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>tfw no bf Anonymous 8844

Last thread maxxed out: >>>/feels/5669

Anonymous 8851

>there's nothing men hate more than a taste of their own medicine
You're only giving them what they want. Can't you see that? You're just destroying yourself, when you could rise so high above them. I hope nobody here ever becomes like you.

Anonymous 8852

dw anon that person has to be a troll cause i can't imagine a woman being this fucking retarded

Anonymous 8859

no bf, no pizza, no wifi

Anonymous 8860

>no bf
You should ask that one stranger you admire out. Maybe for pizza.
>no pizza
Really? Not even the cheap microwavable storebrand kind? I mean I prefer more of the professional stuff myself, so I wouldn't blame you for preferring that over something so modest.
>no wifi
How are you posting?

Anonymous 8862

same, same, same

Anonymous 8864

There's got to be more that you want.

Anonymous 8867


Anonymous 8869

How am I supposed to get a bf when I have poor social skills and merely average in looks?

Anonymous 8870


Anonymous 8871

Work on your personality, find someone who thinks like you, take care of your body/dress appropriately and done.

Anonymous 8872

You just have to learn how to socialise. It gets harder, the older you are, so you need to start chatting quickly. The sooner, the better.

Anonymous 8874

images (26).jpeg

…I made it sound so easy, why don't I follow my own advice?

Anonymous 8875

It's never too late to start.

Anonymous 8879

I'm too lazy.

Anonymous 8880


Honestly I see that mentality so much lately and it baffles me.
"I'll smash the patriarchy by having sex whenever I want since I'm a strong, dominant independent woman!"
"Men are sub-human trash but I'll put their dick inside me anyway! That'll show them!"

In the end someone has to have severe mental problems to sleep with a large number of people. Both men and women.

Anonymous 8882

Please take initiative, anon. You don't deserve to be lonely.

Anonymous 8883

It's good to hear a blessed voice here, once in a while. Don't ever let that morale break, anon.

Anonymous 8884

You don't even know me. Maybe I murder kittens for fun, you don't know

Anonymous 8885

If you can come up with advice like that, then you're definitely a person of good conscience. Ganbatte!

Anonymous 8886

>and yet men are saying the exact same things about women and it's only being encouraged, god forbid women do the same

shitty men say the exact same things about women and other shitty men encourage them. just because a bad person does something doesn't mean that it justifies following in their footsteps. Gang-bangers rape, murder and steal, and their peers encourage it, but does that mean it's okay for you to do the same thing?

>so instead of giving a shit about them I became them, there's nothing men hate more than a taste of their own medicine, and it's even more cringey when women hate it too

the reason why we 'hate it' is because we're cringing, too. You will only end up giving random dudes either a) personal incentive for hating ~sluts~ or b) jerk-off material. if the only reason you're doing this is for revenge, you seem to be obsessing over some real negative experiences in your life and letting that resentment influence your choices in a way that benefits nobody.

Anonymous 8887

Go out in public and get asked put?

Anonymous 8889

I laughed irl. Thanks, anon.

Anonymous 8891

>tfw no bf to watch eat some yummy food that I bought for him

I really want to go on a date with a qt and buy him a full meal complete with appetizers and dessert, then watch him consume it in silence. Not even eating anything myself.
Realistically on a first date we'd be talking, but at some point later in the relationship I'd just like to watch him eat for half an hour or so.

I also want to watch him shave, bathe and use the toilet. Being reduced to a simple biological entity is where true intimacy lies, I believe.

Anonymous 8893

I understand wanting to watch him eat (to some extent), shave (dunno why) and bathe (nsfw), but the toilet is funny kek.

Anonymous 8895

When you and your bf are ok with watching each other use the toilet or leaving the door open while you do your business, that's when you know it's true love. I can speak from personal experience.

Taking showers together is really great too omg

Anonymous 8896

I don't even have a pee kink or anything. At this point my fetish is just sharing my life with someone.
I think I also have a habit of putting guys I like on a pedestal (until they fuck up) so everything they do is cute to me.

Anonymous 8897

You're welcome. Just because you don't follow your advice, doesn't mean you shouldn't.
Find somebody. Okay?

Anonymous 8898


>I think I also have a habit of putting guys I like on a pedestal (until they fuck up) so everything they do is cute to me.
Yes, m'am. Thank you.

Anonymous 8899

I can't really relate to the pee/bathe thing but I completely relate to the shaving thing. Watching a man shave is the most endearing thing in the world to me. And it feels really intimate, you're just observing what they do every single day when they're usually alone.

I think my shaving fascination stems from a general attraction to men looking/being concentrated and focused on something. I also enjoy watching men write or read important things for that same reason.

Anonymous 8901

That is just adorably bad. It's such a shame someone like this can be taken advantage of so easily. So trusting. A rare breed of human, I'll say.

Anonymous 8902

…are you supposed to always be on edge around your s/o just in case they're evil in secret or something? And just not find them endearing at all ever?

Just don't date in that case.

Anonymous 8903

I'm not saying it's bad, but it's a shame you can be so easily used by people who are, if you don't draw the line. It's already been said.

Anonymous 8904

Thanks, anon-chan!

Anonymous 8906

You're welcome! Keep that mindset, okay? Someone's gonna love it, one day!

Anonymous 8909

You're right. It's a big mistake to ever trust a man under any circumstance.

Anonymous 8912

It's not a perfect world. I don't want you to give up your own trust.

Anonymous 8913

Trust me after hearing what men say about women, I have never trusted one. Physically attracted to them, of course. Willing to trust, cohabitate, and share a life with someone who thinks I'm a worthless hole? No. My 'trust' hasn't existed for a long time.

Anonymous 8914

This is not the thread for you.

Anonymous 8919

No guy has ever shown interest in me soo

Anonymous 8920

Then ask them out.

Anonymous 8923

You should learn about these dangerous creatures known as "bf"s before you go and get involved with one. It could save your life.

Anonymous 8932

Not her, but why do you hate men so much? I can understand disliking certain types of men, of course, but do you feel the same way about the men in your family, for example?

Anonymous 8939

>and i masturbated
Right there?

Anonymous 8943

At least you didn't finish. Right?

Anonymous 8945

L-lewd, anon. I would have felt the opposite way, too sad to touch myself down there.

Anonymous 8947

I'm not the anon who was talking with you. I'm only >>8945, but yes.

Anonymous 8948

Good, then you still have some restraint, which means its not too late to find a husband out there that can hold you in the rain for longer.

Anonymous 8950

thats pretty hot tbh(stop)

Anonymous 8951


>masturbating to the sight of a couple hugging in the rain

Anonymous 8952

But were you masturbating to the thought of being hugged or fugged?

Anonymous 8953

Stop it.

Anonymous 8954

>didn't even finish
That's somehow worse. I hope you were at least interrupted and not just physically incapable of finishing.

>i fucking relapsed after 12 days

Why is this a "relapse"? There's nothing wrong with masturbating.

Anonymous 8955

Please don't masturbate.

Anonymous 8956

You're going to need to explain your reasoning here.

Anonymous 8958

one time when i was younger and while i was traveling, i was on public transport and this older guy was staring at me the whole time, and as i exited the venue he smiled and winked at me, multiple times. once i got back to my room i immediately began masturbating, just thinking about that moment. splooshed all over my sheets.

this is something else though.

Anonymous 8959

I'm going to pop a guy my phone number this coming week, wish me luck!
I'm hoping he's a nice person, he has every physical trait I find attractive and I think he finds me cute, too.

Anonymous 8960

good luck!!

Anonymous 8961

I always wanted to cook together with a romantic partner but I feel sad knowing that will never happen. Seems like a nice activity to bond over and do together

Anonymous 8962

I was going to, but you seem perfectly content with yourself.

Anonymous 8963

I think you just don't have one.

Anonymous 8964

If that's what you want, so be it.

Rocking the boat makes your body think you're actually doing it, but you're not. You either end up sedating yourself to people with spaced attempts, or turning into a pervert with chronic masturbation.

Anonymous 8965

Like, how older? Gray hairs, or in their prime?
Just be like the other anon, and make it happen! Talk to a boy!

Anonymous 8966

>Talk to a boy

no thanks their breath smells

Anonymous 8967

And? Do you never watch movies/shows or read books or play videos games because you don't want to "trick" your body into thinking it's experiencing things? Must be a boring life for someone who refuses to engage in something fun just because it's not real.

Anonymous 8968

Anecdotal, but I masturbate daily and any perversion of my sexuality stemmed from porn consumption, so once I cut that down my sexuality has "reset." I still have a high sex drive, though. And a high romantic drive–masturbating hasn't made me less excited about touching guys. If anything getting off to someone I like makes me more passionate about making a connection.

I think it may be different for men, biologically (death grip, getting tired after masturbation) but for women unless it's interrupting your life there's no need to stop. Even men shouldn't outright stop (imo), just cut it down to…you know, not 8 times a day.

That said, if someone wants to stop to see how far they can get/make more time to do other things then more power to them.

Anonymous 8978

Not if you lay down a towel.

Anonymous 8982

That's not comparable in the slightest, anon.
>masturbating hasn't made me less excited about touching guys
Correct. It made you more aroused, because you had done it so often.

Anonymous 8985

Listen anon, is your big point here basically that "tricking" your body into thinking you've fucked someone is the same as actually fucking someone, thus you are a slut anyway?
In that case, big reach and high level mental gymnastics to call some virgin girls impure roastiewhores. Wew.

Anonymous 8986

>thus you are a slut
What? You're fucking up your hormones. Please stop it.

Anonymous 8989

Masturbation does not have adverse effects by itself. It uses the neural networks that are already in long-term potentiation in the mesolimbic pathway to activate the nucleus accumbens. At climax the serotonergic pathway activates so that serotonin acts on the reward center. The pituary gland is not activated, so there's little to no oxytocin upregulation, unlike sex.

If you use porn then you can and will adversely affect your reward system and make your dopaminergic system undergo sensitization, since the enzymes that are responsible for the degradation of dopamine in the synaptic ion channels are upregulated due to the excessive stimuli. Ergo, you end up with dopamine and serotonin leaving your system way earlier than they should, leading to fewer activations in their respective receptors of satellite neurons.

As for sex toys, you need to be careful as well, excessive use of vibrators that are very powerful(hitachi wink wink) can desensitize your clit. But that would take literal years of frequent use, so don't worry about it too much.

In summation, avoid porn. Masturbation by itself has several positive effects and hardly any adverse ones.

Anonymous 8991

Thanks for scientifically backing up my anecdote, anon.

Anonymous 8992

This, but also, masturbating (with your hands, toys, humping something) really isn't a comparable experience to a real human male with a real human dick, so I wouldn't worry too much about 'tricking yourself'

Anonymous 8995

However it doesn't…

I stand corrected.

Anonymous 8997


I should add, masturbation doesn't really affect your hormones. You see a relative spike in estradiol and testosterone during arousal, but they normalize fairly quickly. Obviously, there's an increase in prolactin following orgasm, but it normalizes quickly as well. If anything, the increase in prolactin may be viewed as a net positive, since it aids in relaxation and sleep. Endorphins and other opioid peptides aid in pain relief and muscle relaxation. You even burn some calories!

If you want to not ruin your endocrinological balance you should avoid the oral contraceptive pill, bad diet and lack of exercise. Masturbation is absolutely fine and it helps you get to know your body, your sexuality, and your fantasies.

I don't really know how or why the demonization of masturbation took place, but it boggles my mind.

Anonymous 9000


If only we had boyfriends we wouldn't need to worry if masturbating is bad.

Anonymous 9005

Actual sex is a way more complex process, endocrinologically. Due to oxytocin, primarily.
Oxytocin is arguably the most important peptide hormone and it's only ever secreted in large amounts during lovemaking, lactation/breastfeeding, and labor/childbirth.

It promotes prosocial behavior, relieves anxiety and fear by inhibiting amygdala activation, promotes trust and bonding, increases emotions of peace and tranquillity, acts as an antidepressant by mimicking neurotransmitter behavior in the reward system, decreases psychomotor retardation, facilitates partner pair bonding and mother-child pair bonding.

Our brains are smart, they know the difference between sex and masturbation. Only the real thing activates oxytocin secretion!

Anonymous 9006


>tfw no bf to secrete oxytocin together with

Anonymous 9008

Go talk to a boy!

Anonymous 9009



Anonymous 9010


But boys are so scary.

Anonymous 9014

Just talk to a boy.
That's the spirit!

Anonymous 9016

Are you the dude from /b/?

Anonymous 9019

Why do these threads draw you out like moths to a flame? Are you not even self-aware?

Anonymous 9021


Tell us a little about yourself and we might keep you.

Anonymous 9022


I will!
I'm going to speak to him this weekend and ask him on a date!
I just hope he isn't frightened by me. I've been a bit awkward around him and he's much smaller than me.

Anonymous 9023

You're taking too long. We're waiting.

Anonymous 9025

Poor boy's got stage fright!
C'mon little guy, you can do it!

Anonymous 9027

Say everything you want to say before you get banned, boys aren't allowed here.

Anonymous 9028

>less bitter
For one it's not a gossip site. It's also slow and small.
Plus, I think only ~1/3 of the userbase is from LC, the rest seem to be from /r9k/, PULL (a "nicer" gossip site), Lainchan, and others.

Anonymous 9030

If you aren’t a cute European then get out

Anonymous 9032

prove it

Anonymous 9033

Why would a handsome guy be on cc?

Anonymous 9034

Not the fella you were talking to but probably more than ye'd all be comfy with.

Anonymous 9035

hot german dad in his prime


>boys are far more scared of you than you are of them
hurrr that's what my mommy and daddy used to say to make me feel better about myself

Anonymous 9036

Why how society is these days, I'm inclined to believe him.
All I am getting is catcalls and stares, guys don't actually come up to me to strike conversations. I can never be sure if there's something funny with my face or the if the guy likes me.

Men are pussies.

Anonymous 9038

>But 9022 knew this already.
I was referring to him possibly being afraid of me being a crazy stalker.
I don't think I intimidate him (dating prospects wise) since we're on the same "objective" level with looks.
Although he's a 10/10 to me.

Anonymous 9039

You'll have to take my word for it. But it doesn't matter really. Maybe I'm not handsome. It is not important.

I'm not here to say "I could be your bf so you do not have to feel tfwnbf" - That would be so easy to say, would it not? And I could tell you how I really love having a qt3.14 girl next to me when I go to sleep, so I can caress her before going to bed, her buttocks snugly wiggling against my loin. And how I always wake up before she wakes up, and kiss her good morning before I have to go to work. How bad it feels not to have that and how you could just be that object of my affection. And you could envision yourself, filling that hole in my heart, as I would equally fill your hole… in your heart. Excuse the innuendo, ahem.

But that would not be why I posted here or what I'd hope to get out of here. If you want a boy to warm your buttcheeks at night, you'll have to get your own, by yourself, near you, not dreaming about an idealized boytoy in a different country that you will never meet and presumably is in the process of getting banned. It wouldn't be good. I will be gone from here soon, I'm afraid. It's not about me, it's about you.

You truly cannot possibly imagine the terror a boy experiences when confronted by a girl who displays clear signs of interest. You'd think, well, they're bigger, and they're boisterous and loud, so how would they be afraid of me and my affections. But no. Nothing scares a guy more than girls. Not even death. Are you afraid of death? Of maybe, senseless violence being exercised against you? That is absolutely nothing to the absolutely existential dread boys feel towards women. Girls scare boys more than absolutely everything else in the world.

This sometimes turns pathological, toxic. Or they become gay. Me, I'm a bit older than what you're probably looking for, so I know a bit better how to handle it. But I can assure you, it is true. There's nothing scarier to any guy than …you. So, try to be very gentle, or you'll scare them away.

P.S. I had to ask a friend to post this for me, because I myself am now banned, please do not remove it, it will be my last. Thus, I take my leave. Adieu!(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 9040


And to think men accuse women of being attention whores who seek out male-dominated spaces just to get easy attention.

Anonymous 9041


>so I can caress her before going to bed, her buttocks snugly wiggling against my loin

I refuse to believe this a real person. I am at a loss for words.

Anonymous 9042

they always out themselves as weirdos or autists with the shit they write

Anonymous 9043

Is it really that much creepier than people who write stuff about wanting to watch their bf on the toilet?

Anonymous 9045

He could very well be a weirdo, but it just seems like he was trying to frame spooning in a more "poetic" and "romantic" way with slight innuendo.
Definitely comes across as autistic though.
I'm the anon who originally posted that and I readily admit to it being cringe and weird.

Anonymous 9046

Does oxytocin secrete only if you have penetrative sex? Or is it any sexual encounter in general?

Anonymous 9047

boys on toilets are cute don't deny it

Anonymous 9048

All I want is to marry a cute virgin boy with a big peepee.

Anonymous 9049


I think there's a whole board full of them somewhere

Anonymous 9050

Would you have to lean in, if you tried to kiss him?

Anonymous 9051

Yeah, he's 3-4 inches shorter than me (and I'm average height).
He even has a high pitched voice. Very cute.

Anonymous 9052

Spill it.
Is he light enough to pick up and swing around?

Anonymous 9053

If my estimate is correct he looks to be about 100-110 lbs, so I could definitely lift him. He has the ideal male body.

Anonymous 9054

How long do you think you could hold him for?

Anonymous 9055

I also want a small lightweight boy with a cute voice to pick up and swing around. I am jelly, anon.

Anonymous 9056

Depends on the carry type. Bridal carry I could probably hold for a short distance (around the house, up the stairs, etc.) for a few minutes so long as his arms are around my neck. I've heard fireman carry is more sustainable, but less romantic.
From what I've read, even /fit/ men struggle carrying 140 lbs women around for longer than 10 minutes. So I'm trying to be realistic.

I haven't even asked him out yet, anon! Don't jinx it!
I wish you luck in finding a small boy as well.

Anonymous 9057

Don't forget to report back when you do.

Anonymous 9058

Take up weightlifting so you can carry him more.

Anonymous 9060

I will!

I currently do a routine at home with lighter (20 lbs) dumbbells at high reps. When I start uni this fall I get "free" access to the gym, so hopefully strength growth will be accelerated with the use of heavy weights added in.
I'm looking forward to knowing how strong I am on an objective scale. As it is now, all I know is that I could lift my light friends in high school and have am stronger than some skinny men at work. Not the most accurate measurement.
And 100% I'm doing this because I love small guys. Bonus that it actually feels good.

Keeping on topic, any girls ITT do some intense stuff in hopes of getting a bf? Like take up a new hobby, cut/grow out your hair, lose/gain weight, learn a language, write songs or create art for them, etc.?

Anonymous 9062


What would sex with a smol boi be like.

Anonymous 9063

That's fantastic! Way to go, anon! Take on those weights, and remember to stay natty! Gotta eat big, to get big.
Anything but domineering, I hope.

Anonymous 9064

I'd imagine that depending on the size difference his face could fit right in your tiddies in missionary, which would be cozy.
69 would probably be easier.
If you're dominant it's easier to manhandle and shift him into positions.

Anonymous 9065

No, it's not exclusive to penetrative sex, but it's not with any sexual encounter either.

We seem to use the relevant parts of the parietal lobe in different intensity depending on the emotional investment to the partner and the pituary gland activates when there is already a network of neurons that are mapped to the stimulus (ie the SO). Networks are created to virtually any stimulus and that's fascinating. From the olfactory bulb for scents, to the auditory cortex for intonation, pitch and volume of voice, to the several visual cortex formations for visual cues and specifics of the face and expressions of the person.

Your brain literally structures itself to respond to stimuli from the partner and facilitates reward to promote behavior that seeks those specific stimuli. There is an evolutionary advantage to prosocial and pair-bonding behavior.

With one night stands a peculiar thing happens. Those neural networks are obviously not there and the pituary gland doesn't secrete oxytocin in appreciable amounts. Oxytocin still functions as a NT in the nucleus accumbens but has a really short half-life. The tool use part of the brain activates in the somatosensory system instead. Kind of when we watch porn. Since there is no oxytocin in the midbrain, the amygdala activation is not inhibited so it's not unusual for the PFC to rationalize post hoc the experience as regretful, intimidating, or even disgusting. That's because the amygdala and basal ganglia are activated during the encounter.

Long story short, it doesn't have to be penetrative sex but not any sex will do!

Anonymous 9067


>tfw 3 yrs with short pale and skinny but well endowed bf who i deflowered

life is good man.

Anonymous 9069

hnnng that's that good shit

Anonymous 9072

>face could fit right in your tiddies
I always wondered who feels the best in that kind of scenario.
You better marry him. Don't let something like that leave your life.

Anonymous 9073

I've just realized that if I ever got a serious boyfriend who asked me to marry him, I wouldn't let him see strippers or do the normal thing men do before the wedding day. I'd want him to have a bachelor party, but not like that. Feelsbadman.jpg

Anonymous 9075

Would you honor that with no "having fun" for your party, as a Bachelorette? This isn't actually a normal thing, you know. These parties mostly consist of just either side having a few drinks, at most.

Anonymous 9076

that's really normal anon, I would think it would be pretty degenerate for him to be leering at strippers just before you're about to marry him.

having said that, I've been at a party with male strippers before, but I feel like that's not so bad. I have a double standard, I guess, but also I don't care, and it's not like I was engaged anyway.

Anonymous 9077

Yeah, I would honor it because parties don't appeal to me and because I'm friendless anyway. Maybe I'd see my only IRL friend and have a movie night at most.
I thought they were common for some reason. Thanks!

Anonymous 9079

How does /feels/ feel about beards on a potential boyfriend if you could pick an ideal boy? yes/no? how much facial hair is allowed?

Anonymous 9081

That's not very nice, anon.
That, on the other hand is very sweet, anon.

Anonymous 9084

I know I'm insecure, but even then I would stay away from male strippers myself if I was getting married… either way it's not a nice thing to do to someone you're marrying I think

Anonymous 9085

I don't like beards, so it's a no from me. Stubble is fine though. If I'd have to guess I'd say most anons here don't like beards either because they're into twinks
Yeah, it's pretty disgusting, but some of the ~~normies~~ I work with think it's almost a rule.
Thank you!

Anonymous 9086

Aww, everyone here is so humble. I like it.
You're welcome! Don't pay any mind to the normals. They don't know reality all too well like everyone here does.

Anonymous 9096

I don't like full, fluffy beards, but a very light one/just stubble can be fine. As long as it doesn't hide his facial features it's cute.

Anonymous 9155

Nah, that's not true at all. I know a lot of men who wouldn't want a virgin because they want the girl they're going to spend their life with to already know what they want and have made their experiences so that later on they won't have FOMO and feel like they have to break out of the relationship to live it up before settling down.

Anonymous 9156

That's awful.

Anonymous 9161

The only people who look down on potential partners for having prior sexual relationships are painfully insecure and jealous. There's nothing wrong with having had a life before meeting a long-term partner. Maybe the idea of a pure virgin waifu is appealing on a romanticized level, but not if you're an adult looking for a lasting relationship. The truth is that a decent and realistic partner won't care if you've had sex before them as long as your numbers weren't excessive.

Anonymous 9163

lmao those men are just telling you what they think you want you to hear. the only reason a man might not want a virgin is if he just wants to bang and doesn't want the hassle that comes with taking someone's virginity. and on the other side of things, plenty (most?) of dudes who just want to bang would still rather have the virgin.

it's less looking down and more not supporting the idea that your partner should have had sex with other people (this is basically cuck stuff), or that it's better to slut around before committing to someone. I don't think anyone who values purity and wants a picture perfect relationship for themselves thinks that non-virgins shouldn't be able to have relationships or anything like that.

Anonymous 9164

>The truth is that a decent and realistic partner won't care if you've had sex before them as long as your numbers weren't excessive.
And where is that line drawn? 10? 20? 30? 50? 100? 200?

Anonymous 9166

I'm curious about your ages because if you're in your teens or early twenties then I understand that mindset, but if you're in your late 20s or early 30s and looking to date and think anything but a virgin is unacceptable then that's delusional and your dating life will be miserable.

Anonymous 9167

right in the kokor…

>mildly insecure
>hopeless romantic
S-stop, anon. I like it because it's kawaii.

Anonymous 9168

It's a sweet thought and I cherish my first time I had with my long-term boyfriend at the time, but at some point we broke up and that's how it goes for most people.

Anonymous 9169

Your mistake, not ours.

Anonymous 9170

>You're not with the same guy you fell in love with 14 years ago when you were a literal teenager so you made a mistake that made you worthless

Go back to reading shoujo manga I guess

Anonymous 9175


>tfw fell in love with the collective personality of crystal.cafe
>tfw will never make crystal.cafe anon happy because you're a sad loser who can't make himself happy
>tfw have masturbated to posts of anons talking about their feelings
>tfw can't sit with you(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 9176

This is so sad Alexa play despacito.

Anonymous 9180

I don't need a boyfriend to watch him play online all day.

I don't need a boyfriend, I can't eat cream.

I don't need a boyfriend to keep the money and buy Lancome.

I don't need a boyfriend, the bottled water can go to the third floor.

I don't need a boyfriend, I have to travel long distances.

I don't need a boyfriend to accompany him to watch the ball overnight.

I don't need a boyfriend, I am worried about him.

Anonymous 9181

>tfw have masturbated to posts of anons talking about their feelings

what the fuck

Anonymous 9185

that 24 year old b…


Anonymous 9186


>tfw have masturbated to posts of anons talking about their feelings

Okay, I think the robots are having a giggle, I refuse to believe these people exist in real life.

Anonymous 9192

I wouldn't be suprised if it was real. Some of these guys are just really, really weird. Best not to think about them too much.

Anonymous 9196

Personally, I want a somewhat directionless and openly fearful (perhaps anxious) husband who I can "save" by financially supporting as a future accountant. Living my life for someone gives me strength.

I'm not sure how other girls feel.

Anonymous 9199

>manual labor
Are you big/strong then?
That's no good, sorry.

Anonymous 9202

Regardless, meeting on an imageboard and having a LDR isn't my thing.
Perhaps if we'd met irl.

Anonymous 9207

Thanks, Dad.

Anonymous 9209


you couldn't sound more underage if you tried anon-chan

Anonymous 9211

It's an observable fact that men value virginity but after a certain age, it's replaced by them seeking women that are pure in how they approach life. As in, no ONS, no obscene sexual acts with multiple partners, and stuff like that.

I seek the same for my partner, men don't get a carte blanche to be manwhores. It's perfectly fine to have had other relationships in the past. Long-term relationships. Sometimes people have different priorities or things change and relationships end. Being obsessed with virginity by itself is juvenile, but looking for a partner with the same values and outlook as you is paramount.

If my potential SO has had too many partners before me then that tells me he is likely to have something to do with the fact that no relationship worked out. It's a red flag. I want to spend my life with someone, I want to know that he is able to pair bond with me and stick through the thick and thin.

Sorry for the tangent :O

Anonymous 9218

Damn, what did the deleted posts say? Can someone tell me?

Anonymous 9220

Awww. I hope you can find love someday.

Anonymous Moderator 9221

Just a ban-evading male troll posting the same MGTOW copypasta in different threads and overall spamming bait, please report if you see more suspicious posts.

Anonymous 9222

Ok, now it makes sebse. Thanks!

Anonymous 9224

>nothing to do with MGTOW
>literally referenced everyone Going Their Own Way with Important Capitalization

Anonymous 9229


>It's perfectly fine to have had other relationships in the past. Long-term relationships.
Long-term relationships might be even worse in my eyes, especially if they were with them for several years. For example I accidentally stumbled across some lovey-dovey convos from years ago my boyfriend had with his ex (I wasn't looking for it), and it might have disgusted me more than if he just had sex with a bunch of randos. Or maybe on the same level. Especially when he's said the same things to her that he has to me (he has some quirks others don't). I just don't know how you can say you love someone and not mean it, if you loved them you wouldn't have left them. It's just a disgusting feeling. I can't help but feel that it would have been better if he was a virgin like I am. But I know in reality that manifests in a not ideal way in certain people, ie. them not knowing what they want in a relationship or maybe rushing into things because they're inexperienced. Still, feels bad man.

Anonymous 9232

>if you loved them you wouldn't have left them
Why did he leave her?
If she turned out to be a bad person and he was indeed the one to leave her, then he doesn't love her anymore. Love can definitely be turned off by bad things.

I'd prefer a virgin myself as well (to be on equal footing), but if a guy had a long term relationship which ended because his gf mistreated him I can't see myself blaming or hating him. That's the one situation where I'd be fine with previous relationships tbh.

Anonymous 9234

They mutually broke up, that they got job offers in different states and they agreed to go their separate ways. It's definitely not bad but kind of scary, how people can just lose feelings for each other like that. I know my boyfriend wouldn't do that to me, he talks about us living together every day and how I'm the best thing in his life. And since he's been in multiple long-term relationships I can assume he knows what actual love is now. It's just kind of a visceral reaction I can't shake away immediately.

Anonymous 9239


>Especially when he's said the same things to her that he has to me

that's rough

Anonymous 9243

I'm more pure than you.

Anonymous 9245

>if you loved them you wouldn't have left them

sometimes things just don't work out, anon. you can love someone but if there's a dealbreaker in the relationship that one of you isn't willing to put in the effort to either remove or work around, it's better for both partners to just separate. like if you're in love with an alcoholic or a compulsive gambler, should you let them ruin your life for love? nah. it does feel bad at first, but those feelings will fade with time.

Anonymous 9246

It makes me very sad to think about.

That's not love, then. Love is not about sticking around when it's easy and convenient, but in tough times as well. I think people who are alcoholics, gamblers, etc are probably ones who need the most love, too. I believe if you can't accept that person's flaws and such, you don't really love them, you just liked an idealized version of them. You liked wasting time with them. But you didn't love them. It's noble and pretty to dress it up as love, but that wasn't what it was.

Anonymous 9249

Also by "accepting their flaws" I didn't mean literally, but rather realizing they have them and helping them through it. It's definitely not easy but I think if given enough understanding and kindness people can change. I think the love of an SO should be similar to family in that way, sticking by even when things are difficult.

Anonymous 9250

what makes you think romantic love is real and not just a facade?

Anonymous 9253

That's a very romantic way to look at it, but I don't think it's healthy. You can't 'fix' someone if they don't think they have a problem. If they decide they want to change for themselves, or even in order to continue the relationship (this is what I mean by remove or work around the dealbreaker), you can be supportive, and that's great–you should be there for your partner in that situation. But if they're not willing to do that, having someone try to force them through it 'because i love you!' is just going to create resentment and strain the relationship even more. The fact that their partner sticks around can be used to justify that their issues 'aren't that big of a deal' or even worse, can become a scapegoat for those issues, i.e.: 'I drink because dealing with you is stressful!' or, 'I'm depressed because you aren't supportive enough!' or, 'I cheat on you because you don't fulfill my sexual needs!'…and if you're the type who thinks that those people can be fixed by just loving them more, then you're all the more likely to become the type of person who gets trapped in those kind of abusive relationships.

Anonymous 9255

while having a high body count isn’t something to be proud of, I don’t think it’s fair either to call someone a whore for no longer being a virgin because they had one boyfriend/girlfriend before you. not everyone agrees with waiting till marriage for sex (or can handle it). sometimes you give your virginity to someone in the context of a serious relationship thinking they’re “the one”, but shit hits the fan and you end up breaking up. i’m just as virginal as some of the other anons on her and thats why I’m scared to enter a relationship and have sex. not everyone ends up marrying their first love, dude.

Anonymous 9259

i don't think 'romantic' love is real. i think that there's a difference between platonic and non-platonic love, but what makes love 'romantic' isn't a difference in feeling, but a difference in behavior. romance is not always the hollywood ideal of 'i'm going to propose to you on a moonlit ferry ride across a lake filled with roses and swans', sometimes it's cooking a meal together, or going out of your way to bring your partner something that they forgot, or even just giving your partner your full attention when it's not necessary.
One of the first dates I went on with a guy that ended up being one of my long-term boyfriends, we ended up sitting on a park bench for a while next to a walking path. When another couple passed by us, the man turned to his girlfriend and asked, 'How come you never look at me like that?' Romance can be simple as the expression you wear when you look at the other person.

Anonymous 9260

>while having a high body count isn’t something to be proud of
It's something to be ashamed of. You're never going to unsee the first person you did it with. It really is something you should cherish and not give away so easily, like what you're doing.

Anonymous 9261

positive feels post:
yesterday I got my teeth cleaned for the first time in about two years. there was some discoloration on one of my lower front teeth for a long time that (although my lip covered it whenever i smiled) I was incredibly self-conscious about, but I figured it was just a permanent stain and there was nothing to be done about it short of bleaching…but the dentist I went to managed to get rid of it! I can finally look in the mirror without wanting to cringe or worrying about whether other people noticed it. I was so happy when I noticed this morning. On the downside, I have to get my first filling, and I hate that idea (dentists scare the shit out of me, please do not poke my sensitive face tissue with your sharp metal implements/whirring mechanical gadgets) but it's better than letting a cavity develop. I'm going to be super conscientious about flossing and brushing regularly from now on so I don't have to worry about doing this again.

Anonymous 9264

this isn’t the general dental health thread

Anonymous 9265

my bad, i got this confused with the general feels thread

Anonymous 9266

>like what you’re doing
I literally just said that I’m still a virgin and not ready to have sex but ok

Anonymous 9268

>something you should cherish like what you're doing
Like that.

Anonymous 9270

i gave my virginity away just to fucking get rid of it because i was sick of being judged for it. i regret nothing.
my first time at least makes for an interesting story, but i don't think there's a difference between the amount of enjoyment that i get out of cherishing the memories of good sex that I've had and the amount of enjoyment i (presumably) would have gotten if i'd waited until i got married. tbh i probably would have been severely disappointed on my wedding night after years of hearing the hype.

Anonymous 9271

You don't think romantic love is real yet you've had several long term boyfriends? Why?

Anonymous 9272

You don't have to think in extremes. If a person has had one or two girlfriends before you that were long-term relationships he is obviously not a manwhore. Relationships sometimes don't work out due to things out of your control. There are conflicts in priorities, people change, people fall out of love. Boys are culturally urged to have lots of sex too, don't forget that. They think of it as a sign of masculinity. So, chances are most go through with it with women that are not in love with, when they are young and kind of immature.

The same goes for women, of course. Virginity is highly valued by men, but I think the ideal that virginity signifies is more valued. Devotion, purity, loyalty, support, et cetera.

Anonymous 9273

imho 'romantic love' isn't necessarily a different emotion, it's just a different pattern of behavior. Some couples start out participating in romantic behavior, but the romance gradually 'fizzles out' after a while because one or both of them stop making the effort. I don't think it necessarily means that they love their partner any less, though. My parents have been together for almost 50 years, and if anything I would say that they love each other as much or more as they did when they first got married–but I would not call their relationship 'romantic' in the slightest.

Anonymous 9276

Hmm I wonder how many of those virginal undivorced couples are truly happy and how many of them would change their mind about their relationship if they had a healthy outlook on dating that doesn't make them feel like they owe their soul and body to the first person they slept with.

Anonymous 9278

oh thought you meant what I was doing was having a high body count. poor reading comprehension, my bad.

i’m not judging anyone’s sexual history here, but while I don’t to be underwhelmed waiting for my wedding night, I’d also personally feel guilty having multiple sex partners. both scenarios make me too anxious, so I’ve been avoiding seeing anyone altogether. like i don’t want to miss out on anything, but I want to have dignity and not be judged either. idk what to do…

Anonymous 9283

Honestly Anon that sounds like a really unhealthy way of looking at relationships. In the end, the only reason we as people care so much about virginity is because we've been historically shamed for everything to do with our own sexuality. Of course if you don't have a desire for sex then that's fine, but if you're holding back and being this anxious to the point of avoiding love altogether, then you should reflect on why you believe it would be such a terrible thing if you slept with someone you loved and then this relationship later changed… which is just part of being a human being and evolving as a person.

Anonymous 9284

>i gave my virginity away just to fucking get rid of it because i was sick of being judged for it
>the amount of enjoyment that i get out of cherishing the memories of good sex
>i probably would have been severely disappointed on my wedding night after years of hearing the hype
Sounds like they made you one of them. Pretty scary. Good thing I never cared for peer pressure.
>boys are culturally urged to have lots of sex
They're biologically wired, more like it.
Oh my god, can you stop being some kind of societal demon? Leave them alone. Someone high on the bracket for successful marriages doesn't need to hear how "true" happiness is achieved.
Keep doing what you do. There'll be somebody for people like us, and judging by the statistics it's worth investing in.

Anonymous 9285

>honestly Anon that sounds like a really unhealthy way of looking at relationships

Anonymous 9290

Because >>9278 is so damn afraid of physical intimacy, she avoids intimacy altogether, as if her chance at finding love is over once she loses her virginity.

Anonymous 9291

Not her but basically you shouldn't be afraid of going into a relationship because of the off-chance it doesn't work out. We all go into relationships with the idea the person is our soulmate and we could very well spend our life together. But life doesn't always work out.
I think people should focus on genuine love, on pair bonding, on devotion. Not necessarily on virginity. Having multiple sex partners is a red flag to me because it tells me the person doesn't have the same priorities and worldview as me and he might not be able to stick with one person for life. But demanding he be a virgin is taking it too far. It's demonstrable that a high number of sexual partners negatively correlates with divorce, STIs, even personality disorders. Note that 1 or 2 partners does not constitute a high number though!

Just my opinion.

Anonymous 9294

I mean, what age are we talking here? If you're in your 20s with 1-2 partners, sure, but if you're in your 30s or 40s are you not supposed to date anymore because you've had more than 3 partners? What about people who had abusive relationships, are they supposed to give up because they were manipulated and taken advantage of and now they're ruined?

Anonymous 9295

Her fears aren't irrational. You know where I'm going with that.
It seems like something more than disturbing to tempt others into having "just one or two" when you run risk of having too many. Like sour grapes, more or less.

Anonymous 9296

unnamed (5).gif

This tfw no bf thread is full of anons who have had long term boyfriends, sexual and dating experience. Thanks, guys.

Anonymous 9297

I’m aware that my view of relationships is weird and unhealthy, that’s why I’m confused & came here to discuss it.

I’m not afraid of “muh purity” or never being able to find love again. I just don’t want to share something really sacred with someone only be left behind, and possibly left behind again the next time around, and then end up having “too many” partners.

yeah I don’t want to be abused or manipulated either. I’ve had a lot of friends and relatives get hurt and I don’t want that to happen to me. I don’t have a fairytale outlook on romance, I just want to be taken advantage of, nor do I want to end up in a situation I regret.

Anonymous 9300

Actually, none of my 'peers', as in other women, gave me shit for it. What made up my mind was being in happy and normal relationships with men during my early twenties until they found out that i was a virgin.
then they broke up with me because apparently the pressure of ~deflowering me~ was too much for them to handle and they didn't want to be my first. the first time i was like, 'okay, maybe this is just an anomaly and this guy was nervous about giving me a bad experience.' The second and third time was what convinced me that it wasn't worth the shame and heartbreak.

Anonymous 9305

(I meant I DON’T want to be taken advantage of, my bad)

Anonymous 9306

Cry for them, anon. They don't know love.
>I’m aware that my view of relationships is weird and unhealthy
It's not. The world is ill. This is honestly the worst time to try and be pure with your love, so having your fears is very much justified. Don't give your body away like they beg of you to.
>they broke up with me because apparently the pressure of ~deflowering me~ was too much for them to handle and they didn't want to be my first
So they made you one of them. Don't think this is sexually exclusive. They wanted someone used to use up, because they themselves are used, and they shamed you into their ranks. Sickening. Again, I'm really glad I'm not so easily swayed by dicks like that.

Anonymous 9308

That 'you were psychologically manipulated' line of logic only works if you think that having sex makes you 'used up', which only happens if you think your value as a person is defined by whether or not you've had sex. That's actually far more sickening to me than the idea of a partner who's not a virgin.

Anonymous 9310

I don't care what you think. Quit virginshaming, and just go.

Anonymous 9319

I work with a guy and we became good friends. I developed feelings for him and drunkenly admitted to him that I liked him. We’re seeing each other quite casually, in that we talk every day and have sex, but nothing romantic. The problem lies in that I’m moving away in two months. And he basically said to me that the only thing stopping him from actually dating me is that.

I feel so stupid. I actually am in deep for him. I really, really like him. And he’s not an idiot, he knows I’m moving so detached himself from a proper relationship. I couldn’t stop the feelings and I don’t know what to do. I know I need to move on, but I like him so much, I can’t imagine meeting anyone else like him.

Anonymous 9320


>'They wanted someone used to use up, because they themselves are used, and they shamed you into their ranks. Sickening. Again, I'm really glad I'm not so easily swayed by dicks like that.'
then you turn around and fuss about being virgin-shamed because someone's anecdotal evidence threatened your superiority complex? a'ight then.

Anonymous 9324

I'm assuming that you've thought of trying to do the long-distance thing, and for some reason it wouldn't work for you or him?
This has happened to me before and it sucks. I'm sorry you're going through that, anon. I'm not sure whether it's a good idea to be seeing him, though, even casually, if you can't emotionally separate yourself from the situation. idk what the full situation is but I know that personally, the more my feelings get involved in a relationship, the harder that it is for me to move on once it's no longer practical or viable to invest my time in that relationship. as amazing as this guy might be, you have to think about how it's going to affect you once you move if you're already pining for him like this.

Anonymous 9327

You really can't, anon. Miracles aside, it's best you let go.
You have no integrity, anon. Leave it at that. Quit pretending you have any leverage to insult everyone's virginity, when that's a fact. While you're at it, quit appropriating that talk. That's been out of fashion since it's began.

Anonymous 9329

I would be happy to go long distance, because I’m only 2 hours away, and I’ll be back at least once a month. But I don’t think he wants to. And I don’t feel like it’s fair on him as he’s younger than me by 2 years, I feel like he should be enjoying this time in his life, not being tied down to a long distance gf.

Thank you for your kind words. I know you’re right. The more invested I get in him the more it hurts me. But I can’t get rid of the hope that he might change his mind, or that one day in the future, we might give it a go. It’s so stupid and I know I need to let go and move on.

Anonymous 9330

Yeah. All these stacies need to get out they don't understand real loneliness.

Anonymous 9334


stacies are sexually promiscuous, loose women. Not girls with long-term boyfriends -.-

Anonymous 9335

Just like a Stacey would say.

Anonymous 9337

It's not about fixing, but helping. If they are the person you genuinely, truly love, and they're going through a hard time, you should definitely support them.
Then again I wouldn't get involved with an abusive person in the first place. Definitely if you're in an abusive relationship with someone who doesn't give two shits about you, you should leave.

Anonymous 9338

No, you're describing sluts. Staceys are attractive women and tend to seek out relationships.

Anonymous 9339

>Then again I wouldn't get involved with an abusive person in the first place.

Statements like these really show how naive you are. Good luck with your romantic life.

Anonymous 9340


i went through this entire thread looking for examples of 'virgin-shaming' to cross-post to my secret incel havens and i'm disappointed
y u get my hopes up anon

Anonymous 9341

wow anon, you sound like you're just about ready to spend your young adult life maintaining your purity and intimacy issues until you find a man think you can trust, who will inevitably fuck you over because you're ignorant as shit, and then you'll be 30 with no relationship experience whatsoever and stuck in a loop of getting taken advantage of by men who'll recognize you as easy bait because you don't know how relationships work and think you're too smart to fall for manipulation. sad!

Anonymous 9342

sometimes you don't know a person is abusive until you get involved with them, friend. there are people out there that are really, really good at maintaining the facade until nobody else is watching.
you gotta be willing to ditch for the sake of self-preservation instead of pouring all your resources and emotional energy into trying to salvage someone else's life and character for them. i'm not saying that it should be your first resort when you get into a fight with your significant other, but it shouldn't be completely off the table if they show some significant red flags.

Anonymous 9343

get out.

Anonymous 9344

I don't want to totally discourage you, because there may legitimately be a day when that time comes. But also, that ball's in his court, so you've got to leave it up to him. I knew people who would travel around the same amount of time to see their significant other on weekends, but it was a pretty rough schedule for them (plus gas is pricy), so I understand why you feel like it's too much to ask someone in a fresh relationship to take on.
In the meantime, just try not to make yourself suffer because you're thinking about what might have been instead of what's here and now. If you need to vent or talk through it, we're always here.

Anonymous 9345


Guess I’ll become a nun then!

Anonymous 9346


>tfw all the stacies in /r9k/ are getting showered with attention
>the latest one even got 50k us dollars for doing absolutely nothing
>Meanwhile I am apparently so uggo that even robots ghost me and I am poor as shit working retail

Thanks god, appreciate it!

Anonymous 9347

tbh all the nuns i've known have been helpful and chill af. i would totally join a nunnery but there are only monasteries in my area REEEE

>the latest one got 50k for doing nothing
what the fuck
i have to read about this madness, source?

Anonymous 9349


A girl named brooke, she said she is poor and barely makes ends meet. Meanwhile, she has the latest iphone, a huge room and a billion different outfits and bikinis. She posed in cheeky bikinis, got the robots to go wild, someone gave her 48k to help her out.
Meanwhile, I can't even get a guy to stick around on discord for more than a day.

That easy. It's literally that easy. I want off this ride.

Anonymous 9350

Men (robots especially) would rather throw money at a stacy than be associated with an unattractive girl

Anonymous 9351


>there are only monasteries in my area
Become a monk, then.

Anonymous 9353

I've witnessed many people in abusive relationships, I'm not naive. I just know what to look for and to avoid. I know how a lot of women are, they're mentally unstable, eager to please, and miss a lot of subtle signs. And others not so subtle. I'm sorry that the latter of you needs to project that into me. I was not trying to be spiteful or cruel, I am just good at reading people and if people would pay more attention to intent and actions they would be able to avoid 99% of bad relationships.

Anonymous 9354

> I am just good at reading people and if people would pay more attention to intent and actions they would be able to avoid 99% of bad relationships.

lol okay.

Anonymous 9355


>virgin who has never been in a relationship bc too emotionally stunted and afraid of having her precious flower sullied trying to act high and mighty about abusive relationship victims

Keep going Anon-chan, at least if you never date then you'll never get abused.

Anonymous 9356

She's right, you know.

Anonymous 9358

Abuse can come totally out of the left field. I wouldn't consider myself mentally unstable, eager to please, or inattentive at all, but I've been tricked, too. If you think you're above it all, that's when it's most likely to sneak up on you. And it's the worst when they seem like they check all the boxes for 'perfect bf' but then end up being a rampantly abusive asshole; that's when you start thinking it's your fault for not fulfilling their checklist. Some people are just good actors, though, and you shouldn't blame yourself for falling for their routine. The last physically abusive nutcase I dated was literally so good at faking it that he got a degree in psychology and worked as a therapist for substance abusers.

Anonymous 9362

i am not the anon who has been going on about potential abuse in the last couple of posts, i am >>9255 and >>9278 and >>9297 .

i am very aware that i'm naive with limited experience, have a weird outlook on sex and relationships, and overall i'm pretty avoidant.
however, i do not think i'm superior to other women or still being a virgin. nor do i want to come here and give a psychoanalysis about things i have no idea about.

i came here to vent about my sexual frustration, explain why i feel uncertain, and ask for for advice, after the subject of sexual history was put on the table. so since you guys are more experienced and wiser than me, what do you recommended? should i talk to a therapist about this? go on a date with someone if i'm offered it?

i'm still young and want to experience long term love and intimacy with someone, i'm just scared of the ambiguity. (btw, yes i know that's just "life", i'm just too sensitive i guess.)

Anonymous 9364

Try to get out of your comfort zone and force yourself in social situations. Don't compromise or settle for a guy you are not feeling the spark for. There's no rush.

There's no need for a therapist unless you are suffering from depression or gSAD. Even cluster A and B PDs are manageable without intervention if you put in some effort.

How old are you? You said you were young, so if you are younger than say, 22, you shouldn't worry about it too much.

Anonymous 9373

i'm about to turn 20. i was wondering about a therapist in case any of my rambling sounded like i'm out of touch with reality or something haha. i just want to make sure i'm okay… but i will try to get out of my comfort zone, i've always been too avoidant of people in general.

Anonymous 9375


I didn't start dating seriously until I was about 20/21, so I think that you're still okay. It is hard to make friends, but as long as you make an effort, I don't think you should have problems. That does mean getting out of your comfort zone like >>9364 says–some of the nicest people I've met have been in situations that I have felt badly uncomfortable in, but the people around me recognized that and stepped up to make me feel welcome.

Anonymous 9377

You are still a baby, don't worry.
But be realistic, if you stay inside all the time and don't socialize, then your chances of meeting the qt of your dreams drop considerably. All you are left at that point is dating sites and /r9k/ (LOL).

You are out with your friends, you see a cute guy, it doesn't hurt to smile at him or glance at him a couple of times to let him know you are interested! If you stare at the floor then guys will think you are not interested or you are already taken, they are simple creatures.

I got my first boyfriend at 19, and I made a fool of myself so many times trying to get him to realize I was crushing on him. He was clueless!

Anonymous 9381

I just don't get it.
Surely 50,000 dollars could buy you a steady stream of prostitutes for years and years.
Yet these desperate virgins just give it away to random donationwhores, who will say "thank you" a bit and then never think about them again.
It just doesn't make sense.

Anonymous 9383

Probably just money laundering.

Anonymous 9384

the people you mention on discord you originally met on r9k right?

Anonymous 9385

i'm not trying to be that over-analytical type but it's pretty obvious from comparing her pictures, from one to the next, that she's a photoshopper. so just get good in that adobe suite, anon, and you can be the next brooke!

Anonymous 9386

Yeah, /r9k/…

I am not delusional, I know she is pretty and has a nice body (plus she is super tall), I can't compete, obviously. But it still stings. When mini was popular I couldn't even browse 4chan, I felt so envious and petty. It is slowly turning me into a bad person.

Anonymous 9387

Why would you ever want to interact with guys from /r9k/.

Anonymous 9390

why not?

Anonymous 9391


How strange, my robot friend complains that he can't get girls stick around with him longer than few weeks tops. I wish I could hook up some of the good robots with miners.

Anonymous 9393

Gee I dunno, maybe a bit of the extremist sexism, the antisocial autism, or perhaps the general violent insanity.

Anonymous 9399

>the good robots
what's a good robot?

Anonymous 9400

maybe they still have enough pride not to pay for a prostitute I'm not trying to start an argument about prostitution

Anonymous 9404

What about the female worshippers?
Someone a miner can sympathise with.

Anonymous 9410

I think men who ~*~worship~*~ women are in it solely for their fetish. I wouldn't like to be in a relationship that stands on a fetish. Just my opinion.

Anonymous 9414

Sweet and regular guy who just can't find a gf. You have to understand that there are not many places on the internet for shy lonely men, at least not places that are not full-on misogyny. r9k is a mixed bag of all kinds of people, and really the only neutral place for shy bois. Our society is not very kind towards those who don't fit in, men or women.

Anonymous 9415

I agree with you. However I'd never tell a girl to look for a bf on r9k. As you said yourself, it's a mixed bag, and one of the women haters could pretend to be a shy and loving robot just to have fun with the girl, humiliate her, or something more autistic. They ruin it for the sane shy robots.

Anonymous 9416

How do you know they'd be in on it for just that? That's like saying abusive males are just in it for the kink and not because they're genuinely rude.
I wouldn't look for romance online, at all, especially on an anonymous imageboard. It's never bound to work. You're really better off just talking to people IRL.

Anonymous 9417

What about people who can't find anyone IRL? It's not easy for everyone.

Anonymous 9420

Do you know how to find people online though?

Anonymous 9421

Dating websites?

Anonymous 9424

I would recommend to at least trying r9k. The guys there might not be the alpha chads, but sometimes they can be unpolished diamonds just waiting to be discovered. But I would absolutely avoid mass-adding and "hello fembot here" threads, because those will be flooded with thirsty weirdos and the kind of men everyone should avoid. Just go to a regular tfwnogf feels thread and try to change contact information with someone who seems nice, and proceed from there.
There's also /soc/ threads where people post their discord info and describe what they are looking for. Browse those threads and look up someone looking for a relationship, I'm sure there will be at least handful of nice bois. Girls never post in those threads because they will get flooded with contacts so that's why most romance looking posters are men. Just contact one of them and see what happens, I highly doubt they get many contacts from 4chan in case you're afraid of competition.

Anonymous 9425

images (37).jpeg

>Mom… Dad… I'd like to introduce you guys to my boyfriend. Yeah, I know what you're thinking… That I shouldn't have met a boy on the internet. :( It just happened. But I promise he's totally amazing, you're going to love him! Please give him a chance, too!

Anonymous 9426

Bad idea. Unless you plan on immediately moving in with each other, you need to find someone nearby that you can grow close to.

Anonymous 9428

Tell us how you met your SO, if you have one.

Anonymous 9429

Through online gaming.

Anonymous 9430

He will never be a pro gamer though.

Anonymous 9431

Just because you can't do good ravioli doesn't mean you can't give Chef Boyardee a swirly for shit food.

Talk to a boy.

Anonymous 9432

images (38).jpeg

Not going to answer? Okay, I bet you're alone as well. Go talk to a boy, anon-chan.

Anonymous 9433

Already am. I hope you make sure to do the same.

Anonymous 9434

Sure thing you do. Have fun with chef Boyardee.

Anonymous 9435

Is that the route you're going to pick? Stop being so judgy and stop taking memes seriously, there are meny good men out there who are just waiting to be discovered. Many of them are regular sized regular men with regular lives, but just shy. If someone you got in contact with doesn't please you, just try again.

Anonymous 9436

I wish i could get that kind of bf but they are shy so it's hard to talk to them or find fuck

Anonymous 9437

Have you ever been on r9k as a girl or are you male? Because men there don't respect women. At all. I am sure some of them have the right intentions, but telling a lonely, needy girl to try to find a bf on the asshole of the web is not a good idea.

Anonymous 9439

The shy bois think the same way about shy girls. I really wish there was a way to bring shy robobois and miners together, maybe a dating server on discord, but there are too many x-factors and evil minds who would just abuse the system. Fembot collectors and orbiter collectors would ruin everything. You just need to be active and keep your eyes open. If you see someone posting on a forum who seems like someone you would enjoy spending time with, ask for their skype of discord.

>Have you ever been on r9k as a girl
>or are you male?

Obviously you should keep your eyes open and stay smart when chatting with people online, that applies to everyone. I'm just saying that r9k would be a place to look for a shy nerd boi if that's what you're looking for. If someone is a raging misogynist it should become obvious sooner or later, and then you can just drop the whole contact and try again with someone else. I still would recommend at least trying r9k, but /soc/ could be more realistic and stable way to find someone.

Anonymous 9440

>How do you find someone who doesn't want to be looked for, anon-chan..?

You could try opening up and making the first move. If you see a poster who seems nice and kind, offer your throwaway email account and ask them to contact you. I think it's more about that they don't know how to be available, rather than not wanting to be looked for.

Anonymous 9441

I'm not going to pretend to agree with you. I don't think finding a SO on 4chan is a good idea, and I'm a hopeless romantic tard. I've seen my fair share of revengeful exes and abusers try to destroy girls' lives. If you happen to meet someone on there, good for you, but don't encourage it. If you're meant to be you will find each other somehow.I told you I'm the hopeless romantic type

Anonymous 9442

It's probably not the first place to look from, or even the last, but I believe it's at least worth of trying. It highly depends what kind of person you are, not everyone has that chan-mindset. After all r9k is not a dating forum, even guys there have difficulties finding guy friends. If not r9k, I would recommend browsing /soc/. The userbase is more or less the same, but the contact profiles are more descriptive and with luck you might even find someone who lives nearby.

Anonymous 9443

I met my boyfriend of 18 months on an imageboard, but we didn't start talking with the intent of dating or even socializing (we were collaborating on a coding project). I think the other boards are way, way less toxic than r9k and even soc (which is full of men who will demand nudes and won't even talk to you if you're not looking for a boyfriend or don't want to share selfies straight away). Maybe you can post on boards related to your interests, join one of their Discords, go from there.

Anonymous 9444

That's good too, join communities, network yourself. If you have a favorite game, you could join discord server dedicated for that game, get conversation going, and maybe find someone. If not, at least you can make friends.

Anonymous 9463

images (39).jpeg

Why do YOU want a boyfriend?

Anonymous 9468

soc is a big no no

Anonymous 9475

Being a stick in the mud isn't going to help your problem, and you'll get none of the sympathy you beg for, with it. Help yourself.

Anonymous 9476

This. If you're looking for a boyfriend, don't go on boards that are 90% porn and hookups. That should be self-explanatory.

Anonymous 9480


That's why you go to the discord threads and browse the profiles through until you find someone who is looking for a partner. Don't expect to find the dream prince from the penis rating or hookup threads, you must specifically go to the contact threads and look for someone looking for something serious.

Anonymous 9481

i just want to love and be loved by someone, that's all

Anonymous 9484

but the people in the contact threads are the same people that lurk the rate and hookup threads and add every girl who drops contact.

Anonymous 9485

Can't you just go on Foreveralone or something?
Plenty of guys there, I'm sure one of them will be in your area.

Anonymous 9486

Anonymous 9487

I was going to post a wall of text, but decided to delete it.
I want to complete my bf somehow. I want to take care of someone that will take care of me, too.

Anonymous 9489

and every discord i've found from soc is just the same as r9k, they consist purely of meme-spouting edgelords, traps talking over everyone else, and so much porn that i can't feel comfortable hanging out there. So I wouldn't want to date a guy who hangs out there either.

Anonymous 9490

Dedicating my life to someone I love gives me strength. Even just getting a crush on a boy inspires me to work 5x harder, so I can only imagine what strength a bf/husband would give me.

I also want someone to cuddle, do boring things with, watch movies with, and have lots of sex with.

Anonymous 9491

I'm such a shy fuck that i can't even go on any discord server. how i will find bf? fuckin' kill me

Anonymous 9492

do you have friends? online or irl

Anonymous 9493

this exactly

Anonymous 9494

i don't have ANY friends, i'm a worthless loser as you can see…

Anonymous 9495

What country do you live in anon?
I'm in a similar position. I have a "group" of friends, but last time I saw any of them was 6+ months ago.

Anonymous 9496

you should do stuff outside more

Anonymous 9497

To get dat fat dick

Anonymous 9498

umm… i'm from shithole country from europe
o-outside… i know, but fuck, i will go out, and then what? when i was a kid, everything was a lot more easier fuck

Anonymous 9499

There are a lot of shithole countries in Europe.

I was born in EE and now live in Western Europe.

Anonymous 9500

Don't think that way. You might need to try to find a guy without friends, too. Hmmm. We will figure things out. Don't fret.

Anonymous 9502


Anonymous 9503

Awwww. It will be okay, anon! Don't cry. I am pretty much friendless too for the most part, and I go through hopeless phases every now and then. You can make it. Why is it hard to make friends/talk to a boy? Do you feel anxious, what happens?

Anonymous 9505

Are you the males that came earlier? Stop larping.

Anonymous 9509

I'm from Poland too.

Mozna po polsku, jak chcesz <3

Anonymous 9512

Idk if it's a good idea to talk right now after raid.

Zastanawiam się czy z 4chana jesteś czy nie? W sensie, teraz zastanawiam czy masz dobre intencje czy tez nie. Nie bierz tego do siebie jakby co hehe.

Anonymous 9515

Go outside.

Anonymous 9517

make friends teaching others your language like a online tutor

Anonymous 9518

Big risk, putting your info on the internet. One of the main reasons I don't consider finding someone online.

Anonymous 9520

You can't just put your general location (state, or even as vague as country) and use a throwaway username/account? Not much of a risk in that.

Anonymous 9521

Nope. Don't want to risk it. Once it's there, it's there. I'd really prefer just walking up to someone to that.

Anonymous 9522

So what if it's there…? Post on a throwaway account and the only people that could link it to you would be admins. You think Leddit admins have a personal vendetta against you?

Anonymous 9523

nice, shy boys wouldn't be attracted to /r9k/'s mentality. either they're actually nice and they'd be repulsed by the rudeness and the immature or misogynistic attitudes of the userbase, or they're jerks and being exposed to this content doesn't phase them in the slightest. my bf is one of those 'nice sweet shy boi' autists that you're trying to say /r9k/ consists of, but he was horrified when i showed him that board. it's not just a few bad apples spoiling the barrel, it's the majority of people there.

Anonymous 9524

I've remained anonymous for a long, long time on the internet. I really want to minimalise what's on my "file". The less confirmed, the better.

Anonymous 9525

You think your file doesn't include the """"anonymous"""" posts you make?

Anonymous 9526

You don't know the difference between your information being "on here", and it being actually on here. Sure, there are laws now that can have me taken away in silence, but that's not what I'm worried about. It's more what's made public and official that matters to me.

Anonymous 9527

I do know the difference. You don't understand the scope or motivator for information storage and collection.

But if you want to LARP as a target and practice overkill OPSEC then have fun.

Anonymous 9532

I'm no one's target, but if I ever am, I'll be prepared!

Anonymous 9559

I don't buy the argument that being unphased by vulgarity on the internet automatically means you're a bad person, by that logic almost everyone who uses 4chan is a jerk. Your boyfriend sounds like a wimp tbh

Anonymous 9560

the robots who worship brooke and throw her money, why do they throw her money if they know deep down she has no interest in pursuing a relationship with them?

Anonymous 9561

Driven to insanity by a lifetime of loneliness and desperation I guess.

Anonymous 9562

if you're the type of person who actively seeks out and contributes to those kind of boards, then yes, you are a jerk. it wasn't the ~vulgarity~ that's the issue, it's the fact that /r9k/ is an echo chamber for incredibly bitter, if not outright mentally ill, men.
it's like how you wouldn't search a trash bin for your groceries; even if you did somehow find produce that hadn't gone bad, you'd have to be desperate to eat it.

Anonymous 9570

Do you honestly believe that your sweet shyboi bf has never in his life said or joked about something mean or disgusting online? It's not just /r9k/ mentality, it's the mean spirit of the internet. That doesn't mean people saying nasty things anonymously are nasty people by their personality. People are way more complicated than that. You have to remember that r9k is not one person, and you shouldn't take everything you see on 4chan seriously.

Anonymous 9573

I was watching some sfw footfag videos (because I'm a fucking degenerate) and realized that these guys could be anyone. This then lead me to wonder if I'd feel weird finding out about a future bf uploading videos of him wiggling his toes to youtube 3-4 years ago.

Would you girls be disturbed by it? Is it is bad as uploading a jerk-off video? That's another type of porn that triggers this thought in me, since you sometimes don't see their faces either. Your bf could've shared a fap session online and you'd never know.


Anonymous 9575

Wait sorry to interrupt but if I hadn't just read this post I would never have belived there were woman foot fetishists. Are there many of you? I just thought it was a Dude thing

Anonymous 9577

I've run into a few others on across different boards, but it seems that it is indeed mostly a man thing.

tbh It isn't even my main fetish and I didn't develop it until my late teens myself. I originally had a thing for bony man hands (which is surprisingly a big thing for women, I've noticed) and then I realized I also have a thing for their feet. Only if it's attached to a cute skinny guy, though. No one else will do.

Anonymous 9586

Idk where you live, but most grocery stores I know of actually lock their dumpsters to prevent scavengers from going through their trash and getting sick from eating expired produce that's been rotting in the heat all day inside of a closed metal container. Like if you found an unlocked dumpster, you could eat something in there, I guess, but why the fuck would you want to if you didn't have to? Because it's free? Just go to a food bank ffs. Nice strawman, by the way.

Anonymous 9587

>It's just the internet, don't be so sensitive lel
Nah, I'm going to call bullshit. Just because you're on 4chan doesn't mean that normalizes seeking out the ugliest aspects of internet culture and falling in line with it. Unless you're just really, really into traps, there's nothing of value there, so why would you keep coming back? At best it's a case of misery loves company, but even those guys ought to be smart enough to realize that spending time around other miserable people isn't doing anything for their personalities or helping them fix whatever's going on in their life. And god forbid that you not be a full-blown misanthrope, if you're there to make friends, or else you're a 'normie' and they don't want you there anyways.

Anonymous 9591

I'm just saying that there is more than meets the eye, people are more complex than "virgin autist vs alpha chad", and the internet really lacks neutral places for those who have troubles fitting in society and they all end up in same places.
If you start to sweep all the guys in r9k with the same brush, you will also brush the decent guys. Yeah the decent ones should find themselves out there before the mind poison gets to them, but where can they go? There is nowhere to go, there is no "peaceful" alternatives for r9k. That's where lonely fembots should come in and reach out for them, salvage the the good ones. Now you could argue that it's not worth the trouble to go look for a diamond from a pile of rubble, but that's up for you. If someone really wants a sweet and cute nerdy shyboi, they should go look from the places where they hang out. There is a reason why robots want shy girls, and why lonely miners and fembots want shy boys, and I believe the ideal partners for these kind of people can be found hiding under the dirt of the internet.

Anonymous 9592

>That's where lonely fembots should come in and reach out for them, salvage the the good ones.
No. And what the fugg, are we supposed to help them based on what? Do we owe them anything?

Finding men on the asshole of the web when you're an insecure lonely girl is NOT a good idea. Are you a robot apologist? There are good shy men there, but they need to break free from that place and its toxic atmosphere. How many angry robots will a girl have to talk with before finding the good one? Should she risk herself like that when she's probably an easy target? No.
I don't know if you remember this, but a couple months ago we had a miners meet robots thread (both here and on their board) and it went to shit after 10 minutes. The thristy and/or misogynistic ones ruin it for the good ones, sadly. People agreed to maybe, just maybe, when cc is bigger, make a conteimennt thread here for them at some point. Even then it would be a risky idea because, again, the bad ones would be louder than the good ones.

Anonymous 9593

seconded, we don't owe men anything.

Anonymous 9599

At least you're not totally in despair, then, which means you don't really need a bf after all! To solitude!

Anonymous 9600

Yeah, I guess. I wouldn't want to be with someone who secretly hates me and uses me as a cumrag. Guess not that desperate, thank God.

Anonymous 9602

So you're not really lonely. Remember that!

Anonymous 9606

Didn't know I did something, but if it makes you happy, then yippee!

Anonymous 9609

When did I say I was though? Lol. Are you trying to find boys on r9k?

Anonymous 9611

Please read the OP.

Anonymous 9613

Are you going to answer my question?

Anonymous 9614

>No. And what the fugg, are we supposed to help them based on what? Do we owe them anything?

Where the did this come from? I'm saying that good men will go to waste if you don't even bother offering them a hand. The guys don't owe you anything either, so what exactly is your problem here? I'm not telling you to suck on every neckbeard that crosses your path. I'm telling you that if you close your eyes to the good sweet shy sensitive men, they will remain forever alone. What do you expect them to do? Just snap out of their spergy shy social anxiety and ""man up""? They end up in r9k because they have nowhere else to go, and if girls online won't talk to them, they have no reason to leave places like r9k.
Just offer your hand, or at least come half way. Not every man can be a confident smooth talking devil.

>Finding men on the asshole of the web when you're an insecure lonely girl is NOT a good idea. Are you a robot apologist?

If you're a lonely insecure girl, r9k is probably the best place to find a like minded lonely insecure boy if that's what you're looking for. I think you have confused insecure with stupidity, because they are not the same thing. Same rules that apply with anyone else applies when talking with robots. If they are assholes, just drop it and move on, or try again if you feel like it. Stay smart, use your head, I'm sure anyone who knows what they're looking from a partner is capable of weeding out the bad seeds.
What I don't understand is this talk about r9k being the worst place online when it literally is not. Saddest maybe, but not the worst.

>I don't know if you remember this, but a couple months ago we had a miners meet robots thread (both here and on their board) and it went to shit after 10 minutes.

Again, it's more about the mean spirit of the internet than the users of each boards. Any public poll, stream, chat, even etc. anything that can be accessed by the internet masses will attract trolls. It's not a gendered thing, it's literally just anonymity giving people the cover to do things. I would say some kind of dating forum or chat system would be better than threads. Has anyone ever tried heavily moderated discord serve for dating? That would be more realistic and easier to control than a thread.

Anonymous 9616

Anonymous 9617

I read it all, but I still disagree with you. I've been on girl chans for a long time and trying to find a man on r9k usually ends up being a bad idea. I used to have the same mindset as you have. My post is a warning, simply that. Good luck.

Anonymous 9618

Don't look for love online. Go into the real world.

Anonymous 9621

I think you're quoting the wrong post. I literally just said not to do that.

Anonymous 9622

And I understand your viewpoints and concerns too. Meeting anyone online -even if just friends- is always going to be a gamble. It's more likely that the person you contact is just not your type, rather than being awful human.

Some people have so dull and lifeless social lives that internet becomes their only way to socialize. It's sad and it happens quite often. There are people who have fallen off and can't find their ways back in to society.

Anonymous 9623

You said r9k. I'm talking about ALL the internet. Wouldn't recommend it. Much better off talking to boys you meet day-to-day.

Anonymous 9625

>Much better off talking to boys you meet day-to-day.

What if I don't meet boys day-to-day? What if I don't know a single boy? What if I have never talked to a boy in my life?

Anonymous 9627

Okay, mom.

Anonymous 9628

Difficulty just means a more deserving reward. You'll find someone who fits right into your niche, for a man. Don't worry!
You have to start. Please do so.
Please respect your mom.

Anonymous 9629


I respect my mother even when she does thinks psychiatrists would describe as crazy, okay? Plus I have an unofficial bf now. Wish me luck, mommy.

Anonymous 9630

You're disrespecting her by mocking my advice. Please take her seriously.

Anonymous 9634

Force me.

Anonymous 9668

Did a ton of posts just get deleted?

Anonymous 9674

yea we were raided

Anonymous 9675

There's so many LARPers nowadays. The whole tone of this board has shifted within the last few months because of it, imo.

Anonymous 9678

We got a lot more regular users too. You can tell by the Discord, where everyone is voice verified, so they're probably girls (also going by their selfies and stuff). I'm glad it's not all uwu we're all sisters here anymore and is resembling an actual imageboard more.

Anonymous 9679

true, the discord is proof the userbase is formed by women and not larpers.

Anonymous 9680

Not sure if you're sarcastic, but the pictures, voice chats, and overall demeanor is vastly different from the larping I see in other servers.

Anonymous 9681

Please love your mother.

Anonymous 9686

i wasnt being sarcastic

Anonymous 9690

i miss the uwu we're all sisters here vibe tbh. i've noticed the kind of infighting that's been happening in threads like this is actually a fairly recent occurrence, and also doesn't occur on the discord at all, which makes me suspect that the conflict is being created by newcomers who are either a) fembots who are led here alongside the raiders or b) raiders/trolls who are just smart enough not to post anything that identifies them as male. either way, i don't know what your qualifications of 'an actual imageboard' consist of, but fuck 'em if this is what gets you excited. people come to cc to escape ~actual imageboard~ culture, so imho the people who bring it with them or encourage it to flourish here shouldn't be on cc in the first place.

Anonymous 9691

I've been a user since the first day and I'm not here to escape imageboard culture, I'm here to have imageboard culture without men.

Anonymous 9692

Also check the FAQ if you're so inclined and you'll see that the uwu-ness is something Admin even had to address because of the forced niceness people complained about in /meta/.

Anonymous 9693

But I do.

Anonymous 9694

Very good. Please take her advice, while you're at it. She's very wise from her years.

Anonymous 9695

That doesn't prove much. People are always more bold and honest while anonymous vs while they have a name attached to them. Many of those nice people you know on discord could easily be the people you think are trolls on cc, who just happen to have certain unpopular opinions.

Anonymous 9696



Anonymous 9697

Agreed, your answer is perfect.

Anonymous 9698

why would it only be a "dude thing"?

Anonymous 9702

It's not that there's anything about it that's dude exclusive, I've just never seen a woman who was into it before.

Anonymous 9704

You'll find a boy in no time, anon! Be sure to tell everyone how it goes!

Anonymous 9705


You too.

Anonymous 9706


When i'll find one, i'll probably just leave this place so whatever

Anonymous 9707


Good luck, anon-chan.

Anonymous 9708


On a second thought, maybe i won't…
I feel happy living with my cat and cuddling my Viktor Nikiforov daki every night but it would be nice to cuddle something alive once in a while…

Anonymous 9709

'bold and honest' is a nice way to put it, but let's be fair, people are just snarkier and bait their opponent more often when they know there's no retribution. on the discord, if people notice you're the type to start shit again and again and again for no reason, they just stop interacting with you point-blank. which is exactly how you should deal with trolls and bait. there's nothing wrong with a good debate as long as it's civil and doesn't devolve into mud-slinging, but i've feel like i've seen the mods step in way more in the past week with 'stop fighting' than they've ever had to before. i don't think that it's a coincidence that this sudden influx of arguing happened at the same time as the mini-raids we've been experiencing.

Anonymous 9711

just in case, i sit on /int/ again and some retard post this website, you may get raided again

Anonymous 9712

>cuddle something alive
your cat!!

Anonymous 9713


He doesn't like cuddling for too long so when he gets sick of it, he starts scratching me and trying to get out of my hands.
Also he is a kitten so it's not the same when cuddling him compared to my daki.

Anonymous 9717

Hey, don't be rude about slavs. All the Polish migrants in my town are v nice and we have slav anons of our own right on cc.

Anonymous 9719

You're welcome!
No! Don't give up so quickly, anon! You have so much life ahead of you to improve yourself, to gain. When you see a cute boy, talk to him! OK?

Anonymous 9722


About what?(don't avatarfag)

Anonymous 9723

Your feelings.

Anonymous 9724


>for a stranger
I could probably compliment his looks but that's it.
I have no clue how to get close with someone, to get to know them and so on.

Anonymous 9725

okay sorry i'll stop

Anonymous 9726

>I could probably compliment his looks
No, anon. Your feelings.

Anonymous 9727

Have you read my post properly?

Anonymous 9728

Maybe I worded it wrongly.

You should tell them how you feel. Not just what you feel about him. They call this "smalltalk". Think of how you talk on here, and just say it to him. Like, the weather. "Ugh, it's so hot out here." "Nothing happens here. It's so boring." Just let what you're thinking out.

Anonymous 9741

I often feel that these "smalltalks" just create an awkward atmosphere between 2 strangers.

Anonymous 9742

At first it will, but eventually you will learn to socialise. You just need to keep, running your head into the issue, until it's fixed. Otherwise, for the boy you should just come straightforward for a date, if that's what you want. It helps to be more direct.

Anonymous 9745


My bf who was so sweet and kind to me up and left me for a girl he barely knew and he's already taking her to Disneyland and shit and I'm sad and single back in our home state

Anonymous 9746

that is so fucked up anon, i'ms sorry.
there is a special circle in hell for people like him.

Anonymous 9748


honestly if the guy is treating you as though he has a template worked out then i don't know.
i don't know you well enough to say 'drop him' but it's pretty obvious that he's going through the motions

Anonymous 9749

Thanks. It sucks even worse because I know for a fact that he only knew this girl for two weeks before he dumped me. Two weeks after that he's fucking this chick and they've only been dating for a little under a month. One of the reasons he said he couldn't be with me is because we were becoming long distance, but I live two states away and she lives on the exact opposite side of the country.

She fug too.

Anonymous 9751


it's very easy to be sweet and kind, that's about the minimum, probably even less than that.
some people are very good at faking what they are 'supposed' to be feeling or thinking or whatever. a lot of guys are shapeshifters, they'll put on whatever persona they think will work

Anonymous 9754

Fucking already? That's no choice man. A virtual relationship with someone the likes of him would never work out. Good riddance. It'd definitely work out more if you picked someone nearby to couple with, and one with a bit of resistance, to boot. This long distance stuff just begs to fail.

Anonymous 9758

He really wasn't the man I thought he was. I've dated way more than he has, both in terms of casual and real relationships, and it sucks because he was the first guy I felt a true connection with. We were in sync on so many levels. I didn't feel like 'just' a girlfriend, I actually felt like a partner.

I think some rando chick went after him for the first time and he's so emotionally retarted and insecure that he fell for it. Logically I know it's his loss but emotionally I'm still so hung up over him.

All of our relationship was irl, he moved away very recently.

Anonymous 9767

Well, with that many dates under your belt, I guess it's best you just move on to the next one. Don't give up!

Anonymous 9768


that would be the best case scenario - that he's a moron, i mean. worst case is that he was simulating a connection to make you happy for the duration, which is a pretty grim thing to think. i can't help but consider it.
doesn't matter how much experience someone has of relationships, they can always be sneaky.
the only constructive thing i can say is that if he thought he could just drop you like that then he isn't worth getting worked up over. i know that does't change how you feel, but people who deal with others in that transactional sort of way, like they can just chop and change when it suits them, are trash.

Anonymous 9772

[anon] Hugtto! Pre…

That's really how I felt at the time of posting that. Like one of the things specifically he said "I love you the most" which kind of stings when he says it now. However, when I look back on it when we first started dating, he didn't treat me that special or anything. He was somewhat dense, laid-back, kind of low-effort like a lot of young men tend to be. He would do things like be on his phone constantly during a date (so many women are okay with this but it's quite inconsiderate), walk too fast/far ahead, or not think too much about what would make me the most happy. He was not a bad person, he was actually very kind, just oblivious in a way most men tend to be. He was a diamond in the rough. I imagined he treated his previous girlfriends like that too. Not really like how you should treat a lady. I imagine they didn't care much because a lot of young women have super low standards.

I taught him more how to be a gentleman: to open my car door for me, to walk to my side or behind me, to dress in the way I like, to groom himself better, to learn how to cook my favorite foods, to learn how to give nice massages, and a lot more. …A whole bunch of high-effort things he wouldn't have done for his previous partners because he didn't give much of a fuck. Now he goes out of his way to learn new things for me and I can see how much effort he puts into our relationship. He tells me every day we wants to get better and better for me so he can make me as happy as possible.

So even though he said those things to other girls, I'm slowly getting over it. He said the words but he didn't put the actions behind them. He even told me his definition of love changed, that he's put more effort into our relationship than anything in his life. It shows. He treats me like a queen. He is the most thoughtful, sweetest person I've met, he just made a mistake thinking his previous relationships were love.

Anonymous 9773

I'm working on it. Doing constructive things like reading more, drawing, applying to internships. I'm going to better myself through this.

That was something he always complained about during our relationship. That he felt like he couldn't connect with anyone, that all his friends/romantic interests fizzled out after a year, that he felt like he never belonged in larger friend circles. Of course he always reassured me that he felt differently with me and I fell for it like an idiot. I brought up that maybe he intentionally pushes people out and he swore up and down that wasn't it. Lo and behold, a major life change super close to our one year anniversary and he dumps me. He did cry a lot when I said I wouldn't be his friend after all this so I guess that's a plus

Anonymous 9774

Dude sounds like a turd, anon. I know you're suffering, but you're lucky.

Anonymous 9776

No, I mean finding someone new. Do well to move on from him!

Anonymous 9777


stop trying to speak on behalf of all women. you sound fucking exhausting and uptight.

Anonymous 9778

I didn't say all, I said "a lot." It's the truth. A lot of women have extremely low self-worth and stick with men that either don't care about them or mistreat them. Sorry I struck a nerve.

Anonymous 9779

Why'd anyone want to be with a man who doesn't treat them well since the start? What the hell.

Anonymous 9781

no i mean the opening car door thing. that's retarded to most women under 70.

Anonymous 9782


Anons, I've recently given up on men entirely. The last man I tried to form any relationship ghosted me. It seems like a lot of men aren't worth it which is sad because I have a dream guy in my head but it's probably not even tangible. I just want a guy who isn't misogynistic or sleazy. Is it too much to ask for a man that actually cares about me and respects me?

Maybe I'm just a lesbian. I've been seeking female relationships, but all of them turn out to be friendships (which is great because I needed friends), but also im awful at flirting with women and scared to initiate romance even if I MET them on a dating app.(her) So it's confusing.

I'm not seeking women as a last resort! I was already bisexual, but I guess because I've given up on seeking men I've been a lot more aware of what attracts me to women?

Anyone else have any experience?

Anonymous 9785

Did you train him to tie your shoelaces and wipe your ass for you too?

Anonymous 9788

You're walking a blue path, anon. It can't be that late in your life for love. Seek the man of your dreams! You still have time!

Anonymous 9790

You're right, anon. I literally am 18. I'm not doomed. I hyperbolize a bit, but I'm not doomed.

Anonymous 9791

Whats your dream guy.

Anonymous 9794

Jesus, 18? You've got the world! Cut the homo act and just get to searching! If you put your time to it, you can find someone within the year. Go!

Anonymous 9800


Not sure if high or low standards.
-attractive to me, not like ridiculously handsome. I just want to be attracted to him physically.
-shares interests with me, but has his own interests too. Nonjudgemental hopefully! I just want to be able to talk about things without feeling embarrassed.
-honest with me.
-doesn't turn out to be sexist or alt right or something wild.
Is this too much.

Anonymous 9801

>Not sure if high or low standards.
That depends entirely upon what "attractive to me" means because nobody but you could possibly know what that actually means.

Anonymous 9802

It's not too much, anon. Rather, you're just looking in the wrong criteria for love. Being attractive is obviously something you'll need to like them, in the first place. Sharing interests is what will keep you together, and honesty is what stops you from rending apart. I don't know what's with you and politics, though.

Anonymous 9806

Not too much. You can find someone like that! I'm rooting for you, anon.


Personality & other details:
- Kind and sweet
- Intelligent. At least intelligent enough to have a deep convo every now and then but doesn't talk about MUH HIGH IQ all the time
- Likes to kek with me over stupid nonsense
- Loyal
- Kills roaches and bugs
- Bonus: bakes or at least gets me tasty stuff

- Dark hair
- Nice voice
- Taller than me (easy)
- Not a twink
- Bonus: big peepee

Anonymous 9808

some of us have actual political opinions

Anonymous 9813

>tfw repulsively ugly with stretch marks and acne scars that will last a literal lifetime
>tfw horrid personality, depressive and hypersensitive no matter how hard I try not to be
>tfw no bf ever

Anonymous 9814


>Don't insult my intelligence

also im a commie, dumb dumb

Anonymous 9816


So many shitty people find SO. I know it is easy to be down and think negatively, but I promise it can happen. Let us help you.


I see where this shit is going. Pic related.

Anonymous 9818

Sorry. Same anon that posted. I didn't mean anyone right wing, I just meant like anyone who's very extremist. I wouldn't really want to date anyone whose hyper liberal either. Mainly because I feel like I'm walking on eggshells with a lot of political extremists.

Anonymous 9820

Try, anon. Please try. Not everyone is so shallow as you think they are. Talk to a boy.
That's just the theme of the era, anon. We're heading towards one of those bloodbaths, eventually. Everyone's going to be political. You might as well just ignore it, or just take a side. I'd recommend the former. Really other than that, what you want isn't too rare. Look around constantly, and someone will be there.

Anonymous 9837

this thread is moving very fast in comparison to the last one and the whole r9k topic being discussed more in this website along with the raids scares me. Dont trust robots please

Anonymous 9848

Next OP, please remember to add this >>9837 as a warning.

Anonymous 9854

I think it's sweet but almost any form of chivalry is considered retarded today so no surprise.


I don't see what's so bad about that. It's not like I'm forcing him to, or as if I complain or nag constantly. I think your partner should want to do things that make you happy.

Anonymous 9878


>Not everyone is so shallow
>Talk to a boy

Anonymous 9879

Please don't give into loneliness, anon. You have a lot of years ahead of you. Don't sink into this cesspool of hate. Please talk to boys. You will find a bf.

Anonymous 9882

Stop with that kind of talk. You would be surprised how many guys don't actually care about scars or pimples. Even your personality might be the cutest thing for someone. Just keep trying, it's important to remember not to close yourself. That way no one can find their way into your heart, and the body language will also scare away those who want to approach you.

Anonymous 9884

I was talking big talk earlier ITT about asking a qt out today, but now that I'm here I feel my soul leaving my body.
Fucking SCARED.

Anonymous 9888

Easy for someone who's probably not ugly to say.

Anonymous 9889

I did it, but he's apparently taken.
Disappointed but also proud of myself, I guess.

Anonymous 9890

Was it as scary as you thought it was going to be?

Anonymous 9891

Just because you're ugly doesn't mean you have an excuse to give up. Get out there, anon!
Good work, anon! Move onto the next one!

Anonymous 9892

It wasn't too bad, he was polite about it. But now the sadness is setting in. I guess it would be more embarrassing if he was someone I interacted with daily. Yeah, it could be worse.
Back to tfw no short bf.

Anonymous 9893

Just get a normal size bf and break his spine. Then he'll be real cute!

Anonymous 9895

That just means he won't get away!

Anonymous 9897

You went out of your comfort zone, took a risk, and came out alright. I'd say this is a success, even if all it did was show you that it's not the worst thing in the world to get rejected.

Anonymous 9899

I'm kidding, anon. Humor's what you need, in a time like this. Remember, when you do land a boy, keep your relationship as close as possible, stay committed, and most importantly don't "put out" unless he's yours only.

Anonymous 9933

I'd like that.

Anonymous 9935

I would tbh.

Anonymous 9936

You're sweet.

Anonymous 9938

Thank you, anon-chan.

Anonymous 9945

>inb4 you get dumped for being clingy and prudish
this is horrible advice

Anonymous 9952

If a guy leaves you for being committed to the relationship and not being a whore, then good riddance. Gets rid of the trash people early.

Anonymous 9961

You're welcome.
That would either be his fault for being a cad, or your fault for refusing his proposal. Either way it wouldn't be true love.

Anonymous 9967

>true love

Anonymous 9969

Nta but why don't you believe in true love? It's real.

Anonymous 9972

prove it

Anonymous 9973

That's something you can only "prove" to yourself once you've lived it. Sorry you haven't. I hope you do someday.

Anonymous 9975

i never said i don't believe in love. i'm talking about "true love" which is a capitalist fantasy

Anonymous 9978

You're going to die of stds, in a nursery home.

Anonymous 9982

have fun slaving away for your true love for your whole life

Anonymous 9985

You're a parasite on society that will be undone by your own gloating.

Anonymous 9989

you're all single, aren't you?

Anonymous 9991

now that's an actual compliment

Anonymous 9996

Don't think I'll tolerate your selfishness.

Anonymous 9998

what a threat to give on an image board

Anonymous 9999

are you okay?

Anonymous Moderator 10000

Stop fighting.

Anonymous 10009

Mod got post number 10000. Nice.

This thread is going too fast for cc. 8 days and 479 posts. Wot.

Anonymous 10011

Its the robots infiltrating

Anonymous 10012

Yes, prolly. We need a disclaimer when we make the next one: "Remember to report suspicious posts as this thread might attract robots" or something along those lines.

Anonymous 10013

Any lurking robots looking for a cute gf, just respond to this post saying you're a man and I'll send you contact info and we can get to dating and sex right away ;)

Anonymous 10014


What do you have in mind? That sounds suspicious. What if they actually send you their contact info?
Not a robo, just a wandering miner wondering if you're a smegsie

Anonymous 10015

Why hello there, beautiful. Man of your dreams right here. Let's get started right away.

Anonymous 10016


Not her, but abs or gtfo.

Anonymous 10017

>and sex right away ;)

too lewd…

Anonymous 10018


I just want to announce that a wonderful, kawaii, smart and funny boy confessed his feelings to me and asked me to be his gf last night. I'm gonna grab this one by the peepee and make him mine forever.

See you on the other side, gals. I'm on my way to normiedom. If I can do it, you can do it.

Anonymous 10020

>I'm gonna grab this one by the peepee and make him mine forever
Be sure to make him yours forever before you death grip the frankfurter. OK?

Anonymous 10021

Don't worry, anon-chan. He's already mine forever, he just needs to find out about that.
Confidece levels over 9000

Anonymous 10023



Anonymous 10025

I'm going to do my best even though I have no idea what I'm doing. Do you want to be my bridesmaid?

Anonymous 10027

I'm from the internet, anon. Get your best friend IRL.

Anonymous 10028

not a robot but what makes you think they only want sex and not companionship

Anonymous 10030

sad cat.jpg

B-but I don't have a real best friend, just a bf.

Anonymous 10031

I'm sorry for you, anon, but look at the bright side! You got a boy!

Anonymous 10032

I will make him not only my bf, but also my bff.

Anonymous 10034

Okay. Best of luck, to you!

Anonymous 10133


You'll find one someday I'm sure.

Anonymous 10134


Anonymous 10135


I'm not even sure what to think of the thread at this point anymore now, a lot of the posts sound like something that would be posted in /r9k/ or by LARPers.

Anonymous 10138

This whole board, too. I've noticed a bunch of unnaturally "chirpy" or uwu anons as of late and I can't help but think they're LARPers because iirc, a few months ago, those type weren't the same…way? or there weren't as many of them. something.

Anonymous 10140

C-can I be a bridesmaid? I'm a sucker for love.

Anonymous 10144

we are getting raided by retards from 4chan /int/. they may write like a girl. be careful girls!

Anonymous 10146

I swear everyone who talks about "schlicking" is a man. What a disgusting word.

Anonymous 10147

Of course.

Anonymous 10150

How's it going?

Anonymous 10152

i'm calling the polic

Anonymous 10155

All good, anon-chan.

Anonymous 10157

Did you inform him of your love?

Anonymous Admin 10163

We ban trolls and delete their posts as we find them, but we've also had an influx of new genuine user groups who have clashing ideas of what the board culture should be like. Please report suspected troll posts and we'll take care of the rest.

Anonymous 10174

It might be too soon to say I love you like that, but he knows he's in my heart to stay.

Anonymous 10175

I once had a really terrible boyfriend. he tried to choke me out onceI still have nightmares about him.

Sometimes it's better to have no bf

Anonymous 10176

Don't let him think for a moment that you don't like him, anon. You love him.

Anonymous 12796

Anonymous 12797

depending on where you live, could be you've only ever met really shy guys

Anonymous 12799

love can't exist without trust

Anonymous 12805

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