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Accountability Thread Anonymous 1496

Post your current diet here, along with your goals and progress. In your initial post, note how often you will update. Feel free to name-fag in order to keep this thread organized, and please quote your previous posts when updating!

Let's support each other and stay positive~

Marshmallow ☆ 1497

Motivation: I have a convention in a few months. Will increase calories after the convention is over.

>1000 calories
>High in produce, low in carbohydrate

>Gym at least 3 times per week
>Daily time outdoors

Staring Point: -2 lbs
Goal: -27 lbs
Remaining: -25 lbs

Will update weekly

Anonymous 1498

Motivation: going back to my weight when I was 18 (50kg)

Diet: complete shit

Exercise: PT twice a week, running or swimming twice a week. Might change the PT for yoga soon tho.

Oh yeah heres the depressing part
I started weighting 70 kgs , 3 years ago and now I weight 66kg. Fuck me right? Its ALL because of my love for good food, I know if I ate healthy I would be more fit than a VS model.

Maybe I should start taking adderall.

Ill update one month from now (already taking yoga classes so hopefully that will kick-start something).

Anonymous 1499

Had a bad time with medication and other stuff about a year ago, ballooned up to 142lbs. Reccently started dieting and I'm down to about 135 now but my body isn't quite up for hitting the gym as hard as I used to and I still get bloating and shit from medication that makes my weight hard to track day to day.

Not counting calories, I don't think there's anything bad about it but it just makes me think about food more than if I don't.
I am doing intermittent fasting, cooking my meals, and making sure at least half of my meal is composed of veggies with a reasnable amount of meat and little to no bread/pasta/rice.

Gym once a week, smaller workouts at home every day I'm not at the gym, plus a bit of walking.
My goal is to get back into my routine from before all this health mess and medication: gym 4/5 times a week and walking a few miles everyday.

Staring Point: -7 lbs
Goal: -22 lbs or seeing some defined muscle again
Remaining: -15 lbs

Will update in a month

Anonymous 1500

I'm trying to become a good fashion model, I got the face and kinda the height (5'9). Currently I am 34-25-37 and want to be 33-24-35, but I'm naturally a pear with big tits. (My ribcage is tiny but I have large breasts, I wear a 28-30 band) But my hips and especially my ass are destroying me, I've lifted for years to have the perfect hourglass. Now, the round big ass is on the way. The irony.

Got a month time to be those measurements, sigh.

Anonymous 1501

I already have a blog for this but it's worth a shot I guess?

I'll be starting on the 1st of June.

>more veggies and stuff, less meat and dairy

>3-5 times gym
>3xlower, body 2xupper body

Sw: 51kg
Gw: 55kg
>updating monthly

Doesn't look like much but eeeh, wish me luck

And good luck to the other anons!

Anonymous 1502

> quit drinking soda all together
> eat less carbs
> 1200 calories a day or less

Work out is a long list
> 4-6 days a week
> do at least some cardio on the days after lifting and etc.

Goal weight; 45kg
Current weight; 53kg

Anonymous Moderator 1503

Using the name field is allowed in this thread as long as you choose a neutral, generic name that isn't connected to your online presence!

Anonymous 1504

Why not just be a swimsuit model?

Marshmallow ☆ 1505

Thank you, I appreciate it!

Steviatits 1506


Good thread, OP. Thanks.

I've lost 25lbs this year and I want to drop at least 20lbs more. I know that I will want to lose more weight than 20lbs, but I don't want to go crazy yet.

I am finishing my studies, and I am finally off psych meds. I want a fresh start, and I think I deserve to feel beautiful for once. So I want to lose weight and allow myself to wear cute clothes and take selfies without feeling like a hambeast.

I am calorie counting.
1000 cal/day. 1200 if I'm really desperate for food.

Cardio 2 times a week. I really hate exercising, but I need to start doing something because I don't want to be squishy forever.

I've been really fucking lazy since April because I had to travel and ended up eating tons. I didn't put on any weight, but I need to get back on track.

Kittycat 1507


Ahh what a nice thread!
This past year depression has been kicking hard so i neglected my diet and my exercise routine that i kept for over 3 years, which left me with an okay/great body, and gained 6 kg and lost it all.

Currently trying to lose kg and get all my muscle back with a strict but non aggresive routine. Got a little of thigh, arms and abs back already!

>Currently eating around 1500 kcal a day. If it does not work out, reduce to 1300 kcal a day. Some people says it's too little for my height (171 cm), but according to google fit i loose around 1600 kcal a day (student, so i barely move my ass apart from exercise), so it seems okay for me.
Been trying 1500 and not dropping a single gram, which has been depressing, so probably will drop to 1300 kcal.

Diet goals:
>Want to eat more protein and less carbs. (according to MFP like 60% of my daily intake are carbs, fuck)
>Do not fall into an icecream pit or other summer goodies when depressed in summer.
>Reduce sugar intake even more.
>Stop being too lazy to cook nice healthy food.

Current work out routine (6 days a week, sometimes 7 if i'm bored my rest day);
>15 minutes stretching
>30 min yoga
>30 min / 1 hour blogilates
>Ocassional running and cycling

Want to add:
>More running, at least 3 times a week, 30 minutes min.
>Pick up some dance or something to do more fun cardio, because i currently hate cardio.
>Add more weight to my exercises.

General Goals:

Goal weight: 58 kg
Current weight: 66 kg

>Get a more defined and less sad butt

>Get to a lower body fat percentage
>Less jiggly body
>Get great abs
>Slimmer thighs
>Reduce waist from 67 cm to 65 cm.
>Reduce hips from 94 cm to 90 cm.
>Get rid of the fucking wings below my arms from when i used to weight like 90 kg and get some nice biceps. (any exercises recs to get rid of them more effectively?)
>Not neglet a single day of exercise even if i am too depressed to get out of bed
>Get up earlier to run in the summer

Will update every month!

Anonymous 1508

I don't want to be abitch and ruin anyones fun, but please make sure you're not eating too little.:/

500cals under your TDEE should be enough, if not, increase exercise.


Anonymous 1509

Nah, it's a good reminder.

I was considering putting my height in my post because I'm a midget so that's reflected in my diet, but it owuld be terrible for someone taller.

Anonymous 1510

That's a great reminder, anon. I'm hardly 5 feet so I'm relatively good eating a thousand a day. But it's important to know yours and check it from time to time as you lose weight.

Anonymous 1511

>please make sure you're not eating too little
Drank the /fit/ kool-aid, I see?

Anonymous 1512

pls b bait

Steviatits 1513

How is everyone doing? I went grocery shopping for the week yesterday. Got some fresh veggies, chicken, fish, oats and teas.

Anonymous 1514

Would anyone be interested in a loseit or myfitnesspal group?

☆Sukumizu☆ 1515


>no sweets
>more fruits

>lifting 3x/week
>cardio 2-3x/week

-0.5 kg/week min
-20 kg total

I got into a drinking habit and gained over 10 kgs this year alone. I was already well over my desired weight so I'm basically overweight now (not really, but I'm only 2 BMI points away from that).
I'll probably look better at a higher weight now than I did at my lowest because, you know, I'm actually exercising.

Will update a week from now when I'll hopefully be at a lower weight.
My mental health will go through the window if I see a "68 kgs" on the scale again.

Anonymous 1516

No anon, I just don't want to encourage anachans

Anonymous 1517

Being anorexic and eating at a >500cal deficit are independent of each other. If not from /fit/, where did you get the 500cal figure?

Anonymous 1518

I meant existing anachans, not that eating more than 500cals means you're starving lol.
It's pretty much everywhere on the web? On almost every calculator, article etc.
(just to clear that up)

I know the numbers vary from person to person, my point was just not to go too low.

And nope, I don't go to /fit/ either.

Marshmallow ☆ 1519

Staring Point: -2 lbs
Goal: -27 lbs

Weekly Loss: -2lbs
Remaining: -23 lbs
Weekly goal: -3 lbs, drink more water

I don't have my scale currently, but half way through the week I was already there. I wasn't super strict this week because I had birthdays to celebrate, but I want to ramp it up now.

Good luck to all of you!

Marshmallow ☆ 1520

Yes I'd be down! We could also do a kik if anyone would like, just for daily support

Steviatits 1521

I would like a group, yup. Hopefully it wouldn't turn to shit. Lol

Kittycat 1522

Those sound like great ideas! Having a chill fitness goals group would be nice.

Anonymous 1523

I'd like to be a part of this.

Anonymous 1524

What platform? What do anons think? Is it really going to be kik or something else? I can create a group now.

Anonymous 1525

Kik works for me, or we could do something like Line?

Anonymous 1526

Both are fine imo. I'll let two or three other anons pick a platform then create the group.

Anonymous 1527

I dont know what to think about the BMI score. Actually I do, in my case its plain bullshit. My fat % is supposedly 34%, but thats because it counts my (normal sized) boobs and big ass. You can practically see every muscle in my legs, my arms are thin and I do have some fat on my belly but only on the lower part. I dont understand how I can have 34%.

Anonymous 1528

What did you measure your bodyfat with? Calipers or US Army method?
That sounds weird, since Army method uses only waist, hips and neck, and calipers dont care about your boob or ass size?

☆Sukumizu☆ 1529

For me personally line would be better since I don't use kik for anything

Kittycat 1530

For me, both are fine since i have them both and don't mind.
Whatever is more convenient for everyone.

Anonymous 1531

Okay, please share your throwaway line so I can add you guys

Anonymous 1532


Duh, I forgot you could do this. QR code.

Kittycat 1533

Tried adding it, it tells me the group doesn't exist ;;.
Is this a problem on my end or? Should i make another one?

Anonymous 1534

It's saying the group doesn't exist. Add me? My Line is: magical.gif

Anonymous 1535

eh, not sure why it said that. i'll add >>1534 now. please send your throaway line so i can add you (and everyone else insterested in joining)

Anonymous 1536


Kittycat 1537

Oh, alright! My line is: Chizanya

I also went ahead and made a MyFitnessPal public group if anyone is not comfortable with line but still wants to join in the discussion.
If it gets any kind of shitty traffic/trolling i will make it private, but for now anyone is free to join!


Anonymous 1538

I'm going to add you now. There's​only me and another anon, so we're waiting for a couple more people to start discussing things. And I'll be joining the community on mfp later today.

Anonymous 1539

Fuck me, I can't really stop mistyping things in this thread. Probably because I'm hungry as fuck kek

Anonymous 1540

My trainer has a weight scale that "somehow"measures your body fat while it measures your weight.

Anonymous 1541

Those scales use bioelectrical impedance to determine bodyfat. You can use it to track trends in your own body, but they're not that accurate at actually determining body fat percentage, and they are also easily swayed by eating, drinking, and other factors.


Anonymous 1542

I have one, and it's great. More expensive than regular ones though. If you like knowing your stats borderline obsessively you're going to love it.

Anonymous 1543

>Dehydration is a recognized factor affecting BIA measurements as it causes an increase in the body's electrical resistance, so has been measured to cause a 5 kg underestimation of fat-free mass i.e. an overestimation of body fat.[3]
Oh crap this would explain a lot!
thank you anon for this info

Anonymous 1544

I'm trying to lose 22lbs which doesn't seem like a lot but it will have a big change on my frame. I've lost 5lbs so far by cutting out sugary drinks and eating a bit more healthy.

This week I will start running again, although it's mostly for fun than weight loss. It will probably have an effect on my body too though.

I need to remember to eat breakfast too

Anonymous 1545

I've gained 55 pounds since living with my boyfriend and being comfortable.

I've fucked up the past 3 days eating horribly and drank soda, but I'm getting my fat ass back on it tomorrow. I'm also on day 3 of the Insanity workout, I just have issues binge eating when I'm stressed or depressed. I just want to lose this fucking weight dude, would drinking green tea and water doing an Atkins diet and doing Insanity be beneficial for losing a lot of weight you think?

Anonymous 1546

I've never tried the Atkins diet myself, but one of my friends did and even though​ she did lose weight, it fucked up with her skin. I think there are many better alternatives than Atkins, but yeah, it works for weight loss. Green tea and lots of water will definitely help you. Good luck, anon! Keep us updated.

Anonymous 1547

Oh, well I hope it doesn't ruin my skin then. :c Sorry to hear about your friend! It's going well, aside from being extremely sore to the point walking hurts lmao. But ibuprofen and heating pad helps, thank you~

Anonymous 1548

When Robert Atkins died in 2003, following the autopsy, didn't they discover that his arteries looked like the clogged pipe because they were that coated with cholesterol from his animal-based diet, which is what likely directly contributed to his congestive heart failure? There was supposedly a big cover-up at the time from the people that inherited his little empire.

>However, revelations in February 2004 from the city medical examiner’s report let slip the information that along with being medically obese at the time of his death, Atkins had suffered a heart attack, congestive heart failure, and hypertension, before his death.

If any of you are really intent on doing Atkins I'd really recommend you try to doing the vegan version of it. Living exclusively off of animal based products is, the damage it can do is really not worth the however much weight you might lose, especially now that we know that red meat is a carcinogen and that eggs are so horrifically bad for you they're no longer legally allowed to be advertised as healthy or nutritious within the US.

Anonymous 1549

Is this vegan propaganda? I haven't heard any of this about eggs. Do you have some sources?

Anonymous 1550

I'm totally a vegan myself yeah, but this isn't propaganda, it's me trying to dissuade people from engaging in dangerous dieting methods.
I'm not saying become vegan, I'm saying don't start eating a diet of animal proteins exclusively because you face doing genuine long-term damage to yourself. I actually did Atkins myself many years ago and yeah, I did lose weight, and I lost it fast too, but I also smelled rancid (your sweat smells like bacon grease), found myself exhausted every day, and later developed minor heart palpitations. Better to just eat less and move more imo.

>do you have some sources?

This happened in 2014 and only came out as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request into USDA communications by Dr Michael Greger.


Anonymous 1551

>Buy my book pls


Anonymous 1552

idk what your implication is and I can tell that you didn't even bother to watch the video.

Dr Michael Greger is an internationally renowned M.D. and nutritionist the guy doesn't need to try and peddle his publications for a minor profit like some snake oil salesman when he already has enormous standing as a physician and as the director of public health and animal agriculture for the Humane Society. You may or may not remember the 2008 scandal in involving Westland Meat Packing Company which eventually led to the USDA recalling 143 million lbs of meat for destruction, after which most of it had already entered school lunch chains? He did that. That company is now bankrupt after being litigated into the ground.

Nutrition Facts as an organisation is actually non-profit charity, funded by the Jesse & Julie Rasch Foundation. The guy travels globally providing free talks and lectures into the corruption behind the USDA, FDA etc., and he does it because he's enormously critical of the underhanded and downright unethical tactics the USDA and FDA engage in in order to maximise profits for the stockholders that sit on their boards. This isn't a money thing, it's an educating the millions of people who have been deliberately mislead into permanently harming their health through government sanctioned directives engineered to produce $$$ for external bodies. The guy is a fucking hero.

You'd really do well to read up on all of this Anon because the truth behind it all is fucking mindblowing. There's a reason why heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the Anon. Not cancer, heart disease. An almost entirely preventable disease that we know can be easily rectified by modifications in modern dietary habits. That's what his book is about. Heart Disease.

Anonymous 1553

>>1548 could I be a cheeky monkey and ask for a run down of vegan atkins? I'm vegan and I've considered something similar but don't even know where to begin D:

>finding out Oreos are vegan was the worst mistake of my entire life haha

Anonymous 1554

Oh yeah, it's actually dubbed eco-Atkins and the basic system is identical, although as opposed to pork, chicken, beef, eggs etc., you replace your diet with high-protein plant-based substitutes such as tofu, tempeh, seitan, legumes, nuts, nut butters, beans, peas, quinoa, spinach etc. Honestly it sounds boring but having does the omnivorous Atkins years ago let me tell you it's not exactly a riot. Living off of sausage, bacon and eggs sounds like a dream come true but by the 3rd day I was gagging for a piece of fruit. Oh and the headaches. The headaches are unreal. You lose weight but you feel like lethargic and miserable all the damn time.


>finding out Oreos are vegan was the worst mistake of my entire life haha

It was the Lotus Biscoff spread that did me in :(
Everybody in the vegan community eats that shit by the spoonful, it's like crack. I ate an entire jar in 3 days once.

Anonymous 1555

For an incredibly lazy anon that could not find an answer to this from skimming the links in the link your linked: Are egg whites any better than whole eggs? I've been relying on eggs a lot in order to up my protein intake without adding too much meat.

Anonymous 1556

sounds like you don't strictly need to follow atkins diet for this cause the weight loss in general would be from being a state of ketosis/reduced carbs?

Anonymous 1557

I eat mostly vegetables, fruit, fish/poultry grains with some red meat and my HDL levels were over 100 last time I was checked even with mild alcoholism and no real exercise.

Nutrients from natural food matter more than I think the average person thinks, but what do I know.

Anonymous 1558

Anons who are dieting/exercising, have you guys made any progress?

I've lost almost 4kg since I posted here >>1506

Anonymous 1559

I'm the anon from >>1545. I'm actually too scared to step on scales, would going by clothes be a better option? I only get weighed at the doctor every 3 months anyways. :c

Anonymous 1560

I just go by how my body looks. I can tell when I've gained too much weight without obsessing over the numbers on the scale. Like, a few pounds increase on the scale would stress a gal out, but at the same time she'll look exactly the same.

Anonymous 1561

I probably don't need to tell you this but one of the best things you can do is just give up the fizzy drinks/soda completely.
I gave them up about a year ago, walked into a shop yesterday, past the refrigerated section, stopped and looked at the drinks and considered for a moment which one I should buy, before realising that I didn't even actually want one. It was just the remnants of an old habit resurfacing, and it is just a habit, one that can be broken with a little cold turkey. You just need to be firm with yourself and learn when to say no. Have you tried replacing them with alternatives like teas or carbonated water?

☆Sukumizu☆ 1562


Still afraid to step on a scale and this week was complete shit, college stuff kept me away from the gym and this will probably go on for this entire next week too, but I'll try to make the time.

I should have lost at least 1 kg from all this not drinking god, I hope so.

Steviatits 1563

images (1).jpg

I was really fat in Dec. It's mid June and I can't believe I've lost 37lbs, holy fuck. 13lbs just recently. I still have to lose some weight more, but I'm so amazed by how my body has changed. Still a long way to go, but now I'm just a "normal" gal again.
Just leaving this here if anyone feels like crap or is thinking about giving up.

>Chibiusa to stick with the threads vibe.

VerySpooky 1564

800-1200 a day
Trying to eat more tofu rather than pre-made fake meat. Cooking everything from scratch, no takeout.
More salads, more fat + protein, less carbs.

I've been overweight for 3 years because of a medication I was on + traumatic family events. It's going to take me a year to get back to my old weight according to http://losertown.org/eats/cal.php

Anonymous 1565

Ever since my body's been at a normal BMI I've been so fucking hungry. I never been at this BMI before as I'm usually hovering around 28 to 30 but I look great. Buuuuuut for some reason I always feel hungry, tired, and my body bloats far more often. Wtf is going on?

Anonymous 1566


Lost no weight whatsoever, even though I not only didn't drink at all but also stayed on ~1400 cal/day (which should be enough to lose on at my height and weight)

I can't believe this shit

I added you two and forgot to post about it. I'm the rando with pink haired anime grill as pic

Anonymous 1567


Pretty sure I added you back!

This image is making me sadface aaaa. I hope posting ideal bodies doesn't count as ana posting (mods please let me know). I'm pretty close to this, I guess, but I really just want a flatter stomach and I know it has a lot to do with eating the right things and ab exercises. Ideally I'd have a waist like pic related, with the curve inwards, but genetically I'm a rectangle/banana shape and it's painful.

I posted in the Line chat about getting a resistance band to do some more difficult exercises but I want a cheap one since I'm on a budget. Any recs?

Anonymous 1568



Tbh this is very likely thinspo…

Please try not to eat less than 1200, if you don't want to gain all the weight back, slow-losing is the way to go…

VerySpooky 1569


Heck yeah, lost four pounds! Since my maintaining calories are 2000 atm (ugh) I've been eating at 1500 or less. I tried 1200 for the first few days bit it was a bit too much of a shock to my carb-addicted body so I raised it to "anything under 1500" and it's been going a lot smoother. I know most of the weight I lost was probably water weight from the carb reduction (non-intentional carb reduction) but I'm happy nonetheless.

I've been eating curries with tofu as the protein instead of fake meats for dinner (using less rice) and sandwiches with heaps of veggies for lunch~ Oh, and lots of tea.

Kouhii 1570

I really, really want to try taking sugar mostly out of my diet. It's not like I even have that much of a sweet tooth, never did much like chocolate and sweets, but it's things like pastries that get to me, to the point where if I cave and buy doughnuts or something I can easily devour the whole 4-pack/bag in one sitting.

Thing is though, I'm a vegan, so I really have no idea where to even start. Obviously I don't consume lactose, so that's already off the table. I guess the next step would be to begin limiting my sucrose intake, and then move onto glucose? But a large portion of my diet already consists of rice, potatoes and breads D:

Anonymous 1571

UGH. Yes. I'm in the same boat! I'm a vegetarian making the (admittedly, pretty slow…) swap to vegan, and my body loses its shit and craves garbo-trash-sugar foods.

I'm actually in treatment for EDNOS right now; it's switched to TIME TO BINGE BITCH LMAO, so I'll ask and try to report back. Hang in there!

Kouhii 1572

>I'm a vegetarian making the (admittedly, pretty slow…) swap to vegan
Aww don't worry about that kind of thing, especially if you're in treatment. I went a whole year before I eventually went vegan, it's a pretty enormous change if you've been consuming animal products your entire life. I hope your treatment goes well x

Kouhii 1573

Heeeey congrats! That's great!
What teas are you drinking? You just reminded me to go brew a mug.

Anonymous 1574

Thank you! I get my teas from lupicia. They have websites in a few countries but I order from the Australian one.
I love the kirara rice tea, it has roasted brown rice in it and it gives the tea this nice toasty flavour that softens the green tea taste in it.
The cookie tea is ridiculous, it tastes like almonds and caramel and really helps with sweet cravings.
The earl grey OP is good but it doesn't seem to be available on the American site, I'm just assuming you're American for some reason lol.
The chai and the peach one are also delicious.

If you have a store near you you should go in and smell all the teas it's a lot of fun, they're in cute tins stuck to shelves, pic related.
The polyphenols and caffeine in tea have been shown to increase metabolism and an there's an undiscovered chemical that reduces cortisol so there's some science behind it!

Anonymous 1575


oops, here's image lol.

Anonymous 1576

Thats not thinspo, shes saying she is eating max 1400 kcal a day. Thinspo would be her saying she isnt eating more than 300kcal a day or so.
The amount of kcal you need per day (to mantain your weight or lose it on a healthy speed) differs depending on your height, anything from 1000 to more (again, depending on your height) is fine.

Kouhii 1577

>thinspo would be her saying she isnt eating more than 300kcal a day or so
Thinspo just means thinspiration. It isn't people talking about low intakes, it's graphic imagery that motivates people to restriction.

But I agree the girl in >>1566 isn't exactly what I'd call obscenely thin. That's still a pretty normal size for a young woman.

Anonymous 1578

Thinspiration doesnt just mean pictures but I get what you're saying.
I agree the pic in that post is fine, and so is the one in the post below.


Kouhii 1579

Well no you're right, it can be poetry, mantras, basic ritual etc.

Anonymous 1580


Ah sorry I'm bit sensitive seeing pictures that remind me or may seem like thinspiration, since I'm currently recovering from ED

Vegan Landwhale 1581

I started veganism back in 2011 (mostly for the animal and environment standpoint) but since I was a young teenager I wasn't great at finding and deciphering research on the topics of health which made me vulnerable to everyone shaming my diet. Literally not a single person I knew was supportive of my veganism at the time, so I gave up and slowly trailed off the vegetarian diet as well although I ate primarily plant based all throughout my teens.

Now i'm in my early 20's and since returning to meat/dairy products I've become unfathomably unhealthy, it's a nightmare. Since moving out on my own I've fallen for the "animal products are cheaper" bs and now I can't believe I've traded off my own health to save a few bucks at the store. Also, I despised eggs all my life but recently forced myself to acquire the taste for them because ~muh protein~, painfully learning how to swallow two for breakfast every morning and now that you've introduced me to Michael Greger, I feel so damn stupid. I've spent days going through the Nutrition Facts videos and I'm 100% ready to go vegan starting today, no looking back.

>Whole Foods (moving off packaged foods, waste free)
>Cruciferous veggies daily

>5-10 km walking daily (this is already usual for me)
>Improve endurance during dances (been a dance teacher in the past but getting sluggish nowadays)
>Start doing cardio workouts
>Start strength training
>Learn how to run again (knee injury from dance)

Starting Weight: 225
Current Weight: 220
Goal Weight: 125

I already lost 5 lbs this week prior to starting my vegan diet, I'll update my weigh-ins every Friday.

>I'm ready to take my life back. And I dont want to die of heart disease.
I feel you. I'm also doing 1600/kcal a day. Losing 100+ lbs is so intimidating, let's support each other!

Anonymous 1582

>I've spent days going through the Nutrition Facts videos and I'm 100% ready to go vegan starting today, no looking back.
Good for you, I'm rooting on you!

Anonymous 1583

Haha, I just reread my post and realized how drastic that sounded. I'm currently in talk therapy/seeing a psychiatrist, not inpatient. You're a peach, thank you for the well wishes!

Replacing my oat-based breakfasts with a Vega Powder, chia seed and almond milk smoothie(or just blended fruits with chia and sugar-free applesauce)helped me cut way back on sugar binges.

☆Sukumizu☆ 1584

Sorry, I'm just posting stuff from my thin girls in sukumizu folder… I don't think any of them are too thin, but most are Asian so they might look flat as a board.

Recovery anon, you probably shouldn't be in this thread at all, ED recovery is not the time to diet

Anonymous 1585

Weighed in at an even 131 a couple of days ago, which has been my lowest since starting. I've been a bit heavier since, but it's also shark week so I'm not going to stress about it.

Anonymous 1586

Michael Greger's publications (how not to die, nutritionfacts) absolutely have heavy vegan biases at best and are fraudulent at worst. You won't come across any sort of discussion or showcase of research on any benefit of any animal products whatsoever on that website and if you bother to check the studies he links to as evidence you'll notice that he misinterprets scientific research very often. Whether he does that deliberately to suit his rhetoric or not, I don't know.

I say all of this as someone who is following a whole food, plant based diet. We can sing about the merits of this kind of diet without coming off as disingenuous like him.

Anonymous 1587

I'm not the anon who originally posted about him but I have actually heard tons of older interviews where he criticizes certain aspects of veganism. I think this guy has a genuine fear of dying and will follow his nose. You are right that his nutrition facts videos sound very biased and he feels kind of hacky but I did further research and found him to be open to various criticisms, does his best to be transparent and also does regular interviews.

Maybe we should have a separate vegan thread so there's no further derailing though.

Anonymous 1588

Does anyone have a significant difference between their waist and hip? Weight loss has made me have a stupid looking 13" difference between my waist and hip and now it's even harder to find clothes that flatter my figure. I'm afraid it's going to be something drastic like 15" difference once I reach a BMI of 20 or something…

I looked like a squeezed toothpaste or a figure 8

Anonymous 1589


I lost weight, lmao that's some bullshit, some of my measurements went down, too.

Sw: 51 kg
Cw: 50 kg
Gw: 55 kg

I have so much trouble eating enough cals. I usually eat a shit ton in the morning, while at work, so I don't have to eat much through the rest of the day, but now that I'm financially a bit stuck it all went downhill. I'm also tired of the same veggies. Can't really replace them since they are the cheapest and most calorie dense. I wish our store had more of a variety. -sigh-

Here's to hoping I'll do better in July.

Anonymous 1590

The last couple days were shit and I indulged myself in tons of unhealthy food. I won't even look at the scale until I'm sure I lost this fucking weight. The only good thing is that I got back on track today.

Anonymous 1591

I'm back reporting in.

I know I said there would be weekly updates but I wasn't making that much progress per week.

Originally I weighed myself on June 12th at 224.8 lbs, now a month later on July 12th my current weight is 217.4 lbs.

I dropped to 220 after a week or so, and then in the last three weeks I've only managed to drop 3 lbs. I definitely expected a steeper drop within my first month. Especially since other obese folk tend to lose the most during the first few weeks of lifestyle changes.

I think comparing myself to others who fit the "obese" category is harmful for my motivation though. There's so many women over 5'7 and even men over 6'0 that have lost 100+ lbs. I find most success stories online come from them and it's usually followed up with holier-than-thou advice like "Don't count calories" and "you don't need to skip certain foods, I still indulge" and it's like?? anyone under 5'5 can't afford to NOT count calories. That's literally how you got fat in the first place. Measuring out portions, balancing your net calories etc is so fundamental to healthy weight loss. I'm starting to understand that taller/larger framed people who lose 100 lbs from 300 lbs isn't the same as my situation at all. So many of them are still hovering around 200 lbs and yet look "good" or "healthy" because of their height. I need to understand that bodies have different maintenance needs and learn to accept that my calorie intake will always need to be much smaller than most.

Anyways, i'm jumping down to an 850 cal diet to progress my weight loss a bit then i'll gradually climb back to 1200 to keep my metabolism going strong. I'm also considering intermittent fasting (not eating for 16 hours per day) which seems to have solid science behind it.

Anonymous 1592

Hey anon, I've heard lots of good things about IF too and I want to give it a try as well. Let me know if you do in the thread, I may start next week.

Anonymous 1593


I need help, guys. I'm really struggling with my diet.
I was seriously over-eating and eating shit for a long time and I am eating a completely healthy amount of calories now with a 500 cal deficit and seriously, I feel like my body's trying to kill me. It's not even a huge jump in calories but you'd think I was eating nothing from the way my body's reacting. I have a massive headache, nausea and last night I was even trembling. I know I'm probably detoxing some of the garbage chemicals I was eating and the reduction of sugar is probably kicking my ass but it's still weird that it's this bad. I'm not exercising atm because of an injury so it's not like I'm under-calorie or anything.
I am fighting the urge to just eat everything in my fridge, does anyone have any advice on how to power through?

Anonymous 1594

I don't know if this is the best video on the subject, but there are tons of documentaries that discuss addictions to different types of chemicals in processed foods, obviously sugar is a major culprit.

Educating yourself about how our bodies react to processed foods will help you understand that you are addicted and going through withdrawal. It's going to be as hard as any long-term addiction to kick but it's worth saving your life in the end.

Anonymous 1595

Try to keep your diet "clean" at least for a couple weeks so you can regain control of yourself. Eat lean protein, a handful of nuts, tons of veggies and a nice piece of fruit daily. You can forget about milk and sugar during these couple weeks.
I wish I could give better advice, but in the end that's it: eat better so you won't crave shit food.

Tiramisu 1596


I'll try to count calories again and see if it works.

I have a slow metabolism and some other problems, so I'll try to eat 1200kcal at max, and eat the lowest amount of refined carbs I can. which already started kinda bad

I have a bad feeling that it's going to the shitter fast because whenever my bf comes over, we end up eating a lot.

So far I ate 509 kcal.

I'll try to update weekly and/or when I lose weight.

I hope I can do it.

Anonymous 1597

Diet: trying to eat 500-600 calories a day or less, sometimes I can do 300cals a day if I'm dedicated. It's low because I have no motivation to do exercise and I don't even go out/move around much.

Here's some sample of my "meals":
Breakfast: 1-2 boiled eggs

Lunch: Yogurt (35-100cal depending on brand). Sometimes I'll have an apple or banana with it or one of those mini wafers (50cal) with peanutbutter (shit im so weak for this stuff), topped with a single sliced banana if I have any.

Supper: Most of the time I'll eat with my family, just so they can see that I am eating, even if it's a really small portion. but if I can get away with it then I'll settle for another yogurt or maybe cook up a single serving of oatmeal/cream of wheat, which is anywhere between 120-130 cals.

I have been doing horrible this month though. Especially the past two weeks. I only lost 2 pounds last week and 1 pound this week. Last month I lost around 15 pounds.

I'm 5'7 and my current weight is 162-161. I can't remember the last time I weighed this much. Probably high school. I know it's unhealthy, but I love the way I'm beginning to look.

I never thought I'd end up struggling with food but I'm traveling in October and want to look good. And I remember reading a quote when I first heard about "pro ana" in high school and now it's sticking with me, "nothing tastes good as skinny feels" fuck.

Anonymous 1598

I've heard doctors say the brain starts to deteriorate under 600 cals per day, but this person puts it together really nicely:

>Hi, I am not going to yell at you about not eating enough. I am just going to tell you something interesting I learned today. In class we did a calculation of how many calories the brain burns per day. Using ATP used per synapse, average number of synapses in a human brain per day, ATP produced from one glucose, glucose per Kcal. I just mention this to show that these numbers are coming out of thin air, the numbers were all taken from published scientific articles.

>Anyway, the point is your brain requires 445 calories per day to function normally. This means that if you don't want your brain to stop functioning please eat at least 500 calories a day. I know that 1200 is a minimum to stay healthy, but your brain will deteriorate if you don't supply it with the required 445 calories per day.
>For all the people who have trouble eating their calories. Your brain will consume at least 441 calories per day, I promise none of these calories will go towards making you fat.
>Please, I beg of you, support your brain - A biomedical engineer in training who cares about your brain.


Anonymous 1599

I am saying what i am about to say from experience, pardon the mini blogpost, but i believe this deserves it.

For a period of time (from ages 14 to 16) where i was unable to move at all, i gained 30 kilos and entered the 90+ kg realm being 1,71 cm, i felt disgusting and wanted to lose the weight asap. I thought, well, i barely move so i'll probably be okay with 500 kcal a day, and so i started this kind of "diet".
I would eat two packets of diet cookies a day every day and the occasional yoghurt or soup, all this every day for a half a year, lost the weight and was 60 kg, sounds fantastic, right?
Well, no.
>After ending my "diet" i was able to move a little and decided to up my calorie intake to compensate, except i couldn't. My body started rejecting food whenever i went past the 600 kcal or eat any solid food i would get stomachache and feel like shit, i was unable to eat anything at all as my body rejected any kind of food, i lost my apetite completely, i felt my body needed feeding but i couldn't give it to it. I had to train my body to be able to eat again, and it's not a good process, believe me.
>I also had lost all my muscle, as i was not eating enough to feed it. I was very weak and i got constantly sick, going up the stairs would leave me dizzy for hours. I was skinny, but flabby and gross because of the lack of muscle and i hated my body the same as i did when i was 90 kg.
>My skin got absolutely disgusting, it was dry, flaky, red. Even if you drink 4 liters of water a day, your skin still will go to shit if you don't consume your nutrients.
>My brain started to deteriorate, i started getting memory loss and my reflexes started going to shit.
>My heart-rate got absolutely fucked up and i had constant heart pain.
>When i was able to eat semi-normally again i gained 10 kg in less than a month only by eating not over 1200 kcal.
>Even to this day, where i am a healthy person, i still have the after effects of doing this kind of diet. Not only on the inside, but the outside too (stretchmarks from the weight yo-yo, flabby skin….)

Now, after… 2-3 years? of having stopped that kind dieting and training my body, i eat around, maybe, 1500-1700 kcal a day (don't count them, as i don't care), do exercise every day, even if it's only a little. And surprise, i am losing more cm's than before and gaining muscle. I weight more, but i look a lot skinnier than i did back then and my cm's are reduced everywhere, because now my body is filled with muscle and not with fat because of my body trying to stay alive without nutrients.
I do not gain double the weight back even if i stop my "training" diet. My skin looks bright and soft, i can exercise or walk without my vision becoming blurry and my reflexes started going back to normal.

Please, i beg of you from a person who did this, reconsider your diet, your body NEEDS calories to function, you brain NEEDS calories to function, YOU need calories to function.
I don't know your age, but i assume you are young, doing something like this will destroy parts of your body for life and it will hinder your development.
Get google fit on your mobile, you will see that even without moving your body consumes up to 1200 kcal only to stay alive.

A healthy diet full of nutrients and exercise will make you lose weight and stay at that weight and not ballooon up as soon as you ""stop"" dieting. Your option of losing weight is only a temporary option that will fuck up your body for life and make your weight return by doubling it as soon as you cannot maintain such a diet.
You should consider a lifestyle change with a sustainable diet that will actually benefit your body and add ocasional exercise to your daily routine, even if you are unmotivated, motivate yourself, everyone can do it. (I am a scratching record, but Blogilates changed my life, her lookout on life and healthy bodies made me realise how fucked up my mentality was, i still train with her every single day and i recommend it to everyone who is "too lazy" or "unmotivated" to exercise, including you.)

It's better to weight 65 kg and have healthy muscle, than weight 60 kg of flabby skin and fucked up organs and being miserable.

Tiramisu 1600



Holy moly anons, I didn't even plan on going under 1000kcal a day, but this is scary, scary stuff. Good to know, and I hope the other anon make the right the decision to at least eat 500kcal a day.

Anyway, I know it's just the first day but I am super proud of myself. I resisted bravely yesterday in the middle of the night to grab a snack or something, and stayed under 1200kcal.

So, today i woke up with almost 2kg less! Now, mind you. As I said, I have metabolic problems and probably it was mostly water weight (I was really bloated yesterday indeed), but I would be lying if I didn't say I got really happy. It's motivating. Although I know I shouldn't be weighting myself everyday

I am feeling super good because today I ate very well so far; rice, okra with tomatos (that was the biggest portion) and a sweet potato, which is so filling and great for people with insulin resistance like me, it keeps me from craving stupid shit all day long.

Also my dessert was a freshly squeezed orange and lime juice, with no sugar, just a bit of sweetener. It was delicious, I love fruit. I made sure to leave a lot of juice vesicles (? had to google it) and a bit of pith so it still has some fiber.

So far I've eaten about 442 according to myfitnesspal. I am looking forward to my dinner, I plan on doing a vegetable roast, maybe a side of mushrooms and maybe cauliflower rice. Even if I don't go along with it, I do hope to stay under 1200kcal again.

Anonymous 1601

>shouldn't be weighing everyday
It's hotly debated if that's true or not but studies have found that at least AFTER weight has been lost, the most success in long term weight maintenance was seen in people who weighed themselves daily. As long as you recognize that day to day, foodweight/waterweight plays into the numbers and don't stress too much when you "gain" a pound over night then it's actually pretty helpful to see a consistent up and down zig-zag of progress. It also helps you see patterns that relate to hormones so you know how much weight you temporarily gain on your period etc.

> I'll eat with my family, just so they can see that I am eating
beep beep beep, ED talk. Watch yourself, gf. If you have to hide that you're dieting from your family then you know you're not being mentally healthy (unless they're like, really nutritionally ignorant and think mcdonalds is a healthy snack). Like other miners have said, that's not a sustainable calorie level. Apart from all the health issues you'll be grappling with, you'll most likely binge eventually. The human body contains the brain and most people will succumb to a hypnotic state where they're eating a cake that they don't remember buying. In the end, with human fallibility and all, you'll lose weight just as fast on 1000 (at your height, even higher) and at the end you'll have a functioning heart and a full head of hair. Plz consider.

Tiramisu 1602



Oh yeah, I totally meant it in the sense that weighing my self daily can demotivate me a lot, especially since I do have this weight fluctuations quite often. Maybe I will do it each 3 days or something.

My vegetable roast is already in the oven, and jesus the new olive oil my dad bought smells amazing. I really love olive oil. My mom insisted that I ate this bread with escarole filling, and so I did, so I guess I'll eat less from the roast, which is good, I won't have to cook as much tomorrow lol

I shouldn't be updating so much, I guess? I don't want to clog up the thread, but since I was answering anon, I wanted to comment on the food as well.

Saged, anyway.

☆Sukumizu☆ 1603

I think I lost 4kg since I last posted about a month ago. Not sure yet - my trusted scale broke and I'm stuck with an analogic one for now.

4kg in a month is okay I guess, but I wanted to be down to 55kg max by September and that's not going to happen at this rate lol

I've been eating mostly candy all day every day because of my psychological state and that's not going to change until my meds stabilize. I'm trying to eat fruit with it too but more often than not I start to worry it'll add up too many calories for stuff that doesn't taste that good.

My skin is shit, my hair is shit, and I can't bring myself to do anything about it because my face is so ugly it feels like it's not worth the trouble. I'm only 23 and although I don't look "aged" I still see my face as massively uglier than when I was 16


Anonymous 1604


Anon, don't you like ANY fruit? Strawberries, kiwis, no seed grapes, watermelon, melon, motherfuckING LYCHEES, tangerines, <3 persimmons <3 (the soft type) are fruits with very few calories and are all delicious. To be honest, my favorite fruit is banana, i like it's versatility, but the calories are not as low.

If you find some diet condensend milk, you can even make some nice desserts, like lemon mousse (2 parts fresh cream, one part condensend milk, lemon juice from 2 lemons. Blender everything and let is set on the fridge for about 3 hours. It's delish.), or you can buy some diet jello and make mosaic jello with it (https://thecraftymamablog.wordpress.com/2011/03/15/mosaic-jello/). Some fruits like strawberries, kiwi or pitaya go well with condensend milk by themselves. Also, some fruit candies also help me with the cravings, just avoid gummy bears because they have too much sugar.

I hope it helps, anon! Fruits are great. <3

Tiramisu 1605


Sorry for clogging up the thread again, this will be saged, but i just wanted to vent. the roast that i had so much work doing yesterday and was looking forward so much today is ruined. my dad let it sit on the oven for like 3 hours or something like that and it's burnt to a crisp. So much food wasted. I know this is stupid, but i cried because I had so much work and wanted it so much, to be wasted so easily and I didn't even got a saying like if it should go to the oven again. I don't even feel like cooking something else, fuck.

Sorry for whiny rambling.

Anonymous 1606

Does anyone have a generally smallish waistline with a high end normal BMI? My Bmi is 24 and my waist is 25". It's a confusing feel when your size is considered "small" but you're 5 pounds away from being overweight

Anyway I'd like to get at a 21 BMI for my health but I know finding clothes will get far harder especially since I didn't lose a cup size after 30+ pound weight loss.

Anonymous 1607


I guess I kinda do? Not sure. It's been a while since I've last measured myself, I had a 28" waist and a 43" hips. I guess that was 15 pounds a go tho lmao still, 25 BMI.

But I guess this is kinda OT for this thread? sage.

Anonymous 1608

I wouldn't worry too much about weight and BMI as much as leading a healthy lifestyle. It seems like BMI doesn't take a lot into account, and weight is also only one factor in your overall health.

As long as you're in shape and eating healthy I don't think you should be too concerned about your BMI, especially if you're already a small person. You might just have heavy organs or bones or something.

Anonymous 1609

BMI was formulated in mind with measuring rough approximation of large populations, not individuals. I know it can be tempting to use it as health guide but it can be enormously inaccurate when applied against a sole person.

Paro-Chan 1610


Motivation: my partner and I want to get fit. I also want to be able to wear cute clothes and boost my confidence. My weight/size is a huge source of my low confidence and absolutely abysmal body image.

Diet: I'm currently making my own lunches every day so I am in absolute control of that. I eat 2 meals a day (lunch and dinner) but I don't get much (see: any) exercise. I also drink too much, which adds to my bloated-ness, and this coupled with my sedentary lifestyle has given me a tummy as I've gotten older.

Goal: Currently 125. Would like to be 105, but will be happy with 110 if it looks good on me. (I'm short).

Dietary aims: I eat 1500 calories a day or less, but I'm totally indiscriminate when it comes to fat, sodium, sugar, cholesterol, and the like. So, I'll try to be more mindful – drink less alcohol, eat more greens, and eat more whole foods. I have access to a gym so I'll try to exercise at 3-4 days a week.

Will aim to update at least bi-weekly.

Anonymous 1611

not to be a sourpuss but I'm pretty sure you can wear cute clothes at 125lb unless you're like 5' or shorter

I feel like it might be something deeper than weight/size causing your low confidence and body image

Anonymous 1612

should reference >>1610

Anonymous 1613

That seems to be the problem for the majority of people. They think losing weight will somehow cure their insecurities. (Not judging or referring to anyone here, just saying) But if it gives them a little push in the right direction, why not.

Paro-Chan 1614

No worries, that's at least partially true for me.

Anonymous 1615


If you're insecure now, chances are you'll be insecure no matter what unless you go some sort of mental change.

Not that I have any room to talk.

Anonymous 1616

>gained belly in short period of time
>have short torso and wear size s-m so it's very noticeable
>never had a belly and it makes me unhappy

>can't calorie count gets me too anxious
>replacing breakfast with a health shake (one with appetite suppressant/metabolism boosting ingredients)
>replacing carbs with healthy steamed veggies
>also going to cut down on fatty meats

>gym 2-3 times a week friends mostly lifting
>walking 40 minutes a day to and from work

>current measurements are 35-32-42
>want them at 34-29-40
>i'm 5'9 for reference.

I plan on starting on Aug 1st.

☆Sukumizu☆ 1617

tbh when I had an eating disorder and hit the high 16s BMI I started feeling a lot better and less insecure, which is something that always made me feel like I didn't really have an ED because people keep repeating "you just feel fatter the more weight you lose, you never feel skinny or acknowledge your weight loss" and I always did

Sometimes losing the weight does help

Oh, I love strawberries with yogurt, and I usually eat >.5 kg per week of them and one banana/day! But I'm not home right now and I don't have much freedom to buy and make food here… it's either the food they serve or snacks.


What are these? I'm not sure I can get those here! Blueberries are great too, I love them. Honestly I just wanna go home asap, food-wise.

Anonymous 1618



These are persimmons, the soft type that I love! They kinda look like tomatos on the outside, but more orangey and way softer to the touch (when good to eat). They kinda have this gelatinous consistency which I really like, but if you don't like that, you can have the hard type, but the taste is also a bit different. Anyway, they are super sweet, really one of my favorite fruits. They can also be known in some places as -kaki-, it's the japanese name for it. They are usually harvested on spring/early fall, if I remember correctly. If they are not as common where you live, maybe you can find them at an asian market?

Anonymous 1619

Fair. I've had the opposite experience, as I have a similar BMI and still hate myself.

☆Sukumizu☆ 1620

Lost another .5 kg. Yay!

Oh, we do have those, and they're called kaki, yeah! I always found the smell a little off putting and never tried them for that reason, but i guess I'll try them once. Used to hate how papaya smelled too but really like it now.

I mean, it's still good advice, losing weight hoping it'll solve all your insecurity problems is naive to say the least. But it can help, especially if you're the type to expect a lot from yourself. The feeling of accomplishment from it can do wonders. Sorry if I sounded a little bitchy

Anonymous 1621

I kept seeing everywhere "diet is more important than exercise MUH CALORIES more important" etc so I was like ok I'll just count calories and I've GAINED WEIGHT?!?

How the fuck? Gonna start exercising every day reeeee

Tiramisu 1622



I feel you, sis. It's been two week sice I've started >>1596 and I stayed in my limits for most of the time (I confess that I ate a bit too much on like, 4~5 days? And even so, it was like, 200kcal~300kcal) and I've gained a bit back, which bummed me out a bit. I know I'll soon be on my period, so I am a bit bloated, but still, another kilo less would be very much appreciated for such a big period of time.

Should I go lower? Like 1000kcal?

I'll start doing HIIT again, however. So maybe I should stay within 1200kcal the days I exercise and less on the days I don't?

Anonymous 1623

They mean calories in vs out is most important. You have to track your exercise AND calories. Also you need to determine your maintenance calories and create a deficit. That's completely different for every person.

Anonymous 1624

Counting calories can be quite tricky. Be sure to not underestimate how much you eat, since it's quite easy.
If you don't have a scale get one and weight everything before writing it down on MFP. Even the most tiniest of snacks, weight them and register them, since they end up adding up.
Even after that, you need to consider that it probably will register a little bit less of calories of what the product actually has most of the time.
Also don't forget to write down condiments or the oil you might use to cook the food. One tbsp of olive oil has around 200 kcal and most people i know counted calories didn't add it because "it's only oil", also register all your drinks that are not water.
Be sure to not undereat, as your stomach will work less if you feed it in to big of a deficit. Check the nutrients you eat, try different combinations, some people can't lose weight on a carb diet while others lose a shit ton with it.
If you didn't drink a lot of water before starting your diet, but suddenly are, consider that that might up your weight by quite a bit.
If you are close to your period you will most likely gain weight no matter what you eat. Weight yourself for a monthly check-in after your period has passed.
If you are working out, you might be gaining muscle and that will up your weight, don't mind it, since it's good weight.

If you are eating at a healthy deficit and eating less calories than you use, you WILL lose weight, there is no debacle about it, so probably you are miscalculating something. Working out, at least doing cardio, helps lose weight because you use more calories than you would sitting on a sofa, thus leaving more room for you to eat under your daily calories since instead of having 1200 to spare you will have 1400 or more, but the same logic applies that you will only lose weight if you eat under that.

If you are working out though, i'd say to not bother weighting yourself and rather check your measurements, since they are a better milestone to consider.

Paro-Chan 1625



-I stopped drinking every day, and what a difference that made for the bloated-ness and overall puffiness of my stomach and face. My mood/attitude has also vastly improved.
-My diet has not changed. I didn't feel the need to reduce once I cut out the alcohol.
-My partner and I will be starting a workout regimen. We lead sedentary lifestyles and need to change that.
-I'm trying to improve my posture (I slouch, which exaggerates the tummy and makes clothes look less flattering)
-I'm not going to focus on how much I weigh or how much I'm losing (in fact, I haven't weighed myself). I would rather focus on how I look/feel instead of some digits on a scale.

My new goals are to put a little more effort into my fashion and makeup every day, keep up with my skin care routine, step up my self-care, and see if this helps my confidence in addition to the improved lifestyle choices.

Anonymous 1626

I finally gained a bit! Hope it's not water weight :/

Cw: 53 kg
Gw: 55 kg

If I don't reach my gw by the end of August I'll start to maintain. Bulking is really hard, mental wise.

Anonymous 1627

I gained a LOT of weight over the wintertime (20 lbs holy shit) on a REALLY small frame (I'm a little under 5' tall). I've been getting through a low carb diet lately, I've slowly lost 8 lbs over the past few months. I felt fat even before I gained all this weight, I'm just trying to get back to a "normal" baseline. I'm trying to be more strict about my diet now, I just want my clothes to fit again.

Steviatits 1628

I'm sort of depressed and i shouldn't be: my graduation party was last night, so my family took me out to have lots of pizza. I know it was an important occasion so I should just say fuck it and stop caring that I had 4 slices and dessert. Maybe I feel guilty because I was pretty much just maintaining my weight instead of losing. Anyway I should face today as a new start, amirite? (Please say yes lol)

Anonymous 1629

Anon yes! Yes! I had pizza last night and didn't let myself regret it. It's okay once in a while. Try to think long term! Even a week from now you won't remember that you had too much pizza, let alone a year from now–youll be feeling the effects of maintaining your weight as opposed to letting this day make you spiral downwards. Don't let it ruin you and get a healthy breakfast in to set yourself up for greatness!

Tiramisu 1630



So, another week and I haven't lost anything. On the bright side, I didn't gain either; but staying on a 1200kcal diet to maintain the weight is a bit annoying, specially considering that I am kind of active. But alas, let's be patience.

So from now on, I'll try to do a HIIT workout every other day. I am still a bit sore from working out on Wednesday, and I will workout again today. I actually like these workouts, the hardest part for me is definitely starting the workout. But once I do it, I really enjoy myself.

Other than that, I will also try to up my protein intake. At least 90g per day, I think it's ideal. I don't eat meat, so it's somewhat challenging tbh. But I am trying to snack smarter (bought some chickpea snack and a choco protein bar). Also ditched regular milk for soy milk; not only it tastes better imho (the soy is slightly sweetened and has a hint of vanilla, pure milk is just bland), but I also think it's clearing up my complexion a bit. Maybe it's still too early to tell, though

So far I've eaten 53g of protein, so I am happy. Better than yesterday and the day before.

Next week I'll report back to see if these changes made any difference, even if ever so slightly.

Either way, I am happy to start exercising again!

Anonymous 1631

Thank you so much, kind anon! Reading this helped (':

Kittycat 1632


Late update:

Well, i gained or lost nothing and stayed at 66 kg, although my weight fluctuated a lot between 66, 65 and 67.
My butt has improved quite a bit for some reason, so i don't mind being the same weight, eventhough i feel fatter, i know by my sizes that i am not as much as i believe.

Spent most of my summer without being able to exercise because as soon as i picked up running, on the second day i injured myself without knowing how or why and hurt my knees to the point where i was unable to walk for a month+ without looking like house. Thinking of doing powerwalking instead since apparently it burns the same amount of calories.

Anyone got experience with powerwalking? Risk of any injuries like running has? How does it make you feel compared to jogging if you have done it in the past?

As for food, ate like shit most of the summer, trying to improve now since i am in a better state mentally.
Managed to fix my sleep schedule which helped a lot. My biceps don't look as sad anymore since i've been doing a LOT of yoga, it has helped a lot with improving the look of my arms.

Generally, i feel pretty meh since i didn't improve as much, but i've got probably around 60+ years of my life to improve my body so i don't care if i miss a few months.

I hope that arriving September i lose the layer of fat i've been generating over my past-defined abs this summer kek.

Kittycat 1633

Sorry for doubleposting.
But fuck, just measured myself and my thighs went from 60 cm to 64 and my hips gained 3 cm's.
My waist stayed the same size though. But i still kinda wanna cry about gaining so many cm's in my lower body.
I'm hoping it's muscle and not fat but i know it's not most likely. Fuck PMS for making me have the hunger and cravings of a thousand lions and making me eat so much sugar. I'm trying to get it more under control but my cravings during my PMS get absolutely ridiculous and i don't know how to deal with them since the food is always available because i live with my family and being like "hey, don't buy stuff you like because i can't control myself when i'm on my period or PMS" is a shitty move to pull.

How do you girls that live with other people that eat unhealthy/calorie-dense stuff manage to deal with PMS's cravings?

Anonymous 1634

Honestly Anon you need to calm down a bit. 4cm is barely anything at all. All women become slightly more "voluptuous" or something on their period. It's probably got nothing to do with what you ate, it's just your body doing its period thing.

Anonymous 1635



Yes, I gain a lot of water weight on my period, so it's probably nothing. Also, you are allowed to eat a tad bit more during your period (don't overboard it though, like 300~400kcal more at max) because your uterus needs more energy to "rebuild" the ovaries and stuff. That's also one of the reasons for the cravings, because your body really needs a bit more food, but the brain is dumb and always wants more shit than needed lmao

If you live in the US, I recommend you something like enlighted or artic zero Ice Cream pints, they have way less calories than Ben and Jerry's for example and enlighted also has a bit more of protein, which is always good for your muscles. Great for those damned pms's.

Anonymous 1636

I want to be strong so I can beat up people.

Did 30 minutes of working out today.

Anonymous 1637


>MFW this motivated me rn?? Brb bicep curls incoming

Tiramisu 1638



So, I weighed myself on sunday and it was X1.9kg, and I was very happy because I was finally seeing a new number. However, on the next day it went all the way up to X2.8kg, even though I ate about 1000kcal. I really hate these weight fluctuations, they are so extreme! Today it went down again, X2.1kg, so I am not that bothered. I'd say I am kinda hopeful, even. I am hoping that by the end of the week I'm gonna be withing the X1kg range.

I am trying not to stress too much about my food. I mean, I'll still watch it, but for example, yesterday me and my bf ate some subway subs and we both ate one donut each. One donut now and again isn't that bad. Stressing out too much about this is probably worse, especially because it's widely known that stress can add to weight gain. Also what this >>1629 anon said. (thank you for it, btw!)

Still trying to eat at least 90g of protein, but it's hard. Even considered eating fish again like I always do, but I still can't. I feel bad for the fishies lol

Anyway. I just wanted to say that yesterday my boyfriend noticed that my cellulite was less visible, and it was true. I hadn't notice it before. It made me super happy. So yeah, sometimes the difference isn't numbers on the scale, but stuff like that. <3

Anonymous 1639


I'd love to have a proper accountability buddy, is anyone interested?

I've been so out of control lately, ugh. I've lost over 10kg this year but things have been very slow since June and it's mostly my lack of motivation and support, I guess. Having someone to talk to about my diet would be very helpful otherwise there's not much I can do. I could post ten times a day ITT but that's not what I want. I need some kind of personal support, and if you're struggling I hope I can help you too and give you some encouragement. If you want to lose a big amount of weight that would be great too since I'd love to lose more 10-12kg.

I can create a throaway email or you can share yours (line, kik, email, Discord, whatever).
Thanks in advance.

Reposted to add a few details.

Anonymous 1640

lmao i chose this morrissey gif on accident, but anyway lol. i'll let it be so you know i have a sense of humour.

Anonymous 1641

I'm bouncing between 128 and 129 now. Things are slowing down now but it's still going at least. My energy levels seem to be getting better (fingers crossed though because I keep thinking I'm past it and then end up back to where I started and sleep through a week).

Tiramisu 1642


I know I said I wasn't going to worry about my food so much but me and my boyfriend ate out a lot of days last week, and we had pizza, burgers, pasta and icecream as well. I am now afraid to step up on a scale.

I also didn't exercise much. Fuckfuckfuckf

Oh well, let's start all over again. It's my own damn fault.

Anonymous 1643

>>1642 anon same! I've been with my manbeast for a few days and we ate so much junk. They're trying to lose weight too so we both need to have a big think at how to stop that from happening again.

At the moment I'm losing like 1lb every two weeks. Feels bad man. Need to up my game.

Tiramisu 1644



Yeah, tell me about it. I feel like I just ruined a month of progress in one week. I am visibly fatter. It is like my brain wanna sabotage my body. I hope to get back on track this week, now.

At least I could say I currently have the body of an Idol. <- sorry Dahye I love you though

Anonymous 1645

I yo yo so much, I can go from 120 to 142 in a matter of weeks. I'm trying to maintain a healthy diet so I can go back to being 115, and feel healthy without all my weight pushing me down.

I decided to go back to only drinking water and opting for a pescatarian diet. I think I'll look into buying a bike and trying to burn fat off using that to cycle everywhere. I'm also pairing my diet with intermediate fasting. Which works great for me :)

My goal is to go from 142 SW

To 120 Initial weight

Than all the way to 115 GW

I'm reaching my birthday in November so hopefully I can pull this off in 2 months! The total weight I'm trying to lose is 15 Ibs.

Anonymous 1646

Actually it's 22, damn…

Paro-Chan 1647


Wow, almost a month since my last update. Time flies!


-Still doing very well with the decreased alcohol consumption. Has helped tremendously with bloating and my overall mood.
-My diet has been up and down, some good days and some bad days. I have days where I'll eat mostly fried/processed food, but it's still not a huge amount, and far from bingeing. That said, I definitely need to eat cleaner.
-I started doing yoga and cardio a few times a week and I definitely felt stronger, but I haven't kept up with that consistently.
-I've stepped up my skincare/makeup routine which has immensely helped my confidence, so that's good!
-My partner and I just had a long discussion about how we need to get serious about getting in shape and we're probably gonna hit the gym later today.
-I'm still apprehensive about weighing myself, I know I'm pretty far from my goals but at least I've kept my word and started taking real steps toward self-improvement.
-I have a doctor's appointment coming up soon so I'll know exactly how much I weigh 0_0.

new goals: exercise regularly and stick to it, start seriously tracking meals/nutrition, keep up with beauty regimen, continue to keep alcohol consumption to a minimum.

Tiramisu 1648



So, it's been a month since I first posted >>1596 , maybe even more, wow!

Anyway. Even though I didn't lose anymore weight (Still at X2.5kg right now), I've been exercising almost daily and it feels great. This week my boyfriend didn't stay at my house either so there weren't many distractions. I mainly do short HIIT workouts, but today I went for a jog/run and it was very nice. A nice hot shower and spicy dinner afterwards were also great, I love eating spicy food after exercising lol

I am still pretty flabby and have a long path to go, but I can already see some baby muscles, and it feels good to be a bit stronker (I couldn't run for as long as I did today, for example).

Now I need to get back on track with my food. The hot season is back (southern hemisphere here), so it's a bit easier to eat fruits instead of chocolate and a nice salad instead of a hot bowl of pasta.

Anonymous 1649

Another month went by aaand, I lost weight lol

Cw: 50.3 kg
Gw: 55 kg

I'm honestly giving up

Steviatits 1650


I've lost 6kg since the first time I posted (I'm 74kg at the moment). I still have a lot of weight to lose, like 10kg minimum, but I'm happy for now. Hopefully I'll be down to 72kg by the end of September.

It's been hard. It's been stressful. I've failed a lot. Made a lot of progress too. THE DREAM IS STILL ON THOUGH.

Reposting this because i made a new thread by accident lmao

Anonymous 1651


Wow, congrats, anon! I am pretty envious hehe

Stay strong, anon! What is your diet? My general advice for people trying to gain weight is to eat a loooot of carbs (pasta, pizza, lasagnas, bread) and sugar (candy, ice cream) with lots of veggies and protein to get your nutrition.

Anonymous 1652

tysm dear anon

Anonymous 1653

I've been struggling to lose weight but I started an interesting diet I found and I've lost 3lbs already!

I know it's not a lot but it finally put me back into a number I feel comfortable in. Does that sound weird? 15lbs to go!

Anonymous 1654

What diet is that?

Anonymous 1655


Motivation: I want to eat more healthily and not chow down on greasy meat and overly salty snacks all day every day, and improve my stamina so I don't get exhausted from climbing one flight of stairs. I want to lose weight to make my thunder thighs smaller, I'm pretty slim aside from the thighs so I'm like a less tittylicious Chun Li and it's causing me insecurity to the point where I haven't worn pants in years because my body shape looks gross with them since I have short legs but my thighs just stick out like hell (pic related, I'm the after but with the thighs from the before…)

Currently: 55kg, 162cm
Goal: ??? smaller thighs

Current diet: 90% greasy meat like pork belly, huge amounts of carbs ;_;

Anonymous 1656

Ahh, please share!

Yknow, that reminds me of something. I'm not a real weeb or truly know much about Japan, but I watched a doc on their diet and it's interesting how most of them eat tons of carbs and that their favorite source of animal protein is pork. It just makes me go wtf sometimes. If anyone cares to explain why many are so thin besides DNA and other shit like that, please do because I'm very curious.

Anonymous 1657

I don't think carbs are the enemy. There are good carbs (like potatoes) and bad carbs (like white bread). Let's face it, if you don't have some pasta for lunch you're going to crave it anyway right? You sit at work with a lunchbox of celery sticks every day, dreaming about pasta and then your cheat day comes and you binge on pasta.

Do you think it'd be better to do that or to just give your body what it's asking for in the first place? Make a big bowl of pasta at the start of the week with oil-free tomato sauce or chopped tomatoes, lots of fresh herbs, garlic, onion, courgette, spinach, olives…whatever you're into. Have a little lunchbox of pasta every single day with a nice healthy salad on the side.

1) You're not depriving yourself and are therefore not likely to binge
2) You're feeling satisfied because you're getting all your fiber from the veggies and have a full tummy from the carbs
3) You're getting energy from the carbs too so your body will stop begging for them!

☽Katherine☾ 1658

>I have a few things coming up this year and over the next few months including my birthday and a trip abroad.
>I want to be able to buy nice clothes while I'm abraod.
>I want to be able to clear out my entire wardrobe and fill it with nice, new clothes.
>I want to look sexy for my boyfriend.
>I want to be confident again.

>Sticking as close to eating fruit, veggies and good carbs as possible.
>Cutting out fake meat products and eating tofu, lentils and beans instead.
>Cooking everything from home. I want to know exactly what's going into my food. I'm in college right now so I'll be bringing in all of my own lunches.
>No alcohol unless it's straight spirits and diet mixers.
>Trying to cut out diet carbonated drinks because aparently they interfere with weight loss but they're the only thing that keeps me sane when I'm dieting </3
>No more "treating" myself while I'm on my period. I'll just have to suffer it.
>I'm not counting calories, I think it's ineffective. Just cutting out junk.
>No more binging. I'm going to keep a binge diary and write why I thought I binged. Will post some of my diary entries to shame myself. You're all welcome to tell me off for it.

>An hour of muscle building, three times a week. I hear that muscle helps burn fat and since I've had 0 success with dieting in the past, maybe not having enough muscle was a factor? I'm done with cardio, it's a waste of time and energy. If anyone has any suggestions for YouTube videos, I'd really appreciate it!
>30 minutes of meditation every night because stress causes weight gain and I'm very stressed.
>An hour of fast walking to and from college daily Monday -> Friday.

Start weight: 175lbs (I know, ew)
Current weight: 172lbs (started last week)
Goal weight: 110lbs

Any suggestions about anything welcome!

Steviatits 1659

My birthday is coming this week so my boyfriend got me a huge box of Lindt chocolate and I just destroyed my day. I ate A TON of candy, I don't even know how many not wanna know, I guess. It's all my fault, not his, obviously. And I'm so happy and grateful for the gift. But fuck, I'm so mad at myself now lol. Tomorrow's a new day though, wish me luck. And good luck to all of you too!

Anonymous 1660


It's basically video related. I'm veeeeegan and it's harder for us to lose weight in a way that isn't boring AF (also potatoes exist). My "cheese" is made of coconut oil and I back an avocado so it's not really limiting me at all. I wrote out all the yes foods and no foods on paper and stuck it on the wall.

Sometimes I will have toasted bread with avocado on which isn't really allowed in the diet if you're being mega strict but I've started running a lot more. Also Pea protein for those CHISELED ABDOMINALS. It may not work for you guys, but I recommend it :) (it's weirdly made my skin nicer too)

Anonymous 1661

Dont worry, drink lots of water and start 100% tomorrow. If it's only one day, it shouldn't do too much damage!

Steviatits 1662

Hiya, you asked for suggestions on videos. Some of my fav fitness/diet related YouTubers are Whitney (here's one of her videos), FatMeetsFire and Obesetobeast.
Seriously, if any of you wants to watch some nice YouTubers, those 3 are great. John from Obesetobeast has been kinda slow/boring lately imo so watch his older videos, they're amazing.

Just wishing you good luck! We have similar goals and strategies, except for the fact I have been calorie counting. I'm struggling with gaining any kind of muscle mass tho, which may be understandable because I really don't do much at the gym yet.
We will see all things go the next couple weeks.
Good luck and keep us updated!

Deleted my comment and reposted it to say thank you, >>1661 !! (:

☽Katherine☾ 1663

Thanks so much for the suggestions, kind anon! That's really going to help me because I can't work out without someone to guide me.

I'll be sure to keep you updated and let you know what worked for me. Good luck to you and everyone else reading!

Fy 1664


>will be doing a spray tan and massage course for 39 weeks
>realised other young women my age will be seeing me naked or mostly naked
>what if one is gay
>what if

>starting at 1800kcal and slowly working downwards to 1500kcal with lots of cardio so I don't become faint
>upping martial arts to 3x a week
>weight training 2x a week
>flex training every other day rather than halfassing one day a week
>eat more veg, fruit, nuts, coconut oil, eat less Doritos
>already cook everything from scratch bc gluten free (including bread) so I'm at least one step there
>cutting down on portions too

Current weight
Desired weight

>Live on the second floor.

Sorry people below me this is serious

Paro-Chan 1665

Just a quick update to add my weight: 123 pounds. That's not bad at all considering I thought I was more than that. Still hoping to get down to 115ish, my bf has already lost 10 pounds so I need to catch up. Working on eating cleaner and will pick up the exercise regimen for sure.

Steviatits 1666

You're so very welcome!

>what if one is gay
>eat less Doritos
>Sorry people below me this is serious

your post made me laugh so much, I don't even know why, but thank you because I really needed to laugh. I hope you manage to achieve your so desired abs (mmm, girls with nice abs~)

Anyway, back to business:
I've planned my entire meal plan for the day to reduce the damage I might have done today with all that sugar, so hopefully I'll avoid fasting on purpose like an idiot just to make myself binge on the next day.

I plan on having some skim milky tea, chicken breast with cherry tomatoes and lots of greens, miso soup, a hard boiled egg and my favorite protein bar. According to MFP I will hit my calories for the day if I eat the planned amount. And ahh yes, I need to remind myself to drink enough water.

Wishing everyone a fantastic Monday and a wonderful week.

Tiramisu 1667



So, I am feeling pretty good! I am currently X1.8 right now, and I am very very hopeful that, by the end of the week, I'll be down to X1.2~X1.0. I know that me and my bf are going to eat out tomorrow with friends, to a burger place lol But I hope that won't be too problematic.

Either way, the exercises are definitely working, and I am visually thinner. I even have some subtle abs that I have never seen at this weight. So probably when I lose more fat, it will be way more apparent, and I am so pumped for that. I noticed that my thighs are thinner too and the cellulite is miles better. My arms are toned on the bicep area but the goddamn mom arm's fat are so stubborn lmao

I just wish I had measured myself and/or took before photos to see the differences more clearly and precisely. But that's not so important.

Anyway, stay focused girls!

I personally love Emi Wong videos, cause I love HIIT workouts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_peyd-40Hk

I also love an app called Cardio and HIIT that I downloaded, you choose the type of cardio/HIIT you want, for how long you wanna do it (5 mins, for example) and they show you the exercises beforehand and have a built in counter. It's very practical. I also downloaded the Leg one but the cardio/HIIT one is the app I use the most.

Steviatits 1668

I've lost a bit of weight this week, almost 1kg. But maybe it was just water weight since I was on my period last week. I don't fucking now, but I'll keep an eye on the scale this week. I feel like of sick, so my appetite isn't the best right now.

Tiramisu 1669



I said I was only going to that burger joint and that it wasn't going to be a biggie, but not only did I over eat there but in the rest of the week as well (and didn't exercise as much as I should). I don't know why I fucking do that, it's like my brain wanna self sabotage my whole progress



I am not even going to fucking weigh myself this week or else I know I would just give all up

Donut 1670

Motivation: Work

Diet: Plant based vegan

Exercise: None atm

Starting point: 120lbs (5'1)
Goal: 103lbs
Remaining: 14lbs

If I weren't a long time vegan I'd probably have gained a lot more weight (with how often I've binged recently) so I'm not complaining at all at all. Emotionally it's been really rough the past year, I've had a medical condition so I can't work out or walk around much for about a month or two still and it's slowly driving me crazy. I used to go three times a week minimum. Any time I try to go adds on another three or four days of recovery, but I feel so great at the end of it besides the physical symptoms of my illness worsening.

I've been sticking mostly to just water, veggies, fruit, bean or rice protein, with dark chocolate not mixed with corn syrup or cane sugar and other healthy snacks as treats. It's a really balanced diet so the added benefit is that it makes me feel a lot better mentally and fulfills all my nutritional needs, but I fall off the wagon pretty often now. My boyfriend moved in who eats a lot less healthy, and while he's been really supportive and amazing it's hard to not want to eat fries when he has two delicious giant servings a day. When we're out eating I usually just binge and go fuck all to meeting my nutritional goals for the day and go 2000 calories over. It was waaaaay easier to have self control when I was in in my own little bubble.

I feel like without the exercise and getting used to my partner here I'm just at a a wall.


Okay back with an update (a day late but whatever). Really happy because I lost 5lbs :) I feel like I cheated a little because I did have a few things I felt I shouldn't have (a few diet cokes, a packet of instant noodles and I had some of a dessert my mom made).

This week I just want to continue what I'm doing but remind myself not to have any artificial sweeteners (like coke) or food that has no nutritional value (i.e. the noodles). I also bought a big glass that holds a litre of water so I'm going to drink a litre in the morning with some lemon juice and the other throughout the day. I'm really excited to keep going :)

Start weight: 175lbs
Current weight: 167lbs
Goal weight: 110lbs

That video is great! HIIT is a good idea, quick and can be done anywhere (including my bf's house!).

Tiramisu 1992



>mfw i binged today

I need some motivation to get back on track. I've been feeling like shit for the past week and a half.

Steviatits 1998

I feel ya. I'm in the same shitty situation.

Beeper 2005


I'm a dumb shorty who has screwed up my metabolism with all sorts of anachan behavior, making me go from like 80 pounds to 180 in a year.

> mfw I need to eat at 1200 or less to lose because my maintenance is ~1350

Motivation: I'm overweight and it's starting to make me look older than I am, which is scary af

Diet: ~1200kcal vegetarian diet and I will decrease slowly as need be.

Exercise: I spend all day on my feet which I recognize is not exercise, but because of that I'm always tired. I'm going to attempt 30 mins of aerobic excercise (Sweatin' to the Oldies lmao) 3x a week.

Other goals: increase water, eat mainly produce, and generally try to not treat myself like shit.

Steviatits 2008

>making me go from like 80 pounds to 180 in a year.

That's a horror story! Wishing you the best, I hope you can drop the weight and get healthy again. Sending a virtual hug your way.

Today's Saturday and last week was a disaster for the most part so hopefully this one, starting from today, will be a lot better


Thank you anon. I already dropped quite a bit of weight, though I don't have a scale so I have no idea how much. I would guess I'm ~150-60 now, which is still much more than I should weigh. But it's still a little better than where I was.

☽Katherine☾ 2019


Start weight: 175lbs
Current weight: 167lbs
Goal weight: 110lbs

So I've maintained. I'm really dissapointed because I did actually lose my weekly goal of 2lbs (!!!) but I gained it again. I just feel really shit right now because there's so much going on in my life. Earlier this week we had to put down my dog since childhood (which was probably a factor in my initial weight loss since I lost my apetite for a few days, I felt nauseous from crying a lot), my bf is having a really hard time with a shitty manager at work and a friend of ours is suicidal in a country that offers barely any mental health services. It was just such a shit week that my bf brought over some snacks and we tried to relax by lighting some candles and ordering a takeaway.

Now I feel like I need to lose 4lbs this week to make up for it…

Anonymous 2022

I know I'm super late but thanks. I'm already doing all of that + protein shakes, minus the sugary stuff.

I seem to be at 51kg now, been there for a while now. Idk, I might give it a try again this summer. Gaining muscle is fucking hard.

Steviatits 2025

unnamed (10).gif

I feel like my progress has been so slow lately. I skipped the gym today because we have people home. But maybe I'd find an excuse if they weren't here since I feel lazy as fuck. I've become terribly unmotivated and I don't want this for myself.

Maybe after losing 21kg I'm just hitting a plateau (if that's not a myth)~ sigh…

I just want to lose this weight… Shit. It's not like I don't know what I'm doing – I do, otherwise I wouldn't have taken this seriously for months, and made progress.

I binged several days last week and I know the root of this problem is emotional. I wasn't even hungry. Hopefully this week is going to be better. Sob, I need a hug. But then you'd touch my fat belly and arms and I'd feel self conscious. Lol

Anonymous 2064

Me forever ^

I've been overeating so much lately

Anonymous 2071

I haven't checked in in a while, but I'm happy to say I've lost 10lbs since posting this and my waist is down to 31!

Anonymous 2076

Congrats keep it up!!!!

☽Katherine☾ 2087


Start weight: 175lbs
Current weight: 167lbs
Goal weight: 110lbs

I've maintained AGAIN. I really fucking hate myself right now because I could have been down like 4lbs more by now. I've considered counting calories but I'd rather get all my nutritional needs than starve all day for a bit of chocolate.

Still welcome to any tips anyone has.

Anonymous 2093


Here is my food for today ( no particular order)
Although I don't have a sweet tooth today I decided to eat everything I shouldn't 😭

I'm using this thread as

Anonymous 2094


Anon, this is too little food. Eat more, don't be silly. See

Anonymous 2095

I think >>2094 is probably correct. Do you know your TDEE?

I've been struggling with binge eating lately and I know it's been caused by anxiety. It sucks ass.

Anonymous 2096


I am sorry anon. Emotional eating really sucks. Have you tried to do other stuff to substitute the eating? I know it's easier said than done, but the last time I was struggling with anxiety, I did a bit of yoga with breathing and it helped a lot. That's now my go-to when having it, usually. There are a lot of videos on the subject, you can choose what fits your needs best!

Anonymous 2097

I'm so emotional right now. I'm so fucking done with starving and binging but at the same time, eating like a normal person isn't helping me lose weight either and I've got all these important events coming up. I'm so sick of seeing my classmates inhaling chocolate bars all day and not gaining a single pound while I'm sitting there with a low calorie yoghurt that tastes like chemicals and I'm still unable to lose weight. Can someone be honest with me because I can't ask them, do you think they puke them up in the bathroom?

I don't know what to do, my doctor won't help me. Is there a way I can starve while also keeping my energy levels up for my course? I'm basically doing something that condenses 4 years into 1, so it's really intense. How do you guys deal with emotional eating? Is throwing up the answer because calories in < calories out? I'm having the shittiest month of my life with all the deaths and stress of my course and food is the only thing that makes me happy rn. I fucking hate myself. I don't even think I binge as bad as most people because I can actually stop myself and I only do it once or twice a week but I guess it's enough to undo all of the days of the week I spent skipping breakfast, eating a small lunch and only having 1 spoonful of the family dinner at night.

I just want to be like everyone else.

Anonymous 2099

I need to be accountable for myself rn because I'm reeeing for gaining the weight I lost back almost instantly when I've been eating cup ramen like every day because I'm too lazy to cook.

I will make a mini calendar and mark an X on it each day I eat healthily (… and don't eat pot noodle), to combat this ☆!

>>2097 your friends probably don't eat a lot at home/weekend etc. Or their metabolisms haven't caught up yet if you're younger.
My advice; anything branded "low calorie" is likely low fat but high sugar. Granola bars are a total meme at this point too.

Stick to mostly veg and protein. It's boring at first but in a few weeks, your energy will be like yeee bwoi. Take vitamins too just incase!

Anonymous 2103

Thank you for the video. I may start today with something very easy. I've been wanting to do yoga for a while now.

I'm still struggling, especially because I'm on my period right now, but I'm trying to stay sane and control myself.

☽Katherine☾ 2108


Start weight: 175lbs
Current weight: 166lbs
Goal weight: 110lbs

I've lost a single pound this week. It doesn't really make up for the weeks I maintained but at least it's something. I've scheduled in an hour before bed daily so I can meditate or do something relaxing before bed. I've heard thay stress and sleep loss can contribute towards weight gain so I'm going to test it out over the next few weeks and see if it helps me to destress and sleep better (and ultimately if it helps me shift a pound or two!).

I've also stopped drinking as much water as it was making me uncomfortable but I'm going to up my water again this week. I'm close to having lost 10lbs so I'm not gonna stop now. Another 5 and I'll be down a whole stone!!

Anonymous 2110

motivation: i camwhore to pay the bills and its embarrassing getting online when ive gained so much weight

exercise: youtube video exercises 2-3 times a week, sometimes yoga/stretching if my back is giving me trouble

diet: doing AIT diet, starts at 850cal and decreases gradually to 500

CW- 133
HW- 164
will update every 2-3 days

☽Katherine☾ 2124


Start weight: 175lbs
Current weight: 167lbs
Goal weight: 110lbs

Aaaaaaa I'm really angry because I reached 165lbs during the week (so 10lbs in total lost and perfectly on target!) but I got a takeaway last night with my bf which added the extra 2lbs. I'm really hoping that it will be easy to lose again next week plus an extra 1/2lbs because it was only one bad night.

If I could get down to 161 in the next 2 weeks, I'd be perfectly on target and I'll have lost a whole stone! I'm starting to get compliments and I want to keep the trend going. If I reach that goal, I'll probably buy myself something nice like a new piercing or makeup.

Anonymous 2134


CW- 126
HW- 143

>>How do you girls get the motivation to keep losing weight?

I would always got pumped in my younger-years when I had a crush or was actively looking to meet someone.

Now I'm living somewhere I'm going to leave in just over 6 months. The past 3 years before that I actively avoided leaving the house/dating.

The next place I move I hope to stay because I'm really tired of "running away" by moving. I'd like not to have to worry about dieting and get it over and done with now before the move. Issue is I don't even remember what it's like to feel excitement for the future or to have a crush. I have no close friends anymore. I used to get pumped with my female friends to get ready for summer when we'd go to the beaches/amusement parks etc. Of course, as I said before, I'd get pumped if I had a crush or boyfriend too. When I had my family it was fun to make it a competition.

I am slowly losing the weight because I logically know I've gotten fat, but I have no driving force. I don't want to date now because I will move soon-ish. I have not had a crush in 5 years. I have not had a close female friend in 5 years either.

Shit like pictured help somewhat, but don't get me feeling pumped.

I need someway to get motivated girls! Please help!!

Anonymous 2144


Hey I'm in such a similar position!
I'm super petite (4'9") and have hit the same highest weight as you, this is where I am now (144 lbs eek). It was always easier for me when I was younger and I'd always lose weight for boys I liked. I'd also just casually fast and it was easier.

You look like you've come a long way already, I'm looking forward to losing the first 20!!

I cut all carbs yesterday. I'm going to make it this time. Lemme know if you want to be petite motivation buddies. We got this!!!

Anonymous 2156

I'm 5'2".

>current weight

95 lbs
>goal weight
90 lbs


lots of protein, around 1000 kcal/day.
I do about 1 hour of walking every day just to get to/from campus and work, but I also do body weight exercises at home

Anonymous 2158

There are fat girls who do that you know

Steviatits 2160

I just lost 2kg this week. I'm happy because I felt like I was overeating pretty bad last week, but somehow my effort is paying off. Still calorie counting.

Anonymous 2221

unnamed (13).gif

Is anyone still dieting/making progress? Am I alone now?

Tiramisu 2240



I still am, but since I haven't lost anything and I am actually gaining again (fml), I haven't updated. Sorry :')

I need motivation. And to go back to using MFP, because it helped a lot.

☆Sukumizu☆ 2243


I'm still here as well, but only lost 4kgs since my first post here 4 months ago.
Yo-yo'd two kilos for most of that time, and one week ago when I got notice that an important event I definitely need to be thin for is coming up sooner than I expected, I relapsed.

To the ED thread I go

Tiramisu 2248



Now take a load of this weight fluctuation:

X5.0 yesterday
X2.6 today

How I hate this bullshit.


I'm here too but I was too embarrassed to post that I haven't lost anything :'(

Anonymous 2260

I fell off the wagon for a bit, but came back and now I'm just above 125. Finally feeling like I can work on building muscle again instead of making loosing weight my main priority (never stopped working out, but couldn't push quite as hard with what I was eating this year), but I'd still like to be under 120.

Still here but I don't like hanging out too much because some posts make me feel bad even though it's a personal journey and I shouldn't compare. Even though I know this it feels bad to see girls who are the same height yet drastically lighter than me try to loose weight. Yay insecurity!

Fuck, I hate that too.

Steviatits 2261

Whew, I'm just glad many of you are still around too. I've managed to lose quite a bit but I've binged nonstop the last 3 or 4 days and I feel like dying right now ugh.

Anonymous 2263

Still here.
Nothing has changed.
This is no bait.

/end of haiku

Actually Im drinking healthy smoothies now, like at night so I get full and dont eat dinner. But thats it :-/

☽Katherine☾ 2264


So, I've been too embarrassed to admit that I haven't lost anything over the past few weeks so I haven't updated.

I feel pretty shit because I got a really bad infection in my throat that made eating extremely painful. For a solid 2 weeks all I was able to eat were meal replacement milkshakes (which my mom made me drink to keep up my vitamins), soup and yoghurt. I didn't lose a single pound but my mom got all excited about the fact that I couldn't eat solids and kept going on about how I'd slim down and it would reduce my appetite (fucking gross thing to say to someone who's sick). Then even though I didn't lose anything, she kept telling me that I looked great and it was working, essentially praising me for starving even though it wasn't deliberate and not even meaning the "compliment".

I just found the whole thing really triggering. On one hand, now I want to try only drinking liquids to see if it helps at all but on the other hand I'm really angry that I didn't lose anything and that my mom's encouraging that kind of thing.


Anonymous 2265

>>2264 Don't be so harsh on yourself! I think you lost a fair amount of weight since the beginning of your diet. Losing weight can sometimes be very difficult so take it easy. I wouldn't try the liquid diet if I were you, like you said that it didn't work when you were sick so I wouldn't try it. Try to stick to a healthy diet and try to only eat when you're hungry. Good luck anon!

Kittycat 2266



I'm still here too!
I stopped posting because i fucked up my leg and am unable to exercise by my doc's orders so i didn't lose anything or made any significant changes (i actually gained a bit since i am still adapting my diet to adapt to 0 exercise and barely any walking lol).
I though that updating my status to "literally the same" wasn't necessary.

Hopefully soon i can start back up again on my exercise and post a good update!

Anonymous 2267

Super duper OT but which anime is this from?

Anonymous 2268

I had a lot of weight to lose back in Dec so with a lot of effort I managed to drop 23kg, I can't believe it. Lol.

I still wanna lose a bit of weight and yeah, it's gotten harder now since I don't have much to lose, but it's totally doable. Wishing everyone in this thread lots of good luck and I hope you all manage to hit your goals even though the last couple months may not have been too kind on you.

Kittycat 2270

It's from Kimagure Orange Road!

Anonymous 2280


>Basic strength

Staring Point: size 14 (australia)
Goal: size 10-12
Remaining: 1-2 dress sizes to lose

I just want to be healthy and happy.

Anonymous 2284

Just went up 5 lbs today

I know it's probably PMS but fuck meeeeeeeee I feel awful.


Thank you, anon .n. I needed that xxx

Anonymous 2298


Fuck anon. Same here. Send help. And tbh I didn't make anything better yesterday, I ate way over my healthy amount of daily calories. I'll try not to think about it for a couple days and get back on track right away.

Anonymous 2317

I can't stop eating chocolate. I try. For a while I manage to limit myself to a couple of packs a week, but this doesn't last and I crack out a pack of chocolate biscuits or something. Those chocolate coated peanuts are wicked, I love them but they don't love me back. I'm not even fat but I want to be fit and the chocolate is not my friend, I must not give into the chocolate, please help me.

It's getting hotter now and I'm worried I'll start getting onto ice cream again. There's a place that does it locally; delicious hazel nut ice cream in a cylindrical tub for 14 doll hairs. I eat one of those In a day if it's hot and my will to live is particularly nonexistent that day. It's so comfy eating ice cream and watching Aria or some other top tier comfy Anime.

I never weigh myself. It's dumb and annoying. I just go by how I look and when I eat too much chocolate, my body lets me know by way of the pimple or the tummy tub. I've never made such a blog post; what have I become?

Anonymous 2322

I'm considering posting a progress photo but I'm unsure if this is something that would be okay or not? I could spoiler it I guess but I don't know whether it would be weird or not?

Anonymous 2325

I think it's absolutely ok, just don't show your face obviously and stick to rule number 9

Anonymous 2370

I just want to be be able to wear cute clothing and look really cute. Will I ever be able to achieve that, anons? It seems really impossible right now…

Anonymous 2375

You can do that without weightloss tho? I mean there are even wales who know how to dress cute, you just gotta know how and, well, have a bit of self esteem.

Anonymous 2380

There are but idk how they do it. Everything I try on looks gross on me, I look nothing like a fashionable plus-size girl. I feel like losing weight will make things automatically look better on me.

Anonymous 2386


I had a thousand homemade cookies today. Ah and Coca-Cola, which I never drink. Life has been very stressful this week, so I can't stop overeating. I am afraid to step on the scale.

Anonymous 2401



Although this is not a very healthy way of thinking, I understand completely. I too wanna be able to fit clothing that just runs in small sizes and look cute. Kinda utopic, tbhq, because I'd have to be awfully thin to do so since my build is very tall and overall large. I guess the ideal thing to do would be losing with alongside with loving yourself and thinking you look good nonetheless. The weight loss stories that I hear that are successful goes like that for the most part.

You should also try to dress for your body type, so like, if you have really broad shoulders, try maybe wearing less tank tops, or if you have a small gut, try using tightish pencil skirts that help conceal it, etc. Of course, those rules are not gospel or anything, but you could try it.

Anonymous 2402

I think it depends on the type of fat you are. Me for example, my stomach is huuuge like I'm 5-6 months pregnant now, and it's damn hard to fit well in clothes.if I wear jeans for example, I have a huge ass gut hanging out. for dresses it's better depending on the dress.

Anonymous 2440

My scales broke. I'm too poor to buy new ones.

Gonna keep trying but feel really like "ahhh". I won't be able to see how I'm progressing.

Anonymous 2441

Get a measuring tape, anon!

Anonymous 2452

this. i stopped using scales and found i was much happier with my actually measurement progress than weight, since i gained a bunch of muscle as i started slimming down.

Anonymous 2464

Different anon, but I've got a question about measuring.

Where exactly are you supposed to measure? I'm actually trying to gain so I'm not sure if it's even worth measuring some areas.

Right now I'm measuring my:
chest (do I measure my boobs or under? I'm less than an A cup so it seems pointless)
hips (my hips are narrow but my butt is big, so???)

Anonymous 2466

for my purposes i'm measuring my chest, waist, hip, biceps and thighs, but basically just measure wherever you want to gain (usually where the muscle is) breast area is got to measure the overbust along with the under/breast.

Steviatits 2479


Is anyone else out of control too? I've gained like 2.5kg this month… I will get my shit together tomorrow…

Tiramisu 2480


Yup! Since >>2248. Which was almost a month a go. :')
Maybe I'll stay more motivated now that I should lose a bit of weight for a medical treatment?

Anonymous 2494

Anyone else finding it hard to stick to diet programmes in the coldness weather?
I'm struggling to find the desire to eat colder healthier food over a carb load of delicious stodgy goodness from the chippy.

Might start taking soups and stews out in a thermos flask….?

Steviatits 2501

Wahhh anon, good luck! I'm getting back on track, hopefully things will go smoothly this month.

Anonymous 2503

stupid trousers.jp…

What do you dislike most about your body and what would you like to change?

Anonymous 2504

Stomach. I lost a lot of weight and the skin is a bit flaccid and thin there. Not to the point I need surgery (well maybe I could get it,but I don't think it's necessary), but it bothers me since I can't fix that just by exercising.

Anonymous 2505

>>2503 I want thin arms, i don't really give a fuck about anything else tbh.

Anonymous 2526

Honestly, I like my body. It's a nice shape. I just wish it were slimmer so that I could wear nicer clothing

Anonymous 2532


>Honestly, I like my body. It's a nice shape. I just wish it were slimmer so that I could wear nicer clothing

This. But if I am going to be very honest, when I was at my lowest weight, my legs were still touching because I wasn't thing enough yet to get that thigh gap, so I would probably change that. My hips are wide enough for a thigh gap but my fat storages mostly in my legs and butt, so it's always the hardest part to lose from.

Anonymous 2622

Pulling my Hair Ou…

>thigh gap
Sorry for OT but the more I think about thigh gaps the more confused I get: do they only exist on bow-legged girls? Because otherwise how is it even possible to have a thigh gap if you're ankles and therefore, knees, are together?

Please someone clarify this for me so I can sleep better at night.

Anonymous 2623

Errr, some people say it's about hip width?

Anonymous 2624

Also I think it has something to do with where the fat is stored on an individuals leg? I guess it sounds weird but some legs seem to have more fat in the inner thigh. I don't really understand the thigh gap obsession though. I love thicc thighs.

Anonymous 2626


The right looks so much better than the left imo. I feel like this is what most guys think a thigh gap is anyway.

(Re-post because not sure if nsfw)

Anonymous 2627

Tbh the majority of guys I know don't even know what that is. But I guess I'd agree with you.

That and having wide enough hips.

tbh the gap is a pain in the ass, there's always some weird space between your legs and stuff keeps falling through - especially cats lol

Anonymous 2628

I'm fat and at the right angle I have the gap. People are idiots.

Anonymous 2629

After I was on birth control my stomach fat went out of control. That and my ham arms.

Anonymous 2639

I don't know, I think that is a small price to pay for not chaffing my thighs. I also have some sensory bullshit that I can't sleep properly if I feel my thighs touching. I always have to put a pillow or something in between or sleep with pants.

It's not on bow-legged girls only. I am >>2532 and as I said, I know I can have a thigh gap, cause it's easy to feel where the fat ends and the muscle starts on my legs, and also because my hips are pretty wide. But I wouldn't like an Ana-chan stick thin leg, though. Honestly, having a thigh gap with my feet apart would be enough for me, like when I had before porking up 15kg.

Anonymous 2640

Also used to have a thigh gap before ballooning in weight. My thighs rubbing together is really annoying…


Oh god me too. That's the worst thing about gaining weight!

Anonymous 2678

Eat less and exercise more

Anonymous 2683

I gained my weight after antidepressants :(

I'm slowly cutting them out now because I never had weight issues before going on them (and my diet actually improved after going on…).


No one asked for advice on how to stop it.

Anonymous 2693


>>Hey girls. I'm the "I got fat after antidepressants" anon again.

I just bought 1 year membership to Just Dance Now app on the iPhone. It's $25 for unlimited songs for 1 year and really is a good workout imo. You can also play for free, but it's slow to get coins…

Hope others can enjoy this game…

I will try to figure out if I can stay in the same room, cuz you can play free if we are in the same room…not sure how it works yet. Literally played a few times then purchased after working up a sweat. ^^;

Really recommend if you want to workout, but don't want to go to a gym or buy a game console.

Anonymous 2724


Hey~ Anyone is going to start over after the holidays?

Anonymous 2725


I plateaued for a while, but after taking a break from the scale for a bit I weight in at 123.8 today, so that's a bit of progress.

This month and next month are going to suck though. Not even just the holiday food, but mainly because my schedule sucks and I won't be able to work out as much due to traveling. Not even fun traveling but work stuff I do not want to do and stressful family stuff. I'll try to do a bit on my own but honestly I'm awful at it, I need to physically leave and go a dedicated space in order to kick my butt into gear. I am starting to feel like I can see my body as cute sometimes though, so that's nice, I have't felt that way in a while.

Anonymous 2727

This looks interesting and I love dancing, thanks anon

Anonymous 2740


Me, for sure. Holidays always fuck me up. It's inevitable, I guess, but still kinda annoying. Even if I wanna eat less, there's no way in hell my family would allow it lel

Anonymous 2767


omg i've been gaining weight just from the holidays and its been bugging me so i tried and… oh lord! i reaaaally can't dance! but i'm having so much fun lmao i look like a dork FBI probably roasting me when they see my webcam. thanks for posting this (i would have never tried otherwise) this is so fun and funny to a dork like me hahah. i liked it!

Anonymous 2770

I'll be starting! Hoping to lose 10kg!

KittyCat 2772


I gained 3 kg in 2 months and i've been stuck on the weight no matter what, it's been pretty annoying. Curse the holidays and being unable to exercise still.

I will lose it all in the following months though, we can do it, anons, i believe in you all!

Steviatits 2773


Me too, and the same amount of weight. I have high hopes for 2018! Will keep updating regularly.

Anonymous 2780


I'm going on a approx 500 cal a day diet. I kno it's extreme and that I'll probably end up eating 700 but I'm tired of being chubby /skinny fat. Also anyone else only takes a bite or eats a small amount of something they really crave to ease the cravings? Does it work?

Anonymous 2781

Don't. You will start binge eating in a couple days and then shit will get out of control. 1000-1200 is a good amount of calories if you're short.

Anonymous 2782


I'm starting over today. I didn't drink any alcohol or eat any crap last night, I'm very pumped to better my health this year. My fridge is full of things I can eat without guilt.

Anonymous 2918

Not sure where else to post this but since these are the people who are dieting and reading a lot on health… Is drinking a smoothie made of kale, a few fruits and veggies actually GOOD for you or is that just a meme? I'm not asking this to lose weight, I'm asking this because I want to get more NUTRIENTS and some of my friends said pills aren't as good as they claim. What do you guys think? Yes, I could eat the stuff fresh to have all intact fiber, but I'd use frozen bags with veggies and fruit since everything tends to go bad fast at my place.

Anonymous 2942

I can't imagine why it wouldn't be good for you. :)

Anonymous 2943

How's it going girls?

I decided to get serious this time about getting myself together and am going on a Protein-Sparing fast for the next 7 days, then deciding where to go from there. If the results are good, I'll keep it up for another 2 sessions (3 weeks total) and hope that will get most of the weight off. I've got no issue maintaining (gained weight from SSRI's), so just want to get thin again ASAP. I've also gone from coach potato to at least 3 hours exercise per day…since my diet is pretty extreme (for me at least), I decided to update after the first week…

Steviatits 2944

Well, I have lost around 2kg since the beginning of the year but that's the amount I gained during the holiday season lel. At least I'm back ok track now though.

Anonymous 2978


>work out without stopping for 2 years straight
>can do basically any workout and i barely get sore anymore unless i push too much
>stop because of an injury
>months without exercising
>try to get back to it
>lost most of my muscle
>lost my defined abs and thicc strong thighs
>now even the most simple workouts hurt me like a motherfucker
>perpetually sore like the first time i started working out
>lose motivation to keep on keeping on

Help me girls, i need a wake up call to get back onto it and push through the first two months again so i can get the routine back, but i can't find it in me from going to strong as fuck can do anything to a weakling that can barely hold an easy workout.
It's like my mind is telling me, "what's the point, it took 2 years to get there and you ruined it lol".
Any of you dealt with stopping for months and starting again after a while? How did you keep motivated after realising you were "weaker"?


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