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terfposting thread #8 Anonymous 82952

last thread filled up

Anonymous 82955

based and of it epic

Anonymous 82970


Anonymous 82973

i love being 'cis'bi

Anonymous 82974


any funny ideas for trolling a tranny in my college discord?

Anonymous 82975

I wouldn't since you don't want to be outed as a terf

Anonymous 82982


I don't think I'll ever understand these people.

Anonymous 82983

do you think normies in general buy into the tranny delusion or are they just too scared to say anything?

Anonymous 82986

chiaki plush.png

i have an alt under a fake student name

Anonymous 82990

They act like they don't care, give them a chance to validate their true opinions though and they'll take it

Anonymous 82998

Normies don't really think or care about any abstract issue until it affects them directly, and for most people it won't.

Anonymous 83011


It's not worth it. You risk being discovered and if you do you will be pariahed. That entire community will make you a target and people will go out of their way to torment you as it will increase their social standing in that group. Genuinely keep your power level to yourself and blend in. The collective is a threat not some video game boss for you to beat.

Anonymous 83014

Yes, this is normal female brain behavior /s

Anonymous 83015


Anonymous 83022


Anonymous 83023


Anonymous 83027

More like
>cis: I don’t date trans women because I don’t want to give oral to a limp dick or necrotic axe wound

Anonymous 83051

i love and support terf miku

Anonymous 83070

Same. She is stunning and brave.

Anonymous 83140

Pirate vocaloid. It does not run well on Windows 10 tho but on lower versions of Windows it just works.

Anonymous 83146

Breadtuber complaining about a marxist TERF + a link to the original video

Anonymous 83154

Holy shit, why would anyone assume that raising someone else’s kid is the same as having your own? When you do that you’re a step parent, so it’s not even like adoption where both partners fit the same role of adoptive parent.

Anonymous 83160

And how the fuck did the troon get custody of the children over their real mother?

Anonymous 83163


It’s a theoretical scenario invented for the sake of argument. Good god though, it’s bad enough being raised by a single parent. Imagine that in addition to not having a mother, your father is a mentally ill narcissist who views the world through the lens of his deranged fetish. That child would be doomed from the start. Co-parent? Years of therapy, more likely.

Anonymous 83184

Does anyone have that one Tiktok of a troon using his kid to advertise himself to single women?

Anonymous 83195

What do you girls think about a radical feminist conlang to completely avoid being banned from anywhere on the internet? I know it would take a lot of work for it to happen, but after it's popularized, there's no stopping us.

Anonymous 83196

>a theoretical scenario invented for the sake of argument

It's actually some deluded troon with SRS regret bashing a straw woman for reblogs. Suggesting that the writer is interested in or capable of theorycrafting or arguments is incredibly generous of you!

Anonymous 83207

Use VPNs, and proxies. Trannies are mentally ill and will dox at the slightest provocation.

Anonymous 83223

Anonymous 83224


Anonymous 83232


I don't have to tell you things are bad. Women know things are bad, worse than bad, they're crazy. It's like men everywhere are going crazy, so we don't go out anymore. We sit on the internet and slowly the world we're living in is getting smaller. And all we say is please, at least leave us alone on the internet. Let me have my aesthetic moodboards and my k-pop idols and my Sanrio stickers and my yaoi fanfiction and I won't say that prostitution and online dating and porn are killing love - just leave women alone! Well, I'm not going to leave you alone. I WANT YOU TO GET RAD!

I don't want you to protest, I don't want you to riot, I don't want you to write to your congressman because I wouldn't know what to tell you to write. I don't know what to do about the incels and the NEETs and the e-girls and the tradthots and the pickmeishas. All I know is that, first, YOU'VE GOT TO GET RAD. You've got to say I'm an adult human female, god damn it. My life has value!

So, I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window, open it, stick your head out of the window and yell: I'M RAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE!

Anonymous 83242

bumble troons.webm

Anonymous 83243


Hey mom friend here:
Besides vpns and proxies you’re gonna wanna use a burner email that is not attached to any other account or that uses your name. Never cross contaminate vpn servers. Ideally use ToR. Use a crazy strong password that’s different from your burner email. Use two factor that is not associated with your real phone number if you can. If not, only use a password. Use a safe browser like Firefox. Put tape over your webcam (just to be safe). When posting, don’t do anything else to prevent cross contamination. Only do this from an actual computer. If you get any responses, never click on any short links ever (duh). Use Adblock, disable Java, and flash. Delete all metadata from photos and files you upload. DONT USE GOOGLE FOR YOUR BURNER EMAIL.

If you really want to be safe you can google your name and request to be taken off these public background people searches. I’ve done it. It’s not hard, just time consuming. It gets your name, address, DOB etc off the internet.

That’s just a very basic rundown.

Good luck.

Anonymous 83245

Not gonna use it to troll troons specifically but thanks for the info

Anonymous 83247

Send him pics of botched neo vags

Anonymous 83253


Holy mother of based

Anonymous 83254


Anonymous 83255

>saying coercive sex is rape is the "terminology of feminism"

Anonymous 83256


Low-quality edit

Anonymous 83260

That isn't two men in the lower left picture?

Anonymous 83261

The right one definitely has female facial feautures, do not be racist anon

Anonymous 83264

I was asking because I was honestly uncertain. The brow ridge is very pronounced, and the way the hair is styled into a fivehead invokes a sense of male pattern baldness. Their chins are also comparable as far as being "broad" vs "pointy".

Anonymous 83267

Her head seems either intentionally shaved shaved rather than naturally bald to me. I'm not an expert but a lot of black women have faces like hers, and idk the difference feels clear when next to the obvious dude. Her facial features are much softer and her shoulders are way slimmer than the man's

Anonymous 83268

does anyone know any good radfem discord servers? I joined The Mutineers but some people in there are pickme's who allow scrotes. I heard of Pink Moon, but I'm kind of scared of picture verification.

Anonymous 83270

woman can have shaved heads too anon

Anonymous 83284

Did I say they couldn't? The way she styled her hair leaving the rest still present though is heavily emphasizes the front of her cranium which that part of the skull is usually more pronounced in men in general (as has been pointed out by memes in this thread by the "transfemale identifying female" comic). It invokes male pattern baldness.

>I'm not an expert but a lot of black women have faces like hers, and idk the difference feels clear when next to the obvious dude.
That's mostly because of his facial hair, which is specifically a secondary sexual characteristic as opposed to anything else. The woman looks like a clean shaved man to me.

Anonymous 83288


Every day that crystal.cafe archetypes post become more accurate

Pic on topic but contains some #LesbianMeToo from lolcow

Anonymous 83390

can't believe that is true, i'm disguted by those …things

Anonymous 83393



we need more

Anonymous 83416

Pls post the full miku stomping on trans flag

Anonymous 83421


Anonymous 83422


Anonymous 83423

Now this is epic

Anonymous 83424


I think we studied that book in class…Not sure if that's the case for troons

Anonymous 83440

>They hated her because she spoke the truth

Anonymous 83442

Truth is too bright for them to see

They are creatures of darkness wearing in dresses

Anonymous 83446

What a dumb ass take, that disgusting axe wound they call a "vagina" is nothing like the real deal. Face it trannies, real women don't want you because you mock their existence. Real men don't want you because at least for as dumb as they can be, they have enough self respect not to fuck your bloody shitty hole. I really hope all trannies get therapy or join the 46%

Anonymous 83451


Anonymous 83453

Tranny porn exists, I'm pretty sure it's exclusively pre-op though

Anonymous 83454

>Stop spending money to feed yourself when you could be giving it to me so I can afford to mutilate my genitals

Anonymous 83456

A lot of those are awards that are given free to users.

Anonymous 83457

Anonymous 83458

>watching porn

Anonymous 83459

You can know about trends in porn without using it or are you saying all the women who complain about how misogynistic porn is are secretly coomers since they'd have to have seen it to know

Anonymous 83465

>sir and bro are slurs

Anonymous 83466

Lol naw. They have tranny gash porn

Anonymous 83507


I'm not sure I did the gender symbols correct but I'm not going to check! I just think doing this anti-troon art is fun!

Anonymous 83508

The male symbol is flipped upside down but otherwise correct. Wouldn't be surprised if it means something in troon runes though

Anonymous 83510

>>83507 omg I love your style

Anonymous 83511

>>83422 nice expresssions

Anonymous 83512

rainbow of fluids.…

Anonymous 83514

Does… does the moid think that's what actual vaginas do?

Anonymous 83517


Anonymous 83521

stop impassable so…

Love this

Anonymous 83525

why though.jpg

I'm so confused at this, like yeah bio vaginas have discharge and blood, but not a "rainbow of fluids" and discharge isn't so heavy it destroys everything you sit on for 8 months straight. I don't understand what this person thinks vaginas are.

Anonymous 83526


>be me
>bouncing baby tgirl
>42 years old, but regress to 3 years old to cope with this transphobic world
>have to go to work as game dev
>3 year olds cant drive
>bus is crowded
>luckily find a seat
>listen to sissy hypno asmr while waiting for stop
>”excuse me”
>what the fuck
>take off headphones
>some old lady is trying to talk to me
>”excuse me young man, my legs aren’t what they used to be, would you mind letting me have your seat”
>young man
>suddenly filled with rage at this hag
>how DARE she
>get up, pull down pampers, revealing my beautiful neovagina
>prepare myself spread eagle on bus seat
>other passengers visible confused, but none dare to stop me
>projectile squirt my lady fluids into evil witch’s eyes
>other passengers let out shrieks of what I assume to be awe as my home brewed mixture of pus, blood, and seminal fluid blind the foul crone
>she falls to the ground in pain
>everyone on bus has been shocked into silence at my great feat
>I did it
>I ended transphobia

Anonymous 83532

You now realize that shitty men "became" women so they could harass real women without consequences.

Anonymous 83534

Ugh. Imagine changing in the locker room and one of these gals skips out of the shower with a snail trail between the legs.

Anonymous 83593

>or are you saying all the women who complain about how misogynistic porn is are secretly coomers since they'd have to have seen it to know
No that's not what I was saying, you don't have to watch porn to know that it's incredibly disgusting in every way.
t. never watched porn and got my brother to stop watching porn as well.

Anonymous 83594


Anonymous 83596


This is the funniest thing I read all day, thank you for posting this masterpiece.

Anonymous 83597

wtf. does he think periods actually leak over bus seats…. jesus

Anonymous 83601



Anonymous 83603


maximum lel

Anonymous 83611

The mileage this is gonna get on /tttt/

Anonymous 83612

Only a man could harass working class people and get away with it.

Anonymous 83613

It's Art

Anonymous 83624

Here's a deconstruction someone did on that video, https://youtu.be/lfEnVCXe6VI

Anonymous 83625

We turfs should start calling troons who act up in public Karens. They're the ones who use the Karen meme more than anyone to describe women that don't suck their girldicks, it would be funny to throw it back at them.

Anonymous 83626

They'd like it, Karen is a women's name. The male equivalent of Karen would be better

Anonymous 83627

It will just end up as a dumb, forced meme like CHUD probably. Then again just the fact that it's specifically targeted at trannies might ruffle some feathers

Anonymous 83635


>We turfs should start calling troons who act up in public Karens.
I just call them sir and leave it at that. As bad as a Karen can be, they're still women at the end of the day. It's best to remind trannies that they will never be women.

Anonymous 83639

I'm starting to think some of you gyns are more TE than RF

Anonymous 83640

Most people don't read theory. Doesn't usually matter in most cases because fuck trannies but it can be annoying when someone has a dumb take that's only a thing because they don't read

Anonymous 83642

>trying to suck water from a cactus
kek. cacti are literally full of water. wtf is this metaphor supposed to mean.

Anonymous 83643

based miku.
did this troon actually squirt his neovag blood into an old lady's eyes? I looked him up and couldnt find any info about it. all i found is his tumblr.

Anonymous 83644

anon I'm pretty sure that greentext was a joke

Anonymous 83645

No it's real I was there

Anonymous 83683


I probably shouldn't be in this thread when eating dinner.

Anonymous 83695

Yeah it happened I was the bus seat

Anonymous 83712


Fuck me forgot to actually spoiler it

Anonymous 83717

>that freaking hairline
At least he went to the right bathroom.

Anonymous 83719

This isn't the first time I've seen a mtf call estrogen 'bimbo juice' like… ew

Anonymous 83720

Gross. Really gives you a glimpse into how these hypersexualized freaks see women.

Anonymous 83721


They use moidcel terminology like this all the time and nobody bats an eye. It's mindboggling.

Anonymous 83722

Trannies are just regular moids using a loophole that allows them to be shitty to women with no consequences.

Anonymous 83724

They're obviously mentally ill, not regular moids. Of course where never going to get solid research into why exactly people troon out / develop gender-dysphoria though. Maybe research into other forms of dysphoria can be extrapolated to troons?

Anonymous 83726

I just meant they see and treat women the same way as regular moids. But yeah, they're fucked in the head. I've heard their brains are all messed up because of the chemicals and plastics in everything. Popular culture also enables it by celebrating them.

Anonymous 83731


You girls forget the actual non mentally-ill TIMs who's goal is to break down, infiltrate,steal positions away, stop organization, and feel speshul in female spaces.

Anonymous 83733

>TIMs who's goal is to break down, infiltrate,steal positions away, stop organization, and feel speshul in female spaces.
That sounds pretty mentally ill to me. Sure, cis moids do the same thing but they don't put on a dress to do it.

Anonymous 83734


Just realized you were probably being ironic… sorry please ignore me I'm autistic.

Anonymous 83738

A scrote

Anonymous 83747

Male humanoid organism

Anonymous 83751

That is a literal troll. That is a creature who lives under a bridge and eats goats.

Anonymous 83781

Please don't put me off goat meat

Anonymous 83799

A miserable little pile of secrets

Anonymous 83802


can you believe it's female… imagine destroying yourself this much, girls…

Anonymous 83917


Anonymous 83939


Anonymous 83940

Thanks, will spam this everywhere

Anonymous 83945

What is wrong with Americans, exactly? Is it cultural or genetic? I would have said cultural but they do carry the genes of witch-hunters, slavedrivers and McCarthyists afterall

Anonymous 83949


Anonymous 83950

>hari nef

generous tbh

Anonymous 83951


Anonymous 83952


Go back !

Anonymous 83954

What does this image mean…

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