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Cyberstalking Anonymous 140

I do it, do you?
I love finding hidden accounts and secret blogs and I dox just to see if I can (but never post it or interfere with the person otherwise)

Anonymous 141

Oh no, confession time.
There's a boy that I fell for. I am in love for the first time. So of course now that he's ignoring my mails I dig around in archives, finding out which anonymous posts might be his, finding out what he likes and dislikes and I keep blowing up his mailbox with random stories of me, all with the goal to make him like me.
Seriously I have so many old pictures and data and texts that sometimes I scroll through his folder and wonder how crazy I really am or if this is all kind of romantic?

Digging through the web, finding small links and hints is so much fun though. Because you just keep on finding stuff!

Anonymous 142

is there anyone who stalks people online who could maybe teach me a little bit about how to do it? i promise it's not for some nefarious reason, i just want to find my old accounts and get rid of my digital footprint for peace of mind

Anonymous 143

I've been there before, it's just craziness

Anonymous 144

google like a pro.…

Google, for starters. See pic to google like a pro. Then there's the wayback machine. Sometimes on really old forums and stuff you can find out who was the site admin and just write them a mail asking. Cause surprisingly many keep archives on their own HDDs even when the site gets down.
For reddit there's snoopsnoo and for imageboards there's almost always someone backing it up, too.

Then think about all the data that might be out there, not just usernames also different ways of writing it, backwards googling profile pics and phone numbers, addresses all that might be there. And when the google crawler didn't get the most updated info and now it's gone, always check the Cachelink.

Anonymous 145

>reverse image search
10/10 would recommend this. I've found some really juicy stuff this way

Anonymous 146


but thats bad

Anonymous 147

I used to cyberstalk a lot but I have done it less nowadays. I just got a rush from finding out all kinds of info I wasn't supposed to have, that I knew/know about things I shouldn't.

Sometimes I have tried searching usernames or some other words related to them from pastebin to see if they or someone else had dropped for example chats they were part of or were talked about in there and sometimes they had.

Anonymous 364

i'm not a doxxer, but i do get obsessive about people. whenever i'm into someone, i check their social accounts everyday. and i take screenshots of every single thing that could maybe JUST MAYBE be about me. i check all their friends profiles too to make sure i'm not missing anything. anyways, i did something really stupid and someone noticed my habit. the person basically went to my phone's gallery and saw my thousands of screenshots before i realized and pulled the phone away. all the screenshots were posts she had made. ever since, the person keeps their social media accounts private. they also change their social media accounts aaaaall the freaking time. i mean, changing names to starting all over again from scratch. probably so i wont keep tabs, but i still do. but i don't have the heart to start a fake account to try to see the person's private stuff though. i don't know, i've considered it a lot and it just makes me feel like a creep. just remembering the persons reaction to seeing my gallery… FUCK, it makes me feel terrible.

there was also this person i followed back in the day. i would send anon messages everyday for like two years before they said i was creepy and deleted their account. they do that thing where they change their social handles a lot too, but i keep tabs on her still. she changes her names like every other week but i always find her profiles. i don't send her any more anon messages though. it makes me feel bad.

i don't have any friends. so seeing the way other people have fun entertains me, i guess.

Anonymous 398

I found a bunch of accounts of people I know irl thanks to a single twitter account, and it amazes me that people aren't careful when posting things online. Basically:
>created an fb account not long ago
>someone from college (let's call them A) posted a link to their twitter account that they use for professional reasons
>I'm curious and check who A follows
>find person B this way, only recognized them because their avatar is a selfie, noticed they post way TMI about really personal things
>B posts their tumblr on twitter
>they post even more embarrassing shit on tumblr, still with their selfies and personal info attached. Even vaguely mentioned me in a post
>B posts a link to their instagram to get more followers
>follows a bunch of people we know irl through highschool or college on instagram, though they don't post as much embarrassing shit as B
>they're all the type of people who pretend they're nice and sweet and having fun all the time online when they're actually entitled obnoxious spoiled brats at the very best irl
It's cringey but also hilarious. I hope they won't find out that I found their accounts. When I think about them I'm glad I don't post selfies and personal info that could make it easier to find me, and I'm also glad I'm mostly lurking on social media and posting on imageboards.

>i don't have any friends. so seeing the way other people have fun entertains me, i guess.
It can be entertaining, really depends on what they post I think.

Anonymous 402

I spent a good amount of time on /cgl/ board cyberstalking people because I had my own problems. I "escaped" to a place where I felt a great high uncovering past posts that made another person's life a hellish witch hunt.

I was scorned and obviously not mentally well; college was completing exams and projects on 3 days of no sleep and only eating a poor diet of cabbage and hotdogs. I only drank coffee. This went on for 1 year. I look back and think it was a bad place to be but I do the cyberstalking way less now. If people want "real" facebook profiles or something minor like that I can find it with ease.

Anonymous 413

This is really creepy, have you ever considered going to a professional about your obsessiveness about people? Maybe it's what has stopped you from having friends, that is, if you even want irl friends.

Anonymous 561

I'm cyberstalking this lolcow on G+ and Instagram. I took 2 days out of my week just to browse through her insane ranting and some of them I could relate like expectations, social pressure, being a virgin at age 25 and some other stuff. Some other people who also cyberstalk her tried to warn her parents when she started going suicidal but had no success.

Do any of you leave a trail of things that are ok to find while hiding others? I keep picturing the situation where someone decides to do this to me but always run into dead ends.

Anonymous 565

I´ve always been a lurker and endlessly fascinated by how much some people share on their open accounts. So for years I´ve been gathering and saving screenshots of irl people and continuously kept going through their social media. My hard drive is like a personal lolcow, I have so much dirt there. It´s like a weird hobby where I will spend hours on end digging through Tumblr or twitter, finding their old blogs and wattpad (lol) accounts. I just like collecting those cringe pictures or text-posts, it´s not like I would ever share them with anyone or post them. So in the end, my work is kind of useless, but as mentioned, it´s basically a hobby now. I do wish I knew how to view someone´s private profile without going through that whole "make a fake account" thing, though.

Anonymous 597


i started creating fake profiles to keep looking at the people i like stalking and i told my therapist and he straight up didn't care. anyway, that person that i was talking about in my post doesn't post anything online anymore and i'm sad and have nothing to do with my life tbh

Anonymous 599

I live in a rural area and people here barely use social media outside of facebook and insta where they share mostly garbage.
Occasionally I find something interestin like an old Ask.FM account or similar but nothing too bad

Anonymous 600

are you me?

Anonymous 601

Wanted to get this off my chest for some time: I used to cyberstalk a girl for a few years and saved most of her photos and blog entries.

I don't know what made me do that. She was very open and detailed about her reclusive life, depressive thoughts and relationships, all of which fascinated me, I guess. It was like reading a stranger's diaries where they pour out their innermost feelings and record every daily thought they have. Her life was quite different from mine, from having a turbulent relationship with another girl to dropping out of school, and I probably found that interesting to follow.

It was a piece of cake to find her social media accounts because she used the same usernames on every website. I managed to dig out her old teenage blogs on Livejournal via her Photobucket's account name, and suspected she posted to a certain Livejournal community with several accounts simultaneously, but each time pretending to be someone else which was more or less against the rules. Every time she remade her Tumblr blog from scratch, I just went through her Tumblr friends and their conversations and always managed to find her new blogs along with some new selfies which I'd religiou1sly save to my laptop. I sent her a couple of anon asks, too, but that was the extent of our interactions.

One time, I tried to find her home address using Google Maps, based on a photo she uploaded of her house in all its glory and her frequent mentions of her small town's name but I didn't succeed. It's incredible what little sense of privacy some people on the internet have, though.

Nowadays, I still check up on her infrequently, to see if she has a new crush or finally moved out of her small town, but sometimes I'd go months without looking up her blog. Honestly, I'd be lying if I said I haven't started to care about this girl in some way although at this point, what can you do? It'd be inappropriate and wrong to approach her out of the blue, pretending you haven't saved every selfie she has posted since 2012 or looked up her house's address.

Anonymous 602

>Honestly, I'd be lying if I said I haven't started to care about this girl in some way
that feel

Anonymous 613

i´ve been through exactly the same, only I managed to find the girl I was stalking´s house on google earth. I have every selfie, every blog-post and every tag she ever posted saved, and sometime I wonder why. I think the main reason is that I would really like to be her friend, because I feel that we are very similar, but I´m absolutely hopeless at socializing IRL and she has made it clear many times that she´s not interested in people or friends.

Anonymous 615

Would any of the stalkers ITT be willing to post some of their collection? You can blur out names and faces or just take screenshot of your folder, I'm really curious

Anonymous 626

I recently had to transfer my huge folder of shame over to a hard-drive, since all the screenshots I´ve saved up over the years finally ate up all of my computer´s memory lol. So I was a bit shocked when I realized that the folder had more than 2000 screenshots/images/archived websites etc. I didn't think it was that bad. I would share some of it, but blurring out names and faces would take time, and even then I´m scared it wouldn't be good enough, and I would hate it if the person I´m stalking somehow saw that some lunatic on the internet is saving their every move.

Anonymous 633


I'm not really sure how to explain this. I'm not anywhere I shouldn't be, I just obsessively make a note every time I see this person. I tried to find his social media, but he apparently doesn't have anything, at least nothing attached to his photo, name, or emails. I've never attempted to contact him in any way. Be honest anon, is it bad?

Anonymous 637

honestly, if you´re not doing anything bad with that information , I don´t see the problem. It´s not normal, as far as I know, but it´s pretty tame compared what some actual sick people do.

Anonymous 643

I've got a folder of memes with a guy I've only ever seen once, not sure if that counts.

Anonymous 644

There's this person whose writing I love, I've been combing through their blog and saving their more interesting tags & all their writings in a folder on my computer.
I also infiltrated their discord ( she runs this collaborative writing thing ) and saved what she had posted there.
Trying to find out if they've got a GoodReads or something. I'm hella interested in finding out what what they like in literature.

Anonymous 645

>offers co-habitation even though it is a sin


Anonymous 656


>tfw cyber stalking that person you adore
>using your sockpuppet account of course
>seeing one of those insta posts with multiple pictures
>accidently hit like while trying to see the other pics
>blocked almost immediately cuz that person just knows

Anonymous 704


I do this too, but I use it to make a quicker/'deeper' connection with people.

Anonymous 706

i´ve done this so many times, mostly because i love the rush of digging up information and knowing a lot about a person when they have no idea that i know, if that makes sense. But it has also ruined some potential friendships for me - I´ve met the people i´ve stalked and since i a pretty bad memory in general i get really paranoid about revealing things to them that they haven´t told me and being exposed.

Anonymous 707

Wish I had read this 5 years ago

Anonymous 709

why, anon?

Anonymous 710

because of a psycho stalker ex I met online

Anonymous 714

I´m sorry to hear that, anon. I think for me, personally, some of the reason why I obsessively collect information/stalk people who shares a lot of their personal lives online is because it really fascinates me. Being able to "know" someone without them knowing is a lot easier than actually befriending people sometimes. But I don´t do anything with the information, and I don´t share it with anyone. It´s kind of like hoarding.

Anonymous 726

i've only done this if i have reason to believe there's something interesting about someone worth finding. i used a username and email trail to find several old and really incriminating blogs and ask.fm accounts of the guy i liked a couple years ago, and would probably do the same again if i liked someone and wanted to know more about them/be sure there wasn't anything dangerous about them. it's kind of an addictive rabbit hole to go down, and pretty useful. i think doing what i did a couple years ago saved me from a potentially bad situation.

Anonymous 727


>i think doing what i did a couple years ago saved me from a potentially bad situation.

This got me really curious, would you mind explaining how, anon?

Anonymous 739


It's pretty tame but I would visit this Québécoise girl's tumblr often, not weekly or daily, it was random but definitely frequent (about 3-4 years.) I decided to stop because I knew I was taking it a little far and put myself in her place.

I don't really have a reason besides that she was quite gorgeous and I admired her for that. I picked up on a lot of hobbies she had and copied some makeup styles she used. I feel like a huge creep whenever I think of this stain in my memories.

Anonymous 746

in your defense, I think it´s pretty comparable to being a fan of a female youtuber or blogger, for example, and picking up on their tips and tricks. If you put yourself out there for other people to see, you can´t expect that no one´s going to find your style cute or hobbies interesting, if that makes sense. I don´t think checking up on a blog every once in a while to be particularly creepy

Anonymous 747

it seems like you could probably message this person if they're putting their writing up there publicly…

Anonymous 767


i want to get better at this, there is a girl i want to check up on who seems to have no internet presence AT ALL besides her DA from years ago. I wasn't the best to her in hs (not a bully, we were friends but i'm afraid i must have used her as a scapegoat a lot of the time and i feel so fucking shit about it. i said so many mean things under the guise of friendship) and i really want to know how she's doing. i've become obsessed with it. i want to be a secret guardian angel and support her some how without her knowing its me. i tried to approach her a few years ago and it was clear she didn't like me and thought i was out to get her. I'm always gonna be fucked in the head but maybe i can use it for good. How do i go about finding her?

Anonymous 768


Anonymous 772

Anon, the best thing you can do for her is leave her alone.
Being genuinely sorry and forgiving YOURSELF is what you need to do.

Anonymous 773

I was a dickhead bully too, forgive yourself you were a child.

Anonymous 774


Long story short: i was IP banned from a Discord server and i'm too scared to do VPN shit (because thats rather illegal in my country).
If i were to create an account on my phone, would i be able to get into that server if i stay solely on mobile?
My stalker heart is itching to know what my former "friends" have been talking behind my back…

Anonymous 775

Yeah. No one's gonna hunt you down for using a VPN though lol. If you decide to use one, vpngate is free and easy to use.

Anonymous 779

I am pretty sure you can, give it a try and report back.

Anonymous 782

Only if you're using mobile data. If you just try to reconnect through the same WiFi network your computer uses, it'll be blocked from connecting.
The good news is that you only have to do it once- if you join the server from a different IP then you can log in from that account on a banned IP. Have you considered just restarting your router, too? Your IP may not be static in which case you can just get around the ban just using a new account.

Incidentally, you can run multiple discord accounts on the same machine if you just have them logged in to separate private browsing windows, different browsers and the discord app.

Anonymous 796


Not true cyberstalking per se, but I have way too many photos of Valeria on my phone. She was gorgeous before her excessive surgeries. I hate her as a person, but her look is so cute/hot to me. I used to do the same thing with Britney Spears.

Anonymous 802

I met this guy and I can't stop stalking his profile. I'll even check his friends profiles to see pics of him that they have there. I've been doing this quite often lately that it's taken up so much of my time. I wanna stop because I know it's just a waste of time to stare and find new pictures of someone but I enjoy it too much.

I feel like the only way to overcome this would be by actually developing a relationship with him where we text and whatnot, but I'm way to nervous to actually initiate things with him.

Anonymous 814

I posted a vent in /feels/ about this a few months ago, but I've been able to track down almost every crush I've had in the past few years on social media. The latest one I didn't even know the name of, but was able to find his three facebooks via his workplace. It's ridiculously easy since most people have a facebook or an instagram, and super useful for avoiding wasting your time on someone you'd be incompatible with anyway. Because I'm very tfw no bf I still keep tabs on these guys, one who I'm pretty sure experienced a downfall in the time I've been fixating on him. I think he was fired from his job because all he did was post about drugs, then he deleted all the shit off of his socials because someone was using his selfies to gay catfish with. Wild.

There have also been 2 artists I've been able to find after they deleted their blogs and reinvented themselves just by keeping track of their friends'/enemies' social media. Another just stopped posting altogether, but due to remembering their father's name which they posted temporarily on their personal blog, I was able to find their facebook. I just wanted to know that they were okay (they had suicidal and SH tendencies).

One of the aforementioned artists' (ex) friends also became a bit of a personal lolcow for me. She was originally just an average tumblr mtf who posted brash, angry things and vents on her blog, but recently got into hard drugs and prostitution. I guess that's more sad than anything, though.

I kind of wish I was more tehcnology-minded so that I could actually dox. It seems fun.

Anonymous 822


I used to date a guy who had a really weird ex, and I started stalking her blogs. I even kept going well after I broke up with the boy and stopped caring. I stopped a long time ago but she was so odd it was weirdly interesting

Anonymous 825

What was odd/interesting about her?

Anonymous 826


This was some years ago, and we were in our late teens back then, a lot of things, anon. She had really bad people skills and she'd always talk and talk and talk about how big her boobs were, she'd even force boys to touch them or nag them to do it, even her friends. She was one of those people who really thought they were a cute anime girl irl and didn't shower and was very inappropritate all the time. She behaved in a very strange way, even for a weeb (and I should know, I am a weeb)

Anonymous 873

It’s so nice to hear that other people do the same thing as me. I get ‘fixated’ on online personalities and obsess over finding their personal accounts, old posts and personal information. I don’t do anything with it, I just get a strange feeling of satisfaction and a false sense of ‘closeness’ with them. It’s very hard to explain. One time went as far as finding a girl’s house on Google Maps.

Anonymous 905

Screen Shot 2018-0…

man, today has been a blast from the past.
pic related.
do you ever look up someone you used to cyberstalk years after you've stopped and find that they've completely changed?
so when i was a kid i was really into femme anime goth boys like in Black Butler and Godchild, and i stumbled across (via myspace) this guy who I thought fit the bill perfectly. He went by ~Xavier St. Valentine~, which to 15-year-old-me sounded super cool and spooky, and he played the piano which was so !romantic!, and he made instrumental electronic music which was extra ~edgy~. plus he took photos like the top left, wearing these black suits and colored contacts and with his long hair blowing in the beach winds at sunset, etc. all of this was like fucking catnip to me back then.

so naturally I started finding all his online profiles/blogs/forum accounts and stealthily acquiring data. he had a musical project with his girlfriend at the time (who was also gorgeous) but once they broke up (15-year-old me was very excited) then he went through an experimental phase where he shaved half his head and started getting into witch-house-type music and also maybe drugs. i suggest this only because his music got weirder and weirder, and the backgrounds in his photos got grungier and grungier, and after a while i stopped being able to find updates on his personal life, so i slowly lost interest.
cue today where i was looking through my computer to find images to post to the guy crushes thread in /img/, and I found a ton of his pictures that I had saved from years ago. curiosity sparked, i went looking for him again. turns out he is now involved in a project/persona called 'Sofia Reta' which involves wearing a plastic bag around his head or these long hacked-up wigs because Sofia Reta is something something all about deconstructing identity markers like sex and age.

tbh his music isn't half bad these days. When he was going by 'Ʌ', he made a track called Revenge City that I'm listening to right now and it's actually quite catchy.
but i'm also slightly annoyed that he's essentially gone completely dark aside from his musical career. as in, i can't find anything about him on any social media platforms, any photo that has his face in it, it's either obscured by face paint/wigs/taken from a distance (or all three) and career things like his bandcamp/soundcloud career pages are as minimalistic and mysterious as possible. they don't even have his real name. Possibly it's Xavier Martin (tbh i would be shocked if Xavier was his real name) but that is ALSO the name of a football player or something so finding any personal information under that pseudonym is practically impossible. it's all very mysterious, and short of actually going to Baltimore and physically tracking him down at a show or something then my ability to learn more about wtf is going on in this guy's life or head is limited.
i do wish i could find more of the pictures that i had saved during the myspace era, but iirc they were all on my photobucket account which is now (since photobucket decided to be assholes) probably lost forever. dangit.

Anonymous 906


i found an old site that apparently used to contain some of his short films
(you can tell it's him because email: [email protected]) and .gif related
but the films are all gone now. maybe some of them are on his vimeo but it's impossible to confirm whether they're the same ones. going to try one of the internet archive engines maybe.
It's so frustrating because every time I think I've found anything personal (his tumblr, for instance) then I go there and EVERYTHING is deleted.
the closest i can find is some poetry on that cargocollective site. also the images all have odd titles like POUND_OF_BLOOD.gif so that sounds like something he'd do, too.

Anonymous 918

I'm low-intensity stalking my ex to make sure they're not anywhere near me at any given time, and sometimes to cackle at whatever miseries they're going through.

More intensely stalking a tumblr crush. Started out trying to verify his crazy stories, but then I saw he was hot and now I'm just indulging myself because he's totally unattainable anyway.

Anonymous 919

I have a good memory, and my friends are always forgetting that they've told me really specific things. A lot of the time they'll even repeat stories to me and change certain details.

So if they bring it up, just feign that they told you already. They'll be charmed that you remembered such a weird detail. Bonus if you can cite a party where they got blackout drunk or something.

Anonymous 958

It's too easy nowadays. If you google even steam accounts, you can generally find the breadcrumbs to the owners true identity. It's too tempting. I just cannot make friends online anymore because from the day I meet them, I know whatever there is to know about them.

I long for the olden days of keeping shit secret on the web.



hi hahaha
i did a search on myself looking for an old picture, came across this which is really touching in a strange way. my name is indeed xavier martin. i do also have social media.
anyway feel free to email me anytime and say hello(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 980

I’ve always been unnaturally good at finding things I shouldn’t. I rarely go out of my way to do it but I end up finding “private” accounts and blogs I’m not supposed to know about. I ended up finding private accounts my ex made after we broke up a month ago. Turns out he reconnected with a group of assholes I had cut contact with because they treated me like shit. On the one hand, I don’t care what he does. But on the other hand, I’m angry he’s doing this and I keep wondering if he’s doing it to be petty.

The problem is I know it’s toxic to expose myself to painful things, but I keep doing it. I want to move on with my life and be happy with what I have now but it’s really tough to break the cycle. It’s been a few days since I’ve looked at his accounts, so I’m hoping I can keep it up.

Anonymous 981

i realize this is probably someone trolling me but at the same time

Anonymous 983

>growing old
>having families


Anonymous 1001

I have the habit of checking the social media of people I used to hang out with to see what they are up to and random people on the internet who I had minimal contact with and was checking up on them in some way

the most "extreme" case of cyberstalking I've done was with an old classmate of mine who greeted me randomly a few years ago and had changed drastically(from obese to thin and very attractive to me)and after a bit he started working at my father's business but not at a place I could see him daily.My stalking was mild till then till I got a weird crush on him the last time I got to see him.then I started stalking him and having annoying obssesive thoughts over him for a while.He isnt super active on social media but I get to stalk on his friends' profiles too so I got to see extra stuff from him.

fast forward to september,he started working for us again and we get to be on the same space and it's super strange to see him most days of the week and pretending i didnt know about his social media and all that.I also got to learn a lot of stuff about his life that he doesnt share on social media which left me at a big state of shock bc I had a different image of him in my head.I have a folder of shame with insta stories and old posts of his that I can't let go of because they are "receipts" of what he has done and it makes me feel good to have such proofs

since he has a gf(which I was partly sure of since he was way to friendly with my at first but then i realised it's just his attitude)I have toned down my stalking in regards to crushing on him but I keep doing it out of habit and to make sure he isn't bullshiting on the things he says and does

it's such a weird situation to be into.I just expected to never see him again or just randomly and the crush would fade.I've been in a weird rollercoaster of emotions-partly-bc of him but I have finally started to ease myself and at least act somewhat normal around him

Anonymous 1009

I have a question, not exactly related to stalking but I didn't find an appropriate thread and didn't want to make a new one. It's a bit weird. Say if you follow someone on social media and they don't post personal info at all (I mean somewhere like a forum or blogging site, not facebook) and somehow you find out it's a person you know in real life, how would you react? Did it happen to anyone?

Anonymous 1010

Sadly I haven't so I don't know exactly how I would react. I think it would be really cool if it happened.
I would probably be surprised and maybe bring it up in a conversation with them.
Did this happen to you recently?

Anonymous 1018

This hasn’t happened to me either, but if it did… if the person interested me enough, i wouldn’t mention it and might even keep tabs on their posts just to secretly learn more about them. But if it just were some aquaintance i barely knew or cared about i wouldnt really take any action.

Anonymous 1040

I'm really good at doxing, finding accounts, social engineering, catfishing and general mischief of this sort. As a result I spend way too much time on gossip boards trying to find a victim I can justify stalking. Sometimes I daydream about being part of a group of semi ethical hackers who fuck with cheaters and scammers. I've broken into social media accounts and email addresses of lolcows and sometimes didn't even take necessary precautions. I need someone to keep me in line or I'll go to prison over petty internet drama one day.

Anonymous 1041

teach me

Anonymous 1044

If you have a specific thing in mind I can maybe help

Anonymous 1045

do you know how to break into someone's discord?
or maybe how could i learn more about someone with just a picture of their face + state

Anonymous 1046

I thought this tall cute blonde guy in my chem class was hot shit and had good fashion sense which made him hotter. I googled enough and found out he had an account for perverts to watch him masturbate,so basically he was gay. I usually know when they are even though it was a heavily Republican city.

Anonymous 1047

How have you been logging into people's emails and what steps do you usually take to make sure they don't find out?

Anonymous 1048

I wouldn’t call it stalking but I have a habit of clipping cvs and random social media pages of people I never met and will never meet in a attempt to map and track their achievements as a guidline/benchmark to compare myself to. Periodically saving their cvs and glancing at their twitter vents every couple of months. It’s not about a inferiority complex/jealousy when comparing yourself to others as opposed to just feeling disappointed in yourself in stagnation despite the opportunities given. Though I don’t do it with people I met from school as it hits too close to home.

Never cyberstalked someone I was attracted too though

Anonymous 1050

Discord is impossible unless you have access to the email account. Logins from new IPs have to be approved first by clicking an email link. If you have access to the email, you can just reset the password. I did this one time when I was in someone's email account and waited until they were asleep, logged into Discord, clicked the email link, then deleted the email (and deleted it from the trashcan too).

In your case it sounds like social engineering is more helpful, trying to find out more details either as yourself or via catfishing. Get them to sign up somewhere, for example a google form if you can think of a way to ask them to participate in a survey, find any excuse to ask for their email address and google it or enter it in social media searches. Once you have someone's main email address you can typically find a lot about them. The photo is unlikely to help you, but you can try the image search on yandex.ru which often finds more results than Google image search. Google all the usernames you know them by. Really play with it, if they're a smartass type then make assumptions about them and phrase them as if you're convinced, they might correct you.

Emails are hard and I don't do that regularly, but I've been doing it on and off for years and it keeps getting progressively harder. If you can get in, the provider will most likely alert the user if a recent login was suspicious. Find a VPN with a location close to the person's actual area, IP geolocation bounces all over the place and isn't very accurate, so as long as it's close by they'll probably not notice anything was off. You should also spoof your user agent to get as close as possible to what a normal login would be like. Of course none of this would fool Google or protect you if you did get into hot water, but if your subject reads their emails with an iPhone and Safari and gets notified of a login from their (spoofed) area with a (spoofed) iPhone and Safari then that's not going to arouse much suspicion. You can delete the notification emails if you're fast enough, but Gmail for example keeps a record of logins which the user can view at any time. I definitely don't recommend doing this for fun or out of curiosity, it's very illegal and a breach of trust and very easy to fuck up. I'm dumb for doing it. Emails are kind of the end boss because they allow you access to pretty much everything through password resets, so start with a smaller site that won't flag new logins and that doesn't ask security questions.

And don't do it if you think you wouldn't be able to keep whatever you find to yourself. Don't make it your mission to expose someone or deface their accounts, that's the easiest way to get in trouble.

Disclaimer: I have no actual education (formally or otherwise) in any of this and am just going by what worked for me, I'm not responsible if you get v&. I'm a legit dumbass and this is in no way shape or form good advice. I have no idea what I'm doing whatsoever.

Anonymous 1051

do you guys post the info you find publicly?

Anonymous 1052


You scare me anon

Anonymous 1053

A lot of young twink types make money this way and even sell sex to other gay men even if they're straight. That doesn't necessarily mean anything, I dated a guy that cammed and made porn for other men just for drug money.

Anonymous 1054

What kind of people interest you? Be really honest with yourself for a moment, I know I used to stalk exes, girls that were prettier and more social than me, or people that had bullied me or made my life hell.

Anonymous 1055

>replying to a post that's almost 1 month old

Anonymous 1056

That's just how CC is, not much activity.

Anonymous 1057

It's okay Anon, I'm your friend. Now tell me your mother's maiden name and the name of your first pet.

Anonymous 1058

You joke, but these are the easiest answers to find if you want to crack the email of someone to whom you've never spoken. As long as they have Facebook, their relatives are an open book.

Anonymous 1059


Anonymous 1061


Ayrt, the people that interest me are kind of odd. I only have (sort of) cyberstalked males, no girls. I’d lurk incel/“forever alone” forums until I’d find a post that piqued my interest and then I’d start checking their post history daily. These kinds of accounts are goldmines because it’s where they post all their vents and you can learn a lot about them. These guys are usually interesting to me because they’re usually neurotic but also evoke a sort of sympathy/pity from me. It’s like I almost.. care about them even though they can be really misogynistic at times. I found a guy’s instagram too because it had the the same username, and the juxtaposition was interesting because his insta was so… normie-like in comparison.


Anonymous 1062

Is this what lurking c.c is like for men? I'm almost intrigued.

Anonymous 1095


I have saved in bookmarks pages with pictures/posts from different sites, and I check out their content from time to time. It's not that I don't want to follow them, but I don't want to make an account on all of those sites. I know it's slightly OT but I feel like a stalker because of it.

Anonymous 1106


There was a fanfic writer I loved who just stopped updating one day. Almost two years later, while I was rereading some of her older stuff, I decided to look up her username to see if she had moved to a different site or switched to an alt or something. Long story short, I found her real identity and saw that she had gotten married a little after she stopped updating. I felt like a huge creep and stopped looking through her shit after that.

Anonymous 1114

How did you manage to find her identity? That looks like a lot of searching.

Anonymous 1115

I've never really cyberstalked someone but part of me wants to. I know lots of people have old cringy accounts and I'd love to find them for a laff or see if i can find something interesting about them.

Anonymous 1116

This. I found my oneitis's reddit accounts (normal and fetish one) using this method. It's surprising how much you can find about a person when you know a few things like what school they went to and their favorite book :^)

>tfw he hasn't posted on his reddit account a year to this day.

Portentous thread.

Anonymous 1131

It helped that she had an uncommon name and unique username. She used the same username for several other sites, one of them being an abandoned Twitter which had a link to her instagram username. It was private so I wasn’t able to see any of her info, but I could see posts that others tagged her in and found a newer account with her real name attached in photos that had the same girl in them from those other users. So searching her real name lead me to her FB, Linkedin, etc and an article covered by a local news site about her wedding. Like I said I felt creepy and stopped at that point.

Anonymous 1133

Yes, I’ve been hunting info about a previously tumblr famous girl who went from broadcasting her every little detail all over tumblr to total crickets. Most of her accounts are deleted and purged but I found some older accounts that aren’t shared anywhere and are still updating off the radar. That rush of discovering new info is addicting and it’s scary - especially since she has a bunch of weird creeps looking for info on her and posting about her but these are accounts are ones no one else has publicly discovered and outed. I wasn’t around when she was tumblr famous so now it’s just looking up the posts that were reblogged here and there, and hunting for recent accounts just to see what she’s into at the moment. It’s weird because it’s all public info, since I don’t make sockpuppets or anything like that, but it feels so wrong at the same time.

Anonymous 1135


i agree, i love finding random hidden accounts it makes me feel a huge rush of excitement jdjjdj yes unfortunately though i'm fucking shit at stalking people on the internet i have urges to stalk people irl on a daily basis, but i've never actually stalked anyone irl because of an obvious fear of getting caught.

also if u have any advice for cyberstalking or any experiences with it please share thanks ok by,e

Anonymous 1137

i kind of admire you anon

Anonymous 1165

I'm just an idiot with too much time and not a lot to lose. I wish I had a cause at least, something better than e-gossip. Oh well

Anonymous 1166

can you share more of your techniques? The worst thing I've done is keylog my own computer to get other peoples passwords.

Anonymous 1167

I don't really know what else to say, but if you can give me any specific examples, I'll try to come up with something helpful.

Anonymous 1170

I'm very anal about what pictures/information exists on the internet about me, since its insane how easy it is to gather information about someone with only an email, for example. I've discovered some seriously personal information about people ("secret" blogs, profiles, entries etc), and that's only been through googling names, usernames, emails and so on and following the breadcrumbs. And I don't even feel bad or like a creep, because its all out there in the open. They probably feel safe, since the information doesn't have their real names or pictures attached, but its still linked to them and if I knew I had an old blog or a personal profile floating out there I would not sleep at night.

Anonymous 1171

Are there many people who re-use one username?

Anonymous 1172

NTA but a lot of people have one username because it's their identity or it means something to them and they just use variations or different names when the preferred one isn't available somewhere. It's also a big thing for most people who want to "brand" themselves and try to be e-famous.

Anonymous 1214

Not so related but still belongs here: has anyone had their private accounts found by anyone? I mean, in real life. What did you do?

Anonymous 1215

I change mine basically every few years just to prevent people from my past finding me again. There's no real reason, i just don't like leaving a trail of all my stupid bullshit on the web

Anonymous 1245

Somebody knows how i can look at alteady deleted photobucket photos from livejournal? I‘ve tried wayback machine but nothing

Anonymous 1246

You can't, images are rarely cached/archived.

Anonymous 1267


I do it in moderate amounts, and it kinda makes me feel like a creep. Glad to see that it seems to be so common.

Anyway here's some stuff that works for me:

>>144 is what you start with

Googling the nick with the option site:pastebin.com works well with nerds, as it usually gives you some IRC or other chatroom logs. Those can point you to some communities they are active in.

Reverse image searching photos they posted or their profile pictures is an obvious one.

When you can't find out much about them at all, cyberstalking one of their best friends might give you new leads.

It's good to have a list with their interests and stats ready, in case you find a profile where you're not sure if whether actually theirs.

You can join a chatroom they are in, or some online community to interact with them and stalk them more. Just remember to use a vpn.

>>1050 is good advice, though logging into someone's private accounts is a moral limit for me. It has become more difficult as well, back in the day you could just ask to use their wifi and start up wireshark, but now even the smallest shittiest sites use tls.

Don't forget to listen to some dank hacker music when cyberstalking.
Good luck and have fun <3

Anonymous 1268


Okay, confession time.
Me and one of my IRL friends had a hate boner for a girl from our city who was in the scene we were. We even found her kink blog and everything and used to make jokes about it to one another. We rarely used to see her irl but we used to stalk her online a lot. We used to get really confused because like, all of her friends seemed to live really far away yet we were like close by and trying to be friends with her but she was just so like, dismissive lol. She just seemed a bit vain and all of her friend's had to fit this 'image' to be friends with her and we just weren't cool enough to be part of the clan lmfao.
We continued to do this for like a good 4 years or something and then we just grew up and were like 'this is kinda stupid' and just realised we were probably just jealous of her online fame.

>Mfw we just wanted to be friends with the cool kid and it turned into a 4 year long hate boner

Anonymous 1270

thanks anon this is some good advice ill try it the next time i cyberstalk

dank hacker music

Anonymous 1282

So why do you do it anons?

Anonymous 1289

For me, I'm just fascinated with other people and it gives me some weird rush to connect bits and pieces of their online presence they didn't intend to be interconnected, like for example someone's Tumblr/Twitter is usually the most personal, shitposty, deeply intimate social media, especially once you get into side blogs/finstas/secondary accounts.

Anonymous 1292

Do you stalk people you hate, or end up hating them? What do you do with the information?

Anonymous 1293

Sometimes I hate-stalk, but it's not the norm. I stalk when someone interests me. I just like to learn about people, I haven't abused it often.

Anonymous 1303

I know it’s weird but I cyberstalk estranged family members and people who bullied me in school.

>hate my dad, he’s a prolific internet user

>uses the same name everywhere - literally
>after divorce, found his TypePad journal that he made during the 4 years my parents’ marriage started falling apart
>he was having an affair with someone he called ‘wonder woman’ and only mentioned my mother once in passing, he never acknowledged my existence which confirmed a lot about our relationship
>found other places where he commented using the same damn username, like kink and cheater sites
>his ‘surface’ accounts are all religious crap with him in church acting holier than though rambling about politics and gossip

I like using sock puppets to look up people who bullied me or that I just didn’t get along with as their accounts are always lulzy and dumb and it’s interesting to discover how insecure they are, they can’t spell, they’re boring, stuff like that. People post their insecurities online and it changes my perspective on someone who acts one way in public, only to discover they’re not what they seem to be face to face.

It’s made me aware of not leaving paper trails for people to find. I’ve always deleted stuff like LinkedIn, Insta, Facebook if I am not using them consistently, and try to use fake names and make throwaway emails so I don’t have to worry about abandoning accounts.

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