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How to deal with revulsion towards males? Anonymous 103346

I'm now in my 30s. Not much has changed. Does anyone else experience the same problem?

In your 30s your supposed to stop thinking they're worthless and stop generalizing. But I never feel better about them either. Stalking really ruined my perception of men and not sure what to do with this feeling. Where do you put it when you're older? It has no place to go. I'm really unforgiving and disgusted at them when I really consider them, and what I genuinely think of them. What even is the solution to that ?

My revulsion consumes me when I really acknowledge how I feel about them, so usually I do NOT think about them, or anything at all. Usually I pay attention to other things. I put it in the back of my mind and try to live apart. But I also honestly live for the satisfaction of living completely apart.

But it doesn't feel right to just put it aside and fester either. I don't even know how I live frankly. I mean it's unbelievable. Shocking, living in a world where if your really honest with yourself, you want to exist nowhere.

Pretty much summarizes my whole existence. Most of the world is disgusting to me and I don't want to think too deeply about any of it or I'll probably have a mental crisis. I want to pretend like I'm not here at all. I work nights, I go home, I'm gone, everything's gone.

I mean it beats being angry all the time. When I'm truly honest with myself i'm still really fucking FURIOUS about how my mind was fucked with, though. It's def still festering in the back of my mind. Just what are you supposed to do with this ? Therapy is a joke, it never changes any of this.

Anonymous 103355

coco listens in.pn…

If the world upsets you, dive into fantasy instead. It isn't healthy, but nothing is healthy these days.

Anonymous 103362

Based pegasister

Anonymous 103369

What have they done to you to cause such strong feelings of revulsion? I used to hate moids for playing with me while laughing behind my back and consequentially retreated from the world to my happyplaces but talking to my bigger brother about our fucked up puberty really helped me understand that all of them are just insecury little shits that desperatly need to cope with not being able/allowed to show any kind of vulnerability or feeling. They are weak, scared and alone. They are not allowed to show this within their peer group without loosing their social prestige. When I see moids showing off in social media nowadays, I just feel sorry for them and I used to have a huge inferiority complex towards them

Anonymous 103375

Stalked blackmailed poisoned everything at different times throughout my life, destroyed my mind when I was young. No matter how insecure they are they're fucking born filth. They poison and destroy everything they touch in some way and then lie to your face about every concievable thing. Pretend like they aren't insufferable. Would honestly be heaven to set some on fire with gasoline. When I'm really honest with myself it would be fucking priceless.

Anonymous 103376

you seem to be done with moids but I need to believe that change is possible and that in a diffrent society we all could be less miserable. But I wont be able to change your mind scum sister. Brun em down if it helps you

Anonymous 105927

>all of them are just insecury little shits that desperatly need to cope with not being able/allowed to show any kind of vulnerability or feeling. They are weak, scared and alone. They are not allowed to show this within their peer group without loosing their social prestige.
This is cope. But it has been shown that in absence of actual male authority, as happens with age-grouped education and functionally absent fathers, they will gravitate towards the biggest douchebag in their group, and pretend being one for approval.
Based schizo.

Anonymous 105937

I'm pretty sure the boys she went to elementary school with didn't mass rape anyone.

Anonymous 105938

You should understand that group identity is complete garbage and our brains are not wired properly to let you both identify strongly with or against a group and be non-biased towards it. You will cherry-pick, you will generalize, you will ignore or shrug off any counter-examples, you will whatabout, you will paint yourself or your chosen group as a victim at any given opportunity. It's like a drug.
It doesn't even matter which groups we're talking about. Gender, race, nationality, even fandoms. You have to realize that viewing moids exclusively through the moid prism, rots your brain the same way identifying as white and viewing everything through the prism of race rots the brains of nazis.

The worst part is that it doesn't even matter whether the group you're in favor of is truly oppressed or not. Get into the rabbit hole enough, and you'll be just as bad or pathetic as your oppressors.

The only real solution is to go out and see decent people and judge each of them individually for who they are, as opposed to treating them like group-based strawmen concocted by the misanthropic bubble of your choosing.

Anonymous 106018

Why did stalking ruin your perception of them? I find when I'm actually around them I'm usually disgusted and disappointed but when I've been isolated for a while I like fantasizing about abstract masculine features (the width of their shoulders, the way their torsos taper towards their hips, the depth of their voice, the look of an adam's apple, the vascularity of their hands, their browline etc.) and they strike me as very appealing. The fantasy is always better than the reality though - actual men are usually considerably ugly and smell bad. I teach at a college and most of my students are male and I feel nauseous looking at them. When I think back to one of my exes I recall how he balded over the years I knew him and in conjunction with his garish, overly masculine features I cringe.

Heterosexuality is so disturbing - you're simultaneously attracted to the thing that strikes you as sort of disgusting (and no I don't mean just morally disgusting - I mean literally disgusting). It's like being fascinated by a bloody wound.

Anonymous 106019

okay but why do they love lying so much? Every relationship I've had with a moid was imploded by their lies. They seem to consistently be good at 'compartmentalization' - no wonder psychopaths are overrepresented in their demographic. It's remarkable we just let these biologically dangerous people wander around in free society and openly interact with them as if they're moral equals who aren't capable of mentally and physically destroying us at the drop of a hat. It's even more remarkable that we continually extend them second chances and remain open to extremely vulnerable relationships with them because…they're tall and have nice hands???

Anonymous 106020


Anonymous 106024

1 0BTnHWhvgIuY1apT…

>I mean literally disgusting
I mean… the whole idea behind inserting genitalia, the violation, and exchanging bodily fluids sounds extremely disgusting to me. Nature is messed up!

I think I'm a compulsive liar and I honestly think lying is very interesting, lol. People lie all the time, and sometimes they don't even know they're lying, but there's surely a gendered pattern when it comes to the motivation. Women lie to mostly avoid conflict, to protect themselves or usually to avoid hurting others and making them feel bad, but in case of moids, they mostly do it to preserve their fragile egos. It's mainly about them.

Anonymous 106029

>I mean… the whole idea behind inserting genitalia, the violation, and exchanging bodily fluids sounds extremely disgusting to me. Nature is messed up!

For sure. I hate kissing - I always have. I especially hate open mouth kisses. Everyone I've dated has basically whined and complained in response to my reluctance to open mouth kiss so I relent a bit and they shove their fat male tongues in my mouth and it's repulsive. I'm also a bit tongue tied so I can't really stick my tongue out much so it really does just feel like someone's assaulting my mouth. I can handle exchanging genital fluids because at least they aren't near my face but my god kissing is truly vile.

Anonymous 106034

… directed by a rapist pedophile scrote who skipped jail and is celebrated in film festivals.

Anonymous 106037

There's actually a thread about this at >>>/b/256370 about this.

I don't know actually. It's just my personal opinion, and I find it icky to watch a movie about sexual trauma made by a rapist, and I don't really mind if someone enjoys it, and some wouldn't even know or care about Polanski's history.
There's even a meme about Repulsion that it's a movie that has no director, and some even joke that it's directed by Deneuve herself to completely Stalinize Polanski's involvement in it.

Anonymous 106042

I still don't know what to make out of the art and artist thing and this Polanski situation is weirdly complicated with the victim coming forward and saying that she didn't care being drugged and raped which makes the whole thing creepy. I always get upset and start ruminating about all this every time I see some vile scrote creating something that I initially liked, lol. I also thought Chinatown and Pianist were honestly good movies, but it was before I knew about him.

Anonymous 107567

But they are a repulsive sadistic tyrannical abusers

Anonymous 108360


I'd like men a lot more if they had hooves because they'd be way nicer and you could feed them hay.

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