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Lolcow Bunker Thread #8 Anonymous 223551

Anonymous 223552


i need this so bad

Anonymous 223553

If someone asked you to compose a song using insturments that remind you of how friuts taste what would you use?
I hear a beat right now and it sounds just line pineapples taste

Anonymous 223554

playing hogwarts, about to stuff myself with pasta, had lots of great sex with my husband this week, about to get a fat paycheck because i worked a lot of hours and i have a job interview for a way better job next week, feeling very content. just wish i could shitpost about shayna.

Anonymous 223555

Can anyone get on with farmcow or original lolcow?

Anonymous 223556

Farmcow is down for me

Anonymous 223557

Anonymous 223558


Anonymous 223560

i think i can imagine what banana would sound like

Anonymous 223561


Anonymous 223562


Anonymous 223565


What do I do I need my shayna fix I know this bitch has been up to some dumb shit I haven't visited the thread in a week I need to know what shenanigans the precious porky sweats has gotten herself into

Anonymous 223566

Did admin say if the web host said how long maintenance will take?

Anonymous 223567


Anonymous 223568

Did admin say if the web host said how long maintenance will take?

Anonymous 223569

8 hours as of 2 hours ago
So, 6 hours.

Anonymous 223571


reminder for new arrivals that it is down for maintenance

Anonymous 223572

Uber eats nony here my stomach hurts so bad how can shayna eat like shit regularly

Anonymous 223576

I thought I double posted by accident but I can't delete this post, wtf. Did someone repost my post, what is going on

Anonymous 223577



Anonymous 223578

I thought I double posted by accident but I can't delete this post, wtf. Did someone repost my post, what is going on

Anonymous 223579

i don't want to scare you but its happening again

Anonymous 223580

i don't want to scare you but its happening again

Anonymous 223582

I feel like our numbers have dwindled by an extreme amount, maybe only 15% of how many farmers there used to be. These bunkers used to fly, and lc is slow moving now too. I think shaymin's antics made a lot of people give up

Anonymous 223583

fuwa fuwa fu fuwa fuwa ruuu

Anonymous 223584

I hate this place, I swear last time I got here some of my posts got deleted for no reason at all

Anonymous 223585

Anonymous 223587


I am so fucking sick right now kek

Anonymous 223591


Steve wants to know if this bunker accepts gay men

Anonymous 223593

Since the new admins have taken over I haven’t been banned but before I used to get banned all the time for everything

Anonymous 223594

its sad because a lot of the people left are retarded but maybe i shouldnt judge because i am too

Anonymous 223595

I never got banned before even though I infight a lot. I still don't get banned now. I think the jannies like me.

Anonymous 223597


Anonymous 223598

Yeah, cause jannies/farmhands are the ones that give out bans.

Anonymous 223600

I think kirbyanon is 25% of the userbase. She shows up every time someone mentions her, usually in under half an hour. Is she somehow searching her name to defend her honor? It's bizarre but I've seen it happen in like 3 threads lately

Anonymous 223603

Now we wait and see if she'll find her way here. I also want to invoke paki-chan.

Anonymous 223604

I haven't seen her around in a while. wasn't she also parappachan or was that another weird racebaiting retard

Anonymous 223608

i love my retarded cat she is so nice

Anonymous 223609

sometimes when my cat is dreaming i'll rub her lips to see if she start's dream eating, but this time it just wound up waking her up and she let out the most offended squeal and sad look. I'm so sorry by little malformed baby i won't do it any more.

Anonymous 223610

wtf jinx.

Anonymous 223611

i still dont understand how someone can want to fuck kirby. the day i come across one of her posts might have to be the day i leave the site for good.

Anonymous 223612

Honestly I just want to see the husbando threads, I miss them so much, even though I have a cringy husbando (Vulpes Inculta)

Anonymous 223613

he's human, and not anime, so it's not that cringy for the husbando thread

Anonymous 223616

I can't believe people were saying Bella Ramsey isn't ugly and that she's a normal white girl like sorry but she definitely looks like an inbred limey. Hit every branch on the family tree on her way down.

Anonymous 223617

She doesn't want to fuck kirby.

Anonymous 223618

I just wanted to sperg about my decision to start straightening my hair because I am so sick of tangles and the fact that they never go away. The only problem is that in order to avoid breakage and server damage i would need to wash my hair way less frequently. The lengths of my hair do not get oily at all, i just get build up on the scalp and idk the best method to deal with it. I will miss carelessly running in the rain but at less the whole world will know my hair touches my ass. It makes me feel powerful when my hair is straight, don't let the hoteps know i feel that way kek.

Anonymous 223620

I've been banned four times in the last month vs. never having been banned before

Anonymous 223621

You're right she wants to self insert as Kirby and get fucked by King Dedede.

Anonymous 223622

I'm pretty sure she just ships them without self inserting but I could be wrong

Anonymous 223623

thats actually worse
idk if youve tried a boar bristle brush but a lot of people who try to wash their hair once a week or less swear by them, im assuming youre black based on the hotep comment so im not sure if it would work with your hair texture but if you do it when its straight it should work fine.

Anonymous 223624

you probably are retarded, but there's a different type of retarded on lolcow now. it's like when tumblr invaded cuckchan in 2014 and ruined the site. now it's full of trannies and ewhores. lolcow is full of 32" waist chans offended at everything twitter freaks

Anonymous 223626

She never husbando/waifu spergs about Kirby like she does/did with King Dedede. Her autistic insistence on Kirby being female is probably because she self-inserts as Kirby, and it's probably why Kirby is the one with the vagina.

Anonymous 223628

go check out the long hair community forums. you need to brush the sebum down to the ends

Anonymous 223629

It's more about the fact he is a sadistic and misogynistic murderer that like to larp as a Roman soldier. He is an evil asshole but he is my husbando.

Anonymous 223630

How many months do you think LC is going to survive before it gets shut down for good?

Anonymous 223632

Anynönny here seen inland empire? Thoughts?

Anonymous 223633

>32" waist chans
What does that mean? Is it an anorexia thing?

Anonymous 223634

And the site will still be running slow as ever, I bet

Anonymous 223635

everyone is different but i have had lifelong issues with tangles and finally have them at a manageable point. i use a cheap 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner because i have spent a fucking fortune trying all the shit that is meant to stop tangles and they don't work. then i brush with a wide tooth comb whilst damp, starting at the very ends of the hair and working up so the knots don't spread. then i put argon oil on the tips of my hair before bed. every day i run my fingers through the ends with the oil. also dry shampoo on the roots / scalp when needed.

i used to straighten but it's honestly so exhausting, i couldn't keep up with it.

Anonymous 223636

I just wanted to thank the nona who posted somewhere that she did grocery shopping with earphones on because she didn't need to waste her ears with the outside world during her free time. Nona, you changed my life. I'll never forget you.

Anonymous 223637

well yeah, its not going to be fixed until the new site is up.

Anonymous 223638

Are you tards gonna do this everytime the site goes down

Anonymous 223639


Anonymous 223640


lolcow… why…

On a more positive note, what if this maintenance makes the site actually load on time? I'm sick of clicking images and waiting 1,001 years

Anonymous 223642


Is this movie lc/cc/femcel/radfem approved?

Anonymous 223643

My cat is autistic

Anonymous 223646

same. i wanted to see what nonas had to say about hunter schafer's lumpy bolt-ons at the oscars

Anonymous 223647

your cat and i have that in common.

Anonymous 223649

she was in the unpopular opinions thread (not the new one, the one before that) a few days ago. also parappachan is someone different, she mentioned being 14 or 15 years old somewhere

Anonymous 223650

seems like a shitty web host

Anonymous 223652



yes sorry i have no idea why i did. deleted it now.

Anonymous 223653

if you guys could be known for one thing on lc like kirbyanon or lawrence of arabia anon are, what would it be?
i'm autistically obsessed with 2 or 3 things in particular and sometimes i wish i could just sperg nonstop about them

Anonymous 223654


Not as hot as Physical Instrument

Anonymous 223655


Never mind, thirty minutes have passed so the post will remain forever. we are connected…

Anonymous 223657


Anonymous 223659

how do you spoiler text here miners help

Anonymous 223660

i dreamt i accidentally killed someone last night what means?

Anonymous 223662

I am once again on Chinese shop sites looking for more nail decoration supplies to buy.

Anonymous 223664


To the bi and lesbian anons ITT: would you ever date another farmer and why/why not? And are there any types of farmers you'd be more drawn to and those you'd want to stay 10000 miles away from?

Anonymous 223665

watkins's antpitta…


bird anon. i spent quite a while in the /ot bird thread posting any neat one i could come across on ebird.

Anonymous 223666

Bi, hail no. I could maybe be friends with a farmer but I would never date one.

Anonymous 223667

I'm also obsessed with the same few topics but I don't want to be known for it so I just post and ghost for 6 months.
kek look to the right as you make your post

Anonymous 223669

maybe if she wasn't a /g/ regular or spent too much time on cow boards

Anonymous 223670

I feel cringy responding to this, but maybe being a pink-chan. I post about pink a lot so it would just make the most sense. I want a world of pink and only pink. I post about the same topics a lot though so idk.

Anonymous 223671

oh…my damn fault for always using the floating quick reply box

Anonymous 223672

double crested cor…

Anonymous 223675

she shouldn't be a polfag or polfag ajacent and I would want us to have some overlap in favorite cows, so I would like it if she also liked art and horrorcows so we could kek at the likes of nemu together since that stuff gets so weird that i have no one to share in the fun with irl

Anonymous 223676

kek, theres a really specific topic i always want to sperg about but it would make me instantly clockable all over the place, so I change little details about it every time I post a spergout about it to throw n0nni3s off the scent. Sometimes I wonder if it's working or if everyone can tell I'm the same retard obsessed with [REDACTED] [REDACTED] that [REDACTED] and are [REDACTED]

Anonymous 223677

Filtered the fuck out of me in high school. Also, I remember the sound mixing being insanely quiet. We watched it at max monitor volume and 125% on VLC and I still had to lean forward to hear the characters. I'm still pissed off about that, ten years later.

Anonymous 223678

i would date lesbian farmers but not the bi ones

Anonymous 223679

you cant just tease us and then not post about it. give us a hint at least lmao

Anonymous 223681

anon, you're going to wake up next week and find out you spent $500

Anonymous 223682

I have avoided becoming a topic-chan for months, I can't blow my cover now. All I'll say is I had a very autistic spergout about it in december in the dumbass shit thread, and anons argued i was acting so dumb about it that it was too dumb even for the dumbass shit thread. at least one n0nni3 supported me though. thank you, understanding n0nni3(s)

Anonymous 223683

I already feel like I post about the same things enough to be recognizable, but I guess people don't really care.

Anonymous 223684

I wanna marry a fellow de/g/enerate husbandofag

Anonymous 223685

i'd marry a fellow anon from the female fantasies thread

Anonymous 223686

I'd date a farmer, preferably another bi one who liked shitposting on /g/ and liked having a kek in the troon threads on /snow/

Anonymous 223690

All I want is a fellow lesbian fujo gf who hates trannies. If she likes to draw too then that would be ideal

Anonymous 223691

im going to start avatarfagging as soon as it gets back up

Anonymous 223701


goats. and a few other animals. i've kept myself contained

Anonymous 223702

when the threads go back up please sperg about him in full detail, hes my guilty husbando too

Anonymous 223703

I'm the anti diva cup sperg

Anonymous 223706

Why? I can't think of any reason why they would be bad, I love mine.

Anonymous 223708

goats as in owning goats or just goats?

Anonymous 223709


Can cause prolapse

Anonymous 223713

guess that makes two of us. but i try not to bring it up because it causes arguments.

Anonymous 223716

Only if you remove them improperly (bearing down on the cup) and prolapses because of cups are rare

Anonymous 223717

South Koreans are super nationalistic and patriotic, and I'm sometimes it gives me whiplash. I was watching Korean unboxing videos and they were just straight up like "this product from Korea is way better in comparison to this product from (I'm assuming) China"

Anonymous 223719

my love.jpg

just goats, i'd love to take care of goats once i own some property. i just collect every cute picture i see

Anonymous 223721

Artboard jannies if you're here I'm done with the crossover drawing

Anonymous 223722

Thanks for letting us know anon. I/we can't clear right now so it's fine if you take more time.

Anonymous 223724

Wait why does this post say 4 minutes ago, I literally just posted this. Are the times wrong on here?

Anonymous 223725

I just want a cute bf so badly

Anonymous 223727

You are missing time but only a little time because you were abducted by aliums who realized they had the wrong number.

Anonymous 223729

I'm the lanafag who thinks she's cute as a button

Anonymous 223730


ily anon

Anonymous 223731

shepe shade.png

Anonymous 223732

Does anyone remember that one asian woman on tiktok with blue (?) hair who had a viral song? Her tiktoks would be just her on her guitar. She had a spotify artist profile and was involved with another band. Her music was kind of edgy. PLEASE HELP!!

Anonymous 223734

oh man were you the one getting yelled at by anons in celebricows a couple threads back? around the same time trump-chan made her debut

Anonymous 223735


So lame why does the farm crash so much?!

Anonymous 223736

Hatsune Miku

Anonymous 223737


Jfc I hate stomach viruses this shit is the WORST. Pun intended. Just got done watching a Marx Brothers film (A Day at the Circus) and I think Harpo is cute AF. I think I'm dehydrated.

Anonymous 223738

Lol yes, some anon said I was tagging my posts by calling her cute but I only said it like 3 times over the course of 3 thread and only in reply to Lana milk, no one knew what other posts were mine. The trump anons are way more obvious but she didn't sperg out at them.

Anonymous 223739

Is this the one?

Anonymous 223740

Do you like Duck Soup or A Night at the Opera more?

Anonymous 223741

Use some pepto bismol. That stuff is amazing. Turns ur shit black though.

Anonymous 223743

lol, i've talked about the marxs bros in a bunker thread before! i used to have the biggest crush on harpo and chico when i was 13/14 (part of why i had no friends probably)

Anonymous 223744

No. She was older and she had short hair. She kind of sounded like BMO from Adventure Time. Her tiktoks were kind of shitty quality and as far as I can remember she wasn't a thirst trap posting zoomer she was a millenial woman. Her music is sort of reminiscent of early Gorillaz stuff from what I remember.

Anonymous 223745

Chico was a slut
Harpo was a loving husband though

Anonymous 223746

Again she had a viral tiktok song!!! I swear her name/handle had bee in it (NOT beabadoobee or w/e)

Anonymous 223747


Good night nonas

Anonymous 223748

Was her song about needing a guitar pick? Or something eevplvong a guitar pick?

Anonymous 223749

Night nönnie

Anonymous 223750


Anonymous 223751

Ayrt, possibly?? That sounds familiar. I remember the song having a pause before she sang again (this part was the part that went viral). It was sort of electronic and she was kind of talk-singing.

Anonymous 223753

am i being mean if i decline the invitation from my moid friend to join his spotify blend? we're close yes but idk music is something too personal for me

Anonymous 223754

Meh. Just tell him you’re really weird about music and find that to be really personal.

Anonymous 223755

I think I'm already known for my husbando but I don't break out of containment unlike some people. Though sometimes I feel unhinged and want to post my art of us together.

Anonymous 223757

Ayrt again, the song I'm thinking of is in english, not korean.

Anonymous 223759

Hm, well maybe it's this. This is the only video I've seen that could be similar to what you're talking about.

Anonymous 223760

Oh I just saw this. I don't think that's the song you're talking about then. Sorry anon, but I hope you find it.

Anonymous 223761

awful. i need to get my sewing machine out so i can make some reusable pads i hate normal pads, id honestly rather free bleed than wear plastic on my pussy.

Anonymous 223763

I love free bleeding. My mother says it’s disgusting. Whatever, I just free bleed on period panties for the last three days of my period. I use 100% organic cotton tampons. Menstrual cups always hurt.

Anonymous 223765

never used a cup but i hate tampons, i only like the ones that arent in an applicator because anything else hurts but honestly anything that needs to be inserted is just a pain in the ass because my arms are short. im glad no one shames me for free bleeding though.

Anonymous 223766

Anon looking for the asian woman tiktok artist here, just found her in my tiktok likes. It's Lealani.

Anonymous 223768

I use tampons bc pads give me diaper rash. I only use them on my heaviest days though.

Anonymous 223772


I never post here but for the love of god I got a great story to tell but I want it in the confession thread.

Anonymous 223773

Is it ok for me to be a shotacon if I only go after legal shota? Like 18-22?

Anonymous 223774

Anonymous 223776

The farm is back online

Anonymous 223778

Weird to lie

Anonymous 223779

it's true nono

Anonymous 223780

Oh nvm you were telling the truth. Bye CC!

Anonymous 223781

thats not even shota age range

Anonymous 223782

farmcow is up

Anonymous 223788

A Night at the Opera hands down.
Kek ily you're perfect.
Harpo was the absolute sweetest and incredibly gifted. Absolutely love him.

Anonymous 225125

is it down for anyone else right now?

Anonymous 225126

Site seems to be down for me.

Anonymous 225127

ayrt it's suddenly up now. hm

Anonymous 233212

sad cat phone.jpeg

seems to be down for me rn, anyone else? checked over on isitdownrightnow and it said it's down for everyone too

Anonymous 233214

Anonymous 233215

it's down for me also, i checked isitdown and it says it's down for everyone. hopefully it's back up soon noni hold me

Anonymous 233216

Site has been pretty shit for a while now, slow as fuck.

Anonymous 233218

If admins see this, you guys suck. And so does that forced ass "cerbmin" name.

Anonymous 233219

How INTERESTING that right when we were discussing the (probable male troll) "lesbian vs straight/bi posts) the site goes down. How INTERESTING

Anonymous 233220

For me as well. It takes the site forever to load a pic inline (it's easier to just open it in a new tab now) or show a post on hover from the index (from outside the thread)

Yeah haven't been able to access it for several minutes. I just want to post in the husbando that goddammiiiit

Anonymous 233221

yeah, hoping it's one of those speedy fixes and it comes back online soon! thankfully, i had a few tabs open before it stopped working (only noticed it was down when i expanded on an image)

Anonymous 233222

Who even started calling them that

Anonymous 233223

Well someone had to cut that out. I say the site go down everytime someone starting sperging about pretty privilege too.

Anonymous 233225

Right? It takes way too long to load pictures, let alone .webm files dammit! I honestly feel like that feature should be removed since the site seems way too slow and bloated to handle it.

Anonymous 233226

Honestly I didn't want to be a bitch to them at first but I can't say I have seen much improvement on the website or anything, better than shaymin but of course they are.

Anonymous 233227

I used to be annoyed when anons would post a screenshot of a tiktok instead of the video, now it makes no difference or I wish they just post the link.

Anonymous 233228

Nobody was even infighting it was just people saying how STRANGE it is. It's clearly inorganic.

Anonymous 233229

in fairness, they did manage to restore the /m/ threads that were lost during shaymin's reign

Anonymous 233230


Anonymous 233231

Oh yeah, that was nice. Still wish the site would be faster.

Anonymous 233232


Anonymous 233233


Anonymous 233234

Some anons did when they first came into power(idk how to say this in a way that doesn't make them sound like dictators) because they "needed" a name, but I feel like admin names should come about organically.
I won't be to hard on them with that since they have only been around for like 5 months, the communication is just still lacking to me.

Anonymous 233235

I haven't been able to watch a webm on lc in a while. Holy shit it's so slow. Both on mobile and desktop

Anonymous 233236

it takes so long to load i end up losing interest by the time its halfway loaded

Anonymous 233237

>Oh yeah, that was nice. Still wish the site would be faster.
definitely agree with you there. why has it gotten so slow? is it from how big the site's gotten? i know it's not on the top of their priorities, but i sure do wish the banners would at least get an update. feels like that change wouldn't be too difficult and would be a nice change for everyone.

Anonymous 233238

dae want the entire site to die when I see things I dislike???

Anonymous 233239


I'm hungry and I just ate….

Anonymous 233240

Damn it. Sites down on my day off of all things.

Anonymous 233241

Same, I can technically watch them, but 30-second long videos take around 5 minutes to load.

Anonymous 233243

Anonymous 233244


back to the bunker again to mingle with the weirdos from the other boards

Anonymous 233245

Holy fuck the webms on this site load so fast compared to lc. I had forgotten what that felt like.

At least you're witnessing a notable event

Anonymous 233246

What weirdos? All of LC is weirdos.

Anonymous 233247

Which thread was that in?

Anonymous 233249

>Holy fuck the webms on this site load so fast compared to lc. I had forgotten what that felt like.
as soon as i'm on other ibs, i'm quickly reminded that it's just lcf that's slow

Anonymous 233250

NTA but it was on /ot/, probably unpopular opinions

Anonymous 233252

That's what I mean, the bunker threads are where everyone comes together and it's fun seeing the husbandofags mingle with the depressive vent posters and the snow and pt posters argue with the people against cow boards kek, I'm here for the chaos baby

Anonymous 233253

The drama board-onlies usually whine about women posting anything that isn't drama more than the others complain kek.

Anonymous 233254

Anonymous 233255

The funniest was when lc was down for days and the Shayfags just started posting the milk in the bunker threads, there were people venting about their boyfriends in between an infight over some bs and then just a picture of Shayna with pasties on kek

Anonymous 233256

The chaos is my favorite thing about the bunker threads (along with them being pretty much an anonymous group chat), it's so fun. I like to try guessing which usual LC posters are over here too.

Anonymous 233257

God there are so many posters here who openly admit to having come from literal (male) incel communities
I guess that might explain the troony pics I've seen around here (/img/) if they're not straight up trannies

Anonymous 233258

i wonder if all those posts were just that one anon who claims responsibility for starting 60% of the shayna threads

Anonymous 233259

Didn't she admit to posting 60% of milk, actually?

Anonymous 233260

It's kinda like a halfway house for 4chan girlies here I think. But it does stink of moid as well.

Anonymous 233261

Kek, there's no way she really is responsible for 60% of the Shayna thread posts, wasn't there some kind of vote for the Shaynatorium or something that got like 150 users voting? There has to be more anons posting in those threads than just her. I don't know for sure though I don't follow the Shayna milk

Anonymous 233262

cc has been labelled as a troon hotbed over on lc for a long time. but i think that's changed since there are active radfem threads here, not that moids wouldn't larp, but i do think it's gotten a lot better here

Anonymous 233263

where the different populations come together every so often and remind themselves why they only congregate where they do

Anonymous 233264

weren't most users (old lolcow) from 4chan originally?

Anonymous 233265

the male lesbians were behind the takedown of lolcowdotfarm you heard it here first folks

Anonymous 233266


can't post in the autsim thread but I'll post it here. This is honestly me

Anonymous 233267

yes (as well as infinite) but the population of 4cuck in say 2015 is far different than the population on 4cuck in 2020
completely different types of people despite having been from the same site

Anonymous 233269

welp, hello miners how's it going

Anonymous 233270

NTA, they were from /cgl/, which was the most female dominated board on 4chan along with maybe /y/ and /cm/ at the time. But these new miners come from other parts of 4chan, and not just 4chan but the shittier, current version of it that's much worse than back when LC was made. A concerning amount of these new posters come from /r9k/ and similar places.

Anonymous 233271

ah i see, thank you for explaining!

Anonymous 233272

I still think neither "cerbmin" nor "shaymin" are real but just the same old idiot admin rebranding.

Anonymous 233273

Yes but I'd say we mostly aged out of scrotal behaviors as board culture developed on lolcow.

Anonymous 233274

i want a friend like that

Anonymous 233276

I'm not sure how things are now (it seems to have calmed down a bit, it seems?) but I had to migrate from CC to LC because men occupied this place since last year.

The first one is me kek

Anonymous 233277

>text me when you get home
Kek that's so cute. I can relate, I don't usually show affection unless I'm literally in love with you, but I'll be worried sick about everyone's safety. I really don't think that's autism though.

Anonymous 233278

Aren't yous tired of the same damn shitflinging literally every week? Feels like Groundhog Day browsing /ot/

Anonymous 233279



Anonymous 233280

>but I had to migrate from CC to LC because men occupied this place since last year.
Yeah, I took a hiatus from coming here for a while because it got too infested

Anonymous 233281

I would die for her

Anonymous 233282

no rancefags allowed

Anonymous 233283

Would you ever make a rance themed ita bag?

Anonymous 233284

NTA and tinfoil but I think there's a possibility that Cerbmin is just Shaymin who rebranded when she and her team figured out how to fix /m/.

But if it were the same admin, I think at least one member of the staff would've said something or exposed them already, unless
>they're all close friends with each other and are in on it
>the other staff monitor all the new posts 24/7 and delete all posts exposing the truth as soon as they're posted
>they have a filter to prevent anyone from making posts about it

Anonymous 233285

i made one single sperg post and got accused of being a topic chan just because someone had posted about the same topic in the last thread. it was the vent thread too, so i'm honestly impressed (in a bad way). sometimes multiple iterations of the vent thread go by in between times when i read it and i am on the farm every single day! camping in a fast thread trying to match posts by topic to out anons seems like a lot of work.

Anonymous 233286

There is only one RANCEFAG and it's ME. I'm the only TRUE and HONEST Rancefag. I am currently shidding my pants over LC being down rn

Totally! He's a relatively obscure character tho so it'd be hard. And i'd gladly carry it around in public too

Anonymous 233287

rancefags are allowed

Anonymous 233288

I'd say the first two are very likely tbh

Anonymous 233289


I had an autistic shitpost idea and typed lolcow in the browser before I remembered
This is bullshit

Anonymous 233290

I used to be a CC regular and couldn't stand LC culture at first. Now I cannot stand CC pickmes/moids kek

Anonymous 233291

i stopped using .farm or any imageboard in 2017 but i heard about .cafe coming into existence from scrotes, so they've always been here. but i think the difference is the majority of scrotes posting is now zoomers instead of millennials which is why the retardation levels are so high.

Anonymous 233292

wasn't the cafe originally intended that the non-cow discussions move here and the farm stays focused on the cows?

Anonymous 233293

someone can try out this theory in the tinfoil thread when it is back up

Anonymous 233294

confession: i voted twice to ban shota/loli discussion when i realized my phone has a different ip from my laptop

Anonymous 233295

me too anon

Anonymous 233296

You'd only get weeb scrote attention though because they're porn addicts

Anonymous 233298

Kek i love it

Also isn't cerbius a pokemon?How retarded is shatmin?

Anonymous 233299

Lc down, moid farms down (kf)…
I just want to laugh at cows

Anonymous 233300

I don't think so? Unless it refers to Celebi.

Anonymous 233301

lolcor (1).png

Same, n0nnie.

Anonymous 233302

No, it was meant to be like Cerberus the three headed dog, since there supposedly are three admins now, but it just makes it sound like it's one person with her two sockpuppets kek

Anonymous 233303

Most people don't know what Rance is… Especially where i live, where it's full of normalfags.

Anonymous 233304

i am on lcf all the time but never post. i only post in cc bunker threads. but i mostly read old threads on lcf so it’s not like i could post if i wanted to. (why am i like this)

Anonymous 233305

>Rancefag is here
Alright. Other husbandofags, show yourselves. Let's get this party truly started.

Anonymous 233306


any scoutnonas here? i was replying to one before the site went down. i really hope it doesn't triple post like the last time

Anonymous 233307

also "shaymin" came from the "previous" admin being a shaynafag

Anonymous 233308

you simply have a lurker's disposition

Anonymous 233309

Me too lmao but even though I haven't seen them admit it I'm pretty sure shotafags/moids posted multiple times too. Hard to imagine over 50(?) actual farmers voting to allow NSFW shota porn if it's unrelated to milk.

Anonymous 233310

any word on why moid farms are down? i don’t have/want telegram

Anonymous 233311

>i really hope it doesn't triple post like the last time
god, i truly hate that bug. how come it still hasn't been fixed?

Anonymous 233312

I thought it was pretty obvious it was a reference to Cerberus… Because y'know, multiple admins

Anonymous 233313

It is utterly unfair that i cannot post about fucking my husbando in the lolcors

Anonymous 233314

Ddos the past several days iirc from Liz fong whoever.

Anonymous 233315

same i voted twice to ban it all together

Anonymous 233316

i read in meta that a tranny was recruiting votes on twitter to not ban it

Anonymous 233317

accurate. i always wish i knew the lurker ratio. but i really want to know how many archive friends are out there (was just reading 5 year old onion threads)

Anonymous 233318

Imo trannies definitely took part and unfortunately I wouldn't be surprised if some aidens who lurk the site wanted the loli/shota as well. A lot of them have normalized loli after falling for the lie that it's good for csa trauma and the others are obsessed with larping as young boys and read lots of shota

Anonymous 233319

I've been wanting to ask this on lc but didn't want admins to check my device kek.
I read on one of the previous bunker threads here, that websites can know a shitton about you, your location, device, user agent, even operating system settings through cookies and other methods.

I want to know how much the admin/mods can truly see. Can they actually know your device name/MAC address/device model, etc., or can they only identify posters through cookies? I've read the Kiki page but I don't recall seeing anything about device information, only cookie sets and IP.

Anonymous 233320


Shota was never a big deal to begin with. Hardly anyone even shotaspergs on LC. How about they fix their godawful image hosting service and add new banners instead of doing retarded shit like ban people for virtually no reason.

It's fucking scary. I 100% think there's a tranny psyop trying to shut down any single site that is majorly against them, dare i say it, "1984"

It's one person, if it isn't obvious.

Genuinely FUCK lc jannies, they're the worst, and the admins. So fucking sensitive over some bullshit and won't fix their site

Anonymous 233321

Witch Mini Mansion…

I'm making a TS4 build for my husbando and a not so berry first gen house but this shit is so hard cause I suck at building. I'm definitely a CAS player

Anonymous 233322

It looks gorgeous!!

Anonymous 233323

Samefag I also wonder if they have to really take an interest in a particular poster to dig deeper and rarely look into device info. And if they see your device info, whether they can search for all posts made from that device or if they have to check one by one.

Anonymous 233325

i assume anyone who wants to be a janny mostly wants to snoop tbh

Anonymous 233326

>want to look up who that is
>can’t bc kf down
>don’t know if troon, historical gamergate figure or twitter scold

Anonymous 233327

Oh, that's not mine! It's a rando sims 4 build kek

Anonymous 233328

oh fucking hell, this makes me even more paranoid now that i know others think this too

Anonymous 233329

They act SOOO fucking weird about adding new banners I actually think they don't know how and it's just a front.

Anonymous 233331

It's the other way around, and he boasted about hating shotafags.

Anonymous 233332

You're right but some fujos and pornbrained women (such as Rancefag) will deny it

Anonymous 233333

Lolcow staff do seem to have a record of powertripping if older /meta/ threads are correct but somehow got glossed over, probably also with all the twitter/tiktok newfags swarming in.

Anonymous 233334

I hate porn

Anonymous 233335

Shocked cat.jpg

My e-file is finally breaking down and I can't purchase a new one right now. I was literally thinking how it was gonna break soon and I should buy a new one before it does.

Anonymous 233336

i also want to know what happened with them blocking VPN access initially. seems to work with VPN now but i wondered what the convo was

Anonymous 233337

I have been banned like ten times in the last 4 months for really dumb reasons. Though at least one was reversed after someone else complained about my ban. Prior to returning this year after long hiatus I had never been banned, despite jumping in to already developed arguments

Anonymous 233338

Oldmin was extremely schizo and vindictive constantly lashing out at people she even suspected of being against her. In a way I sympathize since the site is constantly under fire from trannies but also she was way too gung ho about it and alienated me and many others

Anonymous 233339

LMAO. One time i got banned for being a "male" (IM NOT) because i posted an age old copypasta that mentioned ejaculating

Anonymous 233340

that definitely sounds like the reason, we haven't had a banner update in forever and it really doesn't seem all that hard to do

Anonymous 233341

I already use websites like whatismyipaddress to see what kind of information can usually be seen, but I'm truly worried about them being able to see more than just that, because one farmhand once said "we have your device dumbass" or something like that.

If that troon spams CP to get the site taken down (allegedly) it wouldn't be strange for him to spam vote to allow shota porn for the same reason (apparently shota/loli is illegal in many places and even in the US, didn't 4chan delete its loli board for that reason too?)

Anonymous 233342

Im pretty sure admins said they would just add it to the new site instead of making huge interface changes to the current one when we have to move anyway

Anonymous 233343

I don't. Even with the trannies you would have to be a very thickskinned person to handle the administration of such a site and she obviously wasn't. No one made her do it yet she acted like it was such martyrdom.

Anonymous 233344


>For over two months, the male penguin rests the egg on his feet and covers it with a fold of warm skin.
Cute…. CUTE! This single handedly makes me want to write a fic or make a doujin about Dedede caring for his and Kirby's egg (Kirby laid it.) Also, regarding the shota/loli thing. I voted against it. I feel it shouldn't be allowed to be posted on here unless it's milk related. Or at the very least, spoil such content. I already have to deal with cunnyfags on 4chan or literally anywhere else anime adjacent. If you gotta post about that sort of stuff, just take it to one of those places. It's not that hard. There's 4chan and fujochan for shota and loli respectively. I think a lot of people who're for the allowing of sorts of things kind of have to realize the userbase that they share it with and understand that shota and loli are niches that aren't exactly well received for obvious reasons, this isn't like the admins are forming contention over something like the discussion of (nsfw/non-nsfw) anime boys with glasses and black hair.

Anonymous 233345

the queen has arrived

Anonymous 233346


I'm convinced it's mostly men/trannies malding about women liking shota, same way they despise fujoshi, husbandofags and pretty much any occasion where a woman doesn't want to date/live with/procreate with them, polish their cocks, validate whatever they're doing and have their children. "Shota" was never a problem on LC, and some of the posts "against" it sounded like offsite weirdos. What they don't understand is that all sorts of women will continue liking whatever the fuck they want, even if it's weird, no matter how much they try to suppress it.
Anyway, yeah, it is suspicious that all the gossip sites that don't coddle trannies are mysteriously down.

Anonymous 233347


Anonymous 233348

iirc the sites source code got mangled pretty badly by a previous admin (the original one) and each admin had less and less knowledge of it because the knowledge didn't get passed down in detail. There's no point now in doing these changes and admins should focus entirely on moving lc over to new board software which I think is what they're doing anyway

Anonymous 233349

New site? Wtf did i miss?

Fucking kek, you're inspiring me to post my deranged hornyposting

Anonymous 233350

Sometimes I use ProtonVPN to post on lc. I've been doing so for months. No problems at all except the high amount of free IPs that have been banned for moids/trannies using them in the past.

Anonymous 233351

>making huge interface changes
well for the time being until nucow, why would a small update in banners be so hard to implement? adding some new banners really doesn't sound like that it'd be that taxing nor is it that huge of a change in the UI.

Anonymous 233352


No. The KING has arrived. Dedede, that is. I'm referring to him.

Anonymous 233353

No way, banners are the easiest thing to update on websites. It's not that.

Anonymous 233354

Aside from a couple of baiting weirdos there was hardly any shota posted. This whole poll and debate felt like a red herring if anything. Anyone who still blindly trusts the lolcow staff must be either an absolute newfag or an absolute retard. Or both.

Anonymous 233355

can't wait for the farmhands to show up at my house to beat my ass because i forgot to sage

Anonymous 233356

I don't sympathize with her because at a certain point, she literally banned radfems and anti-tranny posts. We had tranny jannies and she was simping hard for them/mad that we didn't share her opinion, there is no doubt in my mind about it.

Anonymous 233357

they're going to move it to a new board software. you can read about it in /meta/. it will be in beta use before fully moved over

Anonymous 233358

Annoying shotafags have always been despised outside of the fujo thread (don't know about that because I don't use that general). They have also been banned many times before for even calling anime little boys hot or saying they like shota. They have always been disliked, it doesn't matter if they have "never been a problem" just because they haven't spammed their shit (and there has been shota spam a few times, it just has been deleted)

Anonymous 233359

I agree I felt like it came out of nowhere

Anonymous 233360

Shut up rancefag like seriously

Anonymous 233362

But it wouldn't make sense to change the look of the site at all unless it was necessary when the current lolcow site is on it's last legs. There's so much that's actually wrong with the site right now, it wouldn't even make sense to make banners a priority of all things.

Anonymous 233363


It is COMPLETE and ABSOLUTE bullshit i get banned whenever i post about my wittle bwaby boo Rance on LC. Here is a pic of him getting his dick sucked by another male character i haven't really talked about yet tho. I always fantasize about Rance, in a separate continuity being forced to take dick and slowly but surely ends up becoming mindbroken, accepting he was meant to be a cocksleeve for other men. Him getting raped by men is SO DAMN SEXY, thinking about a slutty Rance who is a whore who DOMINATES women, he's a WHORE who gets dominated by MEN. As it fucking should be, i'm so mad there's no Rance yaoi spinoff! I think it'd be perfect, personally.

Anonymous 233364

Can you guys please shut the fuck up about shota already. The poll is over, the decision was already made. Even if it wasn't a problem before it definitely is now cause you tardos won't quit sperging about it.

Anonymous 233365

Oh shit i'm sorry king Dedede. Honestly seeing your kirbposting has made me want to get into the games, the designs are so cute.

Anonymous 233366

Instead of bringing so much more attention to it they should've just started banning anyone who baited about shota

Anonymous 233367

It's because you're lying, you always post about how you want him to fuck your ass and rape you, also what kind of husbandofag wants their husbando railed by other men? Face it, you don't fit in with yumejos.

Anonymous 233368

>Even if it wasn't a problem before it definitely is now cause you tardos won't quit sperging about it.
lol that was exactly the point of the poll if you haven't figured it out already. Red herring.

Anonymous 233369

there was mentions of adding CAPTCHA to the new site, right? i really hope it's not true, i hate it and know i'll find it annoying quickly

Anonymous 233370


I'm kinda starting to dig him ngl

Anonymous 233371


>taking bait
>gatekeeping husbandofaggotry

Anonymous 233372

You realize i can be both, right retard? Yumejoshi and fujoshi overlap way more than you think and the entire bloods vs crips shenanigans that started between them was by one or two schizos on lolcow. I do want him to FUCK MY ASS and RAPE ME. And i specified in a separate continuity that i want him to be raped by other men and become a cockwhore. I was a fujo before i was ever a yume so no shit i'm gonna be a yaoi lover

Anonymous 233373

I'm just explaining why they banned you

Anonymous 233374


hi s

Anonymous 233375

God, why do all imageboards do this shit?

Anonymous 233376

yea i came from moidcelfreak sites. yes im damaged

Anonymous 233377

Yes and that's why they banned you so stop mentioning it 24/7 like you've been spurned. Also you keep mentioning him in every thread, becoming an avatarfag. Nobody likes avatarfagging.

Anonymous 233378

because they are easy targets for spam and raids otherwise

Anonymous 233379

not her lol you're just as retarded as the rancetard for replying to her instead of ignoring her and not giving the attention she obviously craves and baits for so hard

Anonymous 233380


This is a common misconception, and I'm not surprised. You see, I would in fact tenderly love Kirby. Kirby is soft, cute, has blush marks that radiate a sense of warmth and so on. Kirby is friendly, kind, and gentle. He's perfect boyfriend material. I WOULD Kirby. Same goes for Dedede and Meta Knight. I hate self-inserting, it makes me want to gouge my eyes out when I see it with my favorites. I ship King Dedede, Kirby and Dedede interchangeably but I also love them a lot, similar to how a fan love their idol. Here's a helpful chart to understand my feelings of self inserting.

Anonymous 233381

I'm leaving lolcow when nucow comes because of this. There's no way I'm jumping through hoops just to shitpost.

Anonymous 233382

Not baiting, just unapologetic about my "interests".

For liking yaoi?

I don't really, most of those posts weren't even made by him. Plus i post regularly and normally. I'm gonna avatarfag in the bunkerthread, several s already did and i don't see an issue with it as long as it's in the containment zone

Anonymous 233383


refreshing status.lolcow.farm obsessively

Anonymous 233384

Sure Jan

Anonymous 233385

samefag but I also treat Kirby's sex as if it were an on and off switch for a scenario at play. Kirby is male if I want him to be. Kirby is female if she needs to be. I have my preferences, but I'm insistent on neither. Kirby's gender is canonically unknown. Before you say otherwise, I have citations and proof.
>In the 20th Anniversary Book (https://e-hentai.org/s/ec61d8ef1a/1258915-16) Kirby's gender is listed as "不明" or "Unknown"
>In the Kirby twitter promotion tweets, Kirby is shown to be apart of both making sweets for Valentines Day and White Day.
>On a official Smash Bros fan questionnaire website with Sakurai writing for it (https://www.nintendo.co.jp/n01/n64/software/nus_p_nalj/smash/PostReturn117.html) a fan going by the name of E.N.K さん asks for Sakurai to give a profile of Kirby.
The following is given;
Name. Kirby
Gender: Unknown
Favorite Quote: Tomorrow is another day/Tomorrow will take care of itsself. (Literal: Tomorrow's wind will blow tomorrow.)
Things you wish you could do, but can't do: Pushups, The Cossack Dance, and Rock Paper Scissors.
>Makiko Ohmoto has stated in a tweet (https://twitter.com/Makiko_Ohmoto/status/1214819520918872065) that "カービィの性別は不明です" in English being, "Kirby's Gender is unknown.

Anonymous 233386


hello fellow sufferer

Anonymous 233387

does it actually prevent many raids? i feel like it wouldn't make much of a difference for determined moids

Anonymous 233388

This is really pathetic. All of you are weirdo women sexualizing fictional characters, and it's perfectly fine.

Anonymous 233389

It's why she got banned from the thread, I wasn't the one who did it. And then she got banned on the whole site for posting her pussy several times, even when asked to stop. Who does that?

Anonymous 233391

Exactly. Creating a problem from nothing, then blaming the users from that same problem to distract from other things.
>omg stop talking about it it's over
Why? If the decision has already been reached, we still have the right to discuss it and how sus it is lol. Go back to Lolcow if that bothers you. Oh, wait…

Anonymous 233392

Is this the Rancefag everyone is talking about? It's just Blaine, you can't convince me this isn't a Blaine post. Go die

Anonymous 233393

That reminds me, I commissioned my friend to make art of Rance in rope bondage, him in a nurse outfit with a cock bulge under his girly underwear, and him naked with a dog collar on. WOAH! God is judge.

Anonymous 233394

NTA but you definetly should get into Kirby, the games are like a injection of glitter and serotonin, they kept me sane during my worst times.

Anonymous 233395

Lmao wtf. I am not a tranny

Anonymous 233397

No1curr. There are plenty of sites other than lolcow where you can post loli and shota. You're not being targeted just because one site banned it.

Anonymous 233398

I think the rance wk is blaine

Anonymous 233399

NTA but you obviously care a lot. Rig as many polls as you want, you'll never get everyone to agree with your personal opinion

Anonymous 233400


ILY nona

Anonymous 233401

Samefag but I guess if admins/mods could see your device name or things like that, we would see/experience way many more bans based on that, and spamming troons would possibly be banned just on device alone.

Also lmao why do they call it "device information" if it's actually just user agent and OS? Spooked the fuck outta me

See this is what I like about Kirbyfag, at least she seldom posts about her borderline zoophilic fetishes and never posts porny shit on lc. Usually the weirdest sexual thing she posts is calling Kirby characters "erotic" (USUALLY). We know she's autistic and she knows it herself and acknowledges that her fetishes can make people uncomfortable. She also doesn't cause huge infights over it or acts defensive.

Shotafags always post pictures of little anime boys, either alone or in a suggestive pose with an older male, and talk about how based shota rape is, how based older man x little boy incest ships are, or how much more based it is to lust after "young" (child, not even high schooler) anime boys instead of adult and masculine anime men. You can't deny this happens because practically every post they make is like this.

Anonymous 233402

>>it's another "male tries to trick the femoid into posting nudes (again)" episode
How did you get that from my post? I don't even know who or what Rancefag is exept from the posts in this thread of him saying he wants to get ass raped or whatever

Anonymous 233403

I care because anons keep shitting up threads with this shit.
Nice try, but no.

Anonymous 233404

Honestly good point, why the ass of all things? Sounds gay.

Anonymous 233405

I hate shota too but it's not like the site was rife with it before or like lolcow doesn't have many other bigger problems to look into first but that will never happen when staff can bait the ~~N0NnIeZ~~ into infighting so they do not question shit.

Anonymous 233406

I hang out a lot in the fujo generals and that genuinely isn't a thing. Idk why you'd make this up, but whatever.

Anonymous 233407

Could you recommend a game to start with? I've only played Super Star.

Anonymous 233408


Quick reminder that anyone posting FUD and infighting is probably a tranny

This isn't new and it's not malicious. All websites can see your IP address and user agent, unless you use a VPN and a user agent spoofer. IP can reveal your location and user agent will show what browser and what OS you are using. Changing IP address without deleting cookies will link two IPs to the same user.

Anonymous 233409

There is so much information readily available that proves i am not a male but ok

Anonymous 233410

What threads? This single one in the bunker? No one was talking about it on LC, just keep scrolling.
>Nice try, but no
Nice try, but people literally admitted to voting multiple times. It's banned, and we're allowed to talk about moderation choices on CC, get over it.

Anonymous 233411

wtf is fud?

Anonymous 233412

You didn't explain shit lol

Anonymous 233413

Fungal Urinary Disorder. It's what Shayna has

Anonymous 233414


idk how long's this going to last so have a temp bunker board

don't share any of the other links (doodle/moovie), feel free to repost this one though with a screenshot of doodles

Anonymous 233415

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

Anonymous 233416

I didn't say the site was rife with it or that there aren't bigger problems.
>No one was talking about it on LC
This is a blatant lie. Were you not browsing lolcow after the poll was put up or after the result was announced?
>people literally admitted to voting multiple times
I did not vote multiple times.

Anonymous 233417

Nta but it could prevent bot spamming, which would prevent a lot of the shitty CP posts and links.

Anonymous 233418


God I wish he'd oiled up his tits for the finale. Maybe this is why he didn't win.

Anonymous 233419

>Someone posts about wanting to be a housewife
Lc anons: You fucking tranny faggot!! 41% yourself degenerate!
>Someone posts about wanting some anime character to rape their asshole
Lc anons: Mhmm just a strange autistic lady guys, nothing scrotey here

Anonymous 233420

I saw several of you, don't remember if in the current thread or a previous one, positively discussing a manga where an adult guy and his little brother (I think they were related?) are in a relationship. And yes the little brother was a child. Don't fucking lie lmao

Anonymous 233421

>This is a blatant lie. Were you not browsing lolcow after the poll was put up or after the result was announced?
So, you're annoyed that people were discussing site decisions and features in /meta/, the board specifically for that? I genuinely don't get what your problem is.
>I did not vote multiple times.

Anonymous 233422

Lmao people always accuse me of being a tranny despite clear and obvious evidence i'm not one. Being an actual housewife outside of fantasy is 100% trannyshit tho. I would be Rance's housewife too but the difference is he's pixels on a screen, thus can't do anything

Anonymous 233424

I'm not going to go looking I don't hang out on /m/ or wherever it is husbandofags post, and if the "proof" is nude photos someone mentioned I don't need to see that and they can easily be faked anyway so it's not proof of anything.

Anonymous 233425

ugh he's so hot he really needs to oil up his tits more. one of his songs is about him always wanting to take his shirt off and i salute him for it. great song too, wish he's make more punk-ish style songs

Anonymous 233426

The shota stuff was being discussed all over the site in multiple different boards. I feel like you're being dense on purpose.

Anonymous 233427


YOU SHOULD. Kirby is one of those franchise where every game is good. There's spin-offs that different genres and most of them (besides switch games) are able to be emulated! If you want a test try, you should try emulating Kirby Super Star. KSS is the ultimate entry level game for newbies to get a feel for the series and its aesthetics. If you want something more slower and comfier, try Kirby's Dreamland 3. Something even more slower and comfier? Kirby 64 (Though I hate this game near the end because it has that scene). Something EVEN MORE slower and comfier, even perfect for small toddlers? Kirby's Epic Yarn. If you want to try something a little more difficult and like racers, try Kirby's Air Ride? Want Air Ride but more colorful? Dream Buffet. Love Metroidvanias? Amazing Mirror! In the mood for something completely different? Try Dream Course or Mass Attack. Hate 2d/2.5d? Forgotten Land and Blowout Blast. Love Puyo Puyo? Star Stacker and Kirby's Avalanche. ANON, THE OPTIONS ARE LIMITLESS!!! For someone who wants a baseline of the game's main stories and characters? Play the games in this order
>Kirby Superstar
>Kirby Super Star Ultra (For Revenge of the King)
>Return to Dreamland
>Tripple Deluxe
>Star Allies
Some quick and easy pick up and put down games would be
>Super Star/ Super Star Ultra
>Mass Attack
>Air Ride
>Dream Buffet
>Dream Course
>Star Stacker
>Amazing Mirror
>Epic Yarn

Anonymous 233428

Then why not address the bigger problems first and make a mountain out of a molehill instead?

Anonymous 233430

I'm in multiple female only servers you retard, plus trannies HATE ME. Trannies DESPISE ME.

Anonymous 233431

He's 5'4 lol but I kiiiiiiiiiiiinda get it. Almost. Based Rammstein fan too.

Anonymous 233432

Can't you just share these thoughts with your therapist and not post all over the place.

Anonymous 233433

That's a fair trade-off, definitely would take captcha over CP any day. Fucking hate moids, we can't have anything nice, ever.

Anonymous 233435

Are you fucking retards seriously going to make me defend rancefag in the bunker thread?

Anonymous 233436

Oh yeah you're definitely Blaine, can't fool me faggot

Anonymous 233438


Nobody's making you do anything, you just choose to be retarded.

Anonymous 233439

It was announced sitewide, that's not the same thing as multiple threads being "shit up", and it stopped after the poll was over IIRC.

Anonymous 233441

Discussed and argued about, not announced.

Anonymous 233442

"Hi dr, i've been meaning to discuss how i have a rape fetish and want to be raped by a fictional one in great detail"

What would that do? Plus i only see her once every 2 weeks

Anonymous 233443

I need to convince my e-bf to become my house husband. It's only a matter of time before the dream is realized.

Anonymous 233444


Anonymous 233445


>I saw several of you
Stopped reading here bc it's an XY mindset to think "everyone who disagrees with me must be part of whatever group I'm talking about". Literally only males and trannies do this whenever they're questioned because they are a hivemind, 41% already.

Anonymous 233446

Not Rancefag but she's a woman, get over it. We were literally discussing women who post on CC regularly earlier. There's plenty of them who unfortunately may be mentally ill (apparently Rancefag is) and have spent so much time on scrotey online spaces that they have absolute scrote taste (Rancefag liking moid wish fulfillment hentai rape games), abysmal self-esteem and extreme fetishes.

Instead of calling her a tranny moid why don't you just report her wherever she announces herself on lc and deny her the attention she wants?

Anonymous 233447

forgot about that filter, *n0nn1es

Anonymous 233448


>borderline zoophilic fetishes
Okay. No offense, but zoophilic would imply I want to fuck feral animals. I do not. Also, I don't know where you and several other Anons get this from but I'm not autistic, I don't have a diagnosis and I don't have any traits. If anything, I was chronically depressed for a bit but that's where it ends.

Anonymous 233449


He is literally so ugly but I need him to eat me out in the sauna so bad.

Anonymous 233450

My retardation is just a natural reaction to your retardation.

Anonymous 233451

He has four other egfs

Anonymous 233452

what's the difference between a housewife and a married NEET who does housework
asking for myself

Anonymous 233453

>Changing IP address without deleting cookies will link two IPs to the same user.
what if you're in incognito mode?

Anonymous 233454

>Not Rancefag but she's a woman
There's no proof, nudes can be stolen from anywhere online and it types and posts exactly like Blaine. You're retarded

Anonymous 233455

all housewives are NEETs

Anonymous 233456

I think so too

Anonymous 233457


Bitch wtf. I don't even use kf, want me to post a pic of my pussy right now?

Anonymous 233458

It autodeletes cookies when closing the browser.

Anonymous 233459

I presume it's more mentally draining than being a NEET

Anonymous 233460


Anonymous 233461

Nta but no.

Anonymous 233462

No I don't want to see a photo of a pussy you found online, and get more therapy than once every 2 weeks

Anonymous 233463

Not sure if you're there same anon but you said it literally never happens and I mentioned an actual instance of it that you can go and verify. When I said "several of you" I meant fujos in general, not literally you and all the others, because we're talking about the fujo thread, I did not mean that every single fujo gets off to pedo fantasies. You could stop being disingenuous and admit shotafags do this or keep coping and pretending it's not a thing.

Another one I saw was a shotafag in like the Fujo cringe thread or something (forgot exactly what thread), talking about how gross it is to like adult 2D men and how much better it is to like prepubescent boys for several retarded pedo reasons. They're so fucking obnoxious whenever they post and that's why I hate them.

Anonymous 233464

oh that sucks because the conversation was just about to be really interesting. NOT.

Anonymous 233465

Then they should just have banned those handful of weirdos as bait/infight and move on, no point for the poll and all this brouhaha. Unless there's something bigger that could be hidden by this…

Anonymous 233466



Anonymous 233467

Alright I'm sorry for calling you autistic, it was more of a synonym for "very weird".
But you gotta admit that thinking animal behavior is sexually arousing borders on zoophilic.

Anonymous 233468

This exactly

Anonymous 233469

Actually all married NEETS who do housework are housewives, but a housewife can work and/or study from home.

>this isn't new and it's not malicious
>they can only see your UA and IP guys I swear, using incognito is enough
t. mod

Anonymous 233470

please don't crush me like this nona. i'm hanging on by a loony thread of love.

Anonymous 233471

>what Rance is
he's really just a dildo to you

Anonymous 233474

Think she meant the game, n0nny

Anonymous 233475

all men are deglorified dildos

Anonymous 233496

Dawg I’m talking abt the game lmao

Based and true

Anonymous 233504

I'm pretty sure that one of the "numins" is Shaymin. Tbh if she has other people who want to actually work the site and get it in good direction and help her Idc. As long as I see progress

Anonymous 233520

>other people
>who want to actually work the site
>get it in good direction
Anon, did you know that the word "gullible" is written on every ceiling in every room in the world, even the one that you posted this from? It's true, just look up!

Anonymous 253254

It's not working for me…

Anonymous 253255

Me neither

Anonymous 253256

At least we have each other, anon.

Anonymous 253257

hello error 522 my old friend…

Anonymous 253258

Now we wait for the rest to arrive.

Anonymous 253259

I have arrived

Anonymous 253261


I was trying to sleep but I had a scary dream so I tried to check lolcor but it was down.

Anonymous 253262

Screen Shot 2023-0…


Anonymous 253263


Anonymous 253265

I closed 100+ tabs for nothing

Anonymous 253266

Where my bunker s at, and what are you all doing? I'm eating a fudgsicle and watching Supernatural

Anonymous 253268

Don't forget about Sharp Objects episodes 5&6 tonight s

Anonymous 253271

farmers try not to post the forbidden tumblrfag word on crystal dot cafe challenge

Anonymous 253272

𝘕𝘰𝘯𝘯𝘪𝘦𝘴, 𝘯𝘰𝘯𝘯𝘪𝘦𝘴, 𝘯𝘰𝘯𝘯𝘪𝘦𝘴, 𝘯𝘰𝘯𝘯𝘪𝘦𝘴, 𝘯𝘰𝘯𝘯𝘪𝘦𝘴.

Anonymous 253273

I'll take red text shame over actual censoring any day nonitacitabonita

Anonymous 253276

it's pretty much the only thing cc does right compared to lc fr on god

Anonymous 253277


Legit censorship? Oh hell yeah baby that's a point for you, that's a dollar in your back pocket. On God no cap frfr

Anonymous 253279


What's your favorite kind of egg, ?

Anonymous 253281


Too lazy for egg

Anonymous 253282


Anonymous 253283

the absolute censorship of a tumblrfag word getting filtered out… you can survive without typing it i promise

Anonymous 253284

This is so helpful thank you anon

Anonymous 253285


WOW nona, why are you so mad at me? I'm just being cheeky, JEEZ like GOSH

Anonymous 253287

So does anyone know what happened? Or when lolcow will be back?

Anonymous 253288

Omg I got scared cc was down too. Hi guys

Anonymous 253289

I'm infected with a virus now, god I feel like absolute shit, can't eat anything without feeling sluggish and bloated, plus dizzy. Can't this shit end faster? Ugh

Anonymous 253290



Anonymous 253291

Anonymous 253292

Its funny seeing lolcow rats scurry to crystal cafe

Anonymous 253293


You can check status.lolcow.farm

Anonymous 253294

i'm addicted to 90s boybands right now. also farmers shouldn't have been mean to our kpopsisters they were way nicer to me than any on lcf despite my annoying newfaggotry they even showed me the ropes nicely…

Anonymous 253295


why lolcor down?

Anonymous 253296

Jokes on you I go on both sites Now what….

Anonymous 253297

S. I missed you all. I got worried.

Anonymous 253298


Rats are cool

Anonymous 253299


Kekkk good to see you again nona

Anonymous 253300

I’m eating freezer burnt waffles

Anonymous 253301

Anon, I was with you. Hiii. They were nice, yes, and some acted catty, but I can understand why and I'm already used to it so it didn't bother me much.

Anonymous 253302


Anonymous 253303

This is all storm Nigel’s fault

Anonymous 253304

You were there too?!

Anonymous 253305


God fucking damn it

Anonymous 253306


omg this is so embarrassing i didn't think anyone would remember kek hey nonners

Anonymous 253307

Anonymous 253308


hi miners thank you for always being here when we need it. how is everyone

Anonymous 253309

Restless nona

Anonymous 253310

aaaaaaa let me back into my silly website aaaaaaaa

Anonymous 253311


Anonymous 253312

I am going to have to agree.

Anonymous 253313


Remember, we have status.lolcow.farm

Anonymous 253315

Fuck, I this morning I just saw the bg3 thread on /m/. I wanted to chat with s about it

Anonymous 253316

just found out people used to try to treat hemorrhoids with leeches on the bumhole. what a world

Anonymous 253318

You s dont be mentioning hkc on lc or you're going to start a bunch of shit and we don't need it, none of us need it

Anonymous 253319


Fuck this gay earth. I need her back.

Anonymous 253320

okay i promise i won't

Anonymous 253321

*𝘯𝘰𝘯𝘯𝘪𝘦𝘴, 𝘯𝘰𝘯𝘯𝘪𝘦𝘴, 𝘯𝘰𝘯𝘯𝘪𝘦𝘴, 𝘯𝘰𝘯𝘯𝘪𝘦𝘴

Anonymous 253323

I don’t like cc it’s so slow the only time it moves fast is when Lolcow is down kek I do like that shota is allowed tho

Anonymous 253324

Annihilation (2018…

Started my period earlier this morning.

Anonymous 253325

thats kinda fucked…

Anonymous 253326

I'm so sorry

Anonymous 253327


You'll always disgust me you can't run from your shame no matter where you go I will be there to tell you how diseased you are

Anonymous 253328

ty anon ily

Anonymous 253329


Anonymous 253330

sunny side up fried or poached with some wilted spinach

Anonymous 253331

elsie x cece masterrace. elsie/2x shippers eat shit

Anonymous 253332

ew furry

Anonymous 253333

Controversial and brave

Anonymous 253335


Anonymous 253336

What happened to lolcow? I went to see the female pov ans husbando threads only to find lolcow down then I came to CC and it was down too… I thought trannies had got all female boards gone kekk

Anonymous 253337

No that would make her a scalie.

Anonymous 253338

um ackshully elsie would be a SCALY

Anonymous 253339

whatever animalfucker adjacent

Anonymous 253340

but nonners how are you posting to cc if it's down

Anonymous 253341


Check status.lolcow.farm

Anonymous 253342


Anonymous 253343


I’m craving maccas fries but it’s too late to go get any…

Anonymous 253345


Lazslo, Nandor, Colin (not nadja she is obviously marry)
Marry nandor
Fuck Colin
Kill laszlo

Anonymous 253346

I hope you have sweet dreams of them nona

Anonymous 253347

lcf is back

Anonymous 253348

Stop getting my hopes up!

Anonymous 253349


it is for me anon ! check again

Anonymous 253350


Thank you for the update! I can finally live in peace again.

Anonymous 253352

I checked to see if was back and it was

Anonymous 253353

Screenshot (23033)…

This is why I hate this gay ass site, last time I was here the text faces were allowed or at least went unbanned. Sorry I don't keep up to date with your sad sites dumbass rules but 3 days? For that? And why delete all the posts I made just for a text face fuckup? So lame, lc jannies suck but the cc jannies are like anger management rejects with a god complex and their fingers always looming over the delete button. "Banned for ban evading!!" Yeah yeah I know, I'm leaving anyway this site is so fucking gay. See you n o n n i e s back on lc but this post will be deleted anyway. Lame ass jannies ffs

Anonymous 253356

Literally me an hour ago

Anonymous 253357

cece x elsie.png

your words can never stifle their love

Anonymous 253359

I ship both.
This is amazing, anon.

Anonymous 253360

everyone's mad but you're right

Anonymous 253361

So was it an scrote ddosing cc and lolcow or what? Both got offline for a little while.


Anonymous 253362

This is a test to see if I'm banned because if you are for a smile but I'm not for posting n o n n i e in special characters I just don't get it

Anonymous 253363


The host was down for a while, I don't think it was anything malicious

Anonymous Moderator 253365

You were unbanned, I gave you another ban message to let you know it was supposed to be 30 minutes. Everyone bunkering here, please read the rules and stop breaking them, encouraging to do so, or circumventing word filters just for the sake of it.
Shota is not allowed and results in a permaban.

Anonymous 253379

why'd you delete her post history tho…

personally i don't think this required a ban at all, literally just reply to the post as any anon saying it's against the rules..

Anonymous 274928


Is LC down for anyone else? I can't access it this morning…

Anonymous 274930

It's not just you. The whole site's down.

Anonymous 274931

The timing is super weird. Is there any possible reason for it to be down right now? I feel mildly unsettled by this

Anonymous 274933

Wonder if the /pol/tards and kiwis invading have anything to do with it.

Anonymous 274934

Yeah that's what I'm worried about, I know there's been a couple outages in the past few months but the timing is strange to say the least

Anonymous 274938

RAHHHHHHHHHH I HATE MOIDS whyyy I want every 4chan and kiwi moid gone

Anonymous 274939

What were you posting about or reading on lc when it went down today

Anonymous 274940

I was writing this big ass post about Indonesian food but the site crashed as I hit post

Anonymous 274941

You caused it, anon. The mods want to censor the truth about how delicious Indonesian food is. Never stop spreading the truth.

Anonymous 274942

moids stop invading and sabotaging women's spaces challenge (impossible)

Anonymous 274945

Wanted to take a break from work and look at the Trump assassination thread because it's funny, found the site down.

Anonymous 274948

Just woke up fuck me lc is like my morning paper

Anonymous 274949

I like how once lc is down we all migrate here. Are there any other imageboards for women that are more chill? I used to visit lolcow and kiwifarms for the cows, but the milk is stale.

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