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perpetual state of hunger Anonymous 17809

First of all, I want to start with saying that I am not overweight.

With that out of the way, I'm almost always in a state of hunger. After finishing my meal, I feel that I could finish two more easily. And even if I did that, I can never be full for more than a maximum of 15 minutes before my mind is filled of thoughts of gluttony again. That has been my life since I was a kid and it's agonizing not to give into the urges because being hungry all the time is such torture. I also noticed that I eat faster than literally everyone I've ever met, including my father. I am SO FUCKING HUNGRY that I can't even eat my food in normal sized bites. The only thing that motivates me to work is the thought of getting more food. I am unable to make friends and connect with others as I have no interests beside eating, I only ever talk about food and the weather. I am also very stingy, I guess part of why I was so reluctant to make friends is because I don't want to offer them my food. Is this mental illness?

Anonymous 17810

You may have hyperthyroidism, nona. Have you ever had your thyroid hormones checked?

Anonymous 17811

No I have not

Anonymous 17821

It sounds like food addiction, perhaps a psychologist could help. I hope it gets better for you anon because being constantly hungry sounds like something that would happen in a grotesque novel where the protagonist eventually loses control or ends up devouring themselves. Or a Greek mythology curse. Either way good luck.

Anonymous 17823

It's a hell that I chose over obesity, funniest part is that I thought everyone felt this hungry all the time too, I thought whenever someone declines food it's out of politeness or because they'd rather pretend to be delicate princesses, I thought everyone felt like me deep down and that this hunger was everyone's natural state and that I was a little bitch for not being able to handle it.

Anonymous 17824


Hi Tarrare.
Jokes aside, I actually kind of understand although I am able to distract myself from it and have other interests/hobbies outside of eating. I describe it as my hunger and fullness responses being broken, because I'm constantly in the mood to eat unless I've consumed to the point of pain. Even then, I recover pretty quickly and am ready to go again. My palate is also very open and though I have preferences, I favour being able to consume large amounts over taste. As I lost weight I actively make this choice (eg. plain popcorn or rice cakes over a rich cookie or honey roasted peanuts). Arguably the best thing that has happened to me is diet limitations due to acid reflux so that I get unbearably punished for overeating or eating most things.
Drinks are also a quantity thing for me, which is what fucked up my stomach. My friends recently noticed that I swill tea, and I used to be the same with coffee by drinking upwards of 8 cups a day. To reduce calories I started drinking black which…wrecked me. So now I'll just drink 1 litre of chamomile tea in a sitting and freak normies out.
>I thought everyone felt this hungry all the time too
Also relatable. I've never understood how people can regularly forget to eat when I'm always looking forward to my next meal even while eating my current one.

You mentioned choosing this over obesity, so have you been fat in the past too? I wonder if that just fucks up human brains forever. Some more than others because mine seems more manageable than yours. Or maybe we were meant to be hunters kek.
Either way, I'm sorry it's interrupted even your social life, and thank you for providing a space to talk about this.

Anonymous 17827

I'll throw my hat in the ring: why not drink two protein shakes a day? Or switch to a high protein diet? It's an appetite killer, I'll testify to that. In fact after about meal 4 it's a chore to eat

Anonymous 17828

Ha, I would have suggested fat as an appetite killer. But it's the same idea: have you tried to tweak your diets? Keto did it for me, and hunger disappeared.

Anonymous 17833


> I'm always looking forward to my next meal even while eating my current one.
Exactly, I feel like I literally live to consume food and nothing else.
> so have you been fat in the past too?
Nothing more than an extra few pounds, I've always been conscious of my weight and eating habits. I wouldn't be suffering so much If I just surrendered to the addiction.
> I wonder if that just fucks up human brains forever.
I wonder why I am the way I am, I lived a relatively normal life. I've been this way for as long as I remember, earliest memory being at a friend's birthday part and thinking "when are we going to eat the cake" the entire time, in fact I didn't look away from the cake for one second while everyone else was having fun, when they finally did I ate my cake and left and I was disappointed with the slice size.
>why not drink two protein shakes a day? Or switch to a high protein diet?
It's mainly a budget issue, it's cheaper to fill your stomach with carbs than with much more expensive proteins. I'll look up the protein shakes though.
>have you tried to tweak your diets?
I drink coffee with cream 2 or 3 times a day, I read that coffee suppresses the appetite and having something to sip on satisfies my cravings for a while.

Anonymous 17834

i don't relate to you to the same degree, but i relate a lot about loving food and feeling hungrier than other people. i used to suffer from an eating disorder too because of body image issues and was disgusted by how much i couldn't resist food. i've always been a healthy weight but i like how really thin bodies look, i think usually underweight people are people who don't crave food as much and don't mind hunger.

anyway, i think that if hunger is bothering you this much it's worth getting looked at. have you been like this for as long as you can remember, or did it start at a certain time? it could be a sign of an underlying health problem

Anonymous 17838

I'm not necessarily gaining weight, but I'm not thin. My body tends to try to stay the same weight no matter what I eat. But yes i.love eating, cooking, trying new recipes. I love junk food too, but I'm sick to death of the fast food around here and in general. I'm always bored and snacking more than I should. I wish I had more recipes to play around with!!! I like healthy food too and I try to eat a lot of veggies consistently but unfortunately I always ruin it with cheese , sauce, butter, crunch and spicey.

Anonymous 17840


other than snacking too frequently out of boredom, that sounds extremely healthy

Anonymous 18012

I relate to you anon but I'm actually overweight and I checked for hyperthyroidism and most of the other possible causes but on paper I'm physically healthy (aside from having 27 bmi).
food addiction is the only explanation I could find, I too tried coffee for appetite suppression but I gained a new addiction instead.
I do have a tendency for addiction, I think it's just that, but I don't know how to get rid of my food addiction since I quit other things by going cold turkey but I can't quit eating.

Anonymous 18028

A good and cheap way to suppress your appetite is peanut butter
Just straight peanut butter. A healthy spoonful or two should do the trick, followed by plenty of water. It's what they recommend to Olympic athletes as well, since they go off of very VERY strict diets. It won't negatively effect your weight and is a very effective appetite killer
Otherwise I'd recommend trying to cook recipes that take up a lot of time to create, typically spending a lot of time with the different aromas makes you less hungry by the time it's actually time to eat, and trying out new recipes is a lot of fun anyhow!

Anonymous 18036

>I do have a tendency for addiction
This might be it, I do have a tendency for addiction in other aspects of my life too. Though my stomach growling is so fucking real so I don't think it's merely a psychological stat.
>A healthy spoonful or two should do the trick, followed by plenty of water
this might change my life, thanks nona.

Anonymous 18050

yeah my stomach growls too, addiction is phycological but it shows physically too, just look at drug addicts, they get super sick if they don't indulge.
I have porn addiction as one of my additions and I get extremely horny.

Anonymous 18051


>I have porn addiction as one of my additions and I get extremely horny


Anonymous 18052

I discovered it at 10 too, been on and off with it, was semi daily ages 11-14 it got so bad I decided to quit and I did successfully until 17 but it wasn't as bad it was mostly tame stuff and twice a week but I quit at 19, fell again at 20 and it's been on and off since then, best I did was a month off then I fall back and it's gotten the most degenerate since I started.

Anonymous 18061

>A good and cheap way to suppress your appetite is peanut butter
Not OP but I wish this was true. I could and have come close to eating an entire jar by myself so I consider it one of the most dangerous foods for me.
Did it work for you, OP?
I'm an anon from earlier and also struggled with porn (relapsed a bit recently after doing well for months).
There's a certain hobby I do that I also used to do for 8+ hours a day to the detriment of everything else in my life. Aside from food and masturbating it was one of the only things to make me feel happy/satisfied at the time. I tend to also obsess over people when I like them.
It must be a personality-type thing. I've always been grateful that drugs and alcohol have never been a part of my life because I'd absolutely have been dead by now.

Anonymous 18066


>Did it work for you, OP?
It worked well so far, I got this brand of peanut butter that is so thick and dense that I can't even spread it on a sandwhich tI don't know if they're all like that) and I don't feel tempted to take more than one spoon because it's so hard to swallow and I don't particularly enjoy the taste, it makes my stomach feel full for a while.
I discovered porn really early too but I never had an addiction problem, I quit it for ethical reasons and haven't looked back since 5 years.

Anonymous 18067

I'm >>18052, yes I do obsess over people too much and I'm certain I have an addictive/obsessive personality. I draw and when I'm in the mood I can draw four full drawings in a row, everything I do tends to be extreme if I care about it.

Anonymous 18070

I have the same thing anon. I wish i could say i fixed it permanently but eh not really, i still could eat at any given time if i let myself. The things that worked for a little was adderall (prescribed), that actually worked like so well but then the next time i didn’t take it that day i binged all day. Never having snacks helps somewhat too, like only having ingredients and being forced to create a meal to eat. Idk if you have a specific diet but i found that processed foods and restaurant food that has a lot of salt and seed oil really just increases hunger as you eat more, whereas things with animal fats and proteins do help satiety, but often don’t taste as amazing (which could also be beneficial i guess). Honestly, maybe talking to a doctor and getting the OK for an extended water fast could help you increase your willpower and mediate your instant gratification you get from food.

Anonymous 18073

This used to happen to me too when I was in college, I started smoking every day for a year to supress the hunger, but it didnt work, now im fat and will surely get cancer at 35 years old. Yeeeyy.

Anonymous 18075

Sounds like pre-diabeetus
Try reducing carbs and eating a lot of (animal) fat

Anonymous 18079

Why would you post this extremely sexist photo with this question

Anonymous 18080


Glad to know I'm not the only woman who struggles with this. I have a lot of guilt because my husband, many years back when he was just my bf, discovered I watch porn (he doesn't at all, never really did, just looked at images and started only using images of me after our relationship got serious).

He asked me to stop and I told him I would and we've never really talked about it much since. Once or twice he's asked if I still watch and I said no. But I don't watch a lot, I've definitely reallyyy slowed down since our relationship. Once a month is probably the average now. Idk I feel bad for not being completely honest but its so hard not to when I get the urge.

I find I also have more and more "crazy" sexual interests now and I'm worried porn is making me weird, making me weird really "out there" sexual stuff. Stuff that shouldn't turn me on or get me in the mood do.

(Sorry if this isn't the right thread to talk about this)

Anonymous 18081

I got introduced to porn early but was a virgin until pretty late in life. When it comes to fantasies mine are weird but irl I'm completely normal. I also rarely watch porn now and I have way tamer thoughts. The escalating fetish trope is real but it can be undone.

Anonymous 18082

*I meant to type vanilla, not normal. Stupid fingers.

Anonymous 18083

Anonymous 18095

I'm >>18052 and >>18050.
>>18081 I'm still a virgin at mid 20s, I have weird fetishes and I think it's kind of running it for me when it comes to men, I don't think a man could ever satisfy me not only because of the porn I watch but because I get bored so quickly, I get bored of a man in no time even the most attractive man gets boring for me after two weeks of talking, I think porn addiction rewired my brain when it comes to that.
I also find myself attracted to men I shouldn't be attracted to, either because they're ugly losers and satisfy a fetish of mine or because they're too young, too much teen gay porn and shota fucked up my brain.

Anonymous 18097


Sorry but I think it's time for you nonas to make a porn addiction thread if there isn't one already and leave this one for Hungry Girl discussions

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