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Short & Tall girls Anonymous 3018

Which one are you?
Do you wish you could change your height?
Does it even matter that much when it comes to dating?
And for guys, do you have a preference?

Share, I'm curious.

I'm 155cm tall btw. And yes I do genuinely wish I was taller.

Anonymous 3019

I'm an average 65in/165 cm, and I wish I was smaller. I'd kill to be your height anon; feel free to take my unwanted inches.

I like my guys tall because I have a thing for size difference (prob why I want to be shorter). 6'0 and above is hawt and perfect for hugging

Anonymous 3020

>Not for me
>I dislike tall guys and find the obsession other short girls have with them dumb. 5'9'' is my limit. I find even regular non-romantic interactions with tall guys extremely annoying. I don't enjoy having to constantly run after them (because of course they can never slow the fuck dowm), I don't enjoy turning to talk to them and locking eyes with their nipples instead of their face, I don't like how much ridiculous space they take up everywhere. Sexually I notice that shorter guys are, well, men at lot more as well. When I'm standing next to a guy only a few iches taller than me I can't help but notice how much bigger and broader his chest and shoulders are, how his arms and hands are different, how his waist and legs are masculine. With tall guys that effect is totally lost because they're just a huge brick wall to me.

Anonymous 3022

I'm around 171-170-169 cm (for some reason it changes lmao), so pretty average by today standards.
I don't mind any kind of height and never wished i was any other height or judged someone by their height. Imo proportions are far more important than cm's, a tall person with bad proportions can seem a lot smaller and frumpier regardless of height than a short person with good proportions.

i.e i have a long torso and average-short legs, so sometimes i appear smaller in photos compared to shorter people with longer legs.

I also don't mind the height on guys and would date a dude shorter than me if i liked him, but the problem is that a lot of short guys seem to be insecure little shits with manlet complex and it gets tiring real fast so it's easier to date a tall/average dude since they aren't obsessed with height.

Anonymous 3023

I think it depends more on where you are because 170 would be relatively tall where I'm from and tbh it's a perfect height for women imo. Not too short, not too tall. Just perfect.

Anonymous 3024

149 cm
I wish I was tall! I feel so stubby I can't layer clothing or it shrinks me, I'd be much prettier if I was taller
I really don't understand the obsession with being short, i know lots of girls like the idea of being small but it sucks
I know being tall also has it cons but I want longer legs and to be well proportioned
And I don't care for guys lol

Anonymous 3025

5'10 here;
even though i'm from a rather 'tall' country, the average guy is still shorter (and even if they're taller it doesn't mean they want a tall girlfriend as well)

Since i was a child i always suffered because of it, teachers etc. everybody 'forgetting' how young i am and then having high expectations because tall = older…
If you think kids are cruel about stuff like this, they're probably nothing against the adults i encountered; complete strangers randomnly throwing in a "Why are you so tall!?" upon our first meeting… or of course the worst: You look like a man!

That does wonders to a young girl's confidance…
So whenever i hear a shorter girl complain, i bet you were never called manly, 100% of all guys would be 'dateable' for you and if your pants are too long? - just shorten them, i have to freeze in winter since not a single coat has long enough arms! I can't just put on a pair of shoes that can magically make me shorter.

Since i know how terrible it feels to be made fun of for something you can't change, i would never openly mock a short person to their face, BUT it's always the below average ones that treat me the worst

(And look at the thread pic; it's a cute normal looking girl and not a tall girl but a freak; that's how society sees us)

Anonymous 3026

im 157cm and oh boy
do i HATE it.
i cant reach alot of shelves, i have to look up to talk to people which is kinda humiliating, any single pound i gain automatically shows up.

i always wanted to be like 182 with long lengs.
well, impossible dreams amirite.

Anonymous 3027

161 cm / 5'3"
I like my height. It's just slightly below average so I don't have to feel like I'm super short or have trouble finding clothes/shoes.
For some reason people actually think I'm taller than I really am, like 170 cm / 5'5". Might be the shoes or dress style idk
As for guys, I don't really care.

Bf is 5'7" and I think that's "perfect" for us since I like a height difference. I'd date a tall or short guy tho, doesn't really matter if the personality's right.

Anonymous 3028

i'm 4'11/151cm and i don't want to be any taller.
i just wish my arms would ~*magically*~ extend so i could reach more stuff but that's pretty much it.
height for girls doesn't matter but sadly it matters for dudes.

Anonymous 3029


I'm obviously used to it, but it gets super annoying how EVERYONE seems to get so surprised when I walk by and they walk into me, I'm short not invisible.

People feel like they can be super touchy with me, as well. More than they are with people their height or taller. Is that just me, or do others have this happen to them?

The weight thing, as other anons have mentioned. Not to mention, fucked up proportions. Even at smaller sizes, nothing off the rack fits nicely because they're just scaled down versions of normal sizes/proportions.

I'd prefer a shorter guy, but my bf is 6'1". I look like an actual hobbit in comparison. I don't like standing next to him in photos, it looks stupid.

Anonymous 3030

Thank you for sharing your experience. I'll definitely admit it's easier to adjust clothing when you have too much fabric versus too little. Where I'm from, being tall = being attractive/modelesque, so I've always wanted to be taller. I'm also not attracted to men and I wish I could be taller than my potential gf, but the problem with that is then she'd be shorter than 5'4'' and I don't prefer girls that short.

This is somewhat of a case-by-case basis, but I feel like at least the negative effect of being taller where people think you are more mature than you really are (because of height) at least fades away (correct me if I'm wrong) when you are an adult. I'm on the shorter side of average, but most people refer to me as tiny, little, etc. because I'm skinny and have a babyface. It's a bad combination. I'm an adult yet people think upon meeting me I'm a child/young teen. No matter what combination of makeup/clothing I wear at work, people think I'm a volunteer because I appear "too young" to work there. I try to assert myself, but it comes across to other people as silly. It's maddening to be treated as a child when you're an adult. I feel like if I were taller, people wouldn't jump to that conclusion. It sucks, too, because when people know me well, they often comment I can articulate myself, etc. so I doubt it's due to my speech or mannerisms that people think I'm a child. I feel hopeless sometimes because I feel as if I have to work twice as hard as other people in my groups at college to be seen as an equal.

Anyway, to be fair, one of your problems is that men don't like a tall woman, and I admit I wouldn't have that problem with other people's perception, nor do I have to deal with clothes not properly covering my body. I just thought I'd share how the opposite side of people seeing you as immature when you're an adult sucks.

Anonymous 3031


I think I prefer average or short girls, between 5'0" and 5'7", anything over that is too much. Tall women who appear very confident might be off putting because of the "I'm a strong woman I don't need no man" vibes.

Anonymous 3032

>"I'm a strong woman I don't need no man" vibes.
Those are good vibes though

Anonymous 3033

You shouldn't be surprised to see a lot of over 5'10" women who are single or going after most guys who reject them, then.

Anonymous 3035

A lot of people say "Oh being tall is great, models are tall" well, but sadly i am no model; just because you're tall doesn't mean you're perfectly skinny with a gorgeous face, so just because men are attracted to models, doesn't mean they'll automatically like you as well

Many tall women might give of this vibe, but as a matter of fact being ridicouled as a child for being too tall etc usually results in less confidence

So looking cold/unapproachable + being too shy to approach someone = forever alone

Anonymous 3036

Sorry but you're 5'4, you're no dwarf, so quit bragging about how hard it is to be so sm0l and babyfaced

Anonymous 3037

I know right. Women who aren't under 5'1" and talk about being short or tiny are legit fucking weird and give off really gross vibes. 5'4" is quite literally the taller side of average height universally. >>3030's whole post makes them sound extremely out of touch anyway so you do the math.

Anyone who's telling a girl they're short at 5'4" is usually some dumb ass guy trying to coddle the girl or obnoxious relatives with the same motives.

Anonymous 3038

No idea why you're all acting butthurt or as if I'm "bragging". It's not been a positive experience in my life at all and I feel shitty about it. I've always preferred women with mature-featured faces who are taller, and I definitely wish I were taller. It's so fucking ridiculous people think that I'm "bragging" about being treated as a child when it's humiliating.

I said:
>I'm on the shorter side of average
because I am. I was not trying to imply I'm short, only that I'm on the shorter side of average and if I were taller that I think people would treat me more like an adult. Maybe it is taller universally, but where I'm from I'd say it's as I said: shorter side of average. I have to roll up most of my pants and I can't wear "mini" skirts because they aren't short enough.

>Anyone who's telling a girl they're short at 5'4" is usually some dumb ass guy trying to coddle the girl or obnoxious relatives with the same motives.

I agree, it's annoying, though it's not just guys that call me that. It feel like it's an attempt of people to put me in my place.

Anonymous 3039

I'm 5'2"
I wish I were 5'10"
I guess guys like shorter girls more, but it's kind of a waste since I don't have the right disposition for men to be attracted to me. If I were taller I could probably model.

Anonymous 3040


I've started considering carrying around a collapsible footstool or something. Sitting chairs like a proper adult legit cuts circulation in my knees after a while. Do they make ergonomic chairs for short people? This was a huge issue for me when I used to work in an office.

If you're actually on the short side of short, hearing about how hard it is to be 5'4", even if it's on the shorter side of average for your area, sounds a little weird tbh. It's just around average. I think people are treating you that way for more reasons other than your height. I've never had people seem like they're "putting me in my place" and I sit in chairs like pic related lmao.

Anonymous 3041

I'm op. Sorry for the thread gif, I didn't really mean to make people feel that way. I googled something like tall and short girls and that was one of the few interesting gifs I found, I didn't think it would be offensive at first, so I apologize.

Anonymous 3042

It's not that I hate my height so much as my body type. I'm so stocky. A few inches would balance me out.

I like men who are closer to my height (within the 5'4''-5'7'' range.)

Anonymous 3044

>I can't wear "mini" skirts because they aren't short enough
Wow, that must hurt!

Just face it, your height is simply average, no matter where you're from; yet you come to a thread in which both really short and really tall girls share their troubles.
One day you'll be old and then you'll wish back the days you looked younger. What do you think is worse? Being treated like child whilst being a young adult or being treated like a freak all your life?

Why is it that all of you shorter girls always go on and on about modeling?
It's one of the most unrealistic jobs and just because you're tall doesn't mean you can model, even if you're gorgeous as well, you might not make it.
And even if you would meet all these standards, maybe you simply don't want to, because there's more to life than starving yourself as a young girl and then being deemed too old at like 25?
It feels as if you've got the impression that all tall girls do is model

Most people would take being able to find a loving partner over being tall and the 0,0…1% chance of becoming a model

Anonymous 3045

>Why is it that all of you shorter girls always go on and on about modeling?
Honestly that anon sounds like they think they've got the looks for modeling just not the height. Which is usually the attitude short(er) people have about tall = model. Talk to anyone who doesn't think/knows they don't have the stuff to be a model and they'll tell you just about anything else about tall girls.

Anonymous 3046


>I can't wear "mini" skirts because they aren't short enough.
Huh? Where the hell are you shopping? I'm 4'9" and have no problem finding miniskirts that fit well. Higher end but affordable stores online sell xxxs and xxs if you're really having trouble but I can walk into any h&m and buy a 00 skirt and it'll fit just fine.

>Being treated like child whilst being a young adult
Fuck me, I walk into restaurants and still get offered crayons as long as I'm not wearing makeup and waitresses don't even acknowledge me if eating out with family. The looks I get when I'm out in public drinking are equivalent to that of someone watching a unicorn being murdered right before their eyes.

On another note, any other short girls have a hard time finding a date because people auto assume you're a child? (Tried dating sites for years and the people on there are fucked up, seriously the amount of assholes and fetishists) I'm going to be 40 and alone before someone realizes that I'm available.

In any case, this entire thread needs to be labelled "the grass isn't greener". There are pros and cons to being tall, short, and average. Existing sucks no matter what you look like.

Anonymous 3047

>I can't wear "mini" skirts because they aren't short enough.

Huh, but i'm >>3022 (so 170 cm or so) and most miniskirts barely cover my ass, if they are circle skirts they will actually show my ass if i bend even just a little bit or walk too fast so i had to resign to buying knee length skirts or close to that lenght, so idk how a 5'4 person couldn't wear them as "mini", unless you actually want them to show your ass like they do in taller people.
Where do you shop for that to be a problem for your height?

Anonymous 3050

Why are you pressed? I was using the mini-skirt statement to demonstrate that (along with having to always roll up pant legs) I may be average height, but I still have "height" related fitting issues. I already established that I think it's worse for clothes overall to not be long enough.

> Being treated like child whilst being a young adult or being treated like a freak all your life?

I can't fucking order coffee without people asking me if I'm allowed to drink that. I would rather be respected now and not be affected in the workplace and in general because of how people count me out on first glance because of the age they think I look.

>Most people would take being able to find a loving partner over being tall and the 0,0…1% chance of becoming a model

A lot of people don't necessarily mean becoming a famous model, they mean being any kind of model i.e. catalog work, etc.

It's probably because I have somewhat shorter legs in comparison to my torso regarding the mini skirt sizing.

Anonymous 3051

I'm not the same anon as >>3044, i don't understand why you tagged us both as "pressed" but okay.

Also, my mother is 164 cm with short legs and most "mini" (and even midi, sometimes) skirts and dresses at h&m and similar stores still manage to be a little too short for her, so i seriously don't understand how is it so difficult to find "mini" skirts for you, that's why i was so confused why it seems to be such a huge problem because of your height.

Anonymous 3053

You two must look seriously fucked up then, because even elemantary students are no longer offered crayons and are allowed to drink coffee…

But yeah i guess you proofed it to all tall miners here, that being 'treated like a child' is far worse than being called a man and monster since earliest childhood, congrats

Anonymous 3055

I never said anything about proving anything to tall miners, my post was more than neutral so why did you tag me?

>even elemantary students are no longer offered crayons
Lolwot. You must have 0 family members that are younger than you and/or don't go outside at all.
>you two must look seriously fucked up
I'm guessing your rage and envy towards short girls glossed over the part where I said as long as I'm not wearing makeup, which all women look 10 times younger without it. Just like your rage blinded you from reading the rest of my post which has nothing to do with anything you're nagging about. You sound mental.

Anonymous 3058

I’m 4’11” and never had an issue being mistaken for younger than my age. People now might think I’m in my early twenties (instead of late twenties), but haven’t been mistaken for underage since like 13…

Anonymous 3059

A woman who is 5'5" at my job tell me she gets mistaken for being underage all the time. Even if I didn't know some of the men at my job's ages, I'd think they were underage if I didn't know them and saw them on the street too, but we're all in our early 20s. It doesn't mean anyone is fucked up looking, that anon sounds super salty about not being uguu tiny. It has to do with society's expectations and that 30 year old actors play high school kids on films and tv shows and people are naturally younger looking than others due to genetics, how much one smokes, drinks, lifestyle choices, etc.

Anonymous 3060


What's our obsession with being "ugu so smol and tiny uwu" anyways
There's so many memes for short girls about how cute and funny it is being small I sell some of my clothing on depop and the top pic is the comment she left after I told her the dress was an American meduim and the bottom pic is her bio on her profile , why do you feel the need to tell everyone your so teeny tiny petite?? (She wanted an Asian size meduim)
i think it's okay to tell the seller your measurements! That's not the issue but she sounds like the type of person who tells everyone at any given chance that they're "smol uwu"
I sound like a bitter bitch haha so sorry! I'm short too but seeing girls like this makes me realize why tall girls hate us

Anonymous 3061

>waaah people call me a freak and say i look like a monster!! im the victim! :(
>"you two must seriously look fucked up"
Pot, meet kettle. You deserve all the generic "bad" things people say about you.

That's stupid to take it out on short girls over something no one can control. They're just targets for bitter bitches to take their rage out on. Maybe no one likes tall girls because they're miserable and spiteful, not because of their height which is more sought after than being short unless youre a weeb.

Anonymous 3062

You okay anon? Need a hug?

Anonymous 3063

Did you even read where I said I'm short myself? (I'm even smaller than her ) It's not that much of a read you could do it I believe in you
It's just annoying when girls act like it's the most important quality about themselves, being so small?? I don't get it it's annoying

Anonymous 3064


>Maybe no one likes tall girls because they're miserable and spiteful
>being this bitter over tall girls and generalize us as miserable because of a few anons

oof anon are you okay thats some fine projecting you are doing, need to talk about it?

Anonymous 3066

That was a mistake, I messed up, I'm sorry.
I think it's because to me mini is tight, short, and around 7-8 inches long, which on me looks too long in front and is a tad long in the back for the look I'm going for. Short, pleated skirts fit fine. I'm sorry I wasn't more specific with what I meant.

>But yeah i guess you proofed it to all tall miners here, that being 'treated like a child' is far worse than being called a man and monster since earliest childhood, congrats
I don't see it as a competition. They are both negative experiences to go through and it's frustrating when it happens to you when you're a kid, but then you still deal with it as an adult and it seems intolerable by then.

Personally, I feel intimidated by tall girls because my natural reaction regardless of how pretty they are is "how, they're so tall and modelesque, I wish I could look that powerful/graceful" and I feel like they'll treat me like a child because I feel smaller than normal around them. I definitely don't think anything like "monster" or "freak", though. I see being tall as a positive thing and I guess it's also because I knew multiple couples growing up where the girl was significantly taller than the guy.

//I know this one opinion doesn't matter in the long run and I'm not trying to say it doesn't suck being tall if it is for any tall anons out there

Anonymous 3068


She sure looks spiteful and jealous of these tiny, smol cuties…

Anonymous 3070

>Personally, I feel intimidated by tall girls

And that is one of the problems:
most people can't or probably don't even try to hide that they're scared of taller girls and no human being deserves to be looked at and treated like something scary.
That's exactly what causes tall young girls to feel so insecure, they also want to be liked, look approachable and sometimes not "strong nd powerful" but instead, for a thing they can't change, you think it's justified to treat them as some sort of 'threat' (even if you're actually just in awe)
They're normal people like anybody else, so don't look at them ar treat them as something alienish

Anonymous 3081

Yes your post does, good job proving her point. Way to go out of your way to cherrypick some random image with 0 context so you can give that anon a (You). The whole thread is assblasted tall man-anons with victim complexes while the short/average ones are trying to have genuine discussion. Cringe.

Anonymous 3087

>tall man-anons

Anonymous 3088

It’s always girls over 5’0” who go on about how ~small~ they are.

Anonymous 3089

But they are.
Anything under 5'2" is small though. The average height for women is 5'4".

Anonymous 3091

Since there were always fights going on in this thread, i thought it would be nice to have separate threads for tall and short girls.
Because i'm tall myself i made one for tall girls >>3090 so maybe if a short girl would be willing to make one as well…?

Anonymous 3105

>Which one are you?
i'm tall/ 5'11
>Do you wish you could change your height?
no. i've never wanted to be short. if anything it would be cool to be 6'
>Does it even matter that much when it comes to dating?
not for me. the guys that like my type aren't the ones who specifically seek out short girls, or they just don't have much of a preference for height, so it isn't a problem.
>And for guys, do you have a preference?
i usally like guys who are my height give or take. guys who tower over me freak me out since i'm so not used to it.

Anonymous 3106

>Which one are you?
I guess Im in between? 170 cms

Do you wish you could change your height?
Sometimes. Ive always had body image issues and I live in a country where most women are shorter and thinner so I feel like Chewbacca over here.

Does it even matter that much when it comes to dating?

And for guys, do you have a preference?
Hmm although I prefer tall guys (cause I think its hot when they pick you up etc) most of my exes have been just some centimeters taller than me. Meaning like if I wore heels I would def be taller. I never cared tho.

Anonymous 3107

>I guess Im in between? 170 cms
get out

Anonymous 3108

Anon is in between though

Anonymous 3109

what are you mad about? she isn't tall nor short

Anonymous 3119

Tbh this depend on the country, where I am from 5'6 is average female height, so 5'7 is not that tall. Meanwhile in USA average height is 5'3 so 5'7 is already very tall.

Anonymous 3120

this is a thread for short and tall girls.

Anonymous 3139

>tall man-anons

>I can't fucking order coffee without people asking me if I'm allowed to drink that.
So you want us to believe that you're so smol uwu and cute uwu that people don't even mistake you for a teenager but rather for an actual child? Roflmao

From my experience, short (actually short, not "wah I'm 5'2" so smol") girls look as bad as really tall girls, but don't get the perk of "being able to reach shit". They also get the huge disadvantage that is creepy ass men who're into them (unless they're really desperate and enjoy that, but I can't see this happening).

On the other hand, short-but-not-borderline-midget girls get all the upsides of being considered cute and feminine, fitting into clothes, etc. I find it hard to take their complaints seriously, especially when they're like >>3060 (and let's be real, lots of them are) and only "complain" to humblebrag.

Anonymous 3140

>So you want us to believe that you're so smol uwu and cute uwu that people don't even mistake you for a teenager but rather for an actual child? Roflmao
No one said anything about being "smol" or "cute". Regardless of what you or anyone else thinks about my appearance or height, that is what has happened to me and it isn't fun or flattering at all, but rather embarrassing and mortifying. I don't go sperging at tall girls for "humble bragging" when where I live that's considered a beauty ideal for women (especially because I wish I were taller and even so, most people here who are getting angry at this don't wish they were short).

I also think it's interesting how when someone types herself as tall when she's more on the upper end of average that people don't get all huffy and angry like they do if someone does the same for someone who thinks they're short when they're really average.

Anonymous 3141


When i was younger i hated being tall; my only wish was to magically transform into somebody smaller. It came with many disadvantages; boys and girls bullied me, adults had higher expectations, i was always treated like i was older than my friends, even though i was just a little child myself. As a teen i starved myself, constantly hunched over to make myself appear smaller.
But the older i get, the more i like it. Pics like this make me feel better. Always remember that if shorter girls are mean to you, it's always out of jealousy; they might try and convince us (and themselves) that being sm0l is cuter, but no matter how pretty they are, or how skinny, they'll never be able to stand out in a crowd (in a positive way!) like we do

Anonymous 3142

Being small generally is cuter though.

Being tall stands out more in a crowd, but is usually more for being "sexy" or "amazonian"

Of course its possible to be tall and cute, small and ugly etc too. Neither is good or bad at the end of the day.

Anonymous 3144


I really don't get what's so 'warrior-like' about tall girls, if anything shorter and stockier girls look a lot stronger.
Plus i'd say that the taller you are chances are that to 99% you will also have nice proportions, meaning longer legs and that's something very youthful in my opinion.

Anonymous 3145

Really depends on your build either way. Lots of women, independent of height have proportional builds, heavy builds, thin builds etc.

We really shouldn't hate each other for something none of us can't control. Even if a woman is short/tall/average height and ugly, who cares besides men looking for a partner?

Anonymous 3146


You're lucky, I guess? I am mistaken for a child or young teen semi-often, or get questioned whether or not I'm a child. I am offered kids menus, kids admission tickets etc. I've been to a work event with my boyfriend and two of his colleagues thought I was his little sister. He's even been mistaken for my dad before. (ugh) I don't know how you've avoided it so successfully unless you have other factors that make you look older, but I know other short girls who experience the same shit. And no, it's not humble-bragging. It's really annoying and humiliating.

I don't know why even stating this fact infuriates taller girls so much. Even in this thread- why can't short girls even mention being short or the issues that come with it, without some tall girl going "REEEEE why do you have to mention being tiny?! stop humble-bragging!"

>they also want to be liked, look approachable and sometimes not "strong and powerful"

Yeah, and as a short girl I'd like to hang around tall girls without them side-eyeing me or making passive aggressive remarks about my size.

Anonymous 3147

I, as a tall person have never in my life ' side-eyed' shorter girls (how could i, that would be me vs. nearly everybody else); i have however read the complaints of many tall girls in here on how insecure they are and how they've often gotten bullied.
and comments like that aren't helping either

So please excuse me that building up the confidence of fellow tall women is more of a priority than getting along with everybody…
I really don't understand why it's so hard to comprehend that being called a man is a lot more hurtful than being called a child

Anonymous 3148


>I really don't understand why it's so hard to comprehend that being called a man is a lot more hurtful than being called a child

Who called you a man other than dumb bitches in HS? Studies prove tall women are seen as more attractive, wealthy and more intelligent. Being perceived as a dumb child and not being taken seriously is more harmful than that, yes. Especially in a workplace environment.

Anonymous 3149

>I really don't understand why it's so hard to comprehend that being called a man is a lot more hurtful than being called a child
………you do realize being considered a child as an adult means you are treated in a way that comes across as insulting to your intelligence, self-awareness, abilities, autonomy, etc. whereas being called a man doesn't mean you lack those characteristics.

Anonymous 3150

Negative experiences such as bullying in your childhood can change your entire life. If i was told i'm some sort of giant abomination for the first 18 years of my life, will the way i perceive myself and therefore how i perform in a professional environment suddenly improve, just because some studies show, that men find tall women (meaning: models) attractive?

You will never know how it feels to be called a man, it's something one can't describe; and no, not just some bitches in HS, also men and some of your fellow short girls here for some reason still find joy in doing that…

Anonymous 3151

I'm 5'0" but oblivious. I don't feel like a child and I have a disgusting resting bitch face.

I'm sure people try to treat me like that, but since I'm so oblivious and angry looking I just kind of…brute force myself out of the treatment? Or steamroll my enemies into submission, idk.

Lol being tall may be more of prerequisite but as an ugly, angry looking dwarf, I've been given the "man treatment" day in and day out. I mean, people have tried to treat me almost like an actual incel, the "ugly, short man treatment".

I have no words besides my sympathy for how you might feel. I personally found that playing to my strengths help me get over the public perception, but everyone is different.

Anonymous 3152

Anon, I'm sorry you had to deal with that kind of treatment from others, and I'm not trying to undermine your experiences. Yes, bullying affects people long-term. The same way taller girls calling me frumpy, midget, baby and undermining me and shit has affected me long-term.

>You will never know how it feels to be called a man, it's something one can't describe

And you will never know how it feels to be called one of the numerous, mean, nasty, horrible things I've been called for being small.

The grass is always greener on the other side etc.

You sound like another girl I knew. She was a tiny redhead but always had RBF on and was really abrasive. She was actually quite intimidating despite her size. I kind of admired it in a way, but I could never be like that, it's just the total opposite of my personality.

Anonymous 3153

>You will never know how it feels to be called a man, it's something one can't describe
people won't call you a man just because you're tall.
As someone who is short-ish, I got called and confused for a man a lot because of my manners, clothes and sometimes face. So it's not just tall girls who go through this. And I'm sorry you had to go through it too, people suck.

Now if we could stop the whole "x have it worse" that would be great because there's never a winner and the whole this is subjective. [spoiler]and keeps happening in every x vs x thread (skinny vs fat/ big tits vs small etc). It's annoying.[/spolier]

Anonymous 3154

fuck i regret making this thread.

Anonymous 3155


tbh, tall vs short discussion is never worthy it. Really.

Anonymous 3156

It's not your fault that people can't help themselves into making it a "who has it worse" contest.

I wanted to make a similar thread about breasts and underwear (as in tips, whats normal, helpful links) but it would've boiled down to the same thing as here

Anonymous 3166

we could have an underwear thread, but i always see anything to do with breasts devolve into stupid crap…

Anonymous 3865

i'm 185 cm and wouldn't mind being super tall like 200+cm. My parents (physically) abused me and were taller but only slightly and would always make reference as to how it meant they were superior and a complex was created. I would like a shorter bf/gf.

Anonymous 3866

lol you're in a tight spot for sure

I guess you'll just have to keep trying people for love, until one of them doesn't get intimidated. You could probably find some tiny man that wants you to take out your sexual frustration on him.

Anonymous 3889


If she's 6ft and wants a shorter bf/gf then it actually sounds like she's in a great position to find what she's looking for. Also tall girls are like straight-up Tolkien elves.

Anonymous 3890

adjust glasses

Elves and men from Numenorean descent (like Aragorn).

Anonymous 4253

oh i don't know frodo baggins

Anonymous 4262

oh honey

Anonymous 4264

I'm 154cm tall, I don't mind because tall men see me face from the most cutesy angle.
Never gonna date a man under 180cm though, since I'm terrified my son would then be about my height.

Anonymous 4265


this has to be a joke holy shit

Anonymous 4267

>Never gonna date a man under 180cm though, since I'm terrified my son would then be about my height.

manlets BTFO

Anonymous 4327

This thread is full of men delete quickly!

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