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Vent thread Anonymous 43518

We've hit post limit on >>41254 so we can continue here, talk about your problems and vent your frustrations

Anonymous 43520

>Those of you who used to be friends with men but dropped them, did you notice your mental health improve?

You're set up a loaded question, no one mentally healthy "drops" good friends, only bad ones. Invariably, anyone who can respond to your question the way you have asked it will reinforce the decision you've already come to.

Anonymous 43526

>went out with friend
>face is breaking out
>he told me my hair looks like i have split ends
>realize i've never had a proper haircut in my life and don't know what hair is supposed to look like
>need to try to cut it tomorrow so i look decent
>face is breaking out
>mask requirements everywhere, even if i were to put on makeup the masks would just mess it up anyway
>anxious and feel like crap
>been cooped up inside and gained like 5 lbs on top of it
just end my life why is my stupid fucking face breaking out WHY WHY YOU STUPID FACE WHY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Anonymous 43527

also i dont know if he's actually a friend or if he just wants to coax me into fucking. he mentioned other friends of his who are girls so i just assumed he can handle it but idk its just at the back of my mind. we play sports together but also sometimes just go drink or get food.

why did no one ever tell me my fucking hair was bad?

Anonymous 43531

Fix your diet and see if anywhere is open to cut hair.

Anonymous 43535

Um ok thanks.

So no?

Anonymous 43536

If your question was actually, "are moids terrible friends and you're better off without them" than the answer is no. I don't agree.

Anonymous 43537

No my question was "did your mental health improve when you distanced yourself from men?"

I had male friends who were very nice but it was still unhealthy because they were the opposite sex. Its just how it is. People often notice differences when they stop talking to men and I'd like to know about them.

Anonymous 43538

>I had male friends who were very nice but it was still unhealthy because they were the opposite sex. Its just how it is.

See? You asked a loaded question because you already had your conclusion but weren't brave enough to state it as one.

Anonymous 43539

This isn't a formal debate, it's more of a "I think I feel better now that I don't talk to men, anyone relate? Why or why not?"

Do you have autism? Why do you treat discussion like a formal debate? Would you like to tell me why you disagree or are you going to point out another logical fallacy?

Anonymous 43540

>"I think I feel better now that I don't talk to men, anyone relate? Why or why not?"
Then why didn't you ask that instead?

>Do you have autism? Why do you treat discussion like a formal debate?

For the same reason you talk to others the way you do.

>Would you like to tell me why you disagree or are you going to point out another logical fallacy?

I disagree that men can not make for good friends, nor are they inherently bad for mental health. Does that mean that a male friend could ever relate to you in the same way a female friend? No. Does that mean that all friendships with men are detrimental? No.

Anonymous 43541

"Did your mental health improve after you dropped your male friends" is a perfectly ok question to any normal person. They can answer, "no, I actually regret dropping them" if thats the honest answer they want to give.

Anonymous 43542

>"Did your mental health improve after you dropped your male friends" is a perfectly ok question to any normal person.
You think the people that browse crystal.cafe are by most definitions "normal"?

Anonymous 43543

Normal enough to answer a question without making a big deal out of it.
I'm honestly really starting to dislike this chan. Everyone is constantly trying to make a big deal out of something.

Anonymous 43544

There are plenty of other sites that will make small deals out of everything like reddit and twitter instead. Far more suited to echo chambers.

Anonymous 43546

I wish I had a female friend besides my sister it's okay though it's selfish of me to want that.

Anonymous 43547

1- Skincare
*Eat healthy stuff only. Avoid SUGAR, fructose is poison, just eat it moderately (no more than 2 fruits a day). No dairy products.
*3 essential products for skincare : cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen. You shouldn't just pick any product, first try to find your skin type then find the product that suits it. Example : for dry skin, pick a gentle cleanser and a rich moisturizer.
-Picking a good haircut depends on the shape of your face. Everything is on the internet, just do your research.

Anonymous 43549

Listen to this.

Anonymous 43557

my diet isn't even bad… my breakout stopped, turns out it was my normal pre-period breakout of 2-3 zits that happens every month, period was just a week early for whatever reason. treated face with vitamin c + salicylic and it went away, looks much improved today. watched youtube video and cut my hair. it's not perfect but it's much improved and the ends are more neat and tidy now.

Anonymous 43558

Good for you, anon.
Has anyone here tried cold showers ? I've been doing it for 2 weeks now everyday, my skin and hair look better.

Anonymous 43560

>be me
>like this guy for years
>find out he probably likes me too
>lose feelings immediately
i fucking hate myself anons. why am i like this?

Anonymous 43561

Are you really sure you don't like him, or are you forcing yourself? Do you have any romantic trauma?

Anonymous 43562

i’ve never been in a relationship before, but i tend to get obsessed with people sometimes. i do have some mild sexual trauma though.

but this guy i’ve liked since we were 14, and now even if we aren’t living in the same country anymore, we are still fairly close. i think it did start out unhealthily for me, but then it grew into something more “normal” when i got to know him better.

thing is, sometimes i think maybe i was forcing myself to like him, i mean it doesn’t feel like it, but suddenly i’m so scared at any possibility of intimacy i don’t feel anything at all.

Anonymous 43563

I'm thinking whatever happened to you is still plaguing your mind, fueling your insecurities regarding love. You really need to come to a conclusion with your problems, anon. If you don't want to talk about it here you should seek a professional.

Anonymous 43564

just fucked up at work. and by "fucked up" i mean "10+ different people actually fucked up, plus the entire management chain, but since I'm the lowest peon and the last one to pull the trigger it's going to be blamed 100% on me."

basically a long series of retardation and fuckups lead to something being a critical problem. and…some of that critical material got misflagged, essentially, and when i went in to clean up the file the flagged data was deleted. at the last minute i realized it should not have been flagged to begin with. it's not recoverable.

so it's like this: software company fucked up by being cheapskates and outsourcing to india. indians fucked up by being shitty retard devs and delivering a bunk product. management fucked up by hiring a shitty software company to design their system. managemnt fucked up by hiring retarded lower management. lower management fucked up by firing part of their staff to cut costs, then fucked up again by mismanaging their workflow until the point they were drowning in past-due work. my coworkers fucked up by not keeping up with the work that would be due soon until it became critical. management fucked up by providing me zero training. lower management fucked up by insisting i do a task i wasn't trained on. coworkers fucked up by not realizing i was never trained and going around the retarded manager to do it instead that way it would be done correctly. then, finally, i "fucked up" by trusting their shitty system. only after i deleted most of what was flagged did i realize it shouldn't have been flagged and it was a critical design oversight by retarded software devs who should never have been taught english to begin with and probably should never have been provided an internet connection.

and i'm not saying a word because this is really, really not my problem. i'm a temp here. lmao you reap what you sow. companies should remember that. you get what you pay for.

Anonymous 43565

and just to clarify, i mentioned to the most senior coworker that i was not trained on that, and she told me to try to do it anyway. she's the one who provided me all of my training, and management also knew i wasn't trained on this.

whether it should or should not have been flagged should not be perceivable by a human to begin with, which is why the software is supposed to do it. i only noticed by sheer happenstance.

so anyway i'm keeping my mouth shut on it. not my problem now.

Anonymous 43574

>like to keep private
>have gone through the whole delisting yourself internet ghost process before
>checked again today
>found my names on data selling sites AGAIN
tl;dr basically these sleezebags collect info on you and sell it to ghouls and cancelculture types and other doxxers stalkers and marketers, basically all the scum of the earth. and to get opt-out you need to go through a lengthy process. and these sites pop up all the time, old ones go and new ones come, it's all grey hat shit, and there's dozens and dozens of them.

i'm just frustrated that this isn't blanket against the law to do to begin with. and additionally i've opted out of physical junkmail but still receive it. sleeze companies gather your data from govt sources and then sell it to marketers. i wish this kind of shit was blanket illegal to do. marketing as a whole field should be illegal.

Anonymous 43584

Had an oral exam today and as I was entering the class, the guy before me was exiting.
And I just could tell we'd be a good match.
And he looked at me too and there was interest in his eyes.
And because of corona I will very likely never meet him again, because classes are online for the foreseeable future, and this is a masters program so people might just be here for a semester or two.
And to top it off, all my friends are finished so I don't even have any friends in the city anymore.
The only thing keeping me sane is Skyping with my dad almost every night.

Anonymous 43586


How do you cope with facial disfigurement? I've done everything I can to compensate for it but I feel like everyone is disgusted with me still.

Anonymous 43588


>friend is venting to me about how they have "no one to talk to"
>tfw am "no one"
Fine then, have no one to talk to, your supposed "best friend." that really stung though. Damn.

Anonymous 43591

Is there something like looksmax.me but for women?

Anonymous 43596

What happened?

Anonymous 43597

I was born like this

Anonymous 43598

people at the laundromat talk too much. My head hurts.

Anonymous 43600

how old are you?

Anonymous 43605

You don't look bad. Take care of yourself, anon. Keep that smile alive.

Anonymous 43608

>try to correct posture after years of slouching
>double chin, non existent jawline and recessed chin appear out of nowhere


Anonymous 43609


>hit it off with this beautiful, sweet boy
>tells me he's asexual
What the fuck am I supposed to make of that? I invited him over to my apartment later but it's gonna be difficult to ignore my feelings and passion for him. Can males even be asexual? Can any miners relate? I'm so simultaneously frustrated and excited right now.

Anonymous 43610

You should take it as him being honest.

Though if you're not also asexual you're going to have a bad time.

Anonymous 43611


cut it off with him as soon as possible, dating someone with no desire or attraction to you is absolute hell
find a boy who's beautiful, sweet and can rearrange your guts

Anonymous 43612

You're tilting your crown too high if you're having chin problems. I don't know if you're overweight, but that will cause problems too.

Anonymous 43613

I had a neck nerd for many years (thanks to anxiety, bullying and bad posture) so I try to undo the damage. I'm at low weight atm if you're wondering anon

Anonymous 43614

invite him to your apartment for cuddling and handholding.

Anonymous 43615

If you're underweight, what you're most like doing is constantly looking down, when you should be looking straight forward, even if your head is head high correcting nerd neck. This isn't just a you problem, but common for most smartphone users today too, you should be looking straight ahead. If you're using a computer, the top third of the screen should be eye level. Don't stare at your phone in public either.

Anonymous 43617

I'm so fucking sick of it all. I only have 1 friend and I can't even open up to her at all. She thinks I'm misguided because I belong to a different church than her. Whenever I try to make friends, it goes pretty well for awhile, until one day they do some digging and want to know more about me, and if I open up they will 100% be offended and leave. Stuff like "there are 2 genders" and "gay marriage bad" is stuff you just have to lie about or else everyone will hate you. I'm so fucking tired. I just want friends that I don't have to lie to all the fucking time.

Anonymous 43618

crying cat.jpeg

>finally find the perfect sewing pattern for a gift
>they don't sell it as a PDF and I'd have to import a physical copy from overseas
why tho

Asexual people can still be romantically interested in others.

If you'd potentially be fine with a non-sexual romantic relationship you could tell him how you feel and then have some dialogue about what a relationship might look like.

Just don't try to pressure him into sex. Women are often taught the only way to know a man likes you romantically is if he is sexually interested and this idea that men want sex all the time. That puts a lot of terrible pressure on both men and women. I often feel bad when my boyfriend doesn't get hard even though I know he has a medical problem. But it's not fair to me or him.

Anonymous 43619

Have you tried talking to the people in your church? Maybe it's time to change churches.

Anonymous 43621

please try to make friend with people who aren't indoctrinated

Anonymous 43625

Why are you not making friends with other like-minded women?

Anonymous 43627

I can't find any, or I don't get along with them because they're well adjusted and I'm a literal 2/10, autistic, depressed femcel. (Volcel too though. Praise Jesus)

Anonymous 43628

Females cannot be incels…
I'd be friends with you but you'd go crazy on me.

Anonymous 43629

I wonder how my ex is doing.

Anonymous 43630

Found the moid

Anonymous 43631

do they make cute boy body pillows? I'm so lonely at night

Anonymous 43632

Yeah they make body pillows with anime boys on them. If you're more of a 3d man type of gal you could tape a picture of your crushes face on a pillow, but it might get crinkly.

Anonymous 43633

I wish I could get a realistic sex doll husbando.

Anonymous 43634

I have the opposite problem to you. I was molested and have a strong repulsion towards sex. Every ‘nice’ guy I meet and hit it off with is a total horny coomer and I’m so tired of it. Considering dumping my current boyfriend because when we met he was on antidepressants and had almost zero sex drive, now that’s he’s off them he has a ridiculously high sex drive and I’m just not into it at all even though I’m very attracted to him, I realized we are just totally incompatible. I try to give him blowjobs sometimes or just lie there and let him be done with it but it’s extremely distressing for me and the fact I’m pressured to have sex even when I don’t want to it makes me resent him. I wish I could meet a cute asexual guy.

Anonymous 43635

I can related to that.
I have values that align with people who are way more successful than me, but for some reason I'm a failure, so I cannot fit in with those people and I also cannot fit in with trashy people because I don't like them and their lifestyle.

Anonymous 43636

Yeah that's exactly my problem. I've tried to meditate on why I'm such a failure even though I work so hard and I truly think it's outside of my control. From a religious perspective maybe God just wants me to focus on things other than… healthy social functioning.

Anonymous 43638

Don't do that.
God gives you freedom, anon. Nobody's getting punished on earth anymore. It's your own choice to be like this. You're letting your own flesh dictate you. Your mind is holding back your soul. There's no punishment awaiting you for this behavior, but if you want to enjoy the companies of others on this earth, you need to make a movement against the complex of your mind.

Anonymous 43640

We just had bad luck anon. Don't give up.

Anonymous 43641

I can't even watch le funny tiktoks anymore because I get depressed and start crying when I see all the young people my age that have friends they hang out with.

Anonymous 43642

don't you need to be 18 to post here?

Anonymous 43643

How old are college students where you live

Anonymous 43652

I'm not a guy, jeez…

Anonymous 43653

how can people be asexual? if i go more than 3 weeks without sex i go crazy.

Anonymous 43654

Some asexual people have little/no sex drive, but are still fine with having sex in order to please their partner.

Anonymous 43662

My life is so shit lol

I wish my face didn't bloat and unbloat making me look mad from far away and subsequently acquiring the death glares of strangers whom I barely glanced at. I wish my students didn't hate me, even though I try so hard to appear friendly and enthuisiastic with wanting to help them improve and grow, people still hate me. I wish I could just be normal and not fear people when I stepped outside. I wish people would stop paying me attention, whether positive or negative. My face is the source of all my unhappiness, if I were just uniformally ugly or something, it would be okay. But no, I am destined to live my life as a hybrid of between being very beautiful to very ugly, I am actually Fiona from Shrek reincarnate, except I don't even get the luxury of having daytime be mine, I get a few glimpses, perhaps hours, anytime my allergies don't fuck me up with swelling and inflammation. Which is so rare since I am fucking allergic to the earth. Dear god, I just wish to be invisible and left alone. It seems I am destined to live as a freak show.

Anonymous 43664


back to complain about the same person and the same oc. long and rambly and obscure so feel free to ignore.

anyway they've given their muse this snowflake abilityz on top of playing the type of character i hate the most (gentle, uwu waif), and now due to mistakes i made in the rp their dumb chara might be responsible for saving mine. i am NOT very happy bros. really don't see why they couldn't have made a random duchess or something rather than a member of the crown family (but i understand its bc they wanted to play the "baby princess" role).

also speaking of my mistakes i definitely suspect foul play somewhere. because part of what this person wants to do (the person i dislike) heavily relies on me messing up somehow, and apparently they've been talking with people "behind the scenes". one of these people has a muse in both opposing factions, and their character in the faction we share was partially responsible for me making this mistake (if not entirely tbh).

i dunno m8s im just really annoyed. if it were anyone else behind it i probably would not Care but for whatever reason this person just makes me tilted lol

Anonymous 43666

I relate to that strongly too, anon.

Men are talented at making those feelings of "dirty" resurface, just in how they approach or view sex. It feels really objectifying and dehumanizing to me, and it makes those feelings I had when I was sexually traumatized all come back.

The horny pornsick coomer stuff is disgusting. I heard someone describe a woman as a "personal fleshlight to use for the extent of his desires," and I wanted to throw up, and no part of me wants to allow someone who views women that way have access to my body.

I met a really sweet guy who was the antithesis of all of that, and I thought maybe I could open myself up to experiencing sex with someone that makes me feel safe, but I still wasn't able to, or didn't see the point.

I identified as asexual my entire life, before realizing, yeah, it probably is due to trauma.

But even things like porn just make me laugh. I have no idea how people get off to these things.

Anonymous 43681

i hate being american so much.
>can't drive and in america that means you are a leper and can't have anything
>enjoy walking around cities–all american cities are trashed up and full of hobos and crime
>no culture, just secondhand embarrassment that everyone is a fat uneducated drug-addict who can't keep the smartphone out of their hands for five seconds
>far away and disconnected from the rest of the world, something like half of americans don't even own a passport
>getting to another country is super expensive and time consuming, can't just pop over to the next tiny euro country for a weekend trip
>people dress like 8 year olds and can't even maintain basic hygiene
>tfw come from trailer trash family so it's the worst possible childhood
>no history, no nice urban places, only beautiful places in america are the outdoors, everything else is stripmalls and walmarts and fucking suburbs
>everyone is obese and ugly and their only hobby is buying shit
i do like guns but that's a very small consolation prize. i ran away to live in a big city but it's still trashy and cheap feeling

Anonymous 43682

>only beautiful places in america are the outdoors
>ran away to live in a big city
You are an idiot.

Anonymous 43690

>i'm an idiot for living where jobs are
yeah okay

Anonymous 43692


>have cooled off, check site
>notice that another person i dislike has decided to also make into the exact same faction and exact same family as me
>even worse: they're pals with who i og despise
so tired. can they just do something ELSE holy shit

i think what really bothers me about it, is that if there are two out of nine spots filled by people i dislike, and don't want anything to do with, then those are two spots that could have gone to someone i don't feel inexplicably irked by. for fucks sake

Anonymous 43693

I have pretty much all those same problems in my 3rd world shithole, but with more crime and no guns for defense. Most of the world is a shitty place, including parts of Europe. I'm sure you can find nice places in America too.

Anonymous 43695

i mean, yeah, i guess most of the tapwater in the US is potable, at least. though fun fact, my relatives don't have potable water.
>more crime
why is there so much fucking crime everywhere? why can't moids just NOT commit crime?

Anonymous 43699

>just in how they approach or view sex
I agree, I realized that most mens sexuality is inherently dehumanizing and forceful and it makes me more uncomfortable and afraid of them. Even the so called sweet guys are, like you said, mostly just horny wolves in sheep’s clothing who can’t wait to choke and slap you. That’s the most confusing part for me, the contrast, I trust my bf and he’s so sweet usually but during sex he turns into another person. I feel guilty even though I shouldn’t, like his hormones is wasted on me.

He turns really aggressive when he’s horny and starts using a lot of debasing terms and at times he’s been so aggressive and harsh it actually makes me cry. I don’t have a masochism kink and don’t enjoy pain or subjugation (since it’s something I had to fight my whole childhood) so when he starts talking dirty and being mean (even in a playful sexual sense) it feels hurtful, almost threatening and sadistic, and I don’t enjoy it at all.

He also prefers positions and acts that are uncomfortable and there’s been times it almost gave me a panic attack because it felt so violating. Even though I consented to it I don’t enjoy it at all.

Like I said I’m extremely attracted to him, it’s just been extremely hard to deal with the process of a guy who never wanted sex turning into a guy who wants to fuck 3 times a day. If I turn him down he tells me he feels rejected and like I don’t feel attracted to him, but it’s nothing to do with that, I’ve turned down sex with legit 8-9/10 Chads with abs before lol. I even told him to go jerk off to porn just so I don’t have to deal with it.

It doesn’t help that everyone is so pornsick these days and tells you to just enjoy it, I accepted a long time ago I am asexual and have no care for sex, especially not rough degrading sex, like you said too. I guess I really will have to look for a legit asexual boyfriend next, or just go volcel. Men are just too aggressive in general for me.

Anonymous 43704

Why not look for sexually submissive men? They're uncommon, but they do exist.

Anonymous 43708

If your dependant on wages to sustain yourself, maybe try learning to garden.

Anonymous 43712

I've finally gone crazy like in the movies. I look normal in person but I am so far gone you're not even talking to a real human being when you talk to me. I've been mistreated for far too long. Every man I meet makes me hate men a little more. I can't find good people to be around. I can't find a single fucking one that is my age I keep screaming and crying to God to give me some sort of positive influence in my life but all of my peers fucking hate me and want me dead and it only gets worse and I've started having trouble with homicidal thoughts but I can't go to anyone everyone fucking hates me so much and I want to kill so many fucking people no matter how much I beg God to fucking help me
I'm going to kill myself in a few months gooddbye

Anonymous 43713

I think most people are actually demons and I'm suffering so much because I'm trying to fight against this metaphorical possession i'm experiencing but they just get worse and worse and worse and more and more demons are fucking real and I and all the men around me are proof

Anonymous 43714

Anybody here is afraid of driving? It always scared the shit out of me. I am currently in my early twenties and cant even drive… Driving for me personally is incredibly frightening mostly due to both reading and experiencing accidents and seeing the hectic traffic of where i came from. Over years and years,my little fear has become a huge phobia of mine and it really traumatize me to the point of no return. It really scared me and i cant function right or imagine myself driving at all, this has become a huge problem that i need to deal with. Im basically terrified of thinking about driving and getting into an accidents…How do i get over this?

Anonymous 43715

Look up statistics on all the horrible things that can happen to people that are even more common than car accidents, and it won't seem so bad in comparison.
For example, you're almost twice as likely to die by accidentally being exposed to something poisonous or noxious as you are to die from any kind of vehicle accident.
Also, even if you don't drive, your chances of being hit and killed by a car as a pedestrian are almost as high as your chances of dying in an accident behind the wheel of a car anyway.

Anonymous 43716

25 and don't drive. No insurance and I'm too afraid of hitting someone else's car or mine. Actually last time I took mine out I crashed into my neighbor's wall while in reverse. Fuck cars.

Anonymous 43721

>I think most people are actually demons
myself and several other anons on various boards on 4fags proposed this as well. this world is literally hell and the demons are in charge of it. every year, no, every month, i'm convinced more and more that this has to be the case. it's the only logical conclusion. i keep trying to logic my way out of it but no matter how much i think about it, i reach the same conclusion. the world is designed to rob all who are honest, destroy all that is good, and corrupt everything that is innocent. just think about anything long enough, think about it from the big picture, think logically. there is only one conclusion: we already live in hell.

Anonymous 43722

That doesn't really sound like it has basis in scripture.

Anonymous 43723

I can't drive either. Last time I tried my legs just shook the whole time, and then some guy came up and nearly rear ended me because he wanted to speed and then he did the violent honking thing and swerved to cut me off and i almost died. humans are evil retards who can't be trusted to drive. all cars should be illegal, we should use only train, bicycle, and golf carts. humans cannot be trusted.

i live in burgerstan so this has ruined my life, needless to say. all i want is to move the fuck somewhere else. maybe switzerland or japan (the two heavens of /n/.)
objectively wrong. if you look at the statistics, being terrified of cars is only reasonable.
>More than 38,000 people die every year in crashes on U.S. roadways. An additional 4.4 million are injured seriously enough to require medical attention. Road crashes are the leading cause of death in the U.S. for people aged 1-54.
>1.5 million people die every year from car crashes
>or, approximately 3,700 people die each day in road crashes around the world
cars are LITERALLY THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH for non-geriatrics. anon is correct to be afraid of them. they ARE murder-boxes. all cages should immediately be made illegal. turn every highway into a railroad, make trains great again. all cagers must die.

Anonymous 43724

…who gives a fuck about a book written by ancient misogynists? i said use logic, not ask old dead wife-beaters their opinions.

Anonymous 43725

Then why believe in any of that? I don't think there's any religion that covers this kind of concept. It sounds more like you're going insane and are of no use to the public help.

Anonymous 43726

i take it you don't read much philosophy, or anything else. but go ahead and insult me some more because i had an original thought that triggered your autism because i didn't mean it literally.

Anonymous 43727

I'm just saying that you're spewing bull. Stop being so selfish, and get a seratonin high from helping somebody across the street. Gets me right out of my mania.

Anonymous 43728

>a self confessed nut is calling me nuts
yeah time to close my web browser

Anonymous 43730

I'm the OP of the psycho demon nut post. Idk what you guys are talking about but destroying the Bible with factz and logic isn't of any interest to me.

Anonymous 43731

If you don't care about that book why do you use that book's terminology?

Anonymous 43732

>myself and several other anons on various boards on 4fags proposed this as well. this world is literally hell and the demons are in charge of it. every year, no, every month, i'm convinced more and more that this has to be the case.
This is retarded.
>it's the only logical conclusion. i keep trying to logic my way out of it but no matter how much i think about it, i reach the same conclusion. the world is designed to rob all who are honest, destroy all that is good, and corrupt everything that is innocent. just think about anything long enough, think about it from the big picture, think logically.
The logical conclusion is that we live in the Kali Yuga more than we live in hell. There's far to many nice things for this to be hell which is, if we're using the Christian idea because we're using the Christian terminology, supposed to be non-stop torture, not stop-and-go torture and nice things.

Anonymous 43733

I live in the rural areas and they are absolutely dying for jobs around here. I don't even know what you specialize in, but if you believe have the shit you spew about hating cities you'd leave ASAP.

Though the fact you think you need a care tells me you're not actually living in a city, but the suburbs of some city. If you lived in any of the actual cities in the US, having a car is detrimental, not a bonus.

Anonymous 43734

>why can't moids just NOT commit crime?
For the same reasons the scant females do, a system that rejects and crushes them.

Anonymous 43735

>cars are LITERALLY THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH for non-geriatrics. anon is correct to be afraid of them. they ARE murder-boxes. all cages should immediately be made illegal. turn every highway into a railroad, make trains great again. all cagers must die.
I seriously hope you don't believe this.

Anonymous 43740

Ok peoples, i sometimes cannot detect the tone of any kind of conversation online, and at this point im too afraid to ask how do i fix this.

Anonymous 43742

That's natural. The sarc mark was pushed for a reason.

Anonymous 43743

After my ex dumped me during the worst period in my life and tried to date his ex, I started resent men. I am not attracted to them. I tried to date by using fds principles and it made me even more disgusted by them. Fuck, I wish I was lesbian.

Anonymous 43748

>complain about disliking someone, here or in other secret places
>they're nice to me like ten seconds later or i realize how misplaced my foolish anger is
i really hate this

Anonymous 43749

Found the other moid

Anonymous 43751


>she doesn't frequent /n/ cagehate threads
all cagers deserve genocide and i'm not joking. remember what they took from you.

Anonymous 43752

people drive through that street though

Anonymous 43753

People drive on that street.

Anonymous 43755

>becoming obsessed
Why anon? Can't you be happy?

Anonymous 43768

>objectively wrong. if you look at the statistics, being terrified of cars is only reasonable.
>More than 38,000 people die every year in crashes on U.S. roadways
62,000 people died from accidental exposure to poisons or noxious fumes in 2018.
Maybe more than half of that were senior citizens somehow though, I don't know.

On the bright side, in a few decades the roads will probably be 90% self-driving cars, which will be much safer.

Anonymous 43784


my boyfriends paren't think i'm emotionally abusing him when in reality he's a manchild that doesn't know basic life skills. when we first got together, they always talked about how "mean" his ex was for "no reason" which at first i was like, ew, that sucks she sucks. but as time went by i realized she wasn't mean, he treated her like shit and she took care of everything for him. now i'm the "mean" one.
he's genuinely generally not smart, but also acts like he's stupid too when he apologizes.

at first he seemed very lucid and intelligent. he spoke clearly and well, his apartment cleaned and furnished, even had cats that didn't smell, etc. over time his alcoholism came out and i realized he had been almost constantly lying to me about him & his past.

what gets me though, is it doesn't seem like he's legitimately capable of learning/changing/growing of anything. absolutely no critical thinking skills.

this fucking guy doesn't know how to do basic adult things like sweep the floor. doesn't know how to budget. cooking? no. checks the mail? like once a month, maybe.

it makes me so uncomfortable when his friends & fam say subtley jabbing comments towards me but they don't even confront me about it. what do they expect me to do?

what in the fresh hell do they expect me, or anyone else, to do? i have to ask him multiple times to pick something up that he placed on the floor. i don't know why he placed said item on the floor, it's not a floor item, but if i don't ask him to pick it up it will stay there for weeks.

are all guys like this? is this our fate as women to be in this kind of situation?

Anonymous 43785

i should clarify that they think i'm like that because, 1. i have to nag him, ask him multiple times to do something (even when he does, a single task that takes maybe 15 mins, he will take an hour on).
2. i will have asked him to not do something and he says he will not do it, but completely and fully still does it.
3. other related instances.

at this point i have given up and i don't even ask when we're going to go out for laundry. i just give up. i've been done. so when he realizes it'd time to do laundry it'll be 3-4 weeks worth of it. we won't even have time to do it all at once because he sleeps in every morning until noon. why? why? the bar is so fucking low.

Anonymous 43786

>are all guys like this?
No. Your bf is a deadbeat loser.

Anonymous 43788


thank you, anon. even this reply helps. i don't know why i kept denying it. maybe i have one of those shitty savior complexes. really, i just assume people grow up at some point, and it's baffling that this is not true.

Anonymous 43789

>he had been almost constantly lying to me about him & his past
>it doesn't seem like he's legitimately capable of learning/changing/growing of anything
>over time his alcoholism came out
>this fucking guy doesn't know how to do basic adult things like sweep the floor. doesn't know how to budget. cooking? no. checks the mail? like once a month, maybe.

Your bf has issues that you can't fix for him. His parents think you're abusive because he's put you in the role of a nagging mom when you're supposed to be his equal. Of course he feels suffocated by that, but he's the one who created that dynamic. You're both stuck. I can empathize with your bf because I grew up in a neglectful household and now I struggle with the same things - I just lack the automatisms, put things down wherever I stand and have to constantly force myself not to let everything grow into a trash heap again. It's a really slow process to try to teach myself how to maintain just the basics. It's been taking all of my 20s and I'm still nowhere close to a normal person. I had to get therapy just to have the mental strength to clean my apartment after years of not doing shit and living like a hermit. That's why I'm certain that he won't just suddenly change either, he will have to teach himself to do this things reflexively, not when told. That's something nobody can teach him, he probably needs extensive therapy like I did.

You shouldn't live with him until he's made great strides, or break it off altogether because he's shown the capability to lie to you extensively.

Oh and also he's an alcoholic. Never date alcoholics, please, please have more respect for yourself than to date a low-IQ addict manchild. I promise there are better guys out there. You can do better!!

Anonymous 43790

People do grow up but some issues aren't going to resolve themselves.
Alcoholism and chronic laziness are going to be with him for life.

Anonymous 43799


Sometimes I fantasize about spooning and cuddling a cute girl as I fall asleep. Telling her comforting things and stroking her hair. Does this mean anything?

Anonymous 43807


man i hate that i got so salty over these people. at least i kept it to myself (minus me venting here, to c.c.) but shit i just feel like an asshole now.

i forget that everyone's got their own issues and crap sometimes. i can cut folks slack.

Anonymous 43813

> childhood friend cut off contact with me years ago and hasn't responded to any of my messages, concerned over their well being
> found their twitter and messaged them, told me they don't want me to contact them any more, and for the sake of their mental health they've avoided me for years without any explanation. trying to figure out what i could have done but I'm sure pressing the matter further is going to be an instant block

i've been so fucked up over this for years, and this is the last nail in the coffin. im really angry at them and i just wanted a fucking answer, some sort apology, something to tell me that all my pain wasn't actually for nothing. am i just being entitled? ive hurt myself and contemplated suicide over this in the past, and just being dismissed like that just twists the knife even deeper. i know they have the right to cut out whoever they want from their life, but it just pisses me off how someone can do that and offer no closure or regard for the effects it has on someone's mental health. anons, what do

Anonymous 43814

Being on the other side of this I can offer you some insight.
In my situation it was because we grew apart and we stopped being close anyway.
But I would have kept in touch if she wasn't so goddamn nosy and jealous.
I also detested her sense of humor. She was one of those people who loved to prank and didn't know when to stop.

Your situation might be completely different though.

Anonymous 43815

This has happened to me as well. I have no good solution to offer. In my situation we also have a mutual friend that both speak to. She keeps inviting our mutual friend and other people I'm close to as well to meet with her and go to her parties. I'm still very angry at her and when I met her in person again at a party I just ignored her instead of speaking to her about everything that happened. I can see that I missed my change to figure out the truth, but that's my problem.

Now I don't want to give out bad advice or encourage it, but if you are really insistent on knowing what went wrong your best bet would be to meet her irl where she can't hide behind a block button. Otherwise moving on would be wise even if you feel like you don't deserve this at all.

Anonymous 43817

Did you go out of your way to date him?
Why the hell do you date someone like that who is basically a bunch of red flags?
Like, what are his redeeming qualities?

Anonymous 43819


I had a rather toxic friend who'd basically use me as a therapist. Tell me entirely unprovoked that I'm not as lonely as him, that i'm not as pathetic as him, that because i have an online friend who lives in a different country whom likes me who I don't like back means i'm not truly lone, that i don't have it as bad as him because i'm a girl and i'll "eventually marry someone rich anyway" etc.
He'd have minor outbursts every other day and full on ones as well. I felt like I couldn't tell him about good parts of my life, i.e. my relationship with my bf because he'll blow up and have a meltdown about how much better i have it
he's always bitching about his failed past relationships and about some girl he talked to for like two weeks who then ghosted him who he's yet to ever get over but when i mention my one ex bf and the relationship we had he just has a meltdown
after he had a never go at me for the crime of being a girl and therefore having it better than him and throwing back every attempt of consolation back at my face he announced that i "don't really care" despite putting up with his outbursts for a year and that he's quitting discord
I don't really have any interest in being his friend again since he was a genuinely toxic person i tried really damn hard to help and be a positive factor in his life but he just wanted me as a therapist or whipping girl as opposed to a genuine friend.
I'm worried that he's gone off the deep end but ultimately, unless he apologises for all the shit he said to me I don't want him back in my life.
I just sincerely hope he's doing better but I don't really have any hope for him

Anonymous 43828

Once in a while I wonder if my ex thinks about me. I know he doesn't.
Then I think about that one friend as bad as we were to one another I still miss that friend.
I miss the moments I had even if they were "cringey"..

Anonymous 43829

Stop talking to him.
Don't let someone tear you up for their own happiness. In the end he won't allow himself to be happy.

Anonymous 43830

This morning I woke up to my mom's screams. I run down the stairs, and there's a black guy with a machete inside the house. My mom locked herself outside, he is trying to open the door to get to her. I run upstairs and climb on the fucking roof. My mom climbs down the wall and lands on my neighbor's garden. From the roof I see the guy run away into my yard. I stay one fucking hour on the roof under the blazing sun until someone helps me down.

This is the second time armed black men have broken into our home. I cannot fucking wait to move out of this piece of shit 3rd world country away from anyone with 3rd world blood. If you're a woman of color or fellow latina, marry a white guy and move to a white country with low crime. I cannot even go out to my yard anymore without having to worry about Yornaikel coming to rape me with a machete.

Anonymous 43831


>broke glass container while barefoot in kitchen, it shattered into a gorillion shards all over the place
>had to hobble over to grab sandals hoping i wouldn't step on any
>a few cuts to tops of feet/ankles from glass fragmentation from impact
>broke ceiling light by knocking glass cover
>it fell on me
>was so stunned i fell to the floor
>cut my thigh and ankle on glass
>don't even have a vacuum, had to use pan and brush on the carpet to get it all up
i think i'm cursed. gonna sprinkle salt around, any other recommendations?

Anonymous 43832

that's horrible anon. i may be haunted by the vengeful ghost of RBG but at least no machete wielding blacks have shown up to try to kill me yet. i suppose you can't just buy a shotgun or something? or at least a large dog? i lived in shitty crime filled areas and can attest that blacks are scared of dogs. i recommend a german shepherd. how awful. i hate criminals so much.

Anonymous 43833

You really can't expect sympathy from a relationship and not give any back, anon. You sound like you have baggage weighing you down that you want help with. To some this is just an unattractive and worrying thing. It's not really entitlement. It's just a misunderstanding of how social contact works. Something tells me they've tried a lot to help you, if they're from your childhood.

Anonymous 43837

You'll pretty much have to throw out a vacuum after you use it for bits of glass, depending on the type of vacuum. Use slices of bread to help get the tiny bits you can't see, just press it on the floor and it'll pick them up.

Anonymous 43838

i didn't know that. vacuums are pretty useless then… the carpet is really short and i think i got everything. except the glass made it all the way to my shoe rack apparently. i went to put on sneakers and on a whim dumped it out first like to remove gravel, and a hunk of glass fell out. hopefully i got the rest though. i don't have bread or anything similar… i ordered delivery food so i wouldn't need to cook. i don't want to touch a knife or hot pan right now. i don't know what's wrong with me.

Anonymous 43839

a slightly moist paper towel works a well just so you know.

Anonymous 43840

What positives did you see in him to get into the relationship in the first place?

Anonymous 43843

I literally don't know what to do with the rest of my life.
I gave up on all my ambitions but now I got nothing.
I feel like nothing is appealing and everything is boring and dull.

Anonymous 43844


we share interests almost identically so it was fun talking and being together. plus his physical structure is perfect imo. he is generous, and kinda love-bombed me in the beginning with the kind of love/help I needed; which was just general support like driving me places, buying food, offering to help with a task (with a, "of course I will help you with xyz thing, why wouldn't I? but then unfortunately, he wouldn't follow through). lots and lots of compliments. supportive friends and friendly parents. literally everything would be fine if he would just start teaching himself basics and grow up. like anything - at this point i'd rather be a tradwife as long as the other person knew basic anything skills.

Anonymous 43845

>My mom locked herself outside
How do you have door locks that can't be opened from inside the house, only the outside?

Anonymous 43847

Sounds like a great friend to have, but a terrible life partner.

Anonymous 43848

Sorry but now I sort of don't get what you are complaining about.
You want to be a "tradwife" and you want him to sweep the floor and cook dinner?
Of course there are better men out there, but they also won't sweep the floor and cook dinner for a partner who wants to be a "tradwife".

He wants a 2nd mommy and in return he is the breadwinner. That's a pretty common arrangement. Not to my taste but I do not see it as an unfair deal.

Anonymous 43849

twey wallpaper.jpg

true, there are so many people out there who make great lifelong friends but absolute shit romantic partners. It's very unfortunate really, maybe you should give him an ultimatum to get his shit together.

Anonymous 43853

What I see online of men acting entitled to sex and harassing women makes me feel like all men are creeps. It makes me not want to interact with men ever.

Anonymous 43854


i think you need to work on your reading comprehension skills. i would rather be a tradwife that how the entire relationship has gone so far. since the beginning, i've worked more and made more money. i helped him get a much better job recently. we were always equal in paying for things (in fact, his parents bought him all of his furniture, and then i took care of buying household items when we got together.) he was never the breadwinner, unfortunately.
i agree with this! although he was pretty shitty to his past friends, like cheated on his gf with his best friends fiance shitty; and isn't a very caring friend to his current friends. he doesn't really have empathy from what i've seen. he's like a good friend to exchange a meme or music, but not a close friend.
>t. he's a libra

Anonymous 43855

let me add - and he didn't tell said friends what happened and let his friend marry cheating alcoholic girlfriend. this situation made me very adverse to marriage lolol. here i am, miners, come and take me away!!

Anonymous 43857


I want a smoothie so fucking badly, but I have to wait for my class first (5 hours away) so I can drink it midway through (or at the start) and stay awake because it's 3 hours.
I don't want to buy two smoothies or even some other snack/drink because it's just too many calories. If I'd anticipated I'd crave a smoothie this much right now, I wouldn't have eaten lunch. I would've had room in my daily intake for them both. I'm actually upset.
I could just have the two smoothies and restrict more tomorrow, but fuck, that'll be painful. My soul will die when I check the scale the next morning, even if I do have a plan. FUCK THIS EARTH. WHY DOES LIKING FOOD HAVE TO BE SO HARD

Anonymous 43860

That better not be an ass smoothie

Anonymous 43862

>hate my shitty job so much
>pay is barely above min wage and the work is garbage
>certain that coworker is intentionally trying to sabotague me
>can't focus on better shit i have to do because i'm so fucking miserable from being forced to do this shitty fucking job
>just sit around being miserable all day and night

Anonymous 43863


Anonymous 43873

Imagine how men would react to some of the posts on here.
There was a thread a month or two ago about genetically engineering men to be smaller so that they could be easily kidnapped and enslaved.

Anonymous 43875

Wasn't that thread made by a moid anyway? A lot of moids are really into sub stuff so I bet a lot of them would be into it

Anonymous 43876

Femcel back again. Where do you meet blind men?

Anonymous 43877

I thought that was a joke.

Anonymous 43878


My bf is busy with work rn and the loneliness is really getting to me, I wanna give him a call but I can't even do that
I just want to hear his voice

Anonymous 43879


do you have any videos of him you could watch and pass the time, or profiles you could look through with his pictures? maybe the next time you're together or having a call you could record his voice and listen to it when you're feeling lonely.

Anonymous 43880

If you're self harming and contemplating suicide because your friend ghosted you that's probably why they left you. Not trying to be shitty or anything, I'm just pretty sure that's the reason, people don't like to socialize with the mentallly ill and while sometimes that's justified it still often feels shitty

Anonymous 43881


Why she ghost in the first place?
Yeah I'll do that next time thanks anon

Anonymous 43882

>want to be better, be the best version i can be
>fall back to bad habits whenever something bad happens


Anonymous 43887


Doing whatever I can just to get by in these shit times, and anxious as hell because of it. Will face hell or high water if it comes to that.
I'm keeping my mouth sealed until I know I'm safe, and I'm already trying to think of how I'll back myself up if put under pressure.

Anonymous 43889

Me too anon, me too. I planned this year going so differently it's not even funny. I've already relapsed into old bad habits pretty badly just these past couple of weeks alone.

I know it's asking too much of myself to overcome 15+ years of highly introverted, low self-esteem behavior in the span of a year or two, and I'm having mental breakdowns 2-3 times a week. But I hope I'm getting somewhere.

I've already changed so much since I was 18. I hate that it's taken me until now to see what's wrong with me and really evaluate what happened in my life, and even now I'm not sure I want to face the music.

Anonymous 43893

Cringe moments are better than hapless social isolation. I hate how people use that word as a means to stop nonconformity to being socially inactive.

Anonymous 43895


The new rules and regulations for the next six months really worry me, I've been shut indoors for ages and I just want to go out and make friends with people aaaa

Anonymous 43896

Same, I have my last couple years of uni left and I was hoping to make some friends before it is over.
And now it seems one whole year is going to go by without ever setting foot on campus.

Anonymous 43897

i don't want to b gay :/

Anonymous 43898

Last night, my boyfriend and I were watching something together while I was rather crossfaded. I started masturbating because he wasn't in the mood and he also had some abrasions on his penis. I admit I should have been more tactful in how I went about masturbating. I thought it was okay for me to do that in front of him. My right leg leaned on him and at some point he asked me to remove my leg and it was only then in my drunken state did I realize how pissed he was that I was masturbating in front of him. I apologized and I didn't touch him for the rest of the night. Well, in the middle of the night, I'm woken up by him furiously masturbating and I ask him if he's okay and he says "yeah", but he's never done this before. He's not as horny as me and I felt like it was done out of spite.

Although I feel terrible for making him feel terrible, I didn't know it was making him feel that way until he asked. He woke me up by masturbating as if it was revenge, and it's the latter part that scares me. No matter how I get treated by my partners, I don't think it's right to treat them in the wrong ways they treat me.

But maybe I deserve it. I was curious regarding all your opinions.

EDIT: he says he doesn't remember it happening at all. I swear it happened, though

Anonymous 43899

Where are you stuck at?

Anonymous 43900

Try finding a hobby.
Search for a blind school and start scoping.
Then don't.

Anonymous 43901

>No matter how I get treated by my partners, I don't think it's right to treat them in the wrong ways they treat me.

…you did the exact same thing to him first… and it probably wasn't helped by you not explaining yourself or just not touching at all the rest of the movie. you know the golden rule, bro?

Anonymous 43902

I apologized and he said he didn't want to talk about it while I was drunk, and I thought I should respect his request.

Anonymous 43903

How do you people even exist?

Anonymous 43904

I devoured a pizza and a (small) cake.
Not sure how bad it is because I have not consumed anything but black coffee all day.
I think I am still under the recommended caloric intake for the day.
Still, I wish I had more self control.

Anonymous 43905


I'm in the UK, a huge factor in my decision to do uni was for the social elements as well, it's all a bit disappointing

Anonymous 43906

Are you British or foreigner?
I am in the same boat, but I decided to go to Germany instead, lol.

Anonymous 43908

There’s no way you can eat a pizza and a cake and maintain unless you’re 300 lb.

Anonymous 43909

I just looked at the packaging. I only consumed less than 6000kJ. 8500kJ is daily recommended so I'm good.

Anonymous 43910

I'm British yaa

Anonymous 43911


Why not dear anon?

Anonymous 43912

I've had this happen to me before, males really don't know what "asexual" means unless they have some kind of medical condition that actually causes it. He could be saying he's ace bc he was burned by a bad ex or raised in a prudish home.

I dated an "asexual" guy and 2 months into the relationship he was starting to want to be very lightly sexual with me, though I was extremely prudish but flirty back then. Sometimes I wonder if this is just their way to play "hard to get". If he is truly attractive then I can imagine him acting exactly like that.

Anonymous 43913

Check for a micropenis, I'm not kidding

Anonymous 43914

iktf. to avoid being overly political, there is something very bad happening in this country and the crime is out of control. i legitimately do not feel safe anymore. in addition to that, living expenses keep increasing and wages are stagnant or even declining. it feels like there is no longer any path to prosperity and stability. i can't even afford healthcare.

you shouldn't have to be above and beyond the top 5% EXCEPTIONAL just to get by financially. feels like my generation (y/z line) are just fucked from every angle. it's way too stressful and demotivating. i'm trying my best but holy fuck. you need to be a genius just to stay afloat in this. you can't build a society on that.

Anonymous 43915

of the moids i've dated, if i was so horny that i needed to masturbate in front of them then and there, all of them would have at least helped me out even if his pants stayed on. moids usually enjoy when a girl is horny and wants them.
idk, maybe it was just a one time thing. just forget it unless something like it happens again.

Anonymous 43924

what's the plan?
is she just supposed to pants him in public?

Anonymous 43925

He will seek you out when he gets a boner they are all the same. Keep hitting on him and showing interest until he craves in.

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