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Lolcow.farm Hate Thread #6 Anonymous 252993

Lolcow is officially run by men. A bunch of anons have been tinfoiling for weeks that the mods are male because of the sheer lack of the rules being enforced ever since cerbmin assumed his position. Everyone has been continually making jokes about it, and today someone actually went into the unpopular opinons thread and said "hey maybe a male autistic hall monitor type would be capable of enforcing the rules around here" - then everything flew off the handle when somebody named Cerbmin and stated that he is actually a pedophile who's been controlling lolcow while taking users money on kofi by making them believe he's a female web administrator. There was a lively conversation going on about this, and suddenly all of the posts were deleted. Not redtexted, fully deleted. Including responses agreeing to it or acknowledging the claims. Someone asked if the information could be posted to the lolcow thread on kiwi farms, and when I tried to respond with the link I was sent an immediate ban notification. Simply for participating in the conversation. Lolcow is run by pedophiles.

Anonymous 252994

Previous Thread : >>251577

Anonymous 252995

I thought Ulala was just an autistic romanian girl because I have a fucking life I never read lolcow until this summer and was freaked out by the fucking magnitude of Mike Thurlows obsession with me and him pretending to be my fucking boyfriend by taking bits and pieces I said in private to people I thought were like normal women and then incorporating that shit into his weird love story with me. I am beyond disgusted and I have said two words to him where I was actually aware it was Michael and then never spoke him again

Anonymous 252996

Also Hex is his little fag underling who goes by Empresa and those pictures he uses are stolen from some poor girl they've done this to before. They're so fucking annoying and you should absolutely stay away from them

Anonymous 252997

Why are the crystal cafe links continually getting deleted? If the farmhands were not men, they would just come forward. They are hiding.

Anonymous 252998


cerbmin face reveal??

Anonymous 252999

I was just permabanned for genuinely no reason? There was no reason given and my posts have been removed. All I did today was post a relevant YouTube link and call someone mentally ill. My appeal was denied. Wtf

Anonymous 253000

I'm sure DJ Axl, Gahoole and that other faggot are involved too

Anonymous 253001


Deleted posts 1/2

Anonymous 253002

They are crashing that shit entirely now and they should. People are gonna report them anyways though, I already have

Anonymous 253003


Sorry for bad collage.

Anonymous 253004

Someone posted a guy and namefagged him, claiming that he is cerbmin and that cerbmin is a pedophile. I saved the post. Should I share?

Anonymous 253005

This psycho is so paranoid he's just banning everyone kek. Share the link while you still can, if lolcow is gonna sink soon then it should be documented at least a little

Anonymous 253006


Here's some of the deleted posts :)

Anonymous 253007


I responded to this post with “I think you were mentally ill long before a red haired scrote ever touched you tbh…” and then banned.

This post has also been edited bc when I replied, the negative energies part wasn’t there. I don’t understand what’s going on, how and why is this happening? Why is there a scrote in charge?

Anonymous 253008

Because there always has been a scrote in charge pretending to be a woman. There's occasional real women on staff that they trick and orbit and try to get into a relationship with or steal their pictures of to use to catfish guys with.

Anonymous 253009

Are they just banning people after random posts at this point?

Anonymous 253010

Anonymous 253012


Anonymous 253016


Still on a banning spree. What the genuine fuck were they thinking? “Oh a board full of women won’t notice if I’m a man” and then banning us as soon as we all notice is so scrotish and pathetic. This is in the complaints and suggestions thread, (https://original.lolcow.farm/meta/res/59950.html#63369) I wonder if it’ll just get deleted and forgotten.

Anonymous 253017

He didn't give a fuck he only cared about his tunnel vision psycho love for choachan board ownernim uwu. His pathetic 2 year quest to bait for attention is seriously the most bizarre shit I have ever seen

Anonymous 253018

Ok what is the lore on this though? Are you referring to the administrator? Do you have screenshots of what you’re referring to? I apologize if that’s a lot at once but if you’re referring to a legitimate circumstance then we need to see some kind of tangible evidence.

Anonymous 253019

Ugh Mike is here I'm leaving

Anonymous 253021

Are you saying that Mike Thurlow is an administrator for crystalcafe too? What the hell is going on

Anonymous 253022

I wasn’t even part of this, fuck these farmhands. Where can I read what’s going on there, is there a kiwifarms link >>253016

Anonymous 253023


Idek who Blaine is

Anonymous 253024

In the process of building a kiwifarms thread, however we don’t have a ton of information on the whereabouts of administration since they’ve been deleting posts so quickly/autobanning posts that have specific words.

Anonymous 253025

He's so embarrassing.

Anonymous 253026

Isn’t there already a Lolcow thread on Kiwifarms? Just post it there.

Anonymous 253027

I can’t find a lolcow general thread on kiwifarms

Anonymous 253028

Ok. Idk if I can get to kiwifarms because I don’t have a pc but if you could cross post some things here…I don’t get involved in meta drama, I just stick to like 3 threads but now that I’ve been banned for no reason I’m curious. This is so retarded.

Anonymous 253029

Anonymous 253030

Nta but the tl;dr is that Mike Thurlow runs the site with a couple of faggots and maybe one or two girls who orbit him. He spent like 2 years turning the site into his personal schizo shrine towards me after he got bored of Elaine and because I told him to fuck off publicly now he's having a meltdown because I disrupted his schizo delusions where we are a couple or I send him secret coded messages or some bullshit

Anonymous 253031

Mike currently lives in Florida

Anonymous 253032

Who are you? Afaik there's someone he hates and he made a thread about that person on kf. Is that you?

Anonymous 253034

First it was Elaine now it’s this thurlow guy. Whatever I guess it doesn’t matter, site is dead anyway. Does anyone have that screenshot of the rules from 2015 to remind me of better times?

Anonymous 253042

ot_ - Get-It-Off-Y…

idk who's being discussed right now or what's going on but it's weird how posts like these stay untouched even after reporting it

Anonymous 253047

Came here from lc expecting to see literally any kind of evidence. There is not a shred. You sound like a schizo. Making up a name and they reeing about mods deleting your irrelevant spam does not evidence make. Fuck you for wasting my 5 minutes I came here for drama.

Anonymous 253048

Do you think that they’d continue deleting his name and face if he wasn’t the mod? Do you think they’d keep banning everyone for the most mild posts ever if it wasn’t a male? If the mods were female, they would just confirm it’s an all-women administration. But they can’t because they’re not.


Yes they would delete because retarded baseless accusations constantly being spammed is still spam, and on top of that it just confuses people and causes infighting

Anonymous 253050

Ew is this blaine? the compulsive liar? If it's other anons saying anything id believe them. But blaine is a notorious liar and even told soyjack.party or whatever to spam CC and LC. I wouldn't believe anything he says. I would believe any other anons who hadn't contacted blaine.

Anonymous 253051

I am inclined to believe actual anons, who have their own sources that hadn't talked to Blaine. Blaine doesn't care for LC or any of the women posting. He literally wants LC/CC to burn since a lof of the users don't like TIMs.

Anonymous 253052

Blaine called himself "the pet tranny" and wants to be accepted by lc so bad. And he's obsessed with Mike because he made his thread on kiwi farms.

Anonymous 253053

exactly. Blaine would just use this situation for his own personal gain. I want to hear other sources instead.

Anonymous 253056


Lmao what was this ban?

Anonymous 253057

Lol moderatos need to learn to read. I could tell it was just a light joke

Anonymous 253061

There is no point in trying to prove this, they have been at this for years and always will be until authorities do something. They will delete, gaslight, deny and scapegoat until they are blue in the face. Trying to bait this into a retarded Kiwifag investigation is beyond ridiculous too.
Michael Thurlow and Bryan (Empresa) are serial abusers of young mentally ill women and they use lolcow.farm as their honeypot for it. Believe it or not but if you are a young woman please just be careful and do not befriend anyone you meet on these sites. Please lie about who you are and do not share personal information/pictures.
Best is not using the site at all but we can't control anyone, just want this here for when 3 years from now this happens AGAIN and people wonder AGAIN what the fuck is up

Anonymous 253062

wouldn't have they gone into any of the offshoot discords instead? There's a couple I'm in

Anonymous 253063

Posts like the one above mine are 99% of the time just Mike or one of his cronies baiting for engagement. It is best to ignore them as any attention feeds their delusions of superiority and that you are actually just deeply in love with them. They use circular infighting as a means to mentally exhaust you and doubt yourself.

Anonymous 253064

I was just asking a question? I'm in some of the offshoot discords and if they're in there I wouldn't want to be in there. If everything you're saying is true

Anonymous 253065

samefag, it is kinda funny tho when people think I'm some crazy kiwifag schizo kek. I remember someone thought I was that Tif at one point

Anonymous 253066

Yes the discord offshoots are full of them. Try to verify each other with voice while playing music in the background and/or writing something on your hand but still exercise caution and lie about personal information in those servers as they have some pickmes doing their dirty work for them. Empresa's obsession with Ghislaine isn't without its meaning lmfao

Anonymous 253067

I just don't get why you'd want to hang around gross old men, especially to hurt other women. Retards

Anonymous 253071


An older troon post. Remember this is the stuff he does.

Anonymous 253073

So weird that kiwifarms is allowing man-hate threads at the same time female imageboards are either closing or being bombarded with absolutely retarded gay ops followed by bewildering moderation choices

Anonymous 253074

does anyone have his current twitter? I remember he had like 5 or something but he would post on one (@undeadheal) at the same time he would spam Lolcow. That twitter is a bit inactive so if Blaine is truly gayopping in here, he definitely wouldn't shut up/ brag about it. I feel like that's the only way we'd know it wasn't entirely him.

Anonymous 253075

Really makes you think! I can't tell if Josh is really this damn retarded and doesn't understand what is really happening or if he knows and is allowing all of this. Either way, I want KF to fucking die as much as the trannies do now because that place facilitates nothing but abuse of real women

Anonymous 253076

Everybody on the fucking website screaming “where’s the evidence you’re just baselessly tinfoiling” uh read the fucking thread

Anonymous 253078

It's just them samefagging to sow doubt and to discourage people from reading the truth. Ignore them and don't argue with them, as irritating as it might be

Anonymous 253079

I feel really unsettled now, knowing how may times I vented about mildly personal subjects and the whole time they were just being laughed at by men when I thought it was a website for women. Disturbing.

Anonymous 253081

I'm ngl I feel like this happens all the time, screenshots end up on 4chan and the shitty farms a lot

Anonymous 253086

Hey retard trolls, if you really want to fuck up lolcow:
>be the OP of multiple popular threads, especially cow threads, and make them good quality/indistinguishable from a normal user. Fill up popular cow threads with ontopic, unsuspect posts to hit the limit so you can OP new ones quicker.

Rinse repeat and lay low on trolling with that IP.

Play the long con and let those threads fill. Generally start as many on topic good contribution threads as possible, and always make the new OP when you can.

Then start shit posting and trolling as you do. Get them to mass delete all your posts. Watch as half the site, milk and pictures of cows just flat disappears. Retard admin/mods now need to work to put it all back. Rinse repeat.


Anonymous 253087

Who the fuck has the time for this

Anonymous 253088

Too time consuming, like >>253087 said.
Easier to get popular VPNs banned and drive half of the userbase away.

Anonymous 253089

If it's been the same people that have been doing this for months they definitely have enough time. What is this amateur hour?

Anonymous 253095

damn people really can’t like go outside. Whatever tho I don’t control other’s lives

Anonymous 253101

Josh still falling for some fag impersonator that steals info from women he bothers on shitcord? Adorbs

Anonymous 253102


Youre talking about ponycord, right? Spill the milk on Hex and ulala

Anonymous 253105

By Empresa, do you mean Empress or are those different people?

Anonymous 253106

So hex has been helping the scrote to antagonise and harass/stalk women? Kek

Anonymous 253108

Like the shittastic attempt at some livejournal retardbones tier investigation wasnt enough of a tip off

Anonymous 253109

ulala is a man pretending to be an uwu autistic woman but also spergs too much about my little pony and pinky pie if you know what im getting at

Anonymous 253110

Barely spoken to Ulala but "she" was immediately ready to send me screenshots of the alleged former Admin talking about very personal and intimate things. Never saved or sent those to anyone because they were super boring but it weirded me out how quickly she was ready to divulge that information to someone whos basically a stranger

Anonymous 253112

Former lolcow or discord admin?

Anonymous 253113

former lolcow admin. dont know if it was actually her though. who knows with discord

Anonymous 253115

spill more about the shitcord cows?

Anonymous 253117

Ok so last week it was Ashley and now it's some incel. God you people are obvious and boring at this point

Anonymous 253118

Dont read it then cuz

Anonymous 253119

Anonymous 253120

you will pay for this

Anonymous 253121

how much

Anonymous 253122

just spill they discord mods are all so milky

Anonymous 253123

kuz only if you tell me who you are crushing on

Anonymous 253124

no one i just was in the discord very briefly and realised they're not normal women and constantly at each others throats

Anonymous 253125


Anonymous 253126

Yeah, it's just constant infights and talking behind the backs of their previous users, no loyalty and no one even trusts each other

Anonymous 253127

Nice try uncle kuz

Anonymous 253128

Anonymous 253129

might be because of all that shitstirring you did ;)

Anonymous 253130

idk who kuz is

Anonymous 253131

as if anyone left here doesn't know don't do me like this

Anonymous 253132

lmao, theyre crying over this post on lolcow. too funny

Anonymous 253133

blaine wanted to fuck him and be a mod forhis Imagebord or whatever, they’re one of the groups that spam here and LC sometimes. Moids are just weird all around

Anonymous 253134

lmao the onslaught of kolymaneets to the malding cunts rescue as always

Anonymous 253135

kuz owns lolcow. that's why the moderation is so shit because its just his kolymadrones scanning the report queue. they don't actually use the site.

Anonymous 253136

First it was Ashley, Mike and some others, now Kuz?

Anonymous 253137

guess lots of the teens he groomed mustve caught on and left because its mostly just retarded bots now

Anonymous 253138

I thought kuz got hiv

Anonymous 253139

yeah all those people are involved in the drama. kuz likes to pluck from the "community" so to speak

Anonymous 253140

He's back to square one kek. His whole sperging about "kuz" was the reason the tranny became recognizable in the first place.

Anonymous 253141

Yeah really makes you think about the huge reaction that all got on lolcow at the time doesn't it

Anonymous 253142

I always laugh when I point out how Kuz is doing something retarded like when he would have the Kolymaneets swoop in here with 10 posts in a row and how obvious that is so then he dialled it down to 1 post every 20 minutes. I'd be your PR manager if you weren't so fucking nasty dude

Anonymous 253143

So what is the actual truth? Who are the real concerned users for who owns LC? what’s with the constant admin tinfoil changing? Has it even been a week since it was thought to be that Ashley person? It’s flip flopping between a cowish woman, some kiwi/onion moids, and now some other moid.

Anonymous 253144

Why don't you go and find out for yourself then instead of asking stupid questions /rhetorical

Anonymous 253145

Anonymous 253146


Angeleno is Kuzs business partner

Anonymous 253147

I assume the beef with lynxchan was because Stephen Lynx didn't let himself get bribed to write in a backdoor for Kuz/Angeleno

Anonymous 253148

This is retarded. Vichan has been in development for years at this point and there are countless websites running it. Are you pretending like any website that runs the same open source software is owned by the same person now?

Anonymous 253149


Yeah they made that same argument on the farms already

Anonymous 253150

Can't even tell anymore who is a Kolymanjanny and who is just a retarded scrote with 0 desire for critical thinking

Anonymous 253151

For any skeptical scrote lurkers
>Read a fucking imageboard
>Read threads
>Use your fucking brain and think beyond the first surface level thing that pops into it
It's always the people with no ties or context to these communities & dunning krueger yelling about how it's all nonsense because they're too old, fat and lazy to understand it

Anonymous 253152

They were right to make that argument, because the idea is retarded. Conjecture about websites being a part of a psyop where they’re all run by one person because they run the same piece of widely-used software is dumb.

Vichan is open source, so if you think there’s a backdoor then you can go through and find it and prove it exists. Angeleno only started maintaining it this year so if one exists then it hasn’t been there for long.

Anonymous 253153

Yeah that's what I mean hahaha Imagine trusting anything fucking Angeleno does because he maintains a shitty github code for a pedophile that spams daisies destruction everywhere. Give me a fucking break, open source or not, they have intimate knowledge of how vichan works and they are absolutely not above fucking with it, all things considered. Just because they don't outright modify it in front of your eyes doesn't mean it's not likely happening, retard

Anonymous 253155

You have no idea how code or GitHub works or what opensource means, do you? Can you go back to kiwifarns or whatever so you stop making the actual users of Lolcow not hate their shitty admin since they believe any crit is all a fail psyop by your retarded ass? Your low IQ efforts have actually made the crap staff there look better.

Anonymous 253156

>Makes stupid claims about software that’s been around for almost a decade
>Someone points out that what they’re saying doesn’t make sense and that they could go through the code to prove what they’re saying
>You refuse to do so and sperg out instead
You’re obvious and the way you act convinces me that you’re Blaine or some other tranny. You’ve been making these same accusations for two months now and every time they peter out due to your own sperging and a lack of any sort of evidence, you make them again about a different person. If you do go through the Vichan repository and find anything nefarious I’d be interested to see it posted here, otherwise have fun looking for your invisible backdoor.

Anonymous 253157

>Ignoring the actual point this hard to focus on something already clarified
Mad as fuck lol

Anonymous 253158

dear retard trolls:
refocus your efforts on spamming reports, inputting things that look legitimate. swap VPNs while doing it. this will clog up their system and ruin their response times further lmao


Anonymous 253159


Sharing this bc it's funny. She also said she's fat and nobody wants to date her.


Anonymous 253160

And you either have no knowledge of how KolymaNET works and how they seize control of competitor imageboards/attempt to, or you do, and are mad as fuck.
They will send their little drones to spam your site, bot you a bit and then get some of their jannies on the team who graciously offer to help the overwhelmed admin, then get into the backend and fuck it up a bit here and there to make the Admin look retarded, then the stressed Admin gives up and gives the site over to the hardworking tech jannies who really just wanted to help. Same shit every time

Anonymous 253161

Keep trying it maybe someone will bite on the fourth attempt

Anonymous 253162

I can’t believe fat ashley is actually pretending to be a Russian man so she can take over imageboards through KolyamaNET. How deep does this go?

Anonymous 253163

Feel free to compare the retarded posts they make on here and meta to the ones in the sty Kuz thread that are all in defense of Kuz and his cronies. Eerily similar.

Anonymous 253164

what does this mean

Anonymous 253165

Why would jannies have tech or backend access you massive tard?

Anonymous 253167

They suggest to help during a technical issue the Admin can't figure out (likely caused by them) and the Admin, naive to the existence of these psycho dullards, accepts. The rest is just complete community destruction because they are running a shitty business and not a passion project

Anonymous 253169

we didnt get upgrades for years and there have been several since cerbmin got settled in, i think this speaks against this already far reached theory

Anonymous 253174

All those "upgrades" are shitty and badly done, as is documented for Kuz and the help he hires
I was referring to your lame attempt at a falseflag, retardo

Anonymous 253182

And how do the undercover jannies cause these tech issues with no access to the backend, again?

I don't agree with this anon either, though. If you don't find the current admins updates beyond pitiful you have even less understanding of web tech than the kuzspiracy sperg.

And the prior admins having no tech experience doesn't magically make two dev admins only able to do less than the bare minimum in 'updates' suddenly good, no. Have some standards, the bar is in hell

Anonymous 253183

The fact that this thread is more active than /ot/ as a whole has been for the last two days kek. You’re busted, Mike. Just resign the site.

Anonymous 253219

They're schizoing out about moids in meta again. I can't even pinpoint what set it off this time

Anonymous 253222

All the men screaming about whores in leftcows probably

Anonymous 253235


lc schizos are so funny

Anonymous 253239

The GC retards in meta are so annoying it's at a point I'm getting schizo now and thinking they're probably the real scrotes who are trying to ruin the site by making GC anons seem so retarded that they should be banned.

They're actually so dumb I don't even want to believe they're women. I guess the only feminist thing they've ever truly accomplished is making other women realize both sexes can be absolute fucking morons, beyond logic or reasoning.

Anonymous 253247

Sorry no one agrees with you

Anonymous 253249

You're probably the same samefagging troll that schizo'd out upthread about kuz or whatever it was.

Anonymous 253278

Is LC down for anybody else? Trying to figure out if I’ve been banned. I know this is a hate thread but I might just join in soon. I’m getting that connection timed out error. Lotsa interesting tinfoils though

Anonymous 253280

I'm a cc native that still comes here despite the trannies and this thread is now just one schizo that got banned on lolcow spamming her tinfoils, you farmers need to claim your child already and let her back there kek

Anonymous 253286

We're here, anon: >>223551

Anonymous 253314


Anonymous 253317


It's a tranny, pic related.

Anonymous 253322

Immediately posting in here everytime someone on meta tells you to fuck off makes you really recognizable. Why don't you larp some more as a mod kek.

Anonymous 253334

Nta but everyone complains about meta, it doesn't mean those are all the same anon. I've bitched in here about meta before

Anonymous 253344

yea but I doubt you do it immediately while infighting on meta. Also those posts are the same anon merely judging by word choice and reply chain.

Anonymous 253351

I've come over and vented my grievances with the lc anons right after an infight or something. I don't know about the reply chain I haven't been keeping up with this thread, I just hate when anons assume I'm samefagging or that me and a couple other anons are the same person just because we agree on something or type similar so I always give the benefit of the doubt when I see other anons getting accused of being the same person

Anonymous 253369

imagine thinking everyone who complains about meta in the lolcow hate thread is the same anon lmao

Anonymous 253370

even worse, she's patrolling meta and here looking for things she can screech about. Probably the same schizo anon who keeps posting random screenshots of this thread on meta and claiming it's proof of some nefarious plan

Anonymous 253373

You’re projecting everything you are doing and conversing with yourself

Anonymous 253376

yes, everyone who isn't you is a schizo troll. you're the only true poster. congratulations you figured it out!

Anonymous 253377

That isn't even what I said.

Glad I'm not the only one who noticed lol.

Anonymous 253378

You make things up in /meta/ to fight some imaginary foe, then think it's noteworthy anons frustrated with your cognitive dissonance would also vent about it here? Do you even think before you post? Where else do you expect anons to call you a retard than the designated places to do so? You must be anticipating it, even, if you're vigilantly checking between here and meta. I'm not going to disguise my writing or time out my posts because I'm not trying to keep it secret that I find you obnoxious. Not the mod anon, but I am one of the anons you quoted and obviously one of the ones who thinks you're braindead in meta. I posted here instead because it'd just instigate more infighting to say it in meta. Not that big brain of a concept, honestly.

Anonymous 253381


cp bump, scroll with caution

Anonymous 253382

>I'm not going to disguise my writing or time out my posts
Good, because that makes it easier to dismiss your wall of texts

Anonymous 253387

Shame your ban was only on lolcow.

Anonymous 253389

Kek what are you talking about? I didn't get any ban.

Anonymous 253390

No problem, I'll find the right poster this time.

Anonymous 253394

is that your actual static ip address?

Anonymous 253420

RIP to the anon asking for dox clarification on meta. Farmhands/admin won't reply unless you sperg out, and even then they'll at best tell you that anons answered you without ever specifying what answer was correct.

Meta has become my favorite cow thread because you can even watch in real time anons who were previously WKing the current staff slowly 'what the fuck' as they inevitably get slapped with some inconsistent or nonsense ban. The milk just never ends. My cup overfloweth

Anonymous 253424

I miss the times when we could shit talk farmers and farmhands without some boring ass schizo shit.

Anonymous 253427

I rarely see schizo shit tbh. Usually it's a bunch of normal convos then randomly some troll jumps in, co-opts the convo and gets all schizo, and for some reason anons don't question that at all and go 'aha gotcha! The people arguing against what I think were just the schizo all along!'. The schizotroll usually gets bored and fucks off if you don't humor them from what I've seen, like with the one who made OP. Tbf it could also be the troll making the 'you were the troll all along!' arguments. I think most well adjusted users do ignore and don't poke the shit, so the troll arguing with itself looks worse than it is.

NGL still rustled I got banned from lcf for posting in meta during the mass deletion spree even tho I wasn't one of the 'evil schizo former mod' posters. P sure Farmhands just mass banned a bunch of IPs and didn't care about double checking. Since I didn't make a years old movie thread in OT my ban appeal will never be considered, I guess, lol. It's dumb, like they couldn't see my years of post history under my ip, but whatever

Anonymous 253518

1695285042346 (1).…

Anonymous 253519

/g/ can be such a bad place sometimes

Anonymous 253525

>Your posts
That’s the first red flag, how do you know who’s posting this?

Anonymous 253536

um lol ok was no one there when an anon talked about being attracted to her mom? Why am I the only one getting called out.
Because there's only one anon who talks about him. I think there were a couple before including that one iirc or I could be incorrect. I take breaks.

Anonymous 253537

, that screenshot chain was hilarious, but I get it. Lots of little girls end up having their first 'crushes' be their dad, uncles, grandpa, whatever. Then later you sometimes come to associate features that family member had with something you find attractive. Or maybe I just have daddy issues if that isn't normal, I have no idea. It's not like you actually wanna bang your grandpa or something. (Can't believe I just had to type that out, kek, end me).

My grandpa had that suave, slicked back hair style that reminds me of like Italian mafia mob boss movies or something. And I deffo find that style attractive in men now because of that. I'm not literally attracted to my grandpa, it's just a positive association childhood idealization thing.

Anonymous 253539

I do though kek. My grandpa was 100% more charismatic and useful then the men my age today. I guess it just got deeper when I started realizing what we are stuck with. Having husbandos helps me cope lol

Anonymous 253543


A-anon, I gave you the benefit of the doubt…

Anonymous 253547

There is no helping me.

Anonymous 253550

if it makes you feel better, movie thread anon's ban appeal was denied anyway. She had to get a vpn to keep posting.

Anonymous 253554

I don't. I stole the screenshot from the lolcow caps thread.

Anonymous 253556

There was also that one anon who wanted to fuck her nephew

Anonymous 253574

some massively milky vocaloid drama dropped, but because /w/ is unusable now i'm scared to post it. the vocaloid thread is almost entirely redtext, i'd be utterly retarded to risk it

Anonymous 253575

Maybe try the Vocaloid General in /m/? You might get banned from that too though so I don't know kek

Anonymous 253577

vending neural processor

Anonymous 253580

Anons need to chill out I haven’t been there in two days and I already got a retard for AGREEING with someone. is it more hostile on there lately or is it just me?

Anonymous 253594

no, it's always been extremely hostile and everyone there genuinely seems barely literate/low IQ. they probably couldn't understand that you were agreeing with them.

Anonymous 253595

Dunno it looks like business as usual to me. But lolcow is odd because you'll see genuinely dumb takes without anyone questioning it and at the same time people being unpromptedly aggressive to the mildest stuff in the vent thread or something like that.

Anonymous 253597

>is it more hostile on there lately
Yes, I've seen multiple anons say this too

Anonymous 253623

kind of late but tl;dr ghost deleted all of her shitpost videos because she wants to be a "serious musician" now. which is fine, but it's retarded because for 10 years she was known as the tumblr funnyman of vocaloid and that will likely never change now.

Anonymous 253624

It 100% is more hostile than before, i am convinced there are some anons that just wait for any opportunity to start a fight and shit up threads.

Anonymous 253668

there are anons that definitely just sit there and cause infighting because they think it's funny. It's been admitted by them multiple times. Literally report and ignore it bc anons make mistakes in replying back to it and just argue when that is what they want. It makes you feel good when you realize they're just retards sitting there wasting their life just trying to stir shit

Anonymous 253669

samefag I can understand when it can be hard especially if it's in the vent thread when you're at a time of feeling vulnerable but just now people who are randomly hostile are 80% of the time just doing it for shits and giggles and you should just ignore it. I feel like there are plenty of really sweet and kind n0nnies on LC. Just because it's a gossip ib doesn't mean every every user has to be some wannabe weird mean girl when the site was started by gossipy weebs. I feel like that's super cringy kek.

Anonymous 253671

i got called a pedo for pointing out "attainable" nowadays is just defined at pretty women without fillers and plastic surgery, like what??

Anonymous 253672

theres a sadistic moid who preys on depressed anons, their usual tactic is taking something like a crappy situation and turning it into the anons fault for no specific reason(ex, if you vent about being groomed as a teen anons will chip out and turn the whole situation into your fault), they also samefag a lot to try to gather in other anons on the situation which unfortunately works because of the lolcow hivemind

Anonymous 253674


I guess he or they are back on lcf

Anonymous 253693

I think that was one of the /meta/ schizos. At the time that post was made they made similar replies in several other threads.

Anonymous 253752

How long before that site becomes a duplicate of 4chan?

Anonymous 253753

What is that supposed to mean? In what way? The site was born from 4chans /cgl/ after all

Anonymous 253760

There is an idiot baiting in the fandom discourse thread and I can't even gather the energy to report because yesterday that hand sperg shit up the vent thread for the entire day or more and mods where nowhere to be seen.

Anonymous 253777

I've been reporting the "ur a pedo" "no ur a pickme" retarded shitflinging but nothing. I don't think jannies even care

Anonymous 253849

already happened lol

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