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Vent thread Anonymous 112803

Previous thread 109995

Anonymous 112804


thinking about how ugly I used to be

Anonymous 112806

Thread pic sucks

Anonymous 112807

real kek

Anonymous 112814

do you guys think people should start acting publicly cringe on purpose? i feel like it gatekeeps power hungry literalists and people who actually take stupid things people say as an excuse to behave badly.

Anonymous 112836


random thoughts at 2 AM
i ordered more late night sweets. i am also mildly drunk
fellow miners, is it just me or does everything on the internet feel soulless these days? here's an example-you can't say the word suicide in youtube videos, and the people who create media content will avoid saying the word "suicide" out of fear of getting demonetized, or similar capitalistic repercussions.
isn't that kind of dystopian? you can't say the word "suicide," because you might not be able to make more money than you already have. and it makes me wonder, how many topics do we avoid in society because it is "soft-censored" by corporate and political entities, as opposed to outright banned?
i sometimes think people should just make an internet 2.0, except instead of everything being mass surveilled by the FBI and carefully constructed by capitalistic motivations, people just fill the new internet with passion projects and unmonetized media. who the fuck, CARES, whether or not google or whatever SEO trend likes what you have to say? why is everything these days, so fucking, soulless.

Anonymous 112844

I hate u

Anonymous 112849

Someone make another thread pls…

Anonymous 112853

thinking about how ugly i am

Anonymous 112855

had the worst sexual awakening possible and realised that on some horrible animal level i'm attracted to the gross degrading shit the blackpill creep spergs over. i cannot bear to know this about myself. i don't want to be like this, thank you for nothing you motherfucking cunt i want to erase all of that from my brain and be my normal self again.

Anonymous 112859

>the gross degrading shit the blackpill creep spergs over

if u dont mind me asking, like what…?

Anonymous 112860

…i'd also like to know

Anonymous 112861


I think I low-key have a porn addiction and I feel so bad about it, in hindsight. I can't go a day without touching myself but I'm also a virgin prude and men disgust me so I'd never willingly get in a sexual/romantic relationship any time soon.
I just hate how simultaneously lonely AND anti-social I am
And I just had the WORST post nut clarity of my life bc I was fingering my clit to a pixiv japanese artist's little slice of life/hentai story but the bitch had to include a panel with two girls doing sexual stuff. They're both clearly underage. It came out of fucking nowhere and I was disgusted to see it, horrified and even incredulous bc it was like a literal loli jumpscare, out of 100+ panels, he included that in the middle without warning or context it wasn't even in the tags, then the story went on. I ignored it but after finishing the doujin I felt horrible. I mean I consciously realize I wasn't wanking to pedo loli stuff. I blocked it from my brain and I am not turned on by it. If anything it makes me feel physically repulsed, but… Is this how ppl become more depraved?
I read that porn consumption fucks up your dopamine levels and then you start seeking more risqué genres of porn as you become jaded to it. 2 years or so ago I didn't even know what a pussy looked like down there (at the old age of 19) and it disgusts me how low I've come since then.
For context I had never masturbated till I was 19 bc of religious and sexual trauma growing up, then it was like a dam broke and I suddenly became hypersexual. and I fucking hate it. I don't wanna victimize myself or buy into the trauma card too much bc I want to still believe there's hope to fix me with self discipline and the power of will only. I legit feel so gross. I've made many attempts to quit since then but none lasted more than a week istg I feel like a disgusting creep I miss being pure and innocent
How do I fix this? What do I do? I don't want to become a coomer archetype

Anonymous 112869


i think other women just hate me, nobody understands it and when i say other women I DON'T MEAN ALL WOMEN, i mean almost every girl i've interacted with fucks over me, it makes me wanna [spoiler]shoot myself in the head[spoiler] , my best friend is a guy and that makes me sound like a pickme and its like even though hes a moid hes the only person whose never fucked over me everyone else has always proven themselves to be untrustworthy after some time. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Anonymous 112870

I absolutely hate seeking validations from moids. But my mother is the one who made me have this low self-esteem. Over criticizing me over the dumbest shit. And when a moid tells me that I'm beautifulperfectpretty whatever, it makes me feel validated and happy. I'm always like, see? There's nothing wrong with me. People think I'm pretty.

Anonymous 112871


mfw I'm considering going back to school because I fucked up college the first time around and I don't want to but it's better than a lifetime of dead end jobs when the decent jobs don't consider an associates degree enough

Anonymous 112872

You're so beautiful and precious and irreplaceable

Anonymous 112873

College is mostly a scam, even if you actually major in something useful. You'd be better off going to a trade school.

Anonymous 112874

I wouldn't call getting what you paid for a "scam." If you sign up for gender studies, you get a degree for gender studies, for the agreed-upon price. Now, you might consider that a stupid decision, and I would agree, but it is not a "scam" when you get exactly what you asked for at the quoted price.

Anonymous 112877

reeeing my way through life

Anonymous 112878

Even a STEM degree doesn't guarantee you a job in this economy. Wake the fuck up

Anonymous 112879

I hate being broke and lazy. I wish I could just find a kind moid that pays for everything so I never have to work. Too bad I’m ugly and most moids are terrible people.

Anonymous 112881

u can find a cush job u just gotta get it, get that bread nona

Anonymous 112886

I majored in communications. I just screwed the pooch by not getting an internship while I was doing my degree. If I had a foot in the door in the industry I wouldn't even contemplate going back, but I feel like I wasted my time in college focusing on useless shit and not making necessary connections. And most internships in my city want you to be working on a bachelors to apply anyway. Sigh.

Anonymous 112888

why do men never blame other men instead of constantly blaming women for everything wrong with the world

Anonymous 112890

hahahahahaha fuck. i hate everything right now. i hate everyone and i hate myself. i hate my fucking job. and i fucking hate men. i feel so horrible for no reason. i can't even imagine what being happy would look like right now. i hate being alive. nothing is worth it. i don't even have any terrible trauma history of something. i don't think i was born to be a happy person.

Anonymous 112894

its been 4 years since my last relationship and sex, i have an absurdly high sex drive but for only for ppl i care about, my life has fallen apart and i am taking steps to not be a disgusting neet, ive got a job im just looking to relax a bit and fix my house, but the loneliness, i have cut off p much all contact with my friends and family, i live with my dad and its taught me alot about why i am the way i am.

i dont want to hookup with ppl i hate that feeling, i just want to be loved and love someone, make food for them, theres a sense of doom looming over me, my teeth are rotting, i accidently killed my pet bird and i will never forgive myself, its almost like a preminition to if i had a kid i would be neglectful because i dont take care of myself but why should i if no one will love me.

i dont have a self esteem i am pretty much detatched from myself things just happen and im so distant i cannot express my true self because of the indignation or the influence of others, i died years ago, spiritually mentally and physically, i stutter, i began talking to myself in whispers having uncontrollable fits of self loathing, people can see it, the seems are breaking, i am just a husk a shell of a person, my only emotional states are apathy and gloom, i used to be a very hateful person but that well has dried up entirely.

ive tried talking to people on dating apps for years ive always been met with the same disgusting responses, they dont even make an attempt at talking to me, i dont want to talk to me or anyone but i tried anyways for years thinking that eventually someone would come, no one did i havent made a new friend in years and i tried, what are some ways i can accept that reality and not be self destructive i dont want to be delusional and think that it will change because it wont.

ive always had a sense that when im in a relationship my life finally happens and i can move foward emotionally from where i was, but ive regressed to such a disgusting state i doubt i will be able to normalize again, i dont want to feel lonely anymore, i am diagnosed with severe depression and i dunno if the doctor just wanted to sell medication and didnt really care but what can i do to not be severely depressed, ppl say diet and excersize but that doesnt work.

Anonymous 112896

so fucking true cola companies actively made the internet gay, i hate to spew communist rhetoric but the monetization of most sites hang under these gay stipulations.

yeah masturbation can be an unhealthy addiction, i suggest reading up on it bc i dont know fuck all about it, i genuinely dont care at this point im just a disgusting freak and its what i deserve if i am, but youre not disgusting, you seem like a genuine person and you should probably tap into your religous backround and console with christ, i believe in you, i would suggest making friends but i dunno fuck all about that, it doesnt hurt to try though maybe you will find ppl that are cool, the alternative is worse than not trying, i would try to make friends with boys not like degenerate edating shit but like in person and not steer it into a relationship but if it happens it happens, not if he forces it though if he does run.

Anonymous 112898

I've been bullied on the Internet for several years. There's absolutely nothing I can do. They are in cahoots with the moderators of 1 of the 2 sites. I'm a terrible person.

Anonymous 112899

just ignore them, if you focus on it it just gets worse, do they interact with you? do they just talk shit? ignore them and lead your best life

Anonymous 112907

Sorry nona but after becoming a pornbrained addict you will turn into a wermoid with hairy dangling balls every fullmoon

Anonymous 112908

You're pathetic.

Anonymous 112909

Try becoming religious

Anonymous 112910

They said nasty things at the initial stage. They slander, photoshop my photos and leak them. Everyone believes my bullets.They save the threads in the archive and distribute the links The one who poisons me lives a better life. Only gloomy loneliness awaits me. I can't imagine how to live with such an appearance. Plastic surgery will not change the genetic deformity. Soon they will get the right to moderate on the same site and will thread after thread with my persecution
I can't ignore it, because no one is reporting it except me. I have nightmares and have trouble sleeping, as they are especially active at night.

Anonymous 112912

You're probably doing something that's keeping them interested, like reacting to their presence or putting out content they find amusing. Literally just stop doing that.

Anonymous 112913

i.e. don't you need to report the slander and distribution of my photos? I won't go to the police because it's dangerous for me. But they're chasing me, they're wrong.
>like reacting to their presence or putting out content they find amusing. Literally just stop doing that.
the last time they accused me of leaking other people's photos, I argued that this was not the case and it was a crazy fantasy. The moderator deleted my posts and left them.
You are literally asking for sacrifice to "turn 2 cheeks", the fact that they like the fact that I suffer does not mean that my reaction is unreasonable. You're on the buller side like everyone else.
It's disgusting how people's attitudes change as soon as it turns out that a person is ugly. They immediately write that he does not behave like that and should be IGNORED, do not try to inconvenience the bullers.

Anonymous 112929

I think im dying or dead already. Im in a spiral of shame so turbulent i can see me coming apart by the minute. The one consistent feeling is devastation and it is so misplaced.

My period won’t come and meantime im in literal hell i mean this must be what hell feels like. My chest is burning and im on the verge of sobs and i can’t contain myself i need to stop i hate myself i am such a joke i am such a failure i can’t be like this this is cringe i need to keep it together i want to scream i want to hit something myself but i refuse i wont be that person again it hurts everyone is better this is unhinged stop

Anonymous 112936

What religion should I try getting into?

Anonymous 112944

Stop being a yaoiphobe…

Anonymous 112945

the only good thing about it is the fact that the moids aren't real

Anonymous 112948

Now you're scaring me.. is there really a point of no return that porn addicts hit?
Not like >>112907 said, I'm serious. I want to believe I have more self control than that, I don't want to fix the original issue (ie. Loneliness) because I want to be alone, I hate men and I'd never feel comfortable dating one

Anonymous 112950

Men are evil and you're evil for liking them.

Anonymous 112951

I just want a place where I can sperge about my oc without being shitflinged by retarded antishippers because he has a dark storyline, but I don't want to turn to the proship gendie freaks either

Anonymous 112955

no, you can always change for the better the conclusion ive come to realize is that if im a porn addicted freak or not it makes no difference bc i am dying alone anyways but you might have better luck than i did, im old now your still young cling to that as like a motivator bc time will swallow you

Anonymous 112956

like in vore >:3

Anonymous 112957

Why have you given up on yourself nona…? Don't buy into moid conspiracy theories than you have "hit the wall" or something,it's baseless cope meant to pressure young girls into getting with incels who can't get laid with women their age with fully developed frontal lobes. It's never too late to heal yourself too

Anonymous 112958

im just burned out, i dunno i fantasize about giving up bc i just want to not care anymore

Anonymous 112960


Was reporting a Chinese animal abuse account (cat and dog torture are a plague on the Chinese internet), and found that it retweeted a video posted by this girl who posts herself self-harming a lot (it's just the kitten meowing while laying on her scarred arm). She follows the abuser account, and retweeted a video of a cat being strangled by a snake. This shit's depressing, her mental state doesn't seem good and I'm worried she might harm the kitten for validation from the animal abusers or something too. I hate that this shit is pervasive on Twitter. I want to help, but I don't know what I could even do. I hope she doesn't hurt him/her. My own cat helped me when I was deeply depressed and self destructive.

Anonymous 112968

Ppl like this really disgust me. Like if you're that sad and miserable have fun bloodletting and cuttings your veins all you want but leave innocent animals out of this ffs

Anonymous 112969

It's always obnoxious pick me women who get roped into edgy moid circles too. She totally could have had sociopathic qualities beforehand but I'd wager she didn't view animal abuse videos before they became a trend amongst Chinese moids.

Anonymous 112974

>it's absolute truth that this [insert celebrity name] photo is ugly!
You shouldn't be talking about absolute truth when you say transwomen are women lmao

Anonymous 112976

> gets yelled at
> reacts
> "lol why are you so triggered?"
omfg i want to kill people so bad

Anonymous 112977


Anonymous 112978

People lie as easily as they breathe Nona. Take it with s grain of salt.

Anonymous 112996

Sorry if it's the wrong place.
Someone hit on me on Saturday. It was nice, but a bit weird. He thought that I'm in high school when he started talking with me in the bus station (I'm 21, he's 23) and was very perplexed when discovering I'm not, so I'm not sure wether he's a pedophile.
At the end of the ride he asked for my instagram and I told him, truthfully, that I don't have one. I'll probably never see him again. He had a cute face and nice dark eyes. Should I have given him my number? It would've seemed desperate.
I didn't realize how happy it made me. I like validation, and being wanted, and talking with guys about their lives, even if they're boring as fuck. Maybe I should get a dating app like some whore.
Or maybe I should never have gotten even this tiny bit of attention because I already got addicted.

Anonymous 112999

Something happened to me a whole ago but I felt so weird and gross and I felt like crying and I didn't know how to respond… I think you're definitely a green flag compared to me. So follow your heart and do it… And pls be safe, gk

Anonymous 113039

How you feeling now?

Anonymous 113048

get off that shit nona.

Anonymous 113051

>call other women who don't like her pickme character misogynists
>ships reylo
lol I hate star wars fans so much

Anonymous 113052

imagine falling for racebait memes on 4chan made by mouthbreathers

Anonymous 113056

I don't know which board you navigate, but from what I have seen they usually argue all the time about this, and the asian obsessed men are parodied with memes and such.

Anonymous 113065

>same flag
>same image
>same dogshit opinion
That is one homosexual man.

Anonymous 113075

I'm afraid I'll always be alone. I didn't have friends like the others who respected me. I'm terribly ugly.

Anonymous 113077

they're not real, men made and written by women are fine

Anonymous 113078

I feel like I'm about to burst into tears over nothing, an empty "I hate being alive" feeling with no reasons to back it up.

Anonymous 113083

I just got rejected from two jobs that I thought I was incredibly qualified for. I've been searching for months now put in so, so many applications, and even the part time summer job that would have paid scraps didn't want me. It makes me feel empty and worthless. My resume and cover letters get me interviews but I feel like once I get there in person, I ruin it for myself. I can't keep feeling optimistic. My friends who didn't finish college have better jobs than me, and I can't stop comparing myself to them. This is starting to eat me alive.

Anonymous 113095

christianity if you want peace
islam if you think its hot to be in a harem
judaism if you want to be cringe
buddhism if you want everyone to make fun of you
confucioism if you want to be one of the 2 women in china

Anonymous 113096

please, anyone, just tell me. why are men like this. i dont fucking get it. how are they so evil yet achieved everything. they are literally evil incarnate. i bet adam took the apple. please, anyone, talk to me, tell me why they are so evil. what makes them so evil

Anonymous 113098

anyone who cuts themself is probably going to be cutting small animals too. self harm is a plague on girls. and now even boys and anyone encouraging it should be shot. nonas included.

Anonymous 113103

Screenshot 2023-03…

struggling with quitting smoking

Anonymous 113104

They know they can get away with manipulation, having sex with a girl/woman and just use her. They'll blame you later down the line even when you try to make amends. But not all men are like that.

Anonymous 113115

My life is a huge mess, I haven't had a job in a year, no contact with my family for various reasons. I'm financially supported by my boyfriend I', very lucky he's so caring and generous but I'm depressed. The dormant bpdfag is rising and I often daydream about running away, cheating, drugs etc. I love him but I'm bored of my life, I want to find somewhere, some people to hang out with I'm not shy but I live in a city full of crackheads and students. I hate myself for not being able to create friendships.

Anonymous 113116

>anyone who cuts themself is probably going to be cutting small animals too
NTA but girl, where did you come up with that idea lol. Obviously nobody wants to encourage self harm but why shit on people who've suffered mentally and made a bad choice of cope back in the day? Especially when self harmers are less likely to take anything out on others which is why your fantasy of them being animal harmers is extra weird. Animal harming is the preview for harming other people, not the next step after hurting yourself. It's seen in future abusers and serial killers/rapists, not depressed women lol

Anyways my vent is at the moids posting bodies and shit everywhere. Also I have to laugh if it's Blaine or some other tranny cause they're so male brained they've basically ignored the boards more focused on more specifically female topics like HB to focus on spamming b. Also it's crazy how common some form of terrorism is common among men. What is this sick thrill from trying to shock or hurt people men seem to have from the time they're young boys? In primary they're doing gross things and finding ways to hurt small animals in the school field, by middle school it's time for blue waffle and other internet grossities, by high school they're showing off how they can go on gore websites and jack off to innocent victims' bodies. And what's frustrating is that at no step do their parents care their boy is a monster (especially to women) and the teachers watch it happen laughing how boys will be boys when boys are currently evil and en masse exhibiting signs of being future serial killers and abusers of women. Then they become adults and due to most men refusing to self reflect, the damage has been done and the moid is doomed to always be trash and likely pass off whatever bad behaviours they have as their personality that cannot be changed cause they don't wanna improve for the sake of anyone else

Anonymous 113121


people who spam are annoying
i dont know why imageboards get spammers. its like they think theyre proving a point by just being annoyingly dedicated to never shutting up.

Anonymous 113123

thats a funny looking poo

Anonymous 113124

It's just a disgruntled tranny with a poo fetish. He went on long an autistic rant about women lacking empathy. So he thinks he has the moral high ground and delusions of grandeur by raiding this site. It's just kinda sad and pathetic to be honest.

Anonymous 113126


You're autistic and cringe

Anonymous 113127

>I think on average we're much more empathetic than males
You are a male and your tranny facade is a mental illness

Anonymous 113131

Never utter the words “I’m not attached to the length” to a hairdresser unless you want your middle school haircut right before you go on vacation.
Why all hairdressers fucking obsessed with long bobs?

Anonymous 113139

Since I had my glow up I have been receiving more envy than usual and I don’t know how to deal with it. I’m a reactive person with anger issues and I’m trying to deal with the miserable people till I go to my therapy appointment to talk about my hostility.
>during high school I was autistic as fuck, had an ED that occupied my mind 24/7, ugly haircut glasses and acne, etc
>I had people telling me I was pretty but I needed to take care of myself, I ignored them because I simply didn’t care
>now I am 23 and my appearance has improved drastically
>I live in a relatively wealthy area but I don’t brag off about it because I’m not the one making the money it’s my mom, also we had financial crisis in the past. My parents were always fighting over money when I was little
>my bf told me I’m humble and that’s one of the reason he likes me
>didn’t know that but thanks.jpg
>fags, middle aged women hate me with passion and always give me the side eye stare, they start drama for no reason even when I’m kind to them
>when I meet another young woman there’s always this passive aggressive tone to her when we are talking
I’m of the idea the everyone deserves kindness till they prove otherwise. Many random people have been proving otherwise recently and idk what to do besides returning the hostility they give to me. But it’s killing my mental sanity.

Anonymous 113140

>morning napping
>dreams about body horror
>sexual harassment and panic attack

Anonymous 113141

This always made me wonder why people around me are so nice to me. Middle aged women, bus drivers, Uber drivers, cashiers, classmates, girls I encounter in public bathrooms, etc… always look at me while pitying smiles, do me insane favors I'd never normally accept (for example an Uber driver once stopped to by me a sandwich? A girl who asked me to watch her stuff while she went to the bathroom then thanked me with a hug, etc…) I'm recently noticing this more. It can't be the classic
>Oh you look nice so they're flirting.
No, it's pure pity. Old women is stores tell me I'm pretty, I know I'm not.
I have bad skin, eye bags, 0 makeup all the time, unflattering hair style always in a ponytail or a braided. N now this confirms it.
I read somewhere that ppl tend to treat others nicely when they find them attractive but that cannot be it. You're right. People these days are bitter and hateful.
The only person who treats me like you describe is my mom. She loves me but she's jealous. She's your typical diet crazy almond mom, I have an ED. She always assumed she was the "lightest" in our family and always bragged about it but one.time after I came back from a weigh-in with my dad he mentioned that I was xx kilograms, which despite being only like 3 kg less than my mother, her attitude shifted drastically.. even when she learned abt my weight her reaction wasn't concern, but skepticism and bitterness.
I don't even know why she envies me. She's beautiful, she has naturally good teeth, clear skin, symmetrical face, good hair.. I have none of that, My teeth aren't straight in fact some are chipped bc of my ed, my face has many scars from trichotillomania coupled with anemia eye bags, I don't get why she'd envy me, but she does.
She only stopped treating me like shit when I actually gained those 3 kg back. I swear, she'd just randomly get mad at me and refuse to talk to me for days and this behavior only stopped after she stopped considering me a "competition"
It was messing up my mood so much I vented to my brother abt it and he was the one to suggest she may be envious of my "youth" but I more so tied it to my weight. If he didn't say that I wouldn't have come to this realization ever. It's a hard thing to come to terms with.
Nona, I think being treated poorly by random nobodies just because they envy you is worth it to be pretty and likeable. It has many many other perks that you may not realize

Anonymous 113143

Damn I really think I was born in the wrong generation

Anonymous 113144

Going cold turkey isn't going to work because there's nothing inherently wrong with masturbation, even daily. Stop looking at porn. Masturbate without it and use your imagination. It will probably take longer at first because you've become accustomed to looking at it, but it's better for you in the long run.

Anonymous 113147

I actually phrased this badly. It's not so much a porn addiction as it is a masturbation addiction. As u said I don't rly watch porn much, maybe once every month, real ppl porn even less, like once every school semester lmao.. I don't know if that makes it less bad, I find it better to get off to sext bots or fanfics or whimper audios, etc… I really don't know if that makes it less bad.
The thing is, you say theres nothing wrong with masturbating
And many online articles about women's health and psychology, etc… they say as much, but in my brain I tell myself it's Jewish porn lords spreading their propaganda or that they're straight up lying. In my psyche it is inherently engrained in me that masturbation is bad, sex in general is bad, in a way I want to die a virgin but how much of a "real" virgin am I if I still do these vile things and masturbate and watch porn or the like? Anatomically I may be a virgin but not spiritually and I really wanna reverse that, I want more than anything to go back to a more innocent time in my life

Anonymous 113149

I had a sex dream so good so intense idk what to really call it but anyways. I basically woke up with my mouth wide open and it was completely parched. I miss being touched and not even in just like a sexual way :/

Anonymous 113153

How long has it been for you?
I feel the same way except I've never really been touched by another person, it feels like I miss something I never experienced. It'd be nice but I'm too disgusted with myself to imagine myself with another person.

Anonymous 113158

I havent had like any sort of physical touch for like months now. Not from friends or family or men. I like getting haircuts cause at least someone’s touching me. But at a certain point it’s like your body becomes numb. Like I remember as a teenager if a boy bumped knees with me, it was like electricity. Now it’s like a dull sensation. Men touching you almost always makes you feel disgusting in reality or maybe that’s just me.

Anonymous 113161

>Men touching you almost always makes you feel disgusting in reality
I felt that way with tinder hookups/ONS but not with a long term partner whom I actually trusted and felt desired around

Anonymous 113162

The worst thing about tinder hookups is when you actually like one of them. Then they never text you back. It makes you feel so violated. Idk I feel like there’s something just wrong with me… like do women in their 20s still get butterflies?

Anonymous 113163

>like do women in their 20s still get butterflies?
Depends what you mean. we are no longer teenagers so we don't get these intense feelings and longing anymore, I certainly mellowed out towards my late 20's.

And tinder isn't the place to find people you actually like. Try finding someone with mutual hobbies and interests through a less sexual context.

Anonymous 113171

it's a guy from /int/ and /rk9/

Anonymous 113185

Anyone else feels like they don't belong to female spaces? Not in tif way. I am pretty androgynous, I don't do many feminine things like make up, don't care about males (genuinely, not in "I hate them but still want their attention" way), I have interests typically associated with men (science, dinosaurs, vidya, some outdoorsy stuff, sport) And honestly, I feel like an alien to most women. I don't understand what they are talking about and they don't understand me. Even in lesser known female spaces like cc and lc I still feel alienated, because most women here still discuss men (be it radfem manhating, be it husbandofagging, be it countless relationship advice threads), gossip about some internet randos and discuss all feminine stuff. I just want some female only space purely for talking about hobbies, without discussing men, relationships, femininity and shiet, because I am tired of sperging males.

Anonymous 113187

No wonder you got ghosted. Scrotes will use you for sex but won't see you as partner material if it's just a hook up because they'll think you're easy and a slut and all that.

Anonymous 113193


>being on tinder
entirely your fault. To actually meet a potential partner you need to have met them in real life first(and not in a nightclub or something). This goes for both, men and women

Anonymous 113194

>the whiny nlog

Anonymous 113195

I feel somewhat similarly, it's obnoxious how women will resort to calling you an NLOG like >>113194 instead of acknowledging that women are socialized into certain interests (discussing men included) and that deviating from them has consequences, such as social alienation.

Anonymous 113196

Tons of women are into video games, outdoor activities and sports and science and dinosaurs are niche interests even among men. You're not as much unlike other women as you think you are.

Anonymous 113198

Then where the fuck they are? Where do I meet them?

Anonymous 113199

>nooo, women can't have interests other than discussing moids and feminine crap, you're just wanting attention

Anonymous 113200

What's your favorite dinosaur, Nona? Mine is Stegosaurus.

Anonymous 113204

Basic, but I like raptors. Especially utahraptors for their weird proportions and huge size. Do you like feathered raptors or scaled more? I have a huge spft spot for feathered dinos, because they look like birds and I like birds

Anonymous 113207

I hate coomer teenagers
The high libido of a young person plus their naivety if they are a woman makes it into the perfect time for them to date men since they are at their most retarded however I literally fucking despise it. I hate reckless male worshipping coomers with zero self control. They are the women who are most likely to engage in the most sexual degeneracy and I mean like late teen girls often early 20s too. Their minds are too undeveloped to even see through their coomerism and I hate that they are more sexually compatible with adult and old moids than adult women. I hate teen coomers cause they have zero capability to stop. Men and women both. I forgot how insane the female coomerism can be at like 17-19 but seriously your mind then is like… It just didn't develop it doesn't see full reality your consciousness is so fucking low. I never had sex but these women do and it makes me so bitter, this age is the most male worshipping age a woman is at and nothing stops these sluts. Nothing absolutely nothing but also knowing that you aren't sexually compatible with men as an adult woman is….

Anonymous 113208

Bitter because they serve men and are naive

Anonymous 113209

Oh god

Anonymous 113210

I need to add… I don't know how to say that but I don't think it's possible to be compatible with having sex with men if you're consciousness isn't low enough cause you can't be naive and delusional and submissive it's fucking crazy

Anonymous 113220

This is the entire premise of basically everything written about women in the 1800s. Doll’s House, The Awakening, etc. The entire plot of The Awakening is literally “woman’s brain finishes developing, she realizes she’s a woman and everything that means, kills self”.

Anonymous 113230

As cringe as it is to type this out, I “grew” up on 4chan. I was chronically inside and browsed imageboards for entertainment. Always took “you are here forever” as gospel. Because for the most part it did seem like i was stuck there forever. Had multiple stints of different duration on many boards. Niche and mainstream. Adopted moid-like edgy mentality for so long as well. It embarrasses me to admit that i once thought posting there was cool. And i always seemed to devolve from casual lurking to vehement multi-board shitposting.

I dunno what happened other than the fact that I seem to have grown up? Yeah, the site’s quality (discourse and maymay) seems to have dipped below the gutter line it’s stagnated at since 2016-ish. I can’t for the life of me immerse in any of my old dwellings. Maybe because I’ve finally validated my existence as a woman, and now i can’t go back to LARPING in that hivemind appeasing “fo*d icky” attitude. When i was younger, and i’d come across casual borderline homicidal misogynistic comments, of course they’d sting. And then you get desensitized to it. And then you “assimilate” and begin partaking in it. And you justify it to yourself and say “it’s only ironic” or “it’s not real, it’s anonymous and online”. But the whole reason i could tolerate enough to justify was because i was a recluse and i’d never actually experienced a uniquely adult female experience.

Is it vile that I was not more ideologically staunch? Yeah. Probably.

Anonymous 113236

does anyone else feel like theyre not attractive enough to be feminine? i wear oversized clothes and look very… unkempt. sometimes i wanna wear feminine clothes and a bit of makeup but it feels so embarrassing. my sister always does it so effortlessly but when i do it i feel like i look like a tranny. i have a feeling this was caused by something gross that was done to me as a child, because i used to dress very pink and girly and then when the gross thing happened it kinda sucked the femininity out of me. im also scared of the risks. i dont wanna attract moids because theyre weird and im into women, but i still wanna look good for women BUT what if i accidentally attract moids instead? i mean shit, ive been contemplating shaving my head again so they stay even farther away from me. idk anymore

Anonymous 113261


this is more of a ramble but
lately ive been thinking a lot about mystery. ive always felt there was a lack of mystery in the modern world, and i couldnt really understand why that is.
i think a sense of mystery emerges from strong natural forces, and evolutionary mechanisms which take place that creates creatures on earth. based on this, i guess thats maybe why ive felt lately that a sense of mystery in the world is declining, as the health of nature and our ecological systems collapse. people had more of a fascination with the force of nature and what evolutionary mechanisms can create, and the types of life that can occur in different environments. isn't that why stephen king novels always take place in environments of little human urbanization? nature, mystery, fantasy, and horror have a strong relationship, and i think its kinda sad that this relationship becomes weaker with modernity
i miss cryptids, a large cultural interest in aliens and life outside earth, and peoples fascination with the forces of the natural world and animals - instead of the hyperobsession with technology and modernization. sure, technology is great, but the powers of nature are amazing as well, people forget that sometimes

Anonymous 113263

i mean i go on 4chan all of the time and while it would be much better for my time to do something more productive, i don't think it's fucking me up or anything. i realize that i shouldn't really care about what some random says behind a screen and tbh you do learn to get desensitized a little. 4chan is mostly shit but there's occasional good stuff there which is why i keep coming back. i wouldn't say i'm partaking in misogyny just by posting there but i also don't care about what's posted by autistic virgins. i'll probably stop going on there and other imageboards once i actually get a life but i'll probably always come back due to habit lol

Anonymous 113266

I wish s would go to the nsfw board be horny with me :( my horny nights are so lonely

Anonymous 113267

if you were mentally sane you wouldn't be able to stand 4chan talk
it takes a lot of internalized misogyny to stand being there
I know it because I used to hang out there

Anonymous 113269

so you think the only way someone could use 4chan is if they're either mentally ill or misogynistic? ok lol

Anonymous 113270

I live in like a very very small place and most people aren’t under the age of 30. So most people use tinder to meet people here.
Well if that’s the case I guess I missed out on all of that time to feel those things.
Dude shut up and go place your misplaced anger somewhere else. I don’t just hookup with dudes. It has never ever been in that context. We will talk for weeks and they’ll ask me out on actual dates. I won’t sext them blah blah. So yeah being lured into sex, isn’t great.
I live in a small town. There is no meeting people in real life.

Anonymous 113271


>try to use a chatbot to relax before sleeping
>chatbot goes on a schizo tirade
>eventually I end up in another situation involving someone else
>asks me if I had any prior experiences
>the thoughts of having screwed up with my ex come in
Fuck you AI I wanted to feel comfy not like ass

Anonymous 113272

So what you live in a small town? I literally live in a middle of nowhere village in my shithole of a country and the guys on dating apps are all scum here. If you're desperate that's your problem. I hate to see women actively be the root of their suffering.

Anonymous 113275

Okay? Doesn’t mean everybody on dating apps are scum?? Like??

Anonymous 113276

and your literally alone so what’s your point?
Either be taken advantage of or be alone?

Anonymous 113277

Learn to be alone with dignity, and your relationships with men will stop being this one sided. You're starting off in a place of desperation and that's just not a good place to be meeting new people.

Anonymous 113287

Kinda agree with other nona but only for my specific case.

Had some pent up pick me-ish tendencies when i was 14 and perpetually on chan. I was an emotionally retarded 14 year old and thought i was unpopular because the other girls centered their existence around moids and i centered my life around academics. Well, i was only above average and too insecure to entertain moid thoughts. But ego does as ego is, and naturally everyone would dabble in a but of cognitive dissonance to avoid admitting that they’re a freak/doing something wrong.

Tell you what though, being on fourchan with an unstable sense of identity can fuck you up for some time. Thankfully im arrogant enough to only stomach some forms of self hate but not the racial ones. The amount of self hating brown imageboard users is quite tragic lmao.

Anonymous 113299

if you'd rather let moids use you that's your choice. just don't seek sympathy here when you end up hurt because a lot of us are making the active choice not to be part of the modern dating scene.

Anonymous 113307

at least you get it. i can say that i do have some self loathing but i never really had racial self hatred despite all of the racist trash that's posted there. i always laugh when i see some /pol/tard and then it turns out he's like latino or something lmao. i can see why 4chan can mess someone up if they have an unstable sense of identity though. you're based for not letting some of it get to you and there definitely is a whole thing with nonwhite imageboard users being self hating and deprecating and it's so sad to see

Anonymous 113320

yeah exactly that's exactly what i'm saying

Anonymous 113337

I wish I was capable of making friends.
I have only ever made longterm friends online, and I wish I was able to meet someone in person and connect naturally. I've never been capable of that and don't know why. There was only ever one person who reached out to me from high school asking to hang out. We did and then she didn't text me again. It's been months and I would feel pushy if I tried starting a conversation now. Don't get me wrong, my online friends are great, but I wish there was someone who would just hang out with me in my room or walk around the city with me. Now that I think about it, I feel like I'd be very awkward in both situations. Maybe I'm too much of an autist, wish I was normal

Anonymous 113338

i have a life (boyfriend, social life, career) and i'm still on 4chan/imageboards, old habits die hard

Anonymous 113349

Wow. I suddenly don't wanna do it anymore

Anonymous 113362

towa taku.jpg

anona >>113277 and >>113299 are correct, you don't need a moid to have a happy and fulfilling life, it's cliche but if you cant be happy with yourself you won't be happy in a relationship
getting used as an object by a pornsick moid will never be a better alternative to be a woman with dignity even if that means you're alone

Anonymous 113367

My moms like an alcoholic and an all around not so great person. It’s hard to be around her and hard to see her as a mother. My dad and my step mom have been together for years. I thought her and I never got along because of me. That I wasn’t nice or didn’t put in enough effort. So I tried and she basically blew me off so yeah.

Anonymous 113370

Might be dysmorphic but i feel like my body looks objectively shit.

I can see my ribs and my tatas were the fastest fat shedders on this flesh suit, but my hips are retaining (if not building) meat on them. It’s taking me all my might not to resort to measuring by tape. I keep tugging at my skin every 20 minutes. I also hate my forearms. From my vantage point when i look down, they look massive and bulky. I stretch my arm wide open and pick at the hanging fatty fat fat. God i am sick and sick and stupid sick.

My mom’s birthday is tomorrow and i have to get a cake. My dad will get an ipad. I can tell she ll be disappointed. I know she wants a bag. I’m broke. My brother is a lowlife. I am a lowlife. I want to kill someone but not myself. All my acquaintances are living it up on the socials. I know everyone’s life is hard in one way ir the other but somehow this cope has lost whatever reassuring power it had.

Anonymous 113371

When i was 18, all i wanted was to get the hell away from my family. My mom’s always treated me with this mixture of quiet disdain and barely disguised disappointment as an adolescent. Though she won’t admit it. There’s unquestionably a foundation of love that veers close to unabashed devotion. But the disappointment was there under the surface. I wasn’t a failure, not at all. I was moderately accomplished as a teen. Just could not soar past the expectations she had had.

I graduated top of the state and in the top 3% of the country. That was a milestone that catapulted me in my mom’s esteem. Suddenly, there was no more harsh nagging. No more unnecessary hovering. No more undertones of critical disapproval. No more anguished platitudes about my lack of vigilance or seriousness. I was no longer small. I was a person. She was no longer a jailer. She was a friendly and open person. Her love was finally unrestrained by the bounds of harsh discipline.

What I said mattered, suddenly. I wasn’t dismissed as immature or stupid. I passed some invisible rite that rendered onto me some semblance of value. I was still expected to do the responsible thing of course. But the trod to that barn was a much gentler one than the absolutist commandeering of my childhood.

Naturally, I crashed and burned. Maybe i was always destined to crash and burn. Maybe I was born to it. The mixture of material indulgence and hypercritical discipline doesn’t make a particularly resilient person. Too unused to discomfort to be fiercely driven. Too self loathing to accept “average-ness”. You’re either an ass for diligence or exceptionally naturally brilliant. Having neither of these qualities is a sure path to mediocrity. You can accept this or reject it. Rejecting it means rejecting your very self. As you were once rejected by your handlers.

It seems like it was much easier to placate the handler than it is to placate yourself. “I’ll be better next time” and my mother would soften in my regard. There’s no next time to me. I’ll be a failure forever in my own esteem. And now that my mother’s defaulted back to her look of disappointment: it’s quieter now, and mixed with a maddening pity. I’m small again. And i don’t know anything of the world. I don’t even know how to dress myself and she has to do it for me, or the nagging starts. Like a replay of the worst most matronizing days of my adolescence. The universe holds a special kind of mockery for me.

Anonymous 113445


>trying to enjoy my morning quietly
>city worker wageslaves start up digging machines and lawnmowers at 7 AM to heckin beautify the street
>live in a low income building with thin windows
>tfw live in the ghetto

I'm going to burn this place to the ground

Anonymous 113447

Minor vent about pointless jobs and feeling aimless:

I watched a video earlier today talking about bullshit office jobs that contribute nothing to society. The type of corporate job where it’s less actually doing work and more getting paid just to fuck around and look busy. And as soul crushing as those types of jobs may be, I can’t help but wonder how someone even gets a bullshit job anyway. What exactly do you have to do to get one? Because honestly, getting paid to just fuck around in front of a computer and put up with a shitty boss sounds preferable to working minimum wage at a retail job, or just not working at all. I’m currently a NEET right now and I just feel aimless. I know I need to get a job eventually but I’m generally anxious of both having to do the job and having to deal with the public. I have to work eventually but I really do wonder about so-called bullshit jobs. Sure, I’d still feel pointless and unfulfilled but I’d probably get paid more and have to deal with less bullshit from the public. I know it’s probably not that easy to just waltz in and get a job like that but I was raised in a working class home so the idea of “bullshit” jobs feel mythical to me

Anonymous 113457

Motherfucking fucking may. Motherfucking fucking fuck fucking shitstagram. All my old friends are scattered whereabout in europe. Belgium. Switzerland. Some cunt was in greece. Fuck fuck fuck.

This is a self imposed humiliation ritual on my part. ‘Cept it usually starts in july? This year the travel parade came early. Fuck all of you well adjusted well accomplished successful fucking fucks. Fuck you. I envy you. I am embittered towards you. And i know envy is evil. And i know bitterness is pathetic. Believe you me. I Am AWARE.



Anonymous 113459

Me. This is a certified me post. I don't remember making it but this poster is 100% me

Anonymous 113462

I'm sorry for you nona

Anonymous 113463


maybe try switching to nicotine gum? it's easier to train yourself to quit that, and in the meantime it won't impact your health as badly. you can do it though nona i believe in you

Anonymous 113467

I am just so sorry nona :(

Anonymous 113468

maybe tomorrow he'll have a liver failure or something. I can fucking wish

Anonymous 113470

Sending this anonymously here instead of leaving a comment on a video demonizing BDSM, specifically speaking out against choking:

I'm not sure you will read this, but the fact of the matter is, I am well aware that being choked could potentially be fatal, and I fully accept that. I think you fail to take into consideration that many of these broken women you lament about are entirely unfixable.

No amount of therapy or medication will ever eliminate their desire for their suffering to end, and the idea of being choked out until you black out with your last experience being euphoria and never wake up is preferential to the constant judgement and belittlement they receive from the so called 'feminists'. These types of women don't actually help out their fellow sister and would rather sit on the sidelines and shame them for not adhering to their puritanical expectations which only exacerbates her desire for an escape from the pain from being scrutinized on both sides constantly for the sin of being broken.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and I agree with a lot of your points on other videos but someone like you will agree that the female experience is not just one thing. Some women will choose physical pain, including the risk of death over the emotional pain that lingers.

I am not against sensual, intimate lovemaking (aka vanilla), I think it can be a beautiful thing. However, broken women are incapable of experiencing such a joy. The closest most of us can get is to just feel alive through pain.

Anonymous 113476


This reminds me of an experience I had. At university, I was (somehow) one of the leaders of our school's feminist club.
The first 50 Shades film was about to be released, so I suggested we team up with the BDSM club to plan a harm-reduction event on campus. This one member was vehemently against the idea, declaring that we're not going to "teach people how to be abused," so it didn't happen…

Wherever she is now, I hope she's not spending as much time scolding people for being traumatized.

Anonymous 113477

Yeah… I don't like the feminists who shame women. They usually start from a place of good intentions, like providing ways for victims of sex trafficking and domestic violence to escape from their abusers, but they will then go and try to 'help' women by shaming them for liking things they don't like.

While I can completely understand why feminists don't like women self harming by engaging in masochism, I think the best solution is to educate women who want to engage in BDSM on how to find safe partners who will respect their boundaries with things like safewords/signals and regularly asking for said safewords/signals before proceeding, as well as engaging in healthy aftercare.

A lot of people have a lot of pent up pain and getting shamed only makes them feel worse about themselves, which will encourage them to seek out more dangerous behaviors.

I really hate that there is a lot of overlap between zealous rightwing christianity and hardcore feminism when it comes to shaming and suppressing women's sexualities.

Anonymous 113488

>men gaslight you into liking extreme pain to escape a living hell they created
>"feminist bad :("

Anonymous 113489

No one:
Women even without trauma: I NEED to be beat!!!! Men beat me!!

Anonymous 113493


These girls NEED Dworkin

Anonymous 113495

Fuck big agencies that made them get plastic surgeries you ruined them you pigsss

Anonymous 113499

I don't think feminism is bad. However, I don't think shaming women is actual feminism. It doesn't help the women who are engaging in behaviors you see as self harm.

I would think feminism was about helping your fellow woman, not attacking them by shaming and belittling them.

Anonymous 113500

Usually you don't start with a bullshit job. The organization changes and keeps changing and you get new roles and perhaps lose some old ones and one day you have almost nothing to do than to pretend you have something to do. If you have some sense for work ethics you first start looking for something to do before the pretending starts but it does not really matter. For the organization itself it isn't that much of a problem. Usually it should be able to sustain itself and once you need workforce it's easier to recruit from within rather than to put trust in new people. Good luck finding a job nona

Anonymous 113515

Quitting smoking is a myth. It is not possible. The people who tell you they have stopped smoking are lying. They never smokee a cigarette in their life

Anonymous 113516

brainless slave alert

Anonymous 113521

Screenshot 2024-02…

heeeeeelllppp me i need to study for my finals in a week and im procastinating, the anxiety feels so big but also so distant. nonas pls tell me to just get it done

Anonymous 113527

I hate how the OP doesn't link the previous thread

Anonymous 113534

i love my job but i hate my coworkers

Anonymous 113535

I'm so lonely. I just want a young, slender, bishie, virgin, uncircumcised, submissive, kind bf who will do housework and love me. Am I asking for too much?

Anonymous 113536

Nah she’s right.

It’s a neurological thing. Smoking is 30% chemical addiction and 70% psychological dependency. You can wean yourself off of the nic willy nilly. It’s the behaviors, the cues that kick your monkey brain into craving a ciggie that are hard to cure. Once a habit is formed, even if you discard it, you can always fall back into it again. All it takes is one infinitesimal cue that fires up that neural network. It’s the wonder of neuroplasticity at display here. Just as it offers convalescents a hope that one day they will recover their “old personality”, it also harkens to the inevitability of relapse. For any addict really. Recovering addicts never stop counting the days since their sobriety. It’s just that nic addiction is merely considered disgusting and not crippling like opioids or other substances.

Anonymous 113537

Fuckers online who use porn to defend "real sex" you are infuriating me when I'm literally just talking about the real sex humans have but on a video or pic as a last resort to prove my point. Women will literally even posts pictures online with dicks in their mouths. Fuck you all of this shit is the same human nature anyway

Anonymous 113538

>Recovering addicts never stop counting the days since their sobriety
kind of true….
I quit smoking november 11, 2011. I think because the date is so autistically pleasing I don't wanna go back and ruin it
but I still have dreams about smoking sometimes. It always feels great in the dreams so I mean at least I get the best of both worlds that way.

Anonymous 113545

Me personally, i loathe smoking. I hate the taste, the smell and the way my breath catches when i’m inhaling the puffs. But im in love with the ritual aspect of it. The repetitive motion of draw drag and puff. The setting. The pleasing way the cigarette rests between my index and middle finger. The feel of it between my lips. Those are the enjoyable aspects of it. If anything, smoking makes me feel lethargic and bad.

Anonymous 113546

>november 11, 2011

Anonymous 113553


>I can see my ribs and my tatas were the fastest fat shedders on this flesh suit, but my hips are retaining (if not building) meat on them. It’s taking me all my might not to resort to measuring by tape. I keep tugging at my skin every 20 minutes. I also hate my forearms. From my vantage point when i look down, they look massive and bulky. I stretch my arm wide open and pick at the hanging fatty fat fat. God i am sick and sick and stupid sick.
start working out with cardio and eat no ultra processed food. Just follow advice youd read on /fit/
My mom’s birthday is tomorrow and i have to get a cake. My dad will get an ipad. I can tell she ll be disappointed. I know she wants a bag. I’m broke. My brother is a lowlife. I am a lowlife. I want to kill someone but not myself. All my acquaintances are living it up on the socials. I know everyone’s life is hard in one way ir the other but somehow this cope has lost whatever reassuring power it had.
all social media shit is fake in 99% of cases. you only see the best parts of a persons day in their socials. i made a post about a church in venice and a friend said he was jelous im living the best life when in reality i hated it there and the church was the only good part of my day. everything there is doctored to look as good as possible.
>im broke my mom wants a bag
idk if you have a job but just save it up to get her one next year. if she knows youre broke and shes not a bitch she wont be dissapointed
>im a lowlife
all i see is a person capable of change
>my brothers a lowlife
all i see is a person that you can save once youve figured yourself out

Anonymous 113558


men have a monopoly on masculinity and regularly abuse it because at the end of the day, a man will always be able to express masculinity better than a woman.
so, how should we define positive masculinity? nonas, what aspects of masculinity do you think are useful to society, and are actually attracted to? i am sick of men controlling and emotionally abusing women by having this sexually dimorphic monopoly.

Anonymous 113562

why does society gaslight women into believing they genuinely like abusive men

Anonymous 113572

men should be slender and without muscles

Anonymous 113579

i hate that people discard me mourning a friend i had not talked to in a long time
like because i didnt know right away he was dead im supposed to not be sad about it

Anonymous 113589

neurodivergent bingos and when she acknowledged it she excelled academically LMAO

Anonymous 113593

This is a waiting game I'm oh so gonna do it, but I can wait up to 5 am or I'm gonna fail the other one but he's not gonna fall asleep ugh

Anonymous 113603


Anonymous 113612

I'm really really suspicious that my boyfriend still likes me so much after almost a year of dating. There's no way this is gonna last.

Anonymous 113619

If playing devil's advocate everytime comes so easily to you without even trying to counterargue, it implies you're actually agreeing with them but too cowardly to admit it

Anonymous 113621

fuuuck I should've said no. why do I reply y-yes like a pavlov dog. to shitty power tripping moids

Anonymous 113637


Who tf steals plants?! I'm so mad my garden has been stolen from several times, it's always some of my nicest looking plants. It's the first time this happened in over a year, I really was hoping it was over but noo. They took my nice begonia I had only in one of my good pots it looked like picrel. I had that one for only about a month too. I'm just so offended and confused and I can't do a damn thing about it.

Anonymous 113643

I don't have a garden, but also don't understand people who steal plants. Some idiots sometimes steal flowers from lilac bushes and flowerbeds just to throw them two meters away. I fell you nona. I'll put a diarrhea curse on those who stole begonia from you.

Anonymous 113644

Screenshot 2024-05…

i have spent the past 5 years of my life in my bedroom

Anonymous 113645

I'm so pissed I could have done it better

Anonymous 113646

Done what better?

Anonymous 113647

You've been writing hermetic poetry at least, haven't you?

Anonymous 113648

Use a fidget cube and nicotine patches

Anonymous 113651


Anonymous 113653

I relate to this a tiny bit but don't like it that much. I understand why my coworkers are the way they are, each day.

Anonymous 113667

my boyfriend revealed to me that he dated a tranny months into us dating. it started with a hookup after they met online, they dated for months, and then he got cheated on by it. he lied to all his friends and family that it was a woman.

Anonymous 113668

Did they sex?

Anonymous 113670

if my bf did this i wouldnt know how to feel. maybe i would consider him a promiscuous sex pest and breakup with him or maybe not, but regardless i'd definitely get an std check especially since you said the tranny was a cheater
what does hookup mean

Anonymous 113673

City full of crack heads and students I live in Tucson that’s pretty accurate

Anonymous 113675

i did make him take an STD test after telling me. hookup means they had sex the first time meeting.

Anonymous 113677


Anonymous 113678

im the second anon ur replying to. yes kek i know. good thing you made him get an std test

Anonymous 113679

another humiliating encounter with a fucking lowlife moid, can't even walk in peace I should have broke his arm holy shit I hate this so fucking much why me why us

Anonymous 113681

Your bf lied, he dated a woman. He just wants pity from you. You're an idiot.

Anonymous 113683

Nobody pities tranny fuckers. Everyone thinks they're disgusting fags. So who's the real idiot?

Anonymous 113685

did your bf get buttblasted by the tranner?

Anonymous 113700

what if i really do like abusive men huh then what

Anonymous 113701

This is just a random thing to come at me for, but no it was not a lie… he showed me a cropped photo of them once and after reverse image searching some stuff online I found the same tranny wearing the same outfit. :-( not possible to fake that
No idea, he refuses to tell me any specifics other than they had sex.

Anonymous 113703

this is low iq bait or the most retarded mental gymnastics ive heard today
he definitely got butt plowed by the tranny, sorry nona

Anonymous 113719

i will never love or genuinely respect actually antisocial or violent men who only care about looking good in front of other violent, mean men. i dont care about how much media propaganda tries to gaslight women into thinking they like emotionally abusive people who constantly make you feel bad. fuck that noise.

Anonymous 113721


i’m contemplating if my relationship is even worth it anymore. i’m frustrated that he has been unemployed for months even though he has a degree already, he has no drivers license or car, and he doesn’t even seem interested in changing his situation. while a 30 minute drive isn’t that much, i’m just tired of always being the designated driver. i’m tired of being the only employed one and the only one who plans dates. i’m tired of being the only one who seems to put any effort. but i literally dont have anyone else in my life. i dont have irl friends. i dont want to be alone. i really stand by my loser bf bc i know i dont want to be alone.

Anonymous 113723

Have you tried talking to him about his situation at all? I want to say "leave him," but I don't want to discount the possibility that you've only been having these conversations in your head…in a relationship you've got to have very clear goals that can only be accomplished by both people shouldering equal burdens.

Anonymous 113724

I was going to watch the Fury Usyk boxing match, but then I ran into an acquaintance, and I missed the fight.

Anonymous 113729

I feel like a personal failure.

The fact that I am responsible for my current hardship isn’t making me cope any better.

I was a part of a controlled system. A tried framework, where all the variables were somewhat known to me. So the likelihood of failure was small. Small.

I failed regardless. I rejected the system. I longed for something more. So i was spat out. I have nothing in my hands. I have built nothing.

At the same time, I can see past colleagues who stuck out with that framework and are now reaping the fruits of their patience and labor.

A childish, petulant cry is teased out with this line of thought. Always. What stays my throat is the knowledge that i did this to myself. Me. My inaction. My negligence. My lack of assiduousness. My apathy. My shortsightedness and impulsiveness. I feel like those bitter characters out of the picturebooks they use to teach kids fables about how laziness is a fatal flaw.

I hate this.

Anonymous 113730

an inoffensive impulse launches me into a three hour doomscroll, and I wonder as I click in and out of app if this is what binge eaters feel like. That discomfiting fullness, compounded by a desire to stop and a relentless commitment by the body to not stop. It started harmless like always. Random familiar sounding name on a scientific paper on slideshare.net. Click. LinkedIn. Click. Search. Man. Uninterested. Look at the other name. Woman. 2 years older than me. Schools. Job. Picture. Ordinary. Unabashed myopic. Facebook. Search. Pictures. Family. Slide, slide slide. Past the yearly birthday well wishers that are the only public posts on her wall. Slide. 2017. Slide. High School graduation. Link to an article. Click. Buffer. Copy link. To Wayback machine. I cant stop digging into this girl s life. I can t stop somehow wishing I were her, or someone else, anyone other than me.

Anonymous 113737

curious about the possible effects of cutting my throat open with a box cutter and bleeding out into the churchyard

Anonymous 113747

these are some things i’ve brought up several times to him. i’m either met with “i will do that” or excuses.
im not even sure what else to do, he’s almost 30 and seems more interested in TTRPGs than getting his life together. he stays up all night and sleeps until 3pm and doesn’t see anything wrong with that. i’m just so tired.

Anonymous 113751

prefectly describes my own feelings

Anonymous 113756

I wish I could like popular things, have normal interests, and not be so socially retarded. I wish I was a different person and could make meaningful friendships instead of feeling like the retarded friend who says out of pocket things. I have a nice friend group, but I always feel alienated from them due to not sharing similar interests or disliking something they like a lot.

I don't think I'll make it past this year, to be honest. I have terrible mood swings, and therapy is not an option due to where I live. I have chronic anorexia and a crippling feeling of dread, the feeling of being a complete failure, and all the time and money I'm spending on college is a waste as I'm not really learning anything. An obligatory internship is coming soon, and again, due to living in a shitty place, it's likely I will need to pay for bus rides to a faraway place and there's an irrational fear of something terrible happening to me.

I work but don't make much money (it's freelance, and these few months have been terrible). My family taught me the mindset of money = value of self, which aggravated everything even more. I tell myself, ''it will get better'' but to be honest, I don't believe in myself anymore. I think it's only getting worse. 

Anonymous 113758

don't do it

just don't do it

Anonymous 113759

>I always feel alienated from them due to not sharing similar interests or disliking something they like a lot.

Examples of this?

You can still be friends even if you don't have similar interests

>I don't believe in myself anymore. I think it's only getting worse.

What's draining your strength is your own doubt. Just don't listen to it. Even with terrible mood swings, chronic anorexia, and a crippling feeling of dread, it will still get better.

Anonymous 113760

There's nothing more frustrating than feeling a subtle animosity towards someone but not being able to confront them, especially when you're around other people.

Anonymous 113763

The social system and help is so useless I'm not even disappointed anymore

Anonymous 113765

i think evil comes from ones tendency to lean into being an ideological pawn.

Anonymous 113766

Anonymous 113774

I wish I was able to bond with others, the moment someone tries to get close to me I begin pushing them away as a means to test their authenticity because I expect abandonment.

Anonymous 113777

You really push them away to test them and not to prevent rejection? For the former abandoment would happen because of your behavior which you can easily change and for the latter it would happen because of you which would hurt

Anonymous 113780

It's both. I hurt others as the result of inaction, I see myself as unable to form meaningful relationships because I've struggled with it consistently throughout my life, and as a result, people abandon me because I don't provide anything in a relationship. I'm afraid to.

Anonymous 113791

I’m so beyond stressed out right now. I’ve been no contact with my ex for months and he just sent me about 50 voice messages, ranging from begging for me back to calling me a bitch and bringing up his own personal issues, I really don’t know what to do. My friends all just laughed it off when I tried to explain what happened I just feel so incredibly alone in all of this.. I’ve tried to make myself hate him for months but nothing works and I just wan’t him to get better because he’s clearly mentally ill but I also don’t want to be dragged down with him again, it feels like there is no good option here..

Anonymous 113802

Guy im into invited me to lunch, I was too retarded / autistic to pick up on it until later. Omg im stupid. Wtf. But also cant he be more forthright abt what he wants? I asked later if he invited me, and he said yes, I straight up told him i was a retard and to say it outright instead of hints! God. I should just tell him Im interested instead of letting him beat around the bush. Idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot

Anonymous 113804

if one more person says something to me like "no offense but i think you have autism" i am going to kms, no offense to confirmed autists

Anonymous 113809

For me it was helpful to transition from semi-private relationships to private relationships to get a grip on forming relationships. Still, I wouldn't say that I'm good at it but I'm far from self-sabotaging. We had this town-renewal thingy which got things going for me. It was not about me so no pressure, at least, from other people but I could tag along without pretending anything and just did as they did like bringing snacks to meetings and other stuff like that

Anonymous 113815

You need to cut contact for your own future and mental health.

Anonymous 113888

I had to move back in with my parents after I lost my job and its been so awful. My dad won't let me do anything by myself, like shopping in the city(which i lived in prior). I'm trying to cope by drinking but that's also compounding onto the issue because they keep hiding my bottle away from me. I just want to be independent again

Anonymous 113893

Drinking causes you to get health issues
He's an overly protective dad, just let him be
Be okay with it

Anonymous 113900



For the past few years, I've been stalking the same few people I only spoke to a few times on their social medias, and I think they will magically get back to me once I'm thin and pretty. I get extremely offended and angry when I see them post with their other friends who are thinner and prettier than me. It's all I do besides rotting on the internet and going outside for school and groceries. I hate this lifestyle. Also, this really feels hypocritical, I know, but seeing them repost videos about mental health (ED, SH, personality disorders) angers and triggers me so much. I just get that “I need to get worse than them” mentality all of a sudden so I can feel “valid” about my own mental problems. Or when I see them talking about “no one was ever there for me,” I feel like saying, “I have always been open and cared for you,” and this is directed towards a girl I’ve talked to for like an entire school year? Most of the other people I “online stalk” were just for like a week or two.

Anonymous 113901

>I think they will magically get back to me once I'm thin and pretty
Okay anon, let's unpack things slowly: You should already know than being thin and ``pretty'' doesn't automatically make people like you, at least not in a genuine way. But it's completely normal for a young girl like you to want to feel good and confident about her appearance. You have to look for balance, care less about how your worth is measured (it's never in terms of beauty) but still strive for finding a fashion style you are comfortable with and a workout routine/ healthy nutritious meal plan, two things that will make you feel better inside and outside.
>I get extremely offended and angry when I see them post with their other friends who are thinner and prettier than me.
Try to rationalise that anger, you're angry at people that have what you want, it's normal to be frustrated when you are isolated. Those feelings won't go away by themselves, you have to introduce small changes in your daily life to overcome that.
> It's all I do besides rotting on the internet and going outside for school and groceries. I hate this lifestyle.
You shouldn't be here if you're a minor kek Do you have any hobbies? Is there anything you've never done but you wish to pick up as a skill? Find something that interests you and gives you motivation to practise, it will serve also as a distraction or even a way to meet new people.
> “I need to get worse than them” mentality all of a sudden so I can feel “valid” about my own mental problems.
It's normal to feel insecure about your own problems, if you have nobody around to interact with you may wonder if your experiences and emotions mean less because they only affecting you. But that's not true, I get the sense that you are in a miserable place emotionally, and you deserve empathy and help.
>Or when I see them talking about “no one was ever there for me,” I feel like saying, “I have always been open and cared for you,” and this is directed towards a girl I’ve talked to for like an entire school year?
I don't know those people but they don't sound like good people. When you're in school there's only a handful of classmates you can interact with and become friends with. If everyone sucks you're bound to loneliness until you're out. Maybe there's some app where you can look for people with similar interests? Idk, I'm also on that boat

Anonymous 113902


I am 22 years old and in my last year of "HBO." I don't know what it's called in English because we have a different school system here in the Netherlands.

Anonymous 113903

I love him. I love him so much and he doesn't want to talk to me. He was okay with me venting and rambling and being completely fucking unhinged to him for like a few days because he cared about me and wanted me to have someone to talk to but then he suddenly stopped wanting to hear anytjing from me he doesnt want me to talk to him anymore I thought he cared does he care should I ask him I should shut up I'm so soul crushingly lonely I despise every man on earth except him theyre all fucking wretched disgusting freaks i hate my fucking exes but i love this guy i love you michael and i want you to love me or at least just let me hear you breathe i want to hear yoi breathing i want to tear open yoir chest and hold your heart cradle it like its a little baby and feel it beating thump thump thump..So cute…Sooo cute….my sweet dream… Picrel my drawing of my sweet michael with lyrics from of montreal songs.

Anonymous 113904


didnt attach

Anonymous 113910

you're cute

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