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Vent thread Anonymous 45059

We hit bump on >>43518 so here we go again, talk about your problems and vent your frustrations

Anonymous 45062

anon why are you trying to stay moid free?

Anonymous 45071


I'm afraid of my little sister trooning out. She's 13 and has pronouns in her ig bio (she/her for now but I've seen that shit escalate to they/them more times than I can count) and her ig profile picture is one of those pride flag picrew image-maker thingies with an asexual pride flag and an aromantic pride flag. It may sound like I'm making a big deal out of nothing, I mean I thought I was asexual when I was 13 myself but the difference is the whole 'it's hip to be a tranny' thing didn't exist back then like it does now. She also tries to appear as androgynous as possible by dressing a certain way and spews 'progressive' talking points like "if a man says he's a woman, then he is a woman" that type of shit. Now, we come from a pretty conservative family and live in a 3rd world shithole where it's pretty hard to be a woman and not hate yourself. However I don't want her to become a tranny just because of the shitty environment we live in. I want to say something to her but we're not really that close and don't have much in common (aside from watching anime together from time to time) I want to help her but I don't want to seem like a busy body either. What do?

Anonymous 45072

god there's this girl in my course who won't shut up about being asexual in my course and keeps bringing up her ldr bf and how he's the only person she's ever liked. which would be fine but she has to go invite him to our course-exclusive groupchats and have him involved in near every game we play together, it's really obnoxious and cringe

Anonymous 45083

talk to her about badass women and biology

Anonymous 45090


I suppose I'm not allowed to browse Newgrounds anymore either.

Anonymous 45092


I've been out of a job for a few months and the job market is terrible.

I only have 1 year of experience, but a good degree at a prestigious school, and there are absolutely no junior openings. It's all internships or jobs requiring at least 3 years of experience.

I'm still glad I left my old job to get away from the covid petri dish of a city I used to live in, but I didn't expect I would have this much trouble even finding a job I'd want to apply to.
This has made me feel so worthless and useless. At the current pace I might just take it easy for a few years and then commit sudoku when the shame becomes too overwhelming.

Anonymous 45093

take an internship and there is a good chance it will turn into a job. at the very least, it's easier to get a job while you are working somewhere else. employers tend to be overly suspicious of unemployed people.

btw, three years of experience is not always needed even if they say it is. the job advert is their dream candidate. since you have a good degree, you might be able to substitute this for some experience. just spam all the job openings until something sticks.

Anonymous 45094

Boyfriend just sucks at tact. Literally wept all weekend because I wouldn't see him for two weeks and he just informed me of how he's doing art for a female friend of his (they've been friends a long time) who used to want to date him and is now single. Fuck you, I'm good. I just thought maybe I'd have a chance of getting over how weepy I've been, but I guess not. It's a mistake to say anything to him.

Anonymous 45095

dump him

Anonymous 45097

Yeah, that doesn't work in my country, you pretty much need to be in education to get an internship.

Anonymous 45098

He doesn't mean to hurt me. This friend just broke up with her boyfriend because her boyfriend was teetering on being physically abusive. He did not want to date her when she wanted him years and years ago. He has created art for her before. It just rubs me the wrong way when I've voiced how lonely and alone I've been and then it's like he does that for someone else when he knows I've been missing him and would like more communication.

It's selfish, but don't want to hear about his friend. I'm sure they're in much more contact since her boyfriend left her, though.

Anonymous 45099

doesn't matter if he does it on purpose or not. he's hurting you. don't be with someone who hurts you.

Anonymous 45100

>Moids with female friends you dont know

>inb4 somebody says I'm being too one sided

>Foids with a lot of male friends you dont know about

It's the same case both ways. Tell him that, tell him how would he feel if you were surrounded by male friends he doesn't know about… It would be bad right? Obviously yes. It would raise suspicion. No matter who you are.

Anonymous 45103

In all fairness, he wants me to meet her. She lives far away.

I don't keep any male friends because I don't like moids. I actually have no friends at all.

Anonymous 45107

They do nothing but distract from meaningful objectives and sow chaos in our lives.

Anonymous 45118

The idea of dating scares me, because I feel like the person would only be with me because they had to settle for somebody (me), so they would only tolerate me and constantly think about someone else, or eventually cheat if possible.

Anonymous 45137

Trying to find a job mid pandemic is the bleakest shit I’ve ever done and I’m so fucking scared of being unable to pay my rent and bills. Sucks to be me. Would literally pick up dog shit all day for money rn.

Anonymous 45138


I feel you.

Anonymous 45145

I started renting with a guy who owns his own home just before the pandemic hit. When government funding couldn't pay for everything, I came to him in desperation and he was 100% fine with just waiving utilities. Then my savings ran out and he just flat out ignored rent in favour of me taking over some domestic duties. Now I feel like I'm a 40's housewife, completely dependent on him. I'm terrified what will happen when the pandemic is over and I still don't have a job.

Anonymous 45146

This will be me if I don't survive the current relationship I'm in

Anonymous 45149

Anonymous 45157


i have forum rp as a hobby…and i get sort of insecure (?) of other people who are able to reply to posts super fast. especially when their writing is extremely quality?

i feel like i'm not the most enjoyable person to thread with (or even speak to, really) so yeah.

Anonymous 45164

I just want to hurt them. Really really bad.

Anonymous 45167

My life is just a giant cope. I have given up on ever being truly happy and now I try to at least make someone else happy. I don't really love him, I'm only with him for validation and to not be alone.

Anonymous 45169

I did have a Gravity Falls monster from season 1 planned out in a few days, one from an episode of Season 1 which premiered in 2012. Should I do it? Just asking. (No answer by tomorrow will mean no by default.)

Anonymous 45171

A gnome?
You have to be a bit more specific.

Anonymous 45173

My ass is always hurting i do the cool downs except my ass is sore and hurts either way.
I want a job already I know I should have stayed except that city would have reminded me of him and the lies and promises he broke.
I wish I could restart over everything again.
Different choices.
I don't regret what happened, I wish I had listened to my friend though, he and she were right all along.
Man I miss that city despite the horrible traffic, pollution, quarantine, gangs, homeless/hobos, having to wait to use the bathroom, horrible customers, gossiping people and coworkers, relatives. I miss it, most of all I miss the thought at least I could have started cycling to certain areas I would have loved to see.
I still could but not that city, maybe another city or state.

Anonymous 45174

you know i was talking to this girl and i realized that i interrupted her and said haha sorry the adhd jumped out you know and apologized but im now starting to worry adhd might be making me talk too fast and drive myself in circles and i hope i get over this because meds just make the thoughts sound too formal to the point i probably sound weird and robotic and my average self is adhd happy go lucky but idk if some people are ready for that because i am so fast?

Anonymous 45175

I want to keep it a surprise, though it IS a rather huge oneAnd let's just say I already drew his cousin on the 5th of this month..

Anonymous 45176


I posted this in an older vent thread but got no helpful replies so am asking again.

I am a HS senior and I have been strongly considering taking a year off before uni, mostly so I can work on my mental health issues that caused me to be a friendless loner in HS, but I am also really scared I will just waste a year doing nothing, even worse, a year with barely any social contact (just in the workplace) could rot my brain even more and I will be truly too far gone once I enter uni.
How do you even find friends as an adult, assuming your co-workers will most likely not be withing your age range? Should I bite the bullet and go to uni or take the year off? I feel like no matter what I choose it will be the wrong choice :/

Anonymous 45177


I wouldn’t take a year off unless you have a real solid plan for how you’re going to spend the time because a lot of people who do that and don’t have a plan just end up never going to college. Have you considered studying abroad if you have the money? For some programs you’ll be in close proximity to the same group of people for the whole semester so it can be a good way to make friends and practice social skills.

Anonymous 45178


Life is fucked in many ways, but above all, I fear being a failure to my parents. If only I could go back and redo everything knowing what I know now. I swear I would be a better kid.

Anonymous 45179

If you don't have money and still want to travel, you can look into any kind of English teaching program. Then you would be able to take a year off school, earn some money, and experience a new country. I know ESL abroad teachers are negatively stereotyped because of neckbeards and creepers that apply to those programs but still something to consider.

Anonymous 45180

Ok fine, it's the Multibear.

Anonymous 45181


As someone who was in your exact position as a friendless neet, uni really really helped me even with the covid restrictions. Living alone and finding ways to socialise every day has really made me so much less depressed.

Anonymous 45182

Stop shoving stuff up your butt anon

Anonymous 45183

Really don't recommend teaching abroad if the anon has mental health issues. These types of jobs have a high turn over rate and so treat their employees really badly. Even if a job sounds ok, they lie to get you there.

Anonymous 45192

English teaching programs in developed countries want college graduates. Not sure about developing countries, they may be mors lenient.

Anonymous 45196


being fed compliments that are probably false hurts bros. don't know if i'm too suspicious of people or what.
if it is just me being needlessly sus and anxious (as usual) i do think it's a good thing i, on some level, realize that i'm being silly (?). sigh

Anonymous 45197

Check ur ass for varicose veins

Anonymous 45203

Im worried I'm a covert narcissist. I want to distance myself from ppl im close to so I dont hurt them. I feel like a monster. Is this the right decision?

Anonymous 45205

Agreed on the years of experience. Most cases it's just a number that HR pulls out their ass.
Friendly reminder a company once asked for an employee with 10 years NodeJS experience when at the time NodeJS had only existed for 7.

Anonymous 45215


i fucking hate fake rescue animals videos. there're many youtubers in my country who do that kind of videos and they always choose the young animals, fucking disgusting. sometimes they just straight up catch animals in the jungle. you can see the fear in those animals' eyes. the cops in my country don't do anything about it, youtube don't do anything about it. all i can do is reporting those vids and cry.

Anonymous 45216

girls… i did it. i booked my rhinoplasty. next month. today. i wanted this since i was 12. i saved up for a year now to get the best surgeon i could. it feels like a triumph, because i know i worked hard for this.

Anonymous 45224


I can't believe I was unaware for 2 weeks.
RIP. :(

Anonymous 45228

Would you post your current nose?

Anonymous 45229

Same anon. There is no limits to human greed and cruelty. Those poor, innocent animals who did nothing but trust them and love them. It fills my heart up with so much grief. I'm hugging my cat and stroking him lovingly right now. I will always keep him warm and safe.

Anonymous 45236

I don't want to scare you but look up prettypastelplease and how her nosejob got messed up by not being able to see her surgeon for follow up appointments during lockdown. Maybe now is not the best time for this.

Anonymous 45237

You should still apply to jobs if the only thing you're missing is work experience, it's wishful thinking at best by employers, trust me. Even if it was a waste of time, what's the worst case, you still don't have a job? You don't have one right now.

Anonymous 45238

There are many reasons to take a year off from college, being friendless is not one of them. If you're the type that's actually mentally equipped to go to college in the first place, it is a far better place for making friends and socializing than High School. If you have any other reasons to take a year off, do it, but social problems got exponentially worse in that case.

Anonymous 45239

Your words made me so happy, I can't be with my cat right now and I really miss them so much

Anonymous 45247

I would like to have a female friend to talk about how sad I feel about my body and how my bf feels about it. Basically I've been trying to lose weight for a few months now (and I've lost 20 pounds so far) but he's pushing me to do it faster and from time to time he just throws jokes about my body and sometimes say hurtful stuff like he's ashamed of being seen with me. I really love him but I feel delusional because even though he says stuff like that I actively ignore how he feels about my body. We also started to live together a few weeks ago and I feel watched all the time, specially when I take something to eat.
Can someone just throw her discord and hear me? I promise to be a good hearer too.
I don't want to talk to my few friends about this because I don't want them to think bad of him…

Anonymous 45248

dump him

Anonymous 45249

just apply for the 3 years experience. If the uni is good enough, they'll let it slide.

Hell, I went to a state uni that is quite average and I still got one of those 5 years exp. minimum jobs without any internship or whatever.

Anonymous 45254

Ive posted before about my problems making friends at uni, but I havent been on here and updated in a few months

Im now in my final year and I have finally made an actual real friend. we hang out outside of class and everything!

for those of you in a similar situation without friends: my greatest fear was that people I was talking to secretly didnt like me, or if I wasnt perfect every time we interacted theyd change their mind and start hating me. but I can tell you now, this is 100% not true. you dont need to be perfect. you dont need to agonise whether your new friend is going to leave you because you said a cringe joke or something stupid. people are very forgiving and are genuinely happy to be your friend even if youre not perfect

Anonymous 45255

>I don't want them to think bad of him…
Well too bad. He's being an asshole and you can't hide it.

Anonymous 45256

You sound like he could hit you and you'd make up excuses for him. How does a girl get to this point?

Anonymous 45260

>Hell, I went to a state uni that is quite average and I still got one of those 5 years exp. minimum jobs without any internship or whatever.

Gigastacy energy right there. Did you have any experience ?

Anonymous 45261

please move back in with your parents or whatever and break up with him

Anonymous 45273


Not sure why you are bringing studying abroad, I guess I would not be against it but it is not something I have been strongly considering. I do not really wanna take a year off to travel the world (even though that is a part of it), I mostly wanna get together mentally.

I mean, I am not really that "depressed", I just have severe CPTSD and OCD which make actually maintaining friendships a nightmare. Ideally I would wanna take a year off to sort of get some professional help for them cause I wasn't allowed before and enter uni a less broken person, but yeah as I said before, a year of loneliness could fuck me up even more.

Anonymous 45277

I have digestive issues.
Thanks anyway

Anonymous 45279

God, I just wanna be single and hoe again. So many cute/hot boys I wanna flirt and play with. I have such a good man now though and don't want to break up with him. I know I'd regret it later. The grass is not greener.

Anonymous 45280

Get a job and get EMDR and just focus on recovering for a year. You can take a trip at the end with all the money you make.

Anonymous 45281


The only reason I brought up studying abroad was cause I had my suicide planned and someone suggested I study abroad. The whole experience changed my life, I started going to therapy, and now I've turned things around. Can't say you'll have the same experience, but it sure helped me.

Anonymous 45283

I was dating a guy for 5.5 years and then he confessed that he had cheated on me over a year ago (he fucked 1 woman multiple times). I broke up with him, but I'm having an insainely hard time not getting back together. He was super sweet and supportive.

We were ldr for ~3yrs leading up to the cuckening, then he moved in with me almost immediately after (ass). The past year has been pretty great. idk. I want to date him again but idk if I can/should accept this. I hate him for ruining everything.

Anonymous 45284

he cheated on you. he's not actually sweet or supportive. he just puts on a good act of it.

he cheated on you, lived with that in his head while he text or even saw you. then he did it again. and again.

he does not care about you. you do not fulfill him.

he increased your risk of contracting a disease, sexually transmitted or otherwise. he doesn't care about your well being.

Anonymous 45286

I want to defend or explain, but I know you're right. He just essentially explained that he realized it was wrong and living with me for the past year he realized how much he loved me and wanted things to be right between us so he told me. I wouldn't have found out. He didn't do it all this last year. he could have. he's supportive and sweet, what's the line between acting and reality? I hate this.

Anonymous 45287

why put your energy into being with him when you can focus on finding someone new.

he didn't tell you this to improve your life. he did it for himself to get you to forgive him so he could stop feeling guilty. if he really cared about you he would not have told you and lived with the consequences of his own actions. there is literally no benefit to your relationship for you in him telling you this of it was truly over and in the past.

the other possibility is he's trying to get you to break up with him.

>he realized it was wrong and living with me for the past year he realized how much he loved me

he was with you 3 years and moved in together and only then he realised he loved you? that's not a good thing.

Anonymous 45288

Yeah. He was going through a hard time with his job and some depression shit. And casual low-key alcoholism. But he never really appreciated me before this past year I don't think. but I feel like he does now. That's why it's hard. maybe I need to just start fucking random men to get over him. I dated someone for 2 years before him. I'm 26. I just want someone I can settle down with. Why are men such trash.

Anonymous 45289

so? pretty of people go through these things and don't repeatedly cheat on their partner. it's just an excuse.

find someone who you know appreciates you 100% from day one.

Anonymous 45290

Anonymous 45291

He is only doing that because he feels guilty. He probably has cheated you more.

Anonymous 45293


Damn it anon this guy isn't worth your time in the slightest

Anonymous 45294

>And casual low-key alcoholism
It's over. Throw him away to the wolves. Will bring nothing but problems, possibly does other drugs too but you don't know. No future. You should see him as a dead man walking.

You will regret it so much if you put up with a drug addict.

Anonymous 45299


I got into the relationship with a guy similar to my ex (in terms of appearance, voice, not the shitty parts). I like him but I'm scared that the trauma from my last relationship will make me overly distanced from him.

Anonymous 45321

I mean he was drinking a lot at that point, but he isn’t now and hasn’t for like a year.

Anonymous 45322

I mean…people make mistakes…now he just knows that isn’t what he wants to do or be or how he wants to handle hard times. I dunno. Kill all men tbh.

Anonymous 45344

doesn’t mean the op has to suffer because of his mistakes.

Anonymous 45348


>be me, febfem who leans towards women anyway (90/10)
>ego still horribly hung up on this guy that rejected me to the point of it making me extremely insecure
>torture self with it daily
>not even attracted to him anymore
>wouldn't date him if given the chance
I'm so tired, yet still dying to know why he rejected me since he wasn't clear about it. And I don't know why I care! It would be irrelevant even if I still wanted to pursue males!!!
But I'm really on the edge of manically pestering him out of the blue about this. So much time has passed since and we've built a friendship but, unfortunately, I'm insane. Deep down I guess I just want him to fuel my BDD. If it's my personality idc

Anonymous 45350

I scrolled past my post >>65940 and realized I said the opposite of what I meant and it annoyed me. Anyway the thread is locked but I'll correct myself here, in the last sentence I meant the opposite.

Anonymous 45351

>be me
>talking to guy online
>he has a pretty cute face and reads as much as I do
>one day he sends me a pic of his body
>he has man tits
>lose all attraction immediately
Why did it have to end like this
He wasn't even overweight or anything but he still had tits for some reason?

Anonymous 45352

Imagine the cute bra options.

Anonymous 45353

There are a million and one reasons why he might reject you. Not all of them revolve around you, e.g. he might just not want to date now or be planning to come out the closet or maybe he only likes brunettes/red heads/Asian women/whatever.

Anonymous 45354

I mean that's kinda funny but I'm still really upset that the best guy I could find was hiding something that was a deal breaker for me the whole time

Anonymous 45355

Could he be trans? Or ex-trans?

Anonymous 45356

Was he topless? Does he have a lot of muscle? Sometimes huge pecs can look very obvious under a t-shirt.

Anonymous 45357

milk that femboy anon

Anonymous 45358

My theory is that he drank too much milk as a kid
I mean he has a good frame but they were clearly tits
And yea his shirt was off
These jokes just make me feel bad
He was so cute and nice why did he have to have tits

Anonymous 45359

could he be a troon

Anonymous 45365

I very seriously doubt it
He never brought it up, seems more right wing than left, and looks pretty masculine aside from the tits
If he was a troon there'd be no way he'd pass
He's 6 foot 1, has borad shoulders and a strong jawline
Tits and a wig can't fix that

Anonymous 45366

You have not seen many troons

Anonymous 45367

Well I mean I guess but that's not my point
My point is that I'm upset to have lost all attraction to a guy who I thought was really great because he has tits

Anonymous 45373


>Right wing
He's a troon

Anonymous 45374

Trans rights is a left wing thing
Biden thinks 8yos should be able to change gender

Anonymous 45375

Plenty of trannies are nazis who wish they had the courage to kill themselves already though.

Anonymous 45378

I've never seen one before in my life but okay

Anonymous 45380

Gynecomastia? I think it's a medical problem of some kind, either hormonal or a medication side effect or something like that.

Anonymous 45381

Maybe you could learn to love them?
Or he could have a doctor fix them?

Anonymous 45385

It's perfectly normal for boys to have boobs depending on their heritage.

Anonymous 45390

Hahahah learn to love them? Gross no way.
And what can I do? Un-ghost him and tell him to go to the doctor?
That may be so, but it doesn't make it any less unappealing to me.

Anonymous 45391

Yes, but are you more interested in the him he is now or the him he could be when his manboobs go away? (Statistically that is, which is the standard unless you have proof of an underlying medical condition.)

Anonymous 45392

If his manboobs were gone he would be a pretty good guy
But idk if that will ever happen and it's not like I can just ask him so I give up I guess?

Anonymous 45393

No its not normal… Its a genetical disorder or its a tranny. They need to revert back if tranny or just idk find someone into moobs in the case of gyno.

Anonymous 45394

>idk find someone into moobs in the case of gyno.
Either a messed up fetishist or someone with rock bottom standards
Neither of which are me lol

Anonymous 45396


I am watching a playthrough of Origami King.
As someone who hasn't played a PM game since TTYD it's essentially an emotional fountain of youth.

And I'm also changing a monster for tommorrow's Monstertober. Was originally gonna be the demon version of a character from an anime, but I prefer a different character with less unflattering memories.

Anonymous 45399

You ghosted him over it?

Anonymous 45401

Yeah. Was that wrong or not? I feel like it would be too hard to say "sorry I don't want to talk to you anymore because you have boobs"

Anonymous 45402

I'm sure that wouldn't feel great to hear either, but imagine how you would feel if you sent a pic of yourself to a guy you liked and he just instantly stopped replying to you.
You can't help not being attracted to him, but I think it'd be nice to try and let him down gently instead of making him feel like shit about his body.

Anonymous 45403

I've been ghosted by other men before so idk

Anonymous 45404

virgen del Apocali…

i have an irrational fear of statues and old paintings like picrel, and it really bothers me because i love all kinds of art and while i can appreciate the beauty of ancient statues and paintings they scare the shit out of me

Anonymous 45408

my boyfriend came inside me without my consent and i feel really weird about it, can't afford the morning after pill and im prochoice but an abortion would fuck so heavy with my head psychologically because i do someday want a baby and i would always mourn the one i got rid of despite reason. i asked him what if i get pregnant?? he just said "i don't care" .. "maybe i want you to get pregnant" i love him and i want to marry him but i feel kind of violated but at the time it was happening i didnt say no i kind of didnt think he was serious!! i let him do it yesterday but that was bc i had a pill!! he knows i dont have anything now that would work…

Anonymous 45409

Your boyfriend raped you anon, go to a sexual health clinic and break up with him

Anonymous 45410

Having unprotected sex while not on the pill or anything
Yeah this is like 75% your fault

Anonymous 45417


I just had a breakdown that caused me to delete all social media. I will never interact with anyone else but my brother and boyfriend again.

Anonymous 45418


This. Not sure if you’re still taking responses but there is probably a girl here who many need this information someday.
If you’re on a college campus go to student health or just go a free clinic and tell them the situation they’ll give you Plan B or Ella (a stronger version of Plan B that works for longer) at a nominal price and a pamphlet to a rape crisis center

Anonymous 45421

It's cheaper on Amazon.

Anonymous 45422


I always think I'm over my Papa Problems(tm) but I still just start tearing up at the sight of any man who resembles him. I want to get more involved with his side culturally but it's going to be hard as fuck when almost every middle aged man I meet will just make me cry uncontrollably.

Perhaps worst of all, none of these men deserve to ever be compared to him even subconsciously. He was an absolute disaster.

Anonymous 45428


Anonymous 45429

I want to get away from him. He's been in my life since I was 17. I'm 22 now. I'm not allowed to have a boyfriend but I still have to be all "his," I'm definitely a lot stronger than before but he still manages to have a hold on me. I'm pretty sure if I do leave the first thing he's gonna do is sic his friends on me, like he did whenever I tried to leave in the past. The dumbest part of me is hesitant to just buck up and leave just because it's been a part of my life for so long, off and on. I just need to bite the bullet already ffs. Also get actual help for my mental bullshit.
your bf is a creep. Leave before it gets worse, I'm serious.

Anonymous 45434

You have 2 options here essentially, but let me be clear, this was basically rape, I can tell you don't want to throw him to the tender mercies of the courts, but no matter what option you choose you need to let him know that you feel like he raped you when he did this to you.

Bite the bullet and leave him if he's consistently like this when it comes to him doing things to you, it's a matter of respect and dignity at that point.
Or, if you REALLY want to stay with him, tell him that what happened was completely unnacceptable, that if he really does care about what you want that he shouldn't try to force you to do it before you're ready. Depending on how he responds, stay with or leave him.

Get to a clinic before you do any of this.

Anonymous 45435

I would advise just sending a sort message saying that you are ending things, don't contact you, and blocking him. Don't wait for a reply and don't get sucked into excuses or giving him another chance.

Anonymous 45438

>throw him to the tender mercies of the courts
Regardless of whether one personally considers it to be rape, is legal action even an option? It doesn't seem the sort of thing that the law would define as rape.

Anonymous 45439

>at the time it was happening i didnt say no i kind of didnt think he was serious!
Did he ask you/tell you that he was going to cum inside, and you just thought he was bluffing?

Anonymous 45440

I have been thinking about me loving someone, but I don't want to be a burden on someone. I have stupid trust issues and I tend to withdraw away from people yet wants to be with others I hate it.

Anonymous 45441

I think it is in some countries. This is what Assange did.

Anonymous 45447

Yeah, so much pain just got lifted of me when I did it. I had some feelings of regret and emptiness later. I even felt some fear because I basically lost foundation for my life, as sad it is. I really have no real life outside online world.

Now though I feel so free. Everything that was ruining my mental health is gone now. I feel so at peace and I have no ugly, bitter thoughts anymore. Past is in the past now. This is a new beginning. This is what I kinda like about online world, if shit gets too much you can just restart everything, unless you have made a lot of online presence that you are really famous or something.

Anonymous 45448


I'm in the same boat, genuinely upset that connecting with that part of myself is ruined

Anonymous 45450


this is pathetic, but i need to vent. ana sperg incoming
i started reading things from this one retarded internet community out of boredom, and at some point, they started posting thinspo/pro-ana content alongside their political and schizo occult posts. for some reason, it triggered me, don't know why. i got very motivated to lose weight, eat healthier foods and think about my body size and shape. i never directly interacted with those people, just read their posts and laughed at the dumb things, but then i internalized all the things about being skinny.
now, that community is gone because of doxxing and other internal drama i don't know much about or even if it's true, and i'm annoyed because there's literally no health communities or even "ana groups" that hit the same way. none whatsoever. i don't know why i can't just be a normal person who follows health blogs/IGs and relies on positive content, or even just someone who's satisfied with "ana twitter". it's all just not enough, idk.
there were so many fucked up aspects of that community and the people in it disgusted me, but i also related to some things, and i even saw other girls sometimes retweet and repost shit from them, which made it feel like there was this quiet, esoteric group of girls on the internet like me, ironically watching these scrotes flail like autists, but taking pieces of whatever seemed correct. i don't know how to explain it.
i'm largely glad they're gone because they were freaks, but the unhealthy part of my brain is upset at losing its stupid anachan fix and i don't know how to cope

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