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Lolcow.farm Hate Thread #6 Anonymous 252993

Lolcow is officially run by men. A bunch of anons have been tinfoiling for weeks that the mods are male because of the sheer lack of the rules being enforced ever since cerbmin assumed his position. Everyone has been continually making jokes about it, and today someone actually went into the unpopular opinons thread and said "hey maybe a male autistic hall monitor type would be capable of enforcing the rules around here" - then everything flew off the handle when somebody named Cerbmin and stated that he is actually a pedophile who's been controlling lolcow while taking users money on kofi by making them believe he's a female web administrator. There was a lively conversation going on about this, and suddenly all of the posts were deleted. Not redtexted, fully deleted. Including responses agreeing to it or acknowledging the claims. Someone asked if the information could be posted to the lolcow thread on kiwi farms, and when I tried to respond with the link I was sent an immediate ban notification. Simply for participating in the conversation. Lolcow is run by pedophiles.

Anonymous 252994

Previous Thread : >>251577

Anonymous 252995

I thought Ulala was just an autistic romanian girl because I have a fucking life I never read lolcow until this summer and was freaked out by the fucking magnitude of Mike Thurlows obsession with me and him pretending to be my fucking boyfriend by taking bits and pieces I said in private to people I thought were like normal women and then incorporating that shit into his weird love story with me. I am beyond disgusted and I have said two words to him where I was actually aware it was Michael and then never spoke him again

Anonymous 252996

Also Hex is his little fag underling who goes by Empresa and those pictures he uses are stolen from some poor girl they've done this to before. They're so fucking annoying and you should absolutely stay away from them

Anonymous 252997

Why are the crystal cafe links continually getting deleted? If the farmhands were not men, they would just come forward. They are hiding.

Anonymous 252998


cerbmin face reveal??

Anonymous 252999

I was just permabanned for genuinely no reason? There was no reason given and my posts have been removed. All I did today was post a relevant YouTube link and call someone mentally ill. My appeal was denied. Wtf

Anonymous 253000

I'm sure DJ Axl, Gahoole and that other faggot are involved too

Anonymous 253001


Deleted posts 1/2

Anonymous 253002

They are crashing that shit entirely now and they should. People are gonna report them anyways though, I already have

Anonymous 253003


Sorry for bad collage.

Anonymous 253004

Someone posted a guy and namefagged him, claiming that he is cerbmin and that cerbmin is a pedophile. I saved the post. Should I share?

Anonymous 253005

This psycho is so paranoid he's just banning everyone kek. Share the link while you still can, if lolcow is gonna sink soon then it should be documented at least a little

Anonymous 253006


Here's some of the deleted posts :)

Anonymous 253007


I responded to this post with “I think you were mentally ill long before a red haired scrote ever touched you tbh…” and then banned.

This post has also been edited bc when I replied, the negative energies part wasn’t there. I don’t understand what’s going on, how and why is this happening? Why is there a scrote in charge?

Anonymous 253008

Because there always has been a scrote in charge pretending to be a woman. There's occasional real women on staff that they trick and orbit and try to get into a relationship with or steal their pictures of to use to catfish guys with.

Anonymous 253009

Are they just banning people after random posts at this point?

Anonymous 253010

Anonymous 253012


Anonymous 253016


Still on a banning spree. What the genuine fuck were they thinking? “Oh a board full of women won’t notice if I’m a man” and then banning us as soon as we all notice is so scrotish and pathetic. This is in the complaints and suggestions thread, (https://original.lolcow.farm/meta/res/59950.html#63369) I wonder if it’ll just get deleted and forgotten.

Anonymous 253017

He didn't give a fuck he only cared about his tunnel vision psycho love for choachan board ownernim uwu. His pathetic 2 year quest to bait for attention is seriously the most bizarre shit I have ever seen

Anonymous 253018

Ok what is the lore on this though? Are you referring to the administrator? Do you have screenshots of what you’re referring to? I apologize if that’s a lot at once but if you’re referring to a legitimate circumstance then we need to see some kind of tangible evidence.

Anonymous 253019

Ugh Mike is here I'm leaving

Anonymous 253021

Are you saying that Mike Thurlow is an administrator for crystalcafe too? What the hell is going on

Anonymous 253022

I wasn’t even part of this, fuck these farmhands. Where can I read what’s going on there, is there a kiwifarms link >>253016

Anonymous 253023


Idek who Blaine is

Anonymous 253024

In the process of building a kiwifarms thread, however we don’t have a ton of information on the whereabouts of administration since they’ve been deleting posts so quickly/autobanning posts that have specific words.

Anonymous 253025

He's so embarrassing.

Anonymous 253026

Isn’t there already a Lolcow thread on Kiwifarms? Just post it there.

Anonymous 253027

I can’t find a lolcow general thread on kiwifarms

Anonymous 253028

Ok. Idk if I can get to kiwifarms because I don’t have a pc but if you could cross post some things here…I don’t get involved in meta drama, I just stick to like 3 threads but now that I’ve been banned for no reason I’m curious. This is so retarded.

Anonymous 253029

Anonymous 253030

Nta but the tl;dr is that Mike Thurlow runs the site with a couple of faggots and maybe one or two girls who orbit him. He spent like 2 years turning the site into his personal schizo shrine towards me after he got bored of Elaine and because I told him to fuck off publicly now he's having a meltdown because I disrupted his schizo delusions where we are a couple or I send him secret coded messages or some bullshit

Anonymous 253031

Mike currently lives in Florida

Anonymous 253032

Who are you? Afaik there's someone he hates and he made a thread about that person on kf. Is that you?

Anonymous 253034

First it was Elaine now it’s this thurlow guy. Whatever I guess it doesn’t matter, site is dead anyway. Does anyone have that screenshot of the rules from 2015 to remind me of better times?

Anonymous 253042

ot_ - Get-It-Off-Y…

idk who's being discussed right now or what's going on but it's weird how posts like these stay untouched even after reporting it

Anonymous 253047

Came here from lc expecting to see literally any kind of evidence. There is not a shred. You sound like a schizo. Making up a name and they reeing about mods deleting your irrelevant spam does not evidence make. Fuck you for wasting my 5 minutes I came here for drama.

Anonymous 253048

Do you think that they’d continue deleting his name and face if he wasn’t the mod? Do you think they’d keep banning everyone for the most mild posts ever if it wasn’t a male? If the mods were female, they would just confirm it’s an all-women administration. But they can’t because they’re not.


Yes they would delete because retarded baseless accusations constantly being spammed is still spam, and on top of that it just confuses people and causes infighting

Anonymous 253050

Ew is this blaine? the compulsive liar? If it's other anons saying anything id believe them. But blaine is a notorious liar and even told soyjack.party or whatever to spam CC and LC. I wouldn't believe anything he says. I would believe any other anons who hadn't contacted blaine.

Anonymous 253051

I am inclined to believe actual anons, who have their own sources that hadn't talked to Blaine. Blaine doesn't care for LC or any of the women posting. He literally wants LC/CC to burn since a lof of the users don't like TIMs.

Anonymous 253052

Blaine called himself "the pet tranny" and wants to be accepted by lc so bad. And he's obsessed with Mike because he made his thread on kiwi farms.

Anonymous 253053

exactly. Blaine would just use this situation for his own personal gain. I want to hear other sources instead.

Anonymous 253056


Lmao what was this ban?

Anonymous 253057

Lol moderatos need to learn to read. I could tell it was just a light joke

Anonymous 253061

There is no point in trying to prove this, they have been at this for years and always will be until authorities do something. They will delete, gaslight, deny and scapegoat until they are blue in the face. Trying to bait this into a retarded Kiwifag investigation is beyond ridiculous too.
Michael Thurlow and Bryan (Empresa) are serial abusers of young mentally ill women and they use lolcow.farm as their honeypot for it. Believe it or not but if you are a young woman please just be careful and do not befriend anyone you meet on these sites. Please lie about who you are and do not share personal information/pictures.
Best is not using the site at all but we can't control anyone, just want this here for when 3 years from now this happens AGAIN and people wonder AGAIN what the fuck is up

Anonymous 253062

wouldn't have they gone into any of the offshoot discords instead? There's a couple I'm in

Anonymous 253063

Posts like the one above mine are 99% of the time just Mike or one of his cronies baiting for engagement. It is best to ignore them as any attention feeds their delusions of superiority and that you are actually just deeply in love with them. They use circular infighting as a means to mentally exhaust you and doubt yourself.

Anonymous 253064

I was just asking a question? I'm in some of the offshoot discords and if they're in there I wouldn't want to be in there. If everything you're saying is true

Anonymous 253065

samefag, it is kinda funny tho when people think I'm some crazy kiwifag schizo kek. I remember someone thought I was that Tif at one point

Anonymous 253066

Yes the discord offshoots are full of them. Try to verify each other with voice while playing music in the background and/or writing something on your hand but still exercise caution and lie about personal information in those servers as they have some pickmes doing their dirty work for them. Empresa's obsession with Ghislaine isn't without its meaning lmfao

Anonymous 253067

I just don't get why you'd want to hang around gross old men, especially to hurt other women. Retards

Anonymous 253071


An older troon post. Remember this is the stuff he does.

Anonymous 253073

So weird that kiwifarms is allowing man-hate threads at the same time female imageboards are either closing or being bombarded with absolutely retarded gay ops followed by bewildering moderation choices

Anonymous 253074

does anyone have his current twitter? I remember he had like 5 or something but he would post on one (@undeadheal) at the same time he would spam Lolcow. That twitter is a bit inactive so if Blaine is truly gayopping in here, he definitely wouldn't shut up/ brag about it. I feel like that's the only way we'd know it wasn't entirely him.

Anonymous 253075

Really makes you think! I can't tell if Josh is really this damn retarded and doesn't understand what is really happening or if he knows and is allowing all of this. Either way, I want KF to fucking die as much as the trannies do now because that place facilitates nothing but abuse of real women

Anonymous 253076

Everybody on the fucking website screaming “where’s the evidence you’re just baselessly tinfoiling” uh read the fucking thread

Anonymous 253078

It's just them samefagging to sow doubt and to discourage people from reading the truth. Ignore them and don't argue with them, as irritating as it might be

Anonymous 253079

I feel really unsettled now, knowing how may times I vented about mildly personal subjects and the whole time they were just being laughed at by men when I thought it was a website for women. Disturbing.

Anonymous 253081

I'm ngl I feel like this happens all the time, screenshots end up on 4chan and the shitty farms a lot

Anonymous 253086

Hey retard trolls, if you really want to fuck up lolcow:
>be the OP of multiple popular threads, especially cow threads, and make them good quality/indistinguishable from a normal user. Fill up popular cow threads with ontopic, unsuspect posts to hit the limit so you can OP new ones quicker.

Rinse repeat and lay low on trolling with that IP.

Play the long con and let those threads fill. Generally start as many on topic good contribution threads as possible, and always make the new OP when you can.

Then start shit posting and trolling as you do. Get them to mass delete all your posts. Watch as half the site, milk and pictures of cows just flat disappears. Retard admin/mods now need to work to put it all back. Rinse repeat.


Anonymous 253087

Who the fuck has the time for this

Anonymous 253088

Too time consuming, like >>253087 said.
Easier to get popular VPNs banned and drive half of the userbase away.

Anonymous 253089

If it's been the same people that have been doing this for months they definitely have enough time. What is this amateur hour?

Anonymous 253095

damn people really can’t like go outside. Whatever tho I don’t control other’s lives

Anonymous 253101

Josh still falling for some fag impersonator that steals info from women he bothers on shitcord? Adorbs

Anonymous 253102


Youre talking about ponycord, right? Spill the milk on Hex and ulala

Anonymous 253105

By Empresa, do you mean Empress or are those different people?

Anonymous 253106

So hex has been helping the scrote to antagonise and harass/stalk women? Kek

Anonymous 253108

Like the shittastic attempt at some livejournal retardbones tier investigation wasnt enough of a tip off

Anonymous 253109

ulala is a man pretending to be an uwu autistic woman but also spergs too much about my little pony and pinky pie if you know what im getting at

Anonymous 253110

Barely spoken to Ulala but "she" was immediately ready to send me screenshots of the alleged former Admin talking about very personal and intimate things. Never saved or sent those to anyone because they were super boring but it weirded me out how quickly she was ready to divulge that information to someone whos basically a stranger

Anonymous 253112

Former lolcow or discord admin?

Anonymous 253113

former lolcow admin. dont know if it was actually her though. who knows with discord

Anonymous 253115

spill more about the shitcord cows?

Anonymous 253117

Ok so last week it was Ashley and now it's some incel. God you people are obvious and boring at this point

Anonymous 253118

Dont read it then cuz

Anonymous 253119

Anonymous 253120

you will pay for this

Anonymous 253121

how much

Anonymous 253122

just spill they discord mods are all so milky

Anonymous 253123

kuz only if you tell me who you are crushing on

Anonymous 253124

no one i just was in the discord very briefly and realised they're not normal women and constantly at each others throats

Anonymous 253125


Anonymous 253126

Yeah, it's just constant infights and talking behind the backs of their previous users, no loyalty and no one even trusts each other

Anonymous 253127

Nice try uncle kuz

Anonymous 253128

Anonymous 253129

might be because of all that shitstirring you did ;)

Anonymous 253130

idk who kuz is

Anonymous 253131

as if anyone left here doesn't know don't do me like this

Anonymous 253132

lmao, theyre crying over this post on lolcow. too funny

Anonymous 253133

blaine wanted to fuck him and be a mod forhis Imagebord or whatever, they’re one of the groups that spam here and LC sometimes. Moids are just weird all around

Anonymous 253134

lmao the onslaught of kolymaneets to the malding cunts rescue as always

Anonymous 253135

kuz owns lolcow. that's why the moderation is so shit because its just his kolymadrones scanning the report queue. they don't actually use the site.

Anonymous 253136

First it was Ashley, Mike and some others, now Kuz?

Anonymous 253137

guess lots of the teens he groomed mustve caught on and left because its mostly just retarded bots now

Anonymous 253138

I thought kuz got hiv

Anonymous 253139

yeah all those people are involved in the drama. kuz likes to pluck from the "community" so to speak

Anonymous 253140

He's back to square one kek. His whole sperging about "kuz" was the reason the tranny became recognizable in the first place.

Anonymous 253141

Yeah really makes you think about the huge reaction that all got on lolcow at the time doesn't it

Anonymous 253142

I always laugh when I point out how Kuz is doing something retarded like when he would have the Kolymaneets swoop in here with 10 posts in a row and how obvious that is so then he dialled it down to 1 post every 20 minutes. I'd be your PR manager if you weren't so fucking nasty dude

Anonymous 253143

So what is the actual truth? Who are the real concerned users for who owns LC? what’s with the constant admin tinfoil changing? Has it even been a week since it was thought to be that Ashley person? It’s flip flopping between a cowish woman, some kiwi/onion moids, and now some other moid.

Anonymous 253144

Why don't you go and find out for yourself then instead of asking stupid questions /rhetorical

Anonymous 253145

Anonymous 253146


Angeleno is Kuzs business partner

Anonymous 253147

I assume the beef with lynxchan was because Stephen Lynx didn't let himself get bribed to write in a backdoor for Kuz/Angeleno

Anonymous 253148

This is retarded. Vichan has been in development for years at this point and there are countless websites running it. Are you pretending like any website that runs the same open source software is owned by the same person now?

Anonymous 253149


Yeah they made that same argument on the farms already

Anonymous 253150

Can't even tell anymore who is a Kolymanjanny and who is just a retarded scrote with 0 desire for critical thinking

Anonymous 253151

For any skeptical scrote lurkers
>Read a fucking imageboard
>Read threads
>Use your fucking brain and think beyond the first surface level thing that pops into it
It's always the people with no ties or context to these communities & dunning krueger yelling about how it's all nonsense because they're too old, fat and lazy to understand it

Anonymous 253152

They were right to make that argument, because the idea is retarded. Conjecture about websites being a part of a psyop where they’re all run by one person because they run the same piece of widely-used software is dumb.

Vichan is open source, so if you think there’s a backdoor then you can go through and find it and prove it exists. Angeleno only started maintaining it this year so if one exists then it hasn’t been there for long.

Anonymous 253153

Yeah that's what I mean hahaha Imagine trusting anything fucking Angeleno does because he maintains a shitty github code for a pedophile that spams daisies destruction everywhere. Give me a fucking break, open source or not, they have intimate knowledge of how vichan works and they are absolutely not above fucking with it, all things considered. Just because they don't outright modify it in front of your eyes doesn't mean it's not likely happening, retard

Anonymous 253155

You have no idea how code or GitHub works or what opensource means, do you? Can you go back to kiwifarns or whatever so you stop making the actual users of Lolcow not hate their shitty admin since they believe any crit is all a fail psyop by your retarded ass? Your low IQ efforts have actually made the crap staff there look better.

Anonymous 253156

>Makes stupid claims about software that’s been around for almost a decade
>Someone points out that what they’re saying doesn’t make sense and that they could go through the code to prove what they’re saying
>You refuse to do so and sperg out instead
You’re obvious and the way you act convinces me that you’re Blaine or some other tranny. You’ve been making these same accusations for two months now and every time they peter out due to your own sperging and a lack of any sort of evidence, you make them again about a different person. If you do go through the Vichan repository and find anything nefarious I’d be interested to see it posted here, otherwise have fun looking for your invisible backdoor.

Anonymous 253157

>Ignoring the actual point this hard to focus on something already clarified
Mad as fuck lol

Anonymous 253158

dear retard trolls:
refocus your efforts on spamming reports, inputting things that look legitimate. swap VPNs while doing it. this will clog up their system and ruin their response times further lmao


Anonymous 253159


Sharing this bc it's funny. She also said she's fat and nobody wants to date her.


Anonymous 253160

And you either have no knowledge of how KolymaNET works and how they seize control of competitor imageboards/attempt to, or you do, and are mad as fuck.
They will send their little drones to spam your site, bot you a bit and then get some of their jannies on the team who graciously offer to help the overwhelmed admin, then get into the backend and fuck it up a bit here and there to make the Admin look retarded, then the stressed Admin gives up and gives the site over to the hardworking tech jannies who really just wanted to help. Same shit every time

Anonymous 253161

Keep trying it maybe someone will bite on the fourth attempt

Anonymous 253162

I can’t believe fat ashley is actually pretending to be a Russian man so she can take over imageboards through KolyamaNET. How deep does this go?

Anonymous 253163

Feel free to compare the retarded posts they make on here and meta to the ones in the sty Kuz thread that are all in defense of Kuz and his cronies. Eerily similar.

Anonymous 253164

what does this mean

Anonymous 253165

Why would jannies have tech or backend access you massive tard?

Anonymous 253167

They suggest to help during a technical issue the Admin can't figure out (likely caused by them) and the Admin, naive to the existence of these psycho dullards, accepts. The rest is just complete community destruction because they are running a shitty business and not a passion project

Anonymous 253169

we didnt get upgrades for years and there have been several since cerbmin got settled in, i think this speaks against this already far reached theory

Anonymous 253174

All those "upgrades" are shitty and badly done, as is documented for Kuz and the help he hires
I was referring to your lame attempt at a falseflag, retardo

Anonymous 253182

And how do the undercover jannies cause these tech issues with no access to the backend, again?

I don't agree with this anon either, though. If you don't find the current admins updates beyond pitiful you have even less understanding of web tech than the kuzspiracy sperg.

And the prior admins having no tech experience doesn't magically make two dev admins only able to do less than the bare minimum in 'updates' suddenly good, no. Have some standards, the bar is in hell

Anonymous 253183

The fact that this thread is more active than /ot/ as a whole has been for the last two days kek. You’re busted, Mike. Just resign the site.

Anonymous 253219

They're schizoing out about moids in meta again. I can't even pinpoint what set it off this time

Anonymous 253222

All the men screaming about whores in leftcows probably

Anonymous 253235


lc schizos are so funny

Anonymous 253239

The GC retards in meta are so annoying it's at a point I'm getting schizo now and thinking they're probably the real scrotes who are trying to ruin the site by making GC anons seem so retarded that they should be banned.

They're actually so dumb I don't even want to believe they're women. I guess the only feminist thing they've ever truly accomplished is making other women realize both sexes can be absolute fucking morons, beyond logic or reasoning.

Anonymous 253247

Sorry no one agrees with you

Anonymous 253249

You're probably the same samefagging troll that schizo'd out upthread about kuz or whatever it was.

Anonymous 253278

Is LC down for anybody else? Trying to figure out if I’ve been banned. I know this is a hate thread but I might just join in soon. I’m getting that connection timed out error. Lotsa interesting tinfoils though

Anonymous 253280

I'm a cc native that still comes here despite the trannies and this thread is now just one schizo that got banned on lolcow spamming her tinfoils, you farmers need to claim your child already and let her back there kek

Anonymous 253286

We're here, anon: >>223551

Anonymous 253314


Anonymous 253317


It's a tranny, pic related.

Anonymous 253322

Immediately posting in here everytime someone on meta tells you to fuck off makes you really recognizable. Why don't you larp some more as a mod kek.

Anonymous 253334

Nta but everyone complains about meta, it doesn't mean those are all the same anon. I've bitched in here about meta before

Anonymous 253344

yea but I doubt you do it immediately while infighting on meta. Also those posts are the same anon merely judging by word choice and reply chain.

Anonymous 253351

I've come over and vented my grievances with the lc anons right after an infight or something. I don't know about the reply chain I haven't been keeping up with this thread, I just hate when anons assume I'm samefagging or that me and a couple other anons are the same person just because we agree on something or type similar so I always give the benefit of the doubt when I see other anons getting accused of being the same person

Anonymous 253369

imagine thinking everyone who complains about meta in the lolcow hate thread is the same anon lmao

Anonymous 253370

even worse, she's patrolling meta and here looking for things she can screech about. Probably the same schizo anon who keeps posting random screenshots of this thread on meta and claiming it's proof of some nefarious plan

Anonymous 253373

You’re projecting everything you are doing and conversing with yourself

Anonymous 253376

yes, everyone who isn't you is a schizo troll. you're the only true poster. congratulations you figured it out!

Anonymous 253377

That isn't even what I said.

Glad I'm not the only one who noticed lol.

Anonymous 253378

You make things up in /meta/ to fight some imaginary foe, then think it's noteworthy anons frustrated with your cognitive dissonance would also vent about it here? Do you even think before you post? Where else do you expect anons to call you a retard than the designated places to do so? You must be anticipating it, even, if you're vigilantly checking between here and meta. I'm not going to disguise my writing or time out my posts because I'm not trying to keep it secret that I find you obnoxious. Not the mod anon, but I am one of the anons you quoted and obviously one of the ones who thinks you're braindead in meta. I posted here instead because it'd just instigate more infighting to say it in meta. Not that big brain of a concept, honestly.

Anonymous 253381


cp bump, scroll with caution

Anonymous 253382

>I'm not going to disguise my writing or time out my posts
Good, because that makes it easier to dismiss your wall of texts

Anonymous 253387

Shame your ban was only on lolcow.

Anonymous 253389

Kek what are you talking about? I didn't get any ban.

Anonymous 253390

No problem, I'll find the right poster this time.

Anonymous 253394

is that your actual static ip address?

Anonymous 253420

RIP to the anon asking for dox clarification on meta. Farmhands/admin won't reply unless you sperg out, and even then they'll at best tell you that anons answered you without ever specifying what answer was correct.

Meta has become my favorite cow thread because you can even watch in real time anons who were previously WKing the current staff slowly 'what the fuck' as they inevitably get slapped with some inconsistent or nonsense ban. The milk just never ends. My cup overfloweth

Anonymous 253424

I miss the times when we could shit talk farmers and farmhands without some boring ass schizo shit.

Anonymous 253427

I rarely see schizo shit tbh. Usually it's a bunch of normal convos then randomly some troll jumps in, co-opts the convo and gets all schizo, and for some reason anons don't question that at all and go 'aha gotcha! The people arguing against what I think were just the schizo all along!'. The schizotroll usually gets bored and fucks off if you don't humor them from what I've seen, like with the one who made OP. Tbf it could also be the troll making the 'you were the troll all along!' arguments. I think most well adjusted users do ignore and don't poke the shit, so the troll arguing with itself looks worse than it is.

NGL still rustled I got banned from lcf for posting in meta during the mass deletion spree even tho I wasn't one of the 'evil schizo former mod' posters. P sure Farmhands just mass banned a bunch of IPs and didn't care about double checking. Since I didn't make a years old movie thread in OT my ban appeal will never be considered, I guess, lol. It's dumb, like they couldn't see my years of post history under my ip, but whatever

Anonymous 253518

1695285042346 (1).…

Anonymous 253519

/g/ can be such a bad place sometimes

Anonymous 253525

>Your posts
That’s the first red flag, how do you know who’s posting this?

Anonymous 253536

um lol ok was no one there when an anon talked about being attracted to her mom? Why am I the only one getting called out.
Because there's only one anon who talks about him. I think there were a couple before including that one iirc or I could be incorrect. I take breaks.

Anonymous 253537

, that screenshot chain was hilarious, but I get it. Lots of little girls end up having their first 'crushes' be their dad, uncles, grandpa, whatever. Then later you sometimes come to associate features that family member had with something you find attractive. Or maybe I just have daddy issues if that isn't normal, I have no idea. It's not like you actually wanna bang your grandpa or something. (Can't believe I just had to type that out, kek, end me).

My grandpa had that suave, slicked back hair style that reminds me of like Italian mafia mob boss movies or something. And I deffo find that style attractive in men now because of that. I'm not literally attracted to my grandpa, it's just a positive association childhood idealization thing.

Anonymous 253539

I do though kek. My grandpa was 100% more charismatic and useful then the men my age today. I guess it just got deeper when I started realizing what we are stuck with. Having husbandos helps me cope lol

Anonymous 253543


A-anon, I gave you the benefit of the doubt…

Anonymous 253547

There is no helping me.

Anonymous 253550

if it makes you feel better, movie thread anon's ban appeal was denied anyway. She had to get a vpn to keep posting.

Anonymous 253554

I don't. I stole the screenshot from the lolcow caps thread.

Anonymous 253556

There was also that one anon who wanted to fuck her nephew

Anonymous 253574

some massively milky vocaloid drama dropped, but because /w/ is unusable now i'm scared to post it. the vocaloid thread is almost entirely redtext, i'd be utterly retarded to risk it

Anonymous 253575

Maybe try the Vocaloid General in /m/? You might get banned from that too though so I don't know kek

Anonymous 253577

vending neural processor

Anonymous 253580

Anons need to chill out I haven’t been there in two days and I already got a retard for AGREEING with someone. is it more hostile on there lately or is it just me?

Anonymous 253594

no, it's always been extremely hostile and everyone there genuinely seems barely literate/low IQ. they probably couldn't understand that you were agreeing with them.

Anonymous 253595

Dunno it looks like business as usual to me. But lolcow is odd because you'll see genuinely dumb takes without anyone questioning it and at the same time people being unpromptedly aggressive to the mildest stuff in the vent thread or something like that.

Anonymous 253597

>is it more hostile on there lately
Yes, I've seen multiple anons say this too

Anonymous 253623

kind of late but tl;dr ghost deleted all of her shitpost videos because she wants to be a "serious musician" now. which is fine, but it's retarded because for 10 years she was known as the tumblr funnyman of vocaloid and that will likely never change now.

Anonymous 253624

It 100% is more hostile than before, i am convinced there are some anons that just wait for any opportunity to start a fight and shit up threads.

Anonymous 253668

there are anons that definitely just sit there and cause infighting because they think it's funny. It's been admitted by them multiple times. Literally report and ignore it bc anons make mistakes in replying back to it and just argue when that is what they want. It makes you feel good when you realize they're just retards sitting there wasting their life just trying to stir shit

Anonymous 253669

samefag I can understand when it can be hard especially if it's in the vent thread when you're at a time of feeling vulnerable but just now people who are randomly hostile are 80% of the time just doing it for shits and giggles and you should just ignore it. I feel like there are plenty of really sweet and kind n0nnies on LC. Just because it's a gossip ib doesn't mean every every user has to be some wannabe weird mean girl when the site was started by gossipy weebs. I feel like that's super cringy kek.

Anonymous 253671

i got called a pedo for pointing out "attainable" nowadays is just defined at pretty women without fillers and plastic surgery, like what??

Anonymous 253672

theres a sadistic moid who preys on depressed anons, their usual tactic is taking something like a crappy situation and turning it into the anons fault for no specific reason(ex, if you vent about being groomed as a teen anons will chip out and turn the whole situation into your fault), they also samefag a lot to try to gather in other anons on the situation which unfortunately works because of the lolcow hivemind

Anonymous 253674


I guess he or they are back on lcf

Anonymous 253693

I think that was one of the /meta/ schizos. At the time that post was made they made similar replies in several other threads.

Anonymous 253752

How long before that site becomes a duplicate of 4chan?

Anonymous 253753

What is that supposed to mean? In what way? The site was born from 4chans /cgl/ after all

Anonymous 253760

There is an idiot baiting in the fandom discourse thread and I can't even gather the energy to report because yesterday that hand sperg shit up the vent thread for the entire day or more and mods where nowhere to be seen.

Anonymous 253777

I've been reporting the "ur a pedo" "no ur a pickme" retarded shitflinging but nothing. I don't think jannies even care

Anonymous 253849

already happened lol

Anonymous 253932


They blogpost without shame. This is from /w/. Here's a bippie blog

Anonymous 253933

Anonymous 253951

therefore there was no need for it, could have just posted the second paragraph only without bringing attention to herself

Anonymous 253955


Everyone on lolcow acts like a bitchy woke tumblrina nowadays and they fight about the most petty stuff, i hate it, the only reason i still go there is because it's the only female chan that isn't dead

Anonymous 253959

I haven’t used lolcow since 2021. As far as I’m aware, lolcow has been on its last legs since 2018. What is the current outlook of lolcow? Has the current admin said anything about wanting to quit or not being able to sustain the site?

Anonymous 253960

It's looking bad, the moderation is incompetent and people complain about it all the time.

Anonymous 253961

People have been complaining about the moderation for several years (usually within reason), this one has problems as well but I think a more worrisome sign is how slow the site is, there are days that ot hardly moves, I haven't been keeping up with snow so I'm not in in it, but there have been changes in it like Lucinda's thread, which was very popular, being terminated, I dont care about it but I'd imagine a lot of people didn't like it.

Anonymous 253962

The "accidental" deletion of the movie thread, and denying the thread OP's ban appeal despite obviously not being the spammer is what drew the line for me. Then there's letting infights go on forever and not doing fuck all about it.

Anonymous 253963

I'm the movie night anon and what a coincidence that you post this just as I come onto the site kekk

Anonymous 253965

I'm taking a break for now because the site is flipped on my laptop, it keeps redirecting me to farmcow.lol for some reason. I'm not banned and it works on my tablet, but I can't be fucked to figure out how to fix it on my laptop because the site has been so slow and lame lately anyway. I figure the problem either corrects itself or I just stop posting and lurking until maybe the annoying anons leave and we get some of the old s back or something. I'm tired of seeing the same infights everyday

Anonymous 253966

delete your cookies lol

Anonymous 253967

I was going to do that but I haven't cleared my cookies in like 5 years and I like the way my computer remembers everything in the autofill and stuff, I don't want to change anything kek

Anonymous 253968

you can only delete cookies for particular sites but yeah I agree that it's not exactly worth going back to the farm, it's just getting worse and worse

Anonymous 253984


Low functioning autist. I think this explains the state of the site.

Anonymous 253995


So why are the tradthot threads on /snow/ disallowed now?

Anonymous 254011

Mods too lazy to moderate? idk lol but I wouldn't be surprised at this point

Anonymous 254025

anon deserves a hug

Anonymous 254031

No idea about the tradthots thread either, but that was pretty much what happened with that psychology of fandom drama thread lol

Anonymous 254032

The leftcows thread got locked too but the fandom one too? sad!

Anonymous 254091

I'm so curious what you do with your time off, schizochan. You'll go for days on a methbender about this vast imaginary conspiracy then disappear for days. What happens in those days off? Aren't you scared of what you might miss?

Anonymous 254093

I’m 90% sure that the last person you responded to was joking, anon.

Anonymous 254097

100% because they’re too lazy. Leftcows and tradthots got locked because of this. They said there’s “no new milk” like bitch so what. it’s a gossip thread not a research paper

Anonymous 254098

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if someone from tradthots that was being discussed applied to become a mod and closed it up Lol. Radfem hitler in particular (RFH on Twitter now) has mentioned lolcow the past few weeks and suddenly the thread is closed

Anonymous 254099

RFH was discussed in both leftcows and tradthots, for anyone who doesn’t know

Anonymous 254114

Yeah by that logic most of the threads should be locked. I never understood this need for a womens gossip board to have such high standards for ""quality posting"" whatever the fuck that means.

Anonymous 254201

I'm just tired of /g/ posters pretending to not understand what conventionally attractive means just because "attractiveness is subjective uwu"

Anonymous 254263

>ur a pedo
>no ur a pickme
>no ur all pornsick
every single time someone drops the y-word or the h-word in /ot/

Anonymous 254309

Obvious tranny got banned, then immediately goes to lolcow to cry about it lol.

Anonymous 254314


She's not wrong

Anonymous 254319

I'm glad I stopped using lc.

Anonymous 254622

I laugh whenever I see an anon make fun of gays because I know she's going to be attacked. Every time. Their defense squad is always up and ready.

Anonymous 254641

the tranny posts don't get deleted but the posts replying to them do and anyone who calls them out gets banned
starting to believe the tinfoil that lc has a tranny janny

Anonymous 254642

i can't even tell who's trooning who anymore. feels like everyone there gets called one now over the slightest disagreements. one person seems to be trolling an entire board with accusations

Anonymous 254672

i got permabanned for spam in my attempts to get cp off the front page of /g/… honestly i'm pretty sad about it because i've been browsing regularly since 2015.

Anonymous 254755

Has any of the farmhands been confirmed to be a tranny or a moid at all? Because now I'm really leaning to believe something isn't right with them.

Anonymous 254782

I'm sure of it now, they protect males

Anonymous 254813

the new style of moderation where threads get locked cuz y'all can't behave is so reddit

Anonymous 254830

not that i know of, but it does seem quite plausible due to the moderation style. you'd probably find less trannies at a goddamn tranny meetup

Anonymous 254864

I've seen obvious posts made by scrotes larping as women up for days at this point crystal.cafe moderation is better than lolcow's.

Anonymous 254890


Defending Islam on the /2X/ board is… a choice.

Anonymous 254891

If that retard wants to wear a garbage bag over her head and do nothing but give birth and milk the goat she can be my guest

Anonymous 254918

Is lc funded by TaylorR or something? She's not famous or interesting but at a glance whenever her thread is bumped, it's completely curated by the mods to be a fanthread.

Anonymous 254923

that just sounds like bait, and you fall for it every time like a retard

Anonymous 254935

It wasn't just an one-off comment, she camps in those threads. I think it's a real woman with mental illness.

Anonymous 254972

This thread should be phased out and not have a new one made after it maxes out, because lolcow users are really the only people bringing traffic to this site. Last night I came on here and saw that the most recent post had been made 5 hours ago, and then that the oldest post on the front page was made almost 2 days before. Fucking really? How boring can you be

Anonymous 254976

4 hours pass, fucking nothing. Pathetic.

Anonymous 255027

lcf 2.0 being rewritten from scratch it is going to introduce a lot of unknown variables to the risk of sharing information online and could result in a big loss of users. i think cc could experience a big wave and kiwifarms is expecting one too, which is why null created the de-moided zone. i've noticed that visiting the site with cookies that have my demographic data pegged as female bumps the lolcow farm section of the forums to the top

Anonymous 255056

from how many posts get straight up nuked in the sam hyde thread, i think he has someone from his crew on janny staff

Anonymous 255106

I came here for this
What a ride it was. Shayna threads are what bounds me to lcf.

Anonymous 255146

Yeah, snowflake mentality. I begin to hate people younger than me. See what they did to the Fandom Drama thread:
>the level of infighting, derailing, baiting and general toxicity this thread is generating is absolutely ridiculous. 90% of the posts here are reported and breaking rules. For that reason we are locking this thread.
Can't root out SJW mentality from those tourist mods. Where do they think they are? Bloody invaders, spreading their pestilence wherever they get a hold on power.

Anonymous 255147

I'm pretty sure the person shitting up that thread is a mod or fucking a mod. They can't let a single thing be discussed without sperging and pushing misinformation and banning everyone

Anonymous 255187

Kek was it even that bad? I mean most posts where just infighting and derailing, which is annoying but nothing new, I just find it funny that 90% of the posts were reported because that wouldn't have happened in the first place if mods weren't asleep

By the way I'm starting to get more annoyed at mini mods than infighters, so dumb when there's an infight in a thread and a retard is telling everyone to stop derailing when you know very well they wouldn't be posting on topic either because the thread is always dead otherwise

Anonymous 255190


We might as well all go to twitter.

Anonymous 255191


The post that started the discussion for context

Anonymous 255192

i really don't think there's ever going to be a lcf 2.0. i am convinced that they are just stringing people along for the time being as it makes a good excuse in their eyes for why there are long gaps between significant site upgrades. we've gotten no betas, no screenshots, no templates, no banners or anything concrete other than oh the new site is coming any day now! i haven't had much interaction with cerbmin, but tbh, looking back so many of the things they've done could have been completed in like, 15 minutes to maybe a couple of hours for debugging issues? unless the site code is that fucked up that it takes months for them to do something very simple.

no one has ever been confirmed as a tranny or moid except for the og board owner being male. i've been using the site since the early days. they would have been found out by now or exposed themselves due to male desperation/ego. the current mod team is very young and, like a lot of people from gen z, technologically illiterate. they just don't know what they're doing but refuse to admit it and instead cast the blame on anons whenever they fuck up, a la the whole debacle with movie night anon being permabanned.

late reply but it is 100% more hostile, you are not imagining things. i feel like the new users confuse being snarky with being cruel assholes, or maybe their brains have all been nuked by the 'rona. i genuinely cannot tell but the board is relatively indistinguishable from your average youtube comment section.

Anonymous 255222

That thread also seems related to the Dakota thread as they're constantly posted on by mods. There's a lone wk in the thread that gets triggered when everyone points out that she's a literal nobody.

Anonymous 255245

wait, movie night anon was permabanned? why, what happened? the movie nights i went to were really cool… damn there goes one of the big reasons that made lolcow fun

Anonymous 255248

NTA but long story short
>some spammer was spamming
>movie night thread happened to have the same ip as spammer
>whole thread gets deleted as a result
>eventually gets restored but with broken images
now even though it was clearly two different posters and anon clarified multiple times that her other posts on the site were not deleted, the staff still rejected her ban appeal

Anonymous 255283


the thing is i am not a bit dubious about their story. i know other anons said this as well but there were suspicions a mod just went after movie night anon out of some personal vendetta and deleted her threads in a rage. instead of owning up to it since it would reflect badly on the new team, they covered it up with the whole "you had the same ip address as the spammer!"

i found the screenshots as well that she posted to prove what happened. she was teasing the mod team, and usually something like that outside of meta would get you maybe a warning ban that expires immediately or a day ban at the most if you keep bothering them. permabanning someone for just asking a question was an extreme reaction, plus anyone with any sense would see the movie night thread in ip logs/post history and know not to just randomly delete it like that. why would a spammer go from posting child porn to a long-running thread? it was stupid and totally understandable why so many people were really turned off after that.


Anonymous 255320

It did get more aggressive and that's basically why I quit. Lost its flair and entertainment value. I quit after trying to go back twice when I could feel myself getting more irritable. sponging up anons hate when I was already in a bad mental place was no way to live. jesus take the wheel, bring back early to mid lockdown lolcow

Anonymous 255602

why is fucking everything "nitpicking" now but whiteknights can infight and insult other anons to defend cows? We always discussed cows before, now it's not allowed?

Anonymous 255610

The mods are the cows. lc have been begging for mods forever and now the cows became mods. Therefore they are wking themselves. Any discussion about them as cows is now "nitpicking" or not allowed.

Anonymous 255669


Seems like lolcow is down again. I wonder what caused it this time

Anonymous 255676

I don't wanna jinx anything, but usually the site's bill is due around this time each month. I remember the huge outages of last year, they were all around the end of the month (in the teens and twenties of said months)

Anonymous 255677


Anonymous 255706

and now the scarethot thread is closed, how convenient.

Anonymous 255713


Anon got scammed by Shayna.

Anonymous 255714


Anonymous 255741

can tardthots and scarethots be discussed on kiwifarms without moid retardation?

Anonymous 255835


Anonymous 255836


Anonymous 255906

There was an incredibly pointless fight about perfumes.
Everybody got so aggressive and there was no meaningful conversation cause of course not.
To begin with, there's a wide variety of fragrances available, including non-feminine options like woody or oriental scents. Furthermore, perfume is essentially akin to makeup or jewelry – it's simply an accessory for self-expression.

Anonymous 255908

It's a moid that's been larping here for years. He also called women pickmes for getting medically needed breast reductions and skin tag removals

Anonymous 255931

I don't have the patience to browse that site because of how fucking slow it is to load. Incompetent mods don't do anything about it.

Anonymous 255970

What the hell has been going on there in the past days? There's so much racebait.

Anonymous 256009

The "new lolcow" has literally been promised for years and we've seen nothing except shaymin's failed nucow

Anonymous 256126

>Me and other anons talk about how lolcow looks like it's administrated by males on the tinfoil thread
>Entire conversation wiped minutes after

I wish i was joking about this

Anonymous 256171

do you have screenshots of the conversation?

Anonymous 256173

I used to be a mod there around 2018 and I was basically told to do whatever and there was barely anybody else online when I was online. If I wanted I could delete any thread or posts I wanted. I imagine it's the same thing for the current mods except they're power tripping, ban happy and will delete posts that misalign with their personal opinion.

Anonymous 256178

They locked the palestine/israel conflict theread because "you all can't behave" lol

Anonymous 256203

The mods have deleted so much stuff and locked so many threads at this point lolcow is no different from reddit.

Anonymous 256211

The mod(s) are probably angry cows trying to get the site shut down. Leftcows has been locked for almost a month. Inside job

Anonymous 256246

It's so painfully reddit

Anonymous 256285

I want the man hating thread back so badly. It was one of the most active threads where you can vent.
The biggest argument against is was "wahh anons kept taking bait" but I feel like anons took bait way less compared to how much they eat up bait in every other thread

Anonymous 256317

Don’t worry anon, it’s on the 2X board which is totally the same thing!

Anonymous 256319


I think anon might be onto something.

Anonymous 256322

>Lolcow is run by pedophiles.

I can believe this. I just found out recently that I was banned because of asking people to report the instagram of a child forced to troon and being blatantly sexualized. He had shit pedos leaving shit like "I'm in love" in his comments and dressing and posing extremely suggestively. I know because me and multiple other nonas noticed. lmao

Anonymous 256349


well I just got banned for three days for posting news in Taylor's thread unsaged.
>banned while actively contributing to other threads (I never get bans anywhere else). Literally while writing posts in /m/.
>3 days. on my birthday…
>but what's this? post replying to mine is also banned for "samefag"
>it's not my post, wtf

I don't use a VPN, ever, I just don't care. I appealed the ban and emailed admin demanding they remove this samefag redtext for the post I didn't make. I'm fucking livid, I didn't make that post and the farmhand knows that, 100%. I live in a smaller country and my IP definitely would stick out.

At the exact time I got banned, the whiteknight showed up in the thread. I'm sorry, I'm angry because I never samefag either. I follow the rules and get fucked no matter what, just for posting in one single thread.

Anonymous 256353

Whenever that thread is bumped it's the mods with red text on every mundane post. Or the it's mods themselves praising her as anons, something that would be bannable in the past.

This confirms she's paying for the board to keep her relevant. Trying to pretend everyone who says something midly negative is a "samefag" is such a cope. Considering she's chronically online with no IRL friends and followed that thread for years, it's probably herself posting since her husband and their hired help are all ESLs.

Anonymous 256355


Anonymous 256356


I've also been banned for a post I didn't make. And this was also when I barely used lolcow or even knew what it was. What the hell is wrong with mods on there?

Anonymous 256357

idk if it's really Taylor but one wk or mod is east asian esl for sure, they've made some telling mistakes.

I'm just so angry because I actually follow the rules, furthermore I never use tildes and probably wouldn't be able to misspell career like that even as a joke. Just wtf, I hope that poster returns after their ban expires to say it was their post because wtaf.

I used to photodump by referencing my first post in the dump for the subsequent photo posts, literally to tie together all the photos as a single dump (I saged all but the first). Until a mod decided that was "samefagging." Nevermind that it was a dump without commentary or text on the 3 subsequent pics. In the taylor thread iirc. of course

Anonymous 256361

The mods are going nuts all over the site red texting all over. It’s almost unusable. I seriously think some cows became mods since they had that banner up begging for farmhands and they got the site all shitted up. Less moderation was better than more

Anonymous 256365

I have also had mods accuse me of samefagging posts that weren't mine. I don't really believe they can see as much as they say they can. I think certain post reveals are easy for them because some people never clear their cookies and use Google to browse the site but if you're not an idiot who does that then I think it's harder for mods to decipher posts that's why shit like movie anon happened. I also believe cows or cow superfans are on the mod team there was someone in one of these lc hate threads that said this a long time ago. I'm not sure if Taylor is a mod because that mod behaviour can be seen all across /w/ on certain cows boards but they definitely have a bias for certain cows that's for sure. And what's with the locking of alllll these threads? They (mod wks/mods with their tag off) have tried to dripfeed that whole notion/ method of action in meta like it's been a standard practice on the site when it hasnt. They also delete a lot of posts now too, a lot of times for no real reason, it's not like cp or gore spam posts, a lot of the stuff I see people complain about being deleted were unoffensive saged posts that were on topic.

Anonymous 256368

The mods posting as anons on meta defending their actions is super deranged. They think they can somehow rewrite history about cows and lc in general but nobody is buying it. All the original and interesting posters are long gone and the board is a ghost town of cows trying to control their little narratives.

Anonymous 256372

What do you mean use Google to browse the site? I know that they use cookies but can they track you through analytics?

Anonymous 256377

Can we make a tradthot thread here, or would that be against rules? Maybe we should have a /drama/ board for all the threads that get banned for no reason on lolcow

Anonymous 256407

94chan has a cow board and is run by a woman, maybe you should go there?

Anonymous 256415

Being run by a supposed "woman" just isn't the same. I'm sure most of the users are male

Anonymous 256425

It's dead.

Anonymous 256454

looks like literal cancer, no thanks

Anonymous 256477

CC was created so we can have a drama-free alternative to LC. I suggest using KF, the Lolcow Salon section, most users there are women.

Anonymous 256514

Anonymous 256536

Everyone on lolcow is so overly defensive all the time i can't say anything without someone twisting my words has it always been like this and i just didn't notice?

Anonymous 256591

the momo-kun thread is so obviously filled with moids WKing her, makes me sick.

Anonymous 256598

It's just one who samefags.

Anonymous 256969

Lolita thread is painful to read, badly written long paragraphs obviously written by the same person discussing trivial matters while hurling insults about people's appearance.

Anonymous 256978


You WILL respect the moderators.

Anonymous 257094

Does anyone else no longer have the energy to repport posts even when they are breaking rules in a very obvious manner?

Anonymous 257194

LC is so ban-happy. What the fuck? This is actual Discord and Redditor mod shit. Absolutely embarrassing.

Anonymous 257246

Why did you keep your ip in there

Anonymous 257271


You responding to me or what?

Cus I tried VPN and they block it. I'm not the owner of my router either so I can't just keep resetting it.

If you know another way to ban evade do tell. I've never once been banned here yet already they've banned me on there for like the 5th or 6th time. I literally think some trannie jannie there has a vendetta against me. lul

Anonymous 257320

use windscribe (free with gb limit but i only use it to post on imageboards), it works for me

Anonymous 257368

NEVER report posts. The mods are so ban-happy - let them actually do some work and read the threads to look for rule violations. After a while they will get tired and start deleting only obvious spam and NSFW pics.

Anonymous 257384

It's weird that they locked the thread with zero warning or explanation.

Anonymous 257415

I got perma'd for a stupid post, how do you evade again

Anonymous 257456

Clear cookies + vpn

Anonymous 257485

They don't block VPNs. You need to try multiple IPs, or if they're mostly banned it means that someone ran through the service you were using and you should use a different one.

Anonymous 257486

Also the jannies on LC are obviously newfags. I actually got banned once because I said that much on /meta/ Some of the shit you get banned (e.g. spoonfeeding, samefagging) for do not even make any sense because they don't know what the terms actually mean. It's a huge reason why the culture of LC is eroding. For a group of mods on a gossip board, they sure can't handle any form of criticism.

Anonymous 257492

Just took another look at lc and the mods are legit wking several threads with unnecessary red text on every post. At this point it confirms that the mods are the cows themselves.

Anonymous 257511

What threads?

Anonymous 257516

Is the new LC admin actually a scrote? This is like my second time using this website sorry.

Anonymous 257543

Anonymous 257553

it's the same admin it's been for years pretending to be 3 people while hiring exreddit mods as jannys, no joke

Anonymous 257566

I buy this tinfoil. It doesn't make any sense how it took months/years to find a replacement admin, but somehow when the fire was getting too hot Shaymin magically found not one but three new admins to replace them in the span of like a month. I'm surprised more anons aren't skeptical.

Anonymous 257567

And also all "three" admins are software devs (or something like that) but there has been no major reworking of the website in nearly a year.

Anonymous 257744

is anyone else having problems with posts not going through, despite the rest of the site loading?

Anonymous 257775


>LC too fast
>CC too slow

Anonymous 257781

>too fast
lolcow is slow, it's just that male schizos shit up the place regularly

Anonymous 257783

atp i think most are tired of getting dogpiled by flying monkeys and skeptical newfags who think older users are just being paranoid and bitchy. i’ve suspected this for a while but it’s useless to even bring it up now as you will either get permabanned for dubious reasons, attacked by minions, or screamed at by other anons.

Anonymous 257816


I stg I have never posted spam. I post normally and helpfully but I did ask some questions about redditspacing in /meta/. I think they assumed I was the same as another anon who found these bans suspect but idc. I'm not a spammer and I'm always polite. I have posted thanks to admin about the new banners and even apologized for misunderstanding things in the past. How is someone like me worthy of a permaban on this garbage site? I've posted there since 2016/7 and have made multiple OPs, contributed screenshots and webms and milk. I started to have issues with mods in one /w/ thread, then multiple /w/ threads and now I - a relatively polite and helpful poster - am permabanned for questioning moderation and asking for things to be done with more transparency? Or just because I posted more anti-troon stuff recently…? I have no idea.

I guess I'll be a miner now but ffs I enjoyed keeping tabs on dubious individuals over at lc.

Anonymous 257819

constantly affirming that youre polite and helpful leads me to believe this is a lie

Anonymous 257822

Well I don't spam or call mods troons or names or post schizo rants about them, so I guess that's all I wanted to convey. Sorry it gave the opposite impression I guess.

Anonymous 257866


Why does lolcow hate memes? They are as easily offended as reddit. The absolute state of the Internet.

Anonymous 257877

because lolcow is a gathering of timid, sensitive normie girls who think laughing at clinical morons is edgy and smart

Anonymous 257974

Lolcow hates everything

Anonymous 257976

Because lolcow is the facebook of imageboards

Anonymous 258091

You've been using lolcow since at least 2017 and you don't know how to use a VPN?

Anonymous 258101

they directed you to meta to complain about paragraph spacing so they could gaslight you as multiple anons and feel justified in banning you for pointing out their ineptitude. you got set up, the admin and staff are lunatics and retards, just ban evade and avoid meta.

Anonymous 258108

LC has been horrible and changed for the worse since the late 2010s but lately it's been unusable. I don't get why the mods are so ban happy the last couple years on posters that don't really deserve it. Are they trying to destroy their own imageboard and drive away oldfags and serious posters while letting obvious male trolls and baiters slide? I will see entire 3 day long fights and obvious bait go on without any bans given but one anon will ironically use a heart or smiley (which these have always been traditionally used there so I know the mods are newfags) and get banned within minutes. Even the most tame one liners and typical imageboard banter will get you banned for "infighting". I've also seen a lot of anons get banned for racebaiting when imo what they said wasn't racebaiting at all. I feel like just talking about anyone's skin color there will get you banned. I've seen genuinely racist comments go unbanned. There's no way the mods are serious there. What really gets me is the smiley and emoticon banning because that's always been used there. The reality is that most posters were from cgl and women just typed cuter back then and still often do. It's such a nonissue and seems super moid-y to ban it. Emoticons and smileys is genuinely something only autistic men would get mad about. Think about it. I even saw ":^)" get banned which is a very traditional 4chan emoticon.

I'm tired of seeing the same 5 subjects brought up and constantly fights happen over them every week. The jannies need to ban the trolls and butthurt underage newfags who constantly bitch about the dumbest things but they never do. How many fights do we need to see about old men, hair color, eye color, and if a grown petite women coupled with a tall man makes the man a pedophile? I genuinely hope these are just trolls because seeing grown women freak out about these things and having such insane, nonsensical beliefs is pathetic. All the hivemind bitching about men is annoying too. LC used to be more laid back and have a bunch of fun threads. A lot of older threads that were a thing would not fly there today because it would devolve into reeing about men. Posters there hate to be called femcels but honestly that's exactly what majority of them are now. All the cool anons left and now it's full of newfags and trolls. It's not fun there anymore.

Anonymous 258111

Yep I know what you mean. I noticed lolcow started to decline when majority of oldfags were replaced with newfags from tiktok. You could easily tell this happened because "doubleposting" was replaced incorrectly with "samefagging" and it caught on so now everyone that doubleposts calls themselves a samefag, which to me is silly because that's always been a negative term for calling out other users on samefagging aka pretending to be other people during arguments.

I'm surprised you think LC is fast. It's been dead as hell compared to early and mid 2010s.

It doesn't matter how long you've been on the site. I think the mods are very new to imageboards which makes them banhappy. I'm not sure what sites they came from but they are not familiar with imageboard culture at all despite what they wrote to you in your ban. Maybe they're zoomers on a power trip or redditors. It seems like they're banning all actual posters and keeping the ones that shit up the site.

I'm also genuinely curious because this is a new one I keep seeing spammed to death, but what the hell is "Reddit spacing"? I'm not too familiar with Reddit Do the mods just mean paragraph spacing to keep written text clean like in essays?

Anonymous 258117

"Reddit spacing" is a 4chan meme, it's bullshit by the way and was made to bait people because 4chan oldfags did space their posts like in reddit, it's not wrong to do it and doesn't make you a newfag. The fact that lolcow and the moderation there fell for this meme speaks volumes.

Anonymous 258118

Sorry to interrupt the hate but is LC ok? Refreshing my tabs takes me to mirrored farmcow now.

Anonymous 258128

Turns out I'm banned there for no reason. Guess I'll be joining in on the hate now.

Anonymous 258142

Reddit spacing is the most embarrassing meme ever and I can't help but roll my eyes every time I see someone who fell for it. Not just because of how gullible they are, but because newfags are so hopelessly desperate to fit in they will believe anything to prove they are "real" 4channers. "Oh, redditors double space their posts? Well I ripped the Enter key out of my keyboard, that's how Reddit I'm not!"

Anonymous 258164


>but what the hell is "Reddit spacing"?
Basically due to how reddit text formatting works you have to double press enter to add a line break, so if someone is too used to that they will accidentally space out their post in an obvious way. Picrel is an example.
Mods definitely don't enforce this rule properly so sometimes if you just do a double line break to space out a paragraph (which is not reddit spacing) they might ban you for it kek. They're a bit tarded sometimes.

Anonymous 258201

Ah, thank you for the info. Watching farmers fight about this buzzword now due to incompetent mods is the cherry on top of a shitty cake. I cannot stand going to LC anymore since the site culture is completely different from what it used to be.

Anonymous 258211

Same here, made like five posts in the past few days, none of them inflammatory, just random venting and stupid thoughts in the dumbass shit thread. Friendship ended with lc, now cc is my best friend I guess.

Anonymous 258229

The dumbass shit thread should just get deleted already

Anonymous 258236

I think that's another thing that killed lc. The chatroom style threads attract the wrong kind of users from other sites. And you will now see most threads are pretty dead except the chat one will be jumping.

Anonymous 258237

Fr. Scroll through the catalog and there’s so many cool ones like obsessions with people, disappearance of the internet, weird encounters etc but they’re all dead cause of the chat rooms

Anonymous 258238

>due to how reddit text formatting works you have to double press enter to add a line break, so if someone is too used to that they will accidentally space out their post in an obvious way

Stop repeating this nonsense. It is a post-hoc rationalization for something that is entirely made up.

Anonymous 258252

For real . If you don't act/post in the exact way they like you get banned, idgi why they are SO spergy about le ""culture"". while also letting newfag tiktok users use their zoomerspeak

Anonymous 258311

Is there an avatarfag who infights on LC? I've seen some drama there about it but I'm kinda confused.

Anonymous 258354

I never understood the need to harass random women online for the smallest shit. If you post a scrote thread all the posters there throw a fit and the mods will hand out bans in the thread like candy. Yet it is okay for posters there to make a thread on hating a woman all because she is chubby, mentally ill or “ugly”. They nitpick normal behaviors from these cows and it rubs me the wrong way

Anonymous 258384

is that video on /snow/ really hex?

Anonymous 258385

One? The only thing missing is them using tripcodes and we're gonna be at levels of /r9k/ or /cgl/ around 2007.


Anonymous 258386

Anonymous 258405

This. We had so many cool threads that just got neglected. I miss impossible dreams, it was so fun to read but it's been dead for a year. I also miss when it was dead during my posting hours and now it's so busy full of newfags in different timezones or scrotes baiting.

Anonymous 258452


Some odd tradthot but this is from /w/ and /w/ is a shithole anyway, ig

Anonymous 258456

No way this is her? The awful wig, the bad costuming, and the hulking tranny in the video KEK how did anyone find this?
Just contribute to those threads, I avoid DsT and spammy threads because they're boring and full of newfags.

Anonymous 258487

same, this sucks

Anonymous 258699

trannies in the radfem cow thread desperately trying to connect anna slatz to peter thiel and right-wingers

Anonymous 258702

Starting to believe the mods are newfags thing.

Anonymous 258756

I miss when threads like these were hot and people actually shared their experiences. It was so interesting to read! Unfortunately the reality is the site has changed and brought in unfavorable zoomer type posters who just want to shitpost memes and sperg in the chat thread. You can tell their attention span is dead. It's really weird that LC attracts these newfags. I guess discord isn't enough for them.

>Just contribute to those threads
Nta but a couple people contributing out of hundreds who browse that site isn't going to help those threads. They will just continuously be bumped down and die due to the chat threads. It really isn't fun talking to yourself. The site has been noticeably slower since 2020s too. I stopped going to LC entirely because of all of this.

Anonymous 258757

Well yeah that's obvious.

Anonymous 258776

Obvious horny moid posts are everywhere there. I tried reporting a bunch and nothing happened, they kept shitting up the thread talking about how [subject] is no longer fuckable because xyz and ahh

Anonymous 258809

There's a disturbing number of posters who are justifying obvious pedo-adjacent behaviors and obviously pedophilic art. That's been going on forever. I just saw a discussion in /meta/ where they are now saying a woman buying dog dildos couldn't possibly be into bestiality. I clicked to that thread (Stefanie Lauren thread) and there's like multiple spoilered screenshots of these furries buying animal dildos. Why are these idiots giving bans to anons who rightly state that it's disturbing. These women seem to own a ton of dogs and horses and they are buying dog and deer dildos?! How many red flags need to be present to say "yeah they are interested in bestiality" (no one said they did it).

Anonymous 258890

Peter theil bought off the red scare podcast girls it wouldn't be shocking if he went after radfems kek

Anonymous 258916

moids and troids bought the site tinfoil starting to look true

Anonymous 258991

Generally links from other webforums get deleted as well.

Anonymous 258995


samefag >>258776 but I thought I could take advantage of seemingly no moderation with all the trolls and scrotes getting away with everything despite reports to post a mini blog as a back up point. but it's me who gets redtexted, not the scrote i replied to, who another nona replied is a regular poster who spergs off topic constantly about how they hate pregnant women and tries to convince everyone not to have children in the name of feminism. Smells like bitter trannoid envy
Not shocked. I feel like cc is probably the only website that isn't overtaken by basement dwelling cave troons as moderators. they love power and control so much

Anonymous 259001


a mod (posting without tripcode) gave himself away in /meta/ when he said that nonas aren't allowed to express horror at two women buying horse and dog dildos unless they are fucking animals. Well it's actually pretty difficult for a woman to "fuck" an animal for pleasure. They can absolutely abuse animals but it would be described differently by any woman who considered the situation. But the mod can only think in male terms, so he imagines what men do to dogs. anyway he's clearly a furry too, and a sensitive one. He banned everyone in Stef's thread after shitting it up and left only his own sockpuppet infighting unscathed, more or less.

Anonymous 259016

they always say "unhinged" too because they think it's the female way to call a woman crazy to dismiss them

Anonymous 259025

the mod and his sockpuppet or kitten like to post one after another, and yes, they both say "unhinged" all the time. The second one posting usually does it within 20 minutes and writes "nta but" before echoing the exact same language of the first post. Seems like more and more anons are catching on. I can't wait until we find out who really runs this site.

Refusal to open the Sam Hyde thread is a huge slap in the face when there's a live interview discussing all the allegations about him happening. Why couldn't anyone even reply to all the farmers who asked for it to be unlocked?

Anonymous 259027

i feel bad for her because sam is in her state playing with rocket launchers and 3d printed untraceable guns with his entire entourage just for funsies and definitely not to intimidate her. kiwi scrotes are predictably clueless about the motive around sam's behavior and are too busy having a pissing contest about guns to understand what's going on. mods are coming off like sam fans disappearing the thread, but they need that 2.2 mil traffic so they had to open at least tardthots and leftcows.

Anonymous 259028

As I've gotten older and more astute I've started to realize that probably at least 40% of the board is male or troons. You can tell just by the way that they write and the things that they say about women. I know about pickmes and whatever but there's usually something more to those posts that read male. If you spend a lot of time around men or male spaces you'll begin to recognize these idiosyncrasies. I think /m/ and /g/ are probably the least compromised boards, and then /pt/

Anonymous 259029

There's definitely not 2.2 million page visits every month, even accounting for duplicates. Probably at least 90% of those visits are bots crawling the website, and the remaining 10% (220,000) being actual humans. Last I checked there are only about 500 active users every month, so 220,000 is still a lot.

Anonymous 259031

I feel bad for her too, she's really unwell.

Anonymous 259112


Not the anon in pic, but it's obvious you've just run to post here the minute you got called retarded for seething about anons position recognizing men disregarded women as people for a chance to reproduce. Imagine trying to shill recognizing men have no empathy for women as being 'tranny shit' because real women only want what tradfag moids want, right? Mega retarded. You also seem to forget that trannies shill tradshit and ree about women not having kids being what forced them to transition. Newsflash retard, trannies ree about recognizing men as degenerate and are more likely to be infavour of pretending men don't dehumanize women constantly.

Anonymous 259113

This common phenomenon of men pretending to be women shilling tradshit can even be observed easily on the internet. Many trad blogs have been revealed to be run by men larping a female persona with the express purpose being to sell the lifestyle to real women.

Anonymous 259187

Why does lolcow hate brown hair? See: the unpopular opinions thread

Anonymous 259190

I didn't see that much brown hair hate, but damn the people posting in that thread are fucking miserable. Why are people on lolcow so angry all the time

Anonymous 259196


don't hurt yourself patting yourself on the back, admin

Anonymous 259197

>nominated for best troll
i don't even check lolcow anymore, a friend brought it to my attention. it's very funny that i live rent free in anon's heads when all i did was make a fool of myself trying to explain mental illness.

Anonymous 259236

pretty sure every mod team WKs itself in meta. oats used to at least.

Anonymous 259237

leave oats alone you bitter bitch

Anonymous 259238

??? that’s a direct quote from her

Anonymous 259240

i know she doesn't care i just don't like to see my oats fed to the masses

Anonymous 259241

oh no, not the wrath of anonymous shittalking, anything but that

Anonymous 259242

Retard that is literally the opposite of what my point was you fucking imbecile I just meant that normie users have no need for these names or this info

Anonymous 259249

please I want to browse lolcow again but it’s reversed am I just forever banned, I’m too dumb to figure out how to reverse it if there’s a way

Anonymous 259263

they're so ban happy and pro-moid you can't even be mean to obvious scroteposters anymore without catching a permaban

Anonymous 259291

Yep, Ritard's thread has been shat up and made by scrotes yet the farmhands refuse to lock it, very frustrating.

Anonymous 259296

delete your cache/cookies for LC and it should be fine, unless your ban hasn't expired

Anonymous 259304

>gets banned
>more spam and some bitching
>banned again
>more ban evasion
>more bans
>hurr these farmies are retarded
Wipe off the drool and soldier on.
None of the other cows got their threads locked by asking and you won't either.

Anonymous 259305

Also "no infighting" is a rule. Don't feed trolls is another. And the third involves some kind of report button and using it.

Anonymous 259310

I miss when LC's moderation was super lax and resembled this imageboard. I don't know why they think users aren't going to talk shit to each other. And they always ban the person who was right and the weirdo retard gets away with the fight they caused or were just plain wrong in and that's why the site is looking worse and worse userbase wise.

Anonymous 259315

It is really painful. Especially how on here you can make a thread with whatever title you want and get replies, you’d definitely get slapped with a ‘take it to x’ if you tried that there. If you scroll down on ot you’ll see older threads that resembled the threads here.

Anonymous 259320



Anonymous 259321

Moids are so gross
That's why I exclusively sleep with women

Anonymous 259328

>and resembled this imageboard
cc's moderation isn't more lax, it's just different. CC mods straight up delete all rule breaking so it makes it seem like there's less of it, they also used to delete whole threads. They still enforce all rules as much as lc mods do. On top of that they're way more ban happy than on lc, I'm in a cc discord and half of us got perma'd over the years even though we all barely post and none of us are shitposters or rulebreakers. It's strange to say the least, as much as I love this imageboard it's becoming hard to use. Seems like every time I get on to post something I have to appeal an unspecified (unspecified is the worst part - at least write the reason so I can know that maybe the ban came from a previous poster under my ip) perma ban that I didn't deserve, which then gets approved.

Anonymous 259339

How do i get into this discord? The old thread about it seems dead

Anonymous 259340

anyone know why the lolcow farms are backwards atm

Anonymous 259344

See, regular moids can't be mad at that post because it implies men aren't innately evil and can be good husbands and fathers (often are when they mature and don't develop a lifelong 4chan addiction in their teens). Women can't be mad at that post because women know pregnancy isn't "men having no empathy for women", kek. Ever heard of motherhood? Being proposed to by a someone you're madly in love with and raising a family together, watching your kids grow and then living the last of your days as a grandmother and laying to rest happy knowing you helped raise people you're proud of and helped grow into their own beings with all the love and support you could give? Even setting into a lesbian marriage to raise kids or having to adopt children because you're infertile always starts somewhere: pregnancy. You wouldn't exist without it, neither would I or any human until some distant future discovery comes out on how to make lab babies after you and I are long dead, if that even does happen. Tragedies happen with many families that can make raising kids hard or impossible but it doesn't take away the fact that most women seem to be open to the idea of pregnancy and motherhood, or adopting children with a different birthmother if they don't want to go through it. Plenty of childfree women exist too, their reasons for not being mothers usually being "can"t afford it" or "not for me, personally". Never "misogyny" unless we're talking about sex trafficking or reproductive rights activism, but you weren't talking about that. You think a bodily fundtion that creates human life and brings women around the globe joy and happiness like no other as new babies are born every minute of every day.

I don't know who/what is behind your screen, and frankly don't care, but I can tell you are trying to be a feminist and I have to say you are failing. Hard. You are taking antinatilism – an insanely misogynistic philosophy started by moids that is still mostly only supported by moids infamous for pinning blame entirely on women for "natalism" and shaming pregnant women – but you're giving it your own little twist by handing some of the blame to men while still shaming women. And pretending you aren't supporting misogyny

Inb4 you shit up the thread, but in case you wanted to be a feminist this ain't it. Do some research.

Anonymous 259345

get her ass

Anonymous 259347


Anonymous 259348

It's cause you've been banned, usually for spamming. Clear cookies + use VPN and that should fix it

Anonymous 259351


The moderation team of… one male?
Women can only fuck animals with a strap-on. Yet the male mod is in here talking about "people who want to fuck animals" again. It really is a man.

Anonymous 259353

>Women can only fuck animals with a strap-on
I got news for you anon..

Anonymous 259366

LC Mods are such fascists wtf, i dindu nuffin

Anonymous 259371

FYI, posting to lolcow is not actually anonymous and staff and other users can see your IP address.

Anonymous 259373

Just like on every imageboard ever, retard

Anonymous 259374


Anonymous 259377

Yeah and?

Anonymous 259378

So what? Lol it's misleading and an invasion of privacy

Anonymous 259379

It's only misleading if you expected lolcow to be a nice place

Anonymous 259388

Are you underaged or something? These things are common knowledge. Spend some time lurking before posting and get some tech literacy.

Anonymous 259411

"Becoming the TERF" is the new autogynephile fantasy

Anonymous 259417

The administrators of every website you have ever visited know your IP. You would not be able to interact with a website without an exchange of IP. The only way to mitigate this is to mask yourself with proxies.

Anonymous 259431

who is this and why is it in italian

Anonymous 259434

Choachan fags showing up with irrelevant information from over 4 years ago to act like insiders. I guess the Ashley bit got old.

Anonymous 259436

Why are we still fighting babe

Anonymous 259491

it's from the hair thread on /g/

Anonymous 259493

Got a ban for saying that alt millennials are cringe. Ig it hit a nerve lol.

Anonymous 259500

kek no way can you link to your post

Anonymous 259859

The mini modding in the complaints thread is crazy

Anonymous 259891

It's always like that. I buy the tinfoil that it's jannies defending themselves covertly.

Anonymous 259917

The person who posted that is internally screaming about having no womb.

Anonymous 259975

What part of “reproduction is costly for females” reads as seething to you?

Anonymous 259979

You could have said it like that and sounded less insane you know? You post like a schizo femcel who hates women. Elliot Rodger shit

Anonymous 259986

Costly how? That implies pregnancy is never worth the discomforts that come with it. My SIL is 36 weeks pregnant and says it just feels like she's overstuffed with mexican food.

Anonymous 259990

>Costly how
im guessing they mean men dont experience the same discomfort or other (potentially life threatening) problems that come with pregnancy

Anonymous 260003

Somatically. For humans especially, it consumes a huge amount of resources. One simple example is reduced lifespan. Again this has nothing to do with someone personally finding it fulfilling.

Anonymous 260004

I wasn’t the one in the screen caps but I don’t understand how you get “hates women” from someone pointing out men’s lack of empathy toward women, or talking about sexual antagonism which has been widely documented in biology.

Anonymous 260106

Yes and that's literally it. Pregnancy is a natural bodily function that keeps our species going.

>somatically/biologically speaking it reduces female lifespans

[citation needed]

>your male ancestors forced it on your female ancestors

It's about to be 2024. Most of us living in the first world haven't had this problem in half a century. Birth rates are dropping mainly because more young men andwomen are choosing to be childfree.

>males from other species in the animal kingdom prove my retarded uhpinion!

We are human, not cats, anon

Anonymous 260228


this isn't my ban (ip changes every time I have to reset my router & I got this I guess?), but how is this 2 years worthy… wtf are they doing over there.

Anonymous 260233

It's probably a kiwifag

Anonymous 260282

Ew does that mean retards from kf live in my area? I hope not.

Anonymous 260286

Are you actually arguing that because pregnancy is natural, it doesn’t take anything from the mother to undergo it?

Anonymous 260344

There's vagina drama in /ot/ rn. Kek.

Anonymous 260369


most lc users are very sad

Anonymous 260747

I can tell this is a larping tradfag because it pretends men have ever had any thankfulness for women being pregnant at all and not seething it's their duty and treating them like shit for being able to get pregnant for century's kek. Imagine trying to pretend women love and benefit from tradfaggotry. It's something trannies try and shill, including the one that spams lolcow and tried to get the tradthot thread shut down because he doesn't like women not 'acting like women'.

Anonymous 260748

>implying pregnancy isn't costly for women
You know how I know you have no womb kek. Men really do project hard on to women. "Of course women would all be infavour of shilling tradfaggotry, it's easy like in movies right?"

Anonymous 260749

Because it's male coping that only trannies don't want what men want women to want as a coping mechanism to feel like they haven't lost one more opportunity to coom. You see the same thing in places everywhere. Just recently on KF they even had scrotes seething that only trannies hate men otherwise they would have to accept that their degenerate behaviour directly affects their ability to coom and die. They live life eternally coping that women want exactly what men want, which is why they think they can larp as women nd not be immediately discovered. There's a reason most women are lefty pro-choice types, and it's because they aren't all desperate for kids as men hope and try to shill.

Anonymous 260750

Their belief is so male too. It's the same logic men spout when they try and explain why they're anti-choice. They don't see pregnancy as anything real or difficult so they think women shouldn't have the right to choose.

Anonymous 260753

There's a lesbian pedophile who hangs out with MAPS who spread MAP positivity and think anti pedophiles are bigoted, who's going to one of the threads on 2x because she's mad at me specifically for my opinions (not on trans people) and thinks women like me are vile while she hangs with with child porn watchers… I wouldn't be surprised if she's making posts in that thread since she's so hysterically mad at women like me

Anonymous 260760

Who? Post caps

Anonymous 260765

No, I can't. I did it multiple times just to get ignored and spat on later anyway, I can only post ss of the map twitter to show what kind of person is that

Anonymous 260779

>women like me
…as in?
>I can only post ss of the map twitter to show what kind of person is that
ok do so then?

Anonymous 260782

>women like me
Blackpilled women meanwhile these bitches are a literal MAPS who support pedophilia and think I'm worse than them
What will it change if I post these ss? I showed people just for them to turn out to be lesbian pedophiles or their supporters too

Anonymous 260790

The state of /meta/ is so exhausting.
>please lock x thread it has a post I don't like
>please ban y word/languge I don't like it
>why don't you just obey the rules?
>every poster I disagree with is a tranny please ban them
>all bans are deserved and you are a tranny/male/schizo if you ever got a ban

Anonymous 260807

People are exhausting…
I don't go into moid spaces but are they as annoying as the female ones?

Anonymous 260810

spending a few minutes in any discord server makes me want to kms

Anonymous 260882


Example of a MAP account

Anonymous 260884


>Nep pic


Of course he has a Nep Nep profile picture.

Anonymous 260912

idk wtf a nepnep is but also is this an actual lesbian or a "lesbian" (male)

Anonymous 260914

This is not the person who's stalking the thread I engaged in cause she thinks I'm words than satan unlike… pedophiles. Male or female. She's a lesbian and there's all kinds of genders and sexualities on map twitter… Originally these lesbians were on radfem Twitter which is known for having women like this in there lol

Anonymous 260931



Bio says MtF. This is clearly a transbian.

Anonymous 260935

Even though "Kuz" is 19 yr Carter from Florida.

Anonymous 260941

> Pro-contact MAP ally
why am I not surprised

Anonymous 261032

I just got banned for an unspecified reason today with no date for it to end. I was on a computer and not my phone, but now I'm banned on my phone too. I post mainly on /w/ and rant in the vent thread sometimes, tried posting in the tranny thread just now and it's an instant band with no reason, ok then.

Anonymous 261040

Most /w/ posters are spergs so maybe you posted something autistic.

Anonymous 261042

Honestly I would laugh about it.
Just today I saw someone say that being rude and gross is "image board culture" to excuse themselves for being a dipshit to someone.
Even on 4chan people aren't spineless enough to use that as a justification, they rather just admit that they like being assholes lol

Anonymous 261055

Dunno if it's because of something you posted on w but that board is strange. I swear there's one farmhand who hovers over it and redtexts every little thing they don't like. I've even seen saged posting get criticized because they personally think the cow isn't milky enough to talk about anymore

Anonymous 261075

why do they want to continue this “image board culture” if it came from something like 4chan like why. It’s so sad honestly. One of the very few places for women to congregate without having to police their posts , but they ban for any small thing and anons are so rude and mean. I’m just so sad about it, yeah make fun of me but it’s how I feel. Sorry for bad english I’m esl.

Anonymous 261076

I've never experienced this kind of moderation before for the most innocuous shit. It's so strange.

Anonymous 261467


New hand post dropped

Anonymous 261480

Dope hand

Anonymous 261536

Newfags trying to integrate by calling others newfags is basically lolcow nowadays.

Anonymous 261539

Lolcow is filled with normies it's like twitter if it was an imageboard, the gossip just attracts them more. Very cringe.


That’s makes the site more bearable why would you want to deal with stereotypical spergs all day? The variety of people on lolcow makes it fun

Anonymous 261542

Really hard to find online spaces for women that aren't filled with libfem faux-woke normies these days


Rather have that than the site become an incubator for /pol/fags, they ruin every site they touch cause they can’t comprehend that nobody gives a fuck about their political ramblings.

Anonymous 261553

Same for wokescold libfems tho

Anonymous 261597

The redtexts are weird on that board for the past year. Best guess is one of the cows who has a thread there is now a mod and trying to steer discussion or sentiment but it keeps backfiring.

Anonymous 261599

Anonymous 261615


Jannies need their red crayon revoked

Anonymous 261621

All the sage shit is super annoying. What is it about a thread getting bumped that puts the tranny jannys nappy in such a twist? If people are actively posting in a thread, then it doesn't deserve to die you normie.

Anonymous 261633

it wouldnt even take much programming to make Sage the default option if they get so butthurt about people not sageing.. proof its just another board made by some kids who just learned how to git-clone from a pajeet on yt

Anonymous 261636

Actual "y'all can't behave" reddit vibes

Anonymous 261661

lolcow is basically half twitterfags half /pol/fags anyway, worst of both worlds. explains many of the most inane recurring infights going on in there
what's with jannies and trying so hard to make all of their redtexts "sassy" and "quirky"

Anonymous 261704


Not exactly a hate post, but I was scrolling through /g/ and I think I found one of the weirdest bans on lolcow. Thread is about asses, btw.

Anonymous 261705


Here is the spoilered image

Anonymous 261744

fr I think it's part of muh board culture muh integrate that people on lolcow are so obsessed with
they should at least have a sage tick box like other image boards do if they are so intent on getting everyone to sage.
Also it seems like that post is on the celeb thread on /ot/, and it's always been a thing that you don't need to sage there

Anonymous 261985

New hellweek is the gaymods enacting a “radfems aren’t slayyy D: ” policy. Sucks how women can’t have culture of their own and have to pick between being shepherded by either straight or gay moids.

Anonymous 261987

I hope more anons come to CC after this

Anonymous 261989

Which policy, keeping blackpill to /2X/?

Anonymous 261992

You also can't call others anons trannies if they act like one

Anonymous 261996

which is not even "board culture", but more "4chan culture" with their anonymous legion fixation, literal npc sheeple
even "namefagging" could be ok sometimes on og japanese and other boards (why there would be tripcodes)
so lingo policing is extra retared, moid mentality

plus weird people whining about posters being decent and expecting it from others, like being a anonymous netizen equals being dumb fucktard
we are not 15 yo moids, who are losing their mind about being ow the edge (well, I hope so)

Anonymous 261997

i think they will, off topic conversation is so popular i could see anons migrating here. it seems like the new administration wants the culture to be catty mean girls and gays gossip exclusively and want to eliminate "uncool" elements like femcels/fujoshis and radfems.

Anonymous 262000

Im a lolcow refugee because I don’t want to deal with hellweek. But reading this got me fucked up. Cerbmin is a guy?!?! I thought the mods were all women!!!

Anonymous 262004

Nope, lolcow is run by men

Anonymous 262005

I feel so bored without the dumbass shit thread to talk with other anons in…

Anonymous 262008

The very first admin was male but there's no reason to believe the current one is afaik

Anonymous 262015

josh never owned lolcow

Anonymous 262016

Nobody is talking about josh, but the first lc admin really was a dude (Ian). He simped after sh0eonhead which is why she had a say in her threads not being allowed kek

Anonymous 262019


Anonymous 262021

Honestly they should, wasn't CC originally meant to provide a containment for off-topic discussions to keep LC cow-focused? It's not like LC was ever even meant to be a fujoshi or radfem or otherwise non-cow site in the first place. Most non-cow posters are only there because there aren't really any better places to go, even CC moderation is deplorable.

Anonymous 262022

Anonymous 262023

How do you define "acting like a tranny" though? Being an annoying edgelord doesn't a moid make.

Anonymous 262024

it was originally made to shit talk cosplayers after it was banned on 4chan cgl site, so weeb/lolita husbando shit was the original focus and audience and the recent celeb gossip/LSA/Datalounge for white girlies is normie cancer.

Anonymous 262025


like clockwork, it's always the reason lockdowns happen, to make the site more palatable to troons

Anonymous 262026

having a fundamental misunderstanding of the female experience

Anonymous 262027

The drama was the focus, not as much the hobby itself.

Anonymous 262029

this is an imageboard, post screenshots tranny tourist

Anonymous 262030

>everyone I don't like is a tranny
This hellweek is literally about you.

Anonymous 262031

But her threads were always allowed. You larpers never get the history right

Anonymous 262032

This is partially true in the sense that it was made for /cgl/ weeb drama, but anyone participating or sperging about said drama themselves would be mocked. Being a husbandofag or a histrionic fujo was a reason to get your own thread, not turn the whole board into your hobby forum.

Anonymous 262058


what was the secret sauce that kept the male ratio on lolcow down enough to cultivate a decently sized female userbase? were enough users collected onto some sort of discord noah's ark to make settling into a new website feasible? it doesn't seem like hen's gossip puts them off because men love to gossip (or i guess men rebranded it as yapping) too, especially when it revolves around shitting on women they deem "whores." it seems impossible to get the word out about a site without men finding out and mobilizing across platforms to destroy it. especially because so many already established female sites ban promotional posts or are not open to the idea of a webring. when an establishes sites' userbase splinters and gets smaller, the splinters become easier targets. like what if lolcow's /ot/ really did split off and migrate here, a smaller userbase would just be easier to annihilate like what happened to both the kpop ib and the fujo ib. it seems like no admin actually wants their userbase to decrease and migrate because of existing rivalries, but they want to eliminate the diversity of the types of female users posting which will change the site ecology for the worse. this decline in experience has already been modeled online in popular men's communities. the healthy ratio of mean girls to femcel nerds maintains a sites equilibrium.

Anonymous 262059

Cattyness, farmers are insufferable not even men who are super annoying can stand them.

Anonymous 262060

You have to be very dumb to think lolcow has no men posting it's filled with kiwifags and gay scrotes.

Anonymous 262061

That thread is the most popular because it's the only good thread on the site.

Anonymous 262062

nobody claimed there's no men, but there's enough women that men try to blend in and feel like a minority, it's not the usual 70:30 ratio of men to women a site like reddit has.

Anonymous 262063

This. No one cares about documenting lolcows anymore besides vain annoying people who act exactly like them

Anonymous 262067

early lolcow sucked i'm not sure why they want to return to that

Anonymous 262070


Nta but although that's probably true, there were rumors of Ian deleting one of her threads (which he denied, but still) https://lolcow.farm/ot/res/829.html#839 so that's probably what anon is referring to. Her first thread was deleted, and there was a lot of talk about why in her first surviving threads.

Anonymous 262121


They are hellbent on killing it. So much money right now is being poured in to tranny causes both on the right and left, pritzker is even donating to Christian religious groups to leave no base uncovered, it wouldn’t surprise me that bad actors bought the site to influence popular opinion. So much forced teaming between girls, gays and theys that they’ll let us have our little cool mean girl site only if cringe autist troons stay the target and no silly little cringe activism happens. Lots of s in meta oppose the change and disagree but are being ignored.

Anonymous 262127

>what was the secret sauce that kept the male ratio on lolcow down enough to cultivate a decently sized female userbase?
Genuinely, men I know that are aware of lc think the women there are too aggro, cutthroat and annoying so they don't like posting there. And I've heard this from multiple men back in 2016. cc on the other hand is the kind femcel in moids heads so they're more drawn to cc compared to lc the pissy feminazi central.

Anonymous 262129

Hmm so it seems like the “shut up scrote” moidfoiling that FDSers and supposed radfems do works to keep them out because they are only on these forms to look for relationships with a specific type of girl, and when that possibility is removed they move on. It’s hard to have conversations with other women when moids are constantly trying to steer the conversation towards their interests or intelligence to peacock to all the ladies reading in an attempt to hustle up a date, does admin really want the burden of moderating moids always trying to exchange contact info having head-butting competition with other moids, or the drama of “a moid I met on this site abused me!!” that plagues 4chan and kiwi farms? Especially if the site is getting younger, which from all the culture and media referenced I’m not sure if I believe but I don’t go to /w/, since it seems the most moid and troony. If cc is currently the site for women too sensitive for lcf, which makes it the ideal moid hunting ground, how can users be encouraged to toughen up, at least when it comes to men?

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