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Lolcow’s burning Anonymous 66219

Am I welcome here? What is the general board culture of CC?

Anonymous 66220


Slow moving and comfy with occasional raids from male admirers. People call us the female /r9k/ cuz of male hate threads but they get derailed pretty quickly since there’s a lot of happy people in relationships on here. No specific drama threads, you could try kiwifarms for that.

Anonymous 66222



Anonymous 66223

is this the same person who wants raccoon bfs

Anonymous 66230

What’s happening in lolcow?

Anonymous 66232

Having a quick glance I guess the TLDR is the site is under raid again, lack of admins who don’t WAAAAAAAAA, same old LC BS tbh

Anonymous 66239


>What is the general board culture of CC?

Please join us and make/post in threads that aren't all about males males males. We need less of those and more of general discussion. Otherwise it's a chill board.

- tfwnobf sperging
- puritanical "don't date or have sex ever" sperging
- "my boyfriend sucks" sperging
- if you disagree with me you're a scrote/tranny

Ignore the above and report any sightings of males or thinly veiled /r9k/ "would you date a man who…" threads.


Anonymous 66242

Pretty slow and relaxed with less infighting.
Some posters are tradfags and others are radfems, but a lot of anons are into femdom. The raccoons are a meme in reference to small and effeminate submissive men.
Scrotes are hated a little bit less than on LC (perhaps due to having more KHVs/NEETS?), BUT we're allowed to keep our man-hate and radfem threads.

Less gay anons than LC. The lesbian general on CC was a stillbirth.

Anonymous 66258

You are not. This site is comfy and friendly, we don't want your toxic asses here to pollute it.

Anonymous 66259


Just don't talk shit about the shotacons and anime in general.
Yes, you may engage on why anime is a sexist pedophile industry, etc. but in their respective thread instead of derailing an obvious anime thread.
Overall, follow >>66239 since this it isn't an 100% stinky NEET site and beware of the political lesbians that may attempt to groom you into joining them a la discord tranny cult.
Feel free to be a TERF too, by the way. No trannies are allowed here, ever so you may engage in TERF discussion.

Anonymous 66260

Also, pardon my dummy grammar.

Anonymous 66261

Hard disagree. Don't embarrass us in front of the new anons by posting anime in an obvious non-anime thread. And why is your first thought to defend shotacon threads. Get out of my sight reeeee

Anonymous 66262

>The lesbian general on CC was a stillbirth.

All threads from that era were a stillbirth tbh and I see a lot of users posting about their lesbian relationships, they just don't restrict themselves to a designated gay thread because who cares.

Anonymous 66263


Speak for yourself, we have plenty of edgy posters from all different ways of live, farmers are hardly gonna ruin our board. I welcome new female (female) users any day, variation makes it more interesting.

Anonymous 66288

I don't like this, lolcow farm badmouths CC often, they self-police themselves so much they can't stand themselves anymore so they migrate here. Soon you'll witness sjw threads pop up and toxic infighting. They have poor taste, i don't want them here.

Anonymous 66289

Everyone who says they don't crossboard at lolcow is lying.

Anonymous 66290

It's better than moids.

Anonymous 66291


Just be yourself and have fun anon

Anonymous 66294


Pull, reddit, 4chan.

Lolcow crossing master race

Anonymous 66295

To be fair, as someone that used to use cc more in the past, lc users mostly think cc is just too prone to tranny and scrote raids and avoid it because of that. Usually the hate isn't directed at the girls here. I left cc a couple months ago when that scrote kept spamming all of the threads with his bullshit and I got too tired of reporting him all the time.

Anonymous 66298

What happened to AG did you degenerates force it offline?

Anonymous 66299

sjwfags come from PULL and twitter because people from artthreads decided to throw lolcow.farm links everywhere.

Anonymous 66303

Screenshot (344).p…

>with occasional raids from male admirers
>there’s a lot of happy people in relationships on here
Translation: a huge chunk of this board consists of scrotes plus neet handmaidens who are married to a robot and dedicate their lifes to defending moids online.


This. Are you proud that you came from 4chan?

Crystal.cafe was founded by farmers but somehow everybody seems to forget this. Kind of sad if you look at the original goals and how it actually turned out. Now it's a mixture of uwu hugbox "don't be mean" and a gazillion of bait "How to get X bf?", "Do you like boys who…?" threads, basically everything is about males.

Anonymous 66304

They will be culled off one by one as we spot them they always try to be subversive with their retarded incel ideologies and use typical incel speak. You know what to do when that happens.

Anonymous 66305

It feels like there's too many to report them.

Anonymous 66306

>This. Are you proud that you came from 4chan?
Well in the end, all of the lolcow oldfags came from 4chan too because there would be no lc if /cgl/ didn't have that rule change back in 2011/2012 or so.

ntayrt but that's what ultimately forced me off of cc. At least when they post on lc they don't seem as big in number/frequency as they do on here because lc is more active in general. I love this imageboard still, I've spent a lot of my time posting here.

Anonymous 66308

It feels like the obvious solution is to get more female users. Farmers, join the fight.

Also in my experience the scrotes aren't that many. It's just that users here are extremely paranoid about everyone who has an opinion they don't like to see.

Anonymous 66309

>It's just that users here are extremely paranoid about everyone who has an opinion they don't like to see.
Yeah, those harmless little opinions that get posted on the daily like women shouldn't work, shouldn't vote etc. because incel.com says suicide rates for femoids are rising… I don't give af wether a scrote or a pickme wrote that, it's fucking annoying

Anonymous 66310

To be fair, these aren't really the kind of post I'm talking about- I mean come on, these are obvious bait and you can just report and ignore them. They've never bothered me because it's not like I'm being ~gaslit~ into anything, it's just plain obvious spam and it's gone quickly in most cases. I understand why some anons left though, moderation was slow a few months ago but lately it's been much faster. I just block out the scrotes, I know I'll never have a real female-only space because they will infest anything they lay their eyes upon, but at least they're not subtle about it, so it's more like an annoying ad you can't block.

Anonymous 66312

>Crystal.cafe was founded by farmers but somehow everybody seems to forget this
And lolcow was created by 4channers. Most people who browse lolcow learned about it from 4chan. Like 99% of lolcow and CC users either browse 4chan or browsed it in the past.

Anonymous 66313

This. Don't make the mistake of conflating all of 4chan with the idiocy of r9k, soc, pol and b. I've been on 4chan since before r9k existed and yes it has always been edgy, but the hobby boards like cgl where SR and lolcow sprung from were alright.

Anonymous 66314

>Most people who browse lolcow learned about it from 4chan.
This was true maybe up until 3 years ago. Since then, most people who found lolcow did so by googling, via twitter, or word of mouth and it's obvious that /cgl/ and SR-era oldfags are the minority now.

Anonymous 66317

i was permabanned months ago lmao, love to see the site seething in the corpses of the fallen

Anonymous 66318

Exactly. Most farmers from the last few years came from pull or similar gossip sites, or they simply found it coincidentally, like see a funny weirdo on yt or twitter, google them, lolcow shows up, and so on…

Anonymous 66319

When people say 4chan, they mean the cancerous trio: b, pol and r9k

Anonymous 66320

you forgot soc

Anonymous 66391

Uh oh, reddit Alert!

Anonymous 67024

Christ, lolcow really IS down. That's what you get for hating a predominant part of your userbase. I personally feel like you would get used to people claiming you're trans, even if it does scream a little ungrateful.

Anonymous 67182

Would you guys say the general board culture of CC has shifted within the past like, 6 or so months? I remember coming here and it being so much less based. It's much, much better now.

Anonymous 67803

>complaining about complaining about men

What do you want to talk about instead? Why aren't you talking about it?

Anonymous Admin 67817

I've been thinking about it, but I'm undecided about the benefits of a containment board and I would need a lot more moderators. Please be patient with us, we'll continue to try to work something out.

Anonymous 67823

>I'm made multiple threads over months about topics that I thought could lead to interesting discussions

There's only so much one can say about rotting frogs, anon.

Anonymous 67825

Link your threads anon, I'll bump them with thoughtful commentary

But not that thoughtful because I'm a dumb bitch

Anonymous 154786

Anons, is LC working for you? It won't load up at all on both laptop and mobile.

Anonymous 154788

Lolcow is down for me too nona

Anonymous 154790

Glad I'm not the only one. An anon on ccc said it was working for her so I don't know.

Anonymous 154793

What? I don't believe that, was that updated on /meta/?

Anonymous 154794

It's you know who

Anonymous 154795

Kek I was scared of this but I don’t think so he would of sperged about it by now

Anonymous 154801

If lolcow has just been nerfed by trannies then it's probably because a in the mtf thread announced that she doxxed one on 4chan, an absolutely retarded thing to post when he who shall not be named is lurking around trying to take LCF down

Anonymous 154802

Deleted for edit. I think lolcow is down temporarily, it'll come back soon enough. But if they're being targeted, then the least they could do is get lolcow down for a while, or at worst force mods to take certain posts/threads down. Absolute worst scenario is the entire site is wiped, and they have to start over.

Anonymous 154803

i saw on the latest posts on the front page an anon thanking the mods in meta… for something? i clicked on it but by that time the site was down already. i wonder what that anon was thanking the mods for

Anonymous 154805

Lcs been having a lot of racebait raiders over the past few days too, could be anything.

Anonymous 154808

Yeah, same with cp spam.


It's insane, have you seen the celebricows thread recently? Sheesh talk about a shit show it's all about Halle cast as Ariel and women in rap. I'm surprised crap chan isn't screaming and pissing alongside the baiters

Anonymous 154811

I thought it could of been the big site update kek but Admin probably would of said before hand, so it's probably either server issues or spam or something like that
I'm pretty sure anon was thanking admins for opening the weekend bunker thread

Anonymous 154812

If the site isn't down for the update I hope an anon has all the Elsie pics.

Anonymous 154814

Like in case the site is nuked for good?

Anonymous 154816

What happened? Did the troons take it down?
Damn, I need my Shaynus fix

Anonymous 154817

Anonymous 154819

download (1).png

wheres my cor

Anonymous 154820


Here's an elsie I saved a while ago


I was honestly convinced admin had abandoned us. She locked herself away for months, does she not think to come and drop a line or two for us as reassurance? The big update must be insane if it really required the months of negligence on the actual forum itself

Anonymous 154822

Thank you, anon. I hope the other nons find us here. Especially the husbandofags.

Anonymous 154823


Anonymous 154824

Shit like this just makes me feel extra TERFy.

Anonymous 154825


Anonymous 154827

good night my beloved s, hope to see you on the farms in the morn'

Anonymous 154830

Oldmin said she'd handover the site to newmin (shaymin thread in /meta/ she has made an appearance) once the site's big update is done. From what I remember (I have no knowledge of webdev or imageboard BTS so sorry for how brainless this is gonna sound) they're switching to a new imageboard thing? that's more secure, something along those lines. Ik admin is also coding a bunch more themes that where requested from the fundraiser & adding banners and maybe a new spoiler, that's why drawfags have been redesigning the spoiler image. Very occasionally Shaymin or Oldmin will drop in, the update was said to be happening soon, I think it took so long bc oldmin said she was also juggling a lot of personal stuff

Anonymous 154831

Anonymous 154833


Anonymous 154834

That is the smirk of a homosexual

Anonymous 154835

Please, don't be so pessimistic /m/ is my only reason to live

Anonymous 154837

Don't worry anon, I think the servers are just down or at worst DDOSed by some mad tranny. At best, it's the update but I doubt it kek

Anonymous 154838

origins of gay face

Anonymous 154844

Trannies are at it again, aren't they?

Anonymous 154847

Wish men wouldn't keep destroying places we dont want them. Lolcow is down and MY MISANDRY IS RAGING. Can some technon make new female sites thank you in advance, seriously, cheers

Anonymous 154865


I'm glad that even if men try their hardest to destroy our spaces, they will still never be women. They will never be complete.

Anonymous 154866

Literally all just one tranny.

Anonymous 154869

Reminder that crap chan was confirmed to be pakianon by a farmhand.

Anonymous 154883

Omg, I had no idea, dammit, I loved you paki-chan.

Anonymous 154908

>Ik admin is also coding
OT but why do people on lolcow always say "admin" as if that is their name and not "the admin".

Anonymous 154916

Her name is admin whether anyone likes it or not

Anonymous 154918

No, it isn't, her name is oldmin, admin is just a nickname

Anonymous 154921

Why was lolcow started by a guy

Anonymous 154923

To honeypot shoeonhead

Anonymous 154931

Lolcow anons I hope it's back up in the morning! I've been so paranoid about this since the whole keffals debacle

Anonymous 154946

this place is like a dingy moldy bunker we're all stuck in while we wait to see if the world above us has been nuked forever and every once in a while a moid crawls in from another hole and we shriek and beat him with a shoe like a mouse. i hate it here i wanna go home

Anonymous 154952

Pass the canned beans it's my day to eat

Anonymous 154953

It is cute in here, but I don't think I can adapt, the threads with no title and no clear description confuse me, also it's slow and I'd feel sily arguing with days old post.

Anonymous 154957

it's a comfy bunker at least

Anonymous 154958

It feels like not a coincidence that we were just starting to talk about that woodshop teacher, then the journos started picking it up, and then suddenly no more website

Anonymous 154962

ayrt damn I missed that completely so I have no clue, all the timing makes sense though. I'm preemptively angry tbh

Anonymous 154966

that's a good point, even if i'm usually not one to tinfoil, that particular case was so egregious that it might make sense for involved parties to wipe it off the internet to prevent mass peaking
>I don't think I can adapt, the threads with no title and no clear description confuse me
worst case scenario, lolcow is gone, we can just all migrate here and keep posting like we used to on lolcow and the board culture will shift to something more palatable. Of course if you come for cows, you're out of luck. I plan to keep using milk terminology although i will miss our farmhands and pastures.


When you Google his name you can't even find results unless you go deep down into the image search. They're purposefully trying to bury stuff that will peak the normies, no doubt. Hold strong and fast sisters

Anonymous 154975

I noticed that too, it might just be that google's tendrils haven't found it all yet because it's so new, which is a thing.

Anonymous 154980

She seemed to be violently against pedophiles based on her statements about Allen Ginsberg

Anonymous 154984

yes, that was in her first book, which was written in the context of the radical free love trend of the 1970s. Once it became obvious this trend was just another way for men to abuse people, she and many other feminists did a 180 and disavowed their previous theories, even writing about it later in her books like Right Wing Women. TYL

Anonymous 154993

Anonymous 154998

again, anon, you dropped your source https://www.theguardian.com/books/2004/sep/30/gender.world

i know zoomers think tweets and random caps can be taken at face value with no supporting evidence, but that's an incredibly bad habit.

Anonymous 155003


Anonymous 155004

It's at the end of Woman Hating, again, her first book written in a historical period where such theories were becoming popular. And again, she later took it back completely and wrote about the misguided theories of the free love movement extensivey.


so that you know the quotes are legitimate? my god, anon. did you know that Barak Obama once said "Personally, I love hentai. The raunchier, the better. I even draw some from time to time." Shocking, right?

Anonymous 155011

No, I think we got it from twitter. I don't know where twitter got it from originally, and I think the twitter sources have also been mysteriously nuked. Very weird.

Anonymous 155016

It's from this >>155003
that's the full interview
Going off on a tangent from what you said, I've been down the same rabbit hole, pedophiles have been trying so hard to be legitimized by the gay movement and overall left, and have succeeded sometimes, but it ultimately gets shunned over and over again because of optics, and conflicting opinions. Harry Hay tried, the leading face of the gay movement during the mid of the century when gay rights were getting so much attention, and now no one likes to talk about that. Michel Foucault and other queer theorists tried later on, and people really hate talking about that.

Anonymous 155026

Shame that entire school must have peaked by now

Anonymous 155029

Some seemingly sophisticated people have tried arguing for pedophilia, like Walter H Breen, but I think they're just demoralized husks. Like they have a blind spot when it comes to seeing an argument against their perversion, it's like empathy is completely turned off in that side of their brain.
Ayrt, totally agree. I wish more people were educated on how prevalent pedophile advocacy was in the gay community. Gay Community News, The Body Politic, Fag Rag, and other magazines and publications openly supported NAMBLA, or allowed pedophile supporters to have a voice. The advocacy turns straight into child trafficking, and child porn distribution in some cases. Like Spartacus Gay Travel Guide that advertised boy prostitute destinations, and PAN magazine that had an editorial board of different homosexual scholars/activists, and known pedophiles.

Anonymous 155040

So, do you all reckon this is the big site update? Or is it gone forever like kiwifarms? I was about to post a long sperg about my husbando. Kind of sad that I couldn't post it before it went down.

Anonymous 155042

maybe this is wishful thinking but to me it seems like admin decided to move the servers/do the site update unannounced, if something else happened I feel like there would be an update on the ko-fi page by now

Anonymous 155044

Yep, and typically these intellectuals were rationalizing the abuse they suffered as kids, and then used those justifications for the abuse they committed against children once they got older. Not saying most abuse victims turn out to be pedophiles, or that most pedophiles were abused themselves as kids, but these patterns come up sometimes. Harry Hay talked about having older gay mentors he had sex with, Allen Ginsberg had sex with an older guy as a kid and said he turned out fine, and Walter H Breen had a very dysfunctional childhood and traumatized his own children. Abuse tends to be a cycle, and these people try using philosophy as the vehicle for continuing it.

Anonymous 155046


aw shit here we go again

Anonymous 155047

there's no way it's an update. I don't think shaymin was ever planning on doing one, she just needed an excuse to be AWOL. I seriously don't know what her problem is and why she applied to be admin when she clearly has no interest in the site whatsoever. If we're lucky, this is a temporary blip. If not, well. I hope farmers have been archiving their favorite threads. If it comes back, we need to start doing that immediately.

Anonymous 155048

How would I know this.
Good point. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly and we can all get back to gossiping and sperging. I feel like a junkie without a fix kek.

Anonymous 155051

NONNEY… i love this so much, the milk rations…. it's perfect

Anonymous 155053

Is the schizo tranny pedo itt right now? Surely my fellow s can smell it too, right?

Anonymous 155054

>Some seemingly sophisticated people have tried arguing for pedophilia, like Walter H Breen
Uh, Breen was a pedophile. He didn't just argue for it. He molested and raped kids his entire life. He was convicted and went to jail over it a couple of times. And he wasn't 'seemingly sophisticated', he was just some dumb ass coin collector who wormed his way into the sci fi fandom of the 60s because those idiots thought it was 'progressive' to let adults fuck kids.

Anonymous 155058

if that was the case why would she post occasional updates on ko-fi? a more recent one showed what appeared to be a test of the new site
if it is actually the update it should be complete in the next day or two, otherwise if not maybe some programmer and tech-savvy anons can team up and make a new lc

Anonymous 155059

Oh yeah, for sure. The avatarfagging, namefagging, repetitive phrases, and speaking like an anime villain give him away every time. I understand not his schizo ways or why he's obsessed with us in the first place. IDK how active the mod team are here but I'm sure once he starts spamming CP they'll pay attention.

Speaking of which, there he is now! >>155057 everyone say "hi schizo tranny!"

Anonymous 155061

I think admin (s) are just asleep. Oldmin was european and it's around 6am here.



Thanks for letting us crash here while our site is down. Please have one of my favorite pics as tribute

Anonymous 155064

Yeah I was just going to add that I didn't say "sex" as if it was consensual, it's always rape with kids, I'm just paraphrasing what these people think of it. People like Milo thought it was legitimate sex, and not rape, because they rationalized it as a positive experience instead of traumatizing. These types generally see it as essential to developing their male identity and sexuality, like the older men are guides for the younger generation.
He was a pedophile, him and his wife abused children, I know all about that. His daughter spoke out about it, and I've listened to her interviews. He was intelligent though, he went to prestigious universities, skipped grades, and was a professional coin expert. I don't think he was an idiot, just sadistic and immoral.

Anonymous 155065


I didn't make it, it's from the time earlier this year where posting on /ot/ didn't work for a week so everyone bunkered in /g/.

Anonymous 155066

Any namefags up in here? Who in here has gotten a -fag or a -chan assigned to them? I'm just wondering.

Anonymous 155068

what a loser, you need attention so bad you came all the way here to ask for it directly, huh?

Anonymous 155071

Here comes the samefagging again

Anonymous 155073

maybe, if newmin/shaymin still hasn't had the site handed over to her and oldmin is still in charge that would explain it

Anonymous 155075

Yup. Hot tip for the uninformed, if you see anons arguing and foaming at the mouth over something insanely stupid or unbelievable, don't worry, It's just the schizo tranny samefagging trying to stir up chaos for unknown schizo reasons.

Anonymous 155077

I fucking hate schizo moids so much.

Anonymous 155078

He is so retarded he always sticks out like a sore thumb.

Anonymous 155080

post it on fujochan
let your feelings be free
it will amuse the 3 other active posters there, probably


Is anyone watching a movie rn? I'm watching Pirates of the Caribbean

Anonymous 155086

kek parappanon is in the husbando thread there

Anonymous 155088

yeah, the only reason I pointed it out is because I don't think the residents of cc here are familiar with his antics the same way we are. Moderation is really lax here, it seems.

Anonymous 155091

lmfao tell her to come over here, anon. I want our resident autists to join the bunker party.

Anonymous 155092

I hope Carreychan is doing alright. I look forward to her Carrey blogposts. I actually went back to reread her Carrey book posts, she is fun to read. She should write articles.

Anonymous 155104

maybe the troon boom is a blessing in disguise, it'll get the most pornsick moids to troon, then 41%, and in the process bring society's male/female ratio into more manageable proportions.
anon, you just replied to the schizo tranny, come on now

Anonymous 155109

kek this thread reads like adults having a conversation while a toddler is in the background trying and failing to interject and get attention

Anonymous 155111

Is lolcow down because we were talking about chestplate-sensei in the MtF thread?

Anonymous 155113


Did you guys dox him kek

Anonymous 155115

that's what some anons were theorizing

Anonymous 155117


I was about to post my new founded obsession of Severus Snape in the husbando thread on lolcow, well anyways hello everyone.

Anonymous 155118

I really feel that, I was going to post in /g/ about my 2d husbando's nipples

Anonymous 155119

I wonder how miners are feeling right now.

Anonymous 155121

Shit, I haven't checked the mtf thread in weeks and now I find out that it was poppin

Anonymous 155123

are you the anon who posted about the sex dream she had about big tittied lesbian snape

Anonymous 155124

you have NO idea, anon. It was insane. Real high school tech teacher in canada wearing fetish breast plates so big they cover his whole belly down to his beltline with prominent nipples, just allowed to walk around and teach kids in it. There was a video of him teaching shop and trying to maneuver his arms around them to cut something on a saw table

Anonymous 155125

I wanted to read the "news stories that fuck with you thread" if it's down for more than a day I'm making one here

Anonymous 155126

and the school defended him on the basis of "gender expression" being a protected class. if this doesn't peak the world, what will?

Anonymous 155127

Now I feel like we're squatting in their house.

Anonymous 155129

Shit, makes me wish I was keeping up with the troon threads more. I saw breastplate troon over on Twitter. I remember someone thinking it might have been a hoax. Oh no, troon lows have no bottom. It is all too real.

Anonymous 155130

I could not believe you but I just saw it just now and what the actual fuck I'm laughing out loud in disbelief.

Anonymous 155134

why is lc dead? wtf

Anonymous 155136

the tranny menace strikes again

Anonymous 155138


this was real news today

Anonymous 155143

100% this dude interprets the cringe gawking from his students as them "checking him out" and gets off on it. I assume Canada is too PC to do anything about this.

Anonymous 155144

men are so disgusting and brain damaged. i wish they were all dead

Anonymous 155145

What is he thinking wearibg this around a school: Wrong answers only!

Anonymous 155148

clown world. total clown world. i want to be abducted by aliens.

Anonymous 155151

Remember when freaks like this were paraded out on Jerry Springer? The 90s, a more civilized time.

Anonymous 155154

I think the only way to get out of this is to go full circle and start flinging poop at everything we don't like. Go back to monke. Only then will balance be restored.

Anonymous 155155


the fact that those images are clearly taken on two different days, and the school/district just lets it happen… canada is beyond saving lol

Anonymous 155163

I'm still waiting for someone to debunk this and say this guy isn't a real teacher, those aren't real students, they are all actors and that's not even a real school, just a setting, but I fear I'm just coping because horrors beyond my comprehension.

Anonymous 155165

correct, moid. Now duck


MEGA KEK, anon called this response all the way back in >>155035 when she said:
>Pedos main defense mechanism is projection, so if you call them out for being disgusting, they always accuse everyone else of being pedophiles

Anonymous 155171


Moid detected…
Initiating poop flinging protocol…

Anonymous 155172

Screen Shot 2022-0…

Anonymous 155178

why does twitter allow porn? i don't understand what gave apple justification to force tumblr to remove its nsfw shit, but twitter has porn all over its app

Anonymous 155179

Moids turning their degeneracy into an oppressed class is one of the greatest schemes they've ever pulled.

Anonymous 155180

Holy shit. Sometimes I wish Tif would be only a quarter as deranged ad moids. Just put an entire firehose in your pants and say it makes you a man.

Anonymous 155181

I never thought I'd say it, but our long-suffering farmhands are starting to look like super attentive champions compared to the situation here.

Anonymous 155183

twitter has money for lawyers, and tumblr's barely staying afloat as it is, that's why.

Anonymous 155190

Guide to spotting the shizo tranny:


>"calm your tits"
>anime avatarfagging
>speaking like a cartoon villain
>samefagging infights with himself bc no one will talk to him
>incel-tier wojack collection
>accusing random anons of being pedophiles (projection)
>Image spams when no one is taking his bait
>vacillating between wanting to be accepted and trying to join in, to burning hatred when he is clocked as an outsider

Anonymous 155194

sorry about this, cc mods. As a heads up though, when he gets upset, he often throws tantrums involving illegal material, so maybe be prepared since I'm sure a tantrum is now incoming.

Anonymous 155198

How do you know?
Wishing upon all stars.

Anonymous 155200

dworkin and the simpsons in one post. can we be life companions, anon?

Anonymous 155201

>posting cp
>posting black dick
>typing like a boomer
>where can i find this (weeb stuff anons wouldn't need to ask about because they already know)
>referring to himself by name because no one else cares to remember it

Anonymous 155202

almost 9 hours still down and nothing on the ko-fi page
manifesting tomorrow I wake up check lc and everything is back to normal

Anonymous 155205


Anonymous 155206

The admin did mention the new site will be done with soon, but I'm not sure if she'd just migrate everything/take lc down without warning.


The 70s was a bizarre time for pedophilia to make it's way into cinema. Marquis De Sade books were turned into movies back then, like, a lot, everywhere from the big productions in Hollywood to the slightly more indie scenes around Europe, which all had a lot of underage characters being assaulted. Sick shit

Anonymous 155210

I was hoping the same at first when I saw it in some discord 2 days ago and some tranny defender was assuring everyone that it's just a meme and totally not real. Lo and behold the school name came out, his name, multiple sources, it's basically confirmed.

Anonymous 155212

ko-fi ?

Anonymous 155214


Anonymous 155215

me too nona. me too.


It doesn't matter that it was taken from Twitter because troons don't care. A in the thread said she posted a doxx on 4chan, that was the most retarded thing anyone could have possibly done at a time where the other farms is being ripped apart for issues with a doxx. All it takes is for a troon to go back to his Discord shit hole with a screenshot and say "this terf site has just admitted to doxxing one of us" and that's it because it gives them something to point at and tell people that evil terfs are collating with 4chan to harass trannies. Always do these things in silence

I hope hammie chan didn't get smashed to death by recent purchases thread OP chan

Anonymous 155219

That’s why I’m here too. I hate internet wars. Men are so dumb

Anonymous 155221

I'm awake now and it's still not up, huh…

Anonymous 155222

I noticed lol, it made me feel comfy to see her sperg peacefully about her rapping dog husbando

Anonymous 155223

Where my de/g/enerates at

I would love to read your sperging about your husbandos when the site's back, anonny

Anonymous 155224

I always loved the husbando and /m/ threads. Never really engaged as I've got two husbandos and I want to learn to draw them properly enough to post my cute sketches with them.

Anonymous 155226

Apparently /tttt/ were coping and seething over this claiming that the teacher was actually just a cruel evil transphobe mocking true and honest trans women (see terfposting thread kek >>154726 ) I just hope this makes a lot of TRA-leaning people go "umm maybe it really is a fetish for the mentally ill, guys". I kinda want to see the reactions to the confirmation that it's an actual tranny

Anonymous 155229

>I believe trans women should be allowed in women’s locker rooms and prisons
I believe you haven't seen the statistics on troon-on-woman rape in prisons buddy. Goddamn I hate males

Anonymous 155230

We have a husbando thread on this site too you know. Instead of complaining try to revive some dead threads here!

Anonymous 155231


Missing the weekend thread…

I hope the site is back up in time for movie night.

Anonymous 155233

NTA but it's just not the same, the community is different. I'm still linking it anyways to hopefully get some s to post in there >>>/media/45
(Unless you don't want to for privacy reasons of course)

Anonymous 155234

*some non-nies

Anonymous 155238


Where are the other nons? I feel like one chunk got separated and lost.

Anonymous 155239

out there, fighting on their own

Anonymous 155240

I miss lolcow I need to see funny intelligent women being transphobic online

Anonymous 155241

I hope they are able to make their way back to us..

Anonymous 155242

is the nicer version of blocked here? it didn't send last night with my post. test :

Anonymous 155243

I don't get this post

Anonymous 155247

OOh I see

Anonymous 155248

kek I wrote 4 variations but only nona isn't filtered

Anonymous 155249


anonitas! Where do you think everyone else scattered? My first instinct was kf, but alas

Anonymous 155251

I use both and it's kind of ironic seeing the userbase that chews people out for not understanding certain imageboard terminology, reeing about new users killing the website by not integrating, and for the past few days mostly filling up the kiwifarms thread with INTEGRATE YOU SCROTE now turn around and post >>154966
I think most CC users are also LC users anyway they just change how they talk.

Anonymous 155252

don't worry non-chan I am here with you

Anonymous 155253

Not sure, but this makes me miss temp cow kek. Everyone worried needs to remember under adminsama we lost connection for hours too and were having issues with hosting.

Anonymous 155254

I wanted to ask a few things in the stupid questions general but with just my luck lolcow stopped working
I'm sorry s

Anonymous 155256

Is sage a thing in this board?
I already miss LCF. It's my birthday and I wanted to crypost in the vent thread about being lonely forever.
Anyway, fuck troons, fuck moids especially fuck the scrote teacher with the huge rubber boobs, hope he peaks the world.

Anonymous 155257

happy birthday nona, here's to finding friends or finding peace being alone mwah

Anonymous 155258


No one really sages anything, happy birthday nona

Anonymous 155259

I also wanted to ask something. How do I clean my new laptop's screen? It's already getting some dust sticking on it a little.
Also no-nnie, no-nny and no-nna are filtered here lol

Anonymous 155260

Happy birthday Nona. Fuck moids

Anonymous 155261

Do you have a soft cloth like the kind you clean glasses lens with?

Anonymous 155262

sage is not part of etiquette here so you can bump to your heart's content (so long as you don't randomly bump old threads like raiders do of course)
also happy birthday nona

Anonymous 155263

Mmm yeah I don't wear glasses so no. I guess it's time to buy one of those microfiber cloths

Anonymous 155264

it's not that important because CC doesn't have cow boards
actually considering CC is so slow it's better to use the catalog and bump the old barely used threads instead of creating new redundant ones

Anonymous 155265

Thanks luv u girlies mwuah

Anonymous 155266

Happy Birthday nona. It's okay.

I'm sad about lolcow, too. It feels very hard to find just Internet savvy women only spaces so we can vent and shit.

Anonymous 155267


I miss Lolcow. Fuck trannies forever. You can target women until the day you 41%, but you will ALWAYS be disgusting trashfire males and the world knows it.
Praying the anon with the archive of the site has found this thread (or will soon) and shares, that lost farmers will join us in the bunker, and that the admin/mods deliver us through this storm. I even miss Romanianon.

Anonymous 155268

Yeah, one of the things I don't like about LCF is that thread making rules are so strict that you could get banned for accidentally making a duplicate thread or posting in the wrong one or something. But on the other hand, I also hate that CC has a hundred fucking duplicate threads because imageboard newfags can't bother using the catalog, so most threads are just forgotten (even though the subject is not).

Anonymous 155269

there were a few new posters that i liked and would like to see again, i wonder if they know about this place or about its connection to lolcow, if the site comes back i hope they come back too

Anonymous 155271

Is there a dressup games / picrew thread in here? Just to kill time

Anonymous 155272

Happy birthday, nona! I hope you have a great day
AFAIK sage is not a thing here because I posted here a few times and no one called me out for not saging.
Also, fuck moids
Let's see if someone there share my love for Prussia kek

Anonymous 155276

Happy birthday, anon. We're all here with you too.

Anonymous 155278


Happy birthday , mine is tomorrow and i wanted to spend it on lc too. If you remember where farmers watch the movies, you could try hopping there! They are going to stream my favorite Eternal Sunshine Of Spotless Mind, hope you will enjoy it. It's all gonna be alright!!

Anonymous 155281

same anon. thank god this imageboard's not down. I'm pretty skeptical if lolcow is just down or wiped from the face of the earth(hope this is not the case). I like both imageboards. may lolcow and crystal.cafe live on forever.

Anonymous 155282

ooh that series is fucking awesome. I'm watching skins at the moment lol. Great show, I recommend it

Anonymous 155283

i approve!! 100% better than the shitty Euphoria. can't wait for the hype to be over.

Anonymous 155284

right Euphoria tried to be skins but failed miserably

Anonymous 155285

I hope with all my heart that lolcow is not gone forever just so the gossiping obsessed mean women of that board can get the fuck out of here asap. I don't want CC's userbase to merge with LC's agressive and mentally ill one.

If you're from LC and you're nice/don't care about the lolcow culture/gossiping about celebrities obviously don't feel targeted by this message, but yeah, sorry, the last thing i want is for my comfy CC to resemble LC

Anonymous 155286

Genuine question why not post this in the lolcow hate thread why in this thread where it could cause a fight?

Anonymous 155287


Happy birthday, lovely anons.

Anonymous 155289

Don't worry i don't feel attacked by your question. Because this is the thread that made me realize lolcow was down, so i reacted spontaneously. I don't intend to fight so if anyone's answering to me agressively, i just won't answer. Like i said i know some nonas from LC are nice and if they are, they don't have to feel attacked by what i'm saying, my message is not for them. I post on LC sometimes myself when CC is too slow, so i know you can be on both without being a piece of shit, but i like that we are separated and wouldn't wish the two userbase to merge.

Anonymous 155290

actually there's not that much of an overlap between the /snow/ or /w/ or /pt/ posters vs /ot/ or /g/ or /m/ (except for the tranny threads, go figure kek) so of course CC will attract mostly the latter group since we don't discuss lolcows here, don't worry

Anonymous 155291

naww i love lc, consider myself a farmer but am very aware that because it is a gossip site, there are quite a few unpleasant people on there. i don't use the gossip features of the website but it feels much more fast moving than crystal cafe, although i do love it here.

also i wish it was less about males here. maybe im biased as a gay lesbo but the tfwnbf threads are a bit dull ngl. anyway love you miners, thanks for having us here!

Anonymous 155292

Nta but the farmers are congregating here so probably posted her so n0nn1es can see it. Honestly? Yeah, I get it. I'm a farmer too and there's a very high strung aggressive group of anorexics that take every opportunity to make boards miserable on LCF and that is the last thing CC needs

Anonymous 155293


I already miss the farms so much s. If this is how the site goes out I'm going to lose my shit and beat a moid to death.

Anonymous 155294

nta but same, i only prefer lolcow to crystal cafe because it's both faster and because farmers don't seem to care that much about men that aren't 2D like miners do (febfem yumejo gang gang kek). honestly do feel free to make and post in threads about relationships with women

Anonymous 155295

the word is blocked? huh?

Anonymous 155296

lmao. today i learned. but why?

Anonymous 155297


I'm having withdrawals.

Anonymous 155298

That is mostly true, you're right to say it. But i still feel a very different agressive vibe sometimes from /ot/ and /g/ (/m/ seems to be the most harmless board) compared to the CC boards.

I get you, sometimes i feel like there's too much moid talk too, but i'm asexual and i figure the poor straight women with a libido need an outlet too, as they are forced by nature to care about/pursue moids.

Anonymous 155299

That’s fair. I was just curious. Hope you have a good day Nona.

Anonymous 155301


Thank you, you too!

Anonymous 155304

even considering straight women there's too much 3DPD talk and not enough husbando talk

Anonymous 155306

this is actually the most active I've seen CC in a while and I like it. I rarely come here due to inactivity, but tbh we should stick around a lil more and keep things lively. It honestly only takes a handful of consistently active users to make an imageboard more comfy

Anonymous 155309

I don’t post husbando on lolcow because of the one really aggressive sperg who yells at everyone. Every time I try they screeched and it killed the fun

Anonymous 155310


Thank you sweet anon! Here is a cute comics for you. I am happy my favorite villager is also having a birthday next week.

Anonymous 155315

Be the change you want to see in the world, i guess. I'm sure no one would mind more threads no matter what they are about since CC can be kind of slow. More activity would benefit us all, and would allow everyone to have a thread to their taste. Win-win!

Another thing i love about CC compared to LC is that the mods here are chill and the rules are not as arbitrary. You can create "pointless" threads, you won't get banned. It feels like we have more freedom here and even when someone gets banned they don't have mods redtexting dumb memes to mock them, so post whatever you want to post.

Anonymous 155316


This is such a sweet little comic! Thank you, anon! How sick that you and your favorite villager are almost birthday twins.

Anonymous 155318

the anti-dede poster?

Anonymous 155320


I am still figuring out on who to replace in order to get the new Sasha villager… It feels so difficult despite them talking the same one-liners over and over again. And funnily enough, I own Bob and Raymond! Raymond was actually my first campsiter. He is an alright cat.

Anonymous 155323

This website was literally madeby farmers.

Anonymous 155324


Anonymous 155325

Yea but I’m not dee anon

Anonymous 155326



Anonymous 155327


I wish it was back online already nonnettes…

Anonymous 155328


Anonymous 155330


Same. This is just making me realise how addicted I am to LC

Anonymous 155331

is banned too or only ?

Anonymous 155332


Same. When will Elise return from the pasture

Anonymous 155333

Anonymous 155334

Same, anon. I'm horribly addicted to it kek. I guess it's a good thing in a way because now I can stop checking lolcow while at work… but I miss the unhinged spergery like crazy!!

Anonymous 155336

We all have these ways to contact the admin, right? This shit happening is making me realize that it's kind of abysmal how difficult it is to reach the staff. They must know by now, unless the admin is straight-up asleep or something
[email protected]
https://twitter.com/lolcow_farm (hasn't been updated in a long time)
Official LC Matrix: https://matrix.to/#/#lolcowfarm:rage.lol (idk if this still works)
Official LC Discord: https://[[read the rules]]/Uu4N84xrxF (idk if this still works)

Anonymous 155337

The "am I welcoming here?" text of this thread gave me a huge fight or flight reaction kekk

Anonymous 155338

I remember some threads (I think Luna's among others) were archived late last year, anyone still got the links?

Anonymous 155339

Welcome* kek idk spelling

Anonymous 155340


i just need my suomillanka fix i will kill every tranny if i lose my beloved finnthread

Anonymous 155343

Yeah I dont like the catty aspect of those boards, honestly I just visited /snow/ for the tranny and ridiculous photoshoppers threads
But I know that was not the main demographics since lolcow is a gossip site and quite the containment one especially after PULL got nuked

Anonymous 155344

There's a button underneath the text box. If you're referring to saging culture similar to LCF it's not really a thing because this website doesn't have active users/it's not a gossip website so the whole "don't bump up threads with no milk" mentality doesn't exist here.

Anonymous 155346

Honestly I love how the threads work on lolcow. It's all kept relatively neat and tidy. I dislike the practice of making random threads for no reason. Fuck I NEED lolcow I feel the withdrawal kick in. I need to sperg about my unconventional male attractions!!

Anonymous 155347


I use both and I agree, I totally understand your knee jerk reaction as well I really do wish that LCF was a lot more calmer, less catier you know personally I would prefer if CC was the more active one but people love gossip.

It's kind of ironic because I like LCF but I don't like the gossip nature of it but I like threads about very specific gendies, art/animation, and the breadtube threads. I only get interested in the celeb thread if it's about a gendie/special straight that I'm already familiar with.
I think a lot of miners are also farmers anyway.

Yeah LCF made me realize how annoying the duplicate threads can get.

Anonymous 155349


Tfw I still have some tabs with old threads open

Anonymous 155350

I think it's an unnannounced update. Admin did say that would happen soon and I totally pin current admin(s) for doing this shit unnannounced because they've been shit at communcation for a long ass time now.

I'll stop believing this is the likely scenario if LC remains down for longer than 48 hours.

Anonymous 155351


I just thought that lolcow not working was only a me problem. Is it not working for other anons too?

Anonymous 155353

My tinfoil is (seeing that the moderation has been better the past weeks) this is schemed out, LC will be down for a week or two to have most of the kiwifags forget about LC/think it's perma-down and then everything will be back to normal.

Anonymous 155354


The first thing I'll do when lolcow is back online is posting this picture on /m/

Anonymous 155355

That's what I was thinking, especially since anons above where saying about some tranny sperging which could domino its way to the master tran kek

Anonymous 155356

I hope so. I'm dreaming of a cuter LCF with snazzy new themes and more communication with admin

Anonymous 155357


Anyone have that livejournal lolcow bunker link? When I saw that lc was down my first reaction was to check there and ao3 fanfics kek

Anonymous 155358

That would be a 200IQ move.
With no means of vetting users imageboards really depend on obscurity to keep up quality, so "going dark" when journos and normies start talking about you is a valid strategy
However, the flip side of this is that extended downtime can really hurt a community - in this case CC is the obvious place to reassemble and stick together through the blackout because it's the other big female IB, but if CC wasn't a thing would we just be left in the dark for weeks?

Anonymous 155362

discord? I haven't tried but I assume you can just grab the invite link from the most recent archived webarchive and access it

Anonymous 155365

I think a lot of farmers know about CC though, don't know if you were there but sometime last year it was announced in /meta/ LC was going to have to shut down and a lot of nonneritas said to migrate to CC.

Anonymous 155366

i immediately became scared that LC would be targeted next after KF, but i couldn’t believe admin/staff allowed there to be kiwi refugees make threads about keffals??

just seemed like a bad idea.

hoping this is just the case of a migration in order to protect the site more, but i haven’t seen LC down for this long in a long time

Anonymous 155367

the dicord's nuked, not sure if they finally deleted it completely but that was supposed to happen

Anonymous 155368

wait it was officially announced in meta that it would shut down? i thought they had some struggles, but i didn’t realize it was an official shut down?

i feel like people would’ve done better cleaning up if that were the case

Anonymous 155370

>anna slatz

Anonymous 155372


Anonymous 155373


I am counting down the hours until lolcow is live again.

Anonymous 155374

As much as I love 70s exploitation, it is indeed full of garbage like that. There were a number of movies that would also splice in scenes from actual porn, to both pad out time, and to be more edgy and get coomers to watch at the drive in.
The 70s were a creative, but obnoxiously edgy decade.

Anonymous 155375

Maybe my memory is a bit fucked but if I remember correctly it would have possibly shut down due to lack of money and admins. It was not official official but she did say it would likely shut down and asked for donations. One blessed ended up donating 1000 dollars and it didn't have much of a conclusive ending.

Anonymous 155376

why are lolcow’s admins always so shit at communicating? as much as i hate kf, at least their admin is really communicative and transparent.

Anonymous 155377

yeah no, that's been resolved after that donation, and then after that they got the 100 bucks they needed for the server upgrade. so total shut down shouldn't be a thing, but there was plans for lolcow to temporarily go down for the server migration, shaymin said in meta she was going to set a date and hadn't decided yet when she made her comeback like a month ago or so

Anonymous 155378

Poster Journal pos…

should we make a cytube thread? so that we can still have cytube streams. Does anyone have saved the google docs for the cytube thread and OP text?

Anonymous 155380

Do you guys actually have shotacon threads? What board does this discussion happen?

Anonymous 155381

are you one of the cytube mods? if not, relax, the movies will still be shown tonight, we have no clue how long this is going to take

Anonymous 155385

I've been on CC for years and I've never seen this besides one shotacon who's obviously just one anon

Anonymous 155386

ok you didn't answer which board though

Anonymous 155389

>swept by jannies
Damn it. Guess it's not allowed in general, even discussion. Makes sense why I could find anything after ctl +F'ing. Thanks

Anonymous 155391

The level of commitment to and investment in KF Josh has is absolutely insane because it's the only thing he's got left at this point, he basically dedicated his life to it with no return. I wouldn't expect anybody else to live up to that standard

Anonymous 155394

I'm out of the loop, what happened to LC? I can't connect.

Anonymous 155395

Anonymous 155397

>actually there's not that much of an overlap between the /snow/ or /w/ or /pt/ posters vs /ot/ or /g/ or /m/ (except for the tranny threads, go figure kek)
This is true for me. I'm mostly an /ot/ and /m/ type, but I lurk tranny cow threads pretty religiously. I lurk a few others too, but less religiously, because seeing slapfights over nasolabial folds, what goth is, or how fat or not fat someone is gets boring as fuck.
I've honestly never had any problems with cc, except for the fact that it gets easily raided by smegmoids.

Anonymous 155398

nobody knows either other than it being down

Anonymous 155399

>except for the fact that it gets easily raided by smegmoids
probably because of the "4chan but for girls and uwu wholesome" reputation?

Anonymous 155401

nta but I think lolcow being known mostly as a gossip site somewhat keeps moids out because a lot of them don't know the non-cow boards.

Anonymous 155402

Jealous, I only have the one I was waiting a response for in open, and just when I was about to load up my standard threads to catch up, I got lolcow.farm | 522: Connection timed out.

Anonymous 155404

Any sugiwives in the chat rn

Anonymous 155405

Lolcow has more of everything because more people use it

Anonymous 155406

Anonymous 155409


Anonymous 155410


I love my s

Anonymous 155412

n0 nnie

Anonymous 155413

Reporting from the lc discord (still active just no public invite anymore) they have no clue either

Anonymous 155415

Maybe. I've honestly never figured it out. Any time I see 4chan smegs bring up female imageboards, I see them mention cc before lc. You'd think it'd be the other way around, due to lc being more popular.

Anonymous 155416

What are you talking about and why are you being weird

Anonymous 155417

Half of those replies are to me and I'm a day1 cc newbabby so doesn't count

Anonymous 155418

It’s a Troon that acts like he is so ebil and kewl and smart and I’m sure he’s harassed you guys before. He’s a spammer and he’s schizo

Anonymous 155421

why cant women have any thing

Anonymous 155422

Literally no one is following your retard lore stfu Dayum

Anonymous 155423


Me and mah n 0 n n y

Anonymous 155425

This. Holy shit, say what you want about Null I hate his ass, but oh my God at least he can grasp the basic concept of keeping a line of communication open with his community. Mf posts regularly meanwhile we're literally crying out for communication in /meta/ kek

Anonymous 155426

LC admin did say she was going to go offline before going online again with the new site so it’s probably that. Cloudflare is fine. Someone in the Keffals thread in /snow/ was downloading a mirror of lc as well so all is not lost

Anonymous 155427

It's some guy that spammed dumbass shit on /snow/. Also known as schizotroon.

Crystal Cafe nonas, I'm so sorry we brought this plague with us.

Anonymous 155429

Solid as they come

Anonymous 155431

We are all diamonds …..

Anonymous 155432


Missing the celebricows thread dearly

Anonymous 155437

I wonder what Tuna's up to, and if someone responded to my post in the mundane shit thread. Rip us, nonneritas.

Anonymous 155438

Damn lolcow still down…

Anonymous 155439

I honestly miss the Lurch Sperging

Anonymous 155441

Yeah and most of us old users here came from lolcow around 2017/2018. But the culture here is very different. No drama threads about individual people, no avatarfagging, no building a personality around yourself, no excessive infighting.
Anyways you're all welcome, sisters.

Anonymous 155444


In my dreams I see you

Anonymous 155447

>no excessive infighting
I stopped using cc last year because of the retarded infights over literally everything

Anonymous 155448

U r not allowed because u r male and avatarfag

Anonymous 155450

There's a music thread over in /media/ of you like posting music and music videos. It would be nice to breathe some life into /media/ it's been pretty slow

Anonymous 155451

but she said that there would be an announcement first before the update. yet no announcement..

Anonymous 155452

You don't really blend in if you can't stop yourself from admitting it's you a few hours after.
It's like that ridiculous psychopath smirk that all of your trannies do. Google duping delight.

Anonymous 155454

I stopped using LC for the same reason lol

Anonymous 155456

Fair but at least LC arguments dissipate faster, here anons fight over boob size for 4 months

Anonymous 155458

Not surprised because she only responded at one point when we were whining about lc communication and the low moderation a month ago. There was also supposed to be a townhall this September.

Anonymous 155460


Naur male

Anonymous 155461

yeah it still happens, but usually it results in bans. you can build a culture and enforce rules, but you can't stop retarded newfags from being retarded.

Anonymous 155462

Same, I think his twitter is private now. Too bad.

Anonymous 155463

To be honest I feel like a lot of retard newfags came from the /snow/ threads and celebricows. Overall cow threads esp with PULLs death

Anonymous 155464

do i need to post your face again, bloon the troon?

Anonymous 155466

do all bans really automatically remove your entire posting history on said IP?

Anonymous 155469

Frankly I don’t think people here want to see his ugly mug I want to see cats and husbandos . Also he thrives off attention so don’t respond to him he’s literally a 30 yo male loser

Anonymous 155472

Not on LC. I didn’t see that only for spammers and baiters

Anonymous 155473


>moid in the thread already

Anonymous 155476

No, only if permabanned iirc. I've been temp banned without my entire post history vanishing.

Anonymous 155477

Gross what is the point

Anonymous 155478

I know it doesn't happen on lolcow because I've been banned before for being dumb enough to sometimes take bait or infight, but I heard it does happen on CC.

Anonymous 155479

Oh and if you're banned from being a male, which is a permaban anyway.

Anonymous 155481

You could just fuck a tire iron or a tire it would feel the same lol

Anonymous 155483


oh, i see i see. thanks.

Anonymous 155484


GK ssss

Anonymous 155485

its still down? dang

Anonymous 155486

Sort of. Some kinda of infighting and derailing are weirdly acceptable on LCF when they really shouldn't be. That's actually something I'm hoping won't be allowed after the update

Anonymous 155487

So tired of men looking like they don't need a face to look at while women do its repulsive

Anonymous 155488

I believe it was due to low moderation honestly because n o n n I e s would be banned for both of those before. I’ve been using lc since 2016

Anonymous 155490

Replace the face with a slab of putty that breaths through its mouth. Slap some beans in there for eyes. Problem solved!

Anonymous 155493

Samefag do you crystal cafeiers have a GK thread?

Anonymous 155496

No, nona. He had been shitting up on CC with racebaiting too for awhile

Anonymous 155498

look it up in the /media/ catalog. if not, then feel free to create it.

Anonymous 155499

He was already here anon. The miners in terf posting had to chase him out a few weeks back. I wouldn’t worry. The troon is on Soyjak, here, kiwifarms (till he got permabanned), and he has 11 alt twitters he self posted on lol meta

Anonymous 155500

Don't think so but feel free to make one in /media/

Anonymous 155503

>Schizo troon trying to find a job and do something meaningful with his life challenge: Impossible

Anonymous 155505

The anatomy in that drawing is so bad

Anonymous 155507

It makes it kinda funny
Look at those short lil stubby legs

Anonymous 155510

>check the filename

Anonymous 155512

I read a reddit post theorizing it might be a protest on gender norms or some shit. Because rational protesters buy $100> sex toys to demonstrate a point

Anonymous 155513

You think? His left leg seems too short and his pelvis is a bit weird, but other than that what else do you see wrong?
Asking because I also like drawing.

Anonymous 155515

His wrists and hands are so small

Anonymous 155516

The troon doesn’t know how CC works. He’s too dumb. Don’t reply. Jannies will delete his responses and the thread will make no sense.

Anonymous 155517

Am I allowed to make a shota (sfw) thread on /media/? I don't want to fuck them I just think they're cute

Anonymous 155518

He has a warrant. He can’t do anything anon.

Anonymous 155519

That is Bl*ine, please stop responding to the troon.

There's a rule here that you might be unaware of, it's not allowed to respond to males. Your posts will likely get deleted when he gets banned.

Anonymous 155520

He had an Easter island looking ass flat head too

Anonymous 155523

Ayrt I'm talking about two things in particular- weight sperging and whatever the fuck is going on in the Lucinda thread. None of it is milky or entertaining, it has been problem for years so I don't think this is something that picked up because of the (relatively) recent drop in janny activity

Anonymous 155525

I remember a farmhand mentioning something about receiving threats on the one of the KF's threads
Wonder if the site down has something with that too

Anonymous 155526

I’m pretty sure the ddosing troons have something to do with it tbh. It’s just how long we’ll be down and if they site migrate in the mean time.

Anonymous 155527

I would keep an eye on the kofi page for now

Anonymous 155529

Unless lc admin wants to run with the money lol oh well

Anonymous 155530

Yeah, weight sperging has been on lolcow for as long as I've been going there. The place is full of ana-chans and other assorted nitpicking weirdos. Which, unfortunately, just comes with being a gossip site, I think. All I know is its fucking boring as shit.

Anonymous 155531

Nta but it's annoying that we don't have whatever the fuck Josh is using to talk to kiwifags. It looks like WhatsApp but its telegram or some shit, they congregate there whenever there's an issue

Anonymous 155533


I just ate honeydew melon for the first time. Usually I eat cantaloupes. It was pretty good, Internet says it's less sweet but it was extremely sweet and tasty.
I love eating melon on a hot day…

Anonymous 155534

I wanted to check on KF if they possibly know something about why lolcow is down but they lost the .net domain again? I guess it got nuked too. Oh well.

Anonymous 155535


Anonymous 155537

Use the .st domain. I haven't seen much, so0meone in a chat last night asked what was going on, but they had no info. One person posted in a beauty parlor thread, claiming keffals linked a dox about the mods on one of his shitty streams. I have no idea if that's true or not.

Anonymous 155540


samefag, image because its an imageboard

Anonymous 155541

We used to have tempcow under adminsama I wonder what happened to that

Anonymous 155542

I used to think this, but in recent months that obviously isn't true anymore, unfortunately. I'm not an oldfag but I can tell that there are more moids on lolcow now than when I started using it.

Anonymous 155545

This. Males love gossip and shit talking too

Anonymous 155547

When was that latest post made? I don't see a timestamp

Anonymous 155548

Yeah it's Telegram. They also have a telegram chat.

Anonymous 155549

No way , back when the site was really new the split must have been like 50/50. Go into any old thread and you'll see a ton of thirstposts and moidspeak.

Anonymous 155550


Anonymous 155554

So many

>im a guy / dude / male hurr durr but

Anonymous 155555


I wanna laugh at troons and I want to browse /m/ and post man hate memes and I want to be mean and judgmental, I already have to pretend to be nice irl.

Anonymous 155556

The .st domain doesn't work for me. If it's Lucas' fault, that is bit worrying because CC might be next

Anonymous 155557

I'm pretty sure there wasn't even a no males rule when it was new. KF proves that males like to gossip anyway.

Anonymous 155558

I remember in 2017 there were still quite a lot of moids posting freely.
Which reminds me to ask, when did LC introduce the "no moids" rule, really?

Anonymous 155559

>image because its an imageboard
OT but I always hated this retarded rule. Sure, in drama threads it's obviously better to post screencaps for archival reasons and because people just want to see the milk instead of having to open another link for it. But when you're discussing something more casual it's fine to not provide a preview. Just because it's an imageboard it doesn't mean that every one of your posts has to be illustrated with a pic.

Anonymous 155560

Samefag, I want to know how that furry porn artist anon who lied to a relative about being a graphic designer is doing, I hope her logo is going smoothly.

Anonymous 156941

no, go to fujochan or /cm/ on the 4.

Anonymous 158948

You and me both that thread is the only Finnish girls space for girls that doesn't tolerate handmaidens and misogyny

Anonymous 159041

How the hell does Finland even have troons? I thought you were Santa claus people

Anonymous 159052

Angloid cultural imperialism. Their media is spreading their ideas (including gender ideology) everywhere indiscriminately.

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