all types of men: white, black, brown, yellow, we have them in equal proportions and let me tell you something,ALL OF THEM ARE TRASH,and it only gets worse when they discover that you're speaking with a man of another country, they all call you 'vadia dos gringos', it means 'foreigners bitch', its terrible

sorry for bad english

Anonymous 235555

Anonymous 235559

Please don't respond to the moid anymore, he's been banned and all his posts deleted.

Anonymous 237198


Anonymous 237210

I don't get it. Anything said here can also be said on reddit and twitter?

Anonymous 237219

Of course it's brits

Anonymous 237223

made me kek. fucking idiot

Anonymous 237320

The man equivalent of pronoun pins.

Anonymous 237350

Moids want
>white/east asian
gf, and when they don't get one, they brand themselves as "incels". Because they cannot find any to tick all their "bare minimum" boxes. Doesn't matter if that indian feminist or that fat single mom would be their dream gf, they still wouldn't tap. They think women have high standards, yet theirs are non-negotiable.

Anonymous 237419

everything you described that moids want is essentially a prepubescent/tween girl. their "bare minimum" is children. of course no one would want to date a pedophile except some deeply traumatized girls but these need extensive therapy and not further abuse.

Anonymous 237577

most of us here are in relationships and dont hate on men in our day-to-day life, we simply come here to vent the same way your boyfriend does in his friend groups or reddit to secretly sperg about women. such is the cycle of hatred between men and women. if you believe anything said here you're a fucking moron. read the room

Anonymous 237650

It's not a niche. Scrotes at large are fucked up like that.

Anonymous 237658

I can't say that i hate males, i don't even think about them that much. But i will probably never trust a male the same way i trust female.

Anonymous 237867


Anyone else been laughing at how emblematic of moid retardation this whole OceanGate submersible event has been? Now taxpayers have to foot the bill for the search when the passengers were pulverized into smithereens over their own irrational risk taking, typical of how the most idiotic males somehow get all the resources poured into them. Of course all the people who died were scotes. Common scrote L

Anonymous 237868

no, but i have been laughing at virtue signalers who use this as an excuse to proclaim their allegiance to refugee scrotes, who all saved themselves while letting their women and children die in their own little retardation accident.

Anonymous 237880

yea most are just migrants not so much refugees. Men in general are more likely to immigrate than women as well even from developed nations. I guess it makes sense because men have rights everywhere.

Anonymous 237993

? it’s so they can work

Anonymous 238048

Physiognomy is real. They're always the most old, bald and ugly scrotes.

Anonymous 238049

>The Asian female is our key to leveraging negotiating power over the European female and the left knows it.
This statement is disgusting on so many levels.

Anonymous 238071

These freaks are so trapped in their bubble that to any normal person who actually participates in society and votes has no fucking idea what any of this means.

Anonymous 238154

>pls be my bangmaid
>then i'm going to exploit piss-poor women who don't speak english and don't know their rights to get myself one
<that's fucked up…
>you're just jealous i didn't pick you! too late, w-western piggu! lower your standards to find some incel to exploit you now

Anonymous 238944

I fucking hate white men. Can't believe I ever used to defend these bags of shit. They are incapable of taking responsibility for their actions and blame us for everything, even though we don't have the power to do shit to them. Just. Fuck them.

Anonymous 238970

I always found it funny how white men made fun of black men for abandoning their families because from my perspective as a south asian white men seem to constantly abandon their families and the divorce rate amongst white people is truly unreal.

I dated a string of white guys who had absolutely no commitment capacity whatsoever and who were waaaay too into drinking. Then I dated a south asian guy and he was actually sane - he had a real job, didn't drink, isn't avoidant, and is just plain committed.

Anonymous 238971

It's always worked this way - the whole premise behind prostitution is that if a woman is economically bad off enough she'll settle for a man she finds disgusting. Unfortunately the phenomenon of passport bros is the geopolitical version of this - when you have rampant wealth inequality across the globe this result is inevitable. Notice how no Singaporean would be caught dead with the sort of white guy who travels out of his country to find a woman - yet they're asian. It's because Singapore is wealthy. Places like Thailand did such a huge disservice to their women by being so lax about immigration and tourism, but it drives their economy.

Anonymous 238973

>Being forced to rely on men financially is what stops us from biting the hand that feeds.

This is definitely true, but I also think a huge part of being a pick me stems from something cultural rather than economical (see all the working women married to deadbeat "stay at home dads", Ghisllaine Maxwell, Hilary Clinton who chose to stay with Bill etc.). Patriarchy pushes women to think their lives are incomplete without men - without male validation, they feel emotionally starved, and that doesn't change regardless of how much money they have. It's a deeper problem than just a financial one.

Anonymous 238974

That seems rational though - more than 90% of murders are male. If you trusted males to the same extent you trust women you'd probably be one of those 'pro trannies in the bathroom' libfems and you'd put yourself in situations that would very likely get you raped or killed.

Anonymous 238975

Why isn't there a term for a man like that?? (obviously misogyny but whatever) That type of man 100% exists - see any man who's single over the age of 35.

Anonymous 238976

Surprised this hasn't been replied to since it's pretty reasoned advice from an obvious grass-toucher. I've found this as well - despite posting on CC you really want to avoid the sort of guy who knows anything about image boards.

Anonymous 238984


Anonymous 238994

Yeah, south east asian men are so well-regarded for their treatment of and attitudes towards women.
These hugbox threads breed some really weird mental gymnastics.

Anonymous 239017

I mean south asians never push polyamory or expect you to have sex before marriage or initiate divorces the moment a younger woman comes along or legitimately attempt being useless "house husbands"

Anonymous 239036

Moids across all races are garbage in their own ways, no point in whiteknighting any of them.
what the fuck? why the fuck did you post this? I know it's spoilered and we all know moids are degenerate but at least do give a text warning, really didn't want to see scat porn upon opening.

Anonymous 239077

NTA but Wikipedia says South Asia consists of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and sometimes Afghanistan. Hardly known for the quality of their moids. I don't know about you, but I'd prefer my moid to dump me than to not consider me human.

Anonymous 239088


It makes sense when you find out they consider middle eastern men to be "non hispanic/white" unless they consider themselves black or asian, which most do not. This is how they say white right wing violence in america is the majority of terrorism. They consider acts done in the name of islam to be right wing (considering the values towards women/gays, this isnt far off) and they consider arabs to be white. Just look at image related and tell me where you think an arab fits in?

Anonymous 239105

Sadly nona, garbage men come in all shapes and sizes. Black men are not better or worse than white men and so on. Assess every moid you meet on a case by case basis.

Anonymous 239140

This shit is so weird, where I live asking this kind of question in any official manner would be not just considered extremely inappropriate (akin to using Nazi race classification) but actually illegal. Sadly I also see many people here blindly copy those categories from the American media they consume without even thinking about it for one second. The English language really was a mistake.

Anonymous 239161


Bump, CP on the front page of /b/ AGAIN (this time with actual images)

Anonymous 239651


am I an NLOG for this

Anonymous 239654

Bruh how do you keep any race based statistics?

Anonymous 239655

Bruh how do you keep any race based statistics?

Anonymous 239660

We don't? Racial statistics are an Anglo country thing. You can probably guess what country I am from and what event in the 20th century caused this sort of stuff to be banned here :^)

Anonymous 239663

>For every misogynistic honour killing in India theres an incel mass shooting in the US so on so forth
Somehow I doubt this. Do you have any stats? What about Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan? In Europe, men from these countries commit a disproportionate amount of sex crimes.
As for Westernized moids being different I'll take your word for it, however I do find it strange that they developed into such creatures in their own countries if all it takes is a little bit of socialization to act human.
>they are less stuck up and more faithful because they are treated shitter by society
This doesn't ring true. Are moids treated shittier by society better partners? Isn't low socioeconomic level correlated with femicide?
>may have one or two softcore misogynistic opinions
I'd take the guy with high standards any day. Unless he's also a misogynist. Then they can both kick rocks. Dealing with misogynistic in-laws also sounds like hell.

Anonymous 247916

from personal experience, both of you being virgins does not prevent moids from being cheating whores. They are biologically attracted to variety

Anonymous 247917

The solution is to not get married.

Anonymous 247985


Compared with women, men die from cancer and coronary artery disease in disproportionately higher numbers and are more susceptible to a host of emotional and developmental disorders. The authors of this article consider what scientific proof or evidence would be required to legally recognize "being male" as a disability, based on the overwhelming number of physical deficiencies to which males are genetically predisposed.

Anonymous 248150

only if they approve it for the list of the state's mandatory abortions

Anonymous 248254

sadly she got bann…

reposting a screencap

Anonymous 248255

all men have mommy…

Anonymous 248274

scrotes are too retarded to realize what a self-own shitting up cc is for them. men who are happy/successful/charismatic/attractive etc are too busy with careers, family, friends, pursuing hobbies, and such to bother rageposting on womens imageboards - let alone any imageboards in general. only ugly social leper scrotes bother trying to get scraps of female attention on places like here, not to mention their lack of self awareness in thinking it's some sort of accomplishment when to everyone else it is extremely clear they are miserable due to having empty unfulfilling lives.

Anonymous 248275

samefag to add when I think more about it this really checks out. most imageboard scrotes are ugly, at least the ones who I've interacted with over the years are. I can count on one hand the number of decent looking ones I encountered. plus they all have no friends irl and most have poor relationships with family along with little to no good career prospects which is why they spend so much time chimping out on imageboards - because they have nothing else to occupy their time with.
it's also why scrotes on 4chan and other ibs are unable to have good discussions about their hobbies/interests without it delving into inane seething over women, gays, etc - they have nothing interesting nor relevant to add to conversations so they just parrot the usual edgelord incel rhetoric that they see other scrotes posting in order to feel like they have some sense of belonging.

Anonymous 248291

Using men of the past for anything other than mocking purposes doesn't benefit her argument in any way. It just opens up for a weak spot implying that there had been a moment in past where men were actually good further implying that their relationship with women were also good painting an image of an ideal man (even though literature of all times has no examples of such a man) and the society he lived in

Anonymous 248335

I hate how men will pretend to give a shit about women's experiences and their dignity to fight against trannies when their only motivator is that they find them sexually repulsive. It seems like they innately have a parasitic approach to life and will come up with the most elaborate excuses as to why everything that is convenient for them is actually the most moral and ~rational~ option. I wish we actually lived in a world where women were dominating men in the workforce and leaving them to jack off to porn instead of trying to fix them and abide by their ridiculous romantic and sexual standards.

Anonymous 248376

I wasn't sure where to post this as I am somewhat new to the site (I mostly lurk on X and media) and she told me to try here.

I'm seeking some advice. I am in a discord roleplay server that is for adult lesbian women only. I suspect that a large number of active participants (not admins or anything but active users) are actually men. I suspect this because of the image claims they use for their "ocs" that is actually just sexist porn (usually stolen art or AI generated, I find that a lot of men won't draw and refuse to learn and when they do learn it's only to create shitty porn. It's so sickening) and their kinks are all torture. They will sometimes list "hard limits" like scat or gore. Some people say no limits. I don't believe any lesbian, someone who loves women and is a women, would ever find it arousing to have their nipples pierced, be interested in penetrative non con, or be stabbed in their privates– and no one who is functional, of age, and sexually experienced, would say they have no limits or boundaries in sex. The server is for roleplay but for all of these individuals it seems more like sexting and trying to prey on women. I would leave the server and look elsewhere if it were not for the fact that I am getting to know some people I have confirmed (subtly) to be actual women and I am enjoying their company. If I expose the men here, they will simply claim to be trans, and this is not an anti trans server (I was not suspicious of trans people being predators until all of my transwomen friends started to sexually harass me and speak over me on women's issues like sexism and slut-shamming– to which they have never experienced because they have only recently even come out. I obviously ditched them and we haven't had contact in several months.) so I feel as though I would receive a lot of hate. This server is not explicitly dedicated to erotic roleplay and a lot of people maintain wholesome conversations and rp outside of that, these people have tried their hardest to make everyone erotic rp with them, have insisted on trying to have sex or sext with me on multiple times even when I said I did not share their kinks nor reciprocate interest in them (mostly breeding stuff and they asked me to bend over multiple times in chat which obviously is stupid since it's just a chat and they cant make me do anything. Plus, breeding kinks and insisting on trying to have penetrative sex with a lesbian is the most moid activity ever.) and I'm thinking about just leaving, but I don't want to throw away my real female connections I am developing with people on this server. Another thing I’d like to mention is that there are dedicated NSFW channels and someone just today posted a photo of a woman with a large erect penis with text over it reading “this image means you have to send me nudes and I must mastrubate to them”, I pointed out that it was not the NSFW channel. Sorry this post is long and thank you for reading, I know it's a little disorganized. So, should I cut my losses and leave, point it out to the administration, block individuals I am suspicious of, or am I overreacting and these are just really aggressive and predatory women that I should stay away from? Any advice

Anonymous 248377

tw for sexual harassment, but I was literally sexually harassed in hs by an autistic moid and no one stopped him not even after he grinded on my ass during a cpr class and when I asked a transguy I was friends with to tell the teachers what happened he refused to tell me what he would say and acted like i was a psycho for that even after I warned him that this fucker was harassing me RIGHT before he bumped his groin into me in front of everyone. a police officer made me reenact the scene multiple times with a chair playing my role IN FRONT of my mother only to tell me after that he couldnt do anything about it. they made me stay in class with him. its been years and i am still pissed. I hope he fucking chokes on dick in prison some day

Anonymous 248378

say it again for the boymoms in the back crying "all lives matter!!"

Anonymous 248379

me too, made me support eugenics. people think autism gives moids excuses to rape and assault women and act like we belong to them just because they like us and they know no one will love them

Anonymous 248380

there was this website back in maybe 2017? It was a series of videos in levels that were shock factor to see if you could take it to the last level. Most of them were faceless incels raping Asian women and making them eat dick fungus and shitting on them. I doubt the site is still up and I can't remember the name

Anonymous 248381

I'm a short girl and the only longterm moid relationship I've ever had was with a huge 6'3" 300 pound pedo who trapped me into a relationship when I was 15. pee fetish, pedo, diapers, and wanted to play tranny with me and when I told him to come out of the closet he wouldn't I know now its because its a fucking fetish. he stole my phone before I broke up with him and he mailed it back a year later

Anonymous 248382

common les w

Anonymous 248383

>posted a photo of a woman with a large erect penis
ewwww you mean posted a photo of a naked troon male? women do not have penises. honestly this server sounds gross as fuck because of the creepy male troons in it. you can say to the admins/staff that you feel uncomfortable because posting nsfw and kink shit in sfw spaces counts as sexual harassment. there are even laws in certain countries where sending unsolicited dick pics counts as sexual harassment. I would bring this topic up privately to mods and admins saying that it's making you feel unsafe and uncomfortable or something similar to that and ask if the server staff can be more strict about cracking down on not exposing people to nsfw content who don't consent to seeing it.

Anonymous 248390

>ctrl+F "White"
What the actual fuck?

Anonymous 248407

regarding picrel, it's not a question of being attracted, it's a question of imagining the woman as being easier to manipulate and thus to get sex from.
that's very different from finding psychological vulnerability attractive. a man can be attracted to assertive and/or smarter women, but be aware that they're harder to get, and thus settle for someone who is instead emotionally fragile.

Anonymous 248408

as a short woman i would like to give you hope and also to clear this common misconception which i think is extremely demeaning towards short women and towards men who date them.
i've seriously dated 2 guys in my life, and was pursued by many others.

my first boyfriend wasn't a pedo. he preferred women in the "middle" height range, and after dating me he started liking short women more.

my second boyfriend didn't have height preferences and wasn't a pedo either.

of the guys who tried to get with me, i got interested in 3 of them.
2 liked short women more, and one was more into tall girls.
first guy was into short women maybe because he was short himself, or at least partly because of that.
wasn't a pedo.
second guy was tall and strong and extremely handsome, had no trouble getting women of any kind but still favored short women. again wasn't a pedo.
third guy as i said liked tall women the most, but got interested in my personality and found me physically attractive regardless. no pedo.
as far as other men who hit on me go, i can't say if they had these tendencies or not because i never got to know them more.

so i hope people understand a bunch of things from this.
first, that people can look past specific physical preferences (and that they aren't set in stone) if they like you, so beating yourself up over being too tall, short or average to be appealing is nonsense.
secondly, short women aren't appealing only to pedos ffs. some guys genuinely like short women simply for what they are: adult women with a shorter than average height.
implying only pedos like short women is like saying being short as a woman is an defective and unattractive trait that would only be liked by a deranged individual, and it also implies their boyfriends who are most of the times normal and healthy people are mentally ill just because of a harmless physical preference.

you will have a normal and good relationship with a good man. your height doesn't matter. i hope you healed from your bad experience.

Anonymous 248410

It was a drawing so obviously the "artist" was playing at portraying what I described, but I agree entirely. That's the conclusion I came to as well. Men tend to leave areas where porn is banned, more specifically where harassing people with porn is banned.

Anonymous 248412

this is op. I scrolled up to see what the consensus was about posting dick in sfw general chat and shortly after I mentioned that the troon art did not belong in general chat it was deleted and people were confused about why I said that with no image present. Immediately after, a user named Vee (presumably a LOL reference) had apparently been harassing a woman on the server in private messages asking for a "selfie" and calling her out for being a "terf" when all she said was "sorry, I am only interested in dating cis females" to which "Vee" came to the general chat and demanded the terf be banned. It was so stupid. mods were confused and said they would not ban the girl and the troon insisted that they would be supporting terf behavior.

I will provide a dialogue from the chat so tw to hearing men's pov lol
(username censored for privacy)
Don’t be mad that I want pussy and you don’t have it<3

Vee — Yesterday at 17:09
i don't want your sorry cunt
it's probably dryed up anyway
like how much of blatant misogynist can you be? I considered replaying, "a vagina doesn't dry up, perhaps if you had one you would know that."

Def going to the mods with this.

Anonymous 248413

thank you for your kind words! he was a pedo for dating me when I was 15 and he was out of high school, not for the height thing, but I feel he used my size to bully me a lot and def got off on our size difference. I realized I was a lesbian during that relationship and he told me he would die if I left him and I knew his mother would freak if he killed himself over me. I did break up with him eventually and he did try to commit suicide. I don't believe all men are bad as I have a very sweet brother who was raised by 3 generations of women, so he is proof men can be good people.

I am happy for you that you have had good luck with the men in your life! May you always have that.

Anonymous 248416

>You actually think none of what you listed applies to you or CC posters. Hilarious.
Idk about other CC posters but I don't go to male spaces to shitpost and LE EPICALLY OWN SCROTES!! I just stay the fuck away from you guys' communities, so no it is not hypocritical when women just want to hang out on an ib with other women. It's more of a loser move to annoy and bother people whose company you don't enjoy or like than go on a community posting with people you belong with and like.

Anonymous 248420

That's fair enough but no one has that kind of agency over the internet. And btw, CC posters do appear on other communities, which is inevitable anyway.
I'm fine with that, what I found funny was nona's implication that this was some kind of holy ground for stacies to be on. When in reality it's all female scrotes.

Anonymous 248421

yeah but she's obviously referring to a specific type of scrote who comes here. and i've lurked male only alt chans before and seen the clear differences between the two one of them being the less shit male only ibs get.

Anonymous 248435



Update: talked to a mod. Vee will likely be banned. The mod said a lot of people are sick of this behavior and that she wants her server to be a safe space for me. This is all well and good, but then why hasn't she acted before now? Why do I have to say it? she has eyes doesn't she? another example of women not standing up to men in women only spaces. we are simply too nice.

Anonymous 248513

>there are 7 races
most people consider middle easterners to fall into the secret 8th race, middle eastern.

Anonymous 248514

The thing is women are dominating them in the workforce and in education - they're just not leaving them. That's why we're still being held back. Women still seem to adamantly refuse the possibility of building real communities and families with other women who they platonically respect. They still keep insisting that they can and ought to commit to these subhumans just because they're XY.

Anonymous 248567


Anonymous 248587

If incels had their way, and gubmint gf program was deployed, it wouldn't be some incel paradise.
Instead, domestic violence and homicide rates would skyrocket, because incels would see that they didn't get their virgin Stacey F-cup l*licons, but homely, frigid, or even "ugly" wives, possibly much older than they are (because of the demographics).
And since incels didn't get to live in porn after all, and were stuck with them by law, they would certainly take their rage out on them, humiliate them in most perverse or ways, and/or drive them to exhaustion as domestic utilities (akin to cattle).
It would be a nightmare, as scrotes act like entitled manchildren.

Anonymous 248593

I can't wait for the day we can maybe engineer artificial sperm from female stem cells and create two-mother children (genetically altered to always be female) without a moid involved
once men are obsolete we can wipe them out within a generation and become a female only species

Anonymous 248612

every relationship with males including the one i'm in has caused me pain.
i want to disconnect from needing male validation. they are too manipulative and need nothing back. they know exactly what they're doing and withdraw love when they know they can really hurt you.

Anonymous 248703

Why is she against saving money? Why would she decide to throw away her money and make her landlord richer instead of spending it on her future family or at least saving it for herself for later?

Anonymous 248737


i’m sorry how the fuck has nobody done this shit to males yet. they all want to ruin our lives. instead of retaliating we have egirl whores with millions of views saying it’s women’s fault men are the way they are. men ruin our lives and make us into digital porn stars, kill us in mass shootings and rape us yet women decide to just sit there and blame us for it?? they have gotten no punishment

Anonymous 248739

why arent deepfakes a crime yet? the misinformation and psychological damage they cause is huge, is no one pushing for that?

Anonymous 248740

When they come for structural biologists I laughted and called them losers because I wasn’t strctural biologists.
When they come for writters I laughted and told them to learn 2 weld because |I wasn’t a writer.
When they come for artists I laughted and send them link to get a job at McDonald’s because I wasn’t an artist.
And now they come for everyone!

Anonymous 248744

ai was released into the wild specifically to cause this. the world economic forum will heroicly save the day with an one world government.

Anonymous 248758

That assumes they are capable of such long term planing.

Anonymous 248824

Nah. My dad applied for credit cards in my mom's, sister's, and my name without our knowledge or consent. I was kept stupid on purpose and didn't know how finances worked. He signed up for and took my college student loans while I had no access to the funds. I don't know how he did it, but I figure he strong-armed the problem and was such an unpleasant person to be around that whoever gave him access to the money just rolled over. I also found out after he died that he had been using an email account with my real name. Only God knows what the fuck he was doing with that.

Anonymous 248825

I believe whoever pulls the strings is waiting for US presidential election cycle in 2024 to awaken the masses to how advanced AI has gotten in the last year and to push harder for legislating models. They need a really juicy and "scary" deepfake normies will actually respond greatly to and fabricating smear campaigns against whichever candidate will get the most attention on the issue. Only artists and perverts pay attention to ML tech and those people already know that the cat's out of the bag and passing laws to censor or regulate the tech would only be an act of propaganda since there's no stopping people who have the latest Stable Diffusion running locally on their PC.

Anonymous 248854

Soon everything will be fake. An interverse of lies like instagram 2.0 on steroids. And deepfake technology will set everything up. But now isn't the time yet as we've seen with facebook's metaverse failing

Anonymous 248862

only if the ai furthers an absolute maleless society

Anonymous 248863

holy shit nona are you okay?!?

Anonymous 248865

By some miracle, yes. It wasn't my fault. Bad people always get their comeuppance.

Anonymous 248917

Is Prostitution Se…

This is so sick…
I don't feel so good s

Anonymous 248934


makes me happy

Anonymous 249161

there is a very thin line between pedoness and liking neoteny. men prefer youth and fragility, which is why they're more likely to be pedos than women. there is overlap, but they're not the same thing.

i'm short myself. being petite is neoteous, but most women in general have at least 1-2 neotenous features. having juvenile characteristics is not exclusive to short women. if men are pedos for liking short women, they're also pedos for prefering pale or very light skin, big eyes, or very small noses.

Anonymous 250888

i fucking hate men.

Anonymous 250918

To be fair, posts like these are almost always made up, the primary reason to be edgy and get (You)s.

Anonymous 253766

is it more ethical to abort male embryos or use ivf to implant only female embryos? either way, I don't want to have sons

Anonymous 253771

The thought about another little girl born to be oppressed makes me the most saddest, we live in an unsavable hell

Anonymous 253773

what happened to pinkpill thread #14?

Anonymous 253776

same, a big reason for why I probably won’t have children lol. It’s either give birth to a female and risk her being abused & exploited in a world that hates females or give birth to a son who could potentially become a misogynist. and I feel like it’s getting worse, a lot of young boys are being radicalised into becoming violently misogynistic. just look at the effect men like sneako and andrew tate have had on men/boys.

Anonymous 253787


Old moid sperm can cause diabetes in women.

>Data from more than 40 million births showed that babies born to fathers of an “advanced paternal age,” which roughly equates to older than 35, were at a higher risk for adverse birth outcomes, such as low birth weight, seizures and need for ventilation immediately after birth.


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