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Terfposting #5 Anonymous 76876

Last thread filled up

Anonymous 76881

1st for trans rights are unreasonable religious fanatic rights that would ruin the prision and competitive sports systems among other ones.
trannies are incels with a dumb existential crisis that they want everyone to subscribe to for the sake of their dumb immersion with their belief and basically they should go to the psychward.

Anonymous 76885


Anonymous 76893

I wish he'd "simulate" maternal death.

Anonymous 76895


That’s quite far anon. I’m sure this man is completely stable and is simply expressing himself as all transwomen do.
This is obviously not an extension of the fetishization of bodily functions by degenerate men leading into AGP no sir

(Pic from the same troon who draw those cursed pro-trans comics)

Anonymous 76902


Based picture from the previous thread.

Anonymous 76910

Still so cute every time
Do we have a name for her? Tina the TERF cat? Caterina TERFler?

Anonymous 76913

Anyone remember the millennium episode of South Park where they all get their period but it turns out they are just having anal bleeding? That was ahead of its time.

Anonymous 76915

You just reminded me. We’re turning into South Park this is way worse than the Simpsons predicting the future oh god oh fuck

Anonymous 76917


It's time to re-propose Alunya the cat
and make her anarcha-feminist.

NOT anarcha-queer/tranny meme
NOT anarcha-commie meme

Feminist. Period.

Anonymous 76927

fucking hilarious ep

Anonymous 76947


I've been waiting for this thread

Anonymous 76948


Anonymous 76949


Anonymous 76953

>>76947 kek at his twitter handle. they say it's not a fetish, but then they all just want to be these anime catgirl lolis, not ordinary grown women.

Anonymous 76957

She probably should've mentioned the types of crimes these TiMs are committing (violent and misogynistic crimes), otherwise transactivists could just respond by saying that transwomen are more opressed/arrested more for smoking weed or whatever.

Anonymous 76958


>they all just want to be these anime catgirl lolis, not ordinary grown women.
Yes it's 100% a hyper autist letting his sexual fetish take over his whole being like that. Well they are autistic so they would be whatever they can sexualize like the AGP pervs they are (all trannies are this btw even "genuine" ones), they would take even being ordinary grown women as well but ofc they would prefer to be lolis and shit. It's just that it is impossible. These kinda moids play the most innocent, childish looking characters in mmos and sexualize them. Those moids are so disconnected with reality that they do wish life was like an MMO game where you can change your character by buying the paid character editor items & stuff. Nobody should have a problem with the fact that existence does not have a "character creator", the only ones who have this problem against existence are these hardcore incel-y autists. In their mental illness they go like "holy shit I didn't roll what I would have liked this is so unfair, imma fix (destroy) this character (their body) as much as I can so I can get my mental masturbation by being exactly what I find beautiful that I deserved to be". Then that doesn't ends up being the case, then they just become infertile, lose sex drive, their boners among other things while not changing much really, then they wish for a womb and the woman's reproductive capabilities which are impossible to get for them so they always feel absolutely incomplete, all for trying to go against something nobody chooses that is a physical fact. It's so dumb and 100% a mental illness make no mistake. I'm sorry but people who are at odds with reality itself are just lunatics. Them hyper autistic moids should get their delusions checked by psychiatrists and learn to accept their real selves. It's either that or eternal dissatisfaction until the cope runs out so they rope like it usually happens.

Anonymous 76959


Anonymous 76960


Based indian man.

Anonymous 76961

lmao it seems like this guy is a non-native English speaker blissfully unaware of transactivism and how they seek to destroy the english language…I wish I could be blissfully ignorant like that.

Anonymous 76962

I love seing the genderspecials and company getting triggered by Dawkins on Twitter every day.

Anonymous 76963

Why would they opt for being straight instead of lesbian?

Anonymous 76964

Some of them are gay anon. Gay men who want access to straight guys.

Anonymous 76970

Or they are gays internalized homophobia

Anonymous 77006

It astonishes me that there are radfems on tumblr. How do you even enjoy the site with those people screeching at you all day? The thought of it is terrifying.

Anonymous 77015

Samus Aran by Kati…

>the entirety of this picture
What the fuck goes through furries' heads, if anything?

Anonymous 77021


It's not that bad there's a bunch of radfems and seeing all the blogs capable of critical thinking gives hope

Anonymous 77023


TERFa Kitt?

Anonymous 77027


Come back comic anon

Anonymous 77030

She'll probably post it on /lgbt/ definitely not worth having to lurk that cesspool though

Anonymous 77032


>she doesn't want to be an anime catgirl loli
ngmi. delusional. you will never be a real woman.

Anonymous 77034


Anonymous 77037

Kek absolutely based

Anonymous 77040

Are TiFs just that much more successful at blending in/transitioning/getting gfs that more isn't heard about them?

Anonymous 77042

Tifs aren't male and aren't raised male so they're usually a lot less horribly insanely entitled compared to tims so you don't see them causing as many problems other than gaydens on twitter calling actual gay men disgusting faggots for not wanting pussy honestly no where near as bad as tims' pedophilic/rapey/misogynistic tendencies

Anonymous 77052

I'm still working on it (i'm inking the 11th page now), but it takes a lot of time, due to me being distracted playing the sims. I also need to rework the endind of the synopsis, it may be a bit underwhelming right now. But thanks to those threads i can find a lot of fucked up troon inspo. I'm glad you enjoyed what i posted here !

I will post here first, I think I will get more constructive feedback for upcoming comic projects. I will post on lgbt for tranny tears, and also to learn more about their fucked up minds

Anonymous 77058


Anonymous 77060

Tumblr peaktransed me back in the day, and it was the place I found the first radfem blogs. I remember this one Greek girl, she was so based.

Anonymous 77069

Lol please tell us when you do post on /lgbt/ then that's gonna be a shit show

Anonymous 77073


>pic related
For the sake of "Immersion" in their delusion they want to believe they are the anime cat girl and whoever breaks the illusion is a heretic to them.

They all go "transbian" once they face the reality that they get rejected by 98% of the moids because well humans turns out want to reproduce ffs, they want to continue their DNA bloodline like most of the fauna in this planet really duh can't blame em.
Then these tranners they get rejected by normal real girls then they do the tranny + tranny ("transbian") relationship we all see in discords or 4moids or such incel places. idk tranny ideology has become a cult thats all we know for certain. They are a "protected religious group" now. If you don't let them practice their delusion you get fired from your job or trashed on big tech social media platforms.

Anonymous 77074

The "transbian" group and the "male attracted group" have consistently been documented to be two different types of behavior by the very man who coined the term "autogynephile". The entirety of his studies was to differentiate the autogenphiles AKA transbians, from homosexual transsexuals. If you're going to believe the term autogynephile has weight, you're subscribing to a wolrdview where "transbians" and homos in dresses are two very different groups of people with different pathologies.

Anonymous 77075

Some of those are actually straight too though. It's part of the fetish.
Male partners are more validating to their "womanhood". It better fits the image they have of what being a woman is and makes them seem more feminine by comparison.
Yet they have no actual attraction to men. Sexual arousal comes entirely from the fantasy of being a submissive "woman" to a dominating partner.

Anonymous 77076

According to your logic any actual women born without a proper functioning reproductive system shouldn't feel jipped by the "character creator" either. Better yet, born cripples have no basis to feel bad, after all, no reason to "bitch about the character creator" that keeps them in a wheelchair their entire lives.

Anonymous 77082

To be fair, it seems like they do have different pathologies. Trutrans males (as in at least those who fulfill the criteria for gender dysphoria) tend to be gay, this is something I have been observing. And it makes sense, wouldn't sex with a woman trigger their dysphoria if they actually had it? I think gay troons might be genuinely mentally ill while "transbian" troons are living out a fetish.

Surely you are not comparing having an actual disability to having a normal, healthy male body, anon?

Anonymous 77083

There's a big difference between wanting kids and feeling bad that you can't then coping by adopting, and wanting to be a permanently 12 yo catgirl and getting angry when people inform you that you're male and that catgirl lolis don't even exist. Also, most people with permanent disabilities that I've encountered don't feel bad about being differently abled or demand people tell them they're able bodied when they're not. They just want the government to which they pay taxes to accommodate them. For example, make sure public buildings have ramps so people in wheelchairs can access them.

Anonymous 77084

Anonymous 77085

I subscribe to the view that agp fetishits exist and that trannies dont actually exist. No such thing as a genuine tranny. all trannies are fakers.

Anonymous 77086

>Surely you are not comparing having an actual disability to having a normal, healthy male body, anon?
It's the natural extension of your logic. If you are allowed zero complaints about how you were born then there's nothing that you are allowed to complain about concerning any facet of your being. Being born crippled, malicious, kind, smart, mentally ill, all are not allowed to be complained about.

>Also, most people with permanent disabilities that I've encountered don't feel bad about being differently abled or demand people tell them they're able bodied when they're not.

They did successfully demand that you call them differently-abled as opposed to disabled as opposed to crippled going by what you just fucking wrote, so I don't think you fully understand your own argument and it's implications.
>There's a big difference between wanting kids and feeling bad that you can't then coping by adopting, and wanting to be a permanently 12 yo catgirl and getting angry when people inform you that you're male and that catgirl lolis don't even exist
A lot of things humans want don't exist, doesn't seem relevant, furthermore, you explained in your own post why they are doing it, as a cope. Coping by adopting children (simulating that feeling of having children) and coping by changing your body (simulating that feeling of having the desired body) are analogous. If you want to start moralizing and say one's superior go ahead I guess, but the fundamental process is the same.

>all trannies are fakers.
Faking what exactly? Their mental illness as homosexual transsexuals?

Anonymous 77088

I'm not that anon, it wasn't my logic. But your makes even less sense. Like >>77083 said, no disabled person is demanding others call them abled. The ones asking to be called "different abled" are a very small minority, most of them trannies too. Did you see any disabled person advocating for ending the Paralympics and having "differently abled" persons competing with people without disability?
Same way no infertile woman is demanding others call them fertile, etc. Tbh only someone very mentally ill would see being born as a male as some handicap needing to be fixed.

Anonymous 77089

good for those lesbians

Anonymous 77090


Anonymous 77091

i recently made a terf tumblr and its actually very therapeutic

Anonymous 77092

>no disabled person is demanding others call them abled.
This is literally what the "differently abled" and "handi capable" movements are fundamentally about.

Anonymous 77093

>The ones asking to be called "different abled" are a very small minority, most of them trannies too.
These terms came from people long loooong before troons were even relevant to any discussions, or George Carlin would not have an entire fucking comedic skit about this. Stop trying to shove off all the problems on troons and moids, because the pathological thinking that these people create is the same.
>Did you see any disabled person advocating for ending the Paralympics and having "differently abled" persons competing with people without disability?
Yes, yes they do.
>Same way no infertile woman is demanding others call them fertile, etc.
I'm sorry, do mothers who adopt still want to be called mothers even though, by biological definition, they are not mothers but surrogates? Next time you're talking to an adoptive parent just refer to them as such, as a surrogate. See what response you get.

Anonymous 77095

Trannies don't deserve the right to adopt.

Anonymous 77096

Agree most trannies are mentally ill and not fit for the job

Anonymous 77098


They also feed the adoptees tranny pills. Not even memeing since they can get them because they got credit cards and at the moment are legal (shouldn't be) they do that shit to the kids early. Early grooming.

Trannies are literally the worst candidates for being a parent.

Anonymous 77100

>Yes, yes they do.
I was fearing you'd tell me that, but of course they do. Darn it.
These people all suffer from the same ideological poisoning trannies do though. It's fundamentally the same thing, deconstruction of objectivity and meaning. It's still a very small minority of disabled people, while the totality of trannies have a problem with reality.
>mothers who adopt still want to be called mothers
But see, this is not the same thing. "Mother" in this sense means the female adult who does the parenting. I haven't seen many adoptive mothers actually arguing that they are the progenitors of their adoptive children (although I'm sure you'd find one or two if you seach deep enough). This is not the same as redefining what womanhood is, because "mother" as a role instead of a biological relative has historically been used in such way. They also don't tell other women to stop calling themselves mothers.

Anonymous 77101


I wouldn't let them around kids in general, let alone adopt

Anonymous 77103


Anonymous 77104


Anonymous 77105


Anonymous 77106


Anonymous 77107


Anonymous 77108


Anonymous 77109


This shit gives me a negative feeling on a primal level. It's a spinning dice of frustration, disgust, hatred, and anguish. Shouldn't tracing real infants be enough to consider it real CP?

Anonymous 77110

Lesbians, like all women are sadly pushovers more often than not. Compare:

>hey, handsome. Wanna suck on my cute little girl dick?

>erm, I'm actually gay, so… why don't you ask some straight guys?

>babe, I need you to get naked for me so I can pound you raw with this strap-on
>heh, that's actually sexual harassment and rape, but I don't want to be labeled a transphobe, so okay

Anonymous 77111

I hope someone steals his hard drive and sends it to the police.

Sage 77112

What's the source on this video I keep seeing it every time trannies are mentioned on 4chan?

Anonymous 77114


This breathing walking turd made comics like these. He also made content geared to children and posted his "coming out" as a
"wittle" on his FB page where his content is marketed towards children.

Anonymous 77115


This pedo is also in regular contact with children due to his job as a kindergarten teacher or wtv.
I went to Twitter to see the backlash but all the trannies are being very hush hush. That is, when they're not outright supporting him.

Anonymous 77116


It sent me on unpleasant rabbit hole and now I want to drink bleach.

Anonymous 77118

If you're going to argue that the biological term "mother" and the sociological term "mother" can be used differently and still be consistently. You have flung the door right open for the biological term "women" and the sociological term "women" to be the same. You do not get to play it both ways, either adoptive parents aren't actually "mothers" and "fathers", or troons are women. Once you divorce the biological from the social, this is the end result.

Anonymous 77119

According to discord and patreon rule enforcement, if it's "cub porn" it's 100% free game.

Anonymous 77121

Are you an actual troon, anon? I'm starting to think you are. Either that or you're on the autistic spectrum. Because no actual sane person would equate the two things. Words have meanings, you know? The word "mother" has been used to describe the role of a mother since the word "mother" existed. Are you going to tell an adopted kid they can't call their adoptive mother "mother", and must instead address the woman they never even met that way?
Woman is "adult human female". That's its meaning. If you think some words having a double meaning means you get to completely disregard every word's meaning and use it as you wish, then you're the one flinging that door open.

Anonymous 77122

>Because no actual sane person would equate the two things.
Nice ad hominem, ran out of legitimate arguments?
>Words have meanings, you know?
Yes, and the biological meaning of "mother" and the socioligical meaning of "mother" you are declaring divorced, in that instance, other terms such as "women" and "men" can also be divorced from their biological meaning. If this is the ideology you subscribe it's okay troon supporter, just admit it though.
>The word "mother" has been used to describe the role of a mother since the word "mother" existed. Are you going to tell an adopted kid they can't call their adoptive mother "mother", and must instead address the woman they never even met that way?
They can call their mothers whatever the fuck they want, if they want to look and sound stupid they get to look and sound stupid. Just realize that if you are allowing biological and sociological terms to divorce from each other you accept the philosophical premises that trannyism springs from.

Anonymous 77123


Post body

Anonymous 77124

Anonymous 77125

>moid legitimately tells me to post tits or gtfo
Go fuck yourself and leave this place.

Anonymous 77126

NTA but you can't be suprised people think you're a troon when you think a child calling her adoptive mother "mother" is the same thing as a male calling himself a woman.

Anonymous 77127


>getting this mad about being called out
You don't have tits to post anyways

Anonymous 77128

I don't know if it's because I'm autistic but this shit and reading the positive reaction from trannies is giving me extreme levels of hate. I don't know what to do with all this hatred.

Anonymous 77129


Channel the anger into making troon memes

Anonymous 77132

"people" like you

Anonymous 77134

watched vanessa vokey’s q&a video and she’s just so wholesome and brave i was smiling throughout the whole video

Anonymous 77135

Just watched her tomboy vid it was nice

Anonymous 77136

>conveniently hides surgery scars

Anonymous 77137

You have nice tits anon. I'm sorry I called you a troon but you're still a bit autistic. But nice tits.

Anonymous 77138

Are you going to post your manboobs or leave already moid?

Anonymous 77139

But tbf those look like digital brush strokes. and who'd post tits in a thread like this? Big hmmm.

Anonymous 77140


>Are you going to post your manboobs or leave already moid?

Anonymous 77142


>posts a portrait
My sides.

Anonymous 77146

Have any of you anons ever tried to peak a male friend? I have a gay male friend who is waaay too defensive of the uwu twans. He's always going on about how they're the most oppressed in the LGBT community and shit. I want to attempt to gently peak him over time but I feel it might be impossible? I feel like I can't really use the dangers troons pose to women as he can't really relate/doesn't care

Anonymous 77149

Great timing anon I just tried yesterday

Anonymous 77150


Anonymous 77151


Anonymous 77152


Anonymous 77154


Anonymous 77155


Anonymous 77156


Context he's a pan male liberal too yeah they don't care and he hasn't responded since then
Men care more about transwomen than they do about actual women I wonder why

Anonymous 77157

Tell him to eat your pussy and call him transphobic if he doesn't want to. Usually works because gay men who stand up for trans males are the same type who shriek at the mere thought of vagina.

Anonymous 77159

John Money didn't coin the idea of gender, he coined the idea of gender theory being separate from biology.

Literally only one Middle Eastern endorses sex change and the rest hate them for it.

You actually believe black people commit more crime because they are black?

Anonymous 77160

I was talking about transwomen not black people he's the one who brought up black people to make transwomen look better

Anonymous 77161

What's the point in trying to convince someone about what should be an apparent truth?
It should be obvious at first glance that some castrati hedonist at a speedrunning convention isn't a woman. If you need to start getting into semantics or start a dialetic about "hmm, outside of extremely rare situations you can figure this shit out with chromosomes", the ship's probably sailed.

Anonymous 77162

try asking him what radfems are "excluding" trans people from. Cuz most radfems literally don't want to exclude trans people from civil rights. Using the male bathroom cuz you have a dick and entering male sporting competitions because you have a male body isn't oppression.

Anonymous 77163

That dude is clearly sexist right from the first screenshot. And anyone who identifies as "pan" is already a lost cause. Idk why you're wasting time with him. Send him a TERF Miku and block.

Anonymous 77164


Anonymous 77165


Anonymous 77166

I'll definitely try but I don't think we're going to talk for a while horrible woman finally exposing her wrong think usually needs time to settle
is right it's genuinely harder to get men to peak because making them feel empathy for women specifically is difficult
We've been friends for a long time but his first response threw me for a loop still I want to give him the benefit of the doubt for the annoying woman thing since he was upset because I sent him a tweet about the 1/50 male inmates identifying as women compared to 1/200 outside, and someone close to him is trans so I do understand the reason why he'd be mad at me

Anonymous 77167

>I sent him a tweet about the 1/50 male inmates identifying as women compared to 1/200 outside
I was actually going to suggest this video, but it probably wouldn't peak a gay male.

Anonymous 77168

i'm also trying to peak my gay male friend i once asked him what gender is and he said well you can't define it -_-

Anonymous 77169


Shoulda told him afterwards: "Well duh you can't define it because gender is a concept just like magic, miracles or imagination"

Sex is a the concrete word to define a physical object i.e. human adult female (woman), human adult male (man).
Biology is a physical science.

Anonymous 77170


To add to this in the biology of the sexes what determines man & women.

causes: chromosomes is the most simple quick take you can make, what causes a man is a xy and a woman an xx.

mechanisms: all the biological functions + what determines a male body, all the biological functions + what determines a female body. men: having testicles that produce sperm, male musculature, male bone structure, male sized brains. A tranny can be examined up close no matter how much he "passes" he will exhibit maleness especially internally, it's impossible to change this. Vice versa for the woman but for the sake of simplicity here since I don't want to write a lot just one major sexual characteristic will do: has a womb, men do not.

Anonymous 77173

I notice they always try to do this, where they try to compare this literal mental illness to racism and so many people will call me out for not supporting this shit even though I'm black without seeing how offensive it is to compare not supporting the validation of a mental illness to racsim. never feel guilty for pointing out all the obvious negative and gross behavior trannies have that stems from there mental illness.

Anonymous 77175


the trannies that lurk chan boards or in discord tend to be racist besides being mentally ill af.
I joined r9k discord once like 2 years ago dw I never said my sex (and i was bored so thats why), just hanged in there to learn about the environment, it had incels and trannies like anyone that knows chan culture would expect, the trannies were ironically racist and in an oxymoronic fashion were nazis ideologically lol they unironically were fans of Mein Kampf while being fans of other thrash like Focault. The ultimate mental illness represented and it wasnt even ironical.

I think these trannies are the ones who believe of themselves as the "genuine" ones, the ones that believe that if one tries to transition with everything and with dysphoria being "tru-trans" whatever the fuck that makes you a woman (lol it totally does not, nothing physically can).

both the agp and the "true trans" are in the end honestly agps I agree with Blanchard on a lot of things but also add my on theories to the whole thing. Keep in mind Gatekeeper trannies are also in mentally ill moids that are Gatekeeping just so society gives them a pass as "female" because of how they are acting but biology will always say otherwise and biology is the objective truth, Trannies always, always lie or act in fashion for the sake of their immersion with their mental illness they really don't want the illusion to break ever thats all they do in their lives its all for the sake of maintaining the cope going, call all of them out when they show up. They will never be a woman. Send them to the psychward until they accept biological reality, this can't be said enough that IS the solution.

Anonymous 77178


Troons unironically believe that if black women 'count as women' they should too

Anonymous 77179


Anonymous 77180


Anonymous 77181


Anonymous 77182


Anonymous 77189

always knew he was a pedo

Anonymous 77190

Pretty cute actually.

Anonymous 77192

This is actually a female. One of those "FTM" who present like females, talk like females, use female sexuality labels like "lesbian" but are totes trans men. Her account is @vamperil.
Kek the only "men" who pass as female are actual female "men".

Anonymous 77195

please drop more vanessa vokey memes itt i love them

Anonymous 77198


I have seen some FtMs on Twitter waking up and seeing the pattern. There is not one single female defending that AssignedMale pedo, 100% of them are males who look like this.

Anonymous 77203

brood mothers.png

This particular individual has a history of debauchery

Anonymous 77204

Kevin is an absolute turd and I would bet any money that his hard drive is full of illegal shit.

Anonymous 77207

Most moids I associate with are even more transphobic than I am but >>77149 anon is based, keep it up!

Anonymous 77212


I was also speaking to my gay moid friend yesterday. There's a whole google photos album of trannies being aggressive towards gay men here:


Anonymous 77221

My gay friend is the only person I associate with who isn't peaked luckily

Bless you anon I'm going to comb through this immediately

Anonymous 77223


Anonymous 77226

>Rand Paul Confronts Biden's Transgender Health Nominee About "Genital Mutilation"

Anonymous 77227

wtf i love rand paul now??

Anonymous 77230

At least this one is condemning it now (although it took the guy to use an actual real life child for them to notice).
I coped with my anger by compilating a list of those defending this p*do, name and profile picture. Idk if I should post it though because these creeps are actually dangerous.

Anonymous 77231

What a grimy creep. He evaded the question BOTH times he was asked.

Anonymous 77235

Anonymous 77237

wtf is this illegible meme and why are you posting it on all the gc boards? saw you on the bovine ranch as well, genuinely curious what you’re trying to communicate here

Anonymous 77239

Same, it's like looking at an inkblot.
Genuinely would like to see how this would go over irl.

Anonymous 77240

Every now and again the amount of overwhelming hate GC gets make me stop and think “hmm, could I be the wrong one here?”. Then I see something like this and all my doubts go away.

How can someone pro-trans watch this and then just be “sounds good to me!”. Like wtf.

Anonymous 77241

Same here. I could honestly see myself being a TRA if they had logical takes like AT LEAST acknowledging that allowing minors to transition is a bad fucking idea. I know a lot of them will say shit like "that's a fringe belief/no one's actually advocating for that/that's a strawman!" but that's obviously a lie when this guy can blatantly refuse to answer what should be an easy ass question at a senate hearing

Anonymous 77242

beatrix potter.png

Anonymous 77243

Has anyone been "trapped" before? I was once, I had a girlfriend whom I was friends with for a few years before we dated and several months into our relationship she came out as being trans, being 15 at the time who was identifying as a lesbian it kind of fucked me up.

Anonymous 77244


I just thought fennecgender's original post was a good example of how autogynephiles take advantage of Aspie girls' naivete/gullibility and gender nonconformity.

Anonymous 77245

This makes me sad

Anonymous 77248

thanks for the clarity anon, i get it now and agree with you.

Anonymous 77250


Anonymous 77255


Yeah, I don’t like Rand Paul on like 98% of things but this? This is gold. Go Rand Paul, take that troon to the fucking cleaner!

Anonymous 77257


Anonymous 77267


Anonymous 77269


Anonymous 77276

I know 0 females who fetishize their ability to give birth and pretend to be fucking broodmares and get turned on by the word egg.
This is literally just a sick fetish men have for female reproduction.

Anonymous 77277


Every time I try to stay away from places that will peak me even further I see shit like this on my feed. Why the fuck do 20k people enjoy knowing you're trying to make a vagina out of your colon?

Does anyone have recs for where I can still doomscroll without seeing a tranny every five minutes because a normie liked a post about it?

Anonymous 77278


>colon into a vasgina
What kind of new frankenstein shit is this? I thought they just turn the scrotum into a birth canal in a traditional operation. Do they cut out a piece of intestine and transplant it or do they direct a colostomy into the groin and call it a day?

Anonymous 77279

No, they're just as entitled and insane, if not more so. They just don't get as much public scrutiny, because what they're doing is less radical

Personally, I think they're deserving of more attention. They are the more common phenomenon these days, after all

Anonymous 77280


> fetishizes childhood and children
I always kind of suspected this, reading these comics, but I didn't want to believe. Dear god. What the fuck is wrong with these people

Anonymous 77281


Really depressing to think about how the way this shit is going, it'll set actual gay rights back a million years in countries like mine. I'm Polish and I swear every time there's a widespread outrage about "faggots" visiting preschools to groom children or behaving like rabid animals in public it's not the fucking gays doing this but genderspecials, ranging from AGPs in dresses to high school/young adult Aidens. Your average 40 year old conservative whose first contact with LGBT discourse were catholic newspaper features is not going to be able to draw the distinction, though, is he? Since we are lagging behind on next to everything, when gay issues first started popping up as a conversation topic they were already weighed down by the ~queers~ and fetishists leeching off them, and holy shit were those freaks three times louder and more obnoxious than any actual SSA person.

Anonymous 77282

Your heart is in the right place, but I think you're being a little too aggressive in your approach.

You can't just bash him over the head with facts. Your main goal should be to just plant the seed of doubt in his mind. Ask questions. What does it really mean to be male of female? If a biological male exhibits female traits and interests like fashion and cooking, does that make him a woman? If a biological female exhibits male traits and interests like sports and race cars, does that make her a male?

What is it that a FtM feels they can be as men that they can't be as women? What is it a MtF feels they can be as women that they can't be as men? If there are things remaining like that, shouldn't we try to focus on fixing them instead? Make it so that everybody can be comfortable in their bodies, no matter how they feel? Why should they have to change their bodies?

How can a man who was raised as a man know what it's like to be a woman, know that he was meant to be a woman deep down? How do you describe that feeling? How can a woman who was raised as a woman do the same thing, vice versa?

You need to exhibit a little compassion for trans people. They're in genuine pain and they're genuinely killing themselves. Nobody would do this crazy genital mutilation's stuff if they didn't believe their own bullshit. But that's just what it is: bullshit. We need to be adamant about that. This movement pushes sexist stereotypes harder than anything else before. It's the most sexist thing to have ever paraded itself as a progressive cause.

But anyway, that's the approach that I'd recommend. It's what's worked for me. Just plant the seed of doubt in their mind. Let them come to their own conclusions. Eventually, if you do it right, they will have no choice but to see the light

Anonymous 77283

Colon tissue is used because it secretes mucus. It's an attempt to simulate self-lubrication. You know how a lot of trannies complain that their surgical wound 'smells like shit'? They don't mean that it smells gross, they mean it smells like shit. And the reason it smells like shit is because it is shit. They are shitting out of their wounds.

Anonymous 77285

The difference is that the African American civil rights wanted black people to be seen as human. They didn't want black people to be seen as "white."

They never said "us black people: we're white. But those black people over there, they're still black. You can keep treating them the way you want to." No, they didn't want to preserve the existing race norms, they wanted to tear those race norms down.

Likewise, gay people never wanted to be seen as "straight," they just wanted to be seen as normal people. They wanted to be treated equally. They didn't think ANY gay people deserved to be treated the way they were being treated. They wanted to tear the existing societal norms down

That's what separates the transgender movement from every civil rights movement before it. They act like they're radicals, but ironically, they aren't actually radical enough. If they really wanted to dismantle gender, then they'd want to treat everyone equally. They wouldn't want you to respect ANYONE's pronouns, much less their own.

They don't want to be seen as just "people," they want to be seen as "men" or "women." And they want the way men and women are currently treated to stay the same, so that they can be treated in that manner. They don't want to tear down the existing gender norms, they just want to change their place within it. That's why I'm not buying it, and that's why your friends shouldn't buy it either.

Anonymous 77286

It's a strange timeline we're in when I find myself agreeing with fucking Rand Paul

Anonymous 77287

My friend brought up "trans kids being demonized" and I went on about how there's nothing preventing these males from competing with their own sex, how young girls are losing scholarships, the way it must effect teenaged girls self esteem, ect. He basically had nothing to say to that, he went "w-what about ftm?" and I told him testosterone gives them an unfair advantage, but the ones who aren't taking anything should compete with woman. He basically had nothing to say, just "o-okay". I can't even tell if he agreed with me or not, he was very unprepared and had nothing to say. Don't be scared to talk about the misogynistic aspects of the trans movement when talking to leftists, if they don't sympathize, point out that they don't sympathize.
Tell him he's a misogynist piece of shit, just like all trans activists

Anonymous 77289

Does this logic also apply to those trying to introduce singular they and dozens of other pronouns?

Nah, as long as it is recognized as a medical condition, women are fucked either way. Either they're competing with a moids skeletal structure and muscle density, or they're competing with other women on testosterone legally. You can't exclude both, as, it being medical condition, sports teams can't discriminate based on such. Either you accept that the men in dresses get to compete with women, or the women on steroids can compete with women. You would have to revoke the medical diagnosis for any return to normalcy occur.

Anonymous 77291

That's not true at all anon. TiFs have the choice not to use steroids if they want to compete. Tons of people can't compete even if they want to. There are several medical reasons to take steroids, there are people with chronic illnesses that make them unable to do any sport, there are people who are just too light/too heavy for certain categories, etc. Competing in sports is not a right as long as the same rules apply to everyone.

Anonymous 77295

There are legal restrictions for steroid use that get waived by medical professionals. People with sever asthma take steroids to avoid symptoms, but are still allowed to compete for example.
>There are several medical reasons to take steroids,
And they can compete with medical waiver.
>there are people with chronic illnesses that make them unable to do any sport,
And those people are so bad at sports they never face the problem in the first place, your problem is this distinct population is better, but, legally, has a medical condition that warrants steroid use. Which is perfectly legal with medical waiver.
>there are people who are just too light/too heavy for certain categories, etc.
This has no forbearance on the argument whatsoever, as long as the TiF or troon meets weight requirements, you can't currently bar them from competition when they have a medical waiver for said steroids.

Then as long as the troon or tif meets Competing in sports is not a right as long as the same rules apply to everyone.

Anonymous 77296

> Competing in sports is not a right as long as the same rules apply to everyone.
And the rules currently state steroid use is allowable under medical waiver.

Anonymous 77297

And? That's wrong. What kind of sports you want ones that show true human bodily potential or chemical Olympics?

We ought to push for the former correct? why I even ask you this. Ofc it's correct.

Anonymous 77298

I'm not making any should arguments, like you are. I'm making "is" arguments. Currently, under the concept that troons have a medical condition. Steriod use by TiFs is legal if you force only women to compete in female sports. If you allow men to compete, they are allowed to compete. You would need to remove troondom being considered a medical condition to fix this problem.

Good luck getting the entire zeitgeist of the modern nation to encourage more "discrimination". Your effort would be better spent on revoking it's medical condition status, which fixes the TiF loophole, and requiring only women born as women competing in women's sports.

TiF absolutely crushing female competition legally under Texas stringent "must compete with the same sex as you were born with" rules.

Anonymous 77299


Anonymous 77300

The colon is used when the penile and scrotal tissue is too small to use for conventional surgery.

Anonymous 77306

They really just need to be barred from competitive sports because their bodies have been surgically/chemically modified from their natural state.

Anonymous 77307

Yes, the logic does apply. Because they don't want to dismantle the concepts of "he" and "she," they merely want to exist OUTSIDE the concepts of "he" and "she."

They don't want to tear down the existing categories, they want to preserve the existing categories, while creating their own special category.

If you wanted to use the SAME pronoun on every single person, male or female, then that'd be one thing. That would make sense. But if you want to have your own SPECIAL pronoun, then that's asking for a special privilege.

Anonymous 77310

>uncovering that both trad and woke are part of a false dichotomy; a useless coin that can not buy freedom
Based. She is /ourcat/
The things you see and read in this threads. I was just eating, why am I this stupid.

Anonymous 77316

Not really, medical condition or not, you're testosterone needs to be below a certain level to compete on women's teams (or at least they do in the Olympics)

Anonymous 77319

You know there are different types of steroids, right? I was put on a steroid when I had pneumonia and it didn't make me jacked. Anabolic steroids are a different animal, they get prescribed for things like cancer and aids. Someone who has that severe of a medical condition probably won't make the cut to get on a team. And yes, you can be kicked out of a sports team for having a health condition, I don't know wtf you're talking about. No Aiden is going to be prescribed anabolic steroids for the purpose of gender reassignment anyways, they'll be put on regular old testosterone. And no, they won't be able to get a "medical waiver" for something that's done for purely cosmetic reasons.

Anonymous 77322

That does complicate things. But I'd still rather compete against a TiF on steroids than a male.
But can't the arguent be used the opposite way? If TiFs on steroids can compete, why would they need to change the current rules? TiMs can compete, TiFs can compete, so what is the principle for allowing TiMs into female sports (of course we know the argument, but I mean the one they used in regards to sports fairness)?

Anonymous 77324


Anonymous 77327

Well said. That's why I always hated the "nonbinary" shit. All it does is reinforce the bullshit gendered stereotypes men and women face, while trying to make some new special category for all of the "not like other girls/guys".

Anonymous 77333


Anonymous 77336

This moid is based and is a man, he can do whatever he wants at least he ain't trying to get into women sports or jails.

Anonymous 77337

The TiF is doping. She shouldn't be allowed in ANY sports.

Anonymous 77338


>be syrian child
>school gets bombed and you and twenty other children get killed by pic related

Anonymous 77340


Anonymous 77343


Anonymous 77344

Is this real? If it is then it's peak dystopia.

Anonymous 77356


It's a shop iirc, but the fact that it's hard to tell says alot.

Anonymous 77357

what the f*ck

Anonymous 77366

idk if that's the same person, the other one was really a female. I think it's interesting that many "non binary" or trans identified females went full circle and are now wearing stereotypically female clothing and calling themselves "femboys". Says a lot about how despite their best efforts, everyone still knows what a woman is. They know they would be belittled if they wore exactly the same thing, because actual girls liking "girly" things is always bad. But if they identify as something else they feel free to do it. It is depressing but at the same time hopeful, because I get the feeling most of them will realize this when they grow up and feel anger for it.

Anonymous 77367

wow actually anon, this proves my point exactly. I found that video on tiktok, it is actually also a woman (@voleuri). If you ever see a "femboy" who actually looks like a female, chances are it is a female.

Anonymous 77368

…. is this one real? It almost reads like satire

Anonymous 77369

It is unfortunately real. This same dude ran a "trans kids summer camp" too.

Anonymous 77371


>trans kids summer camp
Totally not grooming and indoctrination chambers haha I swear

Pic just two women having a gals night out (:

Anonymous 77373

the shoulders from both of them. lol.

Anonymous 77375


Thought it fits the thread.

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