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Anonymous 6116

How do you organise your life in a cute way, Miners?
I'm feeling like I might actually beat my GAD and Depression sometime soon and get back to being a human. (I learned how to signal for help and my s/o is the best support.)
I need to organise my life so I can structure my hobbies and my professional life…(that I don't have yet!)
I've been looking for some cute organisational apps but I can't find anything thats not totally boring looking.
I have an iPad and a MacBook so any tools I can use with those little guys would be great, along with any tips you have for structuring your lives, motivation and getting shit done.

Anonymous 6122

i'm going through almost the exact same thing so i feel you. 2017 was a terrible time for me mentally and only since summer ended have i finally actively tried to take control of my depression/anxiety/ED issues and get myself on a proper path to success. for a while there i was basically floating around in constant existential dread/ identity crisis, feeling like a husk of my former self. but like you, my bf has been immensely helpful and understanding/ patient with me at my most batshit insane and lowest lows.

i think a LOT of my problems also have to do with organization, which is what i've been actively trying to fix lately. i'm more depressive than anxious, and notice that my anxiety and panic attacks are only severe when my depression anchors me into a pit of despair/ not getting anything done. every time i manage to tick things off of my dusty to-do list, the heavy weight of stress lifts itself a little bit. for me, i do a combo of writing my need-to-do-TODAY list manually and also keeping a lengthier to-do list on my 'reminders' app in my iphone. i have separate lists for general to-do stuff like homework, work shift schedules and appointments, my groceries, etc. and it works for me, but only if i'm pushing myself. i'm open to better methods though to see what works better for me because procrastination and lack of motivation are my biggest demons and life-ruiners.

*sidenote that i also believe that i'm more fortunate than i give myself credit for and realize that my progress has been because of a magic combo of a solid/ healthy relationship, AMAZING parents that actually want to help their adult-baby only child, and being on their health insurance still which has allowed for both my therapy and my new meds (that actually work on me this time). without these things i don't think i would be where i am now, honestly. it's extremely hard to endure mental illness on your own and without any resources or support.

polite sage for no real contribution/ basically just an agreement self post lol

Anonymous 6126

I have tried a lot of cute organization apps and they are just not as functional as the boring ones. I use Todoist and Evernote.

Anonymous 6128


Holy shit, Anon - are you me?
Thanks so much for this reply, you just put into words exactly how things have been for me. Unfortunately I don't have a hugely understanding family, they don't seem to take mental health issues very seriously. They haven't been horrid at all, they just haven't been supportive, either.
I'm only worried that this sudden urge to do more is because the black cloud has temporarily lifted, and will be back in no time. I'm hoping, as daft as it sounds, if I get organised now while I'm not too bad, that it might serve as motivation when I start to slide into a pile of shit again, or if that doesn't work, at least I will have some sort of structure to get back to the next time I come out of a black period. I tapered myself off my last lot of meds because they were making me sleep all day, I have an appointment with a new doc in 2 weeks to look at getting something new, so fingers crossed! Sending you love and wishing you the best, I have faith in us. <3

Anonymous 6132

Writing, writing and writing. Like actually, with a pen.
My past, current and future self communicate a lot through my notebook. I keep a calendar for planning my time and a little journal for positive reaffirmation (little cute hearts with "you're great keep doing it" written across them in flowers) whenever I do something I'm proud of. No matter how little it is.
Also I have this App called Daylio, which sends you a reminder every day to make a short diary entry that keeps track of what you did and how you feel.
It's good seeing that you are actually getting better over time and typing a short text of what you did this day before going to bed.

Also I feel like putting this all also in a dedicated little book and not in the machines that are full of distraction makes it a bit more organized and more likely to actually stick to it.

Anonymous 6142

Thanks for suggesting this app. Salvation.

Anonymous 6213

>if I get organised now while I'm not too bad, that it might serve as motivation when I start to slide into a pile of shit again, or if that doesn't work, at least I will have some sort of structure to get back to the next time I come out of a black period

This is the name of the game right here. I've seen people who claim that their depression was cured or went away, and frankly I don't believe it. This is probably something that you'll be dealing with as it comes to you your whole life, but you'll get better and better at finding out what it is you need to function.

Some threads I can point you in the direction of:


I also could have sworn that there was a bullet journal thread already, if not someone should make one.

Anonymous 6219


Thank you so much, Anon.
Those links are really useful, I feel a little silly for not having seen them before now.
I think that habit formation thread in particular is going to be super useful, it's really handy to get ideas from others when you just can't think for yourself sometimes.
Tomorrows goal is now set! Making a habit tracker will be my first step.
Thanks again :)

Anonymous 6250

I'm so happy you found it useful! What habit are you starting with?

Anonymous 6390

This thread resonates with me a lot.

I have a loose notebook and calendar app system that works well in my day to day but I think I need help figuring out more high level planning stuff and also I'd like to be able to document my life in a way that I can look back (I can sorta do it now but ti's not great). I feel like if I can figure those two out I'd have a better sense of direction in my life and also feel about about the things I've already accomplished.

I also love lurking bujo communities for all the decoration and spread ideas though bujo itself doesn't work for me personally. I love minimalist but purposefully designed spreads, and I usually stick to one or two colors.

Anonymous 6449

Screen Shot 2017-1…

I keep an agenda in an orange Rhodia dot grid notebook as follows (the big rectangular parts on the bottom right of each week's page are for general weekly notes).

I also religiously use Google calendar and Todoist. Every time I learn about an event or an assignment or a midterm I put it in somewhere. I have a list of upcoming events (Event Flow Agenda) on the home screen of my phone.

I also use this app called SimplyNoise. It just plays white/pink/brown noise and it really helps me focus.

Other than that every weekend I clean my entire apartment, lay out the week if it's going to be a busy one, etc.

Anonymous 6452

For the anons that have tried or used Todoist, how do you maximize efficiency without the pro features? (Or do you just suck it up and pay for pro)

I like the idea of Todoist, but a lot of the functionality that I want (recurring or duping items, labels, more control) is behind the subscription.

Anonymous 6499

I'm starting with leaving the house.
I know it sounds so basic but I don't get out enough! My mental health isn't great so I like to hole myself up indoors with blankets and cups of tea but getting about would surely help me out a little. I've just moved anyway and haven't really explored where I live so I should get to know my area at some point, haha. I'm also going to have a little list tucked away of cards that I can progress onto if and when I feel I can :)

Anonymous 6981

That's great! For a while I was a literal shut in and it really negatively impacted my mental health too. Once I started going out regularly it helped me a ton in terms of frequency of anxiety attacks and whatnot… which is ironic, since the whole reason I was a shut in in the first place was due to anxiety.

Good luck, anon! How's it going so far?

Anonymous 6984

I usually try to organize my free time depending on my assignments for college and my job, so I tend not to write down anything about my hobbies or whatever, unless I go out and have to remember an address and a way to get there. I have a organizer and a notebook. I used to use my notebook a lot before but it's almost filled now so I almost only use my organizer. I actually lost this habit before because I didn't use an organizer for years and almost always remembered what to do but my memory is shit these days so I need one. It's a small and cute one I got as a gift for being a loyal customer in some makeup shop, so it's it can fit in a big pocket or in any bag, so it's a plus. I often forget to write down everything important though.

As for apps, I used to use something called lane.io I think, on desktop. It was useful and pretty, you can do tasks and check how long it takes because the main feature works like a pomorodo timer. The default background of the website changes everyday to pretty pastel photos, or you can change it yourself with a picture you like. Problem is, I wanted to download the app when it came out, and I forgot my password for my account, and I never found a way to get it back because I never received the website's emails. So I can't tell you how the app looks or works but it should be the same overall. It's mostly useful for things homework or house work if you're like me and take forever to tidy your room because you're a lazy bum. It could help you get good habits on the long run too if you're using it everyday I guess.

I used to use my calendar app on my first smartphone because it looked good, was convenient and had cute stickers, but the calendar app on my current phone looks boring and it's less intuitive I guess you could say. I didn't know how to separate tasks and events on it until some days ago and I've had this phone for almost a year now. If anyone here know a cute calendar app with stickers and other useless but cute features I can download on android think about me.

Anonymous 7031


I love planners so much. I love watching videos of other people's planners. I love the design of cute planners. I'm honestly obsessed with them. But oh boy, I am the worst at filling them in. I just.. It just doesn't work but I want to have one and use it properly so badly. Last year I tried to commit myself to one and I managed to fill in a whole month but after that I forgot a few days and those days became months so I gave up on it. Such a shame because it was such a pretty planner.

And I know, in order to compelte one, I should stop trying so hard to make it look all beautiful and cute inside like those youtube videos but man.. I don't know. Can anyone relate to this? Does anyone also impulse-buy stationary and never actually uses it??

Anonymous 7032

raises hand here
Bf and I have the same issue (at least with buying the stuff). I also tried to use a planner but I really hate my handwriting and I hate how it ends up looking so I rather not use it at all lol

Anonymous 7034

I put every single thing I need to remember in my phone calendar, alert included. Also have a little moleskin agenda

Anonymous 7036

I want to get back into journaling regularly. I have a hobonichi techo, and there are times when I write in it everyday pretty diligently. I used it as a bullet journal, meals tracker, habit tracker, etc. until I fell completely off the boat over the summer.

I like the format, but I don't think I will purchase another one for 2018 because I haven't established the habit and would feel bad about having empty months.
An alternative I'm considering is a leuchtturm weekly planner with the days laid out on one side and a blank/lined page on the other.

Also, do anons prefer to have one central planning device/method (either physical or digital), or do you have separate notebooks or apps for school/work/personal?

Anonymous 7101

I have a diary/planner! Normally I will have one at work and at home, paper based so I can write on it, and an additional carry one…but next year I'm going to try cut it into just the carry one. I have a bunch of stickers and washi tape to use~ it's fun!

i have a Polaroid and will sometimes take photos of things that I've done and make a diary entry for it and then stick a picture. I really like my diary, each page is lined with washi tape so it's really pleasant to look at.

…I also have a scrapbook if it's a big day out or a holiday.

This whole thing in itself is a craft hobby haha.

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