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/tfw no bf/ - general Anonymous 71974

Can we have a no bf feels thread? I'm tired of pretending to be single and happy. I want a man, dammit.

Anonymous 71975

Have you tried making bread?

Anonymous 71978


A witch told me I could get a Swedish bf if I left some mjölk and kanelbullar out over night. But when I checked in the morning just the cinnamon rolls were gone and there was no cute Swede in sight.

Anonymous 71986

The only cold climate dwelling bf you’re going to get by leaving snacks out overnight is Santa Claus.

Anonymous 71993

So you're saying you set out bait but forgot to set the trap? Did you think it would just sit politely out in the open after having its fill?

Anonymous 71994


>Did you think it would just sit politely out in the open after having its fill?

Yes. That's exactly what I thought would happen.

Anonymous 71999


I tried this with some Lamingtons and Tim Tams to try and get an Aussie bf and it worked.

You don't want a Swedish bf anyway. You have to assemble them at home yourself and it's too much hassle.

Anonymous 72001

He is so ugly and unga bunga looking lol

Anonymous 72003

Post your idea of a cute guy

Anonymous 72004

Based dundee enjoyer. Are a you swede too?

Anonymous 72009


Anonymous 72019


I want an anime boy.

Seriously, I'm not even sure I can be romantically attracted to real men. I'm afraid of trying.

Anonymous 72024

This made me laugh way too fucking hard love you nona

Anonymous 72042

My oneitis is basically an irl animu boy and it hurts

Anonymous 72044

He's so cute. Also I'm in the same situation as you so don't worry.

Anonymous 72049

Sometimes I remember how in middle school I met this guy who was 1 year older, he was possibly the closest thing to my ideal bf: very pale, black fluffy hair, thick eyebrows, pretty face, shy as fuck (he got all flustered and his face got extremely red when you hugged him!), smart, quiet, soft-spoken, and most importantly, he appeared to like me back because he did bring up masturbation when we were talking once. We used to message each other on Windows Live Messenger sometimes, and after he graduated, I told him that I missed him and he said he missed me too. BRUH. I don't know why but we stopped messaging each other and he didn't have any social media, there was no way to contact him except by using his email address (which I lost). FUCK.
He was so perfect, and I totally fucked it up. I feel like I'll never meet someone like him again, much less as a hikiNEET.

Anonymous 72051

I understand. It sounds stupid, but I got legitimately depressed the other day because 2D men don’t exist. I have had my time trying to date 3D men. Even if they can be cute sometimes, most of the time their personality ruins it. Anime men have personalities that allow them to be capable of staying devoted to you and they are cute in a way 3D men could never replicate. Sometimes I get sad that I don’t have a bf, but I look at the real men around me and don’t feel motivated to date at all because I’m not attracted to any of them.

Anonymous 72055

i'm only attracted to men that don't exist or that i'll probably never interact with

Anonymous 72057


It's at times like these I'm super upset that religion is one of the banned topics on cc

Anonymous 72058

what did she mean by this sisters

Anonymous 72059

If it's any consolation I've fucked up every interaction with every guy I've ever liked, ever. They usually go from not even noticing me to straight up loathing and despising me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anonymous 72060

I'll post an original no bf feel.

I hate being a 4-5/10 on a good high effort day because it's not quite ugly enough to be pitied or for people to be nice and patronizing to you, but you're also not attractive enough to ever be someone's idea of perfection. You will always just be the girl a dude settles for because he cant get Stacy or even a high tier Becky, and he will probably never love you either. I'm thankful I'm not hideous I guess but I'm still unattractive to the point I will always be someones 10,000th choice when they've exhausted all their other options. I just want to feel special, like I'm someone's idea of perfect.

Anonymous 72061


>tfw no big dopamine pupils bf

Anonymous 72063


>tfw no chav ASBO bf

Anonymous 72064

So get one, it's not that hard. Even the objectively unattractive girls I know rotate through guys or have steady relationships. If you don't have a bf despite wanting one you don't try and/or don't leave the house.

Anonymous 72065


>tfw no shapeshifter bf

Anonymous 72066

i have multiple factors outwith my control that prevent me from getting a bf

Anonymous 72067

But anon, I want a bf that I actually like and am attracted to. Almost any girl could just get a random guy, but that's honestly worse than just being single. I would hate to "rotate through guys", my self esteem would be through the floor.
>inb4 not even that high standards mean u are forever volcel

Anonymous 72078

>spend entire life consooming and crying over romance stories, dramas, mangas and anime
>still a khv at 30

I fucked up bad

Anonymous 72079


He handed me my merch at the bladee gig. Touched their DNA.
Happy to see bladee here. He is such a cutie.

Anonymous 72080

Ah you're so lucky. They're a good looking family. I really hope Guz is working the merch stand this year too ;_;

Anonymous 72082

You're the sperg who keeps postig Bladee on 4chan.
It's ok, you can spam Bladee here, there are couple other drainers on CC iirc. But why spend so much energy on 4chan moids?

Anonymous 72083

To piss them off. Bladey mogs and they know it.

Anonymous 72087

Okay, based.

Anonymous 72111


Anonymous 72115


curly bladee

Anonymous 72128

Is this Christian Bale? goddamn when I see him the no bf feels hit fucking hard.

Anonymous 72135


Based high standardscel


Anonymous 72136


His big nose and pure smile is so qt

Anonymous 72145


>day 8,952 of no bf
Mother nature is still working on him. He won’t be ripe until he is perfect.

Anonymous 72150


>tfw no stupid idiot dumbass himbo bf

Anonymous 72259


>tfw no Saami bf

Anonymous 72262


>tfw no Lapland bf

Anonymous 72269


>you will never EVER get a bf

Anonymous 72270


Anonymous 72272


i literally do not care if the guy is attractive anymore, i just want a nice boyfriend who will love me

Anonymous 72274


It's at times like this I'm super glad based admin-sama silences the holy cannolis

Anonymous 72275

They’re so goddamn ugly.

Anonymous 72279

I know this feeling too well. It gives me PTSD because one time on high school I said “God I wish anime boys were real” out loud and this loser who everyone hated roasted me saying “Even if they were real they wouldn’t like you”.

Anonymous 72286

that loser scrote was just projecting

Anonymous 72288


Anime boys are real and they love you anon

Anonymous 72289

I am literally only attracted to ONE 3D man and the second he gets a gf I’m going full lesbian

Anonymous 72299



Anonymous 72300

Came back to say that the new bladee and ECCO new song is bad, and they don't look cute

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