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Vent Thread Anonymous 31601

Old thread: >>27562

Anonymous 31633

I'm depressed from the lack of sex in my relationship. I just want a person who will fuck me at least 2x a day, I feel physically affected from the lack of it. I hate myself for always getting with men who have low libidos

Anonymous 31634

Does masturbating not make up for it? (I get that it's not the same as sex though)

Anonymous 31637


My dad died yesterday and I'm still trying to wrap my head around it.

Anonymous 31638

would once a day not be enough to keep you satisfied?

Anonymous 31639

I’m so sorry, Anon.

Anonymous 31641

Thank you. He had a good long life and I think he was ready to go. I'm really going to miss him.

Anonymous 31670


I can see that you found sites where I tend to spend my time on.
I wouldn't mind to reconnect with you once again. I was thinking if we could just honestly talk. After that, we can still continue or just close this decisively.
I actually sent you some messages few weeks ago, but you didn't respond.
I didn't forget about you.

Anonymous 31715

I made enemies with the wrong person at work. There’s a girl at my work who’s really popular with the bigshots but has a toxic personality. Always stabbing people in the back, using people then ignoring them when they outlast their use, being quick to change sides when convenient, and spreading nasty gossip about people who get on her bad side. But she schmoozes with the bosses a lot, so the big bosses love her. I’ve been kind of a doormat around her in the past to stay on her good side, but recently said something by accident that ticked her off, and now she has a vendetta against me. Really don’t know how to navigate this situation.

Anonymous 31716

I would say fuck it and fight her, but I understand that you probably want to keep your job.

Anonymous 31725

dumb but i'm sad my spotify wrapped is so basic
my top genre is pop lol

Anonymous 31740

4 Tumblr.png

i started my period today and i feel so fucking sad and pathetic right now. annoying. i might just go to sleep.

Anonymous 31742

Are you using cups?

Anonymous 31743


naw, just tamps. do you use cups?

Anonymous 31744


what was your top artist?

Anonymous 31745

No, but someone told me they were better than tampons. I forget why.

Anonymous 31746

I’m having 1 month break from university. This morning i was sitting in my room, the door of my room suddenly slammed shut while my mom was talking on the phone and she got mad and literally point a big ass knife at my face and hit me. She said i the one who slammed the door. I

Anonymous 31747

I what? Anon?

Anonymous 31748

Sorry, i was crying so i messed up my typing

Anonymous 31749

:( It's ok, anon. Everything will be better. Just be sure to get out of the house. Ok?

Anonymous 31750

I really want to break up with my bf but he has nothing besides me and I'm honestly afraid he might kill himself at this point if I do. I hate this and myself.

I feel for you anon, let it all out. Not being able to trust your own mother is such an awful feeling. Please be safe.

Anonymous 31757

thanks guys, i'll do my best to not get hit like this anymore

Anonymous 31758

Why do you want to break up with him?

Anonymous 31771

cups are insanely good, they make my period so much easier. you can't feel them at all when they're in, they can be worn for 12 hours, and they don't have the TSS risk of tampons. also way more environmentally friendly if you're into that. 100% recommend to anyone who can use them

Anonymous 31884

On a business trip for the first time in my life. I feel lonely and nervous alone in my hotel room. Reminds me of the first night I lived in college dorms. Wish I were home instead.

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