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Pubic hair Anonymous 3508

Do you shave everything, trim it? Have you gotten laser?

I want to keep my vagina as smooth as possible but that's not easy with a razor

Anonymous 3509

I try and keep a landing strip ish type of shape. Everything else is shaved off. I shave about once a week because my skin is super sensitive and gets irritated otherwise. ;-;

Anonymous 3510

Shave the bikini area, trim the rest. But some time ago i trimmed too small and for some reason I got an infection in my vagoo (lips got swollen and it was super itchy). First time that has happened to me

Anonymous 3511

Wow anon, how long did that last?

I usually shave everything… I wanted to wax myself, I just don't know if that is possible.

Anonymous 3512

I used to shave everything off for about 9 years - started very early, when I was maybe 13 (I did play around with keeping a strip, but I just thought of Hitler whenever I saw it, so I got rid of it). I tried sugarwaxing but a) it took hours and still wasn't over b) it hurt too much and I managed to give myself bruises. Nowadays I shave the bikini area and trim the rest when I feel like it. I got to appreciate my bush over time, and think it's kinda cute.

Anonymous 3514

i only shave sometimes, but when i do i use a razor after trimming and then cover myself in baby oil. i usually go back and put more baby oil on at least once a day until it grows back which keeps it quite soft.

Anonymous 3515

I used to shave everything off, but I'm too lazy to keep it smooth all the time and I hate the feeling of a stubble. So I just trim everything now, since I don't have a lot of pubic hair to begin with. My bf doesn't mind.

Anonymous 3520

there's 2 main reasons, one is micro cuts due to razor blades or accidentally nicking yourself with scissors or clippers, the tiny breaches in the skin let bacteria try to invade
second one is shaved or cut hairs have a blunt, not tapered, end. as pubic hair is quite coarse & curly there is the chance of the hair end being in contact with skin and irritating the hell out of it (see ingrown hair & perifolliculitis barbae)

technically possible, if you are flexible enough and can tolerate the pain. however if you're prone to ingrown hairs, it's not advisable.

If you're suitable for laser hair removal, that's probably your best bet. I got it on my bikini line for hair on my inner thighs, had 6 sessions 10 years ago and there's only like 5 hairs that ever grew back. Best money I ever spent.

Anonymous 3590

kept it for a while, shaved it smooth for years, and then recently decided to grow it back out at the same time I chose to grow out all my body hair. even if i get shit this summer in a swimsuit i won't change it… not shaving is soooo much easier lmao

Anonymous 4033

How long does the hair take to grow back if you wax?

Anonymous 4392

Crossing my fingers for you frien,
Waxing never works for me x.x
Thick German Hair, only thing my boyfriend and I have found that works for us is Hair Removal Cream formulated for black men, and it makes my boyfriends junk silky smooth, I still have to go in and spot shave when I use it

Anonymous 4415

I shave everything and am going to let laser soon. I sometimes have issues with razor burn on my thighs and above - not major, but I just find it annoying and uncomfortable.

Anonymous 4603

2 or three months before any significant growth after you make it into a habit.

Its well worth the pain, anon

Anonymous 4642

I just trim it. I think it's really strange to completely shave everything off, we're not pornstars or children.

Anonymous 4645

I trim it as well, I think it looks the best that way. I never understood why a large amount of guys are so repulsed by pubic hair. Not even indifferent or neutral to it, but disgusted. As long as it's kept clean and not a jungle I think it can be sexy. Shaved can look nice too, I think both ways have their appeal.

Anonymous 4648

porn. hair isn't disgusting as long as trimmed and that you take showers.

Anonymous 4672

I think trimmed pubic hair looks hot, so I just shave the edge where the thighs meets the mons pubis so it's looks neat and trim the rest

Anonymous 4679

I don't do anything, except occasionally hack at it with scissors when I feel like the length is bothering me. I guess I'd trim it properly if I ever got in a relationship, but if nobody except me is going to see it I can't be bothered.

Anonymous 4682

In here from /fit/ because there is a thread about crystal.cafe and I'll go on my way and leave you girls to your business. But I'll tell ya now that the full 70's bush is God tier. It shows confidence and it doubles as a litmus test for potential men. If a guy sees it and looks confused or repulsed, that man is a closet homo at the very least. Sorry for intruding but just know minimum grooming effort will yield maximum result.(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 4683

based and objectively right opinion

Anonymous 4685

I was really insecure about having a bush, but my bf said it turned him on even though he'd never been into that before, so I ended up keeping it.

Anonymous 4691

i barely ever touch it, usually if i ever shaved or trimmed it would be on the lips because tmi i hate the blood clumps getting caught in them

Anonymous 4832

This was why I initially started shaving, was to keep periods neater. Once I stopped having periods I started only shaving during the summer. I live in a cold climate so most of the time I just trim - the more body heat retained, the better.

Anonymous 4911


I don't shave or trim at all and haven't for roughly three years now. Sometimes it's a bit of a nuisance (i.e. when I'm on my period and it gets mucky easily or if I'm going to the beach and I get really self-conscious about the stray hairs poking out and the bulge), but it's definitely better than the days of my early teens where I was using hair removal cream that stank to high heaven and left a red rash behind for days.

Also, my boyfriend's into the floof. Says he likes the friction. Pic related.

Anonymous 6401

i use that veet electric razor to get a nice trim. i get annoyed at the hair on my bikini line but when i try and get rid of hair there it always gets really irritated ):

Anonymous 6404

Use aftershave!

Anonymous 6409


6% representing

Anonymous 6412

I used to keep it clean shaven (shaved every 4 days religiously) when I was regularly fucking (insecure fat girl who didn't want to alienate the straight boys even more than I already do) but now I'm much lazier about it. I don't like it getting too out of control since I get itchy if I let it regrow for too long, but there's enough down there to put any pedophiles off.
>been all of these but can currently be best described as the 33%, but trimmed verrrrry short

Anonymous 7507

I started shaving down there when I was 16 because I would see stuff on the internet from men about how pubic hair was disgusting. I was stupid, okay. Now I just trim it. Luckily my boyfriend doesn’t care if I have hair or not.

Anonymous 7508

I have an electric razor that trims hair close to the skin, but I haven't straight up shaved my bikini area in a long time.
I used to always keep it smooth, but that's a waste of a good razor for something that 1) wasn't been seen by literally anyone and 2) would grow back, create stubble, and ITCH.

Anonymous 7509


honestly leaving it wild for both is the best. why fucking cut it? its so annoying and itchy and in general too much work to bother with.

Anonymous 7510

It's my fetish, I like to touch my smooth skin.
I'm too ashamed for waxing though, but I shave everything every ~3 days.

Anonymous 7513

pubic hair is annoying and itchy.
you don't have to keep it bald, but there's no reason to let it grow out. you can take it down with clippers once a month and it will be more manageable and less annoying, and it won't itch because you're not irritating the skin. I do not understand why so many girls are all or nothing on this issue. having a mass of coarse scraggly hair rubbing against your crotch all day doesn't feel good.

going by that image, 3/4 of men cut their pubes too, so what exactly is the feminist statement anyway?

Anonymous 7536

>a trend that only came about starting in the 90s, in the least patriarchal time in history, and was nonexistent for the entirety of human history prior
Pretty sure women like it (on women) more than men like it (on women) too.

Anonymous 7537


So what?

Anonymous 8052


>tfw never had to take care of my pubic hair because I was an ugly virgin and had a -3000% chance of having sex
>tfw lost weight and look a lot better than I used to
>tfw cute guy is into me
>tfw might be having sex soon for the first time
>tfw it's a mess down there
well fuck

Anonymous 8054

Take it from a non-virgin whore, guys don't give that much of a shit if you shave or not. The only time they may prefer a shave is if they go down on you but even then it's nbd.
I personally keep the hair manageable because I think my vagoo looks better in pictures without it

Anonymous 8062

im the same except no cute boy is into me, if i had one i wouldnt shave, who cares, men would never do so much fucking useless maintenance for a woman

Anonymous 8111

I don't shave completely smooth because I get too sensitive, but I like to keep trimmed because the feeling of having a full bush is uncomfortable.

Anonymous 8114

Are there any other women here who just… don't really shave their pubic hair, or at all?

I have on occasion (the first time, just to see how it felt) but I can count the times I've done it on my fingers. I've also never shaved my face, armpits, or legs in my life (I'm 19, not necessarily a long life) and it's never bothered my past partners. My husband thinks it's great and has no problem with it. I've always sort of thought it pointless to shave something that will inevitably be back, and very soon, but I understand it's more often an aesthetic thing. I do feel bad for women who actually feel insecure about it, though.

Anonymous 8117

I usually just let my pubic hair grow out, I like how a natural bush looks and I like the friction during sex. Sometimes the whim strikes me and I remove it all with veet. I like the feeling of a clean behind and being hairless feels fun, too… Other than that I don't really trim. Having scissors down there stresses me out.

Anonymous 8118

I trim it, but that's it.

I shave my pits though. I was one of those "hurr I don't wash my hair becuz I can't smell it" kids in middle school and now I'm paranoid about smelling at all. Tbh I think both genders should do it.

Anonymous 8151


Dumb Question: How can I get completely hairless armpits like pic related? the closest I can get is to get it waxed, but a blue pigment stays on the skin because of the hair underneath

Anonymous 8160


Question to the girls that shave it all down there: Is this an american/canadian/brit thing? I'm southern european and completely-shaved seems weird af to me. My older sister does it but because whe wants to get her whole body as tanned as possible(she doesn't shave her thighs tho)and wears very thin bikinis. I just cut enough from the sides so it doesn't get out of my underwear. If I shave more, wearing pants hurts.

Anonymous 8171

can we talk about all body hair in this thread,or just specifically pubic hair?

Anonymous 8174


Please see: >>4073

Anonymous 8227

Has anyone used one of those home laser hair removal things? Actually pulsed light. Curious if they actually work. I have super hairy inner thighs, my bush just keeps going down essentially, and if I shave or wax I get horrible ingrown hairs. Like the next day for shaving.

Anonymous 9977

i got the tria, it works for your pubes and thigh hairs for sure as long as it's dark

Anonymous 10032

I'm surprised so many men keep it trimmed.

Anonymous 10039

I just trim it at this point.

If I really want a smoother look, I'll wax the pubic mound (the hair there is too thick to comfortably shave, it always gets itchy or ingrown if I do) and shave the "undercarriage" with a razor.

I've always been scared that those things would give me some kind of vagina/skin cancer or something.

Anonymous 10041

Has anyone ever been a salon and gotten themselves waxed down there before?
Could you share the experience and explain what it was like for you?
I'm really considering getting waxed down there, because I'm curious and want to know what an extra smooth hairless vagina feels like, but I'm afraid if I go the results aren't gonna be what I want them to be. So can anyone else share what it was like so I'll know beforehand?

Anonymous 10042


No, anon, I've never been a salon™ before

Anonymous 10045

I did years ago and tbh I don’t really remember much of it, so the pain couldn’t have been that bad. I had just graduated high school and one of the people who worked at the salon new my parents by chance and recognized my last name so it was really embarrassing and that’s mostly what I remember lol. I remember it felt really nice to treat myself to something like that, that’s really completely just for myself because I was a virgin at the time and not in a relationship.

Anonymous 10062

I mean hey I don't blame her. I've been thinking of getting it done myself because it helps to have an extra set of eyes get off all the hair. Sort of like getting your hair done. Sure you can do it yourself, but the second person is going to be able to see more of your hair and be more precise in getting it all off.
Thank you for the explanation anon! I might try it soon, but I'm really scared that it's going to hurt when I do it >~<

Anonymous 10063

Treat yourself and don't put yourself through pain that will last a week.

Anonymous 10320

Can anyone recommend hair removal cream that's safe for people with sensitive skin (especially sensitive down there)? Probably a dumb ask but I'm really hoping there is some because the idea of bringing anything sharp near there and accidentally cutting it or something else painful makes my skin crawl

Anonymous 10321

Don’t hair remove, it will still be super itchy when it grows back and irritating. Just trim your hair.

Anonymous 11387

I have thick coarse hair that grows very far apart. When I trim it, it looks like a sparse/balding head of hair down there. Should I go for a full shave? But then my skin isn't entirely hairless. You can still see the blue pigment of the roots (i.e. when you shave your armpit like what >>8151 explains).
It sucks to be pale, hairy, and have black hair.

Anonymous 11395

Is it normal to have different colour pubes? Like in one area it's dark and then the rest of the pubic hairs are blonde?

Idk how to shave I don't want to die so I'm not doing that lul

Anonymous 11397

Anonymous 16837

I really don't like shaving the area because of irritation. I just got pubic hair laser for the first time about a week ago and the hairs are just starting to fall out. It's really quite satisfying. It'll grow back since it was just the first time but hopefully reduced and easier to manage.

Anonymous 16849

I use a trimmer, it causes way less irritation, that or shaving gel, and only use a razor to get rid of remaining hairs.
My pubes get really long and they extend my crotch area so it really is more uncomfortable to let them grow out. I don't care about armpit or leg hair though

Anonymous 16850

But how does that work? Do moids sense if you have a shaved pussy or not?

Anonymous 16857

i saw someone on tumblr saying they stopped shaving and after a year the hair became really soft and manageable, and then a few months ago during the summer i went to my friends pool party and there was another girl there who had long dark body hair, and i was so struck by her beauty and natural comfortability with her body that it inspired me to not want to shave. i have stopped shaving for about 4 months and i don't notice a change in softness or anything, and to be honest im still very turned off by seeing my leg hair, but im adjusting to it and fighting the urge to shave my legs and i feel great!
sometimes i shave like "the edges" of my pubes but it gets itchy and uncomfortable so i usually will take some small scissors and trim anything unruly. feelsgoodgirls

Anonymous 16858

Sometimes I trim it b/c I'm bored but I've recently been wondering if, I h=should get like, hair scissors in order to do that rather then random paper scissors. Also, I heard that some women shampoo and condition their pubic hair.

Anonymous 16861

ive not done shampoo because i fear it throwing my ph out of whack and i suffer for two days after getting any soap in that area, but i've done light conditioner washes to no results. maybe if i found the right stuff i would do it more often and notice a difference but i really don't care enough to do it

Anonymous 16864

I've only shaved my privates like three times in my life, it's not like I'll ever have intimacy. Yes, it's soft, not sticky or hurting at all.

Anonymous 16871

bush is best
anyone who disagrees is a fag

Anonymous 16878

But have you even tried shaving it all off at least once?

Anonymous 16908

What do you use to trim it?

Anonymous 16909

I've used Nair before and might try it again this week. Spending the weekend with my bf and we're planning on having sex for the first time. I want it to be as smooth and soft as possible. Haven't used it since high school though but from what I remember it lasts longer than shaving and if you leave it long enough it gets the hair off right down to the sling

Anonymous 16910


Anonymous 16919

would highly recommend investing in your own IPL machine. I use it once a week and my hair barely grows back at all

Anonymous 16928

I rarely shave it but if I do, I'll do it completely. Otherwise I just trim it when it gets long…

Anonymous 17576

not the same anon but i bought a phillips men's body hair trimmer off of amazon a year ago with a bunch of different attachments. i love how well it trims my pubes because of the comb and it is way stronger/sharper than the wimpy ones they make for women. plus the battery lasts forever and it is easy to clean.

Anonymous 17613

My mom has no leg hair at all but I got stuck with my dads side, course and hairy hair everywhere. I had realllyy hairy legs I had to get lazer hair removal, it was a fucking god send. I still need more on my back thighs.

I have really hairy fore arms I use to shave them but as I got older I stopped caring lol.

Anonymous 17829

Question for IPL users.
When the hair regrows eventually, does it start thin?
My main problem with shaving is that the hair stays as thick as before and starts itching when it reaches like 2mm.

Anonymous 17830

I’m worried that IPL damages the skin or elasticity etc

Anonymous 17847

When I have too much free time I sit down and tweeze each hair one by one. It's like stress relief to me. Not having pubic hair makes using a bidet easier because then nothing blocks the water from going where it needs to go especially in cases where there's only a pail and it's harder to target. I also like how smooth the skin feels afterwards kek

Anonymous 18006

i shave armpit hair -> as selfcare because it actually feels gross to me (i do it during the winter and the summer because thats when it feels the most gross due to sweating, i really hate the feeling), and for aesthetics because its the only hairy part that i find ugly (it doesnt really bother me on blondes or any light colour for exemple because you dont see it as much but im a brunette)

i shave legs -> as selfcare because i love the smooth feeling you get in your bed or in your clothes after doing it, and i could say for aesthetics too because it gives a "clean" look but i dont really dislike it. same for my arms, i dont find hairy arms ugly. only armpits gross me out a bit

i trim pubic hair because it feels gross when its long. i dont dislike pubic hair visually until it gets long so thats also why i trim it but they gross me out physically just like armpits, due to sweating, odors, etc (also because genitals disgust me in general, actually). i shave it sometimes but thats rare. trimming helps keeping that area clean. also its uncomfortable when it gets long.

Anonymous 18013

How do you guys trim?
>a machine? (which one?)
>scissors (isn't that dangerous?)

Please tell me how to get rid of hair on my butt.
I am a hairy girl and everytime I try to shave down there (new razor) I get very bad bumps and I'ts very itchy

Anonymous 18037

I use scissors to trim it down there yes. i wait until its long enough to do it and its fine, but you should not do it if you feel nervous or if you're clumsy ig. even I still did cut myself once, but it wasn't as bad as cuts made by a razor. my bf doesn't mind body hair so i really have no reason to shave it unless i rly want to, trimming with scissors is comfy and fast. obviously i dont go too near the "middle", theres no need to anyway, you dont have hair on your labia.

on your butt, like, the cheeks?? or around the anus? why do you bother? if you really want to ig you need to use better products, or at least products if you dont do already, before and after shaving.
if you cant find something safe/that works for you, you should prioritize your health and comfort. if youre very hairy, shaving armpits and maybe legs is enough for comfort, hygiene and aesthetics.

Anonymous 18062

Does this lead to ingrown hair or anything like that? I have this weird thing with pulling out my pubes when they get too long and I’m wondering if tweezing them will be more satisfying

Anonymous 18064

Use a cream like veet or nair. Works for me when I want that hair gone.

Anonymous 18068

I don't understand how anyone uses razors. I tried once when I was in highschool like 8 years ago and it made me so diabolically itchy that I've always been afraid to do it again. Now I just use hair clippers and it does the trick just fine.

Anonymous 18069


It's razor burn, which means you were too rough on your mons. I use an electric razor, then gently with a regular razor and aftershave.

Anonymous 18091

i find when i go from long hair to bald it only itches. if i'm shaving every 2-4 days its fine.
wtf do you mean by mons? giving me war flashbacks to the lc luna thread like 3 months ago

Anonymous 18102

Yes, I got a few ingrowns when the roots wee growing back in, I think having at least some ingrowns are unavoidable if you don't actively exfoliate (I don't).

Anonymous 18135

I haven't shaved down there in like 5 years, I really should but no one sees down there any ways.

Anonymous 18858

been wild and free for like 10 years shaved last week though cause of a swim suit

Anonymous 18859

I never remove anything. I used to shave my armpits every few weeks but at some point I stopped caring.

Anonymous 18909

That always happens to me when I use a normal razor. I use an electric shaver now and don’t get that anymore. I wanna wax but it’s so painful in that area

Anonymous 18978

I'm peeping here because /fa/ mentioned this place and this is completely true. If you personally want to shave everything, go ahead, but men who aren't closet pedos don't find that attractive.

Anonymous 18990

every once in a while I'll grab some small scissors and trim things up nicely but that's as much gardening as i typically do.

Anonymous 19005

I never shave, tried it for a moid once. I didn't like it and his obsession with the baldness below the waist seemed pedophiliac at times

Anonymous 19012

currently seeing a guy who prefers bush when i used to shave. it feels liberating honestly. i don't have to worry about cuts or ingrown hairs anymore. i do shave my thighs though

Anonymous 19285

Where are you even supposed to shave? The bathroom? Or is it better to just do it in your room and vacuum everything up afterwards?

Anonymous 19291

you're insane if you shave in your room.

Anonymous 19294

It's a lot easier to get it professionally waxed, and safer. I started going to a Chinese lady for bikini waxing after I had to go to the ER for surgery on a golf ball sized cyst from an ingrown hair on the front of my lower pelvis that was so painful I could barely stand going commando in oversized sweatpants, sitting down, or bending over. The surgery was even worse because they stuck a needle in the cyst with a numbing agent that did not relieve the pain from the incision at all. They had to give me laughing gas because I wouldn't stop crying and squirming.

Home waxing kits are pretty shit and hard to do on yourself because waxing is super painful. Easier to have it done by someone else because they don't feel your pain so they don't hesitate.

Anonymous 19310

How do you people treat your hair when wearing swimsuit? Mine are growing on a very visible area of my inner thighs. Or it's better just to wear long shorts for bottom swimsuit and let it be it

Anonymous 19311


Most of the time I just let it grow out, but trim it around the labia so it doesn't get messy when I have a period. Every once in a while I want to check for poppable ingrowns or blackheads (I have dermatillomania) so I buzz it bald.

I was one of the first girls in my class to visibly hit puberty (or so I thought), and for years I was very ashamed of my body hair. I would shave it every single time I showered, and I would often be so itchy that it would bring me to tears – not from emotions, just the physical discomfort alone. I'm glad I don't do that anymore.

Anonymous 19312


I have a boyshort style bikini set that I got for that reason, but the legs roll up anyway. If I need to hide it, I shave and apply anti-inflammatory stuff like witch hazel or tea tree cream.

Anonymous 19361

How do yall get a smooth cooch with nair? I tried it once but it only removed some of my hair. I ended up going in with a razor after to get rid of some patches. But then it ended up burning like hell.

Anonymous 19621

can i get a laser removal of just the hair on my labia? it's really annoying and uncomfortable but i don't want to be fully bald, i'd rather keep some on top. will i get weird looks if i ask for that?

Anonymous 19799

I epilate it. All of it.

After the first 2 times it doesn’t feel as excruciating and it lasts a long time, is not messy like waxing, I get no ingrowns or keratosis pilaris, and save for some redness a few minutes after, my kitty looks baby smooth.

Also, after doing it for all these years, it damaged the follicles enough that it grows very sparse now. Even if I let it grow, it still looks bald unless you get really close to it.

If you can stand pain, that’s the best choice imo.

Anonymous 19809

putting an epilator on your cooch is insane.

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