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Lolcow.farm Hate Thread #7 Anonymous 262132

Previous thread: >>252993

Anonymous 262134

i hate lolcow.farm

Anonymous 262147

lolcow.farm sucks because they make fun of my husband Varg Vikernes

Anonymous 262149

ok pakichan

Anonymous 262150

Still don't get the point of having dumbass shit and retarded shitposting thread locked for hellweek but who cares what I think

Anonymous 262152

sick of the stupid male admin pretending to care about the site he just wants to scrape our info and IP addresses and sell it to the highest bidder

Anonymous 262193

Guys am I allowed to make a tradthot thread on this site? Gay tranny janny locked it because people were having too much fun

Anonymous 262195

>implement a bunch of banners that stray away from cows like just cutesy farm themed, cutesy n0nnie shit, terf and male criminal statistic banners
>do hellweek in which you arent supposed to report suspicious moids and act as if off-topic board users are a nuisance and they're being granted a favor by being allowed on LC
I just don't know what admins want

Anonymous 262199

I don't understand why farmhands obviously camp in meta to argue with farmers, but they don't use their tags. Not right this second, but in the past it has been so painfully obvious that one or two of them do this. They bait and fight with someone, then slap their opponent with a ban for some random post, usually a post that breaks no rules. Some anon (not me) mentioned she got a racebaiting ban for a 3-day-old post after disagreeing about something unrelated in meta; the "racebait" was just her saying that her male Muslim neighbor refuses to speak to her alone.

Anonymous 262200

It's some people desperately trying to marry rightoids and radfems and it's the most bizarre thing ever.

Anonymous 262206


they basically admit it.
yes, the raids have stopped because the men doing it to harass the old admin into selling the site to them did so.

Anonymous 262207

to make the site more comfortable for men

Anonymous 262220

cc wasn’t made by a farmer it was made by someone from infinitychan

Anonymous 262223

Im so tired of this Reddit-ass moderation style

Anonymous 262232

With how much they hate feminism, you'd think they would avoid us. Just goes to show that men are always full of shit

Anonymous 262235

Am I the only one who thinks it's weird to complain about 'picspam' in an imageboard?

Anonymous 262237

yeah no clue why they want to change /m/. husbando fags are too cringe for the admoid

Anonymous 262245

They just hate troons more.

Anonymous 262248

Why don't they just run a forum? They clearly hate the imageboard style a forum would allow them the nitpicky moderation they crave.
Also, when did they start getting fucking retarded about every post needing to be saged? It didn't used to be like this. Can this site just add a /cow/ board so we can all abandon the farm?

Anonymous 262254

Nta but I think a /cow/ board would ruin this site, it would attract drama and infighting. Personally I use both sites, here for chat, hobbies, venting and lc just for cows.

Anonymous 262258

Yeah I don't understand where the need for everything to be saged came from. If you look at threads from few years ago basically no posts are staged

Anonymous 262260


Kek without fail the admins tranny army comes to the rescue. Since when is lolcow her house?

Anonymous 262261

Hell no we don't want lolcow drama seeping into here

Anonymous 262269

OK, but now imagine going into someone's house who has a bunch of meticulous spergy rules to follow. Imagine her having a meltdown when you forget one of her nonsensical rules and top that off with her insulting you endlessly. This is admin.

Anonymous 262611

men are so easy to spot online and in meta because they do not have the EQ to understand or engage with drawn parallels between two scenarios.

Anonymous 262614

please elaborate, out of genuine curiosity

Anonymous 262618

well i assume anyone online is a man by default unless stated otherwise. even here i don't trust that everyone here isn't a man/troon but please give us some insight lol

Anonymous 262637

funny, this is a great example actually
>hmm… if you replace x with 'blacks' you'd sound racist. really makes you think!

Anonymous 262660

Ironically the hellweek thread has some of the dumbest arguments of the last few days. Like the longest back-and-forth about splitting m and g cause of so called image spam no one had ever complained about before. Or the anons going on about triple parentheses, yeah the mod and other anons were technically wrong in telling the clueless anon to integrate because she didn't know what triple parentheses mean, you can be wrong or talking out of your ass without it being a matter of lurking or integrating. But dragging this discussion is just futile, both sides are just trying to have the last word and who fucking cares about any of that anyway? They allow this brain dead derail to go on but banned anons for having the mildest of heated debates about a movie in the movie thread.

Anonymous 262684

>post relevant content related to LC thread titled after a certain aesthetic/trend
>still get "(sage your non milk)"

I didn't realize a thread about a specific aesthetic only cared about direct word of mouth from cows and not, you know, people being weird about the pedoy aesthetic itself. Makes me think the thread should just changed to be just about that one individual rather than call itself an aesthetic thread.

Lolcow itself feels like such an internet L anymore. There's too many simps in the world for the lolcows not to find success in some way or another. Men are ruined and enable shitty women, and further ruin themselves. Common decency is shrinking more and more away with time.

Anonymous 262748

why is saged criticism of taylor r's ugly outfits "vendetta posting"? i wanted to reply to that post but it got redtexted almost immediately. i thought it was always allowed to talk about influencers' and model-cows' clothing.

Anonymous 262765

When I found lolcow years ago I cried because it was full of women being just straight up retarded and I was already a doomer about things

Anonymous 262787

Taylor is probably paying mods to keep lc going with how her thread keeps getting wks and bumped up. She's an absolute nobody who bought her following with an ugly husband's money and hasn't been relevant since the Kaka thing.

Anonymous 262789

Lolcow is like if kiwifarms fused with twitter, horrifying

Anonymous 262807

Honestly. I will probably just stop going to lolcow after this. The whole hellweek thread there is just so obnoxious and joyless. I'm really tired of hearing people fight over who's the best oldfag. Who remembers the most farm lore, etc. It's just stupid and sad. And then people are like "oh no my board culture. Oh no my board! You retarded newfags chased off my oldfags. It sucks now." There is literally no difference between the farm now and the farm then. I have absolutely no clue what these sadsacks are griping about. And I'm just kind of done.

Actually one change I have noticed is the huge amount of random aggro. I feel like it has gotten way worse. If I wanted some other women to treat me like shit I could just go outside.

Anonymous 262814

Actually yeah, if their argument is that if you only use ot/g/m you aren’t welcome then why lock those threads? Who cares what’s happening on ot if they’re not on the drama boards, or do they think if ot gets less traffic somehow snow will get more?

Anonymous 262816

NTAYRT but I remember reading the mods explaining it just basically saying that they're butthurt of some anons only using non-cow boards. It's just crab mentality, everyone has to be as miserable as the admins.

Anonymous 262823

The hellweek thread op reads as an attempt to escape goat ot and g for years of negligent moderation, then antagonizing its posters for the sake of it. Yeah there are baiters and infighters, but it's not everyone, especially not in g that is slow and uneventful 90% of the time. But if they think they are the problem, unlike their precious cow boards, they can throw the baby out with the bathwater. The more they talk about integrating and board culture, the less I know what's supposed to mean or why I should care.

Anonymous 262842

Agreed. Also, having cows will make this site easily findable through search engines, which will lead to a moid infestation.

Anonymous 262963

I’ve kinda stopped looking at /snow/ at all recently. I used to haunt the MTF / FTM threads and the YouTuber general one, but after a while doesn’t it just get repetitive? Most of the /pt/ threads are dead. Is it really that much of a surprise that /ot/ is more interesting, fun, and upbeat? If you’re only on lc for /snow/, you probably wouldn’t even bother with /ot/g/m.
The whole “You are only a guest here” is so cringe lol. Idk, I guess it just means cc gets more use, which would be good. It’s just weird how angry some anons are about a board that you can simply ignore.

Anonymous 263005

Seriously, there has got to be some ulterior motive going on here. Why do they run that site when they clearly hate the user base? They make no attempt to hide their disdain for the users, it's fucking weird. Wonder if it's some kind of gayops.

Anonymous 263006

Lolcow would be infested with moids were that the case. Moids really just don't care about cosplay drama.

Anonymous 263008

They’ve hated the user base since like 2019, it’s very on brand. Unless you count shaymin who just straight up didn’t care.

Anonymous 263064

The manifesto chan thread is the biggest "theory but zero practice" I've ever seen, they shitted themselves over being told to stop sucking dick meanwhile the thread is dedicated to calling men parasites. Follow what you preach wtf

Anonymous 263101

Be aware that if you post in meta, you are talking to one of the most obnoxious tranny jannies ever
https://lolcow.farm/meta/res/67831.html#q69290 obviously the janny, not posting with its tag.
https://lolcow.farm/meta/res/67909.html#q68887 same idiot, claiming farmhands/jannies can't reveal themselves, even in meta. Ignoring the request to post with tag in meta.

Anonymous 263112

Also won’t unlock the Sam Hyde thread some kuz level autist with poor comprehension of English

Anonymous 263119

mod talks like a moid

Anonymous 263133


>if you don't like my rules organize off-site/create your own imageboard
I never used the dumbass shit threads but the administration saying this in response to complaints has always irked me. None of the admins or farmhands who've said this made lolcow from the ground up themselves, they just gestapo'd themselves in with their personal opinions of how the site should be as if they speak for everyone. Then they want to remove a type of thread that has been here since 2018. They know no one is going to bust their ass outside of their daily occupations making their own platform to discuss one thing and get no traffic because nobody's going to use a separate platform for that

Anonymous 263134

Either admins have an autistic hateboner for dumbass thread or they have an odd and naive idea that killing it will solve anything at all.
>posting quality requirements will be relaxed
Were there ever any such requirements? And if they think it's shit as it is, why allow it to get even shittier? Are they trying to optmize the moderation…?
>None of the admins or farmhands who've said this made lolcow from the ground up themselves
This is one thing that has been really annoying me about this newfag and integration stuff that farmhands and some farmers have been going on about, some of the things they complain about is stuff that has organically been implemented years ago, and the newfags they talk about aren't random summerfags but posters that have been around for a 1/3 or a half of the site's existence.

Anonymous 263135

so we are allowed to report scrote posting now?

Anonymous 263141

I agree with this decision, low quality chat style threads encourage low quality posting throughout the site. And anons are always complaining about posting quality in /meta/. It's good that they autosaged also since compared to CC if a thread causes too much infighting or attracts too many baiters, it's simply deleted.

Anonymous 263147

it more-so just annoys me that for years the admins & farmhands say “make your own platform” which is a “gitgud”-tier comment in response to criticism when none of them have ever had a modicum of technical skill until the current admin team. they still seem to be unable to make some simple changes.
and at least 1 of the admins only started using lolcow in 2018 but they had the nerve to say what the did about the ot/g/m.

Anonymous 263193

for a long time I didn’t understand the animosity to farmhands, volunteers who keep the site running. but after seeing them repeatedly ban anons for the most mundane shit, I’ve realized they’re just powertripping retards and possibly trannies too kek

Anonymous 263232

/g/ now has a headless male bodies thread straight out of 4chan's /hm/ gay men are getting way too comfortable on lolcow

Anonymous 263234


scrotes and troons are getting extremely bold. hilarious that they are trying to paint the moid opinions as being from lesbians, yeah such a huge group that likes being called dykes.

Anonymous 263235

i just want one space online out of the thousands of communities that exist where i don't have to hear male opinions

Anonymous 263241

that's clearly not lolcow

Anonymous 263247

I’m confused are you saying picrel is scroteposting?

Anonymous 263300

the vibes of that place is so bad but CC is dead so i have to post there

Anonymous 263318

my exact problem

Anonymous 263333


Snowflake mods and a snowflake userbase. It's truly Reddit 2.0.

Anonymous 263339

The reality of every lolcow /ot/poster

Anonymous 263341

80% of lolcows userbase is normie women with untreated bpd that's why

Anonymous 263343

Y'all insist lcf is infested with moids as if this shit site isn't? kek

Anonymous 263344



Anonymous 263345

hottest bait image i've seen in a long time thank you nona

Anonymous 263346

I'm sorry but you're retarded. You think "y'all" is Twitterfag speak? Have you ever heard of southern United States?

Anonymous 263348

>EvERyONe I dISLikE is a BeE PeE DeE chaN

the mods are the problem

Anonymous 263363

Thanks for proving her point

Anonymous 263386

Accusing everyone you dislike of having BPD is a very undiagnosed BPD thing to do and is retarded, but I think I saw posters on LC saying the exact same shit so don't need to repeat it twice

Anonymous 263447

when someone tried to start asherah's garden it was immediately sabotaged by troon-foiling on lc. they don't actually want to users to leave and start their own thing, they just want them to conform to whatever administrations rules and tastes. the marketing data for a significant educated female userbase with disposable income and few to no kids is really too valuable

Anonymous 263466

Well, admins have made it clear they only want to cater to a specific type of turboautist killjoy oldfag and fuck over everyone else, making LC unbearable. Meanwhile, CC is so dead there are usually hours between posts. Where do we go now? I have no interest in using mainstream social media or pandering to trannies. This feels hopeless

Anonymous 263468

I honestly hope everyone will come to CC. Lolcow's admin is so unbelievably mentally ill, it kinda comes off as silly even.

Anonymous 263469

oldmin never left and is threatening to dox uncompliant users

Anonymous 263470

Screenshot 2024-02…

how would anyone except staff or admin herself know this for a fact?

Anonymous 263471

Screenshot 2024-02…

kiwi has a worse userbase and relatively normal admin, rdrama and an even crazier userbase and have trannies blackmailing them over xss exploits and carp can out maneuver them and doesn't even ban them. lolcow has a high school mean girl who throws tantrums and threatens to dox users.

Anonymous 263472

constantly hiring double agents as mods too, they think leftcows, sam hyde, and tradhots thread was shutdown by a saboteur

Anonymous 263473

You mean the annoying spergs that are online 24/7 and are shitting up the board? This isn't a new thing, you don't remember kiki, mystery and spoony post reveals?

Anonymous 263547

crazy how a soyjack raid suddenly appears

Anonymous 263713

That\s why you should always post from a VPN. Proton is free and has no limits.

Anonymous 263724


Anonymous 263726

Lmao yes, it was so transparent

Anonymous 263748

admin's been too soft on selfposters and shit stirrers, it's fun to schizo out on /meta/ all day up until the point farmers find your autism meltdowns on social media

Anonymous 263752

>vtuber thread is moved to cow board
>celebricows still in ot
I don't get it

Anonymous 263767



Anonymous 263772

Idk if anon's post i saved this screen from was deleted by anon or admins. The original posts seem to be deleted too, but i'm not sure. Do you, anons, think we'll be banned for "malebaiting" in the future, kek?

Anonymous 263775

lolwat. Admin have listened to whoever yells the loudest. They change stuff according to what the loudest 10% want. And that 10% is all twitterfags. And you, apparently.
>be them
>be the problem
>be dealt with
What? Are you saying that obvious bait wasn't obvious bait?

Anonymous 263792

Has cerbmin himself come to defend his honor in the lolcow hatethread on crystal cafe?

Anonymous 263794

Samefag, the original posts seem to be there, but the post in meta was deleted. Ig that anon got banned.
No, it's not obvious at all kek I had no way to know it was some meta "camper" or whatnot, sorry.

Anonymous 263795

This snitch-style no context post is cracking me up, tell us the gossip

Anonymous 263798

NTA, haven't seen this post in context but the "get over it dork" part does make it sound like bait tbh. But what is it replying to?

Anonymous 263799


I agree about the dork part, but i brushed it off as anon not wanting to be too rude? Not sure. Original post is this, which is a weirder post imo. It's in the Vent thread #204.

Anonymous 263800

It's the same twitterfag group as always.

Anonymous 263802

OK, I get it now. Yeah, it's pretty weird of that anon to downplay the risks of it being used for porn. Like yeah, that model is closed source and surely has a shit ton of filters implemented to try to avoid generation of porn, I also do sometimes feel certain anons act like Luddites when it comes to AI, but also I wouldn't underestimate the lengths coomer moids go to in order to create even more porn. Maybe it's just that moids should be banned from technology altogether, or any work that isn't manual labour.

Anonymous 263803

>it's pretty weird of that anon to downplay the risks of it being used for porn.
Yeah, that's why i thought this post was bait, not the other one.
>I wouldn't underestimate the lengths coomer moids go to.
It's like one of the first things they'll be mainly using it for. They can't wait for it to develop to be better and better. No way this poster was this naive.

Anonymous 263807

I want to scream at bootlickers in meta but I know it's a waste of time

Anonymous 263824


Farmers when they haven't been infighting and acting unbearable for a few seconds:

Anonymous 263826

You're all the same if you're posting here

Same game different board round and round and round

Anonymous 263829

CC is so quiet because you don't infight with each other enough. Wanna infight with me, anonette?

Anonymous 263839

Let's all infight with each other on every thread like lolcor

Anonymous 263840

Lolcow is a perfect example of female socialization

Anonymous 263842

Anytime I criticize pickmes on lolcow I get punished and then minutes later there's anons continuing to talk how retarded they are for the current dick they are sucking and it's fucking with me head like? Every single fucking time.

Anonymous 263852

>stop using lolcow in 2021 because of retarded, shit-flinging, hostile anons and oldmin’s terrible moderation
>come back in november 2023
>things seem to have improved tremendously, better than any time during oldmin. hostility, infighting, and race-baiting, and schizophrenia still there, but lower than i can recall in years
>they’re calling a hellweek? over what?
>lolcow returns to the shithole i remember
maybe i just caught lolcow at a good time or it’s that my last memory of lolcow was so bad i stopped using it for 2 years…

Anonymous 263854

CC is way more chill tbh

so true and combine that with internet retardation then you have lolcow

Anonymous 263862

>nasty drama whores are antagonistic and cruel towards each other too
who knew

Anonymous 263876

>overeducated facebook meme-loving dramachasing gen x ontd users who work as medical receptionists and miss y2k cruelty
>undereducated self-hating dysmorphic teenagers from south america and eastern europe who miss y2k kawaii aesthetics and also the cruelty
i refuse to believe lc has any other demographics

Anonymous 263888

so just old people and teens? weird

Anonymous 263892

also childless millennial women on SSRI’s

Anonymous 263908

>Sociopathic kiwifags

Anonymous 263932

I miss having a lolcord

Anonymous 263937

less infested with moids

Anonymous 263946

what went on there?
Why do i need a gmail account to look at the hellweek statistics, i don't like it

Anonymous 263954

I was looking at the venus thread and the moderation there is crazy to me. The farmhands are so hostile towards any discussion unless it's a milk post

Anonymous 263966

It's so weird that they call celebrities like Sydney Sweeney or Hailey Bieber "ugly", "mouth breather", "inbred", etc. Like… If even they are ugly, who is hot? I wonder what those farmers look like.

Anonymous 264005

Lolcow is truly horrific, its what happens to an imageboard when trannies are given complete control. Honestly seeing all the public B&'s and the reasons why as if its reddit or resetera. Its not longer an imageboard, but kept as one for their subverise ironic and destructive fetish.

Lolcow.farm is nothing more than a trannyhive that trannies use to feed their ego. To show how superior they are to wmen and etc misogynistic inane faggotree. But uh oh try and post about one of these strong stunning beautiful brave women. Thats a permaB&'ing speak ill of trannies in anyway thats a banning. Don't suck tranny cock and "consider" women. You're a TERF or neo-nazi.
The site is meant to be kiwifarms but in imageboard form and for a single topic. Yet its none of these things anymore minus fucking with mentally ill chicks to feed delusional tranny ego. If you want to laugh&talk at/about female lolcows REAL lolcows everyone knows you have to go to kiwifarms now. Because most "lolcows" threads would get deleted the OP's seeths and then gets out'd as a tranny being petty cause they got dunk'd on by said "lolcow". Then a thread is created about the OP because people found a bunch of hilarous mentally ill and milk worthythings about the OP.

Tl;dr trannies not even once do not ever give them a sliver a power give them military grade mace to the face till they leave. You give them any sort of authortiy and thats it within months X will be in ruin.

Anonymous 264018

Idk if it’s just me but lolcow has gotten a lot more bearable suddenly? Not sure if it’s because gender critical is finally allowed back on /ot/, cerbmin finally communicated with farmers about how they plan to improve the site, or farmhands haven’t been quite as retarded with the bans, but I’m feeling optimistic. I really was about to quit the site for good kek. Of course there are still retarded slap-fights in /meta/, but I’d rather it be there than shitting up other threads

Anonymous 264022


Why are people on lolcow such no-fun-allowed moralfags? Is that just the culture of any board or forum that has to do with lolcows? The way most farmers go on hysterics about yaoi or literally anything that isn't extremely sanitized feminine media with pastel aesthetics is so funny but also annoying

Anonymous 264028

Duality of femanonkind

Anonymous 264030

>just read a handmaiden convoluted defense of male feminists on Tumblr.
Shit site

Anonymous 264031

could you post screenshot

Anonymous 264033

It’s downstream of moralizing in broader culture in general. Zoomers and alphas never lived in a world where Chris rock said retard on live TV and everyone laughed along.

Anonymous 264038

Is this why there are so many tiktokers and youtubers who talk about things in a really smug condescending tone now?

Anonymous 264083

Oh its because the crueler ones tend to get outed as lolcows themselves spiraling into pandoras box turning into a better target than OP. Or people enjoy fucking with anons who tend to take thing to far. Raging out being autistic etc till once agian low and behold said person is ironically quite the cow themselves. Belittling other cows to boost their shitty ego and cope at how much better they are.

Or stop trying to ruin the fun let things happen naturally you're meant to watch not enteract/guide someone into stupidity. Becaue they are so god damn retarded/gullibly.

You need to look at the past with the 00's history. By the early 10's people started really pushing the hands off opinion stay neutral etc etc.

Also once again trannies, trannies forcing their warped view on reality stomping out anyone who says otherwise to this view point because trannies now control the site. As always trannie ruin and corrupt anything they touch. For some reason enabling them instead of crushing them. Because magically if the site became super pro anti tranny, watch as it slowly becomes worse. "People" if you can call them that start shittalking lolwcow then contacting its hosting and etc telling them to SHUT IT DOWN TAKE THAT OFF THE INTERNET >:(. Point in case kiwifarms. Trannies inject their venom into a host paralyzing it as other trannies come to take over the hosts home keeping the host still alive. Till everything seems normal, there was always trannies here it was always a pro-tranny site never mind the shells you see those hosts agree with everything they say ignore their faces.

Anonymous 264196


You know what, I've changed my mind. Blackpill-kun, you were right all along.

Anonymous 264200

What's with the obsession with saging and why do so many lcf users get so mad about unsaged posts? I'll never understand it. Are other imageboards like this? I've never once used the "hide saged posts" feature. If I come across milkless posts I don't want to read, I just keep scrolling. I can't imagine caring enough to type up an angry reply. And I'm someone that spends quite a bit of time online.

Anonymous 264234

It is weird, plenty of imageboards work without that obnoxious moderation, even forums are less moderated.

Anonymous 264236

yeah i have to walk on egg shells whenever posting because the losers there sperg out over saging posts. it's very annoying

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