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confessions thread 2 Anonymous 63992

>>51270 previous bread

I never brush my teeth for the full 2 minutes

Anonymous 64000

You're supposed to brush for two minutes?

Anonymous 64001

Wait is this not the rule? You brush your teeth for 2 minutes?

Anonymous 64186

I long for the day I don't have to see my brother again

Anonymous 64191

I had a dream about my imaginary husband and when I woke up, I cried because he will never be real.

2D/3D scrotes will never live up to him.

Anonymous 64195

Years of headphone use has damaged my hearing, I'm struggling to sleep now because of Tinnitus.

Should post this in the vent thread, but because this is a young a new thread I am posting this as a warning that anyone reads this should be very careful. Reduce the volume on your headphones if possible and wear earplugs at loud events. Don't sabotage yourself like I did ;___;

Anonymous 64204

I so badly wanna post myself on /soc/ and fish for compliments

Anonymous 64225

Sorry about your tinnitus anon, I have it in one ear and it sucks. I sleep with a white noise machine in my room now and it helps a ton.

Adding to this, overear headphones are much better for ear health than earbuds!

Anonymous 64248

I've had the same husbando for a while now, but there's this other 2D guy who I have become somewhat attracted to. I feel like garbage. Aren't I supposed to love my husband unconditionally?

Anonymous 64257


I have bad grooming practices because i've been neglected as a child and i'm trying to properly learn how to take care of myself now that i'm an adult. I've also just now started to shave regularly but I still struggle with the "down there" part but i'll always be too ashamed to ask for advice because i'm way too old to not know this kind of stuff. I also have lots of hairs coming out from around my nipples and i wonder if i might have hormonal problems too. God i hate my life

Anonymous 64258

When I had depression back in highschool, I had trouble grooming myself as well. Don't be ashamed anon, there's nothing to worry about.

You don't have to necessarily shave down there unless you want to of course. What I do is just trim it with scissors, and if I ever go swimming, I'll use a bikini razor for the edges. Be careful down there too since razor bumps in that area are killer. If you want it completely off, (Or most of it), you're gonna have to get a waxing by professionals.

Can't exactly help you with the nipple part but /hb/ is there for a reason.

Anonymous 64297

It's totally ok if they exist in separate universes.

Anonymous 64407

Every time I hang out with my dad, I feel guilty and every time I hang out with my mom, it makes me want to smoke

Anonymous 64421

It's completely normal to have thicker hair around your nipples. You can pluck them into want, but it doesn't make a difference cleanliness-wise.

Anonymous 64423


>Be 20 years old
>Been talking to a guy online
>Start crushing on him a bit
>Find out he is over 30 years old
>Crush on him even harder

Fuck… I didn't know I had this fetish. I want this boomer to clap my zoomer ass. Why is agegap so hot anons?

Anonymous 64440

It’s hot because you’re a dumbass. He can’t talk to women his own age because they all know he’s a worthless creep and you think that’s cool.

Anyway good luck with the inevitable abuse.

Anonymous 64442

Who hurt you

Anonymous 64446

anon, that's a millennial

Anonymous 64447

Can't tell if autistically pendantic or head-in-ground ignorant.

Anonymous 64451

nta but 30 y/os are millennials fam, it's not pedantic to point this out. educate yourself

Anonymous 64452

"30 year old boomer" is a meme from a couple of years back.

Anonymous 64453

same… but I just want to tell you it kinda gets better. I have my tinnitus for 12 years now after I was at a concert at 15 and I got used to the noise. It's just weird that it'll never again be silent.

Anonymous 64463

i used to use a fake lilypichu voice

Anonymous 64467

i pretended to be trans on tumblr when i was a teenager. like i legit pretended i had a dick.

i dont know why i did it…

Anonymous 64482

I like sending compliments or nice questions anonymously to random girls I don't know. I just like making women happy! sometimes I do it to girlcows from lolcow.

Anonymous 64545

My newest hobby whenever I'm bored is looking at world maps and finding the most isolated and quiet city/town I can find and then reading up on them. I then fantasise about living there. Currently I am in love with Utqiagvik, Alaska.

Anonymous 64546

Man you should find another place because Alaska sucks. Can you imagine 6 months of night?

Anonymous 64547

I heard the stories about how bad it is in Greenland. Apparently Greenland has the highest suicide rates in the world, by a long shot. I would miss the sun, but the lil communities are cosy. It's just interesting what it would be like to live on the very very edge of the entire United States of America.

Anonymous 64548

You're thinking of Antarctica anon. The most northern cities in Alaska have 2 months' darkness at most

Anonymous 64551

My husband went there two years ago, he got stuck there for an extra day and said it was really interesting but also sucked ass to actually be there. There's a Subway there for some reason and he brought me back a t-shirt from there as a souvenir (among other things ofc)

Anonymous 64561

a 12 year old boy got close to me and picked me up and i kinda liked it god im so touchstarved

Anonymous 64811

I am 22 and I still sleep with my parents.

I haven't washed my mouth in months.

Anonymous 64818

When you say “sleep with my parents…”?

Anonymous 64820

Sleep in bed. I do not like sleeping alone, I like resting while touching or holding someone else.

Anonymous 64942

i find ted kaczynski attractive

Anonymous 64958

I don't shower every day.

Same I don't brush for the full two minutes.

Same thing happened to me.

Anonymous 64959

Is sleeping with your parents acceptable in your country? When did you first realize that it weird to do?

Anonymous 64964

Why did he pick you up?

Do your parents just not have sex anymore? What do you do when they ask you to leave them alone for night? Sleep in the bathroom?

Anonymous 64975

>Is sleeping with your parents acceptable in your country?
>When did you first realize that it weird to do?
I knew it since I was a kid, but strangers do not watch us sleep, so I do not care.

I am sure they still have sex, just not while I am home or in the bedroom, I have my own room, and I sleep there too sometimes, specially when I am feeling sick, or when I'm having period pain.

Anonymous 64983

>I don't shower every day.
That’s not weird/shameful at all. I only bathe every other day usually.

Anonymous 65028


I never brush my teeth

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