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Terfposting #4 Anonymous 74796

The thread for all your transphobic meme and shit talk needs. Go!

Old thread (reached post limit): >>70600

Anonymous 74797


>women live life on EASY MODE!
>no I have no experience as a woman but trust me!!
>women can get HRT for menopause EASILY while I have to see a psych for my cosmetic pills!! :((
>no I have no experience as a woman but trust me!!
The parallels in their rhetoric are really not surprising.

Anonymous 74798


Anonymous 74799


Anonymous 74800


Anonymous 74801


Anonymous 74802


I went on /tttt/ to see what they thought of PhilHonsophyTube coming out. A lot of them are speculating that he’s trying to skinwalk HontraPoints and I kind of am getting that feeling too? Just the fact that they’re in the same circles and he’s been copying aspects of Hontra’s video style. Weird thing is that Hontra isn’t following him.

This is my favorite one, it looks so cute and innocent and then you see the shirt and flag KEK

Anonymous 74808

Hontra started skinwalking another trans according to some people.
It's like there is some kind of rule of two for trannies.
>Always two a master tranny and an apprentice tranny. The apprentice copies the master until himself gets an apprentice.
Solcial contagient gallore.

Anonymous 74809

is this an edit? epic either way

Anonymous 74813

Part of me feels like the internet would be better served ignoring them, taking away the validation they so seek. Like the copy cat suicides that follow a famous suicide or a hit show on the topic, it's clearly a mental illness heavily influenced by one's environment. It's why tranny clusters pop up in small towns.

Anonymous 74816


Anonymous 74822

Okay so I am new to this, what does "skinwalking" mean here?

Anonymous 74827

Okay I looked at some of these videos and I get it now. Thank you.

Anonymous 74828

does anyone know who did this art

Anonymous 74856

343-guiltyspank/343-guiltyspork on tumblr they got deleted for terven crimes I'm assuming

Anonymous 74857

> Skinwalking
I'm not familiar with this one. What the hell is that?

Anonymous 74858

jk rowling.jpg

Oh wait I didn't see that someone had already answered this, sorry

Anonymous 74859


Anonymous 74860

Is there a terven discord/telegram/any other online messaging community we could use in case this place also gets deplatformed? I feel like we should have ways to communicate and share info about the available spaces, since they all get nuked sooner or later.
Crossing my fingers for that not to happen, but yeah.

Anonymous 74861

not sure if it’s what you’re looking for but you could try spinster. there is also radfem communities on ‘regular’ social medias like tumblr but usually the majority of the people on those sites will be anti-terf so it leaves you more open to harassment/doxxing

Anonymous 74862


was inspired to make a contribution for your terfmikuposting needs

Anonymous 74863


Anonymous 74864

nice :D

Anonymous 74869

The severity in difference between the human brain on per-dominate testosterone and estrogen is far more severe than that between races. It is a known fact that testosterone affects aggression, for example. With this knowledge, a maladjusted hormone levels pre-natal could affect the development of the brain in a pattern not standard to the body is imprinted to. Furthermore, all fetuses start off as female, and are only turned male through certain processes. It could be postulated then that a physical defect in white/grey matter in the brain could cause a mental state that is asynchronous with the physical state. Since technology is not sufficient at tis time to freely correct and manipulate the physical structure of troons brains back to those of their actual sex, and dumping more testosterone on them now isn't going to fix pre-natal conditions, that leaves only the physical to match to the mental albeit flawed, a crude mockery and quite absurd.

Meanwhile, all babies do not start as Africans and turn white, Asian, etc. according to any documentation I have read. The pre-natal race of fetuses to me knowledge is completely independent of one another.>>74796

Anonymous 74871

Sudden Onset Gender Dysphoria. Trannies literally infect the queer and mental ill to turn them.

Anonymous 74874

Thank u for this, anon. Saved lmao

Anonymous 74875

the text being fucked makes it even better anon

Anonymous 74876

Based, I love terf memes/art <3 Also >>74862 this is very cute!!

Anonymous 74877

Actually based.

Anonymous 74878

I know you can't easily post social media links but if you're not crypto I'd love to follow your art <3 based

Anonymous 74879

This, pls do you have a radfem tumblr or something I need to have have this on my blog <3<3<3

Anonymous 74880

No, that makes it perfect.

Anonymous 74883


Anonymous 74884

This meme is really based because this is actual words Trannies use. Most trannies throw the nword like nothing they come from chan culture they cant fool anyone on that. Introverted, very closely related to the incel, well yea everyone can tell what their internet culture is like.

Anonymous 74886

/tttt/ just had a /terfgen/ and it is exactly what you would expect. Males threatening violence all over, and some roided out TIF with testosterone poisoning.

Anonymous 74888

You will never be a woman.

Anonymous 74890


Is it transphobic Miku hour already?

Anonymous 74891

Only troons would defend such a shitty wojak meme.

Anonymous 74892

That's what I use, but I'd like to see somewhere else, since I can't comment since I don't have an invite code

Anonymous 74893

You people need to stop giving us such great content without dropping @s bc like that last miku I wanna post this on tumblr lol :'(

Anonymous 74894


Isn't this progressive, guys?

Anonymous 74895

that makes no sense

Anonymous 74896

It does make sense.

Anonymous 74897

I think by posting this on cc anonymously, they're cool with others reposting.

Anonymous 74900

Ok that makes more sense I was just worried maybe they'd have accounts where they can post radfem content but yeah it's probably better for artists not to tie themselves w terf stuff on their mains lol

Anonymous 74901


Anonymous 74902

The brain is not a sexually dimorphic organ though, anon. That is a myth that started in the victorian era to keep women in their place, was debunked and now is being brought back full force by troons and troon apologists. Unlike what happens with other organs like the pelvic bones, it is impossible to ascertain the sex of a person a certain brain belongs to. Attempts to even make educated guesses have always failed.
The one portion of the brain that appears vary considerably between sexes (the volume of the bed nucleus of the stria terminals) has been pushed time and time again by ideologues as an explanation for transsexuality, but even that attempt shattered when it was found it correlates more to same-sex attraction than gender identity.
Transgenderism is a mental issue. It should be treated as such.

Anonymous 74903

This is adorable anon <3

Anonymous 74904

Wonderful! Stuff like this really opened my eyes to the racism in transgender ideology.

Idk if this is too OT, but I was wondering if any anons have trouble coping with the anger and frustration they feel about this stuff? I have to hide behind anonymous accounts to call out blatant, horrifying misogyny and medical malpractice and I'm friends with too many well-meaning libfems to be 100% honest about my feelings irl. Sometimes it wears on me and I can't help but think it might be better to go nuclear - but I want to quietly peak as many of my friends as I can along the way. Thoughts?

Anonymous 74906

why would a troon defend a meme which is directed against fucking trannys?
just shut up you ugly incel and take your pills

Anonymous 74907

>have trouble coping with the anger and frustration they feel about this stuff?
Holy shit yes. I had to delete Reddit for the sake of my mental health. I kept starting arguments with people and getting downvoted to hell. I even got banned from a sub for leaving 2 civil comments. Watching blatant science denial, sexism, and homophobia go down as something progressive is extremely distressing. It induces hopelessness in me sometimes, knowing that so many people are unable to think critically, or are afraid to for the sake of being “progressive.”

Anonymous 74908

Same. Most of my close friends are liberal-leaning LGB and even though I don’t think they’d drop me for it they’d probably dismiss me as ‘transphobic’ if I ever shared my GC opinions. Maybe we agree about mogai/neopronouns being dumb but I still can’t criticize the ‘tru trans’. At least I can rant to my mom about it

Anonymous 74909

Me and my partner are both really open about our "progressive" hating but I try to never talk about politics or current events around anyone but my partner because I hate hearing the pc bs people seem to parrot nowadays. Even my parents will defend things like trannys in sports its so depressing and makes me fearful for the future

Anonymous 74910

Holy shit they got the boomers too? It's over girls.

Anonymous 74911

Tell me about it. At this point I have an unreasonable amount of Twitter alt accounts because every time I try to make one and keep away from this stuff I inevitably stumble upon it and let out my rage, leading me to make a new alt account and try again.

Anonymous 74912


troons are aware that their hormone pills are hurting their bodies and now even outright ignoring the few healthcare professionals actually giving them helpful advice instead of feeding into their delusions

Anonymous 74914

based doctors

Anonymous 74915

Hit too close to home, tranny?

Anonymous 74916

>voluntarily lower bone density
>bone breaks
>w-waaaaaah not my fault!

Anonymous 74918

It's not over yet, folks. These people have conspired against biological reality itself; they are doomed to fail.
People are just getting on the trans train because they want to be "progressive" and don't want to oppress anybody. Once trannies become more common in the mainstream, people's eyes are going to open to just how fucked up they really are.
We've only noticed this shit because we tend to be in pretty "progressive" circles ourselves. Once this bullshit becomes more prevalent outside of that world, it's game over.

Anonymous 74923

yeah, I'd prefer not to, thanks tho :3
nah, I don't, but you are free to share it

Anonymous 74926

What is your explanation for traits such as male aggression and apathy? 100% cultural?

Anonymous 74928

Why wouldn't troons like you defend shitty memes like that? "Don't stop your opponent from making a mistake" and all that jazz.

Anonymous 74929

Why wouldn't boomers be in on it? They're the ones that got us into this mess.

Anonymous 74930

>The brain is not a sexually dimorphic organ though, anon.
As a whole? Yes, brains are physically structured similarly. Restricted to certain regions? Absolutely. Just off the top of my head I know that the female brain has a different size and lay out of the Corpus Callosum. If you really think smelly violent moids think anything like us you're completely mislead.

Anonymous 74932

Theirs is bigger on average, but it's still not conformationally different, ie you can't distinguish a male/female brain based on size alone. The same thing happens with height for example, there is too much overlap.
Hormones, for the most part. Those traits change in relation to their concentration at a given point. But the difficulty about the nature vs. nurture debate is that hormone levels and behaviour/social conditioning do have their effects on brain pathways and structure. It is important to say here that a troon's brain will always have been conditoned by male hormones and exposure to social norms his entire life.

Anonymous 74933


You tried. Even if a brain happens to be “more like a woman’s” (whatever that means), it is still a male brain by virtue of being made up of male cells, in a male body. I don’t give a fuck if a man’s brain could somehow be “like” a “woman’s brain” (again, whatever that means). It’s still extremely insulting for a man to say he’s a woman. It is 100% on par with transracialism.
Hormones and social conditioning. >>74932
brought up a good point that the social conditioning males go through, throughout their whole lives and particularly their youth when their brain is still growing, could have affected the neurology of their brains.

Anonymous 74934

>it is still a male brain by virtue of being made up of male cells, in a male body.
We agree then? I never argued it wasn't a male brain.
>It’s still extremely insulting for a man to say he’s a woman.
Well, congrats for being insulted, that isn't as much a point as an emotional reaction.
>It is 100% on par with transracialism.
Please point to me during fetus development the phase where the fetus goes from an African baby into a white baby. As opposed to every fetus being female before hormone exposure turning them male.
>brought up a good point that the social conditioning males go through, throughout their whole lives and particularly their youth when their brain is still growing, could have affected the neurology of their brains.
Does this imply then that if social conditioned hard enough in a counter-direction, you could direct the behaviors and mannerisms to be exactly like us? If not, purely social conditioning, could you do it through a joint venture with hormones? This is what your statement implies. Expose a given brain to enough estrogen and enough social stimulus from a young age and you would get a female pattern of thought and behavior.

Face it. Moids are fundamentally broken, physically and mentally and it has nothing to do with hormones and social conditioning. Moids are just born inferior and will never think like us because they physically can't.

Anonymous 74936

It's a narcissistic autismic delusional complex reinforced by communities (which are a part of society).

"Whatever you believe in you are that!" or "You are entitled to fame and riches!" "you are entitled to whatever dream job like all those people you see on the screen!" all those things people say create mentally fucked up men.

Anonymous 74937

>As opposed to every fetus being female before hormone exposure turning them male.
I’m still not getting this argument. How does this justify troonery? The fact that humans develop this way doesn’t make transgenderism any more valid than transracialism.
>Does this imply then that if social conditioned hard enough in a counter-direction, you could direct the behaviors and mannerisms to be exactly like us?

Anonymous 74938

but if it's hormonal why do ftms not have a rising rate of criminality or violence?

Anonymous 74941

Is there a way to defend your viewpoints irl without being instantly branded a terf, or should I just let it happen? It feels like the only choices are asslicking and being called a terf (and its associated harassment and social shunning), because anything besides 100% enthusiastic vocal support is invalidating and transphobic.

Anonymous 74942

I usually begin by stating that there are biological facts and medical/health care realities that separate us/acknowledging that if we were the same, our needs would be the same. I’ve had luck with using someone’s preferred pronouns while also making sure that the biological reality is the elephant in the room.

Anonymous 74947

Also no one can argue that sexism is real and exists and a man doesn't immediately become the most oppressed person on the planet just because he says his pronouns are she/her also bring up the 40yo white dudes entering women's sports and taking opportunities away from girls and their crime rate (same as normal men because they're still fucking men) and their threats of rape when lesbians on twitter don't want to fuck males, and how they perpetuate stereotypes by going oh I'm wearing makeup I have a dress on now I'm a woman, if all else fails ask them to define woman for you lmao

Anonymous 74951

No, just leave it be. I dont think it is worth to argue these things irl, you will not change somebodies mind anyway and they will cause trouble for you for being an "awful terf".

Anonymous 74960

why didn't it happen with muslim immigrants already then? They have been there for 50 years, and most whites (and black christians) are still on their side, crying about islamophobia and all of that. Even after several terrorist attacks.

So why would you expect it to be different with troons? i mean, more and more europeans are getting fed up with islam, but their concerns are getting silenced.

Anonymous 74975

>Expose a given brain to enough estrogen and enough social stimulus from a young age and you would get a female pattern of thought and behavior.
This is actually true and it is what happens with some intersexual individuals who, unlike troons, may be actually women. But this does not work after a crucial point in development. Most troons don't troon out before this point, and doing so is extremely unethical based on lack of ability to consent.

Anonymous 74979

it's not the same thing at all. quit trying to wedge your pol talking points into this thread and go to stupidpol or something

Anonymous 74980


sage 74981

All of this is good advice, thank you anons.

Love you anon.

Anonymous 74982

Whoops fucked up, wasn't paying attention. Sorry!

Anonymous 74984

Nta but it kind of is the same or at least similar. It’s the same problem of people protecting a violent/problematic group of people for the sake of being “progressive.”

Anonymous 74986

NTA either but the comparison does sounds straight out of pol lmfao. Are you against trooning as a concept or are you only opposed to the few troons who do wildly inappropriate stuff? And now, are you opposed to muslims immigrating in general, or are you against islamists?

Anonymous 74989

being against mentally ill perverted men has nothing to do with religion or race. I bet you can find a woman of every religion, race or political spectrum that does not want to share there spaces with men.

Anonymous 74990

I’m against the ideology of transgenderism and islam, yes. All religion in general actually. The ideology of transgenderism is inherently sexist and nonsensical.

Anonymous 74998

>But this does not work after a crucial point in development.
What point, and why? With enough social reinforcement and hormones it should be possible at any point.


Because it's a shitty meme, duh. Shut up scrote. We don't like hons around here.

Anonymous 75003

No it's not and intersexual women are like <1% or much less of the world human population.

Yes they are women btw, always women. Women but with some small testicles inside their vagina thats all but they can got a womb & everything else. Some are fertile some aren't.

It never happens to men, men are always men. I'm dead serious.

Anonymous 75008

The whole intersex thing might be fake actually.
You look up pictures in whatever search engine and only illustrations, movie props with dog like clit/dicks and bad photoshop come up of what I said a vagina with a bigger than normal clitoris with supposed balls inside, like it didnt finish its process. All we got is reports of old now dead athletes we can trust that found their cadavers to have huge clits on the autopsy.

But this thing has never really been solved you would think a biology scientist would have published pictures & done more indepth analysis since we ain't talking about atoms here, it's visible stuff to the eye.

Is the tranny agenda hiding science?

Anonymous 75009

This is some moon is a projection in the sky level tinfoil.
What the fuck.

Anonymous 75010

Look it up. There is no way in hell a scientist wouldn't have published those discoveries in picture or video.

The anecdotes of old female athletes miiiight be true, maybe but it's only the anecdote. Why.

I wanna see a clit-dick vagina to confirm. The only reference I found for this is Stanisława Walasiewicz but no pictures of her genitals. It's definitely a thing that (if it really happens) only happens to women.

Anonymous 75012

Fuckin saved.
Lovely artist, a Miku telling troons to "go dialate" would make my fucking year.

Anonymous 75020

I find some pretty easily. Don't know if Mod would ban me for posting them though.

Anonymous 75024


Anonymous 75025


Anonymous 75026


Anonymous 75027

That's disgusting…. Christ.

Anonymous 75028

Is that why the wall has cum stains?

Anonymous 75030


Anonymous 75031

>n-no ur the scrote!
>literally posting about how men can totally become women
I'm glad your suicide rates are so high.

Anonymous 75033

How did anyone (excluding pedos) think this was a good idea?

Anonymous 75034

I bet many kids cry and get scared when they get upclose to them. I know I did when I saw creepy halloween costumes.

Most kids that age must cry instantly when they are picked up by those monster looking goblins and ogres. A natural reaction.

Anonymous 75036

I just think of that horned one that's so popular. It's a very good costume however, I don't think it's appropriate for young children.

Anonymous 75042

fuck off already you fucking tranny
nobody likes you

Anonymous 75043

How is being firmly opposed to a backwards, misogynistic, homophobic religion /pol/ ? The libfem agenda seems to have sucessfully infiltrated your brain.
Muslim immigration only resulted in a spike in general violence, sexual harrasment, sexual assault, feminicides, and homophobic agressions. This obviously excludes the terrorist attacks caused by islamists. Muslims create a general climate very hostile to women and LGBs. You have to be brainwashed by the intersectional agenda if you defend islam.
Why should we accept this in western countries?

If you saw how a lot of muslim men talked about women and gays, you would probably also think that religion can induce insane behaviours.

Anonymous 75045

>How is being firmly opposed to a backwards, misogynistic, homophobic religion /pol/ ?
Thank you! There is absolutely nothing wrong or “/pol/“ about criticizing this awful ideology. Islam is a belief system, not a race.

Anonymous 75046

Exactly. I feel especially bad for women and LGBs that wnt to escape from the grip of islam… and nothing is done to help them. If an ex-muslim feminists speaks out about islam, she will get death and rape threats from indoctrinated muslim moids, and be called a bootlicker or traitor by retarded (often white) libfems.

And when you talk to gay people from a muslim background… it only gets worse. Sometimes they get sequestrated by their families. Sometimes they have to sue them. Sometimes they get beat the fuck out of them, sometimes to death.

There is a reason why some /pol/tards sperg out about the """white sharia""". Islam is a fascist religion.

Anonymous 75048

How do you feel about muslim women who are attached to their faith and do not feel the need to "escape from its grip"? This is a genuine question btw I'm not trying to bait.

Anonymous 75051

nta but I don't care as long as it's their decision. It's when they want to leave and are barred and threatened that I have a problem.
It's also a problem when they come to another culture and expect the culture to bend to them, it's the same arrogance as a Western tourist complaining about an Eastern culture.

Anonymous 75052

so when you guys say you're against muslim immigration does it include these women you don't have any problem with?

Anonymous 75053

Who do you think raise the young men who go on to be extremists? You can't undo thousands of years of culture by moving them to a new country.

Anonymous 75054

I'm not against it, I just don't think there needs to be unfettered migration, especially since Islam is so different from Western culture. I think immigration offices already do this, but applicants should be screened to see if they are ready to accept a new country's culture. Extremists should not be allowed since they're the least likely to adjust to a new culture and if a woman is an extremist, she should not be allowed to immigrate. She can be an extremist in her own culture.

Anonymous 75060

Hey moid, if you weren't a literal drooling retard, you'd notice that I am arguing against the current mindset that gender can be modulated through social reinforcement and hormones. Some other, probably naive, posters in this thread made the assertion that moids are the way they are because of social stimulus and hormones. Well guess what? That is literally the foundation of all troondom is based on. If you think you and other moids aren't inherently different from us, regardless of all the hormones and stimulus in the worlds. You are a troon enabler, and you belong in a fire you filthy fucking hon.

No scrote, you leave. We don't like your kind around here.

Anonymous 75071

this is the terf thread not the dirtbag left thread

Anonymous 75073

>more LARPing
You've already exposed yourself, fuck off. YWNBAW.

Anonymous 75076

>moid so stupid can't even argue against the fact he's a troon enabler
Fuck off.

Anonymous 75098


Stop moid posting and laugh at the newest member of the BreadTroon family

From the other lady board but worth spreading

Anonymous 75100


I did my best, I don't draw anime very often

Anonymous 75102

Jesus Christ this is really good for someone who doesn't draws anime often.

Anonymous 75110

My year has been made. Bless you. Your stuff is so damn cute.

Anonymous 75111

This was what made me peak. I cannot believe this retard thought comparing allowing 16 year olds to have an abortion(rather than a life altering pregnancy) to having to go to a fucking shrink to get put on estrogen.

This man is either going to kill himself or detransition when he realizes he can't just become Contrapoints

Anonymous 75114

Very cute !

Anonymous 75115

Glad to see you here now and free from troon wrongthink control

Anonymous 75120

Ah, I wish I had as much time as the bitter troon reporting posts in the farms mtf thread. I wonder for how long he can keep doing it. But to be fair it seems to be also some troon apologists and """trutrans""" people
I could not be more excited to see the day Philosophy Tube gets exposed as another rapist tranny lol

Anonymous 75123

Isn't that guy referring to all of 4/r9k/ and 4/gif/'s "sissy hypno" threads that used to be prevalent?
It is kind of funny how formal the language is to describe a literal 4chan fetish.

Anonymous 75124

Holy shit what the hell.

Anonymous 75125

I just stopped using lolcow. I used it for like 4-5yrs and it’s a weird feeling that I haven’t even looked at it in a ~week now. I’m permabanned anyway. I could just use a VPN but I just don’t care for it anymore. The mods and admin are hellbent on ruining it.

Anonymous 75128

I got a ban for “starting shit in the mtf thread” because i posted a cap of someone in meta bitching. They were saying some bullshit about us not stopping to think that some “GOOD AND HONEST” tru-trans in the thread were laughing along with us and we should be careful of their feelings. I knew I’d get a ban but I just felt a need to share some evidence that trans people might be in there shitting everything up

Anonymous 75131

>some “GOOD AND HONEST” tru-trans in the thread were laughing along with us
I know the post you’re talking about ugh. I never liked the title of the “fakeboi” threads because it implies that any FtMs are valid/“true” trannies. I got banned because I thought the posts making fun of admins were funny and I encouraged them. And then I got permabanned for ban evading.

Anonymous 75132

Trannies always mass report when they get told their truths.

Anonymous 75138

Just read out all that thing and checked out PT youtube. God damn that moid is super mentally ill holy shit. Idk if the conspiracy in the image is true but he is mental af regardless, he always gave me that vibe of loner, incel-y, hyper desperate sexually, coomerish moid. What the fuck went so wrong. He basically has no friends, he is just a sadass youtuber with autogeynpilia coomer fantasies that wanted to fuck trannies becuase he never fucked? shits weird af.

Whatever I don't give too much fucks. The top people of "bread tube" are fake left anyway and are mentally ill af serves them right what is happening to them. They are the bread and circus, the opium of the masses.

Anonymous 75152



Anonymous 75155


> I never liked the title of the “fakeboi” threads because it implies that any FtMs are valid/“true” trannies
thats because I'm pretty sure there is a good amount of ftm's on lolcow. I mostly browse /ot/ and twice a week I always see some post about how ftm's are valid and cool that gets alot of positive replies. And like the one time a week I browse /snow/ there will always be some fully trooned out ftm that gets posted then there will always be responses along the line of "there not a fakeboi there true trans" like being more committed to your mental illness and dangerous hormones makes it any better.

Anonymous 75157

i'm banned for troon talk too, i miss nothing except for /ot/, /ot/ is a hot mess but damn did i love it

Anonymous 75158

I support ftm because they are women

Anonymous 75160

I don't support it because all trooning out is a mental illness and objectly extremely horrible for your body. trooning out in general should not be allowed no matter the gender.

Anonymous 75165

I think TERFs are talented by default, from JK Rowling to our Miku artists.

Those posts were REALLY funny. The fakebois wanting to use the thread to validate their NLOGging called themselves out like they aren't lolcows waiting to happen.

Anonymous 75168

It's when a tranny starts copying every aspect of some woman in his life, typically girlfriend, sister, or mother. In this case it's tranny on tranny.

Anonymous 75170

I'm with you on this one
Women though they may be, their ideas about gender are based on sexist assumptions as well.
Think about it: what is it they think they can be as men that they can't be as women? And if there's something remaining like that, shouldn't we try to focus on fixing that as well? Make it so that everybody can be comfortable in their bodies, no matter how they feel?

Anonymous 75171

Basically OP and anyone who posted in this thread?

Anonymous 75178

This line of logic is literally what peaked me. It's misogyny all the way down, just in different forms, internal, external, regular inceldom, whatever.

Anonymous 75183

NTA but I think it's moreso the lolcow mods are trigger-happy and have a tranny janny who absolutely sucks. Whatever, they can ruin their board and make it a fucking safe space for troons for all I care.

Yeah, men want to become women for a fucking kink and to make a mockery of womanhood and women want to become men to escape misogyny.
I think mtfs are still the worse of the two because they're so fucking gross and loud and annoying.

Anonymous 75195

I was under the impression that Contra and his other troon goons were all in a connected breadtuber group and that PT was just gradually radicalized and brainwashed over time.

Anonymous 75196


Anonymous 75198


>no way of telling
hardcore autism and exaggerated tranny mannerisms is a dead give away. And their voices of course.

Anonymous 75200

They always talk about how tifs are much uwu better at passing and bla bla bla like they’re not just as mentally retarded as the tim troons

Anonymous 75209

thats clever…

Anonymous 75211

honestly believe that there is something in the seattle water supply
i dont live there, but whenever i see anything strange its from seattle

Anonymous 75213

Some of the profiles I see on lesbian dating apps highly doubt that theory.

Anonymous 75223


Y'all think Kris Jenner is a TERF?
I feel like there's no way the shit with Bruce didn't fucking peak her.

Anonymous 75224

Summary of Kris Jenner Wikipedia article;
>knew of his HRT since 1980’s but it “wasn’t a gender issue”
>separated 2 years before Bruce coming out publicly
>r/mypartneristrans — the good ending

Sounds like Kris was either solidly in denial or tried her best to accept it but couldn’t and dipped when he was getting serious. She doesn’t strike me as full TERF, but it’s not like she could publicly speak about this. I feel like “Caitlyn” would have said something if she was though so idk.

Anonymous 75237

tendies comic7.png

I'm making a comic about trannies, autism, abuse and sissy hypno porn

Anonymous 75239

>emo, autistic, twink chemically castrates himself
such misfortune

Anonymous 75241

Your art is beautiful and I support you.

Anonymous 75242

Your art is so good! I hope that guy sorts himself out and becomes a normal twink

Anonymous 75254

If he does go full misogynistic jerking off in the women's bathroom tranny have him die from prostate cancer nice art btw

Anonymous 75286

HOLY FUCK this is good please keep doing it!!

Anonymous 75296

guy is too good looking to be a tranny lol this is not cannon.

Anonymous 75311

Unfortunately there are many attractive men who ruin themselves with trannyism.

Anonymous 75313

ntayrt and I dunno if this is the same line of thinking as them, however more radfems on the whole sympathise with TIFs because many women have experienced hatred for their womanhood and the expectations associated with it. I think a lot of TIFs are victims to the trans trend than TIMs are, and TIFs aren't the ones out raising crime rates or doing degenerate shit en masse. In that way I support them, but I wish they're hatred of womanhood and femininity is a pretty universal feeling for women and doesn't mean you need to chop your tits off and mutilate your gonads.

Anonymous 75314


*wish they'd realise

Anonymous 75315

Same I have way more sympathy for a girl who's been beat down by the world around her to the point of hating herself so much that she wants to escape than I do for some fucking man that gets a hard dick when his skirt goes spinny

Anonymous 75316

tendies comic.png

thank you! i'll update you when i'll be finished. I'm about halfway done. I'll post you a link to the whole story

Anonymous 75318

Vibe reminds me of the manga flower of evil. Like it a lot. Keep it up anon.

Anonymous 75319

Why are you /all/ even discussing this and insinuating that Muslims are potential extremists that’s just weird, we are in a Terf thread?
Please stay on topic next time, it was weird enough in the LC thread when an anon started talking about Jews and shit.

Anonymous 75335

Anonymous 75336

fucking gold

Anonymous 75338

mans mental. theres no such thing as being treated "like a man" you dumb fuck. youre just a fucking person, live with it. jesus. are you gonna be this salty for the rest of your life, my god.

Anonymous 75346

TIFs also find themselves being abused and groomed by TIMs. If they speak out, said TIMs will shriek transmisogyny and cite the supposed TIF's "male privilege."

I'm looking forward to seeing more of this comic. Your style is incredible.

One of my friends mentioned how the TRAs absolutely HATE TERF artists, and judging from the art posted in this thread, I see why. You guys are so talented and inspiring.

Anonymous 75348

All the little details in here are really something special. You're a gem. Can't wait for more.

Anonymous 75352

Holy jesus, I can't wait to see this finished anon!

Anonymous 75356

I’m sorry but am I the only one who finds this incredibly autistic? You’re very transparently a chaser. Also can you only draw one face or something? Why is the mums face covered in every shot, it looks so awkward. The mums boobs are also drawn really weirdly.

Anonymous 75395

K-Keep me posted.

Anonymous 75401

Beautiful art style. This is starting off really well. Please update whenever possible.
Also, not to be a raging bislut, but I actually like the mom's tits. They do look kind of hentai-ish, so I'm like 30% suspicious you might be a secret troon coomer or something trying to own the TERFs, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Anonymous 75404

Yeah, I don’t get why the boobs were necessary. The guy in the comic is also way too cute to be a troon. Most of them are gross looking. I’m really getting coomer/troon vibes but we’ll see I guess.

Anonymous 75405

I figured his face lacks expression because autists aren't exactly known for being the most expressive people.
Also, there are a lot of guys who are considered good looking that troon out into a nightmare. These panels look as if he's in the beginning.

Anonymous 75406

Have him age like a moid and get bald since thats biological fact.

Anonymous 75408


Anonymous 75413

Anon won’t because it’s obviously a weird/fetishy chaser comic.

Anonymous 75415

i presume that all of you are new to hating trannies if it's seriously being argued that female/male brains are different (or not). yes, at birth they're pretty much the same, and maybe 7 yr old male/female child brain are similar. but none of it matters.
its only males that would have to be on puberty blockers and HRT before 7 yrs. old to see anything significant. women can at any point successfully take testosterone and transition into an O.K. male if they have the mindset. they won't get the bones of a man, ever, and men who take HRT early will permanently be built thicker/bigger than any woman. not to mention all the structural differences. there will always be something different between a man and a woman. thats the important part

i dont get why the topic gets brought up anyway.
trying to pull the "all brain same" argument in any context leads absolutely nowhere for terfposting AND trannyposting. theres absolutely no common sense in making anyone under the age of (at LEAST) 16 take any form of hormone supplement/diet due to all the mental damage that that can cause in itself. not to mention the obvious lack of consent.

is this just the leftover remains of all you girlies public liberal facade? have to sit and argue that theres no difference in men and women?

troon chaser artist whos going to roundabout justify tweaking on hormones "if done properly" and "not in a fetishic way." can we all just report them for rules 5 and 16? i really dont fucking care about some retarded tumblrette shilling her art and neither should any of you

Anonymous 75416


What are you talking about? This is a perfectly normal way to depict someone eating a chicken tender. Lmao the responses in this thread to this embarrassing and terribly drawn chaser comic are incredibly pathetic. Are you people genuinely retarded? There’s no way you people are sincerely that naive. Maybe the chaser to terf pipeline is real.

Anonymous 75418


All I know is
- There is no such thing as a sex change in human physical existence
- There are only 2 genders. Because gender = sex only till recently that definition has been attempted to be changed. Idgaf. gender = sex because we need consistent definitions in physical science, otherwise its a dumb semantics argument.
- The trannies at 4chin are men and can't be anything else no matter how hard they try
- They got an existential dumb mentally ill problem for autistic schizo crybabies that just cant accept that nobody chooses their sex.
- Because of this retarded existential "problem" they refuse to accept they kill themselves simply because reality didn't work their way, boohoo cry me a river retarded trannies.

Anonymous 75419

Whew I do not know about this, I really feel bad about men in womens bathrooms, especially changing rooms and the like with kids around. But all this TERF stuff seems really awful and hateful too.

I think this is one of these things that just gets really radical online but in real life it is much less bad.

Anonymous 75420

TREFs got the scientifically true argument on their side. That's why I like it. Can't argue with physical reality.

Anonymous 75421

I really don't like people arguing with "science" because science is based on very specific definitions which narrows down a specific topic to a domain of research. Depending how you define, say, sex or gender, will influence what you will say and learn about it.

That's what "lmao I loev science" people do not get. Gender is a spectrum when you define it like this, but it's just a way of looking at things, it's certainly not a fact. The closest in science to a fact is a so fart not disproven hypothesis which is a statement about concrete specific abstract object of understanding.

Of course scientific methods have real impact on our daily lives, there would be no covid vaccines without it. But when it comes to something as abstract as gender identity, it's all definitions.

See what I am saying is that you people need to read fucking Karl Popper. We had to do that in the first semester of uni and it was totally worth it.

Anonymous 75422


Trannies mad

Anonymous 75427

mad trannies2.png

Reality really irks them. Interesting to see the anti-natalist argument form them. They genuinely would prefer to not have existed then hmmmm….

Such a weird and stupid struggle to hate physics themselves.

Anonymous 75459

there is no such thing as gender identity you are either a man or a women. sure you can be a man who wears dresses and likes girly things but your still a man and vise versa with women. All this gender identity shit is just made up bullshit because no matter what you can't change biological reality.

Anonymous 75460

Op is obviously a chaser and clearly so are a lot of “““terfs””” in this thread which, I truly can’t think of anything more sad than being a chaser terf. Anyway self promoting or identifying yourself is against the rules here so they should find somewhere else to shill their fetish comic. It’s very poorly drawn anyway and the dialog is extremely awkward, even if it wasn’t obviously some fetish thing anyone who would want to read that should be embarrassed.

Anonymous Admin 75461

Comic Anon can make a thread here on /b/ to post the pages and link said thread once ITT. I'll autosage it to keep it from getting bumped and whoever wants to read it can bookmark it or use the 4chan x userscript to watch a thread: >>>/meta/3086

Rules 5 and 16 don't apply here because no off-site content has been advertised (so far) and the user is anonymous. As long as this doesn't change, the comic can be shared.

Anonymous 75465

No one is arguing that men and women “are the same.” All they are saying is that there is no such thing as a “woman brain” or “man brain.” Gender is a social construct. A man can never have a “woman’s brain.” A tranny’s brain will always be male, by virtue of being composed of male cells and being inside a male body.

Anonymous 75470

>terribly drawn chaser comic
>It’s very poorly drawn anyway


Anonymous 75471


Learn how to draw faces

Anonymous 75472


Anonymous 75474


>crystalcafe and other incel sites

Anonymous 75477

What in the world are you talking about? Sex has a very clear definition, no one seriously disagrees with it. Gender is a sociological concept which lacks rigour and clarity, it means whatever you want it to mean to fit your argument, therefore it can't be used in any serious scientific research. "Gender identity" as these people define it has as much relevance to the real world as MBTI types. It's a big nothingburger, but a nothingburger that is used to actively harm female humans.
Your centrist position is cringe, and your inability to understand that these people constantly shit on reality to justify their narcissism is contributing to the whole ordeal.
>gender is a spectrum
Gender is a religion, it is not real. Take women's sports as an example. Do you think they exist because of "gender identity" or because of a need to categorize people by sex in regards to physical ability?

Anonymous 75479

"gender being used to hurt females" is such a dumb larp, its a "nothingburger" to newfound peakers like you

if you didn't come from such a profoundly liberal standpoint and have to use gender as an oingoboingo meaningless term to help yourself and other insecure twats patchwork an identity together, you'd realize that the true definition and use of gender was another term for sex, to identify male or female. you are effectively enabling trannies when you sit and liken the definition of gender to literal meme terms and pretend it has nothing inherently to do with sex, its alternate definition

non-scientific college academia fucked the word up in the 70s and made it a societal presentation term

tl;dr you suck at terfposting and i wish there was a good aggressive femcel mod team to redtext all your shit infighting replies

Anonymous 75480

Less infighting, more trashing on trannies.

Who the fuck cares about semantics, these gross ass men are bringing their fetish into public spaces and making women uncomfortable. It's as simple as that.

Anonymous 75481


NTA but you're clearly the newfag here, we're not on lolcow. This place doesn't redtext, they straight up delete.

Anonymous 75482

>wont reply to the content of the post
you know you can take 10+ minutes to create an engaging reply on imageboards instead of fake mini-mod to divert from your shitty takes

>This place doesn't redtext, they straight up delete

even better, hope all the shill art gets removed

Anonymous 75483

Rich coming from you

Anonymous 75484

As a math grad student your post sounds like a pretentious first year student who just found out what axioms are and thinks "math is just a construct" is a smart take.

It also sounds like you don't know the difference between a social and a natural science. Biology is rigorous and sex is very well defined for all mammals in general including humans.

The only part of your post that makes sense is calling gender badly defined bullshit.
In fact, gender identity was made up in the 1950s by a groomer pedophile https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Money

Anonymous 75485


Honestly I think 12% is too damn high

Anonymous 75486

Can't tell if you're acting retarded on purpose or if you just don't know how to read.

Anonymous 75487

she hasn't broken either of those rules, you're just assmad that everyone else likes it for some reason. this isn't lolcow, go there if you want to angrily sperg about people having lives

Anonymous 75489

This. Cc is obviously a website for us TERF Stacies.

Anonymous 75494

>Rule 5
>Do not attempt to advertise your own website, business, community or similar. This includes Discord servers and other group chat applications. Swapping one on one contact info is ok.

>Rule 16

>This website is an anonymous community. Please refrain from using any identifiers. The name field is only to be used if your identity is relevant to your comment. Using recognizable sets of images to circumvent this rule and identify yourself is also prohibited.

>I'm making a comic about trannies, autism, abuse and sissy hypno porn
>I'll post you a link to the whole story

Anonymous 75495

anon isn't advertising a website or community. someone asked for a link to the rest of their comic and they said they would post it. and they didn't namefag/imagefag either, you cannot identify them posting outside of this thread (you clearly don't understand that rule.)

Anonymous 75503

You're autistic and a newfag. Many users have shared their art accounts. That's clearly not the spirit of that rule. Admin already said the comic will move to an autosaged thread, what more do you want?

Anonymous 75506

get out of the terf thread then?

Anonymous 75555

>If you want to say the entirety of psychology and sociology are debunk and useless, be my guess
if you agree with this then why do you get mad at someone saying gender is bullshit and no matter what male=male and female=female. Because no matter what gender is a made up social construction and all that actually matters is you are born male or female.

Anonymous 75575

I read this as it's supposed to be from a coomer main character perspective - seeing no face of a woman, but over the top boob-shenanigans

Anonymous 75583

>just gets really radical online but in real life it is much less bad.
The people in this thread exist irl too. If I see a tranny in the bathroom I’m not going to make him feel welcome.

Anonymous 75586


>you need to take a dump
>this waste of a fertilized egg is taking pictures of himself in the women’s bathroom
Wdyd anon?

Anonymous 75589

It's easy to get radicalized one way or another on any part of the internet. There are reasonable trans people and then there are perverted shit bag trans people.
Trans people are not immune from being shitty people just because they are a "marginalized group".

These shitty trans people are the ones who are doing real damage to women and women's spaces, and they are much much louder than the more reasonable trans people.

You don't have to be completely hateful to recognize the harm being done.

If you don't want to get radicalized you should make sure you take some time to talk to people in your life to get a reality check every once in a while.

Anonymous 75592

>There are reasonable trans people
gender dysphoria is literally a mental illness. If trannies were reasonable and mentally stable they would realize there is some biological realities they can not change instead of putting a ton of dangerous hormones in there body and larping as a girl.

Anonymous 75598

honestly they should just treat trannies like they do with any other delusional disorder so that way they can slowly accept they are men

Anonymous 75599

Ah, they already tried that, anti-psychotics don't work unless there's a co-morbid schizophrenia diagnosis. Trannies aren't delusional in the clinical sense whatsoever. We can argue this definition again, but the last thread devolved into retardation when the people who "love the hard science" refused to use the "delusional" properly in the clinical sense.

Anonymous 75604

In DSM-III and IV, delusions were defined as “false beliefs due to incorrect inference about external reality”. The DSM-5 definition is more laconic: “fixed beliefs that are not amenable to change in light of conflicting evidence”.
trannies are by definition delusional because all scientific evidence points to them being men yet they won't accept that. Maybe anti-psycotics won't work but to say they are not delusional and out of touch with reality is just wrong and there mental illnes should not be validated by playing in to there delusions.

Anonymous 75605

how is BIID treated? does it work?

Anonymous 75607

>There are reasonable trans people
Lol. There is no such thing as a “reasonable trans person.” Their ideology is inherently sexist. Their ideology is like a religion. It is completely nonsensical. These aren’t “reasonable” people. You’re an idiot.
>Trannies aren't delusional in the clinical sense whatsoever.
Oh, it’s the insufferable pedantic anon again. Trans people are delusional and your insistent flagrant autism isn’t going to make anyone change their mind. Believing you are something you are not is a delusion. If not in the clinical sense, then in the colloquial sense. Does that make you happy?
There is currently no humane way to treat gender dysphoria since the only current way is to put them on hormones and give them dangerous surgeries. More research needs to be done.

Anonymous 75614

> but he believes he should be a women, this "should" is based on internal reality that you can not be falsified.
it can be falsified because externally he is a fucking man.

>he (non-schizophrenic) troon replies "Yes I do, can I please have hormones and surgery so as to not have a masculine body

they will never have a non-masculine body because because they have a bone, muscular and cellular structure of a fucking man

> One can't disprove a "should" through physical evidence

you can disprove it through physical evidence because it is literally impossible for them to become an actual woman

Anonymous 75616

You are both going in circles around a topic that is ultimately completely irrelevant to this. Trannies have long moved from the medicalized definition of gender dysphoria, and even aggressively campaign against "truscum" and "gatekeepers". It doesn't even matter anymore whether they're mentally ill or not.

Anonymous 75618

Do you actually have aspergers? I’m being serious. This level of pedantry is really obnoxious and you seem oblivious to it.

Anonymous 75621

Literally what does it fucking matter. I'm pretty sure at one point they agreed with each other and then kept arguing.

Can we talk about something else? I'd like to discuss times we've been made to feel uncomfortable by TIM's but stayed silent because of libfem brainwashing. A fully male presenting man showed me his tutu and lingerie sissy pics in a public workplace and gushed over when he had money for E so he could be a "real girl" and I just sat there and nodded because three other trans people were in earshot and I didn't want to become the workplace pariah. That was about two years ago, I wouldn't put up with it now.

Anonymous 75623

Anon’s lack of self awareness is just really jarring. That’s all. Luckily, I haven’t encountered any troons where I live. Where are you living where there are several troons in earshot (so I can never go there)??

Anonymous 75625

On no, people on an anonymous imageboard may not like me because I force them to actually use words correctly so they don't look like morons if they ever actually get off their ass and do something about troons. :(

I'm fully aware I'm a pedantic asshole, fuck all you for fucking up medical terminology revealing how stupid you are.

>It doesn't even matter anymore whether they're mentally ill or not.
As far as whether or not you can ever actually get rid of it it does.

Closest to interacting with TiMs came when I was working as a substitute teacher in 4th grade. Had one boy that kept talking to me and was a bit of tattletale. He was dressed in a cat mask and what I believe was a Jiji hoodie. At first I thought he just had an effeminate dress style, because for all intents and purposes he acted like a boy at all other times. Even threw a punch at another student at another point. Nope. Went by female pronouns and I didn't want to shit stir. Voice was typically masculine(for a child) with no typical innotation. Didn't really interact with the girls either.

>Anon’s lack of self awareness is just really jarring. That’s all.
Anon's refusal to use words properly and pride in using them wrong is also jarring I assure you.

Anonymous 75631


"accept me or face my [fictional] threats!!"
Trannies are clearly the height of peace and maturity. /s

Anonymous 75636


Anonymous 75638

>As far as whether or not you can ever actually get rid of it it does.
most troons don't even have clinical gender dysphoria so no, it doesn't even matter if you can do away with it or not. AGP, paedophilia, sexist fantasies and, in the case of females, wanting to escape harmful gender roles are the kinds of cancer we're dealing with.

Anonymous 75641


lets not argue and post terf memes instead

Anonymous 75647

Agreed, there's a separate tranny discussion thread if you guys want to debate but this thread is for shitting on trannies and memes.

This is the thread for discussion. Please lurk more.

Anonymous 75677

I used to work at a haunted hayride in my teens. Lots of genderspecials there, probably because of the close proximity to clowns.
I love these because I know they make a very specific TIM I know seethe.

Anonymous 75682

that isn't even a human being.

Anonymous 75688


Anonymous 75693

You just KNOW this girl has a tumblr account and calls herself a “goblin” and a “cryptid”

Anonymous 75696

"ree bigots my perfect brand of reality science denying psychosis is the correct physical world view!"

Try bitchass moids. Fuck around and find out!

Anonymous 75717


Anonymous 75720

Anonymous 75741



Anonymous 75743


Anonymous 75746


Anonymous 75748

Green party called women "non-men" ages ago, not sure why any woman would associate themselves with them.

Anonymous 75751

I would still be careful if a tranny, especially one that is close to my social circle as an acquaintance or so, posted this kind of shit in his social media.
They are doing a type of 'kidding on the square,' but with anger which originates not from sadness but from mental illness.

Anonymous 75762

Why do they always spend hours on aesthetic and anatomical differences as if the core reason lesbians don't want them is because we don't like MEN. I couldn't care less if a man chopped his dick off and grew tits, he would still be a man to me because he is fucking male. You can't identify yourself into a biological reality.
Depressing, but I'm glad those women got the hell out of there.

Anonymous 75767

this entire video had me in disbelief at how delusional this person sounded. troons in my culture are so much worse, and their misogyny is rampant.

Anonymous 75771

I love mentioning I'm bi and still wouldn't date a trans. Makes their blood boil lol.

Anonymous 75775


I dont give a fuck that trannies are in their own psychosis bubble religious belief of "im el goblino de genero" "gender" bullshit.

pic rel: women sports in 2021 in a nutshell except we don't have super powers to deal with it. We need the state to stop being retarded, thats the legal power we need but moids don't give enough fucks about us (as usual).

What I give a fuck about is that trannies want to get so immersed in their fake false af shit religion that they want to compete with us physically, be in our spaces, in our sports, in our bathrooms, in our safe heavens where moid savage rage and power doesn't belong. All just so the tranny is happy with his lunacy at the expense of OUR happiness and physical wellbeing.

This its not an ideological matter, it's a physical scientific matter. GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR SWAMP TRANNIES!

Anonymous 75776

So based

Anonymous 75791


Anonymous 75795

Same. I may love both dick and pussy but i'll never suck a limp girldick. We are cool TEBBs (trans exclusionary based bisexuals)

Anonymous 75796

but but but i have a bat brain

Anonymous 75800

There is very low reason to date a tranny idk the only scenario I can think of is where you really really cant get anything else and need a partner to cope this is the equivalent of going to the psychward to pick a bf though. There is obviously some good looking ones since being pretty facially is a human thing happens to some moids as well if they are lucky everyone knows this.
But a tranny will forever be a biological dead end: limp dick, low libido, unfertile and I gotta admit I find their bodies uncanny af. I was never big into futa also it ain't like futa, in futa the artist can depict whatever irl it looks fake when its seen from various angles and naked. Besides I fall in love with personalities so imagine a mental wreck of a person that denies science. I already hate people who deny confirmed science so much. If you were to deny theoretical one I don't care but the arguments scientific sane people use against trannies are always sound and physically present.

What I like from men is their whole being except some habits most got here and there. And I do like femenine faced skinny but tonned aristocratic looking men.
And what I like from women is also their whole being. More importantly sane mentally.

Anonymous 75802

Anonymous 75803

yeah. maybe i would make an exception for a sane ftm who accepts she will never be a man but transitions anyway because of her dysphoria, but that kind of mental illness would be a huge baggage for relationship. a shame tho because i think androgynous looking people are hot as shit. gonna start fucking femboys lmao
>I do like femenine faced skinny but tonned aristocratic looking men
a woman of culture i see

Anonymous 75805

Finding an heterosexual, sexually secure, "femboy" with an attractive assertive attitude is hard af tho but definitely possible. Good luck.

t. I have tried. Maybe just moving to Korea or somewhere in East Asia would be quicker to get me one of these ngl…

P.D. I prefer just calling them "pretty boys" since that's what they are, "femboy" is too awkward. In Korea they have a word for the look: "Kkonminam" which translates to "Flower boy".

Anonymous 75808


new meme

Anonymous 75810

Women outside America and Europe do be struggling a lot. If you ever lurk r/exmuslim or r/atheism sometimes you will see women from the middle east ranting about how much they hated the religion they used to have and the conditions they were in, in that society. That shit is legit bonkers.

Anonymous 75811

The term is "otherkin" or "batkin", not transbat.

Anonymous 75812

The fact that this fucking guy in particular trooned out is like pottery and legitimately one of the funniest things I've learned all year.

Anonymous 75818


I will say this much: autism, inceldom, mental weirdness, depression all are linked to tranninism which I consider an autistic form of an existentialism. Those people need to get checked by actual psychologists that won't pander the unhealthy delusion more. The ones the tranny community calls "repressors" which are people with this type of autism that have a semblance of sanity still. Trannies do need help & we need scientists researching them legitimately to figure out the mental abnormalities they got which isnt a dumb ideological "female brain" since that can be proven by an x-ray male brains and female brains have different average sizes and shapes so that argument is beyond retarded. Turns out the do really be clinically mentally ill in someway.

Anonymous 75819

>actual psychologists
hehe nice one

Anonymous 75860

I've been having a lot of conversations with my girlfriend recently about GC topics and feminism. It's torture sitting there trying to get her to admit sex based oppression exists. I can tell she's upset with my abrupt 180 but she keeps saying that it "must come from a place of empathy" since my issue is mainly with the misogyny and endangering of women, and not science denying or just "ick a tranny". Any tips from you all for a swift and gentle peak? I need facts and statistics on my side and I've been saving a few references on my computer but I don't have much to go on besides these threads (t. former handmaiden). Apologies if this is blogging/spoonfeeding, I just don't have a lot of resources. I think people underestimate how isolated brainwashed libfems feel once they finally open their eyes. I have no one else on my side about any of this.

Anonymous 75870

A thought I had some days ago, who else do you guys think will troon out? For some reason I thought about maxmoefoe when I saw how long his hair has gotten kek. It feels like no one is truly safe from it and recently it's like quarantine has made more people fall into the shit faster.

Anonymous 75871


>Literally took any opportunity to cross dress back in the day.
>autistic manchild

Yep, he’s next

Anonymous 75874


Is dis meme ok?

Anonymous 75875

God please no I ask for so little can he just be a closet bi

Anonymous 75876

the fact that Australian is on the list made me chuckle

I feel the same way

Anonymous 75878

>psychologists that won't pander the unhealthy delusion more
Do they even exist? I don’t think different treatment methods have even been taught to them because that wouldn’t be “PC.” Even Blanchard says autogynephiles should transition. It’s scary that there is only one treatment avenue for those with gender dysphoria (medical transition), and no research into potential different treatments can be done because they’d be blasted as “transphobic.”

Anonymous 75881

are a few sites i like to check in on every now and then. there's also ovarit–and tumblr, if you know where to look. the radfem scene on youtube has been gaining steam lately and is always worth a browse imo; Vanessa Vokey Photography, You're Kiddin', Right? and Ella Androphobia are some personal favorites of mine.

dealing with this trans shit ain't easy, good luck in peaking your gf, anon.

Anonymous 75884

Who would’ve thought that TUMBLR would’ve been one of the last big/corporate websites to allow gender critical discussion. I wonder if that will last for much longer.

Anonymous 75885

Tumblr doesn't ban people for speech, probably because their staff is incredibly small. They just ban porn and spambots because they have algorithms to detect it. That's why the site is also full of wehraboos, pedophiles calling themselves maps, and genuinely homicidally deranged people.

Anonymous 75893

Too moidish and too edgy but why not. Clearly made by a moid if you ask me.

If I owned an AR or AK rifle it would be to use against those in power not for trannies, trannies are dumb and wrong but they are humans and/or are a problem that mostly 45%s itself. I worry about the policy makers putting them in our spaces to subvert us (Biden and his son Hunter crazy pedophile ass).

Anonymous 75902


Holy shit, I just discovered that Adichie has written a feminist manifesto in the past which implicitly, and very subtly, states her stance against the doctrine of trannism.
>Be a full person.
>Teach her that 'gender roles' is absolute nonsense.
This can always be misinterpreted as trannism too, but considering the context of her country of origin, it definitely means being against the typical African woman gender role of being passive and submissive, or so.
>Teach her to question language.
>Teach her about difference.
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dear_Ijeawele,_or_A_Feminist_Manifesto_in_Fifteen_Suggestions

How long until the trannists realize this and label her work as """the next""" Hutu Ten Commandments (propaganda that predated, and most likely influenced, the Rwandan genocide)?
But seriously, I found this discovery very hilarious and unexpected, and very thankful that J.K. Rowling is not alone in this.

Anonymous 75908


Tranny discussion thread dead so I’ll ask here. What’s worse: men (who identify themselves as such) or trannies?
Your typical woman-hater may be more violent but TIM misogyny is so much more subversive as it seeks to remove women entirely rather than make them slaves to the patriarchy so idk.
Here’s a Twitter screenshot for your troubles

Anonymous 75909

Trannies for sure. A few men don't suffer from poor impulse control so they don't get physically violent, but 100% of people who take the time out of their day to dress like a menace to society are guaranteed to act like one eventually

Anonymous 75913

Always the trannies.

Anonymous 75923

TiMs imo why they got a lot of political power / corporate power. A lot. Why because neo-liberalism has their back, neo-liberalism cannot allow itself to be politically incorrect, they cannot offend people (even if this non-offensiveness is unscientific) they care more about customers than science. Trannies consume a lot, a fuck load various brands of pills, various types of apparel, various types of merchandise, etc.

Basically the elites want trannies for Bread & Circus proposes and they get to sell them research chemicals in bulk and use them as lab rats. Trannies are more dangerous.

Anonymous 75944

girlmode activated…

Anonymous 75945

terf rethoric.png

Anonymous 75957

There's also Magdalen Berns' channel. I wish she was still with us.

Anonymous 75958

Thank you anon, I really appreciate it!

Anonymous 75975


TERF plot: full length mirror in front of women’s bathroom to keep out the troons

Anonymous 75976

It's pretty easy to hide yourself…

Anonymous 75992


Anonymous 75997

9 (1)~3.jpg

Anonymous 76000

Why is this here and why I should care?

Anonymous 76003

I think the character with the black hair is supposed to be a dude? Idk, not that anon

Anonymous 76011

If women are now classified as "ovary havers" and "menstruators", does that mean that transwomen are classifying themselves with men as "penis havers" and "ejactulators"? Most transwomen don't have bottom surgery.

Anonymous 76013

I dont care about whatever mental illnesd they have all I care about is that those schizo autist goblinos de genero dont get into sports, bathrooms or other safe spaces by proclamation of the state. The state exists so moids are ideally more under control, law moids keeping criminal moids in line thats it. But with tranny rights they are basically expanding men rights at the expense of women rights for the most part all to make us more miserable and those lunatics can get more immersed in their delusion.

This is a problem with mtfs more for anatomical and physiological reasons. The ftm is mostly a harmless manlet in sports they are unable to meet the physical standsrds of men, in prisions they would get abused and fucked left n right and in "safe spaces" for men the only ones unsafe is them lol.

If any of yall ever sees a ftm tranny ask her to which prision system she would prefer to serve a sentence in. She will cower out and admit that they belong in women prision, if not then bitch is lying.

Anonymous 76019

Black haired character is a dude doing gross spinny skirt shit. And this is the fucking meme thread. If you want to discuss shit go to the fucking discussion thread.

Anonymous 76022

No, only they get to dehumanize us by reducing us to bodily functions and body parts. I think the grossest and medically inaccurate one is “bleeders”.

However we can’t call them penis havers or ejaculators because OBVIOUSLY those functions are MALE and it would make them dysphoric. We have to pretend not to know their anatomy or it will make then feel bad.

They are literally taking away the word “woman” for themselves. Only trans are allowed to call themselves women without being chastised and being told “not aaall women can suffer from things like amenorrhea, ectopic pregnancies, endometriosis etc. think about your cis privilege before complaining about your painful experiences because you’re lucky to be able to experience that pain!”

Anonymous 76026

Fuck you, go back to wearing dresses all the time if you don't like crossdressing, it's where you'd be if other women like us didn't step up to the plate

Anonymous 76079

We all know cross dressing is the first step for men to fall down the hole of autogynophilia and trooning out.
If you want to enable that bullshit then gtfo.

Anonymous 76084

Yo, don't you talk shit about Ishigami!

Anonymous 76085


That depends. But it can. Depends on the moid. There are cosplayers that do women characters that just do it because they rock it beautifully like Boxbox or Sneaky but are clearly heterosexuals (or bisexuals) but dont have any delusion in their brains. These moids tho will legit never learn how to do socially womanly stuff because they dont care enough, they will rely on you the woman in the relationship to do their make up, what they want is to be dominated sexually at least 90% of that type of moids. If you are into that do for one of those moids.

They like you to step on them, to tie them up and ride them, and other kinky stuff.
t. I have dated many racoon moids, I find it hot af ngl, I get to express myself sexually a lot and they have been all good at the foreplay never rushing things all at my speed.

My advice is you don't know until you really get to know them if he is overly theatrical about a dumb costume then chances are he is an agp fag or apg tranny. Also you can notice by the voice how faked it is instead of using their relaxed man voices. If none of these apply it's just a het or bi moid.

Anonymous 76088

I wonder if this interest could get revived, though. I keep seeing Irreversible Damage selling well, so I wonder if TERF philosophies will have a comeback for the 2020s.
>full length
I don't think you need that much. Just long enough that the average tranny will see his face.

Anonymous 76089

That was funny ngl.

Anonymous 76106


Anonymous 76107

Marie C.png

I bet he's too obese to even stand.

Anonymous 76110

i was able to terfpill my gf slowly over the course of a year. she’s attracted to butches/andros and i’m detrans, so we were able to bond over “hey wtf happened to all the butches?” and she admitted she was glad i am female identified and that its not as fun dating ftms.
i’ve found its easier to terfpill people with the angle of “pro women” rather than “anti trans”. babyradfem tv on youtube has some great historical pro women videos, maybe you and your girl can bond over those and go from there. god speed anon

Anonymous 76115

Go back to wearing dresses only pickme, stop crossdressing by wearing pants.

Anonymous 76122

>research into potential different treatments can be done because they’d be blasted as “transphobic.”
I feel like in 10-20 years when people realize the ethical problems with giving mentally ill people hormones that take 30 years of there life and also chemically castrate them, there will start to be research for alternative treatments.

Anonymous 76126


No one will ever convince me that D’Angelo Wallace is not a TiF. Remember this post for when she comes out.

Anonymous 76127

If she is, she is just going to get bullied by the bigger black men for looking like a bitchass tbh. The hood can be rough, idk what she is thinking. She seems to live in the burbs thats why she is doing the weird shit she is doing only there she can get away with it. Trannies tend to be well of people with xtreme autism.

Anonymous 76129

his/her voice tells me no but his/her appearance tells me yes

Anonymous 76131

She has said that she was homeschooled, so maybe that has something to do with the non-stereotypical demeanor? Idk. She just looks nothing like the average black male.

Anonymous 76132


Anonymous 76133

time to take the 2nd part of the terf pill stop using dumb confused (because its stupid) unscientific conceptual language.

>female identified

straight up you are a woman, thats the truth. you got vegana and a womb? Woman.

It's anti trans only when it comes to the physcal issues these mentally deranged moids want to get inside our spaces: prisons, sports, bathrooms and women spaces in general where moids do not belong where we need the law to segregate us apart for obvious physical safety and comfortability reasons.

With the jail argument I have changed a lot of opinions myself. Mainly from ftms because realistically under true pressure which prision system any of them would prefer to be at? women or mens? she will obviously admit women because she is a woman.

Anonymous 76134


What are these two whitish scars, that are at the same location by each nipple? Suspicious.

Anonymous 76137

hey anons how do i terfpill my woke gay friend? he told me before he's not into pussies so there's hope ig. any nicefem articles/videos etc? maybe smt written by a gc trans person?

Anonymous 76141

Could be keyhole surgery scars, meant to be less noticeable, but I'm not sure why they would be in that position and not under the boob like others.

Anonymous 76148

He probably just had gynecomastia.

Anonymous 76157

Oh man, they've got some stretch marks around their left armpit.

Anonymous 76158

Tell him about all the side effect tranny pills do to a man and how they become hollow shells of men with some gorilla tits, low dick sensitivity, impotency and eventually infertility. A dumbed down body all for immersion with an unreal delusion.

Anonymous 76159

Go back to fucking your tranny bf instead of fighting a straw man you invented in your head.

Anonymous 76160

what the heck is habbening stay on topic.

Anonymous 76164

No pickme, go troon out because you're wearing pants, like all your other butch friends.

Anonymous 76165

imo boxbox and sneaky are disgusting degenarates for what they do. blatant autogenophylia but i guess they're smart enough that they don't disguise it as "gender dysphoria" at least

Anonymous 76166


inviting the gc fugees was a mistake.

Anonymous 76167

Anon this is a TERF thread

Anonymous 76171

I just miss the comic anon from >>75316. I hope the aggro anons didn't scare her off.

Anonymous 76178

Idk I really can't tell with Sneaky, I feel like he might still troon out.
It is funny how he passes better in cosplay than 99% of actual troons though

Anonymous 76185

>Think about it: what is it they think they can be as men that they can't be as women? And if there's something remaining like that, shouldn't we try to focus on fixing that as well? Make it so that everybody can be comfortable in their bodies, no matter how they feel?
I have no idea how we went from the 90's era self-acceptance craze that was the moral in every afterschool special, cartoon, TV sitcom, movie, and tabloid story to whatever the fuck we have now.

Anonymous 76204


Anonymous 76213

>it's transphobic to say you want to reproduce someday

might as well just say that. yeah I want my dna to keep going and to contribute to the evolution of the species.

Anonymous 76215

Nah. They got girlfriends. Sneaky is from a shittier culture he is American so maybe in a long while I don't think so though. Boxbox never not a chance in hell, he knows he is good looking, he has had that gf for longer than Sneak's and they have shown affection towards each other lots of times while streaming, besides he comes from Chinese culture I think so all east asian cultures except thailand dont have a tranny subculture in them, in Japan it aint as big, in China it aint as big, in Korea it aint as big. These cultures just do the femboy stuff they don't have a goblino de genero bullshit cult that propagates the "gender" belief cult.

Anonymous 76221

when tf did this happen in doukyuusei

Anonymous 76227

>foreskin fetish
Try finding a detachable dick with foreskin, trannies btfo

Anonymous 76236


>"the fictional character i created thinks i'm cute!"

Anonymous 76240


>"now get in that boxing ring, bigot!"

Anonymous 76244

I'm with you on that, sister

Anonymous 76245

Extreme autism is directly correlated with Trannynism.


Anonymous 76253

I don't like trannies, but within reason, any dildo can be used as a strap on with the right harness, and dildos with retractable foreskin exist.

It's pretty easy to connect it to be honest, as long as you remember the other moral that was at the end of every 90's era self-acceptance craze "you can do/be anything you put your mind to". These two morals collide and completely contradict each other. To be or do anything implies not being something else. Loving who you are implies loving what you are currently at this moment in time. You can't simultaneously tell yourself that you are perfect and will love yourself always, and be anything and everything possible. It's simply not in the cards. The current situation now develops where troons use the one on the one hand (I am a troon and I am okay with that and no one can tell me to hate myself) and the later on the other (You can identify as anything you want to and as long as it's you who wants it it's valid).

It's pretty obvious to see why self-acceptance(and, by absolute necessity, rejection of societal expectations) would cause the current situation.

Behold, a nation of individuals, do you like it?

Anonymous 76290

>if any girl does better than me, a middle-aged, overweight, diabetic male who never lifted a finger his whole life except for videogames, that proves transes don't have an advantage in sport
i wish i could kick them all in the balls.

Anonymous 76296


Reminder that this is a problem that will eventually solve itself

Anonymous 76298

>thin flimsy flashy cover-up
>granitic, immutable physical reality

Great metaphor.

I sort of feel bad for some of them, not the predatorial or overly loud and pretentious assholes of course, but for the legit mentally ill ones who get misled in giving into their mental delusions and get mutilated and piumped full of chemicals at the hands of humanlike vultures who only care about profit, virtue-signaling or both.

Anonymous 76307

This is what I've been doing, mainly emphasizing that I'm a feminist and pro-woman and pointing out logical fallacies and ways that TRA logic hurts women. I repeatedly emphasize that I don't care about aesthetics, passing, surgeries, etc. I only care about how it affects women. It seems to be helping! I have a lot of hope, she's very intelligent and we've both always aligned with radfems in everything except the "trans exclusionary" part.
They always insist nobody's forcing anyone to date them, but then go on for paragraphs about why we should. Always focusing on genitals, sperm, appearances, sex. I wish more people would realize that these types of posts are just longform versions of "please please please suck my fucked up dick". This has nothing to do with activism.

Anonymous 76310


imagine being so AGP you end up committing suicide only for your gravestone to deadname you

Anonymous 76313

Don't feel sorry for the weak. Other moids would have culled them sooner or later regardless.

Anonymous 76317

Holy shit, Guillaume's art style somehow got worse with time!

Anonymous 76362


Anonymous 76364

>Why do these people always look like this
Because only ugly moids actually do this shit.

Anonymous 76368

this person's art and mind regressed by thousands

Anonymous 76369

inadvertently identifying a 41%er

Anonymous 76370

when was his art good?

Anonymous 76374

Watching digibro yeet his whole "career" is so fucking funny to see.
Like no shit your fiance left you, any woman with a backbone and half a brain would leave their man if he trooned out.
Nobody wants to watch dried up old ass bad anime takes from an AGP pedo.

And why are they also so frequently pedos like >>76362 ??

Anonymous 76382

>tfw you spent a shit ton of money trying to larp as a woman
>still look lile that
Kek. Everytime…

Anonymous 76383

Asked reddit once on the twoxchromosones is anyone knew of a gendercritical radfem sub and got abused and then banned.
I never said anything about troons at all they just attacked me and then banned me after saying the sub sees troons as real woman.

Fucking what? actual lesbians is full of men larping as woman also how the fuck does that even work?

Anonymous 76388

it's a hivemind, they just see that gendercritical is getting bad cause transphobia so they hop on the bandwagon
like every other liberal

Anonymous 76389

You just know that they don’t even know what “gender critical” even means. They just know it’s associated with TERFs (whose beliefs they also refuse to understand) so it’s automatically evil.

Anonymous 76393

ugh can't believe i used to watch him. his anime analysis videos are usually good but it came to a point i couldn't look past his lolicon fetish anymore. and now he's trooned out? called it. (still gonna archive a few of his videos tho bc i don't know many anitubers who make analysis like that)

Anonymous 76396

Wow, literally
>your parents will use your real name when they bury you

Other than specific reviews, any take he had on anime itself was done before and better by Demo D.

Anonymous 76410

>rest in power
What the fuck did he fight for lol? He fought himself in vain because he wanted to be something else but couldn't? Thats all he did?

Anonymous 76413

this one trans eceleb literally cant fucking function without drugs or alcohol in his system….its possible that he transed just for the drugs and liked the mind altering effect of estrogen in the early stages of transitioning. now that his body is used to it he is back to being morose and miserable and blaming it on “heartbreak” to cope.

Anonymous 76414

Digibro? Say the name. It's fine. If its an e-celeb just say it.

Anonymous 76417

at 4:12:50 he openly admitted that the only reason he had been streaming often until 5am is because to take off his mind out of taking opium again. he was addicted to it and "is clean for a few weeks." the rest of the stream onwards is him talking to chat drugs and flirting with the option to take another drug to stave off his opium craving.

Anonymous 76424


ContraHons is unironically mentally ill, needs the psychward and you shouldn't ever watch him.

btw that horrible self destructive life style he got, he has basically had it forever (and most trannies got it also) just not this extreme but I heard of trannies taking LSD or other stuff everyday to hallucinate being women. Being trans doesn't fix the existential dread these people have, which is more rooted in "copium" (coping dumbly no animal chooses sex before being born), they unironically need a psychiatrist that doesn't meme with them like most of the politically correct psychs in the west. If these people want to be at peace with everything, they need to learn to accept physical reality, ContraHons cannot change not even a lot of the superficial manhood he has which is a lot since he was a "chad" not super facially good looking but he was tall and strongly built, twinkish but you can tell those shoulders are wide, not even going to talk about the internal sexual features those are just impossible for trannies to ever have, it's just a fake shell and all the effort is put in how to make the shell a "convincing" lie but even then the truth is they are and forever be men. There are no other ways about it. It's either acceptance of being born a man and everything that entails or raging self hatred of oneself that can end up in the destruction of the body (killing itself). Period.

Anonymous 76427

the only reason i watch hontra is because he is REALLY subconsciously self aware about his bullshit and these drunk streams are so funny because he oftens btfo himself and blurts out terf ideas. a few days ago in another one of these streams he refers himself as a man like 10 times and talked about being genderqueer again

Anonymous 76433


Then why he did that dumb video against JK Rowling if deep downs he knows Rowling is right. Is he coping and cant handle it? Is it because he has to put a fake ass priest of the tranny cult persona to keep profiting from his audience?

He knows very well that if he cannot make it, he is freaking huge and looks uncanny sometimes, he knows that if he doesn't has even the superficial things then 90% or more of his fans even less its all religion. All prayer to the "god" named "gender". And prying does nothing here in reality.

Just wtf is he thinking… Rush for the psychward HontraHons also real named: Nathan. Get the existential help you need dude.

Anonymous 76442

If Contra is actually drinking a bottle of champagne every night, then fuck, that's kind of serious.

Anonymous 76444


>Hasn't heard the stories from other mentally ill tranny moids that take LSD, Shrooms, or smoke weed everyday to make the fake belief that they are women seem more "real".

Oh young one, you don't even know half of the insanity going on with trannies. It gets darker and more insane.

Anonymous 76468

original comic by …

This is not what Jesus died for

Anonymous 76472

switchblade sam.jp…

Starting his Switchblade Sam cosplay, I see

Anonymous 76474

Because he knows his audience $$$$

Anonymous 76475

>you're right, but I can't dispute you so I will simply shit myself

Men can't crossdress without eventually starting skittles and cutting up their dicks. I don't know why. I don't like it. I'd like to be able to say people can wear whatever they want and there's nothing wrong with it. But something about wanting to wear dresses is always a sign of brain rot in men.

Anonymous 76476

actuallesbians was created by trannies that were pissed off by truelesbians (a lesbian sub only for biological women)

Anonymous 76477

>Gender roles are just cultural relics and don't matter!
>You don't fulfill your gender role properly? You're clearly trans or at least gay and should make radical changes to your body/lifestyle to fit into the other role.
Why is this degree of doublethink so common now? Do these people lack all self-awareness? It would be pretty funny if it wasn't destroying lives. I've seen people I know get pulled into this stuff, and honestly groomers and the people who support mental illness, these people who prey on the lonely, confused, and weak, are the most despicable, disgusting people on this planet. I don't hate actual trannies nearly as much as I hate their perverted "supporters".

Anonymous 76479

My favorite part is when the trannies act out the stereotype of their targeted gender anyway despite the fact everyone supposedly denies they exist. Feels like LGBT does this as a whole when they pretend genders aren't there.

Anonymous 76481

What about Boxbox why he doesnt do it. Whats your theory and how it works (lol). I think there are moids that are not insane enough to confuse a cosplay with "muh sex idenitity!".
Assuming all moids that done that are like that is crazy as well. I wouldn't trust autistic ones only.

Yeah that shit is shameful af ngl. Another hypocrisy is when they call out from trans representation I thought they believed they were women, why women are not enough representation? lol. etc etc. Deep down trannies are self aware they aren't their believed sex.

Anonymous 76483


this is why trannydom is inherently misogynist, we should've gone the "androgyny for all, no gender roles for the both sexes" direction not this retarded AGP-laden bullshit

Anonymous 76484

We should have went the road where it's ok for men to be pretty but still take pride of being men ultimately.

Sexless society is also a cope because sex is a physical thing, a physical collection of a lot of sexual features.

Anonymous 76485

How do we successfully have androgyny without

>Men act more like women, women act more like men

Unless that's what you're aiming for? I feel like that whole area is a slippery slope

Anonymous 76487

kind of that. moids not shamed for doing "womanly" things and women not shamed for being "fat ugly butches", the tomboy/femboy concept is buried deep and everyone does whatever they fuck want

no anon i don't mean sexless, i mean genderless, no bullshit like "makeup is only for women, moids stay ugly and stink"

i know this is pure copium bc it feels like trannydom was invented specifically for women to stay oppressed despite there being things that claim to protect women's rights. it's kind of more cruel that outright oppression tbh, you don't even feel like your identity is being ruined and the worst part is, you support that (liberal ""feminism"")

Anonymous 76488

>What about Boxbox why he doesnt do it

Nick Parrott didn't do it until he did. Eddie Izzard didn't do it until he did. Jim Sterling didn't do it until he did. Check back in a few years.

Anonymous 76493

The difference is boxbox is mentally sane and has a gf so he isnt an autist incel like those other people you are mentioning. Key difference is the mentality not the action.

At would be like saying that all porn watchers become rapists even though this is not true.

Just teach them to be sexually secure. On the contrary teach them to embrace their sex.

There is no such thing as gender, the world is already genderless. Concepts don't matter to physics. Only sex exists. Just teach moids to embrace different types of beauty without chemically castrating themselves doing irreparable damage to their bodies, that's all that has to be done and more importantly that there is nothing wrong without choosing your sex, if animals don't care a human shouldn't care.

Anonymous 76498

>The difference is boxbox is mentally sane

You don't know that.

>and has a gf

Future transwidow.

Anonymous 76510

This seems pointless and frustrating. Isn't it playing into their hands to pretend like gender and sex are different anyway? It was always my understanding that sex and gender are the same, although I see more and more mtf's calling themselves females with a shit eating grin by the day.

Anonymous 76528


The whole contra JK Rowling video was filled with contradictions and I think even he knows it was bad.

It did nothing but peak some former handmaids.
He needs to get off the fucking opium. It's wild how many drugs these people shove into their body to convince themselves that chopping their dicks off is a good idea.

Anonymous 76531

>There is no such thing as gender, the world is already genderless. Concepts don't matter to physics. Only sex exists.
That is utter nonsense, gender is a kind of social norm and social norms very much exist. Just like people feel affiliated with a certain nation or religion can people feel affiliated with a gender or whatever. Acting like social norms do not matter for humans and reducing it to physics is totally ignoring the living realities of people. In particular, with a stance like that which ignores real experiences people have every day you are not going to achieve anything ever, you are not going to convince anyone, that is just utter denial.

A better point has been mentioned in this thread and that is to understand humans as individuals and stop putting them into boxes. LGBT is just putting people in new boxes (lesbian, gay, &c) rather than man, woman. Which in turn might be impossible because humans really fucking love their groups and identities.

Like you see that with all these gay, bi, memesexual flags, how are they different than the flags that nation states? I'm not even talking about the fact that they look like flags of nation states with their tricolor design. They have the same meaning. They represent some group or identity and people love to project themselves to that flag. Some people hang flags of America on their wall, some put trans flags on their wall, but it is all the same, it's a feeling of identity. It is fun because liberal Americans may feel uncomfortable with flags of nation states but they love to plaster memesexual flags everywhere. Leaving national identity left a void, religion is irrelevant for them too, so they cling to the next best thing, sexuality, the en vouge mass produced identity. Which yeah you can reduce to chemistry and physics and atoms but nobody actually experiences live in that way.

Anonymous 76532


>also a weeb and an "anarchist"
It is probably very easy to find who did this; trannies are seething in this Twitter thread, kek.

Anonymous 76542

Holy crap, my partner’s brother looks more feminine than that no wonder he roped el oh el

Anonymous 76545

>Changed his middle name too.

Anonymous 76546

“James” is too masculine I would think. Weird it was replaces with “M” instead of “J” though.

Anonymous 76559

Many trannies rope on the basis of aesthetics which is the most dumb reason but others rope on the true existential basis that nobody can change their sex. The cope runs out eventully so it's off the self destruction with them.

Philosophy Tube that dude will 1000% off himself. Mark my words.

Anonymous 76560

What is gender then? Who experiences gender and how? Female people have always felt affiliated with the female "gender", because "gender" has always meant "the subjective experience of living in a body with a certain sex, encompassing the societal roles and attitudes related to said sex" and not whatever loony drivel it means now. A male person can never have a female gender.
The real issue is that gender dysphoria, a condition which certainly exists, has been severely under-researched and neglected because it is much easier for psychiatrists to placate these individuals than dealing with their illness. The same thing didn't happen with anorexia because it would result in death, and it didn't happen with BDD because of litigation issues with surgeons. Now this illness has been appropriated by narcissistic and psychopathic men and millionaires with political agendas. That's the whole tragedy of transtrenderism.

Anonymous 76567

The only argument I got in response was you shitting your pants in response.
>Men can't crossdress without eventually starting skittles and cutting up their dicks.
I completely disagree. There's already been plenty of cultures where wearing dresses and skirts was normal for men, the most common example being the Scottish. If you think that just wearing clothes turns you into troon instead of thinking that troons want to wear the clothes you're putting the cart before the horse like a retard.
>I don't know why.
You don't know why because you've reversed cause and effect you dumbass. All troons want to wear dresses, not all moids wearing dresses are troons. You've got a biased sample and biased logic that is self-serving which leaves you with nothing but
>i-it's the truth just believe me
like a dumbass.

Never wear pants again before you troon out like all your other butch friends.

Anonymous 76569


I just want to tease a cute guy not smash the patriarchy

Anonymous 76571

This sounds like a moid that feels insecure asking questions Hmm….

Anonymous 76572


You didn't explain how that works, you didn't explain your dumb theory. Cope.

Anonymous 76573


This. I don't know where all these traditionalist shills suddenly popped up from, but it's annoying. I don't give a fuck about moid civilization and what they want. I will talk about wanting a qt crossdressing bf.
This poster has been pushing for traditional gender roles in numerous threads. You can tell by their language. It's most definitely a moid.

Anonymous 76574

Yeah that ideology is so exclusive to moids. If it's way too pro-tranny or way too basically pro-islamic state it's a moid. Fuck trad retards, if incels want "Trad" bullshit so much why they dont fucking go join ISIS already. I hope both kill themselves as soon as possible.

Anonymous 76578


From experience, having a qt cross dressing bf is all fun and games until he goes on the wrong subreddit and trannies try to "crack the egg".
If you do manage to get one, just keep a close eye on things. Mine managed to talk himself out of it but it was not a fun time hearing him talk about it.
Seeing him experience being almost indoctrinated into the tranny cult is part of what peaked me.
The fact that subreddits like r/itsafetish are not around anymore makes me concerned for others who might fall down that hole.

Just be careful anon.

Anonymous 76580


Since I do lurk femdom places on the internet and have chatted qt moids who are into it that have an androgynous aesthetic, you know racoons. They have told me that indeed it has happened to them that trannies have tried to recruit them, they refuse that shit because it's just not how they are they think it's insane for the most part but idk I'm sure a kinda autistic one would fall for the tranny scam.

It's like kinda reverse tomboys if you think about it, today's tomboys get recruited by ftm trannies so it's the same vice versa with more cute looking moids. To me cute is just an aesthetic. Old One Direction had it for example, when harry styles looked like a lesbian he was so cute.

Anonymous 76581

is that a picture of harry styles?

Anonymous 76582

Yes. Duh.

Anonymous 76583


I don't know. But there must be the ones that get along like religious fanatics in discords must want to stablish a phsyical contact with each other.

No joke if you notice tranny x tranny "transbian" relationships (which consists of 99.9% of the relationships trannies have or that they end up having) there is always the same pattern of mentor tranny with student initiate tranny. Trannies know they are mentally deranged so they seek an autistic lonely individual with no hopes in life some kind of autistic incel in most instances so they can recommend tranny pills to sometimes they even pay for them and ship them to their location. Trannies are literally: Misery loves company. They know it's not gonna end well, their cope will fade so they make other dweeb have get started into the cope cult so they can't be the only ones who drown in misery. So the cycle of suffering is propagated this way. Instead of being wiser and recommending those autists just to head to the psychward or by making an example and going TO the psychward themselves.
Trannies are like Super Mutants from the Fallout game series, they grab unto gullible dumb but bodily healthy people to fuck them up into infertility and other sexual problems like impotency.

Anonymous 76589

Do you know Rebecca Heineman and Jennell Jaquays?

Anonymous 76591


this is fucking retarded but hey at least they are doing it on moids now, not on women like how it's been for ages

Anonymous 76593


And they look like super mutants too

Anonymous 76594


Glad /ourmoids/ are doing okay.

Anonymous 76606


While I have no particular names, it's not unheard of for moids with common hobbies and fetishes to shack up together. They pool their resources so that they can spend it on their obsessions. It's not ridiculous to assume that there are troon communes.

If you look up some things about "glitter family" and "glitter moms," you'll get instances of moids trying to recruit the transkids they groomed into living with them. This actually turned up pretty often on Tumblr pre-porn-purge; adult troons trying to groom kids into running away into the arms of someone who "understood." To no one's surprise, lots of MtT on FtT abuse happened.

Their misery loves company.

Anonymous 76608

I can't explain how gravity works, either, so go jump out a window. Take your closet troon parasocial crush with you.

Anonymous 76609

I've been in those communities too and the troons eventually take over and ruin them.

The cutesy stuff and androgyny is their way in, initially they are not overt about it, then sure as hell one of them comes out saying "I never felt comfortable with masculinity" and declaring themselves full troon.

Gradually the propaganda takes hold that being a guy and being androgynous and cute is very close to being troon and they have just as much of a right to be there. Some of the attention-seeking impressionable boys get caught up and start to believe themselves to be trans too.

Over time they invite their other friends from their communities, who like them are practically online all the time and do little else, so they become the most active in the group. Few people have the time or energy to put up with their histrionics so gradually everyone else stops and it becomes another trans-uwu trans-rights nyaa space.

Anonymous 76611


"Super mutant is a general term referring to humanoid mutants created by exposing a regular human to a variety of the Forced Evolutionary Virus (FEV). The resulting hulking mutants typically possess exceptional strength, endurance, resistance or immunity to disease and radiation, as well as modified intelligence. A common trait of all super mutants is that they are completely sterile and cannot reproduce (one variety is even explicitly asexual, i.e. devoid of primary sexual characteristics). The mutation generally cannot be reversed, as once introduced to the subject, FEV automatically corrects any changes to DNA. A theoretical cure would have to both reintroduce the original DNA and prevent the FEV from overwriting it."

Uncanny resemblance just remove their super powers like super strength and sometimes intellect and replace FEV (forced evolutionary virus) with tranny pills.

They also make more of them by kidnapping kids and putting them on FEV, just like trannies do.

Anonymous 76613

Damn, you beat me to it. They're also obsessed with making more of their kind, at the expense of normie lives, as they see themselves as both the materrace persecuted by inferior beings.

Anonymous 76614


I think I love you anon almost as much as I love fallout lore

Anonymous 76619


lole more mad trannies.

Anonymous 76620


Oh btw all of this is interesting to read.

Anonymous 76630

This is sad. This moid was groomed at 12 by evil pyschs wanting to experiment on him for a quick buck. And then lost his life.

Anonymous 76634

There's a ton of people getting groomed into these lifestyles. Especially autistic people, it's pretty terrible. That manipulation of clinical data is also rampant.

Anonymous 76637

The name of that LoL player was Remilia btw. Offed himself like 5 years ago or so. Those were his last posts. No tranny survives being a tranny all the way till natural death. Their survival rate must be less than 5%.

Anonymous 76641


He did it to himself, by his own admission. He lied to his psychs to get free shit.

Anonymous 76642

>tranny names themself after Touhou character
Not surprising in the least.

Anonymous 76643

I also wanted the name Remilia tho, lol

Anonymous 76644


Last I heard, it was unclear if it was suicide or not. He took a lot of drugs to cope with his botched surgeries, so it could've been an accidental OD. IIRC he had someone buy him a Thailand SRS for a few thousand bucks and it went as you'd expect.

Anonymous 76645


Bruised, but still a narc to the end.

Anonymous 76646


>Scarlet Devil
why does touhou attract them?

Anonymous 76647


They're either pedos or they wanna self insert as the cute girls because they're delusional. Pic semi related.

Anonymous 76648

4chan and autism. Trannies are related to incels and autism deeply as I have stated before. This is no joke. It only works on autists or hardcore loners on the verge of offing themselves anyway.

Anime is just the cover, everyone knows this they tend to use those avatar maker thingies to make fake anime girls of "themselves" that look nothing like them irl.

Anonymous 76651

What do you guys think of Blaire White?

Anonymous 76652

Calms my hatred of TiMs because of his rationality towards his situation, but still male.

Anonymous 76685

Every TRA I know hates him, but I don't know what he's done wrong yet lol. Haven't watched his videos.

Anonymous 76697

Holy shit, was he Norwegian or Scandinavian or something? I remember some troon going by that name in a femdom discord long ago. He was pretty obnoxious in chat.

Anonymous 76698

Any transhumanists here? How you reconcile your beliefs while not accepting trans ideology?

Anonymous 76700

This Youtube video made me really appreciate Blaire. Yeah, I don’t agree with him on everything, but he is so sensible compared to insane druggies like Hontra. This debate is the reason why Hontra never did another debate after this. He can only convey his faulty, vague ideology in his artificial, polished videos where no opposition is allowed.

Anonymous 76703

Transhumanism is a meme for people who just want robot arms. Even Jreg makes fun of it. It's not even a political ideology lol.

Anonymous 76704

American. So not that one. But having a female username is a redflag tbh.

If it's an original made name it's ok, you should get to know that person before judging.

Anonymous 76707

Transhumanists are usually trannies to boot, so probably none here lol.

Anonymous 76708


Oh wanna know something interesting.

On a /lbgshit/ thread anons were asked their previous boards most trannies answered /r9k/ and /pol/. Really makes you think.

Those people are terminally fucking insane. No wonder why they kill themselves so often.

Anonymous 76710

Blaire is sensible but he's still a believer of shit like, being feminine makes you more of a woman

Anonymous 76714

The real voice of ContraHons shows up and the one of Blarie kinda too.

This talk was so dumb too because it's two retards that believe in social semantics not scientific definitions to a T… lol. Scientifical words are the only ones that matter when doing analysis for a physical science like biology. Whatever the hell trannies think doesnt matter thats religion, belief.

Also transsexualism ain't biological. It's just an existential cope for highly autistic kinda gay and perverted people. We know this now because there is a direct link between users from /r9k/ and users from /lgbt/. They are incels. Transcels. Period.

Thats so retarded. Nothing will ever make a man more of a woman, it's literally impossible.

Anonymous 76715

The Adam’s apple on this one jfc

Anonymous 76716


This convo was kinda based I liked how Sh0eOnHead called both of them "guys" because they are. Kinda sad she ain't a TERF. I agree with all the other views of Sh0e, she is a leftist one of the most authentic ones not a meme liberal one but an actual revolutionary one. She is only lacking the TERF takes for me to consider her a woman with really huge ovaries. Americans are so cucked in many ways, no wonder why the nation is a joke. But whatever.

Anonymous 76717

Sh0e's fake as hell and went to simping for pedos after her ex dumped her on her birthday. She'd never express TERF opinons because that'd get her kicked out of the commie clique.

Anonymous 76718

It might be the shitty culture she lives in. I'm just glad she ain't pro censorship like the rest of the American "lefties" aka corporate twitter liberals that are so cancerous. Which is why we are hanging out here on CC rather than there.

Anonymous 76719

>went to simping for pedos
uh, what did i miss out on?

Anonymous 76720

They probably mean Vaush.

Anonymous 76721


Anonymous 76724

you should include the board header in the screencap so we know it's probably /lgbt

Anonymous 76727


I got another good one fresh off the press lol. Video in question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w20AZJDZT3A&feature=emb_title

Anonymous 76728

Of course it starts with stupid video game gameplay. Video game, internet culture is fucking cancer, none of this would happen if people just actually met people in real life.

Anonymous 76729

this is so fucked up

Anonymous 76730

Well I learned to look at all of it as Big Pharma scamming the autistic + weird internet communities of lonely virgin incels + darwinism.

Humanity has a huge population, middle-class people survive fairly easily now these are the moids who just had no place in all of this really, just tagging along coping until roping. Must be really shitting being the parent of one of those though, you raise them up only for they themselves to fuck themselves up to death quite literally.

If you notice a vast amount of trannies are well off white moids because to go through all the trannoid phases these moids must spend easily more than 10k, much much more if it includes surgeries. It's a total waste of money to entertain a mental illness. The ethical response of the goverment would be to ban tranny pills honestly but they won't because big pharma.

Anonymous 76731

Yes, and also of trans having female brains. That's probably the most pervasive myth and they even managed to make normos with not much exposure to trans things believe it, even though there is no scientific evidence for it (and a lot against it).

Anonymous 76732

It's definitely Big Pharma bankrolling this, but I've had the sneaking suspicion that this is also a population control plan, since Westerners haven't had a large-scale war to die in.

Anonymous 76733

I want to believe it's a population control thing too, but on a semi related other hand I remember just how many trannies entrap women by trooning out only after getting married and having kids or even freezing their sperm before trooning.

Anonymous 76735

Think like a corporation.
Big pharma sells them 10k worth of pills minimum to these people then also trannies are extreme consumers of ideological things with not much practical value, things with their flag pattern among other things, also they are good slaves if you promote them but dont raise their salaries much since they got nothing to look for in life other than their jobs until they kill themselves at which point you can easily replace them. Its a groomed wage-slave unfertile moid consumerist that spouts internationalist-cosmopolitan propaganda what else do you need?

Anonymous 76736

I think you are over thinking this all anon because it is a little far fetched there is conspiracy agenda pushing and that but not down to milking troons for fag flag bux.

Anonymous 76737

It's literally just about money
Surgeries money, hormones money, the surgeries leading to needing life long medical care even more money

Anonymous 76738

Thank you for the link it may well be true people are profiting off it as expected but I think the philsoophy arose not due to (((them))) thinking up a good sell but organically things are complex I used to be a polfag myself (not saying you are) and really always needed to remind myself sociological trends etc are complex but I admit looking into who is funding or coming up with the seed ideas for this troon BS is jews.

Does anyone else feel they are actually truly liberal and the left is fascist? I think we just want freedom to say what we want and not have men tell us what being a woman means or invading our spaces.

It is beyond insane how men have somehow taken over feminism very absurd indeed.

What is the end goal of this troon BS? i realize it is post modern deconstruction of what society became through largely a response to organic factors but what do they want? It seems like they want everyone to become a faggot to me.

It is alarming and sad how younger people are engaged in this tribalism where they find "friends" and make foes even out of their own family based on if they want to suck dicks or chop their dick off.
I am mentally ill in a very big way however the normalfags are the crazy ones to me.
reading link through thanks ta ta

Anonymous 76740

i stopped and closed the video when she said let's agree terfs are the worst

Anonymous 76741

Gene therapy may one day turn men into women. Mind uploading may one day turn men into women. Plastic surgery turns men into mutilated men. Hormones that wear off when your GoFundMe misses its target turn men into mutilated men. Being open to the possibilities of the future doesn't mean being ignorant about the realities of the present.

Anonymous 76742

You are born a man or woman and a man who gets gene therapy would experience life as a man.

Anonymous 76743

lmao yea exactly. troons be like well what if you wake up one day and find yourself turned into a man!!! bitch are you stupid

Anonymous 76744

Trannies are talking about literal scifi there if they were actually scientific they would explain how that would work instead of being autistic. Mind uploading, magical instant sex changing nonsense. Who does those work physically? They cant answer this just believe in it because they saw it work on a video game that doesnt explain shit either. Trannies are pure faith, no science.

I dont think the left is fascist I think the left just does not exist in the USA its all corporate, they are the cyberpunk dystopia already. Until true revolutionaries arise to hang their corporate overlords.

Anonymous 76749

>Humanity has a huge population, middle-class people survive fairly easily now these are the moids who just had no place in all of this really, just tagging along coping until roping. Must be really shitting being the parent of one of those though, you raise them up only for they themselves to fuck themselves up to death quite literally.
Considering the developments in this thread I feel it necessary to say that there is no conspiracy, that is utterly nonsensical. What there is is a strong incentive to keep men as manchildren. Video games, toys, cartoon movies, these things make a lot of money and manchild adults are a big market for them. This initialization is utterly frustrating.

Anonymous 76754


>the year is 2071
>humanity is almost all female and “female”
>major ceos and leaders in government are either troons or token “cis-women”
>middle class and working class are all female
>remaining men are all NEET incels, with varying degrees of neckbeard and femboy phenotypes
>9 of 10 boys/men transition each year
>all children are born to lesbian couples with donors (sperm harvested for cheap from men who reach puberty pre-trans and sold at exorbitant prices)

Black Mirror could never. Pic unrelated.

Anonymous 76760

don't understand this picture. i thought trans stuff was brain stuff vs. race which is based on your skintone and some genetic traits

Anonymous 76762

also there's no real way to have a "asian brain" or an "x race brain" vs. how a human mind can be male or female. i DO consider myself a terf, i do consider myself gender critical, but i genuinely don't see how this image makes any real point

Anonymous 76765

Stop it with this myth for once for fuck's sake. There is no "female brain". It does not exist. There is not one single serious paper proving ladybrains are a thing. And if they were, males would never be born with it, the same way males can't be born with a female liver or spleen.

Anonymous 76775


There is proof but they are different and trannies aint born eith them. Ignpre rhe finsl part its reaching and pseud, there hasnt ever been a brain transplant, remove the brain and the human dies. Simple as.

Anonymous 76778

Male brains are larger on average, but the range of difference within male brains is larger than the difference between the avg for male and female. Given any random brain, you could not determine the sex from its size.

Anonymous 76780

Yes, we know. Whales have larger brains than humans yet they are not as smart as us.

It's a lot of factors that determine intellect, the frontal lobes mainly size can influence it a bit, a little bit but it ain't a huge factor compared to how wrinkly the brain is for example.

Anonymous 76781

yeah, most women are average IQ and there's not many dumb or very intelligent women while there's a lot of variation on males, there can be very intelligent men and very dumb as well while this is rare for females. same thing for looks.

Anonymous 76782

btw it's probably the very dumb men that commit most of crimes. low intelligence = impulsiveness although all men are impulsive to a degree.

Anonymous 76784

all men are criminals in some way. just the dumb ones get caught.

Anonymous 76786

You guys ever seen her stuff? She's great, just got banned from twitter and Patreon.

Anonymous 76787

This is saying exactly the same thing I said anon. They're different in size, like most other organs.

Anonymous 76788

>brain stuff
Lmao. Your "mind" can not be male or female, "female" is not a personality trait. That's as absurd as saying your black because you listen to hiphop

Anonymous 76794

>gene therapy might one day turn men into women
biologyfag here I find that very unlikely. normally when you here about gene therapy you here about replacing genes, but they don't actually remove said genes. the two main methods which are the somatic and germline methods involve pretty much putting in healthier material in your cells to fight against some abnormalities. I don't think they will ever be able to remove genes without causing serious medical problems. And theoretically if they somehow figured out how to remove and replace your x and y chromosomes they would literally have to do it all at once instantly because if your cells started to divide missing a chromosome or with some of your cells have an xy and some have an xx that would be a major problem. And also if they some how invent the super magic sci fi technology to remove and replace cells without causing major problems it still probably won't work because if you replaced something in your cells with something that's not supposed to be there your body will most likely attack and destroy that cell since it considersthat abnormality a threat.

Anonymous 76795

I have recently gotten into her and enjoy her content, and how it trolls the trannies. Sad she got booted from patreon and Twitter for having an opinion.

Anonymous 76796

>just got banned from twitter and Patreon.
Shit like this is so disheartening. I hate that giant platforms discourage critical thinking.

Anonymous 76805

I just found this gencrit Youtuber and I love him. Since it’s just a video of him talking I listened to it like a podcast. Feels so good hearing someone rebut Contra’s arguments.

Anonymous 76807

>they're just selectively turned on/off often permanently through developmental pathways and hormones
emphasis on the word permanently as in your body has adapted not to use them which is why they are recessive because they are not meant to be activated or changed. If you some how found a way to activate the x chromosome in males that would cause Klinefelter syndrome.

Anonymous 76810

I watch him too. Have you seen him reacting to Philosotube’s coming out as trans video? Hilarious

Anonymous 76811


Anonymous 76812

ContraHons will McFucking off himself if he doesnt internalize in a pyschward. He needs legit help from legit organizations like the ones from the orgs that Vanessa Vokey recommends.
Because at this rate there is no divine god magic that transforms your sex so these people will be forever delusional and depressed deeply because what they got is an eternal (and dumb imo) existential crisis of unacceptance of the physical. Its impossible to win, the illusion wears off.

Anonymous 76815

If there is one thing Contra needs to stop first of all it's the drug abuse and alcoholism. That shit fucks you over hard.

Anonymous 76816

He is already dead.

Anonymous 76821

>Have you seen him reacting to Philosotube’s coming out as trans video? Hilarious
Yess! I just watched that! I loved it. He always sees through TRAs’ artificial logic/intellectualism. PhilHONsophyTube comes off as such a pompous narcissist and it felt good to see him get taken down.

Anonymous 76826


Warning: Neovagina juices

Anonymous 76827

On the bright side he’ll probably die of sepsis at this rate

Anonymous 76834

I like her in general, and her massive ovaries in saying this stuff while showing her face and such. But I wish her titles were less clickbaity and that she didn't waste so much energy on clearly irrelevant dead-end arguments like Contra's Y chromossome rant.

Yeah, he's on a self-destructive path and trannyism was the first big step of it. But if he does end up dead people will just use it to further the "TERFs literally KILL trans people!!!" shtick instead of recognizing it as such. I never agreed with him, but I miss the times where he seemed like a rational person. Unfortunately, he was eaten up by ideology.


Not that anon but please study more, marine biologist-chan. Tell me how women have the SRY gene and then go on with your rants.

Anonymous 76836

Jesus fucking christ, it really is all just a fetish to these people. Just cooming and porn and weaponizing your own sexuality to completely shape your idea of what womanhood is. Its so fucking bleak.

Thank you anon, this single screenshot peaked me.

Anonymous 76838

I watched it and enjoyed it, but I will say this as a peaked former TRA - she gives them too much to work with. It's easy to find cracks in her arguments when she starts speculating about munchies and child suicide statistics (which there is data on, she just didn't think it was relevant because it was data on children who have been through severe trauma, but that gave them enough foothold to complain in her comments). Some of her arguments would be pretty easy to nitpick to death and they would have a field day with how she highlighted how wacky the parents are first rather than the actual abuse the kids face. Also when she shuddered at Jazz's wink at the camera, a genuine criticism of the pedophilia involved in Jazz's case would have been more appropriate. Maybe that's being too critical for a short video though. I think it's very admirable that she's attaching her name and face to this too, and I'm gonna try her other stuff. Thanks for the rec anon!

Anonymous 76846

These were my thought exactly. She also focused a lot on the Munchausen by proxy, which I do believe several of these moms have, but some of those examples really seemed more rooted in religious bigotry and homophobia.

I have the appropriate education to rip all tranny arguments to shreds but if I made videos like these they'd ruin my life and career. I suppose that's one of the reasons they don't have a real robust backlash - instilling fear through the threat of punishment and having real power in institutions/academia etc.

Anonymous 76850

Found him through Vanessa's comments; love his covers. Funny and sad at the same time.

Anonymous 76865


Tired of these retards.

Anonymous 78655

the world is not just the west

Anonymous 86480


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