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Any femcels here Anonymous 14730

>Whats stopping you from not being a femcel

For me its not like there aren't any guys that are into me it's just that its hard for me to connect socially with people.

Anonymous 14733

>too shy to talk to guys
>look too shy to be approached by guys

Anonymous 14741

Lots of girls here are femcels but don't like the word

Anonymous 14742

Weird personality and dress sense. I don't look or act like a normie and most people are so it distresses them.
Not putting the blame on them, it's my fault for not putting in the effort to fit in well.

Anonymous 14744

An incel isn't simply someone who doesn't have sex. That's why you can't draw a direct comparison between sexless men and sexless women, and why the term incel - or femcel, in your usage - doesn't apply to people here.

Or to try that differently - I've yet to see someone here to behave like a bona fide incel and not get summarily removed for maleposting, so I'd like to see a further explanation from you.

Anonymous 14745

Why would you want to be be in a community that's just going to feed you a negative feedback loop of being being butthurt at not having a boyfriend?

Anonymous 14747

NTA, but if you haven't seen some very bitter lonely women here making very bitter posts and generalizing sexist posts about men, then you haven't been keeping your eyes open or you have a very serious confirmation bias.

Anonymous 14748

What's ironic is that the word incel was coined by a woman

Anonymous 14768

i'm ugly and have high standards
rather have no bf for life than settle for an ugly fat neckbeard

Anonymous 14777

100% of men only go for the top 20% of women. Failing that they "settle" for the top 40%.

The remaining 60% of us will never even be glanced at by the ugliest and lowest of status males. They would rather spend their life lusting after beautiful women than spend even a second near us. Our mere existence is a crime to them, to have the audacity to even approach them makes us deserve the utmost scorn of society. There simply is no option for us to stop being femcels minus hiring a prostitute, but I wanted to feel LOVED, not pay for an hour of some used up dick where I can't even kiss him because he has herpes.

Men don't even genuinely enjoy anything, every interest they hold and every passion of theirs is at best entry level. They only get into hobbies in order to get pussy and attention, just look at all the body building and self improvement channels on youtube. Just look at all the male twitch streamers and tell me they aren't streaming for attention.

>just do squats and go on a diet, just lower your standards, just wear makeup

I've done all of this. But the fact is my breasts are simply too small and my face doesn't have the symmetry required for any male to find me worth breeding with. All this does is get you made fun of by both men and the above mentioned top 40% of women:

>lol look at that ugly low-E bitch trying to compensate

>hah, she probably hit the gym because she feels inadequate about something

Suffering as a male? Please. Misandry this, misandry that, but the moment you might bring up the possibility misogyny exists in society you're seen as some loudmouthed, overweight, dyed haired dyke no matter how obvious and clear the misogyny is. Life is handed to them on a platter and their parents coddle them and shelter them from any harsh realities. They don't care about facts or the truth, men are the SJWs of gender.

Life is suffering and if it wasn't for the scarce media I still enjoy, I'd have killed myself a long time ago.

Anonymous 14778

Is this satire? Assuming it isn't..

> but I wanted to feel LOVED

Maybe you should get like a cat or a dog or a gf if you hate men so much? Or like a trans boy?

You can't generalize 50% of the population like you do, it's arguably as bad and inaccurate as what incels do.

Anonymous 14780

>Maybe you should get like a cat

I do, I'm becoming a stereotype more and more every year that passes. I'm in my late 20s already. She is my only source of affection and I feel warmth from her greeting me each morning.

>a gf if you hate men so much?

I've wished my sexuality can change but it cannot. I could be prison gay or something but I don't even have any social contacts outside of work.

>Or like a trans boy?

They would even resort to dating each other before settling for someone as low as me.

>it's arguably as bad and inaccurate as what incels do.

Incels aren't actually real. All they would have to do is have sex with someone like me and in an instant they would cease being one. Society and mass media have conditioned them since a young age that they deserve someone of higher genetic quality than me and so they'd rather be virgins in waiting than have to do something as disgusting as love someone beneath them.

Anonymous 14783

is this pasta?

Anonymous 14786

>incels aren't real
I'm not a femcel myself but I kind of agree with this. Went most incels talk about women they only actually mean " average looking women or above", ugly girls don't even rate as human to them so they don't notice them. Men really think they deserve """Stacy""" no matter what they're like.

Anonymous 14791

As a matter of interest how many romantically challenged girls here are non-white?

Anonymous 14796

One here. Half white and not white passing.

Anonymous 14811

Edited pasta

Anonymous 14818

Anonymous 14820

if i can't sleep with my perfect 8+/10 i don't want to sleep with anyone

Anonymous 14858

It clearly is.

Anonymous 14859

I hate how my roleplay always gets chalked up to being someone else's pasta. It's not fair.

Anonymous 14860

You might have typed it yourself, but if it read indistinguishable from some /r9k/ post (but with genders swapped) it's obviously gonna seem like pasta.

Anonymous 14866

What if both pastas are similar because they are both true? (Despite contradicting the othrr counterpart)

Anonymous 14867

the femcel one is at least a little bit true

Anonymous 14868

I think there's a lot more forever alone men out there than women.

Anonymous 14870

both of them are true, the problem arise when you try to make one of the groups the protagonist in the systematic opression
heidegger already handle that problem with his concept of "gestell", in wich everyone is opressed by the framework of the system itself and who gets the worst part goes to a second plane

Anonymous 14878

I think that there are even amounts of alone people, but women who are alone are more likely to want to be alone and thus not complain about it.

Anonymous 14880

Not always. There are plenty of pre-fame Susan Boyle's in the world. They just don;t get angry about it online as much so it's hard to notice them, and in general, people tend to avert their eyes from really ugly women

Anonymous 14885

Am "ethnic"-looking Jew. It's not the fact that I don't look white that prevents me from finding a bf though, it's the fact that I'm ugly.

Anonymous 14894

It probably won't make you feel any better, but I love "ethnic"-looking Jews. Ugh. I had the biggest crush on my fat, hairy Jewish friend in school. Jewish boys with big noses are nice, too. I just like the "Jew" face in general.

Anonymous 14895

I'm almost a femcel. I've had sex with one person (my bf), and I have no friends. Even as a kid I only had 1-3 friends at a time, and I always thought we were closer than we actually were. It's really hard for me to interact with people properly.

Anonymous 14903


You have a bf, you're NOT almost a femcel. Wat the fuck. You even had/have friends, even if not many. You're a normie with a few friends, that's it. And no, that's not a bad thing.

Anonymous 15143

Maybe you're right. Sorry for high-jacking your thread. I'll make it to true normiedom some day.

Anonymous 17187

I'm almost 26 and have never had sex or been kissed. That's mostly my fault though because I've run away from countless potential relationships because of high standards and my own insecurities about my body.

Most of the guys who have been into me are either extremely fat or extremely autistic, or both. The only exception were guys who used to bully me in middle school for being ugly that tried to get in my pants when I lost weight and became attractive in high school. Even though most of them were attractive themselves I was like yeah, fuck you, NO.

Maybe I'll try online dating once I get my shit together and see how that works out. A lot of people bluntly tell me how fucking odd it is for a 25-year-old to be a virgin so Idk how a sexual partner would react to me being inexperienced in bed.

Anonymous 17189

Somewhat similar situation as you. I had ugly duckling syndrome and hit about 17 and all of a sudden every one was interested in me after being treated like complete garbage. It's really alienating to know most people are willing to treat you nicely solely because of your face. Add an abusive home and I dropped out of life. Loneliness and cptsd are currently crushing me to death. Also careful of online dating, 90% of it is just hookups, if you're not interested in a relationship it's perfect.

Anonymous 17220


being lesbian.
There was one girl who was interested in me but I didn't know until after I had no way to contact her.
When I move out I'm getting a daki.

Anonymous 17256

I feel this

Anonymous 17642

me and anon.jpg

I identify with your post, also I was bored and made a sloppy low effort ms paint edit.

Anonymous 17644


Anonymous 17645

this is too funny lel

Anonymous 17648


Are there any dedicated femcel sites? Also does anyone have girl’s equivalents of stuff like pic related?

Anonymous 17649

You're an idiot. Literally go to a bar, outside, a convention, whatever, meet a random man, and date him. Men aren't hard to date.

Anonymous 17650

Just talk to him hoe it works for me.

Anonymous 17658

Did you mean to reply to the wrong anon who only asked about memes?

Either way men in bars only give me attention if I am with friends and even there it's limited to "hey do you know her?"

Anonymous 17697


>Either way men in bars only give me attention if I am with friends and even there it's limited to "hey do you know her?"

Anonymous 17698


I think I'm just legit autistic and/or a schizo. Even when my mom died roughly 4 months ago I couldn't cry for a week then cried a little and it was more like "shit what do I do now that I need too do shit by myself" rather than getting sad because she's gone and I will never see her again. And I feel like I did love her, I mean, she was with me all my life. Now what can I expect from a relationship with someone who has not been there with me since the beginning? Nothing, I get nothing out of it. I can't feel anything. I can't fall in love, I can't make friendships because they bore me. I don't know what's wrong with me honestly, too scared of talking to a psychiatrist and get locked in the looney bin (already been there once.)

Anonymous 17699

What she said was good advice to everyone in this thread and the no boyfriend thread honestly.

Anonymous 17700

Schizoid personality disorder maybe?
I’m an actual autist so I can relate to having trouble with feeling emotion sometimes, or that might just be depression. When my grandpa died I didn’t cry, I just stared at the wall for 15 minutes, but that’s different since I hadn’t spoken to him since I was a toddler.

Anonymous 17710

you are neurotic and think too much like many people in this age
just read the power of now tbqh

Anonymous 17721

probably because I'm ugly, but I tell myself it's because I'm very shy

Anonymous 17754

Once I get my skin clear I'm finally gonna be below average, I'm so tired of being ugly fuckkkkkkk

Anonymous 17774

Have you ever cried or experienced hard emotions/feelings before? If yes, then there could be something stopping you (poor sleeping conditions for long period of time, untreated depression, etc) if not then there must be something deeper. If you plan to see a psychiatrist or psychologist please perform a background search and make sure they are qualified for their job or you can end up there again.

Anonymous 17809

not a femcel (opposite problem. fending off advances because of asexuality) but I have friends that complain about not having a boyfriend while also having a few people they're not-quite-friends-but-not-quite-lovers deal going on.

From what I see with them the issue is really twice shy (girl is shy, boy is also shy. either the boy gets into a relationship with someone else or things just stay awkward between them).

this might sound very normie, but yeah i agree with poster above. it's not hard to get a guy. if you are willing to settle (that's unfair to you both, but ok) there's gonna be someone as lonely/lonelier than you are that wouldn't mind you as much.

if you're even less concerned about the quality of men you're attracting just be a thirst trap and edit the heck out of your photos. there's gonna be some person willing to bite.

Anonymous 17853

>opposite problem. fending off advances because of asexuality
I don't hang around enough people for that to be the case. You must be a social butterfly or have a big group of acquaintances.

Anonymous 21687

Don't take this personally or like I'm saying that your asexuality isn't valid, but I've known 4 asexuals in my life, all of which grew out of it from their early 20's

Have you considered that you might be "asexual" because you have a debilitating fear of risk and not because you don't find people attractive or sexual interesting?

Again, I'm not saying asexuals don't exist, but I'm asking if you are possibly using it as a defense of your shortcomings?

Anonymous 21702

Once I lose 30 pounds, clean my room, stop biting my nails, get more confident in myself, get a male-approved modern fashion sense, move to an area with actual attractive men, work through the past trama that keeps me from pursuing romantic relationships, and find a job that will keep my lifestyle funded without tanking my free time, it's over for you bitches.

Anonymous 21704

Good luck anon.

Anonymous 21705

Turning /r9k/ pasta on its head is funny as fuck but I’m upset that I can relate to some of hear feelings to an extent.

Anonymous 22022

Do you mean “drama” or “trauma”?

Anonymous 22025

>it's over for you bitches
>you bitches
It never started. You realize what thread you posted in, right?

Anonymous 22047


NTA but that's a meme

Anonymous 22049

Whoops, live under a rock.
In that case then it's fitting that she fixed "hoes" to "bitches."

Anonymous 22058

I'm scared of men :(

Anonymous 22059

Try flirting with a boy slightly younger than you. You'll realize how scared they are of you.

Anonymous 22060

>based cougar-in-training anon

Anonymous 22062

God I hope not. I'm happy with my bf/future husband. I don't have a reason to flirt with anyone else now. But when I was younger that was an important lesson. Seeing boys that would normally scare me speechless stutter and blush because a girl a year older than them was talking to them really helped me realize they're nothing to be afraid of.

Anonymous 22246

Most of them are scared of you too, but be careful of the ones who aren't.

Anonymous 22279


I'm very shy and innocent-looking so the only men who ever approach me are absolute creepers who are attracted to low self-esteem naive qts they can exploit.

Stay safe out there miners. The world, and the men who inhabit it, are cruel and abusive.

Anonymous 22882

Agree, I mean like, I am kinda like Stacy, and I know some girls who would accept those incels. But when they see us together they just ignore them and all start talking to me. Of course I drop them out because I have better boys to have relations with.

Anonymous 22884

Sorry, but I am not some sort of slut to start a conversation with a man. After all man has to approach first.

Anonymous 22887


Are you here for the KC raid?

Anonymous 22888

Anonymous 22889

I know this wants to be a funny parody of the real problem, but this is wrong as research has shown at least in online-dating, that men evaluate women according to gaussian distribution, but it is indeed the women who only want 20%. As is also evident in some posts.

Anonymous 22890

uggos have literal…

It's not wrong

Anonymous 22891


Anonymous 22892

>Whats stopping you from not being a femcel

Meeting someone I want to have sex with

Anonymous 22893

Man should come down from the sky and stop bein so arrogant.

Anonymous 22895

Me. I'm fat and I don't care enough about my virginity to do anything about it. If anything, I'm glad I'll die by 45.

Anonymous 22897


Anonymous 22900

But women still message those men, whereas men may rate women more equally but only pay attention to the most attractive women.
Idk why incels use that graph when it just proves that women don't care and will be dtf and date "ugly" men since we care less about looks.

Anonymous 22906

What's that on the y-axis? Percentage? 5% isn't a huge advantage in my book. If we're going to say all women can now get laid because there are 5% more of us than men that do, then we can say all men are cheaters because 10% more people that cheat are men.


This is awful though. Women are cowards.

Anonymous 22909

>men fight the urge to rape at all times
Never have I wanted all men to die more than in this moment.
Women too. I hate you all.

Anonymous 22911

Yeah, the thing is I'm one of those women who's horny 24/7 and I have considered drugging and raping men that I'm attracted to before. But the thing is it fucking horrifies me that my mind goes there and so I've worked to block those thoughts.

But I forgot that on top of that men have little to no empathy so their only incentive to stop themselves is the law, not morality. In the future when some incels get into higher positions I'm sure things will change. You're right to be scared of the future, anon.

>inb4 why would you care if rape is legal, it means you'll get laid by someone!

Would rather not get fucked that way thx. I'm sure dominant incels would prefer to not get pegged.

Anonymous 22912

>But I forgot that on top of that men have little to no empathy so their only incentive to stop themselves is the law, not morality
True incel (or rather femcel) way of speaking
Incels constantly talk about women being unable to reason like normal humans, as if we're completely superficial creatures

Personally I just think it's the symptom of humans trying to form relationships with dull individuals and feeling somehow betrayed by their expectations

Anonymous 22915

Men do score dramatically lower in EQ tests though and commit more violent crimes, those are just facts. I'm sure there are men who have been taught empathy effectively, but for the most part no.
Many of them are good at faking it though.


>standards lowering
I'll be honest, I could meme myself into being attracted to most people sexually. I have a very specific preference, but in a vacuum I have a baseline attraction to everyone and used to be one of those people who got turned on by porn of weird characters from cartoons and shit (I'll give Benson from rs as an example). I can't act on these impulses though, both because of social anxiety and trying to stay true to my somewhat sexually conservative values (monogamy).

It's always from a dominant perspective though which is why the rape society/offers to be a sub don't do anything for me. Would your male friend want to get dominated by the ugliest woman (assuming he's not submissive)? How about fuck a man?

>Most men not having a rape fetish

They may not report it because of stigma. Male sexuality is super violent generally so I find it hard to believe most stop at ~uwu consensual choking.~

Anonymous 22916


I've never been aroused for more than a few seconds, so I know sex would just be awkward and painful. I genuinely have no interest, except for maybe trying it once, just to have the experience. I've never been comfortable enough with someone to try it though.

I've been asked out before, but by bottom of the barrel, actually autistic guys who can't hold a conversation, and only talk about their one specific interest (which is always vidya). Even those guys have wandering eyes when I was with them, and talk about the other girls they've liked; I was the last choice because all the other girls said no. I should have walked away from the date right then and there.

I had interest from some "higher tier" males some of you would consider Chad, but it was clear their intentions were not serious (friends with benefits). I'm sick of being mommy and getting nothing in return; I listen to all of these assholes' problems, and engage in their sexual fantasies; I reply immediately over text and try to make all of their invitations to go out. I'd dress in more of the clothes they liked and would incorporate it into my wardrobe. "You're great/perfect. I'm just not looking for anything serious right now." Then they get pissed I walk away. Two months later, they have a girlfriend they're serious with, and she's usually psychotic (ie slapping/hitting him hard for teasing, screaming at him for talking to another female he doesn't even know, etc).

I fucking hate scrots. I should have just focused on school. All of the time I wasted on guys, I could have put towards my goals. I resent myself for that.

Anonymous 22918

In some tiers it’s more lopsided towards the other gender caring more and putting more effort into the relationship than the other counterpart.

I think you know which one it is

Anonymous 22919

>Why not date someone your own dating value?
I've asked out guys who I was close friends with for years who are objective 5s like myself, and got rejected. It's the socially inept and the uncommitted that pursue me, but this was in high school.

And, this is going to sound conceited, but I think I'm objectively higher than most people, not looks-wise, but career and motivation wise. I'm pretty active in volunteer communities, politics, and am majoring in physics. I find most men outside of these areas to be utter garbage who lack empathy and a strong desire for communication like I do. Conversations with people are unstimulating, and believe me, I've tried to keep an open mind. I actively engage in the conversation before you make the assumption I don't. This is one of the things my dates have complimented me on the most, was how much I put an effort into keeping the conversation going. I'm just burnt out at this point.

Anonymous 22921

>Aren't you socially inept too given you're here?
Actually, not really. I get along with most people, I just tend to like my alone time.

>You sound like a young, arrogant asshole to say " I'm objectively higher than most people". Probably not even met a lot of people.

You're projecting a lot to call a stranger on the internet an asshole, when you have no idea what I'm like. Sounds like you haven't met a lot of people either. Not everyone who feels they're above people, actually thinks that they are from a place of narcissism, but of different values.

>Why would you expect a higher-tier male to "commit to you", when he's better than you, when you can't do the same to the lower tier yourself?

He's not better than me. Most of these men sleep from girl to girl, have poor grades, and life choices to show for it. I don't expect them to commit to me, but then they shouldn't do it for another woman so shortly after; I was pointing out hypocrisy, but you dodged the point. And I lower myself constantly, and was committed to the autistic guy, he wasn't committed to me by talking about other women's "bangability." Again, missing the point of my original post.

Anonymous 22924

>You wouldn't only be asked by the bottom of the barrel autistic-type guys if you didn't look like them.
I've posted my face on /soc/ without makeup and consistently get rated a 7. Sometimes a 6 or 8; and got 9 three times. Come on now. Denial is real. I rate myself objectively lower than most people have told me they see me as. I do it as to lower myself. I lower my standards because I have insanely low self esteem. How dare I make an angry anonymous post and start to show a little healthy narcissism for not living according to my values? lol Jesus fucking christ anon.

>You're free to blame the entire world and all males in it.

Not once have I done this, but feel free to continue pulling straws out of your ass.

Anonymous 22925

I just dont give a shit about men anymore. Im afraid they will pump and dump me

Anonymous 22928

It has nothing to do with scarcity, women are just inherently more valuable than men, or I guess I should say females are more valuable than males in any diploid species with male and females that reproduces sexually

Anonymous 22934

>I've posted my face on /soc/
In all fairness that is a place filled with autistic loser males.

Anonymous 22939

>it fucking horrifies me that my mind goes there and so I've worked to block those thoughts
that's the wrong way to treat it imo. imagination is the greatest asset that separates humankind from animals driven by base instinct - you absolutely should use it to live out things you would never do in reality, because how else will you learn about them. there's no such thing as a slippery slope - if anything you desensitise yourself to the ideas and don't have them intruding on your life so much.
whereas, once you start suppressing thoughts out of fear/shame without addressing their root cause, you get things like "male feminist" syndrome, outbursts of awful behaviour from self-loathing people who hit breaking point and have nothing else to lose.

you're right about men having low empathy. but above all what they respect is power. if the idea of women also having forceful sexual drive and agency weren't so fucking hushed and taboo within popular culture, you probably would see a sharp decline in male rape cases, as they'd start to view females on equal footing and be more aware of their own vulnerabilities.

Anonymous 22943

Not true at all, plenty of women are on there. I mean plenty as in about 10-30%.
>men have little to no empathy
This is as bad as "all women are whores"-type incelspeak. Stop it.
>if the idea of women also having forceful sexual drive and agency weren't so fucking hushed
Lots of guys want a femdom relationship. Rapists are few and far between when you look at mankind as a whole. Stop basing your observations of society on the few bad men. Go to a bar and talk to five guys and at least two of them will charm you with their unironically good personalities.

Anonymous 22965

Stop giving them everything they want. People say it makes you look like you have no backbone and that's a turn off, but here's the real reason why that's bad: people always take shit for granted. If you don't give them some pushback every once in a while when it comes to being accommodating, they will get to the point where your hard work is just expected and normal to them, not something special. They need context to remind them every once in a while that you're going out of your way for them. It's the same principle with the incels that complain about girls not liking nice guys. I'm not saying be a bitch and yell at them for stuff, but be assertive and say something he wants is a hassle or ask for things YOU want instead sometimes. He's gotta compromise for you too, you know.

Anonymous 22968

You're right. It's something I struggle with; I grew up with a father who has NPD and a mother who is borderline. I learned to ignore my emotions or wants and needs, to avoid conflict, rejection, or even physical harm. Funnily enough, I'm achieving the opposite. I don't know what I'm so scared of, rejection is part of life. Some people just aren't compatible, but I tend to people please. Anger isn't an emotion I do well with and try to repress; It makes me nauseous, and feel like I'm on the verge of tears. Aside from my own parents, no one has ever seen me get angry (outside of normal "annoyed" expressions) or yell. I can't tell if little things just don't bother me, or if I'm just extremely out of tune with my emotions. I make compromises constantly and they don't bother me, but somehow I burn out. I should be able to tell when I'm reaching my burnout point (usually a physical irritant gives it away), but I don't realize it until someone is too bothered to help me with something insignificant that I become aware of how tired I am.

Ultimately, I do know I'm responsible for why these relationships felt one sided, I just don't know where to start in order to get better. I don't even know what my own wants or needs are; I have PTSD and am numb most of the time. What feeling am I supposed to look for that indicates something isn't right, when most emotions just blend together and feel like nothing?

Anonymous 22998

I'm like you, have CPTSD, am codependent. I even got therapy for it. Didn't help much as far as me not making the same mistakes again but it made me understand more why and how I am the way that I am.

It's very hard to know when things aren't right because things being bad is what makes me feel comfortable. As stupid as that is, I have to admit to myself that it's true. I see things so bleakly now because I feel like anyone I really like and feel like I love, it's because deep down, I know they're a toxic person who's going to hurt me. It's the whole subconscious reason I'm attracted to them.

Anonymous 23021

I’m volcel, for now. I just don’t have any desire to be a part of a romantic relationship anymore. The flame of desire has long since been put out by looking at the experiences of other people. The idea of sex disgusts me, partially because of it’s primitive nature, partly because of some emotional trauma. I know i should let myself meet some who aren't probable /pol/ browsers, but the past has proven that men, at least in my country, just don't think about woman as people. And as crazy as this sounds, even I don’t know if I’m a person or not, I like to be objective about my opinions. Like radical feminists, the manosphere (MGTOW, /pol/, incels) tries to understand the opposite sex not knowing many, well, good women/men, while having zero compassion for them because mommy or daddy issues, or whatever happened to them. I know some of you will ask me "Why would I care about someone else's opinion when they can't even fully understand my side of the story?". Good question. I think it might be because ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to be male, I even remember asking my mom if it was normal that I wanted to be a boy when I was young. She got concerned, but eventually i stopped. No dysphoria. I'm never becoming a radfem, or a member of WGTOW, because I'll at least attempt to find someone I feel respects me and my sex. I would try to understand their wants and needs as well, too, but only if i see that they're willing to put in the same amount of effort. God, I fucking hate being a woman. It's pathetic – actually downright stupid. If you think this is a larp, well, I wish it was.

Anonymous 23022

You have got a lot of problems, anon. I suggest you look into your body problem and try accepting who you are, while avoiding the route of suicidal trannies and radfems. Maybe you like dressing like a guy. Perhaps you copy their mannerisms. That's not problematic, as long as you still accept yourself. What you wear or how you act isn't defining to your sex. Your sex is already defined long before you could think of it. Accept it, anon, and go on to make someone happy.

Anonymous 23032

Holy crap… I thought I was the only female who wanted to be male with no physical dysphoria. I just hate all of the bullshit expectations put on women. Ironically, the bullshit expectations put on men don't bother me one bit.

For example, I never talk to strange children, I do all heavy lifting by myself, and I'm quite stoic. One of my prior bosses complained that I never cried at work when I got in trouble. There's no way he would have said that to a man… I really wish I was born a dude so I wouldn't have to shave my legs without being publically ridiculed. That's only one example, but I could really sperg about this crap all night.

Anonymous 23070


Anonymous 23071


>just talk to him and he’ll be your bf! It’s that easy!

Anonymous 23120

i don't even know what femdom means honestly. all the content labeled as such on the internet still fetishizes women, just from the perspective of denying and teasing a man who wishes to be on top. there's still no regard for what the woman actually desires.

Anonymous 23126



Anonymous 23133

Where is this coming from? I want to date a man who has similar features to me actually (big nose, sad eyes, showers daily, although I want him to be short and I'm not a womanlet) and I offer affection, regular sex, and future financial support in a relationship.

It's just hard to find guys who match me in personality. I'd like someone introverted and monogamous and most young men just are not.
I guess by definition I'm not a female incel since I have had offers to lose my virginity but the circumstances aren't pure (fwb…degenerate). I just wanna love a guy, anon.

The pump and dump fear is also real, idk where you get off thinking it never happens. Many men just want to have one night stands with a bunch of women and never settle down.

Anonymous 23134

What do I do if the only men who approach me first are fat, autistic, or both? If only those men find me attractive then good quality men (slim, at least 5/10 facially, mentally stable) would probably spit in my face if I tried flirting with them. And no, I'm not lowering my standards to date fat pieces of shit with no manners. I'd much rather be a single virgin.

Anonymous 23135

Ask yourself what about your look, personality, and way of holding yourself is appealing to fat autistic retards but not an average regular guy.

Figure it out and change it.

Anonymous 23136

I'm pretty damn sure it's the fact that I'm hideous, anon. Like 2/10 hideous. The only reason these men find me "attractive" is probably because of the "just lower your standards to get laid bro" meme.

Anonymous 23138

Idk, maybe if you dress well and act confidently you could get a 5/10 skinnyfat guy who at most is only assburgers.

Anonymous 23139

>how psychologically devastating it is for people who don't even have this privilege.
lol shut up, you stupid twat.

Anonymous 23140

First anon, and I never said that I'm hard done by because of it. I know it's a privilege and take it as a compliment that I have at least average looks.

I'm confused as to what you want from me though. I don't want to be a slut, so if that's all men want I'm just not going to mess with those men. Do you…want me to be a slut?

I do approach men on my own too if you're going to suggest that. Although it's lead to nothing yet I prefer to take control of the situation and will continue with that.

My complaint is more about the state of men (and young people in general) at this time, rather than being too ugly or models not wanting me lol. I'm cel because people are degenerates. Just wanted to correct you in your statement that we're all uggos chasing Chad.

Anonymous 23143

You've made me realize this identity and these threads are no longer for me. They used to be, when I had only been rejected but I guess things have changed.

I'm sorry anon, and thank you. I wish you the best.

Anonymous 23145

I want to lose my virginity with someone I love and care about, and vice versa. The problem is that I've never even been on a date, I'm a socially inept shut-in with no friends, unlovable and a failure. I should just end it…

Anonymous 23168


>tfw the only guys that ever seem to like me are gross misogynist neckbeards

Anonymous 23194


I've lurked RedPillWomen in hopes of making myself more appealing to men by obtaining highly attractive female qualities, which entailed "Be femenine – gentle, receptive, dainty and nurturing". Can't look at the last word without shuddering now. Many other posters considered being more ditzy and advised other women of the sub not to take themselves seriously, which gave me a vibe of "Know your place, woman" – maybe I'm bluepilled, but I don't like the idea of dumbing myself down for somebody else. The sub has many good ideas, and the contributors' intentions are in the right place, but I just find that I'm the total opposite of being feminine, at least psychologically. I sort of feel like a broken woman tbh, because I honestly do have in many conservative values, one of which is believing in gender roles, but the expectations that are set for me feel like they're the opposite of my personality that I've had for decades.

Anonymous 23195

>believes in strict gender roles
>doesn't even fit them herself
Bitch what the fuck.

I hope you're one of those who just believes "it's best for society to function this way" rather than "it's innate for everyone" because if it's the second your logic is lacking kek.

Anonymous 23198

Yeah, I realize the roundabout logic of that. I just think It's more efficient for society, was raised pretty conservatively. I don't think there's anything wrong with not conforming to gender roles either, it's really just my opinion. And if gender roles were innate i wouldn't have had this mental block in the first place. I'm conflicted, I know.

Anonymous 23199

You're just denying what's already there. Apples and oranges. Either way, it isn't safe to be on the fence like this.

Anonymous 23200

she's almost there sister. just give her time.

I hate "red-pilled" men, and this is speaking as someone who fits most female stereotypes.

Anonymous 23201

Are you talking about the differences between men and women, or..? Genuine question. What am I denying, exactly?

The sub is filled with tradwives and generally the broad advice of self-improvement could be gender neutral. Men aren't encouraged to post there.

Anonymous 23202

Who you are. I'm not sure what happened that gave you these thoughts, that made you "broken", though I'm sure it wasn't anything good. There are others who grow up into "neutral" sex roles (tender men, and hardy women) who don't feel an emptiness within them, because nothing was taken away from them. They were raised to like their fathers and mothers equally, regardless of what sex they were, giving them equal feminity and masculinity, with no insecurities.

It'd help to know just what brought you to this mindset.

Anonymous 23204

If you have kids and want to do your best to be a good mom those nurturing personality traits will probably start kicking in and developing on instinct (at least that's what happened for me.) When people mention being nurturing as a feminine trait I think they probably mean in the context of your own family/for your own loved ones, not for everyone in the world, that's just imprudent and probably going to get you hurt if you're not guarding your heart so you can be loving to the people that matter the most to you.

Anonymous 23205

I feel like the only quality on that list that couldn't be applied to all good partners universally is "dainty". Wouldn't you agree that men who are nurturing are attractive as well? And if so, do you find that demeaning in their case?

Anonymous 23211

Stacey can be a bitch, but Chad's still going to put up with her shit. Whereas try as you might you won't be treated much better than a breeding sow as a intelligent sub 7 among the vast majority of men. You don't want to be a ditzy bimbo. This topic reminds me of those dads who'd rather have had sons who end up with daughters who can hunt and fish far better than men can.
Men who are nurturing are attractive from the standpoint of strength as in "don't test ever me woman."

Anonymous 23214

You were 22 once tho

Anonymous 23215

I suggest you don't do that because there is a certain appeal to shut-ins.

Anonymous 23220



Right this way dark and handsome

Anonymous 23223

So this is what the average sneedposting /tv/cel looks like

Anonymous 23224

Honestly if he cut his hair he'd look quite a bit better. Not more than a 7 or 8, but arguably more attractive.

Anonymous 23256

Great reason to dissuade someone from thinking about suicide with! Oh, there'd be one less shut-in on this planet….

Anonymous 23271

Yeah maybe you're right, I don't know.

Anonymous 23303

Where tf did you get these stats from?

Anonymous 23304

This proves nothing, the ideal women for most men are young but a girl doesn't need to be ideal to be approached, a guy is more willing to settle and for much much less.
Also there are far more variables in determining a girls attractiveness, in other words you can be a 40 year old stacie. >>22897

Anonymous 23313

all politics is bullshit, and you shouldn't feel like you have to conform to any one ideology. mix and match, pick out the best ideas that make sense for you, fuck anyone who accuses you of "betraying the cause"

Anonymous 23317

>a guy is more willing to settle and for much much less
They will still fantasize about dating and marrying the hottest and youngest "Stacies". I'd rather all men chased after and slept with women they really want instead of settling for someone (aka consolation prize) they care less about. Look at how many men are disappointed when their similar-aged wives start to show signs of aging or when they have affairs, the women tend to be at least 10 years younger than their own partners.

Anonymous 23327

Men are liable to grow to love you if you match them personality wise. Looks account for about 30% and mostly in the initial meeting (unless you're truly hideous). If you are a good fit, his brain will make you a lot more attractive in his eyes, even if you're plain. The reverse also applies - even if you're a hottie, he'll start to be repulsed by you if you're a bitch to him.

Anonymous 23349

Just lose weight

Anonymous 23478

>just lose weight

I do not appreciate this boney-cel erasure. What about our horse-faced sisters with a banana shaped body (only curve is us hunching over to hide our non-existent chest).
>inb4 all guys want is a girl to be not fat ur not a femcel
Actual bullshit. Guys want more than that, it's just easier to fake a pretty face with make up or a curvy body with padding and push up than to hide being a fatass. I know dude who've told me that they would rather have a porker with good fat distrubution and a "nice face" (read: makeup skills to hide her double chin) than an """ugly""" (read: doesn't look like an instagram model post makeup) lanky girl

Anonymous 23488

It’s not a common thing to have a nice face without makeup if you’re chubby.

Anonymous 23494

Yes, but the average dude won't break up with a girl as soon as he sees her without makeup. Just watch some Nikki Tutorials and get pretty. Can't be that hard.
My point is that the whole "just lose weight" assumes that men actually only want a girl who's not fat and that's it, which is objectively bullshit.
Ana-chans who think that skinniness will solve your problems in the age of the #novababe are hopelessly stuck in 2007. Maybe some r9k user will say he loves you, but irl guys want the perfect slim-thicc girl with a pound of natural-looking makeup and a :fire emoji: insta these days.

Anonymous 23496

How would you feel if; on the second or maybe third date - your bf asked if he could see you without any makeup? Would that make you uncomfortable? How would you handle it?

Anonymous 23502

In the unlikely event that I were to have a boyfriend and he were to see me without makeup he wouldn't be shocked. I don't wear makeup much because I think it's hopeless anyway. And when I do, it's not anything life changing. Think thick eyeliner to make my eyes pop and sometimes bronzer to look like I go outside.

Anonymous 23513


>to look like I go outside

Anonymous 23514

>> she thinks most men have a rape fetish

Anonymous 23517

Cuckoldry is a more popular fetish with men than rape. Rape is more popular with women than Cuckoldry is.

What does it all mean?

Anonymous 23519

Good point. We need to investigate why white men don't want to rape as much as they should.

There's something fishy going on…

Anonymous 23524

That may be what they "want" but its in the same vein as women "wanting" a guy who who is 6' or taller, with a swimmers body, 6-figure salary, great sense of humor, sweet and caring but also confident and ambitious, interesting and accomplished blah blah.

What people "want" vs what they'll take and be glad to have are two separate things.

Anonymous 23527

This is a real femcel

Anonymous 23528

Except that a good chunk of women don't want that since we have varied tastes. I want none of those (and never have) for instance, aside from sweet and caring. Are you an actual woman?

Anonymous 23529

You sound like a man

Anonymous 23531

as does everyone who tells you things you don't want to hear im sure

Anonymous 23532

The context of the convo is that human beings are all clones who want the same things remember? the anons claim was that if you aren't thin with a perfect face and a buxom body then men wont want you. That's the context I'm posting within

Anonymous 23540

That’s a yikes from me.

Anonymous 23562

Not everyone wants recreational sex, and no femcel wants to risk getting used for sex. Get it through your head, boy.

Anonymous 23564

>grow up ugly
>now probably around average level attractiveness

Still act like an ugly girl. I don't have those normal social experiences in my formative years to help me relate to normies, but now since I'm doing so well I can't relate to "femcels". It sucks being in between.

Anonymous 23571

But there's lots of men in the same void as you are. Normies are just out of your league.

Anonymous 23577

The thing is ugly girls are forced to build personalities while ugly guys just become warped on the inside.

Anonymous 23581

What makes you feel so special that you developed a personality while every ugly guy just gets warped?

Are your experiences really that much different than an ugly guy's?

I feel like a lot of both femcels and incels would have a much better shot at not being that way if they started looking at the opposite sex as potential allies rather than obligate rivals.

Anonymous 23587

I'm not after male attention, it's a more personal thing. People treat you better if you're attractive.

Anonymous 23589

Quit perceiving yourself as unattractive. Drop the insecurities, and you'll see life improve tenfold.

Anonymous 23592

>lol just get over the way people treat you

NTA but it just doesn't work that way. Ugly women are treated like shit, even if they're confident.

Anonymous 23631

Ugly people, especially women, are constantly mocked. Hell, the only reason I'm able to function is because I'm "normie passing" appearance-wise.

Anonymous 23638

Be the change you want to see in the world, anon. You're only as ugly as you are inside.

Anonymous 23639

At a certain point you need to accept that feeling bad about yourself or upset because how unfair things are is pointless navel gazing. Do what you can to improve things and what can't be improved just accept and try and live life fully.

Anonymous 23645

You haven't achieved acceptance. Maybe one day you will.

Anonymous 23660

Its not a normal thing to accept. It’s unnatural.
At least that’s the way I see it.
God wouldn’t create ugly, deformed creatures. It really feels like a sign that no one cares. It’s like trying to bludgeon through rock with your bare fists. It’s futile and it hurts.

Anonymous 23679

There is no meaning to beauty or ugliness. The flesh only hides the soul to be seen. Don't live in envy, anon. There are many who need to feel your love.

Anonymous 23753


>The flesh only hides the soul to be seen

Anonymous 23755

The future is so bright, I don't need eyes to see it.

Anonymous 26091


Any other "femcels" here have no idea why they are?
Quotations for me since I have had the chance to touch another human's genitalia but refused because it was under uncommitted circumstances.

But I just can't get a partner and I have no idea why. I'd blame my looks but see women who are fatter and "uglier" than me with bfs regularly. And I'm not promiscuous so it's not like I'm being rejected for a LTR due to being impure. My standards are not high, for real.
I used to have reverse incel-tier thoughts (all men are evil and the same, etc.) these past two years which may have given off bad vibes, but I've worked a lot on that and am feeling much better. I just don't know what's wrong with me.

Anonymous 26093

Just go out and hunt for it. BFs, GFs, its all about iniciative and action, almost nobody got their chance while they sat at home posting on female 4chan.

Go on tinder, loosen up a little and act. Just show yourself to the world and eventually someone will show an oportunity. Then just act

Anonymous 26095

>Just go out and hunt for it
>implying I haven't cold approached 5 guys in the past year of which none have worked out in one way or another
I am!! Anon I'm trying my best.
From what I know nothing serious ever comes from that. It's a hookup app.
I'm also afraid of catfishing someone accidentally. I don't edit my photos and I think I look cuter in mirrors than selfies but…idk.

I have one (1) hope to meet a friend of an acquaintance next semester but I expect little tbh. He'll probably dislike me because I'm apparently unlovable or we'll be incompatible somehow.

Anonymous 26106

Im too overwhelmed by my own pessimism, it drives everybody away.

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