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vent thread Anonymous 25163

the other one has reached full capacity.
i hope those wings were good, anon.

Anonymous 25164

How do you get a UTI from eating wings lmao

Anonymous 25165

i wish it was easier to make friends at work.

Anonymous 25166

Did you just skip over the masturbation part?

Anonymous 25167

It took me some time to realize she was inferring she didn’t wash her hands

Anonymous 25173

I'm still really bitter about one of my ex-friends. I was the one who ended things last year because she did something incredibly shitty and didn't even recognize it when I explained it to her. I wish I had just ghosted her completely and let her assume I died or something instead of giving her closure tbh. I'm back in my hometown and praying to God I don't run into her because I genuinely hate her. Even though I hate her, I don't wish ill upon her. I just wish she'd fucking move to Oregon like she gushed about and get out of my life. I'm honestly considering seeing a therapist just to talk about my butthurtness with this shit, because I've tried to move on for months. School was a good distraction but now that's over, and no one has hired me yet (so no job as a distraction). I didn't even like her as a friend that much but the betrayal ruined me. I have really good friends who weren't involved at all, so I should be happy.

Anonymous 25174

Similar feel here. I have had this friend for 8+ years, we've grown apart over the years but I always held her in very high regard. Sometimes we've clashed but we always talked about it, recently I asked where I stand with her and I took her at face value when she told me things were fine between us, but since then I've heard from other people what she's been saying about me and it's not malicious but she doesn't seem to have a high opinion of me. I wish she'd just told me once during our convos that she isn't interested in being friends anymore, I gave her plenty of opportunity to do so but only get fairweather responses. It's really disappointing. Over the years I've often muted her on social media because I was exhausted with her for several reasons but I always thought we were at least casual friends still, and now this is how it ends, with me learning what she says about me behind my back. Makes me wish I just distanced myself earlier rather than bending over backwards to stay in her good graces.

Anonymous 25176

What makes it so hard? Too busy?

Anonymous 25179

Didn't get the chance to ask this last time because of the post limit, but was it spicy?

Anonymous 25180

Yee, they were from wingstop

Anonymous 25184

Anonymous 25189

that really sucks. It seems common for friends to complain about each other behind their backs, but if it's that excessive I don't get why they just keep the friendship going anyway. It sounds like you tried really hard to talk things out but she was unresponsive. I was also friends with my person for awhile, about 5 years, and I was more of the type to just bottle things up if she said something that rubbed me the wrong way. So I respect that you two were able to be more open at least in the beginning lol. I hope we can forget these people even though there were some good memories.

Anonymous 25191


I’m >>24343 from the last thread. I posted this same story on /ck/, and all the anons there speculated it must have been the lone coworker I worked with that had something to do with my firing, because I mentioned the fact that I couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong with my work performance and management never checked in on us the entire time.

Then I remembered, she asked me why I left my last job and I told her that it was because I had a serious mental health crisis. She then asked what mental illness it was and I told her it was bipolar disorder. /ck/ anons told me that a likely scenario is that she got spooked since we were working with knives and probably complained to management, and that I ought to have learned my lesson to never trust coworkers no matter how nice they seem and to keep personal shit like that to myself at all times (idiot me, I know).

Now obviously this could be reaching too far, but if that were actually true it would be a highly illegal thing to fire me over simply having a mental illness since the mentally ill are protected by the ADA. They told me it was my work performance, but I emailed them asking for feedback as to what I was doing wrong and it has been weeks with no response. It’s a very mysterious situation and I’m pretty spooked myself about the unknown, and whether or not I may have just experienced illegal workplace discrimination.

Also the biggest, fattest spider just crawled on my shoe as I was typing this which only adds to the anxiety.

Anonymous 25194

I think they're definitely onto something. You're correct that they can't openly fire you for a mental illness, which is probably why they masked it as a work performance issue. It covers their ass unless you aggressively pursue legal action, and even then you'd probably have a long legal battle ahead of you.

I can't imagine anyone having legitimate work performance issues on their first day unless they literally just didn't show up.

You might want to come up with a different reason for the next time that question comes up though. Best to keep the personal stuff on the DL at work until you really get to know you co-workers and whether you can trust them with that kind of information.

Anonymous 25195

I thought for a moment about taking some kind of action against them (lawsuit or other means) but it definitely wouldn't be worth it, even my Dad who is a lawyer and completely agrees about the possibility that this was disability discrimination told me to let it go and that it's a good thing I don't work for them anymore if that's the kind of people they are. So I guess that's true.

I've already posted some of their secret NDA-protected recipes on /ck/ anonymously though so at least I've got some subtle revenge. >_>

Anonymous 25198

My birthday is a week from now and all I really want is a swift and painless death

Anonymous 25201

We'll be here to celebrate, anon. Maybe craftsanon can make you something!

Anonymous 25207

Have a date in 10 minutes and I think I’m gonna have a panic attack

Anonymous 25208

Good luck! Have fun <3

Anonymous 25209

tell us how it goes, even if it's not so great! you can get like an ice cream or something so even if the date isn't so great, you still got ice cream out of it.

Anonymous 25245

she didn't tell us how the date went…

Anonymous 25246

Maybe they've fallen so hard in love that they're getting married right now?

Anonymous 25258


>tfw I'm saving myself for "that special one"
>but "that special one" is most likely not saving himself for me

why couldn't I just get rid of my virginity with a random guy like any other stacey…

Anonymous 25260

If they aren't saving themselves then they weren't the one to begin with. Be the one you want to be with, anon. You'll find him yet.

Anonymous 25261

>two virgins lying on the bed

Anonymous 25268

>two virgins kissing
Way more hot to them than you, and honestly, isn't that what matters the most?

Anonymous 25276


Sorry about that, I pretty much slept all yesterday because I was emotionally exhausted and spent the day doing schoolwork.
He picked me up and I could tell he was even more nervous than I was, which made me feel better. We went out to dinner and then spent almost two hours just walking and holding hands. When he dropped me off he walked me to my porch and I could tell he wanted to kiss but I kind of freaked out because I’ve never kissed anyone so I hugged him and told him good night and went inside. He told me he had fun.

I’m feeling so many emotions right now. I can’t tell if my nervousness was from being attracted to him, or going out with a guy in general. The thought of kissing makes me want to cry because I know I’d be bad at it and embarrassed. I can’t tell if I even like men. I don’t know if I want a relationship or not. I hate myself and I wish I got this sorted out in high school so I’d at least have some idea of what I want.

Anonymous 25279

I’ve heard from someone else he was in a relationship two years ago, so idk. I’m used to being surrounded by girls who have had boyfriends for years or just FWBs so I’m not sure how this works.

Anonymous 25280

So cute. If only I could have experiences such as this. Take him, anon. People like this are suckers for determination.

Anonymous 25282

Aww this is really similar to my first date!! We were both awkward virgins, too. Holding hands while walking around was the best feeling ever. (it still feels great, tbh) Don't worry about kissing so much. You'll both figure it out.

Anonymous 25285



Anonymous 25286

Im such a useless coward

Anonymous 25313

I'm fantasizing about marrying my childhood friend again. He's successful in his dream career/job and moved to work and live in the country we always wanted to live in as kids. I don't think he'd have the heart to turn me down if I begged him to accept me. We're still in touch. But I'm filth, comparatively. I don't deserve him and I'd probably just make his life difficult.

I feel stupid for even considering it, but imagining it makes me happy. Memories of our childhood together are among the only bright spots in my life. I don't want to taint that. I'm tired, and sad, and becoming resigned to a life without love in it. It wouldn't be a romantic marriage. We're both just lonely, unusual people.

Idk. I feel stupid posting about it, too.

Anonymous 25317

Shut up and tell him. Also clean yourself up, maybe. He probably wants you too.

Anonymous 25320

Tell us a story from your childhood about you two!

I remember walking home with a boy back when I was like 7 or 8 or so for a few years, he was like the first boy I ever had a crush on. We had a made up word for each other, it was like our code word, and he was really smart, idk what happened to him after we parted though.

Anonymous 25326


My dad lost his job today and I don't know how to support him. He's been keeping the fact that they were laying off people a secret and he doesn't even know that I know.

Anonymous 25330

my dad (62) lost his job a few months ago. hed worked at the same place for 30+ years. its not too bad because he has enough money to live on (even if my mum doesnt agree lol) it depressed him because being a hard worker was a big part of his identity. hes got jobs since but theyre low paying and end up letting him go once its time to make him a full employee so they dont have to pay him fully or give benefits. my mum is also very rude to him about being lazy because they invested in property but he doesnt want to go and fix up a shitty dilapidated house after a 10 hour shift in a factory

I dont really have any constructive advice beyond helping him apply for jobs if hes old and doesnt understand online application

Anonymous 25331


Hell world hell world hell world hell world

I get bored and check social media despite knowing perfectly well I'm about to get pissed off, get mad, remember not to check social media, get bored, and the cycle repeats

Anonymous 25332


>clean yourself up

I want to… I just feel like I'm 'cheating' somehow if I motivate myself with the idea of being his wife. Or, at least, the idea of once again facing him as an equal, instead of a depressing case of wasted potential. Which is silly of me, I guess. It's in the privacy of my own mind, after all. Might as well allow it.

Too embarrassing. I was his first kiss though. And his college gf, who he broke up with before graduating, looked and acted extremely similar to me. He hasn't been in a relationship since.

Anonymous 25335

>I just feel like I'm 'cheating' somehow if I motivate myself with the idea of being his wife
It's only motivating you for the wrong reasons. Not really cheating, so much as it is setting yourself up for disappointment if it doesn't work out with him, which only leaves you room to fall. Even if you want to self-improve just to be someone's wife, which is honestly very sweet, you shouldn't do it with just him in mind. You want to do this to make someone else happy, not just him. If he ends up with you, score! If he doesn't, do not end yourself over it. Don't give up on taking him, but be prepared to walk away if it goes bad enough.

Anonymous 25342

>have femcel face
>dress like a teenaged boy
>act like a complete autist
>have Brit-tier teeth
>have permanent eyebags
>be skinnyfat
>have small boobs
>men still look at me and catcall me like I was attractive
How the fuck can I get them away from me? I don't want to be looked at by a fucking bunch of strangers, it feels like I'm being watched
I don't even understand why this is, why not catcall attractive women instead of me?

Anonymous 25347

This. Start acting like a madwoman, and induce schizophrenia to make yourself absolutely unattractive to all human beings. Fastest way.

Anonymous 25357


Anonymous 25359

Good vent, I give it 4 out of 5 crystals.

Anonymous 25363


>be lanky, tall, flat
>be actually autistic and uninterested in talking to people
>get shit like "are you a guy or a girl hahahhaha" and "are you a lesbian" thrown at me by most people passing
>mature mentally, decide to change lifestyle to raise my self-respect
>begin dressing like most women my age (skinny jeans instead of regular ones, tucked in tshirt instead of sweater, etc.)
>take skincare more seriously
>grow hair down to my chest instead of shoulders and do a few treatments (bleaching the ends and dying them, whatever else)
>still act like a bitch to every man ever
>suddenly because i look better they care
>tell them nicely to fuck off
>"i-i promise i wont bother you anymore can we p-please talk"
Am I Stacy? How do I reverse this? I fucking hate the way these mongrels only go for looks and don't give two shits about how you treat them/how they treat you.
I hate this and I want to go back to not having to interact with anyone, but dressing like a 14 year old emo kid isn't something I'm willing to do again.

Anonymous 25367

I absolutely hate being a woman and it makes me sad there's no solution to this.

Anonymous 25368


>friends use masculine Snapchat filter on me
>say I look hot af as a guy and that they’d fuck me

Anonymous 25369

Is it just me or is this website full of repressing trans men?
tfw I am one of them ;__;

Anonymous 25372


My Dad’s girlfriend is pissing me off so much lately and I want her to fuck off to the farthest dimension in another galaxy where she can never come near my family again. Pic related is her latest offense, yesterday morning I mistook my Dad’s leftover creme brûlée from a restaurant in the fridge for gravy and dumped it on some chicken by mistake (I still ate it lol) and around mid-day received this text. She doesn’t even live at our house and it’s not her food to micromanage. I still felt bad that my Dad may have been looking forward to it so I sent him a text saying sorry and he responded with “don’t worry about it, i hope it was good. you’re free to eat anything that gets put in that fridge.” So if my Dad doesn’t give a fuck about some stupid creme brûlée then his girlfriend can shove it.

I could go on and on about this woman’s antics but I’ll spare you all the tl;dr.

Anonymous 25373

I was in the same position but you learn to just ignore them after awhile. You shouldn't let yourself go to shit again just to avoid the attention. Self-care is too important for your mental health.

Anonymous 25375

Claire Belton.jpg

I don't have a best friend anymore and it feels lonely… I still a few friends but we just don't click the way those two did. One I cut off since she cussed me out during Christmas and the other keeps flaking and is focusing on her own problems at the moment. Feels bad.

Anonymous 25383

You seem to equate the legal system with moral authority

Anonymous 25384

>commanding you
This is how you talk to a twelve year old, not an adult. I would recommend just talking to her the minimum amount it takes to make your dad happy.

Anonymous 25398

gee thanks anon!
it's something i've been holding in for a long time so it's good to let it all out for a little bit
i rate you 4/5 crystals as well and i hope you have a nice day ok thanks

Anonymous 25401

does your dad know she talks to you like this?? how old are you?

Anonymous 25402

< boy sits behind me on the bus
< boy usually catches the same bus as me, don't know him but he probably lives in the same area as me
< my stop is coming up, as i go to jump off the bus he drops a letter in my lap (reached over behind my shoulder to drop it)
< it kinda lands in my bag too sort of and i just kinda carry it out the bus with me, i'm not too focused on it as i'm just hoping the bus driver doesn't skip my stop or something
< walk down the road a little, bus is gone, he didn't follow me or anything, stop on sidewalk, open the letter
< handwritten letter:
> Hi!
> You're cool.
> Do you want to be friends?


literally nothing else on the letter, no name or number or signature or anything, just those three lines, spaced nicely over the page. how do you deal with boys sometimes?

Anonymous 25403

well? do you want to be his friend?

Anonymous 25406

i don't have a problem with having a friend, but is this really how he makes friends or something? he probably just wants to be in my pants (and/or he's just really really shy).

i haven't really thought about him, he's just some guy on the bus that I see sometimes. we're about the same age, i've seen him around here and there on the buses in my area for like the last 7 years.

wow this is really embarrassing now, what if he types his letter into google and crystal cafe shows up now? then he'll see me talking about it holy fuck i can't

Anonymous 25408

hes probably shy, maybe autistic. if youre not really interested in him you dont owe him anything so you can just ignore him. if you want to be his friend just sit next to him of the bus next time and talk

Anonymous 25410

>try to delete post
i knew i should've deleted it earlier, now it's there forever.

well i'm shy and probably autistic too or something. do those sort of friendships work out okay? idk i'm not very good at being friends either, this is why I stay on the internet mostly.

Anonymous 25411

Sometimes I read certain posts on lolcow and wonder if they're about me. I'm not American and I doubt many people here know that site exists, and only few people speak English, but I've been stalked in the past by those few people. It was years ago, I thought they left me alone?

Anonymous 25412

>do those sort of friendships work out okay?
I dont know tbh. Im bad at friends too lol

Anonymous 25414

It requires both parties to better themselves socially, so it's not likely. You better not be looking for an excuse to give up on him. This is something you need to experience, even if it has a chance of failure.

Anonymous 25416


lol your dad tattled on you to his girlfriend for eating his creemy bruuly

Anonymous 25420

Been doing my best to avoid her but she is currently staying at Dad’s house to help take care of him after a pretty painful surgery and unfortunately this is my temporary living space until I find new housing.
I told my Dad about it and his only response was to not take it personally since that’s just how her mother apparently raised her to speak to people.
>how old are you?
I am 26! Haha. But a kid to her I guess.
He didn’t lol, he was upstairs bedridden and trying to sleep off the pain and she was probably keeping an eye on our fridge like she always does. The woman is nearly 400 lbs with a severe food addiction and becomes extremely territorial and obsessive about food, who is allowed to eat what, who is allowed to cook, etc. to the point that she will snap at you or even go as far as to verbally attack you over food. My Dad has a thing for big women but he’s never been with one quite this obnoxious about their addiction.

Anonymous 25421

she sounds awful. tell her to fuck off

Anonymous 25435

My mom kicked me out of the house last night and lots of bad things happened and i want to die i want to die i want to die i wish i wasn't a christian and didnt believe in hell so i could kill myself

Anonymous 25436

How old are you? Is there any other family you can stay with at the moment?

Anonymous 25437

I turned 18 two months ago but I graduate on late october so I was stuck with her. I'm staying with my dad but his place is not good. He got his house in 1991 and hasnt done any significant changes. Its very cold and i dont have my toothbrush or towels or stuffed bear. I dont wanna live with either of them. Its my fault and she doesnt want me back she hasnt called she doesnt care. I wish i was somewhere else alone

Anonymous 25440

I'm not Christian and i don't want to encourage you to kill yourself, but why wouldn't God forgive you for ending it? I thought the only unforgivable sin is in rejecting God.

Anyway, here's some real practical advice, you should go find a nice place to sit down and steady yourself. If you have any real life friendos see if you can stay with them for a bit until everyone calms down. If your family is Christian too, then I fail to see why you wouldn't be forgiven once you acknowledge your faults, swallow your pride if you have to btw. Nothing beats a warm bed. I assume you don't have a car or much money. It's possible to rough it for one night and not come out of it too bad. Find somewhere safe and dry away from as many people as possible, then pile on as much stuff as possible to keep warm.

Otherwise, if you have a few bucks to spare, get a taxi to a hotel and stay there for the night.

Stay warm and safe.

Or find a church or something i guess, that was never an option for me, but maybe it'd work for you.

Ah shoot, i typed this all out and now i see you're living at your dad's for the moment! Well one step at a time.

Anonymous 25442

I’m not entirely sure of the process, but if you’re in the US certain states have a process called ejection, which is eviction basically if you were never paying her rent. But it’s a sticky process and you’d need an attorney.

What happened exactly for her to kick you out if you don’t mind me asking?

Anonymous 25443

>Its very cold and i dont have my toothbrush or towels or stuffed bear

I'm not an expert, but I think you could call the police and have them escort you back in just to grab your things.

Anonymous 25444

Quick correction, it might be best to physically visit the police station to ask for help rather than calling 911 since it's not a critical emergency.

Anonymous 25445

Uhh, your local police departments always have a non-emergency line too you know? Unfortunately no one ever bothers to commit the number to memory or store it on their phone until they needed it at least once.

Anonymous 25447


i want internet friends so badly. i've long given up on irl friends because i'm definitely too weird/loud/easily excitable and have niche interests, but i can't find people who are like me or like the same things as me that aren't crazy tumblrfags. i've been trying to just distract myself with things to do but it's getting more difficult and i'm tired of being alone…

Anonymous 25448

What kind of interests do you have?

Anonymous 25449

I started losing rl friends about 7 years ago and I've had only internet friends for like 4-5 years now. Maybe it'll work better for you, but it's very lonely for me, i miss some of the physicality of it, i miss having friends i could physically hug and do stuff irl with them and stuff, but i know some miners don't care for that type of thing.

Now I'm trying hard to make real life friends again but I'm terrible at it. I hope your whole internet friendos only thing works out better for you than it does for me.

Anonymous 25454

i have broad interests that people do share, but the more obscure ones i like talking about are things like oc making, worldbuilding, and some games including gachas and idol games. i don't know if more people know about them in other places, but i personally haven't met anyone irl who likes this shit so i try to find internet people instead.
thank you! i hope you're able to find good rl friends soon.

Anonymous 25456

I used imageboards as a distraction from irl problems but it only made things worse for my mental health. I'll finally stop using them.

Anonymous 25457

I'm in same place as you. I can't really make friends irl because i have nothing in common with them, but making friends in internet is also hard/dangerous (i already made some toxic friendship in past, be cautious). Maybe try anime conventions that are in your area?
>some games including gachas and idol games
good taste, i wish i could get into these games again. Maybe thread for gacha/idol games would be good?

Anonymous 25458

I have failed my goal of making friends this year again! theres always next year I suppose. unless I get kicked out of uni. which isnt unlikely

Anonymous 25460

Did you talk to people as often as you could?

Anonymous 25463

not really :( I went out with my flatmates a few times but theyre normies into drugs and parties so I stopped talking to them. there were some people in my lectures who seemed interesting, but I wasnt sure how/when to talk to them so I didnt. I spent most of my time in my room

Anonymous 25464

that's a great idea! i actually made the thread here:

Anonymous 25467

My college experience has been pretty much identical. If you're not a fan of having random hookups, clubbing, smoking weed, binge drinking, you basically have nothing in common with 99% of people. I tried going to a hobbyist club my first semester for an interest of mine. It was the club's first meeting but I accidentally showed up an hour late. The email said 8pm but I read it as 9pm for some reason. So by the time I showed up I walked past and saw everyone already talking together and laughing etc.

I think next semester I will try to get involved with a Christian org/group

Anonymous 25471

Everyone doubts joining some churchie group from the start, but in the end if you're not totally opposite of the people in them, they're the ones you'll gravitate the most towards. Smart choice.

Anonymous 25474

Because when you kill yourself you instantly reject God or something like that. And thank you for everything you wrote, even though I'm still staying with my dad it was helpful to me, mentally. I don't have any real life friends but my dad is as good as he can be given the circumstances
I'm not an american sadly but I just went to get some essentials because she was working
She got mad at me because I smashed some eggs. It's a long story but tl;dr she could be a narc and I could have bpd. I know my sister went through worse when she lived with her and developed lots of issues, even attempted suicide a few times. And I got diagnosed with depression last year. I don't want to blame her for everything, deep down I know it's my fault. I just want to be alone
Its okay now. Thank you for replying anon. I have my towel and a toothbrush now

Anonymous 25475

I honestly have more in common with devout Christians than probably anyone else.I am very socially conservative and I have very light hearted, innocent interests. I have tons of fun playing board games or going to the park for picnics, way more than stupid normie stuff like binge drinking and partying.

I think if I did become a part of a Christian org, I could theoretically find friends or even a romantic partner. But the thing is I'm not Christian. Or at least, I don't believe in any gods or anything supernatural. But I think Christianity as an institution, has done tremendous good and I don't see believers as stupid or anything. It's just a personal determination I've made. So I'd feel like a phony.

Anonymous 25476

>So by the time I showed up I walked past and saw everyone already talking together and laughing etc
this is the worst. it feels like everyone is already friends and its awkward to insert yourself into theyre group. even worse when you turn up to lectures at the start of the semester and everyone already seems like best friends even though they literally just met

Anonymous 25477

>even worse when you turn up to lectures at the start of the semester and everyone already seems like best friends even though they literally just met

I think everyone in the first day of class feels just as uncomfortable as you feel. I think if you look around next first day of classes at the end lecture, you'll see lots of people sitting around looking uncomfortable. Doing small talk is not that scary, most people are pretty friendly (not all ofc). But especially if it's a hard class, people usually understand it's helpful to have friends in their class, to study with or get notes from. But you have to get there early on the first day to chat some before lecture starts, to minimize the awkwardness.

Anonymous 25479

theres a big thing going on on campus tonight (theres a fun fair and drinking) because today was the last of exams. I had to walk through to to go to the shop and a guy I know from class saw me and started talking to me. hes okay and we have a similar sense of humour, but hes super extroverted and goes to clubs and stuff too. I told him I wasnt interested in the fair and went home

dont know if I did the right thing tbh

Anonymous 25482

Anyone who is extroverted and enjoys going clubbing enjoys attention. Period. They enjoy being in the spotlight. They enjoy flirting and being flirted with. They enjoy the tantalizing, flirty, sexual charged stimulation that permeates clubs and bars.

Does that sound like someone you want to date? Consider also you're definitely not the only girl he's shown interest in and asked to go clubbing. That's absolutely a given. Do you still want to go with him?

Anonymous 25483

I meant as just a friend, not to date. Ive never seen him with any girls either. definitely dont want to go out to clubs, but we have gotten on well in group projects and stuff. maybe I could have made him into a real friend if Id played along with the fun fair before the drinking started, idk?

Anonymous 25484

It's obviously your decision, I don't think anyone can tell you if going is a good decision or not, because we don't know you and we don't know him.

I don't know what kind of event this fun fair would be but I assume if it's some light hearted thing that's campus organized, going with him couldn't hurt anything. Although having a male friend is not something I would personally advise. Guys don't set out to make female friends lol. And I'm pretty certain he wouldn't ask you to go somewhere with drinking, if platonic friendship was his only goal. It's window dressing, it's a social nicety thing. You could definitely go and keep things cordial and stay sober, to learn more about him on a personal level. But I feel an obligation to inform you that anyone who enjoys going out clubbing and asking girls to events where drinking is involved, will have certain innate personality traits.

Anonymous 25485

he didnt invite me, I was already there because it was right outside the shop I went to. it really just seems platonic as hes never done anything remotely close to flirting. I think he might be gay but Im not sure. regardless, I already went home and Im not going back out now

another person I thought I could have been friends with is a girl in my lectures. she seems kind of weird but like she wants make friends too. I dont know if shes the type to go out or drink. I doubt Ill see her again anyway tho

Anonymous 25486

I think I've misunderstood what you are trying to do here. Is your goal to go to a school event with someone where it's not so awkward, since going by yourself would be awkward?

Its useful to make some friends/acquaintances that you're on good enough terms with, to at least go to events with. College organization meetings and such. Maybe even a coed sports team. Or church. Things like that. And from there you can mingle and meet like minded people and it's less awkward than just showing up by yourself. Showing up anywhere by yourself can be pretty painful. I would suggest though, if your goal is to mingle and meet people, going with a male friend is not the best approach, because people will assume you're a couple. Making female friends is a better way to accomplish this, if that is what you are wanting to do. I would also avoid events where people are drinking if you're wanting to meet high quality young men and women. In my opinion.

Anonymous 25487

I just want friends tbh. my goal isnt to have people to go to events with, I dont really like events with lots of people. but I think I need to go to events to meet people? staying at home certainly isnt working lol

I cant be too picky on whether potential friends are men or women. I have a "weird" personality, and finding people who find the same things funny/interesting is pretty rare. the two examples I gave are the only two people Ive met at uni (havent actually met the girl, just overheard her talking to other people) who seem to be similar to me

Anonymous 25488

There's nothing wrong with having a slightly different or "weird" personality. I would say that anyone who thrives in the current shallow, superficial culture, is mentally ill (snapchat, nudes, tinder, hookups etc). If you find yourself an outsider and not quite fitting in, then I would say you're far more mentally healthy and sane than your average person.

Meeting friends at the end of spring semester is probably not the best time to do so in a college town. I would wait until the fall semester starts up and try being active in a student organization. My personal picks would be a christian one, or one related to your hobbies. I wouldn't worry about finding people with the same sense of humor, I think if you look for people with your interests you'll find people who share your humor. Wholesome hobby groups like board games come to mind, but there are probably things like crafts groups too. Anything that would attract wholesome people.

I feel like saying this, and maybe it's not relevant, but I spend time with a group of old ladies and they like to talk about their youth. And the ones who self-describe themselves as "weird", saying they did things like pick up and look at rocks or leaves at recess while the other kids played, these old ladies seem to make the best mothers, very nurturing people, and their children grew up as very well rounded successful adults.

Anonymous 25489

A guy that I've been intimately talking with for over a year and a half just up and ghosted me recently.
Started ignoring my messages last month, then just today I see that he's changed his profile picture and blocked me.
Oh my god I'm so mad and upset right now. He was so sweet and amazing and of course he turns out to be a complete fucking pieceof shit deep down. Awesome.

Anonymous 25490

I dont mean "weird" as in conservative and not liking party culture (I am very anti drinking/drugs tho). I have autism and grew up extremely isolated along with being on 4chan. everything about the way I process emotions and thoughts just doesnt match up to normal people. my sense of humour is really the only way I can interact with people in a semi good way. Im not sure if people with the same interests will work. my hobbies are kind of an escape for me. Ive had friends before with a common hobby and it made me dread doing my hobby because I knew Id have to talk to my friend

Anonymous 25491

Trying to have an online relationship with someone is a really really bad idea. It just doesn't work. In fact, it harms you. Because you spend all this time and energy into building a relationship with this person, who not only is almost always going to be mentally ill and catfishing you in some way, but you're being pulled away from opportunities to seek out people in your community/area.

Anonymous 25492

Do you not want to say what the hobby is? If so that's okay. Have you considering trying to meet people who also have autism? Dealing with non-autistic people is almost always going to have you feeling like a fish out of water. Lots of autistic people feel that way around non-autistic people.

Anonymous 25493

I have a bunch of different hobbies. I play violin, draw, rock climb, run distance among others. typically I like to do them alone or with people Im very very close with tho. alot of autistic people bother me more than non-autistics tbh. theyre general lack of self awareness is irritating

Anonymous 25495

I would say then you have high functioning autism, where you can still read social cues in that case. Honestly I think a lot of high functioning autism traits are actually just the result of high IQ. In your case I think you would probably have the best chance of making friends you can relate to, if you look for high IQ young men and women.

Are you pursuing a STEM degree? If so, you could try working in a group that does some engineering project or something like that. There's dorky slightly autistic men and women with good senses of humor who do tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons. I think you are way more likely to find fellow "weird" people in either of those groups.

Anonymous 25496

This is really good advice, thank you.
I really shouldn't have gotten involved, but I just couldn't help but fall for him. He was so amazing and so passionate and sweet to me… But it's all whatever at this point I suppose.
What really kills me, though, what really eats me up inside, is how I'll never know why he left. I don't know if it was something I said, what if his feelings for me faded and he found someone else, maybe he was never the person he said he was. Maybe all three? I'll never even know, and I can't stand it…

Anonymous 25497

There's a lot more people like you in the church, than you think. They're just in it for the wholesome things. Eventually they tend to forget they don't believe. I'd definitely get into it for the sake of meeting sane people.
>I think he might be gay but Im not sure
There's a "gay" method of PUAs, you know.

Anonymous 25498

yeah Im doing a STEM degree. I really dont fit in with most of the people on my course. most of them are normies, and the ones that arent, arent the same type of weird as me lol

Ive known him for 2 years. hes never tried to "pick me up" we just make edgy jokes if we have to work together. we dont interact outside of group projects every so often tho

Anonymous 25499

It's easy to pretend to be passionate and sweet over the internet. It's hard to pretend to be those things in real life. Anyone can be anything they want on the internet.

Its not hard at all for a guy to pretend to be caring and say what you want to hear over the internet. And honestly a guy who has the time to sit down and write messages all day for a year straight is probably a loser, to be quite honest with you. Where does he work if he can sit down and do that? And if he's so perfect and caring why is he single? Something's not right. And even if he was, if he has the time to write these things to you what's stopping him from messaging 100 other girls? You need to interact with people in real life and vet them. You can't do that online.

Anonymous 25500

I don't understand what you want advice on exactly? You're definitely not going to be the only person in a college class with an edgy sense of humor who is slightly autistic and introverted. Lots of people in your classes are just like you especially in a STEM field. You just need to meet them, and I already outlined some ways to do so.

But if you want to try getting to know this guy more, that's fine too. If you think this guy is a good guy worth possibly dating, then you should try to spend more time with him and get to know him. But. Be realistic. If he asked you to the fair then he asked you for a reason. I can do is assure you that platonic friendship is not his end goal. Unless he's gay I guess.

Anonymous 25501

You're completely right. Thank you again.

Anonymous 25502

I mean this is a venting thread. Im venting about my failed goal of making friends, and the reasons why (being an emotionally stunted fuck up more so than a quirky aspie). I have 0% interest in dating him. he didnt ask me to a fair, we were both standing in the middle of the fair because it was in the car park of the shop I went to, he just started talking and I dismissively told him I wasnt interested in the fair and left. and wondered if I missed an opportunity to hand out with someone outside of forced class work

Anonymous 25503


My internet addiction is getting worse and worse. I can almost feel my braincells deteriorating with each pointless click, each useless letter I type and each stupid refresh I do.

It doesn't help that most of my friends and people I regularly talk to are only contactable online. The "perks" of living in a small town lol.

Anonymous 25515


Why does everything have to be about sex? It just gives me really bad anxiety to the point of crying and I’m just tired of seeing it. I’m grossed out whenever someone mentions porn or anything else like that. Maybe I’ve turned asexual. I really find no pleasure in touching myself anymore.

I’m tired of trying my best to please others sexually. It’s tiring. I don’t even have the desire to be in a relationship because I know most of it will revolve around sex.

I also have had really bad trauma occur to me not long ago and I haven’t gotten help for it. I thought ignoring it would make it go away. Maybe it’s festering in my subconscious now?

Anonymous 25517

>Why does everything have to be about sex?
Both modern young women and young men are obsessed with sex. It's a product of our dysfunctional modern western society. I've known guys who say a girl quits talking to them if they don't ask her for nudes or pressure her for sex after a first date. And I know young women who say guys stop talking to them if they don't send them nudes or they don't put out after a first date. Chaste young people rarely find each other, because there are so few people with their heads screwed on straight in this messed up world.

>I’m tired of trying my best to please others sexually. It’s tiring.

Why are you trying to sexually please other people at all? You should be trying to find a stable healthy relationship, that's generally where people find the most long term happiness. Anyone who wants you to sexually please them right off the bat is not someone who has your interests in mind.

>I also have had really bad trauma occur to me not long ago and I haven’t gotten help for it. I thought ignoring it would make it go away. Maybe it’s festering in my subconscious now?

Without knowing more information it's hard to offer advice here. I would feel irresponsible commenting without knowing more information about the nature of the trauma. But generally speaking, bad things happen to all of us and I think human beings evolved to be able to handle intermittent periods of intense grief, stress, trauma, and still recover and overcome these events long term. But again that's just my general attitude. I don't think therapy would hurt. Again, that's a blanket statement I would tell anyone who said they experienced a traumatic event, without knowing more information.

Anonymous 25523

In the same boat, but picking up a hobby that forced me to get physical and out of the house helped. Perhaps your mind requires stronger mental stimulation. Seek out things online and off that force you to contemplate and dissect. Don't settle for things you grasp right away.

Anonymous 25524

I'm sorry, it sounds like you've been exposed to the worst kind of predatory men. But trust me, there are kind gentle men who would care about you more than sex. You just have to realize your worth and stop giving the time of day to people who are just trying to use you. Why should you have to work hard to please anyone? They should be trying to please YOU. Stay true to yourself and what you want, you never have to settle for people who treat you like this.

Anonymous 25525

I would say in an optimal relationship, both people would try to please each other. But more than that, they would try to elevate the other person. Two hands working together. Both individuals would help each other, which would have a multiplying effect. Enabling more than they would ever be able to do alone. You enhance the other person and they would enhance you. This is what femininity and masculinity are supposed to do. Amplify each other. It's beautiful.

But many women (and just as many men !) seem seek out relationships with people who take advantage of them, for various reasons. Sometimes it's unintentional and they were manipulated, and sometimes people intentionally seek out the absolute worst type of person for a relationship and consistently ignore good relationship candidates.

But I will admit I have no personal experience with relationships. These are my own observations and interpretations.

Anonymous 25527

You are absolutely right. Both parties should try to make each other as happy as possible. I was just trying to emphasize that she doesn't need to please anyone to be liked. If you genuinely want to make someone happy, then that's wonderful. But what happens with a lot of people pleasers is they are constantly fearful of "oh no this person will leave me/hate me/get angry with me if I don't do x" and that is such a hurtful way to think of yourself. Honestly I think if she found a guy leaning more towards selfless it might help her a lot with her preconceived notions of relationships and men.

Anonymous 25539

2 weeks in.jpg

Since the start of the year I've turned incredibly lazy and have no motivation or energy to change. My sleep schedule flips every few days, I barely clean, I put bare minimum effort into my diet and as a result developed a deficiency, I don't exercise, I skip class and procrastinate all my work during the term and start my textbook readings 1-2 days before the midterm/exam, I dropped all of my hobbies such as reading books and spend 8+ hours a day online, I can't spend more than 3 minutes a day tending to my physical appearance, etc. The only thing I still got going is very basic hygiene. The fuck happened to me? I didn't imagine I'd be living like this, compared to how my peers are doing I feel so ashamed.

Anonymous 25541

What deficiency do you have? It sounds like you might have depression but anemia and hypothyroidism can mirror themselves like how you described.

Anonymous 25544

You're right it was iron deficiency anemia, I'm on some supplements right now so hopefully in a few more weeks the symptoms will begin to improve. I suspected it might be depression but wasn't sure if it was or I'm just being a lazy shit. I'll look into hypothyroidism as well, thanks.

Anonymous 25546

How can I accept my loser condition? Don't tell me to change, it's not going to happen, I only care about peace of mind right now.

Anonymous 25555

Good luck. My suggestions are to take them with something full of vitamin C like orange juice. Also calcium and caffeine impair the absorption of iron.

Anonymous 25556

What (do you think) makes you a loser, anon?

Anonymous 25564

Because there’s a vagina glut

Anonymous 25573


Young men and young women are both largely degenerate sex addicts. Pure hearted young men and young women are both targeted by their impure peers, who drip poison in their ear. Girls are told they need to be able to perform fellatio like a pornstar after a first date, or every guy will leave them. Boys are told they need to bed a hundred whores otherwise women consider him pathetic. And the disgusting, sad truth is, these statements are correct. This is how the sociopathic degens judge each other.

It's very hard for pure hearted young people to find each other in this corrupted world. Because there are so few of them, isolated like islands in a sea of filth. I don't know the solution, but I assume local church groups and charities are the best place to look. I tried my hand at online dating but it was full of sex addicts.

Anonymous 25595

God I always have the worst nightmares before the start of a new job where I do everything wrong and get fired.
Just got hired at sweetgreen a few days ago and this afternoon during a nap I dreamt that I arrived 45 late to my first shift, in my pajamas, unshowered, forgot to brush teeth, slacked off the entire time by napping and playing on my phone shitposting on some imaginary chan site, and brought a 6-pack of beers which I was caught with by the manager. Got my ass screamed at and thrown out the door.
I know it’s just a dumb dream and I would never actually do those things since I’m generally a hard worker but it left me shook and anxious for some reason. I hate my brain.

Anonymous 25618


Jesus fuck I need to take a pregnancy test because I missed my period. I have a fear of falling pregnant and my anxiety is through the roof right now fuck fuck fuck

Anonymous 25627

Not her, but I've gotten close to buying a pregnancy test and I'm a khv. She mentioned anxiety so it may be some irrational shit like that.

Anonymous 25628

Intercourse isn't even nearly as good for women as it is for men and there is always the risk of getting pregnant. Never understood why so many people take that risk.

Anonymous 25633


I hate having an eating disorder. I had to quit ballet because of it. i'm recovering and doing well but I think it'll always be a part of me. right now I'm trying to lose 10 lbs which is probably not a good idea but whatever

Anonymous 25715

It had a lot to do with my anxiety, I should really seek some more help with managing that better. The test was negative, thank goodness.

Anonymous 25718

I went to a mommy meetup yesterday and aside from the organizer of it who was pleasantly polite no one even talked to me. I don't have any friends other than my husband, I love him but I wish I had some friends…

Anonymous 25720


You will get there eventually anon, plenty of people recover from that, I believe in you!

>tfw food hoarding syndrome that will never go away due to starvation childhood trauma

Anonymous 25721

Agreeeeeeed. I also fucking hate how GoT is insanely filled with sex scene. Like wtf, it's pretty useless and has no major significant value in the plot. ITS ALSO FUCKING AWKWARD IF YOU'RE WATCHING IT WITH FRIENDS AND PARENTS IN LAW. LIKE BRAH THIS IS A SHOW NOT SOME BIG SOFTCORE SERIES. Might as well change the description to that shit. UGH.

Anonymous 25723

also I hate how Gore esque and sadistic that fucking show it. Like Jesus Christ it's not even e entertaining too much of vice. Balance the fuck out. Sorry if it sounds I'm taking out on anyone. I just really dislike that show. Disgustingly overfilled vice shit.

Anonymous 25729

It's Cable TV. What else would they put on there? Something good? No.

Anonymous 25730

What's good is obviously relative, that shit is like the biggest fucking TV-based cash cow in forever. you better fucking believe it that HBO and everyone that lapped it up thought it was "good".

Anonymous 25731


Anonymous 25743

How is the new job going?

Anonymous 25745

I hope your arm feels better today anon. Take some painkillers if you can, and maybe use an ice pack if there is any swelling. Blood tests leave me feeling like there is a toothpick in my arm for days.

Anonymous 25754

I fucked up biggggg time, I didn't realize how stupid the decision I made was until now honestly. I really don't deserve my life.

Anonymous 25755

That sounds absolutely terrifying. I just meant that I ended up with a bruise and it was hurting. I'm sorry.

Anonymous 25761


Go to class with cute, smart, kind and athletic guy who actually reads in the current year and doesnt use social media too much.He personifies these traits I am not just attaching those to him out of wishful thinking, they are my "husband goals". Asked him to the movies, talked an hour afterwards and I literally feel nothing towards him. Wtf, where are the butterflies and fucking clouds I was promised ??

obligatory "whats going on ?"

Anonymous 25762

Maybe this is that "pair bonding" stuff people talk about. Ever been with someone before him?

Anonymous 25763

My first time

Anonymous 25764

Is he short or something?

Anonymous 25765

neither short or bald(ing)

Anonymous 25766

Then what's the issue?

Anonymous 25767

Thats what I am asking you

Anonymous 25768

Are you rather slim? Low fat could be contributing to some symptoms of unfeeling that you possess. It's usually someone not being like your "first" that usually causes this to happen. Otherwise I'm just left guessing. Chemical imbalance? Meds?

Anonymous 25769

I am skinny af, no meds and I get checked by the doc regularly

Anonymous 25771

Yeah, it's the fats. Consume sugar to create insulin. No need to increase your caloric intake, when you can just retain more fat from your diet.

Anonymous 25808

Thanks, that actually helps alot

Anonymous 25816


Went on a chill date with a guy from tinder and he asked if I wanted to smash. I declined and he respected it and was totally chill with it. The thing is though that I can't stop hating myself for being a filthy virg who don't know how to casually hook up (atleast without the help of alcohol lol) like I feel soooo awkward

Anonymous 25818

i have a party on saturday and im freaking out since idk wtf to wear, a girl going i asked for advice she was just like a dress and heels and im like i dont have those and shes like do you at least have boots and im like no, another girl chimed in and said just wear jeans and a nice top (a nice top i also dont have) idk if i should go shopping for a dress since they look ugly on me and i dont want to get rid of my body hair, ive looked online at all the stores and i cant really say they have 'nice tops' either, should i just not go?

Anonymous 25819

Just buy a cheap top and some boots or chelseas with a chunky heel. Or ask if you can borrow a shirt from one of them.

Anonymous 25820

How old are you? What kind of party?

Anonymous 25825

If you are smol you might get away with a hoodie

Anonymous 25827

you did the right thing.
Tinder is not the place to find a suitable partner.

Anonymous 25848


Anonymous 25850


this lol

as long as you pair it with heeled boots, our girl ari brought your overweight uncle’s hoodie into style

Anonymous 25853

>our girl ari
too much of a shallow hoe for me
my queen is and will always be elizabeth the first

don't @ me

Anonymous 25902


Adults who unironically use comma ellipsis like,,, this,,,,,,, need to be hanged.

Anonymous 25903

Good anon, ty for asking!

Anonymous 25931


/ourgirl/ is actually Christine Chubbuck

Anonymous 25938


Anonymous 25941

I keep seeing the comma ellipses but I’ve never really understood their purpose - do they act as an ellipses or draw out the word before it? like when people used this ~ symbol to add emphasis~ or finish words with additional lettersssss

Anonymous 25942

Apparently, commas as ellipses look and "sound" cuter than dots (or periods or whatever you call them). I just think they make you look retarded, especially if you're an adult.

Anonymous 25944

Comma ellipses are cringe but thankfully I don't see them all that often. Only maybe on an occasional youtube comment or something.

Anonymous 25945


I'm going through an intense phase of being obsessed with a band right now– like, to the point where I take criticism of them to heart, I only want to listen to them and nothing else, I even want to start an IG dedicated to them– and WOW I feel like a childish idiot.

I thought I was old enough to have grown out of having "obsessions" with media (especially bands, kill me), but apparently not. cooool

Anonymous 25948


>literally cannot stop being distant/slightly mean to crush

Fuck i wish I were dead.

Anonymous 25949

What band?

Anonymous 25951

Accept your inner tsundere.

Anonymous 25959

[HorribleSubs] Sar…

>tfw bad at everything i want & like to do
it's not fun . . . i sort of want to give up but if i do that, i'll be even more miserable. so what's the point

Anonymous 25963

Welcome to the "I can't express my liking so my inner bitch is coming out" club.

Anonymous 25965

Having sex with random people for no proper reason other than "lol sex" is Stacy culture. We don't need that kind of shit in our lives, anon. Find a relationship and have sex only after, that's the normal thing to do. Nothing wrong with being a virgin.

Anonymous 25973

Same, all I've done is put it all off since I'm so disappointed with what little i could output. Something like 'if i never produce anything, then I'll never be disappointed by it'.

It doesn't work btw, in case you ever find yourself intentionally or unintentionally doing the same. I'm sure I'd be happier if I practiced more and made a little improvement, even if it's almost imperceptible.

Anonymous 25974


>sat in the previous thread for almost a month thinking it was just moving slowly
>even got new posts past the limit a week ago, somehow, further delaying the inclination to check the catalog to see whether it was at the limit

Anonymous 25975

Sometimes someone is nice enough to post a link to the new one at the end of the old one.

But I'd recommend just watching the front page instead. I've never found threads to move fast enough here for me to bother watching a specific thread or even using the catalog (unless I'm looking for an old old thread).

Anonymous 25976

Personally, if I open a thread I'm compelled to see it through to the end. It's part of what I actually dislike about the site in that threads never die, so if a thread stalls without reaching the post limit I end up just leaving it open in a tab for two or three months just in case someone necro-replies to a post of mine. I wish there was some sort of thread watcher that'd notify me of new posts without me having to keep the thread open.

Anonymous 25981

>leaving it open in a tab for two or three months
What do you mean by that? Do you not shut down your computer/phone/laptop?

Anonymous 25988

I have a desktop, so I don't really ever shut it down or restart it except when installing an update or something.
But even still, that doesn't affect the tabs I have open. I can reopen my browser exactly as it was after I'm done restarting.

Anonymous 25998

>I wish I got this sorted out in high school
I know that feel.
I neglected dating or romantic relationships of any kind all through high school and college. "I'm too busy," I thought. "I'll have plenty of time later."
I wish someone had told me that I would be no less busy later in life and, what's more, the things with which I'd be busy would be much more important than whatever was going on in school.

I hear about people who find someone in high school and end up spending their whole lives together, from practically childhood all the way into adulthood. I know that kind of thing is a long shot even in the best of circumstances, but it makes me really sad that I'll never even have a chance at being able to know someone so deeply.

Anonymous 26010


Queen. Which is terrible on its own, but especially now because everyone's got harsh opinions about the Bohemian Rhapsody movie, and even though I didn't really care for the movie I feel protective about it because ~it's related to Queen~

in b4 "anon are you a middle aged father or a divorced white mom"

Anonymous 26012

My friend called me fat today on the phone. The conversation went something like
>friend: i’ve been eating so much lately, god im a fatass
>me: i eat a lot too, you think i’m fat? (laughs)
(was using myself as an example to imply she shouldn’t think of herself as fat)
>friend: well yeah, you are fat
>me: what? are you being serious?
>friend: yeah, own it dude. nothing wrong with being fat.
>me: im not fat
>friend: dude, look in a fucking mirror. you’re fat. but dont be ashamed, fat can be hot (changes subject to her cousin’s wedding)
Great knowing I’m fat I guess, even though I’m technically a healthy weight?
God I hate autistic people sometimes. They are so rude.

Anonymous 26013

>healthy weight
She's the issue.
At least she called you hot in a roundabout way though.

Anonymous 26027

I just find it funny because my best friend's the same. I'm not a Queen fan but she keeps insisting I sit down and listen to their albums. I know what's it's like to have an artist you'd vehemently defend; I feel the same way about David Bowie

Anonymous 26028

>finally buy something from kiosk where the cashier has been obviously staring at me whenever I pass
>he interacts with me coldly
W…what did he mean by this?! Is it because I took so long (2 months)?
I feel bad but also confused. At least I finally have one of those phone cases that works as a wallet ig.

Anonymous 26029

It's possible he was shy too and you just didn't notice because you were too worried what he thought.

Anonymous 26030

…maybe he was nervous. tbh I come off as a jerk sometimes too when I'm on edge. I probably should have made small talk or cracked a joke, fuck.
Not much can be done now though unless I see him at university again this fall. I'm not wasting money on another $30 case lmao.

Anonymous 26032

What if you on purpose lock eyes with him every time you pass the kiosk now, since he already stares at you?
If you got the impression that he was interested by his frequently looking at you, doing the same to him may result in him realizing that you're interested as well.

Obviously try not to be creepy about it though, don't stare at him the entire time he's in view.

Anonymous 26033

I have actually been doing that, so I thought maybe he'd get the message. I know I didn't mistake his looks either because once he leaned over the counter to glance at me lmao. Also looked right at me once then talked to his coworker.
I've considered maybe he's dating someone else now though? Since he has been looking less recently, the very obvious stares were back in April. If so then I respect that.

Maybe I just didn't strike when the iron was hot and now I missed out.

Anonymous 26034

Just smile at him once ffs

Anonymous 26042

>nearly merged into a car
it upsets me a lot whenever i make a mistake driving. did anyone else here grow up with a family of guys that all taught you women suck at driving? i hate blaming others for my own issues but i feel like i have huge mental blocks set up that automatically assume i can never get better at driving because of that.

i envy all of my girlfriends whose parents never did that to them, they're all good drivers.

Anonymous 26058


>join a new online fandom
>scroll through disqus and youtube comments
>over-zealous, obsessive fans post violent threats and dumb insults
>try another social media
>more angry fans who get worked up over a damn tv show

I know it's nothing new. Toxic fandoms blah blah. But if I stopped keeping myself up to date, I "get" FOMO, the fear of missing out.

Anonymous 26063

I need £1600 for a cosmetic treatment I’m 100% decided on as it will absolutely help my cause, but I have no idea how to make that much extra income as I’m a student and all of my wages go on rent. Help.2

Anonymous 26064

Is there a time frame in which it must be made, or are you just looking for something that'd reliably get you there in a reasonable enough time?
Selling plasma is always the first thing that comes to my mind for "free additional income."

Anonymous 26072

it looks like anon is in the uk, i dont think youre allowed to pay you for donating plasma there.

i think some unis allow you to take part in medical trials for money though, op.so take a look at those, but be careful.

Anonymous 26073

don't live in the UK, but I'm pretty sure you can't sell your plasma like that there and i'm thinking that's probably just an american thing.

Anonymous 26074

Technically you can't sell it in America either.
The loophole is that legally, you're donating the plasma and the establishment is merely compensating you for your time.
Not sure if they plugged that up in other countries, though.

Anonymous 26087


>make new female friend
>happy about it
>she begins showering me with attention and affection
>disgusted and constantly angry whenever talking to her
>don't respond to her messages as often
Why am I doing this? I'v never felt comfortable around women and I have a very little amount of girl friends, so I was more than just excited to make a new friend especially with a mutual interest that I never thought any other girl or woman would have.
What the fuck do I do?

Anonymous 26088

Sudden Repulsion Syndrome

Anonymous 26089

I didn't see this until now, but thank you for your response. I relate to the part about bottling it up too, just with another friend. I had a best friend for 6 years who was extremely opinionated and would flip and argue over the tiniest things. When she was in one of those moods, there was absolutely no way I could get through to her and discuss it. For example, one time she was suddenly convinced she had to become pregnant and have a child, even though she had always disliked children, lived alone, was single, hated society and being brought up in this world, and worked a very demanding job. But if I had challenged her and said that it wasn't a good idea, she would've ripped my head off. I learned to just shut up and let her talk and then usually the next day she'd be extra nice almost as if she was trying to make up for being a bitch without having to apologize. But often enough I'd have to be the bigger person and just say sorry so things wouldn't escalate, and one day I was just too exhausted to deal with it and ghosted her for a few days. She never forgave me for that and I've felt much better since then because it was so damn exhausting to always have to watch my back and my every word so I wouldn't accidentally cause her to rage out at me. TL;DR bitches be crazy

Anonymous 26096


>mfw ive spent all day sitting in bed, locked in my room, hot and sweaty af, playing scribbl.io

I need to get a life

Anonymous 26097


>spent all day playing scribbl.io

Anonymous 26098

Probably meant skribbl.io? Thanks to >>26096 I spent the last half hour on that website.

Anonymous 26104

Why do so many men dress so badly and complain about women not thinking they are attractive at the same time? Is it really that hard to wear something else than the same wrinkled T-Shirt and dirty jeans for a week?

Anonymous 26108

Have you ever been to /fa/ ? The delusion is real for some

Anonymous 26109

I ghosted a former best friend under circumstances similar to >>26107 (and I hope we both move on and be happy ourselves). Even now she means a lot to me but has hurt me in a way that made it difficult to trust anything anyone said for a long while. Explaining why I was affected to that degree is difficult to explain. However reading upon the symptoms of gaslighting flicked a switch. Outright calling it that doesn't seem like the full truth since my memory of that night and the events that preceded the final straw are hazy. Dunno. I'm not sure whether she knows of my thoughts because she's implied to mutuals that I snubbed her out of the blue…which is odd since she didn't contact me either for six months. I thought she still harbored resentment or pride and didn't ask her to clarify. A few months ago she DM'd offering to help out with an issue mentioned in one of my last Tweets but I was too scared to read the full message and have long abandoned the account.

Talking to her about it seems like a fruitless outcome as it's been more than a year of letting the unspoken issue fester. Sometimes her Tumblr blog plops into activity. I often scroll through her updates and feel a sense of nostalgia and longing to reconnect. It's been so long that she's likely moved on by now, and she seems happier. I have almost overcome the aforementioned issues and am also in a better place. Limerence? Maybe. We went through a lot of shit together. Joked about things we'd do in our forties when we were still teenagers. I miss her but don't want to be hurt again.

Anonymous 26130


on ao3 at least half of the fics for the pairing I like are tagged "trans character" "nonbinary character" and so on and it's really fucking annoying. I want to read about their relationship, not some tumblr autist's headcanons about one of them coming out as trans and the other one being supportive and shit. it's an anime about a gender-segregated sport, too, which just makes the trans stuff even more ridiculous. it's all ridiculously out of character, too. why do these self-inserting teenagers have to latch onto my goddamn sports anime?

Anonymous 26132

>gender-segregated sport
I'm probably forgetting some really obvious ones, but what are some examples of non-sex-segregated sports?
Like nothing really springs to mind immediately except for mixed doubles tennis but that's still not free of rules on sex (i.e. you can't have two women vs mixed or two men vs mixed, still has rigid rules on this stuff). Maybe some of the marathon type of stuff but idk.

Anonymous 26138

Equestrian (Olympic)
World Chess Championship (Extremely weird situation where women are allowed to compete in the main league but also have a womens' league)
Sailing (Olympic)

Men and women also can compete as a duo team in:
Badminton, Luge, Tennis, Ice Skating

Anonymous 26167

My boyfriend and I have to put our dog down today. We don't want him to go but he's fifteen and obviously in a lot of pain. Seeing his health so rapidly decline this past month has been really heartbreaking. I just want him to know that we love him very much.

Anonymous 26169


I'm so frustrated with myself sexually. I masturbate for hours a day, I feel aroused at the slightest thing, I just wish I could delete this part of me. I'm envious of people who say they don't experience these urges. Yeah, I could go fuck someone. But the desire would just return. I can't even really "go fuck someone" because I have vaginismus that is psychologically related, and yet, I find it so stressful to have to intertwine a relationship with sex. I wish people didn't see sex as this beautiful aspect of human life, sure, it can be, but for me, it's just like food, I'm always going to desire it and I hate how I can't rid myself of that desire. I hate how my body doesn't fucking work, and in all my past relationships, I got sick of feeling like I was pressuring the guy for sex so I slowly laid off of that because I don't want to be that kind of person. Furthermore, my stupid vagina would irritate their penises which would also act as a deterrent to them wanting sex with me. It was infuriating for me to have to hear them compliment me all the time in a sexual way, grope me, be physically affectionate towards me, but then they rarely would want to go all the way. I feel like I have to pretend I don't want sex or something in my next relationship because I feel like once my partner would learn I always desired it, they would not be interested in pursuing. The times we would have sex, they'd want it to be all emotional and though I had to basically learn to act in accordance with that in a way that would make them feel safe and secure, I'm internally thinking, I just need to get fucked by another person because masturbation and toys don't cut it the way a person does, and I hate how it's interwoven with emotions and such when I feel like it's just a hormonal response.

Worst of all, when I've expressed how I've felt about this before to other girls (only two because I'm awful at making girl friends since I'm so anxious and nervous around them because I'm stupidly eager to please girls specifically), they act like that isn't normal or grounded in reality. But, clearly sex drive is a biological drive, and if it were up to me, I just don't like having to mix it with my relationships. They act like it's because I was abused as a child. It probably is. But even so, why "fix" this perspective of mine? I don't want emotional fulfillment from sex. I want it from other things. I feel like sex isn't this supernatural phenomenon and it bothers tf out of me that I have to act it's like that if I want to have sex with people. I'd probably hook up if my body wasn't so damn unreliable, but tbh I'm scared af of doing that for multiple reasons; for me, monogamy is just more convenient.

I am so fucking riddled by this shit. I masturbate before I sleep, when I wake up, when I get home, if I take a nap, when I wake up or go to sleep from that, and it's for at least an hour each session. I've been late to various functions because of this. I just want to fucking be rid of this desire. I hate feeling like I'm having to pretend when I have sex with people that it means something to me, I'm just glad i'm fucking someone who I am comfortable with, is unlikely to contract any STIs, and who is not going to force me to do anything I don't want to do.

I feel so lonely in this. Perhaps I just think of sex so much because it's an imagined contact with another person. I can't stand physical contact at all with others, unless I'm incredibly drunk.

Anonymous 26174

>I masturbate before I sleep, when I wake up, when I get home, if I take a nap, when I wake up or go to sleep from that, and it's for at least an hour each session. I've been late to various functions because of this.
Have you talked to a therapist or psychologist or something about this? Masturbating for 3-5 hours every day and doing so in spite of the compulsion negatively affecting you is like, addiction-tier.

Anonymous 26175


>both of my male and female crushes like the same girl more than me
I just want to fucking die right now, please.
Shes so much funnier, and cooler, and prettier than ill ever be. why does it have to be like this.

Anonymous 26176


god, i want a girlfriend so badly. one that isn't super hocked up on trans/woke bullshit, but it's beginning to feel hopeless

Anonymous 26179

You masturbate for hours? Sounds like a huge waste of time, beside of your other problems. I can't give you good advice here. Sorry for beeing so noisy, but can oral sex (a couple of times per day) reduce your urge? I think it's hard to find a boyfriend who is able to fuck you all day (especially if your body don't let him) - or he needs to be s real sex addict.

In my case i also have a strange addiction. I could lick my girlfriend whenever it's possible, but for her it's nothing special anymore and she's annoyed. Needles she hates it if i wake her up with my tongue between her legs as example. I do it with a passion, but in the same way i feel like an animal, controlled by my sexuality. Sometimes i wish i could control myself better, but i guess it's a part of me that i have to accept.

I'm just glad it doesn't steal that much time, but it destroys my relationship. Maybe i need another partner or i have to change, who knows.

Anyway, i hope you found a way to at least reduce your frustration or a partner that can handle your urges.

Anonymous 26181

>I could lick my girlfriend whenever it's possible, but for her it's nothing special anymore and she's annoyed. Needles she hates it if i wake her up with my tongue between her legs as example.
No offense but your girlfriend sounds like an immense retard

Anonymous 26183

She might be bothered by all of it specifically because you wake her up. Some people just get really grumpy when they get woken up, it's not pleasant for them. Perhaps you've associated the licking with the waking up?

Because otherwise, >>26181 is right, she basically entitled.

Anonymous 26186

yup, you nailed it. She don't want her sleep interrupted, especially if she have go to work the next morning, which is understandable. I'm acting very selfish in that moment and just can't control myself. Even if she push me away, i don't stop and afterwards i'm feeling bad for it.

Starting something right after going to bed doesn't work either. She says she wan't to sleep. My best chance to have success is at the weekend, at some point during the day, but even that is not always the case. I couldn't touch her for weeks and she's fine with it, for me 2 - 3 days without having "fun" is hell, so i have to care for myself to stop thinking sll the time about it, but of course it's not the same. It's just a quick solution.

I don't know why i'm writing all this, probably because i'm frustrated as well and get triggered if i read something from woman that maybe would benefit from my addiction. Maybe it's important to have someone with the same level of sex drive. At the start of my relationship everything was good, but after a couple of years the difference get worse and worse. I don't want give the whole thing such an important role to dump my one and only relationship so far, but neeldes to say i'm not really happy anymore. sigh

Anonymous 26206

fucking same, wheres my terf gf

Anonymous 26207

just add me on discord again, you aren't blocked.

Anonymous 26223

I was inappropriately hugged and groped at work yesterday by a coworkers shitty boyfriend. He has been making weird + flirty comments the past few weeks and ive just been ignoring them because I thought I was just being over dramatic being uncomfortable by them, and just laughed it off. I immediately told the boss and texted my coworker. My boss said it was inappropriate for him to hug me; but when I described how he brushed my hand down my back, to my hip and almost to my butt before moving away; she said that he probably didn't mean it. He was close enough to my face for my to feel his breath and was intentionally breathing on my neck I think; said things like "oh youre a sweet girl, I like you, haha you are blushing." ect. I was mortified and was trying to get away from him.

The coworker of the perv believes me (we are closeish and ive heard him tell her to shut up and hes constantly getting into arguments and making her cry); But i only told her that he hugged me and was uncomfortable by it. She said as soon as she left she spoke to him, but im not sure if shes mad at me or not.

I told my dad (who also works there) and he at first didnt take it seriously, but now hes livid and ready to fight this guy. To make matters worse a guy i like is AM and might have to watch the tapes of what happened. I dont think he will talk to me after this.

Im scared and dont know what to do. I havent heard anything from anyone since yesterday, I dont know how I will be treated now. I dont want to be the person who cried wolf at something small, but I felt what i felt; and i always hear people say "oh well why didnt the girl complain immediately?", Im afraid no one believes me because im the ugly fat girl and im never hit on by guys usually. I just want him to leave me alone.

The coworkers boyfriend is always flirting with other women and generally seems to not respect them. Before Ive seen him stare at my ass and sometimes would get uncomfortably close to me.

Sorry for the blog post.

Anonymous 26233

I'm gonna fuckin graduate but everything about it is so bittersweet. There's the relief that I'll finally be done, but I don't know if I made the most of my experiences in uni. Especially since I took so damn long just to get the stupid degree. So much of my identity seems based on being a student, but I could have been building so much more outside of school life.
The post-grad void is looming, halp.

Anonymous 26237

Just fucking do it. If you do nothing, you're only making it worse for yourself.

Anonymous 26250

>And how has she reacted?

I stopped by work today and she seemed on the verge of tears and was really sad. Hugged me, said she loved and cared about me (shes like my work mother), She apologized and said her boyfriend didn't mean it and they were both sorry. I guess i looked really freaked out because everyone kept on asking if i was ok. It was the first time so im not pressing charges, I just wanted it to be known that i didnt want it to happen again and they promised me it wouldnt.

The boyfriend stops by and sees her after he gets off of work. They are both in thier 60s (I am 22).

Anonymous 26265

>said her boyfriend didn't mean it
What does this mean, exactly? That he didn't realize it was making you uncomfortable at the time? That the brush was accidental?
I don't want to ascribe blame to anyone, but "I didn't mean it" kind of smells like cop-out to me in the same way an abusive partner will hit someone and then say "No I didn't mean it, I love you I swear."

Anonymous 26272

How does one even manage to stick in uni? I want to go desperately but know I would immediately drop out..

You're lucky anon. This looming thing will pass and you'll be successful. If you managed to graduate, you can probably manage anything else life throws at you.

Anonymous 26276

I'm turing into one of those bitter people that hate everyone. How do I stop?

Anonymous 26278

Stop it.

Anonymous 26285

The touch wasnt accidental. He very deliberately snaked his hand down my back and hip and almost to my butt before I moved away. The thing is that I didn't tell my coworker this because my boss already said it probably was accidental and i didn't want to cause a fuss. I just told her it was a hug and she acted accordingly. I may tell her what happened on Monday; but I think she already suspects something happened because I was freaked out when I last saw her.

I honestly do not think anything will happen against after this, and that is what I wanted. The man thought I had a crush on him (I absolutely dont) and was trying to get a rise out of me. I come off as pretty naive and "innocent" and a lot of older men target me because of this.

Anonymous 26291

It pisses me off that fulfilling relationships and emotional/physical intimacy seem to come so easily to others, whereas I have always struggled to connect with people.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm too psycho and fucked in the head to ever date someone again.

I fear that in my heart of hearts I only want other people to pity me.

Anonymous 26293

>pity me.
Well you're doing pretty good with this post so far, keep it up!

Anonymous 26296

>The man thought I had a crush on him (I absolutely dont) and was trying to get a rise out of me.
Even if he was right and you did have a crush on him, that's still scummy as hell. He has a girlfriend, he shouldn't be trying to flirt with other women who he thinks are interested in him.

Anonymous 26299

Is there a reason to live? What should I care about?

Anonymous 26300

Why not care about finding that reason?

Anonymous 26301

i'm tired of life, i'm out

Anonymous 26302

Just go for a PhD if you want uni to last forever, it doesn't have to end

Anonymous 26303

why would you think it's up to an anonymous imageboard to give you a reason to live?


Anonymous 26353


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my bf doesn’t want me anymore

Anonymous 26370


I'm sorry anon, heart break is the worst. Have you two sat down and talked yet?

Anonymous 26377

By dropping out and drifting for awhile before sucking it up and going back because it is at least an okay backup plan to get a government goon job and at least support myself.

Honestly the degree just represents that you can follow directions and suck up to shit for an extended period of time. Which I guess is a minimal type of success, but I feel like a fraud for not doing more.

Fuck no. Going to grad school just because the only thing I'm decent at is schoolwork doesn't mean I should get an advanced degree for the sake of delaying life. Academia is a racket.

Anonymous 26378

I know doxing is against the rules but I wish there was a sort of e-boy shitlist because I keep getting screwed over by people who are apparently notorious for it. The alternative I guess would be to stop interacting with any males online but at the same time I wish I could warn other girls so repeat offenders can't prey on them as easily.

Anonymous 26379

Namedropping isn't doxxing. Vent away.

Anonymous 26385

Yes. We just don’t get along. Not in a single aspect, the biggest being communication issues. It was causing immense amount of pain and stress on both of our parts.

I’m glad we can mutually end the relationship without any hard feelings.
I think maybe we were too alike in personality.

Anonymous 26386

do name drop

Anonymous 26390


i spend on anime boys more than warranted. the game's fun but not translated well or complex enough to justify the expenses. as soon as this hell event ends my cc's swiping the fuck out of there. at least i'm more self-aware this time around and halting before utilities and rent swing by. fuck me for not spending that money on a therapist. must get shit together. maybe actually seek a therapist and more friends instead of relying on human interaction through a fucking gacha.

Anonymous 26393

This is bizarre and bewildering to me in several ways.

Okay first, how can this even be happening. There are literally – LITERALLY, proper use of literal here – millions of thirsty eboys. The internet is overflowing with them. That's the whole reason we have CC. Like, how does this happen that you even end up internet-dating the same guy as some other anonette?

I guess I want to know more of the story before any further questions

Anonymous 26396

I was also "cucked" by a popular e-boy. Most of them are BPD NEETs who are great at manipulating people and are always thirsty for more attention. They tend to mold their personalities and interests to fit the person they are talking to.

Anonymous 26399

There's nothing I hate more in the world than self-righteous, social justice people, as if any of this will matter after I die. I also isolate myself and keep myself in check so you can't pull the "think of other people!!" card.

Anonymous 26403

because they're making contact in the same niche areas of the web (or places like discord servers that are populated by ppl who go to these niche places) so it becomes a smaller world than you'd think. also a lot of the contact is initiated by the same subset of guys, and those same guys are likely predators. i am pro-shitlist because this is so common, though i think it should be noted that having a ..standard? bad experience with a guy should not qualify for shitlisting, it should be for objectively really bad experiences, or for those whose attempts to prey on multiple girls have been noted.

this is very true. no-one is capable of manipulating you harder than a dude who due to social/mental issues, and a bulk of other potential reasons, does not have viable irl access to sex (with someone who meets his standards anyway). his dick will have him do anything to achieve his endgame, whether that's your attention for as long as it validates him, nudes, or sex (prolly all 3). they can talk to you every hour of every day for years and then drop you like they didn't even know your name if they saw an unflattering photo of you, or if someone else came along, or maybe just after meeting for the first time and getting intimate. to be frank you may never know whether you are talking to the love of your life or someone who saw your screenname and who's dickbrain thought [3.11% chance of eventual intercourse] and then looked around and saw sub 2% everywhere else so he decided to put work into you. to be absolutely brutal he may not even be able to be honest with himself that this is what's happening, at least not until he's finally gotten what he wanted and it clicks

this is not an absolute truth, just a usual truth for these types of guys from these types of places.

Anonymous 26405

Which game?

Anonymous 26406

Do girls do this too?

Anonymous 26407

Of course they do. This is human nature, not some gender specific truth. Some people genuinely love their partner or who they pursue, but I get the impression most would move to the next best thing in a heartbeat if it was possible. Loyalty is rarer than love anyhow.

Anonymous 26409

Yea, I mean the term e-girl is way more used than the term e-boy. Girls love doing that shit, but they mostly do it to get material things rather than sex/nudes like men do.
t. has spent 6 years playing an mmo full of these types of people both male and female

Anonymous 26411

Start giving details then. The only e-boys I'm aware of are Oscar and that Sosa dude.

Anonymous 26412

it would really suck if this place turned into a certain other website meant for roasting people. namedropping ruins the fun for everyone, you only hear one side of the story and it can happen to anyone

Anonymous 26413

I won't namedrop (even though he is also known in some discord servers and on /r9k/ to some extent), but girl, there's a difference between being a bad partner and "dating" five girls at the same time and lying to each of them.

Anonymous 26414


I’m glad it ended mutually, I think getting closure is easier when it ends that way. I wish you all the best. It might be a rough few months ahead, depending on how close you were & how long you were together, but you can get through it.

Anonymous 26418

It's just so hard for me to understand anons… Like, I get the same flirting everyone else does but how do you not just brush it all off at this point? Like, for me, the experience is "oh, another guy flirting with me, great". At one point I would just tell servers I was a lesbian to avoid thirsty boys but then I'd get the whole
>oh that's great I'm an ally!

Anonymous 26424

>be me
>getting good grades
>working part-time
>working out regularly
>make two good friends
>creating/improving art
>keeping clean living situation
>consuming media that I find meaningful
>keep appearance regularly maintained
>still depressed as shit, self-harm increasing, thinking of drinking again so I don't feel overwhelmed by wanting to kill myself every day
What gives? How do I cease feeling like this?

Anonymous 26425

Find something that makes you happy because clearly it’s none of the stuff you’re currently doing.

Anonymous 26429


>saw the one girl in our circle who can hold a conversation sitting with her boyfriend in her lap, kissing and giggling
I'd take a bullet for her if I had to, but God, I want to tie her to a tree and leave her to the crows when she flaunts it in front of everyone else like that

Anonymous 26439

was she actually flaunting it or just enjoying her relationship around her friends?

Anonymous 26442

i'm so jealous of people who say they can't eat anything or simply have no appetite when it's hot.. i would really benefit from that since i need to lose at least another 20 kilos but instead the heat makes me go ham. i eat healthy (lots of vegetables/green salads) but then i end up eating ice cream several times a day or another sandwich because i get hungry when my dinner was too early.

i wonder if my weight loss journey will ever end. i've been on it for three years now and i lost 40+ kilos already but it's just not enough yet. not to mention that i keep stagnating all the fucking time. i lose like 10 kilos in a short period of time and suddenly my body puts a stop to it and refuses to shed any more weight. just let me be skinny already.

Anonymous 26444

I mean I'm with her. I think an obscene amount of PDA including in a group hangout environment is inappropriate. If they want to flirt and do low key foreplay, they can do that without an audience of people who just want to hang out with friends for social interaction.

Holding hands, maybe a little kiss as they break away from the group or something is fine, but christ, lap sitting and all that? It's too much for a public setting, PDA is nice and cool and all when you're a teen in HS but as an adult, it gets pretty old fast.

Anonymous 26445

>another sandwich because i get hungry when my dinner was too early.
What about instead using relatively high-protein/low-calorie foods like eggs and cottage cheese, to fix your hunger without giving you too many excess calories?

Anonymous 26447

>i lost 40+ kilos already

Wow that's great!

Obviously it's been working for you in the long term so keep doing what you're doing and don't give up okay?

Anonymous 26449

This >>26444, essentially. It was cute and all in highschool but it gets amazingly awkward when he's essentially only there to distract one of the people who we came to hang out with.

Anonymous 26450

Trust me, when she’s out of the honeymoon stage of her relationship that’ll go away

Anonymous 26453


mr. love: queen's choice. the levelling up karma/cards system can be pretty fun thanks to the game's design. i just hate myself for not digesting more meaningful media when i'm playing this and for failing to curb impulse purchases.

Anonymous 26458

:/ opioids, substance abuse

Anonymous 26459

Why'd you start doing something so terrible for you?

Anonymous 26462

That makes things worse, not better. I started taking LSD and it isn’t helping me beyond the short term.

Anonymous 26464

I feel so heartbroken right now. I had an online relatioship, 2017 we spent all day texting and sometimes talking each other. We are both already in an unhappy relationship, so we made plans to start a new life in 2019, after my trainee time is over, to be able to get a good job and so on. She is handicaped (wheelchair + she can't use one of her hands), has a husband and 3 kids. So i had to move to her location, so she is able to see her kids. I was also fully aware that everything would be complicated, that i need to learn how to care for her, because many things she can't do alone, like dressing herself, showering, …

2018 was a hard year. Cancer was found and she was getting sick really fast. I did my best to be strong, but it killed me to be able to visit her. Now 2019 (this week) her third and last chemotherapy starts. It's her last chance.

Yesterday she wrotes me that she is lying to me the last couple of months. She have no more feelings left for me and want to be there for her family.

To be honest i think it's the best for her, because we never made it into a real relationship, but my feeling are real. I trusted her and now i realized she told my so many lies. I even suggest her some months ago she should leave me and spent her time with her husband and kids. Shee was furios and pissed about my suggestion, told me that i shouldn't think that way.

I have the feeling i can never trust a woman again. I don't understand why she didn't broke up with me earlier. Reading that she have no feeling anymore hurts so bad.

Now i will only remember her as a big liar, as somebody who played with my feelings. She told me she hoped i would give her up by myself, but i'm very loyal and i also thought it's heartless to leave her because of a cancer disease.

I have no idea how to handle my feelings right now. She wrote so many things that no one would ever wrote if she don't want anything from me. She was even jealous, thanked me for not giving her up, told me that she miss me, told me one of her last wishes is to hear my voice again.

And now i should accept everything was a lie? It doesn't even make sense to mee.

Anonymous 26466

I may be a hopeless romantic but are you sure she's not telling you this because she doesn't want you to witness her death etc.
Also how the fuck did she manage to cheat around with a husband AND 3 kids around? Jesus. You know how it goes anon, if you want to be "the other guy" prepare to be cheated and lied to. Of course you couldn't trust her. Unless her husband knew about you two and was just distant and nothing more than a title I don't see why you'd get into it. In any case have some sympathy for her, breaking up with someone is hard (especially hard for her it seems since she didn't leave her husband while she was with you(?), you'd think this would be obvious) plus the poor girl is dying from cancer and is wheelchair bound.

I wish you the best I just thought I'd lay down the rollercoaster of emotions I felt from reading your post because, holy shit. This situation is terrible for everyone involved.

Anonymous 26468

This has to be one of the craziest things I’ve read here.

Anonymous 26471

>I may be a hopeless romantic but are you sure she's not telling you this because she doesn't want you to witness her death etc.

I was thinking about this option too and yes she is very romantic, but… i don't know. She wrote she wants to conentrate on her family now, so maybe after her last failed chemo she realized how important her husbands and kids are and there was no room for me.

I always did my best to give her a better time, but with a death sentence in a room… all small talk dicussions are feeling wrong. Something has changes and i also don't know if i should talk about death and other negatives things… but know it doesn't matter any longer. Needless to say the whole situation is a nightmare. Knowing you lose someone you love and you can't visit her. It's not her decision to stick with her family that hurts me, more how it ended. I don't want remember her as someone who lied to me in such a bad way.

>Also how the fuck did she manage to cheat around with a husband AND 3 kids around? Jesus. You know how it goes anon, if you want to be "the other guy" prepare to be cheated and lied to. Of course you couldn't trust her. Unless her husband knew about you two and was just distant and nothing more than a title I don't see why you'd get into it. In any case have some sympathy for her, breaking up with someone is hard (especially hard for her it seems since she didn't leave her husband while she was with you(?), you'd think this would be obvious) plus the poor girl is dying from cancer and is wheelchair bound.

Her husband knowed about her feelings for me. Both are over 10 years together, but the last 3-4 years they seen thersefelf more as good friends. He never saw any messages from me, but he know what i was doing, one day he was also so frustrated and went violent against her. He knows she can't go anyway and treat her like an asshole in some situations.

Breaking up is hard for her, yes… especially because she can't take care of herself and don't want that any strangers have to help her through the day. Her biggest fear was that i'm leaving her after beeing a real couple. She can't count on her family. Her father was also violent, her mother hates her. Her mother tried to get kids, but had a miscarriage 3 times, the fourth time she was born, handicaped… and not the child her parents were hoping for.

This year we maybe write once a week. So she can hide that she still send me messages. I also don't want to start a new family tragedy now. I know she need all the love she can get from her kids and maybe also her husband.

I also feel sorry for her kids (3 girls, not that old). One of the girls has autism and her mother is her person of trust. Maybe her husband also had a very hard time with the whole situation and was so stressed, that he had no mind for romantic and love.

I know my whole post heres sounds crazy. It's just i have nobody to talk about it. She was the person i told everything, but this option is gone. I'm feeling better just to write about it, it gives me time to think over the whole situation.

>I wish you the best I just thought I'd lay down the rollercoaster of emotions I felt from reading your post because, holy shit. This situation is terrible for everyone involved.

Thank you very much. It's probably my last rollercoaster trip. Her fight against cancer was the worst thing i had to witness. Even from the distance. I cry nearly every night, i can't help her to win this fight. I can't offer her a new life. It's over… and know i will not even now the day she actually dies. Nobody would tell me this.

To be honest to myself: It's probably a good thing to cut the connection to me. She should use her time for people around her, not me. My wish for her is a good rest of her life and a merciful death. For me i just hope to find my happiness and smile someday.

Anonymous 26472

excuse my typos (like husbands, instead of husband). They were hard to see with tears in my eyes.

Anonymous 26481

Karma OP, pls nerf.
You should of had the courage to live on your own instead of having an affair with someone else who was married while also being in a relationship yourself. You got what you asked for, and they paid their part with a battle with cancer.

Cheaters deserve no sympathy and your poor life choices led to this result you have no one to blame but yourself. If you had a legitimate relationship with this person instead of an affair they would have kept you around even in the most dire of times instead of tossing you away for some actual stability in her life because that's what she craves more than anything now which is something you couldn't provide. Get rekt.

Anonymous 26483

I have chronic halitosis and it's ruining my romantic life. I've lost weight, started taking care of my appearance etc, only to realize that my breath smells like shit and has done for years. I'm pretty sure I have tonsil stones and need a tonsillectomy, but I'm a NEET and can't afford it. The worst part is I've met this guy online and we've hit it off really well, we're supposed to meet up, but he doesn't know I'm a KHHV due to my halitosis and I know he'd reject me if he got close enough to smell me. I'm so depressed. If you're ugly you can date a blind person, but nobody wants to be intimate with someone who stinks. Unless they have no sense of smell and so far I haven't met anyone who has anosmia. I feel so isolated because it's such an unusual dilemma. I've only met like one or two girls who stank before, it's like other girls just never seem to have any bad odor about them, and it makes me so jealous.

Anonymous 26484

Get a job.

Anonymous 26486

>I'm pretty sure I have tonsil stones and need a tonsillectomy
It's actually pretty easy to remove tonsilloliths yourself. Just get a mirror, a flashlight/phone, and something long and thin. I used toothpicks for a while, but the smooth metal implements found in blackhead removal kits and the like might offer more comfort and dexterity.
Use the light and mirror to look inside your mouth, and use the tool to gently lift open your tonsil flaps to see if you can see any tonsil stones. If you've got it bad, you should be able to see them easily, or they might even protrude from the tonsil pockets all by themselves.
Then just use the tool to grab/scoop/push them out of the pockets, and then pull/rinse them out of your mouth. Pushing on the skin around them can sometimes help squeeze them out.

Once you've gotten rid of them and assuming you have decent dental hygiene, you shouldn't see them return. But if they do, you can just remove them again.
I miss it a little; the removal process was very satisfying.

Anonymous 26489

life is so fucked
i want to die but i want to live but because i know it could be better but getting good for yourself is so difficult
wish i had some money 😭

Anonymous 26490

Harsh words, but i believe that's excactly what i needed, so i can't thank you enough. I learned my lesson the hard way. I will never cheat again and i regret doing it so much. I was in a relationship without much love and sex myself, otherwise i would never do such a thing. I just wanted to be loved and the illusion was good enough i guess. It's still no reason to do shit like that, no one deserve this. You can't build something new if you still stuck in another relationship. It was the stupidest thing i ever did. I'll never try to start something with a married woman or a woman with kids or if one of us are in a relationship. I never planed to develop feelings for her, we both had a longer online gaming friendship, things excalted after writing on a daily bases in whatsapp. So my biggest mistake was to spent too much time with another girl.

>If you had a legitimate relationship with this person instead of an affair they would have kept you around even in the most dire of times instead of tossing you away for some actual stability in her life because that's what she craves more than anything now which is something you couldn't provide.

I absolutely agree with you! I know she needs people around her in real life for stabilty, so there is no place for me any longer. That's one of the reasons i tried to end the affair myself many months before, but every time i suggested that she rejected it. She told me she still dreamed about a new life with me if she still manages to survive. I didn't want to hurt her feelings, especialy if everything is so fucked up. She told me her old life is no reason to continue the fight and that she is thinking about canceling her last chemo/chance. I told her it's her own choice, but at the same time i was thinking i don't want to be reason for canceling the chemo. I don't wanted to kill her dream she is fighting for and beeing a reason for canceling chemo. Of course know i don't any longer know what of all the things she wrote to me is still true. She switched from "my family is no reason to live" to "my family is everything" in the same month.

Anyway. The price i paid is not that big for the value of the lesson. I'm feeling angry about her lies and still don't understand why she did this me and I'm still sad, but it's only a matter of time to be back on track. I just wasted a huge amount of time with an illusion of relationship. As i said i would never had any problem if she told me she needs time for her family and cut the communication to me. It's the fact she was giving me hope or even feel bad for it to say we should break up, just to be told she has no feelings for me.

But it is what it is and not worth any more effort. I probably start to repeat myself and should stop posting. Thx for your attention, beloved anons.

Anonymous 26498

immature post. we get it, you were cheated on and had a hard time but things aren't black and white and she definitely didn't get cancer as a punishment for cheating.

Anonymous 26500

It's a hard truth post. You aren't mature if you validate cheating. That's like saying it's immature to say the death penalty is a just punishment for a murderer. Cheating is always wrong and there is never a just cause for it, you aren't forced into a relationship, and you aren't forced to stay. People do it because they don't want to stand on their own with no support for someone else while looking for love and that's not okay. That's immature, and to drag a whole family into that mess instead of talking to her husband? Incredibly immature. She wanted passionate romance but the stability she came to know and enjoy. Which is selfish, and she got what she deserved like most terrible people should. With a high disregard of other's feelings is terrible, but it's okay… just project your typical stereotype on me, that's what most thots do, want to pretend I'm male and call me an incel while I'm at it too?

Anonymous 26501

Anon please, I think everyone is mature enough to understand cheating is bad.
The way you're acting is what's immature. OP's gf is in a fucking wheelchair and is one armed for gods sake, if anyone will have troubles with breaking up and other insecurities it will be her. And I'm not saying what she did was alright because it was not, but holy shit to say she deserves cancer for it is on a whole another level of craziness, worse than what she did. I have 0 tolerance for cheating but I also have empathy and am not a fucking sociopath to wish someone death for making a dumb human mistake in a place of weakness. And if you've read his follow up post you'd see she was in a place where her marriage has already fallen apart, if anything OP was the one that actually cheated and did a bad. And no he doesn't deserve cancer for that lmao

When you have anonymity you're always so quick to judge and throw vitriol at others, I feel sorry for your sad ass

Anonymous 26503

Any other NEETS here have tips on ways to make money without leaving the house? I have agoraphobia and need money pretty desperately. My face is meh and I need to lose weight so I don't want to do cam work atm, but I'm considering selling feet pics, nudes or used undies, but I don't know what websites to use, since you usually have to build up some kind of following first.

Anonymous 26505

You can make 10$/hour doing transcription work online. It's mostly you listening to things people say to their Google/Alexa devices and typing out what they said to train the AI to understand the speech.

Anonymous 26507

Thanks for the idea, what site should I go with?

Anonymous 26508

I'm not sure what all options there are or which one is best. The only one I've personally used is Pactera, but I don't have a great wealth of experience with them since I got a regular job soon after.
Working from home didn't really suit me because I'm the kind of person that, at any given moment, will choose to put work off than do it if possible. A job where I have to be there at X time or lose the job, and I get paid mostly just for being there, ended up suiting me better.

Anonymous 26509

Oh, you can also try being a Search Engine Evaluator, where you look at search result pages and judge how well each of the results applies to what was searched for. I applied with Raterlabs before I tried transcription, but I wasn't able to pass their test to get the position. There are other companies that do Search Engine Evaluation too, though.

Anonymous 26512

They are both shitty people. I already said that. And they deserve bad things. Regardless if the marriage fell apart or not, whether she's a cripple. All that doesn't matter. Both of them made commitments to other people, you stay true to that person or do the right thing and be honest with them and walk away. But it's weird that even after that marriage fell apart, even after her battle with cancer how she chose her family and dead marriage over OP. They both are scumbags who are self serving over anything else but being physically crippled doesn't mean that you're emotionally crippled and can't understand the feelings of others around you and that her choices would impact their lives for better or worse. They both suck, don't get me wrong, but she had a family depending on her and kids who didn't ask to be brought into that family, don't make personal problems theirs. Divorce, all that shit, can really fuck up a kid growing up. I would be less upset if they didn't have a family, because it's at least two adults. But with kids they didn't ask for it, just try to give them a nice home to be raised in and be good to them, even if you don't like each other anymore and give them the illusion of a happy family at least. When you bring kids into this world, it becomes so much more than just a romance or a husband and wife and I feel like a lot of people trivialize it now.

Anonymous 26513

I'm in love with my direct supervisor at work. He's single and I'm single, and we're both in our late 20s. I won't do anything due to the nature of our work relationship, but I'd like to ask him out one day when he leaves the company.

But as each day passes by, I don't know if I can bring myself to ever ask him out. He is so out of my league and I feel incredibly inadequate in comparison. He's a very charismatic guy that everyone loves, has >1k followers on instagram, etc. Meanwhile, I'm a kissless virgin due to my plain looks and shyness/social awkwardness. My good points are my hard working, dependable nature and intelligence (book smart, but not street smart).

He appears very outgoing (but admitted before that he's actually pretty shy) and likes to tease me a lot when we're in a group, but becomes quiet and almost cold when we're alone together. When we go drinking with coworkers, he gets very protective of me (making sure that I get home safe and so on). Before I went on vacation overseas, he came over to my desk just to say bye, telling me to "be safe". He asked me before if I was single, but maybe he was just curious.

My (practically non-existent) love life is at a standstill because of my feelings for him. As an introverted weeb girl, I've always had a thing for introverted weeb guys, and those are the types of guys I score dates with. However, this guy is the opposite of that, and it's really messing with me. Now I can't help but compare my dates with him. No matter what, they never quite measure up to him in my mind.

Anonymous 26517

>He appears very outgoing (but admitted before that he's actually pretty shy) and likes to tease me a lot when we're in a group, but becomes quiet and almost cold when we're alone together. When we go drinking with coworkers, he gets very protective of me (making sure that I get home safe and so on). Before I went on vacation overseas, he came over to my desk just to say bye, telling me to "be safe". He asked me before if I was single, but maybe he was just curious.
He has a crush on you ASK HIM OUT ALREADY

Anonymous 26518

giphy (1).gif

i just want to get a good whiff of someone's scent. i wish i could smell my ex right now because he at least smelled nice and i find scent so comforting, though i don't miss him. i just want the clothing article of someone whose scent is pleasant to me.

Anonymous 26520

Life hack, why not by cologne you really like and spray it on a t-shirt that looks boyish and pretend?

Anonymous 26522

The only thing i "deserve" would be if anyone did the same thing to me. You can be sure i regret cheating my girlfriend in an emotional way and i would do everything to travel back in time to evade this huge mistake. I was loyal to her for 11 years and i would never touch another woman without breaking up beforehand. She is still the only woman i had in my entire life. I definitelly acted like a scumbag for a long period after having some feelings for another girl, i can't deny it. The only thing i can do now is the be someone better who never do this again.

>But it's weird that even after that marriage fell apart, even after her battle with cancer how she chose her family and dead marriage over OP.

I was probably only interesting for the romantic part of her life, cute messages, sharing photos, giving compliments, talking about her problems and daily life and so on. Her husband never did anything like that. I think after she realized her fight against cancer ends probably deadly, she finally sticked to her family and dumped me. She lived most of her life with her family and i want that she have the rest of her maybe short life with it. (she's 33 years old btw)

Maybe i used her for the same purpose, because as i already said my relationship was also shitty, she treated me really bad and there was no more love/cuddling/sex there. I enjoyed the attention and nice words of another woman. I had the illusion of beeing loved, she gave me the feeling of beeing someone special. I was weak and take the bait.

> but she had a family depending on her and kids who didn't ask to be brought into that family, don't make personal problems theirs

I'm pretty sure i didn't had that much impact of the life of my affair. Maybe in the first year, but later one her husband and kids didn't know i still had contact with her. The chemotherapy made her very weak, she sleeped a lot. The real problem for her kids is her sickness and who knows how long they have a mother, not me or her dead marriage. She loved her kids at any point in her life. You can judge her for thinking about leaving her husband, yeah. But i guess that's more an opinion thing if you think sticking together even if your marriage is shitty is the best thing. My mother left my father and i'm happy about her decision. Both of them now have a happy life and i still had a good childhood.

And who knows, maybe it was a complete illusion the whole time and she would never leave him. It was maybe "risky" in our honeymoon year to do stupid things, but afterwards we realized everything was a bit too complicated. Distance, handicap, her kids, me getting a job in her location and so on.

Now it's time to not look back and to move on.

Anonymous 26524

>These guys weren't even some sad incels, they're adults with jobs and good social lives.
Be that as it may, are you sure your friends in particular aren't just asshats?
I don't know about videogames, but in tabletop roleplay it's generally poor form to bring a game into magical realm territory, for anyone.

Anonymous 26526

Long explanation short, it's just guy humor you won't understand no matter how hard you think about it. It has nothing to do with actual sex, it's all just stupid guys acting stupid and making stupid sex jokes. Part of it is kind of trying to make each other as uncomfortable as possible before breaking completely and falling into the shitposting from what I notice.

Also, like side note, you don't have to be an incel to act like a retarded degenerate sometimes. That's a silly notion to have.

Anonymous 26528

They have to be. It's on their shoulders to find a mate and fuck her. It's basic need like eating or sleeping. Sure they're not fucking right now but the desire is hardwired in their brains by nature itself.

Anonymous 26534


>qt guy performing at event I attended yesterday
>find him on facebook, have similar interests
>tfw he lives in another part of the country and was just in town for this

Anonymous 26535


>you don't have to be an incel to act like a retarded degenerate sometimes. That's a silly notion to have.
Not OP obviously but how does one accept this?

If someone is being a vulgar asshole, it's easier for me to rationalize their behaviour when they're, for example, just an edgy male teenager or like OP said a sad, unemployed incel. The notion that someone with a job and normal social life can act as retarded as some people on the internet do is too depressing to accept.

Anonymous 26536

>The notion that someone with a job and normal social life can act as retarded as some people on the internet do
"Think of how dumb the average person is. Now realize that half of all people are dumber than that."

Anonymous 26537

I'm never going to be a mature adult. Never going to be ready for any of this. I know most people feel that way but I feel like I may genuinely be fucked. I feel so autistic and childish. Every choice is a mistake. And the older I get, the less acceptable the mindset.

Fuck. I'm going to be stuck living with my mother for the rest of my life I bet.

Anonymous 26539

list a few things that you think are childish and autistic that you do!

Anonymous 26543

>argue with and try to beat actual children at games
>flap my arms
>hate vegetables.
>cannot hold a job down for longer than a year without giving up
>attack my mother with pillows and knock them off her bed to upset her
>can't write a resume so I just write short stories and send them to possible employers as if they are resumes
>no degree because I just liked going to college for the lectures and talking to smart people
>Retook the same courses several times because I hate exams and liked the professors
>no good at adult mind games. I just openly ask if somebody doesn't like me or if I should do something to make them feel better

I just suck at life

Anonymous 26544

It's a hard pill to swallow. I blame having grown up in a bubble in my teenage years when I was lucky enough to not have met many assholes or I was too naive or occupied to pay attention to them.

I wonder how other people stay positive in life; if they just ignore all those assholes and tomfoolery or they simply have much more patience with people than me, a higher threshold for what counts as "retarded" to them.

Anonymous 26545

I don't know I make tons of sex jokes in my discord group along with other female friends and we're people spanning from 20 to 40 yrs old with many types of jobs, fields of study etc. It's just fun to be immature and make dumb jokes. Sex is a part of life and being prudish about it is not something people comfortable with each other do much. Depends on the person of course and you're just not the type I suppose, and that's aight.

Anonymous 26547

>flap my arms
>hate vegetables
>attack my mother with pillows and knock them off her bed to upset her
>I just openly ask if somebody doesn't like me or if I should do something to make them feel better
Are you sure you aren't legitimately autistic? Like, medically?
You might be able to get government benefits or something. Fucking Chris-Chan does.

Anonymous 26552

I know that my brother is autistic, but I was never considered for diagnosis because I function slightly better. Maybe I'll look into it but if I fail the autism test and it just turns out I'm a dumb adult, then what?

Anonymous 26556

I'm venting about how much I hate being a shitty excuse of adult. If I'm genuinely stuck like this then… Fuck I guess. I would just prefer if there was a solution.

Anonymous 26558

Maybe Asperger? It's like autism, but higher functioning. Often these people are considered eccentric, but they live quite normally.

Anonymous 26561

Ah, well, I'm happy most days. It's just occasionally I realize, "I'm fucking retarded and suck donkey balls"

I hear that women having either of those things is somewhat unlikely, but it couldn't hurt to look into it. I just worry that even if I did, I'd probably be told I should in fact be normal, and am weird without cause.

Anonymous 26564

Because people can be anything. The hardest thing to admit is when in reality people are just people. There is nothing that makes them better or worse than anything else, just their actions. Grouping people into stereotypical groups is something people do that's low effort and make it easier to feel superior over other people. It's an easy ego boost to put people below you and compare yourself to these people who are seemingly lower than you in their nature compared to yours, but it's also an ignorant one. I'm a semi-normie who can interact socially, I have hobbies and I leave the house… heck I even had a 5 year relationship. My friends assume I've had sex with that person, I never confirmed or denied it. Truth is I'm an incel at a base level definition that I'm celibate but not by choice. I'm a nice person, I respect everyone and treat them fairly, and I'm not bitter about being a virgin or never having sex despite being intimate with someone for 5 years of my life. I don't wear the tag because 1. I'm a female and apparently only males can be incels in this new found meme, and 2. Stating this does nothing but being negative stereotypes that woke twitter threw on the bitter incels that are /r9k/ tier of autism. At the base of it, the only reason I'm here is because I'm alone, that relationship broke me at a fundamental level and it's very hard to make meaningful connections at this point. But if I went around using the incel tag, I'd be viewed poorly.

Honestly, lifes a lot easier when you come to terms with being humble and realizing you're just another person in this world, trying to compare yourself to everyone else and trying to feel better than everyone, in the end you are going to find people better than you and it just makes you feel worse, and then you enter this cycle of shitting on people below you but feeling like shit about the people above you. Everyone wants to feel like a main character, and everyone the interact with is like an NPC, but everyone is a main character, no one is exempt from this. Sorry I kind of ranted, I came home a little buzzed so I feel kinda preachy on life views at bit. But yeah, that's how I deal with it. It took many years of self reflection and inward thinking to come to this realization.

Anonymous 26565

I mean, you're stuck like that either way. There's no cure for autism.
The advantage to going and getting checked would be that you can maybe get benefits of some kind, and you'd have a condition that might give people who know about it a little bit more patience with your "eccentricities."

Anonymous 26566

>I hear that women having either of those things is somewhat unlikely
I believe it's more that a woman being diagnosed with either of those things is unlikely, since the social things which autism and aspergers affect are also things with which women tend to be more capable than men on average. There may be some women who are slightly autistic, but their natural advantages in interacting with others balance it out a bit and make them not stick out, so they might not ever even get tested.

Anonymous 26567

Being an adult is many things. The biggest question to you is that do you do these things in public or in private? I don't really know how you were raised, but it seems like you take a very care-free attitude towards things. If anything your personality trait flaw if not autism, is just being unable to take anything seriously and you are adverse to any kind of hard work, or work that is undesirable. With that said, honestly if you want to work towards anything regardless of autism or not, would be trying to stick with things you don't want to do and see them to completion. Yeah it sucks, but its something you gotta do as an adult, all adult life isn't silly spontaneous antics, sometimes it can be, but sometimes it can't either. Work on that serious mode.

Anonymous 26568

Maybe you're right man. I don't know, I hear autism can't be medicated or fixed via therapy. Just some managed mental illness that makes people uncomfortable sometimes.

I read that somewhere, too. That autism is uncommon in women, but that also even if a woman did have autism she'd probably be mostly fine anyway. But if that's the case, is it even autism at all? Should it be something obvious?

No, I keep very little of my childishness private. It feels dishonest to hide it? I don't know. I want to be an adult but I don't want to feel like a liar. I'm attached to the way I am, even though I hate it. How does a person be serious? Where does "being serious" come from? I only feel like that when I'm angry. I don't understand how people do that.

Anonymous 26570

Difference between hiding it and knowing the proper time and place to do things. I enjoy masturbation but you won't see me jamming a hand in my pants at a walmart. Maybe you are autistic, or maybe you just weren't raised right. And being serious doesn't come from anything, it's a frame of mind. It's just doing things that aren't fun to get something finished. You can't feel compelled to do it, you just have to do it. You gotta care about things and care about how it is presented and how it looks. While it's good to be true to yourself, you gotta understand social boundaries of where things are appropriate or not. Maybe you were never taught these things, some people can naturally understand it, some have to be told.

Anonymous 26573


A family friend and mentor of mine was recently diagnosed with Glioblastoma. If you are not aware, this is the most aggressive type of brain cancer and it’s essentially a death sentence.

Talking to him on the phone was weird. He seemed oddly composed. I guess he’s lived a good life. They’re going to open up his skull on Monday at Hopkins and see what they can do. Typically, even with radiation, chemo and surgical resection, death occurs ~14 months after diagnosis.

Anonymous 26577

There are reasons why Extreme Male Brain theory exists.
>Females in the general population on average have a stronger drive to empathize, and males in the general population on average have a stronger drive to systemize. Evidence related to these claims is reviewed. People with autism spectrum conditions have below average empathy alongside intact or even above average interest in systems. As such, they can be conceptualized as an extreme of the typical male brain.

Anonymous 26584

dont lose your way…

You just need to not give up. It doesn't matter if you have a condition or not, we're all stuck on the planet and some of us just have to try harder than others.

Anonymous 26585

We've been dating for almost three years and his parents still don't know about me. Fuck. We're adults, not teenage Romeo and Juliet throwing confessions off balconies. I just want someone who doesn't abandons me in a cafe for three hours the moment his mother calls and says she's coming over, or drop calls the moment his dad walks into the room. But I don't want a break up. Who else would love a NEET like me? He's a decent guy most of the time. That's the biggest issue in an otherwise stable relationship.

Anonymous 26586

Why do his parents not know about you?

Anonymous 26587

Both of his parents immigrated to my country from China during their adolescence. They're racists who look down upon anyone without Chinese blood. I'm not Chinese. They've arranged around three meetings with potential Chinese wives for him despite him being in his early twenties, though nothing came of it. My boyfriend has told me stories about relatives who were almost blacklisted or written off as dead from their family clan, which seems pretty large and equally judgemental in itself. He wants to complete college and find a job before separating himself from his family. I knew and agreed to this before committing to the relationship. However my resolve wavers with his contentment for the situation and shitty apologies whenever the instances I mentioned in the previous post occur.

Anonymous 26588

>Who else would love a NEET like me?

Enough guys i guess? I don't care if my gf has a job or is a NEET. If she don't have a job, i expect she manages the household or give me something else in exchange (like true love) and that's good enough. Please don't feel bad/worthless about such an unimportant thing… and i'm not saying earney money is unimportant, i'm saying you can still be attractive and a good match for other people, that's all.

I can't say anything helpful about your problem with your relationship. I worked in a chinese company in germany for 2 years and i had contact with many chinese parents during that time. Many of them had exact plans for there kids and invested a shitload of money for there future. Some chinese teens went crazy here in germany with all the freedom they have to do what they want. I know your guy is older than a teen, but i can image how much pressure he has from this kind of parents. It's a really difficulty situation, but i hope for you two everything works out like expected.

Anonymous 26589


That's rough. Are you Filipino by any chance? I'm Chinese in love with a Filipino guy and going through similar issues, but reversed (thankfully my family is not as extreme as your bf's).

Family pressure in Chinese families is strong. How are you going to feel when he finally caves into the pressure and ends up marrying a Chinese girl?

If you've talked to him about this before and he's shown no indication of standing by your side and fighting for you when it comes to his family, you deserve better than this.

Anonymous 26592

>He wants to complete college and find a job before separating himself from his family
Why is that? Are they financing his college/living expenses/etc?
If so, then it would make long-term sense, for both of you, if he stayed in their good graces.
If he's not gaining anything from them though, and intends to break ties with them "at some point" anyway, why wouldn't he just do so now?

Anonymous 26593

Practically speaking as someone whose in their late 20's it's very stupid to needlessly burn a bridge for a romance in the late teens-early 20's. Including with their family of all things. You aren't guaranteed a job after college and you need a place to live and stay during the job hunt.

Anonymous 26594

Fuck off, male.

Anonymous 26640

oh no I have to crush an unborn childs head and suck the limbs out with a vacuum! these evil facists!
you have birth control, condoms, and also the option of closing your legs. In extreme circumstances I understand that its necessary but the way abortions work in general makes me sick

Anonymous 26642

Majority of abortions take place during the first trimester. Almost fetuses aren’t deemed viable until 24 weeks and that’s pushing it. A medical procedure in a clinical setting is a lot less barbaric than other ways women who don’t have access to a legal abortion have terminated pregnancies.

Anonymous 26643


Abortion debates tend to be the most boring. Everybody involved knows the other sides points, their proof for them, and Why they support their side.

Why even have them. Nobody ever changes their mind

Anonymous 26646

There's still room for novel stances. I haven't seen hardly anyone make the argument, for example, that it in fact does not matter whether the fetus is "a person" or not, and the issue is actually whether the government should have the power to compel one person to continue using their body, perhaps even at said person's expense, in order to keep another person alive.
Everyone is too caught up on whether the fetus is a person or not, and therefore whether abortion is "evil" or not.

Anonymous 26648

See you argue the ethics of whether the government can control your actions and their body. But yet seat belt laws are a thing, and suicide is also illegal. Until we can make personal decisions without the government forcing us to do something, something like this shouldn't be up for debate either. Because in fact the government already control our bodies and wants us to live as long as possible to fund their coffers and will force victims of attempted suicide to keep on living to see this through and call it "fixing" them. Same reason they try pushing bills that don't allow fast food in low income areas either.

Anonymous 26663

Quit trying to drag everyone down with you. It's pathetic.

Anonymous 26675

I changed my mind from being pro abortion to anti abortion after listening to testemonies of survivors of failed chemical abortions.

Anonymous 26676

I live in city A and my boyfriend of 9 years lives in city B. City A has a lot of job offers in my field and city B unfortunately doesn't have as many. The plan was to work in A until I find something in B and can move in with my boyfriend again. He works in B and won't be able to leave for three more years.
The long distance relationship is hard for him and I don't know how long he will be able to put up with it.

Now I got an amazing opportunity in A. Something I could never get in B.

I love my boyfriend so much and still want to move in with him once I find something. Is this stupid? Everyone says I should think more about myself and take the opportunity in A. I don't know what to do. I just don't want to lose him.

Anonymous 26678

for the love of god, think of yourself and grab that opportunity. your bf might break up with you one day because of some dumb bullshit, but having something amazing on your resume can help you out in the long run. stop thinking with your vagina and use your brain just this once, sister.

Anonymous 26679

The fuck you talking about brainlet. I'm discussing the realistic notion of the government actually allowing people freedom over their bodies when we can't even do doctor assisted suicide or choose to not wear a seat belt. They would rather see people pregnant and more children being born here because that's more money in the future pockets of the gov't and I'm sure that's how they view it. They try to argue ethics but the deep rooted reason the gov't wants to keep abortion illegal is to ensure they have unwilling slaves giving them money so they can pass it along to Israel.

Anonymous 26680

If you guys have been together 9 years and you are long-distance, it shows that you aren't super close and the relationship isn't really a huge priority in either of your lives. I'd say go for the job.

Some people value interpersonal relationships over money. It doesn't mean they're thinking with their vagina or not using their brain, retard. Different values.

Anonymous 26683

You're one of those people that think "kys" is a perfectly good insult to use on someone. Aren't you? Grow up. Nobody cares enough to kill you.

Anonymous 26688

Why can't he just move to you instead?
You say he won't be able to leave for 3 years, what's stopping him?

>it shows that you aren't super close and the relationship isn't really a huge priority in either of your lives.
What fucking nonsense is this? It doesn't "show" anything. It might suggest that it's not top priority, but it's obviously very important to both of them and they would've formed a very close relationship otherwise they'd've called it quits long ago. I've been in an LDR for about 6 years now and the reason we haven't moved in isn't because we're not close. There are plenty of reasons that fall outside of that.

Anonymous 26690

Holy shit, can you not read? Did you get kicked in the head by a horse is that why you keep saying stupid shit that is the polar opposite of what I say that has no meaning to the one I'm trying to convey? Get your brain checked out.

Anonymous 26699

But there are testimonies for most surgeries failing or even killing people.. It doesn't make any sense to change your mind unless the medical procedure always or often fails.

Anonymous 26702

Just prefacing: Not her, and in my country abortion pharmaceuticals are available (under strict prescriptions of course)

Yeah, I think along the same line, for me it's a matter of comparing the options. Complications arising from abortions in controlled conditions under the supervision and consultation of a doctor are simply less likely to occur than with whatever DIY shit people cobbled together in a shed in the past.

We should always be looking to improve on current options or increase the number of options available. I see very little point in going backwards though.

Anonymous 26705


I feel like I'm suffocating constantly. The future doesn't look good. There's nothing to look forward to. I'm not interested in things, so everyone I meet gets bored of me eventually and goes away. I wish I could just die in my sleep without it negatively affecting anyone (I split rent with my mom). I don't want this anymore. There's nothing good here and nothing good coming and it's only going to get worse. Nobody is ever going to love me. I'm never going to have a job I don't hate. I don't have any friends and the time for making new ones passed a long time ago. I wish I could just stop existing without it causing problems.

Anonymous 26706

have you perhaps considered gym?

Anonymous 26712

I don't think these are things that can be helped, but then, I'm not a very optimistic person. I feel the same way about life, and I'm just waiting for my diet or my health or the outside world to take me out. Too big a pussy to do it myself.

Things may get better though. I don't know. Maybe therapy and getting into an easy hobby (taking pictures, reading manga), might help.

Anonymous 26713

I’ll be your friend, post contact. I’m equally as boring. We’ll see who gets tired of who first.

Spoiler: you’ll get tired of me.

Anonymous 26720

Thank you for your replys.

That makes sense, if our realtionship won't last because of that, sooner or later it might have fallen apart anyway. It's not like we never see each other, we visit each other almost every weekend.

I can see why it looks like it to you, but I disagree. We both want a life where we have good jobs and can live a comfortable life with a small family. To achieve that sometimes you have to go to another city unfortunately.

It's because of what he is doing at university. He can't do that anywhere else.

I talked to him again and we decided to just wait. We don't even know if everything will work out with the new job yet. Also it's not like I'm signing a contract for life. I'm not forced to stay if I end up not liking it.

Anonymous 26723


>dad eating himself into an early grave
>his gf is clearly a feeder who likes him fat
>he’s gained 40 lbs since meeting her and already was obese before
>she gives him bullshit dieting “advice” that he goes with because he’s a common-senselet
>”advice” is obviously cleverly designed to make him gain
>stupid cunt gf screeches at me when I suggest he see a doctor for weight loss advice and manipulates him into thinking it’s a bad idea
>nothing i can do because dad won’t leave her


Anonymous 26728


I've been getting really worked up and frustrated over dumb shit, and I feel like shit as well, and the hot weather isn't helping. Idk if I can blame PMS or it's just a me problem

Anonymous 26734

I think you should really decide on whether or not you want to live or die. Either find a compelling reason to live or a compelling reason to die, or otherwise you'll be stuck in this wishy-washy middle ground of pain and sadness and frustration forever.

If you really want to die without causing a fuss, then you'll need to work up the effort, the plan, and the ability to do so. If you have unfinished financial obligations, then work towards closing them off. If you have other obligations, then work on those too.

No matter what you do, you must compel yourself as it's this conviction that will get you out of your miserable "m-muh existential…" drivel.
Good luck!

Anonymous 26735

I have no romantic desires in a relationship. I don't like kissing, wishy washy dates, anniversaries, Valentine's day, etc. I have no expectations for any of that and it is frustrating I feel like I must always make an effort for the other person. The only desire I do have in a relationship besides them being a good friend, "getting" me, being a compatible life partner, is that they have sex with me. But every guy I've been with doesn't want sex the way I do, they make it all sappy, and overall they've been into romance. What is mostly frustrating to me is how I realize they expect me to be romantic back, but I don't know how. How do I get naturally more romantic so I can keep my partner happy? And is there anyone else who has had a similar experience?

Anonymous 26738

saichi 2.PNG

ever since i've been put in treatment for an ed this year, my life has gone downhill (especially after a botched suicide attempt ending up in more hospital time). i always feel at war with my body and can't find any positive aspect of myself to the point where i cry every night for an hour and yell horrible things at my family. this treatment has distanced me from my family massively because my subconscious thinks 'they're the ones that made me gain weight' and i don't think i'll ever be able to repair our relationship. ever since i've been on a downwards spiral, went from straight a's to not giving a shit anymore because i might kms one of these days y'know

Anonymous 26743

You might need anti-psychotics. Clearly you are beyond therapy help where you can manage/beat that voice in your head that rules your ED. You need to seek an option where you can silence it.

Anonymous 26744

what can I do to make my next year of uni more successful socially? (if I dont get kicked out. grades are released next week)

Anonymous 26748

Find a sports club or something similar at uni and try to talk to people there.
Find events on facebook and go there. I like flea markets because you can talk to people there if they sell things that interest you. I found a few friends there that are interested in vintage clothes or playing instruments.

Anonymous 26754

I told myself this summer I would actually start trying to code personal projects. I had a good start but gave up and now I'm learning Japanese instead.
It's better than sitting on my ass playing video games at least. Between work, study, and gym at least I feel productive even if I'm putting off my original goal.

Anonymous 26769

What you coding?
Are you making your own little ゲーム?

Anonymous 26778

>summer holiday
>thinking about that boy from class
>wonder if hes as depressed and lonely as you

Anonymous 26780

Could you code something to help you learn Japanese? Or sme project involving Japanese to keep you motivated?

Anonymous 26796

Why wouldn’t you just ask him if he wants to hang out over the break?

Anonymous 26797

Told myself I would make a nice-looking personal website and teach myself Python since they only teach Java and C++ at my college. I finished the "personal website" part but not the "nice-looking" part, it's not presentable yet.
>Are you making your own little ゲーム?
I've never really been into game-making all that much, I've made a few VNs in renpy if that counts for my friends though.
Maybe, when I was memorizing hiragana and katakana and doing those online games I wished that there would be an option to leave out the characters I hadn't gotten around to yet. Maybe something like that?

Anonymous 26799

I dont really know him. just someone in my classes. Im not a very good person to hang out with anyway

Anonymous 26807

I just want friends.
I don't know where I can find them. I'm a weeb so it should be easy, but it's not.

Anonymous 26817

Well first off, if you're afraid of your grades being not good enough to stay enrolled first thing is to worry about your class work. Degree > friends, don't fuck around and shirk your classwork. Secondly clubs, that's how anyone becomes friends in uni. It's very rare roommates actually like each other. So just go to a club where you have common interests and just put yourself out there. Events also, like when I was in college, humans vs zombies was a neat thing that brought people together and had fun.

Anonymous 26818

the class I failed was based mostly on group work and I was depressed about not having friends which made me stop participating tbh. I only can to uni to make friends so it seems kind of pointless to care about grades if Im failing socially anyway. my room mates all like eachother. it gave me fomo hearing them downstairs drinking and having parties lol. evens are difficult because the kind of people who go to those are usually super extroverted "preppy" types who I wont get on with. joining clubs makes me nervous and alot of my hobbies are more solo anyway

I know this is basically a page of excuses but its true

Anonymous 26819

>Shoegaze/alternative lives
>Niche uni clubs with a more introverted demographic that aren't necessarily the anime club; think Hackerspace, spoken word orgs, or whatever sounds interesting
>Japanese language mixers
>Conventions + other artist gatherings
>Screenings of JP films in smaller cinemas
>DnD sessions
>Local Facebook or Meetup groups
>Hostels in the motherland
The trick is to put yourself out there. Weebs are everywhere. Checking out these spots will just increase the likelihood of stumbling into one and is not a guarantee. If you do click with someone cool who isn't a weeb then it's still a win. Don't be afraid to visit these places alone. It'll be easier for others to approach you and for you to integrate yourself into a weeb cult. Have fun! Even if you don't meet someone you can still have a good time.

Anonymous 26826

Get to know him. Come on, anon.

Anonymous 26854

>Screenings of JP films in smaller cinemas
wth? no one talks during a movie. the most i've had at a small cinema was some chitchat before the movie started and some parting "that was a good movie, see ya around" type of chat at the end. i don't think that's a good place to make friends…

Anonymous 26864

I agree that they don't encourage much conversation, but I've made acquaintances in line for tickets and friends with those through seeing them every now and then in the same cinema. It works for smaller places with a tight-knit communities. I'm an introvert who can also say that friends can be made anywhere. The likelihood of retaining a friend decreases with appropriate venues, but once you click with someone the relationship takes care of itself. Organic encounters can't be forced. You just have to be at the right place at the right time. When writing the initial post I wasn't sure where or how OP had been trying to find weebs in the first place, hence the venues.

Anonymous 26865

I'm going to try going outside without my parents and try to meet people IRL. Wish me luck, friends. I will probably embarrass myself and I think I have come to terms with being okay with that.

Anonymous 26867

I hope it works out for you!

It's been hard for me to get past the being embarrassed part. I can make small-talk with coworkers now but I can't seem to make the jump to talking outside of work. :(

Anonymous 26872

Seconding waiting in line. Sometimes for anime movies people come wearing merchandise from it and you can always make a conversation with that. And the majority if not all waiting in the line are going to be weebs.

Anonymous 26876


How can manlets complain about not being romantically successful then reject me continuously? I'm even kind of cute and have been pursued by conventional men. idgi
Is it because I'm taller than them, and often weigh more because I lift and go after the tiniest 100 pounders? Are manlets just getting rejected by mini women so that's all they address?

I feel defeated.

Anonymous 26877

Probably because the set of ‘manlets who complain online’ and ‘manlets you’ve interacted with’ do not intersect

Anonymous 26879

I'm guessing manlets who have a complex about their height would feel even worse with a taller than average girl? Just a guess

Anonymous 26882


I think a lot of manlets still, despite their height, want to be the tall one in the relationship, and so may be looking for really short women.
Rest assured that there are plenty of guys who would literally kill for a taller, stronger gf, though. You just have to manage to find one.

Anonymous 26886

Out of curiousity I browsed r/short. Nearly all men on there gush about wanting a very tall gf/whine about never getting a tall gf, it's like they're collectively trying to convince themselves that this is what all of them want. And definitely in a gross fetishy way too.
But of course irl they're too insecure and bitter to ever get their tall trophy gf. They either end up alone or with a also very short gf.

I'm very tall too (not into manlets though) and most of the short guys I meet irl are very passive aggressive to me, it's like they're Always on the brink of throwing a tantrum about how mean it is that I get to be tall, while they're midgets lol

Anonymous 26889

Short men are the fat women of men insofar as they are often fucked in the head from being considered inherently less valuable/attractive by society all their lives.

Anonymous 26890


Same, I don't even go for particulary tiny manlets, and I'm not muscular/overweight myself, but they still look at me with so much anger. Dude, I'm just telling you that you are my type, I'm not making fun of you! Ugh. I'm not into tall men at all, but they at least ask me out and don't seem disgusted by my presence. I feel like I will have to date some lanklet if I don't want to die a virgin, even though I love short men so much!

Anonymous 26900

If you un-ironically actively look for short men on any form about short men you are daft in the head. The ones who are short and normal don't even care or think of themselves a short let alone go on forums for short men. They don't care.

Anonymous 26902


Even if they are different than the same mega insecure manlets, why won't any show interest in me? Only taller men do. I even pursue them myself so it's not like I'm twiddling my thumbs.
Like I said I figure this is the issue. Despite me not even being super tall (77th percentile in my country), I'm just taller than them.
Allegedly men care less about height difference, but I've been on dates with manlets (it never escalates past coffee) and one looked very uncomfortable when I easily walked faster than him. I later saw him and one other turbomanlet I asked out with even shorter ladies…
The second one there also stood me up. It hurt.
>definitely in a gross fetishy way
Hot. I like manlets in a gross fetishy way tbh.
But yeah, I can see them just being too afraid to follow through irl. It's odd that this is such a thing online but I rarely see any "reverse height difference" couples in person.
I've never mentioned height to these men since I know it's a sensitive thing, but otherwise my experience is similar. Only lankier guys like and flirt with me, and while I find them cute as well I really want to end game with a petit husband. Nothing would be as fulfilling.

Anyway, overall I'm just going to keep going although maybe in a way that's more smooth than straight up cold approaches. Thanks for the replies! It just gets me down sometimes so I vented.

Anonymous 26903


For real. There's like an extreme division with short guys at least the ones I know. Half are super cool and normal. Usually successful career-wise and have girls hanging off of them too because they dgaf… The other half are textbook cringe copypasta incels that never grow out of their preteen phase.

Anonymous 26906

This is my only guess. Like >>26903 a lot of normal short guys can get any girl they want. I'm not sure why, it's an interesting phenomena. So clearly to the ones who would date you, you aren't their type. Whether that means your looks don't match up to what they get or whatever I don't know. Honestly, I refuse to admit anyone who posts here doesn't have some kind of flaw or imperfection that most posters leave out when wondering why men wont approach them. So it might be because of that, I don't know you personally so I can't say. But I know guys who would date you at base context but all my friends are online so it's all LDR shit which no one wants to do.

Anonymous 26911

Yeah, I never claimed to be a perfect 10/10 conventional Stacey. I'm not fully white, have a notable nose, have a deep voice, get hormonal zits, and am pear shaped rather than hourglass. I also wear statement clothes which makes the whole package overwhelming I guess lol. I'd say I'm very Becky-tier in trendier clothes though, and I match my physical flaws in the men I pursue. I'm not a Chadlet chaser.
Just odd that men who look like taller versions of the manlets I've pursued do like me. Even a guy with more conventionally attractive facial aesthetics and a very outgoing personality.

LDRs do sound pretty sad and I'm generally opposed like you guessed…but tbh each day I get closer to caving.

Anonymous 26915

Depending on your age LDRs aren't a bad thing. IT just relies on meeting the right people. Dating in real life feels… like you have trust people less, but in reality what I realized no matter what it's the same level of trust. It's just easier for people in LDRs to lie which I'll never understand why they lie. Then again I hate people and I don't understand why they do a lot of shitty things.

Anonymous 26919

I cut off all my hair and it looks really bad. Time to wear wigs for next year and a half.

Anonymous 26920


>It's odd that this is such a thing online but I rarely see any "reverse height difference" couples in person.
I imagine it is similar to the larger problem of "women who complain about no bf online and men who complain about no gf online can't just meet up and solve both problems at once."
Maybe some do like you, but are too self-conscious to approach. Even the ones you approach first may think you're faking or making fun of them or something.
There are places online you could go and find hundreds, to be sure. But quality would almost certainly suffer if you cast such a wide net.
As for IRL, part of the problem is that I feel like tall women are still seen as less attractive, and specifically couples where the woman is taller than the man are frowned upon. Tom Cruise still has to stand on boxes and such for his movies because Hollywood's gotta have that 6' tall leading man. Can't have the movie star's love interest be taller than him, no sir.
Anyway, as a result you run into the issue of the average man not wanting a gf taller than him, which probably includes the average manlet as well, in spite of their limited options. It's easy to see the ones who don't mind or would even prefer that online, where places exist for such opinions to congregate. But we don't have that luxury IRL.
Also similar to that other problem, is that I'm not sure if there's a good solution for things like this. It goes both ways and for practically everything one could thing of, name a personality trait or body quirk and I could show you a forum for people who love it. But those people hardly ever seem able to find each other for real.

Anonymous 26925


Idk if the thread died or what but I posted somewhere on /fee-fees/ a coworker I secretly liked 4-5 months ago but was a bitch to initially because i have issues with rejection and expressing myself.

Things were progressing ok for a little while and we were starting to talk and become friends until they hired this 18/19 fresh out of highschool beautiful girl. They are constantly on shift together and are very close and are always talking and its obvious they like each other. It hurts a lot; but its a familiar feeling. It sucks when the girl everyone wants chooses the guy that you likes. Im waiting for them to start dating and I feel really crushed and defeated. He doesnt even bother to talk to me at all anymore, its like I dont even exist. I really wanted to cry but im just so numb that nothing comes out. Im so sick of being ignored; I just want to be in love like other women my age are.

Im going to turn this into a lesson and work on improving my self-esteem and confidence. Im also trying to clean up my diet and lose weight. I will still be ugly, but at least I wont be fat and ugly. Maybe Ill meet someone when school starts up, Im starting to get really worried since ive never dated ever at almost 23.

Anonymous 26931

>I get to be tall, while they're midgets lol
I hope this isn't some superiority complex you're showing. It's one thing to be humble, but it's another to be a bellowing titan mincing humans without a care in the world.

Anonymous 26932

Come on to him full force now, dumb-dumb. This is the time to play all your best cards, it's certain defeat if you don't do anything, so what is there to lose? Be direct and leave no doubts as to what your motives are.

Anonymous 26935

>come on to him full force now, dumb-dumb. This is the time to play all your best cards

Thanks but im fat and im pretty sure hes disgusted by me, like not chubby, fat (Yes i am working on it, I go to the gym twice a week and ive lost a few pounds but its slow). Ive left A whole bunch of hints and he just ignored them, because hes kind enough to let me down easily. I misread the friendliness as potential attraction, and its my fault. I dont even know how to flirt and its not even like i have the opportunity anymore, he does not talk to me.

Its not his problem that hes more attracted to the new girl. Shes cute and everyone loves her. Most of the time im a mopey bitch and ive been through so much shit its hard for me to smile. Ive been feeling happier lately but im still very depressed. It would be selfish of me to get in the way of whats going on.
The only reason why I thought I had a chance is that hes like a robot-tier dude and I thought hed be satisfied with me (I would of lost weight and took better care of myself for him if he asked.) Shes happy,perky, and sweet and she will make him happier than I ever could.

Also hes white and Im black, I will never be considered as desirable as any of the girls where I live, especially this new girls hes into. People literally have left notes and love letters in her car. The only reason why they are on the same shift constantly is because there always has to be another person with her to protect her from guys hitting on her and harassing her on shift. Like could you imagine? not only is your girlfriend fat but shes also black. hed probably be embarrassed to be with me anyway.

I dont even know why I thought he would even like me back. Im so sick of this always happening to me. I just want to be skinny and pretty.

Sorry for the rant, but im pretty distressed and miserable right now. I feel like Ive been gutted and left bleeding on a dirty floor somewhere. Ive never had anyone love me, parents and family included. I feel so alone.

I dont want to attempt to do anything because I dont want to harass him or make him feel uncomfortable. I have to stay where I work until im done with school so im not sure what I will do.

Im honestly just sick of being sad all the time because of this. I want to move on.

Anonymous 26936

Then move on.

Anonymous 26937

Yeah I know, I will and I want to but I almost have no interaction with anyone around my age and wont until august. so its hard. Thanks for listening.

Anonymous 26938

Could it be you felt threatened by this girl and so you stopped acting a certain way around him? He's not going to act interested unless you show it. If he is more of a robot-tier kinda guy, he might be somewhat shy. You also don't know whether or not that girl has an SO. Guys tend to act nice/sweet towards cute girls even if they aren't into them as people, it's just programmed into them.

Like the anon before me said, you have nothing to lose by expressing how you feel, especially if you think that because of this other person it's going to end in defeat anyway. Even if he is uninterested, you will be able to move on faster because that will probably give you a sense of closure.

And for the record….even if you had gotten with him, you know, many other women who you would perceive as more attractive than yourself would interact with him throughout his life. Just because he interacts with other attractive women doesn't mean you should immediately see then as a threat and feel insecure. If anything, people pick up on that and tend to dislike the possessive, controlling behavior that can come with that insecurity.

Anonymous 26939


>Could it be you felt threatened by this girl and so you stopped acting a certain way around him

Not threatened per say. But I saw that she got along better with him and they were always together and seemed super close; so I guess if im looking at things honestly I did start to distance myself emotionally because I was afraid of getting hurt. Again, ive been through this shit many times before so I always prepare for the worse. I hate fighting over men because I hate fighting with or tearing down other girls in general and also because I know I will never win.

>you know, many other women who you would perceive as more attractive than yourself would interact with him throughout his life. Just because he interacts with other attractive women doesn't mean you should immediately see then as a threat and feel insecure. If anything, people pick up on that and tend to dislike the possessive, controlling behavior that can come with that insecurity.

Thanks for this, but im honestly not the possessive type. I think I devalue myself a lot and act accordingly. There are obviously very many other girls that are more attractive than me and it would be pretty fucking weird for me to randomly get defensive just because someone im with is simply interacting with another girl. I hate conformity and I really truly want people to be genuine and free to express themselves; that includes romantically. If i were in a relationship and a guy was obviously casually flirting with another girl Id probably at most be very hurt.

I dont know, I feel uncomfortable with flirting in general. Guys arent typically interested in me and I always feel like dog shit; so in my mind i think "what does a sow like me have any business even thinking I can pursue anyone? They are probably disgusted by and and im insulting them by even trying". Its like Im a shady used car salesman.

Its a personal issue. I am trying to work on it by forcing myself to put myself out there and flirt and develop "game", the way guys do. (send as many nets out and eventually youll catch a fish?) I guess the more I fail at that better ill be by the time another person im interested in comes along. It seems like a lot of women genuinely like being flirted with, and I dont honestly unless its someone I like and even in that case it still feels uncomfortable.

Anonymous 26942

Yeah. Self-improvement is definitely the way to go when you have this mindset. Lift yourself up until you don't have an excuse to say these things about yourself. gl anon

Anonymous 26944

>date a bpd person
>I was dumb at the time and didnt realize bpd was a thing
>always thought their actions and behaviors were justified and rooted in something I did.
>lived this way for years because I loved this person
>got berated and beaten emotionally for so long that it's now permenately imprinted into my soul even if I know better now
>fast forward years after and check in again through friends to see how they are doing
>they are doing drugs, still refuses to get a job, cant drive has done nothing in their life but become one of those soyboy garbage tumblr people who defends womens rights but does it fucking ignorantly. I think hes trans or some shit at this point idk, hes indorctinated on so much soy maybe he grew a pussy from his taint.
>regardless had a dream about them two nights ago
>he said all these wonderful things I deep down wish to hear from them again
>realize they made me feel nothing because of who they changed into and how fucking ignorant they are now.
>I love someone who doesnt even exist anymore but did at one point
>been so incredibly lonely that last night dreamt about a raccoon that turned into a cute boy at will and hung out with me in this sweet ass indoor pool/pool house with hot tub.

I think I'm starting to understand why guys get waifus. My romantic life is hitting that dead end now.

Anonymous 26945

>can't drive
I don't see how this makes someone a shitty person, some people have poor motor skills and it's better to not drive than, you know, cause accidents.

Anonymous 26946

With additional context. This person bikes all over the place. It's not an issue of coordination, it's just an unwillingness to improve. Theres a lot of context I left out because it's a waste of time to explain why they are a loser who refuses to improve and become a fucking adult at the age of 26 like the rest of us. If there was a valid reason for them not driving I wouldnt shit on then for it. Just like how I try to not fault them for what they did to me because of BPD. But it does unfortunately cause damage to the people around them whether they intend to or not.

Anonymous 26947

Ok, I'm sorry.

Anonymous 26954

I dated a BPD person for a little while after having known them for years. Even after all the emotional abuse and breaking up, I still think about them frequently. Same situation, I’m fixated on the idea of what they were like in my head now rather than what they are like.


Anonymous 27005

There's no helping. The only thing you can even do is just try to move on. It's super annoying and hard but it seems the be the only solution to this awful problem and it's really hard trying to find someone else. I hate it.

Anonymous 27010

I’ve been trying. Everyone says moving on is the only way but despite trying anything and everything to fill the time, thoughts about them keep popping up. I’m sure they’ve found someone new by now but it was my first and I don’t keep in contact whatsoever so I wouldn’t know anyways. It hurts.

Anonymous 27022

i was feeling a bit better about my appearance/weight when i looked at pictures and realized how wide i used to be compared to now. i'm still a little overweight but i'm working on it! however, today a guy in my class gave me a super disgusted look when i left to go to the bathroom and had to walk past his chair. when i came back, he adjusted his seat so he got closer to the table, even though there is a huge space between the last row and the chairs. now i feel like a gross fat pig again.

Anonymous 27032

Well no wonder why. If its your first relationship it makes it so much harder. Honestly what you are feeling now is just a common thing after the first relationship. It goes away when you find someone else. They will take up your thoughts instead of the old person. This I can garauntee you without a doubt. It just feels hard right now because there is no one else to occupy your mind at the moment. You just need someone to make you feel desired and wanted again so you dont feel as low as you do now.

Anonymous 27035


Thank you for actually responding instead of telling me all the advice everyone ever says that doesn’t actually help.

Anonymous 27039


How short? Buzzcut, pixie cut or bald?

Anonymous 27041

It’s really sad to see all the posters here that are dying for a bf when I have friends who have unbelievably shitty personalities and go through relationships like they’re going out of style. Looks must carry a lot of it but I find it hard to believe all the miners can be too far off from being decent.

Anonymous 27042

No problem. I understand being in that spot. I've been here for a while. Sometimes it's nice to hear something than just advice of "love yourself" or something about how it's your fault that you need to fix.

If you ever want someone to talk to I have a discord you can contact me at.

Anonymous 27046

I’m so tired of doing the same exact work that I hate and have no interest in for hours and hours each day. I’m so bored with my life and i cant take it anymore. I have nothing to look forward to and cant enjoy anything. My first thought after waking up is usually “i hate my life” or “i feel like shit.” When i wake up i just feel dread because i know i’ll have to do the same exact thing i do every day and it makes me feel so miserable. Help me

Anonymous 27048


It doesn't surprise me that a bunch of people that have hobbies revolving around imageboards, anime, and video games can't land anything but Discord boyfriend's. I was the same way when I was a teenager and thought it was honestly over for me when I was about to turn 20 and was still a KHV

I'm sure you noticed that your Stacy friends don't spend all the weekends held up yeah? I came to the same realization. Getting a bf involves making as much contact with the opposite sex as possible. Unless your a 10/10 that cute boy you see walking down to class every Monday and Wednesday isn't going to just approach you and ask you out, hey? Get what I'm saying?

I'm still the same awkward average looking sperg I was back then, I just put myself out there more instead of holding up in my room/dorm. I don't even really pursue guys, I try to make as many friends as I can and let things shake out naturally when there's a mutual attraction

Anonymous 27050

>let things shake out naturally when there's a mutual attraction
What if I've had a decent number of friends all my life throughout highschool/college/etc, and I've still never felt romantically attracted to anyone or wanted to have a relationship with any of them?
I'd think I was aromantic or some shit like that were it not for my desire to have such a relationship in general.

Anonymous 27051

I’d like that. Let me make a Discord.

Anonymous 27052

Hm, do you ever go through the process of "well he'd be nice, but I don't think it'd work out because…" Or do you just never even consider romance a possibility for anyone?

All of my bfs have been guys in my friend circle or work that I had an urge to hang out with more/spend time alone with. Do you never feel that urge with anyone?

I wouldn't rule out being aromatic tbh. Society dictates that being in a relationship 100% of the time is necessary and normal, and that can force you into thinking you want something you actually don't.

Anonymous 27053

Alright, my discord is RaccAttacc#2724. I'll look at it now and again to see if you add me!

Anonymous 27054

>Do you never feel that urge with anyone?
Not really. Like I said, I've always had friends, but I pretty much only ever saw or spoke to them when I was already in the same place as them for another reason, e.g. school, or when I needed a second person for some activity I wanted to do. I'd go to small gatherings occasionally, but that was primarily for the atmosphere/event itself rather than any specific person attending. I don't think I've said a word to any of my friends from high school since the last time I physically saw them at the ceremony. I haven't spoken to any of my friends from college except for a few brief periods each fall when I go back and see them there for, again, an event.
I'm not sure I've ever had the desire to go out of my way to see any specific person just to be around them.

That said, I think I want to want to. I'm normally pretty content being alone, but occasionally I'll think about my position too much and get this deep sinking feeling in my chest, like my heart is made of lead. And it lasts for the rest of the day or until I forget about it again.
I'm holding out hope that I'll eventually meet the right person and actually want to be around them. Being around people is so tiresome normally. I have to constantly filter everything I think about doing or saying through the lens of how the person might react, how it might affect my long-term standing with them, whether it risks affecting the parts of the relationship that are beneficial to me. Even around my closest family members, there are things I can never ever tell them because I absolutely know it would change how they see me.
I just want someone I can be completely and totally honest with, without fear of negative effects. Maybe that would be as comfortable for me as being alone because both would not require a filter.

Anonymous 27055

Though, for the record, I don't think fear/apprehension is my primary reason for preferring to not be around people. At least not consciously.
Whenever I entertain the idea, it's less "I don't want to do that" and more "There are so many things I'd much rather be doing than that."

Anonymous 27056

I heavy relate to this

all my life Ive only really had "situational friends" that Id only see at school or work or whatever. even my best friend I only really see to fulfil mutual hobbies that benefit from additional people. we never just hang out for the sake of it

I also get the feeling of wanting to want to. I spend most of my time alone, but sometimes I start thinking about how other people like spending time with people and I have a mini panic attack. sometimes I wish I enjoyed it like they do because it seems like its amazing and Im missing out, idk

sometimes I get "crushes" on people and I think I might like them, but the more I get to know them the less I want to see them

I think I like the idea of people more than I like actual people

Anonymous 27057


>bought $1 lipsticks from MissA
>they’re absolute shit
One of the shades looked good the first time I tried it but since then the color doesn’t stick and makes my lips look crusty af

Anonymous 27059


Fuck it. Im asking him out tomorrow. Im not going to just lay down and die this time. I will try. I really hope its not awkward if he says no.

Anonymous 27060

Good luck!!

Anonymous 27070


Good luck, anon! Rooting for you!

Anonymous 27085

How did it go??

Anonymous 27105

Found out he is dating the coworker. Im shocked but not as devastated as I thought. Its been a wild ride folks.

Anonymous 27114

Kill them both.

Anonymous 27117

>harm two innocent people that are in love because im personally sad that I didnt get to date one of them

yeah, Kill yourself buddy.

Anonymous 27118

Don't respond to the /r9k/ tourist trash.

Anonymous 27119

Pretty sure it's actually /biz/ this time.

Anonymous 27120

Why would they give a shit about a girls only club.

Anonymous 27121

Anonymous 27122

Didn't realize /biz/ was as autistic as /r9k/ I thought they just memed about jews and blaming them for being unable to do well in the stock markets.

Anonymous 27127

>stock markets
Isn't /biz/ like 99% armchair cryptocurrency experts?

Anonymous 27129

Yikes really? I thought they left /g/ to all of that armchair crypto currency shit.

Anonymous 27130

They've been spamming /b/ for the last hour. Fucking annoying.
I get this imageboard is slow and the mod(s) can take it easy on most days but unfortunately today's not such a day.

Anonymous 27134

/g/ probably has some of it, but there are a billion different cryptos so the creation of /biz/ allowed a lot of cryptos to have their own threads/generals, since they're technically "currency/finance."
Hell, in that very thread they talk about posting cryptocurrency threads here.

Anonymous 27151

Those armchair cryptocurrency experts are already halfway to being millionaires while you idiots are bitching about the shy boy that won't take initiative.

Anonymous 27154

If you were half the people you claim to be you would be sitting on millions right now when in 06 everyone memed bitcoin and used it to buy pizzas and buy drugs on the silk road. When anyone could farm tons of coins on their dilapidated internet meme machine rigs and sold before the massive bubble burst of like two years ago. You guys aint shit, you choose crypto because it requires no research and minimal as fuck knowledge since it's all based on whales investing into the coin which is mostly used for shady offshoring of finances from big corporate suits which they don't make public. You guys are just a barnacle on the underside of a massive whale hoping to benefit when they benefit unlike having to learn about corporate environments, having the ability to make actual predictions for companies gaining value and having to spend actual time out of your day not shitposting on a girls only club or 4chan which is just not possible for people like you. Don't worry you will sit there like captain hindsight thinking you are shit, telling everyone 'I said this would happen' after it happened but never make the move that would have benefited you.Look where the fuck you are now. Shit talking women who are the equivalent on /r9k/ with less hormonal autistic testosterone rage trying to get an ego boost ya fuckin loser.

Anonymous 27159

>Get BTFO and get told they are fucking nothing
>come back with all this cope that they are actually fucking worth anything
>"W-We didn't want you to invest in our meme anyways!"
No one here asked you to come here, necro a bunch of dead threads, shitpost and then talk as if you fucking matter to anyone here. If any of us wanted to invest in trash we would be investing on our own will. We don't need autists shitposting in here to be aware of such things. Go take your hurt feefees and go somewhere else with this joke of a facade. Go to tumblr or woke twitter they want a get rich quick scheme so they can ruin lives without having to leave the home.

Anonymous 27179

I’m in my mid 20s, no hobbies, no interests, how do I meet people? I work with old people and it feels like there’s no hope because I’m so boring.

Anonymous 27180

get hobbies and interests

Anonymous 27181

also dont think not being a super energetic extrovert makes you "boring" plenty of people enjoy spending time with people who arent always talking and and doing stuff

Anonymous 27182

How? I’ve tried lots of things and nothing ever stuck. I just prefer staying at home and playing games.

Anonymous 27183

How active is your community? You can go to events or activities for the public and meet people there

Anonymous 27184

This is art

Anonymous 27185

>how do I meet people
>feels like there’s no hope because I’m so boring
>I just prefer staying at home and playing games

It kind of sounds like you don't want to change your habits in order to achieve your goal? You can just meet people online if you're a proud homebody.

Anonymous 27186

Yes and I’m asking where online. Imageboards are kind of contrary to the idea of meeting people.

Anonymous 27189

>no hobbies, no interests
What do you do when you're not working, eating, or sleeping? Stare at the wall?
Playing games is a hobby/interest. It's something you can do with other people, even.

Anonymous 27257

How can anyone deal with this heat? Everyone I know loves summer and wants to be outside during all of it but it’s like 40 degrees Celsius and it’s so unbearable, even wearing as little as possible.

Anonymous 27274

Hello, ausminer here.

No one goes outside when it's bumping around 40 C unless they have some serious obligations. People that work outside will often just not work and put it off for tomorrow if possible.
Don't let the norm stacys trick you into thinking you have to be at the beach or something stupid.

Anonymous 27280

Third world tropical shithole miner here. Poverty prevents majority from staying indoors, whether for work or commuting. Get a thermos good at retaining temperature like Contigo (or if you're unlikely to run into refills, something ~8L), fill with cold water and bring it. Apply sunblock 2-3 times throughout the day depending on the UV index. Wear hats. If you're interested in outdoor activities schedule ahead to make sure you're in and out while the heat isn't so bad. But if you can stay home, all the better.

Anonymous 27286

I thought aussies loved the heat though, was that all a meme?

Anonymous 27287

I mean being born in a hellscape doesn't mean you have to love the hellscape you live in. I mean growing up in it makes to able to bear with it and deal with it easier but it still fucking sucks. No one enjoys 100F+ temps for prolonged periods of time.

Anonymous 27288

So I've been watching this trashy reality show called 90 day fiance. You know, I get these are all terrible people trying to use each other and this whole show is trying to profit on a relationship dependent on a green card to actually work. But my god, this whole thing brings out the worst of humanity and it makes me kind of glad I'm still single.

Like the thing that really fucked with me. Dude comes from dominican reubplic or some shitty island country near florida. Comes up, marries this chick, and then he just had some random thot come up to him and say "hey bb want sum pp suckin" and he just fucking did it without a second thought. This led to like a episode long drama bullshit that ended with her kicking his ass out, basically saying it's over and calling the cops/immigration on him to get him deported. And the whole fucking time the dude is like… just scared not because he just hurt someone or ruined a marriage. But because deep down he likes not living in a shitty country and she is within every right to get his ass deported immediately and he even shows genuine anger that she would destroy his security in this country by even saying "let me just marry someone else, don't call the cops/INS on me. that's fucked up." Like the fact this is his thought process after committing adultery and ruining his marriage and fucking up a good thing he had regardless if it was a sham or whatever. He just played with someones feelings to get a green card and somehow feels like they are wrong take that away from him after playing with her feelings and life.

How the fuck do these people exist? I feel slightly sick that someone can just operate this way, even if it is heavily editied/cut to show him in this light, the fact he even uttered those words and felt upset that his green card is compromised not by his own actions but blames her. Not all men are like this yeah? I thought maybe foreign men who just abuse women for a green card was just a meme and not really a thing anymore, this is just tv drama right?

Anonymous 27289

I learned the other day that there's an apparently well-known dating site specifically for people who are married/dating someone to have affairs. They're not even sneaky about it, the site's whole marketing campaign is "you should cheat on your spouse."
Shit like that just makes me so sad.

Anonymous 27290

Oh yeah that's been around for ages. Ashley Madison was a famous one, there were a lot of normie memes going around after it had a huge security breach about how wives are gonna be checking the compromised info to see if their spouse is cheating.

Weirdly enough now that you mention it, I haven't seen many adverts for that place or any kind of service like that for a while now. I watch porn pretty often and about like 5 years ago those ads were all over the place.

Anonymous 27296


Not all men are like that, and as big 'ole dyke, I've known women who were equally shitty.
Like, they'd do something awful and then when facing the consequences would absolutely pull out all the bullshit guilt trip stops tro try and make sure that nothing ever punished them for being an absolute trashbag of a human being.

In that exact example, I knew a friend who was dating a girl from… I actually cant remember where, somewhere shitty.
And said girl was going on about how she was gay and it was horrible being gay in whatever country she was, and she just wanted to get to europe and be safe.
Gets here, settles down, immediately cheated on my friend with a guy.
That stuff's painful at the best of times but the absolute cynical callousness of it just really upset me at the time. Nearly killed my friend too, she was in a really really bad place for a long time over it.

I used to see huge adverts for it and ones like it just on mega billboards by the side of the road. Advertising on porn sites is one thing, but seeing it advertised in real life just blew my mind.
People are awful.

Anonymous 27300


i started losing weight again but now my stretchmarks are more prominent and i realized i'll never be able to wear a bikini. i can't even swim but wearing a cute bikini with ruffles was one of the things i really wanted to do once i had de-whaled myself.

Anonymous 27306

Welp there goes my hope that maybe if all else fails, I can find love outside my country. Maybe I should just be alone forever then.

Anonymous 27307

I have stretchmarks on my back from a growth spurt when I was a teen, they fade over time, with time they'd be barely visible and you could rock that bikini.

Anonymous 27308

You can still wear a bikini with stretchmarks and look cute in it. I have them all over my thighs but I don't really care tbh.

Anonymous 27309

>come out as bisexual to my cousin a few years ago, to which he accepts like a usual woke bro
>he comes out as gay only just recently and goes from straight-acting to amping up the yaaas queen dramatics big time
>see him for the first time in months, walking together alone when he suddenly blurts out
>”i’m glad you’re something other than a straight girl anon, that would be so fucking boring”

why does this make me uncomfortable? should it?

Anonymous 27312

Uh, how the hell are we meant to know why it makes you feel uncomfortable? You're meant to ask yourself that and answer it by yourself.
He might've said "boring", but his comment probably really meant that he felt a bit of anxiety about coming out and having you around puts him at ease.

Anonymous 27313

>goes from straight-acting to amping up the yaaas queen dramatics big time
He sounds like the kind of person who defines his entire personality around his sexuality, and looks at other people in the same way. As though you'd be more boring if you were straight because being bi is exotic and unusual and somehow inherently makes you a more interesting person.

Anonymous 27314

Yeah because he's not treating you as a person and a friend. Merely a living adjective to spice up his life which he defines by the adjectives that surround him. You are now a literal object with a label to him and nothing more. Seems like at one point you had an actual friendship but now it's reduced to nothing than pure tumblr tier thottery whatever the male equivalence of that is where a sexual orientation replaces his personality and that's how he views others too.

Fuck him, people like that are gross people who need to die alone until they realize their sexual orientation isn't a personality trait and they shouldn't treat others the same way.

Anonymous 27316


Fuck that anon, I've got pretty bad stretchmarks on my thighs (both inside and outside) and I dress in shorts and wear bikinis. Recently I got fresh ones on my fucking knees for no reason, I gained no weight lol
As you get tanned during summer they'll become less visible but honestly don't let them stop you from wearing what you want, it's just dumb skin.
nsfw cause I guess you can see my panties a bit lmao

Anonymous 27323

Wow, so lewd anon. Now some tourist is going to come here and see that and jerk off to it.

Anonymous 27328

Hey if someone can get off to my stretch marks by all means go ahead

Anonymous 27330


You could just claim that the marks are scars from being struck by lightning. Everyone would think you're a badass.

Anonymous 27331

>people use others

This is not something new or unusual even to that degree.

Anonymous 27334

I'm so nervous about meeting my boyfriend's friends and family/siblings. I'm such a sperg and a nerd, and his friends and siblings were more like the cool kids in school. Really afraid that I'll look like a socially awkward idiot.

Anonymous 27335

>hab bf
haha okay stacy :^)

Anonymous 27336

I mean more so because you got your panties showing. Kinda rolling with that joke a bit.

Anonymous 27344


Not a Stacy, trust me. He's my first bf and I am in my 30s, if that tells you anything.

Anonymous 27351

This bitch back at it again.
Seriously considering messaging a guy from r/short who obsessively posts about his height. He sounds like he has an absolutely PERFECT fucking body (5'1"/100 lbs/15 inch shoulders/size 6 feet) and I'm turned on just thinking about it.

Someone tell me this is a horrible idea. He lives in Texas and I'm up in Canada. I also live at home and have no idea how I'd explain it to my mother since we're very close. I'd feel guilty keeping her in the dark if I pursued an online boy.

I'm just so stupid fucking horny for manlet dick. kms.

Anonymous 27352

>obsessively posts about his height
To me, this would be a red flag. Any person obsessively posting about any of their qualities online would be a red flag.

Have you considered instead looking in places online for men that like tall women? (I'm sure subreddits exist, though I'm not sure how conversationalist they are.)
I assume there would be decent overlap with short guys there, but at the same time perhaps not such a large overlap with the short guys who fixate on their own height and may have developed a complex or something.

Anonymous 27353

Have you considered masturbation to just get rid of these feelings for a while so you don't do anything reckless and possibly a terrible idea?

Anonymous 27360

I mean, I'm also obsessed about male height so I thought we could bond over that if nothing else kek. He even did a research about heightism wrt hiring and the workplace, truly remarkable. Although if I'm being honest…by the way he types otherwise it does seem as if he may be on the spectrum.

>places that like tall women

Sadly I'm not actually a tall woman (just a bit above average), but I'm sure you're right.

Yeah I cranked one out and slept so I'm feeling a bit more restraint.

If I met this fucker irl guaranteed I'd want him in my arms though. But this current situation isn't great so I'll try to forget I stumbled upon him.

Anonymous 27361

If this is the same anon that I’m thinking of, how are you not able to find a manlet bf in Canada? There’s so many Asians here for starters that you have so many to choose from. How tall are you? Are you some sort of hulking beast that towers over them?

Anonymous 27362

…yes, that's me. I should probably stop posting about this so much, I've been recognized on lolcow too. It's cringe but idk where else to vent about it.
I'm not sure what the issue is, and yeah I've pursued a handful of them ranging from Latino to South Asian. I think I just come on too strong and am overall awkward? I'm 5'6", have a medium build with some muscle, and present pretty feminine.
Oddly the "tallest" man I tried to talk with was the most frightened by me lol.

Anonymous 27363

Have you tried Tinder? 5’6” isn’t that tall, are you aiming for actual dwarves?

Anonymous 27366

I haven't because I've heard it's filled with people who only want hookups and that's not what I want at all. I'm mad thirsty but only in the context of a LTR.
Anything over 4'10" isn't dwarf territory though. But yeah I absolutely chase turbomanlets, like I said a 5'1" guy is perfect.

Anonymous 27367

>Sadly I'm not actually a tall woman
I'm pretty sure most guys that like "tall women" really just want a woman who is taller than they are. I doubt it's all 6' guys seeking 6'5" gfs.

Anonymous 27368

Good luck.

Anonymous 27371

I always see women shit talk guys who do shit like this. Like their ideals overrule everything else and they call it gross and shit on it. Then I see this and no one really says anything, why?

Anonymous 27373

Maybe I'll give it a try then, it's probably a better plan than this.

I know they're rare which is one reason I'm drawn to this guy. Simply shorter than me is fine though and they're 1/100. Which sounds small but there are enough for me to have already hit on quite a few.

>men shit talking the "6' and up only guys :))" meme doesn't happen
>20/80 hypergamy complaints don't exist
That said I have nothing absolutely against men having standards either. You should be attracted to your partner, you're fucking after all. I'd want my partner to be attracted to me, idk about you.

Anonymous 27376

Looked deeper into his post history to find that he posted a pic of himself at some point…and he's so cute, how cursed. I mean I guess he's pretty average but by how he described himself I was expecting a little goblin man (which is also cute in a way, I'm not picky with faces at all). He's definitely little but doesn't have a massive head and deformed tiny limbs like he's posted about.
>tfw no fellow body dysmorphic bf
He's also interested in making music and watching cartoons.
Hurts. I wish he lived nearby, I could make art for him and he could show me all his music and we'd encourage each other…ahh.

Anonymous 27380

I honestly don’t think you’re trying hard enough if you don’t mind literal goblin faced manlets seeing as there are countless average to decent looking men who watch cartoons and listen to music on the internet that want a tall gf.

Stop stalking random people on the internet and start taking action. Message him or anyone else you’re interested in, it’s not as though there’s going to be repercussions to simply talking.

Anonymous 27389

I have an important assessment coming up in august. my uni emailed me telling me to contact my teacher for details, so I did. he basically blew me off telling me Id know what the assessment was about when he released it in several weeks

in the meantime I have no idea what to study because he wont even tell me what it will be about. hes such a smug annoying cunt

Anonymous 27392

[nighthwk] Kodocha…

So I'm having a problem right now. I've been living with two friends of mine, A and B who are completely opposite when it comes to tidiness. A is a very neat person, while B is messy. I'm a messy person too, but I mostly keep my clutter confined to my room. Back when we lived in a dorm together, B was extremely messy but has since gotten significantly better. The only issue from my perspective is that she seldom cleans the litterbox for her cat that she keeps in our supply closet, so sometimes the cat tracks litter in the living area. I'll ask B to clean it, but usually A cleans out of disgust. A will usually clean up B's messes, but be very passive-aggressive about it, confining to me about her frustrations and letting it fester instead of confronting B. For example, B was gone for a few days and forgot to clean her cat's litter box beforehand and it made the entire living area smell like shit, so A put it in B's room without messaging her (I was under the impression she texted her about it) and the cat started dragging B's clothing into the box so she'd have space to use it since it was filled with shit. So B returned livid because her clothing was covered with piss and shit.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago B left a pen in her a pair of pants that exploded in our dryer, covering the interior with blue ink and didn't tell either of us. A noticed it and messaged B about it while she was at work, who apologized and said she didn't notice. A started going off on her, telling her she never notices any of the messes she makes and they start going at it. B threatens A that if she messages her again she'll block her, and at that point I tell A she should drop it and that we should all talk about cleaning in person so expectations are apparent. I ask her the next day if she told B about us all sitting down and having a meeting, but she told me B and her made up and there's no problem.

Fast forward to last Sunday, B leaves for work and ignores me when I tell her goodbye. I ask A if B's okay and she says they got into another argument. Apparently B came home from her first job and asked A if she could have one of her beers it get some sleep before her second job and A said no. So then B asked if she could go out and buy her beer (B is under 21) and A said no and that she didn't want her drinking before driving to work. B snaps and says that A isn't her mom and needs to stop nagging her all the time, telling her when she can and can't drink and telling her she couldn't have a dog (A didn't say that, I did so that part confused me). B shut herself in her room when she wasn't working; I would text her telling her she can talk to me about what happened but she doesn't respond until last Wednesday when she started talking to me again. B and I left town to visit our families and came back Sunday. A told me she's still not talking to B and doesn't want to be the one to initiate the conversation because she says she didn't do anything wrong and that B needs to apologize.

I ask B this morning while A is in her room if they're on bad terms and she nods. I ask her if she wants to talk about it, but she says she still needs to calm down and that she doesn't want to address what's bothering her until she quits her day job because she's exhausted all the time.

So now I'm tasked with acting as a mediator between A and B sometime in the future, even though I still don't know the root of their problem. I don't know if it goes beyond what A has told me and B told me some of her issues with A stretches back to stuff that happened a month ago. We had such a good thing going, but since no one ever addressed their issues until the last straw shit has hit the fan.

Anonymous 27394

Your friends sound childish. How do grown adults still act like this? Why haven’t you told B to get her act together since it’s very clearly her fault for everything?

Anonymous 27401


>tfw messaged him like a fool and he ghosted me
Real femcel hours, sisters!!!
I'll give it a week since I asked a lot of questions, but honestly I doubt he'll reply. I was too blunt as usual tsk.

I found it funny that I pointed out that he posts often on r/short and today he's been avoiding it which he hasn't done in MONTHS. kek

You're right. I am making good effort though, especially irl…it just never falls through.

Anonymous 30858

i wish there was some way to stop globalisation and gentrification. i cant even find my way around areas that i used to know, because the nicer looking old building are being destroyed to make way for fugly, soulless, sterile looking luxury apartments that would cost an arm and leg to pay for, offices and giant glass cages. instead of the small bussinesses, restaurants and cornerstores, theres now overpriced hipster cafes with shitty food everywhere.

Anonymous 31111


why am I so fucking fat
Haven't weighed myself in over a year but I guarantee the fucking pot belly has grown even more. Worst part is that I can't even remember when I blew past 200. Was always kinda bigger than most but I kept on deluding myself of not being 'in there'.

>Yeah I'm big, but obese? That ain't happening.

Several years later and the joke's on me.

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