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What is your MBTI type? Anonymous 232479

What is your MBTI type? I have been lurking on this site for a while now and the question on what types you all are got me really curious. So I just thought I would ask

Anonymous 232480


Anonymous 232481

There's already an MBTI thread on /x/.

Anonymous 232503

I see people say its one of the rarest type but online I see a lot of people have it.

Anonymous 232509

INTP I never had a chance

Anonymous 232510

Every time I take the test I get a different one so I don't trust it

Anonymous 232523

ENFP. I'm the I of the Es

Anonymous 232526

I've tried this a bunch of times over like the last 5 years and I get something different everytime.

Anonymous 232527

you shouldnt its pseudoscience

Anonymous 232528

what about your cognitive functions? i took a test once and got Ti and Ni. so an even more autistic version of intp

Anonymous 232549

Selection bias. Well-adjusted people don't obsess over online personality tests. While MBTI itself is pretty dumb, people who care very much about putting everything and everyone into neat little boxes like that do share some common traits (most notably autism-adjacent ones). The most vocal ones all share the same types because only those with that kind of personality would even care in the first place.

Anonymous 232573


Anonymous 232579

You see it online all the time because the internet is a natural congregating point for those types of people. Go out onto the streets and test the masses and very few of them would INTP

Anonymous 232580

It's not rare since it's impossible to assess population's types with something that lacks credible evidence. It's all pop psych and should only be done for fun and not something you actually believe in and identify with.

Anonymous 232582

This, the people that use mbti seriously are retards who think they're smart because they classify everything into groups. They think they have the world and people figured out by comparing everything and then putting them into a corresponding box.

Anonymous 232587

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