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Vent thread Anonymous 43518

We've hit post limit on >>41254 so we can continue here, talk about your problems and vent your frustrations

Anonymous 43520

>Those of you who used to be friends with men but dropped them, did you notice your mental health improve?

You're set up a loaded question, no one mentally healthy "drops" good friends, only bad ones. Invariably, anyone who can respond to your question the way you have asked it will reinforce the decision you've already come to.

Anonymous 43526

>went out with friend
>face is breaking out
>he told me my hair looks like i have split ends
>realize i've never had a proper haircut in my life and don't know what hair is supposed to look like
>need to try to cut it tomorrow so i look decent
>face is breaking out
>mask requirements everywhere, even if i were to put on makeup the masks would just mess it up anyway
>anxious and feel like crap
>been cooped up inside and gained like 5 lbs on top of it
just end my life why is my stupid fucking face breaking out WHY WHY YOU STUPID FACE WHY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Anonymous 43527

also i dont know if he's actually a friend or if he just wants to coax me into fucking. he mentioned other friends of his who are girls so i just assumed he can handle it but idk its just at the back of my mind. we play sports together but also sometimes just go drink or get food.

why did no one ever tell me my fucking hair was bad?

Anonymous 43531

Fix your diet and see if anywhere is open to cut hair.

Anonymous 43536

If your question was actually, "are moids terrible friends and you're better off without them" than the answer is no. I don't agree.

Anonymous 43538

>I had male friends who were very nice but it was still unhealthy because they were the opposite sex. Its just how it is.

See? You asked a loaded question because you already had your conclusion but weren't brave enough to state it as one.

Anonymous 43540

>"I think I feel better now that I don't talk to men, anyone relate? Why or why not?"
Then why didn't you ask that instead?

>Do you have autism? Why do you treat discussion like a formal debate?

For the same reason you talk to others the way you do.

>Would you like to tell me why you disagree or are you going to point out another logical fallacy?

I disagree that men can not make for good friends, nor are they inherently bad for mental health. Does that mean that a male friend could ever relate to you in the same way a female friend? No. Does that mean that all friendships with men are detrimental? No.

Anonymous 43542

>"Did your mental health improve after you dropped your male friends" is a perfectly ok question to any normal person.
You think the people that browse crystal.cafe are by most definitions "normal"?

Anonymous 43544

There are plenty of other sites that will make small deals out of everything like reddit and twitter instead. Far more suited to echo chambers.

Anonymous 43546

I wish I had a female friend besides my sister it's okay though it's selfish of me to want that.

Anonymous 43547

1- Skincare
*Eat healthy stuff only. Avoid SUGAR, fructose is poison, just eat it moderately (no more than 2 fruits a day). No dairy products.
*3 essential products for skincare : cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen. You shouldn't just pick any product, first try to find your skin type then find the product that suits it. Example : for dry skin, pick a gentle cleanser and a rich moisturizer.
-Picking a good haircut depends on the shape of your face. Everything is on the internet, just do your research.

Anonymous 43549

Listen to this.

Anonymous 43557

my diet isn't even bad… my breakout stopped, turns out it was my normal pre-period breakout of 2-3 zits that happens every month, period was just a week early for whatever reason. treated face with vitamin c + salicylic and it went away, looks much improved today. watched youtube video and cut my hair. it's not perfect but it's much improved and the ends are more neat and tidy now.

Anonymous 43558

Good for you, anon.
Has anyone here tried cold showers ? I've been doing it for 2 weeks now everyday, my skin and hair look better.

Anonymous 43560

>be me
>like this guy for years
>find out he probably likes me too
>lose feelings immediately
i fucking hate myself anons. why am i like this?

Anonymous 43561

Are you really sure you don't like him, or are you forcing yourself? Do you have any romantic trauma?

Anonymous 43562

i’ve never been in a relationship before, but i tend to get obsessed with people sometimes. i do have some mild sexual trauma though.

but this guy i’ve liked since we were 14, and now even if we aren’t living in the same country anymore, we are still fairly close. i think it did start out unhealthily for me, but then it grew into something more “normal” when i got to know him better.

thing is, sometimes i think maybe i was forcing myself to like him, i mean it doesn’t feel like it, but suddenly i’m so scared at any possibility of intimacy i don’t feel anything at all.

Anonymous 43563

I'm thinking whatever happened to you is still plaguing your mind, fueling your insecurities regarding love. You really need to come to a conclusion with your problems, anon. If you don't want to talk about it here you should seek a professional.

Anonymous 43564

just fucked up at work. and by "fucked up" i mean "10+ different people actually fucked up, plus the entire management chain, but since I'm the lowest peon and the last one to pull the trigger it's going to be blamed 100% on me."

basically a long series of retardation and fuckups lead to something being a critical problem. and…some of that critical material got misflagged, essentially, and when i went in to clean up the file the flagged data was deleted. at the last minute i realized it should not have been flagged to begin with. it's not recoverable.

so it's like this: software company fucked up by being cheapskates and outsourcing to india. indians fucked up by being shitty retard devs and delivering a bunk product. management fucked up by hiring a shitty software company to design their system. managemnt fucked up by hiring retarded lower management. lower management fucked up by firing part of their staff to cut costs, then fucked up again by mismanaging their workflow until the point they were drowning in past-due work. my coworkers fucked up by not keeping up with the work that would be due soon until it became critical. management fucked up by providing me zero training. lower management fucked up by insisting i do a task i wasn't trained on. coworkers fucked up by not realizing i was never trained and going around the retarded manager to do it instead that way it would be done correctly. then, finally, i "fucked up" by trusting their shitty system. only after i deleted most of what was flagged did i realize it shouldn't have been flagged and it was a critical design oversight by retarded software devs who should never have been taught english to begin with and probably should never have been provided an internet connection.

and i'm not saying a word because this is really, really not my problem. i'm a temp here. lmao you reap what you sow. companies should remember that. you get what you pay for.

Anonymous 43565

and just to clarify, i mentioned to the most senior coworker that i was not trained on that, and she told me to try to do it anyway. she's the one who provided me all of my training, and management also knew i wasn't trained on this.

whether it should or should not have been flagged should not be perceivable by a human to begin with, which is why the software is supposed to do it. i only noticed by sheer happenstance.

so anyway i'm keeping my mouth shut on it. not my problem now.

Anonymous 43574

>like to keep private
>have gone through the whole delisting yourself internet ghost process before
>checked again today
>found my names on data selling sites AGAIN
tl;dr basically these sleezebags collect info on you and sell it to ghouls and cancelculture types and other doxxers stalkers and marketers, basically all the scum of the earth. and to get opt-out you need to go through a lengthy process. and these sites pop up all the time, old ones go and new ones come, it's all grey hat shit, and there's dozens and dozens of them.

i'm just frustrated that this isn't blanket against the law to do to begin with. and additionally i've opted out of physical junkmail but still receive it. sleeze companies gather your data from govt sources and then sell it to marketers. i wish this kind of shit was blanket illegal to do. marketing as a whole field should be illegal.

Anonymous 43584

Had an oral exam today and as I was entering the class, the guy before me was exiting.
And I just could tell we'd be a good match.
And he looked at me too and there was interest in his eyes.
And because of corona I will very likely never meet him again, because classes are online for the foreseeable future, and this is a masters program so people might just be here for a semester or two.
And to top it off, all my friends are finished so I don't even have any friends in the city anymore.
The only thing keeping me sane is Skyping with my dad almost every night.

Anonymous 43588


>friend is venting to me about how they have "no one to talk to"
>tfw am "no one"
Fine then, have no one to talk to, your supposed "best friend." that really stung though. Damn.

Anonymous 43596

What happened?

Anonymous 43598

people at the laundromat talk too much. My head hurts.

Anonymous 43600

how old are you?

Anonymous 43605

You don't look bad. Take care of yourself, anon. Keep that smile alive.

Anonymous 43608

>try to correct posture after years of slouching
>double chin, non existent jawline and recessed chin appear out of nowhere


Anonymous 43609


>hit it off with this beautiful, sweet boy
>tells me he's asexual
What the fuck am I supposed to make of that? I invited him over to my apartment later but it's gonna be difficult to ignore my feelings and passion for him. Can males even be asexual? Can any miners relate? I'm so simultaneously frustrated and excited right now.

Anonymous 43610

You should take it as him being honest.

Though if you're not also asexual you're going to have a bad time.

Anonymous 43611


cut it off with him as soon as possible, dating someone with no desire or attraction to you is absolute hell
find a boy who's beautiful, sweet and can rearrange your guts

Anonymous 43612

You're tilting your crown too high if you're having chin problems. I don't know if you're overweight, but that will cause problems too.

Anonymous 43613

I had a neck nerd for many years (thanks to anxiety, bullying and bad posture) so I try to undo the damage. I'm at low weight atm if you're wondering anon

Anonymous 43614

invite him to your apartment for cuddling and handholding.

Anonymous 43615

If you're underweight, what you're most like doing is constantly looking down, when you should be looking straight forward, even if your head is head high correcting nerd neck. This isn't just a you problem, but common for most smartphone users today too, you should be looking straight ahead. If you're using a computer, the top third of the screen should be eye level. Don't stare at your phone in public either.

Anonymous 43618

crying cat.jpeg

>finally find the perfect sewing pattern for a gift
>they don't sell it as a PDF and I'd have to import a physical copy from overseas
why tho

Asexual people can still be romantically interested in others.

If you'd potentially be fine with a non-sexual romantic relationship you could tell him how you feel and then have some dialogue about what a relationship might look like.

Just don't try to pressure him into sex. Women are often taught the only way to know a man likes you romantically is if he is sexually interested and this idea that men want sex all the time. That puts a lot of terrible pressure on both men and women. I often feel bad when my boyfriend doesn't get hard even though I know he has a medical problem. But it's not fair to me or him.

Anonymous 43619

Have you tried talking to the people in your church? Maybe it's time to change churches.

Anonymous 43621

please try to make friend with people who aren't indoctrinated

Anonymous 43625

Why are you not making friends with other like-minded women?

Anonymous 43628

Females cannot be incels…
I'd be friends with you but you'd go crazy on me.

Anonymous 43629

I wonder how my ex is doing.

Anonymous 43631

do they make cute boy body pillows? I'm so lonely at night

Anonymous 43633

I wish I could get a realistic sex doll husbando.

Anonymous 43634

I have the opposite problem to you. I was molested and have a strong repulsion towards sex. Every ‘nice’ guy I meet and hit it off with is a total horny coomer and I’m so tired of it. Considering dumping my current boyfriend because when we met he was on antidepressants and had almost zero sex drive, now that’s he’s off them he has a ridiculously high sex drive and I’m just not into it at all even though I’m very attracted to him, I realized we are just totally incompatible. I try to give him blowjobs sometimes or just lie there and let him be done with it but it’s extremely distressing for me and the fact I’m pressured to have sex even when I don’t want to it makes me resent him. I wish I could meet a cute asexual guy.

Anonymous 43635

I can related to that.
I have values that align with people who are way more successful than me, but for some reason I'm a failure, so I cannot fit in with those people and I also cannot fit in with trashy people because I don't like them and their lifestyle.

Anonymous 43638

Don't do that.
God gives you freedom, anon. Nobody's getting punished on earth anymore. It's your own choice to be like this. You're letting your own flesh dictate you. Your mind is holding back your soul. There's no punishment awaiting you for this behavior, but if you want to enjoy the companies of others on this earth, you need to make a movement against the complex of your mind.

Anonymous 43640

We just had bad luck anon. Don't give up.

Anonymous 43642

don't you need to be 18 to post here?

Anonymous 43652

I'm not a guy, jeez…

Anonymous 43653

how can people be asexual? if i go more than 3 weeks without sex i go crazy.

Anonymous 43654

Some asexual people have little/no sex drive, but are still fine with having sex in order to please their partner.

Anonymous 43662

My life is so shit lol

I wish my face didn't bloat and unbloat making me look mad from far away and subsequently acquiring the death glares of strangers whom I barely glanced at. I wish my students didn't hate me, even though I try so hard to appear friendly and enthuisiastic with wanting to help them improve and grow, people still hate me. I wish I could just be normal and not fear people when I stepped outside. I wish people would stop paying me attention, whether positive or negative. My face is the source of all my unhappiness, if I were just uniformally ugly or something, it would be okay. But no, I am destined to live my life as a hybrid of between being very beautiful to very ugly, I am actually Fiona from Shrek reincarnate, except I don't even get the luxury of having daytime be mine, I get a few glimpses, perhaps hours, anytime my allergies don't fuck me up with swelling and inflammation. Which is so rare since I am fucking allergic to the earth. Dear god, I just wish to be invisible and left alone. It seems I am destined to live as a freak show.

Anonymous 43664


back to complain about the same person and the same oc. long and rambly and obscure so feel free to ignore.

anyway they've given their muse this snowflake abilityz on top of playing the type of character i hate the most (gentle, uwu waif), and now due to mistakes i made in the rp their dumb chara might be responsible for saving mine. i am NOT very happy bros. really don't see why they couldn't have made a random duchess or something rather than a member of the crown family (but i understand its bc they wanted to play the "baby princess" role).

also speaking of my mistakes i definitely suspect foul play somewhere. because part of what this person wants to do (the person i dislike) heavily relies on me messing up somehow, and apparently they've been talking with people "behind the scenes". one of these people has a muse in both opposing factions, and their character in the faction we share was partially responsible for me making this mistake (if not entirely tbh).

i dunno m8s im just really annoyed. if it were anyone else behind it i probably would not Care but for whatever reason this person just makes me tilted lol

Anonymous 43681

i hate being american so much.
>can't drive and in america that means you are a leper and can't have anything
>enjoy walking around cities–all american cities are trashed up and full of hobos and crime
>no culture, just secondhand embarrassment that everyone is a fat uneducated drug-addict who can't keep the smartphone out of their hands for five seconds
>far away and disconnected from the rest of the world, something like half of americans don't even own a passport
>getting to another country is super expensive and time consuming, can't just pop over to the next tiny euro country for a weekend trip
>people dress like 8 year olds and can't even maintain basic hygiene
>tfw come from trailer trash family so it's the worst possible childhood
>no history, no nice urban places, only beautiful places in america are the outdoors, everything else is stripmalls and walmarts and fucking suburbs
>everyone is obese and ugly and their only hobby is buying shit
i do like guns but that's a very small consolation prize. i ran away to live in a big city but it's still trashy and cheap feeling

Anonymous 43682

>only beautiful places in america are the outdoors
>ran away to live in a big city
You are an idiot.

Anonymous 43690

>i'm an idiot for living where jobs are
yeah okay

Anonymous 43692


>have cooled off, check site
>notice that another person i dislike has decided to also make into the exact same faction and exact same family as me
>even worse: they're pals with who i og despise
so tired. can they just do something ELSE holy shit

i think what really bothers me about it, is that if there are two out of nine spots filled by people i dislike, and don't want anything to do with, then those are two spots that could have gone to someone i don't feel inexplicably irked by. for fucks sake

Anonymous 43693

I have pretty much all those same problems in my 3rd world shithole, but with more crime and no guns for defense. Most of the world is a shitty place, including parts of Europe. I'm sure you can find nice places in America too.

Anonymous 43695

i mean, yeah, i guess most of the tapwater in the US is potable, at least. though fun fact, my relatives don't have potable water.
>more crime
why is there so much fucking crime everywhere? why can't moids just NOT commit crime?

Anonymous 43699

>just in how they approach or view sex
I agree, I realized that most mens sexuality is inherently dehumanizing and forceful and it makes me more uncomfortable and afraid of them. Even the so called sweet guys are, like you said, mostly just horny wolves in sheep’s clothing who can’t wait to choke and slap you. That’s the most confusing part for me, the contrast, I trust my bf and he’s so sweet usually but during sex he turns into another person. I feel guilty even though I shouldn’t, like his hormones is wasted on me.

He turns really aggressive when he’s horny and starts using a lot of debasing terms and at times he’s been so aggressive and harsh it actually makes me cry. I don’t have a masochism kink and don’t enjoy pain or subjugation (since it’s something I had to fight my whole childhood) so when he starts talking dirty and being mean (even in a playful sexual sense) it feels hurtful, almost threatening and sadistic, and I don’t enjoy it at all.

He also prefers positions and acts that are uncomfortable and there’s been times it almost gave me a panic attack because it felt so violating. Even though I consented to it I don’t enjoy it at all.

Like I said I’m extremely attracted to him, it’s just been extremely hard to deal with the process of a guy who never wanted sex turning into a guy who wants to fuck 3 times a day. If I turn him down he tells me he feels rejected and like I don’t feel attracted to him, but it’s nothing to do with that, I’ve turned down sex with legit 8-9/10 Chads with abs before lol. I even told him to go jerk off to porn just so I don’t have to deal with it.

It doesn’t help that everyone is so pornsick these days and tells you to just enjoy it, I accepted a long time ago I am asexual and have no care for sex, especially not rough degrading sex, like you said too. I guess I really will have to look for a legit asexual boyfriend next, or just go volcel. Men are just too aggressive in general for me.

Anonymous 43704

Why not look for sexually submissive men? They're uncommon, but they do exist.

Anonymous 43708

If your dependant on wages to sustain yourself, maybe try learning to garden.

Anonymous 43714

Anybody here is afraid of driving? It always scared the shit out of me. I am currently in my early twenties and cant even drive… Driving for me personally is incredibly frightening mostly due to both reading and experiencing accidents and seeing the hectic traffic of where i came from. Over years and years,my little fear has become a huge phobia of mine and it really traumatize me to the point of no return. It really scared me and i cant function right or imagine myself driving at all, this has become a huge problem that i need to deal with. Im basically terrified of thinking about driving and getting into an accidents…How do i get over this?

Anonymous 43715

Look up statistics on all the horrible things that can happen to people that are even more common than car accidents, and it won't seem so bad in comparison.
For example, you're almost twice as likely to die by accidentally being exposed to something poisonous or noxious as you are to die from any kind of vehicle accident.
Also, even if you don't drive, your chances of being hit and killed by a car as a pedestrian are almost as high as your chances of dying in an accident behind the wheel of a car anyway.

Anonymous 43716

25 and don't drive. No insurance and I'm too afraid of hitting someone else's car or mine. Actually last time I took mine out I crashed into my neighbor's wall while in reverse. Fuck cars.

Anonymous 43721

>I think most people are actually demons
myself and several other anons on various boards on 4fags proposed this as well. this world is literally hell and the demons are in charge of it. every year, no, every month, i'm convinced more and more that this has to be the case. it's the only logical conclusion. i keep trying to logic my way out of it but no matter how much i think about it, i reach the same conclusion. the world is designed to rob all who are honest, destroy all that is good, and corrupt everything that is innocent. just think about anything long enough, think about it from the big picture, think logically. there is only one conclusion: we already live in hell.

Anonymous 43722

That doesn't really sound like it has basis in scripture.

Anonymous 43723

I can't drive either. Last time I tried my legs just shook the whole time, and then some guy came up and nearly rear ended me because he wanted to speed and then he did the violent honking thing and swerved to cut me off and i almost died. humans are evil retards who can't be trusted to drive. all cars should be illegal, we should use only train, bicycle, and golf carts. humans cannot be trusted.

i live in burgerstan so this has ruined my life, needless to say. all i want is to move the fuck somewhere else. maybe switzerland or japan (the two heavens of /n/.)
objectively wrong. if you look at the statistics, being terrified of cars is only reasonable.
>More than 38,000 people die every year in crashes on U.S. roadways. An additional 4.4 million are injured seriously enough to require medical attention. Road crashes are the leading cause of death in the U.S. for people aged 1-54.
>1.5 million people die every year from car crashes
>or, approximately 3,700 people die each day in road crashes around the world
cars are LITERALLY THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH for non-geriatrics. anon is correct to be afraid of them. they ARE murder-boxes. all cages should immediately be made illegal. turn every highway into a railroad, make trains great again. all cagers must die.

Anonymous 43724

…who gives a fuck about a book written by ancient misogynists? i said use logic, not ask old dead wife-beaters their opinions.

Anonymous 43725

Then why believe in any of that? I don't think there's any religion that covers this kind of concept. It sounds more like you're going insane and are of no use to the public help.

Anonymous 43726

i take it you don't read much philosophy, or anything else. but go ahead and insult me some more because i had an original thought that triggered your autism because i didn't mean it literally.

Anonymous 43727

I'm just saying that you're spewing bull. Stop being so selfish, and get a seratonin high from helping somebody across the street. Gets me right out of my mania.

Anonymous 43728

>a self confessed nut is calling me nuts
yeah time to close my web browser

Anonymous 43731

If you don't care about that book why do you use that book's terminology?

Anonymous 43732

>myself and several other anons on various boards on 4fags proposed this as well. this world is literally hell and the demons are in charge of it. every year, no, every month, i'm convinced more and more that this has to be the case.
This is retarded.
>it's the only logical conclusion. i keep trying to logic my way out of it but no matter how much i think about it, i reach the same conclusion. the world is designed to rob all who are honest, destroy all that is good, and corrupt everything that is innocent. just think about anything long enough, think about it from the big picture, think logically.
The logical conclusion is that we live in the Kali Yuga more than we live in hell. There's far to many nice things for this to be hell which is, if we're using the Christian idea because we're using the Christian terminology, supposed to be non-stop torture, not stop-and-go torture and nice things.

Anonymous 43733

I live in the rural areas and they are absolutely dying for jobs around here. I don't even know what you specialize in, but if you believe have the shit you spew about hating cities you'd leave ASAP.

Though the fact you think you need a care tells me you're not actually living in a city, but the suburbs of some city. If you lived in any of the actual cities in the US, having a car is detrimental, not a bonus.

Anonymous 43734

>why can't moids just NOT commit crime?
For the same reasons the scant females do, a system that rejects and crushes them.

Anonymous 43735

>cars are LITERALLY THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH for non-geriatrics. anon is correct to be afraid of them. they ARE murder-boxes. all cages should immediately be made illegal. turn every highway into a railroad, make trains great again. all cagers must die.
I seriously hope you don't believe this.

Anonymous 43740

Ok peoples, i sometimes cannot detect the tone of any kind of conversation online, and at this point im too afraid to ask how do i fix this.

Anonymous 43742

That's natural. The sarc mark was pushed for a reason.

Anonymous 43743

After my ex dumped me during the worst period in my life and tried to date his ex, I started resent men. I am not attracted to them. I tried to date by using fds principles and it made me even more disgusted by them. Fuck, I wish I was lesbian.

Anonymous 43748

>complain about disliking someone, here or in other secret places
>they're nice to me like ten seconds later or i realize how misplaced my foolish anger is
i really hate this

Anonymous 43749

Found the other moid

Anonymous 43751


>she doesn't frequent /n/ cagehate threads
all cagers deserve genocide and i'm not joking. remember what they took from you.

Anonymous 43752

people drive through that street though

Anonymous 43755

>becoming obsessed
Why anon? Can't you be happy?

Anonymous 43768

>objectively wrong. if you look at the statistics, being terrified of cars is only reasonable.
>More than 38,000 people die every year in crashes on U.S. roadways
62,000 people died from accidental exposure to poisons or noxious fumes in 2018.
Maybe more than half of that were senior citizens somehow though, I don't know.

On the bright side, in a few decades the roads will probably be 90% self-driving cars, which will be much safer.

Anonymous 43784


my boyfriends paren't think i'm emotionally abusing him when in reality he's a manchild that doesn't know basic life skills. when we first got together, they always talked about how "mean" his ex was for "no reason" which at first i was like, ew, that sucks she sucks. but as time went by i realized she wasn't mean, he treated her like shit and she took care of everything for him. now i'm the "mean" one.
he's genuinely generally not smart, but also acts like he's stupid too when he apologizes.

at first he seemed very lucid and intelligent. he spoke clearly and well, his apartment cleaned and furnished, even had cats that didn't smell, etc. over time his alcoholism came out and i realized he had been almost constantly lying to me about him & his past.

what gets me though, is it doesn't seem like he's legitimately capable of learning/changing/growing of anything. absolutely no critical thinking skills.

this fucking guy doesn't know how to do basic adult things like sweep the floor. doesn't know how to budget. cooking? no. checks the mail? like once a month, maybe.

it makes me so uncomfortable when his friends & fam say subtley jabbing comments towards me but they don't even confront me about it. what do they expect me to do?

what in the fresh hell do they expect me, or anyone else, to do? i have to ask him multiple times to pick something up that he placed on the floor. i don't know why he placed said item on the floor, it's not a floor item, but if i don't ask him to pick it up it will stay there for weeks.

are all guys like this? is this our fate as women to be in this kind of situation?

Anonymous 43785

i should clarify that they think i'm like that because, 1. i have to nag him, ask him multiple times to do something (even when he does, a single task that takes maybe 15 mins, he will take an hour on).
2. i will have asked him to not do something and he says he will not do it, but completely and fully still does it.
3. other related instances.

at this point i have given up and i don't even ask when we're going to go out for laundry. i just give up. i've been done. so when he realizes it'd time to do laundry it'll be 3-4 weeks worth of it. we won't even have time to do it all at once because he sleeps in every morning until noon. why? why? the bar is so fucking low.

Anonymous 43786

>are all guys like this?
No. Your bf is a deadbeat loser.

Anonymous 43788


thank you, anon. even this reply helps. i don't know why i kept denying it. maybe i have one of those shitty savior complexes. really, i just assume people grow up at some point, and it's baffling that this is not true.

Anonymous 43789

>he had been almost constantly lying to me about him & his past
>it doesn't seem like he's legitimately capable of learning/changing/growing of anything
>over time his alcoholism came out
>this fucking guy doesn't know how to do basic adult things like sweep the floor. doesn't know how to budget. cooking? no. checks the mail? like once a month, maybe.

Your bf has issues that you can't fix for him. His parents think you're abusive because he's put you in the role of a nagging mom when you're supposed to be his equal. Of course he feels suffocated by that, but he's the one who created that dynamic. You're both stuck. I can empathize with your bf because I grew up in a neglectful household and now I struggle with the same things - I just lack the automatisms, put things down wherever I stand and have to constantly force myself not to let everything grow into a trash heap again. It's a really slow process to try to teach myself how to maintain just the basics. It's been taking all of my 20s and I'm still nowhere close to a normal person. I had to get therapy just to have the mental strength to clean my apartment after years of not doing shit and living like a hermit. That's why I'm certain that he won't just suddenly change either, he will have to teach himself to do this things reflexively, not when told. That's something nobody can teach him, he probably needs extensive therapy like I did.

You shouldn't live with him until he's made great strides, or break it off altogether because he's shown the capability to lie to you extensively.

Oh and also he's an alcoholic. Never date alcoholics, please, please have more respect for yourself than to date a low-IQ addict manchild. I promise there are better guys out there. You can do better!!

Anonymous 43790

People do grow up but some issues aren't going to resolve themselves.
Alcoholism and chronic laziness are going to be with him for life.

Anonymous 43799


Sometimes I fantasize about spooning and cuddling a cute girl as I fall asleep. Telling her comforting things and stroking her hair. Does this mean anything?

Anonymous 43807


man i hate that i got so salty over these people. at least i kept it to myself (minus me venting here, to c.c.) but shit i just feel like an asshole now.

i forget that everyone's got their own issues and crap sometimes. i can cut folks slack.

Anonymous 43813

> childhood friend cut off contact with me years ago and hasn't responded to any of my messages, concerned over their well being
> found their twitter and messaged them, told me they don't want me to contact them any more, and for the sake of their mental health they've avoided me for years without any explanation. trying to figure out what i could have done but I'm sure pressing the matter further is going to be an instant block

i've been so fucked up over this for years, and this is the last nail in the coffin. im really angry at them and i just wanted a fucking answer, some sort apology, something to tell me that all my pain wasn't actually for nothing. am i just being entitled? ive hurt myself and contemplated suicide over this in the past, and just being dismissed like that just twists the knife even deeper. i know they have the right to cut out whoever they want from their life, but it just pisses me off how someone can do that and offer no closure or regard for the effects it has on someone's mental health. anons, what do

Anonymous 43814

Being on the other side of this I can offer you some insight.
In my situation it was because we grew apart and we stopped being close anyway.
But I would have kept in touch if she wasn't so goddamn nosy and jealous.
I also detested her sense of humor. She was one of those people who loved to prank and didn't know when to stop.

Your situation might be completely different though.

Anonymous 43815

This has happened to me as well. I have no good solution to offer. In my situation we also have a mutual friend that both speak to. She keeps inviting our mutual friend and other people I'm close to as well to meet with her and go to her parties. I'm still very angry at her and when I met her in person again at a party I just ignored her instead of speaking to her about everything that happened. I can see that I missed my change to figure out the truth, but that's my problem.

Now I don't want to give out bad advice or encourage it, but if you are really insistent on knowing what went wrong your best bet would be to meet her irl where she can't hide behind a block button. Otherwise moving on would be wise even if you feel like you don't deserve this at all.

Anonymous 43817

Did you go out of your way to date him?
Why the hell do you date someone like that who is basically a bunch of red flags?
Like, what are his redeeming qualities?

Anonymous 43819


I had a rather toxic friend who'd basically use me as a therapist. Tell me entirely unprovoked that I'm not as lonely as him, that i'm not as pathetic as him, that because i have an online friend who lives in a different country whom likes me who I don't like back means i'm not truly lone, that i don't have it as bad as him because i'm a girl and i'll "eventually marry someone rich anyway" etc.
He'd have minor outbursts every other day and full on ones as well. I felt like I couldn't tell him about good parts of my life, i.e. my relationship with my bf because he'll blow up and have a meltdown about how much better i have it
he's always bitching about his failed past relationships and about some girl he talked to for like two weeks who then ghosted him who he's yet to ever get over but when i mention my one ex bf and the relationship we had he just has a meltdown
after he had a never go at me for the crime of being a girl and therefore having it better than him and throwing back every attempt of consolation back at my face he announced that i "don't really care" despite putting up with his outbursts for a year and that he's quitting discord
I don't really have any interest in being his friend again since he was a genuinely toxic person i tried really damn hard to help and be a positive factor in his life but he just wanted me as a therapist or whipping girl as opposed to a genuine friend.
I'm worried that he's gone off the deep end but ultimately, unless he apologises for all the shit he said to me I don't want him back in my life.
I just sincerely hope he's doing better but I don't really have any hope for him

Anonymous 43828

Once in a while I wonder if my ex thinks about me. I know he doesn't.
Then I think about that one friend as bad as we were to one another I still miss that friend.
I miss the moments I had even if they were "cringey"..

Anonymous 43829

Stop talking to him.
Don't let someone tear you up for their own happiness. In the end he won't allow himself to be happy.

Anonymous 43830

This morning I woke up to my mom's screams. I run down the stairs, and there's a black guy with a machete inside the house. My mom locked herself outside, he is trying to open the door to get to her. I run upstairs and climb on the fucking roof. My mom climbs down the wall and lands on my neighbor's garden. From the roof I see the guy run away into my yard. I stay one fucking hour on the roof under the blazing sun until someone helps me down.

This is the second time armed black men have broken into our home. I cannot fucking wait to move out of this piece of shit 3rd world country away from anyone with 3rd world blood. If you're a woman of color or fellow latina, marry a white guy and move to a white country with low crime. I cannot even go out to my yard anymore without having to worry about Yornaikel coming to rape me with a machete.

Anonymous 43831


>broke glass container while barefoot in kitchen, it shattered into a gorillion shards all over the place
>had to hobble over to grab sandals hoping i wouldn't step on any
>a few cuts to tops of feet/ankles from glass fragmentation from impact
>broke ceiling light by knocking glass cover
>it fell on me
>was so stunned i fell to the floor
>cut my thigh and ankle on glass
>don't even have a vacuum, had to use pan and brush on the carpet to get it all up
i think i'm cursed. gonna sprinkle salt around, any other recommendations?

Anonymous 43832

that's horrible anon. i may be haunted by the vengeful ghost of RBG but at least no machete wielding blacks have shown up to try to kill me yet. i suppose you can't just buy a shotgun or something? or at least a large dog? i lived in shitty crime filled areas and can attest that blacks are scared of dogs. i recommend a german shepherd. how awful. i hate criminals so much.

Anonymous 43833

You really can't expect sympathy from a relationship and not give any back, anon. You sound like you have baggage weighing you down that you want help with. To some this is just an unattractive and worrying thing. It's not really entitlement. It's just a misunderstanding of how social contact works. Something tells me they've tried a lot to help you, if they're from your childhood.

Anonymous 43837

You'll pretty much have to throw out a vacuum after you use it for bits of glass, depending on the type of vacuum. Use slices of bread to help get the tiny bits you can't see, just press it on the floor and it'll pick them up.

Anonymous 43838

i didn't know that. vacuums are pretty useless then… the carpet is really short and i think i got everything. except the glass made it all the way to my shoe rack apparently. i went to put on sneakers and on a whim dumped it out first like to remove gravel, and a hunk of glass fell out. hopefully i got the rest though. i don't have bread or anything similar… i ordered delivery food so i wouldn't need to cook. i don't want to touch a knife or hot pan right now. i don't know what's wrong with me.

Anonymous 43839

a slightly moist paper towel works a well just so you know.

Anonymous 43840

What positives did you see in him to get into the relationship in the first place?

Anonymous 43843

I literally don't know what to do with the rest of my life.
I gave up on all my ambitions but now I got nothing.
I feel like nothing is appealing and everything is boring and dull.

Anonymous 43844


we share interests almost identically so it was fun talking and being together. plus his physical structure is perfect imo. he is generous, and kinda love-bombed me in the beginning with the kind of love/help I needed; which was just general support like driving me places, buying food, offering to help with a task (with a, "of course I will help you with xyz thing, why wouldn't I? but then unfortunately, he wouldn't follow through). lots and lots of compliments. supportive friends and friendly parents. literally everything would be fine if he would just start teaching himself basics and grow up. like anything - at this point i'd rather be a tradwife as long as the other person knew basic anything skills.

Anonymous 43845

>My mom locked herself outside
How do you have door locks that can't be opened from inside the house, only the outside?

Anonymous 43847

Sounds like a great friend to have, but a terrible life partner.

Anonymous 43848

Sorry but now I sort of don't get what you are complaining about.
You want to be a "tradwife" and you want him to sweep the floor and cook dinner?
Of course there are better men out there, but they also won't sweep the floor and cook dinner for a partner who wants to be a "tradwife".

He wants a 2nd mommy and in return he is the breadwinner. That's a pretty common arrangement. Not to my taste but I do not see it as an unfair deal.

Anonymous 43849

twey wallpaper.jpg

true, there are so many people out there who make great lifelong friends but absolute shit romantic partners. It's very unfortunate really, maybe you should give him an ultimatum to get his shit together.

Anonymous 43853

What I see online of men acting entitled to sex and harassing women makes me feel like all men are creeps. It makes me not want to interact with men ever.

Anonymous 43854


i think you need to work on your reading comprehension skills. i would rather be a tradwife that how the entire relationship has gone so far. since the beginning, i've worked more and made more money. i helped him get a much better job recently. we were always equal in paying for things (in fact, his parents bought him all of his furniture, and then i took care of buying household items when we got together.) he was never the breadwinner, unfortunately.
i agree with this! although he was pretty shitty to his past friends, like cheated on his gf with his best friends fiance shitty; and isn't a very caring friend to his current friends. he doesn't really have empathy from what i've seen. he's like a good friend to exchange a meme or music, but not a close friend.
>t. he's a libra

Anonymous 43855

let me add - and he didn't tell said friends what happened and let his friend marry cheating alcoholic girlfriend. this situation made me very adverse to marriage lolol. here i am, miners, come and take me away!!

Anonymous 43857


I want a smoothie so fucking badly, but I have to wait for my class first (5 hours away) so I can drink it midway through (or at the start) and stay awake because it's 3 hours.
I don't want to buy two smoothies or even some other snack/drink because it's just too many calories. If I'd anticipated I'd crave a smoothie this much right now, I wouldn't have eaten lunch. I would've had room in my daily intake for them both. I'm actually upset.
I could just have the two smoothies and restrict more tomorrow, but fuck, that'll be painful. My soul will die when I check the scale the next morning, even if I do have a plan. FUCK THIS EARTH. WHY DOES LIKING FOOD HAVE TO BE SO HARD

Anonymous 43862

>hate my shitty job so much
>pay is barely above min wage and the work is garbage
>certain that coworker is intentionally trying to sabotague me
>can't focus on better shit i have to do because i'm so fucking miserable from being forced to do this shitty fucking job
>just sit around being miserable all day and night

Anonymous 43863


Anonymous 43873

Imagine how men would react to some of the posts on here.
There was a thread a month or two ago about genetically engineering men to be smaller so that they could be easily kidnapped and enslaved.

Anonymous 43875

Wasn't that thread made by a moid anyway? A lot of moids are really into sub stuff so I bet a lot of them would be into it

Anonymous 43876

Femcel back again. Where do you meet blind men?

Anonymous 43877

I thought that was a joke.

Anonymous 43878


My bf is busy with work rn and the loneliness is really getting to me, I wanna give him a call but I can't even do that
I just want to hear his voice

Anonymous 43879


do you have any videos of him you could watch and pass the time, or profiles you could look through with his pictures? maybe the next time you're together or having a call you could record his voice and listen to it when you're feeling lonely.

Anonymous 43880

If you're self harming and contemplating suicide because your friend ghosted you that's probably why they left you. Not trying to be shitty or anything, I'm just pretty sure that's the reason, people don't like to socialize with the mentallly ill and while sometimes that's justified it still often feels shitty

Anonymous 43881


Why she ghost in the first place?
Yeah I'll do that next time thanks anon

Anonymous 43882

>want to be better, be the best version i can be
>fall back to bad habits whenever something bad happens


Anonymous 43887


Doing whatever I can just to get by in these shit times, and anxious as hell because of it. Will face hell or high water if it comes to that.
I'm keeping my mouth sealed until I know I'm safe, and I'm already trying to think of how I'll back myself up if put under pressure.

Anonymous 43889

Me too anon, me too. I planned this year going so differently it's not even funny. I've already relapsed into old bad habits pretty badly just these past couple of weeks alone.

I know it's asking too much of myself to overcome 15+ years of highly introverted, low self-esteem behavior in the span of a year or two, and I'm having mental breakdowns 2-3 times a week. But I hope I'm getting somewhere.

I've already changed so much since I was 18. I hate that it's taken me until now to see what's wrong with me and really evaluate what happened in my life, and even now I'm not sure I want to face the music.

Anonymous 43893

Cringe moments are better than hapless social isolation. I hate how people use that word as a means to stop nonconformity to being socially inactive.

Anonymous 43895


The new rules and regulations for the next six months really worry me, I've been shut indoors for ages and I just want to go out and make friends with people aaaa

Anonymous 43896

Same, I have my last couple years of uni left and I was hoping to make some friends before it is over.
And now it seems one whole year is going to go by without ever setting foot on campus.

Anonymous 43897

i don't want to b gay :/

Anonymous 43898

Last night, my boyfriend and I were watching something together while I was rather crossfaded. I started masturbating because he wasn't in the mood and he also had some abrasions on his penis. I admit I should have been more tactful in how I went about masturbating. I thought it was okay for me to do that in front of him. My right leg leaned on him and at some point he asked me to remove my leg and it was only then in my drunken state did I realize how pissed he was that I was masturbating in front of him. I apologized and I didn't touch him for the rest of the night. Well, in the middle of the night, I'm woken up by him furiously masturbating and I ask him if he's okay and he says "yeah", but he's never done this before. He's not as horny as me and I felt like it was done out of spite.

Although I feel terrible for making him feel terrible, I didn't know it was making him feel that way until he asked. He woke me up by masturbating as if it was revenge, and it's the latter part that scares me. No matter how I get treated by my partners, I don't think it's right to treat them in the wrong ways they treat me.

But maybe I deserve it. I was curious regarding all your opinions.

EDIT: he says he doesn't remember it happening at all. I swear it happened, though

Anonymous 43899

Where are you stuck at?

Anonymous 43900

Try finding a hobby.
Search for a blind school and start scoping.
Then don't.

Anonymous 43901

>No matter how I get treated by my partners, I don't think it's right to treat them in the wrong ways they treat me.

…you did the exact same thing to him first… and it probably wasn't helped by you not explaining yourself or just not touching at all the rest of the movie. you know the golden rule, bro?

Anonymous 43902

I apologized and he said he didn't want to talk about it while I was drunk, and I thought I should respect his request.

Anonymous 43903

How do you people even exist?

Anonymous 43904

I devoured a pizza and a (small) cake.
Not sure how bad it is because I have not consumed anything but black coffee all day.
I think I am still under the recommended caloric intake for the day.
Still, I wish I had more self control.

Anonymous 43905


I'm in the UK, a huge factor in my decision to do uni was for the social elements as well, it's all a bit disappointing

Anonymous 43906

Are you British or foreigner?
I am in the same boat, but I decided to go to Germany instead, lol.

Anonymous 43908

There’s no way you can eat a pizza and a cake and maintain unless you’re 300 lb.

Anonymous 43909

I just looked at the packaging. I only consumed less than 6000kJ. 8500kJ is daily recommended so I'm good.

Anonymous 43910

I'm British yaa

Anonymous 43911


Why not dear anon?

Anonymous 43912

I've had this happen to me before, males really don't know what "asexual" means unless they have some kind of medical condition that actually causes it. He could be saying he's ace bc he was burned by a bad ex or raised in a prudish home.

I dated an "asexual" guy and 2 months into the relationship he was starting to want to be very lightly sexual with me, though I was extremely prudish but flirty back then. Sometimes I wonder if this is just their way to play "hard to get". If he is truly attractive then I can imagine him acting exactly like that.

Anonymous 43913

Check for a micropenis, I'm not kidding

Anonymous 43914

iktf. to avoid being overly political, there is something very bad happening in this country and the crime is out of control. i legitimately do not feel safe anymore. in addition to that, living expenses keep increasing and wages are stagnant or even declining. it feels like there is no longer any path to prosperity and stability. i can't even afford healthcare.

you shouldn't have to be above and beyond the top 5% EXCEPTIONAL just to get by financially. feels like my generation (y/z line) are just fucked from every angle. it's way too stressful and demotivating. i'm trying my best but holy fuck. you need to be a genius just to stay afloat in this. you can't build a society on that.

Anonymous 43915

of the moids i've dated, if i was so horny that i needed to masturbate in front of them then and there, all of them would have at least helped me out even if his pants stayed on. moids usually enjoy when a girl is horny and wants them.
idk, maybe it was just a one time thing. just forget it unless something like it happens again.

Anonymous 43924

what's the plan?
is she just supposed to pants him in public?

Anonymous 43925

He will seek you out when he gets a boner they are all the same. Keep hitting on him and showing interest until he craves in.

Anonymous 43926

the dating pool is too small and it's just easier to be straight in general

Anonymous 43927

You can be bi

Anonymous 43928

that would be ideal but alas i am repulsed by men's bodies unfortunately

Anonymous 43933

Knock him out and look.

Anonymous 43934

Could it be a result of some past trauma that you might be able to work through?

Anonymous 43936


I'm always too scared of failure, i lack the motivation and drive. I have tried at times but i never live up to my expectations, these days i always mope around not doing anything because it feels pointless in the end.

Anonymous 43939



after thinking things through i realized that all i was really doing was just pushing and pushing until i got a reaction out of her, which in a way im happy with because i sort of got a sense of control after feeling like everything was out of my control

i probably never even cared about her or how she was feeling to begin with, all i wanted was an apology for making me feel that way, and i didn't care what boundaries i overstepped to get it. im still upset, but it feels a little better knowing that i'm getting into the root of the problem rather than relying on other people to do it for me.

Anonymous 43941


sounds like a good realisation to come to anon, it's understandable that something disrespecting you and getting away with it would piss you off, i'm glad you're getting a better understanding of how you feel

Anonymous 43942

You're not alone, anon.

Anonymous 43945


sorry for ED vent bt
I'm this close to gving up on my skinny dreams and ordering some fucking banan na bread jesus take the fucking wheel
I'm seething that i let myself gain so much weight and it's not even going down kms

Anonymous 44058

furby fire.jpg

I'm not nearly as attracted to men as I keep thinking I am. Nearly every time I've made out with a man I just didn't enjoy it, or found him physically attractive. To be honest, I've never found a man sexually attractive in general-being sheltered and all, I thought it was normal.(Yes, I'm aware of how stupid this sounds) It's like I get off to men finding me attractive than anything else-half of my "fantasies" revolve around that.
My other half revolve around being with other women, and they make me feel predatory and disgusting. I often just brush it off as me being gross, but the older I get, It's becoming impossible for me to deny. I avoid making friends with women out of pure fear that I may be attracted to them. It's pathetic.
tl;dr I'm attracted to women but it makes me feel like a predator.

Anonymous 44059


Maybe all those guys were just shit kissers?
But I completely understand the fear you get when you get close to other women. I've felt really disgusted in myself at the prospect of being attracted to the women i interact with and that's always got in the way of me having close female friends. Being attracted to women makes me feel as if im just like the shitty guys who oogle over me and treat women like they're sex objects. Whenever I masturbate to female-centric porn I make sure theres a guy in it so i dont feel like im the on objecting her and shit like that. Being attracted to women makes me feel as if im as bad as the next cumbrain moid

Anonymous 44060

>coworker who was cheeky to me and tried to fuck me over just got notice she's being axed
>entire dept is being axed at end of year
schadenfreude-ing hard af right now. they're all crying that everyone is being fired (company is moving somewhere more business friendly, IE less democrat) and they have to find new jobs and don't get a cushy life long CAREER out of this. meanwhile i've always only found work as a temp and this happens to me every few months. fuck boomers, they're so damn entitled. welcome to the consequences of the corporate landscape you created. i hope you enjoy it. 50 year old woman admits on chat she's literally CRYING over it. meanwhile it's already happened to me 8 times in 4 years.

Anonymous 44061

ngl as a recurring temp myself that sounds cathartic as fuck

Anonymous 44062

you get it right? boomer management took stable careers and converted it all into temp jobs. now we get to play destroy-your-own-resume-to-keep-rent-paid, have no stability at all, can't plan shit, no internal moves or promotions or new training, no benefits, and every few months you either hustle to get a new job damn quick or you go without pay for a few months and destroy whatever savings you built up. meanwhile smug boomer brainlets lounge in cushy jobs-for-life while being massively incompetent. it's all so tiresome.

they thought fucking millennials over was so funny. now they get a taste.

Anonymous 44063

>It's like I get off to men finding me attractive than anything else

God that's such a feel. And I relate about the rest too, I can appreciate an attractive man but the longer I look the less into him I am. Making out always feels like such an underwhelming "is that all?" sensation. I'm way too present during sex, can't really disconnect from conscious thought processes and don't relax. But it hasn't been much better with women. Maybe I'm just broken, who knows

Anonymous 44067


Your problem may be that you use dating apps, I assure you you won't find love there.

Anonymous 44068

It sounds more like an ego problem to me. There has to be something wrong with someone's head to only want to be desired, and not make others feel desired themselves. Very impassioned.

Anonymous 44073

The men I've been with were objectively good at what they did, plenty of foreplay etc. They weren't ugly, objectively, either. I've never gone all the way with them because I always ended up dry. They weren't even bad people either, hell I even got along with them well, which only makes it worse. I focus on their pleasure so much that I don't even notice that I'm not even enjoying myself at all until after the act.
>being attracted to women makes me feel as if im just like the shitty guys who oogle over me and treat women like they're sex objects
same. You summarized it perfectly. I don't at all relate to cumbrains' preferences, but I still feel gross none the less.
"Is that all?" yup. I've never actually been with another woman, and I'm terrified that I'll get the same amount of pleasure I'd get from my ex boyfriends-i.e. nothing.

Anonymous 44074

This sounds like something more than lesbianism, anon. Usually a lack of pleasure like this is brought on by pleasing yourself too often, but beyond that I'm not very sure. I would get this checked out.

Anonymous 44075


Perhaps you could try finding a lesbian/bi girl to experiment with and see if it's a lesbian thing or a lack of arousal to people in general.
It's worth noting that a lot of women experience this sort of thing regardless of the outcome. It's possible you just need to take the time to have a long standing friendship with someone that gently transitions to romance before doing sexual things with someone. I personally can't get aroused with someone unless I'm in a committed long term relationship with them, this isn't uncommon despite hook-up culture being so prevalent these days.

Anonymous 44078

It's ok anon, weight loss is really hard and may not be linear, and if you fuck up and eat something you shouldn't, you can aways compensate with less calories during the next week/month.
Just keep at it, even with banana bread bumps on the way and the cravings will gradually be easier to overcome.

Anonymous 44080

Nice assumptions lmao

Oh that's definitely not what I'm trying to say. I'm an ultra people pleaser and focus so much on the other's pleasure that I end up all conscious and analytical and unable to relax and enjoy myself.

Anonymous 44082

Sorry for the pathetic rant I'm about to do…

>Be me, 25f, mental health issues

>struggled with depression, anxiety and bulimia
>recently moved and trying to adjust, make doctor appointments and slowly running out of meds
>new job is nice, but takes a toll of me in all ways
>feeling of lack of control hits me hard and relapse with my bulimia causing me to ramp into depression and manic episodes
>meds running out more
>working with a clinic to get me a refill but they are so busy its taking them time to book me an appointment
>not looking forward to telling my boss I'll need to take a leave until back on my meds cause can't leave the house without them
>ED getting worse everyday, weight goes down, then binge and purge causing me to gain/bloat up again

I'm struggling and trying to stop but god dam it's hard and self harm thoughts are bad…I'm so tried and thinking at this point ill get meds quicker if I just get myself slammed back into a mental ward for 3-8days. But my mother thinks I'm already a failure, and even though my partner loves me and supports me, I fear he will leave…

I hope everyone is doing ok, and I wish the best for you.

Anonymous 44087

Are your family homophobic? Did you grow up in an area where being gay was hidden or shameful or did you witness any negative experiences towards gay people? It sounds like you know full well that you're a little bit gay but some other part of you still refuses to accept it. Not trying to make any grand assumptions but it just reminds me of personal experiences with christianity and how their practices lead women to have this cognitive dissonance where they are ashamed of any sexual thoughts or activities, even if they know full well there's nothing wrong with it.

Anonymous 44088

It sounds like you're trying to force yourself to please them, since that in itself doesn't naturally please you. Are you used to just masturbating?

Anonymous 44090

Working in cities sounds like ass.

Anonymous 44091

It's not ass it's just a daily routine but it can get tiresome. You need a lot of will power, at least you get better internet in the city.

Anonymous 44099


i've had 24/7 (constant!) chest pain for two years. ranks about a 3-5 on the scale and it sucks lmao

Anonymous 44110

I have had 6-7 when my lower wisdom teeth were removed. It was annoying af.

Anonymous 44111

>have shitty teeth from depressed period in preteen/teen years where i didn't brush or floss hardly at all because i literally just wanted to die every moment of my life
>years later still dealing with effects of that
>have tons of fillings and crowns and etc
>today, eating something and crown breaks off
>of course i'ts on a fucking friday and all the dentists close over the weekend
>panic and make a bunch of calls, find someone who can at least look at me
>can't do the actual op until monday, just have to sit here with a broken tooth all weekend, already expecting that i can't eat anything at all, canceled all plans to go out

and why was i so depressed that i wanted to die every day to the point i didn't take basic care of myself? my emotionally abusive narc parents of course. thanks a fucking lot! i would have been better off in a fucking foster home!!!!!! for the rest of my life i have to spend tens of thousands of dollars and undergo constant medical terror because of shit that happened while i was a minor. just fucking great. i wish i was never born.

protip: if you're not gonna love and care for your child properly, DONT FUCKING HAVE ONE.

Anonymous 44114

that's tough. i've dealt with chronic depression most of my life completely unmedicated and no therapy etc. in the first place i can't afford the shit and in the second i don't want to get on a damn list (gun owner.) what do the meds actually do? i've been on st johns wort about 2 weeks now and as far as i can tell it does nothing at all.

>2 years
that's pretty bad. can't go to doctor?
i had a 10 before. was bedridden for 3 days before asking to get a ride to the ER. ironically i was gonna wait it out but someone on 4chan /adv/ suggested i really ought to go. could have died if i hadn't, turned out to be something serious. thought i might have just moved something wrong but it was legit illness that needed asap meds.

Anonymous 44117

Just moved in to college dorm because I wanted to change for the better and make friends. Now that I'm here I've realized that I am too scared to talk to people and I miss my parents and pets more than anything.I don't know what to do with my life anymore it seems like it will just never work out for me. :/

Anonymous 44119

I have OCD and I can't stop, won't stop brushing the bathtub with my bare hands.

Anonymous 44120

It's therapeutical for my OCD to not bathe for a time. I used to bathe 3 times a day.

Anonymous 44121

when i went to dorms to (get away from my cooky parents and) make friends, i ended up having nothing but arguments and bitter fights with roomies because they were dirty thieving loud rude inconsiderate cunts. and i imagine it's only gotten more insufferable since then. and that was WITH a private room. plus it was more expensive than just renting a room off campus.

Anonymous 44122

I just want a cute gf to watch cartoons, wear matching outfits, and be socially inept with.

Anonymous 44127

>can't go to doctor?
I can but my luck with doctors is terrible
Never going to understand why so many of them just don't give a damn about their patients

Anonymous 44129


>get bf I adore a lot
>has trouble talking about emotions and expressing them
>I just want to make him comfortable and feel loved
>brings up fetish of wanting to have sex with multiple women but says he never acts on them and declined one opportunity to do so previously
>sends anime pictures of lewd and says he wants me to watch while he is doing them despite knowing that I do not get anything out of it
>me getting turned off immediately
>another day, another character where he talks about multiple aspects of why she is amazing and the best
>never made me feel like the best or told me that
>asks if I'm really being jealous over a fictional character
>Me feeling immensely stupid over that

Anonymous 44130

>asks if I'm really being jealous over a fictional character
>Me feeling immensely stupid over that
You realize he did that on purpose, and that you being jealous is part of his fetish, right?
He's putting his kink above your feelings.

Anonymous 44131

Please leave this douche. You deserve so much better. A person that truly loves you will always make you feel like a number 1 and wouldn't want anyone else.

Anonymous 44132

>asks if I'm really being jealous over a fictional character
>Me feeling immensely stupid over that
It would be stupid, except it sounds more like you're just generally unhappy with the level of attention that you get. Be honest, even if he didn't talk about the anime girls, would you be okay with the way he treats you? Or are the anime girls just what brought to your attention a problem in the relationship that would exist regardless?
>sends anime pictures of lewd and says he wants me to watch while he is doing them
As in, he talks about you watching him have sex with the anime characters?
That's pretty damn far out there, especially for a moid who actually has a girlfriend.

Everyone's got fetishes, sure, but a reasonable person should also be able to grasp the fact that not everyone else is going to be comfortable with them.
I think he either needs to learn how to keep it to himself, or somehow find a gf that actually shares his weirdo tastes. It shouldn't be solely on you to change.

Anonymous 44133

You're only stupid if you stay silent about it. Don't compare yourself or try to compete with 2D. If he's the type to 2D seriously, then he isn't worth being in a relationship with, if he understands the difference between 2D and 3D, then he'll listen. Either way lying and trying to hide your emotions isn't going to help either of you.

Anonymous 44134

My bf's coworkers are too good looking.
Neither me nor my bf are lookers.
Last night he got invited to a coworker's dinner.
There were four other couples.
We were by a very big stretch the ugliest people in the room.

I fucking hated every single second of it. It doesn't seem to bother him at all, and there is no way I'll ever tell him.

Anonymous 44135

Boys are dumb and don't understand deeper motives. Think of a reason to call him and use that as an excuse. It could be as simple as you not understanding how to do something he knows how to do correctly.

Anonymous 44136

Text him that exact text message then hopefully he gives you green light to call him.

Anonymous 44137

Either I'm a cold psychopath with no empathy or a nosy, meddling cunt who lives vicariously through the openly shared lives of Internet strangers.

One contradicts the other, because to be a psycho is to not care about others and to live vicariously you need an abundance of empathy, but shh, the more idiotic their ideas the harder I laugh.

Anonymous 44138

knife wife.png

break it off with him, he sounds like a total cumbrain
getting you jealous and insecure is his fetish and he prioritises it over your feelings, making him a shit partner

Anonymous 44139

that's pretty messed up. i would never talk about husbandos to a moid i was dating.

Anonymous 44141

Ask him if he really finds a cartoon attractive. You need to realize that normal people don't actually find anime attractive, even if they're meant to represent a hot woman. Think about how some people find cartoon network characters attractive. You probably think that's really weird and stupid, right? We'll that's how normal people view your bf.

Anonymous 44145

Femanon browses Crystal Cafe, if she even cares what normalfags think she definitely isn't one. She should mention it because she finds it offensive, not because some imaginary "normal person" does.

Anonymous 44146

If the labels contradict each other maybe you should realize the labels aren't helpful.

If anything you're not a psychopath though, you just hate your life so much and are aware that people don't like talking to those that hate their life, so you've constructed a view of yourself where you're cold, aloof and calculating, when really all you want is for people to like you and for you to like you.

Anonymous 44148

Missing the point. He's trying to ridicule her for being jealous of an imaginary character, so she should ridicule him for being attracted to an imaginary character.
OP might think it's not something worth ridiculing him for since she probably likes anime too, but from a normal point of view it is and that's what I'm trying to say.

Anonymous 44207

That's the worst bad astrological reading I've got.

Anonymous 44209

Don't be mean I think it wasn't bad

Anonymous 44213

Astrological? Masking is an established psychological phenomena. I suppose you could be schizoid too schizo.

Anonymous 44236

You're poorly projecting yourself unto others.

Anonymous 44243

Afterall, you wear masks for a living. You're a shoemaker that makes perfectly fitted shoes only for yourself.

Anonymous 44245

I feel dead inside. At this rate, my grief will be the death of me.

Anonymous 44261

Thank you, anon. It means a lot right now

Anonymous 44271

Today was just a shit awful exhausting stressful day in general. The dean of the foreign languages department decided to sit in my class to observe my lesson and lo and behold she comes into my anal monday class (who hated me since day 1 since that was the first class ever as I had no previous teaching experience) okay so the class decided to stay quiet as usual and not speak making me look bad in front of her, so now her view of my teaching is now catalogued forever as this teacher who cannot get her class to speak in english oral. i dont even know how to feel anymore cause idk maybe she was right and im a shit teacher but the way she went about it was so rude, to embarrass me like that in front of the class. i kinda dont want to resign just to spite them but i kinda want to go back home to my country where i can be a neet again and just focus on myself not needing to kiss ugly bitch hag's asses and fantasizing in my head that im the greatest and that one day my life won't be so shitty and that it's actually the people around me who are complete fuckheads AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM PERFECT AND IT IS EVERYONE ELSES PROBLEM NOT MINE

god why do i have to work and perform facial expressions and friendliness to neurotypicals let me just be an angry cynical decaying corpse in peace you annoying npcs

dunno if i'll be fired over this cos she is supposedly the head of the foreign languages department and im meant to bow down to her but instead i just argued w her for 2 hours haha woops. there goes my contrarian quirk

Anonymous 44272

>nerds should just act like normies out of fucking nowhere even if it goes against their beliefs and personalities
Please fuck off into the sun. An eye for an eye solves nothing. OP should either communicate that she's uncomfortable with his gay weeb cucking fetish bs or break it off.

I would personally just end it, not bc he's a weeb since even you recognize that if OP is also a weeb it's nbd, but because the whole "I was invited to an orgy and just happened to skip out on it haha" thing raises red flags imo and his behavior is unattractive. He has the makings of an unabashed cheater, that potential is dangerous.

Next time he pulls that "What? Are you jealousss?" shit just abruptly say "Nope, you can have her. I'm done. I don't want to see you anymore." Withhold from communicating further.

Usually, one of two things typically happens after this: he will eventually crawl back to you and apologize after realizing his amateur fuck-up (happens if some guys tell him he fucked up and was the autist in this situation, unfortunately if you try to tell him this he won't listen bc mn are sexist like this) *OR** he will continue down his path of mental rot and desire for promiscuity, therefore you dodged a bullet in the long run.

Anonymous 44273


i have a huge crush on my male friend, he says he feels a little bit of sexual attraction towards me but then proceeded to completely friendzone me. it's not like he has a gf or anything either, i dont think he ever had one before. i hhate my life why must moids be like this

Anonymous 44274

Either yor ugleh, he has a crush on someone else, he’s shy of asking you out and is afraid of ruining your relationship, he feels unworthy of you or he thinks you have a bf.

Anonymous 44276

Ask him if he likes somebody else and tell him you would like to date him to get to know him more personally have some ovaries to ask him the important questions. The worst it can happen is you just get turned down which is fine, it happens it will hurt a bit but you can move on sooner. The best it can happen is you get a date with him.

Anonymous 44279

>be going around my day
>cute boy gives me a smile
>stare at him with blank emotionless face

I always get caught by surprise so I don't react appropriately. The blank stare is what I use to avoid hustlers and salespeople and scamcharitists.
I hate myself for it.
I wish I could just smile in return.

Anonymous 44292

just got the bill, it's gonna cost $1500. I've never been able to afford a vacation in my life because every year or two some shit like this happens and my job sucks and i have a lot of student debt to begin with. all because my parents had me borderline suicidal as a teen because they were so abusive. tell me why i shouldn't just kill myself. all i do is work and suffer. if things don't improve within a few years i'm just gonna take a trip to the suicide forest, i'm done with this shit. i did everythign right and i just get fucked and fucked and fucked over continually.

Anonymous 44294

You can talk to me if you really have problems you don't know how to deal with. I'll be here for you ok?

Anonymous 44296

I take exfor(?) For my mood, trazodone and prazison(?)(can't spell and don't have the bottles sorry) and hydroxyzine for my aniexty. I've been taking them all for about 4 years and I'm great while on them, and have little to no episodes. So they all help alot but all I have left are 10pills of my anxiety meds. I'm getting close to selfharm again and at this point gonna just check myself into a mental health clinic, cause I'm worried about what I'll do when I run out and have an episode.
And I work tomorrow but feel as though I have no energy to carry on anymore. But I hate to call out but I don't know if I can work without constantly in panic mode.

Anonymous 44301

who made me a prin…

i regret a lot of things in my life, but i'm currently sad over being so…pathetic, i guess?

i wish i could be the social butterfly my mom obviously seems to want; i wish i could be pretty and interesting and wow my dad; and in general, i also wish i wasn't so much of a failure to them both.

like i'm 22 next year, barely done with my degree (a degree i currently suck in – compsci), and even then i am scared that i won't be able to complete it, because uni in the states is so expensive and i'm like a b-student. i don't even qualify for student loans lol.

i don't know. if i could hit a reset button, go back with everything i now know, i absolutely would. sorry i guess

Anonymous 44302

source to this is "who made me a princess" by the way. it's pretty good

Anonymous 44304

You are not a failure to your parents don't worry.

Anonymous 44314


"I ignored the signs, FORCED
YOUR HAND, and Last 6 words that Joker said to Murray except the pArTiCiPlEs are switched!!!!"

Anonymous 44317

That's disgusting. Use a brush instead of your oily hands.

Anonymous 44327

I’m not going to try and sell the idea that celebrity crushes are super deep or meaningful, but sometimes I get a real pain in my chest when I see someone I think I might be able to get along with and they live a life a million miles away from my own in both space and status. It’s made worse by the fact that they’re a celebrity, so of course they’re predisposed to be handsome and charming, another layer of a thing outside of mundane reach.

I wish it would just die out already, but I keep circling. The one good thought I have is on the nature of crushes in general, that no matter how hard you try to reason with yourself and break people down into stats or figure that you could find someone who looks the same, none of it seems important because you’re fixed on the one person. It’s probably a larger than life image of the person, sure, but it’s kind of nice to feel the monogamy drive.

Anonymous 44329


>was molested, have to use shitty coping mechanisms for the rest of my life, nerve pain constantly reminds me that i can't undo what's been done to me
i want to die so badly, great to know that the gun laws in my area just got more restrictive and that partial hanging wont work with how crowded my living space is

Anonymous 44348

…Go on?

Anonymous 44355


You tried therapy?

Anonymous 44356

I relate to the male part. It's so weird. I still call myself bi though because I think I have some attraction to them anyways. My theory on why I feel this way is that I know how horrible men are in every single way. So that is why I can't ignore it whenever I do get interested in one.

Unrelated: I want to leave a "group" I'm in but I am afraid of the social consequences that will follow if I do leave it. I'm not gonna go into detail but it's connected to politics and there is a chance I will be labeled a terf if the truth comes out. So that's great. I know this is a general vent so I hope it's okay to mention this here?

Anonymous 44359

>nerve pain
it must have been bad. i'm sorry, fren. please don't kill yourself. treat yourself well and give yourself the world.
i had shitty parents and have phsycial injuries for life from it, not sexual at least, so i know your feels. it's enraging for sure. take care of yourself now to make up for what you dealt with then.

Anonymous 44361

I've been seeing this guy the last couple months who's pretty good looking and vaguely intelligent (also a bit younger than me - 29/25) but he seems overly sensitive. One night while drunk I playfully called him a weirdo and he grew kind of despondent until I apologized for saying that. Is that normal? I thought moids didn't overanalyze stuff - especially things you say off the cuff. Doesn't strike me as the type to have been bullied as a kid either.

Anonymous 44365


Some guys are just a bit more sensitive, maybe weirdo is a loaded word for him. There's a chance he was bullied as a kid and deliberately wants to seem like the type who wouldn't have been.

Anonymous 44370

My husband doesn't strike me as the type to get bullied as a kid either, but I called him Quasimodo as a joke once and he got incredibly despondent as well. Was his nickname in elementary. Guys may put on a stoic mask, but please remember they have feelings too.

Anonymous 44372

Does he actually have a hunchback?

Anonymous 44373

Nah, I assume his posture was just poor as a reclusive autistic nerd though. As a kid he also used to have a lazy eye, and he's get pretty bad skin. He looks great now, but seriously, dude's have emotions too.

Anonymous 44396

They overanalyze stuff when they are into you anon.

Anonymous 44437

Does trimming your eyebrows actually help you get noticed by guys more?

Anonymous 44439

If you have bushy/thick eyebrows get them done. Almost nobody can pull off natural eyebrows well. By this I mean, they are seen as unattractive by contemporary beauty standards.

Anonymous 44443

Absolutely yes! I started doing my eyebrows by plucking them and drawing them which has made me go from Becky to Stacy. I'm not even joking.

Anonymous 44444

>drawing them

Anonymous 44445

Not completely, just to give the plucked brows more coherent and clean shape.

Anonymous 44446

doesnt it come off in the shower? do you do it every day?

Anonymous 44447


I be washin' my clothes manually, foo's! Leave muh cousin's playlist be!

Anonymous 44451

Just like any make up yeah. I only do it if I go out. I have been planning to get it done as semiperma tattoo, trying to save money for it.

Anonymous 44453

im so fucking angry. i know its said all the fucking time but i fucking hate men. i cant believe the shit i heard these guys say today. im so fucking angry. why are ALL fucking men like this unless theyre really gay or some shit. Im SO fucking tired of this. "oh shes ugly but has amazing thighs" "oh what a faggot" "god is that her?" kind of shit AROUND 30 PEOPLE???IM SO GLAD IM A FUCKING LESBIAN HOLY SHIT. THIS GENERATION OF MEN RAISED ON HARDCORE PORNO IS FUCKING DISGUSTING, THEYRE ALL FUCKING FUTURE PEDOPHILES. I SAW A VIDEO EARLIER OF A FUCKING THIRTEEN YEAR OLD AND ALL OF THE COMMENTS WERE MEN SAYING SHES HOT AND MAKING PEDOPHILIA ""JOKES"" I FUCKING HATE THIS WORLD WHY CANT I LIVE ON AN ISLAND WITH ONLY WOMEN, AND WOMEN ONLY, ALL DAY EVERY DAY???? WHY IS SHIT SO UNFAIR FOR US, I FUCKING HATE IT HERE MEN ARE UGLY AND DISGUSTING . IM GONNA START PUNCHING BITCHES

Anonymous 44456

>applied to program pretending to be bisexual because they put a huge emphasis on sjw diversity points in their acceptance rates
technically i have had intercourse with 2 women so it isn't a lie? i don't get what my sexual preferences have to do with my academic potential but here we are. yeah sure i'm bisexual. yeah bro i'm totally gender fluid, sometimes i wear a flannel shirt. now please help me escape poverty kthnx

Anonymous 44459

Which country?
In Germany (and I think most EU countries) the only things that matter are gender and whether you have a physical disability.
Lol at giving preference on the basis of which sexual partners you prefer.

Anonymous 44460

US. things are insane now. your race and sexual orientation are more important than your ability.

Anonymous 44475

I know exactly how you feel. Too bad we can't exterminate any and all men. Best advice I can give you is to just ignore them as much as you can and not think about them

Anonymous 44478


I just had a drunken bisexual makeout session with my flatmate and some guy we invited. I've never done anything even vaguely slutty in my life and I'm already regretting it, how fucked am I

Anonymous 44480

Not more fucked than you are right now at all, the regret you feel is the punishment

Anonymous 44481

They were both ugly or what? You was drunk?

Anonymous 44484

I hate how a majority of people, interest and media revolve around sex. Like why they fuck do people hold it with the utmost importance.
Some people act like the world will end if they don't get laid. That it's so important to life.
Some story writers depend on it too much of a crutch to keep it interesting.

Anonymous 44485


The guy I've been thirsting over for months now, and had the chance to finally ask out next week, turned out to be a white supremacist. Just saw a picture of him at some family harvest festival thing with him and all his cousins shirtless and marked up with WS and Nazi symbols. The universe is just punishing me.

Anonymous 44486


why did a mod delete my posts for no reason ? </3 no rules broken, they were on-topic, saged, and i never recieved a ban or warning for them

this would never happen on lolcow
u people are psycho

Anonymous 44487

Roleplay to him that you are "le trad-wife" then get information about where he lives, find out if he owns a rifle and file a police report with his pictures that he is a neo-nazi with a rifle. He is going to get his house sacked by elite policemen SWAT guys.

Anonymous 44488

>file a police report with his pictures that he is a neo-nazi with a rifle
Is that actually illegal, though?
I'm pretty sure to get a warrant he has to at minimum be provably making threats of harm against specific people.

Anonymous 44490


I saw this AskReddit thread called something like “what are things you wish you knew about being an adult?” and it was all so fucking depressing, like “75% of life is doing work and you will barely have time to yourself.” I’m 19 but haven’t fully transitioned to “adult” life yet since I still live with my parents, and am so deeply unhappy and unfulfilled with life. Seeing people essentially saying “things get worse” makes me feel suicidal. If I ever have to work 8hrs a day 5 days per week for the rest of my life, I will seriously kill myself.

Anonymous 44491


Things get better because working is the only way to gain your independence from your parents. The truth is being a NEET is what is depressing, I can't wait to get the hell out of here I done it before I just fucked up and had to return but I learned from my mistakes.

Anonymous 44492

Neo-Nazi stuff isn't illegal here. Besides, getting him locked up would just ensure he stays the way he is, or gets even worse.

Anonymous 44493

>The truth is being a NEET is what is depressing
I was a NEET for two years, and since then I've had a job for almost two years.
I was much happier as a NEET.

Anonymous 44494

I feel really dirty, I'm just glad we didn't go further despite the guys insistence
I wouldn't call them ugly but I wasn't attracted to either of them even after how much I drunk, the guy was being really forceful and I didn't want to leave my flatmate alone with him and somehow things just escalated

Anonymous 44495

Not her, but the thing that makes me hate being a NEET is the feeling of stagnation, of not getting better at anything and not going anywhere. I can't seem to muster up the will to do anything without some kind of constraint. I don't respond to the carrot anymore, only the stick.

That, and the constant anxiety about the future.

Anonymous 44496

How the hell did that not come up earlier?
You clearly have your standard for moids and whatever else you judge them on completely and utterly fucked.

Anonymous 44497

I've never heard him say a bad word about another ethnicity or use any of the usual alt-right talking points. He volunteered to help a health campaign in Aboriginal communities wracked with substance abuse and domestic violence. I didn't notice because he's never shown any sign of it. That's why this has come so completely out of the blue.

Anonymous 44502

>is the feeling of stagnation, of not getting better at anything
I mean, it's not like I sat on the couch staring at a wall for all that time. I learned how to cook, built a garden, and had plenty of hobbies and interests to occupy me.
>not going anywhere
Eh, I've never really felt any ambition in that sense.

Anonymous 44503

Are you sure the picture wasn't taken out of context somehow? Maybe it was years old, or done as a joke or something?
Doing volunteer work for minorities would be going pretty damn far for an actual white supremacist just as an attempt to hide.

Anonymous 44504

It's recent, and he's surrounded by his family with similar markings. They run farms and I previously thought his devotion to family was charming, but this just goes to show it's all this return to monkee trad-living fertility cult crap neo-nazis espouse.

It doesn't make any sense to me, especially considering he has close mixed-race friends. All I can think is it's cognitive dissonance and he's trying to disguise himself or improve his image.

Anonymous 44506

listen to other anons
avoid people with bpd

Anonymous 44508

>It doesn't make any sense to me, especially considering he has close mixed-race friends. All I can think is it's cognitive dissonance and he's trying to disguise himself or improve his image.
thats kinda scary anon, is there any way of letting them know about this

Anonymous 44511

That's why it's important to either have a job you want to have, or have something important in your life that's worth slaving away for (hobby, children, lover, etc)

Anonymous 44512

The resolution of the "cognitive dissonance" as you call it is, to him, that the holocaust and other racist facets of nazism are so overblown by society that they were either minor or didn't occur in the first place. Leaving only the sense of authority and how society should be ran. This along with other problems explains why neo-nazis and real nazis don't look anything alike.

I do find it funny though that you found his devotion to his family as a good thing until some other element came into play. As if doing the right thing for wrong reasons is any less a good thing to do.

Anonymous 44513

This is typical white trash behavior.
At some point later on, if you were to continue talking to him, he'd reveal his "power level" to you, as they call it on the internet, and he'd try to convert you.

Best to ghost him ASAP.

Anonymous 44516

Eh I'm a racist and also have mixed friends. It's not a good way to tell. He probably hasn't said anything about race in front of you because he knows most people won't approve of it.

Anonymous 44518

Racists have ethnic friends all the time, I mean, even Hitler was friends with Mussolini? Seriously though, the general concept that races should be distinct and separate from each other on the general level does not refute the concept of having friendships with them on the personal level.

Anonymous 44519

Not if he's American. American Police don't bother with neo-nazis most of the time, not until it gets gang levels.

Anonymous 44524


>Racists have ethnic friends all the time.
>I mean Hitler was friends with Mussolini.

Anonymous 44526

It's kind of eye-opening, considering he's a scientist and fairly well off. I guess anyone can harbour those beliefs deep down and never hint at them to others.

Anonymous 44527


Anonymous 44529

Black Mussolini.jp…

The joke is that Mussolini was a nigger.

Anonymous 44530

What does being a scientist have to do with it? If he's a STEM type a majority of them mock the social sciences.

Anonymous 44532


How the fuck are you supposed to cope with stress? I have been so stressed out over the past year or so that I just cannot anymore, I lost almost 10 kg over 6 months without even attempting to lose weight because of the stress alone. I cannot even focus on the things I like cause they always manage to stress me out somehow too. i should go to a therapist but idk how to even find one that would be willing to put up with such a messed up person

Anonymous 44533

Learn a martial art :)

Anonymous 44534

Stop willing yourself out of calmness. When someone commands you to calm down, don't spite them. Just calm down.

Anonymous 44535

tried, it just stressed me out some more

i cant just "calm down", thats like telling a depressed person not to be sad

Anonymous 44536

You're doing this to yourself, anon. You're willing this stress into yourself. Break down.

Anonymous 44537

With no other information then what's contained in this post, the first step is to recognize that it's okay to be stressed. The first step for anyone in this situation is breaking out of a very toxic loop they could be stuck in where they think "I'm stressed, I shouldn't be stressed, I should stress about how stressed I am". Do you find you find yourself thinking like this sometimes?

Anonymous 44538

yeah, i get stressed out over things i have no reason to stress about and that stresses me out, what of it?

Anonymous 44539

I ask because it's the easiest place to start. Stressing about being stressed is a loop, anyone can break that loop. It usually starts with the thought "I'm stressed", and then moves on to other thoughts like "Why am I stressed? I shouldn't be stressed." The next time you find yourself thinking "I'm stressed", before you think anything else, say outloud "and that's okay." If you find yourself still thinking thoughts like "I shouldn't be stressed" or "I'm such an idiot for being stressed", take a deep breath, clear your mind, and say "I'm stressed and I'm okay."

Your first step, before anything else, is just stopping this loop. That's all you should focus on at first. This is because if you can't break out of this loop, you won't be able to do any to solve your stress when you find yourself stressed no matter what you do. I don't care what you preoccupy yourself with or do during this thought loop. Watch movies, take a bath, whatever the fuck. Just whenever you think "I'm stressed" the next thought is "and that's okay", or maybe "and I'm okay" if that feels better.

Anonymous 44541

what if it is not okay though?

Anonymous 44543

literally just stop caring. That's all you have to do

Anonymous 44546

oh :(

Anonymous 44548

I know everyone gets this feeling but since graduating my life just feels so monotonous. I hate feeling like I'm stagnating or that I've stuck myself in an apartment I don't like, in a relationship that feels stale, doing the same things day in and day out. I go through cycles where I feel good for a couple days before it all becomes too much and I get faced with the reality of how much I dislike where my life is at right now. Every time I think more than a few weeks into the future it becomes too much and I get incredibly upset. I think I'm still afraid of owing up to some harsh truths about what I want from life and the lifestyle changes I will need to make to achieve it. I feel like I'm biding my time for something: for 'rona to be over, to have enough money saved up, til I figure out what to do next? How am I supposed to know if I'm just taking it slow or getting too comfortable and settling?

Anonymous 44549


I literally can't keep trashy guys out of my dms and it's so draining.

I feel so lonely but I'm constantly having to tell dudes to fuck off or that I'm not interested.

I'm pan so I've never had trouble finding people to date or talk to in the past that I liked, but it seems like there just aren't that many decent people around anymore.

Anonymous 44551

I'm becoming increasingly envious of others. Everyone around me coasts through life with relative ease. There's a few outliers here and there but what I stated holds true for the majority of my acquaintances. It feels like I'm the one who was meant to be the ugliest, the one with stunted social skills (meaning I currently don't have friends) and the dumbest one all at the same time. How can I live like this and say, "this is fair?" Others always get everything handed to them. How can I stop feeling this way?

Anonymous 44553

Realize life isn't fair and do what you must for your own goals.

Anonymous 44559

based and moidpilled
>how dare he have pride in his national heritage! only blacks, hispanics, and asians are allowed to do that!
yeah, essentially.

Anonymous 44562

Are you a social media personality or are you just pretty? I've never gotten random dms from guys lol

Anonymous 44563

A long time ago there was this Schoolhouse rock parody that explained how products are designed to be faulty on purpose so the consumer can buy more things to "fix" them.

Can't seem to find it anymore.

Anonymous 44565

I cosplay, so I get a lot of dms.

Anonymous 44567

>pride in his national heritage
Marking yourself with some triforce looking fingerpainting and larping as some weird, reject modernity, return to monkee commune farmer isn't pride in anything, except your hatred of others.

Anonymous 44570

I'm aware life is unfair and it's not worth living if you're born in a certain, specific way. I won't specify since it's probably against the rules but I don't see the point when everyone else just happens to have no mental problems and a perfectly balanced, healthy life. I had to be the one with nothing.

Anonymous 44571

It's my birthday today. I am celebrating it alone in my apartment by playing league and watching love island because watching chads and staceys getting it on makes it feel like I too have a social life. I am 25 this year, that is like categorically adult for me and yet I have nothing. No materials, no money and no will to live. I wonder if I will be this way till I am 30 and wrinkly. goddam god just give me something to work with. my own mother didn't even bother to call for my birthday

Anonymous 44572

I am dating a beautiful person that I'm trying very hard to love but I can't and I'm afraid I will never find someone this comely ever again.

Anonymous 44574

Happy birthday <3

Anonymous 44583


happy birthday, dear anon

Anonymous 44586

Happy birthday !!

Anonymous 44596

i cant believe i spoke to her right before she left n didnt even ask her name. im gonna see her again on monday but ffs i just met her and already like her. my mental illness is gonna ruin this shit, ugh

Anonymous 44598

Happy birthday anon, it’ll come around for all of us

Anonymous 44601


I love this place ;__;
can always count on anons on the internet to give a shit <3

and for my life, I wish to have peace. that's all I want :) to be a neet loser in peace.

Anonymous 44603


I'm sorry I'm late anon, Happy Birthday!

Anonymous 44604


I look up a misspelled name on Google, it gives me results for gay porn.
I look the same name up on DuckDuckGo it gives me the name of actors and musicians related to those words..

This is why I disabled Chrome.

Anonymous 44605

Mozilla Fire Fox > Chrome

Anonymous 44606


I masturbate too much. I spend about 3 hours a day masturbating to ero-doujinshi.
I think it's exacerbating my confusion about my sexuality.
I'm having issues figuring out if I'm straight or if I'm only into women. I've only dated men before.
It'd be solved if I just put myself out there to date or fuck a girl, but I'm legitimately terrified of sex and relationships.
Alas, I have moments of self-awareness each time I schlick and I still keep going.

Anonymous 44608


I feel like some idiot who didn't develop any coping skills or how to deal with my mental health. Growing up with a single mother who wasn't emotionally open and where depression was swept under the rug. Words like trauma and mental illness didn't exist.
Now I'm probably some bpd loser who can't handle conflict and is only in good moods when I'm left alone. My bf has old school thinking that its all laziness and just buck up. Mental stuff like depression isn't real.
I don't even know where to look for help or how to develop the skills for shit like conflict resolution or anxiety. All I know is how to be toxic and overreact.

Anonymous 44609

Google tailors your search results to correspond with what it believes you want to see, based on your own browsing history.
Seems to me there must be a reason Google thought you were interested in gay porn.

Anonymous 44617

>having issues figuring out if I'm straight or if I'm only into women
Why not both? You know you can do that right? Get all the benefits of being straight (i.e. reproduction one day) and all the benefits of being a lesbian (not relying on moids 100% for emotional & sexual satisfaction).

Anonymous 44618

Ah yes the bi-slut approach, some men will really desire that trait in you, but prepared for woman not thinking they can trust having you in a relationship since they'll have the constant looming doubt you'll just leave them for a man at the first possible opportunity.

Anonymous 44619

I consider myself bi. I'm a sexless virgin and take relationships too seriously. I don't want to put someone in that position of me figuring out myself in the middle of a relationship and dumping them because I'm straight. It doesn't feel fair and I'd hate to be in that position myself. I think it's compulsory heterosexuality. I just can't see myself in the future with a woman despite how badly I want to date one or how the majority of my fantasies involve women. Why can't I just get fucked by a futa with the biggest tits, anons?

Anonymous 44620


God didn't make anyone gay

Anonymous 44621

Why don't you just have sex with a woman with a strap on?

Anonymous 44622

I would love to. I just need to get over my fear of intimacy and actual sex one day so I can put myself out there.

Anonymous 44624

You need to get a racoon so everything can be at your phase and speed in the relationship.

Anonymous 44625

>just referring to them as raccoons now

Anonymous 44626


Oh no.
The website I was posting my Monstertober works in is down..

Anonymous 44630

Wait. What exactly did the symbols look like?

Anonymous 44634


ok so I may have overreacted a little as it looks like they're not like exclusively hate symbols. it's still really suspicious that they're marking themselves with it in groups and they're done in a really fascist style.

Anonymous 44635

>they're done in a really fascist style
What does that mean? Do fascist governments have a specific font that they all use or something?

Anonymous 44636

Point taken

Anonymous 44638


I wish I could be a NEET… But I have to wageslave 9 hours a day in a really stressful job for not even minimum wage, plus I'm also attending uni. When I come back home I just wanna relax n watch vtubers, but I have to clean and cook for my parents instead. Life sucks.
I'm also ugly, so tfw no bf. Epsecially since my best friend of 8 years finally got her first bf, and he is all nice, but I'm still sad that I'm not her number one anymore.

Anonymous 44639

When being a neet is your life trust me the last thing you want is wasting time watching v-tubers and letting your life just fly by. You start to hate yourself.

What you got is fine just be done with uni but having a job is nice because besides income, savings, etc for bigger projects or traveling or moving, etc it also makes you appreciate your free time and you even use it more creatively.

Anonymous 44641

use the internet bro. look up guides for what you're struggling with and get on it

Anonymous 44644


An update on this, in the flat elevator I bumped into a girl who's previously hooked up with the guy, as well as her friend (who I assumed hasn't hooked up with him). I've invited her to meet ups and flat parties and generally been nice to her. Only her friend really spoke to me and hookup-chan gave me the cold shoulder, did I breach some kind of girl code by letting the guy who's fucked my acquaintance drunkingly make out with me? I had no real interest in the guy and just didn't want to leave him alone with my flatmate and we didn't go further than kissing despite his insistence. She's said before he was just a hookup as well and has always been outspoken about having hookups but I'm worried I've crossed a line.

Anonymous 44645

Dump your bf

Anonymous 44646

As a former NEET who used to watch vtubers nearly 24/7 (watched Nijisanji, indies, and Hololive), I can relate to the feeling but it's more of a NEET relapse where I want to give up. I was the happiest I ever was in my life watching my vtuber while learning Japanese and improving my drawing skills, but >>44639 is right. You realize how much time just slips out of your fingers during that time on things that can improve your life in the long-run. Wage slave now so you can afford to relax later. Save up and maybe even go to Japan yourself after covid is over for a vtuber live event (e.g. Virtual to Live, Nonstop Story).

Coming home to a stream still going or watching a stream before work is the best feeling for me. I'm sure you'll find more people of similar interests at uni to befriend. I don't speak to anyone I was close to in high school anymore but as a 22 year old who graduated quickly out of a technical school, I speak to a lot of people I met there. Good luck, anon.

Anonymous 44647


Whoever played that obvious yet grim song from a specific band when I went to the convenience store almost a month ago: they do know what happened when I played it in 2017, right?

Anonymous 44654

cw: rape, gore? child abuse.
reading stuff like this https://www.reddit.com/r/offmychest/comments/j5mc3l/i_was_brutally_raped_as_a_child_causing/ makes me so depressed and ashamed. depressed, because it's sick to me that people are disgusting enough to do such things to kids. ashamed, because how are my issues even issues when people are dealing with stuff like that?

Anonymous 44658

>makes vent post
>someone mocks my vent post on another site
>possibly someone who recognized me?
>I didn't post any details that would give it away that it's me
>want to die

Anonymous 44660


I had a dream my ex was resting his head on my shoulder and I could actually feel his warmth.

Anonymous 44661

Get a new racoon bf

Anonymous 44664


im so terrified to end up a failure. i recently moved in with my long distance boyfriend, im not currently working or in school because of this. he doesn’t think i should work since he makes plenty to support us, and i feel useless. he wants me to focus on hobbies like selling things i make/art and classes when winter comes around which i am so completely thankful for, but i am overcome with guilt and its making my depression worse. i don’t want to sink into a bad mindset or ruin my relationship due to this awful thinking!! i just feel so guilty for having free time and not working or being in school despite just having a full time job last month before my move. i should be taking advantage of this but instead of comparing myself to others and feeling guilty for my free time. i want to appreciate unemployment right now without feeling bad and lazy. i feel so bad for whining over this aaaa@@@ i also have no friends and nobody to discuss this with except him or my diary. i just wish i could shutup and work on my hobbies.

Anonymous 44665

You could try volunteering, anon!

Anonymous 44667


>it also makes you appreciate your free time
Yeah, I appreciate it so much that I never feel like I have enough and am constantly carving chunks out of my sleep schedule to supplement it, meaning I get to spend 10 hours the next day not only forced to work but also doing so practically dead on my feet to the point where my literal dozing off while standing probably would've gotten me fired by now if my job weren't so easy a trained monkey could do 75% of it.
Yep, the working life sure is great. I don't miss being a NEET at all.

Anonymous 44668

honestly just last year i was all like im so frugal and low maintenance, i don't need money, money isn't the most important thing in life, as long as i have my books thoughts and my health all else is secondary….. and yet today after splurging like 1k on clothes, it made me feel soooo good just having good quality clothes that fit and look good me feels so good! and i want more of this feeling. fuck my old self that used to buy the cheapest most functional outwear and didn't bother with expensive but quality stuff because i thought i could get more variety… nah . fuck that. the poor quality stuff i wasted on which i threw away probably added up to a good coat which can last a decade anyways.

i just feel disgusted and embarrassed with myself? like it felt like the smart thing to do to save and not worry about "pffft clothes" but now im all about self preservation and feeling good and my fashion sense is an extension of me. i just want to be kind to myself, i want to treat myself. not just good diet and skincare but also good clothes. i want money. i want the freedom and the guiltlessness of treating myself well that comes with capital. being poor is literally so sad. and to think just a year ago i thought minimalism was hip and in. FUCK THAT. I JUST WANT MORE MONEY SO I CAN FINALLY LIVE THE LIFE I WANT TO LIVE.

Anonymous 44669


I get no pleasure out of life. All i do every day is exhaustedly trudge through the motions. I have no hobbies and all I do all day is lie in bed on my phone (besides when i have to work) because nothing interests me anymore. I just feel fucking dead inside. I felt alive for a short period of time with my ex last year but that’s all. I miss being loved. I wish i knew how to fucking feel happiness or pleasure or excitement for life. How the fuck do people deal with this for 60+ years

Anonymous 44670

I just went outside and made small talk with 2 taxi men. I'm proud of myself :) maybe after the 20th small chat, I will finally be a normie and shed my socially anxious self.

Anonymous 44672

You sound like you have shit work-life balance, you should try to fix that. Too much of one or the other tend to be awful.

Anonymous 44677

In spite of how much I hate it, I do still need the money from working, though.
Honestly, I was happiest during the two years when I was a full NEET.

Anonymous 44678


>make tiktok just to follow a qt e-lesbian
Repulsive behaviour. She's interacted with me for no reason and follows me elsewhere though…
I'll even use the cringe app, but refuse to actually make any sort of move towards friendship. kms

Anonymous 44681

Is anyone else here so awkward that people think you are autistic despite the fact you are not? I was bullied my entire childhood and have bad social anxiety, and because of that have no social skills. I only have one friend, who is probably only my friend because he pities me (and lives in another country). I want to become more likeable, so I do my best to act normal then it's all ruined because I get overexcited that finally someone is talking to me and say something strange or have an anxiety attack. I hate having anxiety so much.

Anonymous 44682



Whale, I WAS planning on drawing THESE two back to back for tommorrow's Monstertober:



But since this world seems to mistake coincidence for bugging people I'm gonna have to go with a different monster.

[Luigi voice] YAHOOO! [Luigi voice]

Anonymous 44684

That won't end well.

Anonymous 44688

Yes, I have. I even had multiple opinions and they all discarded that possibility. Only thing I have diagnosed is anxiety and depression. (It's probably not only these, but I definitely don't have autism.)

Anonymous 44689

anon everyone says being socially awkward is bawwtism, its why its so overdiagnosed. shit childhoods cause erratic behavior sometimes, i was like that too and they diagnosed me. but when i got therapy for trauma i was fine with social interaction. its now off the list. its all fucking bullshit just find a good therapist or support group online and eventually you'll come out of your shell

Anonymous 44690

Being a high libido+hopeless romantic bi woman fucking sucks. Getting sex and intimacy with men is so simple and it requires virtually no effort however I almost always feel like he's going to leave me for being too easy or think of me as a slut. I also hate that I can barely hold friendships with other women because of my sex drive. They're usually so comfortable cuddling/hugging/changing in front of each other and it makes me feel like some sort of pervert sexualizing them when they don't even see what they're doing as sexual.

I don't have any of the other major signs that may be attributed to too much testosterone(I don't have any more body hair than the average women, I don't have a high muscle mass and I don't have facial hair) so I doubt that getting to T suppressants would do anything to help me. I just want to have really vanilla cuddly sex three times a day every day.

Anonymous 44691

I'm the same, anon.
Big horny for so many people all the time though I'm luckily never in any sex pickles due to being very antisocial. In exchange I'm just thinking of sex all the time or obsessing over marrying someone random who I've never even talked to.

I've heard some birth controls can suppress libido? Doesn't seem healthy but if the benefits outweigh the risks it may be worth it. Also may clear acne if you have that.

If not I hope you find your dream person to match you.

Anonymous 44695

can you elaborate more on this, anon?

Anonymous 44696

honestly, BASED AF. retail therapy>>>>>>

Anonymous 44700







Anonymous 44701

You might need a sugar daddy

Anonymous 44717

If she’s a whore maybe, but I have faith

Anonymous 44724

Long story short: had a pseudo-intervention with one of my folks, heated words were exchanged (to the point old scars had to be opened to remove the stitches), but we found some unpolished yet nevertheless common ground, so I may have to go see the doc later this month, and be out of the municipal to get stuff sorted and that ground polished. I'll do my best to continue Monstertober nonetheless, but that's what transpired, pretty much.


Anonymous 44726


i have been falling for men 10 to 15 years older than me, i am 19
why do i do this

Anonymous 44733


I recently got broken up with over text by my bf of one year who've i've known for about 8 years, when our relationship was in limbo i felt like complete shit but funnily enough when he broke up with me over text after describing how I should kill myself i completely lost all feelings for him and realised that I can't cure him of the disease that is being a pathetic manchild
although im definitely happy I got over a guy i've known for eight years this easily i'm a bit worried this makes me some sort of sociopath considering this time last month i thought i was seriously in love with him and planning my whole future around him
on paper he was really perfect,a virgin before we got together, we had so much in common and could talk for hours and honestly now im struggling to remember his voice or even remember what i liked about him or why i even cared or framed my whole life around him
I'm worried that I never actually loved him, maybe it was his constant lying throughout our relationship or the fact that he was so dependent on his parents paying the rent for him and taking care of him in every facet of his life despite being in his twenties
honestly i feel like a dodged a bullet and that i know he'll never change but also at the same time i'm a bit worried about how adaptable i've been since his tantrum and i really am a bit concerned how uncaring i am towards him now when i've known him for so long

Anonymous 44734

Could be daddy issues but also normal because guys in your age are retarded. Well, honestly men older than that are retarded too, but they can be hotter. Matter of preference I guess. Maybe you just like DILFs.

Anonymous 44748

You're probably very insecure. Old men tend to see young women as goddesses and must constantly boost your ego.

Anonymous 44752


If seeing a guy get subtly torn apart until he turns into a skeleton is unsettling then I DO hope Eric Goldberg removes (or edits) that one scene from Looney Tunes: Back in Action with Ron Perlman and the Tasmanian Devil.

Anonymous 44771

So my bf has very few friends, but most of the ones he does have are female. This has bothered me sometimes because I have low self esteem and I keep thinking he'll leave me for one of them, but he keeps reassuring me that he loves only me, and that they are just friends. The fact that several of them are lesbians helps.
I've been treated like shit or forgotten by nearly everyone I know, 'friends' and family alike, but my bf has been amazing, he's made me feel loved and the centre of attention for the first time in my life, even though I keep expecting him to drop me for someone prettier, he tells me that I'm the only one, and his actions seem to reflect that. But…
I just learned yesterday from one of his friends that, before he and I started dating, he would regularly mutually masturbate with her, and that they would shower together. She was in a relationship at the time too. They apparently never had sex or oral or whatever, both of them deny that, but she happily told me that they would get off to porn together (I don't like porn at all).
I feel betrayed and lied to, and more insecure than ever. I feel disgusted with her, with my bf, and with myself, but I don't know if I'll do anything about it. This is the first real issue we've had in 3 years. I'm just feeling awful but don't know if I should go, make him stop being friends with her, or whatever. It doesn't help that she's also autistic. I'm just confused and guilty, and feeling again like I've been treated like shit.

Anonymous 44772

The problem here is he didn't disclose that earlier. I think that is a fair fact that he should have let you know earlier. It is unreasonable of you to have guessed that might have happened and to have asked him, so he should have told you.

Do what you will. I think it is something you need to let him know is not acceptable in your relationship - what occurred, and the fact he held off on telling you for so long. That's technically manipulative.

Anonymous 44776

>before he and I started dating
How can you say you feel like you're being treated like shit? You have no right to feel like that, you were not dating. He doesn't have to disclose all the tiny details about his past sex life. He might not even want to tell you because you would judge him for it, like you are doing now.
Also I hope you realize that girl most likely told you that to make you jealous and possibly dump your bf.
Do you expect your bf to magically go back in time and undo any previous sexual experiences so you can feel less insecure?

Anonymous 44777

Why did you ever date him in the first place? Surely 8 years is more than enough to learn these things about someone?

Anonymous 44778

>He doesn't have to disclose all the tiny details about his past sex life
I think the issue with this is that it depends on the people involved. Some are the type to share EVERYTHING and will expect the same, while others are fine with some privacy/secrets and feel smothered when their partners want to know it all (or annoyed when they share).

It's just incompatibility rather than anyone being a villain…until a standard is established. If anon is an upfront type and they've agreed to tell all, he's done a bad.

Anonymous 44779


need money so badly but i have no skills and getting a job where i am is impossible, especially when you have no skills. swear to fuck if university was free or affordable in the states about 90% of my issues would be solved lol this sux

Anonymous 44780

What about a trade school? Much cheaper than university and arguably more useful for the average person.

Anonymous 44784

Work in McDonalds as a manager.

Anonymous 44786


I was dating someone else for five of those years so I guess I never really realised it properly, I always was aware of how dependent he is but realising his true mature as a manchild came a bit later

Anonymous 44787

Free uni in europe truly is magical. My bf and I are moving there just for that.

Anonymous 44789


The art thing'll have to wait bcuz I took sedative from doctor prescription. Good news is it's nuthin' serious. Bad news is it's still kinda gross.


Anonymous 44795

Propose the possibility of marriage to test if the moid becomes more mature and starts taking himself and you more seriously. It might work.

Anonymous 44796

Good night anon~

Anonymous 44806


Dearest anon, he broke up with me via text telling me to kill myself, he's entirely dependent on his parents and the both of us are still in our early twenties, I also haven't spoken to him since his outburst, I don't think randomly suggesting marriage will amend our relationship especially since I'm very not interested in him anymore

Anonymous 44809

Isn't it free for country/EU citizens only though?

Anonymous 44812


i don’t think im the prettiest girl, in fact i have little to no self esteem. i think im ok on some days if anything, but worthless as a whole. my boyfriends ex is pretty with an awful personality, and has always had it out for me. harassing me, calling me names, saying im the reason they broke up. i was only ever kind to her, and i tried to talk this out with her recently. (it has been going on for a couple years on and off as she manages to find me or my
boyfriends accounts places) she called me a whore, told me to kill myself, and even turned an old friend against me and they were both making fun of me in a call. it felt so confusing and awful, because i’ve had to deal with mean girls my whole life. i didn’t understand, i’m so kind to people unless they wrong me. even with her i was kind and patient. my boyfriend messaged her privately and she admitted that the reason she treats me this way is because shes upset and in other words jealous, that she hurts me for a reason. is this why most girls do this? or is something wrong with me…it hurts so bad to have old friends pitted against you or to be bullied by mean girls. i never understood it. even as a young girl a majority of my friends were guys because girls were so catty and awful to me.

Anonymous 44817


Anonymous 44823

this is good and i agree.

Anonymous 44826

Why can't my bf take care of himself like I do? I believe everyone deserves to have a good looking partner that takes care of themselves. I workout, dress well and wear make up. I make myself look as good as possible because I want him to have a beautiful gf, why can't he do the same to me?

It's so petty but I can't help it. It's really starting to get to me. I'm not attracted to his skinny fat body and protruding belly.

I'm not THAT pretty myself but I take care of myself. I keep my body toned at least. Is it too much to ask for the favor to be returned?

I love his personality and he loves and wants me. He makes me feel very beautiful and validated. I could grow old with this person, but right now I really feel like I'm wasting my youth.

I almost feel insulted. Am I not worthy of his effort? Does he take me so granted that he thinks that I'm not going to try get someone better? In all honesty, I probably wont find another person that loves me as much, accepts me and connects with me. Sometimes I actually wonder if its really so bad if I didn't.

I don't wanna force him to eat better and workout, that'd make me feel really awful GF and I believe he'd end up resenting me for it as well. But seriously, I think I deserve better. Am I seriously expected to be monogamous for someone who is not putting the slightest effort to at least not eat like a fucking hippo every day?

Sometimes I really feel like just thinking FUCK THIS, breaking up and jumping to the cock carousel. Then I think about further into the future where looks start to fade and I'd be alone, without my soulmate. This is truly world of choices and I don't know what to do. I just want to be happy and satisfied.

Anonymous 44829

please help me accept that i need to stop being codependent and break up with my boyfriend for both our sakes. he's a great guy who can't provide what i'm looking for due to circumstance. he feels similarly about me. tonight we cried while talking about it. he cried harder than me, which made me smile and hug him harder. i didn't want to let go. still don't. but the same issue props up year after year. four years later we're still the same dysfunctional people we were when we first got together. i wish i had met him in another life, or at least in a stabler place.

Anonymous 44841


I will most likely die alone and idk how to cope with it. I have no hope for moids any longer, and can't feel attraction to them. I feel no attraction to women either, and would never consider forcing myself into becoming a lesbian because I'm very religious anyways.
Wtf do I do? I just wish I could unlearn everything I know about men and feel happy in being a slave to them.

Anonymous 44842


I wish I had the kind of depression I had when I was 11-14 (apart from wanting to kill myself). I just felt barely anything, and if I did it was only the desire to off myself. Now i'm older and I feel too much. I get angry and sad over too many things and I overthink everything.

Anonymous 44844

Don't get your information from the internet. Make small talk and grow comfortable with boys that at the very least look approachable.

Anonymous 44847

vindicta subreddit/discord if its still around

Anonymous 44858

If you're overthinking that's not "a different kind of depression". You have anxiety, which cam be co-morbid with depression but certainly isn't it.

Anonymous 44859

>Wtf do I do? I just wish I could unlearn everything I know about men and feel happy in being a slave to them.
If someone wanted to unlearn it is possible. Try actually interacting with moids in person as opposed to the internet. Most moids are more bumbling then maniacal.

Anonymous 44861


silently making peace with the fact that i have weird, sudden flare ups at random strangers over petty, small things…and that my only saving grace is that i keep silent about it.

used to make me feel really guilty but now i understand it's a minor failing of my character. and it's probably good that i know when i'm being fucked up towards someone

Anonymous 44873


I’m falling out of love with my fiance
I didn’t want to make a whole thread for this. First of all I came out of two abusive relationships that were back to back before meeting him. My fiance cheated on me but I never left bc I was so desensitized to cheating, he was nice to me so I felt like he deserved a chance bc of that. My exes were incredibly abusive so him being nice to me threw me off. Tried couples therapy and in my opinion it’s not working. My fiance got a great job and let me quit mine so I could pick up on my egirl antics (use to be a semi successful egirl until shit hit the fan irl) I’m doing pretty well as an egirl now. If anything better than how I was when I first started this egirl bullshit. My fiance though has been throwing a huge fit over it for the past few months. Fighting with me because I talk to my friends/fans on discord or play games with them. Like actual yelling fights. I don’t even do anything lewd so I’m so fucking confused. He expects me to lay in bed with him all day long and not keep up with my streaming schedule and prioritize him. That’s all I’ve been doing for the past 2 years, laying in bed with him and watching tv. I felt depressed doing that. I dedicated 2 years of my life solely giving him attention and he has the audacity to bitch at me for trying to do my own thing. I got to the point where I told him I don’t want to marry him. He’s rude to me, demanding, controlling, petty. He isn’t the person I gave a second chance to. He keeps trying to fight for us to stay together and is trying to get us more therapy. But I have totally given up, I don’t even want another relationship after this. I begged him to understand that I have to talk to a ton of people to keep them interested in me and all he spews is “I’m not use to this though!!! You think I’m uglyyyy!” I don’t even do anything lewd? I feel almost held hostage, like I’m back in those past relationships. When I talk about leaving he starts scratching his chest real hard. I am a total dumbass. My parents love him because he has a good degree and I don’t have any education. I don’t know what to do. He makes my silly little job hard, which he allowed me to partake in because he felt bad my real job was stressful and taking advantage of me. Yet he is causing immense stress. My period is all fucked up from the stress, I’ve been bleeding for a month straight. I don’t know what to do anymore I just want to eat a fucking bullet at this point

Anonymous 44876

i know you were probably expecting this but dump him girl. you probably have your reasons but the fact is you really don't have to put up with this. once you get past the fallout of the breakup you'll be much happier.
also, never agree to marry a man unless he treats you like GOLD. any asshole tendencies will be 10000x magnified once the marriage certificate is signed. so yeah try to get out of there asap
aside, how do you become an egirl??? thats my dream job

Anonymous 44877

I told him just now that I didn’t want to be with him anymore. He was yelling and screaming at me about how I’m a bitch to him, manipulative towards him, and how I snap at him all the time. But he never listens to me, he always does things that bothers me AFTER I have told him not to do such things. I can’t help but to snap, he’s been pushing me around for years. Our relationship foundation is based off of him cheating, I’m not sure what he expects. I’m trying to muster up some courage to call my mom and figure something out because my family lives really far from me.

On the side note I’ve been using twitch for years. At first, cosplay. That brings in gross horny dudes though, hated that. I still use twitch but I’m trying not to be a carbon copy of the other e girls who are just trying to act kawaii, flash their feet/thighs. It works but I rather not be seen as a Lewd egirl. One thing I noticed is that guys just likes cute girls who let them shitpost. Twitch is the best place to start, just make your layouts interesting. Click bait is also your best friend. I put a lot of weird photos on my stream so people will think “tf is that??” And click on it. I use memes, cursed images, sometimes just anime photos too. They tend to stay in the chat bc I’m nice to them and joke around with them. Bonding with your fans also helps a lot, like playing video games and voice chatting in discord. You’re their friend and they wanna support their friend (also potential gf??lol). Basically do it to make friends and they will help you blow up. I post photos of myself on other sites like Twitter and IG to remind them I exist. I wanna try tiktok but I’m kinda shy right now. I hope this makes sense I’ll explain more, I’m really into this stuff

Anonymous 44878

>My fiance got a great job and let me quit mine so I could pick up on my egirl antics (use to be a semi successful egirl until shit hit the fan irl) I’m doing pretty well as an egirl now. If anything better than how I was when I first started this egirl bullshit
am I misunderstanding this or are you talking about being an egirl as if it's a career path? I thought it was just a style

Anonymous 44879

Sorry I’m bad and context. It’s a semi career. I am studying and forgot to mention that because I’m being too emotional. Used the word e-girl instead of streamer. Getting subs off of twitch for side cash. I have a decent amount of savings to survive if it didn’t work out

Anonymous 44883

It's my birthday today and I feel tired after having to listen to normalfag relatives all day.
That is all.

Anonymous 44885

honestly if it's been two years and couple's therapy isn't working it doesn't sound like a fulfilling relationship with a strong foundation that will last through years of marriage.. just sounds like a messy, avoidable divorce in the making. good on you for taking the first steps, anon, i really wish the best for you

Anonymous 44921

I want to cry into someone's arms about everything wrong with me and my life. Acceptance is the most pure form of reassurance for me. I am so alone.

Anonymous 44937


today a girl who did a project with me in university texted me. she asked how i was doing and wanted to hang out. i'm taking a long break from uni and i've never had an actual friend before. That girl and some other girls were pretty nice when we were doing the project. idk how to feel about this. did someone really want to be my friend like that or they just wanted some tea about why i took a break from uni. i'm confused

Anonymous 44940

extremeley gay.png

they likely werent as well adjusted as they portrayed themselves, placing the family of your ex on a pedestal is really unhealthy

Anonymous 44942

ring of fire.jpg

there's a guy in my course who's cute, we have a lot of common interests and he even cooked for me yesterday! I did however, just come out of a long term relationship so i'm kinda worried that i'm just using him as a rebound and even though he's definitely cute and interesting and a lot more well adjusted than my last bf
he's also three years younger than me which makes me feel a bit weird honestly, I'm also worried about the ethics of dating someone in my course
but those traits aside he's a really nice guy and also a good cook which is nice because my ex was a manchild who couldn't take care of himself lmao
what do cc?

Anonymous 44943

anon, every adult will try to portray themselves as well adjusted and stable, especially to the gf of their son. even if you dont have anything else its better to have nothing than to idolise the parents of your ex who likely dont think of you at all

Anonymous 44945

Seduce him of course

Anonymous 44948

i don't know you personally anon but if you don't have medicine and your only option is poison or water, I'd go with the water.

Anonymous 44949

ideal self.png

I'm tempted to anon but
>he's in my course that i'll be attending for at least three or so years
>he's three years younger
>i've just left a long term relationship and even if i'm over my last bf i'm worried that i'm subconsciously using him as a rebound

Anonymous 44950


Nta, just get to know him little by little. No hurries. How did he end up cooking for you? Honest interest. Enjoy the ride, spend few time but of good quality together (if things look good).

Anonymous 44951

Vent here, anon. Don't be afraid.

Anonymous 44953


I hope you had a good day, anon.

Anonymous 44955


Why do men have to be so filthy? Every time I go over to a guy's place it's always disgusting. And I'm not talking about like, they were busy and haven't had time to clean up some clutter, I'm talking like I can feel crumbs and dirt sticking to my feet when I walk around, the apartment smells bad because of the mountain of dirty dishes sitting in the sink, and I don't feel comfortable sitting anywhere cause the furniture looks like it's never been cleaned. Nothing causes such an immediate visceral turn off for me. This has been 95% of the moid apartments I've been in.

Anonymous 44956

find a member of the five percent and don't let go I guess

Anonymous 44957

i just mentioned i was hungry and we went shopping together and he then cooked for me which was nice, i'm just very unused to guys doing stuff like that for me

Anonymous 44959

Because they're either lazy or used to mommy doing everything for them. Just don't settle for one of these parasites.

Anonymous 44962


my boyfriend has been cruel to me and ignoring me lately and it hurts so bad. i just want to spend time with him because im stuck home all day and he won’t let me work. we don’t drive, i moved here last month and have no friends…. i feel trapped and wonder if i should just go home. im scared to go jogging or walking alone because my mom says ill get raped lol. im sick of being so shut in like this, especially if he wont spend time with me during the time he isn’t sleeping or working. i don’t mean to want his time, but what else do i do? im alone so much and when hes free i wish i could spend it with him. but he won’t let me work…i planned to start online classes this winter but im not sure if it will solve anything. i have hobbies but they’ve been hard to stick to with this depressive feeling. i just want to cry and drink now…i feel if i could go on jogs by myself or work part time id feel purpose, but maybe i should move back home. i posted that our kitten died so that has made me feel so much more lonely too. i just feel useless and suicidal. why continue education or do anything if i dont even matter to him? he doesnt even comfort me when im bawling my eyes out. but i feel trapped now. i really reall6 need some sound advice in regards to just going and jogging every morning or that maybe doing online classes will help me. i dont like drinking and hurting myself this way but i dont feel worth anything else

Anonymous 44964

>i'm just very unused to guys doing stuff like that for me
I understand you, it's the same for me. That's why I recommend you to go slow, otherwise maybe you'll feel nervous because you haven't got used to it.

Anonymous 44965


Break up with your bf, I know that sounds harsh but trust me it will set you free from this sort of mentality, then you'll be free to get a job and be more independent a nd actually enjoy yourself
So many women stay in dead end relationships because they've been with the guy a long time and feel like they have nothing else, find work and learn to drive and focus on hobbies

Anonymous 44966

reminder that cute boys =/= moids
find a lovely, passive, groomed boy and I'll bet you he most likely smells better than you do, and his apartment is clean and immaculate

Anonymous 44967

the thing is that i moved all the way from home, my mother is very abusive to me and still she tries to control me (telling me not to go on a walking trail around me because ill get raped and killed and she’ll laugh) so why does everyone want me to fucking sit home all day on my ass? i don’t want to leave him or go back home, so i don’t know. id rather stay and feel hurt than go back to her and her boyfriend. do you think id feel less lonely/depressed when i do online college courses? and maybe if i start taking walks? i dont particularly want a job either but i know it would help me socialize and keep me busy which is why i have considered it.

Anonymous 44969

Might be breaking the "no religion talk" rule, but has anyone found success getting a Christian bf or are they all larpers who hate women and don't actually practice the faith? I still haven't found a legit Christian dude but I'm also a prot so every man wants to fuck you in the ass for jesus.

Anonymous 44982

These kind of things always make me feel bad, the "guys are so filthy haha" thing, because I am actually a filthy pig myself. I want to care but I can't. I feel like a failure as a woman or something that I don't have the "care about cleaning mess" thing built in.

Anonymous 44985

My long term bf is 3 years younger and it doesn't bother either of us at all. One of his friends actually said he wanted an older gf too after meeting me.

Anonymous 44991

My brother is a legitimate christian boyfriend and he and his wife are very happy together. He is open about not watching porn (he believes it is bad for society), he is almost a lawyer (took the bar), graduated from law school, and is very kind and thoughtful. He actually is the kind of brother that sets a standard for the kind of boyfriend I want to date, even though I'm not christian. It feels even more hopeless. He is extremely well spoken and intelligent. I sort of feel like he could do better, but his wife is quite sweet and lovely herself.

My point is it's possible.

Anonymous 44992

Yes, but it won't replicate me holding onto someone like it's the only thing that grounds me from flying into a void. It won't replicate the feeling of someone stroking your hair and simply letting you talk, no matter how nonsensical your feelings may be. I struggle a lot with knowing my feelings are illogical, but it's like the feeling is still so strong it needs an outlet.

Anonymous 44993


If I seem a bit snippy it's because in between commitment to this monthlong draw challenge I'm back on meds and was told to take less coffee. It's not as bad as it sounds.

It's just as irritating.

Anonymous 44997


It sounds like you're between a rock and a hard place, I recommend trying for a job to socialise and do some walks and invest in some hobbies. Maybe even talk to your bf as cohabiting as just friends if you think that'll make things easier

Anonymous 45000

You're good anon, probably no one paid attention or cared.

Anonymous 45002

>I have cPTSD so people from my past tend to be more "present" than they would be for normal people
Oh no. Is this not normal? Asking for a friend.

Anonymous 45008


Me after seeing a harmless post I made on another imageboard a year ago got deleted because it clearly wasn't even half as old as the ones that expired.

Anonymous 45009

Be lucky.

Anonymous 45017

So close but so far from understanding how will to morality works.

Anonymous 45018

Enlighten us then anon

Anonymous 45022

Unironically, go be an Amish.

Anonymous 45023

Amish men are sexist as fuck they just don't have HD porn.

Anonymous 45026

Amish men are also for a reason highly gay, the chances of them being gay are higher than normal especially for such a conservitard culture. It's theorized that it was the inbreeding that made them that way.

Anonymous 45027

I've been single and moid-free for two years, but a moid friend slept at my place for the first time in years and now I can't stop smelling the pillow he slept on and fantasising. Strength fading. Resolve wavering.

Anonymous 45028

Congratulations, you played yourself.

Anonymous 45029

Describe it

Anonymous 45032

shag him anon

Anonymous 45036


This!!!!!!!!!! just dew it!!

Anonymous 45037

I come here for some good old fashioned man hating to strengthen my resolve and this is what I get. Betrayal.

Anonymous 45039



Anonymous 45045


Squidward-anon I fucking love you and your posts, just wanted to let you know

Anonymous 45049

This not true, lmao. Source: know guys who don't watch porn and are against it.

Anonymous 45057


I probably dont know what you're thinking. But in case I do: please don't give me anything I would give (or have given) someone for my bday. Just don't. As if the early 10s were flawless anyway.

Anonymous 45101

What about men who live in places without Internet access?

Anonymous 45124

Stop being shy and talk to people while you do your duties. No hurrying.

Anonymous 45155

I have a hot Indian male professor. He looks like a "nerdy" anime boy, but with a dark complexion. It's strange how he looks better and better to me as the semester goes on.

Anonymous 45165

I keep "fawning" constantly. Its compulsive. Idk how to stop this shit. Help? I'm always riddled with fear.

Anonymous 50853


Reviving to rant about my sister

>about a year back

>she is shittalking me for getting something wrong
>turn one of her jibes back at her but change it slightly to mock her weight instead of intelligence
>she punches me in the face

>fast forward to today

>mom finds out I'm watching my weight again after slacking off for a few months
>"But you have a great figure unlike your sister haha just kidding"
>seems mean but sister is obviously thinner than me
>sister instead of going after my mom goes "IF I HAD SAID THAT ABOUT ANON"
bitch how am I the sensitive one when you punched me for just repeating one of your jokes.

FUCK I can't wait to move out and never see her again.

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