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Cyberstalking Anonymous 140

I do it, do you?
I love finding hidden accounts and secret blogs and I dox just to see if I can (but never post it or interfere with the person otherwise)

Anonymous 141

Oh no, confession time.
There's a boy that I fell for. I am in love for the first time. So of course now that he's ignoring my mails I dig around in archives, finding out which anonymous posts might be his, finding out what he likes and dislikes and I keep blowing up his mailbox with random stories of me, all with the goal to make him like me.
Seriously I have so many old pictures and data and texts that sometimes I scroll through his folder and wonder how crazy I really am or if this is all kind of romantic?

Digging through the web, finding small links and hints is so much fun though. Because you just keep on finding stuff!

Anonymous 142

is there anyone who stalks people online who could maybe teach me a little bit about how to do it? i promise it's not for some nefarious reason, i just want to find my old accounts and get rid of my digital footprint for peace of mind

Anonymous 143

I've been there before, it's just craziness

Anonymous 144

google like a pro.…

Google, for starters. See pic to google like a pro. Then there's the wayback machine. Sometimes on really old forums and stuff you can find out who was the site admin and just write them a mail asking. Cause surprisingly many keep archives on their own HDDs even when the site gets down.
For reddit there's snoopsnoo and for imageboards there's almost always someone backing it up, too.

Then think about all the data that might be out there, not just usernames also different ways of writing it, backwards googling profile pics and phone numbers, addresses all that might be there. And when the google crawler didn't get the most updated info and now it's gone, always check the Cachelink.

Anonymous 145

>reverse image search
10/10 would recommend this. I've found some really juicy stuff this way

Anonymous 146


but thats bad

Anonymous 147

I used to cyberstalk a lot but I have done it less nowadays. I just got a rush from finding out all kinds of info I wasn't supposed to have, that I knew/know about things I shouldn't.

Sometimes I have tried searching usernames or some other words related to them from pastebin to see if they or someone else had dropped for example chats they were part of or were talked about in there and sometimes they had.

Anonymous 364

i'm not a doxxer, but i do get obsessive about people. whenever i'm into someone, i check their social accounts everyday. and i take screenshots of every single thing that could maybe JUST MAYBE be about me. i check all their friends profiles too to make sure i'm not missing anything. anyways, i did something really stupid and someone noticed my habit. the person basically went to my phone's gallery and saw my thousands of screenshots before i realized and pulled the phone away. all the screenshots were posts she had made. ever since, the person keeps their social media accounts private. they also change their social media accounts aaaaall the freaking time. i mean, changing names to starting all over again from scratch. probably so i wont keep tabs, but i still do. but i don't have the heart to start a fake account to try to see the person's private stuff though. i don't know, i've considered it a lot and it just makes me feel like a creep. just remembering the persons reaction to seeing my gallery… FUCK, it makes me feel terrible.

there was also this person i followed back in the day. i would send anon messages everyday for like two years before they said i was creepy and deleted their account. they do that thing where they change their social handles a lot too, but i keep tabs on her still. she changes her names like every other week but i always find her profiles. i don't send her any more anon messages though. it makes me feel bad.

i don't have any friends. so seeing the way other people have fun entertains me, i guess.

Anonymous 398

I found a bunch of accounts of people I know irl thanks to a single twitter account, and it amazes me that people aren't careful when posting things online. Basically:
>created an fb account not long ago
>someone from college (let's call them A) posted a link to their twitter account that they use for professional reasons
>I'm curious and check who A follows
>find person B this way, only recognized them because their avatar is a selfie, noticed they post way TMI about really personal things
>B posts their tumblr on twitter
>they post even more embarrassing shit on tumblr, still with their selfies and personal info attached. Even vaguely mentioned me in a post
>B posts a link to their instagram to get more followers
>follows a bunch of people we know irl through highschool or college on instagram, though they don't post as much embarrassing shit as B
>they're all the type of people who pretend they're nice and sweet and having fun all the time online when they're actually entitled obnoxious spoiled brats at the very best irl
It's cringey but also hilarious. I hope they won't find out that I found their accounts. When I think about them I'm glad I don't post selfies and personal info that could make it easier to find me, and I'm also glad I'm mostly lurking on social media and posting on imageboards.

>i don't have any friends. so seeing the way other people have fun entertains me, i guess.
It can be entertaining, really depends on what they post I think.

Anonymous 402

I spent a good amount of time on /cgl/ board cyberstalking people because I had my own problems. I "escaped" to a place where I felt a great high uncovering past posts that made another person's life a hellish witch hunt.

I was scorned and obviously not mentally well; college was completing exams and projects on 3 days of no sleep and only eating a poor diet of cabbage and hotdogs. I only drank coffee. This went on for 1 year. I look back and think it was a bad place to be but I do the cyberstalking way less now. If people want "real" facebook profiles or something minor like that I can find it with ease.

Anonymous 413

This is really creepy, have you ever considered going to a professional about your obsessiveness about people? Maybe it's what has stopped you from having friends, that is, if you even want irl friends.

Anonymous 561

I'm cyberstalking this lolcow on G+ and Instagram. I took 2 days out of my week just to browse through her insane ranting and some of them I could relate like expectations, social pressure, being a virgin at age 25 and some other stuff. Some other people who also cyberstalk her tried to warn her parents when she started going suicidal but had no success.

Do any of you leave a trail of things that are ok to find while hiding others? I keep picturing the situation where someone decides to do this to me but always run into dead ends.

Anonymous 565

I´ve always been a lurker and endlessly fascinated by how much some people share on their open accounts. So for years I´ve been gathering and saving screenshots of irl people and continuously kept going through their social media. My hard drive is like a personal lolcow, I have so much dirt there. It´s like a weird hobby where I will spend hours on end digging through Tumblr or twitter, finding their old blogs and wattpad (lol) accounts. I just like collecting those cringe pictures or text-posts, it´s not like I would ever share them with anyone or post them. So in the end, my work is kind of useless, but as mentioned, it´s basically a hobby now. I do wish I knew how to view someone´s private profile without going through that whole "make a fake account" thing, though.

Anonymous 597


i started creating fake profiles to keep looking at the people i like stalking and i told my therapist and he straight up didn't care. anyway, that person that i was talking about in my post doesn't post anything online anymore and i'm sad and have nothing to do with my life tbh

Anonymous 599

I live in a rural area and people here barely use social media outside of facebook and insta where they share mostly garbage.
Occasionally I find something interestin like an old Ask.FM account or similar but nothing too bad

Anonymous 600

are you me?

Anonymous 601

Wanted to get this off my chest for some time: I used to cyberstalk a girl for a few years and saved most of her photos and blog entries.

I don't know what made me do that. She was very open and detailed about her reclusive life, depressive thoughts and relationships, all of which fascinated me, I guess. It was like reading a stranger's diaries where they pour out their innermost feelings and record every daily thought they have. Her life was quite different from mine, from having a turbulent relationship with another girl to dropping out of school, and I probably found that interesting to follow.

It was a piece of cake to find her social media accounts because she used the same usernames on every website. I managed to dig out her old teenage blogs on Livejournal via her Photobucket's account name, and suspected she posted to a certain Livejournal community with several accounts simultaneously, but each time pretending to be someone else which was more or less against the rules. Every time she remade her Tumblr blog from scratch, I just went through her Tumblr friends and their conversations and always managed to find her new blogs along with some new selfies which I'd religiou1sly save to my laptop. I sent her a couple of anon asks, too, but that was the extent of our interactions.

One time, I tried to find her home address using Google Maps, based on a photo she uploaded of her house in all its glory and her frequent mentions of her small town's name but I didn't succeed. It's incredible what little sense of privacy some people on the internet have, though.

Nowadays, I still check up on her infrequently, to see if she has a new crush or finally moved out of her small town, but sometimes I'd go months without looking up her blog. Honestly, I'd be lying if I said I haven't started to care about this girl in some way although at this point, what can you do? It'd be inappropriate and wrong to approach her out of the blue, pretending you haven't saved every selfie she has posted since 2012 or looked up her house's address.

Anonymous 602

>Honestly, I'd be lying if I said I haven't started to care about this girl in some way
that feel

Anonymous 613

i´ve been through exactly the same, only I managed to find the girl I was stalking´s house on google earth. I have every selfie, every blog-post and every tag she ever posted saved, and sometime I wonder why. I think the main reason is that I would really like to be her friend, because I feel that we are very similar, but I´m absolutely hopeless at socializing IRL and she has made it clear many times that she´s not interested in people or friends.

Anonymous 615

Would any of the stalkers ITT be willing to post some of their collection? You can blur out names and faces or just take screenshot of your folder, I'm really curious

Anonymous 626

I recently had to transfer my huge folder of shame over to a hard-drive, since all the screenshots I´ve saved up over the years finally ate up all of my computer´s memory lol. So I was a bit shocked when I realized that the folder had more than 2000 screenshots/images/archived websites etc. I didn't think it was that bad. I would share some of it, but blurring out names and faces would take time, and even then I´m scared it wouldn't be good enough, and I would hate it if the person I´m stalking somehow saw that some lunatic on the internet is saving their every move.

Anonymous 633


I'm not really sure how to explain this. I'm not anywhere I shouldn't be, I just obsessively make a note every time I see this person. I tried to find his social media, but he apparently doesn't have anything, at least nothing attached to his photo, name, or emails. I've never attempted to contact him in any way. Be honest anon, is it bad?

Anonymous 637

honestly, if you´re not doing anything bad with that information , I don´t see the problem. It´s not normal, as far as I know, but it´s pretty tame compared what some actual sick people do.

Anonymous 643

I've got a folder of memes with a guy I've only ever seen once, not sure if that counts.

Anonymous 644

There's this person whose writing I love, I've been combing through their blog and saving their more interesting tags & all their writings in a folder on my computer.
I also infiltrated their discord ( she runs this collaborative writing thing ) and saved what she had posted there.
Trying to find out if they've got a GoodReads or something. I'm hella interested in finding out what what they like in literature.

Anonymous 645

>offers co-habitation even though it is a sin


Anonymous 656


>tfw cyber stalking that person you adore
>using your sockpuppet account of course
>seeing one of those insta posts with multiple pictures
>accidently hit like while trying to see the other pics
>blocked almost immediately cuz that person just knows

Anonymous 704


I do this too, but I use it to make a quicker/'deeper' connection with people.

Anonymous 706

i´ve done this so many times, mostly because i love the rush of digging up information and knowing a lot about a person when they have no idea that i know, if that makes sense. But it has also ruined some potential friendships for me - I´ve met the people i´ve stalked and since i a pretty bad memory in general i get really paranoid about revealing things to them that they haven´t told me and being exposed.

Anonymous 707

Wish I had read this 5 years ago

Anonymous 709

why, anon?

Anonymous 710

because of a psycho stalker ex I met online

Anonymous 714

I´m sorry to hear that, anon. I think for me, personally, some of the reason why I obsessively collect information/stalk people who shares a lot of their personal lives online is because it really fascinates me. Being able to "know" someone without them knowing is a lot easier than actually befriending people sometimes. But I don´t do anything with the information, and I don´t share it with anyone. It´s kind of like hoarding.

Anonymous 726

i've only done this if i have reason to believe there's something interesting about someone worth finding. i used a username and email trail to find several old and really incriminating blogs and ask.fm accounts of the guy i liked a couple years ago, and would probably do the same again if i liked someone and wanted to know more about them/be sure there wasn't anything dangerous about them. it's kind of an addictive rabbit hole to go down, and pretty useful. i think doing what i did a couple years ago saved me from a potentially bad situation.

Anonymous 727


>i think doing what i did a couple years ago saved me from a potentially bad situation.

This got me really curious, would you mind explaining how, anon?

Anonymous 739


It's pretty tame but I would visit this Québécoise girl's tumblr often, not weekly or daily, it was random but definitely frequent (about 3-4 years.) I decided to stop because I knew I was taking it a little far and put myself in her place.

I don't really have a reason besides that she was quite gorgeous and I admired her for that. I picked up on a lot of hobbies she had and copied some makeup styles she used. I feel like a huge creep whenever I think of this stain in my memories.

Anonymous 746

in your defense, I think it´s pretty comparable to being a fan of a female youtuber or blogger, for example, and picking up on their tips and tricks. If you put yourself out there for other people to see, you can´t expect that no one´s going to find your style cute or hobbies interesting, if that makes sense. I don´t think checking up on a blog every once in a while to be particularly creepy

Anonymous 747

it seems like you could probably message this person if they're putting their writing up there publicly…

Anonymous 767


i want to get better at this, there is a girl i want to check up on who seems to have no internet presence AT ALL besides her DA from years ago. I wasn't the best to her in hs (not a bully, we were friends but i'm afraid i must have used her as a scapegoat a lot of the time and i feel so fucking shit about it. i said so many mean things under the guise of friendship) and i really want to know how she's doing. i've become obsessed with it. i want to be a secret guardian angel and support her some how without her knowing its me. i tried to approach her a few years ago and it was clear she didn't like me and thought i was out to get her. I'm always gonna be fucked in the head but maybe i can use it for good. How do i go about finding her?

Anonymous 772

Anon, the best thing you can do for her is leave her alone.
Being genuinely sorry and forgiving YOURSELF is what you need to do.

Anonymous 773

I was a dickhead bully too, forgive yourself you were a child.

Anonymous 774


Long story short: i was IP banned from a Discord server and i'm too scared to do VPN shit (because thats rather illegal in my country).
If i were to create an account on my phone, would i be able to get into that server if i stay solely on mobile?
My stalker heart is itching to know what my former "friends" have been talking behind my back…

Anonymous 775

Yeah. No one's gonna hunt you down for using a VPN though lol. If you decide to use one, vpngate is free and easy to use.

Anonymous 779

I am pretty sure you can, give it a try and report back.

Anonymous 782

Only if you're using mobile data. If you just try to reconnect through the same WiFi network your computer uses, it'll be blocked from connecting.
The good news is that you only have to do it once- if you join the server from a different IP then you can log in from that account on a banned IP. Have you considered just restarting your router, too? Your IP may not be static in which case you can just get around the ban just using a new account.

Incidentally, you can run multiple discord accounts on the same machine if you just have them logged in to separate private browsing windows, different browsers and the discord app.

Anonymous 796


Not true cyberstalking per se, but I have way too many photos of Valeria on my phone. She was gorgeous before her excessive surgeries. I hate her as a person, but her look is so cute/hot to me. I used to do the same thing with Britney Spears.

Anonymous 802

I met this guy and I can't stop stalking his profile. I'll even check his friends profiles to see pics of him that they have there. I've been doing this quite often lately that it's taken up so much of my time. I wanna stop because I know it's just a waste of time to stare and find new pictures of someone but I enjoy it too much.

I feel like the only way to overcome this would be by actually developing a relationship with him where we text and whatnot, but I'm way to nervous to actually initiate things with him.

Anonymous 814

I posted a vent in /feels/ about this a few months ago, but I've been able to track down almost every crush I've had in the past few years on social media. The latest one I didn't even know the name of, but was able to find his three facebooks via his workplace. It's ridiculously easy since most people have a facebook or an instagram, and super useful for avoiding wasting your time on someone you'd be incompatible with anyway. Because I'm very tfw no bf I still keep tabs on these guys, one who I'm pretty sure experienced a downfall in the time I've been fixating on him. I think he was fired from his job because all he did was post about drugs, then he deleted all the shit off of his socials because someone was using his selfies to gay catfish with. Wild.

There have also been 2 artists I've been able to find after they deleted their blogs and reinvented themselves just by keeping track of their friends'/enemies' social media. Another just stopped posting altogether, but due to remembering their father's name which they posted temporarily on their personal blog, I was able to find their facebook. I just wanted to know that they were okay (they had suicidal and SH tendencies).

One of the aforementioned artists' (ex) friends also became a bit of a personal lolcow for me. She was originally just an average tumblr mtf who posted brash, angry things and vents on her blog, but recently got into hard drugs and prostitution. I guess that's more sad than anything, though.

I kind of wish I was more tehcnology-minded so that I could actually dox. It seems fun.

Anonymous 822


I used to date a guy who had a really weird ex, and I started stalking her blogs. I even kept going well after I broke up with the boy and stopped caring. I stopped a long time ago but she was so odd it was weirdly interesting

Anonymous 825

What was odd/interesting about her?

Anonymous 826


This was some years ago, and we were in our late teens back then, a lot of things, anon. She had really bad people skills and she'd always talk and talk and talk about how big her boobs were, she'd even force boys to touch them or nag them to do it, even her friends. She was one of those people who really thought they were a cute anime girl irl and didn't shower and was very inappropritate all the time. She behaved in a very strange way, even for a weeb (and I should know, I am a weeb)

Anonymous 873

It’s so nice to hear that other people do the same thing as me. I get ‘fixated’ on online personalities and obsess over finding their personal accounts, old posts and personal information. I don’t do anything with it, I just get a strange feeling of satisfaction and a false sense of ‘closeness’ with them. It’s very hard to explain. One time went as far as finding a girl’s house on Google Maps.

Anonymous 905

Screen Shot 2018-0…

man, today has been a blast from the past.
pic related.
do you ever look up someone you used to cyberstalk years after you've stopped and find that they've completely changed?
so when i was a kid i was really into femme anime goth boys like in Black Butler and Godchild, and i stumbled across (via myspace) this guy who I thought fit the bill perfectly. He went by ~Xavier St. Valentine~, which to 15-year-old-me sounded super cool and spooky, and he played the piano which was so !romantic!, and he made instrumental electronic music which was extra ~edgy~. plus he took photos like the top left, wearing these black suits and colored contacts and with his long hair blowing in the beach winds at sunset, etc. all of this was like fucking catnip to me back then.

so naturally I started finding all his online profiles/blogs/forum accounts and stealthily acquiring data. he had a musical project with his girlfriend at the time (who was also gorgeous) but once they broke up (15-year-old me was very excited) then he went through an experimental phase where he shaved half his head and started getting into witch-house-type music and also maybe drugs. i suggest this only because his music got weirder and weirder, and the backgrounds in his photos got grungier and grungier, and after a while i stopped being able to find updates on his personal life, so i slowly lost interest.
cue today where i was looking through my computer to find images to post to the guy crushes thread in /img/, and I found a ton of his pictures that I had saved from years ago. curiosity sparked, i went looking for him again. turns out he is now involved in a project/persona called 'Sofia Reta' which involves wearing a plastic bag around his head or these long hacked-up wigs because Sofia Reta is something something all about deconstructing identity markers like sex and age.

tbh his music isn't half bad these days. When he was going by 'Ʌ', he made a track called Revenge City that I'm listening to right now and it's actually quite catchy.
but i'm also slightly annoyed that he's essentially gone completely dark aside from his musical career. as in, i can't find anything about him on any social media platforms, any photo that has his face in it, it's either obscured by face paint/wigs/taken from a distance (or all three) and career things like his bandcamp/soundcloud career pages are as minimalistic and mysterious as possible. they don't even have his real name. Possibly it's Xavier Martin (tbh i would be shocked if Xavier was his real name) but that is ALSO the name of a football player or something so finding any personal information under that pseudonym is practically impossible. it's all very mysterious, and short of actually going to Baltimore and physically tracking him down at a show or something then my ability to learn more about wtf is going on in this guy's life or head is limited.
i do wish i could find more of the pictures that i had saved during the myspace era, but iirc they were all on my photobucket account which is now (since photobucket decided to be assholes) probably lost forever. dangit.

Anonymous 906


i found an old site that apparently used to contain some of his short films
(you can tell it's him because email: [email protected]) and .gif related
but the films are all gone now. maybe some of them are on his vimeo but it's impossible to confirm whether they're the same ones. going to try one of the internet archive engines maybe.
It's so frustrating because every time I think I've found anything personal (his tumblr, for instance) then I go there and EVERYTHING is deleted.
the closest i can find is some poetry on that cargocollective site. also the images all have odd titles like POUND_OF_BLOOD.gif so that sounds like something he'd do, too.

Anonymous 918

I'm low-intensity stalking my ex to make sure they're not anywhere near me at any given time, and sometimes to cackle at whatever miseries they're going through.

More intensely stalking a tumblr crush. Started out trying to verify his crazy stories, but then I saw he was hot and now I'm just indulging myself because he's totally unattainable anyway.

Anonymous 919

I have a good memory, and my friends are always forgetting that they've told me really specific things. A lot of the time they'll even repeat stories to me and change certain details.

So if they bring it up, just feign that they told you already. They'll be charmed that you remembered such a weird detail. Bonus if you can cite a party where they got blackout drunk or something.

Anonymous 958

It's too easy nowadays. If you google even steam accounts, you can generally find the breadcrumbs to the owners true identity. It's too tempting. I just cannot make friends online anymore because from the day I meet them, I know whatever there is to know about them.

I long for the olden days of keeping shit secret on the web.



hi hahaha
i did a search on myself looking for an old picture, came across this which is really touching in a strange way. my name is indeed xavier martin. i do also have social media.
anyway feel free to email me anytime and say hello(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 980

I’ve always been unnaturally good at finding things I shouldn’t. I rarely go out of my way to do it but I end up finding “private” accounts and blogs I’m not supposed to know about. I ended up finding private accounts my ex made after we broke up a month ago. Turns out he reconnected with a group of assholes I had cut contact with because they treated me like shit. On the one hand, I don’t care what he does. But on the other hand, I’m angry he’s doing this and I keep wondering if he’s doing it to be petty.

The problem is I know it’s toxic to expose myself to painful things, but I keep doing it. I want to move on with my life and be happy with what I have now but it’s really tough to break the cycle. It’s been a few days since I’ve looked at his accounts, so I’m hoping I can keep it up.

Anonymous 981

i realize this is probably someone trolling me but at the same time

Anonymous 1001

I have the habit of checking the social media of people I used to hang out with to see what they are up to and random people on the internet who I had minimal contact with and was checking up on them in some way

the most "extreme" case of cyberstalking I've done was with an old classmate of mine who greeted me randomly a few years ago and had changed drastically(from obese to thin and very attractive to me)and after a bit he started working at my father's business but not at a place I could see him daily.My stalking was mild till then till I got a weird crush on him the last time I got to see him.then I started stalking him and having annoying obssesive thoughts over him for a while.He isnt super active on social media but I get to stalk on his friends' profiles too so I got to see extra stuff from him.

fast forward to september,he started working for us again and we get to be on the same space and it's super strange to see him most days of the week and pretending i didnt know about his social media and all that.I also got to learn a lot of stuff about his life that he doesnt share on social media which left me at a big state of shock bc I had a different image of him in my head.I have a folder of shame with insta stories and old posts of his that I can't let go of because they are "receipts" of what he has done and it makes me feel good to have such proofs

since he has a gf(which I was partly sure of since he was way to friendly with my at first but then i realised it's just his attitude)I have toned down my stalking in regards to crushing on him but I keep doing it out of habit and to make sure he isn't bullshiting on the things he says and does

it's such a weird situation to be into.I just expected to never see him again or just randomly and the crush would fade.I've been in a weird rollercoaster of emotions-partly-bc of him but I have finally started to ease myself and at least act somewhat normal around him

Anonymous 1009

I have a question, not exactly related to stalking but I didn't find an appropriate thread and didn't want to make a new one. It's a bit weird. Say if you follow someone on social media and they don't post personal info at all (I mean somewhere like a forum or blogging site, not facebook) and somehow you find out it's a person you know in real life, how would you react? Did it happen to anyone?

Anonymous 1010

Sadly I haven't so I don't know exactly how I would react. I think it would be really cool if it happened.
I would probably be surprised and maybe bring it up in a conversation with them.
Did this happen to you recently?

Anonymous 1018

This hasn’t happened to me either, but if it did… if the person interested me enough, i wouldn’t mention it and might even keep tabs on their posts just to secretly learn more about them. But if it just were some aquaintance i barely knew or cared about i wouldnt really take any action.

Anonymous 1040

I'm really good at doxing, finding accounts, social engineering, catfishing and general mischief of this sort. As a result I spend way too much time on gossip boards trying to find a victim I can justify stalking. Sometimes I daydream about being part of a group of semi ethical hackers who fuck with cheaters and scammers. I've broken into social media accounts and email addresses of lolcows and sometimes didn't even take necessary precautions. I need someone to keep me in line or I'll go to prison over petty internet drama one day.

Anonymous 1041

teach me

Anonymous 1044

If you have a specific thing in mind I can maybe help

Anonymous 1045

do you know how to break into someone's discord?
or maybe how could i learn more about someone with just a picture of their face + state

Anonymous 1046

I thought this tall cute blonde guy in my chem class was hot shit and had good fashion sense which made him hotter. I googled enough and found out he had an account for perverts to watch him masturbate,so basically he was gay. I usually know when they are even though it was a heavily Republican city.

Anonymous 1047

How have you been logging into people's emails and what steps do you usually take to make sure they don't find out?

Anonymous 1048

I wouldn’t call it stalking but I have a habit of clipping cvs and random social media pages of people I never met and will never meet in a attempt to map and track their achievements as a guidline/benchmark to compare myself to. Periodically saving their cvs and glancing at their twitter vents every couple of months. It’s not about a inferiority complex/jealousy when comparing yourself to others as opposed to just feeling disappointed in yourself in stagnation despite the opportunities given. Though I don’t do it with people I met from school as it hits too close to home.

Never cyberstalked someone I was attracted too though

Anonymous 1050

Discord is impossible unless you have access to the email account. Logins from new IPs have to be approved first by clicking an email link. If you have access to the email, you can just reset the password. I did this one time when I was in someone's email account and waited until they were asleep, logged into Discord, clicked the email link, then deleted the email (and deleted it from the trashcan too).

In your case it sounds like social engineering is more helpful, trying to find out more details either as yourself or via catfishing. Get them to sign up somewhere, for example a google form if you can think of a way to ask them to participate in a survey, find any excuse to ask for their email address and google it or enter it in social media searches. Once you have someone's main email address you can typically find a lot about them. The photo is unlikely to help you, but you can try the image search on yandex.ru which often finds more results than Google image search. Google all the usernames you know them by. Really play with it, if they're a smartass type then make assumptions about them and phrase them as if you're convinced, they might correct you.

Emails are hard and I don't do that regularly, but I've been doing it on and off for years and it keeps getting progressively harder. If you can get in, the provider will most likely alert the user if a recent login was suspicious. Find a VPN with a location close to the person's actual area, IP geolocation bounces all over the place and isn't very accurate, so as long as it's close by they'll probably not notice anything was off. You should also spoof your user agent to get as close as possible to what a normal login would be like. Of course none of this would fool Google or protect you if you did get into hot water, but if your subject reads their emails with an iPhone and Safari and gets notified of a login from their (spoofed) area with a (spoofed) iPhone and Safari then that's not going to arouse much suspicion. You can delete the notification emails if you're fast enough, but Gmail for example keeps a record of logins which the user can view at any time. I definitely don't recommend doing this for fun or out of curiosity, it's very illegal and a breach of trust and very easy to fuck up. I'm dumb for doing it. Emails are kind of the end boss because they allow you access to pretty much everything through password resets, so start with a smaller site that won't flag new logins and that doesn't ask security questions.

And don't do it if you think you wouldn't be able to keep whatever you find to yourself. Don't make it your mission to expose someone or deface their accounts, that's the easiest way to get in trouble.

Disclaimer: I have no actual education (formally or otherwise) in any of this and am just going by what worked for me, I'm not responsible if you get v&. I'm a legit dumbass and this is in no way shape or form good advice. I have no idea what I'm doing whatsoever.

Anonymous 1051

do you guys post the info you find publicly?

Anonymous 1052


You scare me anon

Anonymous 1053

A lot of young twink types make money this way and even sell sex to other gay men even if they're straight. That doesn't necessarily mean anything, I dated a guy that cammed and made porn for other men just for drug money.

Anonymous 1054

What kind of people interest you? Be really honest with yourself for a moment, I know I used to stalk exes, girls that were prettier and more social than me, or people that had bullied me or made my life hell.

Anonymous 1057

It's okay Anon, I'm your friend. Now tell me your mother's maiden name and the name of your first pet.

Anonymous 1058

You joke, but these are the easiest answers to find if you want to crack the email of someone to whom you've never spoken. As long as they have Facebook, their relatives are an open book.

Anonymous 1059


Anonymous 1061


Ayrt, the people that interest me are kind of odd. I only have (sort of) cyberstalked males, no girls. I’d lurk incel/“forever alone” forums until I’d find a post that piqued my interest and then I’d start checking their post history daily. These kinds of accounts are goldmines because it’s where they post all their vents and you can learn a lot about them. These guys are usually interesting to me because they’re usually neurotic but also evoke a sort of sympathy/pity from me. It’s like I almost.. care about them even though they can be really misogynistic at times. I found a guy’s instagram too because it had the the same username, and the juxtaposition was interesting because his insta was so… normie-like in comparison.



Anonymous 1062

Is this what lurking c.c is like for men? I'm almost intrigued.

Anonymous 1095


I have saved in bookmarks pages with pictures/posts from different sites, and I check out their content from time to time. It's not that I don't want to follow them, but I don't want to make an account on all of those sites. I know it's slightly OT but I feel like a stalker because of it.

Anonymous 1106


There was a fanfic writer I loved who just stopped updating one day. Almost two years later, while I was rereading some of her older stuff, I decided to look up her username to see if she had moved to a different site or switched to an alt or something. Long story short, I found her real identity and saw that she had gotten married a little after she stopped updating. I felt like a huge creep and stopped looking through her shit after that.

Anonymous 1114

How did you manage to find her identity? That looks like a lot of searching.

Anonymous 1115

I've never really cyberstalked someone but part of me wants to. I know lots of people have old cringy accounts and I'd love to find them for a laff or see if i can find something interesting about them.

Anonymous 1116

This. I found my oneitis's reddit accounts (normal and fetish one) using this method. It's surprising how much you can find about a person when you know a few things like what school they went to and their favorite book :^)

>tfw he hasn't posted on his reddit account a year to this day.

Portentous thread.

Anonymous 1131

It helped that she had an uncommon name and unique username. She used the same username for several other sites, one of them being an abandoned Twitter which had a link to her instagram username. It was private so I wasn’t able to see any of her info, but I could see posts that others tagged her in and found a newer account with her real name attached in photos that had the same girl in them from those other users. So searching her real name lead me to her FB, Linkedin, etc and an article covered by a local news site about her wedding. Like I said I felt creepy and stopped at that point.

Anonymous 1133

Yes, I’ve been hunting info about a previously tumblr famous girl who went from broadcasting her every little detail all over tumblr to total crickets. Most of her accounts are deleted and purged but I found some older accounts that aren’t shared anywhere and are still updating off the radar. That rush of discovering new info is addicting and it’s scary - especially since she has a bunch of weird creeps looking for info on her and posting about her but these are accounts are ones no one else has publicly discovered and outed. I wasn’t around when she was tumblr famous so now it’s just looking up the posts that were reblogged here and there, and hunting for recent accounts just to see what she’s into at the moment. It’s weird because it’s all public info, since I don’t make sockpuppets or anything like that, but it feels so wrong at the same time.

Anonymous 1135


i agree, i love finding random hidden accounts it makes me feel a huge rush of excitement jdjjdj yes unfortunately though i'm fucking shit at stalking people on the internet i have urges to stalk people irl on a daily basis, but i've never actually stalked anyone irl because of an obvious fear of getting caught.

also if u have any advice for cyberstalking or any experiences with it please share thanks ok by,e

Anonymous 1137

i kind of admire you anon

Anonymous 1165

I'm just an idiot with too much time and not a lot to lose. I wish I had a cause at least, something better than e-gossip. Oh well

Anonymous 1166

can you share more of your techniques? The worst thing I've done is keylog my own computer to get other peoples passwords.

Anonymous 1167

I don't really know what else to say, but if you can give me any specific examples, I'll try to come up with something helpful.

Anonymous 1170

I'm very anal about what pictures/information exists on the internet about me, since its insane how easy it is to gather information about someone with only an email, for example. I've discovered some seriously personal information about people ("secret" blogs, profiles, entries etc), and that's only been through googling names, usernames, emails and so on and following the breadcrumbs. And I don't even feel bad or like a creep, because its all out there in the open. They probably feel safe, since the information doesn't have their real names or pictures attached, but its still linked to them and if I knew I had an old blog or a personal profile floating out there I would not sleep at night.

Anonymous 1171

Are there many people who re-use one username?

Anonymous 1172

NTA but a lot of people have one username because it's their identity or it means something to them and they just use variations or different names when the preferred one isn't available somewhere. It's also a big thing for most people who want to "brand" themselves and try to be e-famous.

Anonymous 1214

Not so related but still belongs here: has anyone had their private accounts found by anyone? I mean, in real life. What did you do?

Anonymous 1215

I change mine basically every few years just to prevent people from my past finding me again. There's no real reason, i just don't like leaving a trail of all my stupid bullshit on the web

Anonymous 1245

Somebody knows how i can look at alteady deleted photobucket photos from livejournal? I‘ve tried wayback machine but nothing

Anonymous 1246

You can't, images are rarely cached/archived.

Anonymous 1267


I do it in moderate amounts, and it kinda makes me feel like a creep. Glad to see that it seems to be so common.

Anyway here's some stuff that works for me:

>>144 is what you start with

Googling the nick with the option site:pastebin.com works well with nerds, as it usually gives you some IRC or other chatroom logs. Those can point you to some communities they are active in.

Reverse image searching photos they posted or their profile pictures is an obvious one.

When you can't find out much about them at all, cyberstalking one of their best friends might give you new leads.

It's good to have a list with their interests and stats ready, in case you find a profile where you're not sure if whether actually theirs.

You can join a chatroom they are in, or some online community to interact with them and stalk them more. Just remember to use a vpn.

>>1050 is good advice, though logging into someone's private accounts is a moral limit for me. It has become more difficult as well, back in the day you could just ask to use their wifi and start up wireshark, but now even the smallest shittiest sites use tls.

Don't forget to listen to some dank hacker music when cyberstalking.
Good luck and have fun <3

Anonymous 1268


Okay, confession time.
Me and one of my IRL friends had a hate boner for a girl from our city who was in the scene we were. We even found her kink blog and everything and used to make jokes about it to one another. We rarely used to see her irl but we used to stalk her online a lot. We used to get really confused because like, all of her friends seemed to live really far away yet we were like close by and trying to be friends with her but she was just so like, dismissive lol. She just seemed a bit vain and all of her friend's had to fit this 'image' to be friends with her and we just weren't cool enough to be part of the clan lmfao.
We continued to do this for like a good 4 years or something and then we just grew up and were like 'this is kinda stupid' and just realised we were probably just jealous of her online fame.

>Mfw we just wanted to be friends with the cool kid and it turned into a 4 year long hate boner

Anonymous 1270

thanks anon this is some good advice ill try it the next time i cyberstalk

dank hacker music

Anonymous 1282

So why do you do it anons?

Anonymous 1289

For me, I'm just fascinated with other people and it gives me some weird rush to connect bits and pieces of their online presence they didn't intend to be interconnected, like for example someone's Tumblr/Twitter is usually the most personal, shitposty, deeply intimate social media, especially once you get into side blogs/finstas/secondary accounts.

Anonymous 1292

Do you stalk people you hate, or end up hating them? What do you do with the information?

Anonymous 1293

Sometimes I hate-stalk, but it's not the norm. I stalk when someone interests me. I just like to learn about people, I haven't abused it often.

Anonymous 1303

I know it’s weird but I cyberstalk estranged family members and people who bullied me in school.

>hate my dad, he’s a prolific internet user

>uses the same name everywhere - literally
>after divorce, found his TypePad journal that he made during the 4 years my parents’ marriage started falling apart
>he was having an affair with someone he called ‘wonder woman’ and only mentioned my mother once in passing, he never acknowledged my existence which confirmed a lot about our relationship
>found other places where he commented using the same damn username, like kink and cheater sites
>his ‘surface’ accounts are all religious crap with him in church acting holier than though rambling about politics and gossip

I like using sock puppets to look up people who bullied me or that I just didn’t get along with as their accounts are always lulzy and dumb and it’s interesting to discover how insecure they are, they can’t spell, they’re boring, stuff like that. People post their insecurities online and it changes my perspective on someone who acts one way in public, only to discover they’re not what they seem to be face to face.

It’s made me aware of not leaving paper trails for people to find. I’ve always deleted stuff like LinkedIn, Insta, Facebook if I am not using them consistently, and try to use fake names and make throwaway emails so I don’t have to worry about abandoning accounts.

Anonymous 1397


I don’t cyberstalk as much as I used to, but when I did I would stalk people who were assholes to me, some “popular” people, and this one girl that I didn’t even know irl. I was obsessed with her for a long time and it was because I thought she was so pretty and I wanted to be her.

My obessesion started when I found her on Twitter in 2014. Since then I would keep tabs on her. It got so bad that I would sometimes catfish using her pictures. I also would go through her friends’ social media and her father’s Facebook account just to see more pictures of her.

Anyway, around my late teens is when I forced myself to stop stalking these people. It was hard because I wanted to see what all these people were up to and I wanted to know how she was doing. But I’m doing much better now.. I just hope I don’t fall back into my old habits in the future.

Anonymous 1407

How does one find accounts linked to an email?

Anonymous 1475

Ugh, this is so stupid but once and awhile I like to stalk the children in old shows like Supernanny/Wife Swap and shit like that. I'll watch an old episode on YouTube and then search their full names. They are usually adults by now and I get weird voyeurristic satisfaction from seeing how their lives have turned out. A lot of them have children of their own now.

Anonymous 1476


Search either the full email or just the unique username part in quotes on google?

Anonymous 1480

I also like doing this but with random people I find only, when I'm reading old forum posts and checking an abandoned art account

Anonymous 1482

I do it to people I work with, people in my classes, pretty much any person I can get my hands on. I memorized names of other psych ward patients so I could search them up later on social media.

Anonymous 1484

I would do the same but most of the people I get to know irl only have 2 accounts, Twitter and Facebook and they barely use Twitter, they're as basic as they get

Anonymous 1485

That reminds me, years ago I got the email password of one of my classmates,she borrowed me her laptop to do something and I just checked the saved passwords option in Chrome, I still have it with me but nothing interesting in her mail or social accounts

Anonymous 1486

Is lurking considered cyberstalking? If so, consider me guilty.
I just like to check up on people that have wronged me. I like seeing if they've improved/changed or if their life is as terrible as mine. Both bring me equal amounts of joy.

Anonymous 1495

Made a fake facebook account years ago out of curiosity.
(I never had nor currently have a "real" facebook account)

Join random groups with my fake where people who did not necessarily know each other IRL would post about random stuff (those were a thing back in 2014 at least, no idea how it is today)
Actually learn a ton about how people work from just observing conversations, absorbing bits of personal info that they carelessly spill, stalking their (often public) year-long profile histories and testing reactions without fear of repercussions, I genuinely think that in a sick and twisted way I gained a lot from that

Anonymous 1516

I know this is 2 years old at this point, but definitely relevant to it and the thread and general

Anonymous 1561

I have a fairly rare first and last name combination but I have almost no online presence with my real name. I would often google my name out of paranoia hoping something wouldn't show up about me (there were some bits they were really uninteresting and lacking in detail for it to matter). At some point this girl with the exact same name in the same country as I starts showing up in my search results. She was in her early teens while I was in my early 20s and I would obsessively follow her online life over the years, watching her become regional champion in some kind of swimming sport and making digital portfolios. I know there's nothing special about any of this but I felt a little connected to my namesake.

2 years ago she died, though, really young too (I think 16?). I can't find any details about it either so I'm having some closure issues :(

Anonymous 1564

I accidentally started to cyberstalk my now-BF, it's how we started dating. It wasn't malicious or anything, I just found him really interesting and connected some dots without meaning to.

I'm sorry anon, hopefully you can get some closure one day.

Anonymous 1566

I do this too! I am very paranoid, just so people wont find family or people im close to. I dont really have anything against myself. but its just a fear.

sorry to hear about the death :(

Anonymous 1568

I used to stalk my now-BF on Steam. Being Steam friends with someone who has the program open all the time and is sloppy and doesn't hide their status is super powerful.

If your target consistently runs Steam, i.e. they probably have it set to run on startup which is the default behavior, their Steam activity serves as a proxy for when they're at their computer/how long it's been since they were, down to the minute if they last logged on within 2 days.

Steam user statuses approximately mean:
Online: mouse input on a computer running Steam and logged into their account within the last 10 minutes
Away: no mouse input within 10-15 mins
Snooze: no mouse input for at least 2 hours
Offline: computer is asleep/off or they're logged out of Steam or not running the program

At some point I think Snooze turns into Offline no matter what, but I'm not sure. You get the idea though, the statuses off a good degree of detail about when someone was last using their computer. The statuses aren't affected by the user's interaction with Steam or any game, just activity on a computer running Steam, even in the background.

Another piece of info that Steam exposes to friends is amount of time spent playing each game a user has played. I used to look at this info and record changes to see when/how long my now-BF was playing when I was asleep or couldn't look at Steam. I also used this to get an idea of when he went to bed the night before, if I had made note of the time he had in the game he was playing that night before I went to bed.

If you know enough about a person/their friends, you can use their recently played games to get an idea of who they might be talking to or hanging out with recently. Even if you don't know much, you might be able to look at their Steam friends' profiles and see what they've recently been playing. Obviously that sort of analysis becomes a lot more theoretical but depending on what you're trying to figure out, it could open up possibilities to explore of people they might associate with.

Steam has various privacy options so some of this info might be hidden if you aren't friends with a user or even if you are, but it seems like the default is for things to be wide open, even to non-friends, so it's worth looking.

I used to wake up and obsessively check my future-BF's Steam profile, and I would check it throughout the day, to see if he was online/playing games. It would reassure me if he was because it provided some weird/fake/crazy reassurance that he wasn't out with another girl or with friends or not being a loser? Which would make me feel better because I was (am) also a homebound loser. And it would also soothe my anxiety if he hadn't texted me because I knew he was playing games and not intentionally ignoring me. I knew it was pathetic and weird but I have horrible abandonment issues and I tend to get really obsessive over certain friends when I get attached to them, and it's hard for me to control my impulse for reassurance that they aren't going to leave me.

Another way I would stalk him, and have stalked others is via Slack. I was in several Slack workspaces with him, and I knew he always had the Slack app running (another app that people often run at startup, or just have open constantly). So if he was active on Slack, I knew he was at his computer or was recently.

Anonymous 1569

So… does he know you did this?

Anonymous 1570


Yes, I've told him about it. He's very aware of my issues so he wasn't shocked and didn't seem bothered by it. We were already close friends irl at the time, and I didn't do anything with the information nor did it change my behavior towards him. It also wasn't a factor in how we started dating. It was just for my own reassurance. When my mental health is bad I get obsessive about knowing what people I care about are doing when I'm not with them/talking to them because I have a huge irrational fear of people suddenly leaving/distancing themselves from me. Having more info gives an illusion of control that temporarily soothes the fear. Not justifying it, I know it's pathological and I need to get a handle on it, just explaining.

For what it's worth, I'm pretty sure Steam allows you hide most of this info. I don't think you can hide your Online/Offline status from friends, but you can just close Steam when you're not using it. I know this doesn't justify stalking but honestly it's hard to know where the line is when people are essentially choosing to make this info available. Nothing about these features or the settings to turn them on/off is hidden.

Anonymous 1571

Wow, that’s very interesting. Thank you for sharing your perspective on the psychological aspects of it.

Anonymous 1572


Haha I never thought someone would find me being a le epic bpdchan interesting but I appreciate it.

I got addicted to stalking people via social media and online/offline/"time since online type" statuses on various platforms in high school when I joined Facebook and discovered Messenger's online/"time since online" system. So many tears shed and hours spent staring at the green dot when I thought I was being ignored by someone who was online, when they very well could have fallen asleep with the FB app open or something. I know it's dumb but my mind just gets ensnared in it because like I said, information = illusion of control even when you're using the information to spin up paranoid daydreams about what another person is doing.

I'm convinced Messenger's down-to-the-minute "last seen" feature is made by sadists though. Normies don't understand that too much info can be unhealthy for some. I used to check that feature to see if my friends were still sleeping (i.e. their status was 6, 7, 8 hrs away) to reassure myself that they weren't ignoring me if they hadn't responded to my text from the previous night or something. This article is about an interesting project someone made to track their friends sleep schedules based on super easy to get Messenger data: https://medium.com/@sorenlouv/how-you-can-use-facebook-to-track-your-friends-sleeping-habits-505ace7fffb6

Anonymous 1577

I used to do this to, down to the letter. I wonder if I have BPD haha

Anonymous 1624


I like to check instagram profiles of my old classmates. We were classmates in middle school. It's been a really long time and I should've forgotten about them by now, but I can't for some reason. They are so normal. I like seeing how far they've gotten in life while I just keep getting worse somehow.

Anonymous 1625

I used to do this obsessively, like checking everyone I used to know from over a decade ago every week. Like I didn't suffer enough from their rejection then, I had to reinforce it again now.

So glad I managed to get out of that loop.

Anonymous 1631

There are three degrees of separation for people I know a lot about.


There's this one Reddit user whose page I check regularly. She's fairly active in femcel communities and always complains about the same things over and over. She is a very talented writer. I had a conversation with her once (pretending not to know of things's she has written about in her account).

>2nd-degree acquaintance

I also regularly check IG pages/tumblrs of other women that I find interesting, mainly only those who provoke feelings of jealousy in me. I'll try to calculate their body/facial proportions if I can't find their height/weight online (some of them are models), and examples of their art/writing/academic publications/etc. Like another anon mentioned, a lot of people use the exact same usernames for all of their accounts so it's easy to find really obscure accounts (like on myfreediary) that go into stuff that is a lot darker. I do this with ex-girlfriends of men that I've been attracted to, or women who get a lot of male attention despite being average-looking. I found a secret Tumblr this way full of provocative photos and dark thoughts owned by a girl I went to high school with. She posted once about wanting to kill herself and I sent her an anon message telling her not to. The blog was deleted the next day and she is very alive and well (studying linguistics, I believe). There's some tool online that lets you look at only original posts (not reblogs) from any tumblr account. This is a very good way of getting photos of people.

>close friends

I also know about a Reddit account belonging to one of my close friends that I stumbled upon purely by accident a couple years ago (the username has nothing to do with her name or interests). I like reading her posts and comments. She's a lot more open about grievances with her family/boyfriend/friends/children on there, and she even mentioned me once (not by name, obviously). Sometimes I'll say something to her just so I can see her post about it later.

I've also made a fake Facebook account that I use to check up on people regularly. This isn't as rewarding, since people usually know that Facebook posts are seen by people for whom they want to keep up appearances.

Anonymous 1677

ive been keeping tabs on someone in my circle and recently, kiwifarms has begun to take an interest in her because of the things she posts. ive kind of made it a secret goal of mine to dox her, find her irl pictures, workplace, her family, etc and post them to kiwifarms and lolcow just to watch what would happen. i dont hate her, but i dont really consider her a friend either. im sort of jealous of her and her popularity, and the fact that she brags about being a professional artist with a large following and exudes fake-ness just twists the knife deeper, so i hope it will satisfy my vigilante itch knowing ive made something she fears come true.

Anonymous 1678

There's a big chance it will be obvious you, or someone close her, did it. Unless she's actively scamming people, being malicious, or you feel revenge is justified, it's not really worth the hassle.

Anonymous 1680

place where kiwis grow

Anonymous 1681

this thread <3 been doing this for forever.

how do you guys get emails and passwords though? are you only successful if there is no 2-factor auth?

btw,, how can i get into """hacking""". not just making connections – should i take cyber security or software engineering, or some other subject?

Anonymous 1682

>how do you guys get emails and passwords though? are you only successful if there is no 2-factor auth?
no one here is actually hacking accounts

you can probably take security courses but real hackers don't have qualifications, it's usually done by mentoring.

Anonymous 1683


Anonymous 1684

Logging into people's accounts while they are asleep isn't hacking. Keylogging is the most hackerish but even then it's just recording passwords.

Anonymous 1687

obvious bait

Anonymous 1688

Not bait. I work in the security industry. I don't hack people myself but I investigate other people who have been hacked. No one has posted anything here to suggest that they know what they are doing.

Anonymous 1689

well that's a horrible thing to do and you shouldn't do it

Anonymous 1698

I've found passwords and emails through pastebins and gotten to the second stage of logging in. Even if you have the right password, emails now a days aren't that easy to get into, they usually detect the strange change of location and device and usually require some kind of extra confirmation.
You're better off finding what websites that email is signed up for and trying the same password.

Anonymous 1704

I have been cyberstalked and people blame it on me and claim I did the damage? How the hell did I make everyone pay attention to me? That's my experience on it. Very disgusting and backwards

Anonymous 1705

post the kiwifarms thread

Anonymous 1706

lmao anon

Anonymous 1707

There's two other websites that harass people, and maybe even more I don't know of. Very funny to assume it was KF tho

Anonymous 1727


i guess i should probably post mine.

whenever i get a crush on a guy irl i start trying to find out about him.

boy a
>tells me approximate age through talking about star signs
>find first three letters of last name on work roster
>find normie book and insta account which is sadly sparse
>find marriage records in previous state he lived in
>came across his address but i cant remember how
>find his wifes normiebook, kind of annoying and chola but meh

once i find someone's married i really step back since at that point i feel i crossed a line. it was weird to give him a ride home a few times when his car broke down and i had to ask for directions even though i knew where he lived lol

boy b
>a lot more open with talking about his backstory, mentions he was in a paranormal society and he wrote some kind of expose/report in college as well as ta-ing
>find student reviews of him
>he's quoted by first name only in a school paper
>find page on his departments site congratulating him for some kind of community service which i think is related to his report
>couple of academic papers under his name

theres another boy i want to find online but i havent begun yet and im kind of worried if i'll find something since he's my current 'daydream crush'

Anonymous 1730

where does this Reddit user frequent?

Anonymous 1840

Give us a hint

Anonymous 1841

This. Even most social media sites will flag an unknown login. I've been successful logging into Wikipedia accounts (but that's only fun if they're active and you can stalk their edits), Reddit (also only fun if they have cringy DMs), bulletin boards (rare nowadays), Tumblr

Anonymous 1885

I still kept tabs on friends for a long time, they (?) are now some whacky quirky ftm demiboy with a partner that is not physically transitioning or presenting otherwise than whitebread dude. I was honestly salty about it for a long time as I felt this friend changed due to spending too much time on manga and koreaboo stuff - nothing wrong with those interests inherently but making that your whole personhood is so strange- literally just went down the manga to fujo to ftm pipeline.

I found and kept tabs on their entire friendgroup through that - twitters, deviantart piss fetish sites for one, even found a community group they were a part of. I also wasn't the best friend either so maybe I couldn't let that go either.

Then I used to keep picture archives of crushes, nothing too creepy just stuff that was already on fb. I also had a "blackmail" folder, just some embarrassing tweets and a picture of an ex in a diaper.

For crushes, I'd use pipl when it was free, reverse image search stuff, never really "hacked" in any way but man do people behave poorly in terms of personal SEO.

On that note, I got a dude I'm curious about but his name is the most common shit ever- think John Doe. what do?

Anonymous 1886

>I also had a "blackmail" folder, just some embarrassing tweets and a picture of an ex in a diaper.
Honestly, this is a sensible thing to do these days.

>I got a dude I'm curious about but his name is the most common shit ever- think John Doe. what do?

You have to find something out about him to narrow it down, e.g. hometown, hobby, school, workplace. You can search Facebook for "John Doe London" or "John Doe Microsoft" and get a narrower list of results. You can probably find his LinkedIn very easily from basic information, then check the url to see if he added a username. Same for his Facebook profile. If you still can't find him, find his friend and go through the friends list.

Anonymous 1907

Has cyberstalking ever led to anything positive for any of you?

I had a really bad relationship almost 10 years ago that really fucked me up and I kept tabs on the guy and the gf he had after me out of paranoia and for work related things (we worked together on projects and he tried to sue me for publishing something he assisted me with, while continuing to release things he barely worked on). I did this every half year or once a year. Eventually I found out that he moved to be with his new gf, who happened to live in the same area that I had moved to. I was always paranoid about running into him.
Last year during one of my random checkups I found a link to the gf's blog and clicked it out of curiosity. The blog had been abandoned by then, but the latest post was about their relationship. She detailed that she still dreamed about him abusing her and locking her up and wrote about a few incidents she had with him and how it messed with her even years later. I was so relieved I began to cry. Being with him made me feel so crazy and out of control because he was a schizo alcoholic who gaslit me to the nth degree and believed all of his own lies, it was such a relief to see that the girl after me experienced the same thing. I reached out to her and she was open to having a chat and we talked about everything. She even apologized for hating me at the time (although we never met or even spoke before this) based on things he told her about me. Since then I've finally gotten closure and I'm happy it went so well, even though of course it sucks that he continued being abusive to other girls. She told me that he left her for her own friend and is married now. I feel bad for his wife but I can finally move on knowing I wasn't alone.

Anonymous 1908


rip pipl, have you found a good alternative yet?

Anonymous 1909

It has helped me to get an insight into the minds of people who treated me badly. If you find an account they think is private where they post a lot of text you can easily see connections and patterns. It's never just about you. There's always something more to it than them just randomly being mean.

On the other hand, it can be hard to stop reading and forget about them if you find a live account. They can end up taking up a lot more mental space than they would have if you'd never found them.

Anonymous 1927

Has anyone here been cyberstalked?

Anonymous 1928

Not in the sense of having someone collect info about me or anything like that (that I know of), but I used to have an artsy tumblr blog where I posted stuff I liked, little notes about my day, exchanged asks with friends and such. I had a visitor tracker, as one does. I wasn't a very popular user but got a bunch of followers because I posted my photography and things like that. It was always pretty quiet, I didn't get much attention outside of my friend circle. One day I noticed the views spiking and scrolled through the IP logs and noticed repeat visits from a town where an old friend lived that I had lost touch with. I used statcounter, so you can see which page the user is on, where they
clicked, which tags they're visiting etc. He visited every day, multiple times, often checking in in the early morning, a few times during the day, and then went through different blog tags all night, often going as far as 30 pages back in one sitting. He never reached out though. It could've been someone else from his town, but the odds are small because we live in a small-ish country.

It made me feel more self-conscious about the content I posted, and I stopped posting some things altogether. A few times I wanted to contact him and just casually ask if it was him, but I thought he'd probably just get defensive. I don't even think it's a big issue or creepy, I do it a lot when I stumble upon interesting blogs and it's what they're there for after all. Tumblr specifically was great for getting a sense for someone's personality through the content they shared, text posts, layout choices and all that. So I don't think it's weird to spend a lot of time on someone's blog, it's just that we weren't talking anymore and he seemed to check my blog first thing in the morning and last thing before he went to bed. If he's thinking about me that much he might as well just reach out again. We never had an argument or anything, we just drifted apart.

Anonymous 1929

I assume so but I don't have direct proof, just someone obsessed with me.

Former friend made a long post using my name with some fanfiction he had concocted about us dating. In reality we'd only seen each other once in about 5 years and had barely kept in touch. The fanfiction involved the last time we saw each other.

I sent him an email asking why he was doing it and retold how things actually went. This included me leaving early and soon after telling him I was cutting contact with him for being creepy again.

He deleted that post but then vague posted that I was the creepy one for contacting him and forcing him to delete the post, which I hadn't asked him to.

I haven't had any social media presence since then.

Anonymous 1930

how do you trace a Reddit IP?

Anonymous 1931

Anonymous 1932


Anonymous 1933

This thread and you guys are honestly fucking creepy so I hardly want to respond, but I just wanted to say I know exactly which person you're talking about (the femcel on Reddit). I kind of want to believe that it's just an elaborate writing exercise because it's sad to think someone actually spends this much time moping over their past and writing monologues about it on Reddit.

Anonymous 1935


Anonymous 1936

I know what you mean, I fell out with a friend a while ago and I know she thinks she's better than me but a few months ago I was clicking through followers of a mutual friend and stumbled upon her "vent account" and see how terribly she's doing and how sometimes she has moments of clarity about how she keeps pushing people away because she's too neurotic to maintain friendships and I feel less bad.

Anonymous 1939

What do you consider your biggest find, anons?

A really long time ago I was dealing with the most irritating person I'd ever met who was desperately trying to be efamous, but she didn't have a good internet connection and so she was always using her friend's computer to upload her "photoshoots" and stored massive amounts of her files on her spare computer. One day she and that friend fell out and the friend sent me the entire folder of the girl's MSN messenger chat logs and all the photos she had stored on her PC, meaning full-resolution unedited photoshoots including all the bad outtakes and unflattering shots. I never did anything with the photos, but the friend whose computer she used posted some of them on /cgl/ when drama threads were still a thing, which I feel bad about now because we were pretty young and I'm sure some pedos enjoyed seeing her scantily clad awkward proto-costhot pics. You bet I searched the logs for my name and mutual friends because that girl loved to shittalk all day long. I found some interesting stuff and most notably the full extent of how big her compulsive lying problem was.

Also one time I was at a birthday party and the host was a giant bitch who spent the entire time putting some of the guests down to impress her cooler friends. I asked if I can use her computer for a moment and went into her browser settings to screenshot her passwords. Later I logged into her account on cringy dating advice forums and read about her orgasm problems. God I miss the times before 2FA

Anonymous 1941

I found the account of someone I used to know by recognising a random picture she posted as being the same as had been on her instagram before she deleted it a while before. The chances were incredibly slim of it happening as there was zero identifying information in the picture, just that I had seen it before and it had stuck in my memory. Her instagram wasn't easy to find either.

She had always acted like she was right about everything and everyone was beneath her. I read her posts and found she often tried to shill her partner's business, pretending it wasn't connected to her. I waited until she did it again and pointed this out publicly. She denied it of course, replying in a really patronising way, pointing out a minor unrelated mistake I had made in my post as a way to discredit me. That just made it more glorious.

I then posted overwhelming proof. She deleted her posting history, the page I linked to on her website, and had my post removed. She then tried to continue using the same account so I replied to her again asking why she had denied it yet deleted things and what a coincidence it was that the website had changed too. She stopped using it after that and deleted her posts again.

I'm sure she's posting on another account now as she posted something and then quickly deleted it (I set up a service to get emails when she posted for a bit). The great thing is that my post detailing what she did still shows up when her name is googled as it's still on my profile and her name is unique.

Anonymous 1944

>I've found passwords and emails through pastebins
Elaborate. Do you just get random emails from pastebin, or are you looking for specific people when you do this? If so, how do you find their pastebins?
>You're better off finding what websites that email is signed up for and trying the same password.
How do you do this?

Anonymous 1947

They are searching for breaches. For example, if Facebook has a breach, someone will eventually post all the emails and passwords on Pastebin (I don’t know why, they just do that). That anon then googles their friend’s email address or searches for it on Pastebin. They can then log into their Facebook account and try the same details for other sites that person might use.

Anonymous 1949

NTA but I go to haveibeenpwned.com and enter the email address. It'll show which breaches the email has been included in. Then I google the name of the breached website(s) with combinations of dump/pastebin/leak/database/hack and go from there.

Anonymous 1958


Update to previous post, don't ask me how but I have, in ascending order of difficulty: facebook, instagram, reddit, youtube, address and a mobile phone number. What can I possibly plug the latter two into? everything is very profesh and surface-level so far, I want the dirt

Anonymous 1964

What exactly are you trying to find? For basic shit/lurking:


google username to see what he commented on
type username into yt search bar to find playlists he made
depends on country
>phone number
depends on country

Anonymous 1968

The reddit ones aren't loading for me :(

Anonymous 1969

Thank you for this. I could find info about a dude who was preying on me 2 years ago. And he's preying on another 20 year old in Eastern Europe now. He's 40.

I want to vomit and cry.

Anonymous 1971

Please let her know what a creep he is.

Anonymous 1973

If you have someone's full name and phone number, you might be able to call their service provider and get their address. (You can use simple one-click tools to go from phone number to provider, just look it up.) Same goes with just IP and name, but that still depends greatly on the particular representative you end up talking to and sometimes the company's policies.

That said, what are you trying to get if you already have someone's address? At that point, you can order them pizza or whatever the fuck. I don't really see how you can dox anyone other than literally getting their SSN and stealing their identity to fuck with their credit and ruin their life.

Redditors will tell you this is impossible, and others will tell you it hasn't been possible for years. Both are incorrect, and I'm willing to bet serious amounts of money neither of these have hung around the types of crowds where this kind of stuff actually goes down.

Literal underage moid teenagers were able to get access to a Twitter admin panel enabling them to Tweet from ANY account simply by doing a little SE for a couple weeks. That's how the Bitcoin scam you might have heard about in July went down. SIM swapping remains easily possible as well, even though people have lost hundreds of millions to it. With all of these security vulnerabilities still present in massive platforms, do you really think it's not possible to con someone into giving you someone's address if you already know much of their information and can make up a reasonably convincing cover story? Look up "isp doxing" to know more about it, including particular scenarios you can give them. I've found that younger moids are very willing to trust you if you're a woman in particular.

Breaches or databases, but Googling your info is a really shitty way to go about this, to be honest; there are so many databases (probably the majority of them) that won't show up being indexed by Google. There used to be WeLeakInfo as a pretty decent breach search engine, but that got shut down and now there are only watered-down, dollar-store versions of it up.

"Hacking" communities are full of shitty people. Why do you want to get into that? It probably isn't worth it.

Did this end up working? I can't imagine anyone would click on an IP logger link.

Sis, 18% of property crimes are solved by police, at least in America. You won't go to jail for shit. In most cases, using NORDVPN or a residential (if the specific platform you're trying to crack will block logins from obvious proxies like public VPNs) is enough, unless you're getting into serious shit. It's not simming.

Old, but this is good advice, especially logging into people's accounts from VPNs close to their actual location. You can variably log into someone's PayPal account without extra steps if you are geographically close to them (detected by IP), and provided you're not spending huge amounts (or you just get locked by chance because it's a shit platform that has relatively arbitrary holds and restrictions), you can even send their money to another account, lmao.

Feel free to ask any questions if you want to know more about any of this. It's usually creepy, extremely bigoted moids that know about this kind of stuff because they want to get back at another moid that scammed them for a social media handle or some stupid shit like that, but I have experience with this type of thing since I sit inside basically all day like they do.

Anonymous 1974

Oh, and I forgot to mention that those are property crimes in real life. Unless you get the FBI involved (and that's virtually impossible for small offences), you won't be tracked down. If you, for instance, crack someone's email with a no-logs VPN on, their local police force isn't going to do shit, and they literally can't, especially if you're outside of their jurisdiction or your IP is. Depending on the VPN, they might not even have access logs (and they shouldn't if you use a VPN that doesn't keep them, which is what you should be doing) to be able to tell who was accessing that IP.

Anonymous 1975

Wise Based hikki femanon, thank you.
I'm >>1958, but I actually don't want to fuck with him at all - I was looking for more online stuff - a blog, secondary reddit account, something linked to something pornographic or emotional.

Have you ever used any of the stuff you suggested? How did that go?

Anonymous 1976

Yes, it all comes from experience. Keep in mind that although I've personally tested everything I suggested, it may have been quite a while ago (because I don't really have the need to do much of it), so there's a chance it won't work. With things like ISP/phone number doxing, you really just have to get lucky with the service rep, and some

If you have names he's used online, you can really only look up those names and he might be using the same one on other platforms. People don't really link their addresses to anything which you can find (that would be an incredible security vulnerability if you could get people's profiles on sites from their addresses), and you can't go from phone number to username, either, unless you literally put that phone number into different websites.

Your best option is to look for commons (when he uses the same alias on different platforms). Trying to find someone's other online accounts is something I've rarely done, I usually go straight for the jugular. There's nothing apart from exploits (which you won't be able to access as they're very limited in who has access to them, especially zero-days) that you can use to find accounts on more platform with a phone number or address. Hope it helps! :)

Anonymous 1977

I'm >>1050 / >>1040. I appreciate the insight in the law enforcement aspect, but I'm still too chicken to really risk it. I know the chances of getting prosecuted are close to nil, especially since I don't even live on the same continent as the people I stalk, but I just don't want to get too careless and desensitized, otherwise I'll take it too far. I already caused one suicide with my meddling. Another person died soon after I started looking into them, and although that incident had nothing to do with me, it still spooked me. I know people will call bullshit on that, but I can't give more info, so I'll just live with that. I just don't want to end up playing with this too much,
although finding sex offender communities has really been tempting me.

Anonymous 1978

I used to make tumblr blogs that were related to the person's interest, add a statcounter tracker and DM them the link. But statcounter stopped working and coding your own tracking solution isn't very beginner friendly.

Anonymous 1979

>I already caused one suicide with my meddling
What happened?

Anonymous 1980

Yeah, I'm pretty good at finding old stuff people think is gone for good, and someone's online footprint in general. It's crazy how much you can do with just an image or a word. I research everyone in my life because I'm traumatized and paranoid.

Anonymous 2036

Has your own ability to find stuff made you act differently online? I have next to no social media, hoping to delete all as soon as I no longer need it for college. The fact that certain kinda of social media have also become indispensable if you want to succeed at uni or even grow socially is also dystopian and idiotic imo.

Anonymous 2037

>Has your own ability to find stuff made you act differently online?
Yes, I don't use social media at all.

> The fact that certain kinda of social media have also become indispensable if you want to succeed at uni or even grow socially is also dystopian and idiotic imo.

Maybe Facebook for events in uni but you do not need social media in the workplace. Not yet anyway. All the boomer managers don't care about social media and don't understand it. LinkedIn is good only if you are applying for jobs, delete it after this. In person connections are much more important.

Anonymous 2038

i wish i could ask you to research me and see what you find so i can delete everything

Anonymous 2090

Urgh, the same guy posted something sexual about me again that he made up and directly using my name. I'm going to contact him and threaten to contact the police for sexual harassment. I know it's probably OTT but it's the fourth time I have to tell him to stop. It's really creepy and I don't want it to escalate.

Anonymous 2093

Trying not to cry right now. He posted about my email mocking me and claiming I was making it up. I replied with all the evidence I had. I don’t know what I expected but some of his female followers blocked me and replied in support of him. It’s like they thought I was being hysterical or something. He did the same thing last time and it feels like by replying this time I fell into his trap to discredit me.

I didn’t say in my other posts but this has all happened over ten years. We were friends in high school but first stopped talking when he started being creepy in a sexual way. Five years ago we spoke a bit again after he moved across the planet to just see me (he said this later in his fanfiction, I didn’t know it then) and was sexually creepy in the same away so I blocked him.

For years he has been posting about me in various platforms (not just text), sometimes with my name, sometimes just identifying details for anyone that knows us both. It alternates between sexual comments saying I did things, how hot he thought I was, saying we dated, or insulting my personality.

I don’t understand what his obsession is with me. I don’t know if he wants revenge for being rejected or what. I feel unsafe posting anything with an account. We don’t live in the same country now so I don’t know if I even can go to police, not that they would care anyway.

I know I should probably just ignore everything but it’s hard :(

Anonymous 2094

>I don’t understand what his obsession is with me. I don’t know if he wants revenge for being rejected or what.
Don't try to understand it by normal standards. His "reasons", if you could ever extract and see them, would look and feel completely alien to you. If he wasn't capable of developing these fixations and acting on them then he wouldn't be a stalker. These people are capital-N Narcissists who choose their food/prey and then do whatever they can to maintain supply, like how he managed to bait you into engaging. Their whole lives are based around screwing others over and drawing them into torturous traps, and they are better at it than you can ever hope to be.

Some of the advice about getting rid of them involves grey-rocking, i.e. making yourself boring to them, but it sounds like their obsession has lasted years without you feeding it (I hope). You cut off communication so he did whatever he could to try and force you to re-establish it, to establish a dance where he pulls the strings and you jiggle. The next step is to try and normalise the response, to try and establish some kind of stakes that forces you to act when he wants you to.

The only protection is to say to yourself "whatever, this is boring" and completely cut off. He will then go after whatever levers he thinks will force you to act. Whatever he does, you must respond like a grey rock. Stalking victims of most kinds get shit all help from the cops, even in physical stalking cases, unless they take action that the cops can use as evidence of a crime.

By the way, it's likely that he has other sources of supply that he feeds off with different games. I had to deal with one at a workplace and I ended up physically ill from it before I managed to get away. I was very fortunate that it wasn't a long-term fixation that caused them to follow me, but I heard later from people at my old work that he started behaving erratically after I left, randomly humiliating employees and being creepy in hard-to-hide ways. I think that being starved of the supply I unwillingly gave maybe made him desperate and sloppy, but it's not something I want to think about any more.

Anyway, the majority of material on normalfag sites don't go into enough first-hand detail about how awful and destructive they can be. Know your enemy. I got a lot of insight to this stuff by reading a book called "Dangerous Personalities" by Joe Navarro. There was another good website I learned a lot from, but the writer since turned into a bonkers Q-tard so I'm hesitant to link it here.

Good luck anon.

Anonymous 2095

Thanks, this is really helpful. I have only had communication 3 times in 5 years: the first email after his long fanfiction asking if I was missing something as to why he was posting about me (which he then promptly deleted and said he meant no offense, sure…), the police email, and then replying to his latest about me. There have been other things that I didn’t engage with.

I think you could be right about the narcassist thing, I never thought about it before. When I cut him off for sexual comments the second time, his reply was just “ok, let me know if you change your mind” after I explained how I felt. Like no emotional engagement at all.

I also didn’t realise this clasifies as stalking, but I realise it now. That definitely fits and I will start grey-rocking immediately.

Anonymous 2108

I dunno if this counts as cyberstalking, but I did some sleuthing on 4chan the other day. I went to post a thread on /b/, and I saw a pic (face blurred) of a girl who looks just like someone from my boyfriend's gym.

I looked at the girl's insta and she had a pic with a wall of sex toys identical to the one in the blurred pics. Same bedsheets, same hair, and on closer inspection same septum piercing and hoops.

Anonymous 2109

Forgot to mention, the only reason I cared to do so was that it was her boyfriend posting them in a cuck thread. Apparently he shares her with her ex. When I asked if it was really him, he gave a ":)." Gonna be weird the next time I see them in the gym.

Anonymous 2124

I used to have a lot of fun on social media and had a knack for communicating with people, but I can't do that anymore at all because I feel too hyper-conscious of my online footprint and the thought of someone finding and going through one of my profiles gives me the worst feels. I also used to post art online and haven't done that for years now. The idea of having a username and profile is just eerie to me now. I only feel comfortable posting on c.c and on small group chats shared with friends. I have a (private) 12 years old Twitter account that I still use, but mostly just for lurking and DMs.

Anonymous 2127

An update on this: the anon (>>2094) that said his reasons wouldn't make sense to me and about him pulling strings to maintain supply was 100% right.

It's been 3 weeks since I said that I wasn't going to contact him anymore and he has tweeted directly or indirectly about me almost every day, multiple times per day. He completely downplays what he did (and deleted tweets to hide it - I have the screencaps though) and makes it seem like I am crazy for reporting him to the police.

He's also weirdly fixated on something inane that happened the time we saw each other.

>Him: So what have you done recently?

>Me: Oh, not that much.

That's it. He has repeated this exchange multiple times over the years and says it's why he rejected me (ignoring that it was me that blocked him for being a creep and that I wasn't feeling well that day).

I was pretty upset when I posted before but now it seems pretty farcical. I was also worried a bit that I wasn't going to have enough evidence as a lot of this happened years ago but he's displaying his weird obsession daily, it's actually kind of funny now (he doesn't know my location so no real danger thankfully).

Anonymous 2150

I have a habit of building up people around me to almost mythical status. Anything good that happens to them must be because they are so much more clever, hardworking, talented, etc than me.

Cyberstalking has helped me realise a lot of it is just luck and that I’m actually doing pretty well for myself when comparing the hand I was given.

For example, I once overheard a super smart girl talk about the time she met the prime minister. I always assumed she must have won an essay contest or done something really amazing. In comparison, I didn’t even know such contests existed.

By chance I recently came across some details about her meeting and it was down to pure nepotism. The thought never crossed my mind in all these years. It was just an automatic reaction to assume I was not good enough.

I’ve done similar things for other people many times. Cyberstalking has made me so much more confident in myself from being able to see the reality of situations. Is anyone else like this?

Anonymous 2154

yeahh… met this guy like 10 months back. fell for him, and were good friends for a while but lost touch. sometimes i go and look at his family's social media and read news from his town. im still in love with him though i havent spoke to him in 6 months. so i stalk him

once this me and this girl were fighting in a discord server. i regularly pretend to be a man on discord for obvious reasons and me and some dudes all pressured her into telling us where she was from and sending pics of her face. posted her info around some places. she freaked out and begged me to take the posts down.

Anonymous 2449

how can i connect a face to a name when i have an actual photo of their face, a general idea of where they live, where they work, etc?

Anonymous 2458

Google various combinations of:
site:linkedin.com/in “location” “job”

Sometimes pictures don’t always show up with you click the profile for some reason so check the profile links and the image results too.

Anonymous 2463

If they're active on social media, try image search on Yandex. It will give you more hits than Google image search.

Anonymous 3416

No, it's unsettling being on the other end. But I'm all for safety tips or hacking advice.

Anonymous 3454

Strange question but have y'all thought of saying hi and messaging that person instead of cyberstalking?

Anonymous 3455

Technically, it's an invasion of privacy. But social media and servers are to blame for lousy security.

Anonymous 3457

i'm not telling hi to my piece of shit ex

Anonymous 3465

Ok. I won't pry but aren't you hurting yourself more by staying in the past? Just a thought …

Anonymous 3471

antifa cunts.jpg

i plead the fif, as dave chapelle so eloquently said

Anonymous 3876


I have returned to this thread once more to seek advice. Currently investigating someone who's parents are supposedly "super rich", and I'd just love to find out more. I have a name, twitter, facebook, youtube, and possibly some of the siblings and parents names. Where could I find info on wealth or taxes, businesses, the like? I'm EU

Anonymous 3878

Sis I dont know how to help you but I wanna say:

Yes, you get that bitch, you fucking find his money and snatch that shit up

Anonymous 3890

If you know what their parents do you can look up their job position at their company on glassdoor for an income range.

Anonymous 3894

I’ve been on the internet since I was 8 years old, I was a latchkey kid and had no friends ever, coming home from miserable lonely days at school and going onto my laptop was a refuge for me. I was in chat rooms talking to adults at like age 9, on text and microphone. I got myself into lots of stupid trouble online back then, but I also learned lots of fun tricks to mess with people lol.
I learned how to IP grab when I was 10, i learned how to ddos people offline (with a shell booter) aka script kiddie stuff at age 13. I learned to use VPN early
On, I learned to never click links.
…most importantly I learned how to leave no digital footprint online ever, no trace ever.
I won’t lie i probably doxx everyone I meet, or I try too atleast, but I don’t post it anywhere it’s not malicious intent, I’m just curious.
I even doxxed my therapist (which was very difficult, but all worth it in the end)

Anonymous 3896

the father seems to found lots of company, averaging one every year for the past ten years, spanning the range of entertainment, IT, fishing gear etc. Two of them were liquidated

Anonymous 3898

>try too

Anonymous 3900

I love going on what are obviously private diary or vent tumblrs and read the entire thing for hours and very intimately getting to know the person and even relating to them. I love doing it. Especially when the blog owner has the same issues as me. It's like finding a sister

Anonymous 3901

same. kind of related, does anyone remember that girl on tumblr that edits her head EXTREMELY tiny and she has a very noxious attitude but is so interesting? she was a muslim or some kind of orthodox something and she switches between religions i think? i don't make fun of her but she's just so interesting and i want to read her blog again.

Anonymous 3911

Anonymous 3917

Same, sometimes I'll re-read the same one a few times, even if it is super long. I have to remind myself at the end that I don't actually know them.

What are some diaries/tumblrs that you recommend?

Anonymous 4010

the opposite for me, i purposely go out of my way to find them so i can privately have a laugh ( when they crytype and do things of the sort like scattered text etc )
i will admit i can relate to them sometimes but its mostly the fact that i think ventposting in general is cringe lol my bad im sorry but i cant help it

Anonymous 4041

Can I get stuff deleted from the wayback machine?

Anonymous 4108

Yes, just send them an email and they will remove it if it's your site.

Anonymous 4135


Anonymous 4230


is there any way you can add someone specific by quick add on snap without searching them? can you sort of 'influence' your quick add at all? i don't want to seem weird adding this person by search.

i hate snapchat so much, it's very de-anonymized and that sets off all my lurker alarm bells but unfortunately the girl i'm friends with/slightly stalking made a new one and i'm insatiably curious

Anonymous 4284

get her phone number and add yours too on your profile if you haven't
snapchat recommends you people you have added on your contacts, and since i suppose she's a normie girl she has used that feauture

Anonymous 4336

oh thank you, i'll try that tonight as i don't have her number(yet). pretty sure she'd add hers but fingers crossed

Anonymous 4348

I has a friend in high school who was a bit of a compulsive liar, though kind enough. None of lies were malicious, just more like pretending she had friends or tickets for things that didn't exist and which meant finding out plans she arranged involving these things would fall apart at the last minute. The weirdest ones were pretending to be a year younger than she was and so having a fake 18th birthday, and also paying a guy she had pretended to know from myspace (and his friend) to come to a party. She was ESL and from a muslim country and had moved to my high school in the final years so I think she just really wanted to fit in.

I lost touch with all my high school contacts not long after but still google them from time to time to find out where they went in life. I couldn't find any social media for this friend though. Eventually ages after high school I did find mention of her deep in a thread on a lolcow-esque site. People were laughing at her for pretending to go a good college and be dating a fairly well known sports player when it clearly didn't add up.

I feel kind of bad for her that she hasn't grown out of this, especially as she is living in a third country now and could have made a clean break with her past if she'd wanted to. Have to wonder why she feels the need to do this.

Anonymous 4349


Yeah i've stalked people before online. Especially teachers. It was a good challenge. I don't find many people i care to stalk anymore and a lot of people don't even make it a challenge

Anonymous 4350

Only person I've ever cyberstalked/doxxed was a redditor who was raising his girl to believe Harry Potter was real and she was going to Witch School when she grew up.

Anonymous 4554

Some guy that I had an inappropriate relationship with almost a decade ago (and which got him fired a few years ago after he tried to restart it and I contacted his employer) sent me a creepy stalkerish message. It was on an account I seldom use and sent months ago but I only saw it now. He accused me of "hiding" and asked if it was worth it.

Does he really think that years later I am organizing my entire life around him? It couldn't be that I deleted my social media accounts before I even reported him. Or that I got rid of other stuff more recently because of a different creep. Oh no.

Like no dude, my whole life just doesn't revolve around you. Got better things to do with my time unlike him trying unsuccessful to guess my password (I got it wrong for the first time in at least a year and it immediately said there had been too many failed attempts).

I get looking someone up after a while out of curiosity but then assuming the results you find (or lack of) are all about you years after you last had contact is just unhinged narcissism. Having limited internet presence isn't even that weird if you're a professional or just not that online.

And sending a message about it which is just going to make yourself look even worse… Just why?

Anonymous 4560

I've had similar experiences where people have treated me with suspicion or like I'm hiding something for not using any kind of social media. I think for a lot of people they genuinely can't imagine how they would interface with the world without social media anymore. I hate to sound all holier-than-thou with people like that, but it really is disgusting, the narcissistic way they approach internet presence.
I just want a nice cozy image board. I don't need my fucking name attached to it. Is that so much to ask?

What'd you do with that guy's message anyway? I feel like it'd be tempting to rub his nose in it but that doesn't feel wise, from experience.

Anonymous 4561

They are entitled, simple as that. They are entitled to have access to your information at all times.

Anonymous 4564


>What'd you do with that guy's message anyway? I feel like it'd be tempting to rub his nose in it but that doesn't feel wise, from experience.

I was tempted to just reply with something like pic related but either he wouldn't get it or would think I was joking in a good way.

My first thought after that was to reply and tell him that if he didn't leave me alone, I would contact the police. Messaging me for no reason, years after what happened, and in such an unsettling way, plus trying to hack my account, would probably all be of interest to them.

He was also pretty stalkerish too after things ended, sending nasty messages, accusing me of dating other men, and then not taking a hint when I didn't reply half the time. He enjoyed putting me down and calling me stupid when we were together, while playing up how smart he was himself. It's clear that he wanted to provoke a reaction so I just deleted the account as I'm not using it anymore. Also replying to a months old message would be a bit weird.

Thankfully I'm pretty sure he won't have another way to contact me or gain information about me and I live in a different country now and not in contact with anyone from my past. Though if he does contact me, I guess I will have to go through will reporting him. I don't really what to have to explain everything that happened previously to the police but I don't want to deal with (another) stalker either. I did decide that I'm not going to bother with warning him first as he's a grown adult and can face the consequences of his own actions.

Maybe I should just make an easily found instagram profile and post a bunch of pictures of me being really boring, doing mundane things, and looking slobby, so the creeps lose interest. Though men will literally fuck comatose woman and inanimate objects so I doubt that would work.

>I just want a nice cozy image board. I don't need my fucking name attached to it. Is that so much to ask?

Same, I'm too socially awkward to enjoy social media. I never used the accounts I made much and always ended up deleting them not long after. I guess if he had ever actually gotten to know me he would have realized this.

>They are entitled, simple as that. They are entitled to have access to your information at all times.
Agree 100%.

Anonymous 4565

I can’t stop cyberstalking my friends. Every time I meet someone new and get to know them I can’t help myself but uncover as many of their profiles as I can. I know it’s wrong but I don’t mean to be malicious but I just get curious. It’s so bad to the point where I got a vpn service just so anyone who is smart enough to use an ip logger on their blog won’t know it’s me. It’s so stupid. I’m so paranoid and I just wish I could quit.

Anonymous 4566

Sounds smart. Don’t waste energy on a friendship when you could have found out before that they were too weird.

Anonymous 4569

>Make new mutual based on femslash
>She compliments me a lot and I take it to heart, stupidly think I have a chance despite thinking e-dating is retarded
>Obsessively search for her other accounts
>Find one, she mentions her boyfriend on it
>Get irrationally angry and even more obsessed
>Find her high school and yearbook, now I just have to narrow it down
I think it's funny that I know a lot about her and she barely even knows anything about me because I'm careful about the kind of information I attach to my accounts so they can't be easily associated with one another (and she's already a privacy conscious kind of person). Sometimes I think about scaring her telling her what I know to get back at her for all the lovebombing. I don't know why I'm so attached, probably because the first time we ever talked she told me she could tell I had an ed… she said she's recovered but she makes comments about it without any prompting from me. I want to get worse with her

Anonymous 4572

yeah imagine that 'friend' of yours was in fact some kind of creepy cyberstalker

Anonymous 4575

Ngl i think that's kind of hot. I would be terrified but very into you if i was her. Don't do that though, she's probably not as unhinged as me lol Keep that shit for yourself.

Anonymous 4582

holy shit this thread is three fucking years old
anyway i would cyberstalk my online friends social media when theyd get mad at me and i was worried they were gonna block me, its also fun to look up old friends once in a while to see if anything new and dramatic has come up in their lives but its a rarity

Anonymous 4593


Anonymous 4615

I was in a discord community a few years ago and we no longer keep in touch but I still remember everyone who was there and cyberstalk them regularly. I've done everything I can to try to access the old servers and it's driving me nuts, I even have a server ID but without an invite code I can't access anything. I don't know why it's so hard for me to let go of this online community in particular, loneliness I guess.

Anonymous 4620

hve you tried to see whether they have advertised on disboard or similar sites?

Anonymous 4636

I'm more of a normie but I can relate.

I remember months ago a friend made me play VR chat for the first time and it was incredible.
We went to a map with a weird train and we ended up finding a ton of randoms that were just goofing around then came together to act like there was some big mystery on that train and telling some elaborate, hilarious storyline–even including me in it as some passive observer.
…mind you, these were complete strangers. And I was just sitting there awkwardly with my mic off like a boring idiot, my movements and my friend doing the only speaking for me.

It made such a huge impression on me that I'm sure I would have probably wanted to find out way more about them if I could, even if I'd be stupid over it.

Anonymous 4645


I don't cyber-stalk that much, I have my parasocial fascinations where I check on people every now and then but I never stalk if you know what I mean, I only stalked one person I cyberstalked was my e-bf who lived with his parents, he love-bombed me and convinced me to get into an e-relationship when I was so vulnerable then pulled that away and became distant and cold, I was yearning to know about him more and see him more when he didn't even return my good morning texts so I did some looking up and found his public records, through it I found his mother and cyberstalked her facebook, then his aunt because he mentioned that he had an aunt who owned a stable who had a three-year-oldgirl… I doxxed his address and phone number using public records, pictures he sent, and info he told me like what car model he had, I saved these along with other info in a file and archived them.
I also found his old accounts on many social media platforms because he used the same combination of words for a username, while cyber-stalking his family I found out that his aunt is a bit of a cool Instagram mom who posts on her stories often so I viewed them daily without following her because she would visit her sister and take videos and pictures with him in them, he never sent me pics or updates when he had a big day like a bday and he was so much of a loser that he celebrated his bdays by drinking with his parents and aunt and her husband, even on his graduation day I had to cyberstalk his aunt to see him in his cap and gown, the aunt eventually blocked me and stopped posting much and it made me so paranoid that he might've known.
even after breaking up with him I still cyber-stalked his mom on facebook, she got a new job lol,, and as for him he doesn't post on social media much and only uses twitter afaik so I stalk his likes from time to time even two years later and I think that he got in another e-relationship with this 18 year old girl who lives on the opposite side of the world from him, I feel like reaching out to her and talking her out of it since I've known him for longer than she ever could and I know that he is only using her for validation and to kill time until he finds a stacy irl who would be interested in him that and the fact that he is a pedo furry.

Anonymous 4646

send her screencaps

Anonymous 4649

Anon please seek help and leave the guy alone.

Anonymous 4652

i've used the internet for almost 20 years so i kind of developed a pattern recognition if certain people change usernames and whatnot. there was a time when this personal website i browsed was literally taken down overnight, and it wasn't archived anywhere, so ever since then i started collecting and saving anything i found interesting just so that will never happen again.

over the years i've actually ended up finding out scandalous things about people of interest (artists with secret fetish alts, personal tumblr vent blogs meant for close with messed up confessions, nsfw blogs, etc.), if i really wanted to i could "cancel" a lot of people. but i don't support that kind of culture so i've never collaborated with a callout post or anything. i just take notes and move on. i've also never doxxed anyone (though i've found people's real names by accident) and don't care to. i just treat the internet as my personal zoo and try to follow the "animals" if they leave

Anonymous 4656

>force myself to stop stalking as I realize I'm creepily obsessed with them
>miss the fun of stalking them and start stalking them again

Anyone know how to get out of this loop?

Anonymous 4673

send her screenscaps. you'd want those screencaps if you were in her shoes, wouldn't you?

Anonymous 4678


I finally found the original invite link I used to join the server years ago. I had to use a python script to download an archive of the website it was posted on to retrieve the link. I clearly remember that invite link being a forever invite link since I used it multiple times in the past, but now the link says expired. So the server has probably already been deleted. On the one hand I'm upset it was a dead end, on the other hand I'm relieved I can put this obsession to rest and move on.

Anonymous 4692

Oh yeah she would definitely freak the fuck out on me so I'm never telling her. Funny thing is I got her number but she pissed me off again recently by not texting me back after 2 days and it fueled me to finally find her real name and pictures of her face. I legit thought she was ignoring me but it turns out she was just busy with school lmao.

Anonymous 4697


Was looking for the female creep thread to post this in, but this one works just as well.

I found his general Twitter account finally. This isn't simply limerence anymore, this is downright sickened obsession with this poor boy. But I can't stop myself. I've trained myself to be this creepy from all the fictional characters I've stanned before over the years. This is not okay to do to another person, but I just can't stop. Not even distracting myself with games or other men makes me want to give up on him. It's rotting my brain and ruining my life but I truly cannot stop.

I'm not surprised by his Twitter likes. I don't quite fully understand why he faps to blacked porn, of the types of women he enjoys getting fucked by black guys. I earnestly think he is a cuck at heart, but I also notice that some of the other liked porn is about the viewer fucking a trashy skanks while dogging on prudish types like his old girlfriend. Probably some kind of self-insert, regretting that he didn't have a better girlfriend growing up. Likewise, I wonder what it is about the more unsavory things he enjoys that makes his dick twitch. His brain runs in taboos that I don't usually think much about, and it fascinates me.

He's such a cute little virgin. I wish he would tease me again with IRL pictures of himself, but I think he stopped caring about my pleasure a long time ago.

I can't really tell if his followers are anyone he actually talks to that's worth a damn. They mainly look like spam and e-thots looking for money. I'm going to sift through who he's following, not sure if I should cuddle up with a warm drink or not.

I have no guilt about cyberstalking him because he makes himself too fun to cyberstalk, and we'll probably never date anyways. Even before I was obsessed with him he was pretty clear about not seeing anyone. He has a lot of his other accounts set to private even though mine are public, and I'm not afraid to hide anything from him, other than the extent of my obsession with him. I love getting a daily dose of him in some form or another, and I tend to cry when I get into withdrawals without him.

I'm disgusting. Revolting. A grown woman shouldn't be acting like this. I should be just dating normal men and living a normal life instead of being turned on by drawings and obsessed with someone that checks so many of my own tick boxes. I know I need help but until I can replace him I'm just going to continue to behave this way. I'm sorry.

I saw a macro of a newspaper that said "I married my stalker" and it made me unironically think GIWTWM and him, but with IRL sex instead of marriage. I might be batty but I just want to get all my terrible horny out before I commit to someone, if I ever do marry and settle down and have kids.

Sometimes I wonder if that's what he wants from me; to go ahead and cuck him by getting a husband and use him as my little side piece. My only problem with that is I don't know if I could actually unironically do that to someone and live with myself.

I wish he would just accept being in a Mdlb relationship with me, where sometimes he can dom if he wants to. No third parties unless we agree on it, plenty of solo sex with just him and I.

Anonymous 4698

I've searched a good amount of his following, choosing to stop for now. Only a few of his followers were anything but bots.

A deeper analysis tells me there is nothing much else to be concerned about. His pornrot extends past much else I care about, and I cannot see if he's talking privately with others, nor really care much to know, as I've witnessed how that tends to go a few times now.
I can't tell if he's following findoms to be milked by or if he wishes to engage in the practice himself. But if anything, his lazy behavior says it all. He won't ever be much of anything if he cooms his life away on empty harlots that will take the ego boost and forget he ever existed in the next week or month.

What a sad soul I stalk.
A foolish part of me wants to snap him out of it and retrain him into being a proper young man, try to make him into something useful and successful, and yet if I hadn't any feelings for him at all I, too, would likely spit on him and pass him by as a sorry cuckold unworthy of being any pet or lover of mine.

This cyberstalking was successful. The results were semi-fruitful in other information I won't include here, and I can rest a little easier now. Part of me still thinks there might be another account surely for less porn-oriented things, and I'd love to find it if it exists, but knowing what a slimey little pervert he is, it simply might not exist.

I find it curious that even my old account was more popular than his. He isn't as social as I assumed him to be. Perhaps that's part of why he withdraws himself, ashamed of all the wretched filth he hoardes within him.

The two of us are like two sides of a cautionary tale for people to never ever become, I feel.

Anonymous 4701


jesus christ

Anonymous 4702


what the fuck

Anonymous 4706

Ngl, don't really care for reactionary non-replies like this. You could at least have the guts to criticize me or say something more specific to what I posted than just "wtf".

As a small update, more blacked porn and I found a couple more non-porn goofy accounts he's following, so I don't think there's a non-porn alt. I'm not really sure what to think about it, because there's old and recent stuff, and he's never really implied to my face that he's genuinely into this. I saw from other archives he used to post on other image boards about it, but that was over a year ago and from my own research. I didn't think it was still something he was interested in now. I don't know how much of this is really healthy or not, but I'm also aware I'm pot and he's kettle; and I'm calling him blacked.
(Sorry, awful joke.)

The moid brain is a strange one, especially when it's sheltered as hell. Weird disturbed sexual fantasies.

Anonymous 4708

you're worse than the entire LC userbase. get your head checked. i hope you two never meet.

Anonymous 4711

i see you i understand you although he is a bad quality one for the blacked porn but I too love cute little virgins who are sexually frustrated, I'm sad the one i'm obsessed with practices good online hygiene and doesn't use social media much and has the accounts he has on private but i tried to squeeze as much as i could and he likes hentai and not real porn, i still keep all the pics he sent of himself, i look at them every day before bed, i should try and find his online accounts maybe i can find a twitter or a facebook.
best of luck nona <3

Anonymous 4716


Rude as hell. You sound like someone that actually uses LC for a social life. Stay miserable, I am actually trying to change if you couldn't catch that.

Thanks, glad someone else kinda gets it. Apparently my radar was completely off anyways, and he picked back up being active somewhere else even while I was posting that. I know I'm not his keeper, it's been a pretty self-destructive journey being so dependent on wanting to be the one that makes his highest highs. I realize that's not realistic and he's kind of a typical moid manwhore anyways. It's all been an escape from trying to make my own happiness myself.

I've done the opposite, I used to look at his pics almost daily but now I don't. I'm trying to get back to how I was before I met him as best as I can, even though it won't be fully possible because I made some major life changes during the time we've known each other.

I think my biggest problem is this parasocial relationship I've attached in addition to the reality. He really is not the angel I imagine him to be, and the reality hurts sometimes. It hurts a lot, actually.

Anonymous 4717

i understand that too well, i too know that i wont end up with this guy but i cant help but think about him when im feeling down so its really like you said just an escape.
no one is an angel but selective perception is not a joke, hope we two can walk away from this lifestyle soon enough.

Anonymous 4736

is there any way i can possibly deduct someone's email from their spotify or steam accounts? it's all i have and i desperately need to find more.

Anonymous 4743

search their username in breach databases

Anonymous 4744

where can I find those? google isn't turning up with anything for me. I'm sorry I'm being such a noob.

Anonymous 4745

you need to buy them or pay for a subscription to somewhere that shares them

it's not really worth it tbh

Anonymous 4805

if i meet a new person i HAVE to save every little piece of info i find on them. i have a folder for every discord server im active in with sub-folders for all the notable members. sometimes i become close with a member just so i can have a face/number to add to their folder

Anonymous 4819

Anonymous 4824

I have folders full of screenshots, selfies and videos a handful of people I wished I was have all posted lol. That's the long and the short of it. It's a compulsion.

I also have them backed up using online and physical storage.

Anonymous 4864

I'm making a locked mock account of someone else's so I can see exactly what their TL is like and identify who they just newly followed bc for some reason it doesn't always pop up at the top of the list.

Anonymous 4865

What is TL? Twitter Likes?

Anonymous 4867


Anonymous 4869

This is so creepy to me. I wonder how much of my info is stored on some computer.

Anonymous 4870

Yep, Twitter timeline. It's almost a perfect 1:1 except there's 5 privated accounts that have to approve my following. One of them is just inactive I think, another seems to be a shitty findom that probably wants me to pay $15 to follow (lmao no), the others are Japanese artists that might also be inactive. Thankfully, I think none of them are really very related to the current trend of followings.

Anonymous 4886

How do you ruin a moid's life without physically being there

Anonymous 4887


the first person i cyberstalked was my camp counselor when i was around 11. i found her tumblr etc and checked it obsessively for years, for no reason. she very rarely ever made an original post, about 98% of her stuff was reblogs and she was on tumblr every day.

about a year later i started sitting next to this guy in class and a couple weeks in it was pretty obvious he had a crush on me. i liked him too but wouldn’t do anything about it because he was pretty unpopular and i was embarrassed. i found his tumblr and started obsessively checking that as well. again, he barely ever made original posts but he did occasionally post something vaguely juicy about having a crush or whatever. i checked out some of the stuff i found from his tumblr (shows, music, etc) and when we actually started messaging each other frequently a month or so later i knew all about them.

in high school we actually ended up actually dating and he gave me an invite to a groupchat with his online friends, and it actually went far enough back that i could look at weird pervy chats he’d sent about me to his friends in middle school… anyways, we broke up and it tore me apart. the relationship sucked and he sucked but i still found myself checking his twitter but in a hate boner way. i still check a couple times a day, and it’s been almost 2.5 years since we broke up and 1.5 since i cut him off for being a shit friend. i don’t really do it in a parasocial way. i mostly like to just look at the shitty opinions he has, make sure he’s nowhere near me socially, and laugh at his misfortune whenever it arises.

when we dated in high school he introduced me to a guy i’m still friends with today who is really big on privacy. i really think this guy is awesome (not in a romantic way, i just admire him) and shortly after we met i found his reddit. reddit follows were private at the time so i followed him with my account because i’m a dumbass. then reddit rolled out a feature that lets you see who follows you and i guess he checked his because he sent me a message flipping out (understandably.) i told him that he had given me the name/linked me to something once and i had just done it without thinking. he continued to freak out on me for a bit (again - 100% justified) until he calmed down. this was around 1.5 years ago and we’re good friends still so i think everything’s okay. i still check his reddit every day.

i think there’s two things that make cyberstalking attractive to me. the first is that i’m very much a people person and find humans the most interesting thing about life etc etc. it’s cool to learn about them especially because it’s not like you can hang out with people every moment. second: i like having knowledge about people they don’t know i have. it makes me feel powerful.

i do really hate that i do this, but i don't really know how to stop. it's become an obsessive comulsion over the years and it makes me sick when i think about it. i’ve had to start purposefully making friends that don’t have much of an online presence to try to curb this habit (though of course that’s hard to tell without knowing some amount about them.) my current boyfriend has an old-ish reddit and a public instagram, and that’s about it.

occasionally i have seen something i wish i hadn't, like when i accidentally found my ex's schizo older brother's profiles. i don't really "actively" cyberstalk anymore - as in, seek out new profiles. i just check the same old ones. that being said, i haven't found any new people who interest me lately, so who knows.

Anonymous 4970

i've been stalking someone i read about on the news a few years ago and it's so fucking weird to me to be able to read someone's oversharing about familial abuse, sexual degeneracy, and personal drama without knowing them personally. i think i just wanted her as a friend and managed to get invited into some personal discord servers she was in, but my contact with her was sort of short-lived after she kept getting banned. I try not to feel bad about following her since she posts all of this publicly and she's kind of a private lolcow, so i'm always conflicted lol. oh well, i'll keep on archiving shit until the day i die i'm sure

Anonymous 4974


I have fixations that come and go and I don't know what exactly triggers them. Sometimes it's because I like their looks, sometimes because of their personality/interests, or something I can relate to/what I want to be, sort of.
I noticed that I usually get fixated on people that have an air of mystery surrounding them (got that sounds corny) or prefer to keep to themselves/not share lots of info about themselves.
Notable examples:
>Female artist who I've been stalking for ~6 years. It's a bit complicated but when I only began to stalk her I didn't realize she could see that I reposted her photos/drawings to a private group (she couldnt view the group but she could see the notification that I reposted a pic via share button), blocked me from her account and from her art page. Both me and her have multiple accounts on that platform, so I have a plethora of accs I can use to view her art page and her account (her account is private now though, but it's not a big deal anymore). I even dug up her old tumblr blog and 3 different ask.fm pages, all of which she was on when she was around 16, all of which were fun to read through. i also dug through her friend list to find more photos of her.
>I gained her trust after I switched to a different account, fake name, to post my art. We did a couple trades, and I made an instagram account where some time later I could see both her public art account and her personal private account. During this (recent) period I haven't been obsessing over her, maybe because she's not so mysterious to me anymore, but she's still a very interesting person that I share lots of views with and I love her style and I'll keep contact with her. I like seeing how her art style shifted during these years, along with focus on different characters/themes.
>One girl who I've been fixated on in the past, mainly just because I really liked how she looks. We also shared taste in music somewhat, I liked to see her playing guitar. I only saw a couple of her photos and after doing a bit of digging found her instagram and saved all of her photos, including with her ex-bf, those pics are now deleted. My interest died own rather quickly after she changed her appearance and style (she now has a kind of preppy-rich look, and she cut her hair short and started wearing makeup), after we had a brief conversation and she was able to find some of my accounts on other platforms like pinterest because I was retarded enough to name them after her insta username. I was afraid she's gonna find my public account where I post my art, so I tweaked a few things to prevent that from happening. I havent checked her account in 6 months or so.

Anonymous 4975

I wanted to do this but realized the person I wanted to make a mock account of follows 1+ accounts

Anonymous 4976


Anonymous 4980


does anyone know if it’s possible to find stuff about people with just voice clips?

Anonymous 5095


found out one of my tumblr mutuals' name about a year ago & using that and a video which he uploaded and had sent me i found his full name, but i wasnt as much of a creep as i am now.
anyway, then a few months later i found his sister's account through looking him up on youtube again AND his steam handle which was just his name, and she had linked some other accounts on her youtube like her deviantart ETC. and then using that i found her on instagram and eventually saw what he looked like.
i tried forgetting about this and pretending like nothing happened because i know i went too far and somebody could just as easily do this to me, but today i found out his middle name and got googling. i found his great grandfather's obituary and information on his family.
then i went back to instagram through his sister's account i found his and through that account i found his mother's and went through it all and found loads of pictures of him when he was younger
i feel like a monster i cant stop this madness i dont even like him or feel anything towards him but im terrified one of his family members has an IP tracker tool attached to their profiles and the thought of the possibility of them seeing me screenshot their posts using those tracker apps is making me lose my mind although i know this is entirely my fault.
i think i am going into a panic attack thinking of him confronting me about this because i really have no excuse.
i feel horrid but i cant stop and i do this everytime i find somebody interesting.
i feel especially awful knowing this could be done to me just as easily but i cant keep my hands to myself curiosity really gets the best of me.

Anonymous 5096

>go through 500+ pages of artist's blog to find clues to piece together their real name so i can find what studio they work for
>days later they announce what show they're working on
why did i put in all that work then

Anonymous 5097

The average person is very clueless about these things. If they had all those trackers, they wouldn’t have been so easy to find.

If by some minuscule chance they do say anything, just say you noticed it and wanted to tell them for their own security but wasn’t sure how to.

Anonymous 5099

use brave browser with the ghostery add on, it blocks ip trackers
but like >>5097 said i doubt anyone involved would even think to have something like that on any of their pages

Anonymous 5185

I stalk this one girl but her main social media accounts are private like her Instagram. I really doubt even if I made a fake account, she would accept my request since she barely has any followers to begin with. Even though I can’t see what she posts on there, she’ll sometimes have a week where she’ll keep changing her profile picture and I always make sure to save it every time it changes. So now I have a little collection of pictures of her that aren’t public anymore and it gives me a sense of satisfaction. I know that’s pretty creepy but it gives me a rush

Anonymous 5212

I feel bad for stalking my ex bf, ever since we broke up last week we've cut all ties and it's honestly draining, and now i only get to see his online posts over side accounts (he has me blocked on main) and it gives me a mini dokidoki kokoro, then big kanashii because now i know he'll never love me again desu, Jesus why did i even break up with him, I can't checking for new updates every couple minutes but he won't post and now im pissed off we were supposed to play the new world of warcraft together idiot, gosh-

Anonymous 5214

new world of warcraft sucks and the company is ran by predators, ditch it for a better mmo and stop obsessing over your ex

Anonymous 5225

I used to stalk my boyfriend's ex. When we met, i already really really like her but we never got to be friends mainly because always had someone between us and we never got to talk just two of us. When he said he still liked her, my admiration for her turned into obsession. I used to have some of her social media, and i stalked her almost everyday, saw the movies she liked, listened to the music she used to listen (i used to do that because we had alot in commun, but in this situation was just unhealthy). A time ago he cut all relationship with her and so do i, and i never got interested in her again. Sometimes i think that further than a thing with our exs, i kinda liked her? We have so much in commun, and maybe i wanted to be her and be WITH her.

Anonymous 5244

wow, i haven't checked this thread in quite a while so it's surprising i caught your post.
the real xavier responded to my post further upthread. maybe try the email linked in that post? let me know if they respond/if you find anything, i'd love to hear some of those old tracks.

Anonymous 5260

What do you even see in a person like that?

Anonymous 5275

love this thread, lots of cool n smart anons :) I thought I was alone in this.
on Tumblr I've created 4 blogs dedicated to different semi-popular users I've found interesting and have begun to dig up all of their old/deleted posts from 5+ years ago. I don't try to doxx them or anything, I just want to archive the old stuff bc they could return any day now and deactivate and lose everything :-(

Anonymous 5295

i usually form obsessions with men i see on the internet. most of them have been youtubers but recently i oddly pivoted to this one male pornstar. he has no ig account, doesn’t share personal information about himself, no one knows his real name yet as it’s not readily available with few simple google searches. 3 days after perceiving his existence from behind a screen, i have found his real name, his wife’s name, his mom and his brother’s name and socials.

Anonymous 5302

Call me dumb but I didn't know people could put IP trackers on their profiles… does that mean they could see whenever you visit their page or something?

Anonymous 5303

there's a guy i know in person and i'm desperate to find his social media pages for various reasons (especially his reddit). i've managed to find his email address and even actual address (didn't even want to know this but he's doing a terrible job hiding that online) through googling and stuff but for some reason his social media accounts seem impossible to find

Anonymous 5336

lol hi prisilla

Anonymous 5345

would u delete their stuff if they asked u?

Anonymous 5354

I'll go through reviews on Letterboxd and scroll until I come across a user (that's a woman) that interests me. I'll see if she has her SM linked on her profile and I usually spend a while just observing. Then I completely forget about her once I feel like I've seen enough.

Anonymous 5371

They would be able to see that IP visiting their site, but they probably won’t be able to know it’s you given that an IP isn’t an exact location (just within a genera vicinity)

Anonymous 5387

haven't been to this board in a while, just wanted to confess to combing through an acquaintance's deviantart account and using details from her journal entries to confirm how old she is. I know this isn't very sophisticated or as egregious as other anons in this thread, but she's made a point of being vague about her life in our conversations outside the hobby we share and I feel like she would be very mad at me or uncomfortable with me if she knew I did this. At least I now know with certainty that she's actually a woman around my age and not some weird cagey moid

Anonymous 5393

What can I find out about a person if I have their (private) IG and linkedin?

Anonymous 5394

what do you want to find?

Anonymous 5395

I am not going to stalk him again I am not going to stalk him again I am not going to stalk him again I am not going to stalk him again I am not going to stalk him

Anonymous 5397

Anything, the more the better

Anonymous 5413

I have the phone number as well

Anonymous 5414

Google every tiny bit on info separately until something comes up.

Anonymous 5431

Need linkedin data breach

Anonymous 5434

i don't really stalk him because he has no social media at all and searching his name only brings him up on some list of graduates from his uni. but i check his last.fm every fucking 5 mins to see if he's listening to music and if so what it is

Anonymous 5476


I've got the details of someone's first name and first initial. I got their old facebook, a Twitter, an Instragram, telephone number & Telegram account. A discord too that seems used only once. And some vague stuff with their fried's accounts and current situation. I'd like to get some real life info with this and hopefully move from period of my life caused by this person.

Anonymous 5478

you can actually turn your steam profile to "invisible" now and not share game data, as well.
i know this because that's what my steam's set to, plus i've used the above techniques to monitor crush/significant other's steam usage in the past

Anonymous 5479

in addition, people link their spotify to everything and their friends/family tend to follow those accounts under their real names
if you're game enough to follow them, chances are they have the whole "share what i'm listening to" thing on, which gives you an idea of their presence and activity, playlists, etc
time was, you'd have to ask someones siblings what music your crush liked

Anonymous 5512

I doxxed my internet crush using arXiv because I knew her first name and academic field, there was only one person with her name doing that kind of research.

we were already discord and tumblr friends though, I just sometimes cut off contact for months because of awkwardness so I would stalk her instead.

Anonymous 5547

This person in trying to find more about has a website now. there's nothing on it except for their username, which I checked every Google result for already. Any way I can get more out of it?

Anonymous 5551

whois, interent archive for old versions

Anonymous 5563

Is there a way to find someone's email through their phone number?

Anonymous 5564

Yes, look through breach data

Anonymous 5575


Anonymous 5647

haveibeenpwned, intelx.io, dehashed, sites like these search known data breaches for an email or phone number and offer general info about the breach, like site, date compromised, number of accounts compromised, etc

googling general terms for the dump usually works, like hacking forums, then it's just a matter of downloading it and combing through the info

some breaches are uploaded to pastebin in plain text, in that case googling general terms for the breach along with the phone number or email with "dump" or "site:pastebin" can locate it, check archives and cached versions of those pages if they're finicky

an alternative to breaches is exploiting account recovery utilities on websites, some sites can use a phone number to log a user in and finding the associated email address is just a matter of initiating the password reset process for that account, that will usually bring up the email associated with it to confirm and send a reset link to. but be cautious since this can notify the user depending on the site, find the sites you know they have an account with and try it out with your own info and see if you get a notification, email, etc, and keep track of the ones that are "soft reset" (no alert) and "hard reset" (alert)

long response i know but OSINT is a lot of fun

Anonymous 5648

When I see a criminal on the news and they pique my interest, I see if I can cyber stalk them before the police or family shut down their profiles. Nothing too crazy, butI found the profiles of a woman who was arrested for killing one of her kids and disembowling another. I found her twitter, fb, and youtube, and a pinterest too I think. She would frequently @ corpse husband on twitter, and her youtube had typical disturbing story stuff on it. Her Facebook had tons of pansexual pride piccrew icons which was strangely funny but depressing.

Are any of you interested in digital forensics?

Anonymous 5650

I like to do this for random people on old reality shows. It's interesting to see where they end up.

Anonymous 5662

this sounds great, wanna share one or two of them?

Anonymous 5663

I remember googling the woman from this video.

Seems she went to Durham university:

She teaches forest things:

Has a slightly different name now and uploads music videos, playlists suggest she teaches languages too:

Against 5G:

Amazon reviews:

Some random on kiwifarms also showed interest in her:

Imagine going on a show that got cancelled mid season in 2004 and people are still showing interest in you almost 20 years later. If that's not reason enough to be ghost online, I don't know what is.

Anonymous 5665


holy shit, who was this person?

Anonymous 5677

The girl I cyber stalk has always had her accounts on private ever since I started the stalking. I never attempted to get access to the accounts though, but recently she made one of her accounts public and I got to go through it and save everything. Stalking someone online is sometimes just a waiting game. Waiting for them to slip up and reveal more information about themselves.

Anonymous 5678

Thats a clear cut psychopath.

Anonymous 5689

Hi You can find some songs from wires! On YouTube (saintvlxx) the channel. You can request some songs and see if I have them!

Anonymous 5798


thank God I found this thread, finally a place I can ask for advice for this without people moralfagging at me.

Long story short I started simping hard after some guy after he kissed me once and promptly moved on. Pathetic I know. Anyway since I know him irl I know his real name, phone number, discord, face and dox. Im pretty sure he's since graduated so I don't know if I'll even see him again.
What I want is to almost reverse dox him. I want to find his secret social media accounts, find the discord servers he is in and stuff. Knowing the kind of guy he is I just know he has dirt on him somewhere. The problem is he has absolutely 0 social media presence attached to his real name. I only know his discord because he used to be in some discord servers for my college, and we spoke a few times on there. Unfortunately he left all the college servers and unfriended everyone knew there including me once the semester ended. So I have no way of stalking him at the moment other than typical people searchers that bring up minimal info I already know. And of course I can't message him on discord as myself because embarrassment. I'm sure he does have social media but it's not connected to his real name in any way. Is there any way I could find them? Another thing is, I know there used to be a site called dis.cool where you could see every server someone on discord is in. Unfortunately whiny redditors got it taken down. I can't seem to find a replacement but if anyone knows of a similar tool I would appreciate it a lot. I intend to join those servers with an alt. He also mentioned having a vlog on youtube which I'm trying to find but again I think it's under a username, so I have no idea where to start looking. Idk why I just want to read all of his secrets, learn as much of him as I can? I want to find all of his comments, all of his messages. I feel like such a creep lmao but he's some jackass lowkey misogynist rich stocks bro so he deserves it I guess

Anonymous 5812

I have this girl's:
-full name
but cannot find her anywhere on social media. My only bet was trying to search for the dc name and a couple of variations of it, but to no avail. I know she has a reddit I'm desperate to find. Any leads for a noob?

Anonymous 5842

Hi I have full albums of wires!wires! Especially rare songs I’m not sure which songs you remember but let me know if you want me to send them to you!!!!

Anonymous 5845

Google obsessively using all combinations of the information you do have, not necessarily all at once you can do it over time at irregular intervals. Sometimes new information comes up out of nowhere, other times Google can decide to dig up old info and put it on blast on the first search page for no reason. You can also try searching her discord handle and see if she's posted it anywhere else that could link her identity to the accounts she posted about it from.

Anonymous 5847

I tried everything I could come up with but got no new info. I've been at it for a while too.
I found some of her family's Facebook, but she herself is not on it. I'm having a frustratingly difficult time trying to dig up anything lol

Anonymous 5876

Try using https://discord.id/ as an alternative. It helped in my own little discord investigations.

Anonymous 5883

One time their was this youtuber I didn’t like and I accidentally found his whole ass address and shit on Google. I didn’t share it with anyone. He’s also a pharmacist and the pharmacy gets bad reviews, lol. He had a run down apartment too. Could’ve called him, but nah.

Anonymous 5893

Doesn't bring up much, unless there's something I'm missing? What will knowing the account age do?

Anonymous 5908

hehhee u found me
I would set the blogs to being password protected, but not delete entirely

Anonymous 5955

Anonymous 5956


Samefag because I forgot to add pic

Anonymous 5990

this thread inspired me to stalk an internet person i despise. now i know the town they live in and where they went to post-secondary. thanks folks!!!

Anonymous 6008

i cyberstalk literally anybody i find even a little bit interesting and gather every piece of information i can find on them, until either they do something or i find something mildly annoying and i lose all interest. it's like i get fixated on new people until i can confirm they're as much of a loser as the rest of them.

i did this with my boyfriend before we started dating, tho he has a really minimal social media presence. found his linkedin and family socials n stuff, home address before he gave it to me. i don't need to do it as much anymore bc he's really just an open book to me now. i think if we had any less contact with eachother i'd be more insane about it though.

something that i've really been trying to get over is one of my online friends, who's really private about his security. i think he's fascinating, and i don't even think it's in a crush kind of way, but just that he's genuinely interesting and we're into a lot of the same stuff. but he's literally so intent on keeping his online and irl life separate that he doesn't even share his voice publicly, let alone selfies/other personal info. a while back he slipped up and posted a link to an instagram acct that i could assume he was following. cross referencing the followers list with other small snippets of information that i knew about him led me to finding what i'm literally 98% certain is his irl instagram account. i was really hoping he was ugly so i could stop fixating on him, but he's actually gorgeous, just kind of unkempt. really pissed me off, i literally have to force myself to ignore his messages whenever he sends me anything i think is cool because i know how easily i could get out of hand.

Anonymous 6057

> i did this with my boyfriend before we started dating, tho he has a really minimal social media presence.
are you e-dating then? if so, is it possible you can give tips on where to find interesting/noncoomer (i'm assuming) men?

Anonymous 6062

i just cyberstalked someone in-depth for the first time and holy shit it is addictive.

Anonymous 6063

I'm not so interested in a specific person right now, but the need for tools and techniques to find information like this always comes up. Anything useful for finding people?

Anonymous 6074


I've been cyberstalking a 35+yo incel coworker and finally found something interesting. For background: this moid is pushing 40 and can't look women in the eye when talking, yet when he does manage to speak to a woman he can barely hide his vicious misogyny and porn addiction. He once threw a bag of garbage at a teenage employee and said "I thought you people wanted equal rights" because she asked him for help carrying something heavy. He also once let it slip that he thinks sex involves the man "spraying" the woman. Not only does he have no prospects, all of our mutual female coworkers are scared of him. He recently quit his job without notice after working there for almost 7 years.

Because of all this, I found it odd that he is now apparently in a relationship with a cute Vietnamese girl. Even more odd, this girl has no other white, English-speaking friends on her profile - only Vietnamese.
Again, she's very cute and has lots of friends, but her posts will have 50+ likes - exclusively Vietnamese people, speaking exclusively vietnamese - and then my co worker "Steve Davidson from bumfuck Oklahoma". She also lives in Vietnam and doesn't seem to have ever traveled anywhere else. Steve likes all her posts but never comments on them. Also Steve has no other communication on this app besides her and there's no public mention of their relationship on either page, I only happened to find out through a birthday greeting from Steve to this girl where they both exchange "I love you" and "I'm happy I found you" messages and hearts. This relationship has also apparently been going on for over a year.

So I'm pretty confused. I don't buy that they're in a real relationship because it seems like they've never met each other irl and the girl almost seems to want to hide it.

Another thing is that when translating the comment on her profile from vietnamese, some of them are actually pretty rude "you've gotten so fat you're unrecognizable"

I seriously want to get to the bottom of this. How did they even meet? I doubt Steve has ever traveled to vietnam. Maybe she's leading him on to exploit him? This seems likely but why are there no other clueless white dudes liking her posts? Its all so bizarre.

Anonymous 6076

youre the only person who understands me

Anonymous 6077

She's probably just with him for the visa. A 90-Day Fiance situation. He sounds like the type to think Asians are le submissive so he probably went to one of those "date Asian women" websites and found a mail-order bride.

Anonymous 6079

i suck at this so much… i need to get a guy's info but all i know is
1) the address where he works
2) his cashier id i guess? from the receipt
obv i tried googling that in different ways but didnt get anything. is there hope or should i try irl stalking? im a coward but if there is no other way, im ready

Anonymous 6080

site:linkedin.com "store town" "store name"

Anonymous 6081

tysm <3

Anonymous 6082

There's been a guy I've been wanting to get to know online but he has all of his DMs closed even if I follow him. How do I reach an area to talk with him? I've been thinking on talking to some of his mutual friends so that potentially there'll be a window of opportunity where they can introduce me to him, etc. But in case that doesn't work out, what should I do?

Anonymous 6091

paste his username into google with quotation marks around it to see if he used the same one for any other websites

Anonymous 6115

ayrt, it's almost all down to luck. i don't spend a lot of time in public online spaces (anymore) and only really meet ppl who are friends-of-friends, so almost all of my advice would be really conditional. the one thing i can suggest is like, finding a VERY niche community for something you're interested in and hoping that there are some cool people around, though you'd probably want less of something like a discord server and more like a group of tumblr blogs/ neocities webring. reach out to those who you find interesting based on the presence they've curated for themselves, hope you click and hopefully they can bring you into a wider scene of people you also get along with.

Anonymous 6187

Yes, I do.
I have my exes blocked on my main Instagram account but I have an alt account just to stalk them and look at what they're doing now when I'm bored.

Anonymous 6196

Never met anyone worth stalking.

Anonymous 6198

All the time since 2015 but not too extensively, I just got a few social media accounts I check like newspapers.
Some of them are old friends who either hate me now because of the disk horse or simply distanced from each other for whatever reason. Those, I only check because I still kind of like them and want to see what is going on their lives and if they're ok.
Then, a few accs I hate and check to either laugh at them or to send hate when I'm bored. Sometimes they rt/post stuff I like, so that's a bonus.

Anonymous 6299

Does anyone have any advice on cyber stalking someone from a different country, like Russia? I am a burger and have been trying to trowel through Yandex and even signed up to VK to snoop around. The guy I want to focus on shared a link to a Google drive file through an account with a first, middle, and last name attached to it. I managed to find his Facebook profile and VK, both of which haven't been touched since 2017 or so. I've tried googling his name in English and Russian and haven't come up with anything besides those two profiles. The only other info I have on him is where he's lived, and his nsfw art profiles, which he kept secret.

Any ideas how I could get more leads? I'm starting to think he is really laying low, or the name I found was an alias if not even Yandex can show me anything pertinent.

That girl is definitely using him for something like money or a visa. Let's just hope he doesn't shoot up his new workplace once he finds out he's been swindled kek

Anonymous 6305

I memorized the Spotify account of an ex friend so I occasionally look at it and snoop her playlists to see how she's doing. I look up all the lyrics to the songs in it to gauge her mental state. I also occasionally check some social media accounts. I just hate her and hope her life sucks.

Anonymous 6311

what'd she do that you hate her so much?

Anonymous 6334


Honestly I’m not sure who sees this but jesus man i used to be obsessed with Xavier st valentine (WIRES!WIRES! I loved everything about him and the fact that a few people know him on this. I really wish people from MySpace could just upload all his old tracks I miss hear high school drop out and HOLLYWOOD. And a few others but let’s face it all his stuff is gone forever. Whoever has anything from him please reach out to me!!

Anonymous 6388

Someone posted almost this exact post years ago here on /x/, and the guy himself ended up responding. It's a bit sus that this is here again. Makes me think it's him shilling himself.

Anonymous 6389

I went digging. It starts in this post >>905

Anonymous 6430

I like to stalk this guy I have seen on instagram. He likes to pretend like he is a wolf named Legoshi and he is such a cutie patootie. I fantasize about him and his beefy muscles every night however when ever I try to talk to him he calls me a creep and blocks me. I have dozens of photos of him saved and keep making accounts to get more. I think he’s just playing hard to get.

Anonymous 6542

bitches no limits.…

I found his fucking reddit account… I can't deal with this, why do they make this shit so easy?

Anonymous 6543

I personally make it so easy to lure potential serial killers in, silenced three stalkers so far and I am about to dissolve a 4th tomorrow in some acid up on a farm.

Anonymous 6544

Aight fam, hmu with the coordinates, cause I will dissolve myself willingly.

Sucks that the more I know about him, the more likeable he seems.

Anonymous 6545

Learning about others humanizes them and that's what you get.
Nah you're joking and I only kill those that kill.

Anonymous 6607

I went on a date with the guy I've been cyberstalking for the last 5 years. Only hitch was when we met for the first time he asked for my number, and when he texted me his number was already in my phone 0_0
I don't know if he picked up on it thought because he didn't say anything and he still wanted to take me out.

Anonymous 6615

this is immensely creepy and he definitely remembers and is playing cool. stay safe nona…

Anonymous 6616

Anyone have any tips or resources about how to cyberstalk a rather secretive person (in this case through a discord account)? Like common slip ups people make? I really need to know for a situation I'm dealing with where info on someone would really help, but it's not like you can just discuss "how to cyberstalk" out in the open on the internet these days

Anonymous 6621

wdym stay safe, it's his number on her phone

Anonymous 6622

you might have to go the social engineering route. can you make an account and infiltrate your way into being their friend to get information?

Anonymous 6623

men just do not love like this. whenever any of them come close they end up killing the one they like. women love so ferociously.

Anonymous 6624

It’s a guilty pleasure

Anonymous 6689

I love the idea of finding obscure websites/blogs nobody knows, because you can find some interesting art or facts in there, but unfortunately, it didn't stop for me at there. When I was younger and a more spiteful person, I was extremely obsessive with stalking people I hated online. I remembered a few people's emails, personal accounts, even names and addresses where they lived. I really regret it though, because I've seen shit that I shouldn't have. I've seen shit like detailed suicides, murders, secret places where illegal pictures were shown… I wish I wasn't so curious like that and didn't find all that nasty shit. Nowadays, I'm a lot more calm and I almost never cyberstalk anymore, and I'm in a better mental state.

I still like finding cute old websites and fan communities that aren't updated anymore, though. But that's as far as I'll go.

Anonymous 6729

I've been looking for this one site that I used a couple months ago. You put a number in and it tells you details about the number..I know that's vague. I think it was in one of these threads though. It can detect if it's a Google Voice number and that's what i'm looking for, because it's probably my ex calling me repeatedly.

>I've seen shit like detailed suicides, murders
can you expand on that

Anonymous 6787

Athena Drink.jpg

I used to be on several private tracker communities for games that would supply their own private servers behind a walled garden. Since it was seldom public and invite only, I got to see unfortunately a bunch of fucked up shit behind closed doors. There were people who would kill women and post it in those servers, and it was really fucking horrifying.

One picture I remember seeing was a guy slicing the neck of a woman, and you could see the blood on her neck and her eyes clearly made it obvious that she was dead. For suicides, the details I mean were how that in these private servers, people would discuss their private lives and shit before they went off to kill themselves. Sometimes they disappeared without warning, but others chill the ever living fuck out of me. One guy in particular committed suicide at the young age of 19 because he was overcome with extreme guilt after someone he was dating lied about being an adult, in order to incriminate him and frame him as a pedophile. The guy in question was really talented and he was a very good western player of rhythm games, and had a good future going for him and everything. There's similar stories as well. A lot of themes of detailed drug abuse and mental torment, and it's really horrifying to read shit like that in full detail. I mean shit like, you could tell someone was going through a mental breakdown and they really needed help. I was only 15/16 when I saw this shit too.
I really wish I was never involved into private communities. I dug way too fucking deep.

Anonymous 6788

those "she lied her age ;((" stories always makes me cringe. he probably was sexting a 13 year old and got caught

Anonymous 6789

oh wow..
I have some stories of online suicides that I'll post tomorrow in the fucked up websites thread, since it's off topic here

Anonymous 6805

I tried to stalk the youtuber emmymade recently because she says she lives in Rhode Island but she used a Safeway brand food item in a video, and I was curious as to whether she actually lives somewhere else and is lying to protect her family. I got bored and gave up pretty quick, though.

Anonymous 6808

This is the kind of stuff I do. Like I’m not trying to be malicious, I just wanna know bc im nosy

Anonymous 6830


>I used to be on several private tracker communities for games that would supply their own private servers behind a walled garden. Since it was seldom public and invite only, I got to see unfortunately a bunch of fucked up shit behind closed doors.

Holy shit, one of them wasn't GazelleGames was it? I just recently became a member there.

Anonymous 6921

When i find out where he lives i will send him a letter

Anonymous 6938

Athena Laptop.jpg

Same author here. GG is actually really nice, I'm in there, but I don't use it as much anymore because for some reason, my torrent client won't connect to it. The forums are mostly dead though.

The tracker I was in was bemaniso.ws. It's full of mentally ill trannies and pedophiles, and they actively encourage conversion therapy and drug abuse. It's vile.

Anonymous 6974

what do i do if i want to contact someone but all i have is their spotify? we follow each other but i cant even make them a collaborator on a playlist, much less share a song directly. i have no other way of contacting them, what do i do? i remember spotify had some kind of direct sharing function but fucking removed it. i have their old discord but they clearly dont use it anymore. im feeling desperate. their spotify username isnt even something i can work with since its just a single emoji.

Anonymous 7018

How do I view someone's LinkedIn without logging in?

Anonymous 7019

peace out.jpg

Update: found another account of his that dates back to 2017 and has way more posts. Dude's charming. He's a total cunt, spits incel rhetoric and unfunny "women xd amirite" jokes, picks hysterical fights in unnecessary places… I'd say he wastes way too much time on this shit, but he does it on the clock, so props to that, I guess.

His personality makes way more sense in this context, though. Seems like I totally misread him initially, or rather, doubted my own judgement in the moment and went for the "more realistic" option. It honestly makes me feel at ease now, lol.

Also, extreme schizo thoughts on par with that anon that's being followed by everyone incoming. Due to the very specific timing that some of his posts/accounts began to appear in, including two that especially stand out, I can't help but feel that I'm being watched. For context, he's basically the IT guy of the building I live in and potentially has access to everyone's data. He might even be reading this. In which case, I may be going fucking insane, but I literally cannot describe how ridiculously fun and addictive this is. So thanks for that, you fucking freak. If you don't want crazy cunts going after you, don't provoke them with your dumb shit. Love and respect.

How far gone am I, anons?

Anonymous 7039

I really wish I had the hacker knowledge to be able to remote control people's PCs and snoop around. I wouldn't steal anything or blackmail anyone, just would LOVE being able to look through someone's PC and all of their little secrets. Alas I am too lazy to learn, but ugh it's probably for the best because I suspect I would be addicted to it.

Anonymous 7040

anon, I don't think you're going crazy but definitely try to step back and think logically before you spiral. it's natural when you spend a lot of time cyberstalking that you in turn get paranoid about it. very very few people have even the drive or care to look this deeply into others- it's such an astronomically low chance that he is looking back at you that it's not worth wasting the stress over.

Anonymous 7046

I don't think that's possible. Just make an account with a fake name and information. It's what I did.

Anonymous 8484


Has any cyberstalker here ever confessed to the person they stalked about, well, the stalking and how was the outcome? Did it make you stop? Did you become friends?

There's this girl I've been following for nearly 10 years now. These days, I check her blog only every few months and I've stopped saving every single one of her blog entries. I'm happy she has started to post more regularly again.

Last year (or was it the year before?), she was barely present for several months and even though I knew it was dumb to care about an internet stranger who doesn't even know me, it still threw me into a bit of a crisis. Her blog is the only link I have to her, she doesn't seem to have any other social media accounts with the same username. If she ever deleted it, I wouldn't know how to let go of my secret obsession with her. At that point, I honestly think I'd just buy a ticket to her country and walk around her town, check out all the places she could be working at just to see her once in real life and then put it all behind me.

>>601 is my first post in this thread by the way. I can't believe it's been 5 years since I wrote that and I'm still here. I feel crazy but I don't care.

Anonymous 8609


currently i know my gf’s tumblr and twitter. sometimes she used to scroll tumblr while i sat by her, and i memorized the people she followed. i knew she had an avatar with a frog so i looked for this in the likes of blogs i saw, eventually finding her. same with twit (searched web for the two or three keywords i could remember from a tweet she talked about to me, found her avatar (and opinion) in the replies). she doesn’t know i know either of these. we kind of wanted to keep these to ourselves but here i am… i just couldn’t help it.

she rarely posts about me/irl but once she did make a long post about something i said and how it hurt her. i felt like i had an unfair advantage, being able to basically read her mind in that moment. weird. idk how to stop peeking now (though i’m trying), and i’m afraid she’s gonna find out i know.

…. anyway, how does one even cyberstalk? my method relied a lot on her being open and physical proximity….

Anonymous 8610

Kek if I was your friend I'd think this existence of yours must be exhausting. How do you get sleep at night obsessing over the shittalking I post. I mean how dos everything in the world not drive you mad if you're this obsessive

Anonymous 8611

> How do you get sleep at night obsessing over the shittalking I post.
? do I know you?

> I mean how dos everything in the world not drive you mad if you're this obsessive

Everything does drive me mad.

Anonymous 8662

Are there any jobs where these skills would be useful? Asking for myself.

Anonymous 8663

police, private investigation, cyber security
i think the last one is the only easily accessible one though if you want to be a creep for a living

Anonymous 8668

Nope, cybersecurity is not an entry level field. It requires years of experience

Anonymous 8672

He pretends to be a wolf? Dodged a bullet

Anonymous 8718

One of my friends was borrowing my phone and saw my searches for cyberstalking tips i forgot to clear I wanted to die. But knowing her tbh I don't think she really cares and would probably do it too

Anonymous 8739

Do any of you know how to find someones address through a picture of their bathroom

Anonymous 8740

look in the metadata for location tags and for what device they're using

Anonymous 8742

just ask me and ill tell you

Anonymous 8768

I love listening in on people’s private twitter spaces.
>copy space link
>paste space link in private tab
the things people will say when they think no one is listening is amazing lmfao

Anonymous 8774

What if its an instagram photo? Would it work then? Also ive found more info since then, like her friend’s apartment building and her and all her friend’s full names. I swear I’m not doing anything with the info. I just love seeing how far I can dig.

Anonymous 8775

I just realized that I dont actually have the photo. Just a screenshot of it. Her instagram went private a few months after I snagged it. That wont work. Nvm.

Anonymous 8776

Oh, also the next best thing would be to keep tracking her friends’ accounts and see if they post any pictures inside her house. So I’ll keep that in mind. She’s definitely one of the shyer people in the group tho so I feel like invites to her house are rarer.

Could I do metadata on a yt vid?

Anonymous 8777

Also another thing, I cant track her ip address. I think shes using a vpn.

Anonymous 8795

Gonna start posting my findings here. Hopefully, none of this is traced back to me. Let me get you up to speed: There is this man who was completely awful to me so I'm finding everything about him. What's so freaky is that he was born decades ago (meaning before 2000 and internet today) but I found out so much about him only using the internet and old newspapers (uploaded online). There are so many links and I make new breaks everyday! It's so exciting, makes me feel like a detective. It really freaks me out how much is out there!

Anonymous 8807

There is a guy I had a falling out with about a year ago. Can anyone give any tips on finding him? I know his snapchat, but for reasons I'm not adding him back on there. I found his instagram which is inactive (last post was 2013) and I found a twitter which he made super recently in 2022, but he doesnt even use it.

Anonymous 8810

Twitter had a database leak that had some more recent accounts for starters.
Otherwise >>5647 advice still applies. Dom't fall for buying shit to gain more info it's always a scam.

Anonymous 8813

how do you get someone's address from public records without having to sign up for or pay for one of those websites?

Anonymous 8814

Which country? Whitepages US has usually pretty accurate address info.
I know for some countries they actually have privacy laws though so there's not many free options for them.

Anonymous 8914

How do i create a fake insta account without using my phone number? their system is long past being fooled by those temporary mail and phone number websites. obviously i don't wanna use my own number since it'll be tracked back to me, even if i were to delete it in the settings again immediately. Anyone willing to help out?

Anonymous 8935

>use the app on your phone instead of the website
>don't use a vpn when you sign up
>use a gmail account, they don't accept protonmail or aliases

Anonymous 8948

Thank you! But it won't let me sign up without using a phone number too. What can I do?

Anonymous 8949

Idk. When I signed up (last year) it didn't ask for a phone number.
The only solution I have is to buy a new SIM card and only use it for the account.

Anonymous 8953

I feel like I'm an insane, fucked up person but I finally gave in and shelled out the money to go on one of those record searcher sites. I found out the guy i was obsessed over didn't actually leave like everyone thought after he graduated, he's still here for for grad school. I hate that the first thing I thought is trying to stalk him irl. I'm about to go to the rock bottom of literally looking at the course list of the program, finding the locations and times through the catalog and literally stalking around to see if I can spot him. I feel pathetic but idk why I have such weird obsessions over some people. I have literally not talked to this guy in a year. I tried reaching back out on the only social media I know him on, which he's quit using as he hasn't answered me or anyone else in the past year. I have such intense shame for wanting to stalk this guy but I can't help it. I still wish I could find his secret online accounts though

Anonymous 8963

Just curious but what compels you to stalk this guy?

Anonymous 9017

how do i find someone's facebook account with just a phone number? or any social media, for that matter

Anonymous 9031


i started stalking someone and i discovered they were stalking me and i've since spiraled for 3 months and dont know what to do with that information anymore

Anonymous 9064

Damn, how'd you find out?

Anonymous 9066

Turn on “find people by contacts” and then Facebook will recommend them to you. Or, you can search up their number on cash app to find a name associated with it.

Anonymous 9067

Has anyone ever experienced unintended negative consequences from cyberstalking? like stalked a guy you were sure was single only to uncover that he actually has a gf? this happened to me more than once and led to me thinking of it as an emotionally risky–not like get in trouble risky just you could get hurt doing it. you usually do it because you want someone and oftentimes your stalking uncovers that your dream is further from being realistic than you thought.

Anonymous 9068

Is it someone you get along with or someone you hate?

Anonymous 9069

love and peace on …

I think my guy's having a minor manic episode right now. Posting a bunch of cryptic shit after a long bout of inactivity. Stay safe, my man, I'm watching out for you as always!

Anonymous 9070

Oh, and the protection spells are definitely helping, forgot to add!!

Anonymous 9071

I feel like shit now. I just stalked some girl and found all these photos of her from when she was younger on her mom’s facebook account. Then I looked at my mom’s facebook and got scared and angry that I used to look like that. Some of them arent even that long ago. What if someone found them?

Anonymous 9073

found a ton of secret messages he was sending to me, on top of editing old posts on multiple accounts, and vagueposting about me. i found an account where he writes about me in really convoluted ways.
i wasn't fully convinced at first, but after months of watching him closely, there's no other explanation. he's been doing all sorts of weird things.

we get along with each other… or at least we always do when we talk, but we don't talk often. to be honest i'm starting to hate him for his behavior. he seems like he gets the thrill from being the "silent-stalker" type and i can't stand when people try to get the upper=hand by being silent. i wish i knew more about the psyche of silent stalker types because i don't really get it, and i want to understand him better.

Anonymous 9076

I used to hang out in femcel spaces online (discord/reddit) and would even share pics of myself/info and now I’m paranoid that people will recognize me off of it. It’s so embarrassing that I ever felt that low. I’m slowly trying to delete everything to start fresh again.

Anonymous 9077


I managed to find a bunch of really sensitive info about this girl that I only know online, none of it I would ever leak. My goal was to see her face, realize she’s ugly or something, and then convince myself she wasn’t worth it. I saw her face and now I’m so in love that I can’t pay attention. She’s exactly how I pictured her to look in my fantasies. I feel like a scrote for doing this. Fuck.

Anonymous 9078

I wish this happened to me

Anonymous 9080

My issue is that she’s taken and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it.

Anonymous 9086

i used https://usersearch.org/ to find my boyfriends accounts and his username was linked to onlyfans and badoo (he has quite unique username, ik he uses it on reddit and other social medias). how legit is this site.

Anonymous 9087

i used it for someone i know and they like music a lot and i found their discogs profile with their cds of bands they like… looks legit. i only used it for that so i'm not 100% sure how accurate the site is.
i'm sorry. hopefully the OF profile is before he knew you or something

Anonymous 9088


you're so sweet, i love your enthusiasm. i believe in you!

Anonymous 9089

He either loves you and wants to protect you and doesn't know how to show it, or he's going to rape and kill you. But I have to ask, how do you stalk someone who stalks you back? How does that work?

Anonymous 9093

Any tips for someone in the United States trying to find info on someone in the UK? Talking to someone and just trying to find things out of curiosity. Here we have things like whitepages and certain databases, is there an equivalent like that over there?

Anonymous 9096

thank you for your response, yeah i was worried he might be in love with me based on some of his messages. i can understand where he'd want to protect me as well. i've learned a lot about him over the past few months.

to answer your question, it was definitely weird and accidental. i've been prone to stalking tendencies since middle-school. in this situation, he was the one who started stalking me first which was the weird part.
he and i met online on a website, and we exchanged our accounts elsewhere.
when he suddenly stopped talking to me for a couple months, i wondered what happened. admittedly, i was trying not to stalk him when he initially gave me his accounts, but i didn't because i was trying to respect him and his privacy.
since he went silent on me, i started cyber-stalking all the accounts he sent me beforehand. i also looked up more accounts based on his usernames. i dug a lot deeper, and when i dug deeper i discovered he had been stalking me way longer, basically since he had stopped talking to me.

i continued stalking him, and he continued stalking me, and it's ongoing but it's been eating me alive each day. i think he might have already gone to somewhere i've been in person already. i'm pretty anxious all day long about it. it's caused me to become really obsessive and more panicky than usual. just a really odd situation that feels fictional but i'm living it.

Anonymous 9103

Just start talking to him again, why did he stop? Did he stop using those accounts you mostly talked to him on? Are all your interactions online? You say you dug a lot into his accounts, are there any red flags in the things he posts or is it mostly normal and what you remember and like him for? Maybe you're destined to be great online friends, or more. Have you seen what he looks like irl? Maybe he's a girl…

Anonymous 9106

thanks anon for honesty, its just weird because i put my own username too which is unique and it said i have the exact same sites so thats why im bit doubtful. i need to do some more digging.

Anonymous 9119

What info do you have on them? If it's someone with a name and rough area where they live, nextdoor is pretty popular especially in London.

Anonymous 9150

I've been using an alt account to keep track of a WhatsApp group filled with a bunch of moids who used to bully me. Is this cyberstalking or am I just being schizo?

Anonymous 9173

Kek this happened to me I started crushing got obsessed then found out she was kind of an uggo not to mention taken but I maintained an interest so I still check for new info sometimes and found out just recently she got hot. It's been devastating

Anonymous 9196

I mean maybe cyberstalking but I don’t think it’s schizo, just silently collect some screenshots and wait.

Anonymous 9215


Tfw you decide to take another look at one of the people you gave up stalking, and you come upon an 'ol faithful worth of information just with some google-fu. This has happened to me twice now. Don't give up s!

Anonymous 9567

update: she found out i knew, and she knew mine the whole time anyway. we haven’t talked about it.

Anonymous 9604

I woke up today.
My mind has been in hibernation for nine long months. That is the amount of time I have gone without new information about him. I now know that he either attempted suicide, or his family stopped him before he could and kept him off the internet, as when I looked at his mother's Facebook today, I saw many new photos and videos of him from the past several months. It was painful watching them hug him in place, as if he would fall to the ground should they let go of him, and sing prayers around him while he sways and looks around vacantly. He always looks so out of place around other people. He shuts off. I can only guess what he thinks about in those moments, but I can tell his mind is trying to go somewhere else. I used to do that a lot as a child. He was a smart man before he started down the bad spiral. He started getting worse two years ago, and the world angered him for a long while. Anger and sadness. That’s all it ever seemed to be. You can only pull it inside yourself for so long when the joy is gone. For a long time he was making threats, but then he cooled down and only thought of dying. That’s how this mess started. I wanted to save him, but I was a coward, and in the end acted too late, but then again it doesn’t really matter whether it was too late or not at all. It wouldn’t have made a difference. I think it would have gone down a similar route. We can’t fight fate. There’s a path in life, even if you aren’t aware of it. There are natural patterns life tends toward and misery is just one of them. There were some photos of him smiling, so I guess he's at least somewhat happy with his new life. He seems like he’s been lobotomized. Sometimes the only way to look forward is forgetting. Maybe that’s why electroshock therapy works. It takes away memories. The bad ones and the good ones too. I sometimes wish I could take all of his memories away and start a new life with him. All of his frustrations about the life he’s lived would be gone. That terrible world with its terrible little crooked people would be a grim fairytale. He could live free of all of that. Instead of stepping out into an oppressive atmosphere, he could be greeted by a gentle breeze. He could wake up to a fresh day and smile for being alive. That’s peace. Calm. I think, sometimes, that would save me too. Then reality returns, because we don’t live in the peaceful world where it is possible to be calm. We live in the bad one, with the bad people, and I am one of them. A woebegone wretch like me could never really love him the way a man needs to be loved. I can’t smile at him or comfort him. My ugliness precedes me. A horrid cowardly woman like me can’t be part of this world, only watch it from a distance. Even so, I think watching him eased some of my horridness if only a little bit. Even now, I have more to say about this new discovery than I have said all year. I don’t typically wish to speak on anything, especially not to people, as nothing is really important to me. But in this moment he matters to me. I wish I could feel what other people feel and act natural but it isn’t in me. I can only watch other people live and die. He's on vacation at some luxury resort in Thailand right now with his family. She really loves her autistic son, seemingly more than her normal one. I wish I knew what that love felt like. I know I never had a chance with him, as much as I’ve dreamed about it, and I'm only hurting myself by going down this path again, looking for him in everything again, but it's like thinking about him wakes something up inside me, as if I'm an emotionless loveless soulless corpse getting dragged through life, and when I care about him I'm alive again. I know I can't go back to doing this though. I almost killed myself last time I thought he was dead, and he doesn't even really know me. I thought I had to keep watch over him, but that's covered now by his family. He doesn't need me and he never did. It would be best to remove myself entirely, but it's hard to let go, even after so long. I kept it buried for months and it all came back to me today. I regained a certain clarity and it's funny how it changes you. The whole world seems different, as if it’s normally distorted and I’m only just now seeing things clearly. I have a sudden awareness for all the things around me I didn’t care about before. It brings out something inside me that has been dormant for a long time. Even looking at the acorns outside and the ants scrambling along the sidewalk I feel something that wasn’t there before. In entomology, there’s a concept called synechthry which describes the relationship between ants and the invasive species that burrow near their hills for survival. There is a hostile relationship between them. They don’t gain from hurting each other, but they cannot coexist peacefully either. The ant doesn’t need the visitor, who is only a nuisance. Sometimes I feel like a synechthran entering unwelcome in his home, seeing his life fall apart and rebuild. He’ll never know about any of this. It hurts to see the way it all unfolds. Even if it hadn’t all crumbled this way, it would have been destroyed by another. It’s futile. People are fragile. As long as they are alive, you cannot save them. They will float through life evading trouble, but it will find them and overpower them eventually. If it has to happen that way, if there’s really no way to save him, then I want to watch him until the bitter end. I’m not the only one.

Anonymous 9611

I've always wondered with people like this, if you can't get leads for a dox do you continue? Or are tabs kept on the individual until they eventually slip up?

Anonymous 9689


i stalked someone for 1-2 years, infatuated with their hair and style and lack of things i can find online

recently i added them and spoke to them for a few weeks. they sort of broke down when i told them everything and how im obsessed, and they knew me from 2 years ago when i tried to talk to them one time on facebook.

for weeks i was infatuated with them but also my obsession ended, i realized they're a normal person (even kind), with some issues

they even spoke to me a lot, they became sort of attached to me (told me im the reason they wake up for, they're not in a good space)

i ended up pushing them away acting childish and stupid and i ruined it all, i just cant have a friendship. i ruin it always with everyone. i dont know if this is BPD or what but whatever.

anyway obsession ended, until now, when i see this thread and the creep thread, and now im tempted to do it again. i loved their aesthetic and it was a major inspiration for me.

Anonymous 9690

sage for samefagging but;

i was utterly insane with this person and ive never done this before, like i found who their friends were, archives of every single acc related to them, all photos i could scrounge off the web

in the end i found a friends discord server and i joined thru that pretending i dont know who they are. and then i got to become friends with them. i eventually told them whats up

none of this was healthy and it brought out this paranoia and deep obsession that ive never had before with anybody and its so weird but wow it was fun to do and it was motivating to sort of depersonalize this person and try to become what i thought they were

ofc i ended up meeting them as i mentioned and my obsession went away but i think im going to keep obsessing over this person and have it motivate me. like i could become them sort of . this is psycho stuff i think and idk if it will end well but this person checks off every tick for what i want to be, with some details i more or less take off / add on for myself

i dont know if any of this makes sense im just venting really

Anonymous 9691

What was their hair and style like?

Anonymous 9692

it was a moid with dyed blonde hair and very androgynous, wore unisex clothing, very fem face, maybe a TiM unfortunately but he was very androgynous and i really liked it, even wanted to look like it (not in a TiF way, just andro)

Anonymous 9704

Anyone have tips on stalking a normie moid once you've gone through all possible leads on Google, FB and Insta? Like I said he's normie so the chans/reddit probably won't turn anything up. I could get the info I want on this guy by just asking around but there's some things in our history that would make it very awkward if it got back to him that I was asking questions about him. So I'm hoping I can get everything I need to know OL.

Anonymous 9705

Why would you stalk a normie moid though?

Anonymous 9706

I think this is the point where you step out of the cyberstalking and move onto real life stalking, nona!

Anonymous 9707

hes hot and married and I want to figure out whether his marriage is good or is falling apart. If it's the latter I want to position myself to be close to him when it comes crashing down.

Anonymous 9709

Leave his wife alone, homewrecker.

Anonymous 9710

Just use Tinder if you want someone "hot"

Anonymous 9711

I still stalk my short-lived ex (our relationship was super short.) constantly, even 6 years later. I do not like him, I do not feel attached to him at all. I think he is quite ugly and he deviates from what I am currently attracted to. But I think there is a part of me when we dated that is still there that gets excited checking on him. When he dated me, I just got out of a really abusive relationship, and my home life was absolutely terrible. I placed him on a pedestal. He broke up with me because I was a crazy bitch. I'm healthier now and doing well, starting my career and being a normie stacy type of woman. I am not posting here or on LC that often anymore. But, like I said earlier, there is that part of me that likes thinking about him, and stalking him. He has cleaned up his socials but I found one he had where he posts sometimes and I get this obsessive urge to check it and see the small details of his life I can. I don't know why I'm like this and kind of want to stop. I sometimes want to run into him since we live in the same town still and some of his friends talk to me. I never ask about him but I just want to experience him seeing me, and this sounds vain as fuck but seeing how beautiful I am and whatever. I feel like a psycho typing this. Well

Anonymous 9713

Yeah I was lmao. I still don’t know why that part of me wants to stalk him. I don’t like him. Then I didn’t even like him. I just liked having attention from somebody at one of worst times I guess. I’m sure I have some sort of disorder relating to having favorite people or something but I haven’t got diagnosed yet.

Anonymous 9714

Idk why but lately I'm paranoid that someone I know has put a spying program on my phone through a virus. I have no idea why I suddenly have this fear and I doubt its even possible for a random friend/acquaintance to do

Anonymous 9715

is there some way you could like figure this out?surely there should be some programs or something to see if such a thing has happened

Anonymous 9719

He left his computer open to his uni page in the background. The temptation to stalk him on Linkedin is strong.

Anonymous 9720

>I was a crazy bitch
It’s pretty refreshing to see someone own their behaviour in a relationship like this. For all the acceptance about mental health these days, admitting that you treated someone poorly is still pretty stigmatised, even if you’re not like that anymore or were acting because of trauma.

People can’t separate the crazy past part from the non-crazy present part. It’s like you’re forever judged by it. People don’t say “she was crazy when I dated her”, they say “she is crazy, and we broke up 5 years ago”.

I wish it was more acceptable to say “I used to be a crazy bitch but I’m not anymore” and not get backlash or people expecting you to act out. It feels like carrying a silent burden that you can’t ever share and must always be fearful that someone will bring it up.

Anonymous 9722

oh absolutely, i mainly cyberstalk ppl im attracted to, though i end up finding more than i bargained for :P

i've been doing it since i was 11 and now a decade later, im not stopping anytime soon

Anonymous 9747

I found a potential lead- an old shared Google photos from a time he hung out with my friend group and he got added as well. Theres nothing I haven't seen in there ofc but the real gold mine is his gmail.

The issue is I see his name there, but I cannot seem to find the actual gmail itself anywhere on the page. Am I just retarded or is there a way to hide your email from view???

Anonymous 9749

The nona who originally posted this should offer up a doxxing service where someone can hire her to dox themselves and explain how it was done so they can delete their trail.

Anonymous 9838

I just was messing around in a data breach searcher, searched for one of my bf's alt emails and found what is obviously a porn twitter account referencing a degenerate hentai term in the username. It's private so i can't actually see the posts.

How over is it for me bros

Anonymous 9842

Honestly this story is leading me more and more into cyberstalking my "Nigel". On one hand I know the whole spiel about trusting your partners but men in the age of porn and the internet can't be trusted to self regulate. Men are filter free and say who they really are online and around other men.
For the longest time this guy was pretending and lying to me that he wasn't using porn and was following what we had agreed to (even referring to things I had told him about why I didn't want to marry a porn user). Now he's suddenly casually talking about how it's needed for "speed" as if we never had a no porn policy before marriage and now I'm wondering what else he's just blatantly doing online that he lied in order to marry me. From mildly pressing I think his current mental bullshit is that it's ai so not porn? Wonder what other lies he's telling himself and me

Anonymous 9861

Any nonas have advanced cyberstalking techniques for those who have exhausted Google and the major socials? I'm pretty sure I've found everything there is to find on my current moid/stalkee, I now need to start looking into less well known platforms. So far government records look promising, you can find out who owns what house in a city, although this kind of stuff usually costs money to access. Any other ideas?

Anonymous 9882

I have all sorts of resources saved. Let me know what info of his you do have and I can point you in a direction.

Anonymous 9885

Just give us the list.

Anonymous 9886

NTA but I've got his name, age, birthday, where he works, the names of his family members, and where he went to university

Anonymous 9903

It's hilarious how careless people are about their digital footprint

I have an aquaintance who's a furry. She showed me her art and fursona and had the character as her icon on university discord servers.

Months later, I'm lurking on rule34 and see the exact character. Pure coincidence. I click on the tag and see a fuck ton of porn she'd drawn and commissioned. some of it including fart and blood fetish. if I was a worse person I could expose it all… I guess she didn't think anyone she knew in person would ever find it. Or she just has no shame, but I doubt it. Imagine someone sending that stuff to your employer. At least use a different character for porn than the one you share with irl normies, jesus

Anonymous 9913

can you please help? a only know the name of a guy and where he worked but fb, ig and google haven't been really helpful

Anonymous 9923

I had something similar happen to me. I used to run a massive gore account on twitter and had a decently sized following, however other accounts would post about my content and make threads about how wrong my account was. Sooner or later this account was permanently suspended and I let it be. I didn't think about the digital footprint I left behind.
About a year later a friend in my friend group (who I had known since I was around 10) was asking for help to brainstorm a new online username since I'm the only person who could help her think of one on the spot that was catchy and/or sounded nice. I made a list of names and used a couple of usernames that I had used previously (the gore account's username was included, I added it because there were no names in use under the user) and let her pick. About a week later she and the rest of the group confronted me about the gore account and cut me off. I'm a pretty morbid person and there are a lot of things I was into that they did not care about but when they discovered my past gore account it crossed the line.
Digital footprint is very important, nonas.

Anonymous 9924

Was your gore username like super identifying or specific or what? How would they automatically draw that conclusion.
If anything the real lesson here is to not use super identifying/specific usernames.

Anonymous 9925

i told this friend that the specific usernames that were previously used were used by me. This username was only used on twitter and nowhere else, so it was obvious. I assumed that she would not have looked up the posts/threads about the account, rather would have only acknowledged that they were recycled.

Anonymous 9926

seems like your fault for telling her the username, stupid

Anonymous 9933

In the last few weeks I've been very obsessed with an old (now disappeared) internet personality. We technically had mutual friends and sort of brushed past each other in internet spaces some years back but I never actually knew him. But anyway I've just been searching like crazy everywhere - trying 100s of different links on internet archive. He seemed to be a kind of extensive writer but it's so hard to find most of his stuff

Anonymous 9934

Reposting the post I've made on female creep thread
Any advice on how to stalk a person if the only thing I know about them is the name of their inactive Reddit account and what I assume is their pen name? Honestly it might be creepy, but my intentions are pure. They wrote a really captivating story but didn't finish it because they were assuming it was too lengthy so nobody would want him to continue. But I'm so captivated and do wish to tell them that their story was great and I'd love if they made an update. The problem is the last activity on their account was 5 years ago.

Anonymous 9935

>search the reddit username on google to see if he has other accounts with that name
>go through his reddit post history in case you find something useful

Anonymous 9976

I stalk his ex and everyone she interacts with, idk what I'm aiming to find but I feel so empty inside and it's my only form of entertainment now.

Anonymous 9980

does anyone here know how to track someone's email address/ identity using an anonymous account online?

Anonymous 10043

Nonas, I have officially graduated to the level of spending money to cyberstalk someone–a moid I'm interested in. I paid $5 to look up his name in the local property registry, and sure enough his name came up as the buyer of a home in 2022 (I suspected this but wasn't sure). So anyway I now have his address and can walk past his house and briefly glance into the Windows, whereas before I was limited to information and images he intentionally published on social media. Going to see what else these "paid registries" turn up and report back.

Anonymous 10066

I occasionally look at the Twitter and Instagram accounts of people I used to know from a now defunct social media website. I've been keeping tabs on people since 2018, a year before the site closed, but I find it comforting to look at the past and observe people.
Most of them haven't changed one bit and the most fervent bigots/generally edgy people have transitioned or believe in gender ideology funnily enough. I don't know what happened but they mellowed out.

One girl I met on this site years ago (in 2017, and we stopped talking in 2021) now has a baby. She's only 21. I know this because she unprivated her Instagram account recently and since that's a rare occurence I took the time to archive all that I could.
This made me sad and I feel so conflicted about all of this. It felt like only yesterday when we were watching anime on rabb.it (yet another defunct site) or playing Animal Crossing and talking about our lives and now she's been thrust into adulthood with all the responsibilities that entail. It was shocking for me to see how much time has passed since then.

Anonymous 10073

Fastpeoplesearch is the craziest website for stalking people. It literally tells you everything for free even their cell service provider. Businesses, emails, relatives, current and previous phone numbers, lived in addresses or properties they own, and sometimes workplace. The marriage record is not that reliable though on there. People who are married sometimes show as not. My friends and I have reached obscure celebrities with it lol

Anonymous 10092

I did this finally, I stalked this moid I was obsessing over out of curiosity. I knew that he has 3 children and two of them were born in the span of two years then… another one two years later but the year after his second child got born he got with a prostitute, so as the female blackpiller, blackpilled on human and in this context male nature I was obsessed with finding out the truth about it cause I was bitter that a moid got with an over a decade younger stripper and then dumped the stripper when he met over a two decades younger hot women. This man is a famous (but not a celeb) chad who seems insanely attractive but doesn't show his face, its too much to explain. So I found his first ex wife with whom he had children. I found it through some weird website, it showed me a bunch of names of people associated with him and I googled the woman name, found her Facebook and she posted a pic of herself with his children. He was married to her so it means that he dumped her and his 1-2yo children because he fell in love with a stripper the same day he met this bimbo stripper lol. He married the stripper, then dumped her in a very heinous way the same few weeks he met new younger woman. I can't.

Anonymous 10093

But there's still a paid report you can get from there, does it contain more information? Is it legit? I don't wanna pay

Anonymous 10100

Is anyone else’s cyberstalking OCD-related? it takes up hours of my day sometimes.

Anonymous 10102


one time i got curious into this guy and i spent a few hours combing through the internet and i managed to find his residence name and school friends and entire life story…..and i told a boy in real life about it and he was really weirded out

Anonymous 10148

bumping this thread, also asking for advice.

there's this reddit user i've been stalking who stopped posting 2 years ago, and was suspended a year after that despite not having posted anything.

i've gone through all their posts and found a date of birth and town they lived in, but without a name i can't really do anything. searching their username doesn't turn up anything but the reddit account.

what to do?

Anonymous 10149

You can use this
Use and combine the categories correctly and maybe you'll be lucky to find something

Anonymous 10191

I have screenshots of males I ashamedly e-dated for money/gifts and keep all the receipts in a zipped folder as proof I wasn't making up the things they said and did to me. Includes their dox (names, face, addresses, school, workplace info etc), the gifts and money they sent me, the awful things they wanted me to ERP with them, the things they said and did to coerce me to comply. But I no longer keep tabs on them when I block them. Does that count?

Anonymous 10201

Since I've been stuck with my stalking and there's not many things left to find I got extremely anxious and desperate. Is stalking abstinence real?

Anonymous 10208

where can I get scrotes to send me free shit lol

Anonymous 10209

i kind of advise against this but at the same time these scrotes deserve to be fucked over financially.
>have an online presence
>have a cute pfp and layout, speak high pitched like a little girl if on discord
>open a curiouscat/tellonym if on twitter
>wait for the orbiters to roll in, chat with them like you would a friend you might have a crush on.
>ask about their lives and interests, gain their trust, etc.
>do not dox yourself. only accept gift cards/free nitro - this is the simp's go-to because they usually bribe minors this way. these are not good people who buy egirl's time and company.
>the nicer ones won't push you to rp sex with them but they also don't bribe as much.

Anonymous 10210

Holy fuck I'm combing through the backlogs of this cow's tumblr blog amd I have found 4 additional sideblogs since writing this post. I'm obsessed. I know she has an instagram under her camwhore gmail but I have yet to find the actual instagram in question, I'm guessing the account is in place holder mode for now.

Anonymous 10212

try textnow, textplus, or viber

Anonymous 10214

Do you have any good stories? How has cyberstalking changed in the years you've been doing it? Share your wisdom

Anonymous 10217

This site is down. Anyone got some good sites to use?

I'm stalking someone and trying to dig up as much as possible, but I'm stuck not finding anything new atm.

Anonymous 10218

Lookup the oh shint blog, it's a goldmine of resources and tools to use. I recommend all /x/ anons to start here.
Hope this helps!

Anonymous 10219

Thanks nona this was very helpful!

Anyone know good and safe methods of finding email accounts when you already know some social media accounts?
I know clicking "forgotten password" is a possiblity but i know site sites will send you the location of the log in attempt and it only shows a censored email.
Id be willing to fix a VPN if i knew the method was guaranteed to give a uncensored email account.

Anonymous 10222

I had a best friend long ago and cut him off over an allegation that turned out to be false. I feel so much regret over it. I want to cyberstalk him now but there's some issues:
-his name is EXTREMELY common, almost "john smith" level common, especially in the state we am in where there a very high population of his ethnicity.
-I have the username he always used, his address, and number. The issue is he's a very paranoid person even beforehand. Im sure it got way worse after his social life got basically ruined after the false allegation. I would not be
surprised if he stopped using that username and changed his number. I'm also pretty sure he's moved out of that apartment.

Anonymous 10223

What info do you have nona?
Try to make a list of what you have and think of what it might be connected too. Then try to figure out if you can check for those connections yourself.
Like if you have a tiktok or something it probably has videos of the place someone is, which you could look for things like license plates or street signs on to find a location and slowly narrow it down.
Or if you have an account that isn't connected to much you can use a website like https://www.idcrawl.com/username or https://www.user-searcher.com/ to look for more accounts with that username or a similar one.

Anonymous 10230

Is there any way to find someone knowing only their first name, location, and birth year? To make it worse, she’s from Canada.
I’m usually great with internet sleuthing but I’ve failed on this one for years. I just want to know if she’s alive and doing better.

Anonymous 10260

Been obsesively stalking my boyfriend for months now both here annd IRL. I need to know everything about him.

Anonymous 10280

how do you manage to not dox yourself if you need an online presence? and how would you even gain them if you have to prove you're a girl? don't you need to post your face/personal information?
any more tips?

Anonymous 10298

If you have his middle name and birthday that can help you tremendously when it comes to narrowing him down. Associates and family members can help too, I can count on both hands how many people I've managed to find just by snooping through their family members profiles kek especially boomers.

Also note their locations, names and other family members they associate with. You can easily build a loose family tree which can help in gaining more leads in my experience.

Anonymous 10507

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